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Q-spice, thanks for reminding me of how happy I am not to be living in the desert! I think I'd try to save my AC somehow if I was.

Thanks bunny! It's nice to be back! I've never heard such neat sounding animal names. They make the zoo sound otherworldy.

Tes, your description of choking the receiver your mother's voice was coming out of with the phone cord cracked me up!

And kitten, I definitely worry that my daughter will be saying the same things about me someday. My best friend and I have formulated the theory that parenthood literally makes mothers a little crazy. Which gives me pause when deciding wether to have children or not. I don't want to be wildly irrational by the time I reach middle age... and anyone, please feel free to contradict me on this one. I'd love to hear some good stories of non-crazy mothers.

~$~$~$~ job vibes for sassy ~$~$~$~

((mornington)) yay for freedom and a new haircut!

((sidecar)) glad you had a great vacay!

Love right back atcha ((PNP))!

~*~!~^~ rose feel better! vibes ~^~!~*~

((((evvvreeeyyy bustieelse!))))
belated congrats to the pixies!

I'm back and had a great time. I'm trying to unjetlag today (I got home at 7 am after the redeye from Oakland) and just chilling. It's much warmer here. But it's good to be home -- my dog's ten-minute interpretive dance of joy upon my arrival was totally awesome.

have a great time in the UK star!
HUZZAH for ten minute intrepretive doggie dances of joy!!!!!

we meeeced you, sidecar! glad you had a good time!

flanker, most of the Twin City busties are okaylandia posters.....and they are all okay so far! that was the first thing that i thought of when i heard about the bridge, too.....MUST bust and make sure everyone is safe!

(((((rosiev)))))) tooth pain is THE WORST!

*taps rose with magic wand*

Thanks for the info, tes!
*sticks head in* my mother is crazy. but it's ok. she's a good sort of batshit crazy... the sort where she'll say really loudly in the supermarket "oh my god they do condensed milk in squeezy tubes! that's got to be better than sex." Nobody will notice when mornmama goes senile.

yay for doggie dances!

does this mean I get a spanking, rose? wink.gif

I'm off to groom Dorris, I think she has scald. Bunny bath time!
sidecar, glad to hear your enjoyed your vacation.

kittenb, I could never not have AC, but I live in FL. I once lived in a house that only had a window unit, and it was rough. Central heat and AC for me. Hope your tooth is feeling better.

((rose)) I hope your tooth/jaw feels better.

mornington, yay for the good news about F.

((sassy)) Get the theatre job.

bunnyb, yay for all the fun your are having.

((flanker)) Hope your car is okay.

((tes, pip, quantum, dusty))

I went to the dentist today, and after having five fillings a few weeks ago I may now have to have a root canal. The dentist showed me the x-ray, and said one of the fillings was really deep, but there is a chance it could be okay. It’s going to be expensive, but I think with Mr. DM’s insurance it will be cheaper. I am going to try to hold out until he gets insurance in October because our current insurance sucks. I feel like I am being punished for all my negativity or something because I take really good care of my teeth. Oh well I am not stressing about it.

Last night we went to see The Simpsons Movie, I laughed and enjoyed it.
greetings from the uk!!

my flight went well. i don't feel so bad from jet lag. i just felt like i would after working a night shift. i will feel better tomorrow. off to bed soon. i just wanted to let you all know that i'm doing fine and i can't wait to meet up with the other busties. yeah!!

hope everyone is well.

((((((((((((kittenb, sidecar, polly, sassy, PiP, six, candy, dusty, rose, flanker, DM, morn, bunnyb, tes and everyone)))))))))))))
Ow. Happy tooth vibes all round.

I'm glad the Minnibusties are ok.

I'm surprised your mom never noticed before, Mornington! When my family moved to Europe in the in, ahem, 1970, my brother and I went crazy for the sweetened condensed milk right out of the tube and Nutella, which we never heard of in Canada.

There are a million things I should be doing, like writing an article about a climate change conference I went to. I had to chair a big meeting for our save our department campaign last night. I hate hate hate chairing meetings, especially meetings that are about asking people to save our jobs. Thank god its about broader issues than just our jobs, otherwise...*shudder*. And what doesn't kill me will make me stronger, right? And people are just awesome.

Kitten, my apartment is not too too bad for temperature, if you're not a cat. But my previous one was pretty bad, it was right under the roof and there were no windows on the windy side of the building. For some crazy reason, I had a fancy refrigerator with a freezer on the bottom. On a really hot day, I would open the freezer to get something and one of my cats would just stand in the door as if it were air conditioning. He was so sweet, and I felt badly to have to shut the door again.
Friday Fly By!

(((Minnesota busties)))


Undie report: granny style Hanes. With flowers. Tes would be eye rolling pretty seriously right now.

Anti kvetch/kvetch: House repairs are almost done. Just need a little more concrete poured on the side of the house. Payment totalled $10,350 plus a case of Corona Extra. The beer was for the foreman for being such a perfectionist and coming back personally to add $1000 worth of work for free.

Kvetch: Tiiiired. Slept like shit last night.

Kvetch: New boss. Not quite sure how to read him at the moment. he has too much loyalty to his old staff. I smell a re-org and an unhappy plat.

Anti Kvetch: I'm golfing again! Only once a week, but I'm golfing! And not paying physically. Too much, anyway
Undies report - boy-cut style white w/pink flowers and a sports bra.

