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Yay Crassy! 5 years! AND Vegas! (my fave place to be)

My 5 year wedding anniversary with Ze Love is in less than 2 weeks. We are um not doing anything really. Maybe I can get dinner out of it? It falls on a Friday and I have that weekend off. I am tempted to con a grandparent into babysitting for the weekend...

Zoya- so glad everything worked out like it did! I have problems confronting people too about those issues. I am sloooowly getting better at work simply bc I am trying to take over the world...

**interview vibes for sassy**

kitten- the gym just closed?? are they refunding money or anything? that's crazy!

oh no! **sixelacat** was this out of the blue? sorry if i missed something earlier but **more hugs**

kvetch: I hate, hate driving. With a passion. I want a high paying career just to afford a personal chauffeur. It also causes fibro flare ups for me to drive. So, I never drive unless I have to. Well, I have to every third weekend for work and that is this weekend. Ew.

related kvetch: Ze Love does not want me driving at all once I am "too big" bc he is concerned about the baby if there is an accident, which I approve of and applaud his concern. Well, I feel too big now. I really do. I just asked him if I am big enough yet to stop driving. I feel like I am asking my dad for permission to go to the mall BAH. But Ze Love is stuck driving me out of his way when I can't do it for a while.

Kvetch3: I am sick today and had to call in to work. I felt lousy and just wanted to pass back out but had to wait over 30 minutes for someone to answer the phone at work! (I work in a 24 hour hospital pharmacy so someone should be there at all times to answer the phone so there isn't voicemail or anything.) Then, they were rude to me. Well, excuse me. Want me to come in and puke on your shoes? Thought not.

Antikvetch: I am off tomorrow HA HA so I will hopefully be all better by Saturday for work (and driving ew)

Oh another kvetch: My Boyfriend At Work leaves this weekend to go to Italy. I wanted to hide in his luggage but he wouldn't let me (weight restrictions, I might die, Ze Love might kill him, etc). So, while I am working hard, he gets to play in TUSCANY (so jealous) altho he will be with his parents hee hee Why can't *I* go to Tuscany? *pout*

One last antikvetch before I stop rambling: Ze Mavacado woke me up this morning. Wearing car ears and a tail pinned to her butt. She is SO my daughter!
(((sixela))) I'm so sorry
(((zoya))) phew!
(((polly))) what everyone else said. being the boss's husband does not allow you to be abusive.
(((kittenb))) that was my gym, too! it seems all shady, though, doesn't it? my bank is reversing my sept. dues (and a lot of banks are doing this as well i hear) if you go in and file a claim. Edgewater Swim and Athletic is giving cheetah members no dues, Crunch is doing one month free, and World Gym is doing something. I'm going to check out Women's Workout World and Galter this weekend -- they're nowhere near as convenient as cheetah but W3 is cheaper and Galter is super nice with a pool and may be worth the extra $10/month.

FIL is doing very well -- the talk now is that he'll be discharged to a home for rehab either today or tomorrow. Thank you, thank you for all your vibes and support. It means a lot. He will be in rehab a long time, I think, and his mental state is still fuzzy. Short-term memory is a problem, but what can you do? If it means he'll live, we can deal. MIL's lexapro finally kicked in and she is now acting far less batshit (did I mention she thought I was faking sick last week? Yeah, she totally said that.)

Congrats to the Mavins and the Crassys! I am on the 5-year bandwagon as well, at the end of Rocktober. We're going to New Orleans, which we always wanted to visit and we think it's one way we can help now, to go spend a lot of money there.
sidecar - the whole thing is beyond shady. I called Chase this morning and they credited my account. I have been amused by the other gym clubs greed. Like vultures to a feast they are begging for us to give them our money. I have not checked out W3 and Gaulter is not close enough for me to consider. Edgewater is right down the street from me. Theonly reason I first took Cheetah over it was b/c Cheetah was cleaner and prettier. That will teach me to choose style first! The true heartbreaker is that this will be the end of me and my best friend working out together. he is probablt going to choose World gym but they are over two miles away from me. I need convience over everything or I just don't work out.

mavin - I wish you had taken a picture of that costume! I hope you feel better soon.

crassy - have fun in Vegas!

Woa! I hope that among all the lovin' and celebratin' that you will allow me to take you guys out to lunch or something while you're here, Sidecar! I understand if it needs to be one-on-one time for you guys, but at the very least, I would love to suggest restaurants n' stuff to you. I'm a planning freakazoid.

I would consider having kids if I were guaranteed they would wear cat ears and tails, oh, say, 50% of the time. I'm sick.

The Mr.'s sis popped out a baby boy...he informs me of this after calling me and discussing insurance matters...and I asked him what his mom said on the phone..."oh nothing. this and that...(long pause)...oh yeah!" Duh. laugh.gif

Love to all!!!!!
My most convenient choice is Know No Limits, which is behind my house and I used to belong to, but it's $65 per month with no classes, tiny, and I think I'd just be uninspired by it. I think that is where Martini will join because he cares not about frills or classes. Edgewater is just as out of my way as Galter, but I figure if I have to drive somewhere for the gym, I'd rather it be super-nice. Le sigh. Another thing to deal with this weekend.

Amilita, most def! I've fit in drinks/etc. with busties before on vacay! I'd love some recommendations from a native!
(((sixela))) oh babycakes, what happened? sad.gif.

(((kitten and sidecar))) I hope you sort out gyms.
p.s. kitten, I googled and caster sugar is known as super-fine sugar across the pond, if that helps?

