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congratumelations lanie! that's great news
Yay for lanie, that is fantastic news!

((((mavin & grandpa))))

~~~some Southern California ass kicking for F if he doesn't hurry up and call mornington real quick~~~

morn, Sashie shreds any paper she can find all the farking time. The vet says it has to do with seperation anxiety and them fearing they won't eat again. Which to me is crazy because she can just finish eating, I leave and she'll go and find paper I didn't even know was around to shred. I try to remember to shut all the doors and put everything up she can possibly shed, but sometimes I'm in a hurry or plain forget. A few days ago I left just to check the mail and when I got back, she had already started on a piece of tissue she pulled out of the bathroom trash. I walked up behind her so quietly that I got to observe her handwork and startle her, which was a bonus tongue.gif

bunny, it's on DMB's first album, called "Remember Two Things", and also a live acoustic version on "Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds: Live At Luther College. I believe it's on a few christmas complications too, but I could't tell you specifics on those.

kitten, Target always gets me.

*waves at pixie* nice to see you, darlin'. ~~~non grumpy vibes for little T~~~

((((mandi, polly, zoya, amilita, rose, raisin, sidecar, syb, crassy, billy, dusty, sassy, sixela, tes, plat, lelu, everybody))))

Can I ask for some vibes for my neighbor, C. She is in an obviously abusive situation, and actually had the manager get involved asking the idiota ex not to return to the premises. Well he came back this morning since the managers office is closed and was outside screaming obscenities at her. I then observed him get in to his work truck, dump out half a soda can and fill it back up with Vodka, then drive off. So yeah, I called his place of employment and reported it. I got the feeling that they aren't going to do much but question him, and I am sure he will know it was me who called so... I'm a little nervous. But more fired up and ready to fight than afraid. I dare that rotten shitstain to come near me dry.gif. I'll be glad to have the Santee Sheriff's come and we can all have a pow wow. I spent some time urging her to file a restraining order, but who knows. She's so caught up in being worried that everyone hates her, of being asked to move and in fear of what he might do. I am trying to reassure her that nobody is mad at her, but that she has to take these steps to insure he can't continue to come around, or people will lose their respect for her. And sharing my own story in the process. I just have to keep myself from becoming overly involved, which is my first inclination.

Yay for Lanie!!!

I wish he would call (((Mornington)))
((((yuefie)))) acos. Indigo shreds even when he has food in his bowl - he's a bit of a freak and eats cat-style, a bit at a time. I've been trying to leave him toys with food in them, and keep an eye on paper and books... Although I've seen him shred when I'm sitting next to him on the sofa, so sometimes I think he just thinks it's fun.


tomorrow I see neil gaiman. I am keeping this in mind, as he still hasn't called and I'm alternating between rage and tears. Oh, and aunt flo has come to visit so I feel shitty anyway.

(((((kvetchies))))) sorry for being so blah. honestly, i'll find something funny to write soon.
yuefie, your friend might do well to talk w/an agency. I can't speak for CA, but many of the Illnois ones are really great about working with the woman at her own pace. I don't know if she is still w/him or has broken it off but she should be able to find a helpful and compassionate ear on a crisis line. You can find one in your neighborhood by checking Good luck!

{{{mornington}}} Patrick Stewart AND Neil Gaiman??? I know you are having a rough time but I am so jelous I could spit!

Congrats Lanie! That is wonderful!!!
mornington - why don't you call him? I mean, it's not like it's been a play it by ear thing - you guys have most definitely been dating, he is your BF, so you do have every right to contact him.... hell, with all the shit he's been going through, you at least have a reason to say you're just checking in to see if he's ok..

((yuefie and friend))

congratulations lanie!

and yes, bunny - rugby was fun, even though the match was sucky.

polly - I don't see why they wouldn't be ok with you giving them your own detergent to use - especially if you tell 'em you're allergic to perfumes or something (it may not be true, but can't hurt to help drive the point home.. heheh)
((((morn)))) acos

(((bunnyb))) thanks!! i love where i live! but, if the house could only be located in chicago....

(((polly))) wow. you really don't like to do laundry, huh. wink.gif

(((lanie))) congrats on passing the bar!!!!

(((zoya))) i hope you hear back from potential job employer.

*~*job vibes for zoya*~*

where's sidecar?? unsure.gif

(((yuefie, raisin, pixie, billy, dusty, DM, PiP, six, tes, mando, kittenb, faith, mavin, sonik, sybarite, and other kvetchies)))

i'm pooped and going to bed soon. such long days for me. i'm still trying to get on a sleep schedule here.

oh, and raisin...if you are reading this....i think we need to go on a haunted hayride that's at wilson's farm. that's right. that's what cool busties do for fun!!
i've been trying - his phone rings, i get answerphone. nothing. really horrible dreams about him last night as well.
(((mornington))) ugh. that sucks - I'm really sorry to hear that. Tell you what, let's tie F and SB together and throw them to the sharks. Or better yet, we can let all the kvetchies kick the shit out of them at once.
((((mornington)))) Stupid, stupid boys. *lines up for asskicking duty*

My work sitch is pissing me off. This is why I stayed away from academia; the ongoing apprenticeship requiring flexibility... thereby preventing me from being able to take a fulltime (i.e. 9 - 5) job. I'm past this shit.

Which is why I'm here bitching instead of preparing my next lecture.

Congrats zany!!! And nice to see you back.

I know I've been awol, but if anyone has any spare 'get a job' vibes for my overqualified ass that would be cool...

....can you all tell that I'm procrastinating on work??!!!

sybarite - I'll trade you 'get a job vibes' for 'potential employer please fucking contact me so I can have a job' vibes.

can I just say - re: laundry...that having a washer / dryer in my new apartment (not in the building, IN the apartment) is the best thing ever. I actually DO my laundry now, and it doesn't pile up for 2 weeks before I do anything.

ok, back to trying to force myself to do some work...
Awww, ((((morn)))). I am sorry honey, that is beyond frustrating.

*dons asskicking boots* Okay, who's first? Farking boys dry.gif

