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Hi there - I may be off topic, but I don't know where this topic is - is there a thread for men and feminism? See, the blog I run, The Feminist Pulse, has a discussion going on regarding men and feminism, and I'm interested in getting feedback from busties. Where can I post something like that?

To see the blog post so you have an idea what I'm asking about, visit: The Feminist Pulse - it's actually an interview with an author who is writing a book about male feminists, and it's sparked some interesting comments. I'd love to get more discussion going about it.

Thanks for any guidance!!!
ok peeps, quick driveby posting and then we're (hopefully) off to the Outer Banks (a part of NC's coastline).

RV just got a text message from pixiedust: they are going to induce her today. So, eee and stuff.

Rose herself is not very well and isn't up and about yet. The usual, sadly.


~*~*~*~ lovely frooot vibes ~*~*~*~
Thanks Sheff!!! ~vitC~vitC~vitC~feel better rose~vitC~vitC~vitC~

rose, amilita posted a few days ago but not as often as we like!

~*~*~*~smooth delivery vibes for the pixies!!!~*~*~*~*

I, myself, am still feeling like cack. Sniff.
jayme - the best place to post would be The Community Forum.

Healthy Kidney And Labor Vibes for pixie!!!!!

Healthy vibes for bunnyb, rosev, yuefie, rasingirl, sidecar, and any whom I may have missed. Wow, we have a lot pf ladies down here!

Things are going okay in Chicago. I think that I am going to buy Stargazer's laptop next month so I will be able to start Busting from home soon! Yay! Went to the gym this morning and I am another 2 1/2 pounds down. There seems to be a pattern of loose 5 pounds, gain 2, back, and so forth so this is going slow, but steady. Yesterday I was looking at my legs and thinking, "Hey, I remember having these legs! I have pretty nice legs." And they are back now.
~*~*~all-purpose vibes for pixie, rose, raisin, mornington and anyone else who needs them~*~*~

I'm in need of some myself- my cousin/boss got stuck with a needle this morning from a patient...not that you can judge a book from it's cover, but this guy was particularly skeezy. Before the needle stick, he was asking the dental assistant who was in the room with him if she felt we were able to deliver the same quality of care, being that we're all women (with the exception of my cousin's husband who's the office manager) and emotional all the time. mad.gif If my cousin had been in the room at the time, she would have suggested that he go elsewhere for his care if that's the way he felt.

So anyway, this isn't the first time she's gotten stuck or anything; it happens once in awhile after 21 years in business, but this guy had what appeared to be track marks of undetermined vintage. We happen to be two doors down from an urgent care facility, and my cousin's husband marched the guy down there to get a blood test. I'm not exactly sure what transpired, but he refused to take the blood test. Apparently he's going to go to his own doctor and have it done by the end of the day. This sounds like bullshit to all of us (including my cousin) but we're in a precarious situation and we don't want to piss the guy off because if we don't find out if he's positive for anything, my cousin has to go on anti-virals for 6 months whether she's got it or not.

My cousin's husband is furious, but in Illinois they can't force someone to take a blood test, even under these circumstances.

We were planning on all going out to lunch to celebrate a birthday....if I were them, I'd cancel the afternoon appointments and we all go out for drinks. unsure.gif
Thanks Kittenb
*happy & healthy delivery vibes for (((pixie & pixiebebe)))*

shef, ta for keeping us abreast. hope rose feels better soon, and you have fun at the beach.

candy, that is wonderful news about divacuz! keeping her on continual healthy vibes loop for ya.

(((raisin))) second opinion, girl. definitely.

(((yuefie))) glad you went to the ER. what'd they say/do? extra strength soothing vibes heading your way, darlin.

(((dusty))) i hope you win the job fight. bastids.

(((star))) safe n' fun trip, sweetpea. and take lots of pictures of the UK bustie meet-ups, pretty please???

polly, that is some scary shit. hope cuz will be ok.

kitten, you should feel very proud of yourself.

(((plat))) sorry to hear about your house woes, but glad to know it's being fixed as we speak. i can never quite figure out exactly how they raise a house. the laws of physics have always completely eluded me.

*anti-cack vibes for bunny*

(((mornington))) acos.