BIG FREAKIN' KVETCH - I cannot afford to go to the bachlorette party of one my really good friends. Too be honest, if it wasn't her party, she couldn't afford to go either. They are going to start w/a dinner that will run about $50, move to bowling that will be about $15 a piece, not counting drinks, and then go to a show that is $14 = a 2 drink minimum. This is all the same week that I will be spending over $100 to stay at a hotel for her wedding. I just don't have the money. Am I right to be upset? Does it seem to anyone else that considering my friend is a social worker and myself and one of the girls in the wedding are also social workers (neither of us can afford the whole night) there should have been some consideration for the total cost of this night? Am I being selfish? Please be honest with your opinions b/c I know that I can sometimes matyr myself on money issues. I just know that the bride to be would never be able to spend this much money in a night. There is no way that I can do it. mad.gif
(((kitten))) I think you have every right to be upset; it seems inconsiderate and non-inclusive to me. The price of weddings and the surrounding furore is ridiculous; don't forget the travel and gift that you need to fork out for too.

kvetch: I have sunburn and it hurts. Sniff. I am proof that you can sunburn when it's overcast.

anti-kvetch: I spoke to stargazer on the phone today!

undies: sex-ay mint green balcony bra with green and white embroidered flowers and white lace trim, matching thong.

The boy has just informed me that George W. Bush owns a pair of Crocs ... hmmm, that says it all.
((((((kittenb))))))))) No you're not overreacting. It HAS gotten out of control -- people have become so caught up in everything, they forget how much it costs, especially on top of everything else, like shower gifts, travel, clothes, etc. Is it possible for you to maybe join them just for the show or for bowling? Maybe that way you can still participate but won't be flat broke at the end of the night.

(((((minnebusties))))) I grew up near Minneapolis, and I must have crossed that bridge hundreds of times. I got in touch with my old BFF from high school and college, who still lives there. She and her family were okay (normally, both she and her sister would've been on the I35 bridge at the time it collapsed but they both changed their plans that day) but she said there were a lot of people they all know who haven't heard back from loved ones they knew were on it, and that's really hard. It's such a horrible accident, and the conditions of the river have made recovery of bodies incredibly difficult.

On the a/c front, I have three window units and could not live in this heat without them! I've never had central a/c though. It strikes me that it's like a dishwasher -- you can live without one just fine until you get it, and then you can never live without it again.

still on vacation! I am going to Lollapalooza later today, but first, I think I need coffee and some food. I'm still a bit tired from the travel (jet lag+redeye=confused body time) so I think I'll be relatively lazy until I need to go.
Sidecar is right... try to pare down the events to make it affordable. I think that's right in there with "destination weddings". We recently got an invitation for a wedding that's going to be in Santa Fe NM. I'd like to go, but I'm not willing to set aside 3 days and $1,000+ to do it. And that's probably one of the more reasonable deals.

Minneapolis: what a horrible mess. I truly feel for those who have missing family & friends.

There are some good things happening: the painting of parts of the house. And the brush isn't in my hand; that's the best part.

Grey boxer briefs, naturally!
star, glad your flight went well. Have fun in the UK.

((dusty)) Strength to get you through all the work stuff.

((plat)) Hopefully the new boss will be okay. Have fun playing golf.

kittenb, you have every right to be pissed about the expensive bachelorette party. I was once invited to a co-workers b. party, and they wanted like $50 for a stretch limo suv. I didn’t go, but I don’t really like the coworker anyways.

Sort of related to kittenb and billy’s post about the expensive b. parties and weddings, I can’t stand when people invite you to a bridal shower, baby shower, wedding just to get a present.

bunny, lol at the Crocs.

sidecar, have fun a Lollapalooza. Any performer in particular that you are looking forward to seeing?

((Minnesota )) My boss is actually in Minneapolis or a surrounding area for a vacation, so I’m hoping she is safe.

I have today off work, so I’m relaxing.

undie report: black bra, pink undies.
What happened with the bridge was scary but it could have been so much worse.

I'm playing with my new, pretty MacBook smile.gif.

The boy and I took a lovely walk to the "village" where he lives (not the conventional idea of a village but a trendy area with lots of bars and restaurants interspersed with quaint shops) and went to The Cheese Hamlet where we bought some Applewood cheddar, some white cheese with ginger, lavendar oatcakes, olives and sweet peppers stuffed with soft cheese and the obligatory wine to wash the food down. Mmmm, I had to share.

eta: I have to say that I thought that Transformers was amazing.
QUOTE(sidecar @ Aug 3 2007, 07:29 AM) *
On the a/c front, I have three window units and could not live in this heat without them! I've never had central a/c though. It strikes me that it's like a dishwasher -- you can live without one just fine until you get it, and then you can never live without it again.

Ya know, I'm the exact opposite. I could never live without central a/c in anyplace that has a warm and humid climate (I had to last year in Ohio, and it sucked so hardcore, it wasn't even funny - but not having a/c at all in San Diego or France wasn't a problem because it never really got warm or humid) ... but I really don't care about dishwashers, probably because most of the dishwashers in my various apartments have sucked hardcore.
Ahhh, so I'm temporarily stuck in Brampton! It's really not that bad, there are just some things that have to be done to my place (painting, new flooring) so I won't be able to move in for like, two weeks because the painter can't start till next week and that'll take a few days and then the flooring will be done after that. It kind of sucks but the place will look so much better after!

kvetch: I'm going to a huuuuuge wedding tomorrow where I barely know anyone and yet there will be about 800 people there.

kvetch: my cousin's dog has the runs. We can't figure out why cause she hasn't eaten anything weird but she just looks sad and I feel bad for her.

anti-kvetch: although I have to wait, at least my place will look good once it's all fixed up! Also I found the perfect wall units for my place in the IKEA catalogue.

