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Happy Birthday Annoushh!

I understand what you mean on the house Amilita. I hate taking forever to fix things, so I don't let Mr.P start on projects until we know we can finish them in a short amount of time and do it right.
happy happy birthday to annoush!

woohoo for lively's job!


(((amilita))) i so underartand your emotional attachment to buildings -i do that big-time. that's why i'm so obsessed w/my house i think. i want to restore it's full splendor, i even think it *deserves* that. i'm the same way w/shelter dogs & cats, etc...

i've got a sinus headache from hell, and still didn't get enough sleep last night. the s-i-l came in at 2:30am even though she got off work at 4pm. she had also called her mom (long distance) to request her to overnight $20 cause she didn't have enough $ to take the train to her old place of work to get her check--but she didn't get the $ yet still claims to have taken the train and gotten the check, then claims to have gotten confused on finding her way back. wtf?!?! although she said she did get her check she couldn't show us a check stub. she's in major avoidance mode, not returning the mr's calls to her cell for the past 2 days. so the mr. told her we would talk tonight --$50 says she won't show until she thinks we're asleep! this is very annoying. we just want to help her and she needs to be honest with us. i'd respect her more if she just said "i don't really feel like working and i like to fuck so i just went to my boyfriend's house"...
Good morning lovely BUSTies and BUSTers :-)

Okay, since my life seems to be falling back in line and when I went to sign in to livelyupurself a few moments ago, it said my user account was invalid (dingos? anyone else have this happen?) I decided I am going back to being yuefie because, well because I miss being yuefie and have been kind of annoyed that I allowed some asshattery to stop me! I've been toying with the idea of switching back anyhow, and in all seriousness, I mentioned it to raisin in an LJ post right before I tried to sign in here! So I'm taking this user name snafu as a *sign*, hehe. So once again, livelyupurself = yuefie.

Thanks everyone for all the congrats.

an extra special hug for ((((mando)))) and her diryt margaritas for the *snoopy dancing*, hee hee :-) (psst... mandi, check my lj for the cutest dancing snoopy)

(((crassy))) ~~~good sleep & headache away vibes~~~

~~~~continued vibage for plummie's sis & friend~~~

(((anoushh))) extra big hugs and belated birthday wishes! how are you feeling sweetie?

(((damona)))) some ~~~perfect place vibes~~~ cause you really deserve it darlin'!

(((((mornington, designer, raisin, amilita, dusty, rosev, north, pixie, polly, billyb, sybarite, sonik, fina, surly, sapphy, lys, faith, miri, tallgirl, and anyone else out there lurking or that I forgot)))))
oops, hehe. guess those b-day wishes for anoushh aren't so belated. have a fabulous day love!

oh yeah, and forgot undie check: hot pink & black polka dotted panties and a black lace bra.
Crawling out from under my rock to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Anoushh & Plummie (even though I'm a tad late for Plummie ... sorry, doll!) Two such wonderful Kvetchies deserve to have FABULOUS birthdays. Yes indeed-ee-doo.

((((((( massive hugs & healing for Plummie's sister's friend ))))))))

((((((((Oodles of love for Damona )))))))) I don't know how you do it, dear. You're truly amazing.

Congrats to Lifely/Yuefie!

~~~~~ soothing for Crassy ~~~~~

Billy! And Northy! Yay!

((((( all you'ins )))))

Kvetch: I'm afraid The Ballerina may not be able to visit this weekend. The poor dear is soooooo busy. This dance company is working her little tail off. She's covering for an injured dancer and was given less than 3 weeks to learn 3 pieces and get them performance-ready. I cannot even imagine how difficult that must be! The ballet opens in one week. Hope her body can take all this greulling work.

Anti-kvetch: Next week I will be MIA, my dears. I'm going to spend most of the week at a condo on the outer banks with the 'rents. Then we're picking up Sheff & going to the mountains for the weekend. Heavenly!

My undies: Pink cotton cami with built-in bra and these underpants. I got them at my bachelorette party. :-)
happy birthday to anoushh! *passes the club soda in a cup*
(((mando))) i thought of you today b/c I decided to grow mint in my herb garden, purely so I can have mojitos whenever i want.


Tonight, I am going to this New Orleans-themed concert. Wynton Marsalis had to cancel, but it's still Dr. John, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and the Neville Brothers. I have a picnic backpack full of cheese and sausage, too.

Beige VS bra, maroon felina boyshorts.
Happy birthday anoushh.

sidecar, have fun at the jazz concert.

Yay for yuefie reclaiming her name.

((crassy)) Feel better.

