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bunny - it's in late September. I'm a recent convert to Rugby, a few of my co-workers are into it, so I've just kind of ended up going along to the pub to watch the matches with them. Hey, any game where there are men with great bodies grabbing each other's asses is alright with me! (even if they do have hellaciously broken noses)

dear mando's body - BLEED, dammit!

rose - yes, that sounds excessive to me - most everywhere has laws capping the amount rent can be raised every year - when I lived in Cali, my rent was never raised more than %8 per year (usually 5%)

(((kittenb))) that situation you are in really sounds sucky. I'm glad you have some time off.

(((star))) yay for living in new places biggrin.gif

ok, I am going to splurge on room service, take a big long bath, and watch a movie.
True, I do like the legs...

I checked the rugby fixtures and I'll be in Manchester that weekend! the boy moves to Edinburgh the following weekend!

I could do with some room service, especially if it was pizza. I think I'll make do with guacamole and crisps. It's the weekend, I'm allowed to pig out.[

A happy birthday gift to yuefie (although I know kvetchies will adore too): Cats that love Macs.
OOOH kitty cats and Macs! So cute! (we are a Mac household and have 2 catsheh)

I am soooo excited! Not only did I finally get my new toy (my digicam is awesome!) from the cute Russian FedEx guy (roowr) but a coworker called and practically begged for my holiday hours so now I am off on Monday! Yay yay yay!

Good vibes around and room service (in thoughts) to all. Mmmm room service...

I am staying in tonight, alone. This is wonderful. I had to cancel on a friend who invited me to her b/f's party but I really needed a night off. Just me, the internet, the cats and SCRUBS. It's been too long.

I could use room service, though. You know, if I was at a hotel.
Apologies for the rant ahead but I need to vent.

kvetch: My sister may only be going on 11 y/o but she is the biggest bane of my existence. I've just lost it with her after she has ruined something else belonging to me (and this is maybe the sixth thing in the last two or so weeks that she's stolen from me and lost or ruined). It's not the case of a sister borrowing clothes or make-up and not giving it back: she sneakily steals my things and willfully destroys them. Last week I found a beautiful, long, silk sarong of mine that had a hole in it - I asked her about it, she said it was an "accident" (everything is an accident, like it makes it alright) and gave her a row and didn't speak to her for days. This afternoon I heard bunnymama giving her a row, mentioning me and then called me downstairs to show me another sarong that my sister deliberately took a pair of scissors to and cut a hole right through. I've told her in no uncertain terms to stay away from anything belonging to me and to stay away from me (I mean it, I'm not even looking the road she's on until she stops being the way she is).

My bedroom hasn't been decorated yet as we've been trying to get the rest of the house together so most of my things are in bags and boxes throughout the house (v frustrating) so God knows where she's finding all of my things and what else she's taken or ruined. When I came back from Manchester last I had two box sets of dvds that I unpacked and put on my bed and a disc from each has been missing since, making them both worthless. A few days later bunnymama found a graduation pen that the boy had bought me in my sister's bedroom and she had written all over the presentation box. The only relief I have is that she has no interest whatsoever in my books (although I have mandoo for that - he likes to eat the covers) but I don't know what else she has ruined of value; I worry that she has or will, at some point, take some of the expensive jewellery the boy has bought me. The other night a personal letter of mine from 1998 was found in the living room - I have no idea where that was in the old house, let alone here! When I'm not here my mac is packed away in its box and I keep my make-up and perfume hidden (she has sprayed entire bottles of my perfume out previously). I shouldn't have to live like this.

My sister has special needs, she has behavioural problems and, more or less, needs constant supervision, which is draining on the family (most recently she has almost set the house on fire as she's been lighting cigarettes using the hob); she has a predilection for porn (yes, we have child controls and supervision on PC but she'll sneak at it whenever she has a chance, although that's died down as we're so conscious of it now and my SaTC dvds are packed away); for soiling and wetting herself several times a day; for stealing money, keys, belongings; for lying; for causing as much destruction as humanly possible; for being cheeky and throwing tantrums and making everyone's life a misery... She has no sense of responsibility, boundaries or consequence and no punishment stops her doing the things she does or any reward for when she has been good. I am hoping that me being completely disgusted with her and ignoring her for however long will have a positive effect; probably not but I have to try. Besides, I can't even bear being near her just now.

Wow. Apologies for this long-winded post but I really needed to vent. I do love my sister and when she's good she is incredibly sweet and such a lovely little sister but those times are becoming fewer and further between.

I need to find my recipe for turbojenn's nutella wontons and finally get around to make them and eating them all.
((((((((((BunnyB))))))))))) Hon, I wish I could hug you in person. It must be so maddening! Is there any chance you could have a lock put on your bedroom door?

