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Urg. I am le sick. I can't breathe right and it makes me feel very tired (that and work and end-of-summer camp madness). There seems to be an overwhelming abundance of both the good and the bad, and I'm so happy to hear about the good stuff, and I want the bad stuff to remedy itself. Now.

And of course, I give you all big *germ-free* hugs (((((YOU)))))

Tomorrow's the last day of camp. I hope I don't cry. I also hope I get to work again next summer so I can see most, if not all, of the awesome peeps again.

And not that I should be worrying about it now, but I feel like I'm never. Going to get my damn Class B license. dry.gif

One more thing: Happy Birfday mandolyn and faerietales!!

ooooooooooooooo noooooooooooooooooooooooooose!!!

i missed birthdays!!

many belated happy returns of the day, mandomyheart and faerie!!!

*sings, slightly off key but with the best of intentions*

parabens para voces,
nesta data querida
muitas felicidades,
muitos anos de vida!!!

*produces tray of flutes filled with bubbly from behind her back and proceeds to pass around thread*

ps: someone needs to show me how to post pictures. i have some corgi loving to share but alas! am hopelessly lost as to how to do that!
Awwww, I've been semi-internetless for the past 2 days, but thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! biggrin.gif I kept it simple. My roommate and I went to a nice restaurant for dinner and some damn good wine!

Happy Sunday, ya'll. I went out dancing last night so I am feeling a little bedraggled now. I drank myself into a low-grade buz from 8PM-4 AM. Not sure when I have done that last. I think I am going to the beach to bleach some of the ick factor out of how I feel now. Urg.
Happy belated birthday to faerie and mando.

((flanker)) ((sheff and rose)) Feel better.

((sophie)) Glad she is feeling better.

((bunny’s friend))

((mornington)) Sorry to hear about the thing with F.

((star)) So glad you are having a nice trip.

((yuefie, kitten, sixel, syb, zoya, sassy, tes, sidecar, ccgirl,wb, pixie, billy, polly))

Happy Birthday Mando and Faerie!!

I'm sitting here typing from Mcgeek's laptop while he makes me dinner from one of the Tyler Florence cookbooks(corn pudding, creamed spinach, and stuffed pork chops) The interview did not go well. I was all happy. I went yesterday and bought new interview clothes.
We sat down, and the first question she asked me was how I was going to get there. I told her that I take mass transit (the bookstore is 10 minutes from a stop). She glared at me.

Then she explained that the bookstore was more of a coffeeshop, and asked if I had restaurant experience. I used to be a waitress years ago. Yet, I did apply to a bookstore that I thought had a small cafe in it. I didn't think it was the other way around. "I thought this was a bookstore."

Luckily, there are a few more bookstores in the city that I am going to apply for. I'm just a little depressed.


Mornington - Why would she glare at you for taking public transportation? That's ridiculous. I am so sorry that the interview left you feeling down.

I went to the beach like I thought I would. Now I am sunburned. Woops. dry.gif

I've been told I should come back.

Much has changed in my little life. I'm a mama to 3 now, been divorced and getting remarried in October.

I've missed those of you I know a lot. I just realized this morning after reading a bust lj post that I started out here 7 years (plus change) ago...jeez.

cha cha cha
QUOTE(lelu @ Aug 13 2007, 10:46 AM) *

I've been told I should come back.

Much has changed in my little life. I'm a mama to 3 now, been divorced and getting remarried in October.

I've missed those of you I know a lot. I just realized this morning after reading a bust lj post that I started out here 7 years (plus change) ago...jeez.

cha cha cha

I never kvetch, but I saw your name and had to stop in and say hello!
So I'm sitting at my desk, working away, when I discover I can piggyback someone else's wireless and jump online (I will think about the ethics of this another time). Whilst happily catching up, I look out my window, which overlooks a tree-lined street, and spot the delivery van stopping outside our house. I go down, collect the groceries I previously ordered online (as there are no good foodshops nearby), then unpack the groceries and go outside to hang some sheets in the afternoon sun.

I am not making any of this up. I could get used to this. And it will be a crime if I don't get loads of work done surrounded by such tranquility.

Hello to all. Sorry so many of you are feeling unwell!

Morn, cheers for your PM smile.gif

Glad to hear Sophie's feeling better sidecar.

Hello everybody.

Sybarite - I am jelous. You make all of that sound so good.

Kvetch today...I can't kid myself anymore. I need to find a new job. I have been sort of looking for quite awhile but I got distraced and didn't focus all of my time on it. Well, I have to do it or I will loose it.

So can someone tell me how I will find a job that I love the actual work as much as I love this one with a boss whom has become and inspiration and mentor but minus a company who thinks that I am not good enough or educated enough for promotion as well as coworkers who continually make me feel like I am not smart enough or active enough while they leave the office a mess over the weekend thus forcing me to spend an hour cleaning up after them b/c I cannot work like that! ? Anyone? Any suggestions?
Lelu! So glad you're back and things are going well!

Speaking of long-lost busties, sukouyant posted some archived pages from bust going back to 2001, maybe earlier, in the "Have you seen me?" thread. There's some kvetch from '01; rose and sheff, you guys are in there....were you even dating at that point? I didn't read it thoroughly. I think I was lurking at that point.

