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((((raisin)))) I've considered teaching, and it's something I still might consider, but I find tefl teaching to be a bit, well, unstable. I don't want to move around lots. I've been thinking about social work, and doing what I swore I'd never do - join the civil service or and ngo. It's not like I've not got choices; I don't want to do something that is going to lead to a narrow choice. Although it pissed me off mightily that my father's first question was "and what is she going to do now?" (to mama). fuck's sake, dad, it's only been an hour. He asked me again today, but at least had the sense to realise that I probably would have murdered him had he asked "yes, but to what end?" or made a disparaging comment about hairy-legged feminists. *eye roll*. my father and i do not see eye to eye.

we (exgoth, german, the hobbit and the redhead) made a list of all the reasons why it's a good thing. my favourites were "you will no longer smell" and "you will no longer have to wank off pigs".

And *extra hugs* because you're going to be ok. Things happen for a reason, but sometimes you can't always see the reason immediately. how's mr wonderbunny?

seeing star's kitten, I wanted to show off... the cute.

*toddles off to clean out the buns*
Aw, c'mon, are you suuuuuuuure you're not going to miss the pig wanking?! laugh.gif

I hope your mama put pops in his place. I would've told my dad to fuck off if he said something like that. You're smart, you're capable, you'll figure it out. I hear you on not wanting to move around so much. When one gigantic part of your life is disrupted, it's understandable that you'd want to keep everything else status quo.

I'm still getting over the mourning period of I can't do this work anymore and not being able to see what's next but now I just want to focus on exactly what is next. I have high hopes that next week will start to bring some answers, but crossed parts are always appreciated. Gah. I hate not working!

Loving the pet cuteness! Voici Mr. Wonderbunny:


He didn't want me to hold him this morning (let me know by grunting and nipping), was too interested in the hay in his cage.

I'm gonna go for a walk and then off into town to practice my plies and tendus. I'll already be going in with a sore butt, so this should be... interesting.

Hey, Sidecar, I barely lasted 3 minutes with Oprah before she done pissed me off!
(((mornington))) very good reasons, indeed! women studies or the like would be great. I have always been a firm believer in doing something you love doing, to hell with the career at the end of it. Hence, my dilemma just now - I want to do something I love.

Also, I don't want to be grossly insensitive but does this mean you won't be working during day during star's visit?

(((raisin))) what you said really resonated with me. I want to write but I need money to do that *pouts*. I want to do a creative writing master's and/or freelance write or utilise my skill of being a great gift buyer and turn it into a business. All this whilst maintaining a lady who lunches and whores herself to Starbucks and bookstores lifestyle.

(((syb and family))) and (((sidecar, friend and family))) fuck you cancer.

I have absolutely no plans this weekend and LOVIN' it. Reading and dvds and nothing more.

I need to figure out how to upload a pic of mandoo.

(((((Syb's family & Sidecar's accountant))))))) Fuckyoubarbara, indeed. sad.gif

((((((((More love for Morn))))))) Wait a minute ... you had to masturbate pigs?! Oh my!

That reminds me of a silly story, though. When I was first getting to know Sheff, he goggled me and found a person with my same name who "collects gorrilla semen" for a living. I think he was a little disappointed to learn that it wasn't me! laugh.gif

Anywho. Glad to hear that you have wonderful, supportive friends and adorable pets to soothe you. That is some killer camoflage action that Indigo has goin' on there!

Sidecar, you got to see the first episode of the 3rd season?! WhereWhenHow?!!??!?! We're anxiously awaiting the premiere on the SciFi network. I really really liked Billy Piper as Rose, so it may take me a while to warm up to this new girl. As for David Tennant ... well, I have a serious weakness for guys in glasses. So when he gets his geek on, I am a puddle of mush.

LOVE the pet piccies! More more more!

Speaking of pets, we officially own fish again. We sold our otherfish back to the store when we moved. Sheff was tired of having so many guppies, anyway. While we were fish hunting, I looked at pets of the mammalian variety & saw plenty of adorable kittens! Oh, how I long to have a kitten. Possibly 2 so they can amuse one another.

Billy, if you're out there, did you watch qualifying? If you did then you'll know why I'm smiling! biggrin.gif Should be a fun race tomorrow.

((((((((((Bunny, Pixie, Yuefie, Mandi, Raisin, Star, Amilita, Sixel, CCGirl, Sassy, DM, Syb, Tes, Plat, Billy, & everyone else)))))))))))

For the first time in about 6 months, I'm dying to have a steak. Hope I can talk Sheffles into taking me out!
The US premiere was on Sci-Fi last night, along with the Christmas episode. I bet they're rerunning it this weekend!
I can not figure out how to insert photos in here (tells me dynamic pics not allowed) so does this work?

raisin, your bun is sooo velvety looking. I want to snorgle all of them!

I don't remember if I posted this one here before...

Have I mentioned that I adore black and white pets?!?! My head is on the brink of explosion here, people. We've got some seriously dangerous cute flying around.