(((((Minnesota busties))))) It really pisses me off that they said in the news that two years ago that bridge was deemed unsafe!

(((kittenb))) you're not overreacting, I hate it when some people realize that not everyone has tons of money to spend.

((sidecar)) have fun at Lollapalooza!

(((rose))) I hope you're feeling better. What you described sounds like the sinus pain I get sometimes.

(((star, sassy, amilita, pixie family, dm, flanker, morn, qspice, yuefie, everyone!)))
bunnyb, all of those food items sound FANTABULOUS. i am experiencing severe prandial envy.

KVETCH: it is after 20:00 (8pm) and i am still at work. i am waiting for our director in NYC to get a humongo powerpoint presentation that i had to split into 10 separate pieces in order to send her. our server here gets seriously cranky if asked to handle large files and vomits them all back with a "jane, you ignorant slut" message.

KVETCH: i got yelled at for not communicating about a meeting that took place at 8:00 this morning -- because it had never been confirmed. the person that we were supposed to meet with had experienced a fire on takeoff and was over a day late arriving here in country, and the organizer of the meeting told us that all meetings were being rescheduled and potentially cancelled until he confirmed. let us not go into the fact that no one else bothered to try to confirm that the meeting was still going to take place, despite the fact that everyone involved KNEW that nothing had been firmed up. despite that, i am the one at fault. BAH.

KVETCH: i know i'm not perfect. i'm not even close. but i get tired of always being the one who is wrong. it is making it very very very difficult to remember WHY i am here. i miss mr. hotbuns and i want to throw all of this out the window right now.

\end mememememe rant

my flat here doesn't have:

central heat

central air

a dishwasher.

it does have individual ac units for each of the 2 bedrooms and the living/dining area, however.

star, have fun with the UK busties!!! hug them and kiss them and send them silly silly little fishes for me, tá?

BOOOOOOOOOO on all of those expensive wedding related things. i paid for my own "stag party". that didn't include anything all that fancy, but it did have nice eats and good booze and a gorgeous muscle-y man who stripped down to (ostensibly) a g-string. i did invite people from all over the country and the world, and i couldn't afford to put all of them up, but all of my family had a free place to stay, and we rented the b&b where we got married, so most of our close friends from out of town got to stay there for free (we had to pay for the whole place ANY way)

weddings are totally out of control these days. (says the doting auntie who went overboard on her neiceoid's wedding. *insert eye roll here*)

speaking of eye rolls, plat is TOTALLY right! egads! ZOUNDS, even.

my own undies are less than thrilling today: palest pink satin bra and hipsters. at least they match.

*waves frantically at designer medusa*

hihihihihihihi!!!! YAY YOU for relaxing! i hope that your boss is safe!

*glancing sideways at the fetching grey boxer briefs being sported by my favorite CPA*

nice to see you, mr. bonka! especially nice to see that you don't have a paintbrush in your hot little hand!

um......i have a pair of pale purple/lavender crocs......does that mean that i'm like shrub????

*shivers in disgust*

Glad to hear all the Minnesota busties are okay. Those poor people.

Sidecar, I just love canine interpretive dances. Nothing is better than the kind you get when you've been away for a while. Have fun at Lollapalooza.

(((cc's cousins doggie))) poor puppers.

(((kitten))) I agree, doesn't sound like an overreaction to me either.

((((rose)))) ~~~pain be gone~~~

(((pixie-fam))) how's the little Tristan man settling in?

yay for a day off dm, enjoy it!

a shiny new macbook bun? color me envious. Why can't we have a Cheese Hamlet here? It sounds fab!

yay for star getting to meet up with the UK busties!

*waves at billy*

lol'ing @ "jane, you ignorant slut"

((((dusty, morn, polly, amilita, sixela, flanker, qspice, sassy, plat, tes, anoushh, plummie, crassy, everyone))))

I'm feeling all ugly and gross today. I'm broken out, bloated, crampy and crabby ass pmsy. I have another non-date date tonight and want so much to bow out. I won't 'cause that's just inconsiderate, not to mention rude. But I'd so much rather be curled up with a good book tonight. I'll probably end up having a great time just because I am not looking forward to it.

undie report: burgundy lace cheeky shorts & black lace bra. (pretty lingerie can help the feeling ugly factor, no?)
(((((((((yuefie))))))))***feel-better smooches***

((((tes)))) argh! how frustrating *hairbrushings*

((((candy)))) poor pupper!

((((kitten)))) what everyone else said.

((((billy)))) yay for not holding the paintbrush!

((((sidecar)))) yay for lolapalooza!

((((dm)))) hope you're enjoying your day off

((((polly, star, sixie, sassy, bunny, mando, pixie, rose, plat, dusty, qspice, flanker, syb, sonik, everyone))))

I've been looking at houses; I might move. I didn't get the place I wanted at another uni (to do english, but I don't have the highest level of school-leaving english subjects - only standard, not higher - , so it was pot luck). So I think I might be moving south of the river... I've seen a few places where the rent isn't *that* different from here, and the places look nice. Also, they're not on the ground floor, which for some reason makes me feel safer. I'll see what I get back from the estate agents.

antikvetch: haircut and dye-job. I am now white-blonde, and I like it, although I look very boyish. With pink streaks. And I bought more books. moar! must have moar! and house with elastic walls to fit them all in.

underpinnings report: white boyshorts, black t-shirt bra
Yuefie = good person.