~~~~jobbie vibes for syb & zoya~~~~

*sniff* I SOOOO miss having a washer and dryer. The laundy room is damn far from my apartment so I have to make several trips just to take it all down there, and chances are someone is already occupying all of the machines. Grrrr. Now I'm always battling a laundry mountain, when I never used to let it get past one full load. But yeah, thems were the good ol' days.


thanks for the link kitten. she asked me if I would go down to the courthouse with her, so we'll see how that pans out.

After I called his place of employment to report him for his blatant drunk driving today, they thought it was funny enough to pass the news along to him. Apparently the place he works is a good ol' boys club and they think it's funny that he is harassing her on company time AND driving around while consuming alcohol in a company truck. So he called to gloat about that, taunting my neighbor further, telling her to go ahead and get a restaining order because it wont do her any good until he actually *does* something to her. So yeah, I went and got myself in the middle of some more psycho drama, which is why I couldn't sleep much tonight. I am speaking to the manager of our complex in a few hours, because now this idiot has a hard-on for me too. I want to know if he, or rather they (the property management company) have any options not available to us, as individuals. And he also has friends in the local sherriff's department. I'm also going to ask around to see what can be done about this business not taking the complaint seriously. I mean, at the very least perhaps an anonymous tip to OSHA, since it would be considered a safety hazard. And like I said, I refuse to live in fear of any jackass, ever again. I dare him to come near me. I'd have no problem taunting the *intellectually challenged*, toothless bastard in to making a move against me just to get his ass locked up. He's all big and bad when he is talking shit to a woman, but any time another dude shows up he's running off. He totally kisses my brothers ass when he's face to face with him. Oh and the most amusing part of all of this is that he is accusing this 47 year old woman of sleeping with my 29 year old, GAY brother. Riiight. Smoke a little more cheap crack, ya fucktard.
((((zoya)))) ooh, plan.

i've always been confused/amazed that people (particularly from the us) think it's strange that I have a washing machine that came with the flat. I mean, my flat is furnished, and a washing machine is pretty damn essential as laundries aren't all that common 'round here. I still let the washing pile up, though... usually until the basket is overflowing (that would be, uh, about now). One of the girls in my tutor group thought she'd have trouble finding a place with a washer next year.

pfft, yuefie said jobbie. oh cod, i've turned into a three-year-old. aaaaargh.

((((yuefie)))) what a bunch of asshats, but him in particular. I hope there's something you can do to stay safe - although we know you'd kick his butt.

((((syb)))) ***get a job***

i have an essay to write - about how geography is/is not a science. I want to do something about the division between human and physical geography and social and natural sciences, but I've got a feeling I'll be shot down in flames for getting too complicated as my tutor is a physical geography person. Also, three of the set texts are articles in the same book, and there is one copy of that book... and the library has "lost" it. it's not even in the catalogue. Off to senate house with me...

is it weird that i'm actually enjoying this whole essay-writing nonsense. hopefully it'll wear off, actually enjoying my subject feels so weird... wink.gif

Most flats rented here are furnished, including washing machines, but this wasn't always the case. The economic boom came in, the rents went way up and washing machines (and often dishwashers, like I ever use one) were magically provided. I still know loads of people, mostly in NYC, who are my age and still have to hit up a laundromat. (((all with washing woes)))

Mornington, I am here to tell you your prof should have provided access to that set text, library issues notwithstanding, in short term loans or as photocopies. Have you tried googling the chapters in case they were published elsewhere as essays? Or maybe hit up the BM--I think they're a copyright library, no?

Also: argue whatever you like, especially as you're enjoying the writing process. Just frame it all diplomatically: 'While physical geography remains essential...' etc etc. Good luck!

Zoya: it's a deal. Vibes enroute.

I'm not procrastinating much, no, not at all....
I read that Morn will be meeting Neil Gaiman and has an opportunity to see Patrick Stewart. And since then, my brain has not been able to function quite normally because I'm wrapped up in glorious daydreams. MMMMMMmmmmmmm .... Now that's a sandwich I'd like to tuck into! Glad to hear you're enjoying school. Sorry to hear that F is being an asshat.

Yuefie, what an absolute nightmare. Definitely sounds like it's time to call the authorities.

~$$~$$~ job vibes for Zoya, Sybarite, & anybody else who wants 'em ~$$~$$~

CONGRATS, LANY!!!!!! How did you celebrate the good news?

Billy, are you lurking out there? I heard more shit about Fernando yesterday. He's such an ass. Grrr. I think he has been possessed by the spirit of Michael Schumacher.

(((((((((( all y'all )))))))))))

Kvetch: I desperately need to clean out my Bust message box but I just can't be bothered.

Anti-kvetch: I am done scraping the ceiling in the dining room! Woot!

