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'lo everyone!

((((billy)))) have fun in mexico

((((yuefie)))) yes, photos! ***continued vibes for m***

big hugs for ((((sassy)))) and yay ikea!

avast, ((((pixie))))

((((rose)))) if sheff is anything like me, it's probably the weather. but enjoy it! he's a sweetheart.

((((mavin)))) yay cake and walking

((((polly)))) cute kitty! how will tana cope? and sometimes people with allergies don't have so many problems when it's "thier" cat (see: my mother and her cat)

((((bunny)))) where are you?

((((kitten)))) yay for going back to school!

((((pink)))) sometimes a little of what you fancy (cheese) is good for you. I can only send super-strong hugs and echo what rose and mavin said.

((((star)))) mm, orientation. *sympathises* but yay for good things in boston!

((((mando)))) how's uncle b? yay for godparenting!

(((((tes, plat, flanker, sixie, syb, amilita, anoushh, lelu, walkingb, sidecar, raisin, crassy, dusty, candy, everyone))))

Today was my first day at the new uni, which is in east london (not far from where you stayed, star) so a bit of a faff to get to. The intake for this year in my department is much, much smaller than at vet school, which is nice, but there are more people overall. Luckily my friend ExGoth goes there, so even though she's off on an overseas year on monday, she introduced me to a few people today. I also know a couple other people, and tomorrow I get to know the people on my course better. I've picked out my course units (we get choice! hurrah!) and I joined the rowing club and picked up some forms about mentoring, which is basically one-on-one teaching in the local schools, but it's paid work, as well as giving me more experience which will look good if i go into teaching. I feel I ought to use my tefl qualification, and the hours are probably easier than shop work.

kvetch: F's phone broke last week, the day before I left. I don't know if the replacement has arrived yet (it should have arrived today) but I haven't spoken to him all week. There have been a couple of emails, but i miss him horribly and want to hear his voice.

there are some entertaining couply photos and what have you on my flickr page, including the massive scarf I made for him.

Right... must go to bed. have more orientation nonsense tomorrow - and I have to sort out my finances, as I'm still waiting to hear how much I have to pay to go to college (over here, it's decided by the county - state - government, depending on your parents' income, rather than by the college itself. and I really don't fancy forking out three hundred quid on friday... 'cos I haven't got any money until they decide how much I'm being loaned. oh the endless cycle of joy)
Hey all

I have a gripe. When I pay 9 fucking bucks for a Perdue oven stuffer piece of crap because it's 7 goddamn pounds and I'm trying to feed the world (the world being 2 people, one of whom has a post bypass pouch of a stomach, lol, ), I DO NOT EXPECT TO SPEND 25 MINUTES PLUCKING FUCKING FEATHERS FROM IT'S ASS!!!!!


If those bitches don't call me back, I'm going to call every hour on the hour. Listen I'm a die hard Noo Yawka. However my mom was from IOWA. FARM COUNTRY. I can when hard pressed to do so, kill a chicken pluck it and prep it for meal. I can milk a cow, and half ass buzz a sheep.

However it does not mean after a day from hell at work and then dealing with the freakin after work *fuck I need to buy something ANYTHING for dinner* supermarket crowd that I want to come home and feel my Laura Ingalls Wilder-self, and PLUCK A FUCKING BIRD.

I don't even want to EAT the goddamn thing that will take 2 hours to fucking cook. I'm so skeeved right now.

I just remembered that I taught a Polish girl in Myrtle Beach the expression, "Dude you SKEEVE me" to get nasty men-folk to let her
So I just smiled a lil bit, but now I'm all chickened out again. sigh.
rose- i understand the unease. you almost wonder what they are up to... but yay for dessert first! yummy!

have fun in mexico, billy! stay out of those jails...

**sassygrrl** boo on seizures and depression. hope you are feeling better

yuefie- your cat sounds adorable cavorting about!

**walkingb** that is so gross! feathers on the store bird? they so shouldn't be there, right???

nothing to report here. had some yummy pizza for dinner. about to eat cake.

tho i did order a cool cupcake tote and it arrived today. i can now stack and store 27 frosted cupcakes in this bin. i am beyond excited bc i never want to make cupcakes bc they get all smooshed stacked on a plate. so maybe i shall be cupcaking it up this week!
Walkingbitch - Eww! Just Eww! However, your post really made me laugh.
mavin - did you actually order this? I don't know why, but ever since I have seen that I have wanted one. And I never make cupcakes.

{{{all kvetchies}}}

Extra tight hugs for (((pink))) because i’ve been laid low by death anniversaries too. if it helps any, i think you’re a strong cookie. You should be proud of yourself.

(((sassy))) hope you feel better soon, luv.

Rose, I so heart your mom. I just do.

*healing thoughts for amilitamom & martinidad*

*safe n’ fun trip vibes for billy*

Polly, Jenny jones is adorable. Reminds me of Sparta, the cutiepie star of youtube’s mean kitty.

(((wb))) I may never eat chicken again. *shudder*

(((star, mavin, pixie, bunny, zoya, everyone)))

(((kitten))) (((rose))) (((yuefie))) (((mornington))) thanks for the hugs n’vibes n’ queries for uncle B. he’s holding his own, but it looks pretty bleak. They’re taking him off the respirator tonite ... I'm bracing myself for a heartbreaking phonecall during the rehearsal dinner.

trying to put on a happy face, heading off to all the wedding fun. i’m ecstatic for my niece (she’s the one who found out her live-in fiancé – who we all adored - was cheating on her 3 yrs ago and plummeted into a nasty depression). She’s going to be a stunning bride. If anyone deserves a happily-ever-after, it’s her.

reasons to be cheerful: magnificent mani/pedi at the red door spa last night. followed by sephora retail therapy. pure bliss!
kitten- wow! no, mine looks almost exactly like that only it is white and cost about $10 from The Lakeside Collection. (I tried to find a link to share but it took me somewhere else on the site. odd.) But that is how mine works!

