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happiest birthday wishes to the lovely mornington!

~~~continued vibage for martini's dad~~~

~~~squees for micro-bustie elenor~~~

((((bunny))) feel better honey. you like dexter too, eh? I can't wait for the second season to begin, even though I already ruined it by reading the second book huh.gif

((((mandi))) aww, you're making me blush. you would've so gotten a kick out of sashie rolling around in the sand after I dragged her in to the water. that was my punishment - hee. and if you're going to hell, I'll save you a seat at the bar tongue.gif

((((((kvetchies))))) thank you! you make me smile sooo much!

((((mavin)))) congrats!

((((sidecar, martini & family))))

((((bunny)))) fankoo! it arrived in the post this morning! ***feel better***

((((amilita)))) ***happy mammogram vibes***

((((mando)))) *huggles*

((((syb)))) grocery deliveries make me happy, and i live five minutes from sainsburys

((((yuefie)))) ooh, pictures! sounds like a good weekend.

((((raisin)))) I know. I just like to tempt you wink.gif (and I find looking at the bunny pictures soothing, for some reason)

((((rose, kitten, dm, star, sassy, billy, sixie, pixie, tes, plat, lelu, crassy, zoya, walkingb, faerie, everyone))))

quiet day today, going out later with the exgoth and german. nothing special.

F rang me from work to sing down the phone. Yes, the stupid boy has gone back to work when what he really needs is a freakin' holiday
Dexter is based off a book? I did not know that.

I just had Stargazer over my house. That may be the last I see her for this year. *sob*

Yes, Mando, Christmas would be a great time for you to come to Chicago! I am thinking, and I know this early but I need to gear up for it, about having the Christmas gathering at my house. It always looks pretty at Christmas.

Happy 21st, Mornington! I'm gonna have to be all old now and pinch your cheeks.

(one of my favorite CO images)

I hope you have had a good day and that you will have a faboo evening. Are you at least going to blow out some candles?

CHRIST IN A PILOT! (heh) I haven't bought the plane tickets yet... but they are still 550!

Bunny, my other little Bustie sister, thanks for the good words. I am indeed on the upswing and starting to feel better (THANK THE HOLY HIGH HEAVENS OF MAUDE). It's been so slow. I continue to have patience. And I continue to not take my health for granted. Hey Mando (who saw me last fall and can attest to my.. er... ROTUNDNESS), maybe this is what finally nudges me into losing weight once and for all, you know?

Yeah, I knew MsP(errone) was pregnant, but hadn't seen her around in ye olde Lounge... hence my asking about her. I do hope she's doing well.

And Faith, where is Faith? Yoo-hoo!

Amilita, I wish you all the luck in the world with your first mammogram. I'm SUPPOSED to have my first one sometime next year if I want to play by the rules... but if we're on the young-ish side and have dense tissue, it's not that great for a mammogram, I thought...? I don't know, I'm not the medical professional.

I'm so sorry to hear about Martini's dad, I'd be in total shock. (((Sidecar's whole family)))

Yuefie! Nice weekend, I'm jealous!

Hemming and hawing... blah blah... I know what needs to be done. Picture me in this cliche of (not literally) sitting on the edge of a cliff with the wide expanse of ocean in front of me. Wind blowing through my hair. Nice temperature. It's comfortable, but only because I found a smooth slab of rock to sit on. I know what lies behind me, but I only see ocean in front of me. My butt is going to fall asleep if I sit here any longer.

I got a phone call from someone today I didn't really want to talk to and it made my stomach hurt, like, INSTANTLY. Then it hurt some more after I replayed the conversation in my head. Gah. If that's not a gut reaction, I don't know what is.

Psst, Syb, sounds like I'm the one that needs your unsteady internet connection! At least with the 30 min ride, there's time to read.

Okay, FOR REAL, I am totally going internet-free for the next few days. I need to pray to the spirits or run around nekkid in the woods (ew, gross) or something. They told me they can't compete with the electrical pull of computers, and I told them that I need all the guidance they can give me.

Oh hey, I GOT STARGAZER'S POSTCARD TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! I love postcards. I've got to warm up the welcome wagon soon, eh? Vroom vroom! Can't wait!
raisin, i love that picture! and so good to hear you're on an upswing!

i wanted to ask how you got the bright red hair...
Manic Panic. Pillarbox Red, if I remember correctly.