Polly, what's the name of your sweet, bat-eared baby?

Bunny, Mandoo is simply perfect. The pics where she is covering her face with her paw ... oh my goodness! So precious!

As for Dr. Who, UUUUUGGGHHHH!!!! Sheff thought it started next week. So last night when we could have been watching new Dr. Who, we were watching old Dr. Who on DVD. And I checked the schedule & it looks like they are not showing the episodes again at all this week. Grrrr. There's got to be a place where we can watch them on-line, right? Maybe even on iTunes? Lordy, I hope so. sad.gif

ETA: For those of you who do not lurk over in Okayland, FallJackets is in labor right now! Looks like the little Jackeroo will be born on 7/7/07. Hooray!
((mornington)) So sorry to hear about your news, and the way your father acted. Take it from someone who did a short college thing and then right to corporate work, do what makes you happy because if not you will regret it.

((syb)) That's terrible about your cousin.

((sidecar's accountant)) Strength to her.

Quick flyby because I have felt so sick since Tuesday, and today has been the worst. My face hurts so bad from all the pressure. I was able to go to the theatre to see Sicko today, and it has made me want to get out of the business side of healthcare.

**soothing vibes for DM** i hope you feel better soon!

oh my! yeah for falljackets! so cool...

polly, aw. your dog is adorable. so cute.

hello bunny, rose, and sidecar!

boy, is it a hot one here! met with chicago busties at M.Henry's. we met angelle. very cool. i tagged along with sidecar to the brown elephant and got a couple of gold frames for my new room in bawh-ston. then to the local feminist bookstore where i bought my best friend a t-shirt. i basically did alot of shopping today. and sweated alot.

ok. i need to go. hitler herself is calling me.

happy 7-7-7 all! did i mention 7 is my lucky number??

ETA: i do have 1 kvetch. my sinuses. this humidity is making me soooooo drowsy. i just want to sleep. boo.

RoseV - if you get a kitten, definitely get two. Strangely, they get into less trouble (and are less clingly and codependent) when there's two or more - someone to play with all the time, I guess.

(Left to right: Frankie, Phantom, Fenris)

Frankie: I think I may have posted about him before my vacation - at least on my LJ. Anyway, he's about 10 weeks old, and a Siamese (there's some disagreement if he's lilac point or flame point... he's still at the age where his fur is darkening, though). He's very typical of Siamese, vocal and hyper and balls of steel. It works out well, the younger two cats love playing with him. (He's at my parents' with my cats now.) He's a food thief, though, so we're having to retrain him to not beg for food in the kitchen (even if we're working with food) and not to steal food from the plate.

Phantom: My old girl, she turned 4 yrs old today smile.gif

Fenris: Who turns 4 in two months (roughly) smile.gif

Eeeeee, I'm so excited, there's only 6 weeks before the summer's over! (Why is that so exciting? I'm not really sure, except that the HP5 movie and the HP7 book are coming out in the interim!) I'm taking a totally new route home - or at least, a route I haven't taken from the southwest to home.
Hey, gang! FallJackets is officially a momma! And Mr. FJ posted some pics of the adorable Jackson & his stunning mommy over in Okayland. Check it out!

QS, Frankie is adorable! Looks like he appreciates his new home. smile.gif I love the soft shading he has now. It'll be interesting to see if he develops any stripes. As for your other two babies, you're lucky I didn't steal them when you visted us all those many moons ago back in Tulsa. wink.gif I adore tuxedo cats and marmelade kitties. So cute!