**mandolyn's uncle**
**happy wedding vibes for the niece**

so, i am home again. i really wanted to go to work today, too. but, ze mavacado is still sick. her fever last night was over 102 so no daycare for her! they would send her home and bc of policy we would have to keep her home friday and i can not miss work on friday at all. we have been cuddling and sleeping and eating waffles. i may bake cookies today too. she is eating fine but has chills and is really hot. poor girl.

i forgot to tell y'all about my interesting experience at work yesterday. i was just sitting at a computer crediting a patient for unused meds chatting away with a coworker when all of a sudden *BLACKNESS* the power went out. at a hospital. in the basement. with no emergency lighting. oh my gods it was like 5 seconds but it felt like forever! everyone just stopped talking and froze. finally, the generator kicked in and we never heard anything about it from the higher ups. we were just concerned about whoever was in surgery as that happened! or in the elevator. i so did not want to go on the elevator after that!
mavin - that would freak me OUT! Once the lights went out on the train that I was on. It was underground so wow did it get dark.
{{{mando}}} good luck at the wedding.

I've been trying this week to go back on the more hard South Beach diet Phase 1. Cut out fruit and all carbs again (and all the sugar that has crept in back into my diet.) I really have a strong desire for sugar so sometimes I just can't have any of it. Is anyone else like that? If I have one piece of chocolate, I automatically reach for another. I've learned that if I wait 5-10 minutes the urge goes away but it is a looooong 5-10 minutes. I have lost 2 more pounds bringing my total to 45 pounds. I stayed at 190 for several weeks, just getting used to how it felt, looked, was mantained. Seemed like the best way to do it. Now I am going to see if I can shave off another 30. Wow, that will be a total of 73 pounds lost. Wow.
Mornington, you're back! I've been reading on and off, just wanted to say hi, haven't felt like posting, blah blah blah, same old same old. I feel like I'm fucking full of apologies every time I post in here.....argh! HOW IS IT SEPTEMBER 20 ALREADY? Time is totally flying.
Wow, I've been feeling crazy busy and just haven't ventured in here in a while! I'm not quite used to reading so much and I'm already working on some projects so it's a bit crazy.

((((pnp)))) you don't need to feel guilty for enjoying your life.

((kittenb)) congrats on going back to school!

(((sassy))) I hope you don't continue to feel so depressed. And good for you for going to the doctor!

((walkingbitch)) that's gross but kind of funny.

(((rosev, star, pixie, mando, sidecar, morn, mavin, yuefie, raisin, everyone!)))

kvetch: feeling horribly lonely and it's starting to make me depressed. I haven't had a date in 3 years and I just feel completely unattractive. I don't know, I try to get my mind off it but it just creeps back in everyday.

kvetch: on day 10 of my period. wtf?!

anti-kvetch: at least my classes are interesting, for the most part. Out of 5 classes there is only one that's kind of boring.
OK, I've been posting kind of little posts elsewhere in the lounge, until I had time to properly post in Kvetch - now that the archives here are nearly getting away from me, I'd better go for it..

Mornington -I'm glad you're safely back and yay for new school. Look at it this way, at least you didn't have to go south of the river.. **shudders** wink.gif I'm sorry it was such a rough trip, but like i said once before, you guys keeping together through all this crap will really just make things stronger -and it really shows that F wants to be with you.

((Mando)) - wedding vibes for you, and yay for mani/pedis! I need one bad!

mavin - that's scary as shit about the power in the hospital, I've always wondered what would happen if that happened in a hospital. I know there are generators, but what if they don't work? eek!

(((sassy))) - I know that black place whereof you speak. it sucks. Just remember it will end and there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. Not that that helps, because when I'm in that place, I try to remind myself that and I usually end up telling myself to fuck off. but still.

kvetch - I have a bunch of work to do and I can't get motivated to do it. which of course means that it will just pile up. I think I"m going to have to implement my no-fail get some paperwork done plan, which is to park myself on the floor in front of the TV, make a vodka tonic, spread out and at just go for it.

anti-kvetch - I get to have lunch with bunnyb next week!

I'm awful at shouting out seperate names so just ((((everyone)))) !!

oh - PS, mornington - I tried Pimms!! I can see why you love it so! I had a glass of it with ice and strawberries and mint. (someone else made it for me) and it was nummy.
Hi all!

Congrats with your mom RoseV!




It has been a while..yesterday P mentioned that i don't talk about Bust that much anymore. So i got myself out of lurker mode. I've had a holiday, stress is gone, so i think a li'l bit o'busting should even be scheduable.

(((((All of you!!))))

((zoya)) Hope you get some work done.
((ccgirl)) I once went years without dating, I know it’s difficult. Glad you like your classes.
((kittenb)) I love sweets. I sometimes each so much junk food I make myself sick.
((mavin)) The power going out is scary especially at a hospital.
((ze mavacado)) Feel better.
((mando)) Yay for a mani/pedi and retail therapy.
((mando’s uncle))
((wb)) I’d gag if I had to pull feathers from a chicken.
((mornington)) Glad your visit with F had some bright moments. I checked out some of your pictures on Flickr, and you and F look like a good fit for a couple. Glad school is going well.
((yuefie’s friend M))
((pixie)) Glad being back to work hasn’t been too much of a hassle.
((sassy)) Yay for Ikea, and you and your mom getting along.
((billy)) Enjoy Mexico.
((rose)) Yay for cake for dinner, and for your mom being able to complete school sooner.
((amilita)) Hope you enjoy the visit with your mom.
((polly)) That kitty is cute.
((pip)) Glad the walk went good, and you were able to do that for your mom.
((star)) Hope the orientation went well.
I haven’t posted much this past week, but I have been reading the thread. I am not a big reader, but I got interested in some non-fiction books and I am trying to read three at once.
Twin DM is up for a promotion at work, and I really hope she gets it because she deserves it so much.
*waves* mornington, I'm here! I've been like raisingirl and haven't felt up to posting until today.

(((pink))) you are a beautiful person and deserve to be happy. Listen to wise BUSTies.

(((mandi))), (((uncle))) and (((niece))) I hope Uncle B is okay once taken off respirator and that the wedding is lovely.