It's a little cheesecake! How very KAWAII!
(((sidecar,martini & family))) my heart goes out to you! *~*~*~come through ok martini's dad*~*~*~

happy birthday mornington!!! biggrin.gif

love the pic (((raisin)))- so cute.

congrats mavin!!!

lelu, you are so right- julia's really adrorable! awwwww!

amilita, there's a bunch of people coming that haven't been to my house before so i KNOW they'll want the 'tour' that why i had to really clean the whole house- and knowing some of my friends someone will have to crash- so i had to clean the guest bedroom and wash the sheets and towels. *~*~*~mammogram vibes~*~*~ i gotta do that myself soon and i understand the nervousness!

yuefie- yay! for girl fun.


(((kitten))) sorry about the work thing- that sucks!

if this little kid that's in the family visit next door does not stop squeeeeeeeling i swear i'm going to have a heart attack!! i can't fuckin' take it!! ugh
hey raisin, there's nothin gross about runnin nekkid in the woods. that's where my favorite nymph spirits are smile.gif .
~~~sending much clarity of mind and purpose vibage your way, sweetness~~~

and yeah, where in the heck is faith hiding herself these days?

kitten, the first season was based on "Darkly Dreaming Dexter" by Jeff Lindsay. But after watching the trailer for the coming season I am not so sure that it will be based on the second book, "Dearly Devoted Dexter", straight away like the first one was. There were a few differences between the first book and the first season, but it stayed pretty true. I really think Michael C. Hall did a great job capturing the essence of Dexter.

Who has a guestroom for Mando, and two thumbs? This girl!

Happy birthday, mornington!

Martini's dad is still stable, but apparently he looks like "a banged up old man" to quote Martini. In addition to his other injuries, they found a fracture in his knee. He is also not all there, between the drugs and the stress of the accident. He keeps asking when they're going to leave and snapping, "don't start that talk" or something similar when people tell him he needs to stay awhile. Apparently, they sat him in a chair awhile, and when someone asked him how he got there from his bed, he said, "I moved." The first thing out of Martini's mom's mouth when he got there was an admonishment about how he should've cut his hair first, so clearly she's got her priorities in order. It's way too early to determine when FIL will be moving home or at least out of the hospital, so we're kinda just waiting. Still, I'm glad Martini is there to be in charge and get stuff done.
I think the second season is going to depart further from the books, though - that huge difference in endings is going to have resonating effects on the storylines, ya know?
definetely, I am looking forward to it!

and re: big love... I know it's a little late but I have to chime in on the bill paxton loathing with mandi. he is just gross. but the dude who plays albie? FEH! oooh, only one more left. let the shitstorm raineth.

(((((martini, sidecar & family)))))
Glad to hear that martini's dad is doing okay.

(((raisin))) you perk me up! love the cute overload.

(((yuefie))) I'm so addicted to Dexter! I knew about the books and debating whether to read them as don't want to ruin the series. Are they better than the series? the same? eta: I LOVE Big Love too! I don't mind Bill Paxton unsure.gif.

(((kitten))) a'cos.

(((morn))) hope you're having fun. I'm glad the card arrived on time, I only managed to post it yesterday afternoon.

(((mandi))) you should go to Chicago! I'd be very jealous if you made the ornament exchange. Maybe star will be going home for holidays.

I meant to ask for faith the other day - I meece her. And sixelacat (although she's posted in last week and isn't missing).

(((crassy, rose, pixie, sidecar, polly, star, sybarite, sassy, walkingbitch, everyone I'm too tired to remember))))

my head is still sore and I'm very tired with a 12 hr shift tomorrow so off to bed.
I've been neglecting Bust for a few days and offer my apologies. (.....Edited to remove the foot from my mouth....). I feel like I've missed some things I shouldn't have, but lack the energy to find out. Hugs to all.

I've said it before and will say it again: I'm something of the odd man out (literally) in here for many reasons. I appreciate you (the collective you) for accepting me.

By the way, it's great to see Lelu back!
Oooh, I have the first two DVDs of Dexter season one on the way to me...I'm excited.

The mammogram was so easy!! Can't believe it! Yay! I'm not even worried about the reading part, I was just nervous about getting it done.