(((sassy))) sending uber get-that-job vibes your way!

mandi, luv, I emailed you mornington's number.

syb, make some brownies ... you know you wanna!

designermedusa, I forgot to respond: I really like Margene! She's young and naive and sometimes very annoying but she's supposed to be; I think she's cute. Also, you have too look out for the ep in the first season where Margene answers her door to a guy and the kids are sitting at a table in the foreground of the shot - the youngest falls over and it's friggin' hilarious!

(((mavin))) feel better! so cute about ze mavocado.

(((zoya))) I'm sorry we can't get together that weekend, something came up with friends. Haggis is great and everyone should try it at least once!

amilita, that is such a great story about the mr! I'm hoping the boy will be a bit more clued in when his sis gives birth (probably this month).

kvetch: stepdad and I bought spa day gift vouchers for bunnymama and I last Christmas and we hadn't used them yet (valid for 18 months and with moving house we hadn't got around to it yet) and we were arranging to go soon when we found out that the spa had gone bankrupt in May and aren't providing refunds; £165 down the toilet sad.gif. Bunnymama is heartbroken so I need to arrange an extra special one this Christmas and book it for January so nothing remotely similar happens!

anti-kvetch: I'm off work until Tuesday and the boy is home for the weekend so YAY!

so FIL had a setback. they decided today he's not strong enough for discharge: his sodium levels are too low, he's refusing to eat (this is not a shock as he regularly refuses meals when in top shape), and he's not going to the bathroom. So MIL is beyond upset, and Martini feels defeated, although it's not like these are major setbacks. Still, it's disappointing.
what's with all of these shady dealings of workout gyms and spas??

(((bunnyb))) acos

(((zoya))) so glad everything we a-ok!! you are so awesome at what you do! i'm so proud of you!

(((polly))) um, he must not have very good social skills. i wouldn't know what to say. sorry. that's a fine line there between talking to him like any other family member and then the fact that he IS your boss. damn.

Just for you, I am calling in a Long-Distance Dedication: from Le Tigre's Feminist Sweepstakes, track 10 "TGIF".

(((((((((MartiniDad)))))))))) Sorry to hear about the set-back. sad.gif

Bunny, I have some questions about Step #6 on that recipe!
A. 1/4 teaspoon of what?
B. How much chocolate? And how much of the fruit? I see that it says 225g, but I'm a bit confused.

~$~$~$~$~ jobby vibes for Sassy! ~$~$~$~$~

I know I'm leaving out tons of people. Bah. Perhaps I can vibe a little more thoroughly later.

My eldest brother, R, was in a car accident yesterday. He was on the highway during a massive rainstorm, lost control of his back tires, and ended up smacking the concrete barrier in the median. He says he is okay. Sadly, his car his not. I hopehopehope that his insurance will properly cover the repairs because he cannot afford to be dealing with this right now. He's working full-time and going to college & just doesn't have any time or money to spare. Poor guy. sad.gif

My other brother, M, offically has a new place to live! Yay! And his roommate has cats which makes him very happy. He should be moving in within the next couple of weeks. No news yet on the job he interviewed for on Wednesday. Fingers still crossed.

And Monday will mark 5 years since Sheff and I met for the first time, so we're also celebrating a 5th anniversary of sorts. biggrin.gif
Sorry, rose, I've edited the recipe: the quarter teaspoon is of salt. It's my friend's recipe, not mine, but I take it to mean 225g of filling in total (i.e. fruit and chocolate or fruit and nuts or just fruit). I think the only thing for it is trial and error!

(((sidecar, martini and family))) I'm sorry for the set-back.
Star and I have a date for tonight! Yay!

I hope Mando and Mornington were able to get together.

Sidecar, I'm sorry to hear about the FIL. Just when you thought he was getting better.

What's with gyms closing overnight? I've heard of that happening locally as well. So bizarre and maybe you can get more information from your local Atty Gen'l?

I've had a clusterfuck of a week, plus I'm in pain this morning (must have been the way I slept). Blergh! Feeling old lady-ish. Need to go for a walk just to get body parts moving. Must crack the shell and do some writing this morning. (((all, esp. those in need of jobs and career counseling AND those celebrating 5-year anniversaries, yay!)))
Good morning all. I have a cat clamouring for attention on my shoulder and Dr. Who on the TV. There are worse ways to start a Friday.

{{{{{sixelacat}}}}} I forgot to say anything yesterday and I am sorry. How are things today?
{{{rv}}} your brothers are having quite the time of it.

{{{stargazer & raisingirl}}} you two are going to have fun! Trust me, raisin, star is pretty awsome.

I am still in enough denial about my gym closing that I actually rode my bike past by both branches today just in case there was a new sign saying "Just Kidding!" Or something like that. No luck. I did find signs from yoga instructors offering at home training, a Kid's Gym employee offering babysitting, and a discount offer for a very expensive gym in a different neighborhood. mellow.gif I just have to let Cheetah go I suppose. Goodness knows I have much bigger problems in my life at the moment.
(((sidecar))) I guess it's still one day at a time for a while. (((martinifam)))

Boo on spas and gyms going under, craptastic weeks, car wrecks (glad Rosev bro wasn't hurt!), migraines, and general depression.

But YAY for anniversaries of any sort, kvetchie meet-ups, turning complete shit into roses (wtg, zoya!), new feline roomies, and cuties with cat ears and tail!

