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((((damona)))) I wish I could say something constructive, but instead I'm sending thoughts.
(((pixie))) yay! for minipixie's new haircut - which sounds cute - and mr pixie's interview!
(((mando))) *mwah* even if your hair does look like ass, 'cos you rock.
(((anoushh))) I feel for you, and I'm sending you much vibes. I think you're very brave as well.

That weather report was yesterday - I know, I was in it - and it was hot. It bucketed it down with rain though today, so it will hopefully get cooler. Or at least less muggy.

hehe, now I want a quokka... to go with the pygmy goat, the llama, the tortoise and the greyhound. Did I mention my childhood ambition to be Gerrald Durrel? Maybe I should start a zoo. (thanks for those links, cleanoldguy!)

(((flowy & waiting busties))) Mine arrived last night... I've been all crampy and blergh. Gah.

tbh, I could never move back in with my parents - I haven't "lived" with either of them for more than two months for a decade. I honestly think I only survived five months with mum last year because for three of those I spend every other night at my (then) bf's. I can barely sit in the same room as my dad.

kvetch: my mum, telling me how annoying it is to have a partner (I can't use the term boyfriend, she's my mother) who wants to see her as much as possible, and buys her tickets for her to go to brussels for two days to see him.

antikvetch: her best friend is back in the country. I will (hopefully) no longer be the recipient of these confidences. It's not that I don't care, it's just that I don't know how to respond. She's my mother - the very idea of her, well, *shudder*

I really do have to do some work.

thank fuck. the car alarm had finally stopped
Gosh, everyones' stories about similar situations and other words of support is really, really helpful and reassuring. It shouldn't surprise me, of course. Kvetchies are the best.

Hey all! I just got home from house hunting in Natchez...there is one we have our eye on, but I'll write more about it later. And I was scrolling back to where I last read, and I thought I saw "farting goats" and I'm thinking, "Oh, how did these crazy girls go from fainting goats to farting goats?" And so, yeah, did I mention I'm exhausted?

I must comment, however, on the hoarding thing, because I recently went to a site called like "children of hoarders" or something...I think I saw it on BUST in another thread. My dad was a big hoarder, though my mom wasn't, so it was fairly confined to unused places: basement, garage, bedrooms that emptied as we kids moved out, etc.

His brother was more out-of-control with his hoarding, and would get in trouble with his apartment and we'd have to go help him clean up so he wouldn't get kicked out.

So on this children of hoarders site, I found a link to a Johns Hopkins study about genetics and OCD, and coincidentally, I have a phone date tomorrow with the study coordinator to see if I can participate. My dad never got help for his OCD or depression, so if I can help medical people understand it better, I'd like to.

I don't think I'm OCD in any way that interferes with my life, but sometimes I wonder if stuff I do is just particular/fussy or OCD. I have sure turned the other way than the house I grew up in, and really like things tidy and organized...even drawers, closets, etc.

So all this is really to vent cuz it's been on my mind due to the study, but also to say to anoushh that I think hoarding is such a common problem, to various degrees. It can be really frustrating to deal with. I feel ya.

Nighty-night! ~~~general vibes for all~~~

Oh, and designerm, so glad you didn't get any destructive weather.
*crawl by*

ok. now i'm bleeding.
except i'm hungover too.
not a great combination, but i've got no one to blame but myself. this i know.

but i also just wanted to share the good news that beloved cousin is not having his thyroid cancer surgery in the ghetto clinic next week. somehow the gods shone down from above: he now has medical coverage, a caring n' competent team of doctors, and an excellent hospital. it's all still scary, but so so much better!

sometimes life doesn't suck.
despite bleeding hangovers.

*crawling back into my den of pain*

(mando) bleeding and hungover doesn't sound pleasant. ~*~*~feel better!~*~*~

amilita, my mom's on that site (it's a yahoo group, right? I think her name is something like "sylvanie") My grandma's a huge hoarder and it's getting worse as she gets older because her anxiety issues are getting bad on top of it. I can post more about it later- I'm going to be late for work!
Oh Mando, that's fantastic. My thyroid cancer family member is having the radiation treatment this week* and it's shitty but he's surrounded by love, so I'm passing on continuous *~*~*~*~*cancer-be-gone vibes~*~*~*~*~*~*~ to your cousin.