Raisin, yeah, I can't remember the exact age under which mammograms are generally considered not very useful due to the denseness of tissue and all...maybe 35? Years ago, when my mom was diagnosed, I figured I should run out and get one, but after talking with my Dr., I decided to wait. Of course, I'm talking just routine mammograms, not ones you need when there's a problem or a more serious history.

Happy Birthday, Mornington!!!!

We loves ya, Billy!

Sidecar, glad to hear your dad-in-law is on the mend. So funny, the things people say when sick/doped up.


Husband is hovering over me to get the computer later!
oh billy, there's nothin' odd about'cha. we lurves ya here, very, very much. just know it is noticed when we don't hear from ya, especially on Fridays wink.gif

yay amilita, glad it went well! I'm close to turning 34 and had no idea 35 is the age to start having them. another thing I can procrastinate making an appointment for, I suppose.

I just might be close to getting a computer of my own, perhaps as soon as this friday. woohoo! I hope, I hope, I hope...
Amilita - are you one of the people who got in the way of ME getting the first two Dexter discs from Netflix?

Good night, all...
((((((((sidecar & martini & martini's dad))))))))) well, it is good that his dad has his sense of humor! i hope for a speedy recovery.

(((morn))) i forgot to get you a bday card! hrmpf. oh well. at least i got to take you to dinner for a bday treat. i hope you enjoyed your day!

(((polly))) are you feelin' better??

(((kitten))) yes, it was good to see you today!!

(((bunnyb))) acos

(((mando))) aw. you will be able to come visit me in mass. but, i encourage you to come to chicago! the busties are very accommodating. and we love any reason for us to get together.

(((yuefie))) yeah for a new computer!

(((DM))) acos

(((amilita))) yeah for staying in n'awlins! i saw that oprah's first epi for the new fall season will be an update about the reconstruction postkatrina. i'm gonna check it out. and hey, it gives me a reason to oogle anderson cooper.

(((crassy, billy, PiP, sassy, six, zoya, candy, mavin, and everyone else i might've missed))))

well, i'm hyped up on caffeine and sugar today. my goal is to stay up late and organize all of the paperwork i've avoided for the past year. i kinda have this tunnel vision thing going. oh, i'm also gonna send the rest of my stuff i couldn't sell to the brown elephant resale shop. 100% of the proceeds go to the howard brown center to fund their programs and such for the lgbt community. they provide things like free hiv testing.

and now, for your moment of zen....

me, missladyj, princess_dander, avaadore, humanist, prophecy, polly, kitten, six, and turbo
ahhh! I just had to fix the contrast/brightness! tongue.gif

Wow, okay, I haven't been in here for a while!

First off, the biggest anti-kvetch of all: I have moved into my place!!

My only kvetch right now is that I seem to have lost my makeup bag which had my foundation, some eyeshadow, three brushes!!!, my eyelash curler and my mascara. I'm really pissed because I just want my makeup and I really can't afford to be buying new stuff right now.

Happy belated Birthday mornington!!!

congrats (((mavin)))

(((sidecar and martini's dad))) I hope he has a speedy recovery.

(((pixie and baby))) I love that userpic

(((sassy))) sorry to hear your parents treat you like that.

(((polly, dm, yuefie, mando, raisin, crassy, qspice, star, amilita, kittenb, everyon!)))
Thanks for posting that picture, star! We're all so cute!

Six, how did I not know you were in KC? Why did I think you were in Iowa? Were you in Lawrence at some point? I'm getting my midwestern busties mixed up. Anywho, my mom is from KC, St. Joe specifically. St. Joe is a cesspool- I thank cod regularly she moved here- but Kansas City is one of the few places I'd leave Chicago for. Are you on the Missouri or the Kansas side?

I'm in a cranky mood today. I don't know why. I should be in a better mood- prophecy is coming to the office today for a cleaning and we're going out to dinner afterwards.

Glad your mammogram went well, amilita- I'm going to have to start getting mine earlier than normal because my mom's sister had breast cancer. That's still a few years away, though.

Good to hear martini's dad is okay, more-or-less, sidecar. Sorry to hear your MIL is her usual self. rolleyes.gif
Good morning all! I need some good deed vibes for the meeting I am about to go into. I am trying to get this committe I am on to do something that I don't think they want to do. So fingers crossed!