(((Tes and her potty-mouth server))) My cousin is in Jo'burg. He got held up at gunpoint the first week he was there.

It takes $1000+ to go from Lubbock to Santa Fe? I thought you were just around the corner? Why, when I was in Arizona, I was going to swing by to see QSpice, Billy and Rose, but I just couldn't figure out the logistics of swinging by to see Chatnoire too, hee.

(((Kitten))) No, not your fault. I think she'll regret later on that it was organized that way.
First undie report in a loooong time: light light blue satiny brar and light turquoise stretchy cotton thong. With ruffles on the waistband.

Yes DM, my car is once again getting me from Point A to Point B safely! All my mechanic did was disconnect the AC Compressor from the alternator yesterday morning so there isn't a drain on the system anymore. I've driven plenty since then, and no problems!

I've actually never lived in a place with AC before, but I think fans do a fine job. Luckily, we don't get an excessive amount of humidity with our heat! I will meece it in my car, though. Having the windows closed when I'm driving keeps me from having allergy problems.

A couple friends and I are taking a trip to San Francisco to see the Simpsons Movie on Saturday, and I'm glad it's getting good bustie and newspaper reviews!

*transatlantic wave to star* Hi!!!

~*~*~ strength vibes for dusty ~*~*~

I'm glad the minnebusties are ok too, and sad that friends of busties are still waiting to hear from TC relatives/friends.

Kitten, I don't think you're being selfish at all. People who organize wedding-related events should consider the financial situations of close friends and family. I don't even organize a night on the town without considering everyone's means! laugh.gif

Oh bunny, I'm sooo very sunburnt myself. And I feel stupid, stupid, stupid for laying in the sun w/o sunblock as long as I did. Thanks to you, I've made a mental note to go to a cheese hamlet (!!) when I go to the UK. I really enjoyed Transformers too.

Tes, if you're always wrong, I never wanna be right.

Yay for housepainting services!

(((yuefie))) Repeat after me: I am teh HOTNESS!!

Good luck prospectin' mornington! I feel safer living above the ground floor too, preferably on the top floor, where I don't have to listen to anyone stomping around and making other mystery noises above me.

((((all y'all)))) Where is mandi? Did I miss something?
I did something bad- I unintentionally mentioned to a co-worker that I've already gotten a raise, after only being here 3 months (a whole 75 cents), only to find out she hasn't had one yet and she's worked here a year. Ugh. So now, she feels like she's under-appreciated...she was feeling this before but it's now cemented. I feel like an ass. She totally works her ass off, she's got over 20 years experience.

I tried to back-pedal and tell her she should talk to our boss (who's also my cousin, which makes this more uncomfortable) but she said that she thinks people who get raises deserve them, and she feels slighted that she hasn't gotten one, and is taking it for what it's worth and is talking about looking for a job somewhere else.

I finally have a job where I get along with all my coworkers and I can't imagine working with other people and I go and fuck it up. Bad, bad, bad. I know her decisions are not my responsibility, but I hope this gets worked out and she doesn't leave. unsure.gif

Anti-kvetch: Prophecy_grrl & guy are coming over tonight and we're going out for sushi!
((((polly)))) honey, it sounds like you are being a little harsh on yourself. I mean, you didn't do it intentionally. so it's not like you did something bad. I can appreciate that oh crap feeling, but don't be too hard on yourself. enjoy the sushi!

woowoo flanker, sexay chonies wink.gif

morn, are there any new hair pics up yet?

XL smooches to dusty for being ever so kind

oh how I love thee, my darling kvetchies. I guess I just needed to vent about feeling so bleh. I think the frilly undies helped 'cause the night turned out pretty good. And it doesn't hurt that I bought of a pair of those spanx shaper thingies, (the shorts kind) and wore them under my cutest pair of dark wash low rise bootcut jeans that accent my enormous caboose quite well. those spanx things are amazing, smoothing and lifting without making you feel like you can't breathe. nothing is worse than old gramma girdle type garments, ugh. oh and it definetely helped that I had a rockin' ringlet hair night for a change. the thing that these non-date dates have helped me to realize is that I am truly not even remotely ready for serious dating. I much prefer the no pressure type. I honestly think that for the first time, I am ready to enjoy the single life instead of just remedying it. and more importantly, to enjoy focusing on working on myself. hence the whole going back to school decision.
*waves back at Yuefie!*

Dusty, if we drove 5-6 hours to SF (each way) and did everything on the cheap, it wouldn't be so bad. But, with flying to Albuquerque, renting a car, staying and dining at the "hotel of choice", $1,000 would be the tab quickly. So... we're staying home smile.gif
(((polly))) don't feel bad! I once did the same thing years ago, and cheesed off my boss bad enough that he wouldn't talk to me for WEEKS. And he got over it (we're still friends and drinking buddies!) and the girl I spilled the beans to ended up working for that company ages after I stopped. Maybe you could mention to your cousin she's looking for a raise? If she's as experienced as all that, I'm sure he'd hate to lose her. Smaller places like that don't tend to do regular formal revues, so maybe he just doesn't realize it's been that long. (oh, and by the way, your floors look fabulous!)

yuefie, you sexay thang! I've been eye-ballin' some Spanx myself, I just can't quite believe they don't cut off circulation somewhere. May have to try 'em after that recommendation! And (((you))) for focusing on yourself for a change. Much needed and deserved!