((((((((((((((((MartiniDad, Martini, Sidecar, and the whole family))))))))))))))

~~~~~~~~~~~~ bleedy vibes for Mandi ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

((((((Star)))))) And pardon me while I roll my eyes at your mother. rolleyes.gif Granted, I'm sure there are plenty of times when my mother worries about me & probably cries because I'm so far away, but at least she keeps it to herself.

((((((LaurenAnn)))))) I've been slapped & grabbed by total strangers, too. It feels awful.

((((((Kitten)))))) I think it was wonderfully sweet and mature of you to apologize. You're a star. smile.gif Hope you enjoyed your night in.

Mavin, another girl?!?! How delightful! I'm sure ZeLuv is thrilled. Congrats on getting Monday off work!

Zoya, what did you get through room service? Let us live vicariously!

((((((((Pixie, Yuefie, Crassy, Q, Plat, & all the rest)))))))))))
Has anyone heard from Faith lately? I miss her, too. And I was thinking about Plat last night. I should give her a call.

I'm jealous of those of you who had the night to yourselves last night. On Friday I thought that Sheff told me that we would be on our own for the weekend, but then Saturday afternoon he said that people were coming over (I had misunderstood what he'd said before). So I suddenly had to deal with people last night and cooking and cleaning for them. Grr. Luckily, everyone was tired & they were only here for 4 hours.

Thanks for the love for my brother. He lives in Kansas City on the Missouri side. For the last 11 years he has lived in a studio apartment in this old factory building. All of the tennants are artists. It sounds like the owners of the building are trying to push out all of the artists & convert the whole space to fancy, modern condos so that they can rent them out for oodles of cash. I can't blame them for wanting to improve the building (it's pretty run-down in places), but they're going about this the wrong way. Grrrrrrrrrr.

The good news is that a friend of Mike's lives in a studio apartment in another building & she said that Mike can move in with her & would only have to pay $400 a month! Fabulous! Well, except for the fact that my brother really does not like living with other people. He will have to find another solution.
((((bunnyb))) i'm so sorry your things are being destroyed and you have to live with everything locked up. can you get a lock for your room? would your parents allow it? you shouldn't have to live like that, but what else can you do to protect your things. hopefully, you can transfer some stuff to the boy's place when he moves to edinburgh. (((more hugs for you)))

(((zoya))) you are almost done!

(((kittenb))) i love nights when i just want to veg alone. i thoroughly enjoy it.

(((laurenann))) oh, that's a terrible story. but, it doesn't sound too farfetched considering the area. cubs fans are SO annoying. and thanks for the tips for boston!! sounds like chicago is treatin' ya well. wink.gif

(((sidecar))) i'm glad you are doing ok. martini's mom is sure a character.

(((mavin, mando, six, rose, plat, crassy, tes, morn, polly, sassy, billy, candy, PiP, pixie, and other kvetchies)))

omg. i so LURVE my place. oh how i wish the chicago busties were nearby so i could host a get together. my landlady really has all the comforts of home, which you would never want to leave. she likes to entertain and have people over, which makes me feel good. so, i want to try and have a get together in october maybe. we shall see. and once i'm finished decorating...i will post pics of my place.

kvetch: blah. i don't want to go clothes shopping.
star, I’m glad you like your new place. I’d love to see pics once you have decorated. Not wanting to go clothes shopping? That’s a sentence I would never utter. J

rose, sorry you didn’t get a night by yourself. It’s nice to hang out with people, but sometimes you just don’t feel like it.

((rose’s brother))

((bunnyb)) That has got to be beyond frustrating about your stuff. I know you shouldn’t have to lock your door, but maybe that could work. I wanted to ask you about Big Love, I’ve only seen the first five episodes of season one and wondered what you thought of Margene? I can’t tell if it’s the character or the actress that I don’t like. I don’t know if there is a Big Love thread, but I wouldn’t want to read anything from the second season.

kittenb, hope you enjoyed your night alone.

mavin, yay for Monday off. I love having a holiday on a Monday.

((mando)) Yay for a lazy day.

((sidecar and family))


yuefie, enjoy your weekend away.

Yesterday Mr. DM, Twin DM and I went shopping and to lunch with one of Twin DM’s friends. She is nice, but a little too loud. I kind of said something at lunch that I just wanted to enjoy the meal without loudness and singing, and then I felt bad. I am just a very reserved person, and it bothers me when people make a spectacle. Twin DM and I went to see 2 Days in Paris last night, loved it, laughed so much. Today I have just been watching Big Love, and doing laundry. Trying to figure out what to do later, and where to eat.

5 more days, 5 more days, 5 more days....

Rose, I had spaghetti and a salad. and I drank a whole bottle of wine from the minibar (ok, well it was a 1/2 size bottle) I know it sounds glamourous, but what I would give for NOT being in hotels and having a stable at-home life so that I could enjoy consistent quality time with friends and try to cultivate a relationship (or hell, just meet guys and actually DATE them)

I feel bad bitching, but meh. I'm tired and spent.

((bunny)) I'm sorry. will write more later but I'm just slamming some quick busting out in the middle of a crazy day, at the moment.

((star)) glad you made it safely

((kitten)) - isn't it awesome to just kick it and watch some TV alone?

ok, over and out.
Just a fly by from my swanky resort where I am spending my birthday!

I wanted to wish Yuefie a Happy Belated birthday! I couldn't get on yesterday! And yes, I am doing something fabulous! In an hour I have an appointment for an aromatherapy body wrap and foot massage!

*le sigh* I wish everyday could be a birthday weekend!
*flyby* MartiniDad continues to improve and may be moved to a home for rehab later this week.

I am still dreadfully ill and not looking forward to flying home with an upper respiratory infucktion but Martini is coming home with me! He is about as drained as he can be. MartiniMom is in a state, but what can you do? She is who she is. I wish that person were a little nicer but I do feel sad for her, as she is pretty helpless.
