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Since I'm out of town tomorrow, I'm going on the premise that "it's Friday somewhere". I've little to report, but need to give Yuefie some sleep vibes... best wishes on that, my friend. Friday morning will find me in the grey boxer briefs. What about the rest of you? Come on, it's time to fess up.

It is Friday somewhere, so just for you billy, an early undie report it is: black lace cheeky shorts & matching black lace & teal underlay bra. and thanks for the sleep vibes!
~z~z~z~z~z~z~you are getting sleeeepyyyy~z~z~z~z~z~z~ for yuefie

(((((all kvetchies who are having craptacular days/weeks)))))

kittenb: *high five* Yes! Let's hear it for humanity showin' a little love!

pixie, that kitty is cuuuuute! Funny, I've been looking at persians lately, they're so freakin' adorable I have to remind myself I cannot be a 3-kitty household.....yet. Still, no harm in window-shopping, and everything I've read about them says they are super-sweet and easy, and will be good with your kidlets! Congrats!

Okay, I just wanted to report a MAJOR anti-kvetch: my unemployment finally got approved! Woohoo! Now I know I'll be able to cover the rent next month, and can look for a good job, not just the next job! I'm so relieved. Vodka tonics are on me!

early undies report: uh, boring nude padded plain bra, sans pants. I'm so going bra shopping tomorrow! Heck, I may go REALLY crazy and buy a pair of underwears (I know, that's just crazy talk, but still, there must be some reason everybody has them!)

polly- still sending vibes to LeBoy's Cousin and i bet the three days is more accurate. we do a lot of coumadin stuff at our hospital and they are around about 3 days too.

**mornington** maybe he is upset about the custody stuffs. there was a to-do recently, right?

**bunnyb** feel better so you can eat yummy ben and jerrys

**call zoya already vibes**

**pixie's fil**
yay for new kitties!! that cat is so beautiful! and fluffy! i wanna pet him!

and yay yay for sonik and rat!! welcome home, rat!

**mandolyn** after a day like that, it can only get better, right?

**sweet zzzs for yuefie**

yay six!! glad that unemployment came through!

had a busy busy day at work today which was good. i prefer busy. also got a postcard from rome for my collection from my work boyfriend who dared to go to italy without me harumph but it made me smile

on a sort of funny note, i am being called the angel of mercy at work now. let me just preface this with nothing happened that shouldn't have, these were not bad drugs or techniques, etc but the last 4 patients i have made pcas for have died after i made the drug. (half the time they didn't even make it to the drugs delivery) but they have all been hospice patients so it is a mercy. i had to make a pca for a non-hospice patient today so we are going to see tomorrow if i am actually an angel of death heh. one of my fave pharmacists (who has been involved in all of these so far) keeps calling me killer. it is really funny in a morbid way.

on the real morbid note, my gpas funeral is monday morning. luckily i already have mon and tues off from work so we will go up sunday night and stay over. which means no girls weekend. and i had to go shopping for funeral garb today. i got black pinstripey pants (which is just what my best pal got for her gmas funeral not too long ago heh) and i sent gma a potted peace lily with greenery and that should get there tomorrow. now need to figure out what to do with mavacado clothing-wise and how to entertain her throughout a 2 hour plus event

everyone is being very nice to me tho. altho ze love keeps being a jerk randomly. he actually said something to the effect of, i hope i can get off work. um. no choice. family death. one car. he doesn't have a job that it will even be an issue with so yah.

oh and now that i will be home this weekend, he is making all these outdoor job plans like mowing the lawn and such. so no break for me. i get the kid AGAIN. nice.
I bring chocotea and pain au chocolat to the pity party. *joins*

((((((mavin)))))) I'm so sorry about your grandpa.

(((((yuefie)))) ***sleep vibes***

((((sonik)))) yay for rat coming home!

(((((raisin))))) acos. also, the pink has returned. it fades really easily so I have to put it back in every couple of weeks. I'm thinking next haircut I might go nuts and do the whole head.

((((sixie)))) yay for unemployment-approval. and crazy talk blink.gif

((((((mando)))))) *snuggles* anecdote: my nan has naturally high cholesterol (like, stupidly high) and it's actually quite easy to deal with. You will be fine! and at least you have some explanations as to the non-bleedy mystery.

((((pixie)))) awww, cuteness! *head scritches* I agree, persians are lovely cats. ****vibes for FIL****

((((zoya)))) why yes, it is geeky wink.gif *slides own history/science books out of sight*

((((kitten))))) wow. what bunny said.

((((dusty)))) acos

((((polly)))) ****continued vibes for leboy's cousin**** Gaiman does take a while to get into. Coraline is a good one, it's not so much fantasy as horror... mind you, I like fantasy stuff, so I'm good. I haven't read the story about his cat, though. I think it's on the list somewhere.

((((sidecar)))) mm, david tennant. I'm going. Actually, mornmama has offered to buy tickets for me and BoyWonder to go see macbeth, as she knows it's my favourite play and he'll prolly find it educational as he's studying tech. theater.

((((star)))) acos

(((((bunny))))) for being my voice of reason



I think i shall read these outlander books. I like historical romance. Although I'm currently re-reading american gods. And next up will be singled out, a history book on women after WWII who never married. It was the women's hour serial a few weeks back, and they always make good choices of history books.

Borrowed Emoboy last night - German is studying in Japan, so we're both feeling down - and it was good to have someone there.

but you know what? He never fucking well called. And no apologetic email either. Now I'm just fucked off, because he's being so sodding melodramatic and not even thinking what effect it has on me. I know I love him, but sometimes I wonder if I can survive this. there, I said it.