**strength vibes for yuefie's neighbour C**
**bad things happening to jerky guy vibes**

**call mornington vibes** but neil gaiman yay! and i loved writing essays so have fun!

**job vibes for sybarite and zoya**

my pets don't have any bad habits like shredding. they just puke. all the time. we call one the Bulimic Wonder Cat. she gorges and pukes. the other just randomly eats bad things (like fuzz) or doesn't like the new food and pukes.

other than cleaning cat puke up and waiting for news on gpa (havent heard a peep) i have been working and entertaining my mavacado so ze love can work in the evening. silly man can't work in his office with the door closed. no, no, has to be at the dining room table. *rolls eyes*

he is a prof of psych and silly man assigned essays to these kids (ok they are college kids but still). great assignment, but kids are getting dumber and can not write anymore. they have to pick a global event (anything really) and write about how it affected a person directly involved and another person indirectly (all these pyschological terms i don't recall). not hard, kind of fun as you can pick anything. i think ze love is sick of reading about 9-11 (and the "i bought all the lines the government fed me bc i am dumm" essays) or the papers where the kids only wrote about one person not two. he had a couple decent ones mixed in but these kids are horrid writers and really we need proper grammar and such to function in the workplace. frustrating.

i could never be a teacher! i am so glad the hardest thing i had to do at work yesterday was figure out issues with narcotics. geesh.

also, i have candy corn. and i am willing to share.
'lo, kvetchettes!

Sorry I've been all lurkery lately. I've mostly been moping around having a bit of a pity party. Blech. I hate being this down, and still not really sure what I want to do job-wise. I need lightning bolts of inspiration, or at least a good smack on the bum by the hand of reason.

lanie, muito CONGRATULATIONS on passing the bar!

mavin, loving the festive socks! Mmmm, candy corn....

Rosev, Your dining room sounds like it's going to be lovely. I never really could figure out the purpose of popcorn ceiling stuff, anyway. I mean seriously, why?! blink.gif

syb, ~~~~~jobbity-job vibes~~~~~ I'm starting a procrastination club.....later.

morn, go for the Patrick Stewart tickets! I mean, what if something happens (like he retires or something) and you never get to see him again? I've missed a lot of cool people that I always thought I'd get to see later when they came around again (like Maya Angelou) and it never happened. Oh, and I don't want to scuff my favorite peep-toe heels, so I've got a knee-high stocking filled with quarters waiting for F. Just give me the word....

yuefie, couldn't you make a report to the police about the asshat's drinking/driving that you witnessed? I know he's got sheriff's buddies, but are there local city cops? And I am TRES jealous you've got the new Foo album! I'm waiting for a bit of cash to hit my paypal account in the next day or two so I can download it myself....

zoya, ~~~~~~~call her back, damnit! you know you want her~~~~~~~

bunnybsweet, hooray for relaxing weekends and the boy's new pad! I always enjoy hearing how well you get along with his mum, too. After hearing/knowing how many people get awful outlaws, it's always good to hear when somebody gets a good one!

kittenb, cupping, really? Did it help? I've only heard of it in, er, a more bdsm context, I didn't know it was still used in natural medicine. Oh, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought of Buffy when I saw the Klimt! laugh.gif

star, love the house! I'm impressed you look so settled in! I've been here for months and still have boxes stacked about (it's almost a soap at this point ...will Six ever make it to Ikea? stay tuned....). How goes the internship? Still training, or do you get to do sessions and stuff now?

kvetch: it's been almost a month and I'm still waiting to hear from unemployment. Grrrr. Still don't know if I'll have the "luxury" of finding the right job, or if I have to take whatever I can find. Care to limbo, anyone?
ok so re: the potential work sitch - I realized that I didn't mention what was going on (at least I can't find it in the archives) when putting out feelers for work, I was contacted by company I most want to work for, (the one I mentioned back a few pages) They asked me to either email back and let them know my plans or to let them know when they could call me. I then responded by saying that calling me was best and to call any time. I did not hear from them for a week, at which point I called. The receptionist told me that the person who I needed to talk to would call me back in 10 minutes. That was 5 days ago, he still hasn't called, and I'm not sure what to do. I mean, they were the ones who contacted ME, and said that it would be great to have me on board, so I don't understand the lack of communication. I don't want to be that person who won't stop calling the office looking for a job. (I've had people do that to me when trying to get a job) So I don't really know what to do.


star - I meant to mention, awesome house!
syb, yeah, she has one photocopy, that we then have to copy, but it costs a forture and there's always a fight over who gets it first... it's more irritating than anything, especially as the book was there last week, as in she had it in her hand and we all saw it... and no-one knows what's happened to it.

rose, you dirty-minded thing! wink.gif although i think i'm just surprised I didn't think of it first...

if i can get a picture, I will. it is my mission for tonight. *runs out before she's late*
Congrats, lanie!

Jenny/Zelda got adopted last week sad.gif I'm glad she got adopted, just sorry it wasn't by me. There's some other cats I like, but none as much as her. Some of them I just feel bad that they've been in the shelter as long as they have; I've been volunteering there for about 6 months and some have been there longer than I have been. There's a kitten I really like, but I don't really want a kitten. Waaaay too much to worry about when I'm not home. Well, hopefully another kitty will come along.

Sidecar is probably swamped with work. I think her big conference is this week or next.

Mavin, my parent's cat is like that- she's 17 now, fairly healthy, with a glossy coat, but all her life, she's eaten and puked.

~*~*~job vibes to zoya & six, anyone else who needs them~*~*~

yuefie, that's a sucky situation. the boyfriend is friends with the cops or the building manager is?

