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((((((Bunny))))))) Funeral? Oh dear. I'm afraid I missed something or forgot something. I'm sorry. sad.gif

((((((more hugs for F & Morn))))))))

Anti-kvetch: Sheff took the meat back & came home with lamb. I was annoyed about the mix-up earlier because it was so hot out & my head was pounding & the last thing I wanted to do was deal with the post-work crowds at the grocery store. It was very sweet of Sheff to get everything replaced, but he figured it was a small price to pay if it meant he'd have lamb chops with mint sauce for dinner! biggrin.gif
((rose)) I hope your headache went away.

star, yay for your new car. That is such a cute picture you posted of the statue.

((mornington and f)) I’d imagine f would be completely stressed out with all the stuff he’s had to deal with. It’s disassociating that you have to cut your trip short, and I know it’s hard with him going through all this and you can’t be there. Hopefully there is a solution to all this. Yay for the school offer.

((crassy and the mr.)) Sorry to hear about your bad news.

sixel, yay for joining a gym.

((kittenb)) That training must have been really hard. I don’t think I could do that job because I’d be upset all the time.

((polly)) Hope the insurance works out.

Thanks for all the anniversary congratulations. Mr. DM and I went to an Irish pub by our house for dinner, and had a really nice time. Then we watched The King on dvd, it was a messed up film, but in a good way.

I’m on Face Book, but I only have like three friends. I mainly use it to keep in touch with my mother-in-law.
You've got a hip MIL, there, DM!

(((((polly))))))) what a mess and worst of all, you're suffering! I hope you get to an ER and everything works out.
((((((morn and F))))))) i hope he is okay, and i'm sorry you've had to cancel.

syb, whenever i go to the suburbs, all the white people and the driving are the first things I notice.

Facebook is like myspace, but with less camwhores, better organization and usability, and no Fox network crap. (((crassy))) I'm so sorry that you're going through this.

I am done with work for the week (almost). tomorrow I am working from home for two hours, then taking the afternoon off. An old work friend is coming for dinner tomorrow night so it'll be good to catch up. I saw "Superbad" tonight with friends and it was very very funny.
Whoooooo! Today was my last day .... before my official educational leave starts! (That's right - my ass is gonna be back next year!) And my manager wants to talk to me after he gets back from his conferences about the possibility of coming back between semesters. (I'm soo there - if they pay for the air fare and a decent hotel and my normal salary!) Another bonus - I got to cash out my PTO, since I won't be here the rest of the year and didn't want to roll it over. And next year, instead of having 12 days of leave (on an annual basis, that is), I'll have 18. PLUS if I'm back in December/January, I'll start out next summer with 20 hours of leave (despite cashing out what I've currently got!)

Was!that!enough!exclamation!points!? Probably biggrin.gif But yay, being asked to return as an intern is just the first step to my goal of working there full time.

Anyway, I made the first leg of my trip - to Flagstaff. The next few days, I'll be limping across the country. I'm in no hurry to go back, though.
So, I call the insurance company today to ask if they'll cover trips to an urgent care facility and the only thing I can get the woman to say is, "We'll consider claims from any provider you choose to go to" Ugh, how f-ing vague and non-helpful is that?!?!?

Well, the good news is that I didn't have any symptoms today and Le Boy did a little research and found that many times people never feel symptoms after the first incident and the pain goes away after a few days, and that's okay. So, as long as I don't get any of the extreme symptoms (gray/white stool, jaundice, fever, etc.) and I'm not having unbearable pain, I can wait two weeks to see a doctor. I told my cousin about the lack of information from the insurance company and she said, "don't worry, it's my fault that your insurance didn't start on time [partly her fault, but the insurance company is being assholish about it] and whatever you need to do, we'll take care of you."

Partly I don't want to go in and find out I need surgery that could cost tens of thousands of dollars and also, I don't want to be officially diagnosed yet because then the regular insurance that kicks in on 9/1 will consider this a pre-existing condition. I hate insurance companies.

Don't you have to have a .edu email address to join facebook? I hardly use MySpace (as any of my friends on there are aware of), so I'm in no rush to join another social site. Love the pics, star! What kind of car did you get?

((mornington)) wow, a heart attack at 21? eep. best wishes!

((rose)) mmm, I'd be happy with lamb or veal chops. Hold the mint sauce, though laugh.gif

((hugs to all)) Need to go to sleep. Starting at the end of September, I'll have Mondays off instead of Fridays so I've got to get used to going to bed on Thursdays.
*sneaks quietly into blue work-friendly lounge so no one at work will notice*


i can't stay, i've got loads to do, but i wanted to pop in to

<3<3<3<3<3 love on crassy and her mister <3<3<3<3<3

sweetling, i know how hard that can be; i've been there. i hope that you are as best as can be, and know that everything will work out in the end. if it hasn't worked out yet, it's because you aren't at the end, yet!

also, wanted to

*fling my arms around mornington*

and tell you that i'm thinking of you and F and hope that you are all right, both of you.

*bOObah squishing huggles*

big hugs and little teeny kisses and silly silly silly fishes

(i hope that sheff's fish are all right and have stopped dying and i SO want to meet the shrimpies in november!!!!)

Working from home is AWESOME. I have totally taken care of business in my pajamas. With coffee. And my dog sleeping one room away.
Good morning everyone! I am trying to learn to type while holding a 12 lb cat in my left arm so that she will shut the hell up while I am on-line. It is not going well.


polly - I am glad that you are not symptomatic today. That is such an insurance company answer.

designermedusa - my job does make me angry but I don't consider that a drawback. When I started doing the work, I finally found an outlet for all of the nameless rage that I never knew what to do with. Now, my only concern is making sure that I process that rage as opposed to turning it inward and making myself sick, like I did earlier this year.