Today I am going to apply for jobs (in waterstones, no less) and go write my essay. And this evening I'm going out with people from my course.

Oh... my pants. pale blue boyshorts with a cartoon bird print. sans bra as I'm not yet dressed.
Mavin, I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa.

(((mornington))) Aaah!! I am annoyed on your behalf; the incommunicado thing is not on, I don't care what else is happening. Keep us posted and good luck with the essay!

*Fingers crossed potential bossman calls zoya back* Honestly, I think it's better you didn't send back an email in response. Try not to worry; he may even just be flaky.

((((Mando)))) Always good to see your blue text but sorry to hear about the craptastic day and news you had. Hopefully you're feeling better today.

As for historical romances, I (sheepishly) quite like the phillippa gregory books too. I rationalise this by saying 'but she does have a ph.d...' and I have a thing for the tudors (liking the TV series too). They've made a movie of The Other Boleyn Girl, albeit starring Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson.

The weather here is beautiful, warm and sunny, like an apology for our seriously rainy-ass summer.Work is going surprisingly well despite my ongoing procastination habit, which I'm indulging in right now. I have a book chapter deadline of, um, today so should really get back to that.

But first... black mesh boyshorts and no bra, working from home.
hee, "bunny" and "voice of reason" are seldom used in the same sentence!
(((morn))) you *will* survive this, no matter what, and he will bloody call or he's going to have a mountain of pointy-toed shoe shaped bruises on his behind.

(((mandi))) oh sweetums.

z~z~z~z~sleep vibes for yuefie~z~z~z~z

mavin (or should we call you angel of death?) I'm glad you have retained a morbid sense of humour around death.

six, yay for your unemployment coming through!

sonik, yay for rat's safe return!

pixie, he's a cutie! did you collect him okay?

I was awake rather early this morning but went back to sleep for a while, watched last night's Grey's Anatomy whilst eating fresh strawberries, now I need to pack my little pink case for Edinburgh then for bit; I leave in about three and a half hours for what will be, I'm sure, another great weekend with my boy.

undies: black sheer balcony bra with white lace cups and matching pants.

Have a great weekend, (((everyone)))!
Wow...I am truely in awe of Mornington! I looked at her long list of vibeage and know that I no where near as good at remembering everything going on with everyone.
I am sorry he didn't call, honey. He really is being a selfish bastid leaving you hanging like this with the words, we need to talk.

Bunny, Have fun in Edinbough!
As for collecting the cat....The car ride did not agree with his tummy and he had diarrhea on my lap and almost caused the Mr. to have an accident. I had to take a few deep breaths and remind myself that it isn't much different from baby poo which I have had plenty of get on me lately.

Mando...Sorry about the cholesterol thing. At least you are finding out about it now instead of when something bad happens.
Like Mornington, I think I am going to have to check out the romance novels too. It's been way to long since indulged in that guilty pleasure.

~Z~Z~ZZ~Z~ZZZZ~Z~Sleep vibes for Yuefie~Z~ZZ~Z~ZZ~Z~ZZZZ~

Sixla....that's what happened to me! Mr. Pixie said I could start looking for a Persian or Himalayan cat since I have wanted one for so long. I found him on Craigslist and teh guy just gave him to me! Honestly until I got there last night I was really skeptical that this was truely a Persian or that the cat wasn't some evil pychotic thing that they were trying to dupe someone with. But he is definitely a Persian. His face is flatter than it looked in that picture and he's more brown too.
He is seriously the most laid back cat I have ever seen! He was totally relaxed and calm in my arms outside while talking to the former owner...almost limp. And then when we got home he was covered in diarrhea and I had togive him a bath. He didn't enjoy it, but he didn't try to claw me to get away or anything. And he was just as sweet as he could be this morning when he jumped into my lap to purr. I can't understand why anyone would give away such a great cat!

(((((Rose, zoya, Mavin, Billy, Raisin and everyone else))))
((Mornington)) That blows. What a crappy thing to do. mad.gif Snuggle up in the duvet and have some tea, honey.

((mavin)) more hugs for you and grandpa. funerals suck.

((mando)) at least you know now and can work on the cholesterol; personally, I'd be thrilled with being in menopause. No kids for me, so this bleeding crap is just an annoyance. The hormonal roller coaster doesn't sound like fun, though. Sorry about the lack of anniversary celebrations. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO THE MANDO'S!!!

Yum, pixie, a car ride covered in diarrhea. At least he sounds like a good cat. Really pretty, too.

Yuefie, good to hear there's some progress being made with the neighbor's wack-job. Boo on the insomnia, though. It's never really been a problem for me, but sometimes I'll have a couple of weeks where it takes me 45 minutes to fall asleep and that sucks as it is. I don't function with less than 5 hours of sleep, and even that's a stretch. I really need at least 7 to be a happy person.

Yay, Rat came back, Sonik! Sounds like she wants to tell you all about her adventure!

Kitten, that's pretty cool that someone did that- I love random acts of kindness.

No update on LeBoy's cousin yet. Hopefully everything's working out and he'll get out tonight or tomorrow.

Have a great trip in Edinburgh, bunny. I just got some of the new Haagen-Dazs flavor, Caramelized Pear & Toasted Pecan. I haven't tried it yet, but someone on the foodie site I read said it wasn't as intense as they'd hoped. I also got Belgian Chocolate, a favorite stand-by.