(((annoush))) always nice to see you!


feeling a tad better, but still muscle-spasming in the early am. at least this morning i made it to 5:30 am. le sigh.

heading off to lil sis's on saturday. please send mandi-survive-the-many-houred-car-ride-intact vibes my way? and then the safe-and-non-panic-attack-non-stormy-weather FLYING IN AN AIRPLANE vibes thurs between 7-10 pm EST? if i don't check in during the week, please know i'll be thinking of youze all and sending all-purpose, unbleached vibes of love.

can't WAIT to hold that babygirl! sis says she's smiling now! *squee*

i already miss my dog. sad.gif *sniffle*
((((pixie)))) thinking of you, sending lots of vibes!

must... go... to... bed.

Ahhh, so many vibes to send out!

((anoushh)) thanks so much for the hematoma link!

(((pixie))) and ((((mini-pixie)))) I hope that kidney infection goes away and the baby comes out soon!

(((rosev))) hope you're doing alright

(((polly))) and (((polly's cousin))) I can't believe that guy! And I think it's a bit nuts that they can't make someone take a blood test even under those circumstances.

it's good to hear the weightloss is going well kittenb. You're a bit of an inspiration! And don't worry, slow weightloss is better than losing a crazy amount really fast.

(((mando))) hope you were okay on the flight!

(((yufie))) and (((ziggy)))

(((raisin))) no pain vibes!

speaking of neti pots, does anyone know where to get them in Canada? I've wanted to try using one for ages I'm just not sure where to look.

(((morn, sassy, amilita, sidecar, dusty, everyone!)))

undies: plain white cotton! and bright pink bra

oh, and lots of anti-kvetchs: first off, my dad has offered to hire someone to paint my place which is nice cause I knew it was gonna be a bitch to do on my own. Just painting my room a few years ago made my back ache like crazy.

And of course, it's less than a week till I move! I'm sooooo excited. Of course I'll be a bit busy so I don't know when I'll be able to come on here and post. There are just so many things to take care of once i'm there. Also, yesterday I got a microwave for $50! Yes, I'm excited by that.

And one more anti-kvetch: it's my last day of work! It's quiet and I'm on my own and tonight I'm just going to relax. And tomorrow I'm going for a massage!