I worked out this morning. What is it about watching men work out? That is 50% of my motivation to get to the gym. tongue.gif

undies report - the usual. Fresh out of the shower so no bra. Pink flowered panties. I need to start trying more variety.
wOwza. okay, so i'm going to try to actually do a long post cause I miss you all like hell.

BOO! on 21 year olds having heart attacks! Climb inside his chest and give his heart a talking to what for!

BOO! on kitties not liking teh internet. You should let her see She will lub it!

YAY! for sneaking the lounge at work!

YAY! for london and new cars!

YAY! for hot sweaty men working out to make you work out!

BOO! on insurance companies being vague.

BOO! on burning boobies. OW! mine ache for yours.

YAY! for birthdays and Lelus and anniversaries and funny movies and being off work and working in pjs and every thing else that helps bring a little joy to busties!

So, we've moved into a FANTASTIC place, I get to paint it! I love it. I have a kitchen to cook in! I've cooked dinner 90% of the time. 1300sq ft for $1000 a month. EEEEEEEEEEE. I will post pics ala doodle's remodeling journey.

Mr. Pink (heh. I almost typed Mr. Pretty.... Maybe thats what he should be from now on.... ) and I have been getting along so much better now that we're not cramped in that tiny space. Its like falling in love again.

My kittens are hilarious. Make your way over to here kitty kitty kitty to see a cute pic of them. I posted it a while ago. They're so sweet and even though they think that the burber carpet is their play toy, I love them to pieces.

I have weekends off for the first time in about 3 years. I'm so happy!

Life is going well right now.

Undies: Black push up plunge bra (yeah like the girls need that!) and see through pink blue and purple argyle pattern bikinis.

