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raisin... have you thought about coming over to the dark side that is BLU? I'm putting this to the vote. I think I'm just weak. And Pete and Dorris aren't really snugglebuns, because they have each other. gah. (and I hear you on being whipped. I'm going to order a whole pile of stuff for when they come home)
NooooOOOOOOooooo.... Must resist the Flickr!

Yeah, seriously, you do have a lot to consider even though it sounds like you've taken to this elder bun: the two you have are already bonded (which, really, is a good thing), and there's the issue of who's fixed and who isn't. Two's company, three's a crowd?

$0.02 or 2p, take your pick. wink.gif

Cement floors? Can't those be glossed and shined to look all modern and shit?
(((dm))), (((raisin))), (((sassy))) feel better.


(((morn))) Argh. Hope you birthday gets sorted - it's your 21st, after all, and you deserve to have a ridiculously happy day. I love Innocent smoothies but not down until next day - I BOOKED TICKETS! yay! I'll be in London for just less than 10 hours - what to do? what to do?!

sidecar, thank you for the info. I'm still trying to sort the fluff out inside my head and taking my time over things - I realised that there's no fucking hurry and rushing into a career may prove disastrous. i'm going to casually try some things out and see if I can get some feet in some doors.

anti-kvetch: the boy is here! not seeing him until tomorrow, though.
anti-kvetch: seeing harry potter and OoTP tomorrow night!
anti-kvetch: booked train tickets to go meet up with star, morn and zoya in 3 weeks!

loving the fluffy goodness - kitten, olivia is beautiful.

kvetch: my own limitless stupidity. I've carefully cut and sewn two halves of a wrap shirt. only to realise I have two right-hand sides. blink.gif

antikvetch: i'm going to see bunny and star and zoya! yay! I think a picnic in a little churchyard I know in the city, and noseying around there at all the old buildings, like the roman wall and that.

I'm going to give a lot of thought to this bun, never fear. I just took to him, since I held him. Honestly, I don't *really* have the space, but at the same time... one bunny isn't that much more. I was going to get a condo for P&D anyway, so... and maybe I can find a cage on freecycle.
Oh, mornington, sorry, but I have to laugh a little at your sewing problem. I enjoy sewing and I'd like to be better at it- I've managed to make a few things successfully, but I don't have a lot of patience and it's really hard for me to get through a project. But that's totally something I'd do, make two right sides. *sigh*

I don't know what's going on with the flooring. We can't figure it out; we talked to my uncle who has installed similar stuff on concrete slab and he says it's basically impossible to level out concrete, even when you have professionals do it, as he did. Right now I have ugly, cracked concrete floors and no money to do anything else, even if we return the unopened boxes of flooring. We're thinking about calling a professional flooring person just to look at it and tell us what the problem is and how to fix it, but not to actually do the job. *banging head on desk* what the fuck am I going to do?

((hugs to all- I hope your weekend will be better than I'm expecting mine to be.))
((((polly)))))) oh how frustrating. when we went to replace our kitchen floor, we discovered our subfloor was significantly damaged, so we had to reschedule our flooring and it ended up costing double what we'd planned. home ownership sometimes is no fun at all.
((((polly)))) i'm so sorry. i'm really bummed out for you. i hope there is something that can be done. **keeping fingers crossed**

antikvetch: it is confirmed! zoya, morn, and bunny. yes!!! **does happy dance**
*zooms in*


undies: purple padded bra with palest pink lace trim and purple velvet ribbon and bows and matching thong.

have a good weekend!

*zooms out*
I shall be expecting photos of the UK roundup *arms crossed sternly, toe tapping expectantly*

(((raisin))) I wish I could wave a magjick wand and make your pain go away, sweetie. And thanks a lot for that link *stern face* … Now I want a damn bunny!

(((sassy))) I second calling the doc and trying to up your appointment. i worry 'bout you.

(((morn))) I very much agree with giving A a moving-out date, even before I read about the thigh-name-carving. (wtF??? who does that?!) Also wondering about the p-test … any news???

(((polly))) so sorry for your flooring woes. Fingers crossed for a cheap and good solution. Don’t even get me started on the sucky parts of homeownership. The mr FINALLY sheetrocked the hole in the kitchen ceiling, after many months of living with fugly taped cardboard … and even tho he swears it’s fixed, I know in my heart that Mysterio Leak is just waiting for the paint to dry to rear its ugly head again. Le sigh.

(((dm))) five fillings … 10 shots …. I shudder just to think! You’re one brave cookie!

Candy, your pupper is danny’s dream dog – that’s a golden retriever, right?. (not that he doesn’t adore zoey.) what’s his/her name?

Kitten, congrats on the weight loss … you must feel like wonder woman! I so admire your perseverance. South beach is a scaryass enigma to me. Olivia is a cutiepie … pssst, that’s my niecelette’s name, too!

Sidecar, your weekend sounds like too much fun.