~*~*~ass-kicking vibes for mornington~*~*~

Rose, as I was watching the race Sunday morning, I couldn't get "Rose's boyfriend" out of my mind. It's just in there permanently now. I think maybe he's been possessed by Ayrton Senna, who was a talented but nasty little shit, I understand. (If Tes reads this, I'm dead tongue.gif). Unless Hamilton falters, it's his title this year. I'd like to see Raikkonen surpass Alonso for second. Did you hear what Hamilton said about Alonso before the race? They will not be teammates next year according to him.

Yuefie, stay safe!
yuefie - I think you rock. I just wanted to say that.

sixelacat - cupping can be used as BDSM? I did not know that. Makes sense though, depending on where you put them. I would not want this kind of bruising o my more delicate areas, though. Yes, it works. My back feels better than it has in weeks. However, I will never again do cupping on my pec muscles. I don't think it would have hurt more if she had just reached under my skin and pulled my muscle off the bone (sorry for the graphic visual there, but the discomfort on my back was nothing compared to my chest.)

zoya - I would give them another call. Once a week does not seem excessive, especially if they tell you that they were looking for you. Good luck.

mavin - I could never read student essays. I might go insane.

rv- I'll take a bite of the Patrick Stewart/Neil Gaiman sandwich. You know, if your sharing.

mornington - sre you majoring in geography? That's so cool.

sybarite - I just can not imagine finding a washer/dryer in a Chicago apartment.

Because I am so freaking poor at the moment, I took a few hours at the massage job that makes me crazy. It wasn't too bad. I did an out-call at a trading firm. The people there were not rude but they were not friendly. They seemed to consider me as another computer, just one that gave chair massages. They all seemed suprised when I said hello and shook their hands while introducing myself. It was as if they did not expect me to speak to them. Traders can be so annoying.

*squees and tackles sixela* You've been missed around here, woman. I wish I could teleport the cd to you babe, it rawks!

awww shucks kitten, thanks. I just want to help this woman out, having been in something similar. I know what it's like to wonder if you are the one who's insane, and to feel like it's all your fault.

I just got back from an appointment with the manager, who was less than impressed with the whole situation. He asked me for the number of the company, so I am going to let him handle it from here. And it's the manager who has friends in the local sherriff's department, not the the dipshit losah. Yay for that. C has avoided me so far today, and I don't have any more time to dick around with her. If she gets serious about wanting help, I will hold her hand through the process. But until she pulls her head of of the sand (or wherever else it's currently planted), I can't do much to help her. Anyhoo, I am off to run all the errands I've been procrastinating today! Thanks for all the vibes and good thoughts. *mwah*



((((yuefie)))) yay for nice managers. I hope your friend sees daylight soon!

((((zoya)))) give them another call. silly people.

((((sixela)))) yaaay! good to see you ***job vibes*** is there someone you can ring about unemployment?

((((polly)))) i'm sorry you didn't get to take jenny home! but there will be another cat, who will be just perfect

((((kitten)))) urgh, how rude of them. yes, i'm doing geography (unlike in the states, we don't always have major/minors, so I'm doing geog and nothing else)

*waves to (((billy)))*

((((mavin)))) ***sanity for mr mavin*** eep! I do think grammar etc needs to be taught in schools... the number of people who have trouble with essays is huge. I know I'm not shit-hot, but at least I can put a sentence together and use spellcheck!

((((tes, syb, plat, rose, sassy, star, bunny, dm, mando, lanie, lelu, sidecar, sonik, pink, flanker, msp et bebe, everyone))))
To be that close to Neil Gaiman ... yum. If I had been in your place, Morn, I'm sure I would have reverted into one of those American fans who insists on hugging him. I wouldn't be able to help mahself!

Yuefie, you are a fine human being. Good for you for doing what you can. I hope C smartens up and files for a restraining order.

Polly, so sorry to hear about Jenny. At least she got to go to a good home, even if it isn't yours.

I wish there were little lightening bolts on my keyboard. In the mean time, I can only offer ...
!!!!!! exclamation points of inspiration for Sixela !!!!!!!!

Zoya, it's been 5 days. You can definitely call them back. Take this from a receptionist who worked for HR. wink.gif

Billy, I heard that Hamilton said that. Smart, too. There's no way those two drivers can stay on the same team for another season. But what I've heard about Alonso is even juicier! First of all, I heard that he basically tried to manipulate Ron Dennis & told him, "Respect my authoritay as Driver #1 or I will testify against you in the big Ferrari scandal!". Ron said, "Fuck no," which resulted in all the shit we've seen Alonso doing over the last few races (like "parking" in the pits in front of Hamilton). I also heard that Flavio told Alonso that he can come back home whenever he wants to. I hope Alonso accepts the offer. Of course, I also heard that Alonso might go to Ferrari & Masa would slip back to Toyota, but that obviously sounds like a load of complete shit. We shall see.
By the by, when you see Alonso now, please think of him as "Rose's EX boyfriend". Fuckin' asshole.
Think we should start up our own Formula One thread next year? biggrin.gif

[lays out plate of Patrick Stewart/Neil Gaiman sandwiches for all, including a nice side dish of Eddie Izzard]

Sheff has had a Shitastic day. Jesus Christ in a Camry, it's been stressful. Basically, he realized that his greencard expires in TWO DAYS. How we missed this is a mystery, but it's true. We thought that someone from Immigration was going to contact us to arrange out final interview. However, Sheff called Immigration & found out that we hadn't sent them all of the proper paperwork. So the next few hours were filled with printing papers and signing papers and rifling through our files finding official pieces of evidence. Then a trip to a copy store. Then a major nightmare at the post office that is too long and convoluted and confusing to write about here. By 3pm, the paperwork was on its way and it should arrive a few hours before the deadline. But poor Sheff. He had been through enough for one day. All he wanted was to make some toast and curl up in bed with a good book. So he skipped the rest of his work day and came home. Poor thing.
Tonight I'm making an indulgent dinner of homemade mac & cheese for dinner. He deserves it.