((((((((Polly)))))))))) So glad to hear that you're feeling better. What a relief to know that your cousin will cover anything if you have to go to the doctor before September!

~~~oooooooooo~~~ road-trippin' vibes for Q ~~~oooooooooo~~~
Hooray on them liking you so much and wanting you to come back! That's got to be quite a relief!
(And here are some more exclamation points for ya !!!! Weee!)

DM, congrats again on the anniversary. Glad to hear you had a nice time!

Hey Tes, when does Mr. HB leave town? He should be with you any day now, right?

(((((((( more love for Crassy & F & everyone ))))))))

KittenB, that must be quite a sight! Maybe your kitty wants to join Bust, too. wink.gif

PnP! So good to see you! Many congrats on the new place and the adorable little kittens. So sweet and cuddly!

Sidecar, if you finish work early, can you sneak out & do something fun? Or maybe you could just curl up on the couch with ice cream & a movie.

Kvetch: My body needs to decide whether my period is going to start or not. It's confusing me! And making me super emotional, too. I watched "Miss Potter" the other day and I cried my eyes out. Streams of tears. I blame the beautiful scenes from the Lake District. When Sheff came home I told him that the movie made me homesick & he said, "But you've never lived in the lake district. We just visited my dad there." Poor dear. He's trying to rationalize the emotions of a hormonal woman. rolleyes.gif

Thanks for the vibes for Sheff's fishies! None of them have died since Monday, so we're hoping that the problem has been fixed. We're going to get some more fish soon, but we're going to put them in a quarantine tank for a while this time to try to keep this from happening again. By the by, I have photos of one of our shrimp, but frankly, it isn't as cute & cuddly as all of the adorable Bustie puppies & kitties and bunnies and sugargliders and ...

(And yes, this is a hint that people should post more pics of their furbabies.)
(Please. biggrin.gif )

Undie report: None yet! I'm lounging around in a yellow sundress & nothing else. wink.gif
((polly)) Glad symptoms are better.

DM-- Congrats on anniversary!!

RV- Boo about headache. But, I totally love lamb... and mint sauce. Hell yeah.

QS-- How cool is that??

Sidecar- Thinking of seeing Superbad and Stardust (hee, they both start with S...) this weekend. I'm glad that working at home is rad.

Kittenb-- Yeah, Miles does that. He always wants to type.

Star-- Love the photo. I shall email you... Glad you loved UK! What car did you get?

Sixel, thanks for reading glasses!! LOL! I'm going to try to apply next week. I was feeling uber craptastic this week...

PIP, yeah for new place!!

Kvetch: Evil period....cramps water weight bleh ... and this 100 heat isn't helping much.

Kvetch: Damn bank keeps charging me bank fees for overdrafts. Bloody hell.

Kvetch: Dad. Parents sent me this really awesome gift (anti-kvetch) from New Mexico that was full of Native American charms. And I called to thank him. And got a lecture about why I wasn't working. And also about that interview. Ugh. They wonder why I don't call them much. I guess I'm "unemployed sassygrrl." You busties, know they live in Hilton Head right?
It's super phony... At least, Mcgeek is an engineer geek.

Anti-kvetch: Started studying for GRE finally.

Anti-kvetch: Mcgeek and I made up.. he was being a total dick this week. sad.gif Hopefully, I'm getting flowers and tons of chocolate. Also, Miles should be getting new kitty toy.

Wtf? I just got a call from one of my old co-workers all chatty and shit about how I was doing.
That company was nosy as anything, so I'm sure they were looking for gossip. It was just weird. I mean I haven't heard from anyone there in 3 months, and the woman who called me wasn't close to me... and she got my number from my bitchy supervisor. Asking if I got unemployment, how Mcgeek was doing, where I was (I had said I was moving to Portland), etc...

Is there a full moon or something?
*super tight hugs* awww ((((crassy)))). I am so sorry honey. I too know how that is, and it sucketh much asseth. ~~~~healing & soothing for crassy & the mr~~~~

(((((F & mornington)))) ~~~super duper healty heart vibage~~~ sorry things are so rough and up in the air right now babe.

I want to send individual vibes to you all right now, but I gotta run. So I'll be back asap to do so.
But for now: ~~~~multi-purpose vibes~~~~ for ((((((YOU))))))

undies: light pink hipsters & bra
Hi you all!!! I've been MIA lately...just busy and I guess not in the posting mood and then off to visit the Mr.'s mamma for a week. Glad to be back, though now I have to think about doing things in case we need to evacuate early next week for Hurricane Dean, which seems to be entering the Gulf...refill prescriptions, buy some water, make sure the papers I need are in the folder. *sigh* But be rest assured, you sweet things, that I will not be here if anything goes down. Promise.

Before going out of town, we had some drama with our property assessment...many people's have increased astronomically, including ours, and without any real rhyme or reason. The Mr. had to spend all day at City Hall to contest it, and they ended up lowering it (again, totally without rhyme or reason) but it's still going to be at least four times what it used to be. Now, granted, it used to be real low, but what does this city offer us for our taxes? That's the real question.

The whole thing has made the Mr. want to move. Somehow, it just turned him totally around.

I'm of two minds...and honestly, I don't have confidence we can sell now. And I don't know where I'd want to go. We have a lot of thinking and talking to do.

Doesn't help that a girl got murdered in a bar Wed. night...I don't go to any bar regularly, but it's a place I like. *more sighs* Read about that when I got home late last night.

((((Crassy)))) I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm thinking of you.


(((Everyone))) I've been thinking of you guys, even if I haven't been around lately. Off for bubble bath!
**just a quick drive by, as I am absolutely slammed with work today**

((((mornington)))) OMG, that is awful. I hope that F is taking it easy, so much stress at once... I wish I was in London right now, I would take you out for a big meal of comfort food and give you a big hug.

I know it probably doesn't help much to hear this, but if there is anything I've learned in life, it's that when it throws you a whole bunch of heavy shit at once, if you choose to walk through it, head up, you come out the other side way stronger, way more evolved, and life tends to just get better and better. I know that sounds like a load of crap for both you AND f (and as a couple) and it's certainly not a good thing that's happening, but I'm willing to bet that the silver lining in all of this is that you two will be sooo strong from this - both individually and as a couple. He sounds like a guy who really wants to stick with you through all of this crap. so anyhoo......

ok, gotta run.