Feel better ill BUSTies and BUSTie children!

Get that promotion, twin DM!

Jenny Jones is a keeper!

Boo on boring inductions, heavy workloads and over-attentive hubbies (lol). Oh, and skeeviness.

Welcome back sonik and morn!

Morn, hope uni is lots of fun!

Enjoy Brazil Billy!

That Pimms sounds amazingly good, zoya! *ponders where we could have Pimms in the dear green place*

I've been a little blue recently and didn't feel much like posting but I'm BACK! Retail therapy cures all ailments.
I was cold, wet and miserable whilst shopping today (it really is the descent into winter) but was cheered immensely by the new Terry Pratchett book being half-price in bookshop. Now I'm off to read said book before heading off to Manchester and weekend with the boy tomorrow. Oh and the boy's sis is due to give birth today but no word as yet (she's 8 hours behind in Vancouver so there's still time!) I am very excited.

*fly-by double post*

uh, heeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllloooooooooooo? where is everyone? and their undies?

I'm an auntie! The boy's sis had a beautiful, healthy baby boy this morning, no name as yet. He weighed 7Ibs 9oz, is longer than average and supposedly looks like the boy. Nobody seems to be having baby girls anymore; we're going to become extinct.

(((yuefie))) a'cos.

undies: grey cotton bra with lace trim, matching thong.

Off out with the boy for dinner. *mwah*
I'm here, my undies. Granny-undies that I keep around only because they're organic cotton and soooo comfy. And because I need something to wear when I've run out of my regular underwear.

LeBoy and I are both in funks. He's stressed from work- he works at a high school in the information systems dept. He trains teachers on how to use the software and does a bunch of other stuff. Over the summer, a "Won't Somebody Puleeez Think of the Children" group of people (the PTA or someone) came up with the brilliant idea of putting RFID chips on all the student's ID's so they'd be able to track kids around the school and parents could actually log onto the internet and make sure their kid wasn't cutting school. Kinda cool, kinda Big Brother-y. Anyway, they've decided to put a deadline of the project, a massive undertaking, as the end of this month, even though everyone in his department said, "uh, we're understaffed and underfunded as it is, go fuck yourselves!". They're also in danger of getting their funding cut further (the school as a whole) because they haven't met No Child Left Behind requirements in 5 years. Um, who has met NCLB standards in 5 years?

I'm trying to gently encourage him to get the hell out of there- he's been there over 6 years now, he's established himself as a good employee, but he's totally uninterested in the job. I sent him a couple of job listings that I'm sure he'd be qualified for that include stuff that he's interested in.

I'm just stressed because our bank account is dangerously low and I feel inadequate because my house is a can two people with no kids let it get this way? I don't know. The other night, I was attempting to make dinner and I accidentally wacked my knuckles on the counter, it really hurt and out of pain and frustration from my feeling of inadequacy, I cried for about 20 minutes....during which time my oven, whose pilot light hasn't worked in over a year (I have to turn on the gas and get down on my knees and light it in the broiler with one of those electric flame things) suddenly decided to work by itself. It was a small gift from the gods, but I appreciated it.

I think we're going to put ourselves on financial lock-down next month. No eating out, no unnecessary purchases, no matter how small. I hate being broke.
P.S. Thanks for the kitty love. Morn, I'm not sure how Tana will like it. Our friends who owned him before had a rotating cast of cats in their house, so he's used to being around them. He's usually good about leaving them alone, unless they're running, then he likes to chase them. But he's learned that when a cat gives you a good smack on the nose you get the hell away. But after being The Pet around here for two years, we'll see how it goes. We're only going to take her as a trial run for now, to see if/how LeBoy's allergies act up and it will also depend on how Tana reacts. Nothing's set in stone- I still have to talk to the shelter supervisor to see if they'll let me do a test-run.

ETA: Kitten/Mavin: I saw this cupcake/dessert carrier on HGTV the other day. I hardly ever make cupcakes, too, but I want one. The shelves are adjustable so you can use it for other desserts, too.

no pants now, but they were boyshorts with a cartoon print. And a white bra. nothing to see here, move along.

tomorrow I go rowing. in lycra. If you hear screams, it's ok, just people in london seeing my lumpy thighs for the first time.

((((bunny)))) congrats to the boy's sister!

((((polly)))) good luck!

yay for babies, bunnyb! and, don't worry i am having another girl so i will keep our gender going lol

**money vibes for polly** and **better job come LeBoy's way vibes**

friday yay! *peek* light blue undies and boring white bra. my socks, however, are purple and orange halloweeny socks with witches on them

ze mavacado made it through daycare all day and seems to be feeling much better. whew. i hope i can sleep through the night tonight. she has decided that i am the one to call and is a mommy's girl right now. so i can't just sleep through her nighttime wakings doh.

i need to go relax. i am so sleepy from working hard at work. darned work.
(((((((((((((((polly))))))))))))))))))) i'm sorry things are so stressful for you. sad.gif

(((((((((KittenB)))))))))) That ain't right!!!
@#$%@#$@##% painful bowel disorder vibes for the assholes who stole Kitten's bike @#$%#$%%^$#$#@@#$

(((((((((((Polly & the Mr.))))))))))))))))
So sorry to hear of your frustrations. And sorry to hear that the school is expecting impossible things from his department.

And a hearty "Fuck You Barbara" to the so-called "No Child Left Behind" bullshit. Grrrrrrrrrr.

(((((snuggles for Bunny)))))) We just picked up the new Terry Practchett book today. And luckily, Sheff suddenly became addicted to Harry Potter this week so the TP book is aaaaaaaall miiiiiiiiiine!!! Mwah-ha-ha-haaaaaaa!!! laugh.gif

(And yes, it's true. Sheff hadn't read a single HP book until about a week ago. He is now about to finish Book 4. Ms Rowling has another fan.)

~$$~$$~$$~ promotion vibes for TwinDM~$$~$$~$$~
DM, you have my undying admiration for remembering everyone in your post. Wowza!