*And he's actually been enjoying the iodine-free diet, with the wife getting very creative while working within the strict parameters. So it doesn't have to be boiled chicken and lettuce 24/7.
(((mando))) ***feel better*** but yay! for your cousin
***vibes for raisin's fam member too***

I am still procrastinating. I have my first exam on monday, and I'm pottering around and not doing much. I know I ought too, but I can barely maintain concentration for five minutes.

gah. and I am still crampy.
Wow...there is a lot of Af going on in this thread this week...should be a lot more kvetching!

I went and got my hair trimmed and added even more highlights last night. Minipixie was BEGGING to have her hair cut even shorter. I told her wait until next month when I have my hair trimmed again. She wants it just like mine.

I found out today that my wedding pictures are ready! Yea! The photographer is in the midst of wedding season, so she is sending the disks of proofs to me. I am going to be camping out at the mailbox now! She said they turned out really good.
how odd... the board just dissappeared.

*sigh* back to work then. ooooh, pixie, will you show them to us?
(((Mando))) Hope you're not in work. Ensconce yourself on the couch in front of some daytime TV with buttered toast STAT! Usually works for me.

Man, mornington, my mom tried that some years ago; discussions about the men in her life incorporating waayy Too Much Information. Shut it off at the pass; I was about 18 when she did this first. She was all 'now I'm more your friend than your mom' and I was all 'um, not if I have to hear this, yergh.' She got it in the end.

I've not lived with my parents since I was 19 (although I'm currently writing from dad's place, but it's empty except for me) but I do live with my bf who's a hoarder! I am relieved this is an actual named condition; I always thought he was just messy... but he's lived in the same place for 12 years, and it shows.

Can you all tell I haven't seen another human being for nearly a week? Bf's being sweet from a distance though.

*goes back to work*
Yep Mornington. I will be putting them up on my flickr account and I will put another link in here. I will probably have to put them up in chunks because I can only upload so many a month free and well..the photographer took over 700 photos! I have also changed my flickr peferences so that most of the pictures with the kids can't been seen because of all the troll activity lately.

Mmmm...buttered toast and crapola daytime Tv...cod...that does sound like a good pick me up. It's hard to feel sucky when you are watching trailer trash duke it out over guys who have nothing to offer.

Speaking of guys who have nothing to of my nieces is threatening to marry a guy who dropped out of high school. My brother is requireing that he get his GED, put some money in a savings account, and maintain his own apartment for a certain length of time before he will give his consent. It sounds more like She is putting the money into the account. It is just really sad. She is the type that will get pg right away and probably have 4 kids before she realizes what a loser he is! They have only been seeing each other about a year...which I know sounds like forever to a 20 y/o! Oiy! We've even had the look-how-my-first-marriage-turned-out talk. But she's determined! And worse...she wants o get married on Valentines Day! Mr. Pixie really doesn't want to spend our first married Valentines day at a wedding we don't even think is going to last.
unfortunately i AM at work, sybarite. and on the verge of tears. i know it's hormonal, and this is traditionally a rough week for me anyway, emotionally. but petty female office politics aka bullshit is weighing on me too. yergh indeed.

sorry i'm not commenting on anything. believe you me, i could add MUCH to the hoarding discussion. maybe we should start a thread?

luckily chef-coworker just sent my lunch: BLT, crispy bacon, white toast and chips ... this should help me get thru the next 3 hrs.

pixie, - "Af"?
*~*~*good luck w/the interview for mr. pixie*~*~

dusty, i'm all for joining a roaming pack of decapitating women. where do i sign up?

(((damona))) ~*~*~find a place that's perfect*~*~

(((mornington))) i guess sometimes i'm lucky that my mom doesn't tell me anything!

i'm ocd too, and i have a hoarding problem that i think i kicked -although it's thanks in a large way to the mr. who had a hoarding mom and hated it. i have little problems like i have to use the regular fork not the desert fork that the mr. gives me for dinner half the time. we laugh about it but i still go to get the right fork.

(((mandi))) & (((mandi cousin))) good news about the coverage!

it's so ca-yoot that mini pixie wants her hair just like mama!