ps - I figured out a pre-emptive hangover cure last night: after drinking copious amounts, take a hot bath at 3 am with loads of eucalyptus oil in it. Also do a mud masque on your face simultaneously. Oh, and listen to Snow Patrol whilst singing along at the top of your lungs. Afterwards, go to bed and attempt to read a book while you fall asleep with the lights on. You'll wake up feeling like you never had 5 pints! (I shit you not.. it's amazing.)
(((mornington))) continued love and hugs for you. I hope you're doing okay.

(((rose))), sweetie, don't worry about missing something - we all do from time to time, especially when so much has been going on. My friend Damnit's mum died last week and I was giving an update on how she's doing.

Apologies for not individually vibing ... I'm so tired and lost track. I've pulled a couple of twelve hour shifts in the last two days and working again tomorrow and I'm pretty shattered. I am having a very chilled out day reading, although I want to get some writing done too.

I also have a strong craving for some grilled haloumi. Mmmm.

Tomorrow, after work, I'm meeting the boy's mum for coffee and some light shopping. We were supposed to be going for tapas (and my favourite dish of grilled goats cheese and chilli orange marmalade) but the boy's mum changed her mind as she's on a diet ... I should be trying to lose several pounds two, rather than just the monetary kind, but I'm disappointed.

((((((((((Amilita & all of New Orleans)))))))))))
I'm so out of touch that I didn't even know that there was a hurricane out there. Take care, hon.
As for the taxes, that really sucks! Do you think it's because people have not been rebuilding old homes as much as they hoped?

Zoya, your hang-over cure sounds heavenly. I think I should do that today ... and I haven't had anything alcoholic ina week.

Sassy, that sounds super suspicious. I hope that when she asked about whether you got unemployment benefits, you told her it was none of her business.

(((((snuggles for Yuefie)))))))

Kvetch: Fuckin' Jehovah's Witnesses who fuckin' ring your fuckin' doorbell before 10am on a fuckin' Saturday morning.
Kvetch: The same fuckin' Jehovah's Fucking Witness because she chose to ring the doorbell TWICE. Grrrrrrr. Get a hint, woman!!!!
Kvetch: Ten minutes later TWO MORE Jehovah's Witnesses came up to our door!
Kvetch: They rang the bell THREE times!!!
Kvetch: When I opened up the door to glare at them, they FINALLY noticed the pamphlet left in the door by the previous JW. The woman said, "Oh, you already got our magazine?" Uuuuuuuuggghhh.

I think I'm going to make a nice little sign for our door that says "No soliciting OR ministering. And if you ring that doorbell more than twice, we reserve the right to remove your finger."

Kvetch: Bleeding buckets. Bah. I hate when the start of my period coincides with the weekend because it puts a real damper on Sheff's days off.

ETA: ((((((Bunny)))))) Thanks for understanding. Hope you have some nice fun this weekend as well as plenty o' relaxin' time. And I say you eat the cheese anyway because it sounds too fab to skip. smile.gif

Ugh, Jehovah's Witnesses. My parents have a sign on their door that they made that says "We're totally not interested in buying anything or discussing the Bible, so don't bother ringing the doorbell. Violators will be fed to the cat." They don't get bothered much.



((everyone else I missed))
polly, that sounds hilarious!! your parents sound awesome!

zoya, i will have to try that hangover cure sometime. i hope you are doing well.

((((((((amilita)))))))))) that is so terrible what is happening to you. it sounds like they are making tough for the people who want to stay in new orleans. terrible. i'm sure it is hard to think of places to relocate to when you were focused on getting things together in n'awlins. let us know how things go.

kvetch: my 'rents have not been talking with each other. kinda worried cuz my stepdad said he wasn't going to a family party this afternoon cuz mama is still mad at him. argh. i hate being the go-between. i can't wait to move out.

antikvetch: meetin' up with the busties tomorrow!!!

on another note, i've been pretty much the homebody this week. not doing much. just laying low. still avoiding doing paperwork stuff. bad stargazer!

*dragging sleep depreived ass in*

I haven't read many of the archives, but I totally agree about the jahovah's Witlessn-asses. They have been ringing our dorrbell almost every Saturday too 10 am! I am very tempted to go over to Kingdom Hall and drop off a huge box of Tracks from Rhema and see how they like it! I've found that I am becoming very territorial about my property. I feel they are trespassers and should be shot as such! But it's even extended to the idiots who park in front of our mailbox while waiting to pick their kids up from school across the street. It really bothered me the other day when I left the house to go pick up minipixie and when I got outside there was a van full of people just sitting at the end of my drive. I asked her to move. And I came really close to calling teh police the next day when some city workers who were cutting the grass at the school decided to take a break under my tree. I realize the sidewalk is public, but one of the guys was leaning on mailbox to smoke!

But the antikvetch is that school has started! Minipixie likes her class, and it's much less overwhelming to on;ly have to deal with one child all day long. And another plus is that I don't have to see the ex asshat anymore because his wife is the one who picks minipixie up from me.

Tristan is growing like a weed, but still not sleeping through the night. I am getting concerned about how much sleep I am going to be able to get when I go back to work!

Oh yeah, big old kvetch: My short term disability aka maternity benefits ended up being a lot less than I was planning on. Thank God fpr credit cards or we would not be able to eat.
i'm cleanin' the whole house today and i'm actually almost finished- i've been filing paperwork in the office for like an hour!!1 of course it's my faulty for letting it go so long, but it's tiring, so i had to take a bust break...

oh no! ((((f & mornington))) feel better f, stat!~*~*~

(((amilita))) oh gawd! ~*~*~*~ please don't have to evacuate~*~*~* and that sucks big arse about the taxes- come on! they're lucky to have people like you trying to make the town better. arseholes!!

bunny, your profile pic is the cutest eva! i wanna snorgle that little fellla!

happy anniversary to the dm's!

that's great news q-spice!

(((polly))) that sucks. from experience get anything they say in writing, cause we're getting collections on a $3000 surgery the mr. had that was supposed to be covered- but we didn't get it in writing (never again!)

it's sad i use myspace to find out what some of my out-of-town friends are up to- that's how seldom visits are sad.gif

(((tes))) thanks!

yay for the new place pink!

(((sassy))) a big ugh! on eh lecture you didn't frikkin' ask for!

(((yuefie))) thanks for the big hug!


*waves* hi pixie!!

sad.gif ok. so no time to see stardust this weekend or next- the mr's 30th next weekend has frikkin' 28 RSVP's and 6 more people i know for sure are coming. not to mention 1/2 of the mr's family doesn't bother to rsvp they just show up- so who knows! did i mention we have a leetle house?!? s-t-r-e-s-s-e-d
(((mornington))) that's awful! hope he gets better.