And yes, I'm pretty certain that we'll try to get 2 at once. It'll be a bit crazy around here at first, of course (especially since we'll have to teach them not to jump onto the aquarium!), but I've found that most cats seem more mellow if they have a parent or sibling with them.

~~~~~~~~~ soothing for DM & Stargazer ~~~~~~~~~~~

Has everyone been enjoying their Sunday? It's been pretty good here. Slept in, read a lot, watched the new fishies swim about. Then one of our best friends came over to watch the Formula 1 race & eat pizza. Mr Friend got an iPhone this week, so I finally got to see one in person. Pretty cool! And not as big as I feared it would be. Looks seriously addictive, though, so it's probably a good thing that I can't afford one.

Now I'm tired and boooooooored. And I should buy some groceries or something since I have no clue what we'll eat for dinner tonight. Bleh.
Rose, I missed the race! We went out of town this morning. About 15 minutes up the road, I realized I hadn't set the DVR. *Sulking* From what I read, I missed a good one. I'll be more diligent next time. I'm glad you got to enjoy it.
Thanks all so much for your thoughts for my cousin. It has come as a shock for sure. Times like these I wish I didn't live so far away from the rest of my family.

Sidecar, that's so scary about your accountant; I'm sorry to hear that and hope she's getting a lot of support.

I am feeling a little emotionally flayed right now, so am working and hibernating at home today. Work is going well, thank goodness--often I feel it's the one thing I can count on.

On a lighter note... so envious of you lot who get to see season 3 of Dr Who from the start. (As opposed to some of us who are greedy and, um, just DL'd it, gorging ourselves on quality sci-fi TV over about 3 weekends...)

I dunno: new skinnier bespectacled Doctor is a little too 'quirky' for me, most of the time anyway. Bring back the Eccelston!
such good news about ms FJ & her new little wee one!!!

rosie, you're gonna laugh (& possibly think i'm a bit weird), but i had a dream about you this morning before i woke up. you were showing me pictures of when you were in a play when you were little. you were one seriously adorable little kid. and you were the hit of the play.

i know not what to say about the gorilla semen google.

more love for my beloved (((morn)))

(((sybarite))) i'm sorry you're feeling emotionally flayed, cuz you know i love you to bits, but i'm so stealing that one!

(((sidecar's friend))) that's beyond rough.

antikvetch: good weekend. DIDN'T WORK! caught up on much-needed sleep. got thoroughly engrossed in a riveting novel. watched some decent flicks. am now a sassy-bobbed blonde again.
kvetch: had a mini-nasty afternoon with the adjusted meds yesterday. i'm sure the two cups of caffeinated coffee didn't help. fingers crossed today is better.

i am lovin all the furbaby pics ... keep 'em coming!

(my pupper is still camera-shy. i have yet to get good pics of her.)

(((Mando))) Steal away... although obviously I hope you won't often have to! Glad you had a good weekend.

I'm back again to ask some advice of the UK-ers. I want to book a fairly lengthy train journey across England for next week. I understand the trains are way cheaper if booked in advance but due to decentralisation (I'm looking at you Blair) it seems complicated to book online. Any tips would be welcome, thanks!
Sybrite..when Rose and I went to London(10 years ago!) We bought train passes that were good for so many days no matter where went in the UK. I'm pretty sure we bought them through a travel agent, even though we didn't book our trip through an agent.

Rose, when are you planning on getting kitties? My mom just got a kitten a few weeks ago. He's a little tuxedo cat and is just the most adorable thing! It almost makes me want one...until I remember what training a kitten is like. One baby at a time is enough for me!

Speaking of babies, especially the fur type, I finally put my sugar gliders together last night! I have had a male and a female since February, but the male was older and I had to wait until the female was old enough to be mated to put them together. And they spent the whole night mating! blink.gif But it was very cute watching them getting to know each other for the first hour or so. They have always lived in cages next to each other and "talk" all the time, but it was cute seeing them hug and kiss and cuddle each other for the first time. They are very social so it was hard on them having to be seperate for so long. So wehad much cuteness last night! I'll have to see if I can get some pics tonight!

I'm so happy the FJ finally has her little boy! I'm jealous too! The next month is going to drag by!
Off work and going to the beach today so I just wanted to throw my opinion in to say: If there was a way to get Christopher Eccleston's Dr. Who in a scene with David Tennant's Dr. Who that would be aces. And if they were making out, I would be okay with that.
They can bring Jack Harkness along.
Loving all the kittie and puppy pictures. What are sugar gliders?
I took care of some heavy duty financial stuff this morning. I am already wiped out (hence the beachy afternoon) but kind of proud of myself.
I still feel like crap, so I stayed home today. I just didn’t feel like going to work and listening to people get on my nerves.

star, sounds like you had a fun Bustie meet-up. I really wish there were some Floridian Busties, I think there are some but they never post.

I'm loving all the pictures of kitties and doggies. I must admit that mando’s corgi is my favorite. Who could resist those ears.

I'm going to try to post a picture of Lola, let's hope it works. I know she was thinking "get that camera out of my face".

Aww, I come in here and it's like a big basket of cuteness! I had a decent weekend, went shopping on Saturday then saw my friends and their adorable 7 month old son!

Speaking of kids, I'm glad to hear the good news about fj and her new baby!

(((syb))) hope you and your family are doing okay.

(((morn))) glad to hear that you're feeling a bit better


kvetch: I finally went to the clinic yesterday after suffering from a sinus infection for waaay too long and had an evil sinus headache all day long despite trying to sleep it off AND taking tylenol. I'm so drained today I just want to go home and sleep but I'm supposed to hang out with a friend after work and I haven't seen her in so long and she's busy with work, and I"m busy so it's the only chance we have to hang out.

And in honour of all the fluffy pet pics, here's my dog!

Yay! More fur babies!!!!!! That pic of Lola is especially hilarious, DM. And CC, your dog looks so soft and fluffy! I just want to cuddle all that fluff. smile.gif
And last but not least ...
Sososososo sweet, Mandi. I'm so glad that you finally have your own corgi!

As for the dream, that is so wacky because the only acting I did as a kid was in church plays. It's sweet to think that you were dreaming of me, though. smile.gif

Pixie, we're thinking of getting kitties maybe next month because we're thinking of going out of town again at the end of July. Plus I want to paint the entire downstairs. Painting will come first, then kittens. As for your pets, it's good to hear the the sugar gliders are, uh, getting along so well! blink.gif

So kitties are in our future. In the mean time, we have the fish. And so I thought, "I know! I'll post some pics of our fishies!" but that's much easier said than done. They move too fast! Plus my camera keeps focusing on the background (the view of our front garden) so even when I had a few fish in the frame, they came out blurry. Bah. Here's the best shot I could get.

Yay! Fish! Kinda rolleyes.gif

Enjoy the beach, Kitten!