Tomorrow, I'm going on a scavenger hunt with my cousin/boss and a couple of her friends, hosted by my cousin's synagogue. Should be fun. My cousin's husband is not going...later I'll tell y'all about the stupid thing he said at work today. rolleyes.gif
(((morn))) i see F still hasn't gotten a clue. i hate when he does this to you.
(((polly))) (((leboycousin)))

(((yuefie))) i just got sleep MD ... i'll report my findings back to you.

(((pixie))) your new kitty definitely sounds like a keeper. i'm still incrediculous that someone gave zoey up. she's the sweetest dog in the universe.

(((bunny))) i really want to visit scotland now. even tho it seems to mizzle continuously in the books i'm reading, and mandi and mizzle don't mix. (ie The 'Do).

(((mavin))) i'm twisted enough to laugh about the angel of death. do tell if another one bites the dust ... hee! and ze love needs a slap to the head, don't he? (and how cute is it that you have a work boyfriend? i do too!)

six, yay on the pennies from heaven! what a relief!

thanks for the anniv wishes, and the tea-n-sympathy. and for the record, if i never bled again, that would be peachykeen with me. but yeah, the hormonal shite so far is not fun. le blergh.

read something cutesy about going from a reproductive goddess to a goddess. um, ok. whateva gets you thru the night.

syb, i loved the other bolyen girl, and even tho i think the movie's gonna suck much, i'll still see it.

and do be forewarned, mo charaid ... each outlander novel is 900+ pages. we're talking major committment.

beige spanx control panties, boring beige wacoal.

brag: the kid and band are competing with a bunch of other bands at giants stadium tomorrow. i'm so excited! this is my first time seeing them this season, i've been working so much. and it'll be great to watch from a high vantage point. and ... it's giants stadium!
Warning: I'm Cramptacular today. So not much individual vibing will be coming from Casa Rosa, mkay?

Happy anniversary, Mandi! And congats to Danny Boy on making it to Giants Stadium. I performed with our marching band in some big stadiums Back In The Day & it is REALLY really cool! Hope he loves it.

Mavin, sorry to hear about Gpa. As for the "Angel of Mercy" jokes, you just reminded me of my momma. She's an ER nurse, ya know, so she'd definitely crack some jokes like that. People who work in hospitals have the darkest, sickest, & best senses of humor. wink.gif

Morn, I seriously want to kick F in the shins. Man needs to get his shit together. Grrrrr. If Sheff had pulled this crap on me back in the day, I would not be a married woman right now. Again, grrrrrrrrrr.

Pixie, that cat is fuckin' adorable. I want to bury my face in that fluff!!!!! I want a fluffy soft kitty to love. Pout.

Meanwhile, Sheff is getting a new aquarium. No, this is not a source of household strife. Not at all. Because a friend is GIVING it to us! Tank, stand, lights, the whole shebang. Sheff says a tank like this would normally cost him $700. So yay for free shit!

But still. It isn't a fluffy wuffy kitty!

Thanks for the vibes for Sheff's greencard. We're pretty sure all of the paperwork arrived in time. Next Sheff will be called in to give his fingerprints again & have his photo taken for a new greencard. And then we'll find out if they want to interview us one more time. We sent them a bunch of official documents so I hope they won't call us in, but they might. And we may have to provide affidavits from people who have known us since the wedding who can confirm that, yes, we are still living together as husband & wife. Once we pass all of this, it should be over. I think. Maybe we'll have to renew his greencard in a decade or so, but I'm not sure.

Anyway. His greencard looks expired right now, but the immigration officials said that as long as his paperowrk was turned in on time that there is no risk that he'll be deported. So yay!

Kvetch: I've been feeling really down for a couple of days. Just grumpy & sad & really really missing my friends & family (I haven't been to Tulsa since last Christmas).

Anti-kvetch: The finale of Dr. Who is on tonight! Wee!
woo- all this book stuff has me wondering if any of you are on goodreads dot com? It's a book recommendation site that I just signed up on...PM me with your email if you want me to send you a link/invite!

Happy anniversary Mando!! It was our 2-year yesterday, and we didn't do much...I wanted sushi and we really ordered it up. That's it. We're not really the romantical types.

((everyone)) Sorry I'm not individually vibing, but I have been lurking. Trying to get stuff done, just started going back to the gym, etc. *mwah*
((amilita)) Yay for going back to the gym.

((rose and sheff)) The immigration stuff can be stressful, glad you got everything mailed.

((mando)) Happy belated anniversary, and yay for Danny playing at Giants stadium.

((LeBoy’s cousin))

((pixie)) Yay for the cat, I love Persian and Himalayan cats with their smooshed faces.

((bunnyb)) Have fun with the boy.

((syb)) Yay for nice weather.

((mornington)) Good luck with the job applying. I can’t believe F is being a dick and not calling. Doesn’t he understand how hard it is to be so far apart, and not hear from him.

((mavin)) Sorry to hear about your grandpa.

((sixel)) Yay for unemployment money, good luck on the job hunt.

((yuefie)) I hope the insomnia stops soon, you need sleep.

((yuefie’s neighbor))

((sonik)) Yay for rat coming home.

((kittenb)) I love that story, at least there are some nice, caring people in the world.


((raisin)) Feel better.


My week was busy because I was working late and going in early to work. On Tuesday Mr. DM, Twin DM and I went to see Rilo Kiley/Grand Ole Party/Art in Manilla, and it was a good show. Yesterday I had my final appointment for my root canal, yay it’s done. I have a little cold because almost everyone at work is sick. Last night Twin DM and I went to the local GLBT film festival, and have two more films this weekend from there, and I also want to see The Jane Austen Book Club.

