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Mando!!!! *smothers in booby-squishin' hugs*
So nice to see you 'round these parts again! I'm sure your flight will be excellent, so here's some
~x~x~x~not thinkin' bout that plane 'til you board it vibes~x~x~x~

(((star, dm, rose-magic-kingdom-cuteness-violet, kitten-with-the-sexay-hair-b, sybness, pixie-with-the-mirror-lovin'-micro, bunnyb, mornington, and anyone else I've forgotten)))

kvetch: fail-at-life Mondays. I could not get the simplest things done today: open a filing cabinet drawer (couldn't figure out the bottom drawer was open half an inch, and the stupid thing only lets you open one drawer at a time), print ANYTHING all day without the network printer erring out, and complete one transaction without the windows explorer based POS system shutting itself down. I give up.

anti-kvetch: Just finished watching One Day in September (documentary about the '72 Olympics) and it was excellent. Now off to watch Munich.

anti-kvetch part deux: Ordered these shoes and will get them in the morning! Also, am ordering these shoes next. Retail therapy rocks.
(((sixle))) so stealing "fail-at-life mondays" ... good one!

*head explodes at the fairy-tales-will-come-true-they-can-happen-to-you kewtness of magick kingdom rose & shef*

ditton on the cute hair, kitten!

(((pixie))) i'm voting for august 10th (my birthday) or the 15th (danny's).

ta for the flying vibes. part of me is actually looking foward to it ... ie: bonding experience with the boy. (of course i've already emailed jetblue about the chances of getting stuck on the tarmac for 5+ hrs. i'm so frickin lame.)

thanks for the warm welcome back. i missed you all sorely. *group hug*

heading off to the doc's for a medication update visit. don't know why i'm nervous, she's a sweetheart.
Kvetch: Barely survived my mother's nagging... job. relationship, my weight. They basically think that Mcgeek is weird b/c he hasn't asked me to move in with him (kicker--he has), and I don't have a job. I know I don't have a job, but I'm trying very hard to find one. And hell the last thing I need is some jabs on my weight gain due to my medication. She was even bringing up my ex fiancee...which totally didn't need to be brought up. I told them that I wanted to become a librarian, which I thought that they would be happy about, and they just got mad at. All this happened on my Dad's birthday by the way. I think they were just serectly looking for a fight. This is why I don't go home much. 4 days in utter hell. At least my dad was being pretty cool.

Anti-kvetch: Mcgeek suprised me by cleaning my apartment while I was away. It sorely needed it, and he also put together my desk. Miles and him have become fast friends. I just hope my cat remembers me!

aww, rose and sheff *squee*

(((((sassy))))) being a librarian sounds like an excellent idea. and yay for mcgeek cleaning for you.

((((mando)))) *smooches* you'll be fine on the plane. stheriously. also, you and danny are leos? leo is clearly the bestest.

((((pixie)))) that sounds... uncomfortable.

((((sixie)))) yay shoes!

cute hair kitten!

((((star, dm, amilita, bunny, yuefie, tes, plat, billy, syb, everyone))))

gah. i just knocked over my full glass. I'm such a numpty sometimes. I'm sitting on the floor, having a picnic with the bunnies. I was going to cut fabric for a dress, but now the floor is damp, and this carpet takes aaaages to dry.

Had my last exam yesterday, and I'm not sure how it went. We'll see, I get the results on friday. But I'm not really expecting a pass.
I'm a leo too...

RV, I can't see your pic!

((Sassy)) My mum used to criticise me in similar ways... she eventually got over it, so it does happen. Good luck with the job search.

(Already extended) deadline looming + househunting effectively alone + ongoing serious money worries = lack of sleep and an even more anxious me. I need a holiday (yeah, um, another one...) but won't get one until 2008. *sigh*

/pity party

Sixela, I too love 'fail-at -ife Mondays' (the expression, not the reality) and also that pair of peep-toe shoes... gorgeous!
six, you tart you! you and your fuck-me pumps. and where, prey tell, do you plan on wearing those shoes? wink.gif

**soothing vibes for sybarite**

amilita, i might go to the movies with my mom on the 4th. nancy drew maybe? or ratatouille? i think i'll wait to see transformers cause my stepdad will be bummed if we see it without him. how 'bout you?

((((mando)))) i forgot to mention "thanks" for the encouragement. yeah, i don't know how i made it through the past year. it seems like some other person went through "that stuff" last year. almost like an outer body experience. but, i know the chicago busties as well as my other friends can see the changes i've gone through. so,, thanks.

(((sassy))) i think you should check out the school here i recommened to you to become a librarian. but, i think i just want you close by. it really is a great school though for librarians.

morn, just think...i'll be in the uk soon. when is your birthday? aug what? will i be there for it?