(((amilita))) i wanted to move down earlier this year because i fell in love with new orleans a few years ago (i wanted to do that emergency teacher certification program). didn't get in, but one of the things that was stressing me out was the housing situation. raising taxes after everything that whole area has been through is not cool, man. not cool.

re: jehovah's witnesses...i know! i always answer the door because i always think it's my landlord (he gets impatient and will stand at your door forever until you open it), but it's always JW. it's soooooooooo freaking annoying, they do it early in the morning when i'm happily asleep, and they're always handing me crap that i just turn right around and toss in the garbage. grr.

well i quit my crappy retail job yesterday. i didn't tell my two main bosses (i decided on this friday night) because i really haved nothing to say to them, but the other two managers were happy for me. and of course first thing this morning my supervisor (not a manager, just my section's supervisor) calls me (i left a note for her) to see what was up and that she was sure i could get more hours for this week (i was scheduled for a grand total of zero). but i can't do it anymore. my heels are shot and i feel like a total loser working there. i'd rather scrub dog shit all day than work there...and i mean that too! when i get back from my little vacation to visit my family i'm gonna apply as a kennel tech somewhere while i continue my job search.

yay sassy for starting the gre studying! that's what i need to do! i need in to a phd program pronto. i've only been out of my little college-life cocoon for three months and already i miss it a lot. the real world sucks.
The real world does indeed suck. I need to find a real job. I have two degrees and graduated from the last almost a year ago and work a shitty job; I feel such a failure. Fair enough, I was depressed for 6 months post second degree but that doesn't look good on a CV either.

Hope the DMs are having a lovely anniversary.


crassy, my cute little bunny is supposed to be animated but that part didn't work for some reason when I uploaded it.

(((mornington))) all my love and comfort vibes, sweetheart. (((f))) will be ok. I promise. Please keep us posted.

Good for you for quitting, faerie. I’m proud of you.

*de-stress vibes for crassy*

(((bunny))) & (((Damnit)))

(((star))) you have my commiseration, darling. my ‘rents fought years. silent treatment, being scared to take sides .... eeesh. it was awful. I didn’t have a HS graduation party cuz they were fighting, I didn’t even go to my college graduation cuz they were fighting, not to mention all the holidays/christenings/birthdays etc they ruined for us too. Of course it’s all rewritten history now. *severe rolling of eyes*

By the by, star, what kind of new car did you get? I forget.

(((amilita))) (((sidecar))) (((yuefie))) (((sassy))) (((polly))) (((zoya)))) (((tesao))) (((anyone I missed)))

*singing the theme from welcome back kotter for pink*

Happy belated anniversary, dm!

excited Antikvetch: got our new Honda pilot yesterday! It’s dreamy!
mini kvetch: I’m afraid to drive it. It’s got A ZILLION gadgets. Eeeeep!

major fuckin antikvetch: i drove the camry (which we're keeping til the end of the month) alot yesterday, including on several highways that i've been scared to drive on for 10 months ... with not one hint of a panic attack. i felt like superwoman. i felt NORMAL.

depressing Kvetch: nastyass bout of sciatica kicked in again this past week. I was a miserable puppy.
soothing Antikvetch: I got scared it was something permanent, and finally went to my regular doc. She soothed my fears, and put me on uber ibuprofen ... and lo and behold, today I feel pretty ok. If the temporary mega-dosing doesn’t help, then she'll order an MRI. But she doesn’t think it’s anything permanent or serious (ie disk issue). Oh, and she gave me a script for a muscle relaxer, just in case. I heart my doctor.
((((((kvetchies))))) thank you all wub.gif I've been lurking.

((((mando)))) you go! yay for the new car and the nice doc!

((((star)))) I want the world to know I took that picture, so it's a shock it came out good! biggrin.gif Where are the rest of them? Boo on the parents fighting, but yay on the car!

((((faerie)))) good for you for quitting! I hope you find something you enjoy doing

((((crassy)))) ***destress vibes***

((((pixie)))) yay for minipixie liking school!

((((rose)))) fucking jehovahs witnesses. The two in my grandparents used to be known as Batman and Robin. We get a few of them round here - but we get the other religious groups too. The persistent door-to-door salespeople annoy me more - I've had the sky people come round twice in the last couple of weeks, and they will not go away!

((((bunny)))) acos

((((zoya)))) thank you - your words really helped. And the hangover cure sounds divine. Even if you don't have a hangover

((((amilita)))) I hope you don't have to evacuate. and wtf on the taxes?

((((yuefie)))) acos

why helloooo there ((((PiP))))

((((sassy)))) yay for the gre! (although... what is that?)

((((((tes))))) acos.

((((kitten, sidecar, polly, billy, plat, sixiela, dm, qspice, everyone))))

F is better - he's bored; they're making him do lots of tests and keep asking if he's been doing coke recently (uh... no... never). He'll be in hospital for a few days yet though. I just wish he'd tell his parents and maybe they'd stop relying on him so much (although I can see that he doesn't want to worry them).

antikvetch: I've rescheduled my ticket, so I'm flying out for a fortnight at the end of the month. I told F I'm taking him away somewhere quiet. I don't know how much of him I'll see (I could be staying in NYC for part of it, on my own) but I do feel it's important to see him at least briefly. It's been so long.

I spent the weekend watching heroes (at last!) re-reading all the HP books, and fiddling with facebook. They've opened it up, so you don't have to be a part of a college network to join anymore - although I was on there when my college joined. I am starting to prefer it over myspace, there's less spam and it's more private. Plus most of my friends (except busties) who are on myspace are on facebook... and some of my friends who aren't on myspace are on facebook...
Good evening, Kvetchies! I can never pronounce that word properly. It's hard to balance my time between here and LJ-land, I confess. I've read back a few pages... so let's have a go at it.

Crassy, it's good to see you back here but I'm so so so so SO sorry to hear about your miscarriage. That is so sad to hear about and I'm really sorry for you and the mister.

Zoya! AWESOME to see you in this thread, you'd better stick around once in a while to kvetch. You kick ass for moving how many thousands of miles to one of my favorite cities in the world (she says, even though it's been years since she's been there)! I am dying to know how you did it and how you got around the visa shite, maybe I will send you a PM or an email sometime so I can grill you about it. Heh.

