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we had a lovely day today! the weather was perfect. poor bunnyb was feeling a little ill, but, she was a trooper and hung out with us. i took alot of tourist-y pictures. climbed on top of a monument to have my picture taken. unfortunately, i won't be able to download my pics until i get home.

(((zoya))) keep coming back here and checkin' in!! of course, when you can.

(((bunnyb))) hope you are feeling better. sad.gif

(((emma))) thanks for being a great tour guide!

DM, it was just a really sexy circus. pretty cool. definitely not put on by pt barnum!

kittenb and sidecar, i am so glad i am not in our town for this horrible weather!! glad glad glad. i hope you ladies are doing things to keep you cool.

where is mando?? unsure.gif

(((sybarite))) i hope things settle down for you.

yuefie!! so cute pics!!

(((rose))) acos

((((((((((fiddler)))))))))))) so glad you are ok. seriously. i was worried there. mellow.gif

((((polly, DM, sidecar, kittenb, six, sassy, billy, yuefie, tes, plat, PiP, candy, and everyone else!!))))

Hi all. Thanks so much for the safety vibes. I think they must have helped.

I tried to post earlier but it didn't quite get here for some reason. Oh, well.

Oh, I was telling kittenb that I am a volunteer firefighter. Once in awhile, during fire season in the summer, we get paid for working on a large fire in the area. Anyway, I'm not going to write it all again. Really though, thank you for the good wishes.

(((((((((((Fiddler))))))))))) So glad to see that you're okay!