billy, that is just too much to be expected to spend. Enjoy your time at home! Hey, didn't you chaperone a gaggle of teenagers not too long ago? Surely you must still be recovering from that!

~~~~~~soothing aloe-coated vibes for krispy kvetchies~~~~~~~

Argh! My computer's acting all weird again! I'll be back later when all the 1's and 2's get their shit together.


gah, dusty! your poor cousin. yet one more example of why i loathe, detest and DESPISE jo'berg!!! that city is the cess pool of the universe!

tell your cousin to hope on a plane -- he is only an hour away from tes!!! i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet him!!!

i've never heard of spanx, but that name is just CRYING out for me to buy some!!! more information, please, o great busties in the know??

mr. bonka, querido, i must confess, that for THAT kind of price tag, you should go someplace sex-ay. that is worth the money!

~*~*~*~*~* yeufie IS teh HOT~*~*~*~*~*~

HUZZAH for frilly fetching underthings! (flanker, querida, this means YOU!) too bad we can't see them up close and personal!!! hubba hubba!

(((((polly))))) don't beat yourself up so, darling!! you didn't do it on purpose!! how could you have known???

kvetch: i have to work on sunday. in about 5 hours. so maybe i should finish posting and go back to bed..... sad.gif
dear kvetchies: the IGNORE function is your saviour!!!
Hi all. I haven't posted in kvetch before but I didn't know where else to post this. I live in MT. There are huge wildfires in my state. A truck from my department has been called to a fire that is expected to burn through a town tomorrow. I'm usually not scared about where I go with the fire department. I'm scared about this one though. I've never had to work in the path of such a fast moving wildfire. I'll be on a Type 1 engine working to save homes. We leave at 0400 this morning. It's an hour and a half drive to where we're going. I'm supposed to sleep between now and then. Ugh. I'm too ramped up to sleep. I'm scared shitless. Wish me luck, ok?
((((fiddle)))) lots and lots of luck and ~~~safe fire containment vibes~~~

For tes: Spanx

sixela, the Spanx really didn't cut off my circulation at all. In fact they were the least invasive shaper I've ever tried. Yay for them. I saw a knock off of them at Target too.

I just got back from seeing a good friends son in a play. He usually plays the lead so we always go to support him. Anyway, someone sitting behind us had the. worst. breath. evar. So bad that I was breathing shallowly and getting light headed. Then I began to breathe through my mouth so I could fight the urge to gag. It smelled like straight up ASS. Dead ass that had been rotting in the sun! At one point I took a tube of passion fruit lotion out of my purse and put a dab on the end of my nose! I am not even kidding, it was that bad!
~~~~good luck to fiddle~~~~~
((yuefie)) I've been afraid of Spanx. I bought a minimizer from Target by Hanes for the wedding I went to last week and ended up not using it, because ultimately, I looked better without it on the dress I wore. I'd never bought one before and I kinda felt defeated when I bought it. I also felt like it's time to get in shape, because I am tired of feeling like I need a minimizer!

Lollapalooza has been fun. I'm halfway through, DM, but my favorites so far have been LCD Soundsystem, Aqueduct, The Hold Steady and Spoon. I also saw the Polyphonic Spree, who put on an amazing live show. They brought out the Chicago Tap Dance Theater for one song and wore military uniforms. Then, they went out into the crowd into their uniforms and came back on stage wearing robes, then sang "Lithium" by Nirvana. It was pretty awesome. I had fun seeing Daft Punk, but after 45 minutes, it all started to sound the same and I kinda felt like a sober person at a rave, so we went home. Cold War Kids was pretty good, but The Roots were disappointing. Tonight, the headliner was Interpol, but it started to pour during Spoon and I was invited to a party later, so we skipped that too. Tomorrow, I'm hoping Amy Winehouse is sober-esque because I like her a lot, then I'm pretty stoked about !!! and Modest Mouse (although Modest Mouse is at the same time as My Morning Jacket, which is unfortunate).

So about that party ... I haven't posted much about it but Best Pal C is moving to New York on Wednesday for grad school for at least two years (plus her husband is a comedian so it's a good move for him) and it was their going away party. Best Pal A is now four months pregnant. A has always been a little delicate, so while we talk online or on the phone regularly, I've barely seen her since she conceived because she hasn't felt up to it (she is also a homebody and I think pregnancy has given her a reason to always decline plans). I am loathe to be all "it's all about MEEEE!" but I'm feeling a little alone, I guess. I'm super happy for both of them, but the changes in their life, while positive, mean that our relationship is going to be completely different and I'd be lying if it didn't make me a little sad, if only because I'm just not going to be seeing either of them very much! Of course, I'm not expressing this to either of them, as I think they've both got enough on their minds, and like I said, I am really happy for them. But all the same, it's a tough position to be in. I am really, really going to miss C. I've known her for nearly a decade and I often feel like she's the only person I can talk to about relationships and money and "grown up" stuff. It's tough that it's only a few more days until she leaves.
(((sidecar))) you should maybe speak to roseviolet as she's gone through same thing with her BGP. Think of the excuse you'll have to visit NYC when you can, to see her and the bebe.

I hope Amy Winehouse IS sober and you enjoy; seeing her live was one of the most disappointing of gigs and put me off listening to her music but maybe the acoustics were just bad.

(((polly))) so NOT your fault!

How was the sushi? we went for fabulous sushi on Friday night. Mmmm.

~*~*~*~*fight that fire safely vibes for kissthefiddler~*~*~*~*

phew, had to ask the boy where the "tilda" (squiggly line) was on the mac keyboard, as otherwise I wouldn't have been able to kvetch vibe.