Happy Friday vibes to everyone!
~~~~safe delivery vibes for pixie~~~~

*waves from the West Coast* I'm in CA! I had a rough flight out (4 hours on the tarmac + rude attendants!) but am enjoying it here now. The weather is nice and cool, and it's very relaxed. hope everyone is doing well!
Hey gang! I'm finally back in town so I can tell you that Pixiedust had the baby! The Micropixie is here!!!!

Tristan Asher
Born July 25, 3:15pm
6 lbs 11oz
19 inches
And apparently he looks just like his daddy, right down to the cowlick in his hair. Aaaaaaawww!

Pixiedust says that she is feeling great. The kidney infection is under control and the birth was a lot easier than she expected. Today she has been walking around without any problems and even took a shower all by herself this morning. She and little Tristan will get to leave the hospital on Saturday. Hopefully this weekend she'll find a moment to stop by Bust to say hello. smile.gif

Yay! Welcome to the world, Tristan!!!
(((((pixie))))) & ((((tristan)))) yay! welcome to the world, bebe!

((((mando)))) ***safe-flight*** and ****enjoy the car ride****

***feel better*** bunny

eek! (((polly's cousin))) & ((((polly))))

*waves to westcoast (((sidecar)))*

((((kitten)))) yay legs! and what candy said, slow and steady is best

((((candy)))) yay microwaves and moving!

((((yuefie)))) how is ziggy after his op? and give sashie a big hug for me

((((raisin)))) acos

((((plat, tes, syb, rose, star, sassy, sixiela, sonik, amilita, anoushh, dusty, everyone))))

I picked up the buns today - and made them a condo, which is basically an extra-big indoor house, and they seem to like it. I blogged, for the really curious. But they're pottering around now, and ignored indigo, who isn't too impressed with them taking over the living room.

undie report: red boyshorts with blue spots.

I'm off to bed; I might be meeting up with zoya tomorrow (she's moved to the uk, and isn't far from me) so it might be an idea if I went to sleep.

antikvetch: I got an offer to study english and international studies. yay!

yeah for pixie!!! so cool.

(((((polly & polly's cousin))))) that's horrible. i hope everything is ok.

hi sidecar!! **waves**

kvetch: i'm struggling with a head cold. i woke up at 4am with my throat SORE!! so painful. needs lots of rest before uk.

antikvetch: bought macbook today. now, i just need to learn how to work the dang thing.

(((((((((((hugs to all of my kvetchies--kinda weak right now))))))))))))))
Awww, congrats to (((pixie))) and the new baby (((Tristan)))!

star, I have a macbook and I loooove it. They're so easy to use you'll pick it up in no time.
WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

three cheers for pixie and tristan!!!!!

what a fabu name, so cool! and i only know ONE other tristan!

mornington, i'm positive the bunbuns LURV their condo. what a wonderful bunnymom you are!

(((((((((((love and kisses for bunnybmine)))))))))))


~*~*~*~* hope that mando had clear blue sky flying vibes and all is well ~*~*~*~*~

stevie sidecar editrix! what a sucky flight! muito happy that you are in California, however, and that the weather is just like a beach boys song!!!

DUSTY!!!!!!!! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! here's to winning the good fight, babe!

and ANOUSSHKA!!!! yipppeeeeee!!!! how are you?? and not bob?

candycane -- you have all round muito reasons for being happy! last day, moving soon, paint by dad (instead of numbers), cc cuz is doing better GO!!! you deserve it ALL!

plat, querida, maybe we will catch up desk officer is in town from NY, we will be working today....hope all is going well with the topsy turvy house and that the AM is dealing with it all.....

i'm still feeling like dren, but the green goo is subsiding. i will see mr. hotbuns in about a month, that cheers me! my job has been more difficult than ever, the passive agressive conflict avoidance queen is still making her presence felt. poo.

mimi the african attack cat is biting my ankle. i guess i should go and chase her around the flat. give us both much needed exercise!!!

not wearing any undies this morning, but YESTERDAY:

turquoise satin brar with daisy-like fleurs all over it


wine satin hipsters (it's moontime)

hugs and kisses and silly little fishes!!!
Congratualtions to the Pixies! Welcome to the world, Tristan!

I heart tesao wub.gif.

enjoy your vacation, sidecar!

~*~*~*feel better, star~*~*~*~ I'll be seeing you soon!

morn, yay for bunny condos and offers! are you going to accept? have fun with zoya - I'm very excited about meeting her next week!

mandi, have a great time with your sis and neice!

star and candy, it's a macbook I'm buying this week! I can't wait. we could have a club with sidecar in it too.

yesterday's undies: red christmas undies with fuschia pink trim and gingerbread people pattern with fuschia pink bra.

feeling better and packing for Manchester. I'm off there for a fortnight (and going to London to meet BUSTies for day whilst I'm there and possibly York and Liverpool too) and am so looking forward to extensive, quality time with the boy. I'll be checking in, especially once I have my macbook.

Happy weekend (((everyone)))!
fly-by to congratulate the pixies, and send out tons of love for our newest buster baby. ditto on loving the 'tristan'!

i'm like on the verge of tears, i so don't want to leave my dog, my cat, my couch ... when did i become such a agoraphobe? sad.gif

(((group hug)))
Thank the goddess for new babies!!! Yay!!!

My whole day just got a little grouchier. When is payday again?

I am going to go burn off my bitchiness on the eliptical. mad.gif
Hi everyone! Thanks for all the congrats! I'm just on a flyby while my guys are bonding! biggrin.gif
Look at that precious little face! Aaaaaaaaawwwww [melts] I suddenly have a craving to sniff baby heads. Wish I could be there, Pixie! Congrats again!!!

(((((((((Mandi)))))))))))) Hope everything went well with the flight & that you're having a fabulous time!

(((((((((((KittenB)))))))) Grouchiness be gone! And payday be HERE!

Morn, I love the polka dot floor in the bunny condo. Looks especially cute with those fluffy 'tocks. wink.gif

So glad to hear that BunnyB gets to spend so much time with The Boy!

~~~~~~ soothing for Tes & Star & anyone else suffering from The Funk ~~~~~~

Our trip to the beach was so nice! It was good to get away for a bit. We stayed on Ocracoke Island at a sweet little B&B that is owned my the same family who built it about 100 years ago. We had a marvelous dinner at a sleepy little restaurant with a screened-in porch. We also visited the lighthouse & a small British naval cemetary (where we both shed a few tears). The best part, though, was the beach. We swam in the late afternoon & evening because we're pale & wimpy, but also because that's my favorite time to swim. The water temperature was perfect and the sand was so soft. It wasn't too busy, either. The waves were really strong, though, & I got a ton of salt water up my nose! So now I know a bit about how it must feel after you use a neti pot. wink.gif We'll have to go back there sometime.
Y'all are going to have to trust me when I say I just lost a big post that included well-wishes to pixie, mando, bunny, kitten, stargazer and tes. Dammit.

