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Happy Birthday Star! Paint Boston Red!! Happy belated birthday kittenb!! I also had a friend that celebrates her birthday on the 9th.

((Martini family)) Also, a similar situation happened with my grandfather years ago. It's never easy.


Yuefie-- yay for good doctor! I'm also having a physical Monday. I haven't had one in about 2 years. I'm a little nervous actually. I just hate when they take tons of blood, I have really weak veins.

Kvetch-- my temp job ended a day early. Boo.
Kvetch-- horrible cramps....

Anti-kvetch-- Top Chef is on tonight... smile.gif
Anti-kvetch-- Also think I may go shopping tonight and buy the new season of Grey's Anatomy.
Anti-kvetch: Mcgeek's and I meetiversary was also Monday just like rv's. We're heading to a really nice restaurant on Friday to celebrate.

Happy [Belated] Birthday Kitten and Stargazer!

I meant to post that yesterday for you, kitten, but I saved the image on my work computer and ran out of time before the end of the day.

Glad to hear your weekend birthday festivities were fun, kitten- I ended up getting my fill of botanic gardens up in Milwaukee, but I do still need to get to the Chicago gardens. Yeah, I just avoided the news yesterday. One of patients had a really nice, tasteful t-shirt- it was white, with an apple (as in New York/The Big Apple) on it, but the American flag was the shape of the apple. Does that make sense? It was just a simple, effective gesture.

((star)) sorry, but I'm giggling at you setting off the alarm. I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time and if she never told you how to turn it off, you shouldn't be blaming yourself. I'm sure that's a mistake you'll only make ONCE!

((sidecar)) sorry to hear about more setbacks. Good luck in finding a good rehab place.

((mavin)) feel better!

((yuefie)) I'm glad you got to the doctor- that's so cool that you can see your lab results online. My doctor just sends me a letter that says "your results came back normal"...sometimes I'd kinda like to know how normal, specifically.

((bunny)) I hear you on the money complaints. Gift-giving has just become excessive for me.

Oookay, I've been working on this since this morning and it's now 2:30....time flies!

((hugs to all))

Happy Birthdays and Hugs and Kisses to the Busties(ers).

I've been very very sick and busy with the kids. Girl Scouts is starting this year and I'm trying to decide if I want to be a troop leader...don't know if the mommies will care much for super funky hair and tattoos. Whatever.

Got interviewed this morning for the local news with NO notice (a neighborhood park and lake is repopening, and apparently I'm the only stay at homer in the neighborhood with kids), and I'm sure I'll look terrible (no makeup and only slightly brushed hair), but I'm dvr'ing it anyway because I'm morbidly curious AND they took video of Caitlin swinging and sliding.

EFH never showed up to pick up the kids last night. Mark was home sick, and I'm exhausted. I feel like crap, and am going to lay down, but I fully intended to rejoin here and I haven't posted in a while, so there's my update.

Blergh. Could be kid could have blue hair, right? laugh.gif

Today is national conception day IN Russia or something...wonder if I'm going to get knocked up tonight. We are planning on having some sort of russian soup for dinner
Well, the third choice agreed to accept him. So he was moved there today. It's not ideal, but it's better than purgatory in a hospital. Thanks for the vibes.

happy birthday stargazer! i hope you had a great day.
I got my belly button pierced, (I know, lame lol) while I was in Myrtle Beach, funny story, got it done at the same time with a 58 year old woman I met at the pool, lol her 60+ year old husband went with us and got both ears pierced at the same time, snorts) and it's infected me thinks....

And, how come I am the only asshole working tomorrow at my office? inserts a sigh right about _______ here.
WB, what made you get a pierced belly button?? were you that bored?? wink.gif

(((zoya))) vodka is my weakness. seriously. and it goes down like water when i'm really in the mood to drink. it's the devil i tell you! and thanks for the oyster tip!! must go there now....ahem, raisin...i think we gotta go there.....

(((bunny))) i hate when i have weird dreams. i had one when i was in the uk. it really freaked me out and made it hard to get my day going. boo to bad dreams.

(((polly))) that was the best birthday pic evah!! oh, and i have a great pic of us from our last get together that i need to post. i swear you and i take the best pics together. it must be the blend of your lack of pigmentation and my brownness. almost like a vanilla and chocolate swirl ice cream. and yes...the alarm incident was funny. i'm so klutzy and forgetful. when riding the elevator at work today...i was trying to hit the "door open" button and hit the "alarm" button...only to hear "police"...dude, what's my problem?!? blink.gif

(((kittenb))) did you get my ecard?? cause you know i care enough to hit send!

(((sidecar))) well, hopefully the nursing home will treat him well. hopefully, he won't be there for too long.

lelu, that's one of the best avatars i've seen in awhile.

congrats to sassy and rv on the meetiversaries!!

(((yuefie))) yeah for going to the doc!! don't get behind again now. i'm glad you are feeling well.

(((raisin))) thanks for the wishes!!

thanks for the bday wishes Busties!! i treated myself to a mani/pedi and some "so-so" chinese takeout food. i made myself a brownie ice cream sundae using the brownies raisin made me! kinda pooped. time for sleepy. first i'm gonna put on a mask.

**hoping morn and six are doing ok**


Star, I plan to come visit. Trust me.