*~*~*safe trip and get well vibes for sidecar*~*~*

i'm glad martini is coming home with you.

kvetch: i was really pissed this afternoon. my parents sent me an email basically guilting me for saying that i did not let them know much about my traveling. i didn't call like i said i would (um, i did) and i left no contact info of my new place (i did forget). but, i was kinda busy relocating my life to another state and you would think they would be understanding of me. i was trying to bite my tongue and not be reactive, but i couldn't stand it. so i replied to my stepdad and defended myself. i also said they need to cut the apron strings and trust that they raised me well. i mean, i'm 31 people. i still can't believe they are being this hysterical and self absorbed emotionally about me moving. i have enough on my plate. and after i read their email and sent a reply...i just cried. i just under too much pressure from them. is it bad that i don't want to talk to them for sometime? i don't want to seem selfish, but i do want to feel i some my own life going on.
((star)) I feel really bad for you about your parents. My parents are kind of like that, but have gotten a little better over the years. When Mr. DM and moved to Brooklyn my mom gave me a guilt trip, and would get upset if I didn’t call her back. When we moved back to FL she was happy, but she knows there may be a time when we decide to move somewhere else. I just gave up on trying to make her happy all the time. I hope it gets better for you because you should be enjoying your new adventure.

((sidecar and family)) Glad martini dad is doing better, and that martini is coming home with you. I hope you feel better soon.

((pixie)) Enjoy your birthday weekend.

((zoya)) I can understand how staying in hotels can get old. I know even when I go on vacation I am always ready to get back to my apartment.

I'm just happy to have today off. I think I am going to do some cleaning and perhaps find a book to read.
*another quick fly-bee.....buzzzzzz*

(((sidecar))) so glad martini is going back with you, I hope he gets some downtime to recoup.

(((bunny))) a lock's not a bad idea, for your own sanity. ~~~copage~~~

(((star))) that so sucks about your folks. and no, it's definitely not bad to not want to communicate with them for a bit. you have to set your own boundaries, or they will just continue to try and set them for you. some parents (mine SO have this issue too) just cannot re-adjust to their child's adulthood on their own. Glad you love your new place!

rose, it sounds like your brother just has a month-to-month lease? Otherwise rent cannot be raised before the end of the current lease term. KC doesn't have rent controls (mostly just cities in cali, NY, and new jersey). I know the area he lives in, and what's just ridiculous about the whole situation is that if it wasn't for the artists creating a community down there for the past dozen or so years, his landlords would never want to convert to condos in the first place! I hate that real estate developers are so short-sighted about that. You would think it would occur to them to try to KEEP the area affordable/desirable to the artists' community, since they were the ones who turned the abandoned warehouses into art galleries and unique living spaces and are the only reason anyone would even THINK to go down there! GRRRR. /rant

kvetch: I do NOT want to go to work today! I put in 10 hours on Friday, and that was my day OFF. I wish this current project would just get finished already, I'm tired of waiting for vendors who never show and pissy IT guys who only think about their own schedule and managers who breeze out early because "I've got it all under control" and printers that only take toner that is apparently made of crushed elves from the German Schwarzwald because I have not been able to print for a week and we are right next door to freakin' OfficeMax.....

sorry. had to get that out.

(((bunny))) i'm a special ed teacher, so i sure know how frustrating dealing with children with behavioral issues can be. it's NOT your job to help your sister though, sounds like you have enough on your plate just keeping yourself sane in that situation. what kind of services does she get? i'm sure it feels like you all have tried everything with her, but there ARE ways to work with even the most challenging kids, and you (well, not YOU, but a professional or someone) need to take data and analyze and figure out a solid plan. trial and error is the worst way to deal with problem behavior. anyway, (((bunny)))

also, (((stargazer))) my new roommates - one of my best friends from college and her boyfriend - are going through the same things with their folks. they'd both been living in the same city as both of their parents for the past three years and i think their families thought they were their for good, when really they were just there after college to save up some money and decide what they wanted to do next. sometimes i worry that my parents don't love me enough, but usually i am SO glad that they are so hands off and let me be so independent.

enjoy labor day, fellow american busties!

While I was gone they towed my car because I didn't pay off some parking tickets, even though I wasn't even parked on a street that they ticket on. And I left my phone charger behind yesterday so my phone is dying and the parking people won't answer the phone so I can find out how much I owe. And it has to be all in cash, so I can't pay on my credit card the way I had planned to. And I don't have a job so I really don't have that much money in the first place and this is probably going to wipe me out completely. And I don't want to pay a cab to take me there because it's probably going to cost a bundle, but I can't go there myself because they took my fucking car away.

If I, by some miracle, can actually pay off the tickets with the meager entirety of my checking account, I still have to find a way to get to the tow people so I can pay THEM for towing AND storing my car for a week or whatever, since they just took my car without notifying me while I was on the other side of the country.

I'm going to cry uncontrollably now... sad.gif

I have a lot of archive reading to catch up on, but (((hugs))) to everyone who needs them.