Without any of the enthusiasm I had before, here's a picture of my new couch and rug. mad.gif

I don't even have the energy to make my Big Lebowski reference anymore. mad.gif

Stupid computer.
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, poly!!! that sofa and rug, esp against that fabu wall, are DIVINE!!!! (((((sorry your post got eaten))))))


what a sweet, sweet, sweet little baby face!!!
*makes ooo and awwww sounds*

*gets all mushy inside*

((((plat and her big guy, the allergy monster - AM- who are freaked out by house guys and rocking floors)))))

mandomyheart, hope all is well.....BIG SMOOTCHIES TO YOU!!

mornington!! you get to meet zoya???? when did SHE move to the isle??? woo hoo for you BOTH!!!

(((((((bunnybemine and loads of quality time spent with the boy!!!))))))

kittenb, grouchiness BEGONE!!!! payday will be here before you know it!!!

rosiev, i just adore ocrakoke!!! i bet i know that B&B. the last time mr hotbuns and i were there was for a wedding....right on the beach!!! the bride was in a long pale purple wedding gown, and ALL of us, including her, were barefoot!!! ahhhhh, i love memories!!!

okies, off to shower and to work.

kvetch: my weekend was TOO SHORT. probably because i worked BOTH DAYS. boo.
HeeHee! Your rug really ties the room together polly! I love the color scheme!

Congratulations pixiefamily on adorable little Tristan!

I've got:
~(~(~ get well vibes ~)~)~
~^~^~ non-homesickness~^~^~
~*~*~ all-purpose vibes ~*~*~
for anyone and everyone who needs 'em.

I've been love with the idea of visiting the beaches of the southeast for a while now. Rose's description only cements that love.

Bunny you made me miss Lounging - I'm glad you left me a myspace comment smile.gif And tes' posts - don't know how I've gone so long without reading one!

I've been working in the kitchen at a kids' summer camp, and it's been the greatest. I wish I could have summer jobs all year round. But alas, I'll keep going to my school bus driver training (I'll be licensed by the end of the month, I swear!). School starts up again for me next month. Yep, that's my update.

Yay for the pixie family, and the newest addition Tristan.

Be back later to post properly.
Yay for pixie family and Tristan!

I will be back later to vibe when I have proper coffee in me... rolleyes.gif
Quick congrats to Pixie!!! And welcome Tristan! (LOVE the name!)

back later when the website lets me post something longer!
Are people having posting problems?

How is everyone today?

Polly, your house looks like a "grown-up" house. It is lovely. Where did you get the couch from?

My Sunday got better. A friend took me out to lunch and then we found other friends by chance and all went for ice cream. After that, I curled up on the couch with Dr. Who and caught up on my Netflix. So not bad. smile.gif
Thanks kitten- when I passed through the living room this morning, I thought the same thing. Holy crap, that's a big couch! I got it at Wickes, actually. It's a pretty good deal- no interest, no payments until next August. And 7 years of stain removal and damage repair is included; any stain and any damage, other than intentional damage or if my dog chews it is covered. Usually they exclude pet stains, but it's included with them, just not chewing.
YAY! Congrats to the entire pixie clan and welcome little Tristan! Oh, how that picture makes me want to sniff little bebe heads too.

polly, your home is gorgeous. I love the purple.

*waves at flanker* hey hot mama, fancy seeing you around here wink.gif


I had a very lovely non-date date with a new friend last night. Now if I could just have such a nice time on a real date! We saw "Sicko" which I can't even begin to start on. Say what you will about Michael Moore, the facts are still the facts about the US healthcare system sucking much epic ass. I've decided I am going to back to school some time in the near future, but for what I do not know yet. I just want to help my poor atrophied brain out and earning a degree (or two) in something couldn't hurt.
yuefie, yay for you successful non-date date. I agree with you about Sicko, it made me really angry when I saw it.

polly, I love your new couch, and rug and wall color. I also like that painting (?) that’s by the sliding glass doors.

kittenb, yay for a nice Sunday.

rose, glad you and sheff had a fun beach trip.

mando, hope you have a safe, and happy trip.

bunny, have fun seeing the boy and the busties.

tes, hope you continue to feel better and yay for getting to see the Mr. in a month.

star, feel better and yay for a macbook.

mornington, yay for being back with the buns and the offer to study.

sidecar, hope you are enjoying CA.

ccgirl, good luck with your move.

raisin, hope things get better soon.

