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Morning, gang. I'm feeling a bit poorly today, so I'm spending a bit of time on the couch in my dressing gown - sorry, my robe. My friends have pointed out that I've stopped using the American terms for a lot of things & it's confusing for them sometimes. rolleyes.gif

Zoya, how exciting! Why don't you feel ready to move forward with the offer?

((((((Sweet Sophie dog))))))

((((((((Yuefie and friends and family and pets and all))))))))

((((((((Bunny)))))))) Poor thing. Hope you start to feel better. What DVDs are you watching?

I must admit that I think that the TT is a gorgeous little car. I'm actually rather torn on this subject because you only live once, right? So since we're so responsible in other areas, why not get the adorable little TT? The main problem is the "little" part. Sheff frequently drives his friends to lunch or when we go out to for the evening or whatever. That can't happen in the TT (one of our friends is actually too big to sit in the passenger side!). Plus, if we end up having a kid in the next 5 years, how on earth are we going to fit a car seat and a stroller in a TT?
Other negatives include the fact that insurance and car taxes are much much higher for the TT than the A3 (we have to pay a 3% annual property tax on cars in our state). So.
But yeah ... a little silver TT would be so fun. I can easily see us taking weekend trips to the beach or the mountains in a TT. That's one of the reasons why I feel so conflicted.

Rose has now given me an excuse to show what I bought 4 months ago dry.gif

Like the TT, it's quite small. If the TT has a "back seat", it's larger than the SLK230. But the SLK230 is muito fun to drive. If I need to move more than 1 person or anything of size, I fall back on Ms. Bonka's Outback. So if you get the TT, try to have something else to handle the other needs. It personally means a lot to me to have something fun to drive. I feel like I work hard enough that I can pamper myself with something like this.
yay for cool little silver cars!

rose - I'm still working for another client (I freelance) and I'm happy with the project I'm working on. It's just that it's going to wrap up within the next 6 months, so I'm starting to put out feelers now. I just didn't expect anyone, let alone my top choice of companies to work for, to bite this quick.
Mmmm, pretty cars.

I forgot to mention earlier that my pseudo nephew now has a name: Alexander James, after his great-grandfather and grandfather (the boy's grandfather and father). I like it although my friend says that with his two surnames (his father's Italian surname and his mother's very common maiden name) it makes him sound like a law firm or insurance company.

I'm feeling a bit more upbeat than earlier. I've been feeling pressured to find a graduate job (because ones even remotely in my field grow on trees, didn't you know?) but feel a little less panicked today since discovering that most large publishing houses do graduate schemes. Once I have a decent CV, I'm going to apply.

rose, I watched Thank You for Smoking and a few TV shows but later I may watch Stranger than Fiction.

Now I'm off to make a huge bowl of pasta.
Look, it's mah teef:

I only have 3 wisdom teeth (see the one missing on the upper right side?) So does my mom. That's a positive evolutionary trait, so it always gets passed down through the generations. We're going to an open house lunch at our favorite oral surgeon's office next week and I want to see how much they'll charge me to get the suckers yanked. Hopefully not much since we refer everyone and their mother to them.

That's a pretty car, Rose. Is leasing it an option? If it's only driven to and from work and the occasional road trip, you probably won't rack up the miles and after a couple years, there's no commitment to it, so if you need the extra room, you can just get another car.

I have to say, though, I don't buy into this "we had a baby, now we need an SUV!" mentality. My parent's got by just fine with a 1980 2-door Toyota Corolla when humanist and I were little. We did tons of roadtrips, camping etc. and it worked out. Obviously, a 2-seater isn't going to work, though.
Just a quick flyby to say thanks for all the love & vibes. You all really are the best wub.gif. I never get over how caring (and tolerant of complaints & pity parties!) BUSTies are in general, but 'specially the Kvetchies. Kay, end of mushy lovefest. rolleyes.gif

Things are still hectic and stressful, but getting a little better. I managed to get one of the documents for my dad, so there's that ray of sunshine. My car is seemingly okay. The burning smell hasn't happened again and the resistance in the steering stopped too. But now my brakes are intermittently making as squealing noise. Hmmm. I checked and topped off all the fluids and everything there was fine. Yay for me learning how to do those things myself instead of remaining clueless and waiting for someone else to do it for me. But I still need to take it back to the guy who fixed it back in April and ask why in the hell my steering and/or brakes would possibly be having a problem after only five months. Power steering pumps, rack & pinions, new brakes + rotors, don't need to be replaced that often!

I will be back latah to properly vibe you all, but I am thinking of (((you))) always smile.gif
Hey everyone - anybody remember me?

I kind of disappeared off the face of the earth for a while. I've been keeping up with some of you through my sporadic LJ posting, but for the most part law school and then the bar exam sucked my life away.

But now I'm done with both of those, waiting rather impatiently to find out if I passed the bar and working for Legal Aid about an hour outside Chicago.