I had a good weekend- we went to two festivals with the Prophecys- an Italian festival on Saturday and a Buddhist/Japanese festival on Sunday. We ate lots, saw some good music and other performances. I bought some cute little spherical paper lanterns that you attach to Christmas lights. Now I need a day off from my weekend.

I may need to take a xanax tomorrow- the former receptionist, the one who trained me, is filling in for my partner-in-crime tomorrow so I'll have to spend all day with her. She's a massive pain in the ass and just from the times she's come back for a couple of dental appointments since she finished training me, it's apparent she still thinks she's queen of the front desk. Sorry, not when you're on that side of the desk, lady. I'm sure she'll find about a million things to tell me I'm doing wrong. I may not be around much tomorrow.

I am glad that around here, school starts up again next week and there won't be as many kids swarming around here.

((kitten)) ~*~*job vibes~*~* I don't know if you want to stay in the realm of where you are, but when I was looking for a job, there was some interesting things at Planned Parenthood.

((sassy)) ~*~*job vibes~*~* what a biatch. someone who glared at you for taking public transit, you wouldn't want to work for anyway.

Mornington, sorry if I didn't express...sympathy?...concern? for the situation with F and the kid sooner. I hope it works out.

((sidecar)) glad sophie's okay...what happens when a dog gets bloat? My dog drinks a lot of water at once sometimes....never knew I should be concerned (well, except being worried about kidney issues, but that's been negative so far.) unsure.gif

This place has been hopping lately, so I'm going to a group ((hugs to all))

Lelu!!!! Holy crapulence, hon! How are you?! WHERE are you?! Details, sweetie, details!
Brief update from me: Last year Sheff got a job in North Carolina, so that's where we live now. We bought a house in May & are settling in nicely. smile.gif

Polly, those old posts sound intriguing. I gotta see those! Back in '01 Sheff and I weren't even writing e-mails to one another yet. ohmy.gif
~~~~~~ sanity vibes for Polly ~~~~~~~

~$~$~$~$~ jobby vibes for Kitten, Sassy, & anyone else in need ~$~$~$~$~

Sybarite, sounds like you're having a lovely day. I say you shouldn't feel guilty for piggy-backing on someone's wi-fi. It's easy to atach passwords to such things & if they haven't done that, then that just means they are generous souls who like to share their connection with the masses.

(((((Morn)))))) a'cos.

Mandi, hope you've recovered from your birthday-induced revelry!

(((((((((((((((the whole gang))))))))))))))))

Kvetch: I ate too many Reese's Pieces & now I feel sick. Bleh. They're just too damn sweet.

Anti-Kvetch: Saw "Stardust" & really liked it. Nice, fluffy goodness.

Anti-kvetch: The food processor I ordered came in the mail today! Did you know that the French term for "food processor" is "robot culinaire"? Says so right on the box. So that means I own my very own culinary robot, peeps. Kick ass.
Thanks for the welcome back!

RoseV!!!!!!!!! How ARE you?

I'm still in Nebraska. Unfortunately. I'm back in Lincoln after doing the rural thing for 4 years.

D and I got divorced a few years ago, and I'm so much happier. He turned out to be really really really awful in so many ways (abusive, meth junkie, cheater). We're almost friendly now, but it took a long time. So I'm pretty much stuck here, because we're sharing custody. For now. I keep feeding him rope to hang himself with.

Julia is almost 6, and starts kindergarten next week, can you believe it? Nate, my son just turned 3, and my youngest, Caitlin, turned 1 a few weeks ago.

I've been busy blogging (Catch 27 until it died) and running an online mothering board fulltime.

I met the future Mr. Lu online too!! He's from NC!!! Grew up in Columbia, near Elizabeth City. We got engaged there last October. We go back a couple times a year. He's in the Navy, and gave up his submarine career to move here. He's recruiting now and doing well (god, seeing him outrank people turns me on). We've been together for 2.5 years. We're talking about retiring to the OBX in 9 years when he retires out of the military.

We're getting married in October, I think. We're running off to Hawaii or to Vegas.

I'm so happy to see you and other people I remember!!!
((sassy)) Why would it matter if you take mass transit? Sorry the interview didn’t go well.

syb, glad you like your new place.

((kittenb)) Good luck on the job search.

polly, glad you had a nice weekend.

rose, enjoy the new food processor.

lelu, congrats on getting engaged.

Mr. DM and I will be celebrating our three year wedding anniversary tomorrow. Time sure does fly by.
((((sassy)))) I'm sorry your interview didn't go well. I don't get why it should matter if you take mass transit... pah.

((((dm)))) happy anniversary to you and mr dm!

((((rose)))) ooh, I want to see stardust, so good to know it's good.

((((polly)))) ***calm vibes for tomorrow*** and on the F thing... I guess I freaked a little. I needed to tell people to make it real, but thanks

((((kitten)))) ***job vibes***

((((syb))) would it help if I threatened to tie you to your desk? wink.gif

((((sidecar)))) eep. glad sophie's better

((((yuefie)))) eeeurgh on the spider.

((((flanker)))) ***feel better***

hi lelu, nice to meet you!

((((star)))) hope you had a good flight home! it was so lovely to hang out!

((((bunny, pixie, billy, tes, plat, sixie, mando, faerie, everyone))))

kvetch: Pete and Dorris are in a book, and I can't get it because the stupid publishers only accept credit cards. Why is it so difficult for them to understand the rest of the world doesn't have freaking AmEx? The same problem is preventing me from buying the wool the pattern specifies, because I can't find anywhere that will accept my card (except uk sites, obviously, which don't stock the wool because it's an american pattern and besides, I want to send the wool to F's so I don't have to carry two kilos of wool with me to be made into gifts) gah. *mornington smash*

The Boy Wonder arrives tomorrow evening, I'm trying to persuade him to come out with me, German and Emoboy, as I want him to be able to have someone he can ring if he's in a tight spot - namely Emoboy - and he might have to give sofa room to German's sister while I'm out.

Indigo and I hung out with some of the local dogs in the park today - a couple of spaniels, a mutt, an italian greyhound and a gsd puppy. Oh, and another greyhound. Indigo played with the ball, which he's never done before.

I have a headache as aunt flo is here, and the dog has just farted. lovely.
Bonsoir cheries... (and hello again, Lelu!) I just wanted to say hi. I'm in excruciating pain, though, so in just a little bit I'm a-gonna do the usual evening routine and then immobilize myself so as to heal while I watch The Science of Sleep. It better fucking be good, I need a good movie right now to take my mind off the pain. Le blerg! I feel like a fucking cripple and I'm really sick of it. Will write more when I'm up to it, but mwahs and bum-swattings all around as usual in the meantime. Oh, and Maimy sends her love to everyone, but I suppose that goes in the other thread. Special bunny kisses to Dorris, I hope she has a smooth recovery and doesn't miss her girly bits too much (and what's this about a book?!).
((((raisin)))) dorris never got her girlparts removed, she reacted badly to the anaesthetic and went and interesting shade of blue almost immediately. So she's back home until I get back from the states, when she might have an x-ray and go in again. And yes, Pete and Dorris are in a book. This book. Give my love to maimy, she's going to be missed!
Bloat is when a dog inhales too much air too quickly and its stomach twists; usually, a dog with bloat onset starts dryheaving and acting uncomfortably. It wasn't too much water, and she does drink a lot of it, but rather that she gulped so much so quick (she's a gulper and not a sipper). We might've been a bit cautious, but in that situation, I'd rather be safe than sorry. Thanks guys for the hugs. You'd never know anything happened to her now, but they're much appreciated. Nothing is worse than sick animals, because you can't really explain to them why everything is screwy and they don't feel well.

((((sassy))))) wtf?

