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I know I'm a little late but...

((rv and rv's friend))

candycane's cousin))

soothing vibes for pixie...

I'm sorry bunnyb... sad.gif

Mcgeek and I are trying to figure out how to read the one book we have in one weekend(he's a really slow reader, and I read insanely fast... I guess I could go buy one myself, but I have no cash right now) But we have a HP food themed weekend. We're not leaving the house until the last word is read on the page... yet I so want to tease him and be like "Dude, have you got to chapter 8 yet??" laugh.gif

Med update: They're changing my zombie drugs. I'm just so happy to get off them. Yet, it's going to take like 2 months to get them out of my system. My old doctor and I would have never allowed me to do that.The side effects are worse right now than not having any seizures. I just want to have a life again, where I can hold down a job, etc etc.... So thank you for all the bustie vibes. I really don't like doctors. I'm in still a little leery of this one, just because others have screwed me in the past (long history of it).

Okay, everyone have a great weekend!

Kvetch: Oooouch.....bleeding as well... Golden Girls marathon last night helped.
My favorite HP film so far is Prisoner of Azkaban. In fact, that film is what got me to read the books. I've never even seen the first two films in full. I rented the first but got so bored, I fast-forwarded to the end, and I watched the last hour of the second one on cable. I loved the third one though -- Alfonso Cuaron is one of my favorite directors and I thought he did a great job.

OotP is my second-favorite. I'm excited to see it with the effects finished (I saw a preview and I don't recall Voldemort having a bunch of green dots all over his face; also we saw a lot of green screen at the end). Maybe next week.

(((((stargazer))))) special hugs because you're awesome.

bunny, I hope it works out! Midnight parties are great fun. Could damnit pick up the car for you?

big ol' kvetch: So remember the bakery in my crotch? Yeah. It reopened in late June after being closed for nearly a year. I had my annual in early July and got some meds (it was bacterial) which I just finished, and they gave me a really awful yeastie. I'm in too much pain, I haven't had an orgasm since mid-June, and I want to get laid on vacation. I'm working the Diflucan and the boric acid and will go down the dreaded Monistat path tomorrow if I must, but mostly, I'd like some anti-yeast vibes.
(((sidecar))) no yeasties for you!

Thanks for the vibes for my cousin, ladies. Unfortunately, things don't sound like they have improved much. She has a very high fever (about 40 C) and the doctors are talking about opening her up again! That would make it 3 times in only one month. I just don't like the way it sounds right now.
~@#~@~#~@#~@~#~@~# YEASTIES BEGONE!!!!!~@#~@#~@#@~#@~@#~@#~@#@~

it really IS me, i promise. i just cant get into my account. i forgot my password and when i do the change password thing it won't recognize the new "password" that is just a bunch of numbers and symbols that the password change thing sends. boo.

~*~*~*~*~* no KNIFE vibes for your cousin, candycane girl!! ~*~*~*~*~*~*

bunnybemine, did you go??? huh?huh?huh?huh? tell all!!

soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooothing baby vibes for micropixie!!!

rosiev, i hope that your friend is ok and that she gets herself a GOOD lawyer!!

feeling like dren. some sort of flu/virus ick. stuffed up nose, sinus headache, sore throat, same old same old winter ick. bleah.

sorry i am so "le blerg". sad.gif
Jello, Kvetchies!!

Yes, a Tes sighting, and I realized it has been ages since I posted as well. So hi all, and hope everyone is doing well!
Tes, darlin', been trying to reach you on yahoo! Hope to chat soon! Hope the crud goes away soon!

((Rose)) How's the house?
((SIDE))) No more yeast, dammit!!!!

((((kvetchies, all of ya.... morning, side, bunny, yuefie, morning, pixie, mando, etc et al))))

Anti kvetch- almost 9 months out of surgery and starting to feel almost normal. I'm at around 90%. It still feels like there is something in my neck all the time. Errrr, well, there is. I am able to finally make it through the day without lying down. There are still overdo's, but it takes longer to get there. I am playing some limited golf.

Kvetch: The foundation on my house failed. Goddamn foundation failure. It is common in areas that have "expansive" soils. Well, that, my house design, and the lot... well, nothing that $10,000 can't fix. Fuck me. Hard. I've had to increase my home equity line to deal with this. So please, vibes that that house will be happy for a few years would be most appreciated. I hope to get this paid off in 3 to 4 years.
(((tesao))) so good to see you again. i've meeced you terribly.

(((sidecar))) sending extra-strength anti-bakery vibes your way. damn, girl. i thought you were home-free.

kvetch: major yoga mishap 9 days ago, (out of shape, pushed myself, stupid stupider stupidest) resulting in sciatica agony the entire week. i think i've created a new & much higher threshold of pain for myself. not to say that the tears n' pity party hasn't been in high gear. sad.gif i can't imagine how those in chronic pain learn to deal. it fucking SUCKS.

antikvetch: went to highly recommended homeopathic chiropractor. feel like i found a new best friend. she's a little "out there", but i also very much believe in her healing powers. she has a Gift.

kvetch: had to postpone the vackay to VA. no way i could've suffered thru 5-6 hrs in the car today. no drugs help.

antikvetch: it works out that the following week is do-able for everyone, and i was able to change our return flight with little extra cost (so far, jetblue rocks!) this time next saturday, we'll be heading south to see lil sis and niecelette. i'm sad it's not happening today, but i'm tres relieved i have another week to heal.

