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Okay, okay, didn't mean to be a tease, but sometimes I don't like to jinx things, you know? Sooooooooooo I was interviewed & subsequently offered a job on the spot, pretty much out of nowhere! -- from someone I'd networked with before and talked on the phone many months ago. Even though I'm really qualified for the position and flattered it was offered to me, I'm not sure I'm going to take it. I'm feeling kind of eh about the whole thing, gut reaction and all, but with all the other upheaval in my life going on, I still think I need to think it over. So yeah, I'm kind of fizzled out about the whole thing. Maybe I'll feel differently tomorrow when I can chew on it with some of my friends at lunch. So yeah, end of story -- for now. Bleh. I don't really want to talk about it anymore.

Eh, all this talk of in-laws: I only have one set of parents and it would creep me out if my in-laws insisted that I call them Mom and Dad. It's overstepping bounds I'm not comfortable with, kind of a forcing of intimacy even if it's not meant that way, you know? If I had in-laws, I'd probably call them by their first names. I think forcing a nickname or pet name or something other than Jane or Mrs. Doe is not right and has to come from the spouse, not the in-law. I have a cousin who's very close with her newish MIL and the MIL adores my cousin and she calls her MIL by her full first name (three syllables, even).

MsPerrone, you look fantastic! Glad to hear you're doing well.

Bunny, you brighten my day as well, you cutie.

Anyway, blah blah, I am so wiped out from all the visitors but it's all good, so I'm off to play with the buns and then it's beddie bye time unless I fall asleep on the floor first. I ate too many Kalamata olives tonight (yes, it's possible, trust me on this).
((sidecar and family))

flanker, have fun at the drawing class. I think you av is cute.

((sassy)) That sucks about the toilet, and the seizure. I hope you feel better.

((kittenb)) You are so sweet to pay for the dog’s vet care. Your program idea sounds really good.

syb, hope you got some work done.

((zoya)) Feel better.

bunny, a banana chocolate brownie sounds good.

lelu, blue hair? Why would he do that?

((rose’s brother))

((crassy)) Get the pool pump.

((mando)) yay for driving the pilot.

ccgirl, yay for the new place.

star, thanks for sharing the pic. That’s great that you are donating to such a great charity.

((yuefie)) Get the new computer.

amilita, glad the mammogram went well.

mornington, hope your birthday was fun.

raisin, yay for the job offer.

((dusty, msp, wb, billy, rose, polly, quantum))

Yay for all the Dexter fans. I can’t wait for the second season to start.

I call my mother-in-law by her first name. We get along fine, but I just feel comfortable calling her by her first name.

Mr. DM got us the new Rilo Kiley and New Pornographers cds on Tuesday, I love having new music to listen to. Twin DM and I went to see The Invasion last night, it was pretty good, not as horrid as the critics said. Today I watched a dvd called Broken English, and it's the best part for Parker Posey to play.

Walking Bitch, I was just thinking about you last night & wondering when you might post on here again. Were your ears burning?

((((((((Martini's whole family)))))))

~$~$~$~ jobby decision-making vibes for Raisin ~$~$~$~
Oooo, that's a tough one.

Banana chocolate brownie?!?!? Holy crap, that sounds amazing! I gotta find a recipe for that.


Kitten, you are so sweet and generous! I hadn't heard about the special credit you could get for pet care, but I have heard of pet health insurance. smile.gif

Sorry I'm not being more thorough. I'm rather tired. I've been sick to my stomach most of the day, which really sucks because this was supposed to be Date Night. Oh well. Sheff suggested that we go out tomorrow night after Dr. Who. Here's hoping I feel up to it!

Thanks for all the feedback on the name thing. It's ridiculously awkward, isn't it. Bah. You should never have to call anyone "Mom" unless they raised you. And a nickname is something that needs to develop naturally. It should be spontaneous. It shouldn't be forced. dry.gif Sheff & I talked about it last night & guessed that maybe he could call her "Mom" since he calls his own mother "Mum", but that's still just a little too similar. It's terribly awkward. Sheff suggested that he could call her "Other Mom", but that's too long and complicated. Maybe he could call her "Om"? I know he'd rather just stick with Bev. Ugh. Lordy, this is awkward. I feel that I should call up my mother and say, "Ya know what? NO. No, Mother. My husband is not going to call you 'Mom' or 'Millie' or any other silly little nickname. He's going to call you Bev because that's what 99.9% of the world calls you. Sheff isn't really a nickname kind of guy. He doesn't even have a nickname for me - his own wife - so I'm sorry, but he's not going to make one up for you. Get over it already."

I kinda wish PixieDust could hang around the Lounge right now. Since she knows my mother quite well, I'm sure she'd get quite a kick out of this. rolleyes.gif

Anti-kvetch: I'm teaching myself to knit lacework! And it's going well! hooray!
Anti-kvetch: While I was recovering from being sick today, I spent a huge chunk of time watching & listing to Flight of the Conchords on-line. Good god, I love those guys.