Now that I actually have free time again, I thought I'd wander over here and see what was shakin' in the old BUST lounge.

It's a gorgeous fall day here in my new hometown - I hope you're all being visited by the beautiful weather fairy as well. I'm off to try to enjoy some of it before the sun goes down.

**raisingirl** poor wittle bunny. i'm sure he is someplace nice

rose- you are so brave to tackle those popcorn ceilings! i would so pay someone else just so i wouldn't have to get covered in that stuff!

**cramps leave zoya alone vibes** yay for your job nibbles!

**feel better bunnyb**

i love the car photos! billy, i am very jealous!

my dream car is just a boring mini cooper... with polka dots. someday i will get it, too. someday. ze love doesn't like my mini bc the kids won't fit but hey that is what the corolla is for duh.

pollystyrene- nice teeth ;-) i only had 3 wisdom teeth to remove but uh that was bc i had a molar pulled when a child and the 4th took its spot all natural-like

**yuefie and her car** yay that you can do all that car stuff! i need to learn that someday...

zany?! *runs and tackles* i meeeeeeesed you! how are you? so glad to see you back!

i am all achy today. was very busy at work making IVs.

then i had the dr apt. baby is fine. in 4 weeks, i have the yucky glucose tolerance test i dread. after that, i start seeing the dr every 2 weeks. i sooo hate having to see the dr so often. i have to get out of work, get over there, wait forever in their stupid setup where you can never even tell if the people there to help you are free or even know you are there, wait forever to see the dr and then have her measure my tummy and check my weight and blood pressure. thats all she does. such a waste!

ok time to eat twizzlers and snuggle with my kid
Hello all. Sorry it's been a few days since I have checked in here. Things have been weird and overemotional in my life and I only really had focus for the Hero's Thread. Sorry. But I want to send a special hug to Stargazer who said very nice things to me when I was feeling very down. I am up and better now. I spent a lot of time downtown today. Now I work downtown, but I rarely just take time to wander and window shop and stuff. The fact that I was doing it today made me realize that I was feeling happy and enjoying our cooler weather. Everything just seemed so nice.


nice teeth polly.
Hi, lainiethezany!
Happy medical vibes for mavin, bunny and sybarite.
Cars kind of leave me cold but I am happy that some people are finding cars they care about.

{{{{hugs to alland have a great night!}}}}
Polly, i've never seen such a teethy picture! Is this the kind where you have to bite on something and they put this plastic thingy around your head to keep it still for the photo? I;m glad i got all my wisdon teeth out a long time ago!

Hi Lany! I remember you as Zanylany, right? You were hanging out here a long time before i came in, i think, Welcome back!

I found 2 other forums which are fun, it's about the emploi. I signed out of a forum i was on way too long. It was more negative than it was positive, it didn't do anything for me. All that whining on
there made me tired. Can ya'll guess that i saw 'The Secret'??
I even did a secret-y workshop some time ago, it was so great to see everyone in there was so fired up about their dreams, and how they we're going about it. I'm not talking about wishing for a big car (though an Audi TT would do fine in here, methinks biggrin.gif ) or lots of money. A woman i know gives avatar trainings and she told me the secret and these trainings have a lot im common. 'The Secret' is just a popularized version, something you can sell to the masses.

(((Mavin, Lanythezany, Kittenb, Sidecar, Bunnyb, Rose, Yuefie))))))
I popped into a Friends of the Library book sale yesterday and lo and behold, what did I find but:

Best 99 cents I've spent all week. Let's see if I actually attempt to read it this time. I think this is now my 2nd copy of the book; I'm sure I still have another copy stowed away somewhere.

Polly, nice chompers! If the wisdom teeth are bothering you, definitely get them removed.

Alexander James, that is an austere sounding name.
Indeed, I used to be zanylanie. My username is still somewhat active, because when I tried to re-register with it it said it was already taken. I've tried requesting a new password bunches of times, and I always get one, but it never works. So here I am, laniethezany.

Mavin, it's so great to see you! How's life treating you?

Sonik, I think you're right that I was hanging around these here parts when you first started posting. It's great to see some familiar faces, er, names. wink.gif

I handle a lot of domestic violence cases at my job, and hearing all those stories can really drain a grrrl, especially considering that I went through some of the same type of stuff with the ex-zanyboy. Roaming around the boards helps recharge my inner Towanda so I can go on to fight another battle.

ETA: I'm swooning over the fact that pollystyrene has a Mother Jones quote under her user icon.
That is a panoramic x-ray, sonik. You stand, there's a chin rest and you do bite on a little piece of plastic to keep your teeth separated. The film is about 6 inches wide and 12 inches long. It's in a sleeve that's in a thing that moves around your head, giving a full look across your mouth. Pain-wise, my wisdom teeth only bother me every couple of months and it's not that bad. My real problem is that they're shoving my other teeth around and creating problems. Big bullies. So after I get them yanked, I'll get braces. I love working in a dentist's office- all I pay for is lab fees.