{{{pixie and sonic }}} yay for kitties, both new and returning!

{{{mornington}}} I hope things start making sense with the boy.

{{{roseviolet }}} glad that things seem to have worked out.

{{{dm}}} - how was the Jane Ausitn movie?

{{{bunnnyb}}} - I hope you had fun!

{{{polly, mando, mavin, sybarite, all}}}

I've been on for awhile. It's kind of fun. I like seeing what everyone is reading.
Tonight is too hot in this damn town. I have nothing to do and no one to do it with and it's making me crabby. So I am sort of watching Stargate: Atlatis and playing on-line. dry.gif Bah. I need a social life.
just a fly-by

it's over between us. I'm actually pretty ok with it, surprisingly. there are some thoughts in ye olde lj if anyone really wants.

but now, I have to go rowing.
((((mornington)))) Rowing, seriously, early Sunday morning?! The mind boggles. blink.gif

Urgh. Back after much more coffee....

eta: Damn! I just saw it's not quite 4am. I have no idea why I am conscious right now, but all I can think of is yuefie's spider-over-the-bed story. I'm so not going back to sleep.....

Too bad there's not rowing in Kansas.
{{{{{mornington}}}}} I am so sorry. I hope the rowing helped in some way.

I am having one of those days where my problems seem pretty insumountable and unsolveable. Any extra energy would be appreciated.
I'm anxiously waiting for Rose to get the DVR rolling on the F1 race... I want reaction!!

Mornington, I'm so sorry about your ordeal. Big big hugs.
Early-morning rowing, especially on the weekends, can be a beautiful thing. Oooooh, the glassy water, sometimes the bit of fog, just the sounds of the oars moving through the water and turning in the oarlocks, plus your coach and/or cox -- ok, that last part isn't always pleasant. But getting a good row in the morning before most people are even awake can just set the tone for the whole day. Of course, if it's a bad day on the water, that can have an effect on the rest of the day as well.

Mornington, I'm sorry you and F broke up; I will check LJ later when I have some time...

Kitten, it's still early in the day, so here's to hoping you have a better late morning and afternoon.

Giants stadium, Mando! So cool. I hope all of you have a blast.

My antikvetch/brag de la semaine: My ballet teacher who has had a sub for a couple of weeks came back to class and praised me on my arm work and commented that I must have been working on it with Mr. Hotlegs (her sub). Slowly things are coming together and maybe there is some hope for me that I have more grace and artistry than an elephant in a tutu.

And my kvetch de la semaine: Fuckin' health insurance companies. I posted about it in Corn Cob, and even though it's a long weekend here, there's not much I can do about the whole situation, so I am trying really, really hard to not fret about it.

GORGEOUS weather here, cool and crisp, finally the goddamned heat wave has waved good-bye.

I'm off now to my morning class and then it's on to a family dinner. My nonagenarian grandparent will be there; I'm sure to have a good story to tell later. tongue.gif
((((((((((((enormous hugs for Morn))))))))))))) So sorry things didn't work out. I hope the rowing helped you work out some of the stress. Sounds like a wonderful way to start the day.