So, I'm still kinda in shock over being fired yesterday. I've never been fired from a "real" job before (that sub shop when I was 19, and even they called me 2 months later to ask me back). Anyway, I've been putting in all these extra hours, coming in on my days off, because I'm in charge of all the merchandising for our store (as well as my regular CSR duties) and they are doing a major reno with interactive displays and such. An install that was supposed to happen last week didn't and was rescheduled for yesterday at 8am. Yesterday was supposed to be my day off, but of course I said I would come in for it, as nobody else in our store knows anything about the merchandising/reno. I had said I would be there at 7:30am. Halfway there I realized I'd forgotten my keycard, turned around to go back for it, and called the store to see if anyone was there yet. The assistant manager answered and said she and the general manager were there, so it was cool (I wouldn't need my keycard). I told her I was turning back around to the store and would be there shortly. I get there and work until 9am, until the general manager pulls me into his office, literally read a script from his computer screen to me stating that as I was on "final written warning" for tardies (that's 8 "tardies" for this entire year, all me being 3-5 minutes late) today was my 9th late, and according to the attendance policy I was fired.

And that's it. Nothing about my quality of work (and merch wasn't even part of my job, I just sort of took it over because it needed doing), dedication, extra hours put in, etc. mattered more than being a few minutes late....for a voluntary project on what was supposed to be my day off. Heck, I'd already put in 40 hours this week. But whatever. To the letter of their policy, they are correct.

I just don't know what I'm going to do next. Sorry for all the memememe, just had to get it out.
**sixelacat** that is so sucky. i hate it when bosses see the little fine print or tardiness or such over all your hard work. i bet they will realise they made a huge mistake pretty soon and regret it!

tho, i sometimes wish *my* employer paid attention to tardiness like they should. i never mind the occasional person being late, esp if it is 5 minutes or less (there could be traffic or something) but i have coworkers who waltz in 15 minutes late every morning (one guy is usually over an HOUR late when he works) and they just let it slide. we are so busy in the mornings and when they don't show up, then *I* (the 5 month preggo) has to prep all the meds in the morning and get all the paperwork done and set up. So frustrating! My place does notice sick calls tho. They had to make a special deal with me so I don't get fired bc of my fibromyalgia flareups.

I am so sleepy. It is grey and gross outside. I am supposed to harness the energy and make blueberry muffins tho, bc uh Ze Love could not, one of these past evenings get off HIS butt and make his daughter muffins to eat. No, no. That video game was much more important. I said I would make them Monday and have been too tired or sick (and couldn't stand one night bc of my hip pain) so haven't been able to. And he keeps trying to guilt me. Then, last night he starts babbling about World of Warcraft and how it is only $15 a month and and and. I was like, yah, so you can do even LESS around here!

In good news... my mommy sent me a package (ok the girls got clothes and a new pair of shoes yay yay yay and such) but she sent ME 2 of my fave ever candy bars (she has been obsessed with finding them since my bday). Yay for candy! Boo that they MELTED IN THE BOX (thank gods she wrapped them in a bag first). But, they have been in the freezer so now I can eat them. YUM YUM YUM!

Also, I was craving rice crispie treats. If anyone could make some and bring them over, that would be swell. ;-) I told Ze Love I wanted some, so he said, go make some. I whined, but we don't have rice criiiiispies! Then he randomly picked up the phone to check for messages and I said, OOOOH are you calling someone to BRING me some?? He wasnt as amused as me. So, then I called him from my cell to ask for them again. He at least laughed then but dude if he doesn't come home with rice crispie treats can I send him back for a new model??
Whoa whoa WHOA. That is really fucked up. You were fired because of an ATTENDANCE POLICY?! What the bloody buggery hell is that about? In the past I've worked in broadcasting (you know, when the show is on, IT IS ON) and I've never encountered an attendance policy like that -- hell, if everyone I ever worked with got strikes against them for being 3-5 minutes late, I'd have no frelling coworkers! Sixela, did you know about this attendance policy when you were first hired by the company? I'm sorry, maybe they are otherwise decent people overall outside of the office, but what asswipes they sound like.

Yes, awesomeness abounds: I'm thinking that my hair and Star's hair will look spectacular together. tongue.gif I'm making brownies for her, but not Bunny's delicious-sounding recipe.

Then the rest of the weekend will be spent at dance, a birthday party, probably going into the office to pick up my mail, a meeting with a new young professionals group I'm thinking of joining (I love how they think that 18-45 is considered young), hanging out with some relatives I haven't seen in a few weeks, and just some general down time to read & write. What's everyone else got lined up for this weekend?

ETA: pink bra, black knickers.
Apparently this attendance policy (the actual policy is 0-59 minutes=tardy) has always been in effect, but my old boss was so happy with the work I was doing he didn't give a fig about a few minutes because I always stayed late, worked through lunch and took on whatever they could throw at me. BUT, since the beginning of this year (I had worked for the company for almost 3 years) they have been on pins and needles here about tiny details due to a brouh-ha-ha last December at my/old boss's previous location. I'd never paid attention to the attendance policy before this year, because in 3 years I've called in sick exactly once.

And yeah, they did kind of screw themselves, because I was the "go-to" person with questions about how to make stuff work in their computer/billing system (on top of the other work I was doing). The only other person who comes close to knowing how to do that stuff is a guy I trained, who's pissed I'm gone and is already practicing saying "I don't know" and "not my job". Actually, it's kind of sweet, all my co-workers called as soon as they heard and offered support. They even said they were going to sign a petition to get me re-hired (which is really nice of them, but really, it's a megacorp, nobody's going to pay attention if they do that and I don't want them harming their own jobs). It's just nice that they appreciated me, even if upper management didn't. Maybe I'd be more angry if I didn't know how hard up they're going to be for a while.

So, weekend. I decided that I'd already put in 40 hours this week, so I'm taking a long weekend off! Think I might hit up the museum and visit my favorite Etruscan sculptures, they always make me happy. Who can resist that Archaic smile? biggrin.gif
Six, that totally blows. I'm so sorry ((six))

Kvetch: Bloody panic attack this morning when I couldn't find my glasses. Bleh. I feel like utter shit. This happened when I was trying to get ready for my second interview. So...