~~~syb~~~ I am so jealous

~~~job vibes for kittenb~~~

Rose, I liked Stardust a lot (I saw it yesterday too).

*waves to lelu*

congrats to the DMs!!

doris and pete are supermodels!

On the anniversary front, Martini and I will be celebrating five years of marriage come October ... in New Orleans! He booked the trip today and surprised me with it when I got home. Very excited.
QUOTE(kittenb @ Aug 12 2007, 08:43 PM) *
Mornington - Why would she glare at you for taking public transportation? That's ridiculous. I am so sorry that the interview left you feeling down.

Woops, that should have been directed to sassygirl. Sorry.

So it seems that there is a great position as director of the sexual assault program at the University of Montana. Of course, I would have to move to Montana. In December. Of course I bet I wouldn't have to speak Spanish like every job I will apply for in Chicago.

*Wolf-whistles even though the storm is covering it up*

Anyone up for a congo line? tongue.gif

HOLY SHIT!!! LELU?!!!!! Hey! It's Metagrrrl! Holy crap, lady...long time, no talkie. I am so glad you got away from that crank-assclown. You deserved sososososososo much better than he could ever offer you. I still can't believe that our oldest are BOTH SIX!!! Minxlette just turned six last month.

I am totally blown away.
(((doris))) and (((sophie))))

yay for the buns being in a book!

(((sassy))) I don't understand why public transport would be a problem... good luck with other bookshops; I would love to work in a bookshop (I hate retail but imagine I'd be writing book reviews on little cards for the shelves all the time wink.gif)

welcome back lelu! I started posting in kvetch up around the time your second child was born (you too yuefie). That means I'd dropped off a year of my BUSTie action - I've been here since April 2004, which makes sense now.

happy anniversary mr and mrs medusa!

happy anniversary sidecar and martini! new orleans - wow!!! oh wait: October; oh well happy early congratulations.

I want to see Stardust too but it's not out here for a couple of months yet. Whilst with the boy we went to see six films; the highlights were Transformers and Waitress.

*~*~*~*job vibes for kitten~*~*~*~*

*~*~*~*survive the day vibes for polly~*~*~*~

(((raisin))) feel better.

I'm missing the boy now I'm home but soon he'll be so much closer and we won't be classed as a long-distance thing anymore! (he'll be an hour away in Edinburgh). Enjoying some me time before returning to work tomorrow.

Having a bit of a panic attack about what to do next with my life. I have a few writing projects in very early stages but still stuck over the actual career ... the here and now paying career. I'm all conflicted and feeling failure-like.


*jumping up and down with excitement*

LELU!!!! LELU!!!!

sooooooooooooooooooooooo good to see you!! and very glad to hear that things are going so well!

mr. hotbuns and i own a house in NC, near rosiev and sheff's part of the woods. he lives there; i decided to turn 50 without the usual mid-life crisis and moved to sub-saharan africa instead.

i know that i should say hello and send individual vibes to everyone, but i'm sneaking in at work during a late lunch break, so i hope everyone will forgive me.

i just had to tell you all that:

i caught myself singing “mooshy mooshy mooshy mooshy mooshy” to the music to Baby Elephant Walk by Henry Mancini last night, whilst rubbing mimi the african attack cat's big belly. i ímmediately thought that the kvetchies would appreciate that.

hugs and kisses and sillllllllllllllllllllllly little fishes!!!

Good morning everybody. Whoever ordered the soft, grey, breezy weather for Chicago today, I owe you a HUGE thank you.

minx, I'll join your congo-line but I realy think he has done so much damage that I don't know if him leaving will make any difference.

bunnyb, I did not realize that you had posted here for so long. I really can't remember when I started posting here regularly. It was at least 3 1/2 years ago when I started my current job but before that I can't remember...

{{{tes, lelu, sidecar, rasingirl, mornington, everyone}}}

I just have to say, my girl cat HATES my internet. SHe will leave me alone if I am reading or watching TV but as soon as I start typing she starts yelling. I am so worried that she is going to pee on my computer or something. ohmy.gif
God, I can't believe there are so many people I know still here! Hello back! *waves furiously and tosses cupcakes*

Tesao! Lurveee!! I still see you around LJ every once and again.

Minx/Metagrrl...omg. I've thought about you a ton. A TON.

Kvetch of the day: summer colds and ear infections...I feel like I'm under water. My ears are popping and they hurt. I'm OVER it.

Anti-kvetch - he woke me up this morning by licking my bits, and he had already fed the kids breakfast. Gotta love that.
(((sassy))) sorry the jobbie fell thru. The owner/manager sounds like the suck, tho.
(((bunny))) (((bunny galpal))) poor thing.
(((mornington & F & F’s dad))) I agree with sybarite. A. sounds far too unstable to be a parent. Plus, I just think she’s gonna be a huge albatross around F’s neck. /end unsolicited advice. pete = ubersqueeable! And yay for your babies being published. Psst - maybe I can help you get your hands on the book? Let me know, sweetie.