~~~~~~~~~ soothing for CC, DM, & all the other sickies ~~~~~~~~~

Billy, the race was okay. It was all about pit stops, though. That's what made the difference more than anything else. So it wasn't as excitingas we might like, but it was still good. Mainly I'm just glad that Fox won't be covering any more races this season. Their coverage has been pretty disappointing. dry.gif

Sidecar, I found a place on-line where I can watch the Dr. Who episodes, so we'll be all caught up soon.

Semi-kvetch: SmokeBoy called a bit ago and ... well, it's a long story, but he was thinking about tell a friend a lie about me & Sheff in a round about attempt to convince the friend that he needs to leave his druggie girlfriend, blahblahblah. It's complicated. Anyway, I could see where he was coming from, but I told him that he can't convince a friend of something that is true by wrapping it up in a lie. Besides, why the hell am I going to give him permission to tell a lie about me and my husband?!? Holy crap, man!!! Maybe he doesn't understand how fiercely protective I am of my husband and my marriage, but even so. A silly little lie like that can easily become rumor & the next thing ya know, people think I'm leaving my husband which I definitely am NOT going to do. Bleh. SmokeBoy can be a really smart guy a lot of the time, but this was not one of his brighter moments.
Dagnabit, gotta try to make this quick dry.gif

((((FJ & bebe FJ)))) yay!!

(((syb)))) *tight hugs* I am sorry for your loss. a huge fuck you cancer indeed.

(((mandi)))) ohhh your pupper is too cute, camera shy or not. thanks for asking about S, she is doing well and it was nice to see her under happy circumstances this time around. I'm a selfish friend so I keep dropping little hints about how fab it would be if she moved back down here rolleyes.gif

big ol' boobie squishes and tushie smacks for mandi, morn, bunnny, raisin, & sixela.

and lotsa love for all of you, ((((sidecar, polly, star, amilita, billy, kitten, rose, pixie, plummie, tes, plat, dm, sassy, ch, candy, qspice, mia kvetchies, lurkers, everyone)))) 'cause I miss you all tons. it amazes me how many times a day I will think of a fellow BUSTie whether or not I've been able to post often lately.
*fling* (((((yuefie)))) *smooches*

*huggles* ((((dm)))) feel better! and lola is a cutie! even if she is grumpy there.

((((kitten)))) if you want to watch a jack harkness/tennant/ecclestone three-way, you will have to get in the queue. behind me and geiger, we have dibs. rolleyes.gif

((((mando)))) yay for good weekends, and zoe is so sweet! and i will email you, promise, things are up in the air

((((rose)))) yay kittens! and fish! I've always liked fish, they're relaxing. and they don't fart, like dogs.

((((candy)))) hope your sinuses get better! and such a sweet dog, she's gorgeous

((((pixie)))) aww - cute! get baby pictures! and ***last month vibes***

((((syb)))) I only tend to use - are you booking lots of separate journeys, or one big one? and thanks for the lj comments, it's really helped (on the most recent, I think it's more a fear of turning into my own stepmother than anything)

((((billy, tes, plat, sixie, star, sassy, amilita, sidecar, qspice, everyone))))

I'm feeling a lot brighter today. I got my actual exam mark - 45% - and I've decided I'm definitely not going to appeal. I can apply for places to start this october, although choice is limited, but one of the courses I like also has a february start date so... we'll see.

It also helped that I spoke to F, for the first time in days. This kidlet is more trouble than he's worth, A&A (kid and his mother) are staying with F, and he's feeling dreadful. He's also a stubborn, proud sort, and won't ask for help, or seek advice from anyone, so I sometimes feel like I'm banging my head against a wall. He's so determined that he is going to sort it all out on his own, when he doesn't really know where to start.

Must toddle off to bed. *smooches* all round. 'specially you.
I like the iPhone, but there are features it lacks that I desire (security, the ability to add third-party applications like the Treos can, the ability to synch with Mozilla, etc). I've decided that I am going to buy a smart phone in February regardless, but it'll probably be a Treo or the AT&T smart phone instead. The only thing that's strongly in iPhone's favor is the visual voicemail - and I have high hopes that one of hte other phones might have something similar in six months.

My Sunday was pretty relaxed, I watched Monk and read and went for fish tacos. My friend S gave birth Sunday, which was awesome!

Awww, cute furbaby photos! Courtesy of my sister, new kitty photos!

