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((((sidecar)))) I know this is a toughie, good luck with everything honey. *extra tight hugs* and ~~~~continued vibage for the entire martini family~~~~

((((mandi)))) ~~~soothing~~~ hormones & family dramarama be damned.

((((dusty)))) sorry sweetie, that has got to be frustrating.

((((raisin, kitten, morn, amilita, polly, bunny, syb, rose, billy, star, sassy, sixela, tes, plat, dm, flanker, pixie, candy, crassy, lelu, sonik, fina, faith, msp, walkingb, mavin, plummie, tg, anoushh, everyone))))

~~~~hugs, soothing and good vibes all around~~~~
I'm sorry, (((Sidecar))). I'm glad you decided to go, hope you find someone for Sophie soon.

OMG! That's what it is! I have *stolen* Mandi's menstrual cycle. I have just ovulated during my period the second time in a row so I'm looking at like, my third period within a little more than a month. I thought things were supposed to slow down as you get older. Arg.

(((Mandi))) Sorry about the family drama, hope you get your cycle back soon.
(((sidecar, Martini, and Family))))
((((((((sidecar & martini))))))))

antikvetch: bought some new stuff to look all professional. yeah!

kvetch: doh! i should've waited to get my plates for my car in mass. cause my insurance wants proof of my driver's licence and plates from the state. damn. even though i'm only gonna be there for a year. that sucks. i didn't want to go through the hassle of paying 'em $$. i think i'll need to pay $50 to transfer my registration.

what happened to six?? she hasn't been around. unsure.gif

well, i hope everyone is doing well. there is a full moon goin' on. maybe part of the reason for all of the madness and why i've been feeling like an emotional roller coaster. oh, besides the fact that aunt flo is due to visit too.

~*~*~*healing vibes for martini's dad*~*~*~* and *~*~*~*find care for sophie vibes~*~*~*~*

kvetch: Just had a stupid argument with boy over phone and hung up on him. He HATES when I do that but I was so p'd off (and I hate confrontation and have to run away - hanging up accomplishes this). I am tired and crabbit in a FOUL mood.

eta: morn, have a fab time in the States with F.
*crawls out from under duvet with ((((raisin))))*


((((star)))) yay for professional stuff!

((((sidecar)))) ***find care for sophie*** ((((martini & martinidad))))

((((dusty)))) blink.gif

((((mando)))) *snuggles* hope the family drama clears up

((((yuefie)))) love the pictures! but sashie looks so sad... I just want to hug her

((((sassy)))) yay temping! ****health vibes for sassydad****

((((kitten, pixie, polly, syb, sixie, rose, billy, tes, plat, lelu, dm, crassy, candy, amilta, anoushh, walkingb, flanker, msp, everyone))))

I fly tomorrow, and I might not have time to come in here before I do so... *blows kisses* (((((kvetchies)))))

kvetch: is there some sort of manual given out to teenage boys that teaches them how to be untidy? I swear this isn't natural.

kvetch: bastard in mama's office is being a wanker over her leave; he booked leave at the same time without asking, and because he's her senior (and BW can be flexible about when he moves into dorms) she's having to rearrange her leave. So she is coming early, and leaving the day after I get back. So I get to see her for less than 24 hours, when we were going to be spending a couple of weeks hanging out and doing girly things. I didn't go out to visit her because she'd be coming out here. Gah. At least she's coming over in november (she's going for promotion, and they have to go through some sort of obstacle course/interview) so I'll see her then. And the same guy is being an arse about her taking christmas off, despite her working last christmas (remember that saga?). It wouldn't be so bad, but he's useless at his job and a complete tit besides.

antikvetch: F is cleaning. And saying daft things like "I want our home to be ready for you". Unfortunately, his work is being a bastard (not his fault, the sister of the girl who was going to cover him died) so I've got to take a bus from the airport... and he's going to take a long lunch to meet me. They're muttering about sending him to some conference on thursday/friday, and I'm going to scream if they do. It's fucking ridiculous, he keeps telling them he can't do it and they just don't listen/care. The sooner he leaves that job the happier I'll be (although at least he has relative job security - they want to promote him to salary - and a decent wage... it's just soul-destroying)

right. last-minute packing and other fun.

Thanks everyone. He's still in ICU but apparently has held steady and spent today sleeping and seemed somewhat lucid when awake. I don't want to get my hopes up too high but today was a good day, and that's all we can ask for right now. Two of our closest friends are going to split up Sophie care this weekend between them, which is a load off my mind.

(((((everyone)))))) I've been reading and it sounds like this month blows. Here's to a better September.

(((special hugs for amilita)))) 'cos I know it's the anniversary this week.
((sidecar and family))

((mornington)) Have a nice trip.


((star)) Yay for new clothes.


((sassy)) Yay for the temp position.

((sassy’s dad))

((yuefie)) Yay for cute pictures doggies and kitties.
{{{{sidecar & family}}}}

Morn - have a nice trip. Sounds like there are too many mean people peripheral to your life. sad.gif

bunnyb - I hope your fight ended.

star - cool on the new purchases. I think your computer misses you but we are coming to an understanding.

KVETCH - I really need my cat to get past this phase. Really. I want my bedroom to be a place of happiness and peace not stress and sickness.
Sidecar, so glad your father-in-law seems to be improving.

I kept thinking about how infection can alter elderly people's mental state to a surprising degree...I'll never forget the lady I took care of while in nursing school who had a bladder infection and pulled a gun on the home health nurse she knew well! But then I would think how this all started with your f-i-l being in a car accident, and then you mentioned pneumonia...hmm.

No matter what the cause(s), I'm thinking good thoughts for him and hoping for the fullest recovery possible.

I definitely feel funny today...thanks for remembering the K-anniversary and thinking of me, Sidecar. I just got home from work and feel melancholy...but what a big difference from last year, when I was having such a terribly hard time. I feel like it's OK to be a little's both about remembering what happened and feeling the frustration of where things are now. *bleh*

super quick fly by to serenade all of my kvetchies with "leaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavin on a jet plane!!!"

2 weeks in madeira with mr hotbuns! yay!!!
Happy trails to Mornington and Tes.

Continuing get-well vibes to (((Martinidad))).

(((Amilita))) on the Katrina anniversary.

(((Kittenb's kitten)))

I had someone say to me a few weeks ago that 2007 really sucks and 2008 has to be better. I said that my layoff notice says 2008, but maybe he's right.

Aww, (((bunnyb))). Mr. Dusty was talking to me the other day (in regards to situations that involve neither of us) about the subtle difference between walking away from a conversation and explaining that you have to walk away from a conversation. He is very wise in the art of communicating.
~~~~~~~ smooth, safe traveling vibes for Sidecar, Mornington, Tes, & Mr.Hotbuns ~~~~~~~~