And since it's just barely Friday ....
Undie report: Navy blue satin thong with full-coverage bra. I'm a little sexier on the bottom than I am on top today. wink.gif
Oh Lord Rose! That is an interesting problem. I never could get into the whole calling your in laws mom and dad...even as long as I was part of the smokeboy family. Just as well now, I guess. I call momma pixie by her fist name.
It is funny that this should come up right now though. When Mr. Pixie and I moved in together, his mom got the dreaded empty nest syndrome and decided that she and her husband(not Mr. Pixies dad) needed to adopt. SO this has been an on going process for the last two years. We all kind of thought it was a phase that would work itself out. There has been couple of prospective kids that didn't work out....SO just a couple of months ago they got interested in this 24 year old mind you DHS puts out like this magazine of kids up for adoption. I swear it makes me feel so SPCA! Anyway, they met the girl,, decided they wanted her and moved her in 3 WEEKS LATER! Ok...we think they are moving to fast, but whatever...but immediately the girl starts calling them mom and dad and it is really weirding Mr. Pixie out!
It will be at least 6 months before a formal adoption will go through and a lot can happen in that time, especially with the problems that have come up in the past. And the real kicker...his mom REQUIRED him and his sisters to bring this girl a Welcome to the family gift the 1st weekend she moved in! We don't even really know this girl! And right now we are having a hard enough time being able to afford food and gas with me on maternity leave so Mr. Pixie is pretty ticked at his mom for the way she's behaving. Doesn't exactly foster a healthy relationship for her natural kids.

Ok...that's all i can vent right now...little T is cranky. Love to all.

pixiedust! how's bebe and you and mini-pixie and the whole pixie brood? tell mr cranky that you're speaking to his aunties!

rose, it does sound as if your mom is going through empty nest syndrome or she's heard one of her girlfriends say that their son/daughter in law calls them mom and is feeling insecure. Sheff shouldn't do it if it makes him uncomfortable but should maybe speak to her directly to reassure her that he loves her (not that he has to, but if that's the reason then it may be nice to hear).

(((raisin))) go with your gut.

msp, you look amazing! good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy.

I'll see if I can get recipe for the banana choc brownie from workmate; I know she also makes cherry choc ones too...

Maybe us darkly devoted Dexter fans should start a thread?


undies: fuschia pink with lace trim cotton thong and matching bra

anti-kvetch: the boy is home this weekend so I'm happy smile.gif.
How about Mother Violet? *snork*

OMG WB, I can't believe she would say that about you!

Go Raisin!

(((Sidecar and Martini and Fam)))

(((Sassy's terlet)))

(((Mornington the gourmet chef for dogs and her throat)))

(((DM, Pixie, Amilita, Flanker)))

The police *have* admitted that the so called anarchist protesters were cops, but they deny that they were trying to incite violence.

My meeting kind of went off the rails last night, but it was ok. At least I can probably sleep tonight and sleep in tomorrow.
*continual loop healing and strength vibes for (((martinidad)))*
(((sidecar))) hang in there, babe. We’re here for you.

chicagobusties, those were some fierce storms that hit you guys yesterday. everyone ok?

(((sassy))) wish I could send the mr to help you. He’s a nice plumber. He’d even help you clean up.

welcome back, (((dusty)))! I’m shocked at the fake rioting bullshit. Then again, I’m pretty naïve about certain things. glad you had a nice vackay.

(((wb))) a pox on your hellacious m-i-l. how dare she? anyone with half a brain knows how much you rock in smarts, looks, hugeass heart, etc. grrr. fuck her.

(((Raisin))) even tho you’re meh about the new job prospect, it’s gotta be a good ego boost. * right-decision vibage*

(((sybarite))) my summer has been craptastic too. good in some ways – some very important ways – but mainly craptastic. I too am way looking forward to fall. (except for the early darkness crap. *whimper*)

Rose, you should cut and paste what you wrote and email it to your mom. Maybe just leave out the “get over it” part. easy for me to say, i know.

Pixie, that is a strange situation, and I don’t know how I’d feel about having a new sister shoved down my throat. But maybe it’ll work out for the best. I have the utmost admiration for those who adopt, especially people who open their hearts & homes to older kids.

Ditto on how beautiful msp looks … can’t wait for our newest bustie bebe!

Ditto on the love for kitten’s generous heart. All parts crossed poor pupper will be ok. Please keep us posted.

Flanker, I bet you kickass in your drawing class! Enjoy!

kvetch/antikvetch mishmosh: mamasan is coming home tonite, after being in VA all week, with sis and bebe (and crapweasel b-i-l, feh) for two family parties this weekend. i can't wait to hold niecelette *squee*, but i'm not looking forward to the very likely dramarama. i'm also nervous about them driving north in friday summer jersey shore traffic. it's the baby's first long roadtrip, they should be leaving NOW but no, crapweasal “has” to work til noon. What should be a 5-hr trip will probably take 7. That’s an awful long time for poor claustrophobic mama. Hopefully she’ll take her pill and doze. Hopefully crapweasel won’t drive his usual maniac speed. *fret*

plus, the one party is my bro’s annual fantasy football draft party at my mom's house. I think the plan is for me to have niecelette with me at my house (which is fine, since i'll be 5 blocks away from probable dramarama). But I also think the other womenfolk will be coming over.(hopefully cousin’s little one, too). my house is not exactly, um, clean. and my back/leg is still ache-y, i am so not into cleaning. Argh.

I am not as whiny today as I sound. Really. huh.gif

Black lace bra, navy satin panties … I am rocking the hotness (ie: cleavage) today despite the bad hair day and my old lady slides.

idjit coworker can't figure out how to do something very simple with the copier. she's only worked here 10 months. can you say total dipshit?
I posted this huge long post yesterday about the blue hair yesterday regarding why the school cares, why he dyed her hair and such and it's gone.