I decided to not go to one of the temp agencies today, because it takes like 2-3 hours to get there (I so need a fucking car!!). So, by the time I would finally get there, they'd be closed. The assignment was for 5 days, and I do need the money. However, it would take me forever to get there(probably an 12 hour day with commutes). Ah well. I would go on Monday, but I have an assignment with another agency(that pays more than second temp job).

I'm working this weekend(bleh). But, Mcgeek and I celebrate our 1 year anniversary on Monday.

Is it Friday already?? I just got out of the shower, so am wearing a boring white bra (that actually fits this ginormous pregnancy rack tho) and boring blue paisley underoos. Again, these also fit my ginormous pregnant self. I love my ginormous self, but I miss my pretty undies! (Tho, shhh I bought some sheer purple with ribbon trim the other day just so I can be pretty sometimes)

This weekend I am working. Good news is I will be wearing scrubs all weekend which are comfy and all clean, so, uh, I am not doing laundry today. La la la. Let Ze Love do it this weekend while I slave away at those precious blueberry muffins!
((((sixela)))) that is crazy fucked up! i hope you find a new employer who appreciates you.

i have had a terrible day with just one thing going wrong after another. they're all first world problems, though, so i won't bore you with the details (it invoved a torrential downpour and three different outfits -- the one I wore to work, the one i assembled from things we *had* at work, and the one that took me 20 minutes to pay for at marshall's for ridiculous reasons).

i plan to spend my evening with my ebayed dvds of viva blackpool, dr. who, and a brownie. (the heven kind.)

pinkish plunge bra and blue boyshorts
I just baked. *passes out blueberry muffins and chocolate cupcakes to all**

Yes, I made the blasted muffins. But then I made chocolate cupcakes for myself. Not sharing those with anyone. Except maybe you gals ;-)

(and don't worry, for some freakish reason, my daughter hates chocolate so I am not even being a Mean Mommy!)
(((six))) i'm so sorry, sweetie.
(((martinidad))) hopefully this will be the last setback. (((sidecar)))

(((sassy))) a pox on panic attacks. i wish i could wave a majick wand for you and make them go away foreva.

congrats, auntie amilita!

(((raisin, kitten, mavin, rose, yuefie, bunny, everyone)))

i still haven't heard from mornington. i'm surely hope she's kicking up here heels with the boy, having fun!

kvetch: bossman asked me to work our member-guest tournament tomorrow. i'm flattered (dipshit coworker is clueless about the phones, it's only been 9 months, she's actually getting WORSE ... *severe eye roll*) and happy for the xtra bucks... but it's a hideously early & long day. and then we have another clusterfuck charity tournie on monday, the one that we all dread, with nasty rude slobs who treat us like servants and wreck the course.

i get sunday off. but then it's another 6-days straight.
huzzah for the overtime and all that. but, um, yeah ... i'm tired already. is it october yet? *whimper*

antikvetch: the boy started 10th grade today, and seemed pleased with his schedule & teachers. only one potential nutcase, and probably a harmless one at that.

kvetch: it's officially band season. argh. blink.gif
sidecar - seriously, what is UP with the weather in this town lately? I get that it is the unpredictable Midwest and all, but it can't just rain a little. It has to downpour an ocean's worth of rain for 5 minutes and then...nothing. Today's weather gave me weird dull headache. That happens sometimes when weather patterns keep shifting. Sometimes I get dizzy, too. It's like I am a human barometer or something.
{{{{sixe}}}} stupid policy!
{{{{mavin}}}} did you get the treats?

My weekend will be my birthday celebrations!!! My actual B-day is Sept. 11th, but if I wanted to see my friends I had to schedule around a wedding and all of it's connected events.
I did accomplish something good tonight: I finally got in touch with the coworker I hurt last week. My goodness it was like pulling teeth!!! I made it clear that I wanted to talk with her and that I took responsibility for what happened last Friday. When I suggested that we meet on Sunday, we sort of said "Okay, that's an idea." So I asked her to call me so that we could get together. And then I remembered that her tendancy towards passive-aggression and my tendancy towards impatience were kind of what started this problem


Oh,my underwear are just not worth writing about today.

(((Sixe))) Geez- I totally missed your news, too!!! Sorry! I'm so used to attendance/tardiness policies having things like...3 and you get a verbal warning...4 and you get a written warning...5 and you get a final warning...6 and you can be fired. Or I wrong that this seemed to just sneak up on you? Especially if it's a big corporation, they usually have pretty detailed policies.

We're getting ready for our first art opening since May. It took me awhile to get in the mood, but now I'm glad. But tired.

Happy weekend, everyone! Hope the tournament goes OK, Mando!
Okay, kids, it's official: Star is aweosme awesome (oopsie, I'm tired). I had a lot of fun with her even though I had an embarassing attack of the giggles. I hope she doesn't hold it against me. I want to move into her house, it's so pretty. The bunny is smitten with her. We had big hair from the humidity, so no pictures were taken to document this night in history. tongue.gif


Huzzah for band season. So when can I come to a halftime show?

Mornington, where arrrrrrrrre you?

Beddiebye time. Night. There's a white spider living in my car.
(((Sidecar, martini and martini mom and dad))) Setbacks are disheartening. I hope, as said below, that this is the last one. Hope you had a great and relaxing night last night.

((((Sixela)))) That totally blows, not least because it sounds so arbitrary and as if they're not taking your contribution on board at all. Is it worth pursuing an unfair dismissal procedure?? I'm so sorry.