(((((((( continued love and healing for MartiniDad ))))))))

((((((( extra snuggles for Amilita & everyone on the south coast ))))))

((((((Pixie & T, Bunny & Boy, Dusty & Mr. (he sounds very wise, indeed!), Yuefie, KittenB & kitty, Star, DM, and the whole gang ))))))

BestGalPal and BestGuyPal are on the move! She called me from Utah this morning. It's so strange to think that they don't live in Seattle anymore. They have a few places to stop along their jounrey, so they probably won't get to Oklahoma before Friday or Saturday.

I spoke to mom about the nickname thing yesterday. I just told her that Sheff isn't really a nickname kind of guy. Luckily, she seemed pretty okay with it - slightly disappointed, but since he doesn't even have a nickname for me, she understood.

Kvetch: I MUSTMUSTMUST take the state test for my drivers' license this week! North Carolina requires you to take the written test in order to get a license & my Oklahoma license expires this month. So keep those fingers crossed!
((amilita)) Glad to hear you are feeling okay about today.

((rose)) Pass the test.

((tes)) Have fun with mr. hotbuns.

((dusty)) I still don't understand why you were told you will be layed off so far in advance? Are you able to look for a new position?

((kitten)) Hope the kitty starts behaving.

I had another dentist appointment for my root canal today, two more appointments and it should be done. I watched disc one season one of Big Love last night, and I definately plan on watching the whole series.
(((amilita))) I've been thinking of you too, sweetie; the bbc online have been doing a retrospective and I've been reading it in work most of this week.

(((sidecar))) continued love and support, hun. That's a relief about Sophie.

Have a portion-fest blast, tes and morn!

(((dusty))) Mr Dusty is wise. I have MAJOR communication problems and I really need to work on them.

(((dm))) your poor mouth sad.gif. Big Love is amazing, isn't it? the boy and I have watched both seasons within the last month.

rose, ace that test!

(((kitten and olivia-kitty)))

(((stargazer))) hope you're feeling less bluey.

yuefie, the kidlets are adorable.

Belated to zoya: yay for portions and margaritas!

The boy and I are fine; it was just a flash in the pan.

I have an interview with Career's Service next week, in the hope that I can figure out what to do with my life and find a real job.


((((sidecar)))) ~~~continued vibage for martini family~~~

((((tes & morn)))) ~~~~safe travel and tons 'o' fun~~~~


Pardon this long and fairly self absorbed post, but I just had to share this with you all.
Disclaimer: I am not really the grammar police. I'm sure that I myself screw up all the time. But this guy, he left himself wide open. Like Paris Hilton.

I signed in to my MySpace account today to find the following message in my inbox:

----------------- Original Message -----------------
Date: Aug 29, 2007 9:43 AM

hey there , you're hot. Im in la jolla and would love to hang out with you sometime. please get back to me if you're interested. I'm a mortgage broker by day and massage therapist by night and would love to give you a complementary hot oil massage.

let me know,


Um, yeah. This guy really knows the way to a lady's heart. And the cockgoblin had the nerve to not even have an actual picture of himself as his default profile photo, which is private.


Why thank you for the compliment and for your generous offer of a complementary massage, sir. I do think that this is something I would be interested in. You know, meeting you, sight unseen, for a hot oil massage. You had me at complimentary. Just throw in that word and instantly I'm a puddle of melted jello at your feet. Easy as cake. Or pie. Do you like cake or pie? I'd take you to be a cake sort of fellow. Anyway, in the future it would be helpful when trying to woo a lady, such as myself, if you make certain that you are, indeed, using the correct spelling and usage of the intended word. It would be wise, to avoid possibly having your intentions misconstrued. Please see below:

Main Entry: complimentary
Pronunciation: "käm-pl&-'men-t(&-)rE
Function: adjective
1 a : expressing or containing a compliment (a complimentary remark)
b : FAVORABLE (the novel received complimentary reviews)
2 : given free as a courtesy or favor (complimentary tickets)
- com·pli·men·ta·ri·ly /-'men-t(&-)r&-lE, -(")men-'ter-&-lE/ adverb

as opposed to:

Main Entry: complementary
Pronunciation: "käm-pl&-'men-t(&-)rE
Function: adjective
1 : relating to or constituting one of a pair of contrasting colors that produce a neutral color when combined in suitable proportions
2 : serving to fill out or complete
3 : mutually supplying each other's lack
4 : being complements of each other (complementary acute angles)
5 : characterized by the capacity for precise pairing of purine and pyrimidine bases between strands of DNA and sometimes RNA such that the structure of one strand determines the other
- com·ple·men·ta·ri·ly /-'men-t(&-)r&-lE, -(")men-'ter-&-lE, -'ta-r&-/ adverb
- com·ple·men·ta·ri·ness /-'men-t(&-)rE-n&s/ noun
- complementary noun

Do you see how I could have misunderstood and thought you were suggesting we meet to mutually supply each other's lack? Ew, skeevy. Hey, I have a brilliant idea! Why don't I give you a complimentary (hee - doesn't that word just make you weak in the knees?) grammar lesson, while you give me that massage? How's that sound? Splendid. Then, it's a date. Just give me some time to prepare my lesson, and you be sure and heat up those oils.

Yours (not so much),
Ms. Lynn

Oh, the joys of MySpace.
hi all... re-surfacing from under the rock that is called work to say hello..

(((mornington))) - I hope you had a good flight and are happily hanging out with F.

yuefie - gross. After I set my myspace age to 97, I stopped getting those. Seems most would-be cassanovas don't wanna browse for women in their 90's... heh.

(((sidecar))) continues good bustie vibes your way.

fingers crossed for rose on your test.

bunnyb - I'm shit in the communication area as well when it comes to the opposite sex. I hope that gets better for you, but it sounds like you two have a good thing going and there's always comfortable room for work on that stuff when that's the case!

Kvetch - fucking boy who I finally had portions with has not fucking called, or IMed or anything in a week. This after spending two days together, getting on really well - super comfortable, him (not me) talking more than once about me coming to see him or him coming to see me and spending more time together, etc. The last time I spoke with him, LAST WEDNESDAY, he told me to text him the next day and let him know how my day had been. So I did. no replyn and have heard nada since then. Some of you here know that he and I have a past, with him going AWOL before... I totally decided to let him back into my world this time around when he got back in touch about a month ago, just sitting back and seeing how it went, and making him do the work. I of course had hoped that things would go well, and there would be talk of seeing each other more - which there was. All from him, no less. and then he pulls the disappearing act. I'm so fucking pissed off. He's totally blown it with me, and there was no need to. bunnyb - how about I give you his address and you go kick his ass...

Anti-Kvetch - I ate the hugest spanish dinner last night and girlfriend / co worker and I drank two whole bottles of Rioja between the two of us while we talked girlie talk, dumped about our respective boy shit, and gossiped. 'twas fun.
yuefie - HAHAHAHAHAHA! Please tell me that you actually sent that email!
yuefie--great email...


Kvetch-- in job search hell. I got a post via Craiglist from some woman saying my resume was quite plain and boring, and that I was hiding something about my jobs (yes, I'm working in the CIA). I wrote her back, and said that I guess I didn't get the interview? Basically, she was telling me politely to fuck off. Bloody pissed offed, because it looked like a decent job. Ugh. I mean I'm happy I have a temp gig but it's a firm out of D.C., and the ones in GA suck total ass. dry.gif Argh.

I need Nutella and my duvet and Miles the Ironkitty.


Anti-kvetch-- Kick-ass book festival happening here where I get to meet or at see Kinky Freidmen and Charles Frazier, and also maybe go to Dragoncon as well. Going to be a a busy weekend. Just hope to get over this depression funk I'm in. sad.gif
(((sassygrrl))) that's not polite what she said. is she talking about job gaps or what?? have you had someone look over your resume?? perhaps it is constructive feedback. this woman just sounds really crappy with giving it.

(((zoya))) yeah for spanish food and drinks!

kvetch: aunt flo came yesterday. which is good cause i should be done with her visit by this weekend. BUT, since i've put weight back on this summer (back to size 14-argh. mad.gif ) my bloat and backpain are horrible. at least i'll be sitting while i'll drive.

(((yuefie))) men just have no clue sometimes. even creepy ones.

*~*~*safe trip vibes for sidecar and morn*~*~*

(((tes))) hope you and mr. hotbuns are having fun!

(((kitten, polly, bunny, six, pixie, rose, sybarite, billy, mando, dusty, DM, and other kvetchies)))

so, i leave tomorrow for boston at 6am. probably won't be able to check in for awhile. unless i can find a hotel with free wireless. we'll see...
(((sidecar,martini & family)))*~*~*safe flight, speedy recovery for martinidad, less drama*~*~

yay for teseo and mr. hotbuns!!!

(((amilita & nola & gulf coast)))

rose, my mom just signed the card for mr's birthday simply "love, mom". weird. i sooo thought of you though. *~*~*pass test*~*~*


yuefie, tooo funny, if he responds please do tell us about it!! i get weird e-mails from guys all the time- it says i'm married, and i wrote a blogwith a preemptive 'i'm not interested' but it's not like they read profiles anyway- i mean otherwise their comments would reflect an interest in your actual interests. the worst is this guy who sent me a picture of himself all fake tanned orange in only tighty whiteys -a self portrait in his bathroom mirror- i was tempted to write back and tell him to clean up his nasty bathroom before attempting that move again!

(((zoya))) sounds like someone will have to point on their pointy-toed ass kicking boots (bunny???)

(((sassy))) i agree with stargazer, that woman was fuckin' rude to say that even if she thought it.