I am soooooooooooo jealous of the recent Bustie get-together in London Town even if Bunny did some upchucking in the street (is that right?!). Poor Bunny tummy! Mornington, I spied the photos on your you-know-what account (and congrats on the bunny book and the geog. course of study and sorry to hear that boyfriend is ill, and while I am tempted to join that group of which you speak, I MUST RESTRAIN MYSELF!!! You DO understand...) and as usual, all the Busties are gawghuss. Are you going to keep or redo the pink streaks? I say GO FOR IT... once upon a time I used to have double-processed bright red hair myself. And Star, you met Pete and un-fixed but healthy Dorris AND Indigo?! NOT FAIR! *melting*

Mando, with the new car in and the old one soon to be on its way out, do I now have to say CHRIST IN A PILOT?! tongue.gif Isn't it such a good feeling when you know your doc is on your side? Huzzah to that, I say.

WHOA. MINX = METAGRRRL?! I HAD NO IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did I not know that all this time? This tells me I need to hang out with the Okayers more than I do.

Syb, you don't miss city life AT ALL? Come on, you can tell me... (although I have to say hanging the sheets in the afternoon sun does sound divine)

Oh, okay, all this talk about Facebook -- I ain't budgin'. Took years of convincing for me to sign up for Myspace, and when eventually I did, I cancelled my account at one point for some stupid reason and then restarted it for another no good reason which escapes my memory at this point. I wasted a good 2 hours on it this weekend... *hangs head in shame*... and now I'm supposed to migrate to Facebook? Oy. Well, how about makeoutclub (remember that website?) if it ever gets revamped? On and on and on and on...

Amilita, I miss seeing you here as well, but can relate to the Not in the Mood to Post feeling.

Where has have (grammar patrol) MsPerrone and Sonik been? Hm.

BATMAN AND ROBIN Jehovas! ah ha ha! Fucking brill! So glad I wasn't drinking anything just then, else it would be all over the computer screen after coming out of my nose.

And in the interest of me not talking about The Really Big Things going on in my life right now (weighing heavily on me, it's a wonder I can stand up straight, heh), I'm trying to decide if I want (or, really, CAN AFFORD both in terms of time and money) to jaunt off to Old Europe so I can not partake in That Holiday That Revolves Around a Dead Bird at the Center of the Table. Airfare is something crazy like 550$ including taxes. I feel like I should jump on it. I wouldn't have to stay at hotels. I'd get to meet my friends' new babies (yes, plural on both counts). I'm dying for a change of scenery and it would be good to get away for a bit once I'm feeling up to it, you know?

I think I'm gonna skip dinner tonight since I can't decide what to have. Maybe it will just be spaghetti. Or melon. I dunno. I should have some protein, eh.

Nevertheless, excited for this upcoming week because it includes MANY out-of-town visitors. One is an old friend getting ready to move back to my neck of the woods in a few weeks, so I'm ultra-happy about that.

OH, and: no apologies for the novella this time, damn it. Mwahs and bum-swattings and and and silly silly itty bitty fishies!
raisin, I say book the airfare, and just go for it.

mornington, glad you got to rebook your trip, and f is feeling better.

mando, yay for feeling like superwoman.

((bunny)) You will find the perfect career for you.

((faerie)) Good luck on the job search.

((crassy)) de-stress

((pixie)) Glad everything is going well.

((star)) My parent’s constantly bitch at each other, so I know it’s hard especially living with them. Just think of you moving soon.

polly, I love that sign. Mom DM gets really irritated with religious people leaving literature.

rose, I like your sign idea.

zoya, yay for a hangover cure.

amilita, the taxes thing sucks.


((sassy)) Why can parents be so cruel? Hope things get better,

pip, yay for weekends off and kitties.


sidecar, I wish I could work from home. Most of my annoyances at work are my coworkers.



Friday night and Saturday morning sucked because I had a root canal a couple of weeks ago, and I still continue to have pain. I had to go to the dentist on Saturday, and I am hoping the pain has stopped. I did go see Superbad (liked only about 20 minutes if it though), and watched four dvds of which I liked three. I got a cute purse on Saturday.


Thought BUSTies would appreciate this too. The boy sent it to me and it made me laugh.

Change raisin's font to purple and you could swear it was tesao! Good to hear you sounding so upbeat, despite the bad things. I say go for the flights too as something to look forward to and who is MsPerrone?

(((designermedusa's teeth)))

A pox on mornington for introducing me to facebook! my complaint is that you can't spy on ex friends who are registered - where's the fun in that?!

yay for super-mandi!

kvetch: I am bleeding profusely and have killer cramp.

I don't have an anti-kvetch for that. Maybe that I have the day off and I'm free to do what I want whilst stressing about the bigger picture of not knowing what I want.

{{{bunnyb}}} You are NOT a failure. You are far too young to be a failure. Trust me, I have failed at whole careers and even that does not make a person a failure.

Apparently it is far too early for me to type. I had to retype almost that entire line due to copious typos.

Anyway, with some connection to what I wrote above, testerday on NPR I heard a classical guitarist talking about his struggles with his art. He said, "If I wasn't playing guitar, than I didn't want anything to do with it." I guess he had had a lot of problems getting work and after awhile he stopped doing it and really couldn't listen to it or enjoy it at all. It was so sad to hear, yet at the same time I thought, "There is someone who knows why I have such a hard tie watching theater." So it was sad but a moment of connection.

This weekend was pretty cool. Saw Superbad on Friday and Stardust on Saturday. I was feeling very out of sorts and weepy until I saw Stardust. It was like medication for my frazzled little mind. smile.gif Finsihed my domestic violence training so now I can start having my weekends back and stop dealing with people who seem to think my job is more of a "hobby" than a career. Whatever. And, of course, I got to see the Chicago Busties as we sent Stargazer off to Boston. Well, she is leaving soon, at any rate. We ate great tapas, wonderful desserts and washed it down w/Sangria. I should do that every Sunday.
G'morning, kids!

For those who are wondering about MsP, she's pregnant! I'm not sure how far along she is ... maybe 8 months? She has a blog where she posts almost daily.

Thanks for checking in, Pixie! It's hard to believe that MiniPixe has officially started school. Aaaaaww!

Bunny, that comic is hilarious! So sorry to hear that you're feeling poorly, though. I know all too well how miserable that heavy bleeding can make one feel. ((((((Bunny))))))

((((((KittenB))))))) I have not seen a play in 8 months. Eight looooong months. It's so strange. Theatre was such an enormous part of my life until 16 months ago. People keep telling me I need to get back into it, but starting all over again in this new place ... I don't even know where to begin. Siiiiigh. sad.gif