((((((((KittenB)))))))) What's up, buttercup?

~~~~~~~~ never-ending soothing for Raisin ~~~~~~~~ I worry about you, hon.

Billy, I won't get to watch the race until 4:30 this afternoon! I'm stuck watching the 2nd showing because our friend with the DVR is off driving his motorcycle along the Blue Ridge Parkway this weekend. That's why I didn't get to watch qualifying, either, which seriously sucks because this season that's been the highlight of every race. I hope your enthusiasm means that I'll manage to stay awake easily for this one!
My prediction: Hamilton will win and seal the championship. biggrin.gif

(((((((LeBoy's cousin)))))) Any news yet? Are the clots gone?

(((((((Yuefie's neighbor))))))))

(((((((((Mandi & Sixel & Mavin & Sidecar & DM & Yuefie & Pixie & Bunny & Polly & Syb & Amilita & Sonik & Dusty & CCGirl & the whooooooole gang))))))))

Kvetch: We spent about $100 at the hardware store - just buying things for me so that I can finish up my little projects around the house. I feel SO SO guilty about this. But I don't know why! We have money in the bank and we can afford for me to buy things like primer and linseed oil and all this other crap I need. Bleh. It's like there's a little old woman living inside me who is still stuck in the Depression & freaks out about every extra penny we spend. Bleh.

Anti-kvetch: New episode of Nigella on this worning! Woot!

Anti-kvetch: I just found out last night that Sheff does not have to work on Monday. Thank you, Columbus! I have no idea what we'll do with the day, though. Any of you have any plans?
oh, (((morn))). i hadda feeling. damn. know that i'm sending you all my love, honey.

(((rose))) there's nothing wrong with thriftiness. or so i hear.
*special positive vibage & love for kitten*
(((amilita, bunny, billy, wb, six, zoya, pixie, dusty, raisin, sassy, mavin, everyone)))

(((dm))) nice to see you. i wuz worried, you haven't been around.
(((yuefie))) hope you don't mind my not reading your spidey fright. you know how i am.

thanks again for the anniv wishes. add to the list of people who forgot: m-i-l. par for the course. but guess who's not forking over a penny for their upcoming anniv? (anyone keeping score will remember last year's weekend-from-hell, where we all chipped in and refurbished their kitchen. and i got stuck cleaning their icky bathroom.)

spiteful much mandi? dry.gif

hugeass antikvetch: we swept our little division at the band competition yesterday! first time in 10 years we came in first at giants stadium! WOOT! truly, they were stellar ... they had everyone cheering ... took up the entire field, too ... hella dramatic routine. and after repeatedly coming in 2nd, 3rd all last season, this is a great ego boost for the kids. (but i can't help it, i miss west side story. le pout.)

now off to watch them strut their stuff at the columbus day parade.
(((mornington))) sorry, babes.

(((raisin))) thinking good health thoughts for you...and hatin' the insurance co.s with you.

yay, danny and the band!!


(((DM, Rosev, Billy, Sixe, Dusty, everyone!!)))

Just made a spinach, blue cheese, avocado, bacon and tomato salad. Yummm. Went around to art galleries last night- some friends had amazing work. Our opening is next Saturday. Shouldn't be too much work getting this one ready.

((((Mornington)))) I'm sorry honey! I'll have swing over to LJ's been ages since I've been there!

Rose...Mr. P and I went to that church that you mentioned last time we talked. You know, the one your parents have been going to... blink.gif I can honestly say, I haven't been to many methodist churches in my life, but that was about as Catholic as you can get without the guilt! No offense to any methodists, but it cetainly wasn't what I was expecting.

We renamed the cat yesterday. We both liked the name Giavonni, but the kids had a hard time remebering it, and Saturday morning he was being extreamly demanding about wanting to be petted. So much so that he grabbed Mr. P's hand when he tried to stop and pulled it back against his belly. Sosince he's a little dictator...we've named him Moussealini. (yes I intentionally spelt it like the dessert) We've been calling him Moussey for short.

For my foodie friends....I made Fried Green tomatoes for lunch! Yummy!
thanks for the hugs, everyone. I'm pretty much ok with it; I was rapidly coming to the end of my tether with his lack of communication and what-have-you. The rowing definitely helped; I got to go out twice, and stroke (I've been named stroke in the third boat too, which is nice) so I had fun. There are a few more freshers I'm starting to get to know (they're on my course too) so it's getting better. The captain still hates me, but I can survive! The water was beautiful, a little bit of a breeze and wave once past the 1k mark, but it was really good for novices. And it's just nice when we don't have to deal with nasty water. Apparently we're getting a single scull, so I'm going to armwrestle the president into letting me out in it occasionally.

(((((mando))))) yay for danny and his band! that's so cool!

((((raisin)))) yay you!

((((rose)))) acos

((((kitten)))) hope your day improved

((((pixie)))) hehe, excellent name!

((mornington)) sorry about you and F. I'm glad the rowing helped- there's something to be said for the catharsis of physical activity like that. Am I missing something on your LJ? Last post I see is from August 10th....

((kitten)) I hate those days. **Sprinkling energy and clear thoughts for you ***

Yay for Danny & the band, mando! That's so cool!

Rose, thanks for reminding me that LeBoy doesn't have to work tomorrow, either! Hmm, what shall we do? Oh, the possibilities. No, I haven't heard anything new about his cousin, but thanks for asking. I asked him to call his mom to get an update, but he didn't. He's at his geek-o-rama day today (playing D & D at his friend's house...thankfully, they made this monthly instead of weekly) so I'll have him call tomorrow.

Mmm, fried green tomatoes, pixie. I don't do much frying, but there's some things I wouldn't mind doing. Green tomatoes are definitely worth the effort and calories!

I'm so jealous of your cool, crisp Fall weather, raisin. It shouldn't be 88 f-ing degrees in October in Chicago, people! I think this time last year I was thinking, "I should get my snow brush out of my closet and put it in the car trunk just in case." I hate the winter and like warm weather but high 80's in October is ridiculous.