Thanks for all the kind words about pinkmom. I will be celebrating the end of the walk with cheap wine and the first season of "Its Always Sunny in Philladelphia" and good company.

I think I might die. My friend gave me what seems to be the plague. I think my intestines are trying to climb out of my body and my sinus cavitie are trying to suffocate me.

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh. *whimper*

I just needed to complain and get sympathy faraway snuggles.
stargazer - yes, thank you for the card. I love ecards.

PIP - Plague be gone! I hope you feel better soon.

{{{lelu, sidecar, polly, sassy, and all}}}

My lovely vacation is sort of over today. sad.gif I am going to the state capital for a meeting. Basically, I'll spend 6 hours today in a car for a two hour meeting. Yeah, that makes sense. Of course tomorrow, I'll be driving to a weekend wedding! It is going to be so pretty this weekend, I can't imagine a better time to get married in the woods. However, the lovely dress that I bought for the event is spagetti strapped so I need to find a sweater or a wrap of some sort so I don't freeze.

Have a great day, all!
Happy belated birthdays, Kitten and Star!!!!!

Glad f-i-l got accepted somewhere, even if it's not first choice, Sidecar.

I just bought an iPod! Welcome to the 21st century, me!

Get well, pink.

(((general hugs)))
happy birthday kitten!!!

happy birthday stargazer!!!

sorry, didn't have time to read the archives.

i'm back from vegas- well i was back tuesday morning butt early- but i slept all day and then yesterday catching up w/work was crazy. the trip was kick-ass. elvis was awesome, seeing my brothers and their wives was very cool, and my mom acted normal and didn't say one mean thing about my actions or appearance even though i rocked heavy makeup and low-cut tops the whole time- a miracle!!! can't wait to go back now- my husband has a conference in january- he's a purchaser for construction company so i'm hoping for a lot of comps, even if i will be alone a lot (spa time!)

here's some pics w/elvis! (we didn't order yet, so they have 'proof' across them!)

ugh, back to the grind...

Well I felt like a hypocrite telling this woman if she wanted one to go get it, she didn't have anyone to answer to except for well herself, then when she asked me why I hadn't gotten mine done, I figured, ah fuck it, I can always take it out... it's much better today after I gave myself the heeby jeebies cleaning it out extra well, squezzing etc, last night.... no red no ooze, good to go.
WB, that's actually a hilarious story. you almost gotta keep the piercing for the story value. i love a good story.

kitten, i expect a pic of you in said spaghetti dress.

thanks amilita! and welcome to the 21st century with your ipod! i feel barbaric with my mini ipod.

PiP, i think i hear good 'ol neti pot callin' your name. i hope you feel better by the walk. sad.gif

kvetch: i hate setbacks. and they are little ones at my internship, but i think all of my little control issues come out with it. actually, it is my nitpicky, detail oriented virgo self that hates these little things going awry. argh. but, it will be better soon.

crassy, can i tell you how much i love when you post because your username makes me laugh. smile.gif and great pics btw!

Kvetch: my BC pill is having manufacturing problems (again) and is completely out of stock so I have to change BC pills, which I am not looking forward to as the last time I was on another one I was violently ill and they changed me to my current one.

undies: palest pink, padded, mesh bra with satin trim and straps and brown bow between cups, matching thong.

Have a happy weekend! I am working my last Friday night tonight, seeing the boy, working tomorrow (shift swap - boo hoo), then seeing the boy again - I wish I could just see him and not have to work in between.

Good morning all.
bunnyb - the undies sound lovely!
star - come to think of it. I am surprised that I don't have a picture of me in that dress. Hmm...I have to get a disposible camera today.
crassy - great pictures. You look so lovely and happy.

I found a wrap that will work okay for the wedding. It is a sweater but at least it will keep me warm and I can take it off for the reception. I also found a sexy red dress on sale at Ann Taylor Loft for $20! I almost fainted. I never realized you could find anything for $20 at Ann Taylor's.

Undies report - no bra yet and dark pink undies with a white band around the top.
I am still dying. Yesterday, our meeting ran late so I had 6 minutes to get to my ferry. Its a 10 minute walk, so I ran and made it, but found out that if you have exercise induced asthma, like me, running and being more than just a little congested, makes you have an hour long asthma attack. The people on the boat were looking at me funny. I'm still not fully recuperated from it. Stupid lungs and airway.

I will walk. I would do the walk if I had to crawl it. After all the support, hells to the yes.

Star, I googled Neti pot... hells to the NO. I will not shoot water up my nose. I dont even use nasal spray.

(((pip))) Technically, you put water *through* your nose, not up it. It's not pleasant, but since I started using mine in January, I have had one cold (normally, I'd have four or five in that time frame). Also, it is gross, but I kind of enjoy seeing the gunk come out of it, and find myself thinking "jeez, no wonder I was sick all the time!" If you get the water temp right, you don't even feel it.

((bunnyb)) have a good last day!

I am going to Wisco tonight with my family and then up north to my gram's cottage for her 80th birthday party on Saturday. It should be fun (I am going to a brewers game tonight!).

Things aren't going great for Martini's dad. He's only covered in the nursing home by Medicare for 20 days, according to what the home told Martini's mom, and she's not sure what insurance will cover once that runs out. I got some numbers for him for advocates who may be able to help him. He's going to need much more than 20 days to recover and she can't take care of him. Apparently, they tried to get him to walk and it exhausted him so much he needed oxygen, and then his mind was muddled the rest of the day. Also, the staff is rude, which is no help. The whole thing is so dispiriting and stressful, and Martini feels constantly guilty for not being there.