Kvetch: All of that paperwork had to be accompanied by a BIG check: about $500. Ouchie. Didn't see that coming.
mornington! yay! great pic!

kittenb- don't you know those guys thought all masseuses (sp?) are foreign and don't speak at all or something. you are exotic ;-)

**sheff and rose** that sucks when those things sneak up on you. you just reminded me, tho. maybe i should fill out that birthing paperwork for the new baby before oh say january!

ze mavacado and i just took a 3 hour nap. oops. so i made hot dogs and watermelon for dinner. yummy! now i need to finish my colouring book (i made one of cheesy fun things to do in wi dells for my girls weekend this weekend) and start packing for friday

thanks for the vibage. my gpa seems to be doing a little better. he looks better and can talk more now. they are trying another procedure (but nothing too invasive) later this week. so hopes are soaring!

also, i was able to send a get well card to him through the hospital's website and he got it yesterday with his newspaper! i love that they had this free service set up. i didn't even need his room number (which is great bc i work in a hospital and see all the transfers going on) and it was something i could do from many miles away.
quick drive by - thanks all, for the input. I think I'm gonna shoot the guy an email and just say that I know he's busy and to please call me when he is available, that I'm interested in working for them.

then the ball is in his court.

**fingers crossed, dammit!**
Can I get some health vibes for LeBoy's cousin?

He went to the hospital yesterday because they found a blood clot in his leg, like near his groin. When they went to fix it, they found a clot in his other leg. I think they just have to wait for them to pass, hope they go safely. He's on blood thinners and stuff and he's in the ICU in case he should bleed out. He's stuck flat on his back, can't read, can't watch TV, nothing.

He'll probably be okay, but we're still somewhat worried about him making it through this, since blood clots are kind of unpredictable and he's only in his mid-30's. He's pretty freaked out about it though. He's pretty healthy, runs in marathons and stuff, but in the last couple of years, his dad died (3-pack a day smoker, cancer) and his mom is basically slowly killing herself with alcohol and cigarettes. He hasn't been dealing well with either and has 2 young daughters. We're going to visit him tomorrow.

It's going to be hard to see him hooked up to stuff and not being able to move. unsure.gif

((hugs to all))
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((oodles of vibes for LeBoy's cousin)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
The good news is that they caught it and that he's in the hospital & on the proper medication. I'll keep him in my thoughts.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((oodles of vibes for Mavin's grandpa)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
I kept meaning to send vibes to him, Mavin, but it kept slipping my mind! ohmy.gif

~$$$~$$$~ super-strength job vibes for Zoya ~$$$~$$$~

Sleepy. Must go bed.
*tiptoes in*

hi everyone! i've just been busy with work (polly, i'm not going to the conference that prophecygirl is planning, but i've got loads of other stuff going on). i worked a booth on saturday at an event, i attended a taping at public access for another event yesterday, plus my web site converted to a new content management system, and the conversion went poorly, and of course, IT has been less than helpful. And on top of all this, our CE/event planner has been in Europe for the past two weeks, so I've been covering for her. Normally, this isn't a big deal, but we started our online courses while she was out, on a new system that I don't understand, so I've had to troubleshoot that (and IT has been less than helpful). There were also program and paper proposal deadlines that I had to walk people through, too. Also, our new admin hasn't received all of the training she needs (because ... you guessed it, IT has been less than helpful!), so I'm still walking her through a few things AND our intern started yesterday. I've been lurking, and thinking of you all, but I just haven't had the energy to post.

I just read Anansi Boys this week. Neil Gaiman's home in the U.S. is not terribly far from where I grew up in western Wisconsin, so I like to pretend that he is my people. (and morn, not to fuel your internal debate, but apparently RSC's Hamlet next year will be David Tennant as the title character versus Patrick Stewart's Claudius, and I would totally plan a trip around that.)

congrats lanie!

((((sheff, mavin's grandpa, yuefie's neighbor, leboy's cousin))))

I'm sure I'll check in more regularly once my coworker gets back from vacay and my division's annual literacy event is over. maybe. the cubs are in the playoffs so who knows how much sleep i'll be getting.
(((mavin’s grampa)))

(((sidecar))) how’s martinidad? I’ve been thinking of him.

(((polly))) what rose said about jenny. there's a kitty out there for you.

*healthy healing vibes for leboy’s cousin* so scary.

(((sonic & rat))) did she come home?

(((shef & rose))) boohiss on immigration cost/stress.

(((lanie))) heartfelt congrats, sweetie! I knew you’d do it! And yes, indeed, danny’s a sophomore in high school. Tis hard for me to wrap my brain around it also, nevermind Dreaded College being right around the corner. *whimper*

bunny, “Christmas song” is one of my DAVE faves. I have fond memories of his performing it live at MSG in dec ’05. (looks like he’s not doing a MSG dec show again this year. color me hella sad.)

(((yuefie))) I ‘member your mold fiasco you poor thing you. We have visible mold in our bathroom. Don’t ask, it’s just another mandi/mr bone o’ contention. *le sigh*
*strength n’ love vibes for C* gah. I know you want to help, but do be careful, darling. I worry ya know. Maybe it’s best to take a step back and let things cool off a bit.