Nice book sale find, raisin. I can't say I've read it either. When I was in high school, I took a Modern World Literature class my senior year with Mr. Gray, a teacher I waited all four to have. I was so happy to be in the class; he had picked out 7 books for us to read (and this was only a semester-long class, but I knew Mr. Gray was good and we'd get through them all.) One of the books was One Hundred Years of Solitude. Two days after school started, the head of the English Dept. got promoted to be assistant principal and they had to rearrange all the English teacher's schedules to make up for it, plus hire a couple of new ones. They switched Mr. Gray with Mrs. Brinkerhoff, a new teacher, who had no f-ing clue how to teach...she came from a school for kids with severe learning disabilities and seemed to think we all had the same issues...we spent the semester s l o w l y getting through only 3 (!) of the books (none of which were One Hundred Years of Solitude) because she wasted our time playing games that vaguely related to the books, like spending two days learning to dance the Tarantella while we read A Doll's House.. . It was so stupid and childish and yes, I'm still bitter!

Kitten, glad things are better- it's amazing how much that 10-15 degree temperature drop and getting outside will do for your mood.

Yuefie, I hope things work out with the car. I wish you were here- I'd send you to my mechanic who's a boy scout- totally honest, doesn't get annoyed when you only do the minimum of work that needs to be done and has very reasonable prices.

((hugs to all)) Yeah, where is tes? and pixie?
Bahahahaaha! Sorry, Polly, but I am picturing a classroom of surly 12th graders learning how to dance the Tarantella and it is fuckin' FUNNY.

I need to figure out what to have for lunch. Nothing is sounding good to me. I mean, stuff does sound good, but it's of the non-salad and pita variety, which is what I was thinking of having. Trying to find one of my friends, too, to see where the hell she is and if she's free for lunch and I can't seem to find her. Odd.

Oh, Mavin, I totally want to get a Mini next year, just not with polka dots.
Arg, (((Yuefie)))

Hey Zany! For a moment I thought you said that you were waiting to find out if you had passed out at the bar, which oddly enough had a certain kind of logic for me. I'm sorry about the domestic violence.

(((Kitten))) I sorry about all the (((Busties))) who are blue and there seem to be quite a few. I *hope* I'm PMS-ing. If not, I'm turning into a bitch.

Pimm's is gin-based. I can't remember what it tastes like, but it may well have that kind of sweet-bitter thing going on that gin does.
QUOTE(dusty @ Sep 27 2007, 12:07 PM) *
I *hope* I'm PMS-ing. If not, I'm turning into a bitch.

Thsi probably wasn't supposed to make me laugh but it really reminded me of this time a few years ago when I apologized for being in such a bad mood. She said that she hadn't noticed anything and I replied "Oh god this is just becoming my personality!"

I must admit that I just didn't like 1000 Years of Solitude. And was it absolutely essential that every character be given the same name? Really?

laniethezanie, what do you do for a living?

I have an Event to go to tonight so I get to dress in pretty clothes and pretend that I can afford fundraisers. It's nice to see how the other half lives some times. tongue.gif
Hey kittenb, pleased to meet you. To answer your question, I'm a Legal Aid almost-lawyer. It won't be official until I (deity willing) pass the bar and am sworn in. I took the bar July 24th and 25th. The window they've given us for when our results will be out is October 1-14, so it's coming down to crunch time. Adding to the pressure is the fact that I'll lose my job if I failed. Good times!

Anyway, working for Legal Aid means I deal with Orders of Protection and divorces for people (usually women) who've experienced domestic violence, housing cases, appealing denials of public benefits and Social Security, and the occasional consumer or special education matter.
Just got home. Tired.

I forgot to say that it cracks me up that your mama can ask "how many drinks have you had?" in Spanish, Rosev. Ha.

And on the Pimm's tip, a pal of mine won in the "other" liquor category in a Salon dot com cocktail contest with her Pimm's drink including mulled mint and blueberries. Yum. I should buy some o' that stuff.
Hee, kitten, was "1000 Years of Solitude" intentional? made me laugh at any rate. I really do need to re-read it but so many books, so little time.

Speaking of which, I joined the library today so I could borrow books that I already own but I haven't unpacked yet (and almost killed myself trying to find in some of the boxes). My name is bunnyb and I'm a bookaholic.

*waves at lanie* you don't know me but I recognise your handle.

polly, I don't blame you for being bitter!

My friend introduced me to swarovski Christmas tree ornaments today. Oops. I traditionally buy a few tree ornaments for bunnymama every year but my current finances don't stretch that far...

Doctor has no idea what's making me sick/nauseous (with killer heartburn) but we're monitoring it. He prescribed tablets that I've to take for next ten days and which cause extreme drowsiness (and I'm the type who is KO'd by non-drowsy anti-histamines) so no driving or drinking for me. I'm also going to watch my diet and continue to cut out coffee for the time-being.