Mom DM had to take our family dog, Sparky a 14 year old miniature schnauzer to be put to sleep today. He could barely walk or see, and the vet said he was in a lot of pain. Needless to say it was hard for the whole family, but especially Mom DM as she had to be there when it was done.

Mom DM has been doing very well since she started seeing the therapist though. She would have never been able to handle Sparky's death before, and they had a family vacation with no arguements. This is a great accomplishment.

I hope all have a fun weekend. ((Busties))

White bra and multi-colored undies.

((Good news))
(((dm & momdm & fam & sparky))) i'm so sorry for your loss, sweetie. oh so sad. but oh so the right thing to do. which doesn't make it any better, how well i know.

(((sidecar))) i'm tickled that mojitos make you think of me! that reminds me, i must needs see if our mint is ready for harvest. but i'm also thinking of cheating and just buying one of those tub-thingies from linens & things: add bacardi limon, shove in the freezer and presto, mojito slushies! they also make them for 'ritas, pina coladas, daquiris, etc. i know they're made with evilcrapsugar ingredients, but hey, sounds like good times to me!

welcome back, yuefie!

(((rose))) i hope you have a lovely vackay. you've certainly earned it, m'dear!

(((crassy))) here's hoping sil calms down soon, and gets a clue about how you're the good guys and you're there to help.

(((amilita))) i bet your dream cottage is just around the corner. but i'm sorry this one isn't the one. i know you're going to feel alot better when you have your own little safe haven ready and waiting.

*continual loop vibage for plummie's lil sis & pal*

mornington, how are you feeling, luv?

(((damona))) because i wish i could buy you the house o' your dreams. and go little d ... woot!

kvetch: the kidlet is in a band-for-hire this summer. ok. it's the american legion band. don't shoot me. but they're a nice bunch of people, all ages, one is even a distant cousin, they ADORE danny, and the kid will be making a nice chunk of change at summer's end. it's mostly local parades. or so i thought. today they're in a parade FOUR FUCKING HOURS NORTH of here. where it's storming as we speak. he didn't bring his cell phone. i hate this. i hate when he's far away and out of reach.

but he's 13. he's a smart, capable, young adult, and he's with adults who are watching out for him. and come september, he's going to be travelling far and wide with the high school band. i know i've got to put on my gameface and get used to this, pronto. he's growing up. but ... gah. i guess my completely-shot nerves just didn't need this far-and-away thing happening today.

on the other hand, if i HAD realized it earlier, it would've been just one more thing to add to the Mandi Stressball Pile.

antikvetch: retail therapy. online. at work. because i'm worth it. hee.

*tiptoes in*

so quiet...

yay for jazz concerts, holidays, yuefie & her job, annoush's birthday, the return of the living dead - or at least billy - and all good things.

(((dm))) & (((dm's mum)))

(((mando, pixie, anoushh, yuefie, sidecar, north, billy, txplum, damona, and everyone else)))

I appear to have some side-effects to the prozac... namely a headache for the past twenty-four hours and feeling sleepy, very sleepy. Hopefully it'll clear up before my exam on monday (or saving that, the one on tuesday. or wednesday). Did I mention I'm screwed for these exams?

((((everyone))) hope you're all having good weekends.

edit: I posted at the same time so ((((mando)))) and ((((danny))))
((((((sparky, designer, dm mama & family)))))) I am sorry for your loss sweetie. No matter how old and in pain a beloved furry friend is or how right it is, it's still difficult to do. ~~~big bone in the sky vibes for sparky~~~

My eyes well up just thinking about my furbaby and how old she is getting. *heavy sigh*

((((mornington))))) huge hugs and ~~beat it, headache! vibage~~~

(((mandi luv, you are so worth it))) :-)

just wanted to say I lurve you all the mostest. wanted to sure that was clear, hee ;)


p.s. mandi & dm: it does feel good to be reclaiming my*self*, in many ways.

((((sparky, DM, DM Mom and family))))) so sorry about the loss of sparky. It never gets easy, even if it's the right thing. I can't even begin to think about how I'll be when Sophie gets old.