Kvetch: I have been feeling stressed lately about my job. I just feel like it’s going nowhere, and I’m bored almost all the time. One of my coworkers got a promotion some months ago, and now she whines that she is too busy, and I have to work on a big portion of her work. That is just pissing me off to no end. I’ve been having some pain in my mouth, can’t tell if it’s my teeth or jaw. I have a feeling it’s stress related. I mentioned some time ago that the company I work for was sold, is it bad that I kind of wish they would lay me off with a severance package.

Anti-Kvetch: Mr. DM got a new job with better pay, benefits and opportunity for advancement. He really likes the job and the company, and I’m really happy that he seems at ease finally.
*waving back excitedly* Hi yuefieeee! Yes, working and stressing does not a good bustie make of me... I guess I won't hug you since you're in car accident pain. I'm so sorry to hear that. Didn't realize that yesterday 'cause I didn't read back far enough. unsure.gif

DM, I'm sorry your job's getting you down. Fingers are crossed that they lay you off w/ severance.

I was just having lunch downtown, watching all the office worker people eating nearby and walking by. Everytime I see them, I do a little dance in my head and sing to myself, Ha ha! I'm not one of you ANYMORE!!! It makes it so very clear that if I ever work in an office again, it'll be MY office, if I can help it. And it makes me admire people who fit into that kind of environment with relatively little effort.

Yay for iced coffee. I don't feel sleepy anymore! Which means I should go do financial aid paperwork.
Just a quick fly-by to say that I'm moving today! I don't know when I'll have internet access again so I just wanted to send out some *~happy~* vibes to all!
Good luck on your move candycane_girl. I hope your weather is a little cooler than where I am.

Mmmmmm, iced coffee sounds good. And I don't even like coffee. It is just very warm outside. Happy that I have a cold Coke Zero waiting for me at home.

I took my bike down a very busy street today. Not for a long way or anything but I feel braver anyway. rolleyes.gif