Not a gall bladder thing, is it bunny? I saw my doctor about the pain/nausea/heartburn I was having back in August and she thinks it *could* be a gall bladder thing. I have an ultrasound set up for October 15th. Feel better!

I don't know if anyone saw my post in the Anywhere But Here thread a few days ago, where I wanted my house clean and $500 more in my bank account. We got our monthly bonuses today and mine was about $500! Woohoo! Ask and ye shall receive, baby! I put most of it in the account, but we are going to Wildfire tonight for dinner. The system for our bonuses is kinda cool- they take a small percentage of any profit they make by the end of the month, then they take the average of the current and the prior two months and based on how many hours you worked, that's how they figure it out. I don't totally understand it, but I end up with a nice bonus every month, unless we did really badly for 3 months in a row.

((((bunny's tummy)))

(((polly)))) YAY!

*waves at laney* welcome back!

where's mandi hiding?

(((amilita, raisin, rose, syb, morn, sidecar, pixie, dusty, billy, sonik, faith, star, sixela, sassy, wb, kitten, candy, dm, mavin, crassy, lelu, tes, plat, pink, flanker, msp, anoushh, plummie and all the other MIA kvetchies)))

The maintence crew dudes just came and lifted the carpet and pad up to reveal that the moisture was spread further than we could feel in the carpet. Oy vey. So now I have an industrial strength fan blowing in my dining room to try and dry it out enough so that they can determine where it originates. Fun, fun, fun ladies & gents.
how odd. I love pimms, but hate gin. It does have that bitter thing going on - if you drink pimms neat, it tastes a bit like vomit at first. blink.gif I think F is convinced it is vomit.

yay for the bonus ((((polly)))) and I had an english teacher a bit like that. Except he was just too impressed with the sound of his own voice to actually listen to us long enough to realise we weren't certifiably braindead.

((((yuefie)))) *fingers crossed* how are sashie and ziggy coping with the work?

((((bunny)))) yay! I must join a library and stop buying so many books. I'm partway through "The Women's Room" and loving it.

((((lanie)))) we've never met, but good luck with your bar exam!

((((raisin)))) yay books!

((((dusty)))) acos you're not a bitch.

((((mando, tes, pixie, plat, sidecar, syb, sonik, faith, kitten, amilta, dm, anoushh, mavin, flanker, pink, lelu, billy, everyone))))

antikvetch: I finally got my copy of the bunny book. My words and photos are now in print, people! Pete seemed quite impressed with his portrait, and spent several minutes sniffing it before giving it a little nibble...

huuuuge fucking kvetch: rowing. argh. spend three hours standing around on the docks (maude I sound classy) in nothing but lycra and a thin jersey because the president can't find the riggers for the other quad (so we have one boat between sixteen people and half of us didn't even get to go out on the water), and the girl's captain ignores my offers of help with training. So despite being the only one who can scull out of the whole team - freshers and seniors - I'm being treated like an idiot. I almost wouldn't mind, but I've got more experience than most of them, and I'm older than most of them too. It's frustrating when I know what I'm doing but no-one will even give me the chance to show them that I can do it. I'm really tempted not to go to circuit training tomorrow, but I should at least make the effort to socialise (and get fitter). Oh, and I've discovered that bouncing about while running even in a sports bra makes my boob hurt like hell, so training is just plain painful.
hello, my lovelies. i hope everyone's doing ok. my last 8 days have included:
- a wedding (the mr's niece, a completely grand event!)
- a christening (for the wee one of lil cousin of the famed horrid yellow bridesmaid gown, lol!)
- a funeral (sadly, the mr's uncle.)

interspersed i've had a nasty bout with a sudden & fierce head cold. which sucketh much, especially since at the wake last night and the funeral today, there were - count em - SIX babies i dearly wanted to hold, including my flower girl's (jesusgod, i'm old!). yes, indeed ... the mr's "little cousins" are spawning fast & furious! uncle B had seven great-grandchildren, all under 5! but i had to keep my distance, due to said head cold. *sniffle*

the funeral was rather touching. uncle B was a volunteer fireman for many years, and he had lots of friends. firemen know how to send off one of their own. honor guards, special services, endless saluting, a funeral procession including carrying his casket on a gorgeous antique firetruck, huge flags draped across streets ... it was sad, but a very sweet & stirring goodbye. *heavy sigh*

(remind me later to tell you guys how fucking RUDE & DANGEROUS long island drivers are when it comes to cutting into funeral processions. bloody bastids!)

i've only worked one day in the last 7. i'm actually looking forward to life getting back to normal, and going back to work tomorrow. even tho i still feel like poo on a stick. damn foul head cold. *grumble*

generic vibes and tons of love, i promise to catch up soon. altho i sort of think i may actually have some work work to do the next two days. blink.gif

and a special tight hug for (((zany))) - SO NICE to see you again, sweets!

kvetch: my nipples. they are always "on-call." even with one of those padded bras. damn. sometimes i wanna tell 'em "down girls!"