My weekend holds work tomorrow. Le blergh. And then niece’s bridal shower on Sunday. I adore my niece, but I’m so.not. in.the.mood for a hugeass restaurant bridal shower.

And then my boy and my dog are staying down at the outlaws til weds. They’ll have a ball – the outlaws have a pool and a lovely, shady fenced-in backyard so Zoey can run free. But still … *weep*

Kvetch: day.from.hell.yesterday. still having a tough time shaking it off. sad.gif

Black lace panties, black lace Wacoal. hey, matching ... and sexay! who'd a thunk?

Thanks for the hugs, everyone. Right now, we're trying to determine if our flooring is defective or if the subfloor is just too unleveled (I'm leaning towards defective flooring)...we're trying to get in touch with someone who installs flooring professionally and hope they can come look at it and figure out what's wrong. If it defective flooring, we should be able to return the unopened boxes. We just don't know what we're going to do after that. LeBoy's parent's offered to loan us money for whatever the solution ends up being, so that's helpful except we already owe them money. I'd rather borrow from them than a bank, though. They won't break our knee caps if we miss a payment.

Raisin, I think it would be cool to stain and finish the cement, but we'd have to re-cement and that would cost a lot more money.

Sorry for being so self-centered in these posts. In between cursing our floor, I am thinking of your snorgleable bunnies, days from hell, seizure problems, employment issues, cat issues, etc.

((hugs to all))
Fuck, fuck, fuck!! I am so pissed off right now! I've had it with my bosses, they are both fucking idiots who don't properly train anyone but then we get yelled at if we make a little mistake. It's always "no, you're not supposed to do that!" Well then maybe you should have fucking told me on my first day! I have to deal with the fallout of my idiot boss constantly cancelling lessons with students (I work at a driving school) and then they get mad at me when people ask for a different instructor!

And then as if that weren't bad enough, my hours are being cut.I work only two, possibly three, days next week! I need some fucking money and yet every time I turn around there's less and less of it! I am just trying to make some money so that I can save up and not have to rely on my parents during the school year. And despite the other receptionist making tons of mistakes the boss asks her to go in tomorrow instead of me?! I mean, I enjoy having time off but fuck, I need some money. mad.gif

I know I've mentioned the money thing before but it's just that I had already planned the trip that I've mentioned over in the BDSM thread and it looks like my income will go from about $2500 (which is what I had figured out before) to maybe just under $2000. I had pretty much planned on spending around $500 on the trip and now that's going to majorly cut into what I have saved.

ok, that was more of a rant then just a kvetch but that's what this place is for, right?

((polly)) sorry to hear about your floors.

((sassy)) I really hope you can get in to see your doctor. Those meds sound bad.

((dm)) I hope your teeth are feeling okay. When I was little I had 6 teeth taken out at one time! It sucked.

((morn)) you're not stupid. I once broke a sewing machine after using it for about two minutes. I haven't attempted to sew since.

mando, his name is Toby and he's a golden retriever mix. Apparently the dad was a black lab which sounds crazy but it's true, his sister has black fur all over her back. The mother was a golden retriever and either a collie or something else, we don't know.

((((everyone else, I really hope that everyone has a good restful weekend)))

well, thank god it's Friday, I am just going to go home and veg out.

undies: ugly fruit of the loom pink, purple and white undies, nude coloured bra.

Lordy, this day calls for an ice cream bar.

(((polly))) i swear i think a solution can be made for your flooring. one of my girlfriend's condo had cement flooring and some kind of work needed to be done to place their woodflooring. i'm trying to stay hopeful for you. oh, and i think it is great that leboy's family is willing to help out. what great inlaws. i have trouble asking for help and i think i'm gonna have to suck it up and ask grandpa for help getting a car. i know i will pay him pack. it is just that some of my other aunts and uncles have taken advantage of my grandfather's generosity. oh well. i know i will pay him back for sure.

(((candy))) so sorry for your money woes.

(((mando))) i hope today is better than yesterday. smile.gif

no kvetches really. i just feel lazy. don't know why. just don't feel like being social. just want to chill at home this weekend.

undie report: none right now


((candycane)) Sorry to hear about your lack of hours at work.

((polly)) Hope the flooring works out.

((mando)) Sounds like a busy weekend. I hope today was better than yesterday for you.

((bunny)) Enjoy your weekend with the boy.

((sidecar)) Enjoy the music festival with your brother.

((stargazer)) Good luck with finding a car.

((sassy)) Hope you are feeling better. Yay for cable.

((mornington, kittenb, rose, pixie, yuefie, sixel, tes, plat, raisin))

I saw the cutest baby pug on my walk to Twin DM’s tonight. I have no idea what to do this weekend as I’ve seen all the films I want that are in the theatre right now.