Sonik! Good to see you in here. I think we were wondering about you just last week. How are things? Anything new happening with your art?

~~~~~~~~ smooth traveling vibes for Billy ~~~~~~~~~

((((((((((((((Mandi & PIP & Yeufie & Morn & Pixie & Zoya & Raisin & WB & CCGirl & Mavin & Sassy & Amilita & Star & ever'body))))))))))))

Thanks for the love for my Momma. She's a sweetie. I think I'll keep her. smile.gif

Kvetch: Computer is still kinda flaky most of the time. I have determined that it does not like YouTube. If I watch a video over there, the thing crashes shortly thereafter. Hmmmm.

Kvetch: I tried to make a custard pie last night, but it went terribly wrong & I ended up burning my hands and spilling custard inside the oven and blahblahblah. And to top it off, I don't like the taste of the pie. Bah. Shoulda made cookies instead.
Anti-kvetch: Self-cleaning ovens are great.

Kvetch: I thought Sheff was going to take me out tonight, but now he says he wants to stay in and finish reading "Goblet of Fire". So I totally, unwittingly, screwed myself over. And now I'm stuck staying home & making dinner. Bah.
((((kitten)))) argh on your bike being stolen! sorry dry.gif

((((polly)))) ugh. I feel you on the money stress. *hugs*


My apologies for this whiney, self absorbed post ahead. Things are just sucking, eight ways to Sunday. I've got the body aches, sore throat and fever combo, NO appetite whatsoever, but plenty of nausea for three days now , and the blues like you wouldn't believe. This is along with a host of other stress, some of which I do not feel okay with discussing the details of here so publicly, but range from issues with my father's care and living situation that could very well result in my having to take on caring for him myself, to a possible slab leak underneath my apartment that could result in my having to move apartments. So far all we know is that there is a spot in the corner of my dining room that has been soaking wet for days and there is also water on the ground outside, which indicates a leak underneath. This means they will be coming in to tear up the carpet and see how bad it is, and possibly knocking the wall down. I received some upsetting news from my lab reports from the recent physical. Nothing terminal, but something that is not good news either and is really getting to me. I got a letter in the mail on Friday informing me that my medical insurance premiums are increasing over $20 a month, the compayments are going to double, meanwhile my actual benefits are decreasing. Oh and my car is acting up. Again. The steering has been a bit wonky the past few days. I just had the power steering pump AND rack & pinion done in April. So I'm in a funk and feel like a shit storm is swirling about my head right now. I know, I know, things can always be worse. Nothing's the end of the world here, I'm just feeling rather low.
(((yuefie))) yeah things could always be worse but if you're feeling shitty then you're feeling shitty and you don't need to justify that.

(((polly))) I'm sorry things are so stressful just now.

(((rose))) yay for Discworld and Harry Potter mania! I actually bought the book for the boy but he's reading Good Omens (Pratchett and Gaiman) just now so I get to read it smile.gif.

(((kitten))) that sucks!!!

(((morn))) how did rowing go?

(((mavin))) lovin' the socks!

(((sidecar))) are you out there? how is everything?

Having a lovely weekend with the boy: had great Indian food, saw Death Proof at the cinema (amazing), went to archery (I read), shopped for baby things for his new nephew, had fabulous sushi, went to see Shoot 'em Up (the boy's choice but I got to drool over Clive Owen), watched lots of Frasier on dvd whilst I had a bottle of rioja and today we're having a lazy day together (he's currently having shower).

Tomorrow I'm going home but tapas with zoya should cheer me up!

Hope everyone else in having fun!

((bunnyb)) Glad you had a nice weekend with the boy, and saw some good films. I want to see Death Proof, but it just got released on dvd and NetFlix says “very long wait”. Yay for the new baby.

((yuefie)) I’m sorry so much is shitty lately. Things will get better I’m sure.

((rose)) Hope the burn on your hands heals soon. I hate when I burn myself cooking.

((kitten)) Damn it, why do people have to steal bikes?

((star)) ((mavin))

((mornington)) Hope the rowing was enjoyable.

((polly and leboy)) Being short on money sucks, and work stress sucks too.

I saw Eastern Promises (loved it, Viggo Mortensen has guts)) and In The Valley of Elah (liked it, Tommy Lee Jones was good) on Saturday. I’ve started thinking about going back to school , but I only have my associates degree. It all seems so daunting, time and money wise. Mr. DM said he’d support me if I decide to go back to school, which honestly makes me so happy because I’ve basically been carrying us for years until recently when he got his new job. We went for banana splits this evening, oh I am so full.
(((((((((((Yuefie)))))))))))) Hon, I'm sorry to hear that things are going so poorly. Vent all ya like. We're here to listen.

Bunny, you weekend sounds lovely!

Kvetch: My computer is still cranky. Sheff spent hours poking at it today. Here's hoping it acts better now.

Anti-kvetch: We bought a 6-foot ladder for me today. Yay! Now I can finally start scraping the popcorn ceilings off in this house. I already did the half-bath. Tomorrow I will be tackling the dining room. It'll be messy, but it'll be sooooo worth it.

ETA: Looks like I cross posted with you, DM. That's exciting about the school stuff. What do you want to study?
An Associates degree can go a long way towards getting a bachelors. Just talk to an advisor at the university that interests you & they'll tell you more. Good luck!

hey all, i've been lurking. MartiniDad is improving, but it's going to be a long recovery, so it's tough. Sophie got sick last weekend and exacerbated her tummy troubles by getting into the trash Friday night, so we've been running her out every two-four hours to go to the bathroom since about 1 a.m. Saturday, which has been exhausting. Work has also been super exhausting. Tomorrow, I migrate to a new content management system that I don't totally understand with less than two weeks to go before our biggest literacy event of the year. And I have a big freelance assignment and stuff to do for my sewing class ... so I haven't felt much for posting, but I am reading and thinking of you all.

((bunny)) thanks for pushing me out of lurk mode
((((kitten)))) that sucks
~~~~money vibes for polly~~~~~
{{{{yuefie}}} That sounds like far more stress than one person should be balancing. I hope things start improving soon.
{{{sidecar}}} glad that the f/i/l is getting somewhat better. Sorry to hear about the sick puppy. You know I understand that.
{{{dm. rv. bunnyb, all kvetchies}}}

Thanks for the kind thoughts about my bike. I still get mad when I think about it. All weekend I kept checking my laundry room, just in case the bike manged to find its own way home. Or, less likely, that someone had an attack of consience and brought it back. No luck. I did mange to crochet a nice sweater for myself and watch Transamerica and The Station Agent. So the weekend wasn't a total bust. rolleyes.gif

(((((Kittenb)))))) Whaat! Out of the laundry room! That's beyond rude! I always feel inconsolable and dissappointed in humanity when that happens to me. I still hope you find it back (((((vibes)))))).