(((morn))) acos

(((bunnyb))) poor tummy. i hope you start feeling better soon.

hey lanie! i see you are in might have to come up to chitown to meet the busties there sometime.

(((zoya))) good luck with prospective job searches!

(((kittenb))) i'm glad you are feeling better!

(((multipurpose vibes and hugs to who needs 'em)))
Lanie! Good to see you!
~*~*~*~ pass the bar vibes ~*~*~*~

Congrats on the bonus, Polly!

Mornington, that's so damn frustrating! I hope they pull their heads out of their butts.

Mandi, sounds like your family has had an eventful week. Sorry to hear about the Mr's uncle.

Yuefie, what a nightmare! Thank goodness you're just renting and you don't actually own the place.

~~~~~~ healing vibes for Mandi & Bunny ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

((((((((Amilita & Star & Zoya & Kitten & Dusty & Billy & Raisin and everybody)))))))))))))

I talked to Pixiedust the other day. She's doing really well. Just busy as can be with little Tristan. She said she doesn't want to bore us with her gushing over how dearly she loves her little baby boy. Aaaaaaaaw ... smile.gif

Anti-kvetch: I had a good, productive day.
Anti-kvetch: I'm going to the opera with a gal pal tomorrow night. Yay for girl time! I need more of that in my life.
Just thought I'd share these shots of Ziggy and his girlfriend, Roxanne, having a lovers quarrel and then making up:
QUOTE(yuefie @ Sep 28 2007, 01:01 AM) *
Just thought I'd share these shots of Ziggy and his girlfriend, Roxanne, having a lovers quarrel and then making up:

This photos are so lovely....I love cats but my parents won't let me have one. sad.gif sad.gif
Is everyone going commando again?
mavin, what about your socks? I loved last week's hallowe'en ones; yesterday I was wearing furry, tiger print socks.

feel better (((mando))).

boo on clueless people not appreciating our morn!

yay for bonuses, polly!

boo on leakages, yuefie! (but yay for cute kitties!)

yay for the opera, rose!

I'm feeling better but having a lazy day in PJs watching Dawson's Creek (retro!) and new Grey's Anatomy and reading. I'm drinking a lot of water and peppermint tea to settle tummy and luckily no heartburn as yet.

undies: torquoise girl shorts with lace trim and teensy cream polka dots, no bra as in PJs.

uh... yes. hey, i've been writing an essay! and i'm still in my pjs.

yay cute kitties ((((yuefie)))) now all we need is a sashie pic!

((((mando)))) feel better soon! and I'm so sorry to hear about the mr's uncle


Kvetch: Local gardener lady stopped by. She doesn't mean to, but seeing her always makes me feel shitty about the state of our garden. It's a drought! We have water restrictions! I don't want my bushes to die, but I can't save them all, either!
Wah. sad.gif
We talked about how we'll need to reseed the lawn once/if the rain returns in the next month or so. Sigh.

Anti-kvetch: My phone signal is better today. Suspicious since I went into the AT&T store yesterday & discussed dumping them. Hmmmm.....

Anti-kvetch: Kitty pics!

Bunny,my mom has recently become addicted to Grey's Anatomy. She's watching all of the first season on DVD.

I gotta run. I have more errands to tackle today. Plus, I think I might watch "I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With". Because really, who doesn't? smile.gif

Undies: Bunny, you hit the nail on the head. wink.gif However, I'm wearing a tank top with a built-in shelf bra. Does that count?
Socks: It's still too warm here. Maybe next month.
Hiyya Rose! I was going to say something about sending vibeage to your bushes, but that just didn't quite sound right. So gardening vibes, instead.

Thanks for the good luck wishes, mornington. Any little push toward passing is most welcome. Essay writing vibes for you, unless you're done already, then just all-purpose happy weekend vibes.

((((bunny's tummy))))

yuefie, those kitties are too precious! I have a curmudgeony landlord who won't let me have any pets. My office has a policy of being animal-friendly - my boss and our office manager both bring their dogs to work most days. So if I get to stay here, I'll probably move when my lease is up so I can get a dog and bring her/him to work, too.

woot! for your bonus, polly - enjoy it smile.gif

and last but certainly not least - (((((mandikins)))))!!!! How on earth are you? I was poking around in some various threads and saw you mention that Danny is in high school. High school! How did that happen? At any rate, it's great to see you again, too!

I promise to be more sparing with my use of the exclamation marks in the future.

Oh, and teal/purple/maroon striped "hipster" undies, orange bra, and socks that are black and covered with little brown moose that the sister brought back for me from a recent trip to Alaska. (For you that were following the saga of the zanysis back in the day, she's a full-fledged ob-gyn now, practicing back in our hometown.)

Happy weekends to all the Kvetchies!
I match! Black cotton underwire and bikinis. *And* I need to do laundry. Yay for Polly!!! Which brings me nicely to my next point, which is, I would rather wave a wand and have my apartment clean (I mean tidy) than $500.

Big awwwwwww for Yuefie's kitties. Look after yourself, mold can be nasty on your system.

(((Mando and fam))) especially because the anniversary of your Mom's party can't have been too too long ago.

(((Mornington))) Yay for the book! Will we be able to see it? This rowing gig doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun, but I always suspected as much. My cousin was trying to get me to do it. I'm like "Which part of I don't want to get up at five every morning don't you understand? You've got the wrong woman, sister."

I almost didn't post, but it is Friday, and I did wear the olive boxer briefs today just so I could report something different.
Yay Polly for bonuses!

(((Bunny))) Dawsons creek is good for your immune system! Seriously though, i hope it's nothing serious and that you may feel much better soon.

Boo for moisture in all the wrong places. The cats, OTOH, are so cute!

Which brings me to my cat, Rat. She hasn't been around since the beginning of this week. I have no idea where she is. Vibes would be much appreciated.

((((Mandolyn)))) You said once that Long Island drivers aim at you with their cars. Which is bad enough, but cutting into a funeral procession is beyond rude.

I've been away too long for not realizing that i'm almost overdue regarding an undie report. Black undies, black bra.

And do busties hold some kind of subliminal power? Last night i dreamt about Pimms. In my dream i watched the telly and some retro ad came on, with a guy advising me to drink Pimm's.

eta: my new site is up: here
sonik, I know for me it's not uncommon for things discussed here it kvetch to make it in to my dreams.
~~~~super strength come home vibes for sonik-kitty, rat~~~~