(((walkingb))) did you pull up the carpets yet? Ick.
(((sidecar))) (((sophiepupper))) I so cannot believe it’s gonna be 5 years! Yay for a new Orleans trip!
(((polly))) I feel you on the coworker annoyance. Today’s a particularly bad day, since the club’s closed and it’s just me and her. She’s having a gabfest on the phone. I want to plunge a sharp pencil into her jugular. Gah.
(((designerm))) happy anniversary!
(((lelu))) so nice to hear how well everything’s going for you, luv. I can’t believe your oldest is 6! Danny’s turning 15 tomorrow. The mind boggles. blink.gif
(((minx))) nice to see you in here too, darling. Mwahs for you and your girl.
(((sixelacat))) where on earth did you find that corgi cake picture? That’s like the cutest thing eva! Thank you!
(((yuefie))) lovin’ on the corgi with the party hat … so saving that to my hard drive! your sinister spider story tho? omg, one of your guardian angels musta been looking out for you. *shudder*
(((anyone i missed)))

Many thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes. And happy belated wishes to (((faerietails))) I hope you had a great birthday weekend!

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to check in. it was truly one of the nicest birthdays I’ve had in a long time. Lots of love, two birthday dinners, lots of cake and extremely nice presents. smile.gif

kvetch: perimenopause. going on 40+ days. feeling oh so hyper-crampy/stressed/emotional. just bleed, goddammit!

antikvetch: left work to run and get the kidlet madden '08. (today is the holiest day of the year as far as he's concerned *severe eye roll*) he was in the shower, i left it hanging on his bedroom doorknob. he called me to thank me, all teary. i feel like supercool mom. biggrin.gif

major antikvetch: we are picking up the new (steel blue metallic) pilot today ... aieeeeeeeeee!
hi everyone. i know i've been gone for a long ass time, as usual i've been a bit depressed. but this time it's warranted. i lost a baby. the mr. & i weren't trying for kids but we were thrilled when i got pregnant. i really wish i wouldn't have told my mom. anyway, it happened at the beginning of july and i don't know if i want to try again at this point (this is my 2nd miscarriage), but life goes on...

thanks for the card bunny- you inspired me to check back in here!

and happy birthday to mandi and anyone else i missed over the last few months.

((((((((((hugs all around))))))))))))

((((crassy and the mr)))) I am so sorry. I'm glad the card arrived at the right time.

Hey gang. Happy Tuesday! Hope you've been doing fun things. Not that there's a lot of opportunity to experience fun on your average Tuesday. Oh well.

My eyes are acting up on me. So itchy and hurty and blech. I need to check the air quality reports & see if something is up. I spent the whole morning outside with a bunch of ladies & their 10,000 children, so I think that had something to do with it.

I am so so sorry to hear that you've been hurting, dear. But I hope that you now fel strong enough to hang out with us a bit more. ((((Crass))))

Lelu, that sounds fabulous! Mrow! wink.gif

Now we just have to convince FunJules to de-lurk for a bit!

Tes darling, I was thinking about you this morning & missing you! From now on, I think I will sing the Mooshy Mooshy version of the Elephant Walk whenever it pops into my head.

Wow, Mandi! What a fabulously comprehensive post! You are amazing, my dear. You are also the best momma ever. Certainly Danny tells you that daily. biggrin.gif

And on a slightly-related note, Sheff almost took a job with the very company that makes those Madden games, but then we would have ended up living in Salt Lake City. I think we're happier where we are now.

Happy anniversary to the DMs! Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating together.

((((((((Bunny)))))))) I can't believe Stardust isn't playing there yet. It's based on a Neil Gaiman book, fercrissakes. rolleyes.gif

Sidecar, I'm glad the puppers is healthy afterall. Congrats on the approaching trip to N'awlins!

Kvetch: Some nasty something or other has killed most of our fish. Ugh. Sheff has been fiddling with water chemistry stuff & even gave a couple of the fish a sort of salt water dip that is supposed to help. Sadly, it has not. Oddly enough, our cory catfish and our shrimp are fine and dandy, but we have lost about a dozen fish in the last week. It's breaking his heart. I wish I knew how to help. sad.gif

Anti-Kvetch: Met a baby today that seriously made my uterus twitch. So sweet and cute and QUIET. Love those quiet babies.

Anti-kvetch: I'm making Indian for dinner tonight. YUM!

Kvetch: I secretly wish Sheff would take me out to dinner ... the more romantic the better. But the prissy side of me wishes he would come up with the idea all by himself. Bleh.
(((((Crassy))))))) Oh, I am so sorry. My thoughts are with you and Mr. (although I hope you start visiting when you feel up to it, too).

Today I went to a conference. It meant I got home about two hours early, which is nice. I should probably walk Lady Dog, but she's sleeping, and you know what they say about that.

I just discovered Facebook. Gawd in Heaven, it's brilliant.

(((((rose)))))) Hee, I have that feeling with Martini all the time.