(((sassy))) keep us posted about the new meds study. All parts crossed it works magic for you, hon. And do dish about your Christopher Moore close encounter! I’m sure he thought I was quite mad, having him sign “you suck” to <my real name> and “lamb” to mandi. Hee.

*insanely jealous of morn being that fucking close to Himself*
Just the words Patrick Stewart in the same sentence as Macbeth are enough to make my panties wet. Sorry. Tmi.
*soothing head scritches for indigo*
*here’s a dollar buy a fucking clue vibes for F*

*excellent jobbie vibes for sybarite* (um, what is the other meaning of “jobbie”, dare I ask?)
*crossed parts for happy news for zoya*

Damn, mavin … candy corn & narcotics?! I so want your life!

(((dusty))) you’re a luv for remembering my mom’s birthday party last year, and the sad note that it ended on. hey, did I ever thank you for the corgi birthday card? I didn’t, did i? I sucketh.

ta for the condolences about uncle B. sincerely appreciated.

(((sixel, kitten, billy, walkingbitch, pixie, crassy, everyone I haven’t mentioned but still heart n’ care about)))

Where can I see these star/raisin pics???

not really a kvetch, just wanted to share with those who would unnerstan: I’m firmly ensconced in diana gabaldon’s outlander series (one of the reasons I haven’t been busting as much, besides being actually busy at work and, um, my online window shopping addiction), thanks to my sis-in-law and coworker, damn them to hell. I wanted to stop, or at least take a break, after book two, but it was a major fucking cliffhanger, so I immediately grabbed book three … or what I THOUGHT was book three. Turns out it was book FIVE. But I didn’t realize that until 130 pgs in, I just thought she was being way cryptic ... hee. Luckily I finally did catch on and am now reading the proper book three – voyager – but I’m sort of sick of reading these friggin books … but I MUST know what happens! I’m dreaming of these characters now. (ok. mainly jamie fraser. *drool*) I’m also very much into all things Scottish right now. Many of you would be proud.

health update: for those keeping score, i'm on day 96 since my last period. just went for a physical, Favorite Internist Eva is going to check my estrogen levels, along with everything else. i also have a checkup with Warm & Kind Mother Earth Gyno in a few weeks, and we'll talk further. i'm fine with it if This Is It, i'm of the age, after all. and knock on wood, i don't have any other nasty symptoms yet, i might be one of the "lucky ones". but i just want to know, ya know? blink.gif

i'm also sick of carrying fucking tampons with me 24/7. *heavy sigh*
Well, since I saw Mando posting here, I just had to come in and say hi. Been lurking off and on (mostly off), usually too pooped to post, dragging myself online at night when I could really go to sleep. My health situation is still crappy -- it was getting better for a while and now it's gone to hell again. Seeing the doc yet again tomorrow. I think the people who work at the front desk are tired of seeing me especially when I visibly don't look sick. And I know they are all professional and it's not like they should care, but lately it's been like, "So, Raisin, when are you coming in again? (eyeroll)" and I swear I am not projecting.

Star, I'd love to go on a haunted hayride (!), but I am so not free this weekend.

I'm not familiar with Neil's works, except for the fact that he and Tori are close and she mentions him in songs and one of his characters is based on Tori, so when I saw that picture of Morn with him (you are too cute, but what happened to the pink hair?), I'm all OH, WATERSTONE'S!!!!!!!! hahaha /nerdiness

Sorry I can't respond more than this right now. I should get ready to head to my night job and since I'm hoofin' it, off I go.
QUOTE(sidecar @ Oct 3 2007, 08:05 AM) *
(and morn, not to fuel your internal debate, but apparently RSC's Hamlet next year will be David Tennant as the title character versus Patrick Stewart's Claudius...)

Oh. My. Now that makes my panties wet and I don't care if it's too much information. tongue.gif

Yes, mavin, I feel quite exotic, heehee!

raisingirl - I actually sought out Neil Gaiman b/c of Tori Amos and I am so glad that I did.

{{{yufie, polly, mornington (nice pic!!!), roseviolet, manodlyn, sidecar, and all...}}}
**LeBoy's cousin**

**bleedy knowledge of some kind for mandolyn** i was really into a series of books like you are recently. i just devoured the phillipa gregory books about the british history (king henry, his wives, mary, elisabeth). i just couldn't stop! now i have one left and i am worn out i think.

**find out whats wrong and fix it vibes for raisingirl** i understand the front desk being tired of seeing you thing. when i was being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, i was going sooo often i just felt so dumb some days!

thanks for the vibes and all but gpa passed away this evening. sad. i so wanted him to meet elly (my bun in the oven) but he at least saw her ultrasound pics so sort of met her

the weirdest thing happened too. we got home from the grocer and i started to put stuff away, like usual. all of a sudden i felt pretty sick and crampy in my baby region so i went to sit down and relax instead. half hour passes. mom calls and lets us know gpa passed away a half hour before. so, uh, while i was all crampy. it is almost like elly knew.
((((mavin))) I'm so sorry.
((mavin)) sorry about your grandpa! sad.gif

Thanks for the vibes for LeBoy's cousin. We went to see him tonight. He's sitting up! Only 30 degrees, but it's better than it was before. He was kinda mopey when we got there, but then the ICU doctor came in and told him that they were going to start him on coumadin and he was going to have to stay in the hospital for five more days while they made sure it was running through his system at a high enough level. Then he was just pissed- his personal vascular dr. told him he'd be out tomorrow. But later some nurses came in and told him they should be able to tell in only 3 days when the coumadin's at the right level, and we all know the nurses usually have the right stuff! So at least 3 days is better to 5. And tomorrow they're switching to a regular hospital room, so now his kids can come visit him, which I know he's happy about, and he'll get to start moving around again. They're still running tests, though, to see if they can figure out why he got the clots in the first place, since it's sort of unusual.