Anyway, on that note ... beige bra, goldish boyshorts.
PIP - While I hear you on the ick factor, I have had success w/neti pots. Good luck with your health!

sidecar - Is medicaid a possibility? Disability? I don't know much about this but I really hope you find something. Maybe contacting the local senior citizen's advocacy agency. I know Chicago's is a very active group.

I need emergency kitty vibes. I just had to take my girl cat to the vet and she is going to be boarded there for the weekend. She started peeing blood this morning. My vet is great & I know she is going to be okay but it is killing me that I had to leave her there. And my boy cat is going to flip his shit when he realizes that she is not coming back tonight and I am out of town for the weekend. But it is the best thing for Olivia b/c she will get really good care while I am gone. I just wish she would get well and STAY WELL.
They have too much money for medicaid, from what I understand, but Martini is going to contact their local insurance advocate person on Monday to deal with this. He's also a veteran, so I think maybe the VA can help a little.

((olivia)) poor kitty

I popped back in to say that MsP had her baby! Young MrP is featured properly at Congrats to MsP and family!
((sidecar, martini & family)) Is in-home care an option after he is forced out of the nursing home? Also, I don't remember if it you said so or not, but was the accident his fault? If not, shouldn't the other party's insurance be paying for the care, and therefore, be able to get him in anyplace? I know it's not that simple, but I hope an advocate can work this out. It's not like he's the first person who's ever been in this situation. unsure.gif

PiP- I hated putting stuff up my nose too, but when you see how effective the neti pot is, you quickly get over that. It's soooo worth the annoyance.

((kitten)) I hope your kitty is okay! Any possibility the peeing issues before were just early signs of whatever's going on now? Well, enjoy your wedding!

((bunny)) hope the pills work out.

((star)) setbacks be-gone!!

Well, I'm off to my non-religious Rosh Hashana dinner at my cousin/boss's house. I made two noodle applesauce kugels and I'm making Moroccan salmon cake appetizers when I get there. Yum!

((hugs to all!!)) Oh, and congrats to MsP & family!!
Alotta Errata
QUOTE(pollystyrene @ Sep 14 2007, 03:36 PM) *
PiP- I hated putting stuff up my nose too, but when you see how effective the neti pot is, you quickly get over that. It's soooo worth the annoyance.

I was just having a conversation about the neti pod with a coworker today. We were trying to describe it to the new guy. I think we grossed him out.
congrats to MS.P & the MR on their new bundle of joy!

(((sidecar & martini))))

((((bunny))), oy on the bc hassles

((((pink)))) ~~~sinus plague be gone~~~

yay for your vegas trip crassy, looks like you guys had a blast from the pics

(((kitten & her kitty)))

((((sixela)))) continuing hugs and support ~~~job search vibage~~~

((((polly)))) Mmm, your Rosh Hashana nibbles sound yummy

((((pixie, rose, mando, mornington, amilita, syb, raisin, star, dusty, billy, sassy, dm, lelu, walkingb, flanker, candy, ch, tes, plat, anoushh, plummie, lurkers, everyone)))) ~~~good vibes all around~~~

I'm in an uber foul, ass kicking mood today. Plotting my ex bil's death is the theme of the day because he is a cockbadger supreme. I just do not get how anyone could be so cold toward their own child. The mind boggles.

And I got some of the hormone levels back and just as I knew they would be, they are all out of whack. Hmmm, has anyone seen my hormones?

On a high note, I am in love with my iPod nano. We are having quite the torrid affair wub.gif

undie report: red bra w/ white polka dots, aqua bow & trim and aqua wonder woman hipsters that nieceie-poo got me for mah b-day, that match the t-shirt I'm wearing which features a bunch of the female superheroes and says "Ladies Night".
oooh la la, yuefie! my iPod and i are gettin' it on, too!!!

ETA: If anyone is interested, they are doing a story on Helen Hill's unsolved murder on America's Most Wanted tonight...
happy birthday kitten and star and pixie!!!

congrats to msp on her little one!

((((sidecar & martini)))) ((((martinidad))))

*****kitten's kitten*****

so... yes... I'm back. I landed this morning, been spending time with mornmama.

weeeeell. It was a great visit, but not as fantastic as it could have been. Firstly, after not being able to pick me up at the airport, F was made to work the day after I arrived, at some "team-building" nonsense, and had to stay overnight. But then all was well until the next weekend, when he had to take his dad to hospital (we'd planned to go to NYC) on the thursday. I was ok with that - it's his dad, he was really very ill, etc etc - but he was supposed to be home friday evening. Well, first his mum persuaded/guilt-tripped him into staying, and then saturday he had a tooth infection. But she managed to convince herself it was cancer (everything is cancer), and went into hysterics... so he didn't come home until sunday, which I was not impressed about, as I was basically trapped to the few blocks I could comfortably walk in the humidity - and after being followed/cat-called at just going to the minimarket I wasn't keen on going far (not that there was anything to see when I did go out). mando, that was when you spoke to me, I was in a state F was horribly ill, though, we had to go to the emergency doctor on sunday afternoon to get painkillers and that, and I paid because he couldn't get at his account. Monday he had two teeth out, as was pretty groggy (but was still working). Tuesday I came down with a migraine, so back to the emergency doctor we went... and of course I haven't got health insurance, so I had to pay full price for it. Didn't properly recover until thursday morning... when he got formally served with papers suing him for full custody of A. And the cat pee'd on my clothes, so we spent the day doing laundry and getting stressed and then fighting that evening over petty things (beer makes him buzzed, cider makes me slightly maudlin, bad combination, especially when he expects me to be able to keep up with him). It wasn't helped by neither of us being happy about him having to leave early on friday morning to take his dad to the hospital, which meant he couldn't take me to the airport that day.