and is it entirely wrong that hearing billy wore olive boxer briefs brings a smile to face? tongue.gif

dusty, you are so right about mold being nasty. I've dealt with it before, and it was the black toxic variety. There was a leak in the wall between the bathroom and my bedroom, but not a visible leak. The wall that my bed was against happened to have the shower on the other side, so for many months I was sleeping underneath and against a wall full of mold on the inside. I couldn't figure out why I was SO sick all the time, until I spent a couple of weeks away from home and began to get better. it was then that I put it together that it had to be something in my environment, and did a mold test. it was terrible, the thing grew a rainbow of mold colors, but predominently was black. And because of that encounter I was sick for over a year with pnuemonia on and off, I now have allergy induced asthma, in additon to the hellacious allergies themsleves (seriously, daily antihistamines, unscented detergents & fabric softener ONLY, etc), and my poor brother began having seizures again after not having them for almost twelve years. That shit is beyond bad, and is one of the reasons I am so freaked out that there is a leak of some sort, at ALL.

~~~bunny's tummy troubles be gone!~~~

~~~more passing vibes for lanie~~~

~~~essay writing vibage for morn~~~

yay for a mandi sighting!

and more yay's for polly's bonus!

you know, I really don't know if I would choose the $500 or the house cleaning. I've been scrubbing my place for the past two days and it just doesn't feel clean enough. but it never does to me, and I get all frustrated. of course everyone who comes in here tells me I'm crazy, but I feel like I need a pro to come in and get it really sparkly. and in order to do that I'd need that $$!

((((rose's yard)))

where in the heck is sixela? I wanted to squee about the new foo fighters album with someone.

(((((star, zoya, raisin, amilita, crassy, syb, faith, msp, walkingb, candy, pixie, dm, kitten, flanker, sassy, e'rbody))))

I can't wait to get some pictures to post of Ziggy and his chihuahua girlfriend, Sandy.

I'm keeping my girlfriends 3 year old over night tonight, so she can go see Dave Matthews. Her husband has to work tonight, and she couldn't find anyone else to babysit. We usually go together, but I couldn't really justify the cost of the ticket with as much money stress as I've had lately. So she is bringing me the best pizza in San Diego, and some movies for Lily and I to snuggle up and watch. It's kinda drizzly and cold outside, so thats perfect for the evening.

undie report: white hipsters, covered in pastel pink, purple, blue, and yellow butterflies & pale lavender & pink bra.

hehe, dusty! the book pictures are here. I usually love rowing (despite the early mornings and what have you) but it's the faffing that annoys me. Also the snobbery of some rowers.

sonik, your site looks great! ***come home rat***

I think I've finished the essay - I just have to draw a map. It's a pile of crap and the worst essay I've written in years, but they didn't give us much to work with, and the title they gave didn't mesh well with the area we were given, so... ah well. we'll see. I'm just glad it's mostly done.

feeling glum as i still haven't heard from F - he's really shite at the emails. Also, next week is the date the custody of the Kidlet gets decided, so I figure he's probably pretty stressed, but at the same time... gah.

(((morn))) glumness be gone!

(((sonik))) I hope rat finds his way home soon.

(((yuefie))) your night sounds fabulous; I'd find it tough to choose between that and Dave! I feel you on not being able to justify the price of concert tickets with money troubles ... I wanted White Stripes tickets for next month but couldn't afford them but then they cancelled tour so all good.

(((lanie))) I hope you pass the bar too!

(((rose))) I'm addicted to Grey's Anatomy and hardly manage an episode without becoming teary.

*waves to billy and dusty and any lurkers*

yes, where is our lurking sixela?

I watched more Dawson's Creek (regressive and angsty but good for the soul), read some more, ate good food (albeit little amounts) and off to bed shortly.
Hey everybody. I know I've been MIA lately, but I feel I've been going to doctor appts about every week lately. Went to the neurologist last week, and there's some good news--he's going to put me in a study for a new med starting in Dec. Yeah!! The best news is that it will be free. I just have to be on the med I'm on until then. Going for a yucky pap smear tomorrow. Yes, I still have doctor phobia.

Also, heading to two temp agencies next week!

Decided to keep my apartment, and not move in with Mcgeek until the lease is up. They wanted two months rent to terminate it. I figured I would just ride it out. That way I sort of have an emotional safety net. I hope that doesn't make me sound weak. We tried living together this past week, and I felt too much like a wife. Freaked me out. Also, reminded me of that grey's anatomy espisode with burke/christina....