(((yuefie))) you're going back to school? that's great hunny! did I miss you mentioning that before?

****waves frantically at sixela****

(((tes))) and (((flanker))) a'cos

kvetch: The boy hurt his back at archery so we took it easy last night and probably again today.

anti-kvetch: I am uber excited about meeting up with star, morn and zoya tomorrow!!!

kvetch: i am at work. it is sunday. i have been here since 9:00. it is now 16:00. this is not right. THIS is perverted.

kvetch: i was supposed to go out for sushi last night, but i decided to take a nap at 13:00 and didn't wake up until 3:34 this morning! so no sushi for me. sad.gif

anti-kvetch: i got to spend time with my inappropriate driver yesterday -- we drove out to where he is building his house at 8 am. i hadn't seen it for a bit over a month. wow, a lot has changed! all of the walls are up, plumbing is in. the roof is going to be expensive, though. he seemed really bummed out about that.

(((((side car))))) honey, i know how rough that is.

~*~*~*~*~*~ loads of luck firefighting, fiddler! ~*~*~*~*~*~*

i saw those smoke photos you posted in some other thread; stay safe!!!

yeufie, muito thank you for the spanx!! (spanx, i needed that!! hee. rolleyes.gif )

that breath sounds REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeallly bad. must have been a rotted tooth or something. so sorry you had to deal with that!

bunny be mine!!! archery, hmmmm? how sex-ay is that?????

have fun fun fun with mornington and zoya and star tomorrow (or is that today already?)

did i miss something? did zoya just move to the UK? or am i just confused, as always????

((((polly)))) to echo everyone else, it's not your fault. we can only be responsible for ourselves, some times. if there's not a regular review process, your coworker probably needs to ask for what she wants. a lot of people don't do that, and then they end up angry when they don't feel they're being rewarded properly. if anything, you've probably done her a favor!

((bunny)) best pal C is just moving to new york; it's my other best friend who's having a baby. She lives two blocks away, but it may as well be Katmandu for as much as I've been seeing her lately. I know I'll be getting to New York regularly (we go about once a year) and I'll see her, but it's a big difference from twice a month. It'll be fine, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.

BTW, I am going to see Amy Winehouse instead of Lupe Fiasco because I figure she's probably going to die pretty soon, between the not eating and the cocaine.

I hope star, zoya, and the UK busties have a great time today!
ok.. I never post in here (too scared of it getting WAY too addictive!! smile.gif )

but I just wanted to come in and report that I met mornington last week and she's lovely. and very smart and well read. and also has a wicked sense of humor!

and I tied one on with stargazer **ALL AFTERNOON** yesterday and had a great time.

definitely looking forward to meeting up with bunnyb and the whole crew tomorrow!

so.. yes.. busties are just as cool IRL as they seem on the boards. But I think we all probably know that. wink.gif


**leaving room now**
*sigh* Steve, you pathetic dumbshit, don't you have a life? This earns the National Newtork of Abortion Funds bonus dollars, you realize that, don't you? And they're not like Planned Parenthood, who can use the funds for sex ed or pap smears or condoms or new campaigns. No, my dear. These bonus dollars will go straight to aborting fetuses. And they'll be in your name. smile.gif

Steve thinks he's both Jesus AND me. Or maybe he thinks I'm Jesus. You can never tell with the poor fool. You can click on this link to ignore Jesus, and then type in "Faereitails2" to ignore Wannabe Me.

You too can ignore our resident fundie by clicking here.

Apologies sidecar, I didn't read that properly. Your comment about Amy Winehouse cracked me up! don't forget about the failing liver due to alcoholism.

tes, it's very sexy! I can't even lift the bow, it's so heavy.

A zoya sighting - yay! I get a real one of those tomorrow.

We ended up going out for lunch and to see Evan Almighty (amusing) and now back home now as the boy is in pain.
((((sidecar)))) I think I just turned violently green laugh.gif . I fucking love The Polyphonic Spree and The Hold Steady. And lol on Amy Winehouse (although pity she's over there, I was going to suggest to Star, Bunny and Zoya that we go to her local and engage in a little Winehouse-spotting)

((((((fiddler))))) good luck, hun. let us know how it goes, 'k?

((((polly)))) not your fault at all. And yes on what sixie said - mention it to your cousin.

((((yuefie)))) yay, told you you are teh hott. and yeeeurgh on the ass-breath. and for you

((((dusty)))) I lived down the road from jo'berg once. That place scared me - although I loved parts of it too. your poor cousin!

((((tes)))) boo for working

((((flanker)))) I think mando is on hawliday. or she better be.

((((kitten, sixie, sassy, culture, faerie/jesus, plat, mando, zoya, star, billy, everyone))))
(((sidecar))) yeah, it's hard when your girlfriends change or at least don't put an effort to maintaining the friendship. i have childhood friends who don't really make an effort to get together with me...they kinda always mention it as something they want to do, but never follow through with things. i kinda get tired of being the one keeping things going. reason why i've made an effort to meet new people as i get older because i love meeting people and doing things. i don't think my friendships should stop just cause i'm in a relationship or have children.

(((polly))) ouch. i'm sure it was an innocent mistake.

Hey tes!! ** waves**

(((zoya))) we hung out all night too! don't forget that erotic circus we went too. very cool.

antikvetch: meeting busties tomorrow!! yeah!!

kvetch: aunt flo came with me this trip. but, thankfully i don't feel so bad.