But on the plus side, we hung out lots, did some shopping, visited some of his friends and went for walks in the woods etc etc. He gave me a gorgeous notebook and a book and poems and some other things for my birthday, and he liked his presents. It was mostly lots of good little things, punctuated by a few moments of stress and fighting (but hey, we'd never really fought before, so it was worse than it actually was, if that makes sense)

Mornmama goes back to algiers tomorrow morning, and I have to get some sleep. I'll read the archives tomorrow and come back with some specific vibes!

I missed each and every one of you. ((((((kvetchies)))))
It's good to see your posts again, Mornington. Welcome back!!
Hey, gang. Hope it's okay if I do a bit of a drive-by.

First of all, if you haven't seen MsP's baby boy, you reeeeally really should. So adorable!

Morn, sorry to hear the trip was so fraught. I hope there were plenty of romantic moments dispersed amongst all of that to make it worthwhile.

I'm feeling poopy and depressed and down. And this is really pathetic of me because I've hung out with friends for the last 3 days in a row! Yes, 3! I've had oodles of girly time with girly friends, and I've had the opportunity to love on 2 bunnies, 1 cat, and a hedgehog. Life should be fabulous right? Hmmm. Maybe my iron levels are low or something. Or maybe I need a kitten or bunny or hedgehog of my very own.

Billy, I will be watching a recording of the Spa race tomorrow afternoon, so don't expect me to talk about anything F1-related until then!

Huge anti-kvetch: For the first time in months, we got a good, long, steady rain! Hooray! It isn't enough to break the terrible drought, but maybe it'll be enough to save some more of our plants.

Kvetch: My depressiony feelings have been keeping me awy from Bust. It's nothing personal. I think all of the posts just feel overwhelming when I'm feeling down. Does that make sense?
(((((((((morn))))))))))))))) oh how i meeced you!! you know what...i had a dream about you last night and i remember being so excited to see you and asking how things went with F. you seemed pretty blase about the visit. and then i read the first part of your post! oy vey. that's a lot going on for a visit. i'm glad you were able to make the most out of the trip.

(((rose))) maybe a bunny might cheer you up! and sorry you've been down lately. but, just post when you feel up to it.

(((bunnyb))) acos

(((amilita))) yeah for ipod luvin'!

kvetch: intermittent periods of loneliness. blah. the upcoming Fall and Winter months kinda do that for me. plus, i'm trying to keep calm and remind myself that rome wasn't built in one day. i will get done the things i need to get done within the year. and i'm really hoping that i can find a postdoc around here. i really don't want to move for another year. but, i guess i'll cross that bridge early next year. first, my internship....

(((hugs and vibes to everyone)))

Aw, Rose, sometimes the melancholia just hits with no rhyme or reason. It'll pass, but I totally get the being overwhelmed with other people's stuff when you are feeling down. I definitely recommend pet-acquisition-therapy for you, regardless of all else!!

Welcome back, Morn!! Sorry the visit wasn't perfect, but glad there were good times in there. I can't believe how much time you had to spend in health care related activities! It sucks when you need care away from home...the Mr. and I spend almost a full day getting his infected spider bite treated when we were on Cape Cod.

The Helen Hill story on America's Most Wanted was kinda sensationalized (surprise, surprise) and was tagged in with a lot of promotion for the new show K-Ville, but hey, the show does have a lot of viewers and does lead to information sometimes, so here's hoping...

By the way, Dusty, I'm sorry I never replied to your email related to Helen Hill...I think I was in one of those states at the time. Sorry!!

I worked on call last night- payin' for that iPod!! My mantra when I go into work now is something about being glad for the opportunity to work and make money. It helps me have a better attitude despite not loving where I'm working, and not seeing any other options right now.

(((Love for all)))
Hello all! Sorry I have been MIA, but the babe and work have been keeping me uber occupied!

I went back to work last Monday. It was very surreal. AT first I didn't want to go back and leave little T at the babysitters. Then once I got to work, I found out the temp had gotten bored and "reorganized" my ENTIRE office, including computer files because she couldn't find anything! blink.gif SO it took me a big part of the first few days just trying to recover from that because I HATE people touching my shit at work! I don't even like people getting in my file cabinets!

Anyway, the same temp had really F'd up my accounts payables so I had to undo all of that. My boss also put her to doing a task my boss had said she wouldn't be doing, ergo, I did not leave instructions. She did manage to get everythign into the computer ok, but did not copy them to the hard file (which is theone that has to be accurate) before filing. so this week I am going to get to pull 45 employee files one by one to see what needs to be updated! And the last lovely work related stress is that they changed some software while I was gone that is all full of bugs and hiccups and really threw my daily reports out of whack!