((((((mando))))))) danny will be fine. and so will you.


the concert was pretty good, but getting home sucked. our train was about 45 minutes late, then we stopped for another 45 minutes in one of the suburbs because some dumbass lit up a J on the train, and Metra is "not cool" if you know what I mean, so we had to wait for the cops to show up and haul him off while a bunch of drunken hipsters and drunken Walgreens employees on our train sang R&B and hip-hop songs ***loudly*** not to mention **badly.** it was a 45-minute trip that ended up taking almost two hours, and we went to bed at 1:30. we had a cleaning service in this morning b/c of all the crazy dust that settled after the floor was put in, and they were supposed to get here at 8. I hit snooze on the alarm at 7:15, and at 7:30, I said to Martini, "we should get up rather than hit snooze because they're early a lot," and at that moment, the effing buzzer rang! so we had to get up and get pants on in a hurry.

then the IKEA delivery guy came, and Sophie freaked out, and some crazy woman who was convinced she found our lost cat called and yelled at keith (um, our cats aren't lost), and that all happened at 8:15. i was offline almost all day because we were moving shit around because our bookshelves arrived, so we had to disconnect the hub computer and move it across the room. there was so much going on--it was totally chaotic here. then we went out to the apple store and i got a new laptop! i am typing on it RIGHT NOW. i think I am going to cuddle it while i sleep. okay, not really. but i do like it!

so that was my day. jam-packed, i tell you.
sidecar, how were the Neville Brothers? i hear they put on a damn good-time show!

happy father's day to all the critter dads!

and happiest of birthdays to surly's boyfriend, lionel ritchie! hee.
*wanders in*

(((sidecar))) is today quieter?

*goes back to staring at notes*

welcome back yuefie! oh, and you forgot me in your hugs :-( hmph, I go away for a week and become forgotten...

good luck with tomorrow's exam mornington!!! (I guess you're lurking, hunny?) eta: ah, not so much lurking!

****belated happy birthdays to plummy and anoushh****

london was fab and a much needed break (albeit productive!) lots of shopping, time with family and busties and more shopping and reading and visiting cool places. brought home lots of lovely things including big box of krispy cremes, lots of jelly bellies, cath kidson cushions, hot pink thong birkenstocks, benefit make up and jo malone cologne for the boy.

the boy's gift was a celebratory one - he received his degree result on thursday, he received a first AND is top of his class!!! I am one ***very*** proud girlfriend .

love to (((all)))
Ohhhhhh my, BUNNY!!! I never really forget you, love. Extra, super-duper heeeyooge hugs for you ((((((bunny)))))))). And congrats to your boy too :-)
drive by!


happy bday plummie and anoushh!

and i am a few days late but: white undies with pink dots, purple lacy bra...soooo don't match!
wow, bunny's got herself a smartie!!

happy father's day to the bustie dads!

mandolyn, the neville brothers were pretty good, although they opened with "Car Wash," but it was sorta jazzy. i liked preservation hall jazz band the best.

today was much calmer. i can't believe it's bedtime already, it just flew by.
yay, "yeufie" is back, i like the name btw.

(((sidecar)))wow, what a weekend you had! hopefully you're happy with how your place looks now though.

(((mandi))) i can't believe danny is going to be going into high school! it's awesome that he's joined the band and that they like him so much, i'm sure they'll look out for him!

(((mornington))) hope you do/are doing well on the exams!

(((mom dm & dm family))) that's sad. but at least sparky is now in doggie heaven instead of in pain.

(((bunny))) i'll still hug you! and awesome news about the boy. woohoo!

we did have a talk with s-i-l (t) on friday. in fact we all made a delicious dinner with fajitas, homemade salsa & guacamole, then sat down after dinner and worked out a budget for her to work on and talked about some of her goals. it seemed to go well, i hope she does understand like mandi said that we are the 'good guys' here.

with t there the mr, & i are like teenagers waiting until she leaves the house to get frisky! it's kinda fun but also kinda irritating, the spontaneity is lacking of course.

psst, amilita, check yer e-mail.
Did someone in here say capirinhas? I lurve them drinks.

Happy belated birthday Anoushh and Plumwine!!

P and i had out birthday party this weekend, and it was a good party. But it always ends with all the guys undressing. Seriously, P went on a trip once with friends of ours, all guys, and on the last day they made a bonfire, stripped and ran around said fire. P had a branch from a tree and spanked everyone. I love my friends.

P thought something.genius. up at the end of our birthday party. He called it Pants? No Service. So everyone had to take off their pants in order to get hamburger patties. I was safe in my bed at that time.

Anyway, we got lots of cool gifts and i'm getting the house in normal shape again.

I also introduced my sister to Bust, showed her the ropes. I hope she joins soon.

((((Crassy)))))good luck with all that family stuff.

(((((Bunny and bf))))Congratulations!!!

hi Yuefie!

(((((Miri, Mornington, Mandolyn, Sidecar, Dusty, Designermedusa, RoseViolet, Pixiedust, Anoushh, Alligator, TX Plum, Billy, Northpole, Damona, PollyStyrene))))))


(((((Amilitia)))))I understand your emotional connection to houses.