(((raisin family)))

the s-i-l came home from a late shift at 1am and set the alarm off. i'm sure my neighbors were thrilled. the mr. was so groggy when he woke up that he answered the phone and gave the wrong password, so of course the police came and he had to show his id. it was hard getting back to sleep after that. i feel bad for s-i-l though, i mean it was an accident and he was yelling. i think that she needs all the encouragement she can get right now.

but i'm dead tired having not slept too well.
Aunt FLO...perhaps that isn't a bustie term.
Aw, I can't participate in the OCD study because the two OCD people in my family (dad and uncle) are dead. Ah, well...mando, crassy, anoushh, polly and others, I'm gonna go over to the Community Forum and talk about starting an OCD/hoarding thread. Where do you think the thread should go? Our Bodies?

~*~apt. vibes for damona~*~ and ((hugs, too))

((mando)) and ((cousin!)) So scary. Reminds me I gotta find me and the Mr. some insurance pronto.

~~~interview vibes for Mr. Pixie~~~

Poor, sleepy crassy and Mr. crassy! I, myself, am so nervous around alarm systems...I'd be sure to set it off at some point. Overall, it sounds as if sis-in-law is still doing well!


Yay for runners and periods that have finally started and haircuts!

Boo for loads of work and exams and cramps!

~~~general vibes for all~~~

So the house we liked yesterday needs tons of work and is more than we originally wanted to spend...but it's an American Gothic house built in ~1870 and it's a diamond in the rough. Really rough, but livable from the get go. We want to do an inspection, just to see if there is more than we can see that needs attention.

I'm tired. At least So You Think You Can Dance is on tonight! Woo!
ahhh... I get aunt flo.

(((pixie))) could her dad not suggest they wait another year? He doesn't sound like the catch of the century, really. I know my mum got married on her parent's wedding anniversary - and she doesn't like remembering it because she's now divorced (although she thanks cod she didn't get married on her birthday, like my father wanted too). Have you tried that arguement? ***vibes for you and your bro***
(((mando))) mmm, lunch. Supper-time, that reminds me... ***vibes***

((((raisin, lively, dusty, dm, syb, amilita, anoushh, damona , txplum, fina, polly, rosev, sidecar, bunny, qspice, surly, vesica & everyone else I've forgotten)))

I think this evening calls for icecream and Bride & Predjudice. Yes, I have dreadful taste in bollywood.
Mornington...he could...but it would fall on deaf ears. Truthfully, my brother was 19 and his wife was 15 when she got knocked up and they got married. Amazingly, they seem to be a success story as they have been together like 22 years. And luckily none of thier kids have traveled in their footsteps. But 3 of their kids are planning on getting married in a 6 month period! I am staying away from that stress nest! I am with you on the anniversary thing, and what about divorce? Plus, you lose a gift giving holiday!
Mornington, let me know how you like it: I too love the Bollywood.

Good house vibes to Amilita, it sounds really cool. I don't know exactly what American Gothic means apart from the old couple standing in front of it with pitchforks, but you know, cool regardless.

Cary Tennis answered a hoarding question on Salon's Since You Asked lately if that helps at all. Finaman is a hoarder at heart but we have one bedroom with limited space under the bed and a total of one closet in the entire flat so he is trying to be good.

I should have got my hair cut and the highlights redone this week but I bought shoes instead. I figure they'll last me longer, right?
Oh, fina, that is where I found out about the children of hoarders website! Salon.
What means this "terrible taste in Bollywood"? I do not understand the concept.

Yer still a hero, Crassy.
If such a thing exists, dusty, my understanding is that Bride and Prejudice would qualify. (I, um, love Dil to Pagla Hai or "The Heart Speaks.")

((((hoarders & their families)))

The money pit turned out not so much a money pit! The lighting was an easy, one-hour $100 fix. Whew. I can live with that. The new floor is in and it is gorgeous! I will post some before-before, before, and after pictures of the process.

(((mando))) Drinking real Coke always helps my hangovers. Only one more hour, right?

((((love to everyone)))) I have way too much work tobe doing to properly vibe everybody. I'm thinking of you!

Drive-by to say hello! The weather has been pretty bad today. About 6 inches of rain has fallen in the last 20 hours or so (thanks to Alberto). There's been tons of flooding in the area. Flooded homes, flooded roads, & even a flooded mall. On the news they've been showing people at a hotel and an apartment complex being rescued by boats. Luckily, our place is perfectly safe and dry, so don't worry about us.

And Dusty, the hockey stadium is high & dry, so the game is still on!