profuse apologies for not being able to do a proper catch-up. it hurts to sit. i hope some sincere love and generic vibes will do.


and oh yes ... danny's waiting by the door for his harry potter delivery. he's already warned us that we won't see him for two days. hee!
Hi Tes & Plat! How's your malaria recovery going, tes? Plat, I feel dumb for not asking this until now, but I think I missed the post ever-so-long-ago about what kind of surgery you had. Obviously, it was a big one if you're still recovering. I hope you feel better and ~*~*foundation and financial vibes for you~*~*

Sidecar, sorry about the bakery re-opening. ~*~*healthy bacteria vibes~*~*

Ouch, mando- yoga-induced sciatic pain? Sciatic pain sucks. LeMom went to a chiropractor for her sciatic issues, after suffering for years, and they did a couple of treatments with a machine that used ultrasound waves or maybe radio waves...some kind of waves and it was gone. That was a couple years ago and she's been fine ever since. However you do it, there is hope!!

Bunny dear, did you get my PM? I wasn't necessarily expecting a reply, but my computer went a little wonky as I was sending it, so I wasn't sure if it went through. I hope your Potter Party Plans worked out.

I have my Harry Potter- how was the Women & Children party, sidecar & kitten? The Magic Tree one was fun! Now, after being up until almost 2am and having to get up again at 7am for work, I have no concentration and can't handle reading the book, so that's the price I pay. It's sitting next to me on my desk, here at work, and I can't get past the second page...Volde-who? blink.gif

Sassy, I hope your med change works out.

~*~*~healthy vibes for candycane's cousin~*~*~

I found out my grandpa (Zaidi, since he's on my Jewish side) has shingles. They seem to have caught it before it started causing him pain, so that's a good sign. He got a big dose of medicine on Thursday, I think, and they hope he won't have any pain. I haven't seen him, but I talked to my Baubi (grandma) and she said it's like a big goose-egg (hematoma) thing on his face, and it will literally move down his body as his body fights it off. I get creeped out seeing visible signs of illness like that- I don't know why, it just freaks me out- so hopefully it will go away soon. I'd hate to see him like that.

(((polly's zaida))) only logged on now as was avoiding web until book finished and received your PM twice so all good!

(((sidecar))), (((plat))), (((mandi))) and (((everyone)))!

Thanks for the launch party love! the car was back just in time for me to leave for work and I damnit and I had a blast. We went straight from work at 10pm, bought a couple of books as 20% discount, grabbed a starbucks and joined the queue (inside, we were sitting on staircase); the queue was INSANE later on but we joined it quickly and I had the book in my grubby little mitts at 12.20am, drove home and read from 1-30-5.30 and then from 10.30 until 7.30. I am zonked and in mourning - for the deaths, yes, and all of the characters.

Happy remainder of your weekend!
[/fingers in ears, singing "la la la la, I don't hear any hints at HP spoilers la la la la] laugh.gif
I finished this afternoon as well. I put my thoughts on my LJ, under a spoiler cut. Also I made a very silly poll in a separate post. Very, very silly. (No need to have read the book to take it -- it has no spoilers!) I am feeling, I think wistful is the word? That intermingled sense of loss and happiness but feeling like it's okay to move on? Yes, that is it.

The party was fun, if significantly crowded. I still found kittenb though, so it was good to catch up with you! I also enjoyed my 2-4-1 ice cream. It was pretty cool that our chamber worked together to make it a fun event. I very much enjoyed walking home from the bars and seeing people in each one, clutching (and in some cases reading!) Deathly Hallows. Martini has it now and I'm glad he's readig it this week. With HBP, he didn't read it for almost a year, and I was DYING to talk about what that one guy did to that other guy (in case you haven't read that one!).

So thanks for the vibes! I was pretty much home free for awhile there and I learned a few things from this last bout. When I stop taking my probiotics, get stressed out, don't sleep enough, roll back on vegetables and subsist on junk food, and don't do something else I don't want to gross you all out with, I will get infections. All those things are fairly easy to do, so I will in the future. Never again!

I am feeling much, much better. It may be the Diflucan + boric but I really think it's you!

(((yuefie, mando, rose, polly))))
((((candycane)))) i am so sorry to hear that she's doing worse
Polly wrote:
"Hi Tes & Plat! How's your malaria recovery going, tes? Plat, I feel dumb for not asking this until now, but I think I missed the post ever-so-long-ago about what kind of surgery you had. Obviously, it was a big one if you're still recovering. I hope you feel better and ~*~*foundation and financial vibes for you~*~*"

No probs- I had a two-level cervical fusion due to spinal cord compression. In other words, the vertebrae from C4-5 and C5-6 in my neck now don't move. I am feeling a lot better, thank you!

(((mando))) Shit, girl, did you know I blew one of my cervical disks and destroyed my shoulders doing power yoga??? There are just some postures that us normal humans should not even attempt.