((((((polly)))))) *crosses all bodyparts*

((((candy)))) gah. what idiots. and I know I'm not stupid, it was one of those "durr" mistakes

((((star)))) as long as you know you're going to pay the money back, perhaps write out some sort of plan... there's nothing wrong with asking for help.

((((mando)))) you are always sexeh. *hairbrushings for yesterday*. You'll survive the weekend, I'm sending extra-strength vibes for you.

((((bunny)))) yay cinema and the boy!

((((dm, sidecar, syb, kitten, tes, billy, plat, sassy, sixie, everyone))))

old faded blue pants, plain white bra I only put on to go to the shops when I realised you could see my nipples in the t-shirt I was wearing. Today I am all of the classy.

Up to my grandparents tomorrow; I still have to pack etc, but the trains leave every hour...

antikvetch: yay for freecycle! I've got rid of some stuff that was cluttering up my hall - books I'm never going to read and pans my nana gave me that I've never used. Yay.

yipee, it's friday!

((((mando)))) *extra tight hugs*

((((kvetchies)))) hope everyone has a great weekend.

man am I looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, this week felt so loooong. just got home from a 2 hour shopping trip with the niecie-poo to gather all of her camp supplies. she is going to sleepaway camp for two weeks so her ma and I are gearing up for some adult time. or as I told my sis, more like juvenile delinquent time, heh tongue.gif

white, blue & orange hibiscus flower hipsters & white cotton bra

I tried to read this thread earlier, but I got a window saying it wasn't available because of "capacity problems". I felt like I was locked out of a party! laugh.gif

Yuefie! Darling! So good to see you in here! Be sure to report your delinquent behavior to us later, ya hear? wink.gif

((((((Pixie))))))) How ya feelin' out there, hon? Is the boy still seated firmly on your bladder?

((((((Mandi)))))) Hope this weekend helps you recover from the crapulence.

~$~$~$~ pennies from heaven for CCGirl ~$~$~$~

Polly, cement floors?! Oh dear! I don't have the first clue how to handle that situation. blink.gif

((((((((Morn & those tempting bunnies, Bunny & her boy, Raisin, Star, DM, Sidecar, & the whole rest of the gang))))))))))))

Yay for the return of Dr. Who!!!! We finally got to watch the first two episodes last night & watched the Shakespeare episode tonight. I really like Martha - much more than I thought I would. I think it helps that we had that "bride" as a sort of palate cleanser between the two.

Anti-kvetch: We're having our first dinner party in our new house Saturday night!

Kvetch: Yesterday I found out about a really cool film festival that's going on Saturday night only. And frankly, I'd rather go to the film festival than have friends over! ohmy.gif But it's too late to cancel now, so I just have to live with it. I have decided to make chicken w/ 40 garlic cloves because I've been wanting to try this recipe for ages. And if our guests don't like it? Well, that's what they get for making me miss the film fest. tongue.gif

Undies: white cotton thong with multi-colored polka dots, white cotton tank with built-in bra
Hello all!

mornington - you made me laugh with the sewing follies. Sorry.
mandolyn - I don't feel like Wonder Woman yet, but it does feel weird when I am trying on clothes and I realize that my legs are smaller. I am sad to say that now that I am loosing weight, though, the level of street harrassment I experience has increased. I guess when I was just fat I was mostly invisible. Now that I am "curvy" I am visible. Thanks, patriarchy.
stargazer - you are going to have so much fun on your trip. Be sure to take pictures for us.

I am expecting the usual type of weekend. I did get some good news, though. After this Sunday, my hours at work will change so that I will actually get both SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS off!!!! I have only had this for about one month in the last ten years. I don't know what I will do with myself.

Undies - plain pink bra and white undies w/blue snowflakes and blue trim. Yes, I am wearing Christmas panties in July. In exciting undie news, I just bough a lovely hot pink satin bath robe and a cute white teddy w/flowers on it. Macy's is having a one-day only sale today and tomorrow. Love that. Lush got a lot of my money too. wink.gif

I think we found a solution!! Happy Happy Joy Joy!! LeDad finally got in touch with the flooring company and their suggestion was to lay down some of the unopened boxes, which weigh about 20 pounds each, end to end over the first row, the start adding on rows. It's so stupid, it had to work! And it did. Here's my living room right now:

That's my purple wall that I'm working on in the background. Looks nice with the gray we had already, right? Even LeMom, who's a home decorating snob, loved the color combo. It's almost done- I could only reach until about 2 1/2 feet from the ceiling, so I need to borrow LeIn-Law's ladder. Now those flooring boxes are in the way, so I have to wait until they do more rows and feel secure enough to move them.