I didn't realize my undies would cause such a stir! *blushing*

((polly)) gawd I hate that oh crap feeling. But I think it might've given your co-worker the kick in the pants she needed too.

Yuefie you've found new ways to inspire me - I love what you said about keeping dates low-key and enjoying the single life instead of trying remedy it! I'm definitely in the same working on myself/back in school boat, and it's been really satisfying. I've surprised myself more often that I thought I would with little victories that give me big satisfaction. Do you have an educational/carrer goal in mind? If you already said it, I missed it too.

Love this too: "I'll be back later when all the 1's and 2's get their shit together." So funny, sixela! And I hope they do in fact work it out so you have a smoov running computer.

Good luck brave brave fiddle!! ~*~*~*~ safe easy fire containment vibes ~*~*~*~

*shudder* bad breath... no.

((((sidecar)))) changing friendships are sure hard, especially when you don't feel like you can share your feelings with them (at least during the transition period). It took me a year or so to appreciate my friendship with my best friend being primarily on the phone instead of in person. But you do get used to it, and when you see them in person, it's like the fun you always had x10. I've got an anti-social new mommy friend too. Not sure how that one's going to go yet. I think it might be easier since it's always been hard to get her out of the house...

((bunny)) mmm, sushi!!

~@~@~ no more perverse work hours! ~@~@~ Yes, zoya moved to the UK.

Thanks mornington for relieving my inquiring mind smile.gif I like how you even hugged the troll.

Erotic circus?? Do I live in the wrong country?

I worked this morning, and now I'm enjoying the rest of the day off lazing about on and offline, whilst contemplating dinner and apartment cleaning.

((everybustie that doesn't post pictures of dead babies))
((flanker, bunny, faerie, zoya, tes, sixel, billy))

star, erotic circus, what‘s that?

sidecar, hope Amy Winehouse is sober and actually shows up since she cancels almost all her shows it seems. I’d really love to see her, but not if she’s drunk. I don’t respect musicians that get drunk on stage. Sorry to hear about your friend moving away.

yuefie, good for you for taking time for yourself.

polly, I understand why you feel bad about your coworker, but I really don’t think you should. Through my years working in a corporate environment I have tried to motivate people to ask for a raise and show reasons why they should, and you know what most people are too afraid to ask.

I went to go see Becoming Jane today, and I really liked it. I love a classy period piece.

Good things for ((Busties)) this week.
dammit. I'm sucked in. fuck. hahaha

erotic circus, damn, how could I forget it? it was sort of a dark, goth-y, gritty version of a cirque de soleil type circus.. almost all aerial stuff.. not just with ropes and trapese, but also huge lengths of's really hard to explain

this is what we saw: nofitstate circus

it was sexy and awe inspiring.

feh on Amy Winehouse. Just because she's had a bit of success does not mean she can pull that shit. She's way too early in her career, and no one is going to want to deal with her if she keeps doing that. She'll just become a potential liability. It seems to me that it's going pretty quickly from being tabloid fodder to people losing respect for her Which is a shame, because she's really talented.

ok. now I'm going to bed. hee (((everyone)))
Thanks for the hugs. I know it's not my fault, it was just one of those "open mouth, insert foot" moments and now I know why they tell you not to discuss salary with co-workers. Not that I told her how much I make, just that I got a raise. The real kick in the pants is that the way it came up in conversation is that my cousin emailed me via work email that she wanted to make sure that I didn't put anyone in her schedule right before noon on Monday because she wanted to go to lunch. I assumed she meant she wanted she and I to go to lunch, so I told my co-worker about it and said "I wonder why she wants to go to lunch with me?" My co-worker suggested maybe she was going to give me a raise and I said, "no, I already got one" and my co-worker's face dropped. Later, I found out she doesn't want to just take me- she's taking the whole office out for lunch tomorrow. Drat.

Well, I'm going to talk to the other assistant on Monday and tell her to encourage the other one to talk to our boss about it. Everyone who's been there since before I got there was supposed to have a review coming up, but it just hasn't happened. My cousin is running around like a chicken with her head cut off- they're trying to buy a new office and be moved in by mid-winter and get a loan from the Small Business Administration, then the asshat whose needle she got poked with is still being an asshat and my cousin actually has to be on drugs for a month, so she feels like shit. Needless to say, the staff reviews have fallen to the wayside.

Anyway, I had a fairly productive day- we got the rest of our dining room chairs put together, went shopping for groceries and the new Buffy comic book. Sushi was delicious last night. The place we go is unbelievably inexpensive, but we ordered a lot and the bill for 5 of us was just over $100. It was so worth it, though. I tried some stuff we haven't had before, so that's good. Now I have to get in the shower, give the dog a bath (that prozac hasn't kicked in yet and he's still peeing in his kennel, so he's a little stinky) and go to bed.

((fiddle)) safe thoughts!

((zoya)) welcome! there's no daily quota to fill- poke your head in as much or as little as you want!

((yuefie, sidecar, mornington, stargazer, bunny, billy, flanker, designer, faerie-the one and only!!, pixie and the pixettes, tes, six. dusty, candycane, quantum, kitten, plat, rose, sassy, anyone I missed)))

Oh, I hope mando checks in- when the bridge collapsed in Minneapolis, my second thought after the MPLS Busties was about mando and her bridge issues.
Amy Winehouse decided to eat breakfast and skip the liquor 'til after the show, I think, because she was fucking awesome today. No one was talking, that's how good she was! Her voice sounded good, her band was super-tight, and she seemed really into it. (Not as into it as the Hold Steady -- morn, they're touring Europe in the fall, they said, although I think they may be opening for the Stones.) I was pleasantly surprised, as I kinda expected her not to show.