(((bunnyb))) what are you doing in aug? still going on holiday? it would be great if you could come to town also. well, when i'm in europe that is. wink.gif

kvetch: here in the state of indiana it is legal to sell fireworks. and for some ungodly reason, those big bomb fireworks are popular here. what is pretty about a big explosion? BOOM! or those whistling rockets! annoying. i like the pretty fireworks that show alot of color. oh, and sparklers. i love sparklers.

That Sheff is one good-looking man. What a cute photo! Rose, I'm glad you all had a good time.

My MIL is walking disapproval, so I feel for you (((((sassy)))))). To most of the world, Martini is a successful young professional with a beautiful home, a good marriage, and a happy life. To her, he is a deadbeat who lives in a ghetto. (Those of you who have visited the neighborhood we live in will no doubt be amused by this.) To say the least, the visit was bad. I had to go to American Girl Place -- that bad.

And you should totally be a librarian! I would work for you then.

((((mando))))) i hate flying too. A beer usually does the trick for me, though.

I'm going to see Ratatouille tonight and then go to a barbecue tomorrow. This weekend, we're going to the drive-in for a double-feature of Transformers and Live Free or Die Hard. I'm behind on movies, so I'm looking forward to catching up.
gah. i know i have the seeds of morphing into Hypercritical Mom. it's a constant self-editing battle, to choose my words carefully with my kid. (((sassy)))

as long as we're talking cute shoes .... i just got these. and the review is mine ... hee!

i'm working tomorrow. (holiday plus regular pay plus no inlaw bbq or bridge traffic = happy mandi). and then i'm coming home and hiding from the town fireworks up the street, and all the neighborhood nasties shooting off firecrackers. i truly loathe the fourth of july.
Rosev, that's such a cute picture! I'm glad you're feeling better about Sheff's company's buyout.

(((sassy))) sorry to hear that your mom was so critical. I sometimes think there are people who are just like that because they don't know what else to say. Also, I think it's cool that you want to be a librarian. My mom's a library technician and she always wishes she had become a full on librarian.

(((amilita))) sorry to hear about that terrible case.

sidecar, what is American Girl Place? I'm intrigued by the name!

(((syb))) don't worry, I'm sure things'll start looking up!

(((mando))) don't worry about flying. I've flown lots of times and usually the worst thing is either the choice of movie (See Spot Run, anyone?) or the food (ie. half a cup of orange juice and a teeny tiny tasteless cinnamon bun as breakfast!). At least that's how it's been in my experience.

kvetch: work is insanely busy today, the phone is ringing off the hook and I keep getting calls from one of the fucking crazy driving instructors (I'm a receptionist at a driving school). I hate this guy, all he does is complain but he might be getting fired for trying to rip off my boss so ha!

anti-kvetch: the possession date for the place I'm moving into is now less than a month away! Just a few more weeks and I'm outta here!!

American Girl Place: Chicago por vous, candycane. Really not as exciting as it sounds. Um, does martini have an 8-year-old sister or something that I didn't know about, sidecar? Why would that place hold any interest for your MIL? rolleyes.gif Oh, yeah, a real hellhole where you live.

Sorry for everyone with toxic mothers- that sucks.

Adorable picture, rose- it *almost* makes me want to visit Disney World (just not my thing).

I got a slightly bigger paycheck than usual and I think I'm going to get my hair done over the weekend. I haven't been to my stylist since last September or so. When I took the pay-cut to work at that NPO, I couldn't go, then the unemployment situation, then the crappy pay at the insurance company. I've had my mom trim my hair once since then, and I've colored it a couple of times at home (what a PITA!) so I'm ready for a real haircut now. Mmm, but money spent on shoes is money well-spent. I'm thinking of replacing my New Balances that I wear at work, but I hate plain black or white sneakers and, I can't find any NB's in gray like the ones I have now.

My 4th of July plans collapsed. I'm not too broken up- it was just going to LeBoy's parents where we would have been ignored anyway, since we have no offspring. I think I'm going to help the shelter in the parade they're walking in. Then, if it's not raining, seeing fireworks at BGP's house. Most of the men in her family and a couple of her neighbors are current/retired police & firemen, so it's a little safer than your average doofus. Plus, they get the good fireworks from over the border (the ones you're complaining about, star!)

((hugs to all)) and ~*~*~xanax-filled vibes for mando's plane ride~*~*~*
good lord, that place looks awful! I can only imagine it as being some kind of mind numbing experience with loads of squealing little girls everywhere.

My poor dog was freaking out all weekend thanks to Canada Day. People let off fireworks Saturday, Sunday AND Monday, a few even went off during the day! I felt so bad for him, he was shaking like a leaf!
HAPPY 4th of JULY!