And, to make the day even better, I got a new haircut! I went to the place my grandma goes (she paid! Woohoo!) and the downside is that I'm HIGHLY allergic to the haircolor they use. I've been dying my hair myself and with professionals for years and I've never had a reaction. After 15 minutes or so, my scalp was on fire and it was getting worse and worse. It was supposed to be on for 40 minutes, but they washed it off at 20 minutes. The color still looks good- I think it's better than the color I had before, but it's not as intense as it would have been and I'm not sure if it will last as long:

It's been about 15 years since I last had bangs, so this should be interesting. I'm used to parting my hair down the center, so I'm really going to have to work on training them to go to the side. It was more curly at the bottom as opposed to layered, but it's fallen over the course of the day. My scalp is in really bad shape though- it's all irritated and I have these oozy blistery patches. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to wash my hair tonight, to wash the ickiness off. My mom is going to teach LeBoy to put curlers in my hair, though- I'm totally incompetent at doing it myself.

Thank cod today ended better than it started. And tomorrow I'm going to see Harry Potter on the IMAX with prophecy_grrl and other people. Yeah, I told my first little white lie at work and said no one else could help LeBoy with the flooring tomorrow, so I had to take the day off. Nope, playing hooky to see the movie. ohmy.gif

((candycane)) Sorry about your crappy-ass job. My bosses at the insurance company (every one of the seven I had in 5 years) were like that- we won't train you properly, but you're dead meat if you make a mistake. blink.gif

((hugs to all))
Yep, I'm still here. The micropixie has been inching lower this week though. Several people have noticed and commentd. My belly has dropped at least a good 2 inches. And I am dialted to 1 cm. So we are just in the waiting game now. I'm about 35 1/2 weeks, so my doctor said if he tries to make an entrance, he'll let him.

Polly, Glad you got the floor straightened out.

Blame my pg brain, but I just can't remember all the individual vibes I need to send out so...*~~*~*~*~*~all purpose vibes~*~**~*~*~*
(((polly))) yeah! i think that is why my friend had to do to! and your hair looks adorable! i really like it. and i was laughing trying to picture leboy putting rollers in your hair. there is also a curling iron.

(((DM))) are you feeling better?

(((kitten))) yeah for having weekends off! you deserve it.

(((pixie))) is the baby moving more now??

(((morn, yuefie, rose, and everyone else!!)))

off to watch happy feet with mom. staying inside and being a bum!
I had a highly usually shopping urge this morning! I went looking for a pair of shoes and came home with two: Sperry topsiders and some of the lightest New Balance shoes I've ever seen. It was the 30 minute "buy one, get the 2nd at half price" sale that got to me. I also found two shirts that will bring a laugh or two from friends. Silk floral pattern shirts aren't my usual thing, but what the hell... I'm going to give them a try.

Congratulations on the flooring solution, Polly. That's going to look great. *Waves at Yuefie, Mornington & Rose*

Hugs to everyone. It's 24 hours late: grey boxer briefs.
mornington, have fun visiting your grandparents.

yuefie, yay for being able to sleep in.

rose, boo for having to miss the film festival, but yay for the dinner party.

polly, yay for the flooring solutions and your hair looks great.

kittenb, yay for having the weekends off.

star, I am feeling better thanks for asking. I actually worked out for the first time in about two weeks, so I feel really energized.

billy, yay for shopping.

I’ve just been relaxing today doing laundry. Twin DM and I went to the grocery store together today like we do every week because we share most meals, and it is always a spectacle. Every single time we get to the checkout the cashier and bag person are like “OMG are you sisters!!!!!, OMG are you Twins???? Who’s older????). I guess the only way to avoid this is to shop separately, but I don’t want to do that.
Warning: self absorbed rant ahead!
Is there a book that men who are going through a divorce read? A playbook for how to make yourself into the biggest jackass imaginable without landing jail? Or perhaps a list of really stupid thing you should make sure to say in places that will get back to the judge?
My big old fat hairy kvetch tonight is my brother. The dumb ass has filed for divorce from his wife of 18 years and I swear to God he is channeling my exhusband!! He's my brother, and I will love him until he dies, but if he doesn't straighten the hell up, that might be sooner rather than later! mad.gif I hate this kind of family drama, and because of some unusual circumstances, some of us are going to be forced to chose sides. Without going into the gorey details I will say, it's pretty bad when even my mother wants to clock him one upside the head!

kvetch # 2...the ex picked the wrong night to play passive agressive games with me!

antikvetch:I had my baby shower today and got just about everythingI needed for micropixie. He can come now! I have about a week and a half until he's considered full term. I am already dialting, and he is definitely dropping, so it shouldn't be too long now!But my house looks like Babies R Us exploded!

(((((love to the kvetchies)))))

it is early am here and contrary to what anyone may have told you, tes is NOT dead!

billy, can i just say how much i love that you went on a shopping jag? hee!

polly, that that room is SO great!! beautiful flooring, fab wall color!!! yayayayay!!