I'm kind of inspired by all the baking in here. I baked like a maniac when I was a kid (big sweet tooth) but haven't made anything from scratch in eons. I may try bunnyb's brownies tomorrow.

Tonight, however, I too am settling down with some movies and Rome on the laptop, while the mister watches the international rugby on the box. How boring am I that I'm excited by this? The teenager is away so we get to watch what we like. I suspect wine will be drunk too...
(((raisin))) i think you are just a giggly woman. or else, you are perpetually tired. laugh.gif i had alot of fun too. and i can't wait to get the brownies you baked me. and you know what? i didn't forget about the brownies. i was too pooped to walk up the damn stairs.

*~*get well and no more setbacks for sidecar's FIL*~*

(((six))) i still feel bad for you. sad.gif i hope a better job comes along for you.

(((kitten))) i hope you have a fav time on your bday celebration. cause you know i totally would've been allover the botanic garden thing. and celebrating your bday too!

ok. i'm in hyperactive mode. and i'm gonna put a bookcase together and finish decorating my room so i can take pics and show it to all of you.


Wow, first post of the day and it's late evening -- where has everyone been? Eating brownies and muffins, are we?

I got my ass kicked good and hard at this morning's exercise class. I felt on top of the world. And then I proceeded to have a very late brunch that stretched out so long it became dinner as well. We ate so much delicious food it was practically criminal. Watched movies and went on a drugstore run with my teenage relative behind the wheel.

I saw my first iPhone in person today. It's interesting, but not for me and my analog ways.

Okay, I have nothing else to say, so I'm gonna collapse now -- nighty night, don't let the bedbugs bite (eww).
((raisin)) I love the feeling you get after just exercising. I exercised on Saturday, and I felt so invigorated.

((star)) Yay for your meet up with raisin.

((syb)) Yay for watching movies and tv on your laptop. It’s relaxing to just veg out sometimes.

((amilita)) Good luck with the opening.

((kittenb)) Hope your birthday celebrations went well, and Happy Birthday.

((mando)) I hope the tournament goes well on Monday, and you aren’t treated badly.

((sidecar and family)) Things will get better.

((sassy)) Happy anniversary to you and mcgeek.

((sixel)) That really sucks about your job. You will find a better job where you are appreciated.

((mavin)) Yay for candy bars even if they were melted.

((rose’s brother r)) Hope he is okay.

((rose and sheff)) Happy five years of meeting anniversary.

((bunnyb)) Hope you enjoyed the weekend with the boy. I am obsessed with Big Love, so much that I ordered HBO so I can watch the second season on demand. Margene got less annoying as the first season went on.

((crassy)) Enjoy Vegas.

((zoya, ccgirl, tes, plat, pixie, yuefie, polly))

My weekend as fine, but nothing special. I took today off work because I just didn’t feel like working.

designermedusa, that is as good a reason as any to take the day off! This is my last Monday off so making the most of it; I'm not complaining though as means I have Fridays off instead.
The boy and I finished watching Season 2 of Big Love yesterday and I'm going to be lost from now until next summer!

So many anniversaries! I can't believe that's been a year already, sassy!

kitten, I hope you enjoyed your pre-birthday celebrations.

Could I ask for some vibes for the boy please? He needs to find somewhere to rent in Edinburgh within the next two weeks and the place he had paid deposit for fell through (the owner wanted a couple rather than the boy and his male work colleague). It means he has to travel up again this weekend to flat-hunt and places are going really quickly (he had a dozen viewings lined up last Friday and only five were available and he'd only set them up on Tuesday). He had his heart set on the place that fell through and is feeling stressed and tired.

Good morning all!
I did have a lovely prebirthday bash. We went to the Chicago Botanic Gardens, saw some lovely flowers and got a few new bug bites (the bugs this year are FIERCE!) and then went drinking. Food was involved at some point but that was about as wasted as I have been since my last birthday. But, unlike my last birthday I didn't end the night by throwing up at a gas station. Rather I ended up making out with some stranger on the dance floor. Progress?
I also realized that I have several close friends whoes birthdays I can never remember. I only remember birthdays when there is a party involved and it is my philosophy that unless a person tells everyone about her/his birthday, s/he should not expect a gift. Is that really selfish of me? I think it is but every year the only people I get gifts for are the ones who remind me their b-day is coming up. It is why I started planning things for my day. I wanted the attention.
Yesterday I enjoyed the gorgeous weather going to yard sales, spending gift certificates and watching Dexter. That show is a little slow but really interesting.
Did Britney's VMA performance seem any better than the news clip I am watching right now? And Sarah Silverman's comment just seems like kicking a wounded puppy when it's down.

bunnyb - {{{{{b/f vibes}}}}}
dm - I am taking off most of this week because I don't feel like working!
Wow, I came back but I just haven't had much time to roam around the boards lately.

(((sixel))) sorry about your job.

(((sassygrrl and mcgeek))) happy anniversary!

(((kittenb))) happy belated birthday! I would have to say that kissing is a step up from puking.

(((mando))) I hope the tourney went okay.

(((raisin))) and (((star))) glad you two had a good visit!

(((syb, dm, rose, sidecar, mavin, amilita, crassy, polly, pixie, tes, everyone!)))

kvetch: I didn't want to get my period this month as I was afraid it might start early while I was still at the bdsm convention so I just kept taking my bc pills. Now I have what seems to be a light, almost non-existant period but insane bouts of cramping! It sucks.

mini-kvetch: The Toronto International Film Festival is going on but I haven't been out enough to actually see any celebrities. And Jake Gyllenhaal's movie already premiered so that greatly decreases my chances of seeing him. sad.gif

anti-kvetch: school is piling a lot on but I have a very sexy professor from France. And I get to listen to him talk for two hours tomorrow!
Happy Birthday, kittenb! Have a lovely day and great year.