Hooray for the UK Bustie Meet-Up! Life is bette when Busties get together.

~~~~~~~~ smooth move for Sybarite ~~~~~~~~~~

Yuefie, love the pic!

"Wambulance". Hee. Ya see, Billy, all of this is made more complicated because I'm the only one of my friends who has ever liked Alonso. And now that he's pulling this immature shit this season, it's especially annoying. Sheff keeps saying, "Hey look, Mare. It's your boyfriend again." and "Boy, your boyfriend is a real asshole. What's that about?" Well, he certainly ain't my boyfriend and there's no way I'm defending his actions. I just like good racing and he used to be known as a good driver. Grrr.

Of course, Sheff also refers to that annoying guy on the commericals as my boyfriend. So odd. Every time one of those ads comes on ... "Hey, Mare! Your boyfriend is on TV again!" rolleyes.gif I just want to say, "If every douchebag on the television is suddenly my boyfriend, then what does that make you, darling husband-mine? King of the Douchebags? Sir Douche-a-Lot?" wink.gif

I was oh-so productive today.I went to the library and the post office and the dairy and the grocery store and I did multiple loads of laundry and made a lovely dinner from scratch and I talked to 3 of my friends, too. This is excellent because I'm been a Huge Lump lately. It's a good thing when I manage to get out the door & get things accomplished.

Pseudo-kvetch & anti-kvetch in one:
[drum roll ...]
BestGalPal and BestGuyPal are moving back to Tulsa.
No kidding.
He got a promotion with his company, so he is no longer just in charge of auditing the states along the west coast. He now covers the audits for every state west of the Mississippi River. And he's getting a raise, too. Since everything is so much cheaper in Tulsa, they just decided to go back. In some ways, I feel happy for them, but in other ways ... well, I feel sad. For the past year, BestGalPal and I have been having this "shared" experience of being in a new place and trying to make friends and all the stress that comes with that. It has helped to know that she was in a similar situation as myself, albeit on the whole other side of the country. But now she'll get to go back to T-town and just pick up where we left off ... only I won't be there now. She'll get to hang out with our friends and work on plays again, but I'll still be over here, a thousand miles away.
The good news, though, is that now we can visit them and my parents at the same time! That should be a lot easier on the ol' pocketbook. tongue.gif
(((rose))) you are socialising more than most of us! you are fitting into your new town and you will find your niche (have you looked into theatre involvement there?) Also, you have a beautiful new house!

(((star, mornington, zoya))) what lovely ladies those three are. I had a lovely day despite the tummy trouble and will try to post photos although just of star, mornington and I as know zoya is concerned when it comes to her online privacy and would prefer her premission.

I still feel pretty ill but it's more a drained feeling and tummy pains than actual physical sickness. I vomited on the Royal Mile - how's that for a show of patriotism/royalism? wink.gif

~*~*~*~*smooth move vibes for syb~*~*~*~*

yuefie, bless the adorableness! there are a few kvetchie birthdays approaching - mando's, yours and morn's 21st smile.gif.

(((raisingirl))) a'cos

Missed the boy lots yesterday, which is weird but I'm enjoying spending so much quality time with him. He still has a very sore back and feels guilty that we're not fulfilling our plans for our holiday but I'm happy just to be with him and feel that he should rest and recuperate.

yuefie, that pic should go on!

Quick flyby today. I feel not great today. Bah. People expect me to be places at certain times today and I just don't know that I like humanity enough to do it.
(((kitten))) I’m the Queen of the Humidity Hatahs, so I know the feeling. le blergh.

“I hope mando checks in - when the bridge collapsed in Minneapolis, my second thought after the MPLS Busties was about mando and her bridge issues.” (((polly))) you’re such a lovebug for thinking of me. Heartfelt thanks. (I skimmed last week from sis’s house, to make sure the Minnie busties were ok. But I’m not comfortable using b-i-l’s computer. Long story. grrrr.) Since I’ve been home, I’ve driven over three local (old &/or in dire need of repair) longass bridges without freaking. but all I could think of was those poor people last week, what it must've felt like, just ... dropping. that poor pregnant woman with her child in the back seat ... god in heaven, it's just too sad. and Somehow I don’t think this is going to be the "infrastructure wakeup" call everyone's touting. /end morbidity.

(((stargazer))) & (((yuefie))) & ((( bunny))) just because.

anyone hear from pixie? i've been thinking of her and her new little bambino, since i'm now in full-throttle baby mode. (not having one, of course. just loving 'em up ... hee!)

antikvetch: our visit with sis was pretty darn good, despite dipshit b-i-l ... and poor danny being bored out of his bird (tho he patiently managed to make due). niecelette is a pure joy, such a good, low-maintenance baby. we even took her to the pool three days and dipped her in the water. such fun!

kvetch: my arms ache to hold her again. sniff.

antikvetch: they're coming up for a visit in three weeks!!!

antiketch: my back/leg is FINALLY better! enough to try a half sun-salutation this morning. three freakin weeks of pain/discomfort i wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. gah. it's so nice to feel NORMAL again.

antikvetch: i survived the flight home just fine - i'm actually a bit proud, since there were both slight take-off and de-boarding delays. danny took excellent care of me. i never realized just how protective he is of me. warms my cockles. smile.gif

kvetch: still hate flying. yup. hoping not to have to do it again in the near future.

antikvetch: the police concert sunday night was amazing ... GREAT, worth-every-penny floor seats, they played nearly all my faves ... and we won VIP pre-party tix too, and got to party with two really neat couples beforehand. (not to mention my being able to get my drink on pretty nicely, heh.) go ahead and rip into sting all you want, he still makes me swoon, hugeass ego and all.

so far, august is shaping up much much better than my march/april/may/june/july were. thank.fucking.christ.

*generic vibes/group hug/mwahs all around*
Aww...thanks Mando and Yuefie for thinking about me! I have been battling infant illnesses and didn't want to bore the busty nonmoms with tales of thrush and jaundice. Thankfully the baby is on the mend now.

Wow Rose....I can't believe BGP's are coming back to Tulsa!

I haven't had time to read the archives...but I just want to send out to loveto Bunny, Yuefie, Mornington, Star, Rose, Mando, fiddler, Billy, Kitten, sybrite....and everyone else.
~~~antijaundice vibes~~~~ my brother had jaundice when he was born. he looked like a little smileyface (well, he looked yellow anyway). Pixie, I'm glad you're well! Tristan is adorable.

(((((mando))))) hey, aren't you turning 29 this week? smile.gif

so bleh, Best Pal C and husband and Martini and I were supposed to meet up tonight (the big move is tomorrow) but she had to cancel because her sister had a wisdom tooth removal go awry yesterday. The doctor was taking out an impacted tooth and broke her jaw! So now her sister is having emergency surgery tonight, so BPC is driving up. I'm going to go to her house and pick up her bike (I am its caretaker until she feels like she's ready to bike in Manhattan) from her husband and drop off their gift, but it's looking less likely that i'll get to see her before she goes. her poor sister, and all this stress on top of moving, i wish i could do more. and i'm sad that we're not getting a last chance to say goodbye.
*exhales* okay, i just need to vent somewhere, so...

i was googling my name just out of curiousity (i'm bored out of my mind, okay?) and the typical stuff came up from undergrad and grad school, but then i got to the second page and came to a comment this fucking bitch from high school left on this other bitch's myspace page:

"One Memory - Hmm...there were SO many...what about this one. Remember when we were at band practice and we were all calling (me) "Nobody" and her dad was there and busted us? HAHAHAHAHA"

this was posted 2 months ago. i haven't even seen this bitch in 9 years, and i hate that after all this time she can still make me feel like shit. she was a blonde cheerleader bitch, who, along with all her popular friends, made nerdy little me go through hell for three years until she graduated a year before i did. and here we are 9 years later, and she's STILL joking about me. UGH! it just made my head spin seeing that. sad.gif
faerietails, I know exactly how you feel. There are people who have made me feel like absolute shit in the past (amazingly high school wasn't too bad it was college where I met some real douchebags) and I hate knowing how they still talk about stuff. I just want to leave everything in the past and moooove on!

Anyway, I really have to go to bed (leaving the house around 7 to meet the painter at 9!) so I'll come back for proper kvetchies tomorrow.

look at it this way, querida: SHE is a loser. she is still stuck in the past, talking about things that happened years ago. YOU, on the other hand, have a life! present tense! if she has nothing else worth saying, then her life is already over.

~*~*~*~*~*tristan should be mr. smiley, NOT mr. smiley face!!! blink.gif yellow, beggggone!~*~*~*~*~*

sidecar, i'm sure that you are doing ever so much more for best pal C than you realize, you're just cool like that. i'm sorry that you won't get to see her before she leaves, though. sad.gif

~*~*~*~* healing for broken jaws ~*~*~*~


*flings self joyfully at the most gorgemous 29 year old to be in the thread*

sting!!! you will get no teasing from this bustie! sting has always had me in a melt.


rosiev: cracking me up about "your boyfriends"!!!! and mr. steele, what does that make him? sir douche-a-lot? bwahahahahahahaah!!!!

Kvetch: off to one more EARLY morning at work. can't believe i've been working 14 plus hour days for the last 2 weeks, weekends included. what day is it again?

HUGE anti-kvetch: the days until i am with mr hotbuns are now in the two digits, very soon to be ONE!!!

i know i have missed ooooooodles of people! i'm thinking of you, i promise!! my mind quit working about 2 months ago. forgive me, watch this space for individual vibes to come -- just for YOU!!!

hugs and kisses and silly little fishes to everyone!!
i have not posted here in this thread before but i think i need all the good vibes so here goes . . . i am being induced today! by this evening mr and i will hve our new edition!

Good morning everyone.

fairietales - that is such bullshit. How sad is that bitch's life that she still finds it funny that she was a horrble person to another? From one high school to another you are so much better than that. A few weeks ago someone I was friends with in elementary school found me over MySpace. Now I actually liked this girl and I still almost had a panic attack from being reminded of my childhood outcast status. Gah.

tes - you are working too hard these days! Tell your bosses to be nicer to you! (yeah, I know, not quite that easy tongue.gif )

Pixie - healthy baby vibes!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently my sister had jaundice when she was born. Well, a few days after she was born. It's why my mom got so upset when the insurances tried too do a maximum 24 hospital stay only for deliveries. It is one of the few things I ever saw mom get political about.

sidecar - the dentist broke her jaw?! WTF? Although I can see it happening.

I am feeling much better today. Apparently the best cure for first-day-of-period misery is total isolation. I barely left my house. smile.gif

(((shinyx))) *healthy & happy labor vibes*

(((sidecar))) "The doctor was taking out an impacted tooth and broke her jaw!" ok, that sentence hurts just reading! poor thing. i'm sorry to hear your galpal is moving away. your heart must be aching.

(((faerietails))) sweetie, i know how you feel. my schoolbully, popular-girl archnemesis thruout school is now the mom of twin boys - who happen to be danny's friends & bandmates. she's so fucking fake nice with me now. argh.

(((pixie))) danny had jaundice too. not bad, tho. just had to stay under the lights for 24 hrs. tristan is such a cutiepie!

(((tes))) missed you, babe! so glad that The HB Reunion is nearly here!

29. heh. you guys are too cute. i don't even remember 29. le sigh.
Hey, just running in to tell everyone that I have an interview at a bookstore/coffeestore tonight!! smile.gif Yay!!! It's at a very weird time (6:45 pm?, but they're a store that's open all night....) Now, comes the challenge of finding proper interview clothes. Certainly don't want to wear a suit, but not jeans either. Probably go with khakis or something. It's a part time job.

Also, Mcgeek and I are considering moving in together. Finally. Maybe in Oct. I will still keep my place when he goes all Monk on me, I have a place to hide. But I'm there more often than I am here, so figured what the hell...