~~~~~~ soothing for DM ~~~~~~ Hope your mouth starts feeling better soon. I had a root canal once, but I have conveniently blocked out all memories of it.

(((((((( much love for F )))))))) So glad to hear that he's feeling better, Morn. And how wonderful that you'll still get to see him! I bet that will help him heal all the more.

Mandi, it's so good to hear you sounding so happy. smile.gif

(((((((Faerietales)))))) Congrats on walking away from that shit job! That must be a fantastic feeling!

(((((continued lovin' for Crassy)))))

~~~~~~ continued mystery vibes for Raisin ~~~~~~~

(((((((((((( Minx & Yuefie & Tes & Star & Polly & Amilita & CCGirl & Sidecar & Sassy & Q & Zoya & PnP & Sixela & EVERYbody ))))))))))

I MUSTmustmust get my license renewed this week. It expires at the end of the month. I should be studying for the test, but instead I am watching "Scott Baio is 45 & Single". And next I'll probably watch a ton of "Flight of the Conchords" episodes. I need to kick myself in the butt & just get this over with.

Anti-kvetch: The worst of my period is finally over!
msp posted just after she found out she was pregnant; she's due about the same time as the boy's sis (4 weeks on Thursday). mavin is pregnant too.
(((mornington & f)))

(((star))) ugh.

faerie- yay on quitting the job!

bunny, even w/out animation that is an adorable little guy!- and that cat map is awesome (so true!)


mandi, it's so cool that you don't have anything serious and yay for the driving thing- i was afraid to drive to work when i first started this job!

(((raisin))) you should go for it and book the trip!

rose, you have to take a test to renew a license (or are you switching it over)?

i'm feelin' better about the house thing, at least it's clean and we're going to rent a couple of tables and some chairs, plus the weather's supposed to be decent so we can stick everyone outside-- we have a large kiddie pool to entertain the leetle ones and music and liquor should take care of the adults!

this is a killer week at work though, i have to get a big bulk mailing out at work and then have to complete writing a grant due by friday. it will be major if we get it though- a 3 year paid position for a msw in the local school system to help students overcome family violence- if we get this we can begin to place them in all the area schools! wish me luck!
Hi BUSTies!

My oldest, Julia started kindergarten today (she's named after Funjules, did you know that??) and it's been crazy around here. I'm really proud of her.

She's so pretty...

My sailor and I are trying to plan our elopement, and it's not going well. Blah.

Tater is cranky and pulling his 3 year old stuff, Caiti is getting more teeth.

I have the munchies and I have no kvetches.

xoxo to you all.

sorry to thread jack, but my father in law was in a really bad car accident this morning. I know very little, except that he has a collapsed lung and broken ribs and possibly other internal injuries. The other driver was in a dump truck and was killed. It's really not good; any spare vibes you have are much appreciated.
((((sidecar & martini)))) my thoughts are with you and your family. unsure.gif
{{{sidecar's family}}}

lelu - oh such a cutie!
(((sidecar's father in law))) and (((sidecar, martini and his family))). I'm thinking of you.

lelu, your daughter is such a pretty little thing!
(((((sidecar & martini & family))))))
(((Sidecar and Martini and especially Martini's father))) Keep us updated, OK?

Lelu, such an adorable daughter!

Bunny, I love that kitty map, thanks! Boo on the bleeding and, too!

Crassy, yikes- so many visitors! At least they know what they're getting themselves into, right? And you have a bedroom door to close at the end of the day! Good luck on the grant writing.

Kitten, yay for having your weekends back!

Rosev, didja get any studying done? Good luck on the test.

((DM)) Hope that pain gets better.

Raisin, I say run off to Europe! Have fun with all your visitors.

Mando, yay for good Dr.s and no panic attack!

Faerie, I remember you mentioning you had thought about relocating here. They really are not doing a good job of keeping good citizens here. And the thing is, with the taxes, is that I'm all for paying FAIR ones. But not when connected people never get assessed higher or when it's so arbitrary. I know you guys know what I'm saying.

At least we are spared Hurricane Dean. That's good...though not for the poor Caribbean and Mexican places getting hit.

Oh, and I think the Mr. is settling down from his burning desire to move (for now.) Which is fine by me, although it's good to know we have some flexibility in that area, too.

I hate to ask for vibes when Martini's dad is facing something so serious, but if anyone has anything left, I'm having my first mammogram tomorrow and I'm nervous. At least my breast tenderness, which was so bad this month, is gone.

Hi to all that I didn't mention by name!! I'm off to get ready for work. *mwah*
sad.gif (((((sidecar & martini))))) ~~~~~~super everything please be okay vibes for martinis dad~~~~~~

be back to post properly in a bit. *mwahs*
thank you all for the vibes. the good news is that he doesn't appear to have internal bleeding and his lung was reinflated successfully. he's in a lot of pain and not in a very good hospital, but the cracked ribs and lung collapse seem to be the worst of it. we're just waiting to hear on the topic of insurance and any legal ramifications. these are worrisome, of course, so we'll have to wait and see. martini flies there in the morning and hopefully, we'll have a clearer picture of everything by then.

thanks again for all the love.
((((sidecar)))) glad to hear it's nothing too critical. keeping you all in my thoughts.

((((hunny bunny)))) ~~~crampies be gone!~~~ I LURVE that kitty map. That is too damn cute.

(((dm))) ~~~pain be gone!~~~