well, I made the plane the other day.... had to go back and check an extra bag, because the security nazi at the airport wouldn't let me carry on my backpack that **barely** didn't slide into the little bag sizing thing for carryons. Just cause I had to squish it down a bit into the sizer, she sent me back to check it. I've never even HAD someone do that before. Not even at Heathrow, which is the worst about enforcing the 'one carryon' rule. feh. So of course, that made me even later, but luckily they were really slow with boarding, so all was good.

I have not the time to read thru the archives, so I'll just say...

I got talked into trying facebook. I don't get it. It's all weird and confusing to me - and what the hell does it mean to "poke" someone, anyway? Maybe I'll get used to it and love it like everyone else.

((crassy)) how awful, I'm sorry.

mornington - yay for bunnies in a book!

kvetch - it's too damn late, but I can't sleep and I'm wide awake, yet completey out of it, which is why I need to stop trying to write and at least lay down.

anti-kvetch - I have a day off tomorrow!!

ETA - crap, the above post sounds cranky. sorry... I think that it probably is. I'm just too damn tired. off to bed.
(((crassy & mr))) i'm so very sorry, sweetie. i wish i could make it all better. please know that we love you, and are thinking of you. big tight hug.

(((zoya))) security was the worst part of my recent flight. i don't know who was nastier, the checkers or the inpatient passengers behind me. next time i'm going to wear a sign that says, "i'm already hyperstressed about getting on a plane, i don't know what i'm doing, the xanax hasn't kicked in yet, please be nice to me!"

(((sheff's fishies))) my chiropractor has exotic fish. she loves them dearly. i can see the appeal & can imagine the heartbreak. it's NOT "just a fish".

rose, please to 'splain the 10,000 children???

i'm loathe to drag danny away from madden heaven. but i need some tv veg time, and i've got weeds on dvd. *whine* we even canceled the car pickup cuz i felt like crap on a stick. *double whine* i'm beginning to wonder if this is just horrible pms or if there's something else going on? maybe my fibroids are becoming symptomatic? *anxious whine*
((((((crassy & mr.)))))) What mandi said.

(((mandi))) feel bettah.

Hi lelu! Good to see you, glad everything's going well.


I have one last thing to say: living with your mother is hard. Really hard. I didn't need a reminder of that, but I got one today anyway. Feh.
(((((((((crassy))))))) my thoughts are with you and mr.mcnasty

((((mando)))) ***feel better***

((((zoya)))) I hate airport nazis. They had a go at me at heathrow for carrying two small bags, and made me put one inside the other just to go through the metal detector. Gah. And the facebook poking... well, it's a combination of flirting, saying "oi" and, well, sitting next to someone in a lecture theatre and poking them in the ribs for no reason. I don't get it either, but that hasn't stopped me.

((((sidecar)))) happy anniversary! and yay new orleans!

((((rose)))) poor sheff and his fish!

((((lelu)))) ***feel better***


((((kitten)))) hehe - funny what animals latch on to. My first bunny had a thing for the computer - she used to claw at the keys until they came off.

((((bunny)))) did I say yay for the boy moving to edinburgh? yay! and yay for possible writing projects.

((((tes)))) acos

((((star, sassy, sixie, plat, pixie, polly, dm, syb, raisin, minx, everyone))))

Went out last night with ze German and friends. BW came to and actually enjoyed himself, much to his surprise (plus he got kissed by a very drunken Samwise, which made me laugh, as I don't think he expects boys to kiss him). F rang me as we were on the train, and cue tears and worry. I've been trying not to think too much about it, but I just got really upset last night (the wine didn't help). We had a long talk though when I got home, just me worrying about everything and him trying to make me feel better. I think it'll be better when I actually see him - right now I'm excited and stressed, and he's stressed too. A is being a pain in the arse, and F doesn't really know what she wants (I don't think she does, and sometimes I think she's disagreeing with him just to be contrary, because what he's suggesting seems like good ideas to everyone but her). She has apparently filed for full custody, which makes me wonder why she bothered in the first place, as she already had full custody (with F not knowing and all) and didn't have anyone to disagree with.

*sigh* /me me me

(((((kvetchies))))) acos.

I had a busy day, and a rough one too. I was at a conference Monday afternoon and all day yesterday, so I came back to piles of work. I got in a half hour late, as I left 10 minutes late and the bus was another 15 minutes later. Once I got on the bus, I misjudged the opening in my travel mug and dumped a sip's worth of hot coffe down the front of my shirt -- right into my cleavage. It still hurts.

Meh. At least I am home, out of the massive rainstorm that just hit, waiting for thai food and chilling.

(((((morn))))))) wow, she sounds like a piece of work
(((zoya))) i hate airport security folks who think their little badge makes them the world's foremost authority on terrorism.
Hey gang. Did everyone have a busy day?