To keep it simple: The school cares because it's part of their dress code and has been since the school opened. Whatever. I don't care. It's a stupid rule, but she's 5. Learning to follow some rules is good for her. I'll school her about anarchy when she's 13. Maybe. Raising an anarchist teenager doesn't sound like fun to me right now...only because I don't want to be called on my own bullshit. She can have funky hair in the summers...but it's really hard when I'm rocking ink all over and Posh Spice hair. She wants to look like me, and I can't let her.

He dyed her hair because he's an irresponsible stupid immature dick who never read the handbook the school sent home. I HATE that I married him and hate even more that he donated dna. Assclown.

Kvetch: it seriously needs to stop raining. seriously.

anti-kvetch: at least it's cool out. I think it's cooler outside than it is in here.

kvetch: planning an elopement sucks serious ass, especially when my baby brother is getting married next weekend in this huge fancy affair. I have to decorate the place where they are having the rehearsal dinner, and I'm only doing it because my mom begged me to.

anti-kvetch: My mom is taking me shoe shopping tonight to match my dress, which is a gorgeous bronze-colored bohemian corset flowy dress, cut on the bias so it fits tight to my curves. And it has enough sparkle that I'll feel fancy, but is NOT formal wear. She also wants to buy Julia a couple school outfits.

I can't believe how expensive Vegas has become. God. I could almost fly to hawaii for a week for what they want for a wedding and 4 day DECENT hotel visit. If anyone has any suggestions, pm me. I could use the help. My Sailor could get a 50% discount in the Poconos, but who wants a hotel room with mirrors on the ceiling and a 7 foot champagne glass bathtub on their wedding/moon?

Not me. Maybe if this weren't going to be my first real vacation in 1.5 years and my first time away from the baby in 13.5 months. I just want spa visits. Couples massages. Fun times. Tons of sex in a really nice hotel room.

I was too tired for sex last night. So was my Sailor. We were asleep by 10:15. Pathetic.

I made coconut rice, pina colada spicy chicken and mango/tomato salsa for dinner and he moaned when he took the first bite. Yum.
pixie, you meant 24-month-old right? 'Cos 24 years sounds like an adoption would not be necessary! That is tough.

Martini's dad is better, although still not possessing all his marbles. His mom alternates between being insanely difficult and resigned. He's taking her to the doctor today to try and get some antianxiety meds for her, hoping it'll help. if nothing else, i hope he gets real sleeping pills for her b/c tylenol PM isn't quite doing it.

We had bad storms, but it was okay for us. the power outage ended across the street, to my relief. Sophie was somewhat scared and spent the night trying to crawl in my lap (this was not entirely successful, as she weighs about half of what I do and is almost as tall when on her hind legs). Not everyone is so lucky as us. There's a lot of flooding, and on my way home, most of the garbage cans and porta potties on the lakefront had blown into pyramids. We're supposed to get more storms tonight, and I'm ready for it to be over. We've had them every night all week.

Anyway, i'm relieved it's the weekend. it's been a tough week with Keith's dad and dealing with daily house stuff on my own. Yesterday was totally disastrous (missed my bus, waited 10 minutes for another one, which broke down a mile later, and I ended up taking a cab to work, which is $$$). I could not be single and own a dog, that's for damn sure.

Sorry for the self absorption. I hope everyone's doing okay, and thank you for the vibes and for letting me vent. Love to you all.
((((((((sidecar))))))))))) my heart goes out to you. i'm so bummed for martini. just sad. plus, being a fellow only child...i worry about ALL the responsible i will have to deal with when my folks get ill. tell him we are thinking of him here. if you want, i can take you to a great place for bloody marys on sunday if you need cheerin' up. just call me.

man, flanker was right. so much goin' on...i forget who needs vibes and hugs. rats.

antikvetch: i felt really good yesterday donating my stuff to the brown elephant. plus, i got some nice stuff. so, hopefully they can make $$. and i perused the new whole foods in boystown (right 'cross the street from brown elephant). um, i can say it is awesome. and i encourage all the chicago busties to just wander in there. their cosmetic department is awesome. all the other whole foods pale in comparison.

kvetch: rain ran go away come again another day. actually, just go away. i need some rain free vibes for tomorrow cause my folks are throwing a bon voyage party for me with my family tomorrow.

kvetch2: i will have to leave extra early today cause it is suppose to rain again today! argh.

vibes and well wishes to everyone!! cause everyone needs 'em in here!!!
i'm about to leave work to try to accomplish the million& 1 things i have to do before the mr's party tomorrow, but i wanted to stop in and check how martini's dad was doing...

(((sidecar, martini & family))) sorry to hear it hasn't gotten much better and 'the mama' is giving more issues- hopefully the antianxiety stuff will help *crossing parts*

kvetch: those fuckers didn't get my pool pump shipped overnight even thbough they promised so i won't have it - we're just gonna make the best of it and clean out the water periodically (i hope none of the kids pees in there but what can i do?)

anti-kvetch- i making a cake shaped like a yellow jeep w/ a black rag top just like the mr's- and the cake part came out perfect- now i just need to find black food color for the icing. the speciallty cake store nearby ran out so they bett have it at ac moore.

our rsvp count is up to 38 and i just found out i have to pick people up from the train station and the local airport too (one of the mr's uncle has a plane and is flying in from long island!)

i'm off...... have a nice weekend everyone!
Whoops that was a typo..I meant 14 y/o girl.