*~*~safe trip stargazer~*~*~

so the mr's party was great- everyone had a good time. it started at 3pm and went until 1am!! the m-i-l was a pain, bringing the guy she was supposed to be watching in a wheelchair without letting us know beforehand she was even coming much less w/someone- when we have no access ramp-and it was like 102 degrees out, then asking me to get a special drink for him from the store and stop in the middle of entertaining guests to look for her glasses that it turned out she had forgotten to bring! (the mr. said it was nice she came, i think she was just being selfish, but i didn't say that to him...) otherwise the party was very nice- we ended up doing shots w/our neighbors and the pinata was a big hit- i'm going to mount the head of it this weekend.

yuefie, your message was hilarious! Did you get a reply back? *snort*

zoya, SB has the attention span of a goldfish (oh, what a lovely view!). Feh. Glad you had a nice wine n' dish with your friend!

sassy, what on earth was the point of that Craigslist woman telling you that? Was she expecting you to go "oh, you caught me, I'm in the Pink Mafia". Stupid cow. Hope your weekend cheers you up!

polly, yes, I moved from Lawrence to KC this past spring. Actually in KCK.

star, ooooh, you roadtrip tomorrow, yes? Excited?

anti-kvetch first: getting to meet the Chicago Busties! (even if I was a tad, ahem, late. wink.gif ) You guys are awesome! Also getting to spend some quality girly time with BFF was much, much needed.

kvetch: jumping straight back into mayhem at work. They've been keeping me so busy I've barely been able to lurk! Grrrrr. I have many, many work kvetches, all related to this merchandising remodel thing that's going to be going on for the next 6 weeks or so. Bleh.

Damn, gonna be late if I don't get a movin'!

Happy travels, star! Drive safely- make sure no on drives tired!

I'll be back later for more!
Hi, hot mamas! *crawls out from under duvet*

Oy. I ate too much for lunch and now I'm feeling a little ill. I should go for a walk, but all I want to do is nap and sleep off the lethargy. Burp.

~*~*safe air travel for Busties jetsetting around the world~*~*~

(((((DM's poor teef and mouth in pain)))))

Star Star Star! I know you must be a total stressball right about now, but rest assured that I am soooooo looking forward to seeing you on the other side. We will share hair care products and it will be grand. I hope you have a safe and fun trip.

RV, at least it's just the written portion of the exam, right? No parallel parking, heh.

Oh fuck, Yuefie, you killed me on that response! laugh.gif

I think CousinWonderBunny is getting better. Or at least he's not getting worse, I'll put it that way. Fingers crossed.

And please do go to the Community Forum and tell me if you want me to restart the Swap Me Beautiful thread, will ya?

I really want an internet-free long weekend, so I might not check in until then.

*plops back under duvet, crazed with fatigue, brings Sassy with her, wishing next week were here alright already...*
yuefie, your kick ass sense of humour is one of the many reasons why I loves ya, sweetie! That made my day.

(((zoya))) is he in my neck of the woods? I would gladly go and kick his arse for you, complete with pointy toes. Spanish food and Riioja = bliss; we must go for tapas when you're here, I know the best place.

(((sassy))) ugh, stupid woman - how does that help, in the slightest? hope you managed the nutella, kitty and duvet.

(((star))) have a safe journey to Boston, honeybee.

(((sidecar))) have s safe journey tonight.

yay for a great party crassy! boo on the m-i-l though.

a sixela sighting! woo-hoo!

(((raisin))) I'm bloaty too from dinner. euch.

Nothing to report here, life is moving along. I wonder whether I am over my depression or if I'm still in a funk and going through the motions or if I'm pretty happy living from book to book and from times I see the boy to times I see the boy, floating through the ether of in-between. Maybe that is the main reason I have to find a career - so I have purpose again.

Night all.
Yuefie- great email!

Crassy- you're mounting the head of a pinata?? Isn't the Mr jealous? ;-)

**hugs to everyone**

kvetch: waiting for my new digicam. FedEx came by while I was at work but the bloody door tag won't let me sign to let them leave it. So, we have to cancel our Saturday plans to be here to receive it. I just wish the place I ordered the cam from mentioned they used FedEx and that I would need to sign!

kvetch2: we had an oil leak in our basement Tuesday (stupid guy putting the wrong gasket on) so our house is stinky and I havent been feeling well since.

antikvetch: baby just booted me from inside
Still waiting on that reponse. It says the message has been read, so maybe he's just a little overwhelmed by my *eagerness* laugh.gif

~~~hugs 'n' kisses and good things all around~~~
Mavin! Hiya, sweets! How far along are you?

((((((((continued vibes for MartiniDad)))))))))

Yuefie, your post reminded me of a profile on that was recently ridiculed on Jezebel. It was startlingly bad & gave me the best laugh I'd had in days! Click here to read it. biggrin.gif

((((((((Zoya))))))))) Grrrr. Asshole. Shall we hunt him down & stomp on his scrotum for you?

Sassy, the woman said your resumee was "boring"? Um, aren't resumees supposed to be boring?! What was she expecting? A surprise twist at the end? This ain't a mystery novel, lady! rolleyes.gif

~~~~~~ smooth travel vibes for Star ~~~~~~~

Crassy, glad to hear that the party was a big hit! Sorry you had to deal with the Mr's Mom, though.

Sorry to hear that work is kicking your butt, Sixela, but so glad to hear you got to meet so many Busties!