Thanks Rose! Aww i was missed! I'm glad to be back in here. Things are so busy that i need to schedule because otherwise things end up left behind, you know? My work will be published in 2 high end (and by that i mean really really high end) publications, and i've been getting commissions from abroad almost constantly. I've been on holiday to Berlin, and i went to a networking festival where i got to know new interesting people. And this week (i hope!) my new website will be up. P made it and it looks awesome. He's very talented although i think he's downplaying it, he's way too modest. He graduated as an art teacher (cultural and artistical education) now he can teach class in middle school. He's still looking for a job, though.


We saw 'The boss of it all' by Lars von Trier on dvd. And P. is totally addicted to 'The IT Crowd'. We watched some episodes yessterday and it had me in stitches.

That's great, DM! I'm curious as of what you'd like to study..

ETA: ((((MartiniDad))))))) and (((Sophie)))). Good luck with your assignment, Sidecar!
(((Yuefie)))... that's a lot to deal with. Good luck on resolving things; even a few of them would help.

Mexico went well, but it's lot of driving (1,650 miles in less than 5 days). We got our work done, enjoyed the Copper Canyon a bit, ate well and drank lots of beer. No one got sick; that's a bonus. I invariably end up drinking something with ice and have to pray later that it's purified.

ETA... it's great to see Sonik
*deep breath* No more apologies, just me. So I did catch up as best as possible and here are my thoughts, and if anyone is inadvertantly omitted I will get you next time :

Yeuffie, I am so sorry for your troubles. It sounds like you are dealing with a lot of shit, and while of course it’s not the end of the world, it still sucks a lot and I hope it all gets betterbetterbetter.
((polly and boy)) My house is always an unholy mess and it does make me feel like a failure, but my shrink has been really helpful. For me, she says ADD/anxiety is a big problem - it makes me procrastinate, freak out and feel overwhelmed, and then want to keep everything in sight in case I need it.
~*~*~*~*may dollars and Euros and pesos and sheckels and yen and all other forms of currency and financial windfalls come to each and every bustie~*~*~*~*~*
bunnyb, Yay you AUNTIE I am glad your gloom is lifting, I do find books to be the best antidepressant in the world
((Mandi and Mandi’s uncle)) and hooray for her deserved manipedi and happy niece
(((Martinidad and family esp of course sidecar and dear Sophie)))
((designer M and twin)) ~*~*~* Much-deserved promotions for all who want ~*~*~*
ccgirl - yes the dating drought, have been there, it is dispiriting but you are awesome regardless so I have faith it will dissipate (it’s no reflection on you, I have had it, lots of kickass friends have/had it))
Sassy - depression blows, no two ways about it
(((RoseV and her mama and sheff!!!, Amalita! pixie! mornington! Raisingirl!, stargazer! zoya! sonic! crassy as always!, mavin and mavocado!! Billy the Mexican and his safe return! Plat!)))
((PIP and her walk and her mom memories))
you go Walkingbitch awith the righteous chicken rage
mmm Pimm’s cup with cucumber
(((all the kick-ass students and students to be)))
Happiest of belated birthdays to all
Welcome to the world baby of Ms P!
Much belated Yom Tov and happy Ramadan to the applicable Busties
~*~**antiseptic antisickness vibes to all**~*

OK that feels so so much better, I missed you all! Me: work woes (what, I am not procrastinating here, shut up), relationship issues (mine is troubled and not looking good but I have hope and whatever happens it will be for the best, he is wonderful and I just want to appreciate him like I should and if I can't I want us to both move on but but but I will deal with that later), maybe making a move into politics, am almost resolved to get a tattoo on my wrist of Picasso's peace dove from dance of the children (slightly different than his other peace doves, which are cool but a lot of people have them and I think I like this one better, but not sure how it will look, need it to fit under a watch, etc.), generally having the whole 30 midlife crisis (not that I am dying at 60 but thirdlife crisis seems inelegant). But I am being more creative and being true to that side of myself, and sticking with a therapist who I think is helping me but still fighting the damned mean reds.

I promise not to stay away so long....
FAITH!!!! SO good to see you! *smothers you with kisses* that tattoo sounds lovely and I'm glad you are taking creative time for yourself.

(((sidecar))) I'm glad I drew you out!

yay for all these potential back-to-school kvetchies!

I received a card from crassy today that was sent to my old address, maude knows when smile.gif. (Rose, did yours from me ever turn up?)

I had a lovely lunch with zoya today (that woman seriously rocks) then proceeded to work and was ill, Ill, ILL so was sent home and now I'm in my jammies and taking it easy. What is it with me being ill every time I meet BUSTies? wink.gif It may have something to do with feasting on rich food (mandi: we had the baked goats cheese with orange marmalade); or to do with drinking coffee when I'm testing if that's what makes me ill (I've been vomiting regularly for bit and, no, I am not pregnant); or it could be due to changing pills; or it could be all or none of the above. I'm booking an appointment at the doctor's anyway.

(((Mandi and fam)))

Awww, I want less stress for (((Yuefie)))

*shakes fist* Put Kitten's bike back where you found it, dammit!

Billy, how does the Copper Canyon compare to the Grand Canyon? Mr. Dusty's mom went last year.

Yay for Sonik!

Want to know more about Faith's politics...