((anyone else I'm forgetting))

~*~*~*good luck sassy!!!*~*~*~* I would maybe go for cutesy skirt, casual but semi-smart.

(((pixie and tristan)))

~*~*~*~smooth delivery vibes shiny!!!~*~*~*~*

yay for the impending tes and mr hotbuns reunion!

yay for sting! and the neicelette is precious, aunty 29.

(((faerietails))) and (((kitten))) gah. why do school people reduce us strong, empowered and intelligent women to the people we were then? there's a myspace type community here that everyone seems to be on and the only 2 school friends I've kept have been added by school people and and they've all ignored me. Saying that, I've ignored them too.


The boy and I have watched all of Big Love over the last week and it's fab.

I am sleepy and it's making me super crabbit so I'm going for a nap.
*sigh* thanks everyone. i know she's the one with the issues, but seeing that just drove me insane and put me in a funk! i'm feeling way better today, though.

(((((shiny))))) good luck! smile.gif
((sidecar)) If a doctor broke my jaw while doing that, I'd freak! That's scary!
((birthday twinkie wink.gif))
((anyone else I'm forgetting!))
~*~*~*~*~wonderful happy shiny sky blue labor vibes for shinyx3 ~*~*~*~*~

bunnybemine is a crabbit! hee!!!

~*~*~*~*~* that job is SO yours vibes, sassy!~*~*~*~*~*~

your moving in with mcgeek sitch reminds me of grey's anatomy and sandra oh's character when dr benson asked her to move in with stand your ground and keep your own space, dude. oh, and your eye brows, too!

(sorry if that reference was way too obscure)

maaaaaaaaaandomy<3<3<3, that beyotch nemesis of yours is so outta your league! YOU are the best mom in the world (after my mamae, of course!) ANNNNNNNNNNNNND, you have the most kick ass kid as well. her twins can't hold a candle to danny!

i'm in a horrible cranky pants mood and have been picking fights with mr. hotbuns. i suck.

(((shiny))) good luck with the labour!

Things are finally going swimmingly! The painter started at the condo today because it had been raining so he cancelled his original job and started on mine instead! He should be done by Friday then I'm meeting the flooring guy on Saturday who will probably start on Monday and then my brother is going to help me move in next Friday!! I'm so excited. everything's coming together!

(((pixie and tristan))) my friend's baby had thrush when he was a few weeks old, I hope little Tristan gets better soon!

yuefie, that's such a cute pic!

((sassygrrl)) good luck with the job interview!

(((sidecar's friend))) how the heck did that happen? I had an impacted wisdom tooth taken out as well and there was no problem, thankfully!

(((faerietails, mando, polly, kitten, rosev, tes, star, kiss_the_fiddler, dm, qspice, syb, flanker, morn, everyone!)))
I've been crap at posting... shitty mood the past few days.

But meeting Zoya and Star was wonderful, they are both such lovely, sassy, beautiful women. And Bunny was fantastic, despite her patriotic GI pyrotechnics wink.gif . There is a picture in my flickr stream, if you know where to look.

(((((shiny))))) good luck with the labour!

((((tes)))) I think it's a good sign when you're in countdown mode, but it always makes me crabby too.

((((mando)))) pah to her. and danny is the bestest.

((((faerie)))) glad to hear you're doing better. and just think of all the things you've done and are doing, while she's still stuck in the past. while I know I went to school with ze German and ExGoth, and we do gossip about old times, we have moved further. ish.

((((candy)))) yay for the house!

((((bunny)))) is that the wonderful world of facebook? I have a love-hate thing with it - people I went to school with have added me, and I'm thinking "you didn't like me then, what makes you think that I'm gonna want to be friends with you after three years without having to put up with you?" But then again, a lot of my uni friends are on there, while they weren't on myspace.

((((sassy)))) oooh. yay for mcgeek!

((((pixie)))) & ((((tristan))))

((((rose)))) I lol'd at sheff being king of the douchebags

((((yuefie)))) awww. and ziggy is getting so big! I have total kitten-want now.

((((billy, syb, flanker, plat, fiddler, sidecar, polly, sixie, star, walkingb, everyone))))

So... yeah. Start with the antikvetches: I'm meeting Star tomorrow; she's coming over to mine to met the animals. And I managed to book Dorris in to be spayed on friday, so while she'll be in a foul mood all weekend, hopefully she and Pete will stop arguing.