(((faerietails))) i'm so sorry about the car thing. i hope everything works out. sad.gif

(((bunny))) i hope you are feeling better.

(((six))) so sorry that you have to work today.

(((DM))) i love doing absolutely nothing on days off. reading a book sounds great.

so, i need to go grocery shopping for the week today. oh, and i need to buy some pants for my job, which starts tomorrow. the reason why i don't want to go clothes shopping is because i don't want to acknowledge that i've gone up in pants size. argh.

Happy Birthday, pixiedust! yuefie's birthday is tomorrow so you didn't miss it.

(((everyone))) thank you for the supportive words (laurenann, hearing the perspective of a professional was particularly helpful - my sister goes to a school specifically for children with behavioural difficulties and has done for 4 years but she has become worse rather than better behaved and everyone's at a loss for coping strategies.). I will buy a lock for my door and should have before now; I shouldn't have to but that's not the point, as long as it protects my belongings (and my sanity). I'm still bummed today and slipping in and out of a funk. I met both kinkykatykins and the boy's mum for coffee this afternoon (separately), which raised my spirits some.
i'm home and feeling better. MartiniDad didn't have as good of a day, but it's one day at a time. We're still feeling good about his recovery. It is nice to be home with Martini, though, for the first time in two weeks!

I won't be around in the morning and according to official Bust Time, it's already Tuesday, so............


It's your day, girl.. enjoy it!
Before this day is over I just wanted to say...
Happy Birthday PixieDust!!!!!
I actually spoke to Pixie this afternoon & it sounded like she was having a great time on vcation with her family. She had a spa treatment done which she described as "better than sex". I gotta get me somma dat! wink.gif


((((((((Continued love for MartiniDad)))))))) Good to hear that Martini got to come home with you, Sidecar.

Sixel, I hope you survived work okay.

And I hope you all had a great Labor Day! Sheff and I had an ... interesting time. First of all, you should know that we basically killed our over-the-range microwave this weekend. It was a group effort. It was one of those problems that starts out small and just BALLOONS into a massive clusterfuck that ended with a dead microwave and hood fan. So Sheff took that baby off the wall. I've been wanting a more powerful range hood, anyway, so it'll all turn out right in the end.

Other than that, we trimmed some hedges, I made out some postcards for the Postie List, then we took a nice drive, went out for dinner (and we even ate outside because it was so lovely), then we came home & watched Top Gear on BBCAmerica. All in all, a very nice day.

Happy birthday to Pixie (oh, the spa sounds wonderful, good for you esp. with being a new mama again) and early birthday wishes for Yuefie who still remains my west coast soul sister.

I spent the weekend at the beach. Lovely. And now Star is my neighbor. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does it get any better than this? I am SO PSYCHED to get to know you, babe. (And this is so minor, but I forgot to tell you about the $7 jeans I just bought, unfuckingbelievable stroke of luck that will have to rub off on you.)

(((Bunny))) I'm sorry, babe. On principle you shouldn't have to get a lock, but maybe it can help with the literal damage control, so long as she doesn't get the idea in her head that she will break the lock by all means necessary just to get on the other side of the door.

Hi, Mando! You bleedin' yet? Oy. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. I fucking hate menstruation.

Okay. I'm getting tired. Must have been all the sun. (hee!) I've got some appointments this week for which I must prepare (ooooOOOOOOOooooo could be v. interesting, we shall see), so I'm off... (((everyone, esp. Sidecar)))
Happy Birthday, Yuefie!!!

Happy Birthday, Pixie!!!

(((Sidecar))) Enjoy being home with Martini.

(((Bunny))) Must be so frustrating to deal with your sister. Sorry.

Sixe, the Mr. and I were just talking of artists getting gentrified out of their neighborhoods. Crazy. Good luck to your brother, he going to try to fight the rent increase?

((farie, star, everyone))

I seem to be fighting off a cold, and I'm feeling very OVER New Orleans right now. Bleh.

well i'm using my palm to post. I got to my internship superearly. like by half an hour early. I kinda like to be settled before work starts. wish me luck on my first day!

((raisin)) so good to talk w/ya babe last night. and we r on for dinner on friday.

happy birfday yuefie!!!

Good luck, Star! Dinner date on Friday, whoooooooooooo! That place we talked about, they have a DJ spinning music, but not until late, like 11pm, just FYI.

Amilita, maybe you need a vacay.

RV, I meant to ask, what on earth was in the microwave? rolleyes.gif I have a microwave I don't use, but it's one of those gigantic ones better suited for a counter -- too bad we don't live closer, else I'd offer to give it to you.

Um... I am thisclose to buying a ticket to France for November.

I'm a leetle stressed out about what today will bring; I just want it to be evening so I can have my Evening Fun. Better yet, I want it to be the end of the week so I can see how things pan out, Big Decisions and all. I don't know why I feel the need to Capitalize Certain Words today.
Happy belated Birthday Pixie!!!

Happy Birthday Yuefie!!!

Champagne's on Dave!

(((good luck star)))

(((allsa YOUSE)))

eta: ~~~~Best Big Decisions Ever Vibes For Raisin~~~~
Good morning everybody. I am in Ohio, visiting my family. I've realized that I don't get stressed out ;like I used to when I visit them. Now I just get a little stressed because in this family, damn near everybody smokes but me. No matter whoes place I am sleeping at, I am breathing in poison. Ick. blink.gif I always feel like I need to detox when I get back to the fresh air of downtown Chicago. But on the bright side, I have bought new jeans, new yarn and some wonderful used DVDs (a lot of used DVDs. Hee!)

bunnyb, that sounds beyond stressful. I don't think it is uncommon for children w/emotional and behavioral disorders to get even harder to work with when they are entering adolescence.

star, good luck with the mom stuff. I think you handled it well.