Had another lovely weekend with the boy and got back yesterday.

Was sent home sick from work with tummy upset; still not feeling great and have killer cramp too.

Star, we're no longer going on holiday (boo hoo) as I need to replace laptop - I'm buying an imac instead - so need to conserve funds. I'll be in Manchester for fortnight which is halfway closer but will need to speak to the boy to see if we could afford to pop down to London to see you.

MIL, for whatever reason, has been obsessed with American Girl Place. I think she just likes the way the dolls are pretty. So she bought one, presumably for Martini's cousin's daughter, but decided to keep it for herself.

I have to say, though, once I was forced to hang out there, I'm starting to think maybe they might be a force for good. Don't get me wrong, it was full of screaming girls and expensive stuff and matching doll-girl outfits, but everything is tied to a book. And the books are basically about how it's important to be smart, giving, kind, and thoughtful. (I skimmed three of them while I was there.) And the books that aren't tied to dolls were like "The Smart Girl's Guide to Money" or "How to Deal with Boys!" So I read the one on boys, and it didn't shy away from stuff like kissing, and it was pretty clear about how to deal with boys who are bullies and to tell them to stop in firm terms if they were doing things you didn't want to.

Bunny, if you're mac-shopping, I am in love with my macbook. I've had it a year now, and it still gets 3 hours of battery life when charged. Also I can take pictures of myself.

Happy 4th everyone! I am going to a barbecue at our friend B's house. I want to find a patriotic scarf to put around my dog's neck, but I may not have one.
sidecar, I have a Macbook too! I've had mine for almost a year and I lurve it.

I guess that store isn't so bad, from what you've said, I just get weirded out by those life like dolls and whatnot.

kvetch: my stupid period is ridiculously heavy and there's not a damn thing I can do about it.

another kvetch: people who call the place where I work (never during office hours, and yet they call day after day) and I keep trying to return their calls but they never answer!
(((sidecar & martini))) i'm actually kinda peeved at your MIL dry.gif , only because (even though i've met him once) martini seems like an awesome guy and has an excellent job. poor martini. i don't think MIL realizes how great of a son she has. and, you know, i'm totally interpreting the fact that she kept the doll for herself than giving it to a child. wink.gif

i'm kinda ambivalent when it comes to the american girl doll craze. i think if i end up having a daughter, then she will hate me cause i will be the hippie type mother that will encourage my daughter to reject such things and concepts. barbie was never as cool to play with as my star wars action figures.

ok bunnyb. just thought i would try. you know, it is not every day that a Chicago Bustie will be in London. well, at least not me. wink.gif

polly, i've seen grey NB shoes. try Kohl's or Nordstrom's. i heart nordstrom's for shoes in general.

candy, you are almost done with your internship?? cool. where are you going after that??

mando, i like fireworks, but i just hate those bombs of fireworks. and did i mention i love sparklers...

nothing much going on. was gonna go to the movies, but my mom had a million and 1 things she wanted to do AND be home in time to make dinner for my stepdad. uh, i wanted a relaxing day. so, i chose to stay home instead.

kvetch: my mom sure knows how to whip up a batter of guilt fast. who knew my not grocery shopping yesterday would affect the ENTIRE day of food for us today?? she never communicated this point to me. i hate when she is passive aggressive. i think i find myself wanting to go to the east coast just to have some space of my own again.

kvetch2: hoping the people out east are friendly. worried they will be cold and impersonal. i'm kinda freakishly social. haven't gotten any responses from boston/new england busties to my announcement of being there for a year. maybe they are not as welcoming as us chicago busties?? huh.gif dunno.

antikvetch: i think i'll be going soon to get my car. gonna have a former coworker help me. he used to sell cars so i need a male presence and someone from the car industry help me so i don't get screwed over.


star, I tried to convey that I'll try to get down to London but it's the boy's and my fortnight summer holiday and we will be spending quality time together as it's the longest we'll have been together in nine months; I've had to forego that time in the sun because of money restraints and London is expensive. Anyway, I'll see what I can do about travel and accomodation as it's not a day trip, even if the UK is the size of a state.

eta: spoke to the boy and I WILL be coming down for the day to see you so let me know when you and morn are meeting up so I can book train tickets.
oh yeah bunny!! **does happy dance** love your boy even more now! will find out with morn about the meetup!!
syb, LJ just told me when your birthday is... it's going to be a good month, methinks.

((((mando)))) cute shoes! and woo on danny finishing ninth grade with such good results!

((((sidecar)))) blink.gif

((((polly)))) how was the parade?