Kvetch: My period ended today, but I feel so sick it might as well be day one. Maybe I'm suffering fom sympathy pains for my darling Busties. Hmmm ...

Anti-kvetch: Baby fish! One of our guppies had babies and I thought we only had 5 baby fish, but now it looks like we may have as many as 12!

((((Sidecar & her home improvements, good hair vibes for Fina, sane relative vibes for Pixie, interview vibes for Mr. Pixie, fantastic evening vibes for Mornington, American Gothic house vibes for Amilita, better sleep tonight for Crassy, feel better vibes for Mandi, continued healthy vibes for Mandi's cousin, anti-hording vibes for Anoushh's parents, and much love to everyone))))
I love lagaan (land tax). Bollywood is fantastic 'cos it's so cheesy, but lagaan is drama as well. Bride & Predjudice is just plain cheese, though. But it is good, imo.

yay! for guppie-babies, lighting, shoes, and all good things.

*yawn* off to bed for me.
minipixies new hair cut I'm only going to keep this public for day or so...I just wanted to show off minipixie's new hair.
Aww, how cute! It's long enough where she could go shorter and not have *really* short hair.
rose, it's good to hear that your place doesn't flood. Yay for baby fish.

sidecar, yay for the money pit not being bad.

fina, I'd always go for shoes before a haircut.

((amilita)) I bet the house is really pretty. good luck.

((mando)) Petty office politics suck. ((mando's cousin))

pixie, does your niece's fiance have a job?

((raisin's family member))


((mornington)) I am such a procrastinator too, especially when I was in school.

((damona)) Good luck with finding housing.

Yay for mr. crassy's 5K run.

I'm definately a little OCD. Sometimes I obsessively check things to make sure everything is ok. I'm able to handle it though. I'm so not a hoarder though, if anything I throw too much stuff out. I don't like clutter. Mr. DM is somewhat of a hoarder because he loves things, it's hard to get him to throw out a magazine or even a box sometimes. He accepts my issues though, so I accept his.

((Busties are the best))

((Good news))
just a fly by to give a huge group hug because this week is kicking my ass every which way but your love is better than ice cream ...

and to wish my beloved (((plummie))) a very happy birthday! i love you long time, girl!
happy happy birthday to plummie!!!

mini pixie is aDORable!!!!

amilita, the american gothic house sounds really cool and fun (if not exhausting) to restore!

sidecar, awesome news about the lighting fix. and glad the new floors looks great, i'd love to see them when you get time to post before & afters.

yay for baby fish!

kvetch: i barely slept again last night, wtf? and when i did sleep i dreamt that judd nelson was secretly taping the mr. & i have sex and putting it on the internet! (think i'm paranoid about the s-i-l coming home when the mr. & i are getting it on?!?)

and why the hell is this week stretching sooooo long?!? i'm anxious for the weekend.
Happy Bday Plummie!

Umm..this morning I went to Starbucks and had an iced bananas and cream frappachino...yummy!

Tonight I am taking Minipixie clothes shopping! It's nice to finally have money again after the wedding and honeymoon!

(((Crassy))) It is hard to be spontaneous when you know someone can walk in on you.

yay baby fish...what did you do with the ones you had when you moved? I always meant to ask.


DM..yea..some sort of construction $7.50/hr type of job. And she's just starting out as a hairdresser.

Just flying by to say yay, it's (((((plummie's))))) birfday!

(((crassy))) ***get some sleep vibes***
(((pixie))) minipixie is too cute! And she looks just like her mum from here
(((rosev))) good to know you're not flooded out, but boo! to feeling ill.
(((txplum))) happy birthday!

to summarise: genes transcription is regulated by several factors, situs inversus is where your organs are the wrong way round so your heart's on the right, and flagella contain dinein, and the vagus nerve provides parasympathetic stimulation to the heart. I have learnt many things today, but I'm not sure writing that in the exam will help.

Happy Birthday TxPlum!!!

pixie, minipixie is just adorable!

*~*~*~sleep vibes for crassy~*~*~*~

((((southeastern busties)))) hope nobody got too wet with all the rain and flooding!

mornington, i'm really not sure how or why, but i pretty much understood your summary. weird.