Where is everybody?

kvetch: LeBoy and I start installing our wood laminate floor on Thursday in our living room, dining room and the little hallway the goes to our bedrooms and full bath. We intended on having the place cleaned up so all we'd have to move out of the rooms was the stuff that's normally in there, but the house is still a mess, so we can't even move the stuff from the rooms until we get the crap that's supposed to be in other places out of there.

LeBoy's brother, dad and our friend Rick were supposed to help us, mostly; Rick, in particular because he's installed the same type of flooring in his own house. Then he found out his wife (my BGP) made plans for the family to visit their cottage up in Michigan for the rest of the week. Grr. He won't be back until Sunday and by then, it will be too late to fix any fuck-ups we have. Plus, LeBoy's brother will also be out of town, but it was really Rick and LeDad who were most crucial. LeDad will still be there, and I think we're going to rope LeBrother-in-Law into it. It's just such a pain in the ass because our new couches are being delivered on Tuesday and the floor has to be done by then, and LeBoy can't take anymore days off work. I'm a little nerve-wracked right now because I want the floor to look good and I want it to get done in time. unsure.gif

((mornington)) glad you're feeling a little better about stuff. When I failed out of college, I was lucky enough that my parents took it really well and weren't obnoxious about it. It's a horrible thing to have to go through, but I'm glad you're picking yourself up by the bootstraps and looking for Plan B.

So many cute fur/fin babies around here! Especially yours, designer- there's many a picture of *me* making that face at the camera tongue.gif

((yuefie!)) I assume your laptop is still broken? We meece you!

((hugs to all))
Hellooooooo, kvetchies! My kitties have been stalking a cricket for the past hour.....I should have looked in here!

(((syb))) my condolences for you cousin and family.

polly, good luck with the flooring! My friend installed that type of wood laminate in his house and said it was super easy, so hopefully you guys will be fine. It will look gorgeous!

qspice, do you have a PDA phone now? I lurveth the Treos, they are the best. (although, that new global Blackberry is pretty sweet). I'm undecided about the kind of annoys me that you can't pull/replace the battery yourself, and I kinda like looks pretty cool, though. BUT, have you tried YouMail? It's a free online voicemail service that sends you emails and/or text messages of your voicemails (number, date, time, length of call, urgency). If you have it set up to send the notification to an email addy you access from your PDA....voila! Visual voicemail. Plus, you can customise your outgoing message specifically to the number that's calling you. (geeze, I sound like an advert! *disclaimer: I don't work for them or their affiliates or relatives of their affiliates!)

morn, glad to see you exploring all your options! (just hearing the words "civil service" reminds me of Yes, Prime Minister!) And woot! for getting to stay in london! ~~~~~extra-strength coping vibes for F, and for you!~~~~~~

(((bunnyb))) just 'cause it's Tuesday!

(((yuefie))) glad to see you whenever you can, babe! Even if it's from the li-berry 'puter!

rosiev, cute fishies! And good for you stepping hard on that "little white lie" idea....those never work out except as entertaining plotlines for sitcoms!

~~^~~^~~^~~get-up-and-go strength and healing vibes for raisin~~^~~^~~^~~

mando, those puppy ears! Squeee!

(((pixie, plat, tesao, ccgirl, dm-sweet puppy!, kittenb, billy, star, everyone)))

kvetch: banking error cost me $200! Grrrrr.

eeek, gotta fly! *mwah*
It is pretty quiet in here. Hello to all who are reading!!!
For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to post a picture in a post. When it asks for a url, how do I do that if the picture is saved on my computer?

My beach time yesterday was cut short by a big strong wind that swept in and started whipping sand all around. There was a big storm blowing in so I headed back home. Taking care of my financial stuff yesterday made me realize that I may not be able to buy a computer this summer like I wanted to. I just don't feel good about piling more bedt onto my head. However, if I decide that I can't. I think I am going to buy a bike instead. They are cheaper than new computers and very useful in a town like Chicago.

I did a big break from my South Beaching last night. I went for Lou Malnatti's pizza. I don't regret it and after the weekend of food debauchery I don't know that it made that big a difference. However, I am back on the low-carb plan today. I have lost almost 40 pounds and I am really happy about it. However, I realized that the other two times in my life (once at 23, once at 30) that I have worked down to this weight, this is where I have chocked and started to gain it all back. I don't want to do that this time. I have 30 more pounds I would like to shed and I am anticipating it will take till Christmas. That seems like a long time but I have to make this as normal and non-stressful as I can or it will never last. And I need chocolate sometimes.

After pizza I watched the rest of Dr. Who season 2. I am so behind on all of that. I knew how it was going to end and I still cried like a child at the end. I just sobbed. And then my DVD got stuck right at "Rose Tyler, I-" then everything started to stick and stutter. Bad timing. rolleyes.gif

(kittenb)) yay for weight loss... smile.gif

I'm going to try to post a picture of Miles kitty. May do it tomorrow. I realized the camera is at Mcgeek's house. I still don't know

Harry Potter is coming out tomorrow!!! smile.gif Been on a serious movie kick lately. Saw Sicko last weekend. It was very good.