I finally heard from F today. His dad is back in hospital, apparently he's haemorraghing, and they can't do anything except try to make his last days comfortable. And F's still working, and driving back and forth during the day. And A is making his life hell as usual. We're waiting on the results now, I'm just waiting to hear from him, the lab said by 4.30 his time (so... now). I'm still going out, but I don't know if his family is going to want me around. I'm trying not to mind, I just want to see him.

petty-seeming kvetch: apparently, I have now dyed my hair exactly the same colour as A (the possible mother). This was not a good move, and I'm debating dying it another colour before I go. I should be able to colour over bleach, yes?
Do NOT touch your hair, morn! it's so YOU and so what if it's the same as hers? It's not like you knew.

~*~*~*hurry up with the results and letting morn know*~*~*~*

Not facebook, bebo - it seems that all of Glasgow and then some are on it rolleyes.gif.

*mwah to everyone*
i knew she had this colour of hair about three years ago... now he's pointed it out. I just feel a bit stupid, he hates her... and I really don't want to remind him of her. Ever.

uuurgh, bebo. *shudder*
Apartment flooded this AM.
Need to tear out the rug
Spent 645 AM - 11 AM just trying to get up the mess.

Nutin like swinging your legs over the edge of the bed into about an inch and a half of cold dank smelling rain water....
Did F say that your hair reminded him of her? It's a toughie but your hair is so pretty... I guess you have to do what makes you more comfortable, it just sucks.

For the longest time I resisted against the bebo craze but I've managed to reunite with uni and old work friends ... as I said, everyone's on it.

Could you email a copy of that photo please? Everyone else: besides one bitchin' photo of star, all of the photos I took have zoya in and I'm respecting her privacy so if anyone really wants to see them then PM me and I'll send you a private email.

eta: (((walkingbitch))) you poor thing.
fuck fucketty fuck fuck.

I am now insta-stepmonster.

(((((walkingb))))) gah. uuurgh. you poor thing
Announcing the arrival of Shiny-baby!!!! Healthy boy born at 1425 today. Everyone is doing well. I'm sure shiny will post when she is feeling up to it. Hooooo-ray for shiny!!!!