Sounds like you have lot's of fun, you and P

(oh, and check your mail sonik)
Good Maude, you scared the hell out of me, Thunder, with your email! Cod, was i ever so happy to find out you're the good old sis! Welcome!!
I have some happy news to share, Mr. DM got his greencard today!!!!!!!! It's taken almost two years, but what this means is Mr. DM can work and travel without having to get any more permits. It also means we can move to NYC, which we could do before but it would have been more complicated.

sonik, yay for a fun party and getting gifts.

crassy, glad things are working out with t. It must be hard to share your house though after you and the mr. having it to yourselves for so long.

bunny, yay for a fun time in London and the boy receiving his degree.

sidecar, glad you had a nice time at the concert and that your weekend slowed down after the busy Saturday.

((mornington)) Good luck on your exams.

mando, yay for retail therapy.

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts about Sparky's passing. Mom DM is taking it very badly, and she said Dad DM cried. Time will heal, and they know they made the right decision.


((Good news))
Many many congratulations to Mr. DM on the greencard!!! You two must be so relieved.

Hooray for Sonik & her party & her strange-yet-wonderful friends.

And a special hooray for Sonik's sis! Welcome to the group, Thunder.

~~~~~ more soothing sanity vibes for Crassy & Mr. McNasty ~~~~~ Hope you get some good sleep & some good lovin' soon.

Hi, Miri! Don't be a stranger.

(((BunnyB))) Your weekend sounds so fabulous. And many congrats to the boy! Excellent work!

~~~!~~~!~~~ vibes of billiance for Mornington ~~~!~~~!~~~

Mandi, I just wanted to say congrats on Danny landing such an impressive gig! I know some of those trips will be hard, but it's such a wonderful opportunity. The young man just keeps giving you more and more reasons to be proud of him.

Pixie, how are you doing out there? How's Mr. P?

(((((( all y'all ))))))

My parents made it in just fine yesterday. No flight delays or anything. But they brought bad news. Our beloved old cat, Gary, died on Sunday night. He'd been suffering from thyroid problems for a couple of years & it seems like no matter what we did, we couldn't get extra weight on him. He was the sweetest, gentlest cat ever. He would never ever hiss or scratch anyone. Even when the dog, Emily, would get hyper & jump all over him, he'd usually just lay there & take it rather than fighting her. Such a silly, gentle cat. I'm rather sad that I'll never get to cuddle him again. It has made being away from home that much harder. Luckily, the blow has been softened a bit by having my parents here (and Sheff has been very warm and concerned about me, too). But I'm feeling a little heart-broken today.


But my parents are here & that's nice.
We're doing fine. Mr. P had an interview with our Alma Mater yesterday. It went ok..but not great so now we are playing the waiting game. They told him he should hear something by the end of the week. The really good news is teachers just got a $3k raise across the board so starting pay should be even better than we were hoping!

This is vacation week here at work. We have so many people out it is aggravating just trying to keep things straight. Yesterday I had to cover the reception desk all day long which drives me nuts! I can't get any of my work done up there and so I usually get bored to tears.
woohoo for mr dm's greencard!!!

sonik, i'm think i'm going to the wrong parties! they never end with the guys undressing!!!

(((dm family)))

(((rv & family))) my kitty booboo is playing with gary in kitty heaven!

(((pixie))) ~*~*~get that job mr. p*~*~*

t came in at 2:00am last night, even though she didn't frikkin' work. i wanted to wake her up when i left for work but i know the mr. gave her an agenda that she has to get done today so i'm going to let her get that done on her own so she can show us that she has a little frikkin' initiative! i, however, am pretty tired, but a co-worker just got me a big dunkin' iced coffee, so i'm feeling better...

I want to rush off soon and get my ceiling paint, so I'm gonna second all of rosev and designerm's shout-outs. Is that legal? They said it so well already!

Also special hugs for (((Sparky))) and (((Gary))) and their families.

I have been busy...

*learned how to do iTunes over the weekend. Dangerous! Now I want speakers for my computer and an iPod. And to download every song/album I see.

*Painting the living room and dining room...all my color issues are over in House of the Gods...with a couple pics. The fancy 'after' pictures will be more exciting, though. Especially after I copper leaf the picture rail! Woot! Doing the first room this Sunday.

*Went to neighborhood association meeting last night...developers wanna build high rises on the riverfront, which would take away from our historical feel. Boo. And they are bringing in cruise ships to the port in the neighborhood next to mine...did you know it takes about 180 semis to stock up a ship? Think about multiple ships, and all these trucks driving right by your house. :-(

*Getting mad at the mayor. Among other things, he is just now admitting that we have a crime problem...after those 5 kids getting gunned down makes the national news. Uh-huh. The national guard is starting to return today.