Happy birthday Pixie & Yuefie!!!!!

{{{{{amalita, raisin, sidecar, billy, et. all.}}}}}}

laurenanne, not in a bad way, but your story made me laugh a little. I lived in Wrigleyville for 7 years and it was always the tourists who just needed to be shot after a game. I tend to avoid it now.
Happy Birthday wishes to pixie (belated, sorry) and yuefie!

**bunny** it sucks that you have to deal with that situation

**martinifam, sidecar** glad you guys are home

oooh, **raisin**... why France? I am trying to decide whether I should save up for a trip to Paris in a year. I really feel no draw to France but may be able to go there with Ze Love for a conference...

**kitten** I feel the same way about needing to detox after visiting my folks bc my dad smokes. I always forget when I pack stuff that everything will be smokey (ie Lily's stuffed animals). Hope your new yarn doesn't get stinky!

I was pretty productive this weekend, so yesterday I let myself lounge and read a whole book (Water for Elephants, which I loved) and play with Lily. We had pancakes for dinner and just chilled.

Course I then stayed up late online (I was discussing the Girls Weekend with my best pal and in another window discussing comics with my little brother, who, like me, draws them) so when I finally got around to the portions part of the eve it was pretty late. Then, up with the kid. So so tired now.

Antikvetch galore: It is Tuesday! Ze Love is at work and has his night class tonight so it is just Ze Mavacado and me all day and night (except my best pal and her hubby for dinner) I LOVE TUESDAYS!
happy birthday yuefie!!!

happy birthday pixie!!!

(((sidecar & martini))) so glad martinidad is on the mend!

(((stargazer))) good luck!! sounds to me like the parents are just feeling sorry for themselves that you moved and taking it out on you. my mom uses her interpretations of how my dead father felt about me living where i live!!!

(((rosebrother))) the artist gentrification thing happens every fuckin' where it seems, it really sucks! one of my favorite little galleries had to close cause of it- and it really sucked cause they were there litterally before anyone else and had their whole gallery mosaiced beautifully- something they couldn't take with them when they left!!



for mandi & rose: corgi goodness

hope everyone's weekend was nice. i'm only working 2 days this week- today and tomorrow then i'm on vacation- we're going to vegas for our 5th year anniversary and having our vows renewed by elvis. i'm pumped- just hope there's no family drama since my mom, brothers and their wives plus a couple of others are coming....

anti-kvetch: there was no fighting over the weekend! the mr. came home friday after work and apologized then took me out to a awesome chinese/ kitchy tiki bar restaurant. yummy!
The total adorability of that corgi has temporarily melted my brain.
Damn it, I want a pet. But Sheff isn't convinced. I need to find a way to smack some sense into him. wink.gif


~*!*~*!*~*!*~ magical decision-making vibes for Raisin ~*!*~*!*~*!*~

Crassy, it's so sweet that you're having your vows renewed. And by an Elvis impersonator, no less!


(((((((Sidecar & family))))))))

Thanks everybody for the love for my brother. It sounds like he is going to move out instead of fighting the landlords over the rent increase. The "Momma Bear" in me is coming out, so I would like him to fight it, but it'll be okay. He has a friend who is a musician & owns a 4000 square foot studio apartment & she has invited my brother to move in with her. He'll have to deal with having a roommate, but it'll be much cheaper. In addition, he has a job interview on Wednesday with some sort of photography studio. If all of this works out, he'll end up with more money and more time to work on his art. So maybe it's a good thing that he lost his job & that he has to move!

As for the microwave, the good news is that we have a 2nd microwave so that isn't a major problem. Our big issue now is that we no longer have a vent over the stove. I'm going to run out & do a bit of research on range hoods this afternoon.
happy birthday to yuefie and happy belated to pixiedust!

kvetch: still not feeling great
antikvetch: got a glowing review from bosslady today!
happy birthday yuefie and pixiedust...!

this is a super quick drive by (a fly by..??!!!)

I need big, huge, gigantic bustie vibes. I'll explain more later, but I'm in a situation (not of my own doing, but I have to undo a situation) that could cost me my job. I need huge vibes to pull off what I need to pull off, and I need to pull it off quick. and pulling it off entails a whole lot of people who are trying to help me out coming thru.

anyway.. just a big blanket ((((((((((((kvetchies))))))))))))))) (that's a huge hug)

OMG. when I get home in a few days, I can't WAIT to catch up on the archives and become a non-lurking kvetchie and really post (you know, star, bunny and mornington, me actually de-lurking in here is all your fault wink.gif )

See, that's what happens when y'all HANG OUT AND STUFF! Bad influences, all of you! hee hee

Zoya, best of luck and hope it doesn't turn into a clusterfuck.

Whoo, congrats, Sidecar!

RV, you want me and the buns to smack some sense into Sheff?

Why France? I think the better question is why not France? cool.gif

(((Crassy & Kitten))) ~*~*~no family drama*~*~*~

I've restarted Swap Me Beautiful in AbFad. Check it out, yo.

I'm so punchy. Nervous. Arrh. Appointment this morning went well, I think, but people can be so vague it's maddening. I need more concrete information to make a proper decision and I just have to not stress out in the meantime. Thank Maude it's a short week.

I got nothing else except more phone calls to make.

ETA: And I'm watching Bill Clinton on Oprah. I mean, not literally! Trust me, you're not missing much... but Oprah's got straightened hair now all Mary Tyler Moore-like. ::EYEROLL::

HI, YUEFIE!!!!!!!!!

ETAA: Humina humina, Andre Agassi... good lord is he smokin' hawtt! Suddenly I'm a lot more interested in Oprah. Heh. /lameness
(((zoya))) I hope everything works out! Vibing hard for you (ahem, is it me or does that sound really naughty?) I really like you posting here and feel no guilt wink.gif.

(((yuefie))) I hope you're having a wonderful day.

(((star))) how did your first day go?

(((crassy))) wow, vegas!

(((mavin))) yay for Tuesdays!