I'm in s total shitty mood today. mad.gif Can't figure out why.

Anti-kvetch: Christoper Moore is doing a reading tonight. Yay. I'm letting him sign "You Suck."

Bunny, I was in the same boat for The White Stripes- we've seen every Chicago show since White Blood Cells and this time we didn't have the money when they went on sale, plus they were playing a venue with BAD sound and no seating (I'm old and can't tolerate standing at concerts anymore tongue.gif ) so we didn't buy them, and now we don't regret not buying them.

Yuef, I am seriously considering using part of my bonus to take all my laundry to the cleaners. Here's the thing, and I'm totally ashamed to admit this- in the two years since I've lived in the condo, we've never had all, 100% of our clothing clean at the same time. There's always about 30% to 60% of it sitting around dirty. I hate paying to use the machines in my building so I take it to my parent's and always only take over the bare minimum of what I need to get done for the week. Ugh, I hate it. There's always a mound of laundry that gets shifted from our bedroom floor to the closet floor and if I had someone do it all at once, I think I could at least maintain it after that.

Yick, mold.

((sonik)) kitty come home!!

sonik - has Rat cat come home yet? {{{good vibes, good vibes}}}

polly - I have the same problem. I never get all of my laundry washed. Don't know why that is but there is always something.


Hi bunnyb, mornington, yuefie, billy, and all... biggrin.gif

A friend of mine just came over and gave me a cupping (moxiebustion) session. I have been struggling with back/hip pain for about two weeks. After she did my backside, I had her cup my pec muscles to even everything out. My body looks like someone tried to stone me to death and I feel a little ill. *sigh* natural medicine can be such a bitch.

Just a quick fly-in. Hugs for all. I need to read and catch up, but wanted to be selfish and ask for some vibes. My (last remaining!) grandpa is in bad shape in the ICU. They don't have much hope but BUSTie vibes can always help! He has heart problems and has 3 of his 4 arteries blocked. Not looking good. :-(
quick drive-by-

polly, I highly recommend taking your laundry to people that do it by the pound. I do that once or twice a year when things get all backed up and it's such a small price to pay for my sanity, I think. Here's what I've found - don't take it to the cleaners, they charge way more than mom and pop laundromats. Most cleaners charge $1.25 - $1.50 per pound for laundry, but a lot of mom and pop places will do it for $1.00 or less per pound, and more often than not, they give you much better personal service. (plus it's nice to give money to small businesses, I think) Look around your neighborhood for laundromats that offer a fluf and fold service, and ask how much it is by the pound - also have a look at the people doing it, see how they package up the laundry, make sure it's nice and neat..and talk to them - for example, I like to bring mine in separated and tell them how to wash each bag - cold for colors / hot for whites, etc. and so I always talk to the people doing the laundry and make certain they understand what i want. anyhoo, just my .02 cents since I love having someone else do my laundry now and then.

(((mavin's grandpa)))

mornington - any word from F? I will personally kick the shit out of him if he does not let you know what's up soon...


kvetch - I seriously need to quit drinking for a little while. drank 4 pints last night, then proceeded to eat a gigantic thing of fish and chips, and 3 cadbury dairy milk / caramel bars. it's like crack. Get a little alcohol in me and all I wanna do is run around and eat (all whilst my metabolism slows down due to the beer) not good.

anti-kvetch - at least the beer was drunk during watching of scotland - italy rugby match wherein scotland won and advances to next round of world cup!
zoya, no word from F - you can kick him while I hold him down. any more luck with the jobs?

((((mavin)))) & (((((mavin's grandpa))))

((((polly)))) that sounds like a great idea to me! I'm the same with never having all the laundry done.

((((sassy)))) yay for the study! I hope it helps. And not moving in with mcgeek sounds reasonable if you're worried - and if they're going to charge you that much.

((((bunny)))) I got tickets to see Neil Gaiman next week. I'm gonna get things signed too.

I'm also debating buying tickets to see Patrick Stewart in Macbeth; they're expensive (ok, a pair of cheap shoes expensive) and my student loan still hasn't come through... but....

kvetch: Indigo has taken to eating/shredding any paper he can find (including books) and chewing on balls of wool. I think he's sulking 'cos he's having to be on his own again after the summer, even though he gets plenty of toys.
Hello all. I have not fallen off the face of the earth or anything.