Have a great day all!
(((((more snugles for Tristan & the whole Pixie family)))))) Hope the Mini-Pixies are adjusting okay.

~~~~~~~ smooth move vibes foe CCGirl ~~~~~~~~

Hi, Flanker! Hooray for freedom!

And Hooray for KittenB's bravery!

(((((DM)))))) Sorry to hear that things are rotten at work. That sounds like a terribly unfair mess. dry.gif

Yuefie, glad to hear you had a good non-date. I need more of those in my life. Too bad I'm such a homebody!

Polly, I like the couch, but I loooooooove that rug. Sheff & I have been rug shopping lately and we can't find one we both like. I'm afraid he'd say that yours is "too colorful". Hmph. rolleyes.gif

Anti-kvetch: BestGalPal got a promotion at work! Woot!

Anti-kvetch: It's only Tuesday and our calendar is already full for the weekend. We're going to see some new friends for cards & junk food on Fiday, then we're hosting a dinner party on Saturday, and going to another friends house to watch the F1 race on Sunday.

And this is especially good because yesterday I broke down and cried for quite a while because I feel lonely and I miss my friends and family so much. We've been here for 16 months now, but I think there's still a stubborn part of me that wants to move back to Tulsa. It's hard. Hopefully I'll feel better now that we have plans with other people.

Could I please request some vibes for my cousin D? He lost his job the other day. His cell phone was provided to him by his employer, so now he doesn't have a phone. And on the very same day, his car broke down. So no job & no car or phone to help him get a new job. And he still has to pay child support for his daughter. As you can imagine, he's terribly stressed. I hope he finds some answers soon.
((soothing vibes for Tristan))

((DM)) Sorry to hear about the job.

Polly, I so love that rug. Reminds me that Mcgeek and I really need to go furniture shopping this weekend, b/c it's tax free weekend in GA! smile.gif

Yuefie, yay for non date!

Smooth CCG move vibes...

Kvetch: Mother. So, dad and her are in New Mexico vacationing. But, I haven't been talking to them much b/c she chewed me out last week. I had a seizure, and she got very rude about it. Anyways, today she calls. I had to call her back to answer the door (I had ordered food), and she got all bitchy on me. "Well, I'll just let you go. It's obvious you have company."(yeah when everyone I know has jobs) "No mom, it's just me, kitty, and a pizza." "Well, that's just great for your weight." I tell you I can't win! Hence the reason we don't talk much.

And here I sit with another iced coffee... it's time for me to put sleep higher on the priorities list, methinks.

Props to you, kitten. I'm pretty much terrified of riding my bike on the street. There isn't a ton of respect for/awareness of bikers on the streets of my city. When I was a teenager, I got hit while stepping off a crosswalk - in a long,
bright orange skirt. I was on my bike crossing the crosswalk, but I was stopped before I went in front of her. So ironically, my illegal manuver meant my bike got mangled, not my body. And now, I make eye contact with the driver of every car I want to cross in front of.

Hola ((RoseV))! You and sheff are looking gorgeous, I must say. I'm sorry you miss Tulsa so. And very glad you have a busy social calendar this weekend. Mine has really multiplied in the last several months, and it's really enhanced every aspect of life for me. And it's incredibly satisfying to see the results of valuing and nurturing friendships, both old and new. I think it's also made me come out of the funk that turned me into a lurker here.

~^~^~ smooth move vibes for cc girl ~^~^~
I have some brand-new ~!~#~$~%~^~ pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstrap vibes ~^~%~$~#~!~ for Cousin D

((sassy)) Mothers... rolleyes.gif

Kvetch: my car is making hurty noises. I haven't been able to bring myself to call my mechanic yet... I just gave him $500 for repairs a couple months ago. And I think I might have alternator issues, which sounds expensive. *sigh*

Anti-kvetch: I finished my financial aid paperwork and turned it in today! I've registered for classes, and I only owe... $20! Because I've already got the school's scholarship. It hasn't hit me yet that I'll also get money from them to pay for books, and I dare not dream that I might get some additional cash for living expenses.

(((Moremoneyvibes for Flanker)))

(((Sassy))) Your mom got mad at you for having a seizure?

(((Rose))) You miss Tulsa? But, they don't even have a hockey team there, do they?

I wish I could talk about our campaign to save our department a little more, because it does make me anxious. But it does take my mind off losing my job, heh.
Flanker, alternator issues aren't terribly bad if you catch them before your battery drains - I had mine replaced last year and with the battery it was a hair over $390. It was basically 2/3 alternator, 1/3 battery. Not that $260 is cheap, but definitely not as bad as they could be.

I'm almost to the first of two moves - Friday, the movers come to move my stuff (tv, extra clothes, read books/dvds, kitchen stuff) home, Saturday the suitcase and I move into a cheap hotel for the next two weeks. And of course, the second move gets a lovely 2000 mile drive. (Not going through Tulsa this time, though - I'm sick of driving on 40, so I'm hitting 70 in Utah.)