(((Sidecar and fam)))

Bestest's family used to have huge parties where they served Pimms, among other things. There was a kind of unspoken law that family didn't actually drink the Pimms, because it led to things like crawling around on your hands and knees and wandering into the bushes with strangers.

Awesome to see Faith and Sonik and to hear what you're both up to.

((((((Yuefie)))))) Good cod. take care of yourself, take a deep breath or three and only deal with one thing at a time. I hope things get better soon.

Pimm's is waayyy too easy to drink IMO, like especially nice lemonade (UK style) with fruit.

(((Sidecar, martini and martini-family))) Ongoing thoughts for you.

Billy, during an 8 hour bus ride we stopped in a village in the mountains (between the coast and Oaxaca) and bought fresh mangoes and (I think) a quesadilla. probably risky but so damn good.

(((Bunnyb's stomach))) Feel better asap! Oh, and coffee does a number on my dad's system too: maybe skip it for a while if you can?

I am recovering (fingers crossed) from a nasty bug which is good as I have an interview tomorrow and moulding young minds (i.e. lecturing) later in the week.
((((syb)))) hope you feel better ***fingers crossed for interview***

***money vibes*** for (((polly)))

((((bunny)))) hope you're feeling better too - and the doctor is helpful.

(((((((faith)))))) good to see you! I too want to know more about your politics and the tattoo sounds good

((((kitten)))) that sucks! bastards *shakes fist*

((((sonik)))) yay for all those good things happening! can we see your website?

((((sidecar)))) been thinking of you ***feel better sophiedog!*** ((((martinidad))))

(((((((yuefie))))) *snuggles* hope things improve dearest!

((((dm)))) what are you thinking of doing at school?

((((rosev)))) yay for ladders! be careful though...

((((stargazer)))) acos

((((billy)))) yay for good trip!

((((mavin, raisin, mando, msp, flanker, pink, lelu, everyone))))

rowing was good, I ache a little. One of the girls was thoroughly patronising, but hopefully she'll improve when we get out on the water. I think the team is pretty strong, so I've got to break into it, but we'll see... I think it might be helping get me out of my funk - I'm still a bit on the blue side, but I'm coping a bit better.

Went in to first lectures today, but it was thoroughly dull as we did nothing but talk about how to use the library and all that. I have a tutorial tomorrow, and more lectures on weds - looking forward to the modules on feminism and geography! And then going out with my tutor group for a meal/drinkies.

Haven't heard from F - well, I got a few emails over the weekend, but nothing dramatic. So if I could have a few "hurry up ups and deliver F's phone" vibes... because I miss him.

right, bed... I'm shattered these days
(((sidecar, martini & martinidad)))

glad you're feeling better (((syb))). I am too, but still no appetite. I had to force myself to choke down a piece of toast.

(((((bunny))))) hope your tummy feels better. I can't drink coffee. Period. It makes my stomach very angry with me.

((((polly & le boy))))

(((((dusty & billy))))) *squeezes* just 'cause.

((((((faith & sonik)))))) it's so good to see you both!

now if we could just lure txplumwine back in for a visit...

((((mandi, rose, dm, amilita, raisin, morn, sassy, sixela, star, crassy, mavin, kitten, zoya, candy, tes, plat, lelu, msp, walkingb, pink, flanker, everyone))))

Thanks for all the love and support. It really does help. Sorry for being ms. whineypants, but good lawd it's been a crapfest 'round here. Today sucked outloud. I spent all of the morning and part of the afternoon running around trying to obtain these important documents for my pops, but that was fruitless. And to complicate matters further, he lost his state ID. And had forgotten to inform me of this BEFORE we left to run to the bank. Yep, I had to take my poor feeble dad to the damn bank with me, since I am not a signer on his account yet and don't have power of attorney. So after loading him and his walker (which almost wouldn't fit in my car!), with him shaking and feeling weak and complaining about everything from the sun shining to my lack of ac in the car, the bank wouldn't cooperate with me at all. They wont let me become a signer until he has a new ID issued. This means I have to drive back up and go through all that madness again and take him to wait for hours at the DMV. I also have to arrange a time for a notary to meet me there to do the power of attorney paperwork. On the way back down from there my car started to drive really funny and when I exited the freeway there was a burning smell. Faaaabulous. Tomorrow I must try to track down some of this info in a couple of places I haven't tried yet, so please keep all parts crossed I'm successful. Still waiting for news on the possible leak. I checked that spot and it's still about the same, not dry but not any worse either. I just want to go hide under the covers and put the pillow on my head.
Sybarite, you were probably pretty safe. The quesadilla was cooked and the mango had to be peeled. Still, it's a crap shoot.

Dusty, the Copper Canyon is a system of six canyons, each smaller than the Grand Canyon, but in total they're much bigger. And the Copper Canyon is deeper. However, the Grand Canyon has beautiful rock formations that you won't see in the Copper Canyon which is really scruffy. Mr. Dusty's mom was probably in Creel. It's the only populated place of any consequence around the canyon. We were there Friday night. It's economy is 75% tourism and 25% drugs. A delightful place!
in response to my kvetch about Perdue...

After 3 Hello this is Z*** C******* and I am going to keep calling until I get a call back from a representative.... I GOT A RETURNED CALL!!!!!!

and after a lovely conversation regarding customer loyalty, inflation, chicken asses and pin feathers along with the lack of customer service, the true definition of cleaned and prepared chicken cutlets and the general dismal condition of finding good help these days I will be the proud recipient of a $10.00 check and I am now one of the Customers Care product analysts for Perdue. Because this great honor of chicken pluckery has been bestowed on me, I will be getting a call monthly from Perdue regarding the coupons for products that they will be sending me to try. I also will be asked about packaging, freshness, etc.

and they say it doesn't pay to bitch. heh.

hugs love and happier days to all vetches....
((yuefie)) Things will start working out soon.

((mornington)) So you have a feminism class? I’d love any classes on women’s studies. I hope F calls soon.

((syb)) and ((bunnyb)) Feel better.

((faith)) Sounds like a lot of stuff is going on.