((((((morn))))))))) oh i am so sorry. i know that's not what you all were hoping
(((mando))) i save my best jokes for YOU!
((((faerie))))) what a jerkface
~~~decrankify for tes~~~
good luck shiny!
bunny, are you feeling better?

I have pretty much nothing to say. Work's been busy and I'm a little in shock that circumstances found BPC leaving without really saying goodbye. It's weird to think that she's on her way, and yeah, her poor sister. I've never heard of an oral surgeon breaking someone's jaw while removing wisdom teeth. Her sister is a chatterbox, btw, and it's horrible she'll have to have her jaw wired shut. That is just terrible.
Aw, congrats to the new Shiny baby!!
((((((((((((morn))))))))))))) i'm speechless. man. you definitely need drinks tomorrow.

((((sidecar)))) that stinks. is BPC not good with goodbyes?? i could understand why you would be bummed.

((((bunnyb)))) when i get home i will download and send you my pics. and, are you feeling better?? oh, and i must add to everyone...that bunny is very huggable. i wanted to keep giving her hugs. you are adorable bunny!

(((zoya))) i hope you can check back in here when you get a chance. i wish we could've hung out again. sad.gif oh well. there will be other times.

(((sassy))) yeah for the interview and moving in with McGeek!! so cool.

*~*~*good job interview vibes for sassy*~*~*

Yeah for Shiny and new addition!! Thanks for letting us know fiddler!

(((tes))) i'm sure you are just terribly missing mr. hotbuns. plus, i think fights are just starting foreplay for you! wink.gif

(((candy))) so glad things are going well with your place.

(((mando))) any plans for your birthday?!?

*~*~*soothing tummy vibes for kittenb*~*~*

antikvetch: had a great day sight seeing with my Irish penpal. he was so sweet and fun to hang out with. plus, i'm gonna meet up with morn and meet the kids. hopefully, i can cheer her up.

antikvetch: gingerkitty and six coming to our get together this month! awesome! now, we just gotta figure out where to have it... dry.gif

(((((((((kvetchies--everyone of ya!!))))))))))

star, get her drunk and dye her hair. I'm thinking a shiny metallic pink....(at least with the bleach, morn, a new color will be really bright!)

*pours virtual drink for mornington* i think pink would be lovely.

No, star, her sister had to have emergency surgery on her broken jaw in milwaukee last night and she didn't get home until 3:30 this morning, then they were leaving at 3ish this afternoon. So it was just that a bunch of terrible stuff happened; it's all pretty unpredictable, you know? I saw her Saturday, but I was looking forward to hanging, however briefly, last night.

Glad you had such a good time today!
Look at me! Busting from my home. Woohoo! I have harnessed the power of the interwebs!
Of course I am probably going to use it just for fanfiction and Go Fug Yourself. And to talk with all of you,of course. tongue.gif

YAY Shineybaby!!! WooHoo again!

Walkingbitch, or anyone else, what the heck happened in New York today? Did I hear right that a tornado touched down or something?!

Have a great night, everyone!
STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! touch not one hair on that beautiful bleached blonde bombshell head!!!

i mean, c'mon! loads of people have the same hair color. and i bet SHE doesn't have pink touches!

(((mornington))) oh hunny sad.gif. I know you don't want her in your life together but you will make it worth- vivid pink and all.

(((star))) thank you. I love hugs. And yay for sixelacat and gingerkitty making the meet-up! that's so exciting. Give morn a hug from me.

welcome to the world shiny-baby!

yay for the interwebs at home, kitten!

sidecar, thanks - I'm feeling a bit better. My immune system and energy levels haven't been wonderful recently and the poor boy is still very sore but at least we're together.

(((tes))) a'cos.

sassy, how did the interview go?

where's rose? I missed the whole sheff douchebag thing, not getting the references, and need to go re-read archives.

(((Morn))) Oh man. However, speaking as someone in a similar position you two can work it out, honest. A lot will depend on what custody arrangements they make between them. I know you guys were making plans together; you two should still be able to negotiate something out of this for yourselves.

Congrats to shiny and mr shiny and welcome to shinybaby!

WalkingB: our flat was flooded once, we had to walk across the living room on boards. It is awful. I hope you guys and your stuff are okay.

Day 2 of suburban bliss. I raced home last night to sit in our (unusually) sunny back garden. We're still only about 3 miles from the city centre, but there's so much more space out there. Finally, somewhere to put all our collected books...

/stepford wife moment
just a short note so say thanks for all the good vibes and we are all doing well. pretty tired but doing great. shinyboy is a proud big brother and shinybaby is the most cutness ever to be seen in one little bundle of blankets. i will be back later to tell all and read up on what eveyone else is up to.

(((mornington my love))) I’m so beyond bummed for you. I don’t know what else to say, other than you know you’ve got us to lean on. My heart’s breaking for poor (((F))) about his papa.

(((walkingb))) holy crap. Total suckage. Poor you & manly man. They’re calling for more drenching overnight and tomorrow. Le fuck.

(((bunny))) thanks for the niecelette compliments. (anyone who wants to see pics, pm me.)

lol@ 'stepford wife moment'. Welcome to suburbia, sybarite. It’s not the hell that some folks make it out to be. then again, i'm biased.

Happy woots for the shiny’s & our newest buster baby – and yes, thanks, fiddler!

Sassy, interview update, woman! And congrats on the moving-in decision. You have no idea how many major life decisions I’ve made with “what the hell?”. And most of them turned out pretty ok.

“I have harnessed the power of the interwebs!” hee! And kitten, gofugyourself is one of my anti-depressants. You won’t get any reprimands from me on that one. And yeah, they’re saying a tornado touched down on staten island and Brooklyn. But the major mishaps yesterday were due to 3 inches of rain in the 3 hrs prior to rush hour – many subway lines were flooded. Days like yesterday completely justify my NYC mass transit issues.

(((tesao))) how is your beloved mama doing?

“i think fights are just starting foreplay for you!” hee. Star, please put me on your pics list? and no real plans for tomorrow – just work (where everyone will make a fuss *preen*), and then perhaps grilling at home with the fam, depending on the weather. We sort of blew our wad, um, er, LEASING A HONDA PILOT last weekend *squee*. And then going to our fave Japanese restaurant. I’d rather save what little cash we have left for danny’s birthday next week.

(((faerietails, my birthday twin))) what are YOUR plans for your birthday weekend?

So so jealous of all the meet-ups! Dying to see pics!

(((yuefie))) & (((raisin))) just because.

And crabbit is my new favorite word.
And I’m a big love fan too. Except I still hate bill Paxton. His nekkid sex scenes make me gag.
And I love you peoples.
Okay, not that the bookstore knew this, but nothing in my freaking closet fit me! I was/am extremely bloated. Anyways, Mcgeek picked me up in the middle of the shoe crisis (which is funny, b/c normally I could really care less)... Then we got lost trying to find the place.