((((star)))) i'm technically working while you're out here, but I should have weekends. I had an idea yesterday - exploring the city at the weekend (by the city, I mean the square mile, which is the original london, and now the financial center) because it's kindof hauntingly beautiful when it's abandoned. Also, they have roman walls and churches and shit like that, in amongst all the skyscrapers.

((((bunny)))) yay the boy! and macbook! also, you know you're always welcome to sleep on my futon.

I get my results tomorrow, I live in fear. If I haven't passed, I get kicked out (three years of my life wasted. no, wait, three years and every holiday since I turned fourteen wasted. bitter, moi?) so I'll probably leave london as I can't afford to live here - and as exgoth and german will be going overseas for thier final year and the girlies will be going to the country... actual friends in london drops to about two people. Hopefully I'll be able to get a TEFL job, although most places seem to want a degree as well (tefl courses don't usually accept people who haven't got a degree). I'll probably move north, close to my grandparents. Or I could always stay in london and work for my mum's office here (they might take me) *sigh* this is the worst part.

morn, breathe! Thank you so much for the offer of the futon but I'm going to take a morning train down from Stockport (about 3 hours away) and then a train up again about 5 or 6 hours later so (both of you) let me know which weekend suits and I'll book then; if we could go for something to eat (late lunch/early dinner) then that would be fab.

I'm buying my mac that same fortnight. SQUEE! the boy and I are also taking day trips to Liverpool, York and somewhere there's a huge archery store where he needs to go to test out bows and buy one. Yes, my boy has become Robin Hood all of a sudden.

Rose, I meant to comment on the lovely photo: so cute! I am majorly looking forward to Florida 2008 (a year today, in actual fact).

Hi all!

(((mornington))) crossing all parts that you passed your test!

A bustie meet up in London! Color me jealous! Right now I would be glad to just be able to leave the state but we are rediculously busy every weekend from now until when micropixie comes!

We had a decnt 4th of July. By decent I mean sitting in lawn chairs holding umbrellas to watch the nefews lighting fireworks.

This weekend we plan on taking the minipixie's to see Ratatoulli. And we have MIl's suprise 50th Bday party!

Anyway, must get back to work. Just wanted to say hi and ramble a bit!
~~~~vibes for mornington~~~~~ i hope your results are all you hope them to be!

thanks for the support everyone. I agree wholeheartedly with what you said, stargazer (and thanks for what you said about M!). One positive development of my brother dying was that my family sees the time we get to spend together as something to enjoy, that it can all end in an instant, and there's no reason to worry about the "what if." I wish I could get MIL to see it that way, rather than turning every visit into a referendum on how awful it is that he doesn't live closer to them. Martini said last night that his cousin's baby ruined his relationship with his parents, and I can't disagree with him. What's hard for me is convincing him that it's not his fault. He's so ready to accept guilt he may as well be Catholic.

Anyway. I had a nice fourth, in which I ate too much food and played bean bag toss with our friends. The dog came with us and was really into the bean bag toss game. Apparently, this is the new big thing among the hipsters and aging frat boys who live in Lakeview and Lincoln Park (both my friends' neighbors were playing and we saw some people in the alley at our friends' house playing it, too).

Candycanegirl, I'm still totally weirded out by the store. All the same, it's not as bad as I thought, and there's some comfort in that.
The parade was okay. I was stoopid and forgot to put on sunblock, so I'm nicely toasted on my forehead, cheeks and forearms. My mother's going to kill me when she sees me. Skin cancer runs in the family, so my mom's crazy-worried about me and my sister getting burned. I've had a few bad ones over the years (this one's about a 2 on a scale of 1-5) and it doesn't take much. I've been liberally slathering myself with calendula gel, though, which seems to be helping. I'm just debating if I should still get my hair colored, considering the burn is right up to my hairline. unsure.gif

Then we went to BGP's house for party and fireworks which was fun.

Sidecar, are you talking about the bean bag game where you toss the bag into the hole on the box with the slanted top? LeBoy's mom got a couple of those boxes last summer, and I didn't know it was a big trend. Weird.

*Sigh* I need to finish cleaning the house today. It's such a cesspool right now, but we start The Great Flooring Project of Aught-Seven next Wednesday and I need to clean before we can even move all the crap out of the rooms.

So jealous of the meet-up in London. You have my utmost confidence, Stargazer, that you will best serve as the ambassador of the American Busties. wink.gif

((Morn)) Let us know as soon as you can. Parts are crossed and we're waiting with bated breath.
Aw shucks, gang. wub.gif Thanks for the compliments on the pic!

xxxxxx crossed parts for Morn xxxxxxx
Remember that we're here for you, no matter what!

~~~~~ soothing for Polly's tender flesh ~~~~~

Pixie, did you hear that Smokeboy was in a car accident? Actually, two accidents (it's a long story!). Not to worry - he's just fine. But he had to get a new vehicle. Poor thing!