candycanegirl - congrats on the new place. I hope your makeup turns up. It really is expensive to replace too much at once.

polly - cheer up! Or take your mood out on some random person in the street. That can be fun. I was ordering flowers over the phone the other day and I really thought I was going to have to throw down w/someone if the conversation kept going the way that it was. And why do men think that calling me "dear" will calm me down? Anyway, I felt better after raging all over the place. Got a discount, too. Of course, thoes people totally deserved to be yelled at.

Thanks for the pic stargazer and humanist!
To the Dexter fans, there is a third book and the first episode of the second season has been leaked and you can download it in its entirety...


and the second book cant ruin anything for you because the first book was only KINDA like the series. They adapted it really well, but it strayed a little.
Good deed vibes kitten...

Candy, congrats on the move!

Polly, crankiness be gone...

Kvetch: Not a huge one here, but I'm coming down with a cold. Bleh.

I do need some vibes, because I'm going to Al-Anon(tomorrow), and I'm scared to go. I'm pretending to be that narrator in Fight Club or something. I guess I can just go and listen. I'm going to try to go tomorrow afternoon.

Star, that is a great pic! Everyone's adorable...

Happy belated birthday Mornington!


Anti-kvetch: Top Chef is on tonight!! Yay!
(((sidecar))) very relieved to hear martinidad is doing ok. And much appreciation for the couch-surfing offer! Xmas would be quite hard for me to swing, but ya never know.

SO LOVIN on the chicagobustie pic … many thanks for sharing, star & humanist!

The bunny cheesecake pic? *ubersquee*

I be missin (((faith))) & (((msp))) too.

Candy, yay for the move! Boohiss on the loss of makeup. I’m sure it’ll turn up.

Yuefie, I am so pleased to hear about the new computer … Details, please?

*good meeting vibes for sassy & kitten*
*anti-crankster vibes for polly*

You sure did miss something, mr. bill: MY BIRTHDAY! I shall have to figure out some way for you to make it up to me. *arms crossed, toes tapping*

Antikvetch: drove the new pilot today. It’s magnificent.
Kvetch: feeling tres quilty over going over to the gas-guzzlin-suburban-SUV Dark Side.
Sin: k. well. Not really feeling tres quilty. just a tad.
I'm all yours, Mando. Do your worst unsure.gif

I could offer excuses, but I doubt they'd hold water.
thanks humanist!!! smile.gif i'm so bad with the techonology stuff. what a great Virgo you are! wink.gif

mando, i feel the same way about getting a honda cr-v. i'm a gas guzzler too. but, i so enjoy my car. and i can fit alot of busties into it! just ask around. i had busties stuffed in my trunk! rolleyes.gif

*~*~*good deed vibes for kittenb*~*~*

kittenb, you will do fine. you will always have naysayers in a group. but, you just need to hold onto your principles and others will follow.

*~*~*strength vibes for sassy*~*~*

sassy, remember that you don't have to talk your first time there. and other people are in the same position you are too. it might be comforting to hear others stories. i remember when i went to alateen and feeling normal. if that made sense.

((((multipurpose vibes and hugs to who needs 'em)))))
Holy shit. Turns out I didn't need a few days sans computer, just what... a few hours?

So. You know how they say when one door closes, another one opens?


And it's Tori Amos's birthday today. Doo doo doo doo, Twilight Zone theme!

Coincidence? I think not. Heh!

Will report more at later date when I actually have news... this could be interesting...


Chicago Busties = a buncha hotties!

Star, I bet my car could fit inside your car! ahahahah! You might fall down with laughter when you see me drive up to your house.

Re: mammograms. If your mom had breast cancer, the rec. is that you get your first mammogram (or MRI, maybe, with dense tissue) for routine screening at age 35. I'm not really too worried about it; I'm convinced my mom got the cancer from the HRT after she had a hysto.
martini's dad is having a rough time mentally, it seems. we're not sure if it's the trauma of the accident, an aftereffect of morphine (he hasn't had any since very early monday morning, but it can be tough for older folks to deal with it), or what. he has no idea why he's in the hospital, he's been trying to escape, and he claims his nurses are "embarrassing" him. martini said it's very hard to watch. he's still banged up, so he'll be in the hospital for awhile.