QS, I don't blame you for being sick of I-40. Just be careful if you're taking the 70 through Kansas. That is the most boring stretch of road I've ever experienced in my entire life! I told Sheff that my version of hell is driving along the 70 in Kansas while listening to REO Speedwagon forever!!!
Anyway. biggrin.gif
Best of luck on the two moves! Where are you headed next?

^^^^^^ sharp kicks to the shins of Sassy's mom ^^^^^^ Would it be so hard for her to say something warm and supportive for a change? Geez!

Dusty, they do have a hockey team in Tulsa, believe it or not! It's definitely minor league, though. Of course, the way the 'Canes were playing this year, you'd think we had a minor league team in NC. Talk about resting on your laurels! rolleyes.gif

Hooray for financial aid, Flanker! That sounds fabulous! A shame about the car, though.

Kvetch: my mouse has died. Bah. My computer mouse I mean. Not like a pet mouse or anything.

Kvetch: Today I spent two hours waiting at the social security office so that I could get a new SS card. Two whole hours! And in the end I spent less than one minute with the person who accepted my paperwork. Ugh.

Which brings me to my question: why are government buildings so painfully gray?! The waiting room of this place had gray tile floors, gray drop-tile ceiling, gray wallpaper (in a marble-like print, so it was really various shades of gray), gray countertops, gray chairs, gray trash bins ... even the pamphlets were gray, fercrissakes. It was horrifically depressing. I felt like my soul was being sucked out of my body.
The Dementors are real, people! And their favorite color is GRAY!!!!

Anti-kvetch: The biryani I made for dinner was fabulous. Num num num.
Thanks dusty & q-spice - called my mechanic, and he gave me two options (the issue is with my AC Compressor) - spend $800-$1000 to replace it, or disconnect it from the alternator. I'm choosing Door #2.

~^~^~ smooth move vibes for q-spice ~^~^~

It seems like I'm hearing about layoffs right and left lately - hope your sitch works out for the best, dusty.

And yes, gray govt. buildings are horribly depressing. Gray building materials must be cheaper, but at what cost to the soul??

Ok, I'm off to bed now.
Eesh, expensive - A/C isn't worth it (of course, I live in the freaking desert - when you have 6 weeks of 110+, your car's ambient temp is so high that by the time you get to where you're going, you have to shut off the air so the liquid in the compressor burns off before you park because otherwise mold forms on your a/c intake filters, and that smell is wretched)

RoseV - back home. Nothing exciting. Just back to the grindstone with grad school! It'll be a good semester, though - I'm taking most of the boring ugrad classes for my EE prereqs this term (signal processing electronics, EM theory, digital computing). It'll be interesting, because I've got a ton of practical knowledge on two of those, and absolutely none on one, and so-so on the last.
bom bom bom bom


bom bom



i am suffering from severe sleep deprevation.

i should be at work but i am not. i did NOT sleep well last night. i am working on a presentation on laboratory support after which i am going to go and sleep until noon. at least a 2 hour nap.

let's see.

((((((((rosie v's cousin d)))))))

((((((((((((((((rosie v missing tulsa and all of her friends and family and old life there))))))))))))

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ good moving vibes for candycane and quantum~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

BOO! HISS!!! on expensive car repairs!!! for that matter, BOO HISS on expensive repairs of any kind!!!

sassy, your mom sounds impossible. back when mine was still functional, i used to "strangle" her on the phone by wrapping the telephone cord (remember them????) around the receiver and pretend it was her neck. that way i didn't have to listen and could get some of the stress out at the same time. almost worth buying an old phone, isn't it???

*Huffing and Puffing and blowing away dusty's anxiety*


keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeces to mandomyheart
boohbah squishy hugs to bunny b minee
loads of best gal pal love to plat and her twitchy house
best of the best of the best to mornington. a'cos.

BIG hugs, leeeetle kisses, and silly, silly, silly ikan mas!!!!

I've been lurking and just wanted to say that i love you all and that you're all AAAAAMAAAAYZING!

I'm just lazy and dont want to post cause they're always wicked long.

Ah, the power of suggestion, flanker_ji wink.gif. Nice to see you back.

*waves at prettynpink*

(((sassy))) I feel ya on passive-aggressive mothers.

"The Dementors are real, people! And their favorite color is GRAY!!!!" laugh.gif

boohbah squishy hugs right back at ya, tes tongue.gif.

polly, your room is so sophisticated!

I'm buying my macbook tonight! Squee! We're also going to see Transformers.

Having a fabulous time with the boy; today we went to the zoo and the highlights were the heffalumps, firefoxes, meerkats and spectacled bears.

Heffalumps? Are those things real or am I just missing a joke? blink.gif

sassy - not sure what to say. How can your mom be rude about you having a seizure? And as for the wieght, no way that is okay.

Does anyone else worry what our daughters will be complaining about us in a few years?

RV - your definition of hell is good. I always thought that Pergatory is a Greyhound bus ride to Philadelpia when you are not able to sit next to the person you are traveling with.