Hope everyone is having a good week! I've been keeping up with everyone, but have become obsessed with New Orleans blogs lately, so have been posting less.
Oops...forgot to say I am sorry to hear about Garycat. I remember how he used to come "talk" to us by the pool. So is Emily the only pet your parents have now? Not that she doesn't make up for having several with all that energy!

I finally heard from my photographer this morning. She FINALLY mailed my wedding proofs yesterday! I though she was mailing them last Wednsday so I have been haunting the mailbox. They only have to come an hour so cross fingers that they will be in the mailbox this afternoon!

Minipixie's therapist appointment got cancelled today. I really wanted to talk to her today too! Anyway, they can't reschedule for another month!

Amilita, I can imagine why you aren't happy to see teh cruise ships. I think we waited almost an hour just to park when we went on our honeymoon last month! It will mean lots of traffic. However it will also mean lots of tourism which I understand is vital to rebuild. Anyway, the bright side would be that Mr.Pixie and I would have a good excuse to come see you. NOLA is about the same distance as Galveston adn Mr. P would much rather see NOLA next time we cruise.

yay for mr dm's greencard! (((dm))) & continued vibes for ((((dm's mum))) & (((dm's dad))) It's not the easiest decision to have to come to terms with even when you know you did the best thing, along with losing a pet, and I do hope it gets easier for them.

(((rosev))) I'm so sorry, but gary'll be happy in kitty heaven, I'm sure.

(((crassy & the mr)))

(((amilita))) urgh, those ship sound horrid. But yay for itunes and decorating.

belated happy birthday (((sonik))) - yay! for parties and presents. and yay! for sisters. Hello (((thunder)))!

yay for bunny's boy! and (((bunny))). good to know you made it back in one piece.

(((pixie))) & ***fingers crossed*** for mr pixie.

woo! for danny being in the band (((mando))). It will make him even more mature, and keep him busy too. You are not to stress, d'you hear me? ;)

(((sidecar, yuefie, damona, polly, txplum, billy, north, miri, everyone else)))

I have one exam left - the big essay paper. It's gonna be a killer because we have three hours to write six essays, and I know nothing. Or at least I don't know everything in enough detail to write comprehensively on whatever could come up. I hate exams, but I have the summer to revise for retakes.

Although everybody's vibes - thank you! - seem to be working as I managed to write something today. I answered every question, and hopefully there will be a few marks in there.

Ok, off to do the washing up. The kitchen is a tip, as per usual, and I really ought to do the washing up - C and I have decided that if she tidies, I'll wash up. I spent the afternoon asleep, after getting back from a post-exam starbucks visit.

((((mornington, designermedusa her mister and his greencard and designer mom, raisin, amilita and her mad copperleafing decorating genius, dusty, rosev and her vacation, sidecar with a sideorder of *~*~* no more transport problem~*~*~* and ~*~*~*happy new laptop~*~*~* vibes, north, pixie and the gorgissima minipixie, polly, drunken posting from billybonka!!!, sybarite, sonik, fina, surly, sapphy, lys, yeufie, miri, tallgirl, crassy and her sinuses/head, bunny and her boy, plum and lilsis))))

belated bday vibes for annoush and sonik and plum!
belated congrats on the job vibes for lively!

~*~*~*cool blue waters vibes for Mandi, who is an amazing mom to an amazing kid, and is handling her growing pains with utmost grace~*~*~*

~*~*~*RIP Sparky and Gary~*~*~*

Kvetch: boys suck, I am still having med issues and am just feeling disaffected, which sort of colors everything else.

Antikvetch: In theory there's really nothing to complain about, job is good, friends/fam healthy, etc. Some perspective vibes are requested.
Yay for mr DM getting his green card!! You both must be so pleased/relieved.

Mando, I know it's anxious-making but I echo those saying that Danny spreading his wings a wee bit is no harm. My mum sent me off to summer camp (only for a week or so, but I was bummed) and it ended up being very Good For Me... and I made some good friends and generally became more confident about being out in the world (relatively) on my own. (((Mando and Danny)))

(((Faith))) med issues and boy-suckage begone!

(((RV and family and all missing garycat)))

Completed last week's hectic n' important deadline; now a follow-up meeting tomorrow and onwards to the next chapter and more of the same... Am glad to be back in a semi-social environment.