Still job searching. Trying to find a temp job. Harder than it used to be...

My parents and I aren't talking, and I sort of like it that way right now. Besides, they're going to New Mexico at the end of the month. So, right now I'm just staying the hell away. Especially from my evil mom.

We've started re-doing parts of Mcgeek's house (the bathroom) and finding new bedroom furniture. IKEA apparantly doesn't make much king size stuff...?
He's happy when he finds new household projects. I'm just stoked that most of his ex wife's shit is out of his house... dry.gif


((everyone else))
kitten, try a site like imageshack- you upload your file and the site assigns it a url, that you can then use as a link on here. After you upload it, they'll give you several types of URL's- make sure you use the one that says "Direct Link to Image" (it should be the last one at the bottom).

Good luck with the weight loss, too- I was doing Weight Watchers and lost 23 pounds, but lost motivation after awhile and gained it all back over the last couple of years. Now my pants are tight again and I'm not sure what I want to do.

Like this?

Or like this?


But how do you get them to just show in the post?

%5b/URL%5d" target="_blank">olivia
Both of those worked; to get stuff to appear in the post, you need to click on the the icon next to the one where you go to post the link. I'm not sure what it looks like in the pink mode, but in the blue mode, to post a link, the icon looks like a little framed picture- you just paste the link in the pop-up window and it should appear in the post.
Drive by .....

KittenB, I use photobucket.

To have the pic appear in your post, be sure to use the "New Reply" option (NOT "Fast Reply"). Click the little "Insert Image" icon above your reply window (4th from the right). Put the url of the pic in the box & voila!

Must dash!
I'm so tempted to go see the Harry Potter movie tonight at midnight! Probably won't...but that means I'll probably wait 'til next week due to work and avoiding the weekend crowds.

Rosev, I, too, think it was a good idea to quash the white lie's bad mojo to make up negative things about a marriage.

I'm loving all the fur baby pictures!

Morn, I'm glad you seem to be doing well, all things considered. ~~~lots of soothing vibes for you~~~


((get well candycane))

QUOTE(sixelacat @ Jul 10 2007, 09:45 AM) *
qspice, do you have a PDA phone now? I lurveth the Treos, they are the best. (although, that new global Blackberry is pretty sweet). I'm undecided about the kind of annoys me that you can't pull/replace the battery yourself, and I kinda like looks pretty cool, though. BUT, have you tried YouMail? It's a free online voicemail service that sends you emails and/or text messages of your voicemails (number, date, time, length of call, urgency). If you have it set up to send the notification to an email addy you access from your PDA....voila! Visual voicemail. Plus, you can customise your outgoing message specifically to the number that's calling you. (geeze, I sound like an advert! *disclaimer: I don't work for them or their affiliates or relatives of their affiliates!)

No, I don't - I've got an el cheapo Motorola flip phone (one that had been discontinued because of charging issues, no less!). But since I can't add shit to the pda-y parts (calendar, contacts, notes) of the iPod *with* my iPod, and it's a pain on my current phone and most other cell phones that it'd be good to get a smart phone when I replace my current phone.

I haven't tried YouMail, but that sounds like an option if I don't go with the iPhone!

QUOTE(roseviolet @ Jul 10 2007, 02:02 PM) *
To have the pic appear in your post, be sure to use the "New Reply" option (NOT "Fast Reply"). Click the little "Insert Image" icon above your reply window (4th from the right). Put the url of the pic in the box & voila!
One note - it can't be a dynamic link and needs to end in png, jpg, or gif.
Thanks for the get well vibes everyone. I finally dragged myself to the clinic on Sunday and the doctor gave me some kind of super duper antibiotic. He even prescribed another pill (that I should probably start taking today) to help prevent the yeast infection that will probably be caused by the first antibiotic.

Also, I forget to mention that my dog is a boy not a girl. His name is Toby. That picture is a good one of him in his natural, unkempt state. tongue.gif

kittenb, congrats on your weight loss. I keep telling myself that I'm going to start working at it and I do okay for breakfast and lunch but dinner is a bit difficult for me to figure out. I always want fattening foods!

kvetch: it seems like my hours may be getting majorly cut even though I really need them and I'm only going to be working here for like, 2 and half more weeks anyway! Why can't I just earn some freakin money?

(((sassy, sixelacat, yuefie, mando, morn, quantumspice, amilita, rosev, polly, sidecar, everyone that I always manage to forget)))

((((sixie)))) hehe, I haven't seen that for aaages. and boo on the banking errors (something like that happened to F this week - first they put too much in on his paycheck, and then took too much out)

((((rose)))) what everyone else has said.

((((kitten)))) olivia is a cutie!

((((sassy)))) yay for redoing!