i have no idea when martini's coming home, and the MIL is, well, herself. i wish i could do something to help him, but there's not much i can do.
sidecar, to me it sounds like it could be the drugs. My grandfather was in the hospital two years ago and they had him on demerol. He seemed to think that the bars on the sides of the hospital bed were a ladder and that he had to escape to get to my grandmother. They also told us that he was "combative" with the nurses and at one point they actually had to restrain him.

It sucks and martini is right, it's very hard to watch but there's nothing much that anyone can do. ((((sidecar, martini and family))))
(((((((((martini's dad & martini))))))))))))

raisin, ohhhhhhh, i can't wait to hear the news! what is it? what is it? you are such a tease! tongue.gif
(((martinidad, sidecar, martini, and family))) that sucks.

great pic of the chicago busties- sooo jealous you all got together!

yay raisin, sounds promising!

~*~*~kitten get it done!~*~*~

kvetch: the damned pump on my pool- (a small blow up over-grown kiddy pool) broke a week after i set it up, so i called the company and they're out of them but they promised to send me a replacement pump and promised i'd get it by wed. well, guess what, they just sent me a frikkin' e-mail to say that they just processed the order. it's not an order damnit, it's them fixing their own fuck up--they're now checking if it can get fed-exed- now if i don't get it tomorrow it will be their heads. mad.gif i need time to blow it up and fill it and get it ready or there will literally be nothing to do for the oodles of kids that are coming to the mr's b-day party on saturday (and did i mention it's going to be HOT!) stress much??
DID IT! Woohoo!
Basically I am working with a group that is going to set up a program for one local hospital that will screen people for involvement in the sex trade who want to get out. All I was asking was that we screen both men and women so that we would be able to help gays, transgendered and intersexed peoples as I know that this situation is not uncommone with thoes populations. Now, the great thing about this group is that we are not trying to "rescue" anyone. Rather, if they want options, we will have options. So most of the group was dragging their feet, only wanting to screen women and teenage girls and they kepy saying that we had no resources for men/boys. So I did my own research, found the resources and that will be the proposal that we give to the hospital.
I am very proud of myself at the moment.

{{{{{sidecar}}}}} that sounds so scary. Good luck!

raisingirl- hmmmmm, I am intrigued. I hope you get exactly what you want.

crassy - how annoying!
((((((Martini's poppa)))))))) Poor thing. I hope things get better for him soon. Please send Martini our love & support, okay?

HOORAY for Bustie meet-ups! Love the pic. smile.gif

Happy belated B-day, Mornington. Sorry I missed it!

Indeed, I'm sorry I've been MIA. I'm trying to get some things done around the house for a change. In fact, I haven't even read all of the archives because I just don't have time right now. But it feels good to get things done. It makes me a happier person to be around & I know Sheff appreciates my efforts.

Kvetch: My brother has been told that he will not have a job in a couple of weeks. He has never totally loved his job (he does specialty book binding for a medical library), but he has worked at this place for nearly a decade. It's going to be hard.

Pseudo-kvetch: My mother announced today that she doesn't want Sheff to call her by her first name anymore. She wants him to either call her "Mom" or to come up with some sort of nickname (?!?!). She says that she loves him so much - as if he were her own son - that she just really really feels wrong about him calling her by her first name. My dad jokingly suggested that we start calling her, "old bag". tongue.gif But seriously, what is Sheff supposed to call her? Dear lord. I do not look forward to telling him this. Now he's going to avoid talking to my mother at all costs simply because he won't know what the hell to call her. rolleyes.gif
I always called my mother-in-law by her name. But since we never had much of a relationship, maybe that was appropriate. I vote for a nickname if there has to be an alternative. I don't think I could ever utter "Mom" to anyone but my mother. My sister-in-law's husband called my M-I-L "mom" and it always sounded phony. At her funeral, he went on and on about "mom". I wanted to puke. Remember, this is all in the context of a dysfunctional family!