Yesterday was okay for me. Back to the dentist which always puts me in a foul mood. Never NEVER get a cavity in the back of your farthest back tooth. The postions that you have to maintain are just no fun. I think I almost dislocated my jaw. But then I saw Stargazer. I am buying her laptop and printer. Seems like it will work out well. And last night was outdoor movie night. Saw Written on the Wind with Rock Hudson and Lauren Bacall. Very unintentionally funny.

What are hefalumps?

I'm so wanting a macbook now!! Alas, once I go to grad school. Now, I must get off my ass and go. I'm trying to convice Mcgeek to buy me one, t or give me a trip to see Eddie in Seattle in the next couple of weeks. Lately, all I keep hearing about is Portland or Seattle.
The universe is telling me something me thinks.

Bunnyb, hug Star for me!! smile.gif

Thanks for all the support my dear busties.

Had a decent talk with my dad today. He actually mentioned that my mother noticed that I was feeling "down." Um, no shit!! It's mom! Yet, it was a good talk. I'm glad we have different relationships. He asked how me and Mcgeek were doing as if that was a cause of it.

RV, your version of hell cracked my ass up!! And being I used to work at an govt building, I so wanted to spray paint them pink.

Tes, I threw the cell across the room. But, your technique sounds better! My mother is such an uber bitch...

Anti-kvetch: Finally some decent job leads. A pt job lead at an improv theatre just taking tickets and such. Yeah it's only like 20 hours a week, but it would get me out of the house, and help cure some of this depression. I'm going to try to grab an interview. And hey free tickets!! smile.gif Need some good vibes. Also, hanging out with zany actors. Ah, sounds like college.
Sorry, heffalumps are elephants! as in a.a. milne/ disney's heffalump:

sassy, star will be receiving hugs aplenty - I'll add yours to mine smile.gif.
*skips through thread, lobbing flower petals left right and centre*

she's moving out she's moving out she's moving out she's moving out she's moving out she's moving out she's moving out she's moving out she's moving out she's moving out she's moving out she's moving out she's moving out she's moving out she's moving out

yay! I'm so relieved. We still haven't got the results yet, but this is a Very Good Thing.

(((((polly)))) count me in on the love for your lounge. It looks fantastic

I lol'd at the dementor comment ((((rose)))) I can remember going into my mum's office when she worked in london and being really really really tempted to skid along the floors. The building was gorgeous, but it was so soullessly quiet.

((((sassy)))) sound like my dad. gah. OOOOOH eddie in seattle. go go go go. and ***job***

((((bunny)))) yay for macbooks and the zoo and the boy

(((((((tes)))))) acos *snuggles*

why hellooooo ((((flanker)))) ***car vibes***

((((candy)))) & ((((qspice)))) ***moving vibes***

(((((dusty)))) acos

((((dm)))) ***job vibes*** I hope it turns out the way you want. but it's good to hear mr dm has a job he likes

((((yuefie)))) ***date vibes*** the u.s. healthcare system scares me.

((((mando)))) acos

((((star)))) hope you have a good flight!

((((pixie & tristan & family)))) aww, such a sweet face.


other anti-kvetches: I am getting my hair cut on friday, F remembered to call and he sounds so much happier, my bunnies are happy now thier toys arrived in the post and Indigo is being a snugglepuppy. Also, I don't feel as ill has I have did earlier. And I cleaned the kitchen. Oh, yeah, and I'm crocheting my first hat. Well, F's first hat, it's for him, but I'm making something!

Went to see the HP film yesterday with German and her Emoboy - it was really good. Is it me, or are the HP films getting better? I have my copy of HP7, but I want to re-read the others first.

Pete is trying to break out. Silly bunny - he was free range earlier, but they spent so much time in the condo that I shut the door.

*skips out*
Yay! Heffalumps & woozles!

Morn, great news on the she's-moving-out front! But your post has put Billie Joel songs in my head. And for that you may need to be punished. [raises eyebrow warningly]

Sassy, go see Eddie!!! My BestGalPal is going to see Eddie in Seattle. I am sooooo so jealous. This will be her 2nd time to see him perform. She actually got to meet Eddie one time. too!
(Also a bit jealous of your job prospect. I miss hanging out with actors. Sniff)

(((((((snuggles for all)))))))))

Kvetch: I couldn't get to sleep until 4am last night.
Kvetch: When I woke up this morning I felt terribly sick to my stomach. I didn't start to feel better until about 1pm.
Kvetch: I still feel wiped out & weak.
Kvetch: I'm afraid I may be having tooth issues or jaw issues on the left side of my head because it huuuuuuuuurts. I hae taken 4 ibuprophen & that isn't killing all of the pain. WAH!
{{{{{rv}}}}}} can you see a dentist today? Could it be sinus related? Regular ibuprophen never took care of my sinus pain. I needed Motrin 800. Good luck!

WooHoo vibes for Mornington! I picked up my crochet hooks again this week. It has been too long.

My cats woke me up at 6:30 AM to express their displeasure at my lack of air-conditioning. I just don't see the point of having it. We get about one week of unbearable heat in this city. Other than that, I prefer to have my windows free for fresh air. Am I crazy?
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