(((raisin))), (((kitten))) and (((flanker_ji))) for taking part in the pressies challenge. flanker_ji, you are my snooze you lose winner and that means you don't have to beat yourself up for not doing it in return!

(((everyone))) I'm sorry I'm not vibing everyone but I love you all and really appreciate your support in last couple of days. I'm really tired and a bit overwhelmed with stuff; a couple of monetary issues have arisen since the weekend that are stressing me out too.
fly by love for birthday girls (((pixie))) and (((yuefie)))!
many mwahs, darling ladies!

and of course, multipurpose vibes for (((all of youze))).

eta: crassy, lance the corgi is The Adorable! i bet zoey looked just like that when she was a puppy.
Maybe it's just me on 5 hours of sleep last night, but, bunny, I'm very confused....whadya talkin' about? huh.gif

So, I'm having an issue that's keeping me up at night (part of the reason I'm on 5 hours sleep) and I know you kvetchies are the best for advice. As you may know, I'm working in my cousin's dental office and I'm at the front desk with her husband, who's the office manager. When I accepted the position, I knew it would be a struggle working with him, but I figured I've worked with worse, so I'd give it a shot. See, he's a nice guy. I know deep down he's a good person and 95% of the time I have no problem working with him. It's just that other 5%...

Some background- members of my family are patients at the office- my parents and sister, my grandparents, etc. And like anyone's family, there's some issues; such as, my grandmother has some extreme weight problems. She can also be difficult to deal with at times, but we all just grin, bear it, and move on. She's my grandmother and my family and I would probably be living in a cardboard box if not for her and my grandfather. My mom has depression issues and sometimes it's hard for her to face the day (I know some of you know what that's like); she volunteered to do some artistic painting in my cousin's house, in her husband's home theater and there were a couple of days where she just couldn't make it over to their house. My dad's been late to a couple of appointments and my sister can come across to other people as quiet and aloof (which, as star can attest to, she really isn't; like me, she just has to warm up to people)

Anyway, so, my cousin's husband will make snarky comments on a pretty regular basis (a couple to several times a week) about my family members and their issues, making just rude, 12-year-old boy comments about my grandma's weight, sarcastic comments about my mom; humanist was in for a teeth cleaning last week and probably was more jovial than usual, and after she left he made several comments about how shocked he was that she actually smiled and didn't act like she was stoned.

It's not just limited to my family, either; one of the assistants, her aunt comes in and has similar issues to my grandma in terms of weight and personality and he says shit about her. I talked to the assistant about it a few weeks ago and we were going to go to my cousin and talk to her together. Later that day, the assistant said she went in and talked to her about it herself (I think she was talking to her about other issues she was having at work and it just came up.) and told her what her husband was saying to us about her aunt and my grandmother and how offended we both were. My cousin seemed to be really ticked off about it and said she'd deal with it immediately. So I thought it would end. Unh-unh...a couple days later, he made a couple of more cracks about her aunt and my grandmother....he's 43, but he's a vain, immature, insecure little man. It's weird because other than this issue, he is a good person- he's generous and I've never seen anyone treat their wife better than he treats my cousin.

It just pisses me off because my family has done nothing but welcome him into the family and it's not like he or his family are fucking perfect.

I'm just about at the end of my rope with this and other than this, I'm really happy at my job. I feel like I can honestly talk about this with my cousin, but I'm wondering if I should talk to just her about it, or if he should be there, too. If my cousin talked to him the way she said she was going to, this will be the second time someone's talked to her about it and I feel like he should be there to hear what I say- if he wants to dish it out, he should be able to take it. ((Sigh)) It's just a really uncomfortable situation and I know my cousin will take swift action if I talk to her....not like divorce the guy or something, but just knock some sense into him. I've thought about just telling him off, but I kinda want her there as a witness because, like I said, this is the second time someone's come to her about the issue and our relationship is a little more than employer/employee.

Sorry for the me-me-me-me post.

~*~*~*all purpose vibes to all~*~*~*
Thanks for all the birfday lovin's everyone!

I just got back from Shannon's place a few hours ago and what a wonderful weekend it was. We swam and sunned ourselves all day Saturday. That night our girlfriend Natalie joined us and we watched movies, had too much yummy pasta & wine, and giggled ourselves delirious. Yesterday morning we drove up to this little mountain town called Oak Glen, which is known for it's apple orchards. It was only 70 degrees there, while at Shannons it was 112! So it was a nice break from the oppressive heat. We had brunch, shopped a little and actually picked our own raspberries! Last night we went out for sushi to Shan's mom's favorite place, in her memory seeing as it would have been her birthday. Shan spoiled me and went out of her way to make it a very special weekend. And she bought me a gorgeous purse to boot! We just had a really great time together, laughing so much I think we were both feeling a little hoarse. And now we have a whole slew of new inside jokes. To me, those are the best times. I saw my dad earlier this afternoon and tonight had dinner with the family. I had the most decadent dessert of Baileys Irish Cream & white chocolate mousse filled crepes with blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and a blueberry reduction for me. Oh my, was it divine.

I haven't had a chance to read and catch up to properly vibe everyone, but I wanted to check in and say thanks for all the birthday wishes, you guys rock!

Glad you had a fabulous weekend Pixie!