Where is everyone? It's dead in here.
happy birthday Kittenb!

I'm here, bunny... and BIG anti-kvetch.. I'M HOME!!! FINALLY!!!

but I need to catch up on a bunch of stuff here before I read the archives and get down to busting..

so.. ((((everybody))))
<3<3<3 Happy Birthday Kitten!<3<3<3

Boo on getting fired for stupid reasons. Six, they'll realize they're screwed with out you.

YAY on home for Zoya.

*poke* Bunny! ~+~+~+~+~+~home for boy!~+~+~+~+~+~+~

*is jealous of Rasin meeting Star* I WANNA MEET HER. tongue.gif

Ladies, I am freakin' tired. I've gotten a maximum of 4 hours sleep each night for the past three nights. Irishboy's family keeps getting their computer infected, so I have to keep going over and fixing it. I'm lucky I didnt burn bridges in the antivirus world. I'm so frustrated with it.

Saturday, I'm walking for Light the Night in honor of my mother. She died September 16, 1997, so this year is the tenth anniversary. I've already raised $810 due to an amazing outpouring of support from friends and family. I'm just astounded. I set my goal to $200 and exceeded that in a day. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. When I get home that night, I'm going to drink cheap wine with my friends and tell dirty jokes ala PinkMom.
I'm so sorry (((Six))). That is crazy.


Happy Birthday (((kittenb)))!!!!!

(((Rentvibes for Bunnyb's boy)))

(((Mandi and her clusterfuck charity tournie)))

Last week in For Better or For Worse there was a strip that was awfully close to home: a building that is part of our union local, and she even drew it as it looks, not generic building. Freaky.

On Sunday I put in three hours' overtime at work because we had a film shoot in our building. Fortunately, I was pretty much expecting not to see anything exciting. They never did get around to shooting on my shift, but I did see Greg Kinnear on my way out, so my expectations were exceeded. It was kind of funny to see everyone lined up for the Film Festival on one side of the street and a film shoot on the other.

I love my neighbourhood. On Saturday night, we watched a video and then walked down to the video store to bring it back. Then we went to my local bookstore which was still open at 10:30. I bought a book on birding and Mr. Dusty bought a book about pornography, because hey, we may be geeks, but at least we're pervy geeks. Then a guy came in after us, dressed in a cowboy outfit including leather chaps and all, looking for books on raising horses.
Good morning all! Thanks for the birthday wishes. Not sure what the plans are for today.
At the risk of sounding selfish, I have to sound off about something. I am so fed up with the first thing I hear on the morning of my birthday being "A certain number of years ago, over 3000 people died in America's worst terroist incident." EVERY YEAR! They show the same pictures. And every year it hurts. I wish I could just grab the media and shake them and yell "Stop playing into the great war machine! If you keep scratching at this wound, we will never heal and if we never heal we will never step back and look at what a mess we as a country created!!!" And then I remember that it is my birthday and it is not even 8 AM in the morning and I get crabby. Fuck it, I am just watching my Stargate and Buffy DVDs all day and getting out and enjoying this weather. So that is my bitch for the day.

dusty - it's funny that you mentioned Greg Kinnear. I just watched Auto Focus last night. A weird movie but sadly not a great movie.

pip - cheap wines and dirty jokes sounds like a lovely way to remember your mother. Good luck with your fundraiser.

{{{zoya, bunnyb, candycanegirl, everyone}}}
OMG, Auto Focus, I forgot all about that. Creepy.

I think Kittenb, that there are many Busties who would find your comments as hurtful as you find the reminders, that what happened was awful enough without saying that Americans were responsible for what happened. I certainly think though, that what has happened since is not vindication, it was on the agenda anyway, and that is why it is so hard to stop it. And I think of Car, who we don't see so much anymore, who was counselling people at Ground Zero on her birthday in 2001. I feel badly for both of you, to always have such a reminder on your birthday.
[crawls out from under rock]

Happy birthday, Kitten!!!

~*~*~*~*~* sparkly housing vibes for BunnyBoy ~*~*~*~*~*

PnP, congrats on the fabulous fund-raising!

When I watched the series Scott Baio is 45 & Single I couldn't help but be reminded of Auto Focus. Now that Scott has dropped the partying lifestyle & is getting married and having a baby, I fear that his creepy, clingy best friend, Johnny, is going to hunt him down & beat him to death in his sleep. Maybe that will happen in the next series?

1. Yesterday was our 5th Meetiversary. Sheff bought me a boxed mix of Lava cake to represent his burning love for me. Tee hee! laugh.gif
2. Remember my brother who was in the car wreck? He is the Employee of the Month for the big corporation where he works. Yay!
3. A video game that Sheff worked on was released last week & it is getting very good reviews. Good reviews = good sales = a better bonus for Sheff! Wee!

1. Various things are going on with the house that are making me feel overwhelmed. Plants are dying because of the drought, we've noticed some roaches this week (3 in total), there's an electrical problem in the laundry room, I have a ton of painting to do and, of course, there's still the problem with the hood over the stove (or rather, the LACK OF a hood over the stove). Homeownership is not always fun.
2. Cramps. And more cramps. And bleeding and cramps.
3. I'm avoiding all 9/11 coverage today. Every single bit of it. I just can't deal with it.

[returns to rock]
No no no, Dusty. I do not mean, nor do I believe that we are responsible for what happened before the 9/11 attacks. I have never even fully understood that argument.
However, after the attacks, the tragedy has been used over and over again to justify an unbelievable amount of violence. And a lot of that we are responsible for. Is that clearer?
Happy Bday Kittenb!