Mr. Cranky is doing ok. He has had colic, but seem to be getting it under control. The minipixie's are fine. both are enjoying school this year.

(((martini and sidecar)))

(((((Everyone else!))))
Thanks for the good drawing class wishes - I didn't think I had insecurities to work out about being creative, but... I do. My pig has one pig leg and one chicken leg, which was unintentional yet amusing.

I know nothing about this Dexter thing... I was just saying the same thing to one of my young friends from camp who was talking about some other book series that everyone seems to know about. I've never felt so out of touch with books before.

WB, I agree w/ what mandi said. Mandi, rock that clevage. Here's some ~*~*~ dealing w/ family vibes ~*~*~ for you.

Feel better rose! I think it's totally appropriate to talk to your mom about the nickname or ask sheff to if he's comfortable with it.

((pixie, mornington, rasin, dm, dusty, lelu, sidecar & martini family))

~/~*~/~ rain-rain-go-away vibes for the midwest ~/~*~/~

You can do it, crassy!

I almost forgot to tell you what undies I'm wearing! Probably 'cause they're bo-ring - pale pale blue stretchy cotton thong and opaque nude brar.
*tiptoes in* pssst... hey there kvetchies. thanks for all the magik bustie vibes. I am proud to report that I'm at home, on my new(ish) laptop thanks all the vibage and to a super sweet friend who came over and spent all evening configuring it for me. I made him a fabulous (if I do say so myself) dinner and he got me back on the net. YIPEE!. wub.gif It's a mac, and until tonight I was a mac-virgin. He was gentgle tho' - hee.

Be back tomorrow to read up and vibe ya'll properly. But for now ~~~multi-purpose vibage all around~~~

belated undie report: super cute red & white polka dot/turqoise bow & trim ruffly skivvies & matching brar.


ok. mom is a little controlling when she wants to do things. i wanted to take a little "me" time by checkin' in here. it relaxes me somehow. i swear this party is more for me than for me.

kvetch: i'm getting stressed with all of the things i need to get done this week. i don't think i'll have much time to do anything else.

antikvetch: tomorrow i'm going to angelina's for bloody marys. (psst. call me sidecar) and food if i can fit it in. it is the one day i'm taking for me this week. oh, and tuesday. other days will be work work work.

hugs and vibes to who needs 'em!!

Well, I am very sad to report that my mom and her girlfriend had to put their dog to sleep this morning. It seems that once a dog contracts Parvo, he has only a 50/50 chance. They tried really hard, but Snowball just kepy getting worse. It is really sad to me b/c he was a really great dog. That may sound weird but realize that mom's g/f has never met a pet she didn't need to adopt right away and the more battered and wonded the animal, the better. There have been a lot of dogs, cats, etc. during their relationship but Snowball was there for a long time. I think he was only 5 or 7, still fairly young. And he was a canine smiley-face. Small and white with a big corona of hair and a happiness that I have never seen in a dog. He was the kind of dog that would explode with glee just because you walked in the door. I really liked him. And mom and Tammy and my step-sis LOVED him. And these are not women who handle stress and loss well so I have no idea what this is going to do to them. If they can just figure out how to grieve together and lean on each other that will be nice but I am worried that they will each retreat to seperate corners, sniping at each other. sad.gif . At least we can say that we tried. They lost a kitten a few weeks ago. He was young and blind and at least with the kitten we could say that it (a stray) would have died a lot sooner if they had not taken him in. They found a stray puppy a few weeks ago and he was still weak when he died from Parvo a few days ago. I suspect that may be how Snowball contracted it although I will not say that to the family. It would sound like I was blaming them or something.

So I am going to sign myself and my family to the list of people who want this month to be over. In September I get my birthday, some days off of work, the second wedding of the month and pretty fall weather. Can't wait!

Thanks to the thoughts about the Chicago storms. I am really tired of the dampness of my house. No flooding but the air and everything here just feels damp. We need five days of dry 80 degree weather to clear it all up. But what I am most tired of is the local news covering it like it was a major hurricane or something. "When the weather turns bad, WE'LL BE THERE." Oh get over yourself.

flanker - thanks for the nice words. Chicago has a lot of great Busties. I feel lucky.

stargazer - hang in there! The big day is almost here.

lelu - that just all sounds so annoying to you. I know this all must be so annoying to you but I just can't help but wonder what I would do if my 5 y/o's hair just was turned blue. So anoying!

{{{{pixie, crassy, roseviolet, yuefie, mandolyn, sidecar, all Kevtchies!!!}}}}

Anti-Kvetch - I bought new jersey sheets today at Target. Brown w/little pink flowers on them. It is the first step in my effort to cleanse all of the energy from the past year out of my bedroom. They look very pretty.
Kitten...if they recently had a dog die from parvo, then it is indeed where this one got it. It is very contagious! Please warn them not to get another dog for at least 6 weeks and then make sure it is vaccinated first! Parvo can live for a long time in soil! Rose and I used to work for a vet and we saw a lot of dogs die from parvo. I can only remember a few who pulled through and they only made it because they were brought in early.

Speaking of....Rose, do you remember the name of the book keeper who was there before I was manager? I don't remember if you worked there then or not...but I ran into her last night. We both kept looking at each other and finally she said...I know you...and I was like , ya, I know you too, but I don't remember from where....Then she remembered it was the vet hospital, but we never exchanged names or anything. It took me almost half an hour to realize she had been an employee and not a client.

