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Sidecar, congrats on the book project! I can understand why you'd be excited to see the project coming full circle. Good for you! And hooray for cute clothes that makes you feel happy. smile.gif

(((((((((Mornington))))))))) I'm wishing you oodles of patience & strength ... and good news. And a cute car & happy pets and excellent test scores and the whole lot!

[[[[ bullet-proof and asshat-proof wall of protection around Sassy ]]]] Hopefully that will keep everyone from driving you insane for a little while. wink.gif

~*~*~*~*~ more interview vibes for Bunny! ~*~*~*~*~

Pixie, I forgot to say so earlier, but I'm sorry you've been having to do extra weird things for work (driving to the boss's house & such). Don't they know you're in Ultra-Pregnancy Mode right now? Sheesh! I hope everything else is working out for you.
(And I got your PM about a certain person from the past & karma catching up with her. Took long enough! rolleyes.gif )

Kvetch: I really wish Sheff's mother was capeable of speaking kindly about Sheff's father. I've noticed that she has this habit of bringing him up, but she rarely has anything positive to say and is always rolling her eyes when she mentions him. This annoys me because (1) I really love Sheff's dad to bits and (2) they've been divorced for 20 years. Twenty! I just want to say, "Fercrissake, woman, get over it already!". By the way, Sheff's father has never ever said a harsh word about Sheff's mother in my presence. No wonder Sheff prefers his dad! Ugh!

Kvetch: Sheff's mom doesn't like radios much and HATES television and movies, so we have no idea what to do with her at night. She isn't as chatty and happy as my mom, so long, enjoyable conversations are out. And I can't think of any way to entertain her other than books. It's getting boring! I just want to crank on the ol' telly and watch the Food Network, but I can't. Grrr.

Anti-kvetch: She bought us a gorgeous All-Clad stainless steel roasting pan as a house-warming gift. Yay!

Serious kvetch: Okay, kids. It's time for a family meeting. Gather 'round.
[deep sigh]
Sheff got some ... news at work. The company he works for has been purchased by a corporation based out of Japan. On the surface, this may sound like it isn't a big deal. Or it may sound like a good thing. And who knows, maybe it will prove to be a good thing in time.
But the problem is that this industry that Sheff works in - video game production - has developed a vicious cycle industry-wide. Here's how it goes.
1. Independent Studio opens. Hires employees. Sells some games. Grows.
2. For whatever reason, the people who own Independent Studio gets bought out by Big International Corporation.
3. Big International Corporation promises employees of Independent Studio that nooooothing bad is going to happen. Instead, it's going to be better! They will hire more people! The studio will grow! Everyone will be more secure and make more money! Hooray!
4. Within 6 months, the lay-offs begin.

We are at Defcon level 3. Is it guaranteed that lay-offs are in the future? Who knows. Big International Corporation assures everyone that no jobs are in danger, but that's just what they always say. UUuuuuuuuuuuugh.

And did I mention that we bought a house one month ago? Yeah. We can't exactly afford for Sheff to get laid off. But then again, who can afford to get laid off, right?

I'm just so pissed off with the original owners of this studio. The whole reason why they opened their doors was because they'd been through this exact same scenario multiple times (Sheff has, too), and they were sick and tired of the vicious cycle of buy-outs and lay-offs. But then they made some RIDICULOUSLY stupid decisions, made the company vulnerable, and now the asshole vultures from Japan have flown in. Sheff says not to let it worry me, but when you've seen this happen over and over again in this industry, it's hard to believe that things might turn out differently.

The thing is we know the owners - or rather, the previous owners - of the company. We'd been invited to their homes. Eaten with them. When they met me, they were genuinely interested in whether I was happy living in this new area because they knew that, as the spouse of their employee, my happiness was important. I appreciated that. But now? Now Sheff's boss is some faceless stranger on the whole other side of the planet. Why should he care whether we're happy or not?

(((RV and Sheff))) I hope your fears about his workplace are unfounded.

Sidecar, validation like that is awesome. Well done... and enjoy your hotel!

Ongoing for (((mornington))).

And (((sixela))) and (((sassy)))

End of a busy week. Black knickers and as yet no brar as working from home...
oops... blink.gif
((((Mornington)))) that is...Wow! Hope everythign works out and does so quickly so you aren't left hanging and fretting too long.

(((bunny))) Hope the depression subsides soon.

((((Rose))))-Uggh! I can't believe the timing of the job thing! That's like when Mr. Pixie and I bought our house and I found out a week before closing that we had lost our contract at work and that I was being laid glad this job came along!
(Oh and about Karma....they are investgating the cause...wouldn't it be funny if it had something to do with faulty wiring? ph34r.gif )

This week has been so craptastic at work! Seems to be going around, I see! We had a mjor payroll snafu that I literally spent an entire 3 days working through. But everyone got paid today and no one has bitched to me that thier checks are that is a relief! My boss claims she'll be able to come in and work half days before I the next payroll, so cross fingers! I tell ya what, it definitely gives me pause about going into HR...although I did ace my first HR management test last night.