(((Mandi's nerves)))

Last night Mr. Dusty and I volunteered at his mom's flower show. The other kids were laughing at me. They said, "How did a *girlfriend* get roped into this?" and "You must really be scoring brownie points with your bf for this!" Well, no, actually, that's not how I score points with Mr. Dusty...hee.
Oh ya'll, I need a vacation. I was talking to a friend last night (after a fantastic, amazing, fancy meal...gin gimlet, saffron mussels, steak with red wine reduction, potato bacon cake, asparagus, peach tart with sweet creme fraiche.)

Anyway, she was saying she's at the breaking point, and I was saying that the other day, I realized that I'm OK...but only because I'm keeping things in my life tightly controlled. Like, I don't have a job, thus no job stress or interactions with coworkers, stuff like that. I see only certian friends.

And I just read an article about the guy whose job it is to run around town convincing people not to kill themselves, and he's busy, busy, busy.

And yeah, the National Guard just got here, which is good IMO, but what about actually being able to prosecute people? I don't think everyone knows that New Orleans just started running trials again. For juvenilles, they are pretty much getting released unless they raped or killed someone...just because we do not have the capacity to do anything with them in this city.

And that's not even going into the things that were wrong with our criminal justice system prior to the storm...letting violent criminals out on teeny bonds, our DAs and cops pay scales are very low, etc...

Oh, I told you guys I was gonna vent, so I'm doing it. It's not OK here. And we are basically f***ked if there is another bad storm here...there was something on the news about all the debris all over the place and how it's gonna fly around even if we just get a tropical storm. *sigh*

I don't feel like I can leave town during hurricane season...the Mr. says we can just rush back for the cats if there is a storm somewhere, and I had ruled that out, but maybe I should consider it earlier in the season (when you are less likely to get a bad storm) rather than waiting 'til I'm flipping my lid in early fall.

Here's a good NY Times article about the mental health situation here.

A friend is making us huevos rancheros tonight.

Love to all.
*~*~*do well in killer exam mornington*~*~*

(((amilita))) that article made me cry! i can understand why living among piles of rubbish as a constant reminder of what can happen would depress people! not that this will make you feel any better but jersey city has a mad rep for letting people out of jail and off the hook for serious crimes --hell, most of our govt. officials are doing drugs, alcohol, theft, etc. but still get voted in time and time again. and the culture of fear is very strong here but of course that's without a major disaster occurring which i'm sure would only make it worse! i understand that it will take a while, but why isn't anything being done about removing the debris?!? the contractor (who is owned by halliburton!!!) who is supposed to be 'cleaning up' is getting fuckin' $30 or more per square foot! where the hell is the cleanup?!? it's no wonder people are feeling "out of control!" and according to my psychologist friend 'feeling you have no options is the worst thing you can feel.' is there anything that we can do about this? is there an organization that's working on this? i'm pissed. i want to get involved.

also, i think a vacation would be very good for you amilita!


sybarite, yay for getting done on deadline, boo for new deadlines!

kvetch: some a-hole went speeding down my street and hit my car (which is like never parked on the street except for last night cause i blocked the mr. in) and took off my mirror! bastid didn't even stop! i heard a crunch noise and the mr. ran down the stairs and tried to chase the guy in his socks- but he didn't get the license plate. argh!

anti-kvetch: t actually took some initiative and got her ass to the community college she used to go to to get her bill so she can actually try to pay it after 3 years of defaulting.
Yesterday, my mom called in the morning to tell me that my grandfather was in the hospital and wasn't doing so well. It got worse around noon, so Martini and I left work in the afternoon and went to see him (he lives about an hour from us.) His lower ventricles were beating faster than his pacemaker, and he also has congestive heart failure, so he has fluid in his lungs and around his heart. They got his heartbeat regulated, but the fluid is still there. He seems okay, but he's been very sick for a very long time, and I suspect this is it. My parents flew up yesterday and my brother is flying in today. His test results were better today, but I am prepared for the worst.

We're going back Saturday morning to see him unless my mom calls to tell me that I should get down there because he's gotten worse. I'm glad I went last night and that my family is here to see him. Even if he pulls through this...I don't know how long it's going to be.
(((amilita))) I can't even imagine what you are going through!

(((sidecar and grandpa)))

(((crassy))) I would be SOOO PISSED!