Sidecar, does your family ever spend time with Martini's family? I'm just wondering if we can get their positive attitude to rub off on her. wink.gif

Speaking of annoying family members, I decided last week that I'm done with my brother, M. There are worse people out there, but honestly? If he weren't family, I would never volunteer to spend time with him. He's just so selfish and self absorbed. Remember that the main reason why we went down to Florida was for this big 40th anniversary party for my parents. They had a little vow renewal ceremony, then we had a nice dinner, and then spent a long time talking & having fun with family & friends. Or at least, that's what most of us did. M, on the other hand, took pics of the ceremony (he does some professional photography and Mom had asked him to take some pics for her), shoved some food down his throat as quickly as possible (while totally ignoring the conversations happening around him), and then vaporized for the last 2 hours of the night. Mom said he was off talking to friends on his cell phone. I did not even see him attempt to smile once during the whole night. The worst part is that the man is almost 36 years old, but he insists on acting like an angst-ridden 16 year old. Puh-leeeeeeeze. The man needs a serious attitude adjustment. Why can't he just attempt to be pleasant? Doesn't he realize that he is breaking my parents' hearts when he acts like this? UGH!

Anyway. Independence Day was good. Watched an Eddie Izzard marathon & ate Indian food for dinner (Yum!) & watched a few episodes of Dr. Who (with Christopher Eccelstone cause we lurve him). We saw oodles of fireworks while in Disney World, so there was no need to brave the crowds just to see more. smile.gif

Didja miss me, huh huh huh?

*runs off to read archives*
(((raisingrl))) hiya!! *waves*

(((sidecar))) well, being an only child and knowing martini is one too....i can relate to his mother's mother is the same way....she does not realize and appreciate how spoiled she is by me....i usually put her first...and in my attempts to take care of myself....she will be the drama queen when she is not the center of attention...

speaking of...

kvetch: i had the day i wanted. just chilled. but my desire to be mom took for being in a bad mood. so, then she tried to one up the ante (even though there was no ante) and ignored me. my mom is into games. and i was not feeding into it. it is amazing how things are everyone else's fault when my mom has a bad day but she is never responsible for things. interesting.

(((morn))) oh good luck! i think one weekend i'm going to amsterdam. we can do sumthin' aug. 11th which is a sat. if you want. tryin' to keep it to a weekend as you and bunny would like. i'm pretty much open to whatevah.

(((bunny))) um, ask polly...everything i do involves food. i wouldn't have a bustie get together without it! and did i mention how i'm glad that you will have the time and $$ to come down?!? i could always take a train in a central location to make it easier for you.

**hands some aloe vera to polly** oh, sunburns are terrible. sad.gif

(((rose))) family members. oy vey. sorry your bro was being difficult.

pixie...pretty soon til the bebe!

(((other kvetchies)))
(((raisin))) sooooo good to see you in here, luv. how are you feeling?

(((mornington))) it’s gonna be all good. i promise. but gal after my own heart, planning for the worst case scenario. i’ve got some of that going on myself. *le sigh* ta for the danny love, doll.

so jealous of bunny’s imac & the London meetup. *pout*

*here’s-a-dollar-buy-a-clue-vibes for martinimum and rosebro*

*aloe-soothing vibes for polly*

(((star))) i can’t speak for the boston babes, but I do know, from much experience, how difficult it is to organize local NY bustie meetups. of course, now that i've turned into a "i'll try to make it please keep me in the loop” type, only to flake last-minute, i've become part of the problem too. (what can i say, i really am not a good mass-transit traveler. *hangs head in shame*) i know i'm still loved, but i don't receive many invites anymore, and i don't blame them one bit. (plus, most of the NY gals have migrated to LJ, and i completely suck with keeping up with them there, my bad.) my point is, don’t take it personally. and hey, look on the bright side: since you're a social butterfly, maybe you can work your charms and become the new boston bustie "hub"!

kvetch: i'm in dire need of a real weekend off. only one more day, only one more day ...
wow, so many people with family issues! I mean, we all have em, it just seems like they're all coming out at once.

(((happy family vibes))) to everyone who's driven up the wall by family.

no work kvetchies today cause I'm trying not to let things get to me.

however, other kvetch: I'm going to a wedding of a longtime family friend. No problem there. However, they are apparently expecting 1000 people. Literally! I am sooooo not looking forward to that wedding reception.

anti-kvetch: making a little trip next month to go to a sex conference! I'm so excited and it really looks like fun!
Heh. Okay, I got totally sidetracked there with lunch (pesto pasta with green veggies, now I want to take a friggin' nap) and now I have a batch of muffins (zucchini courgette/orange) in the oven!