Yuefie, congrats on the new MAC in your life! Hopefully that means we'll get to see you a lot more!

~*~**~*serenity for stargazer~*~*~*~*~*
(((((((((KittenB's Mom & girlfriend))))))))) So sorry to hear that their dog did not make it. sad.gif And I have to say that I totally agree with Pixiedust that they should wait before getting another dog until the Parvo has a chance to die off. It is extremely contagious and, as they've sadly learned, quite lethal.

PixieDust, I'm trying to remember who that person could be ... hmm ... Was she about 50 or so? If so then I might remember her. Maybe.

As for Mr. Pixie & his family stuf ... wow .... MAJOR deja-vu for me! About 20 years ago when I was in elementary school and my mom was the school nurse, she heard about a troubled foster child who needed a home. She offered to let him stay with us for a few days ... which turned into a few years. And, what do you know, he started calling my parents "Mom" and "Dad" on his very first day in our house. And my parents weren't even planning on adopting him! Three years passed and at the end of them the foster child was in a children's mental health hospital, my parents' marriage was in shambles, and my mother was so wracked with guilt that she was suicidal. And that's before we talk about the tremendous toll it took on me and my brothers and our relationship with our parents. It took a long, long time for our family relationship to recover from that. I think that one of the reasons why my brother, Mike, has such a strange relationship with the family is because he moved out shortly after the end of that mess. His distance & irritated attitude reflects a lot of what life was like for our family back then.

And this kinda brings me back to the nickname-for-my-mom thing. Ya see, my mother later found that old foster kid - Les - and re-established a relationship with him. As before, Les is very manipulative (sweet as sugar in front of Mom, but he turns venomous as soon as she leaves the room). Les is married now and when his wife calls my parents house, she always asks for "Mom". When I lived at their house & I answered these calls, I always said, "You must have a wrong number," because frankly, I am the ONLY female on this planet who has a right to refer to her as "Mom". End of story.

Grr. Can you tell I'm still bitter about this? Luckily, I'm not angry at Mom about it anymore. Years ago my mom had a long talk about it & she apologized for everything. I told her that I didn't blame her anymore since I can now see how he manipulated her. Mom was trying to help a child who needed love. We'd taken in other people before and had never had problems, but foster kids are a whooooooooole other story. I hope your in-laws have had a lot of education and couseling before taking on this responsibility. I also hope that they get in touch with a family therapist immediately to help them all through this transition.

So! Anyway! Moving on ... smile.gif

Yuefie, it's so good to see you in here again! Will you be kvetching regularly again?

((((((((((huge hugs for Stargazer)))))))))))) 'Cause you deserve 'em, sweet stuff.

Flanker, maybe your drawing is of a new species of farm animal: the picken! Or the chig!

~*~*~*~ fabulous party vibes for Crass ~*~*~*~ That cake sounds amazing! It reminds me of a Jeep cake that they made on "Ace of Cakes" recently.

Lelu, that dinner sounds amazing! Sorry to hear you're having to spend so much on this trip to Vegas.

((((((((((continued healing & ove for Martini's dad & the whole family))))))))))))

(((((((((Bunny & Mandi & Mornington & all the bajillion other people I forgot)))))))))))

It's so strange to hear about all of the flooding taking place in the midwest because it is beyond dry around here. We're having the hottest August on record & the water levels are very low for most counties. My lawn looks like a hashbrown. Some of our trees are trying to die, too, but I'm watering them now so I hope they'll be okay. Luckily, my town does not have any water restrictions in place, but we're clearly in the minority. In one local town, you're only allowed to water your lawn if it's on fire. ohmy.gif

Time for me to kidnap Sheff & take him out to dinner!
((((kittenb))))) oh how heartbreaking. you did all you could; i'm sorry it didn't happen for you.

(((RV)))) Doctor Who was really, really good last night and I thought of you and Sheff. I just bought Viva Blackpool on eBay and cannot wait!

Martini's dad improved significantly today. There's still some mental deterioration, but it's much improved over the last couple days. Best Pal A and her husband (one of Martini's best friends) took me out for Indian food and ice cream and some much-needed hanging out. I also spent the day doing virtually nothing -- reading magazines, surfing the Web, doing some laundry. I feel relaxed and even had some fun, which I really needed.
oh, YAY!!! to hear that martini's dad is improving! (((((((martini dad, martini family, sidecar))))))

BIG hugs to kittenb's mom and the rest of snowball's family. how devastatingly sad. sad.gif

rosie-osie-o-vio-let: bwahahahahahah! i know i shouldn't laugh, but your "lawn looks like a hashbrown" was just too funny!!!!
(((((((r & s's lawn))))))
(((((((all of that area because of the horrible drought))))))

that story about your family and the foster child is just so wrong in so many ways, i don't know where to start. you are so strong.
<3 <3 i would love you even if i didn't already love you!!!<3 <3

i'm lurking but i am honestly too exhausted to even kvetch!