(((everyone else)))

AntiKvetch: Mr. had another interview today. This one was at a middle school. At first I wasn't really enthusiastic about it because it's not the best school system, and I would rather him get the job in the school system we live in, BUT this is a title 1 school which means if he works there for at least 5 years, they will pay off his $60k+ in school loans! That would be VERY nice! He really liked the guy he interviewd with so..keep those fingers crossed. He should hear back from both jobs by the end of the week.
(((amilita))) I have no way of comprehending what you're going through, but I am in awe of your strength and I do hope you get the break you need soon

(((sidecar & granddad)))

gah! (((crassy)))

(((pixiedust))) & fingers crossed still for ***mr pixie***



(((faith))) boys do suck, but **perspective vibes**

lalalala, exams are over for the while. I have one more in a couple of weeks, which will be hell, but I'm free for at least twenty-four hours.

kvetch: not being able to drink when everyone is going out expressly for the purpose of drinking themselves silly. It is no fun being the only sober person
kvetch II: my flatmate and her friends are here. They're irritating, snobbish and loud. Oh, and in about ten seconds, will be drunken.

antikvetch: hanging out with H, no more exams, and plans for the weekend are made.


(((((((((Sidecar and Granddad and Family))))))))))))

I'm glad i made some time for myself the last two weeks when the weather was hot. Assignments start rolling in, and i still want to make new work for an exhibition in FL, but deadlines are tight..
Anyway, to complain is not justified for me, which i won't do.

I saw a tiny tiny dog today with a plastic toy shaped like a dumbbell. It was such a funny sight..

Have fun, Mornington!
sonik, yay for seeing a cute dog.

mornington, yay for exams being over for now and for having weekend plans.

((Mr. Pixie)) Gte the job.

((sidecar and grandfather))

((crassy)) Too bad about your car. Do you live where the mayor just confessed to using cocaine? I saw him on the news crying.

((amilita)) I can't even imagine what you are feeling. Just seeing pictures and hearing stories of what it is still like there make me sad. I know I wouldn't be able to handle all that, and would have much anxiety.

((dusty, syb, faith))

((rose and gary the cat))

((Good news))

It Christmas in June! No really, I swear! My ex gave me a check for $85 from teh insurance company tonight. It refund for the premium we paid on the house that was just foreclosed on...??? I'm not looking a gift check in the mouth though! That will be nice for my birthday vacation. The ex even sent me some proofs from taking minipixie to the photographer last week.

AND........I got my wedding pictures in the mail!!!!!!!!!! They are georgeous! Even better than I expected. Now here's my delima. I know she told me she took like 700+ pictures at the wedding...between the 2 disks there was just under 250. And a lot were repeats in black and many a total of 200 unique pictres. Should I ask what happened to the other 500? It wouldn't be such a big deal but there are no picture of us with his mom and stepdad and I know we took some.
Hi folks - very quick - please cross fingers, eyeballs, toes and all else you have for me right! Details soon. Love to all.
okay, i'm horribly far behind on everyone, so instead of catching up i will jump in and then keep up. okay? everyone forgive me for my defection to okayers? pretty please

~everything crossed for plum~

pixie, you should ask the photographer. just be like 'i loved the pictures, but i remember you mentioning you had taken over 700 pictures, and i was wondering what happened to the rest? i don't seem to have any of (whichever people together, whatever else they were of)'. it could have been as simple as one of the disks missed getting in the mail.

so, the abridges story of my life:
i'm done my first year of university. YAY!
i work at a restaurant where i think one of the owners doesn't like me too much, but everyone else is cool
and i work at ass oclock in the morning slicing bread for the big grocery store in town.
i don't think anything big and/or exciting has really happened since i last kept up properly. i'm giving a women only gym a try until the end of the month, and then maybe me and mountaincougarlionhorndog (whose name, from now on, will be shortened), my partner in crim, are probably going to join and be excercise buddies. it's so cool, there are TONS of classes i could just drop in to for free if i joined. like 'exotic movement' which, ahem "combines the basic moves of the strip tease and combines them with aerobic elements".

kvetch: there are breadcrumbs in my bra. stupid bread slicing saw of doom and 'throw breadcrumbs at tyger's boobahs' machine.

and with that, i vow to not let my kvetching slip for the rest of the summer, until school rears its ugly, money-eating head
more love for (((amilita))) and (((nola)))

(((sidecar family & especially grandpa)))

yay for the end of exams mornington!

dm, i don't live in the town w/ the cocaine mayor --my town is small but the mayor of the large city i work in would never confess drug use but he was caught on his porch drunken and naked for some reason. in addition, he just got arrested for an altercation w/police in the old town i lived in. also, the mayor of the largest city in nj (a city very close to me) has just been threatened to be killed by the bloods so all of the state prisons are on lockdown. ugh.

pixie, i don't think it would be bad to ask about a specific picture --was it done on digital -maybe not all the pics were printed?