(((((mando)))) and you get kisses for quoting one of my favourite songs too!


thanks for all the vibes for the whole housing mess. i get so damn discouraged with getting constantly turned down, i start to feel like i'm the only person who ever has to deal with this crap (yes, i know, the whole world is not wired to my butt). it's starting to look like i'm going to have to beg and plead some more to see if we can stay a few more months, which puts me even more firmly under my mothers thumb... gawd i cannot wait to move out on my own somewhere. i'm 26 yrs old, and, while i've been living on my own, it's always been with some sort of assisstance from my parents. it's getting ridiculous. ok! /end rant

anti-kvetch: the mr finally mowed the lawn! one less thing for me to get grouched at about!

i made the mistake of drinking a cup of the mr's coffee last night. i was up until 2:30am! it wasn't even a whole cup!

little d had swimming today and he floated on his back for the first time ever! he's always been weird about being on his back, he sleeps on his belly and everything, so it is kind of a big deal that he would even try to do it.

the shop here is full of teen boys who are all playing some shoot-'em-up game and i keep hearing "first blood!" "die!" "go ahead, shoot me!" yeah, don't tempt me you little.... heehee.
"(yes, i know, the whole world is not wired to my butt)"

Damona, darling, I am certainly not laughing at your mess but this made me giggle.

Thank you for all the wishes! It is a fantabulomous day and it looks like I'll get to enjoy the benefits of a full birthday week. Lots to do, lots to do! DruidGirl, NotHippie and their lot are taking us out for dinner tonight. Tomorrow, date night. Saturday, girlie time with DG. Sunday, steak dinner with the fam for me & for Father's Day. Lots of yay!

And a little boo. Can I ask for some vibes for my little sis and her best friend? They are both away at school, and the friend has sort of a crappy family sitch...and has been having mysterious, terrifying symptoms, which have finally been diagnosed as a torn aortic valve. She's 20. Naturally, both girls are beside themselves. She's having surgery either today or tomorrow, and my dad is on his way up there to offer his support. Any vibes y'all can send up/down Lubbock way are much appreciated.
more birthday fun for plummie *tosses confetti and chocolate cupcakes around*

~*~*~*~plum sis & bestfriend*~*~*~*

(((damona))) ~*~*find a place*~*~ it's frustrating when you're in limbo and not knowing, but ase soon as you find the perfect place it will get better!