I ended up leaving shortly after her set finished, a few minutes into Kings of Leon. It was 96F and humid. Today's headliner was in Pearl Jam, so there were probably about twice as many people there as yesterday, and I got annoyed by all the drunken frat types. So Martini and I bailed before !!! and Modest Mouse and went to see The Bourne Ultimatum in air conditioning. It was totally the right choice (and the movie was good too)!

zoya, it's good to see you (I used to hang in the getting fit thread as steviek or editrix). have fun in london! Star, I'm glad you're having a good time.
Hello, babies! How goes it?
((((((((((((((((((HUGEASS hugs for my beloved Kvetchies))))))))))))))

I can tell that I've been busy lately because I had to go back and read a couple of pages worth of archives. I should have taken notes because my brain is totally scrambled now & I know I'm going to accidentally leave out some people who deserve good lovin'.

Hooray for all of the UK Bustie meet-ups! Will pics be forthcoming?

((((((SideCar)))))) Sorry to hear that your friend is moving away. My friends and I have found that starting a blog & writing to one another helps us stay in touch. It has allowed us, not only to keep up with day-to-day happenings, but also gives us a way to express & share those strange stream-of-consciousness thoughts that you can only share with the wacky old friends who really "get" you.

I must confess that I feel conflicted about Amy Winehouse. I really like what I've heard of her music, but I've refrained from buying it because ... well, you know. I mean, why should I contribute to the "Keep Amy On Meth" fund?

((((Polly)))) Don't sweat it. It was a simple slip of the tongue. I bet I would have said the exact same thing if I'd been in your shoes.


((((((Tes))))) Working on a Sunday?!?!?! That ain't right!!!

(((((Snggles for Yuefie)))) Just 'cause she is Teh Hotttttness. wink.gif

Billy! Please tell me you at least got to see qualifying this weekend! Because the race was really dull, but qualifying was ... spicy.
Topic: Fernando Alonso is or is not a douchebag. Discuss!
Personally, I want to know more details. But I must admit that I was having flashbacks to qualifying at Monte Carlo last year. rolleyes.gif

(((((((((((All y'all)))))))))

I've been super busy. We have hung out with friends for the last 3 days in a row! Woot!
Hi all. Letting you all know that I'm safely back. I'm exhausted but safe. The expected wind never came and the fire laid down. Whew. Only about a dozen structures were lost. We were lucky.
It's good to hear that things went surprisingly well, Fiddler. Glad you made it back safely.

Rose, my mind was somewhere else this weekend. I missed qualifying and although I *knew* F1 was on early Sunday morning, I flat-ass forgot to turn it on. I read several accounts of qualifying and believe Alonso has claimed the role of Head Douchebag. He seems to be having extreme difficulty being overshadowed by a rookie. Two or three weeks ago, he was whining about how the team didn't like him. Call the wambulance.

Happy Monday, ya'll!

Good firefighting kiss_the_fidler! Glad you are safe. My day was a volunteer fireman when I was little. Until I was an adult I did not fully grasp that there were people who fought fires for a living. I don't know why it took me so long to figure that out.

I am trying to figure out if something about Lollapolooza causes the heat to rise in Chicago. I remember that last year when the show was going on it was really freaking hot as well. I spent most of yesterday in front of a fan, watching Stargate on DVD. I went to a public art show in the late morning and it was so muggy I thought I was going to die. There are only a few days a year I wish for air conditioning. This week will apparently be thoes days. dry.gif

This is what else I have been up to. Very interesting although I think all of my friends think I am a little crazy now.

Tes, I just stopped working on Sundays AND I LOVE IT!!!!! I can't think of what my boss would have to offer me too get me to take on weekend shifts on a regular basis now.

Have fun w/star London busties (and Scottish Busties!)

So Amy Winehouse's act isn't just an act? Hmm, I've only heard a few of her songs. I like it though. I don't tend to do much live music. It just isn't fun for me. Of course I am not much of a bad-ass with my music taste. I was listening to this rock'n'roll talk show on NPR on Sat. ('nuff said?) and I just wanted to call in and tell them to get off of Kelly Clarkson's damn back. I like her!

Saw Hairspray Friday night. Very fun but I wish they had cast Harvey Firestone instead of John Travolta.

So jealous of the LDN meetup *waves wistfully* and of Lollapalooza! I have it on good authority that the Kings of Leon are serious assholes IRL, btw.

Editrix, I have only a handful of friends I feel I can really talk to so I hear you. Skype has helped us all keep in touch; maybe something to look into, although I realise it's not at all the same (((edit)))

I have not been here for ages; I was hibernating and writing and now I'm taking a break from the dreaded packing: we're moving house tomorrow. I'm happy about the move (if a little apprehensive about living with a teenager)but man, I hate the process of moving itself. Arse.

Hope everyone's Monday is going well. The London lot are probably alrady down the pub by now...
yay fiddle, glad everything is okay and you made it home safely.

(((syb))) ~~~~easy move and transition vibage~~~~

ahahahahaha billy, "call the wambulance"

awww rose, snuggles right back at'cha babe.

~~~good vibes for pixie-family & bebe tristan~~~

does anyone know when mandi is supposed to be home? I know her birfday is this friday.


I just had to come and share the cuteness of a little interspecies lovin' wink.gif
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