Welllllllllll... where to start? Sorry I haven't been around, babycakes, but I've been -- how do you say? -- I've been ill (details of which are on LJ but it's really something I can't get into here -- and when the hell did we get to have 200 some odd "guests" in the Lounge at a time?! Is that number a little inflated or something? Usually it's been less than 50 in the past, hasn't it? WhatEVARRRR.) and being in front of a computer and sitting for long periods of time just exacerbates the problems I'm having. Add to that the fact that I'm sick of the crap I'm going through right now, and that pretty much explains my absence. I've lurked a bit here and there, but haven't been up to posting, energy-wise. And now today I'm just going a leetle stir crazy will all the time on my hands (I'm not working), so I thought I'd pop in here and say hi. So, HI!

So jealous of all of you hanging out in London! I was feeling so unpatriotic yesterday, which was so friggin' uneventful, and some of you know how I am desperately in need of a new car... so I am thinking of getting a bright blue Mini with the Union Jack painted on its roof. Oi! Don't really know if I can afford it, but I might check it out this summer while I can still drive my mini-hoopty to the dealership, heh.

Bunny, I'm sorry about the teaching gig, but I have faith that something else will come up for you. My friends say the same thing to me about my current predicament.

And it's taken me so long to type this that the muffins are now cooling on the counter and I ain't feelin' too good and besides the bun's cage needs a cleaning so I'm gonna end this here. I have a couple of hours before I have a class tonight, so maybe I shall check in again. I had a million things to say. MWAH!

Mornington, can I snuggle under the duvet with you?
*lifts duvet*

house is on in an hour, and I have biscuits that i'll give you if I can have a muffin wink.gif
Deal! wub.gif

Dear Maude, I cleaned the bun's cage, ate two muffins already, and now I think I'm going to watch Oprah until I feel the urge to throw something at the TV set.
Raisin, that'll take approximately five minutes!
*drags sunburned and achy self in to kvetch*

Is there any room left under the duvet? And some of that aloe vera too? I am sooooo tired and sore today. My bff Shannon came down and stayed with me for 6 days and we did the tourist thing all around San Diego. We went to a couple different beaches, shopped 'til we dropped, and walked around Old Town. Then we got Balboa Park passports where we went to every single museum, saw the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit, and enjoyed the Coral Reef film at the Imax Dome theater. And we also went to the Zoo one day and Sea World the next. We seriously didn't think the plan through and allow for any real rest so I think we both need a vacation our vacation!

Hope everyone is well. (((((kvetchies)))) ~~~~all purpose vibes~~~~

My apologies for the lack of indiviualized vibes but it's been a little while since I was able to check in here and there is simply too much for me to read right now. Be back soon to catch up properly.
2 accidents, Rose? I guess it was bound to happen. The universe just isn't right when Smokeboy has more going for him than his brother....and he's setting the bar very low right now!
Sorry M was being such a jerk! You'd think maybe he would have grown up sometime in the last 10 years since we had the big anniversary thing for your parents in London. Frankly, I am almost suprised he bothered to come at all.

~*~*~*~*Busties with family angst~*~*~*~*

Thankfully ours seems to be getting much better. Mr. Pixie and his dad have made up, and his dad bought us $750 worth of Baby things last weekend! And Mr. Pixie's bitchy sister is even coming around. She's about 6 months pg, and it seems to have mellowed her a bit. Maybe because she can't be catty to me anymore. I'm married to her brother...her baby daddy is some guy she's been on and off again with for years who won't even commit to calling her his GF.(IF he's even the daddy!)

Yay for a Raisin sighting!

blaming the double post on terrible thunderstorm here.
Yay for mandi, yuefie and raisin all reappearing in the one week! I've missed you gals.

mandi, I am *so* excited about the imac! SQUEE!

star, I am also very excited about meeting YOU and seeing morn again biggrin.gif. Sat 11th works for me and food is the centre of my world too so we're all good!

(((morn))) let us know soon as? I have faith in you, hunbun.

(((kittenb))) a'cos

(((raisin))) feel better m'dear

(((yuefie))) and (((polly))) and their sunburn.

(((rose))), (((sidecar and martini))), (((the pixies))) and other family-angst sufferers.

candy, a sex conference?! cool.

I am so envious of friend lord_farquhar who is going to Armistead Maupin book signing tomorrow evening; I have to go to crappy work. I will hopefully have one of his books arrive over the weekend and I've rented Tales of the City on dvd so that will cheer me up /latest obsession.

that's me out. i wasn't that surprised, and now i just have to sort out what I'm going to do.
Oh (((babes))), I am SO sorry sad.gif.

You will find something else that you love, it may take some time but it will all be worth it in the end. Although, I know it doesn't feel that way just now.