(((polly's grandpa))) ouch. Shingles. ouch.

sidecar, I'm taking the book down for the boy this weekend, which he will read immediately so I can discuss it with him! A year and a half would have been so frustrating.

no spoilers, polly! I wouldn't do that.
laugh.gif I know you wouldn't bunny- I've just been trying very hard to avoid anything, even theories (I haven't been in the HP thread here for about 6 weeks!) I started to read it last night; today I'm doing the mutha of all laundry sorts (I haven't done any laundry in about 3 weeks because of the floors- it was a HUGE mound in my closet.) LeBoy went out and bought the audiobook of it this morning since stupid iTunes hasn't released it yet, and he "reads" all his books that way since he has an hour commute and is a slow reader. I've been listening to to it while I sort. I'm on chapter 5. Eek!

Ahh, Plat, that makes sense. ~*~*~further vibes!!~*~*~

((hugs to all- must sort!))
I'm re-reading The Half-Blood Prince to get me in gear for the new book...I have to go pick mine up from the Post Office tomorrow. Squee.

Worked last night and was so busy! I smashed my little toe about a week ago, and though it's getting so much better, it's a whole 'nother thing to have non-flip-flops on and run around all night. Ow. I'm totally with ya, Mando, I don't know how those with chronic pain do it...I realize I have such a high standard for how I expect to feel physically. Which is, I guess, both good and bad.

Little Wally tore one of his front nails half-off. It doesn't seem to bother him much, so am waiting to take him to vet first thing Monday morning. It hurts me to look at it.

Going out for sushi tonight! Been craving it for weeks, but there hasn't been a good time to go out for it, really.

Watched an amazing documentary called All My Babies's an educational film from 1952 meant to train midwives, and the woman featured in it is amazing!! She served poor women in Georgia, and maybe it's just me, but to see how she worked...technique, equipment...and just the way she spoke. Wow. She believed that even if you didn't have a lot, you could still help other people.

Her grandson, in an extra-feature interview- says she would sometimes come home, put all her kids in her bed, then haul off a mattress and clean linens over to a laboring woman's home so she wouldn't have to deliver on the floor.

And I got to show the Mr. an actual delivery! He said HOLY CRAP a lot. Hee.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!!! (((you)))
Chronic pain can suck my left tit.

ETA: Oh wait, it already does that. Metaphorically, not literally.

That is all.
{{{{sidecar}}}} after this year. you have all my sympathies w/the yeastie stuff. It was great to see you on Friday. I can't say that it was the most fun I have ever had b/c MY GOD that place was crowded and hot and if another child had stepped on my foot there would have been bloodshed but it was fun.
I finished The Book yesterday. Wrote my thoughts in the HP thread. Loved it.
I had a really good weekend. Saturday, I read then I went to this bike collective in Chicago and bought a new-to-me bike. It is an old blues Schwinn Breezer. Very simple. Pedal brakes, no gears. I just love it. Although, once I get used to riding it in the city, I will want gears. I think maybe next year I will upgrade to a new cruiser. Anyway, Saturday night I went out drinking and dancing w/some girls. I haven't been out dancing in longer than I care to admit. So it was fun. On Sunday, I read and once I was done I pulled my bike out, cleaned it off and set it up (forgot to put the lights on so no night riding for me yet) and then pedaled my way around my neighborhood. It is so scary for me to ride on the streets that I am staying on the sie streets only. I live right on a major city street and I know that at some point I am going to have to figure it out but not yet. Well, I forgot to buy a side-view mirror so first I have to get that, then I will learn to ride the bigger roads. I just bought the bike to run errands and stuff. It was just so pretty, pedaling around, down to the Lake and my friends houses. smile.gif
No, today I am sore and tired but I feel really good about everything.
amalita, I may have to check out that movie. Thanks.
(((raisin))), (((plat))) and (((amilita's toe)))

where is mornington?

polly, listening to the audio books is so good for when you have other things needing done. I hibernated but it felt gooooood!

kvetch: I have a cold and feeling really drained and sleepy. The family are away on holiday to Ireland so noone to kvetch in person to.

anti-kvetch: having kinkykatykins over tonight for dinner and a girls' night of wine and cheesy movies; I'm really looking forward to it.

Ugh, I started to feel worse yesterday so I took the dreaded Monistat last night and woke up at 2:30 am, screaming in pain. I ended up being awake for an hour, and I washed it out, used a boric tab and a Tylenol PM. I'm barely awake, but I'm not as bad off as I was yesterday. The only thing that hurts now is where the Monistat burned me. Never, ever again.

kittenb, you'll have to tell me where that bike collective is. I think I talked Martini into getting me a bike later this summer!

(((((raisin))))))) things haven't been fun for you lately, have they?
((((bunny)))) I'm lurking, up at the grandparents so ye olde dial-up is a pain the bum. trying to fill out my ucas form in time for clearing and waiting on my referee.


(((sidecar)))) yay for feeling better! ***go away yeasties***

((((mando)))) ow ow ow! ***hairbrushings***

((((kitten)))) yay for a new bike!

((((polly)))) & ((((polly's zaida))))

((((amilita)))) wow.

waves to ((((plat)))) & ((((tes))))

((((candy's cousin)))) & ((((candy))))

((((star)))) yay LJ!


I have not yet bought HP. It's on my to-do list, but really I need to re-read the others. I'll toddle down to the second-hand shop in a few days and see what turns up.

Indigo and I are up in wales, and I'm going to see if the trains are running for me to get back down to london (there are massive floods all over the place) because I want to get home in case my house floods - unlikely, but I want to move a few things to higher ground, as it were. ie the top of the wardrobe. The buns are booked in boarding until monday, so i have a few days to decide about getting the old bun.