i'm leaving work to go home and try to get some sleep. i really hope that i can. i might take a benedril just in case.
(((((plummie)))))) happy birthday!
~~~lil sis and friend~~~~

enough work for today. see y'all later!
****txplum's sis & friend****

***sleep for crassy***
damona - you're doing better than I am then!

back to the ice-cream for me!
I just popped in to say THANK YOU ALL for all the vibes, especially the ones concerning my job situation 'cause guess what?! I got my old job back and will even be making a little bit more $$ than I used to!!!!!! WOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!! I will have my medical coverage again and will be able to have that gall bladder surgery in a few months. Ohhh man, I am on cloud nine right now!

Nobody could ever convince me that BUSTie vibes don't work!

(((((kvetchies)))) you are the very best friends a girl could ask for! *MWAH* xoxoxoxoxo

ETA ~~~~~vibes for plummie's sis & friend~~~~~
whoohoo lively!!!

And a quick drive by to say happy birthday to txplumwine.

(Also to marvel at mandolyn's continued superhero powers re: birthday greetings. Color me impressed as I can barely remember my own, let alone anyone else's.)
Woohoo, a rarity: a half-drunken post from Billy. One of the favorite drinks encountered in Brazil was the capirihna. It's mashed limes (wtf, they call them lemons), sugar, ice and cachacha (vodka is a nice substitute tonight). I must say, I'm doing a pretty decent job with them. Btw, cachaha is distilled and aged sugar cane squeezins. Pinga is the not-so-aged version.

In anticipation of Friday, I predict with 100% metaphysical certitude that I will be wearing grey Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs. My ass will look fine. Thank you, thank you very much.

Happy birthday plummie!

((crassy)) Hope you got some sleep.

((mornington)) yay for learning things.

((plummie's sis and friend))

((lively)) Yay!!!!!!!!!! for being employed again.

Twin DM bought me a present from her business trip to NJ which I had to exchange, but I got a really cute shirt.

It's almost the weekend.


((Good news))
Ah yes, I surmise that it's very close to wishing time for my birthday near-twin Anoussh! Happy happy, and all wishes for smooth sailing from here on.

Congrats dear Lively! I hope I'm next on that line.

Happy Birthday, Plum!

Big-time hugs for plum (of course!), mando (did I miss the Mandopalooza pix?), mornington, fina (I'm sooooooo behind in my email :-( sorry!), dusty, minipixie and her new 'do (so adorable!), rosev, billy (a fellow buster!), qspice, syba, polly, doodle, maimy, and all the others I've forgotten to mention, but never forgot to think about.

~North "too much work; not enough play" pole~
Billy's still alive?
dammit, billy! we should've drunk-dialed each other. i was whooping it up alone with dirty margaritas (cuervo, cuervo mix, ice, plastic cup - as opposed to a real margarita = patron silver, cuervo mix, gran marnier, frozen, in a proper margarita glass with proper margarita salt). i may be doing the same this evening. is it tequila week for mandi? why yes, yes it is. *weight o'the world sigh*

(((lively))) congrats on the new jobbie! good news indeed! *doing the snoopy dance of new jobbie goodness*

*all good thoughts for (((plummie's lil sis and bf)))*

north, m'luv, i'm not sure i'll be posting pics publicly. still waiting on word for permission to circulate via email. ya gotta respect wishes, ya know?

annoush, i can take little to no credit for the birthday fairy thang. it's a combination of an old list of meer's and my blessed yahoo calendar. when is your day, darlin?

i not only want minipixie's hair, i want minipixie ... that child is a BEAUTY!

kvetch: the us open is being played two towns away, yet you'd think it's being played here. golfers & caddies & limo drivers, oh my! and it's a gorgeous day. wall street will be empty by 1 pm. today is going to be beyond crazybusy nuts.

antikvetch: go, phil! (i empathize with tiger's loss of his papa, but i still can't stand him and his nastyass 'tude, and i don't want him to win.) and ... yeah. most of you have no idea what the hell i'm talking about, i'm sure.

black lace wacoal, black microfiber pantygirdle, black soul.
I know what you are talking about Mando. The PGA turnament will be here next year and there are already billboards and signs everywhere! You'd think it was next month! Plus, I worked in a concession stand the last time the tournament was here as a teenager..pre Tiger Woods...Cod, I feel old!

And yes, my minpixie is a little beauty!

Mr. Pixie's minpixie looks just like him and she's a looker too. I can't wait to see what stunningly beatuteous children we can produce. Might give little Shiloh Jolie a run for her money.;p

It is a slooowww Friday here at work. I am already ready to go home.

I don't care what you say, Mandolyn, I'm still impressed (such is my birthday impairment.) And plummie, how do you do that? How do you remember when I never do???
(My birthday is today. 40. ulp. I almost forgot myself until I saw some birthday emails this morning)

Mando, sometimes you just need a margarita in a plastic cup.

woo! happy birthday anoushh!

*and exit stage left*
*handing (((annoush))) a virgin 'rita in a party-pink plastic cup* HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, doll! i hope of your dreams comes true ... MWAH!
Happy Birthday Anoushh! What a big year for you, lady!

I'm working on painting the walls (see House of the Gods if you wanna see an initial picture and read about me agonizing over colors) and we close on the land today!

I do not think we are going to try to get that house we loved...thing is, it needs so much work. To do it justice, we would need to put about half the purchase price into it. And the Mr. doesn't want to do that, even if we do it over 5 years...he's a cob-it-together kind of guy. But our partner and I want to treat the house right, and bring it up to the standards of the block (did I mention that it's on one of the fanciest streets in Natchez and is about 1 1/2 blocks from the bluff that looks down onto the river? Gorgeous.) and I feel emotional connections to buildings and I'd be sad not being able to give the house what it needs.

And none of us want to fight about it, or struggle to agree on things every step of the way. The Mr. was saying he felt like he was meeting us halfway, but I said that it's like two people who want to marry but one wants kids and one doesn't. You really have to reconsider getting married, because it's important to agree on the overall gameplan, ya know?

So I'm a little sad, but it was gonna be a big money and time drain. We went from getting an evacuation station to buying an investment property. And then scrapping that.

Pixie, minipixie is so charming! I think she looks like such an open person...those wide eyes and all.

Yay, lively! That is big, big, BIG!

More hugs for (((Damona)))

Crassy, have you caught up on sleep yet?

Hi to mornington, billy, north, alligator, designerm, sidecar, sonik, fina, qspice, sybarite, mando and everyone!
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