Kvetch: I am crap. I did not take the test today. Yes, it is only the written test (no driving involved) and I thought I knew enough, but right before bed last night Sheff told me about some questions he had on the test & I had NO earthly idea what the answers were! So I started to freak. Plus, I went by the DMV office and it has moved! I decided that was a sign that I should wait until tomorrow. We decided that if I don't pass then we'll just ship me back to Oklahoma for a visit & let me renew my license there. biggrin.gif

Anti-kvetch: The BestPals called & it sounds like they should be arriving in Tulsa right about now! Yay!

Worry: My mom is having some tests done on her guts tomorrow. Hopefully it will all be okay.
((yuefie)) Your response to that guy was hilarious.

((zoya)) Boo for that guy not even calling.

((sassy)) Enjoy the book festival.

((star)) Be safe on your drive to Boston.

((crassy)) Glad the party was mostly good.

((sixel)) Glad you had fun with the Chicago Busties.

((raisin)) Enjoy the weekend.

((bunny)) I know what you mean about floating along, but I know you will find the perfect career.

((mavin)) Boo to having to change plans for FedEx and oil leaks.

((rose)) You will pass the test.

((rose's mom))

Mr. DM and I went out to dinner for tex-mex tonight, it was so yummy.
Last night, I almost went to a candlelight vigil in Jackson Square, but didn' glad, because the surprise speaker was Rev. Al Sharpton. WTF? Last year, the events seemed pretty heartfelt and simple, but this year, it was more like people were too conscious of the media attention, and that brought it to a less meaningful level.

Crassy, glad the party came off well, despite M-I-L.

Yuefie, you crack me up...looking forward to reading Rosev's link.

Hope Tes is having fun right now!!!

But now...Wally is hissing his tail, so I'm gonna give him some valium. Then I'm going to go downstairs to check in on the art hanging...


Rather quiet for a Friday, isn't it? Has everyone left town for the holiday weekend? I'll wish all my U.S. Busties a relaxing Labor Day. The rest of you, who get *far* more holidays than we do, will just have to work on Monday morning like you usually do.

Amilita, when Sharpton shows up, you know the politicization of the event is complete.

Yuefie.... what a story (and a sharp tongue) cool.gif

I'll open the undies bidding with one pair of olive boxer briefs.
Billy, I'll, er, *see* you with a black cotton underwire and hot pink floral mesh bikinis. You're really going wild with the olive, eh?

Relaxing? Hee. Up at dawn to hand out jackets at the union hall for the parade and then marching across town and, if I still have the energy, to visit the fair because you get in free if you march in the labour day parade. But I get a black denim jacket with the union logo on it, its way cool.

I'm sorry about the ceremony, (((Amilita)))

(((Mavin))) you're pregnant again? Woohoo! Because I live in Canada, whenever I order stuff online, its gotten to be that I add a note saying please please please send it by mail, because couriers add outrageous brokerage fees and if I miss delivery, their depot is always back of beyond but the post office is just round the corner.



Ouch, (((DM))) The reason that we got a year's notice for our layoffs is that the department is jointly funded by two very separate organizations who had an agreement that could be dissolved on a year's notice.
i'm here, billy. working sunday and monday, too. i don't mind. i need the cash. someone please remind me of this when i'm in here bitching about missing all the pretty weather this weekend.

(((martinidad, martini, sidecar))) hoping all is well. Keeping you all in my heart.

Reunited-and-it-feel-so-good happy vibes for tesao & mr HB, mornington & F. 

*ace that license test vibes for rose* (((rosemama)))

Yuefie – bwah!!! You are so the queen of smaht n’snark wit! I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy …

(((zoya))) you deserve betta, pet.

(((sassy))) don’t take it personally. That woman sounds like a crap resume screener.

Now.craving.nutella. Ack.

(((star))) safe travel & smooth reloating vibes heading your way, sweetpea.

“all fake tanned orange in only tighty whiteys …” that is just wrong on so many levels. Le skeeve.

(((crassy))) so happy to hear the party was a success! I was thinking about you.


vibe request: i need superstrength BLEED NOW DAMMIT vibes, y'all. day 62. superbloaty. ugh. this is ridiculous. and no, there's no way i'm pregnant. but i am nervous about something being wrong, despite no out-and-out weird symptoms. i've been superstressed, i'm sure my back issues didn't help ... i'm about due for my gyno checkup, but i know Beloved Doc is just gonna say welcome to the joys of perimenopause. blink.gif Homeopathic ChiroDoc did a few - very strange - things to help bring it on, but so far, nada.

black lace wacoal, black satin undies. extra points for matchin?
Woohoo, billy is mixing it up! wink.gif

((((dusty)))) just 'cause

((((zoya)))) add me to the list of ass kicking offers. where's he at?

((((mavin)))) whens the wee one due to arrive?

((((amilita)))) sorry sweetie, it's hard enough without having it turned in to a three ring circus.