*ogling sexay black matching bra and undies*

mandomyheart, how did the big ass wedding shower dinner thingee go? hope your weekend has been less craptastic than the days previous!

rosiev!!! new house! YAY! first din-din party!!! YAYAYAY!! 40 clove garlic chicken!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!

reader's digest condensed version of my last few months:

neicoid elle came to visit for 2 marvellous weeks! much wonderful vacationing and drinkage of wine ensued! she is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful human beings i know, makes me think, loves me for who i am, shows me how lucky it is to be alive. she ROCKS.

work: sucks. dealing with passive agressive confrontational avoiding beyotch who just happens to be boss' best friend. she and i have been having confrontations because she refuses to follow SOP and does things the way that SHE likes, leaving me to find out about them at the last minute. this causes friction and makes me automatically want to counter whatever it is, even if what she wants is really the right thing to do. unfortunately, due to fact she is boss' best friend and has worked w/ him for decades, i am always the "wrong" one. boss takes her side. was recently told that "i value myself too much". heavy sigh. well, at least one thing makes it better: US office knows and has told me that i'm doing the right thing and that only THEY can fire me, not boss. i'm too sensitive to this sort of thing.


love life: looking up. making plans to meet mr. hotbuns in portugal first week in sept. hallelujahthankthelordamen.

internet at home has been non-fuctional. which is most of explanation of lack of postage. other parts being overwork and out playing with elle.

obviously seriously behind in reading archives! bear with me, i'll do my best to kvetch up fast!

******launches self in, rugby tackles tes and gives her booby-squishing hugs******

yay for a tes sighting!!!
Hello Tes!!!

I have been awake for just a little over two hours and I feel like I wracked w/anxiety. I hate mornings that start like this. My cat's behavior issues have not been solved like I thought they were. I am running out of money to treat her and now I am going to have to take her to a specialist. Over half of my credit card debt is that cat, I swear it.

pixiedust - I do think that there is a book like that out there because I am sure my soon-to-be-ex-brother-in-law read it. Maybe wrote it at which point I will have one more reason to rip his testicles off if I ever see him again. I am happy that you have everything for the upcoming baby, though. That would be fun. At least one week of all the baby accessories w/o having to take care of a baby! Although you have a daughter as well (right?), so I guess you are still not overflowing w/downtime. rolleyes.gif

polly - your hair looks lovely. I'll be skipping work on Tuesday to see the Harry Potter movie. Yipee!

Good morning to all!!!! I hope your weather is a pretty as Chicago seems to be today!!!
(((((((((((((((((tes))))))))))))))))))))) so glad you stopped by!! come back soon!!

DM, that has to be annoying by now with the twin thing.

kitten, so sorry for the rough morning. i hope the day gets better.

pixie, yeah for the baby stuff!!

hey billy!

ok. i'm kinda bored and hungry. not a good combo. i want to go out. perhaps i shall.

*waves back at billy* the shopping sounded productive and fun, which is always a nice combo smile.gif

Yay for a tesao update! You've certainly been missed, babe.