We finally found the place. I walk in, and the chick behind the counter calls her manager.Then, the manager tells me that we had to reschedule. She was stuck in traffic? Now granted she was in Buckhead (fucking whatever), but if I pulled that excuse wouldn't I not have job?Apparantly, she works a day job. Me thinks, she owns this on the side? So, I'm having another interview on Sunday. Very small bookstore with a coffeestore in the middle of the store.

((mornington)) Very bummed.

((walkingb)) Shit.

((sybarite)) I may be moving to the suburbs quite soon... and I can't get that Ben Folds song out of my head. "Rocking the Suburbs." smile.gif


Yay for new baby shiny!

Teso, funny about Grey's reference. I'm going to have to go watch that episode now. Funny, because I thought I was acting a bit Christina about it. Ha. wink.gif

((star)) ((mando)) ((sidecar)) ((candy)) ((everyone))

Kvetch: PMS sucks. Bloated. Zitty. Bleh.
Kvetch: Reducing this medication again today. Making me also feel just crappy.

Anti-kvetch: Being I have no interview clothes (although the work dress code looked insanely casual basic jeans and t-shirts) I'm going shopping this weekend. Probably Old Navy or Gap.

Anti-kvetch: Introducing Ironkitty(miles) to the Humane Society that is Mcgeek's house this weekend. Should be well interesting.... I figure they're going to have to meet eventually. He's got two male cats and a male dog. He's hoping he doesn't get into Mcgeek's fridge, and pour himself a beer. smile.gif
((((mando)))) aw. i will post stuff once i get home. and we will meet up soon. don't forget i'm moving to the east coast!

sassy, well, at least you know you still have an interview. good luck with it!

sybarite, um, can we see pics of your place??

today was a good day. morn and i hung out. got to meet indigo, pete, and doris. we walked around notting hill/kensington. tomorrow i want to do museums.

kvetch: i've been alittle worried about money cause i got a car payment now (oh, did i mention i bought a car?), rent, etc etc etc. i hate this in between time from my next money from school. oh, and i don't know how we will get paid for internship. i've been using my credit cards so i can have cash on me. and i hate having debt. blah. i know i will pay it off this year. but, i just hate having it over my head.

ok. off to get ready for bed.

Happy Birthday mandolyn and faerietails!!! have a cake-filled day.

The boy's new placement is in Edinburgh, the boy's new placement is in Edinburgh, the boy's new placement is in Edinburgh!!!

~*~*~*does snoopy dance*~*~*~*

undies: beautiful rose coloured lace bra with rosebud trim and matching thong.

happy birthday ((((((mando))))))) and ((((((faerie!)))))) yay yay yay! *gets out cake and party hats*

((((bunny)))) woo! yay!

((((sassy)))) boo on the interview, but good luck! and hope all goes well with miles and mcgeek's crew

((((syb)))) you can have as many stepford wife moments as you like. And don't get me started on the custody... I'll never stop.

((((tes)))) *obeys* well, some of it is pink now.

welcome to the world shinybaby!

((((kitten)))) you forgot But yay interwebs!

((((sidecar, sixie, star, yuefie, pixie, billy, candy, walkingb, flanker, polly, sonik, fiddler, everyone))))

It was lovely to see star yesterday - we had yummy food and drink, and she let me nose around the secondhand shops.

Pete is sulking 'cos Dorris has gone to the vet and he is all alone. She's gone to be spayed (and was very affectionate towards me, which was lovely) so fingers crossed it all goes well.

A is being nutso about F - she doesn't want to go through the courts, and while he's not exactly a fan of the US legal system (something to do with being flattened across his car bonnet because he looked a bit like someone who'd done something) F can see the point of going through it. Mostly because he wants her to make changes to how she's bringing the boy up (because drinking at ten in the morning while looking after him is not cool) and she doesn't want to. This is gonna be fuuuun.

friday pants: white boyshorts with watermelon print and red lace trim. Turquoise bra.


I give the gift of Pete:
**de-lurking before running to catch a plane I'm already late for..**

bunny - does this mean that I will have double the chance to see you in Scotland?? wink.gif

happy birthday to birthday gals

((Mornington)) argh

hi star if you're reading

((tes)) yes I am in UK


black sexy as hell elle mac pherson hipster briefs and push up bra with satin ribbon trim. Oh if I only had boy to take full advantage of the situation... maybe I'll go on a date with myself tonight and hopefully get lucky... heh.

**end of drive by, off to catch plane I might miss**
zoya, it does indeed. I hope you made your flight.

(((morn and F)))

Could I ask for some vibes for my friend damnit please (I've mentioned her before - we did HP launch together)? Her mum died on Wednesday; she'd been in hospital for weeks on dialysis and contracted a virus in-hospital, was touch and go a couple of weeks ago and then pulled through but now she's gone. I'm not sure if damnit will recover from this as she's not strong and they were very close. I'm worried for her sad.gif.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANDO!!! Have a glass of bubbly(or four) on me!
And HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAERIE! I'm sure there's some champers for you too.

We are clearly in the season of awesome Leo birthdays (um, *cough*)

I'm not even going to tread politely around this: mornington, A sounds like a serious pain-in-the-ass flake. Given this, going through the courts could well give F a successful outcome, i.e. more care and control and/or custody of the child. However, if she is such a flake she may not abide by their ruling/guidelines, which may mean F simply gets full custody. I don't know if this is what he wants at this stage though, and the above is just a guess.

The mister's ex and co-parent isn't as bad as you describe A, but the woman is definitely prone to making (and changing) travel plans for their daughter etc at the last fucking minute. She also doesn't (and won't) pay for anything, even though the mister has always paid maintenance. All I can suggest is minimising contact.

And ongoing ((((morn and F)))). It's frustrating as hell but really, you will all get through it. I'm sorry to hear about F's dad as well.

(((bunny's pal damnit)))

Zoya, lovely to see you in here... hope you caught your flight!

First weekend in the suburbs, just me and our bigger screen cable TV... and a plethora of boxes to unpack.

*dark red cotton undies and black bra with appliqued flower from bangkok*
Happy Birthday Mandolicious!

And faerietails too! Sorry for the largish pic, couldn't get it smaller!

Lacy black satin brar, sans pants (as per usual).
Happy Birthday Mando & Fairietales!!!!! Sorry I can't add any pictures. I still don't know how to do it. rolleyes.gif
{{{bunnyb & friend}}}
{{{sybarite}}} enjoy the TV!

Undies report: pink hipster briefs w/white polka dots. No bra as I am not dressed yet.
Happy Birthday Mandikins!

And to faerietails also:

((((bunny's friend)))) poor thing, that is a sucker punch unlike any other.

((((f's dad)))) ~~~comfort vibes for him & the family~~~

((((morn)))) ugh. *super tight hugs, honey*