~~~~multi-purpose good vibage for all~~~~
yuefie, sounds like a wonderful weekend with amazing food; that dessert does sound divine.

polly, apologies for the confusion! that should have actually been directed at flanker_ji. I was so out of it last night but have edited my post.

As for your cousin's husband/your boss. If he wasn't family but only your boss, what would you do? I think you should treat it in same manner although speaking to your cousin may help and make it less of an uncomfortable confrontation. The comments he is making are highly inappropriate and if it was just you then it could be construed as him feeling part of the family so much that he is entitled to moan about them (however unfair) but to do it to your colleague too is unprofessional and crossing the line.

flanker_ji, when you check in could you PM me your address please?

raisin, did you receive my e-mail?

hi ladies -

thanks for all the vibes!! (and the kinky hard vibes from bunny..heh) everything worked out. I just about had a heart attack in the process, but I think I'm out of the woods. In a nutshell, I have a meeting TODAY in another city, and my boss is coming with me. The people that were supposed to be setting up all the logistics totally dropped the ball, and I found out late last night. So at like midnight last night, I had to start making calls and re-doing everything ON MY OWN. I called in so many favours it was unreal. Somehow it got handled, and if everything works out the way it seems it will, it will actually run even more smoothly than my original plan! Don't stop on the vibes just yet, though, I'm not relaxing until we're there and everything is happening. Until then, I'll still be on some pins and needles... (I do feel a lot better, though - at least I feel like I'm probably going to keep my job)

yuefie - that sounds excellent! how fun!

polly - God, that sucks. Could you just talk to him directly yourself next time it comes up? I mean, you do have an active, working relationship with him... if he was a co-worker who wasn't related to you, I would guess there is a good chance you might just say to him when he was making his comments, something like "I feel really uncomfortable with those kinds of comments, and I'd prefer it if you'd keep them to yourself" so why can't you just say that kind of thing directly to him? I don't think it would be out of line, especially if you just kept it short and professional like that and don't bring the family angle into it.

mavin - do it! Paris is pretty damn nice.

((bunny)) as mentioned above, thanks for the kinky vibes, you hussy! and I hope your situation is getting better... BTW, I'm going to be in Edinburgh the last weekend of September, so maybe a drink if you are there?

((star)) - sounds to me like your parents are experiencing their own type of growing pains.. I remember when my parents (mom especially) used to complain at me about not keeping in touch, etc. I think that was just her way of being kind of bummed at seeing me go my own way, rather than just be able to say that she missed me, etc. I found that when I stopped engaging in arguments with my parents on that stuff (not to say you are, but for me it was hard not to...) and just let them be, things got better. I stopped defending what I was doing, where I was at in my life, etc. and just basically stood my ground and would not let myself get roped into any arguments. I would also just keep all my interaction with them really short and cut the phone call off if it got testy. Little by little they just settled in, and I think that I learned a lot about just letting them be them also. Dunno if that helps at all, but just my little .02 cents worth

gotta run and get on my way to meeting... fingers crossed it all goes as planned..

rose, maybe you should try to find an opportunity to petsit so shef can see how wonderful it would be to have a pet. i never liked dogs a lot until the mr. convinced me to get one and it's been love ever since... and on the brother front sounds like it will work out for the best!


(((bunny))) hee hee kinky vibes!! smile.gif you're so diryt!

~*~*~*zoya continue to work out*~*~**~

(((polystyrene))) i think that having him and her both there is a good idea, that way there's a voice of sanity there- and if he tries to claim you were attacking him or something you'll have her as a witness- also if you're complaining that he's saying things behind people's back, you don't really want to say something behind his or it will defeat the purpose. and if it's your cousin's business it's unprofessional that her employee (husband or not) talks about patients like that, whether or not they are family. just my 2 cents..

yuefie, sounds really fun!!

anti-kvetch: we just got a huge shipment of new jeans from the gap for our group home for girls- now they'll all have some stuff to wear to school!

anti-kvetch: today's my last day before vacation- yay!! today is my 'church' anniversary -we did the church wedding a couple of days before our regular 'beach' wedding that everyone was invited to (catholic technicality really), so tonight we're going to our favorite little mexican restaurant for dinner. yummy!

then we're off to vegas....woohoo! we got the whole 'elvis package', he'll be walking me down the aisle and doing the vows and singing to us! and we're renting a big-arse limo to take us & the fam to the wedding and then up the strip! we're getting there early so we can get everyone elvis glasses and drinks (i asked everyone what their favorite flavor of maddog was as a joke- my mom was so confused!) it's not gonna be cheap but i figure it's worth it for 5 years (this is by far the longest i've ever been able to stand a companion much less happily live with one!!!)

sidecar/martini & mavin/zelove you're coming up on 5 years too if i'm not mistaken....
Have fun, Crassy!!!

Polly, it's sort of underhanded, and I'm not sure if it would work in your situation, but sometimes when people say inappropriate things to or around me (like my sis-in-law who can make mean-spirited jokes at times) I respond by asking them what they said...looking at them directly, etc. (My exact words are usually, "Wait...what?" With a sort of baffled air.)

People tend to back off...especially if you make a pained or a raised eyebrow face when they are saying they called your grandmother fat or what have you. I usually hate non-direct methods of dealing with stuff, but sometimes if they work, it can be easier with family or coworkers...or both!