*makes hugo-mongo effort*

kvetch: first weekend in a month that i haven't worked the entire weekend.

the US sec of health was here last week; it has been a veritable ZOO.

anti-kvetch: i FINALLY have the harry potter book!

kvetch: someone at the embassy obviously took it out of my friend's pouch box and opened it and READ IT FIRST!!! (which is why it took so long to get to her - and me!!)

anti-kvetch: i will see mr hotbuns in FOUR DAYS (4) !!!!!!!!!!!!! wub.gif

i will keep lurking. maybe i will get the energy to pop in every so often today and add more individual vibeage.
okay, i just read about the tornadoes and high winds and flooding and power outages in ohio and illinois and minnesota.

just worrying and hoping that everyone is all right.

*wrings hands*


(cross-posted in okaylandia)
I'm venturing a guess where Rose has been the last two hours. So, what did you think? The race was certainly drama-free except for Hamilton's bad luck. That problem could have turned out a lot worse. Your Boyfriend was totally uninspired but found himself on the podium with a little help from his teammate.

It's good to hear that things are turning around, Sidecar.

*waves at everyone*
don't like ferrari, billy?

Kimi Raikkonen is one of my favorites!!! gotta love that a FINN is an F1 pilot!

No no no!!!! I haven't watched the race yet! A friend of ours TiVoed it, so we're going to his place in an hour to watch the race. Guess I'll just have to read this thread later. biggrin.gif

For the record, I LOVE Hamilton. And although Kimi's personality has certainly earned him the nickname "The Ice Man", I think he's still a great driver & I feel a little bad for him. I really thought that this would be his year, since he's finally behind the wheel of a Ferarri. Who knew a young rookie would take over! Amazing!

Kvetch: For the 2nd night in a row, I was woken up by a nightmare. I can't even remembered what the dream was about this time, but I couldn't get back to sleep.

Anti-kvetch: It was all okay in the end because I spent my morning watching Nigella & the first episode of the new season of "The IT Crowd". Thank you, YouTube!
Ruh-oh. We have a sick bunny in the family (Mr. Wonderbunny's cousin). I'm off to the animal hospital to keep the humans company. Please think good bunny thoughts for us. (Psst, Mornington, it's fluid in the GI tract? Not sure... the buns hasn't been seen by the exotics vet yet. I think they want to do xrays and/or keep him overnight, poor bunbun.)
Tes, I do indeed like Ferrari. They aren't as easy to follow since Schummy's retirement, though. Nonetheless I've always enjoyed Raikkonen and know, of course, that Massa is Brasiliero. Tes, one of the funniest things I saw in Brasil was in Alta Floresta, M.G. The town have a road named after Airton Senna. Sadly, it's a dirt road full of ruts! But the home I stayed in was on Airton Senna Blvd and I took pride in that smile.gif

I was thinking today how un-Schummylike everyone was on the podium; so glum. I'm driving a M-B these days and should, I think, show a little allegiance to McLaren, but I just can't get there. Rose's boyfriend has never done much for me as a driver. Heh.
(((((mr wonderbunny's cousin))))) eeep! could be bloat, I hope he's ok

(((((kittenb's mom & girlfriend)))) I'm so sorry. and yes yes yes on what everyone else has said about parvo and waiting

((((sidecar, martini, martinidad & fam))))) glad to hear he's doing a bit better

((((star)))) ****soothing vibes****

((((crassy)))) ***fabulous party vibes***

((((pixie)))) eep, that situation with the fosterkid sounds weird. fingers crossed! and i hope little mr crabbypant's feels better!

((((rose)))) acos

((((yuefie)))) welcome to the mac-lovin' dark side. you'll never go back

((((tes)))) acos

((((mando, billy, polly, dm, bunny, plat, sassy, sixie, flanker & her chig, syb, everyone))))

I've been getting over a monstrous cold/flu/thing, felt like shite for the past couple of days, but better today; not shivering, can actually eat... still coughing like a 50 a day smoker, but that I can cope with. At least my head's stopped hurting. Other than that, I'm 2/3 of the way through HP6, so I'll probably start HP7 tomorrow.

antikvetch: The Boy Wonder has been fairly good, doing the shopping and washing up.
kvetch: asking my grandparents for a loan. I knew they'd give me the money (they say "better you have it now when you need it and we're alive than wait til we're dead") but I still hate doing it. The bank fucked up my account, and I only found out today when I got slapped with a charge for exceeding my overdraft - when they hadn't set my overdraft limit to "student", and had instead set it on "basic" which I'd had since I was seventeen. I wouldn't care if it was only a couple of quid charge and a couple of quid off the right setting, but it's over a week's food budget and my limit was set at over a grand what it should be! gah. Strongly-worded letter coming up

(((((kvetchies)))) *flits off to burn dinner*
Hooray for MartiniDad!
(((((((((continued healing vibes for MartiniDad & the whole family))))))))

((((((Mr. Wonderbunny's cousin))))))

~$$$~$$$~ happy money vibes for Mornington ~$$$~$$$~
Hope you can straighten things out with the bank.

Tes, hooray for finally getting the book! And hooray for Mr. Hotbuns!!!

And yes, our little patch of earth really does look bad! There are a few struffling green blades near the tree I've been watering, but that's about it. Most of out bit of lawn in under trees, anyway, so the grass would be growing slowly at any rate. But this? Well, to give you a clue, we have mowed exactly once since we moved in on May 21st. You read that right! Three months of homeownership & we've used the lawnmower just once. I don't know if I should be grateful or worried!