~~~mammogram vibage a plenty for amilita~~~ sweetness, there is no shortage of vibes for our fellow busties. *extra hugs for you, babe*

~~~continued healthy heart vibes for (((F)))~~~

*waves at poor, sleep deprived pixie*

go for it raisin!

ptooey on pain, fighting parents and clueless farking JW's.

but yay for growing bebe's, expectant bustie mama's, panick attack free driving, pretty girlies, weekend fun, quitting jobs, and all other good kvetchie things.

((((mandi, morn, polly, rose, kitten, crassy, syb, dusty, sonik, billy, star, tes, plat, sixela, sassy, faerie, lelu, candy, zoya, pink, flanker, qspice, plummie, tallgirl, mavin, msp, walkingb, err'body))))

smooches and lovies to all of ya!

I had a great weekend with my girls and laughed so much my stomach hurts. Saturday Shannon and Natalie came down for a visit. It was Shan's dog Bogey's birthday so we took them to the dog beach in Coronado, which is the cleaner and nicer one. It was Sashie's first beach adventure and went rather well considering her usual antisocial behavior when it comes to other dogs. She really was a cat in a former life tongue.gif . She absolutely HATED the water, but all in all we had a good time. Because she did okay, I am going to try to socialize her a bit more. Maybe she is just mellowing out in her old age. Ziggy was hilarious, totally freaking out due to Bogey's presence. I snapped a couple of pics and will hopefully be able to get one of those up some day in the near future. He looked like a halloween kitty. Sunday I went to my friend Julie's to celebrate our friend Mary's 60th birthday. You'd never a zillion years know this woman was sixty. I would guess her to be maybe 46 or 47. And she is such a love, so radiant and beautiful. I hope someday to be as graceful and strong a woman as she is. Julie made a divine chocolate cake and a nummy dinner and we laughed for hours. Like I said, so much laughter my stomach muscles ache.
((sidecar’s family))

yuefie, glad you had a nice weekend.

((amilita)) Good luck with your mammogram.

((crassy)) I hope your work gets the grant.

((rose)) Good luck on your studying.

kittenb, yay for a fun weekend.

((bunny)) Hope you cramps go away.

((mornington)) Happy birthday tomorrow, it is tomorrow right? Have fun.

My tooth feels better today, so maybe it’s finally getting better. Work went by fast as I am helping a coworker that’s out of the office for surgery.
Hey all! I keep trying to catch up in here but been so busy. Hugs all around until I can make a proper post.

I just had to come share that we had our ultrasounds today and found out we are having a wee little... girl! Lily will have a sister in January! So exciting to be able to raise another little feminist!

And, I am gonna try to post a pic. Sorry if this doesn't work or if it is huge. I don't know what I am doing. Prepare to squee...

Introducing Elenor wub.gif :
mavin - wow. I can never see anything in those pictures but that one is really clear! Congrats!
Happy 21st Birthday Mornington! Now you can legally drink in the States! I hope you have a lovely day.

*waves as mavin* Another perfect mini-BUSTie!

~*~*~*~good luck with your mammogram amilita~*~*~*~

kvetch: my head still hurts and I didn't sleep wonderfully well. I hope I'm not starting to get period headaches and that it's just coincidence.

kvetch: I need to drag myself to work when I would much prefer to stay in bed reading my book or watching Dexter and Almodovar movies.


Happy Birthday Mornington!!!!!

Sorry that you feel so icky today Bunnyb. Chicago is having the kind of weather that makes me feel lke I should be sick but I feel okay.

Kvetch - I was awakened at 6 AM this morning to find out that something went wrong at work. Something that I went to a lot of effort to prevent from happening. Sigh.
Happy birthday mornington!! Now you can drink legally in NYC (or wherever). I hope you have a great day and night.

((((sidecar, martini and family)))) I'm glad martini will be onsite with his dad.

((amilita)) Good luck with the mammogram today; I'm sure all will be well and good for you for getting it done.

Honestly raisin, I keep meaning to miss city-ness more but so far haven't... although I get there most days, it's only 30 min away by tram. I think it's my city in particular I've taken against: overcrowded with not enough infrastructure. Meanwhile, i got my second load of groceries home-delivered yesterday, which is rocking my world (that's me, easily pleased).

I have to buckle back down to work now... I keep accessing the internet when the wind happens to blow it my way...
(((martini & fam & sidecar))) god, how scary. Sending tons of prayers their way. Please keep us updated.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BELOVED MORNINGTON! All best wishes for a happy day, and for all good things to come your way, darling girl!

*Continual healthy loop vibage for (((F)))*

(((bunny))) thanks for sharing the kitty map. Too precious!
*Happy mammogram vibes for (((amilita)))*

Mavin, ubercongrats! Tres exciting!

Lelu, all your offspringlings are precious! (hope you don’t mind my snoopin.)

(((yuefie))) jealous of your women-weekend. I could use one of those. I can so picture sashie at the beach … hee! And, darling, you already are strong and graceful. *smooch*

*jealous of the Chicago-busties love* I wish I lived closer. Now that I’m such a world traveler (HAR!) maybe I should plan a long weekend visit sometime over the winter?

(((crassy))) best of luck with the grant and the party. I know it’s easier said than done, but try not to hyperstress, sweetpea. Deep cleansing breaths.

*loving kickinthebutt vibes for rose*

“Christ in a pilot” --- hee! I so love you, raisin! And I know why you’re doing the m.i.a. thingie, but it’s always so good to see you in here.

special latte mwahs for ((((polly, sybarite, star, tesao, six, sassy, faerie, candy, zoya, pink, walkingbitch & anyone else reading))))

is it horrible that i snicker everytime i hear amy winehouse's rehab?
so going to hell, i know.
QUOTE(mandolyn @ Aug 21 2007, 11:01 AM) *

*jealous of the Chicago-busties love* I wish I lived closer. Now that I’m such a world traveler (HAR!) maybe I should plan a long weekend visit sometime over the winter?

Oh, you should mando! You should come to our ornament exchange party!
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