~~~~~~ soothing for Sidecar's boobies ~~~~~~

((((((((F)))))))) What a confusing mess. Poor guy. sad.gif

[shakes fist at annoying airport security rules]
Gawd, Zoya, that sucks that a bag that you've been able to take through on numerous flight suddenly became a problem. Grrr.

I'v been a wee bit busy today, but mostly on very enjoyable stuff. I finished reading a book, did some shopping, had a fabulous tomato & mozzarella salad for lunch, and then watched "Miss Potter" (the movie about Beatrix Potter) while kntting. And tonight I made a large chicken pot pie for dinner. A very nice, quiet, pleasant day.

Good news: We have not lost any more fish in the last two days (knock on wood). And our little red shrimp are feeling braver & are crawling about for all to see. So yay!
((crassy)) I'm so sorry for your and your husband's loss. Whatever you decide to do will be the right choice.

Need some vibes. I think I either have gallstones or a hiatal hernia. Since Monday, in addition to some other symptoms, I've had this tightening pain around my upper torso that comes in waves. I'm pretty sure I have a hiatal hernia can live with that as long as it doesn't become strangulated (where your stomach pushes through the diaphragm) but the more I read about gallstones, the more I think that's what's going on right now. Plus, according to my mom, they run in the family....everything runs in my family....cancer, heart disease, depression, diabetes....I'm doomed.

What really sucks is that I would have had health insurance as of August 1st, but due to a completely asinine glitch on the insurance company's part that they refuse to correct, the coverage with them won't start until September 1st. My cousin was nice enough to get me an "Emergency Only" policy with another company that will carry me until September 1st, but I am not sure if visits to the urgent care facility are covered or if it's really emergency only. And for now, I don't think I have enough evidence to go to the ER. I'm going to call the insurance company tomorrow and find out about the urgent care coverage. The office is two doors down from one, so it'll be pretty easy to go there.

((sidecar)) I don't know if you've tried putting anything on the burn, but calendula gel/ointment works really well- you can get the gel at Whole Foods.

Sorry for not having more personalized hugs....I'm in a wave of nausea right now...oh, this is fun.
((((((polly)))))) oooch. I hope the insurance say you can get something done.

continued love for (((((crassy & mrmcnasty)))))

((((sidecar)))) ouch! calendula, definitely.

((((rose, bunny, pixie, mando, tes, zoya, plat, yuefie, raisin, star, sixie, sassy, faerie, lelu, kitten, flanker, syb, billy, everyone))))

so... *cabbage patches* I got a place to do geography! yay me! yay me! Such a freaking relief to have it confirmed. I'm waiting on another uni to get back to me (for history of art/archeology), but if I haven't heard anything by.. oh... lunchtime, I'm going to send the paperwork off. Yay yay yay yay!

And another antikvetch: a friend on the bunny forum I'm tempting raisin with (you know you need the blu in your life, hon) is buying the book for me, and I'm going to pay him back. So I'll scan in the pictures when it arrives and show you all.