Or, you and I could hide under the duvet until a career runs smack damn into us and we live happily ever after. Until then we have to curl up with ice cream and our furry friends.

oh (((((mornington))))) i am so sorry.
(((((((((((Mornington)))))))))))) I am so so sorry, Morn. I wish I had some wise words to say that would help, but I'm actually feeling very teary for you over here. sad.gif
Please take care of yourself. Call some friends and have them take you out somewhere. And remember that we're here for you.
(((((((((((more love for Morn)))))))))))
Oh ((((mornington)))) I'm so sorry. I know you can't see it now but as bunny says you will be fine. You've TEFL'd before, haven't you? That should help you get a similiar gig, only if that's what you want though. There's just too much going on with you at the moment isn't there? ((((morn)))) Hoping things get much better for you soon.

And (((raisin))), nice to see you back here!

Mando, I too can't wait for this weekend (which starts for me as soon as I submit this wretched chapter). Hope you have a good one, maybe spent drinking mojitos on a sunny porch? Or is that just me projecting? wink.gif

Things are just a bit chaotic here: good news then bad news then good news... I can't keep up, am tired of trying and I really can't get motivated for this chapter. Usually I enjoy my work but it's just not happening right now.

My cousin died this week of a really aggressive breast cancer: IBC infammatory breast cancer. I'm posting this here simply to remind you all to be vigilant (I tend not to be, up to now) and stay on top of your health. She was strong and had great care and support; it's therefore a shock and very sad.

I hope everyone has a happy and productive friday and a kick-ass weekend.

*matching! black knicker shorts and black bra*
(((mornington))) everything will be okay and just remember that you always have us for support.

(((syb))) so sorry to hear about your cousin. You're right, we really all should try to stay on top of things, health wise because you just never know.

happy Friday vibes to (((((rose, sidecar, yuefie, morn, syb, pixie, bunny, star, raisin, dm, polly, mando,everyone)))))

undies report! plain nude coloured bra, brown and pink striped boy shorts

kvetch: sinus pressure is making me feel like my head is about to cave in any minute

anti-kvetch: it's Friday!
(((mornington))) I'm so sorry. Ditto on what candycane said.

(((sybarite))) So sorry about your cousin. That really sucks.

((dreary hugs to all))
oh, (((mornington))) my love. now i feel crap for my 'worst case scenario' comment. sending lotsa virtual hair brushing/footrubs your way, darlin girl.

(((sybarite))) i'm so sorry for your loss. a hugeass fuckyoubarbara to cancer.

(((yuefie))) so good to see you, i've meeced you terribly. so happy you had such a nice long visit with s. how's she doing? i was thinking of her on mother's day, poor thing. and how's my favorite spoiled pupper feeling?

*sinusbehave vibes for candy*

actually, i have no fun or exciting plans for the weekend, other than getting my hair done tomorrow (gotta love the 'do therapy!) and watching breach. it's just that i haven't had a full weekend off, sans obligations, since i can't remember when.

antikvetch: big.fat.paycheck. thanks be.

black flexies (yes, i had to look), white lace wacoal.
*looks around for young 'ens, puts hands over Danny's ears*

FuckityFuckFUCK!!! I'm SO sorry, mornington. You go get good 'n drunk tonight. Then you can snuggle under the Kvetch Comforter with some hot tea and biscuits until you come up with a plan. Take your time! (((mornington)))

I was going to say some other stuff, but I can't think of anything now. Meh.

Yuefie and Raisin and Mando all in one week....THAT is awesome. Nice to see you guys again!

I'm so sorry, Mornington. I wish there was something I could think of to say beyond that.

So sad about your cousin, Syb.


I don't have big weekend plans, either. Feel pretty accomplished because I finally, finally repainted the bedroom ceiling, which still had water stains from the hurricane. Of course, once I took down the curtains and moved the furniture around, I had to do a good cleaning, too. Whew. Little bit sore now.
((((Mornington))))) I don't know what to say! sad.gif I do know that here in the states a lot of people who want to be vets end up being people doctors because it is easier to get through med school than vet school! I am so sorry honey!
((((((((((((((morn)))))))))))))))) well, i can offer to get you good n' drunk per six's request when i get there. i'm so bummed for you. sad.gif

for now, i can only offer you fatty mcfattness

((((sybarite & fam)))) i'm so sorry for your loss. very sad indeed.

mando, you sure love your hair therapy! smile.gif

hey amilita and polly and six and bunny and...YOU!

ok. off to bed. me sleepy. off to see my busties and meet angelle...
more ((((morn)))))

((((syb))))) i'm sorry for your loss and thank you for the reminder. fuckyoubarbara to cancer indeed.

my accountant, who is 38, was recently diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma, which is an extremely aggressive form of breast cancer. She had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed, as this type feeds on estrogen, and she's in week 8 of chemo. she's a really awesome person and the fact that she's super young has made me realize I need to do a better job of checking each month.