(((pixie))) feh on family drama and lame ex games. But yay for having all the stuff for the little bundle.

~~~soothing for polly's poor scalp~~~ I lurve the purple wall.

*smoches* ((((star, morn, bunny, rose, dm, sidecar, raisin, kitten, sixela, sassy, plat, ch, candy, plummie, tg, mavin, everyone))))

tomorrow morning the niece is off on her camping adventure, whoohoo. she is very excited, I know she'll hardly sleep tonight. It's going to be rather strange not having her around, but like I said it also means her ma and I can be delinquents if we so choose. And the good thing is that my bf is only a 45 minute drive from the camp as opposed to the 3 hour drive we would have. Just nice to know. I did sleep in yesterday, then scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen, did a little laundry, did a Trader Joe's run and spent the rest of the day with my nose planted firmly in a book. Today we are hanging out in the cool ac of sis's place while I cook up a big pot of pasta sauce, which is simmering away on the stove as I type. Mmm, the house smells so good. We are going for a swim a little later. Ah, aren't weekends grand?

What did everyone else do?

Hello all. Good morning. I was not in the greatest mood this morning and then the buses just did not cooperate with me. But, on my way in, I saw the pretties view of Lake Michigan. The sun had already been up for about 2 hours, but everything was misty and looked like it was glowing. And the lake was a lovely pale blue. I had to stop reading and just stare out the window. It felt like the world was sighing a great deep sigh.

My weekend was okay. I went shopping Friday and Saturday. Did not find what I was looking for (a dress for a wedding) but instead I spent some $$$ at Lush and Macy's. Last night, I took a long bath with one of my new bath bombs and then I watched Casino Royale. I've never watched a James Bond film before. If they all looked liked Daniel Craig, I bet that would not be the case. That was an intense movie!

Yuefie - have fun with my sister. I think my older sister is afraid of the city. In the ten years I have been here, she has never visited. Only my mom, her girlfriend and my step-sister seem to want to come to Chicago.
kittenb, the weather yesterday here was gorgeous!! put me in a great mood.

yuefie, speaking of trader joe's...have you tried the sangria they sell there?? it is SOOOOOO good. all you need to add is some cut up fruit and it tastes like the stuff you get at a tapas place. i tried some yesterday. awesome.

i took mom to m.henry's. we had an awesome breakfast. we went to the local garden shop and i bought 2 pots so i could repot 2 plants i have at home. my mom thought their prices are reasonable. she has the green thumb in the family. so, now i need to teach her how to get there so she can drive there on her own next year. i won't be around to show her.

kvetch: my nerves. i need some bustie vibes. i'm so nervous about talking with my granddad for help about a car. don't know why. i'm kinda gettin' mad at myself. argh.

Good luck, Stargazer. Think of it like job performance review.... go in with really low expectations and then anything you get will sound good. In the meantime, try to relax!

I'm out of pocket for the rest of the week (not that anyone would ever know since I'm so sporadic). I'm helping to take 26 high-schoolers to a conference at Purdue. Think some kind thoughts for me, ok?

You already know what I'll be wearing Friday dry.gif
good luck with the high schoolers billy! I could barely handle the 5 teenage girls that were near me in the video store the other day.

(((star))) don't worry about asking your grandfather for help getting a car.

Thanks for the vibes everyone. I have to admit, I'm kind of enjoying having a day off, I feel so relaxed when I'm not at work.

kvetch: I don't know if it's the internet or Firefox but I keep getting the "server not found" screen on soooo many pages.

one more kvetch: I feel soooo hot. It's not even that hot outside (27 C) but I have my ceiling fan going and I just feel like I could pass out. And it's nearly 7 in the evening! I sure could use a nice cold drink right now. tongue.gif

anti-kvetch: in just over two weeks I will be up in Toronto! No more crappy small city, I will finally be living where I want! And before I know it there will be university orientation and it looks like they have a lot of awesome stuff lined up.

(((pixie))) sorry to hear about you being so annoyed with your brother, sometimes I wonder just how stupid brothers can be. Congrats on getting all the baby's stuff at your shower. I'm really excited for you!

(((polly))) your hair looks great! and congrats on finding a solution!

(((morn, tes, mando, yuefie, sidecar, dm, rosev, everyone!)))
((star)) You'll be fine...

Speaking of cars, holy shhhit.... what a Mr. Toad's Wild Ride Mcgeek and I had over the weekend... his car broke down yet again (why can't we just get a hybrid??), and so we rented a rental while it was getting fixed on Saturday so we could finish fixing the sink. Then the mechanic called to say, he had fixed the car. Same day. So, I got to drive! Now, I hadn't driven in 2 years. So, I was pretty excited, but also really scared. Anyways, I had to drive the rental car... but then it started to over-heat! Which I don't think was my fault... but Seriously. What a clusterfuck.

Yay candycane girl!!

Polly, your hair and the solution both look fab darlin!!


Saw Harry Potter over the weekend... hot damn... now have my old crush back on Gary Oldman.

We finally have a Trader Joe's here! smile.gif

Oh, my doctor's appointment is this Weds. For some reason I thought it was later on next month. Wish me good health vibes..

Kvetch: Mom called, and although I did get rent money (yahoo on that one! and didn't have to beg), I had to go through the "When are you moving in with Mcgeek" questions.... Grrr.....

Hey gang. Having a down day here, so forgive me for not vibing appropriately.

I have a friend back in Tulsa (let's call her H) who has been having a lot of issues with her husband. The man is controlling but also is totally irresponsible (especially financially speaking). She feels more like a mother than a wife. It's bad. This morning I found out from a mutual friend that the husband recently "put her in a choke hold". Does this mean he put her in a head lock? Wrapped his hands around her throat? I don't know and I don't care. I'm just shocked and saddened that I'm not there and I can't help her and provide a safe place for her. She is one of our friends who has stayed in Tulsa while so many of us have moved away & I know this has left her feeling quite lonely. I don't want her to be going through this alone. sad.gif