(((sidecar))) ouch! How did the monistat manage to burn you? Do all yeast infection remedies do this to you? Also, I don't know if you were on the Bust homepage but there was a quote from someone saying to get grapefruit seed extract, put some drops in water and drink it 2-3 times a day and it's supposed to work pretty well.

(((mando))) sciatic pain sucks. I'm lucky not to know how it feels but my mom has had bad sciatic pain for a while. She's only 56 but it causes her to walk like she's 90!

(((plat))) glad to hear you're feeling better.

(((tes))) it's been nice to see you around lately.

(((polly))) and your (((gramps))). Hopefully the shingles will go away soon.

(((raisin))) chronic pain does indeed suck.

(((morn, rosev, yuefie, sassy, pixie and mini pixie!, kitten, bunny, star, ch, everyone)))

And now for the cousin update. First off thanks for all of the vibes. My uncle called on Saturday and said that the doctors decided to go back in again. They inserted something like a small rod with little ovules (or something like that) with antibiotics on them. I'm guessing it's like a time release thing. So of course this now guarantees that they'll have to go inside her again for a fourth time to eventually remove the rod. I hate that she's going through this and I hate that they keep opening her up over and over again. I mean, geez, the human body can only take so much. I've never heard of anyone having so many surgeries in such a short amount of time! I feel really frustrated that they can't seem to pinpoint the cause of the infection (at least as far as I've been told).

Also, does anyone know anything about hematoma? That's what my aunt called the pooled blood that was above my cousin's left kidney. I mean, that just can't be right, blood is supposed to circulate, not gather in one place.
sidecar - here is the website for Working Bikes. Let me warn you, though. They are not kidding about arriving early. We got there at 11:30 for a noon opening and I am glad that we did. It is like Filene's Basement Wedding Dress sale. And I had a friend so that he could hold on to one bike while I looked at others.
Stay dry mornington!
Kitten...a hemotoma is usually when blood pools together and creats a pocket I don't know how they treat them inside the body, but when I used to work at a vet hospital, cats's would get them in their ears a lot when they had been fighting and we would have to lance it and put in a drain.
(((raisin))) wish i could make you all betta, babe.

(((candy & cousin))) poor thing. Please keep us posted.

(((plat))) so good to see you again, and yay on 90%! It’s been a long, hard road for you, hasn’t it, punkin? How’s your gorgeous furball doing?

(((yuefie, rose & pal, sassy, sidecar, pixie, kitten, bunny, mornington, amilita, tesao, billy, polly & everyone)))

Thanks for the vibage and commiseration. it's getting better little by little. the worst part are the 4 am muscle spasms. ointments, heat .... nothing helps. i just cry.

And I know exactly what went wrong with the yoga. I forgot I wasn’t at my Jan-March, much-more-flexible level. I’ve always been so careful not to push … except not this time. Lesson learned.

Danny finished The Book last night and told me all, since I don’t read the books (don’t hit me!), I just watch the flicks. Even tho I’m not a diehard fan, I’m a bit wistful too. Now the mr has it in his grimy little hands. Alas, no chores will get done this week.

Ok, funny story: the mr goes shopping for me last thurs night at The Drugstore That Now Has A Mandi Wing, and I bring the bags up to the bedroom, where I proceed to forget about them, since I’m in pain and not thinking clearly and stressing out about whether or not I should attempt the drive to VA on Saturday. Cut to coming home from work on Friday, relieved that we’ve changed our plans … And my bedroom has Drugstore items strewn about … including two boxes of fig newtons, the boxes flattened and the plastic wrappings licked clean.

Um, guess who forgot that dogs are eating machines?

The vet was closed, so – a little panicky - I checked online, and luckily fig newtons didn’t come up on any toxic food lists. Poor zoey had a fearsome bellyache and was very out of sorts Friday night (god in heaven, a sick corgi has the SADDEST EYES EVER!), but luckily she was back to her normal happy self on Saturday.

Lesson learned.
Sophie once ate the contents of a bag of cough drops next to my bed, wrappers and all. I was terrified, but they didn't have xorbitol, or whatever that substance in gum/drops that sickens dogs was. She was fine. Sometimes Marmaduke is not that far from the truth.
Wow. My dog isn't too bad, he only eats things that smell like meat. Which is why it pisses me off to no end when my brother leaves a burger wrapper out in the open where my dog can get it. He tries to eat the wrappers and ends up chewing them up and spitting them out. It's so gross to clean out.
((((sidecar)))) oh boy. that sounds painful. i hope your girly bits feel better in time for your vacation. is everything all set for your vacation?? yeah, for getting martini to buy you a bike!

(((morn))) floods? yuck. you know, we can hang out alot while i'm in london. my friends will be at work during the day so i'll need some company. biggrin.gif

(((bunny))) acos.

(((kittenb, plat, polly, rose, sybarite, six, sassy, yuefie, amilita, tes, mando, pixie, and candy)))

ok. tryin' to motivate self to go through all of my paperwork crap. blah. i've never been so messy in my life. but, i really don't want to do it. rats. gotta motivate myself.

alittle over a week and i will be in london!!! yeah for me!!! bestguypal and i might go somewhere else. not sure. depends on airfare stuff. he wanted to go to some music festival in edinburgh, scotland but tix for festival were too expensive. barcelona was brought up.

kvetch: i find myself getting annoyed with peeps who don't introduce themselves in the newbie thread. especially when they just post in the sex threads. annoying. dry.gif

ok. send me vibes to get my ass cleaning!!
Star was it the Tatoo that he wanted to see in Edinbourgh? I remember that being at the begining of August! Rose and I went there when we went to the UK back in 97! It was a really cool show! Something about a lone bagpiper on the top turrett of Edinbough Castle just gives me chills! There were also some awesome river dancers from Ireland. If I remember right, we scheduled our whole trip around the ability to see that!