((((sidecar)))) tight hugs. ~~~~continued vibage for martini family~~~~

~~~smooth transition for star~~~

hope tes & morn are having blissful times with their sweethearts.

((((bunny))) for being such a lovebug

((((pixie)))) my virgo sista, I hope you are able to do something fun for your b-day this weekend.

rose, thanks for that link. have you ever read the "crap email from a dude" ones? hilarious and sad. and scary at times. but in all fairness, they do feature some from women too.

glad to hear wonderbunny's cousin is doing better. ~~~healthy cirtters~~~

((((mandi)))) ~~~~bleed now~~~~ and tons o' hugs, babe.

((((polly, raisin, crassy, syb, mavin, sixela, sassy, kitten, dm, sonik, faith, fina, everyone I'm missing))))

I'm off to San Bernardino for the weekend because I am insane. Its forecasted to be 107 today, possibly as high as 112 over the weekend. But unlike here, where it's going to be 98 with 50% humidity, it is dry there. And Shan has central AC, which I do not. Monday would have been her mama's birthday, the first one since she passed, so I wanted to spend the weekend with her. I'm also aging another year myself on the 4th, so there will be celebratin' a plenty.

chonies report: light blue & pink polka dot hipsters with a cupcake and "sweetie" across the front, pink bra.

mavin, you're so diryt! and ugh on the fed ex thing, i'm in the same situation right now- i'd actually rather drive over to fed ex on my time then have to be home when they come. and what an eeediot on the oil thing- how hard is it to do it right -that's his frikkin' job! i read in the paper recently that some oil company did that to this elderly woman nearby --they hooked it wrong and kept pumping the whole amount into her basement!! her whole house is ruined!

yuefie, in all honesty if i was that guy i'd probably not respond either- i mean who do you respond to that (especially if you're not too smart...)

rose, don't feel bad for not taking the test today- if you went before you were ready you wouldn't do well anyway! *~*~*rosemom's guts test*~*~*~

(((amilita))) ugh, why do people have to make it about themselves- hello!?! it's about healing after tragedy for everyone! (((wally))) how is the leetle guy (not so little now i'd guess...)

(((dusty))) at least someone remembers what the day is about- the people around here just think it's one last day to go to the beach.

~*~*~bleed mandi, b-l-e-e-d!!!*~*~*~

i think i might patch and paint my hallway this weekend, olive green to match billy's boxers!! it depends on how ambitious i wake up tomorrow.

i was so out of it this morning i don't even know what brar or undies i have on- i barely slept- the mr. & i had a huge fight over nothing and he slept in the other room- and i can't sleep too well without him. he's still not talking to me. i realize now that a lot of the reason i was so snappy was pms, but at this point i don't even know how to try to talk to him. it seems to work best if i don't seem too eager to get over it... i love him so much but his fighting style is infuriating to say the least.
Hey all, thanks for the love. I'm in OH now. I saw MartiniDad yesterday -- he is, all things considered, okay. His pneumonia is lessening, he's out of ICU, and they're talking about dismissal to a nursing home/rehab facility some time next week. MartiniMom is fixated on his crazytalking, which admittedly, is pretty bad (he's sort of awake but dreaming, and constantly referring to his house or his past, not remembering he's in a hospital) but the doctors all say that as he progresses physically, he'll progress mentally. His roommate went into cardiac arrest while we were in the room, which was fucking awful. I threw up after we were thankfully kicked out. Thank God I was no good at science because the medical profession=not for me. (The roommate went to ICU later.)

I woke up this morning with a stuffy head and a sore throat, so I got to stay home. I'm not really thrilled as it sorta defeats the purpose of me being here. I bought a neti pot yesterday and am now feeling better so hopefully I can go to the hospital tomorrow. I did get to write instructions for MartiniMom on how to make coffee and run the dishwasher because she didn't know how (she has been waking Martini to have him make coffee for her!).

I think Martini is coming home Monday, along with me, and I am not looking forward to telling MartiniMom this tonight.

I hope you all have lovely weekends.
(((sidecar))) feel better.

(((mando))) BLEED, maude-damnit!

Billy's olive boxers are causing so much excitement! tongue.gif

(((rose))) I've had freak-outs like that ... you shouldn't do it until you feel ready.

Hope pixie has a fab birthday!

And yuefie too!

And that sassy enjoys her book fair - it sounds fab!

(((crassy))) I hate arguing before sleeping and I sleep better when the boy is beside me too.

(((yuefie))) and (((shan))). Have a fabulous weekend! Also, zoya's, um, annoyance lives in my city so why don't you come to visit me and we'll kick his arse together?

(((wally))) poor kitty.

(((amilita, dusty, designerm, raisin, tes, mavin, star, sixela, morn, zoya, syb, lelu, msp, candy, quantum, walkingbitch, prettynpink, everyone)))

undies: pink girl shorts covered with variety of pink hearts, dusky pink bra with cream lace trim.

huge anti-kvetch: I don't know if I've mentioned that I've been applying over the last year in work to change my hours so that I don't work Friday nights? This is so I can see the boy Fridays and don't have to use all my holidays (yes, billy, some of us have an obscene amount of paid days!) but it has been continually declined for business reasons, causing much distress. Anyway, today it was authorised! I am over the moon as it makes seeing the boy so much easier, especially now he'll be living an hour away in Edinburgh and I can just jump on a train last minute.

Have a great weekend everyone! Mine is going to spent devouring books and watching dvds although I should really begin to decorate my bedroom ... (not the colour of billy's boxers but aubergine (eggplant) and hyacinth).
Drive-by to say that I aced the driving test! I got every single question right. Woo hoo! And I even met a nice lady who works for the DMV. She just started chatting with me & next thing you know we were giggling while she typed my info into the computer. I'm sure everyone else was wondering why we were having such a good time. She made me feel SO relaxed. I was so nervous when I walked into the DMV that my hands were shaking, but I was calm as can be after talking to her. So yay for friendly people!

Since Dr. Who is not on tonight, I told Sheff that he should take me out to dinner to celebrate.
(Celebrate my driver's license, I mean biggrin.gif )

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ bleedy vibes for Mandi ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

((((((((MartiniDad & the whole family))))))))))) Good to hear he's doing better.

Happy early birthday to Pixie!

((((((((( All y'all )))))))))))))))) I'll give proper lovinz later.

Undies: Black velvet bra. I forget what I'm wearing on the bottom, but I'm sure it's a thong.
too. damn. busy.

underwear report: jeans, t-shirt, no underwear. too lazy, too busy.


big fat anti-kvetch - I will be done with this project and in my own bed NEXT SUNDAY!!! and then I can bust more.

pps - bunny, I might come to edinburgh for the scotland-NZ rugby match....
**sidecar and clan** so sorry you had to be in the room when someone crashed! The hospital I work at doesn't have shared rooms and I think that is a very good reason not to have roommates!
Yay Rose!! The DMV always makes me shakey too!
**rose's mom's guts**

**bloody vibes for mandolyn**

*fights be gone vibes for crassy* Ya know, it's funny... I sleep better without Ze Love next to me... maybe I should pick a fight ;-)

Yay bunnyb! Enjoy those Friday nights!

Yah, I am preggo again. I am exactly half-way through my pregnancy (due in Jan again). And as big as a house, well I feel that way anyway... We are having another girl so all is estrogen-y here.

Hey! It's Friday! Wish I had cute undies on... boring white undies with a light blue polka dot bra. And purple caterpillar socks...

I haven't been feeling the best lately (fighting off a cold and everyone has been on and off sick at work lately) so I hope to sleeeep this weekend. Esp bc I have to work on Labour Day. Darned hospitals not closing for holidays ;-)

Forgot to say yesterday that my photos arrived (zoo trip, state fair, etc) as well as scrapbook supplies I had ordered. It is A Sign that I must relax and scrapbook this weekend, methinks!
Hi all. I read today's enteries but I just can't respond to all I have made such a huge collassal fuck up at my office today that if I don't get fired it will still change the whole dynamic of the environment. All b/c I snapped yesterday and talked with someone who made an email mistake.
So someone got very hurt. And she never saw it coming I want to crawl into the ground and hide.
((((((((((Kitten)))))))))) I feel for ya, hon. That shit is the worst.