Hope all the other Busties are doing well.
((mornington)) that's just a sucky situation. I hope it all works out no matter what the outcome is. It always hits the fan around exams, doesn't it?

((bunny)) feel better! I understand how hard it is to go through those cycles of depression. It will get better.

((rose & sheff)) I've been through the "oh crap, we're going to lose the house" thing. It's really miserable, and is partially what caused my last cycle of depression, going back to my thoughts about bunny. Somehow we've always floated through it (it really is like floating in very deep water). I would just start planning ahead, saving money wherever you can.

((sassy)) ugh, no unemployment and you have to deal with your family?

Six, I think your solution to dealing with Sassy's problem is excellent. I'm all for having monkeys do your bidding.

It was a really stressful week at work (though I think a stressful day at the dentist's office is like an average day in the offices I've worked in the past)- my cousin and her husband went on vacation and basically left the inmates to run the asylum. The other dentist who *just* got out of medical school and was only working Saturdays was there all week and I've only been at the job for a month and a half so it was a little nuts. We got through it, no one died in the chair. Next week is going to start very badly, though, I already know.

We've had a dental assistant trainee who's been there for a few weeks. She's 19, the granddaughter of a family friend and it's just been a hellish experience. I'm lucky that I'm in front and don't have to deal with her too much. She's just got some issues- she's 19, first of all and had a crappy childhood, she's kind of white trash. She's been sent home a few times for improper hygiene (like not showering for days and coming into work stinky, which isn't good when you're working in close quarters with patients.) She's just not picking up the basic concepts of the job and is wreaking havoc for the staff. My cousin feels sorry for her situation and wants it to work out, but I think this week was her last chance and I don't think she'll be there next week. We all feel bad for her, we want her to succeed, but she just doesn't take criticism well, she blatantly lies about mistakes she's made, some of which have put patents and staff at risk and she's just not ready to help herself.

Last night, I came home, walked the dog, ate dinner and got in bed to watch Harold & Kumar a little after 7:00. I've seen it before, but never watched the special features. So I started watching those, got through about 20 minutes, then fell asleep...until 11:00, when LeBoy came in to go to bed. I got up, putzed around on the internet for awhile, called my mom, who's also a night owl and talked until about 1am. Then went back to bed and slept until 9:00 this morning. Wow, that's a lot of sleep.

LeBoy gets off work at 1:00 on Fridays during the summer, so we'll probably do something fun this afternoon- I need to go to the wine shop and fruit market to get sangria supplies for turbo's party tomorrow (we'll miss you sidecar! Have fun in DC! Prophecy told me about all the speakers you guys get- so jealous....though neither of you probably have time to see them.)

Well, I'm off! ((hugs to everyone))

ETA: Oh wait, this was one of the more fun moments of this week at work- the office is in a strip mall and behind it, there's a alleyway for deliveries, the dumpsters, etc. Then there's a grassy hill that separates us from the day care center and residential area behind us. Some days we sit on the grass and eat lunch together. This day, the dentist went out to lunch somewhere and well, when the cats away, the mice shall play. This video would be one of the dental assistants playing horsey to the other dental assistant on the office chair. It was taken on a cell phone, so it's a little difficult to see, but notice the dental bib/"cape" of the one in the chair. They're both wearing safety glasses, also. laugh.gif Maybe you had to be there?
runs in just to say....

I'm going to Gay Pride (okay I wish I could color those) this weekend... I'm hoping it will lift my funk a little. Before the whole parental shit next week I have to deal with. I'm just not calling them in the meantime, b/c I'm afraid that I'm blurt out bad news, and they'll get on me about it. And I feel worse enough about not having a job, and paying bills.

Anyways yay for parades and multi-color beads!!

((mornington, bunny, rose, shef, six, polly, pixie, sidecar, star, mouse, anyone else I'm forgetting))

((sassy)) Have fun at Pride, I always have fun when I go to pride events with Twin DM.

((polly)) Sorry work was bad this week. I can understand feeling bad for the trainee, but can also see why they wouldn’t want to keep her around.

((pixie)) Boo for work being stressful, yay for HR test.

((rose and sheff)) Sorry to hear about Sheff’s company being bought, hopefully it will be fine. It’s kind of weird because this week we received an email at work telling us that our company was bought by a major HMO. I just couldn’t believe they put it in an email. Everyone is a little worried, but there’s nothing we can do but wait or look for a new job.

((sidecar)) Have fun in DC, and yay for the polo from H&M. Twin DM was in Schaumburg for work this week and she bought me lots of clothes and a handbag from H&M since we don’t have one in Florida. I love H&M.

((mornington)) It will work out okay.

((sixel)) Sorry work is sucking.

(((sassy))) have fun at pride!