Thanks for all the love for my oldest. Mando, I don't care if you got snoopy...that's what they're there for. I just had to think for a second and remember if I had any nudes up. laugh.gif

Kvetch: we're soggy here. Lots of rain, hail, bad winds. I'm sick of it. 3rd day and counting. We didn't have power for 16 hours the other day. All 4 bricks of ice cream melted... mad.gif
anti-kvetch: it's only 77 outside right now...ahhhh.

kvetch: my ex dyed my 5 year old's hair smurf-blue last night so she couldn't go to kindy today (no colored hair in Kindergarten, apparently) and I went ballistic this morning when I saw it. School wouldn't let her in the door.
anti-kvetch: she is now rocking a pixie cut and thinks she is Tinkerbell. too adorable.
kvetch: it cost $36 to get the color out mostly out of her hair and another $12 to cut it all off...le sigh. Sadly, that is more than I spend on my own hair.
anti-kvetch: just one more loop of the noose for my ex and the custody case

Made yummy INSANE dinner that he went gooey over...still waiting for my chance to go back to culinary school.

got lovely yummy portions last night after watching LA Ink and lusting over the UBER hot Mormon missionary I saw at the neighbors. Ooohhhh, he was sexy...Mark thought I was being disgusting, making oogly eyes at him. He was also jealous...which may have explained his friskiness in the sack.

No undies for me today. Rawr.
It's certainly been jumping in here!

(((martini's dad, martini and sidecar))) I hope it's a temporary reaction to the meds.

lelu, is that smurf hair story for real? jeez. I confess to snooping too - you have a beautiful family.

rose, wtf? It's sweet but kinda weird... I'm very close to the boy's mum and call her affectionate shortened version of her name but could never call anyone else "mum".

LOVE the BUSTie photos! It's great to be able to put even more faces to names.

*waves to billy, pink and humanist*

Raisin has me in raptures with her lively posts. They are brightening my days!

mandi, I've been meaning to say that the car is sex-AY, if a gas guzzler!

I had a 12hr shift today whilst the sun was shining outside. The highlight to the day was a large hazelnut latte to wake me up at 8pm, a heavenly banana chocolate brownie a friend made me as a thank you and the fire alarm going off and evacuation for the last hour of the shft.

hi All, I am so so so stupid busy, I tried to read down, but I just don't have time to read anything at the moment. I wanted to do a quick drive by to say hi, though.

I have a hellacious UTI and I've been peeing for like 12 hours straight. That is my wonderful news. Oh and I finally had sex after the longest dry spell. Probably why I have a UTI. bleh.

Happy birthday (late) mornington!!

that is just weird, Rose. what brought that on?

bunnyb - I drank a margarita and thought of you today!

((everyone)) to pee..

(((martini's dad))) very strange. very scary. hope it all gets sorted out soon.

(((zoya))) yay for portions! boohiss on pee n' pain.

kitten, i'm in awe. you get the superhero cape today.

(((julia))) i am livid - and completely don't understand - the smurf hair.

(((crassy))) maybe you can get a similar pump at home depot?

raisin, you naughty thing you ... i'm on pins and needles. SPILL IT!!!!

sweet of you to say, bunny, but i'm not sure the car is sexy. maybe in a milf way?

star, great minds think alike! i lurve the cr-v, but we needed more room in the back for luggage and zoey's crate, should the sitch arise. altho i fully intend to dog-proof as much as possible. she's a good little traveler, my girl is.

(((rose's bro))) that is truly a rough one. here's hoping he finds something better.

i called my m-i-l & f-i-l "mom" and "dad" from the get-go ... i got so caught up in the Fun & Loving New Family Syndrome ... and regretted it nearly instantly when i realized that we were never gonna be The Favored Ones in their eyes. i also deeply hurt my mom, cuz i didn't ask her first. but i think she forgave me. but i really do love them, for all my griping.

rose, i say go for a nickname. it'll be like your mom's and shef's private "thing".

(((billy))) you know i kid. i know you love me. and it's much easier to remember your birthday than it is mine.

20 minutes til rescue me. i'm like a crackhead with this show.
Eek, I'm the queen of calling Mr. Dusty's parents, 'you'. After his Dad flagged me on Facebook as 'extended family' too, hee (Mr. Dusty and I aren't married).

No coloured hair in kindergarten? Where's the fun in that? Sounds like the Ex is the one who had the fun. Feh.