Just got home from watching the race. Thank goodness I took my knitting with me because it was boooooooring. Bleh. This season it seems that all the interesting stuff happens during qualifying. Good thing we watch that, too.
As for My Boyfriend ... rolleyes.gif
I think the reason why I've liked Alonso for so long is because I started watching F1 during his first year of racing & ITV showed a little background story on him which endeared him to me. So blame British television. My love has certainly faded, though, as his personality reminds me more and more of Michael Schumacher and I think Schummie is a flaming asshole with an over-inflated ego. It's as if his head is so full of flamable gasses that some of it has to leak out of his ass, resulting in firey blasts (and aren't you glad I put that vision in your head? wink.gif ). Is this something that automatically happens to anyone who has won the championship 2 years in a row? If so, then I hope Hamilton doesn't win next year.

Anyway. Yay Massa!
I guess things took a turn this afternoon, in terms of his mental state. It's one step forward three steps back anymore. Martini sounds exhausted, and so am I. I have no idea when I'll see him again, and I'm beyond worried for his dad. I'm not sure he's ever going to be himself, and that's just not a possibility I'd considered when this accident occurred.
(((((sidecar)))) ((((martinidad)))) ((((martini))))
Quick flyby...did I just hear that Attny. General Alberto Gonzales is resigning today?????

ETA: Oh my gosh, it's true!
Now we just have to wait to see which lying sack of shit Bush will call upon to replace him.
There does seem to be an unending supply of them. Like that old mythical monster, cut off the head of one lying sack of shit and three more appear.

sidecar, martini and martinidad - that is so unbelievable. I feel so bad for you all. If there is anything you need let me know. I think we might live close enough that I could help w/pet care or something if you have to be away.

mornington - I hope you are feeling better now.

pixie - my family (read: my mom) has long had a habit of taking people in. Quite often, it ended up biting all of us in the ass. I use to say that my mom was too nice about it all but now it is her g/f who "adopts" everyone. And she loves it when they all call her mom. It is beyond weird in my mind.

My weekend was nice. I saw a production of Ragtime, a musicale that always blows my mind. On Saturday I bought new bedsheets and had a bachlorette party (the one I was bitching about a few weeks ago. They made some cost saving changes.) Yesterday, I barely left my house. It was great. smile.gif
Fly-by for ((((sidecar, martini and martini's dad)))). Thinking of you all and sending coping vibes. I hope things take a definite turn for the better soon.
(((Sidecar & Martini's family))) This is very sad and I'm really sorry.

CousinWonderBunny is still in the hospital. I don't really know what's wrong, they are still testing.

Feh. I have enough crap going on in my life right now that I don't give a rat's ass about the AG, I really don't.

I'm turning down the out-of-nowhere job offer; amazing opportunity, yes, but I know it's not right for me.

((((((((MartiniDad))))))) Sorry to hear about the setback. sad.gif
((((((((((Sidecar, Martini, and the whole family)))))))))

Raisin, it sounds like turning down the job is the right thing to do. When your gut tells you something, ya gotta listen to it.

Kitten, good to hear that you were able to go to the bachelorette party afterall!

RE: Alberto Gonzales. Unfortunately, he's probably going to be replaced with Michael Chertoff. Ugh. Can this administration end please?

((((sidecar & martini)))) unsure.gif ~~~continued healing vibes for martini-dad and strength for the family~~~

((((wonderbunny cousin))) ~~~everything be okay~~~

((((bunny, morn, mandi, rose, pixie, raisin, polly, star, kitten, sixela, syb, dusty, billy, msp, crassy, amalita, sassy, dm, lelu, candy, tes, plat, flanker, everyone))))

My mother was always "adopting" people and sometimes it bit us in the ass too. We had foster kids up the wazoo, both formal and informal. But some of my closest bonds came from that, so it wasn't all bad for us. However the worst for me was during junior high. One of the girls mom took in was in the same grade as me. She was really manipulative and made it her mission to make my life living hell. I took her abuse all year and my mom acted like I was just being overly sensitive. But she really went out of her way to humiliate me on a daily basis, spreading rumors, instigating fights, all while pretending to be a saint around my mother. The icing on the cake was when my cousins came out to visit for the summer and I heard her say some nasty things about my mom. While I am not proud of my violent streak, that was the straw that broke the camels back and I snapped and kicked her ass. It took three of my cousins to pull me off of her. I got grounded for the rest of the summer but didn't care, 'cause she left me alone after that. And I never got picked on at school after that either.

Oh morn, I am *so* loving the mac darkside. I am still getting used to the drag and drop as opposed to right clicking, but so far so good. And being able to hook up my digital camera without so much as a conflict was beyond fab.

Here is Ziggy reacting to Bogey

And Sashie at the beach
((Sidecar and family))

Got a temp position! It's only for 4 days, but it's money. Yet, the woman on the phone was so rude."Do you want a full time job?? Because we really need you to work these 4 days..." Dude, the woman didn't even know me. Just her tone really irked me. Anyways, just glad it's mine. I'm working a convention basically doing customer service. Easy peesy. I had to explain my last job position, which really sucked.

I need some health vibes for my dad. My mother out of nowhere wrote me an email explaining that he could have been hospitalized for his heart. Although, they decided not to tell me due to all of my shitty health problems. Well, considering Dad and I are fighting(over my ex, and Mcgeek somehow turning into him?) now I feel guilty.

Raisin, may the bunny get better.

Mornington, bad money vibes go away.

Star, soothing vibes.