~~~don't miss that plane zoya~~~

~~~sassy'S pms blues be gone~~~ you're gorgeous, dahling!

((((walkingb)))) urgh, the suckness!

welcome to shiny bebe!

((((amilita, raisin, syb, bunny, morn, dusty, billy, crassy, polly, sidecar, sixela, rose, pixie, plummie, tes, plat, star, kitten, sonik, flanker, fiddle, candy, everyone I forgot))))

~~~multipurpose good vibeage for each and every one of ((((YOU))))~~~~

I had a strange experience last night, well actually early this morning. I woke up around 2 am out of a sound sleep, sat up and turned the light on. For no apparent reason. I mean, I didn't have to go to the bathroom, Sashie was sound asleep next to me, and I had water. So I got up to see if perhaps a noise had awakened me but the house was quiet, which means PJ & Ziggy were both knocked out. And yet I was wide awake. I walked back over to my bed and was about to climb in when I saw this very evil looking spider on the wall directly above the pillow I had been lying on. And this wasn't some harmless looking thing, like a daddy long legs. Nooo, this was as sinister looking as the day is long. And as much as I cringe at offing another living thing, I was just fine with sqaushing that thing. But then I kept waking myself up the rest of the night thinking there was something crawling on me. unsure.gif

undie report: red & pink hipsters with cherries and the word "TART" across the front, pink bra.

Hey gang. Sheff and I are both sick today, so forgive me for not reading the archives. I just could not let the day go by without stopping in to wish Mandi & Faerie a faaaaaaaaaabulous birthday!!!! May your evenings be filled with fun, frolic and many many alcoholic beverages! biggrin.gif
Happy Birthday Mando and Faerietails!
happy belated to faerietales and mandolyn!! I hope it was wonderful.

I'd planned to post this last night but Sophie ingested way too much water way too quickly when we got home last night, so we spent the evening in the emergency vet, making sure she didn't have bloat. She didn't, but she had have vomiting induced anyway. She's now resting comfortably.
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