((((bunny, polly, rose, pixie, yuefie, qspice, candy, star, amilita, mando, billy, tess, plat, syb, dm, raisin, everyone))))

went shopping today with girly1, it was good. We just drifted, and both picked things up. And I remembered how jealous I am that she can fit into those empire-line tops without looking silly (that and sometimes I wish I had *slightly* bigger boobs). But I found a cute purse, and a hat, and red tights that I'd been looking for. Hurrah me. Tomorrow I have to go to the boob doc for my check-upy thing, and then I'm going to hang out with her and girly2, because they move out of london this weekend, and I won't see them so much. It sucketh.

I have to get hold of F, we're spatting over me visiting - my dad is buying the tickets for my birthday, they're hella expensive even now - I want to get them booked, so I can spend my birthday with him etc etc, but he wants me to leave off, as A is sleeping on his sofa while she looks for a place for Aminor and herself. Gah. They have six weeks! Surely the property market in PA isn't that slow. I suspect her of being pathetic and not getting on with it. She has a lot of problems, I met her briefly on myspace and she's a bit of a nut, so while I want to help, she's ruining my relationship and causing F even more stress. Oh, and when F and her broke up, she carved his name into her thigh. And he has a fucking long name (I can't even spell it, tbh, or say it).

And I really shouldn't be spilling my private worries on here. but... I know you're supportive and ((((you)))). It's really helping having you guys around.

oh, raisin... I wanted to show you this

and star, bunny - this? I might go anyway, it looks fun.
((mornington)) Yay for shopping, hope F gets back to you on the travel dates.

((candycane)) Glad you are feeling better. Your dog is cute.

amilita, did you go see the Harry Potter movie? Just wondering if people dress up like for Star Wars.

((sassy)) Good luck on the job search.

kittenb, congrats on losing weight the health way.

((sixel)) Boo for the banking error.

((polly)) Good luck with the flooring.

I had to have five fillings at the dentist today, and that included about ten shots and I could still feel pain on some of the teeth. Not fun, but at least it’s done. I am feeling better from being sick so that’s nice.

Is anyone watching The World Series of Pop Culture on VH1? Mr. DM and I have been watching it all week, and we love it.
(((((((morn))))))) well, if he is being difficult, then do you want to spend your money going there to be frustrated. just wondering. i want you to have an awesome birthday. omg. that innocent fete thing is awesome. it seems so crazy.

*~*~*get well & soothing tooth vibes for DM*~*~*

candy, dude, i want some money too. damn school debt. dry.gif

qspice, i totally love my treo even though i only know to do 1/3 of what it is capable of doing.

kvetch: i'm nervous about buying a new car. i don't want to get screwed. i think i'm gonna ask my grandfather for help. just gonna be a big girl about it.

mornington - I read a lot of that bunny owner/lover list and I have to ask, do bunnies just poo everywhere? Not that I am judging, my cats have been quite the challange lately. Olivia is a cutie and I love her to death but my goodness we have been dealing with some issues!

candycanegirl - I am with you on the money thing. Yesterday I was looking at nail polish and today I was looking at socks and both times I was thinking "Not until payday." For NAILPOLISH AND SOCKS!? Yes, I am living the dream. blink.gif

I found out about a place in Chicago that sells recycled/second-hand bikes so I may be buying one soon. Kind of cool!
((((kitten)))) bunnies don't really poo everywhere, they're litter-trainable. But they do tend to leave "marker poos" about, or sometimes you just get them kicked out when they're playing in thier cage. Bunny poo is small, round, and hard - so it's not really *that* gross. It doesn't get mushed into the carpet or anything.

((((star)))) doesn't the fete just? We spoke last night, and she's 2/3 of the way to getting a place to live... I know we'll be alright, and tbh, I'd rather spend my birthday there than on my own here. I can see his point, but I think it would be better to give A a date, saying "you have to be out of here by then"

((((dm)))) ouch. ***feel better***
Ah ha ha! Morn, thanks so much for that link! It's cracking me up. Mr. Wonderbunny (WHO IS LITTERBOX TRAINED, YES HE IS, ahem, GOOD BUNNY!) did have a bit of a strawberry this morning. He's so ancient, though, so I'm supposed to be limiting his fruit intake. I totally love having a pet bunny. They bring endless joy and snuggles (well, when he's in the mood, ha ha). He's soft as velvet and I just love him to pieces. I talk to him like one day he's going to talk right back to me. Me and my friends make up voices for our pets. wub.gif

Now I have a link for you. It's here. Have you already read it? Love it.

Psst, Star, I'll reply to your email once I've gone on my reconnaissance mission and have something to report to you. Ahem! haha wink wink nudge nudge

I had such a shitty day yesterday, a combination of craptastic humidity and being in pain. Lovely. I did jack shit yesterday afternoon, which made me feel worse. I can't won't have a repeat of that misery today. I have the worst patience when it comes to being ill and getting better. Feh. Where's my fairy godmother when I need her?
I am enjoying two days off from work! Little brother and a bunch of his friends are coming in to town late tonight, and we're all going to a music festival together. I'm playing tour guide tomorrow. It should be lots of fun. I'm probably going to spend the rest of the day cleaning (not fun) but it was nice to sleep in.