(((RV's brother)))

(((Kittenb))) you rock.

(((Martini's dad)))

Mr. Dusty and I got back from two weeks at the cottage on Monday *sigh*. I have another being-laid-off-meeting to chair tomorrow, when really I should be out of town at a funeral.

We did drive to Ottawa on Sunday from the cottage to say hey to George Dubya. Did this story get any coverage in the US? We did not go to the town where the summit was being held, we rallied at the Parliament buildings. But at the protest near the hotel, there's video footage of three police officers dressed as anarchists holding rocks to throw. When the other protesters out them as police officers, the one 'supposed anarchist' saunters over to the riot police, and actually tips the riot policeman's shield down so he can talk to him better and the riot policeman doesn't bat an eyelid. Then the riot police 'arrest' the three guys but they were never counted as one of the four people arrested that day. The guys were totally undercover police trying to start a riot so that the riot police could basically do whatever they wanted.
(((Sidecar, martini and martini-dad))) That is scary, I'm sure it is difficult for martini. Have you found out any more info about why martini's dad may be so disoriented?

Spill it spill it spill it Raisin! *chanting* Good to hear there's good news whatever it may be.

Must get some work done today. Very soon life gets busier: teaching and more freelancing for the cash mon-ay while I finish writing up the monster thesis. I have about 2 weeks of space and time to redraft the lot, but all I want to do is shop for autumn clothes and the house. Somebody scold me.

Anti-kvetch: The looming start of september, even with all the upcoming busy-ness. It means the official end of what has for me been a mostly craptastic summer, characterised by torrential rain, ongoing family illnesses and upset and a perennially stressed mister. There were a couple of silver linings though.

Count me in on the 'you' for the inlaws, even though they call themselves by their first names to me. I'm never sure how formal to be and am petrified of being rude because they are lovely people.
Rose, I call LeBoy's parents by their first names, as do their other children's spouses (which has also been replaced by calling them Grandma and Grandpa as they've had kids.) There was recently a series of letters in Dear Abby about this same thing and my favorite was someone who started calling their inlaws "Millie" and "Fill", from "MIL" and "FIL". I can see where it would be uncomfortable for Sheff though- maybe it would be easier for him to hear it from her, like in a nice letter or something, telling him how much she loves him? But she shouldn't let it bother her if he chooses to continue calling her by her first name.

Blue hair, huh, lelu? Give 'em enough rope! rolleyes.gif

Poor prophecy got stuck in traffic last night on the way to the office, so she didn't come in. We still got together for tacos afterwards though! Yum!

Sidecar, my cousin's dad had Parkinsons and dementia and would do stuff like that in the nursing home and hospital. It must be really scary to see someone you love act so out of it.

((hugs to all))

I heard you were asking about me? (Or, I followed the links back from my blog.) I'm due September 9, so I'm well into my 9th month. Rocking this whole pregnancy thing. Rocking it. I lurk once in a blue moon, but you can always find me here. I posted a few pictures last week, so you can check out the belly.
lelu - why would your ex color your daughter's hair blue? Why would the school even care?

sybarite - I am also looking forward to September. This summer is over.

dusty, mando - thanks!

Kvetch - rain, rain go away! I am getting worried that my mom's house is going to flood. She lives in Ohio right on a river. And I am sick of the storms scaring my cats! Then they make messes and I have to clean them!!!

Other kvetch - my mom's g/f's dog seems to be very sich but they can't afford to get him testing or treatment. So I offered the money. No one asked me but I can't just stand to watch the dog die. Especially if it isn't really sick and might just have a stomach thing. So...why do I feel so weird about loaning this money? Is it b/c I am fairly sure that I will never see it again? Probably. But did you know there was a credit line just for people who need emergency vet care? It called CareCredit.

I really REALLY hope that the dog just has a stomach virus. Finger crossed! They are afraid it is Parvo which costs a fortune.