(((Zoey))) I can just imagine her eyes! FYI is your dog does ever ingest anything poisonous when your vet is closed, you can give them about a half a cup of Hydrogen peroixide every 15 minutes until they throw it up! Talk about a tummy ache! But that's how we treated them in the vet hospital.
[slumps in]
Finished the book. Feeling a little ... deflated? Is that this feeling? Maybe.

And far too many of my friends are having relationship problems. And I am a bad girl because last night I suspected that a certain friend might call me up just to talk about her maybe-ex-boyfriend & I chose to just turn off my phone so that she couldn't interrupt me while I was reading! ohmy.gif Am I a horrible friend or what? What's even worse is that I don't feel the least bit guilty. Luckily, no one tried to call so it was okay. wink.gif

Anyway! Yes, the military tattoo at Edinburough Castle! Very interesting stuff. I will admit that it can get pretty loud (lots of bag pipes and drums, you see), but it was so unique and fabulous! I'm glad my mom insisted so strongly that we go.

---------- dry vibes for our UK Busties ----------
I saw a photo on the Guardian's website of Tewkesbury and my jaw hit my lap. Unbelieveable! I think all of our family members over there are okay, but my father-in-law travels a lot & I'm not sure which part of the country he is in this week. Luckily his home (in the lake district) should be okay.

PLAT!!! TES!!! Sweethearts!!!!!!!! So good to see you in here!!!!!
~~~~~~~~~~ soothing for our dear Tes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Hooray for 90%, Plat! That is beyond fabulousness! So sorry to hear about the house, though. Is your house on a crawl space or a slab foundation? How old is it? Our house is about 20 years old, crawl space, & it had to be jacked up about 5 years ago. Here's hoping we don't have to deal with that again any time soon. [furiously knocks on wood]

(((((((( gentle hugs & healing for Sidecar )))))))) Sorry to hear you're in so much pain. I must admit that I'm a big fan of bakeries, but I'm not too happy to hear that yours is opening up again. All kidding aside, though, I hope you're feeling better soon.

((((((((CCGirl's cousin)))))))))
(((((((Polly & gramps))))))))))

Wait a minute, Star ... do you want us to send vibes that will help you clean your ass? Or just to help you clean things in general? wink.gif
!-!-!-! super clean vibes !-!-!-!

((((((((Pixie & Bunny & Kitten & Morn & Star & Yuefie & everybody)))))))

Goodness, there are a lot of people in need of vibes in here. I hope it's okay if we add my Aunt Fay to that list. We were supposed to go up north this week to visit her & my uncle, but Aunt Fay has fallen ill with something that has put her in the hospital before. When I spoke to her a day or so ago she felt pretty certain that she would be admitted later this week, but we're keeping our fingers crossed.
stargazer are funny. i just need to get motivated to clean!

rose and pixie...i was completely wrong about why bestguypal wanted to go to scotland. he was naming too many things. but that festival sounds cool.

**sending out vibes to rose's aunt**
~*~*~*~*~*~cc cousin~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~*~*~* polly grand père~*~*~*~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~*~*~* lots of pupper pettins for poor puppy dog eyed zoey ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

~*~*~*~*~*~*~feel better for aunt fay~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~*~*~waving magic wand to make things as better for raisin d'être as i can!~*~*~*~*~*~*

HUZZAH!!!! for plat's 90%!!!! HUZZAH! i say! HUZZAH!!!

stay dry mornington! hope that all is well with your house and your bunbuns. and extra-special go-away nasty water wishes for all of those poor flooded parts of england. sad.gif

mandomyheart, it breaks my heart to know that you are crying because of pain.

*blows magic sparkly feel better powder mando's way*

there. that should help!

((((((((((sidecar)))))))))) dude, that SO sucks. i had no idea that monistat was that evil for you. i really, really hope that everything feels better soon and that this goes away once and for all.

and if the TMI involves nostrils and salt water, right there with you. *extra-special hugs*

oooo, TATOOS! my father took me to one SOMEWHERE in Scotland once, i can't remember where. but it was THE coolest thing! even hearing the recording of it is great. i wonder if you can still get those -- his was on tape. no idea where it might be at this point!

okies, so i know that everyone has probably already talked about this, but -- (no worries, no spoilers!) did anyone else think that if they hadn't read the book they would have had no ide what was going on in Order of the Phoenix? i know that there was a LOT going on in that book, and they did a good job of trying to squeeze it all in, but.....sometimes, things were there and if you didn't look closely you missed them completely. granted, i watched it on a bootleg cd that is already on sale here last week, but still. i am definitely going to need to see this over and over to try to catch it all!

i am still feeling mostly like dren. my throat is sore now, probably from the coughing. i can't AFFORD to get sick, frell it all! we have mega important visitors arriving this weekend. i need to be in my best form and here i am out of it. bah. BAH! le blerg, even!

Teaseo...maybe you are right about reading the orderof the pheonix. I haven't read any of the books yet, and although I thought thevmovie was good. I liked the last 2 better.

~*~*~**~*general all purpose vibes~*~***~* It looks like everyone could use a few! Fo rme..I'd like some labor vibes. I am finally far enough long that I am considered full term. I've had some false labor, but not the real stuff yet and I feel so awful, I just want to get this over with and have my sweet little micropixie in my arms. I'll try to make sure Rose gets an update as soon as it happens.

((((UK Busties)))) I was listening to the radio this morning and heard about all the flooding!

Love to everyone.
Pixie, I was thinking I'll probably be gone when micropixie arrives. ~~labor vibes~~ good luck!

Feeling much better today. I also had *no* idea that Monistat didn't like me so much. That's a good thing to know.

(((tes))) good to see you! (and i used my neti pot this morning!)