BUT the good news is, so far I have been able to fix most of th problems relativly easy. And I have gotten a great sense of accomplishment in doing so. An I really am glad to be back at work. Little T is having a hrad time adjusting to the babysitters but I think once he gets used to the routine, all will be well. He was very happy to stay home with mommy and daddy this weekend though!

Anyway, I hope to be online more after this week.

Rose...go get yourself a furry child! and Yay for rain!

Mornington..I am so glad you are back! I'm sorry your trip didn't go as planned!

(((yuefie, star, Pip, sidecar, Amilita, Mando, Billy and everyone else)))
Happy Sunday, ya'll.

RV - I love having pets. They can be very stabilizing and loving. They also make things kind of simple. No matter how bad my day has been, the cats need to be fed. I have to come home at some point to feed them. It provides a use for me on the days that I feel useless. Just my $0.02.

Pixie - Good luck being back at work. Sorry about the desk being all redone. That would make me crazy.

morninton - don't you just hate it when vacations are are as stressful as whatever you were trying to vacation away from? Glad that you had some fun, at least.

stargazer - sorry to hear that you are feeling so down. You are doing a lot of new stuff now. That has got to be hard on the nerves.

{{{amalita, yuefie, billy, all}}}

So, this weekend was looooong for me. As I mentioned on Friday, I had to leave Olivia, my cat, at the vet's. Then we had what was supposed to be a 2-hour trip stretch out to a 4-hour trip thanks to Chicago traffic to my friend's wedding. mad.gif Once we got to town, things were cool. Saturday, the day of the wedding, my vet called me and said that Olivia was going to be okay w/meds but that she was not doing well in the office. She was too scared to eat and was there anyone who could come pick her up? Luckily, there was. SO I could get one problem off of my mind. My sick cat was better and my boy cat would not be left alone for 48 hours straight. We dropped off my friend who was a bridesmaid and then spend a suprisingly fun day at some wine tastings and flea markets. It seems that there is a good local wine scene in the middle of Illinois. Who knew? Anyway, the whole time my friend and I were skipping around, we thought the wedding was at 6. Guess what? It wasn't. We got to the site at 5:30, feeling great about being early. Then I actually looked at the invite. The ceremony had started at 5. It had started a few minutes late but we still missed all but the last five minutes of everything. I was so upset and embarressed that I started to cry. As we walked from the wedding to the reception, my friend and I were berating ourself for missing the ceremony. At the recieving line, though, everyone was so touched that I was crying. I don't think the bride and groom even noticed that we were late! So we decided not to mention it at all. If it comes up after they return from the honeymoon, I'll tell them that we just missed the procession. The reception was great fun.

So that was my weekend. I need a nap.

Glad Olivia is OK, Kittenb. I agree with all the things you said about having pets...I can't imagine not having any. They bring such life to the house.

Glad it's been mostly OK going back to work, Pixie. That must be hard.

Yay for morn being back home safely! Sorry things were stressful, but glad you did have some good time with F.

And yay for pixie being back at work. ARGH, being a fellow virgo, I can relate to the frustration of having someone else in your stuff. Especially when they've changed and messed things up. I hope it all gets straightened out with as little hassle as possible and that little T get's adjusted to the new schedule quickly.



Hey, can I please ask for some super strength vibes for a woman I know (we'll just call her M) who going through a horrendous situation similar to the one I went through with ex-asshat? I mean a major life suddenly turned upside down, kicked in the gut, massive betrayal. I know BUSTie vibes are a special magik, and us Kvetchies know how to rally. Thanks!
Blessed screaming Jesus on a whole-wheat goddamn cracker, I just wrote this hugeass post, and it got et.!

I shall attempt to recreate …

(((martinidad))) I was hoping to hear better news. Poor martinifam.

(((mornington))) glad to see you alive and well … I wuz worried.

(((pixie))) I can’t believe you’re back at work already … seems like you only just gave birth to little mr T!

*die asshat die vibes for M’s ex*

Happy belated birfday, kitten … sorry I meeced it! Glad to hear kitty’s ok. bummer bout missing the ceremony. I’d be distraught too.

So so happy about my beloved msp’s newest addition – he’s tres adorable!

(((crassy))) LOVED the pics! You & the mr look utterly divine!

(((yuefie, raisin, star, bunny, amilita, billy, polly, dm, wb, pink, six-y, sassy, sybarite, dusty, rose, zoya, mavin, everyone)))

kvetch: I’ve worked mega hours the past two weeks. Nice big fat paycheck. But color me hella tired.

antikvetch: Lil sis asked me and the mr to be niecelette’s godparents. I knew she was gonna ask me, but the mr is a complete and wonderful shocker. I just hope bro isn’t hurt, we all assumed she was going to ask him. But they want a couple to be godparents, bro has his head further up his arse than usual these days, what with changing careers and he and his mrs trying to spawn and baseball playoffs and fantasy fucking football *severe rolling of eyes* ... anyhoo, you should of heard sis and dipshit hubby go on and on about how they couldn’t imagine a better, more loving, intelligent, caring, etc couple to take care of niecelette should something god forbid happen to them. they seem to think we're stellar parents. (meanwhile, guess who blew off her kid's first band competition to smoke up with her stoner coworkers sat night? *chagrined clearing of throat*) We’re touched and tickled and basically over the moon. I haven’t loved on a baby this hard in, oh, ‘bout 15 years. smile.gif

eta: star, i meeced your birfday too, i sorry! *tight hug*
Woo, Mando! When my big posts get eaten, I'm never as good as you at rewriting!! Yay for being asked to be godparents! What an honor. And about missing Danny's first competition for friend-time...I say don't feel bad cuz you gotta take care of yourself, too, and do what you want sometimes!