((sonik)) Did you like The Boss of It All? I can’t decide if I want to see it or not, but it looks funny from the trailer.

((sidecar)) Hope sophie feels better soon.

((rose)) Hope you computer is fixed.

((wb)) Yay for getting your money back.

For all that asked I am thinking about studying psychology, I’ve been interested in the field for awhile. Not sure what I’d like for a future career, but something related to psychology. I’m also considering a few other career paths that might not require a degree, but I’m still researching. My main hurdle is I worry about money too much.

(((yuefie, sidecar, everyone)))

I'm up taking care of my momma for a couple more days, but I couldn't resist a little computer time. She is doing great, making progress with her knee everyday. It's been good to be able to help her.

I'm copying some giant mess of a 4-CD Jonny Cash compilation from my sis-in-law! Woot.

Sonik and Faith!!! Hiya!

DM, I hope you figure out a good path...and though it's not good to worry too much about money, it is smart to consider the cost of programs vs. future projected salaries, etc. So give yourself props for being concerned about that aspect!

Miss my kitties, miss my hubby. But had a nice dinner with my older nephews tonight.
((yuefie)) feel better and I hope stuff with your dad works out. Sounds like one of those days.

((kitten)) sorry to hear about your bike...did you have it chained to anything? Still sucks. I don't suppose it would be covered under renters insurance, would it?

walkingbitch, good luck with your chickens wink.gif

((mornington)) ~*~*~general life & relationship vibes~*~*~

((bunny & sybarite)) ~*~*~stomach bug vibes~*~*~ Billy, hopefully you missed them!!

((faith!!)) you're back! Yeah, you pretty much nailed it with the messy house- I let it go, then I get overwhelmed and paralyzed so it just gets worse. I got some laundry done and LeBoy did most of the dishes, so we're getting there.

((sonik!!)) you're back too! Can't wait to see the new website!

((sidecar)) glad to hear things are progressing with martinidad, albeit s l o w l y. Good luck with stuff at work, I've been hearing about it from prophecy_grrl, too.

So I talked to one of the supervisors at the shelter tonight and explained my desire to do a test-run with Jenny Jones. She said I could do it! Now I just have to clean up the office at home, the room we'll use for kitty-central until we decide to keep her/she gets used to the place and LeBoy needs to get a refill on his asthma inhaler. "Sucks to your ass-mar!" is what I say!

Well, off to bed- I now work Tuesday through Saturday instead of Monday-Thursday and Saturday, so I have to be up early tomorrow. The first day of my week I have to be in 30 mins. earlier to collect the weekend's worth of voicemails, so I have to be there at 6:30 instead of 7:00. Ugh, and it will still be dark outside.

Happy Fall everyone! /she says on a day that hit 84 degrees F.....when's fall going to get here?!?! blink.gif
(((Bunny))))feel better soon

*Waves at Faith* i have to check out that Pimm's stuff..although i suspect it's too sweet for my taste.

Hi Billy! Good to hear you remained bug-free.

(((((((hurry up and deliver F's phone)))))))
Wow, you're rowing, Mornington! I have a rowing trainer at home (granted, it's broken at the mo) but that's nothing like the real thing. I hope everything works out with the patronising person once you out and about.

When my website is floating in cyberspace i'll put a link up.

Yay Walkingbitch! I'm glad everything got sorted out.

Designermedusa, i really liked The Boss Of It All. It's a comedy, but a comedy coming from Lars von's really really painful at times. The film got better and better as it progressed.

(((Amilitia and Momma)))

This morning i when i went ouside to go to the supermarket i stepped in a freshly laid turd. SERIOUSLY WHY do Dutch people think it's perfectly okay to befilth eachothers doorsteps??!?!?!?! It's something i can't get my head wrapped around. Dog shit is so gross. I remember that my mom (who has a dog phobia) once took 11 dog turds out of our front garden. 11!! People just let their dogs run around and shit wherever they like. At times i think we should locate repeat offenders (dog owners, not the dogs) and take a fresh dump ourselves on their property. See how they like that!

(((Dusty, Mandolyn, Sybarite, Pollystyrene, Yuefie, Bunny)))
laugh.gif ahahahaaaaa, sonik your rant about the dog shit cracked me up. It's truly sick when people do that. I am always carrying little poop bags around with me, in my purse, my car, even attached to Sashie's leash, because I think it's foul when people don't clean up after their doggies. I do think that if the offenders had to walk out and step right in to a freshly laid steamer, not from a dog, they'd surely learn their lesson! I mean, can you even imagine the looks on their faces? Bwahahaha!

I'm suffering from a bit of stress induced insomnia, but reading that made me laugh really hard and suddenly I am yawning. so thanks!
(((Sonik))) Yuk. I remember when my brother first moved to the Netherlands (ten years ago), he commented that the Dutch don't seem to scoop the poop and he said more people smoke than in Canada.

Thanks for the info on Copper Canyon, Billy, in Mr.Dustysmoms cruise brochure they said it was bigger than the Grand Canyon and we wondered if that was true why we hadn't heard of it before. So now I know.

I thought I had posted here last night but I guess I didnt... hmmm... vibes to all. Just wanted to pop in and read up.

Sonik-- I think the dog poo leaver's should all live in the same area and get to step in all that poop themselves.

Our neighbour doesn't put her dog on a lead or anything and just lets him out to do his thing (and um I am pretty sure that is illegal here but hey). He doesn't have an invisible fence or anything like our other neighbours so he goes for OUR yard. Ze Love got so sick of having to go over and get her to tell her about her dog's presents that I convinced him, after she gave him all sorts of attitude, to just put them back on her front step so she can clean it up when she wants to. We don't have a dog for a reason. Geesh.

Tho, the other neighbour dog with the invisible fence (poor baby!) broke free a week or two ago! He came bounding over to play with Ze Mavacado! So cute! Freeeeeeedom!