~~~~~~ healing for Mavin's cold ~~~~~~~ There's a bug traveling around here, too. Hope you get to do some scrapbooking this weekend.

((((((hugs for Zoya just 'cause)))))))))

Yuefie, did you read the latest "Crap E-mail from a Dude"? You know, the novella from the tortured soul who doesn't understand what "I'm just not that into you" means? Holy christ, that was painful!

Update on Mom: She got through the colonoscopy okay. She's still a bit wiped out from the drugs, but other than that she is fine.

My brother, on the other hand .... oh lord.
1. As you may recall, my brother, Mike, was told that he will no longer have a job as of mid-September.
2. Yesterday he came back to his studio apartment to find a note on his door. The note was from the landlord. He is jumping up everyone's rent as of October 1st.
Mike's current rent payment: $650.
Amount landlord wants now: $1000.
I think it's actually illegal to force such a huge rent increase on people. I only wish I lived in the same state as my brother because I would be calling me representative so freakin fast. UGH.
3. And on top of all of this, one of Mike's oldest friends died. She had been battling cancer for years. She was only about 32 or 33. And I think my brother missed the funeral because he lives in a different state now & couldn't afford to make the trip because ... well, see items 1 & 2.
So yes, my brother is having a sucky time of it. Please keep him in your thoughts.
Isn't he in Cali? I believe there's a lock in most cities of I want to say 5-10% that they can increase the rent in a given year.
So for me insomnia tends to hit very early in the morning. I wake up hours before I have to and start to clean my apartment. After I post this, I am going to go do my dishes and clean my bathroom.
Anyway, I just sent an email to the person whom I hurt. I still want to kick myself for setting this stage but for now apologizing is all that I can do. I had scheduled time off of work for the next two weeks THANK GOD so at least she has time to figure out what she wants to do next.
*sigh* I still feel like a total ass, though.

RV- your bro's situation sucks! I also think that there is a law against what his landlord is doing. I mean, what kind of person raises rent 40% with little to no warning?! Is there a tenant's union he can talk to?

YAY for Bunnyb not working Friday nights. I remember when I stopped working the Friday overnight. It was wonderful...

Mavin - I love the idea of curling up into a crafting weekend. God do I need to do that ASAP.

sidecar - I'll be in Ohio tomorrow. I tend to go there when I need to remember why I live in Chicago. Sounds like you were helpful to the inlaws. I am glad that things are getting a little better.

late undies report - none! Just a black lacey slip and a smile..........

(((kitten))) those types of situations are the worst but sometimes it only seems that way when you're in the thick of it. A heartfelt apology can work wonders and it has for me many times when I've lost it in work.

(((rose's bro and mom)))

zoya, when's that? I don't follow rugby at all.

mavin, yay for scrap-booking and lazy Saturdays! I hope you feel better soon.

kvetch: I've just responded to an email my friend sent about a situation with her mother. I hope I haven't crossed the line by expressing how manipulative of her I think her mother can be. It wasn't an unsolicited opinion as she emailed to ask my opinion of the situation but fine lines and all that... Mother and daughter relationships are such complex things and not always precious. I know that she is addressing a few issues that have arisen from this particular situation and probably realises what I have said by herself but it's different when someone else says it and I hope I haven't offended her.