Nice picture, morn- I haven't read a whole lot of Gaiman; getting me to read Harry Potter was like pulling teeth- sci-fi/fantasy ain't usually my thing, but I've read some of Gaiman, what prophecy_grrl has shoved under my nose and said READ THIS! and it's pretty good. I like his short story about what he thinks his cat does at night outside.

~*~*~all-purpose, super strength health vibes to mando, raisin and anyone else who needs them~*~*~

((hugs to all))

I got an email. He's upset about something, but said he'll call tonight. "we need to talk." fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Oh fuck.
(((mornington))) deep breaths... just try to stay calm. I know that it will be a LONG day for you, but think about this - at least he reached out and is going to talk to you about it, and you'll know what's up. And you'll be able to talk to him about how you're feeling. ((hugs))
(((mavin))) I'm so sorry, hunny.

(((mornington))) what zoya said. You have to remain positive; "we need to talk" is cliched but may not mean what you think it means. It's better to know that you're speaking to him tonight than hang about in limbo, not knowing what's up.

I'm glad you went to see Neil; I'm so envious!

polly, I'll need to find that story... I have his short stories but haven't read them all yet; love his novels. Stardust is released here tomorrow in two weeks so hopefully going to see it this weekend won't be seeing it this weekend.

(((le boy's cousin))) glad he's doing better.

rose and billy, I know what you're talking about for once! The Alonso/Hamilton thing is so big that the boy and his mum were discussing it at weekend.

(((mandi))), (((raisin))), (((sidecar))), (((yuefie))), (((everyone who needs hugs)))

(((zoya))) a'cos. I'll PM you soon, promise.

I'm ok- intermittently sick despite non-sickness tablets so returning to doctor's next week. Head hurts too, probably from cutting out coffee. Other than that, I'm fine. First weekend with boy in Edinburgh tomorrow so looking forward to that. Off work tonight so having lazy day finishing book, collecting ordered ones from library and watching stuff on laptop.
(((( mavin ))) I'm sorry...

mando - ~*~ bleedy vibes ~*~ I too, got sucked into the Outlander series a few years ago, when one of my friends told me that those books were her guilty pleasure. She would literally put book covers on them because she felt like such a dork for getting caught up in a historical romance series. (although to their credit, Diana Gabaldon was a research assistant before she started doing her own writing, and it shows. To me, the story and relationships are a great framework for the very accurate historical timelines and details she works in) Anyway, I went all the way through to the latest one, and I never finished it. I got kinda burnt out - and to be honest, I'm not as interested in the historical period of the last book as I am in the first 3 or so. That said, I will probably pick up the next one that comes out - its supposed to be the last, and wraps up the whole series.

((( LeBoy's cousin, LeBoy, and Polly )))

((bunny)) feel better.. I'll look for that PM wink.gif

((rose and sheff)) good immigration vibes for you - I feel your pain.

Anti-Kvetch - well your job vibes seemed to work well - I emailed the guy at the company yesterday and he got back to me within a couple hours saying he'd call me when he got in this morning. I didn't reply to his email, because I figured I'd be talking to him today - no biggie.

Kvetch - ....and now it's the afternoon and I STILL haven't heard from him. Christ. I think it's kind of at the point where I can't really pursue it any further without being a real pain in the ass. I feel like I probably should have replied to his response, but I didn't really think it necessary. fuck. So.. please keep sending job vibes and I-don't-even-know-what-kind-of-vibes to this guy to FUCKING CALL ME. god. It's like a damn carrot dangling in front of my face. and I'm ready to grab it. argh.

(((Mornington))) this man is driving me crazy. I can't *imagine* what its doing to you.

(((Call Zoya)))


(((Polly, LeBoy and cousin)))

(((Mandibleeddammit))) I think you kinda did.

Our campaign to keep my department open is going into overdrive now. Its crazy busy. Lunch meetings, dinner meetings, up half the night answering emails. Ack.
(((Mornington))) Hopefully it's not as bad as you think.

(((Sheff))) Will the immigration stuff ever stop or is this an ongoing irritation?

~$~$~$~$$~$multipurpose job vibes for all~$~$$~$~$$$~$~

((((bunny)))) Get well Chica!

It's been a very busy week here for us. Evil SIL had a c section on Tuesday(planned). We still haven't gotten to see the baby because she was to tired for visitors Tuesday night and she was released this morning. We ere planning on going up to the hospital tonight. So now we are going to wait until Saturday when the minipixies can go along to meet their new cousin. Might as well get all the required visits over in one swoop!
Tuesday night we found out that FIL had a ministroke over labor day weekend. He's been having vertigo ever since and is losing some of his hearing. He finally went to the doctor this week. He had an MRI yesterday, but we haven't heard the results yet.
Tonight we are hopefully driving to OKC to pick up my new kitty! Th eone I posted about Monday was taken, but i found a chocolate Persian or part persian and we going to try to go pick him up tonight. I'll have to post pics. He's a beauty!
{{{{health vibes for all}}}} It seems like there have been some health things going around to everyone in this thread for awhile. So I wish cyber-chicken soup and hot tea for all (vegan-style for thoes who want it.) Followed with ice cream sundaes if wished.