Just a quick dash today. I am all aflare with the fibro (driving always causes this argh) and I feel like I ripped my shoulder muscle out of place (hurts that badly owie). Also, I managed to get a charlie horse yesterday and I still can't put full pressure on my leg. I just feel like I am falling apart today, so I am gonna snuggle with my daughter and eat ice cream tonight.

**hugs and loving to all and special squish those roaches vibes to rose ew I hate them**
Gotcha, Kitten. Sorry about that. But I honestly do think that 9/11 was an excuse and the war would have happened anyway. Hope that helps.


(((Rose and bro)))

i'm kinda tired of the 9/11 coverage. at the same time, i know it is important for the family members who lost loved ones to have those events done. i don't know. i just feel removed from it all.

*~*vibes for rose's bro*~*

*~*new job vibes for six*~*

(((PnP))) congrats on the walk for your mama!! she is very proud of you indeed from above. and...don't you have a friend who moved out my, another reason for you to come east for a visit. i'm just sayin'.

(((zoya)) yeah for being home!!

(((rose))) make those cramps go away!!

hey mavin, dusty, and bunnyb!! *waves*

kvetch: so, i'm tryin' very hard to get along with everyone here. and not to upset my landlady. and i accidentially set the alarm off when i came home. oy vey. i hope she doesn't get too mad at me. i had the alarm company call...the police stopped by....yuck. not a calm relaxing way to come home. BUT i do have an out. she didn't teach me how to use the alarm system. for some reason though...i feel like a kid dreading telling their mom they fucked up.

(((hugs and vibes to who needs 'em)))
*~*~*~**~*~Happy Birthday, KittenB~*~*~*~*~*~*~ (botanical gardens, nice!)

And early happy birthday wishes for Star. Were the cops at least good looking?

Yeah, PP, come and visit! Nudge nudge. Get some sleep, woman, before you do that walk in honor of Ma Pink.

I've been avoiding the news as well. Fuck it all. What's it gonna tell me that either a) I don't already know and b ) don't need to know? Oy. It will just piss me off even more. Maybe Shrub needs a drink of the lesbian iced tea.

Oh my god, Greg Kinnear, I had such a crush on him when he was doing Talk Soup. He was my TV boyfriend in college.

Kvetches: People who don't answer my fucking questions. Making phone calls and leaving messages that don't get returned. People who are clearly LYING TO ME or at the very least not telling me the complete truth, and I am powerless to call them on their lies. It's what, only Tuesday, and I am officially saying I AM HAVING A SHITTY WEEK.

I think I need to throw my computer in the corner and throw water on it because it's doing nothing but pissing me off.

I complain about it being slow/dead in this thread but I really have nothing to say as of late. I fucking hate being ill. My patience is totally wearing thin. Apologies for the vitriol and drama. It must be time to dust off my Mary J. CD, but even that I don't think is going to help me. Blah.
Yeah I complained about it being quiet and yet said bugger all, myself.

(((raisin))) thank you again for my pressie!

(((prettynpink))) I admire your strength. I'd seen your fundraising elsewhere and I feel bad not contributing but I am so poor just now (see kvetch below).

(((kitten))) I hope you have enjoyed your day and may I suggest avoiding the media on future birthdays? I know you shouldn't have to but it's YOUR day and it shouldn't be spoiled. It is also the day for those who want to remember and they can do so in their own way but there should be a balance between media coverage for those who want to memorialise and those who want to forget; unfortunately, the latter are never going to have that chance. Saying that, I managed to engage in minimal coverage today although it even found its way into the book blog I regularly read.

(((rose))) soothing hair-brushings your way, hunbun.

(((mavin))) feel better.

yay for being home, zoya!

yay for a Greg Kinnear sighting, dusty!

boo for the landlady not teaching you how to work the alarm system, star! the mishap was completely her fault, in that case.

where is yuefie? *frets*

kvetch: I'm tired.
kvetch: I had a hellish night at work with a telling off from my manager. Now usually I deserve a telling off but this was completely unfounded - she told me to watch my tone in emails, to not type angrily and lash out when I had been joking and not angry at all. I apologised for being at cross-purposes with her and she apologised for mis-interpreting but I was still upset.
kvetch: why does everything expensive come around at once? I have countless impending birthdays of nearest and dearest coming up, weekends with the boy, weddings, a new niece or nephew very shortly, nights out and then, of course, there will be Christmas.
anti-kvetch: I'll see the boy again this weekend! It's horrible that he has to continue the flat-hunting as it's de-moralising and expensive but yay for an extra weekend with him! In fact, I'll be seeing him for a few weekends in a row, all prevailing.

(((kittenb)))) happy birthday

another rough day here. Martini's dad has been determined to be well enough to be released to a nursing home for rehab .... but all of our top choices are rejecting him for needing too much care. So he's too well for a hospital and not well enough for a nursing home, and it's all a big headache, not too mention emotionally wrenching. I wish something would just go right.
no need to fret honeybun, I'm around. I've just been in a little bit of a funk is all.


((((sidecar)))) I'm sorry honey, what an ass sucking situation.

((((pink)))) you rock, babe.