~*~*~*tx plum*~*~*~* sorry it's late but i just got this and i figured better late than never.


the mr. (my hero) got the new mirror for just $53 and installed it himself. it's money i shouldn't have had to pay but still wasn't steep, so thank gawd!
Well, I did send an e-mail so I am waiting for her reply. Someone I work with suggested that maybe there were a lot of very similar pictures and she just sent me the best ones. I am really not terribly upset..there are lots of pics to chose from, but if she has more that have family combinations, I would like those. DOes anyone know how to resize didgital pics? These are 5 megs a piece! I almost freaked when 6 pics used up my entire uploading capacity on flickr for the month!
Anyone else notice the latest "clean up" here. It appears they deleted everything psted before April 24th. But they didn't bother deleting any of teh unwanted threads.
oh, so that's what they were doing when it was being funny last night. Maybe it's an automated clean-up.

*crosses body parts for txplum*

yay! for crassy's mirror, tyger coming back, wedding pictures, cheques, cute dogs and all good things.

boo! for bad mayors, clean-ups, the breadslicing saw of doom, not all the pictures, and bad things.

anyone seen mando? it seems awfully quiet in here this week.

(((pixie and mr pixe, crassy and mr mcnasty, sidecar & sidecargranddad & family, tyger, txplum, dm & dm-mum & sparky & mr dm, sonik, thunder, amilita, dusty, rosev & garycat & fam, syb, faith, mando, yuefie, bunny & the boy, anoushh, billy, north, fina, surly, tallgirl, and I know I've forgotten someone but them too)))

I have another headache. This is what I get for not getting up until nearly midday. I'm going to the doctor, so hopefully I'll get some input. But, anti-kvetch: shopping with BGP1 & 2, new underroos with skulls (and the look on H's face when I informed him of this) and trousers that fit.

oh, funny story. I thought, as my phone's been playing up, I'd ring N (the ex-boy)... now as he's a little bit dim when it comes to telecommunications, I rang the house, instead of his mobile. Big mistake. N & his brother were down the pub. I got his mother. I mean, I like her. But I don't want to speak to her. He's in so much trouble when I get hold of his hungover arse tomorrow.

long post! I'll stop now. Hugs and good things to all.
but mornington, did you model the underoos over your pants? that is what me and cougarlion have decided is the sole purpose for underpants. i mean, where should underpants be worn if not over the pants? we seriously scared my mom's friends at my family friends birthday that my mom's friend had for me. her and her boy bought me funny thongs and such, and we decided they had to be worn. i've never seen a room empty of people of the male persuasion so fast.

i did a quick scan ETA the rest of this sentence should read, YAY for greencards, and (((((sidecar&fam))))) (i still always want to call you editrix. i'm not getting my busties confused, am i?), and i hope those high-rises don't get built. i don't like when new housing plunks itself down right next to older, much cooler stuff.
but now i must unearth my over the shoulder boulder holder of no stretch and industrial strength so i don't bruise my chin at the gym. okay, that's an exaggeration, but until this one, i used to have to wear, like, 2-3 sports bras at once to stop the bounce enough that i wasn't in pain while jogging. and i should find my running shoes. now i have use for the new ones my mom bought me a few weeks ago 'cause they were nikes at 50% off of 60$, and my feet are brand snobs
tyger, you have just given me the best mental image ever. No, he hasn't seen them... it's baby steps with him. I'll have to show him next time.

although my jeans hang so low these days you can usually see my pants. I have no idea why I'm loosing weight, but I am. I'll just have to eat more cake, I suppose.
right, you wouldn't want to scare the boy away. all my friends are used to dumb stuff like that. like, say, me making them hold my feather boa in the movie theatre while i go to the bathroom. it did take years of training, though :P
bless him, he went to an all-boys school. He has enough problems when the BGPs and I start discussing sex. Although he has grown used to the faux-lesbianism (poor W wants to believe that we're a lesbian threesome, so we have to humour him, but now everyone thinks we actually are a threesome, and the whole situation is just too amusing to let go).
Mornington, you said you are on prozac, didn't you? I was on that for like 3 months and it gave me killer headaches too. It also messed with my short term memory.
tyger, that's right! i was editrix. and steviek before that.

things here are ... the same. grandpa is not doing so well, and it is just a matter of time. it could be a few weeks or a few months. we're all prepared for it, but it's still sad. i'm going back to see him on saturday. i'm glad my folks are there, and i'm glad i went and saw him on tuesday.

it is very quiet where i work, as our conference is this week in amilita's hometown. that's a-ok with me.

((((big hugs to all y'all))))))
better late than never big-ass vibes to miss tx.
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