We won second place in the scavenger hunt last night!! I can't take too much credit. It was with my cousin and two of her friends- they're all in Mensa and scavenger hunts/road rallies are a favorite activity of the friends, so they were really good at it. Le Boy and I were crucial at the last stop though. Here's the plaque we won. The nail/rubber band thing refers to one of the stops where there was a board with nails which were numbered/lettered like a Battleship game. Then there was a sheet of the coordinates and a bowl of rubber bands. You had to put the rubber bands on according to the coordinates listed and that created a math equation (numbers and a plus and multiply sign) that lead you to your next stop (each stop had a number assigned to it and you had a huge map with some real, some fake numbers at specific points. You had to solve the clue to get the next number.) It was fun. We took my cousin's convertible and at one point we had the top down and the map went flying out at 50 mph....we had to turn around and miraculously, it was still in the road, with some tire tracks on it. The top was kept up after that.
Morn, all of that rowing sounds wonderfully therapeutic. Here's hoping the captain pulls his/her head out & takes a shine to you soon.

Polly, that scavenger hunt sounds like so much fun! Where are you going to hang your plaque?

Congrats to Danny and the whole marching band!!!

Pixie, do you mean the church next to the Panera? That's funny! I'll have to ask Mom about it. She hasn't gone there for a while. Now she's checking out the Methodist church that my grandpa used to attend (it's on 71st St just east of Timberbrook. Does that make sense to you? They built a new sanctuary with stained glass windows within the last few years). I'm not sure if she's terribly happy there, either, but it makes her feel a bit closer to her dad. Maybe now that she's working at the new hospital she should check out Grace again.

Billy, I finally saw the race. As you can imagine, I'm gutted. When Lewis went off, I just sat there with my jaw in my lap and my hands over my mouth ... just like the McLaren guys in the pits. Stunning ... in a bad way. Well, at least this means that the final race of the season will be very exciting! Fingers crossed that Alonso bites it. wink.gif By the way, did you catch what they were saying about Liuzzi at the race in Japan? Apparently he had a HORRENDOUS stomach bug & was actually vomiting while he was racing around the track. And he kept on going! Can you imagine?! And in that helmet and everything. Now that is dedication. Demented and sick, but dedication nevertheless.

Sheff's friend brought over our new fish tank today. We shifted some furniture around in the office & put the tank next to the desk so that Sheff can watch the fishies while at the computer. Other than that and watching the race, we've done a whoooooole lotta nothin'. I am soooooo booooooored.
Happy Monday all.

I am feeling better. Saturday night/Sunday morning was just one of thoes times when I forgot that I actually do know how to cope with stress. I am running a training at work. It is the first time that I have run the training and I am enjoying it but there are things that I had not taken into consideration when it comes to how draining it can be. Nothing I can go into here, I am sad to say, but on Saturday night I really should have made a greater effort to go out and be with friends. I knew that I was tettering on the edge of falling apart and I didn't want to, but then the lethargy kicks in and *boom* I am alone and crying. Add to that a maxed out credit card, one week till pay day, a cat that just will not stay 100% healthy (which might lead to a second maxed out credit card tomorrow), and weather that I am hating (I like fall; 80 degrees in October bites!) and it wasn't good. On Sunday, I went to the gym and the grocery store, started crying when I could not get a cab fast enough but then finally made it home and made a nice dinner. I had some girlfriends over for a "Let's pretend it's fall!" dinner of pumpkin soup, dark bread and apple pie. So I feel better now. And I am more prepared for next Saturday's training, emotionally. So thanks for the happy thoughts. The biggest stressor to my problems is that there is no quick fix. I don't make a lot of money so I decided to go back to school. So now I have to borrow more money to get a job that might pay a few thousand a year more than what I currently earn. But I love what I do, so that almost makes the math worth it. But I can't look for a new job while in school b/c my low-paying job has a very flexible schedule and health insurance and great vacation benefits. So I am frustrated that my long term solution will take so very long to see results. And scared silly that none of it will work and I'll end up back here three years from now still alone and crying over money, carreer and relationships.

When I read over all of that, all I can think is "No wonder I ate so many carbs this weekend."

Billy & RV, I have to ask, what race are you two talking about? Is it a car race? So are the fish pretty?

Mornington - Is there anyway you could...accidently shove the captain into the water? Just wondering.

Polly - I hope you and the boy have fun on your day off. I can't remember ever working a job where Columbus Day was a day off for me. When I worked retail, it was just an early Christmas shopping day.

pixiedust - do you realize that when you give a cat a dictators name, you are going get what you ask for? My sister has a theory that himans create their cat's personalities by the names we give them. It seems to be true with my girl Olivia. I named her after a weathy seductress in Twelfth Night and I go a diva with issues. That'll learn me.

{{{rasingirl, mandolyn, all Kvetchies}}}

The aftermath of Chicago's marathon is playing out much the way I thought it would. 89/95 degrees is just too hot for a marathon. There just isn't enough water and Gatorade to keep the heat from hurting.
Happy Columbus day everybody.

Last week was pretty bad, and I was just trying to get over it. I had a bad doctor's appointment (pap smear which was rountine, but I didn't dig the fact that there were 5 people in the room with me....embarrassing much? Everyone look at my vagina!!). I then that a seizure Thursday, and woke up in a parking lot. Luckily, Mcgeek was with me. But, it was scary. Then, I got a cold.

Also, my dad told me that he and my mother were not going to help me with my rent anymore. I realize that I haven't had a job in a long while, but I don't feel comfortable living with Mcgeek full time yet. So, we're going to keep my apartment for the next couple months. However, telling my father that caused me to get into a huge fight. sad.gif

On the anti-kvetch note, meeting Chris Moore was great. He signed my book (You Suck), and wrote "Not you..." Also, I got Dirty Job signed to Mcgeek. There's also a new version of "Lamb" coming out that looks like a Bible. Although, I think he made a reference to my breasts. Mentioned something about woman having to wear name tags, and shot a look at my tits. ?? Yet, it was cool to meet him.

Polly, it's like 85 here in Atlanta!! I want it to be fall damnit!!

((morn, rv, polly, billy, six, raisin, everybody))