*waves to yuefie*

I am taking on lots of freelance work right now because I'm going on vackay at the end of the month. it's no fun to spend my weekends working, but the paychecks are nice. (((mando)))

just finished my doctor who premieres. i like the new assistant, but she's not replacing rose. then again, i got used to doctor no. 10, so who am I kidding? (Boy oh boy does he look super hot in those glasses and blue suit.)

beige cacique balconette, light blue boyshorts
thanks (((((everyone))))). it really helped. to some degree, I'm actually relieved - I was not having fun, I wasn't overly interested in a lot of what we were studying; maybe it just wasn't for me, but I had to get there to realise that. I'm probably going to stay in london, and look at doing something along sociology/politics/women's studies lines. There aren't that many places that do courses along similar lines to the liberal arts courses in the states, but these seem to be pretty close, with major/minor combinations and choice of module. I don't know what it'll lead me into, but I want to do something I'll enjoy for the sake of doing it, rather than because it's going to get me to a particular place.

but yes, I'm feeling a lot more positive. I'd be even more positive if F would switch his phone on and talk to me (argh! what is his problem?) but I'm feeling ok. sort-of. It helped going round to exgoth's last night and drinking far too much.

((((((yuefie)))))) *keeces*

((((mando)))) yay hair therapy! and do-nothing weekends are sometimes just what you need.

(((((syb))))) I'm so sorry. big fuckyoubarbera to cancer.

((((sidecar))))) the new assistant does take a little to settle in if you're used to rose, but she's good. and david tennant is the hott... maybe even hotter than ecclestone

((((star)))) *snorgles fatcat* awwww. I want a puddytat.

((((bunny)))) acos

(((((pixie, amilita, candy, raisin, sixie, sassy, polly, rose, billy, tes, plat, everyone)))) thank you again. it really made me feel a lot better to wake up and come in here. *hugs all round*
Oh Mornington, my dear, I'm so sorry. I'm sad for you! What a blow that must be even if you weren't 100% into the program in the first place. I can relate, as up until recently I'd been the classic underachiever never working to my full potential until after I graduated from college. You're right, if you forge a new path in your studies (and I do hope it's liberating in some way for you), you should be studying something for the sake of enjoyment, not because it will GO SOMEWHERE. If that were the case, wouldn't everyone be a business major? Egads. There will be enough time to GO SOMEWHERE later on after you've earned your degree. And at least you have the TEFL to fall back on (even if you hate it). I remember waaaaaaay back when I was in college and declaring my English Lit major during my first year and getting the typical response of "What are you going to do when you get out, ARE YOU GOING TO TEACH?" And I thought, no, teaching is the furthest thing from my mind, being 19 and having been in school all my freaking life. I don't know, maybe you can relate to this, too, Bunny, in a way. Teaching is something only now I'm beginning to consider (and I still don't know if it's right for me) and it's been more than a decade since I finished college. Everyone's on different timetables and life itself isn't rigid.

So I don't know what I'm saying, except maybe it is true that one door closes and another one opens. I can understand the relief, though. I can REALLY understand that as I go through this illness of mine where I've worked my a$$ off for the last few years to get where I am, only to get to the point where my career is up in the air as I type this.

Anyway. Moving on.

Syb, condolences for you and your family for your cousin. That's so sad. Were you close to her? My cousins are like siblings to me, we are very close even if geography tells us differently.

Yuefie, my West Coast Soul Sister, I was wondering where you've been! Doing the touristy thing close to home can be really fun! I hope you're getting some rest now. Sea World! Why am I suddenly thinking of Shamu?

Mando hairapy! How's the pup?

Sixela, it's good to see all of you again, too. I'll try to be better about posting, but I really need to be even better about putting my health first. Bleh.

Star, do you still have my phone number? I hope you put it to use in the fall. I am sometimes truly horrible about staying in touch with people, for which I have zero excuses -- I can have a Bustie live in the same area as me (walking distance, no less) and I can still be a shit about getting together. Then again, this has been a shit of a year with all the ups and downs and just trying to keep my head on straight. I'm reminded of a Living Colour song where I say I'm not much of a joiner these days and not really down with the club.

I turned on my computer to watch a DVD that I need to return to the library. ahaha! The height of lameness! The weekend kind of means nothing special to me when I'm not working, so double feh. I got a wrong number call that woke me up this morning at 7:15. Again with another long post and I should really end this here. I feel like I've said nothing.

Where's Tesao been?
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