Happy Saturday, folks!

thank goodness for free internet access. just a quick flyby to let you know i am in mass. maybe 2 hours away from my destination. i think i was possessed yesterday cause i was driving from 6am-11pm. i did take alot of breaks, but i made good time.

kvetch: mama is having a hard time. she called numerous times while i was on the road. BUT i couldn't take the calls after awhile cause i was concentrating on the road. then, she started crying on the phone when i let her know i was in a hotel. hard to believe i'm 31, huh. you would think i'm 12 with the way my mother treats me. all i know is that my folks better pull their shit together. i won't have time to deal with their neediness while here. and for crying out, i'm an adult with my own life. and to all the mothers on the board....yes, i know she will always worry about me...but it is a little unreal how she is handling it.


thank goodness for free internet access. just a quick flyby to let you know i am in mass. maybe 2 hours away from my destination. i think i was possessed yesterday cause i was driving from 6am-11pm. i did take alot of breaks, but i made good time.

kvetch: mama is having a hard time. she called numerous times while i was on the road. BUT i couldn't take the calls after awhile cause i was concentrating on the road. then, she started crying on the phone when i let her know i was in a hotel. hard to believe i'm 31, huh. you would think i'm 12 with the way my mother treats me. all i know is that my folks better pull their shit together. i won't have time to deal with their neediness while here. and for crying out, i'm an adult with my own life. and to all the mothers on the board....yes, i know she will always worry about me...but it is a little unreal how she is handling it.

stargazer - i hope you like massachusetts. you're living in belmont, right? belmont is cute and has some good places, but you are also close to waltham, which has tons and tons of good restaurants and bars on moody street. it's also really easy to get to the mall in watertown and to harvard square from belmont. harvard square was one of my favorite places to shop, eat, drink, and people watch. i'd also check out shops and restaurants in newton, especially newton centre and newton highlands. you're obviously gonna want to go into boston 'cause you're new and there is a lot to do in the city, but take advantage of the suburbs, too! oh, i'm missing ma now!

kittenb - haha to going to ohio when you need to remember why you live in chicago. i'll remember that.

anyway, not sure where to post this so i'll just kvetch about it. my friends and i got into a fight with a chick in wrigleyville last night. for those of you not familiar with chicago, wrigleyville is full of drunk college students and young adults who come in from the 'burbs for cubs games. the cubs won yesterday and people had been drinking since noon, so it was crazy. my roommate works in a bar there, so another friend and i met her after work and we were gonna all go get dinner somewhere else. i was bending over to unlock my bike when someone slapped me hard right on my butt. i looked up and this dude and the chick were pointing at each other and then they walked away before i could comprehend what had just happened. my friends were like "do you know her? what was that?" and we were so confused. then we started thinking of funny things i should have said to her and started walking with our bikes up the sidewalk. we saw her and her friends about a block up, and i said to her something matter-of-fact like "i am mad that you hit me, it is very rude and mean to slap people that you do not know," expecting her to, like, laugh or ignore me or something. but bitch starts slurring "i don't caaare what you THINK, you KNOW you liiiiiked it, maybe you should find a man to slap your ASSSS, get the fuck outta my FACE before i slaap that ass again," blah blah blah. she was so drunk and so awful and seemed like she would seriously fight me, and her awful friends were laughing and stuff. so i grabbed the can of beer she was holding and threw it on the sidewalk and then we got on our bikes quick and rode away. they ran after us for a little but of course couldn't catch up. all in all, the whole scene made me feel bad about humanity.

(((sidecar))) (((martinidad))) very relieved to hear the doctors are optimistic. i am now remembering my fil's last hip surgery - i believe it was the anesthesia and/or the combo of painkillers he was on, he was very out of it also. not the same sitch, i know. but as long as martinidad's tests are ok, this does sound like something he'll come out of after the trauma wears off.

i don't know what to say about martinimom. i know she drives everyone nuts, and i know she's been downright mean and all, but i feel sorry for her right now. she is what she is, ya know?

(((laurenann))) you should feel proud you confronted her. i'd have gone the snarky passive-aggressive route. from far away.

(((star))) you get the superhero cape - you're the Road Trip Queen!

(((bunny))) we've all crossed those lines. you are such the carebear, i bet your friend will know the love and concern behind it. but if you're really concerned, a followup email or phone call making sure all is well can't hurt, if only to put your heart at ease.

(((kitten))) you deserve a nice cozy nap today. here's hoping the workplace crappola smoothes over.

(((rose))) congrats on acing the test. i knew you could do it!
*much positive vibage for rosebro*

(((zoya))) deep breaths, girl. the light at the end of the tunnel approacheth.

(((mavin))) two girls - how exciting! any new pics you can share?

(((yuefie))) hope you are having a fantastic pre-birthday weekend, luv.

kvetch: didn't win megamillions. poo.
kvetch: still.not.bleeding. *whimper*
kvetch: it's a GORGEOUS day, and i've been inside, reading, lolling about, giving myself a mani/pedi. i should be walking le corgi/cleaning/doing laundry.
antikvetch: it's a GORGEOUS day, and i've been inside reading, lolling about, giving myself a mani/pedi. feels so good to pamper myself and not have anything to do or anywhere to be. ahhh ....

i'm not really half as conflicted about my laziness as it sounds. hee.

crap. now i'm thinking about nutella again. i am going to have to buy some, that's all there is to it.

sassy has started the nutella craze again! I saw a TV ad too so now I'm wanting a crepe with nutella...

(((mandi))) sounds like a lovely day. I've been lounging about too; I'm even in my jammies still.

(((star))) hope you arrived safely and now settling in.

My friend was fine about it, really appreciated my frankness but also that I respected some boundaries. We're meeting on Monday anyway for coffee so we're going to talk properly then.

I meece mornington - when's she back?! and faith, where is faith? and plat? sniff. I'm hoping that the power of kvetching works on those two as it did mavin and msp - they heard us calling their names!
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