My dog is sprawled out on the couch, sleeping as she probably will for the next several hours.

((((morn)))) All the drama must be exhausting. I hope it clears up for you soon.

((((everyone))))) I think I'm going to read for awhile before I start cleaning. Martini requested I rock an apron and pearls today as a joke. I don't think I'll be doing that. smile.gif
Kvetch: While shopping for faucets with Mcgeek, I got really dizzy. I sat down. And then I got up, and felt like I was going to go slamming into the concrete floor. I really have to change this medication. Yeah I'm not having seizures, but I'm sure everyone at Lowe's thought I was drunk.
Scary shit. I could barely walk. It's been a weird couple of days. I see my doctor the next couple of weeks, and hopefully we can try something else.

Kvetch: So Miles has taught himself how to open the fridge. Silly cat.

Still job searching. Also researching library techicians. There's a school in Georgia near my apartment that I could use some of my Americorps money for. Just a thought to mule over.

Anti-kvetch: My cable is working again!


{{{sassygirl}}} {{{raisingirl}}}

mornington - it sounds like your bunnies are less messy than my cats right now. I don't know why the male has suddenly decided it a "litter-box optional" kind of house. He keeps standing right outside the box and pees half in the box, half on the floor. Nice. mad.gif

sidecar, I am off of work today but I am kind of bored out of my mind. My day revovles around the gym and dishes.

I haven't had a day off of work where I stayed at home since February, so for me, this is very pleasant! I'm still procrastinating on cleaning though.

(((sassygirl))) hey, if you have any questions about librarians or support staff, PM me -- I work for a library group and can pass on any info I might have.

((((busties in pain))))) it seems like there's a lot of that going around today.

bunny, i keep meaning to tell you something and i keep forgetting! So now I will -- I dunno how the industry is by you, but I do a lot of copy editing and proofreading for educational publishers, and I've even been able to do some writing (I wrote a history of United States westward expansion for fifth graders a couple years ago). I got into it because a friend of mine recommended me, but an interest in education and backgrounds in English and history are really helpful. For me, it's interesting work (I mostly do reading comprehension stuff) and it pays really well. I can't do it freelance full time, but it's a nice supplement and it keeps my skills in those areas sharp.
(((raisin))) thanks so much for the undercover work! wink.gif

(((morn))) yeah, F needs to give 'em a date. But, I'm sure it is complicated with the bambino. If it was just her, I'm sure he would've given her the boot. Has the paternity results come back yet?

sidecar, oh, that sounds like fun. i love showing people around too. have fun at the music festival this weekend! at least the weather is cooler. i remember i went to intonation when the weather was just unbearable. i couldn't even enjoy myself.

(((sassy))) maybe you should go sooner to the doc, if you can. good luck with the librarian stuff!

ok. i'm off to shower. kinda lazy. but, i think i'm always lazy.

Mission accomplished.

Sassy, is your cat IronKitty?! Holy strong pecs, Batman.

Oooh, educational publishing. I could get into that, Sidecar. I'm such a nerd that I'd probably get off on writing phonics books.
((((raisin)))) I read that just the other day, and loved it. The buns have gone into boarding while I go visit the grandparents, and there was the most gorgeous older bunny there - he was eight, and I am so very, very, very tempted. He just needs someone to love him, and he was so snuggly - a little too snuggly. aaargh, i hate this impulse to mother things, it's madness.

((((star)))) that's the problem - he'd never let her over the threshold if it wasn't for the kidlet.

((((sassy)))) ironkitty indeed. that's a talent. Hope you get your meds sorted

((((sidecar)))) have fun at the music festival - and when you're done cleaning your house, want to do mine? wink.gif


I'm going to finish sewing this jumper before I go up north tomorrow. Although I could leave it until saturday... hmm... lazyness. I just want to put off cleaning, really.
Oh woman... on the one hand, I'm all "GET THE BUNNY!" because when they get older they protest less when you want to hold them (and it's true, they just want cuddles and lovies), but seriously, the elderly bunny might be really scared of the hound. I don't know if that's something you want to chance. But bunny snuggles! Ahh, there's nothing like them. Mr. Wonderbunny is the total Alpha Male -- he will put his head down and nudge it under my hand so I just have to pet him. 'Tis true, I am bunny whipped by a 4-lb fluffball. WORD on the mothering. Uh!
Fuckity-fuckity-fuck. LeBoy just called- they got the carpet ripped up to discover that we have a cement subfloor. Very unusual in a second-floor condo. They tried to put the first board in and the surface is too uneven. Crap. I don't know what we're going to do now. I don't want carpet again (and can't afford it now anyway.) I don't know if we can smooth out the floor. It's busy and loud here at work, so I didn't get a chance to find out what LeDad thinks we can do.
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