Rose, it was the church on 71st that we went to. I used to think people were weird when they would take so long to find a church they liked, but I think this is definitely gonna take us a while. If I can get Mr. P over his predjudice against Fallwell and his ilk, there are a couple of Baptist churches we might try next. I'm begining to remember now why I moved away from denominational churches in the first place.

Mornington, I am glad you are taking this well. I also second "accidenly" knocking th Captain overboard!

~$~$~$$~$$~$money vibes for Sassy's apartment~$$~$$$~$$~ last several cats have had sweet names and the cats have had an evil streak a mile wide....and Rose's cat was named Ariel (how much "sweeter can you get than that, it's Disney!) and was one of the evilest cats I have ever met, unless you were Rose or Smokeboy. So far my little dictator has been the friendliest cat I have every met...just don't stop petting him until he's ready!

The scavenger hunt sounds fun Polly! We're having one at work soon.

kvetch: Saturday I found 4 bags of milk that the babysitter had left in the diaper bag that had spoiled!

Kvetch: Minipixie has been getting into all kinds of trouble at school and I am not looking forward to parent teacher conferences next week.

Antikvetch:Last night we went to a BBQ for all the new teachers at Mr. P's school. It was really nice to have some childfree time.

AntiKvetch:snuggling with my new kitty!
I've just found out F was cheating on me, since june in fact. Fuck. I didn't think it would hurt this much.
((((mornington)))) jesus fuck. what a fucking asshole thing to do. I'm so sorry. If you need someone to vent to, or drown your sorrows with, give me a call. (or a PM)

{{{mornington}}} THAT SUCKS! What an asshat! I think that is one of the worst things that you can do to a person. I am so sorry....
FUCKING FUCKTARD ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am available for kneecap breaking.
*puts on super pointy ass kicking boots*
Oh, so he is really a cowardly little bitch AND an asshat.
((((mornington)))) I am sorry honey, really sorry. You didn't deserve to be treated like that. I know it's no real consolation right now, but karma will be taking care of his ass.
WHAT??? Oh (((morn))) . I'm so sorry. Take care, keep rowing and keep hanging out with the decent and in-your-time-zone people on your course. There is no way on this green earth you deserve any of F's shit.

Right there with you raisin *polishes steel toes*

Congrants to danny, mando, you proud mama you.

(((KittenB))) It happens. Take care of yourself and be nice to yourself too.
OMG! Time to break out the Pink Mafia!

((mornington)) I’m so sorry to hear about the way F acted. You deserve better.

pixie, yay for the new kitty and the bbq.

((sassy)) Why so many people in the room during your pap? Yay for the book signing.

((kittenb)) Sorry things were crappy this weekend.

polly, yay for second place in the scavenger hunt.

mando, yay for Danny’s band sweeping the division.

rose, I understand your thoughts on money because I’m the same way most of the time.

((raisin)) Hope the insurance issue gets worked out.

My weekend was busy, saw four films and liked three of them. I did not like The Jane Austen Book Club, in fact it put me in a foul mood. I just can't stand Hollywood fluff, but I did love Emily Blunt’s wardrobe. Saw two foreign films and one American film at the GLBT festival, loved them all. I also got to do a little shopping, clothes as usual.
Those with delicate sensibilities, please look away from the screen.

That no-good, yellow, gonad-less and spineless, pathetic, idiotic, no fucking good, shit for brains, shit-stained, mother-fucking, asshattery of the first degree, wanky, tossing, FUCKER better watch his piss-worthy excuse of an arse from now until hell freezes over because the pink mafia are after him.

(((mornington))) go drink Pimms with zoya and move on to bigger and better man-things (that goes for zoya too).

*resumes sweet bunny composure*

As always a lovely weekend with the boy although never long enough. We chilled ridiculous amounts with some walking, watching rugby and F1 (lots of reading on my side during), snuggling, Heroes watching (first 2 eps of season 2), quick trip to ikea to buy swedish meatballs, talking, eating... bliss.
So much nicer to be closer (made it home -actual home, not home city- in just over and hour and a half this morning by public transport) but still not close enough; I swear it grows harder to leave him every weekend we see one another. Roll on a week on Friday.

I'm now resting my sleepy limbs in bed (if I'm tired my legs are the first things to be affected) and finish reading my book.

Now that is some quality foul-language bunnyb.
fuck yea! go bunnyb!

well, no one does that to a kvetchie and emerges unscathed tongue.gif.

thanks everyone. you've really helped, I can't really put it more articulately than that, but the past few days you've all helped me. I'll come back tomorrow and tell you nice things that have happened, but at the moment I'm off to bed. He can fuck off and die, frankly.

zoya, I shall pm you in a few days; I'm in classes and rowing until the end of wednesday.... ah, busy busy busy

wow, bunny, you just put my potty mouth to shame!

lurked in here a bit today -- I flew in from Ohio at 6 am and went straight to work, and was busy/exhausted ... just wanted to pop in and say ((((((((morn)))))))))). You are so much better than that fuckwit. It's bad enough, everything he put you through, but to step out on you on top of it? I hope his babymama drama gets worse. Seriously, I could not be happier to hear that he is solidly in your past, as you deserve a million times better.

PapaMartini is improving! He is still in the rehab facility and will be for awhile, but I am heartened by his progress and think he'll be home by year's end if not sooner.
A lot of shite has happened since I was on this morning. Mornington... my biggest hugs are for you.

Rose, I'm still partial to Kimi R. and now that there's a possibility he can win, here's my scenario: Alonso & Hamilton take each other out on the first turn smile.gif, Ron Dennis holds his head in disbelief, Massa wins one for the home crowd and Raikkonen comes in second with sufficient points for the championship. Is that so much to ask? (My math may be all screwed up on that, btw).

Kitten, it's not just a car race (ala NASCAR), it's Formula 1!
(((((((((((((((((morn))))))))))))))))))) i think i would be the one to kick his ass the easiest cause he's not to far from me. jerk. dry.gif
((mornington)) that ass monkey. Get him, star!

Yay for PapaMartini, sidecar!

LeBoy called his mom today and there have been some setbacks for his cousin. He's still in the hospital (and miserable, I'm sure) because his coumadin levels are still not quite where they need to be, and because while doing the blood tests to try to find a cause for the blood clots, his tests came back with antibodies for lupus. Now, it's really unlikely that he actually has lupus because it's pretty common to get false positives for it and because it's pretty rare for a man to have lupus. So, we're crossing our fingers that it was a false positive. Not sure when he'll get out of the hospital. It really sucks, though.