I got downstaffed at work last night...all night...which was fine with me because I'm feeling so run down. And mentally, I'm tired, too. In a couple weeks, I am going to my mom's to help her after knee surgery (getting the plastic ball part of her knee replacement replaced) so that'll be a break from the city and life. Cable TV and chillin' with my moms.

I really need a career counselor. I've ended up helping the Mr. with his art career (and there's tons that still needs to be done) and running the gallery sort of by default...and I don't think there's any place for me to do labor and delivery here that would be great. I'm OK doing what I'm doing for now, but I need to figure out a different path if I'm going to find more job happiness. Anyone got advice?

(((love for all)))
**wearily throws self into the lounge**

i got my ass kicked by bikram yoga. i thought i was gonna die in the heat. but, i'm still alive. ok....gotta take care of some stuff for internship.
all of the interns kick ass. it's gonna be a great year. i'm really psyched. my body has been sore. boo. will read the archives and vibe everyone later.

Wow, I feel as though it's been forever since I've been in here. I got back from New York exactly one week ago and now I've been experiencing my first days of university! So far it's pretty awesome. I already have a ton of reading to do and a group presentation in only two weeks! I'm just glad I don't have any class tomorrow.

I don't think I even have the time to completely kvetch up (get it, instead of catch up?) but I'll try to throw out some vibes.

(((polly))) that sounds like a tough situation. I'd go with what amilita said and just be like, "Whaaaa?"

crassy, have fun on vacation!

belated birthday wishes for yuefie and pixie!

(((sidecar, martini and family)))

(((everyone, star, dm, sixelacat, sassy, kittenb, rosev, mandolyn, zoya, laurenann, anyone I forgot!)))
zoya, I may not be going through to Edinburgh that weekend, after all, and if I am then only on the Sunday to help the boy move in. Hope the meeting went well!

crassy, have a fab anniversary!

star, yay for a potentially good year and boo for painful body.

amilita, I was supposed to meet with a career's counsellor today but I overslept so rescheduled for next week.

here's the brownie recipe requested (not sure if you'll have to convert measurements):

1. Grease and fully line tin.
2. Melt 225g of plain chocolate over boiling water with 225g of butter.
3. Leave to cool.
4. Mix 3 eggs, 2 tablespoons of fresh strong coffee and 225g of caster sugar in large bowl.
5. Gradually add chocolate butter mixture.
6. Fold in 75g self-raising flour, 1/4 teaspoon salt, 225g of chopped chocolate and bananas or cherries and almonds (amount to taste).
7. Bake at 190 degrees celcius for 40-45 minutes.
8. Should have crisp layer on top and gooey inside; cool and serve.

thanks for all of your bustie vibes.. not only did everything go off without a hitch, boss was really happy with everything and it turned out WAY better than it was originally organized. I think I've taken about 5 years off my life in the process, but it all turned out well. It sucks though, because the people who were supposed to be taking care of the organizing of things have worked with me before. But this time they really dropped the ball. BUT... I totally called them on their fuck up and they actually paid for any extra costs that I incurred by having to basically start from scratch overnight. So that was cool. Extra cool for me, because I have a difficult time with conflict, calling people on their mistakes, and making them take responsibility for it. So I learned a lot from the situation. (and kept my job)

bunny - awww.. well that's ok. some other time. I'm actually up there with a couple of girlfriends who are visiting from the states and have never been to scotland. I'm going to make them eat haggis. heh.

ps - I'm going to try that brownie recipe. it looks amazing.

star - good for you on the bikram. I can't do bikram yoga, I just can't breathe in the hot air. so more power to you for doing it!

crassy - the Elvis impersonator wedding RULES!! and congrats on 5 years!!
Zoya, glad that it worked out!

Star, yay for yoga...

Need interview vibes. Have one today (although it's for the temp agency that I'm working for this weekend). Also, have another one tomorrow. I just tend to say the wrong thing. Hopefully that won't happen today.

Kvetch: Bad migrane and just general depression... ugh.


polly - I like the suggestion about thinking of him not as your family. It is possible, though, that he might think he is being funny. People can be really clueless like that.

bunnyb - what is caster sugar?

amalita - I am w/you on needing the career counselor. unsure.gif

I am back at work today, for just today. Next week I am taking a few more days off just cause I can. tongue.gif But I got a major surprise today when I learned that my gym that I have been a member at for over a year just up and closed yesterday. All branches, seemingly for good. Just closed due to massive employee fraud and other related bullshit. Argh!

eta: sassy: {{{interview vibes}}}{{{interview vibes}}}{{{interview vibes}}}
ack. please forgive me for not reading, but does anyone have any other contact info for mornington? she texted me yesterday and i texted her back, but have only just realized i don't have international call/texting on my cell. i don't think she's checking her hotmail account, and the number she left me for the boy isn't working either. i've also tried calling her cell via landline, and it's not going thru either. maybe the number i have is incorrect? can someone PM me her cell number? many thanks!

i hate to think she may think i'm ignoring and/or flaking on her! sad.gif
Mando, I just checked and I don't have any deets for mornington aside from her hotmail address. You're dialling the US int'l code first followed by 44, then skipping the first zero of her number right? I can't think what else it would be...

Caster sugar is what US folk would know as just plain sugar.

Well done zoya!

Bunnyb, that recipe sounds amazing.
Looks like I'm going to be in line for that careers counselor. I just got fired. Go me.
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