{{{welcome pixiekitty!!!}}}

At some point I need to pick up the Outlander series. I read and enjoyed the first one and feel like it took forever to finish it. It just seemed soooooo looooooong.

mornington - good luck. I hope things work out the way you want them to.

The most amazing thing happened this morning. After my bike was stolen I posted an angry letter in my laundry room listing what the theft cost me. It was addressed to the thief and I explained what I do for a living and that I don't get paid much for it and that I could not afford to replace the bike. I normally refrain from sacrificing myself on the alter of not-for-profit self-rightousness (at least I try) but I was really pissed about this. At the bottom of my note I wrote my name and my address saying that the thief could reimburse me in cash if s/he was capable of feeling bad for the theft. Someone slipped $101 under my door this morning. A note was attached saying that while the writer was not the thief s/he felt bad that I had been robbed by a neighbor esp. considering what I did for a living. Can you believe it? I posted another note thanking the giver, saying that my mind had been officially blown and that I would be sure to pass on the generosity as best I could. The money could not come at a better time as I have no cash for anything. I need to buy new contacts and now I can!
wow, kitten, the human spirit amazes me; less frequently than the cruelty of humanity but it gives me hope. You need to pay that forward and be your kind, caring self to someone in need (well, you do that every day in your job but you know what I mean).

(((morn))) continued love and support, hun.

welcome to the pixie family, chocolate persian! does he have a name, pixie? please name him something chocolatey!

rose, pixie reminded me: I'm sorry for the greencard woes!

dusty, hope work is good, crazy busy and you're thriving on it and not stressful, crazy busy!

what is it with men -not just love interests- not being able to pick up the maude-damn phone? hurry up and phone zoya, pinhead!

The last series of books I was addicted to was Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City; I devoured them. I'm now feeling that way about the next three in Fforde's Thursday Next series but the fourth (penultimate, so far) is packed away in a box I can't find.

My tummy is a lot better today and I have managed to eat yummy food although thought eating any of the Ben and Jerry's I bought (on SALE!) may be too ambitious so saving it for when I'm fully better. Sigh, why is it you crave ice cream, red wine and cheese when you're really not supposed to have them? and when you're cutting out coffee and can't have that too. Is it just me? /toddles off into wine-filled dreamland...
Bunny...the guy who has him now (he's 5 months old) calls him Dutch. He has a twin brother that they call Carmello. We've been debating over the name since Monday when we told the guy we'd take him. I think we have pretty much settled on Giovonnie. He has the biggest gold eyes!

I was already asleep when P. came in holding Rat in his arms!

We have no idea where she's been, but she's skinny and eats like crazy. She runs through the house meowing like mad.

Thanks for the vibes!!!!!
(((mavin))) sorry about your granpa, darlin. tight hug.

(((morn))) all parts crossed that it's nothing bad. please let us know asap.

welcome home, naughty rat!

*head scritches for our newest kvetchie kitty, Giovonnie*

les miserables:
- my bloodwork shows through-the-roof cholesterol levels ... and i'm definitely menopausal.
- the mr forgot our anniversary. so did the boy.
- my intestines are being icky.
- in her excitement to go outside, the dog peed on my favorite sandal, while i was wearing it.

this day can't end fast enough.

pity party anyone?
*uncorks the Champagne for pity party and passes around chocolate chip cookies*

*crawls back under duvet*

((((mavin)))) I'm sorry for your loss, sweetie.

((((le boy's cousin)))) ~~~get better quick~~~

kitten, that is a fabulous story.

yay for mia kitties returning and for new kitty lovin's!

boo hiss on all the craptactularness running amok in kvetchie worlds

*extra tight hugs* for ((((morn)))) & ((((mandi))))

and some of those for my favorite smug twat, (((raisin)))

heck, how 'bout hugs all around!

((((bunny, rose, pixie, billy, dusty, polly, sidecar, amilita, sixela, sassy, syb, star, zoya, faith, crassy, dm, msp, walkingb, everyone))))

neighbor psychodrama update: the manager spoke with the owner of the company who was less than pleased and said that he would definetely be looking in to it. He also said that if the moron wants to keep his job he will never come back anywhere near this property. The manager is supposed to call him back if there are any sightings of him anywhere near here in the company truck, and since the idiot doesn't have his own vehicle, he can't come around unless he wants to be fired. Lets just hope that on some level, he values his employment. C has been avoiding me, so I have no idea what's up with the order of protection. I know that the manager is on her case to get one too, and if she doesn't follow through her worst fear of people not taking her seriously is going to come true.

my insomnia has been so out of control this week. I've been lucky to get three hours of sleep so far this week and now I'm just feeling worn down. I can't take nytol or any of the over the counter sleep aids, since they are diphehydramine, which is the same thing is benadryl. when I take benadryl I seriously can't wake myself up for HOURS. I get in to what my sis and I call the bena-coma, and I'm so groggy for the day after taking it that I feel almost hung over and don't feel like I could safely drive. so I'm considering talking to the doctor about something to help me stay asleep. as much as I am not thrilled at the idea, nothing else seems to be working. I've tried soaking in the tub with lavender bath salts, drinking chamomille tea, taking valerian root, aromatherapy, sleep inducement cd's, just about everything I can think of on the natural route. I just want some zzzzz's, dangit!
speaking of historical stuff ... is it really geeky that I'm reading "the Temple and the Lodge" which is an uber researched, quite scholarly historical book (not even remotely historical fiction, it's just plain historical) looking at the history of the nights templar in relation to the freemasons? good lord.

I'll bring the Vodka tonics!! woo! party!
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