Yesterday, I bought wool - baby llama wool! and big wool, to crochet a hat with. And then the man in the doc marten shop in camden had a go at me because I asked if he had a certain pair when he didn't (the ones I saw in covent garden, bunny). I was just so shocked! Clearly I was too girly-looking to be considered seriously for a pair of dms. *shuns him* I'm going to covent garden to get them, and screw him and the sex pistols.
(((((((Crassy and mr crassy))))))) Oh honey, I'm so sorry. All the very best with whatever you decide to do next.

Congrats on the place offer mornington! Geography can be quite funky and interesting, with a healthy injection of cultural studies (how it was run at my alma mater). Miles away from learning about agriculture in East Anglia or similar. And as ever I hear you on your exasperation with A.

I can't figure out facebook either. I just find it a pain in the ass to navigate and based too exclusively on networks; as in, if you don't state yours there's not a lot you can do in terms of finding people as individuals. Perhaps I'm missing the point.

I have flown too frequently through bloody Gatwick this year and every single time they insist on that one bag rule, in addition to shoving all your toiletries in a tiny ziploc bag. I've actually gotten really bolshie about that; I just carry all my cosmetics etc in 2 plastic bags; thus far they've always let me through. And I'm the world's lightest packer, because I hate checking bags in.

Still loving quiet suburban bliss for working at home... although it is disconcerting that almost everyone is white around here. People walk less too.
polly - it can be hard to get Urgent Cares covered under some health insurance. However ER visits are not as big a problem unless your co-pays are more than you can cover. What kind of insurance will you be getting in Sept? Will there be any problem w/ pre-existing conditions? I think my mom has a hiatal hernia. It has caused some pretty bad anemia for her so you might want to consider iron suppliments or something.

mornington - so there is some kind of Doc Marten snobbery? What a joke.

{{{sybarite, sidecar, RoseViolet, et all...}}}

Yesterday I did a training at the child sexual assault center that is connected to my agency. 8 hours talking about sexual assault in all it's forms. My goodness was I beat at the end of the day. Last night I enjoyed the storm while watching the movie The Baby Sitter's Club. The other movies I had at home were Things Behind the Sun & The Fountain. They both seemed way too hard to watch when I was that tired. I am feeling much better now. smile.gif
Morning, kvetchies!

((sassy)) poop on that “cafe with some books”. You'll find a real bookstore! ~~\o-o/~~extra-strength bibliojob vibes (they're supposed to look like reading glasses)~~\o-o/~~

((star)) okay, you've had time to sleep off the jet lag, we wanna see pics! Don't make me break out the handcuffs.....

((mornington)) Oooh, do you think Pete and Doris would autograph my book?! wink.gif And I fart on the silly Doc Martins man, who obviously needs to sell only to the “right” people or his self-image shatters and he ends up crying himself to sleep at night, wondering where it all went wrong. ~~~~extra patience and sanity vibes for you and F~~~~~ And congrats on the geography placement! I student-taught geography many moons ago. A very fun and under-rated subject (well, under-rated here in the States, as we apparently don't like to know where things are or what they're about unless it's presented in a USA Today pie chart tongue.gif)

((bunnyb)) Glad you had a lovely time with the boy. And HUZZAH for him moving closer! Here's your snoopy dance!

((polly)) get thee to a doctor, hun! Waves of pain and nausea qualify for the ER! It's not like you're going because you have a cold or something! ~~~~soothing healthy vibes for all Polly's internal organs~~~~

((mandolyn)) MANDO! *booby-squishin' hugs* Seeing your blue font always brightens my day! And if you want unbearable cuteness, do a google image search for “birthday corgi”. Corgi in a Cake is only the beginning!

((roseviolet)) hurray for brave red shrimpies! ~~~~continued health vibes for Sheff's special fishes~~~~~ poor ((Sheff)).

((sybarite)) glad to see you enjoying the suburban quietude! ~~~~productive vibes~~~~ And it is an odd suburban phenom that walking is only for excercise, not actually getting around.

((kittenb)) That is a verrry long 8 hours! Hopefully Olivia won't pee on your computer! My attention-hog likes to just drape himself across the keyboard. Such drama queens. OH, I almost forgot, I use this Russian site to download most of my music, because the exchange rate makes it insanely cheap. Usually a song is 8 or 10 cents, and whole albums are generally $1.50 or so. Here's the addy:

I've mostly been working TONS of hours, and am now getting ready to enjoy a couple of weeks of being barely there (4 days this week, and only 3 next week. Yay!)

kvetch: the inventor of the “webinar”, because there is no reason not to call it either a meeting or a seminar. Save the new words for, oh, I dunno, NEW CONCEPTS. And get your phone lines fixed, I couldn't hear half of what you said this morning anyway. (not that you weren't just reading off your own powerpoint presentation....)

anti-kvetch: I joined a gym! And it's sooooper cheap with work discount. Thank goodness, I've been slowly creeping back up into a size 20. Sneaky sneaky convenience foods!