I forgot to mention how awesome Crassy's photos were! What a fun trip! And glad your mamma was well-behaved.

~~~~Vibes for Yuefie's friend M~~~~

I won't be around for awhile because I work tonight and then tomorrow I'm off to help my mom after her knee surgery that she had today- it went well. I will be there for her discharge from the hospital and for about a week after.

(((Hugs for all)))
*soothing healing vibage for mama-amilita* what did she have done? i'll probably need some kind of knee surgery sometime.

if anyone can spare any prayers and recovery vibes for the mr's uncle B ... he choked on something last night, had to be intubated, had a heart attack and is now in IC. he's 80+ and suffers from dementia, but still ... i feel horrible because my first thought was about the niece's wedding on friday, which we are all so looking foward to. callous as it sounds, the timing really sucks. sad.gif
kvetch: boring ass work orientation for the next 3 days. can u tell i'm paying attention?

antikvetch:I think i'm gonna do a date day w/myself saturday. visit thoreau & emerson's homes. go to a café & write thank you cards for the goodbye party from my family.

kittenb, it's an honest mistake. i'm glad u ended up having fun.

*s*vibes for m*-*

kvetch: boring ass work orientation for the next 3 days. can u tell i'm paying attention?

antikvetch:I think i'm gonna do a date day w/myself saturday. visit thoreau & emerson's homes. go to a café & write thank you cards for the goodbye party from my family.

kittenb, it's an honest mistake. i'm glad u ended up having fun.

*s*vibes for m*-*

**uber strong vibes for all, esp those needing medical ones**

I have been around and reading and thinking of you gals but just haven't been in the mood to post. I had a lovely depressing spell for about three days complete with uncontrollable sobbing and a headcold to boot. I am finally starting to feel human again. I really miss my antidepressants somedays!

Ze Love and I celebrated our 5th anni on Friday and Saturday. Fri we had to go out to dinner with his whole fam to celebrate us and his bro's birthday all at once. (On MY anniversary night tho harumph) Luckily, the depression hadn't hit full-scale and I had a decent time.

Sat, we were supposed to go to the mall (with my best bud too) and dinner (just with Ze Mavacado). But I got a call. My pal who has been in Iraq for over a year and finally came home (without telling anyone may I add) planned an impromptu outing in my area. So, a. I was bummed I couldn't go (I was much too sick to venture far) and b. my best bud went with them so I had to shop without a female sigh. The actual shopping trip wasnt so fun as I couldn't buy anything but scented candles (yum!) and ZeLove's Anni Gift at the Apple Store. No use looking at clothes when you are 6 months preggo! I did manage to go to a bookstore tho, where I bought books for Ze Love and Mavacado and a couple for me.

I just love that my daughter loooooves bookstores hee hee!

Oh, dinner was very nummy Sat but then we got home and I had to console my best bud bc her grandma (they were close) had just died. I used to play dominoes with them and it was so sudden. I hope to cheer my best bud up tonight at dinner a little.

Anywho, I was sad and blah all weekend and ZeLove didn't even get me a gift for our anni! I know, it is petty, but he asked me a lot of times what I wanted and I hinted at things very clearly, even showing him things on our outing that I liked (heck, he could've paid for my books at the bookstore- something!). I even have this folder on the computer for him, which I remind him of all the time, with links to things I like or want, so if I ever see somethng I like, I add it and he is set for holidays. He keeps saying, oh yah what do you want for our anni? I feel like saying, well it is too late. It has PASSED! BAH.

Sorry that was so long winded and whiny. It has been a hard few days on me.

**hugs around** I need to go clean or something. Ze Mavacado is sick today (got my bug) so I need to cuddle with her as much as I can when she wakes up.
Thanks for all the well wishes on my health and the walk.

The walk went great. It was really cool. We walked around GreenLake and about halfway through, you could look across the water and see red balloons in a ring around the lake. there were so many people that we filled the three mile trail in almost a complete circle about 5 people across. it was really impressive. I raised $910 total.

My weekend has been emotional. its been 10 years since my mom died and it really affected me this year. Sunday, I was depressed and ate cheese for dinner. yes. Cheese. Pesto Alouete spread, herbed brie and Goldy's dungeness crab and smoked artichoke hearts cheese and crackers. That was my dinner.

Then yesterday, I got to work and read my brother's blog and broke down. They sent me home. I spent the day in bed. Jeff's boss sent him home to take care of me, so instead of going home and coming back to pick him up, I went to 7-11, got bad food and pigged out for an hour while I waited for him. He took me home, put me to bed, hunted down a coaxle cable so that I could plug in the vcr to watch Ever After, let me fall asleep on him, and generally took great care of me. We live right down the road from a hospital, so we went to the chapel there (it was fitting) and I grounded myself to try to figure out why it hurt so much this year.

I realized what was affecting me the most. I feel guilty because I'm happy with my life and I recognize that the reason that my life is the way it is is because she passed away and we moved here. I feel guilty for being, in a roundabout way, "happy" that she died. I think I've made peace with that.