We had a good time today. We drove up to the Baha'i Temple; we'd never been inside before and it was pretty cool. Here's a picture I took:

The building and grounds are just so amazing and beautiful and it seems like a really good, progressive religion. I'm kinda thinking about doing some more research and maybe joining. Scratch that- while I agree with most of their beliefs, they don't allow alcohol and a heterosexual marriage is pretty important to them. Their FAQ's a little conflicted:

What is the Baha'i view of marriage and family?
A stable, loving family is considered the basic unit of social life on which the progress of society depends. Monogamous marriage between a man and a woman is the foundation of family life. Baha'u'llah described matrimony as "a fortress for well-being and salvation" and identified the rearing of children as the fundamental, though not the only, purpose of marriage.

What is the Baha'i attitude toward homosexuality?
Baha'i law limits permissible sexual relations to those between a man and a woman in marriage. Believers are expected to abstain from sex outside matrimony. Baha'is do not, however, attempt to impose their moral standards on those who have not accepted the Revelation of Baha’u’llah. To regard homosexuals with prejudice would be contrary to the spirit of the Baha'i teachings.


yay for news of papamartini's improvement!

more love for ((((morn))))

ha. the pink mafia is hardcore, yo.


I knew I was going to live to regret trying to help stupid ass neighbor. First off she has a serious problem with alcohol and is still in major denial of it. I mean really. The past four times I've seen her, regardless of the time of day (um, 9 am!), she REEKS of alcohol. She gets wasted and then falls all over herself and others and if someone tells her that she is drunk, she stands there and argues with them. Niiice. Apparently after the manager contacted the idiots place of employment and spoke with the owner, he was fired. And so now he's got a major hard-on for me and has been calling her freaking out. Tonight she called my brother up, piss drunk, and asked him to come over. He did because he is just a nice guy like that, and she proceeded to tell him how it was all MY fault and how SHE'S so upset now. What a freaking dumbass mad.gif. I asked him to please stop answering her, to just steer clear and ignore her psycho ass. I'm all for helping someone who needs some support and wants to fix their issues, but she clearly does not. She is hell bent on blaming me now, like I just butted in and ruined *their* lives. She's the one who involved US. She is the one who asked me for advice and for help, even asking me to go with her to court and then ducking out and avoiding me. She told ME all the horrible things he's done and said. But somehow I am just a meddling bitch who viciously ruined this poor man's life, and hers in the process rolleyes.gif. She can have the toothless, illiterate bastard if that is what she wants. She'll get no arguments from me, 'cause frankly I don't give a fat rat's ass dry.gif. Sorry, but it seems they really do deserve eachother. I hope the manager grows tired of her drama and boots her ass outta here. Ugh.

That'll teach me for getting involved in other people's problems.
**hugs all around** I have been reading, but still not able to focus well.

**extra good vibes for morn and bad vibes to that idiot ex** I spit on him PTOO!

I got to spend a couple days with my family and the funeral was nice and there was a military sendoff and everything. Very sad. I nearly tripped over myself at the casket tho and had a slight panic attack. My mom was at my side, tho. We aren't very touchy-feely but everyone was hugging. It was nice. Also, it poured rain during the church service but was lovely when we went to the cemetary. Touching.

On the happy side of things, I got to see my family, including my big brother and his wife and their *6 week old* baby who drove all the way from Colorado. Soooooo cute. I got to hold my niece and everything. I also got to see my other niece who I can not believe is 10 already!

I also got to go shopping heh and got some cute clothes at Goodwill nice and cheap (including new maternity pants complete with tags!). My mom found me a soft serve maker there brand new, too. I also went to Walmart, who is Evil Incarnate and Ze Love refuses to take me there, so uh I had to go with mom! So we managed to have a good time as a family which is important in the end.

Oddest things to me tho:
1. My mom actually warned me that my s-i-l breastfeeds. Publicly. I was all, um and??
2. My s-i-l took foreeeeever to pick out a sparkly ring at Walmart to be her stand-in wedding ring. Bc she had to have hers cut off and could NOT go to a family event without a wedding ring. I was like wha?? I think we will be looking at grandpa, not your hand. Tho, my brother's ex was there, so maybe that was why??

OK I am gonna stop babbling now. I am off today still so Lily and I are snuggling and relaxing.
Love the Bahai Temple! The public golf course in Evanston is next to it, so it's a really lovely place to play.

((leboy's cousin))
Kvetch - I just spent 10 minutes composing a message here only to have my computer have an error and lose it all. Nice. Let's see what I can remember...

Hi Stargazer! Hi Billy!

Sidecar - very happy to hear that Martini Sr. is doing better.

Polly - while I am happy to hear that the Bai-hi have a slightly more enlightened view of homosexuality, I have a always been a little wary of them. It's just me, but they But I don't know much about them.

yuefie - one of the reasons that I have never been strongly pulled towards DV work is because of the strong and complicated relationships that tie the victims to the perps. You've done a really great job and you tried to help which is more than many people would have done. I hope that someday, when your neighbor sobers up, she will be able to see your actions in the proper light. She's just not there yet. I still think you rock!

mornington - I was at the gym this morning listenting to Scissor Sisters and this song was screaming your name: Kiss You Off. I hope it helps. Or you could try thid one: I Can't Decide. I have no idea why David Tennent is in the latter one, maybe you know, but it's David Tennent so why ask why?

mavin - have a nice day off!

I am also on a day off. Taking my cat to the vet AGAIN!!! I am now on my third vet and tried at least one natural healer and I am right where I was last year. The healer thinks that Olivia is feeding off of my suppressed anger. Maybe so, but nothing I try is working. So today I am going to talk to the vet about putting Olivia on anti-anxiety meds. I don't know what else to do. Wish me luck!
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