I gotta try to be productive today. Bah. But Mavacado is napping (already!) so maybe I should call my mommy or something. Just so you gals know, tho-- I made blueberry muffins and my cupcake carrier is keeping them nice and moist! I also made banana bread with cream cheese frosting and that sounds like a good breakfast to me...
I am feeling like the hugest fatass on the planet right now, but I am still going to class tonight. Fark. Any movement is better than no movement, right? Oy. Sometimes I just want to take a ginsu knife to do away with the flabby parts.

Cousin Wonderbunny crossed the Rainbow Bridge last week and I'm really sad. Yeah, at least he isn't suffering anymore, but HE IS STILL GONE. Poor fluffy bunny.

And I have a medical procedure this week that I am NOT looking forward to (no girl bits involved). I am all out of sorts.

Yup, it's one big party around here.

Stargazer, call me tonight if you're still up after 9:30...

WB, I love the Purdue story. Frank would be proud.
(((((((((((sidecar)))))))))))))))) i was wonderin' where you've been. i'm glad you posted.

(((kittenb))) acos

(((polly))) you make me laugh! laugh.gif i meece you.

so good to see faith and sonik posting again!!!!! hello!!!!

where's tes??

(((raisingrl))) if you find the knife to cut off flab, please share it with me. i'm tired of my midsection. argh.

i'm too pooped to post. so, i'm gonna say "hey." and a weak one at that.

(((PiP, six, sassy, mavin, pixie, DM, bunny, morn, zoya, billy, candycane, WB, dusty, rose, and other kvetchies)))
OMG, WB, your Perdue story is hilarious.

((yuefie)) been thinking about you and hope things are getting better.

Sophie is recovering pretty well -- thanks for all the vibes! She has a sensitive tummy and eating a bunch of trash did not do it any favors! She's back to going to the bathroom at regular intervals, and has greatly enjoyed her special diet of rice and boiled chicken while she recuperates.

Prophecy_girl and I rode the subway home together tonight. She's way, way busy, but we commiserated. And then we moved on to the new Buffy comic.

(((poor wonderbunny)))

My eyes hurt from all the staring I did at my computer today. Ouch.
Faith!!!!! Hooray! And Sonic posted again! And even Mavin is posting on a more regular basis! Oh, happy day. smile.gif

It's so good to know that WB is looking out for all of the chicken eaters in the world. I may buy something from Perdue now just so that I can give you a full report. wink.gif

So Faith, are you still dating the math guy? Or did you find somebody better?

Sonik's story about the dog crap reminded me of why we're focusing on cats instead.

RIP Cousin Wonderbunny. sad.gif

(((((((Raisin)))))) Hope the procedure goes smoothly. [fret]

Polly, keep us informed about the kitteh!

Amilita, thanks for the up-date on your mom. Good to hear she is on the mend. Yay!

~!~!~!~!~ phone-delivery vibes for F ~!~!~!~!~

Good to see you back, Billy!

((((((((((((((((((huggles for all))))))))))))))
I need to come back and take notes so that I can vibe properly. Bleh.

I spent a good chunk of the day scraping the popcorn ceiling off in the dining room. I only got about 1/3 of it done, though. Lordy, is it ever messy! I covered my hair with a long tea towel & wore gloves & a face mask over my nose & mouth and protective glasses. Unfortunately, the glasses don't suction against my face & a lot of dust & crud got in my eyes. I think I'll need to find Sheff's swimming goggles so I can complete the job. Anyway, the ceiling is looking better, but it required WAAAAAAY too much work. I think I'm going to stop at the dining room and let the rest of the house be. Maybe when Sheff gets his next bonus at work we can use the money to hire someone to do the rest. biggrin.gif

Anti-kvetch: Sheff took me out for Thai food for dinner. And he was chatty and sweet. So yay. smile.gif
Anti-kvetch: Sheff said that he's not so sure that he wants to buy the Audi TT anymore ... a cute car, but a very small, very sporty, expensive car. This made me happy.
Kvetch: He still wants to get an Audi - the A3. So it's still pricey. Hmph.
Anti-kvetch: The A3 is much more roomy and has a nicer interior all-around AND it costs less than the TT despite the fact that it has the same engine and gear box as a TT. We went to the dealership so I could see it in person and so far I don't hate it. We may have found our compromise, children. We shall see.
Kvetch: It's still expensive. Damn my husband and his champagne tastes!!!
((bunny & sybarite)) I hope both of you are feeling better

add me to the list of people who are tired of their midsection and looking for the magic knife to take it away (while leaving the enlarged boobs and lovely round ass intact) if I stumble upon it, I'll let you know.

WB - that rules!!

Sonik - that is gross. I have nothing else to add. It's just gross and I'm with you. BTW, pimms isn't really sweet. It's not really savoury or sour either. It's just kinda - um... I dunno. it's not like anything I've tasted before.

That helped a lot, didn't it? wink.gif

(((mornington))) ugh. I hate that feeling. I hope things are going better and that F has his phone - how are you doing? Any luck on the flat hunting?

kvetch - I have massive, shitty cramps. I usually get a little bit crampy the first day of my period, but nothing terrible. About once every 6 months, though, I'll have a really heavy period with really shitty cramps. This is that month, apparently. it sucks ass.

anti-kvetch - I've been sort of feeling out the job market for new jobs in my field, and I was contacted by the company I want to work for the most! they were the first to bite! I am not ready to jump in there right now, I am just kind of exploring at the moment, so I'm hoping that I don't miss out on something, but I don't think I will - I'm hoping that it just bodes well for the future that they said now they'd love to have me on board!!
Blanket feel better and less stressed/tired/blue vibes for all kvetchies.

(((raisin))) poor Cousin WonderBunny.

F, hurry up and call! Women's Studies sounds fab, morn. I'm envious and excited thinking about some of the texts you will be reading.

rose, the audi TT is one of my favourite cars and I want a silver one with red leather interior.

tes, heeeeelllooooooo? hurry back to us, love. She checked in on eljay recently so shouldn't be too long... plat hasn't been around either. Sniff.

kvetch: I'm feeling pretty crappy: no longer vomiting but nauseous still and in a funk, a deep one that feels like an overwhelming panic attack.

anti-kvetch: cuddling up with kitty, book and dvds.

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