*waves at dusty*

~~~rosie-luv's crampies be gone~~~~

((((mavin)))) ~~~feel better~~~

(((sixela)))) boohiss on that lameness.

(((mandi))) *tight hugs* especially today.

Um raisin, you mean it was *you* who Greg was cheating on me with while he was doing Talk Soup?! Why I oughtta... tongue.gif

*taps foot* don't make me give you extra birfday spankins (((star))))! it's not as if you purposely set the darned thing off and she did fail to teach you how to unarm it. try not to fret over it too much, sweets. *says one virgo pot to the other virgo kettle* wink.gif

I do hope mornington is having a blast.

you know, it's been forever and a day since we had a txplumwine sighting around here. I meece her.

((((amilita, crassy, polly, billy, tes, plat, pixie, syb, candy, zoya, flanker, sassy, msp, walkingb, sonik, faith, fina, anoushh, qspice, plummie, everyone))))

I managed to drag my ass to the doctor today after procrastinating doing so for the past four months. All that whining about not having insurance and there I go putting off making the appointment all summer long. It certainly didn't help that my friend Don took me to see "Sicko". I got lucky and the primary care doc I was assigned happens to be an internal medicine doc, so I had an all inclusive appt. Yay. I mean, not yay for having to lie on a table in a miniscule paper gown and be violated without so much as a "how do ya do?". But yay that I finally got the pap I was 1 1/2 over due on. And they took about seven tubes of blood to run every lab known to woman. It's cool that the healthcare system I am now a part of has it set up so that I can sign in online and read my lab results. Good news is that even though I was a nervous wreck (visibly shaking so much the nurse had me take a few deep breaths before the reading) my blood pressure was fine, which is a relief. My cholesterol and fasting glucose were also fine. I was sure not to eat anything before the appt. so they could get all the lab work done today. Oh, and as a bonus I've lost 9 lbs since the beginning of the summer. Not that I don't have a loooong ways to go on that front, but it's a start. The not so great news is that my platelet count was a little on the high end of the normal range, so I've been reading up to see what that could be from. I got a little wigged out that it's common in people with rhuematoid arthritis, since that's related to lupus and that's what my mama had. But no sense in freaking out and diagnosing myself, right? The rest of the stuff will take a bit longer to come back. She remarked that she could tell from the manual exam that my problems lie with the right ovary and she ordered all my hormone levels to be done. At least this doc has actually heard of polycystic ovarian syndrome and knows how to treat it, unlike my previous ones. She wants to wait to see what my hormone levels are before she prescribes any meds for me. Most likely I will be put on Metformin which is used to treat diabetes, but has also been sucessful for women with PCOS. Shannon's friend Michelle tried for years to get pregnant, even taking fertility drugs, to no avail. Her doc finally diagnosed her with PCOS, put her on Met and three months later she was knocked up. I'm going to that baby shower next month. So there is hope for my loudly ticking biological clock after all. Now all's I gotta do is line up a suitable dad! Riiiight. I'll get right on that. rolleyes.gif

I wish I could take you out for copious amounts of vodka tonics!

..and if I was in Boston, I would take you to Neptune Oyster in the North End and eat many many raw oysters.

**aside - (you MUST go there! Best oysters in Boston - and I have that on authority from several Boston native friends - but get there before 7 pm, cause it's tiny, no reservations, and it starts to fill up QUICK after 7. Last time i was there, I ate 3 dozen. Yes, 3 dozen raw oysters.) - end aside**

((sidecar)) that sucks

raisin - I had the same crush on Greg Kinnear! He was such a hottie when he was doing Talk Soup. That little smirk and raised eyebrow.. rrowr!

Kitten - Happy (belated) Birthday! ...not to diminish your birthday, but one friend I know with the same b-day chooses to celebrate another day for that reason. He just ignores the 11th altogether and celebrates it on the 9th. (I don't know why the 9th, he just told us that that was now the official date of his b-day, a few years ago!) anyhoo, just a thought

Kvetch - I have been slacking on my taxes and I HAVE to get all the paperwork to my tax guy TODAY. By scan / email, so I have no excuse to miss the deadline of today. Am I anywhere near close? No. there goes my morning.

Anti-Kvetch #1 - Last week, I ordered a big tin of Earl Grey tea from a place in Belgium that makes their own - they use super dark black tea leaves, and extra bergamot, so it's like Uber Earl Grey. It's due to be delivered today!!

Anti-Kvetch #2 - I've been invited to a bbq this afternoon at a friend's house. That never even happened when I was in the US. I think I'm in the right country wink.gif

Happy Birthday, Stargazer! Have a margarita for me!

zoya, that earl grey sounds amazing! I.O.U. a PM but mind is too tired to engage this morning.


(((martini's dad))) I hope somewhere takes him soon, offering the appropriate level of care.

I am so, so sleepy but that may be down to weird-ass dreams last night (injections in hospital played a huge part).

I'm off to make a smoothie to perk me up and watch some Ugly Betty

Have a great day!
Happy Birthday Stargazer!!!!!!!!! So many fabulous Bustie Virgos, what shall we do?

{{{sidecar}}} what a mess. I feel bad for your whole family at this point. Is martini going to have to go back there?

{{{raisin}}}instead of your computer, maybe you should throw those people in the corner and throw water on them?

{{{zoya}}} your description of a pap smear made me laugh. I need to schedule mine. *sigh* yuck.

{{{bunnyb, dusty, mavin}}}

Have a great day all!

Happiest of birthdays to you, Stargazer!

(((((((((((MartiniDad and the whole Martini Family)))))))))))) My family went through something similar a few years ago with my grandparents. My mother says that the hospital nurses can actually be a great help. Tell the charge nurse what's going on & ask if they know of any facilities that might be willing to accept him. They might have some tips for you. Best of luck!

I had to do a heap of work in the garden this morning. I had to rake up tons of leaves and pine straw in the hope that it will FINALLY rain tomorrow and some of that water will penetrate the ground and cause the grass to grow again.
Kvetch: Blister on left hand, causing typing to be rather painful
Antikvetch: The garden looks better already. I'm so sorry I neglected you, garden-mine!
Kvetch: I am exhausted. And still crampy.
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