~~~vibes for all the sick relatives~~~ good lord, is something in retrograde?
You know, I don't know if anything's in retrograde but it sure seems to be a strange time. I am sorry to hear about all the unwell relatives; it's a scary thing. I hope improvements start happening soon! And take care all of you who are in caring roles, because that's stressful too.

Sidecar, glad to hear you're feeling better, because yikes!

Pixie, labour vibes for you~~~~~

(((Tes))) Good to see you! ~~~speedy get well soon vibes~~~

And (((Mando))) Good to see you around these parts again. I'm sorry you're in such pain though; waking in the night is not good!

I was in the UK last weekend so got to experience the flooding up close. Scary, scary stuff. (((Morn))) and (((bun))) hope you're coping okay, and sorry I couldn't come visit, it was a work-y trip.

Man, I have just had it with this summer. Househunting is probably but not conclusively resolved; family stresses persist; poor thesis has been half-abandoned despite increased pressure to write up this summer (which I arranged a loan for which is going to waste). Mister and I wrangling over fucking everything to the point where I can't raise the energy for another row. And, of course, rain rain rain.

But: today is dry out so far.
The mister is trying to be sweet which is a help.
If we get the house it's exactly what we need.
I get to sod off to the country and write in peace for a while.

If anyone can spare vibes towards us definitely getting the house we want that would be awesome...
Just a flyby.....

{{{{{{laborvibes for pixiedust, come into the world micropixie!!!!!}}}}}}

{{{{{{housevibes for sybarite}}}}}}}

{{{{{healthy vibes for all}}}}}}
i wish i knew how to make camera photos larger. le pout.

these posings involved much stern-mommy-voice and after-treats.

feeling teency bit better. slept well. love you guys.
*~*labor vibes for pixie*~*

(((sidecar))) i'm glad you are feeling better. omg. i bought a neti pot and absolutely love it. it is not great to do, but i'm breathing easier. oh, and i think it is time to cut back on the carbs to help close down the bakery.

*~*healing vibes for tesao*~*

(((sybarite))) sorry for the tough summer.

(((UK busties))) hope everything is cool where you are.

((((general all purpose vibes & hugs))))

off to do some cleaning...
Awww, those pics are so cute mando!

*~*labour vibes for pixie!*~*

now for an anti-kvetch: Just one more week till I move! I mean, I think we'll have to make two trips because everything is going in my dad's cargo van but still, just one week! I'm beyond excited.

My cousin is doing alright, some of the other family members have started taking over the phone call and email duties because it's too emotionally draining on the immediate family. The fever has gone down a little bit, she's still on the ventilator but doing a lot of breathing on her own, it's just so that she doesn't get too tired. One of my aunt's is asking everyone to send emails so that she can read them to my cuz and also show her some recent family pics. I think it will definitely cheer her up. I still feel like crying over the whole situation but as everyone keep saying, she's the strongest person in the family and she will get through this.

(((brit busties))) I was just listening to BBC World Have Your Say yesterday and they were talking about all of the flooding and problems that come with it. It sounded pretty bad.

(((rose's Aunt Fay)))

(((tes))) anti-sick vibes!

(((sidecar))) I hate hate hate yeast infections.

(((syb))) good house hunting vibes for you!

(((plat, morn, amilita, polly, sassy, kittenb, qs, everyone!)))

yay for tes & plat sightings. *smooches* and ~~~continued healing vibes for you both~~~

((((sidecar)))) you poor thing, those kinds of bakeries are the suckage.

(((zoey's belly & mandi's back))) feel better girls.