All in all, I'm tired. Tired of feeling. I'm going to work on setting up my room upstairs and getting it to be my consecrated space so I dont do this again.

Also, we have a flea infestation, so last night was spent spraying the carpet, bathing the cats, stripping and washing bedding and all clothing on the floor, and then treating the cats with flea stuffs.

((mando, star, mornin', mavin, ami, yuefie, kitten, rose, billy, tes, polly, sidecar, six, bunny, wb, crassy, lelu, and if I didnt list you, I didnt forget you, its a special message of love from me to you. *MWUAH*))
{{{yuefie's friend}}}
{{{mando}}} YAY on the godmother thing. So fun! And I am really sorry about your uncle. It is hard to watch someone fall into dementia. I hope things work out.
{{{stargazer}}}I hate meetings and boring orientations. Ick.
{{{mavin}}} I hope you start having better days ASAP. I don't think you are being petty (so speaks the girl who believes in week long birthday parties.)
{{{{{prettyinpink}}}}} I am glad that you had a great walk. I am very sorry to hear that everything else felt so exhausting. I can't even imagine being where you are right now. But, cheese sounds like wonderful comfort food. Esp. when combined with wine and chocolate. I hope your peace continues to come.

As for me, well I just came from an Open House for a local college. I think I am going to go back for my Master's Degree in counseling. EEEEEK! Just writing that down scares me a little.
((PiP & mavin)) sorry for your emotional roller coaster weekends. Glad you made it through.

((Star)) That sounds like a good time. Has your mom settled down with the guilt tripping stuff? I hope so.

((kitten)) being late is like genetic in my family, which I'm trying hard to break out of, so I understand the frustration. Any update on Olivia?

Not much going on. I'm trying to convince LeBoy that we should see if he's still allergic to cats and adopt my favorite kitty at the shelter.

Her shelter name is Jenny Jones (they named a string of cats & dogs after talk show hosts) and she remembers me everytime I come in and she's the sweetest little cat. I know I shouldn't get attached, but I've already picked out the name Zelda if we take her. LeBoy is more than watery eyes/runny nose allergic- he gets a full blown asthma attack, but he says he hasn't had much of a reaction the last few months when he's at the houses of our many friends who have cats. *fingers crossed*
((((((((((PNP)))))))))))) Please be easy on yourself, dear. Remember that your mother would want you to be happy, no matter what. Our lives take us down strange paths and the circumstances of her death certainly had a hand in putting you on the path that lead to Jeff & your kitties and so many other things that make you happy. But that's just life, hon. I'm sure your mother would be very proud of the woman you have become & thrilled to see you so happy. (((((((((more love for PNP)))))))))
(((((((((Yuefie's friend, M)))))))))))
((((((((((Amilita's mom))))))))))
(((((((Mavin)))))))) I feel tempted to give ZeLove a little kick in the pants for the whole anniversary thing. Grr.
(((((((((((Pixie & little T))))))))))))) Sorry to hear that the temp rearranged all of your stuff. How infuriating!

Kvetch: My computer is being super flaky. It keeps freezing up & I have to reboot it. Then it can take 15 minutes to get started again. Scary! I hope it doesn't crash before I get a chance to post this!

Anti-kvetch: My mom sent me flowers! See, my mom has been working on her associated degree in Spanish for a couple of years (she's an ER nurse & they come across more and more patients who don't speak English & it's extremely hard to take care of their needs. Hence, her desire to get this degree). Anyway, there have been all sorts of problems with her class schedule & some of her necessary classes have been cancelled. I told her to talk to the dean's office & see if she can work out something - perhaps some independent study stuff, etc. She followed through with my advice and as a result, she's going to graduate with her associates degree in Spanish about one whole year earlier than she thought. Yay!!! Mom will graduate in December. smile.gif She says this would not have been possible if I hadn't given her that advice so she sent me the prettiest bunch of pink flowers. Such a lovely surprise!

ETA: ~*~*~*~*~ get Zelda vibes for Polly! ~*~*~*~*~

Mando- my mom had the plastic ball part of knee replacement replaced...that one was only done 6 years ago, but the ball part was packaged in a way that exposed it to oxygen, so it had already started deteriorating before it was in her body! Poor mamma, she's had 3 knee replacements (first one was crooked and had to be redone a year later) and now this. I fear for the future of my knees, as well.

Polly, Jenny Jones is so sweet!!! That face! *swoon*


Yay, Rose's mom!! I could really use some Spanish, too! I know "push" and "don't push" and "breathe deeply"...that's gotten me through a few deliveries. Oh- and bambina and bambino.

((love to all)) ...gotta go catch a plane!
**PiP** It is so normal to feel like you did this weekend and I agree that your mother is prolly very proud of who you are. The walk sounds incredible! **fleas be gone vibes**

KittenB- Good for you for going back to school! It can be scary, yes? I keep hemming and hawing about it myself. I think I, too, am going to go for it! I will be starting all over but I really love the field I am in and would make a darn good pharmacist methinks. (That and there is talk of a second pharmacy school opening in my state and it would be down the road from me!) So good for you! Let's do it together! ;-)

Oh my gods, Polly, yoou must have that cat! She looks just like my cat only younger! Soooo cute! **allergy be gone vibes**