***handing out freshly baked slices of amish firendship bread*****

Things have been really busy at work since I came back and because I have to take so much time out to pump milk for Tristan I rarely get to be online these days. My company is in the process of relaignment which will take place by June 1, 2008 and we just found out this week that everyone has to reapply for their jobs. I'm not really worried because they are adding positions instead of subtracting them, so everyone should be able to get repositioned if they choose to. I am excite dthat the position they are creting that I have had my eye on for the last year is going to be the one of the first ones they hire for...maybe even before Christmas!!

Mr. Pixie and I are in a weird mood today. We woke up this morning and decided that it might be time to get another cat. We have an old lady cat who seems really lonesome lately. I found an absolutely georgeous male himalayan on petfinder about an hour away.I've been looking for a himalayan for several years now, so we sent an e-mail. Here's hoping they still have him and that he will be a friendly cat who likes kids!

Anyway, I can't vobe individually because little T is grumpy from having his shots on Friday and is demanding that I get offline!
Mmm, friendship bread- tasty! Glad to know you're still around pixie. Good luck with the work stuff and smoochies to the babeh.

Mornington... that sucks about F. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with laundry issues. We need to do some serious closet purging before I spend $$ on the cleaners; it should not take me three bags of laundry to get through all of LeBoy's dress/work shirts, when many of them are too worn/stained to even bother keeping. Tana had some anxiety issues, too, when I went back to work last spring after being unemployed for three months.

Zoya, thanks for reminding me about checking laundromats- I forgot about how they do laundry, too! And thanks for the very helpful tips- I wasn't sure what was considered a reasonable amount to pay. Here's my other issue- I only use fragrance-free detergent & softener. Do you think they'd be okay with me bringing in my own detergent? I assume they would be, since then they wouldn't have to use theirs.

((mavin's grandpa))

We're going to LeBoy's parent's house to celebrate his dad's birthday today. Meh, good food, too many kids.
mornington- the thought of pete nibbling on his portrait in the bunny book made me go squee!

**mandolyn and fam** that funeral sounds amazing

my socks on friday were pretty boring- i wore brown knee highs. to make up for my lack of a report: today i wore baby blue socks with fat penquins all over them and tomorrow i will be wearing black knee high socks with orange spiders. oh yes i am.

no word on gpa but thanks for the vibes!
morn, I'll help zoya kick F's arse trans-atlantic style if he still hasn't contacted you mad.gif.

star, I looked at your photos today! your home in Boston is lovely, I loved the Klimt on your bedroom wall and is that raisingirl in your birthday pics? If so, yet another stunning BUSTie!

zoya, did you go to Edinburgh to watch the rugby?

yuefie and mandi: do you know which album Dave Matthews Band's Christmas Song is on? I don't have it and need to get a hold of it for Christmas mix CDs.


I've had a lovely weekend: lazy day on Saturday, amazing Indian food Saturday night with great company and craic (all librarians), went to the boy's parents' afterwards and the boy's mum and I stayed up late chatting lots about her baby grandson whilst the tired boy slept and yesterday we helped him move into his new pad in Edinburgh. His place is beautiful and I feel at ease knowing he's settled in and comfortable. I'm spending this weekend there, which helps too.
morn - any word? Any ass-kicking? I have to say that if I had a chance to see Patrick Stewart in Macbeth I would walk over my best friend's body to do it. But I understand the $$$ issue.

star - the pictures are so cute. Like Bunny, I like the Klimt (is it hanging sideways on the wall?) but the picture was ruined for me thanks too Buffy the Vampire Slayer. "Score 1 for Team Klimt!"

Everyone here really has me considering taking some old back laundry to a cleaners. Of course, I should probably just throw it out. If I haven't worn/used something in over a year, why am I holding on to it?

This weekend was quiet. I felt much better on Sunday, no more ickiness from the cupping. I am bruised up and down my back. It looks bad. I had never used so many cups at once and I think it was just more intense than what I am used to. Yesterday I went to Target and got some lovely shoes and many other things. I don't know how my total came to $80+, but somehow Target always gets me... ohmy.gif


Just a quick drive-by to share the news that I PASSED THE BAR!!!

The bar examiners were merciful and didn't make us wait until October 14 to find out, thank Maude.

I'll be back to vibe you all at lunch. Must work now.

Congratulations, Lanie!! I know that's a great weight off your shoulders and quite a milestone, too.
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