(((polly's grandpa & rose's aunt)))

~~~labor vibes for pixie~~~

and ~~~house vibes for syb & mr. syb~~~

and some ~~~~ease up on the rain & flooding please!~~~ vibage for all the UK busties.

((((star, polly, sixela, morn, bunny, raisin, amilita, dm, billy, sassy, kitten, candy, ch, plummie, tg, mavin, flankerj, crassy, anoushh, everyone))))


I had a little bit of an accident this morning on my way back from dropping Ziggy off at the vet to be neutered. And it was entirely my fault, which is quite humiliating . Fortunately it involved a pole and not another motorist and their vehicle. The pole seemed fine, but the front end of my car has seen better days. Everything still works fine, it's just dented. And making it worse is that poor PJ was in the car with me. He and I are both a little sore in the shoulders from where the seat belts went across. It's just SO freaking embrassing. I am usually a VERY cautious driver and can't believe what a stupid, stupid thing I did today. I threw on a pair of sandals that were not mine (because I wasn't paying any attention since I was in such a big hurry from missing my alarm this morning) and they were too big (which is hard to believe since I have gargantuan feet to begin with), and one of the shoes came loose and caught under the gas pedal. I tried to just hit the brake but obviously was unsucessful sad.gif . Geez, of all the dumbass things I've ever done, methinks this one takes the cake. Just thank maude nobody else was involved. So yeah, it's me and my wounded pride, poor sore PJ, poor dented car and my record of never having had an accident or incident of any sort down the drain.


A hematoma is basically a pool of blood outside the blood vessels caused by leak or injury.

A bruise is a type of hematoma.

Anyway, I'm just driving by b/c I thought of amilita when I saw that the New Orleans doctor was not indicted by a grand jury and that the nurses had previously had charges dropped when they were forced to testify before a grand jury.

About damn time.

I hope UK busties are ok. I"m glad we weren't able to make our July trip after all.
<<<Candy and fam>>>

Mandi, you have *sciatica*? Ow ow ow.

Mr. Dusty's cousin shall always remain fixed in my mind as the person who plunked down and visited for an hour while my finger remained in the second-to-last Harry Potter book seven pages from the end.


<<<Sidecar and the bakery that never quits>>>

Life is a little stressful these days as I found out at the beginning of April that our department is closing down and we have been given a year's notice that our jobs are terminating. We are mounting a campaign to fight back which is doubly stressful.
But it did quit! For a year! Meh. Cutting out carbs entirely has never worked, but eating more fruits and veggies, dropping my weight, sleeping regularly, relieving stress in healthy ways, peeing after sex, and taking probiotics sure did. I got lazy. Never get complacent, that's my new motto. I'm feeling way better today.

Anyway. (((((dusty and anoushh))))) I'm so glad to see you here.

Dusty, that sucks about your job. How can they do that to you?

~~~grandpa polly and aunt rose~~~

(((candycane's cousin))))
~~~~dry out vibes for the UK~~~~
~~~~house vibes for syb~~~~~
(((dusty))) I would have been very cross with that mr's cousin.




(((pixie))) micro-pixie, GET OUT!

(((aunt rose)))

(((yuefie))) soothingly brushes your hair. Did I tell you all that I bumped into a post in a mutlistorey a good few weeks ago with bunbun in the car? bunnymama was not amused.

(((star))) a'cos

where's sixela?

*touching wood* but the floods haven't spread up here; which is surprising in itself. It's been sunny here the last few days after incessant rain but I haven't been outside to enjoy it.

I am loaded with flu, feel so very, very crappy. The last two days I have spent curled up on sofa with throw or in bed, both locations watching dvds. Just now I'm going to do more of the same. The family are in Ireland and the boy in England so nobody to look after me except for Mandoo (and he's doing a wonderful job rolleyes.gif ).

Mandi, she is GORGEOUS! Love love love the pics. smile.gif Good to hear you are feeling better. After I made my last post, I was outside the house & thought "Holy crap! I forgot to vibe Mandi!" So here are some ...
*(((*(((*(((extra special although belated hugs for Mandiliciousness)))*)))*)))*
As for the piccies? I use photobucket & they just magically turn up HUGE on Bust. So maybe you should try photobucket instead. smile.gif

<==<== push 'im out vibes for Pixie ==>==> Sorry I can't be there with you this time, sweetie. But I think you're in good hands with Mr. P by your side. wink.gif

*~ I^I ~* house vibes for Sybarite *~ I^I ~*

((((((((Continued hugs & healing for CC's cousin)))))))))))

(((((((((Yuefie & PJ)))))))))) Going so long without an accident is still a fabulous achievement, sweetie.

(((((((((Dusty)))))))))) Sorry to hear about the job situation. As for the unexpected visit from the cousin?! UGH! I would have excused myself - probably to the bathroom - and read those pages in peace. Cousins can wait. wink.gif