RV- good for your mom! And yay for flowers. Such a nice little treat.

I just got back from a nice long walk with the Mavacado. She is feeling much better after a too-short nap and some tylenol. Her fever is gone and everything! (She seems to have her father's immune system) So, we walked outside (it is lovely out) and I got some chocolate cake for tonight and some fried chicken too. Feels good to get out and about (or just to feel like going out) after being sick for so long.
mavin - if we go back to school together does that mean that we can split the bill? Would that make it cheaper? Just asking.

polly - Olivia is sitting next to me at the moment. She hates taking her meds but she seems to be getting healthy. At least there has been two days of no bad peeing. That's something, right? As for the cat you want, have you tried the allergy minimizing shampoo I've seen sold at the Anti-Cruelty Society? It is supposed to reduced whatever it is that most people are allergic to.
kitten- hee hee I wish we could make it cheaper that way!

Had my chocolate cake. So all is well with me. MMMMM.

Altho, shhhhhh, I think I have my first hemorrhoid and I really don't want it. Please send it back.
Hooray for chocolate cake! And for the Olivia Kitty's healthier bod! Boo on hemeroids. Boo, I say, booooo!

[raises glass to the future students of KvetchLandia]

Amilita, I love that you know how to say "push" in Spanish. The first thing Mom learned to ask her patients was "How many drinks have you had?". Oddly enough, the answer is always "two beers". rolleyes.gif Just goes to show you how different things can be in the different departments within a hospital, yes?

Hey gang, does anyone know if WalkingBitch and her husband went to the Emmy's?

Kvetch: Sheff has been super sweet and lovey-dovey lately ... and for some reason, this makes me feel uneasy. I can't explain it. He's sweet as can be and compliments me all the time & appreciates every thing that I do & makes a point of spending time with me, even if we're just reading books in the same room. It's great and, admittedly, a welcome change since he was kinda surly over the summer. So why does it freak me out? Hmmm. I think I'm just going to chalk it up to the nice weather. Sheff hates the heat of summer, so he must be thrilled now that our highs are down in the 70s again.

Anti-kvetch: Did I mention that he's been very sweet? Yay. smile.gif
Anti-kvetch: I decided that we should eat dessert first tonight, so we had little lava cakes for dinner. That was followed with pasta & sausage, but my tummy was too full of gooey cakey goodness to eat very much of it. tongue.gif
Momentarily, I'm off to Mexico for my annual trip. It's always fun, tiring and good for putting things into perspective. Unless I'm rotting in a Mexican jail, I'll return Sunday evening. If you have spare vibes, I'll take them!

I already know which underwear I'm wearing Friday..... you can probably guess! Friday morning, I'll be thinking of my fellow Busties. Don't let down by not posting smile.gif

Hey everyone!

Sorry I've been not in the lounge lately. I've been in a bad depression funk the last couple of weeks. sad.gif Lots of crying and just feeling bad. However, I actually got my physical on Monday. This is huge for someone who is doctor phobic. so, I'm proud of myself.

Kvetch: Seizures. I had another one today. Ugh.

Anti-kvetch: Mcgeek and I are redecorating the basement!! Once all my furniture is moved in, I'll post some pictures. He has two weeks off, so I think we'll do it then. Painting and numerous trips to IKEA.

Anti-kvetch: My evil mother and I are actually getting along for once. Did my mother get replaced by someone else?

Yummy for chocolate cake and going back to school!!

Boo on hemeriods...

Polly, Jenny/Zelda is adorable!

RV, your mom is so sweet! Yay for sheff being sweet. Yet, I also freak out when Mcgeek is being sweet. Always thinks he wants something from me. I guess b/c normally he's in such a crappy mood...

Billy, vibes about Mexico.

((Star)) I hate boring trainings and such...

((everyone else I'm forgetting...))
Ahoy me mateys! Just dropped by to wish everyone a happy Talk Like a Pirate day! Arrrr!
Yay for a fun trip to mexico, billy. Hope you have a blast and that there NO jail cells for ya wink.gif ~~~~safe travel vibage a plenty~~~

((((sassy)))) sorry you're in a funk honey, *tight hugs* and yay for you going to the doctor. as a self professed dr-phobe who just had a physical, I understand what an accomplishment it is.

((((rose, pixie, mandi, mornington, bunny, star, polly, syb, sidecar, amilita, raisin, crassy, pink, kitten, mavin, candy, flanker, tes, plat, lelu, everyone))))

Ziggy has become an indoor outdoor kitty. I didn't want it that way, but he had other designs. No matter how careful you are, he finds a way to run out the door. So I decided it was best to let him out during daylight and make sure he comes in at dusk, which is working out fine. He's such a sweet, lovey and friendly little guy that he has many fans here. Seriously, he is the popular kitty-dood in the complex rolleyes.gif. He's got a siamese kitty girlfriend named Roxanne, a tan chihuahua girlfriend named Sandy and also a new playmate, a three month old yorkshire terrier named Bryce. It is the cayootest thing to see them galavanting through the grass outside. And Sandy's owner lets Ziggy come inside to play, which is hilarious to watch. I'm hoping to be able to snap some pictures to post some day soon.

ETA: I meant to send out ~~~healing vibes for mando's uncle b, some for martinidad and for anyone else who need 'em~~~
and also some *tight hugs* and ~~~continued job search vibage for sixela~~~
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