She is seeing a divorce lawyer today. We'll see where she decides to take it from there.
(((rose's friend)))

kvetch: family members who do not realise the importance of the last Harry Potter book and how much it means to me. Due to their lack of consideration I can now not go to the midnight release at bookstore and am letting down a very good friend who was excited as I. I am beyond furious.

morn, when does F receive the results?

((((((rose & rose's friend))))))) i'm glad your friend is seeing a divorce lawyer. i would send her a care package with goodies that she likes.

((((bunnyb))))) so sorry. i got to see harry potter in 3D here. very awesome. and i'm not even into harry potter. i hope you can get the book as soon as possible!
bunnyb, that sucks ass. I hope your friend understands.


Anti-kvetch for me today. I got the prettiest dress at Ann Taylor's yesterday for the weddings I am going to this summer. It is a brown & white graphic print w/a sweet heart neckline, fitted bodic, and just the right amount of swing in the skirt. I wish I could wear only it for the rest of the month.
All worked out. Phew!

Been quiet around here.
Hmmm, it certainly has been quiet around here lately.

Happy birthday to (((mavin))), where ever she is.

Bun, glad everything worked out for you.

(((rose))) you feeling a little better today? I know it's frustrating to know a friend is in a potentionally dangerous situation and to not have a clear idea of what's going on. ~~~safety and clarity vibes for H~~~

kind thoughts for billy, hassle free moving vibes for candy, good health vibes for sassy and love for each and every one of ((((YOU))))

yay for pretty, well fitting dresses, & local Trader Joe's. speaking of which, I heard a rumour that my town may be getting it's very own TJ's in the future. that would rock like AC/DC! the only one out this way is so overrun and always picked over. I've yet to try the sangria star, as I've been laying off the sauce. that, bread and sweets. I admit though I am having a day of weakness as nothing sounds better than a piece of hot, crusty, buttered bread, some olives, cheese, a glass of wine. and let's not forget some chocolate. I will try it some day though, I lurves me some sangria. fruit and wine together? how divine.
[lumbers in and plops down on couch]
Kvetch: I am bleeeeeeeding. Ouchie.
Anti-kvetch: I'm not pregnant. Now would be a bad time for that.

Kvetch: I somehow got all confused and thought that the Harry Potter book was supposed to come out today. But now I have to wait even longer! Uuuuuuuuuggghh!!!!!!

Mavin? If you're out there, I'm blowing Happy Birthday Kisses at you!!! wink.gif

KittenB, that dress sounds perfect! I'm coveting it from afar. biggrin.gif

Aw Bunny, I'm sorry they aren't supporting you and your fandom. Don't they know that sometimes you just gotta be allowed to do silly things?

Yuefie, I'm supposed to have a TJs about 15 minutes from my home starting in October. This will be soooooo dangerous. At least it's cheaper than my favorite gourmet food store!

Thanks so much for the love for my friend, H. Her husband is out of town now (he's at a job interview a couple states away). Plus, his mom is staying with them for a bit so we doubt he'll try anything else while she is there (the choke-hold incident happened before she arrived). But still. Scary. I hate that so many of us have moved away from H. We just want to huddle around her & protect her. sad.gif

Ugh. Must take more ibuprophen. And then we're having Indian for dinner. Mmmmmmmmm ...
It's a bit late but I'm sending vibes to (((Rose))) and your (((friend))). I hope she gets out of that situation asap.

I have, well, not a kvetch just some upsetting news. My cousin has been in a wheelchair since she was 6 and as a result of never being able to stand up she developed scoliosis. It's gotten really painful in the last few years. So a few weeks ago she finally got a spinal fusion surgery done. Basically the doctors were going to put rods in her back so that it would straighten her back out. Anyway, everything was going fine for a while but then they had to go back in because of an infection. It seems that the infection came from the spinal incision and also there was a collection of blood called hematoma above her left kidney.

Anyway, now she's in ICU, she's on a feeding tube and a ventilator. I've been told she's awake and she recognizes her family and she communicates through squeezing their hands or nodding yes or no. Apparently she has even tried to pull the ventilator out a few times. I can't describe how upset I am, I finally just cried a lot last night. I wish that her surgery didn't have these complications and that she was just recovering normally. I've been told by a family member (who jus happens to be a nurse) that hopefully they will be able to take out her breathing tube in a few days. I just wish I could be there for her (she's in BC, I'm in Ontario) even though visiting is restricted to immediate family.

(((yuefie, kittenb, morn, bunny, star, sassy, tes, mando, pixie, everyone)))
{{{{{candycane_girl}}}}} That sounds awful. It is good that they should be able to remove the breathing tub soon. Please keep us posted.

{{{rv}}} Sorry for the pain. But yay for the not pregnant thing!

Does anyone notice anything...different...about the Lounge today? I was looking for the old "The on-line you" thread in Media Whores and the archives ended really early. So then I wanted to go to the Community Forum thread and it seems to be gone. Everything in the "From the Top" part of the Forum is gone.
*drags self in*
Hey all. Pregnancy has reached the very uncomfortable, I-want-this-child-out-of-my-body stage! I am far anough along now, that I can safely have the baby, although he isn't due for another 4 weeks. I have been having contractions off and on since Monday and it is making me very irritable.

Rose, do I know H?