((((((((((sidecar & martini)))))))))))))) oh that's terrible. so sorry.

i do have to brag to the kvetchies that i got to meet sophie (sidecar's dog) yesterday. she is so adorable and sweet. she must've figured me out cause she kept laying next to me and OF COURSE i had to rub her tummy. so cute.

yesterday went so fast. we had lovely weather yesterday. mild temp and clear sunny, sky. met up with turbojenn and sidecar for brunch. i drank the 1st bloody mary rather quickly and had a big buzz. i kinda just drove around and then met up with another friend for dinner. i ate so much. speaking of...

kvetch: putting on most of the weight back i worked off. argh. but, thankfully, i will be too poor to afford food when i move. so, i guess i'll lose weight some how.

kvetch2: i'm pretty sad today. feel crabby like i need to be alone. just want to cry alot today, which i've been doing.

antikvetch: i can't wait to be on the road this friday!!

raisingrl, you have a bunny? how exciting.

tes, we will understand you not having time to be in here with mr. hotbuns around. but, i expect alot of posting in the LTAS thread after his visit. wink.gif

kittenb, i'm glad the party went well. and i love days when there is nothing to do!

yuefie, i still have yet to figure what my mac can do. i wish i had someone to show me.

sassy, congrats on the job!!

Hi Billy and Sybarite!! *waves*

Martini's dad is now drifting in and out of consciousness, muttering constantly about skillets and cabbage and random things. He still recognizes his mom and her voice, but no longer recognizes Martini. He's being moved to ICU and a neurologist will be doing a consultation. It's really bad again. He keeps telling me not to find a flight and go down there, but I am so worried and feel so isolated being here. I really, really don't know what to do.
(((Martini's dad and Martini and Sidecar))) So sorry. Life can change so quickly. I'm thinking of your whole family.

Rosev, wow. And Yuefie, wow. Being a kid and a teenager is so hard, I can't imagine adding a dysfunctional foster relationship to the equation. My sister had a lot of difficulty as a teen, and I felt very ignored...if she hadn't even been my sister, I dunno...


ETA: Sidecar, I say follow your heart. If you can manage to go, go. Don't feel guilty if you can't or don't. (((lots of hugs)))
QUOTE(amilita @ Aug 27 2007, 03:41 PM) *
(((Martini's dad and Martini and Sidecar))) So sorry. Life can change so quickly. I'm thinking of your whole family.
ETA: Sidecar, I say follow your heart. If you can manage to go, go. Don't feel guilty if you can't or don't. (((lots of hugs)))

(((Sidecar))) Trust your instincts. You know better than most what family tragedy is.


I thought Mother Violet would sound so old-fashioned that (((RV)))'s mom would rethink her request. But more communication is always better, I think.

(((Sassy and fam)))

Heh. Kitten and her monster.

(((Mandi))) I'm relieved about the undercover cops. People have been making these accusations since Seattle, and now there's some evidence.

Yay, Billy's back!

*sniff* I missed a family funeral to chair the save my job meeting on Thursday, but someone else missed the meeting because his granddaughter was being born.
(((martini's dad, martini and sidecar))) sweetie, follow your heart. If you feel isolated then maybe this is what YOU need and it may do martini the world of good too but, again, it's up to you.

(((mr wonderbunny's cuz)))

(((snowball))) RIP.

(((sidecar))) (((martinifam))) i feel for you, darlin. on the one hand, i'd say go, so you can at least comfort k in person. but then again, your being their might add more stress for him, as in, your missing work, who's gonna watch the pupper, etc. maybe it's best to sit tight for another day or two. (easy for me to say, i know.) sending tons of positive healthy vibage his way.

(((raisin))) you made the right decision. i have faith in you.

(((dusty))) sorry for you loss, hon.

(((sassy))) good for you! you rock that convention, girl! hope your papa's gonna be ok.

(((yuefie))) sashie at the beach was exactly how i pictured.

(((star))) it's perfectly ok to be sad. you've got alot going on.

(((kitten))) so very sorry about snowball. sending love and comfort vibes to (((your mom and fam)))


unfortunately that's all i got tonite. i'm emotionally shot. family dramarama this weekend? you bet your sweet bippy.
and i'm heartbroken my best girlfriend (aka niecelette) is gone, and i have no idea when i'll see her again. i'm about to choke on this hugeass lump in my throat.

bet it would help if i'd BLEED. going on day 59. i may or may not be finally ovulating. it's beyond frustrating.

i need for this day to be over already.
Wow, the list of all of us just waiting for August to end is just growing by the hour, isn't it?


I AM CRAWLING UNDER THE DUVET NOW, OKAY... and taking all of you with me. And all of the bunnies and puppies and kitties will all live happily ever after.
(((continued vibes for sidecar, martini and family))) ditto what amilita said.

((hugs to all)) I'm lurking, just not posting much.
Sidecar, mando is a wise woman. If you can go and leave sophie in good hands then do it, but you can also provide support (and I'm sure you already are) from being at home and on the end of the phone. In any case, good luck with your decision and ongoing support and hope for martini and his dad and his mum.
raisingirl, you're so cute.

Hey all! Enjoyinh my day off. Hoping it doesn't rain. Fingers crossed.
Things are the same, but we have more definitive explanations. He has pneumonia, which is tough for a man his age (79) even without broken ribs and chest injuries. I'm flying Thursday morning. I got an emergency/bereavement flight through United and am scheduled to come back on Monday. I need to find someone to take care of Sophie. Thanks for your vibes and advice.
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