Glad to hear you're feeling better, Sidecar. That sounded SO damn painful! ((((Sidecar))))

~~~~~~~~ healing & soothing for our wee BunnyB ~~~~~~~~

(((((((Tes)))))))) I think of the Harry Potter movies almost like cliff notes to the books. They touch on the main points, but they just can't compare to the books. wink.gif

Thanks for the vibes for my aunt, everyone. I haven't heard anything lately, but no news is good news right now. I think our only delima is that Sheff still has this week off & we don't know what to do with the rest of it! We're considering running out to the outer banks for a day or two. But that means finding a hotel with vacancies. Hard to do at the end of July!
(((Rose))) Vibes just cuz. Hey, my house is 15 years old. They are out there drilling away as I speak! This job should take 3-4 days. Was there a warrantee for the foundation repair at your house?? I hope you took it! For my house, the warranty is transferrable for $100 for the life of the house. Beleve it or not, this kind of thing is really common in NC due to the clay soil. It is called "expansive" soil- shrinks and expands with varying moisture levels, and depending on the grade/design of your house, it can be a problem. If you had a repair done and the company is worth its salt, you will hopefully not have problems, or if you did, they will fix 'em for free.

((((tes))) Begone nasty green icky things in sinuses and respiratory system!

(((side))) NETI POT!!!!! Gotta love the neti pot!!!

(((mando))) LOVE the fur baby!!!! His Highness is doing well- all 18 pounds of him. He is quite freaked by all the drilling and construction at the moment.

(((yuefie, anoush, star, candy, morning, bunny, star, kitten, and y'all!!))))
Hi darlings!

Oh my Maude, I am sooooooooooo tired, dragging my sorry ass in here this afternoon. Exercised too much last night, then was wired for a few hours and went to bed super late, woke up super early (thank you, sun), had computer problems all morning long (which I think I've now resolved all on my own, hooray), was going to make a lentil/spinach dish but the one freakin' onion I had in the kitchen was bad, so instead I ate melon and cottage cheese (I like it dry and kind of salty, oh yes I do) of my own free will, and now I'm so tired and worn out that I think I'm going to take an afternoon nap before I think about going to the store to get that onion. I also have a book I want to finish reading today, and I really need to clean off my kitchen table and fold the laundry. Have I mentioned how much I hate not working? I can't settle into any feelings of being carefree or chilled out with so much on my mind.

Had a good day yesterday pain-wise, but today I'm all out of sorts and it's not a good feeling. Eh. I'm a broken record.

Doc says I have to see a -- gulp -- surgeon. I'd rather know than not know, but honestly, I just want to crawl up in a tiny itty bitty little ball until all of this goes away.

I hate coming in here and being all doom & gloom on y'allz, but I told Stargazer I'd come in here and say hi. So, hi. wink.gif

Wish I was up to posting in the other threads especially now that I fixed the 'puter, but for now I'm a-gonna shut it down and take a nap. I feel oddly decadent despite the reasons for taking said nap.
(((dusty)))! Where have you been hiding, woman?

(((anoushh))), how's everything? how big is not-bob now??

and where is sonik?

((((raisin)))) *smooches & lotsa hugs*

(((cc's cousin)))

~~~continued super strength quick & easy labor vibage for pixie~~~

(((bunny & rose))) thanks for the kindness. I still feel like a moron, but today I can laugh about it. Both my sis and bff had stories that rivaled mine so we had a good laugh. Shan rear ended her step dad's car, in their driveway.

(((mandi))) *gentle hugs* ~~~continued soothing for sciatic pain~~~ Ow, ow, ow indeed, I know how painful that is.

I am feeling it big time today. I could hardly get to sleep last night I had such bad muscle spasms. I didn't think the impact could have been that bad, but I took a look at the front of my car again and it's pretty gnarly. I do think it's more because the jarring hit of yesterday is exacerbating old injuries from the accident my sis and I were in a few years ago. PJ and I both have bruises where the seatbelt went across our shoulders, but PJ isn't aching nearly as much as I am. My foot that got caught is aching and both my hands hurt, from gripping the steering wheel. But it's my neck, shoulder & lower back/hip that are really driving me insane. I am going to urgent care tonight, which is what I should have done last night. Ziggy's surgery went well, except for the fact that we can't seem to keep the darned e-collar thingamabob (I call it the lampshade) on him. He's figured out how to get it off no matter what we try and he wants to lick the surgery site like mad. He wanted to sleep on my head so much last night that he whined at the door until I finally gave up and let him in. He is obsessed with my hair and tries to nurse in it every chance he gets huh.gif . I figure since he got a little snip snip yesterday he deserved to be comforted in any way possible. Around 3 am I finally fell asleep and when I woke up he was asleep on the pillow I was lying on, across the top of my head.

drive-by, as I must go to bed

(((((yuefie, mando, raisin, star, plat, tes, sidecar, syb, pixie, rose, bunny, polly, sonik, sassy, sixie, candy, dusty, anoushh, amilita, billy, everyone))))

****get well/labour/house/pupper/kitty/acos***

my house is not flooded. but i really need to tidy up.

and while I would love to get oldbunny, i'm just not sure about the practical side - i haven't really got the space for him. but I'll see how I feel in a few days.
Just a quick fly by to say that I got some great news! I thought I posted earlier but it doesn't seem to be on here!

An email from one of my aunts says that my cousin is doing much better and they took her off the ventilator today! She will have to get it put back in on Friday when they go in (yet again) to remove the rod that had the antibiotics on it but other than that she's doing well. Her fever is continuing to come down and she's already had a few choice words for everyone regarding the fact that she even had to be on a ventilator (we love her but she is a diva). I'm just so happy that she's doing better!!

I'll be back tomorrow to give out some proper vibes but in the meantime happy vibes to everyone!
Fly by to say I have been in the hospital since Tuesday with a nasty kidney infection. Doctor should decide tomorrow if I am going home or deliverying the baby.
((((((((((((Pixie)))))))))))) Oh you poor thing! Much love & soothing to you. Hope you have that darling baby boy in your arms soon!


CC, what wonderful news! In my family, we've learned that when you have the energy to be a diva, it's a good sign. wink.gif

~~~~~ soothing massages for Yuefie ~~~~~

Anoushh, how are you?Give us an up-date! Tell us what NotBob is up to!

And I was thinking about Amilita just the other day. Anyone heard from her lately?

Plat, I think we have a good warantee on the foundation repair. My mind is a little fuzzy on the details right now, but I'm sure it's okay. We just have to get a new roof instead. rolleyes.gif

I wanted to stop by & say that Sheff and I are headed out of town for a couple of days. We're going to the outer banks to play in the water & do a bit of star gazing with Sheff's telescope. See ya when we get back!
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