I get easily overwhelmed by all the good and bad news in here, but I'm thinking of ((((you all)))).

Maybe a second cuppa coffee will help...
Not having the best day.

Get home, and the toilet overflows. I got that kitty litter that's says you can put it down the toilet... um... think they lied. It leaked into my bedroom. And then the plumber came, and totally was a prick. Also, I don't have enough towels to mop up the mess.

On top on everything else, I felt like I had a seizure due to the heat. It's like 101 here.

Sorry for the bitchy post everybody. Think I'm going to go watch cartoons, and then maybe study.

Anti-kvetch: I'm finally on Myspace... smile.gif
nothing's improving. he may get moved to icu. they really don't know why he seems so disoriented, but it could be a million things.

martini's mom had a giant freakout this morning.

i overslept, waited forever for a bus, which promptly broke down, so i ended up taking a cab to work.

i feel like i'm barely awake, and i have one last freelance deadline tonight. i really cannot wait for this week to be over.

(((all of youse))))
((((sidecar & martini family)))) I'm so sorry. I wish I could make it all better.

~*~*~*~ dealing vibes ~*~*~*~

((((sassy)))) Ditto. And what is your URL, m'dear?

*Cross-postish sort of thing* Kitten, I totally think I'd like you if I really knew you! Always enjoy reading your posts. In fact, the huge concentration of busties that I Like A Lot in Chi-town makes it near the top of places I need to visit in the U.S. (beat only out by NYC, which I've never visited before).

~*~*~ no bad things vibes for kitten's people and animals ~*~*~

Congrats on impending babyness, msp! You do look lovely.

I don't think I could call my MIL mom.

Today is lovely because I don't have to be anywhere until 7PM, and it's drawing class! I'm excited/daunted. I've only spent a little time in a general art class drawing, and that was over a decade ago. It's something I've always kind of thought I was crap at (I drew my avatar, actually! I guess you could judge for yourself if you wanted to), and there I was yesterday, spending $60-something on all these pencils and charcoals and Conte crayons. I'm not used to doing many things where I have no idea what (if any) improvement I'm going to see.

In the meantime, there are some things I should be doing around the house. Off the computer I go.
run by posting

I'm doing a bit better but apparentlyno one else in my life is, le sigh

happy car days
happy baby bellies
boo to sick papas
boo to assholes in general

Ed called my mom "Ma" or "Mom"
I call Ed's mom the cunt, the bitch, the douchebag, the old leper, the sniveling twat, the raging pile of shit, ... see where this is going? To her face? I call her, well I DON'T. I used to call her Alice, but after the things she has left on my answering machine over the years you know one never takes kindly to be called "that fat, barren, painted whore", I don't say much of anything.

Yeah, we are thisclose, snorts
(((Sidecar and Martini and dad))) Hang in there. It really could be a million things. You're all in my thoughts.

Have fun in drawing class, Flanker!

Me, I'm watching all these Dexter episodes...I love it, and cool to see what's-her-name from Angel as the girlfriend and the girl from To Die For as the sister. (ETA- oops not the same actress on that last one) I didn't know there were books...I'll probably pick those up. Right now I'm reading The Golden Compass. So good. I'm sorta wasting the day. Oh well!

Congrats Msp! The Mr.'s sister is gonna pop out her baby in a couple weeks, so that's exciting.

*fingers crossed for Raisin, for whatever it is!*

That's so funny, Rosev, about your mamma. The Mr. calls his mom by her first name, so it was easy for me just to do that, too. I don't think I could call anyone "mom" besides my real mom...but I suppose I could come up with a nickname. That might be tricky, though. That took some guts on your mom's part to speak up, even if we don't get why it bothers her.


(((((martini's dad, sidecar and fam)))))

((((raisin)))) tellustellustellustellustellusnowwwwwww

(((((sassy, mando, msp, walkingb, flanker, bunny, syb, sixie, star, zoya, yuefie, tes, billy, rose, pixie, lelu, polly, dm, kitten, dusty, crassy, everyone))))

I just made an amigurumi octopus. And indigo pinched it within a few minutes of me finishing it. Cheeky dog. Also, I have a sore throat.

Yay for baby bumps, boo for breakdowns, assholes, leaky toilets, idiot exes, and the fucking rain.

*smooches and runs*
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