Yeah for the Harry Potter fans....we saw the order of the pheonix last night. It wasn't bad, but definitely not as good as som eof the others. Mr. Pixie has been taking all these fantasy/pop culture literature type classes as part of his masters degree and the light bulb finally went on last night and I was able to see the connections between Harry Potter and luke skywalker. The whole hero's journey stuff. Mr. Pixie is thrilled that I finally "get it".

Candycane girl, hope your cousin gets well soon. That doesn't sound very pleasant.

(((bunny, Yuefie, Mornington, sassy, sidecar, Tes, kitten, star and everyone else lurking))))

((((((CCGirl's Cousin and the rest of the family)))))) That must be so difficult. sad.gif
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ oodles of healing for her ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~ soothing for Pixie ~~~~ Here's hoping those contractions do their job sooner rather than later!
I don't know if you know H. She's the one who married the Russian guy. She doesn't do a whole lot of theatre.

KittenB, those threads are still there! Promise! Let me help.
First of all, look towards the upper left of this page.
Under the pic of the ladies, you'll see the following:
> The BUST Lounge > Forums > The F-Word > Kvetch-Up
If you just click on "The BUST Lounge", you'll see all the different categories. But if you just click on "Forums", you won't see the "From The Top" category at the top that includes Ladies Who Lounge (home of the community forum).

Now let's talk about old threads. The default setting right now shows all threads that have been active in the last 30 days. You have to make a little effort to see anything older. So let's look for "The On-Line You".
First, open Media Whores & scroll down to the bottom of the page.
On the right you will see some drop-down menus. Find the one that says
"From: 30 Days"
Click the little arrow & select "Show All" from the menu. Then click the Go button on the right.
The older threads are spread over 4 pages. You can find links to them at the top & bottom of the page on the left side.
And by the by, "The On-line You" is currently on page 2. smile.gif.
Thanks pixie and kittenb. I'm starting to calm down about it a bit, but it's hard not to worry. Despite the distance I'm very close with her. I am sure she'll be alright, as my dad kept saying, she's a fighter.

And now for something completely off that topic, a kvetch. The stupid dumbass girl who is the other secretary here who tells someone that she will make them a certificate and then doesn't do it! Then said person comes in here looking for the certificate and I have to call the other secretary who says "ohh, gee, I guess I forgot to do it". Seriously, this job is not difficult, not challenging, and as you can see, I spend most of the time online. How hard is it to write out one certificate?
Ack, I forgot to mention soothing baby vibes for Pixie! I've always been curious to know what it feels like to be pregnant but it sounds uncomfortable!
~~~candycane's cousin~~~
~~~come out, baby pixie~~~

I have been so busy at work lately. I'm still doing some tasks left by our crazy ex-admin (who, btw, keeps sneaking into our building to walk around and say "hi" to people!) that I can't give to our temp because IT won't train her; it's all basic admin-y stuff and it's time-consuming, so I'm mucho annoyed. Coworker N is on vacation, so I've been subbing in on pressing matters for her as well. On top of that, I've been doing a lot of media relations, as there's some book about a boy wizard that's marketed to teens coming out this weekend, so I've been arranging interviews and writing press releases. I'm going on vacation next week, and I have done almost no planning; guess that's what this weekend is for (when I'm' not reading Harry Potter).
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Jul 19 2007, 12:23 PM) *

KittenB, those threads are still there! Promise! Let me help.
First of all, look towards the upper left of this page.
Under the pic of the ladies, you'll see the following:
> The BUST Lounge > Forums > The F-Word > Kvetch-Up
If you just click on "The BUST Lounge", you'll see all the different categories. But if you just click on "Forums", you won't see the "From The Top" category at the top that includes Ladies Who Lounge (home of the community forum).

Now let's talk about old threads. The default setting right now shows all threads that have been active in the last 30 days. You have to make a little effort to see anything older. So let's look for "The On-Line You".
First, open Media Whores & scroll down to the bottom of the page.
On the right you will see some drop-down menus. Find the one that says
"From: 30 Days"
Click the little arrow & select "Show All" from the menu. Then click the Go button on the right.
The older threads are spread over 4 pages. You can find links to them at the top & bottom of the page on the left side.
And by the by, "The On-line You" is currently on page 2. smile.gif .

This version also lets you save your settings, so you can have it saved to always show all smile.gif But if you switch computers or delete your cookies, it'll go away.
(((candy and candy's cousin))) I hope she'll be ok soon.

(((pixie))) I thought OoTP was the best of the Harry Potter films so far.

yuefie, that meal sounds divine!

kvetch: Going to Harry Potter launch is turning out to be one big headache. Initially bunnymama and the bunbun were meeting me after work to go to launch party with myself and friend (let's call her damnit) but bunnymama working night shift; I needed car as no public transport at that time of night so asked for stepdad's car but he initially said no then bunnymama talked him around BUT now the car is with mechanic for some routine maintenance and doubt it will be back in time for me to go to work. Sigh.

undies: grey cotton bra with lace trim and matching thong.


Happy weekend!
Rose....I do know H! I wondered if that was who you were talking about! If she needs someone to talk to, you can put her in touch with me! I remember having a blast talking to her at your bachelorette party! I think we've also had breakfast together a few times at that great place on Brady that is gone.

Hope everyone is having a good Friday. I am preparing my office for the temp who is coming in while I am on maternity leave. Who knew I could collect so much personal crap in such a small space!

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