Eeep, I'm going to be late for lunch and clothes shopping with local BFF (who has totally dumped the cult-boy, for those who remember)!

as always you ladies are so supportive. (kvetchies))) i'm mostly ok now i just get a little teary sometimes. i'm just keeping myself busy with work and organizing a fundraiser for the humane society- and planning the mr's 30th birthday next weekend. then on our 5th year anniversary we're going to vegas to have our vows 'renewed' by elvis.

(((rose & shef's fishies)))

(((sidecar & sophie just cause i love doggie love))) what's facebook?


(((flanker ji)))

~*~*~pollystyrene's innards*~*~*~

morning, poo on that bastid salesguy!

(((kitten))) that sounds like such a grueling day. i had to cover the reception area where i work (dv shelter/women's services) for 2 days when all the backups were out or sick and just hearing about all of the women's crises and one woman in particular being ignored by a counselor when she was there feeling like she had no one in the world and telling me she was giving up- wow! i'm glad to be in my little office fundraising again.
maude, and i started today on such a high.

I'm having to cancel my trip to see F - hopefully not all of it, but most of it. He is in hospital.

Yes, you did read that right. F is in hospital. They think the stress of the past few months is causing his heart to go a bit iffy - he had a heart attack at 21, and he's having similar symptoms; chest pains etc etc. So he's going to be in hospital for at least a week while they see what's wrong with him, and then... well, we'll see.

I'm bummed, and very, very very worried. but at least we're still together - he must have been all woozy when he messaged me, because I thought he was breaking up with me! Cue prompt hysteria. Hopefully, I'll be able to go over the first or second week of september and just see him.

(((((kvetchies))))) sorry about the lack of individual vibes
just a fly by to give some vibes to (((((crassy and the mr.)))))

I'm so sorry to hear about what happened.
we have all been busy!! lots of long posts!! me likey.

(((((crassy))))) my heart goes out to you. really bummed. i hope you are doing better. vent here if you need to.

(((((morn))))) yeah for uni!! boo for canceling the trip. perhaps F needs some antianxiety medication too. just a thought. poor kid. i hope he feels better. he needs to take care of himself. i can understand you being bummed, but at least you know it has nothing to do with you. he has sooooooo much on his plate right now. poor F.

(((zoya))) how i meece you!! yeah for having a day off! heathrow is a breeze compared to o'hare. it is complete disorganization there. literally a free for all. i'm glad your posting in here more. smile.gif did i mention how i miss hangin' out with you??

(((bunnyb))) acos

(((six))) now now, dear. you will get enough of me on sunday. and we will take pics as well. i have posted some pics on myspace. you can see the lovely bunny, morn, and zoya. and don't make passive threats at me about handcuffs.... wink.gif

hey lelu! *waves*

(((mando))) pretty soon i'll be closer to you!!

*~*~*soothing vibes for polly*~*~*

antikvetch: I.GOT. MY.NEW.CAR.TODAY!!!!

tryin' to tidy loose ends this week. seems like things are fallin' into place for me. before i know it...i will be driving to the east coast. very cool. i had so much fun in london visiting with my friends and meeting the UK busties. scientistboy (my bestguypal) has been trying to get me onto facebook. knowing me, i will give in and join. he got me to rejoin myspace.

(((yuefie, sidecar, polly, tes, lelu, sassy, pixie, PiP, candy, and other kvetchies)))

and now for your moment of zen...

{{{mornington}}} that's so scary! Please keep us posted.
(((((((((((healing hugs for F))))))))))))) Dear thing! I guess a gentle soul like his is bound to suffer under the weight of all of this stress.
((((((((((Mornington)))))))))))) I can only imagine how you must be feeling. Take care of yourself & keep us updated.

((((((((( more hugs for Crassy ))))))))))

((((((((((((( all of the darling Kvetchies )))))))))))))))

Kvetch: Headaches. Bah. I blame the heat (101F today) & the bad air quality (we're at Code Orange, whatever that means).

Kvetch: I'm trying to figure out what to do about a petty little problem. I went to the butcher yesterday and asked for lamb chops. I looked at the package this evening and noticed that the label on the package says veal chops. NOT what I wanted. Grrr. So what do I do? Sheff has been begging for lamb for months & I thought I was giving him a special treat. Instead, I've just given myself a very expensive headache.
Fly by for ((crassy)) and ((Mornington)).

(((morn))) oh hun, I'm so sorry about F and hope he'll be ok. That sucks about your trip, especially your birthday - if your friends aren't throwing you an impromptu party with jelly and ice cream then come to Glasgow and I will (I'm serious).

(((crassy))) continued love and hugs.

(((polly))) feel better.

(((sidecar's cleavage)))

thanks for my snoopy dance, six! yay for cult boyf being offski!

welcome back star!

rose, could you take them back in time to make dinner? not your fault that the butcher messed up. I had lamb tonight and it was ummy so you too should have lamb.

Update on Damnit: funeral was yesterday, she was back to work today but needed to get out of house and keep herself occupied. She's hyper, giggly and smitten with new boy. I think she's in shock and I'm worried she'll come down with a major bang.

Tired, off to bed.

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