(((rose))) i'm still so bummed for you.

polly, i feel bad for that girl too. what a shame. ohhhh, sangria. i can't wait to try some. it will go with the taco salad i'm makin' for tomorrow.

(((morn))) i hope you are feeling better.

(((bunnyb))) you too. are you still down?

(((six))) acos. plus, your work crush is gone. boo.

kvetch: gettin' over alittle cold. research still at a stand still. feelin' like the summer to going TOO fast for me. and before i know it, i will be on the east coast.

antikvetch: i'm gettin' excited about my trip to the uk. and to see what happens to me when i end up on the east coast.

DUDE. I go away for a while, and everybody on both sides of the virtual wall starts having the hell of it! Oh, my Kvetchies. I want to squish all of you for real, not just virtually, but alas... {{{{{{{{kvetchie squish}}}}}}}}

Things are settling out here a bit. Have not been so work-busy lately, but getting a lot done at the house. I think I mentioned a while back that GB has Crohn's, a form that they consider "mild"...

...well, he ended up in hospital a couple of weeks ago after he developed a fever and chills at a family get-together. That was completely craptastic (pardon the pun), and up until about Wednesday of last week, he was puny off and on all that time. I'm thrilled to say that he's back to himself now. Next up: finding a new doctor, as the one he's been going to moved to a distant part of the city, *and he didn't know about it until he called for an appointment.*

What's good these days? Well, I love my mom is a nutbar...I bought myself loads of birthday presents, AND got to spend it with TG...I'm cooking and reading more...and I'm about halfway through knitting my first lace shawl.

Hope y'all find things right as rain for yourselves soon. Safe travels, solid jobs, better days, and much love to everyone. I'm not even very lurky these days, but I think about y'all all the time.

*waves madly at Txplumwine* Lovely to see you and glad to hear GB is well again (although a pox on negligent doctors).

(((bunnyb))) Hope you're feeling better and enjoying the weekend.

I have to say, I'm totally enjoying the weekend--it's the first one for a while that's totally plans-free. I'm just chilling and making sense of the last few weeks which have been up and down and busy.

Our next big thing is finding a new place to live and moving sometime in the next month. This should be onerous, but I'm actually excited because I can't wait to move somewhere that has room for all our stuff. I think it will be good for all of us... including the mister's daughter who will be living with us from mid-August. blink.gif

For now, more messing around online for me, then a big swim and sauna. Bliss.

Hope all your weekends are going well too...
*waves at txplumwine* It's good to see old faces.

(((stressed, depressed and worried kvetchies)))

syb, I wish my weekend was relaxed like yours but my interview for teaching college is tomorrow so preparing for that. I am far more relaxed and prepared than I was last time and practicing some positive thinking. Just now I'm taking a coffee and iced custard slice break.

I totally pulled a doodlebug today. I found a cat wandering around the complex parking lot. It was super friendly and practically jumped on me, and since this is southern Arizona and it's hot as hell, I took him home. No tags, no chips, no MIA reports (not that I really expected there would be, this is a pet free complex). After I finish my laundry, we're gonna move to a hotel for the week, and then fly home to my parents', where he'll get plenty of TLC.

(Why do I say that I pulled a doodlebug? My roommate comes home, sees the cat, and recognizes it as one that the neighbor has and apparently abuses... got it in a drug trade. I'm talking, no litter box, they'll take away the food/water for days at a time, all that jazz. His fur's all dull, though he's pretty energetic.)
poor kitten! keep us updated, ((((qspice))))

((((((bunny))))) ****interview vibes**** you'll do wonderfully.

((((syb)))) I appear to have turned a lovely shade of green over you and your sauna.

((((star)))) hope you feel better!

'lo ((((txplum))))!

((((dm))))) h&m is wonderful, isn't it? fingers crossed for good news about the job!

((((rose & sheff)))) oo-er! hope you have good news too!

((((sassy)))) have fun at pride!

((((pixie)))) & ((((polly)))) boo on craptastic work

where is my mandooooooo? and tes?

((((mando, tes, billy, plat, sixie, everyone))))

a certain four-legged fluff ball decided to chew my ibook's power cord a few days ago... charming creature. She's gonna be pie. But it's ok, we got a replacement... and shoes. and a bikini. Hurrah shopping (and mornmama's credit card).

hope everyone had a good weekend! wish me luck, i'm going in for my boob scan tomorrow...
((star)) Yay for your upcoming trip to the UK. I’ve wanted to go for many years, but have not had the opportunity yet.

(tx plum and gb)) Glad gb is feeling better and you are loving your job.

((syb)) Yay for an relaxing weekend, and good luck on finding a new place.

((bunny)) Good luck on the interview.

((quantum)) That kitty was lucky you found him or her.

((mornington)) Yay for shopping, and good luck on the boob exam.

I hope all the Busties had a nice weekend. We did a little shopping on Friday, and then saw 1408 on Saturday and Fantastic Four 2 on Sunday. Both we’re ok, but not really my types of film. We also watched the tv show Extras on dvd from NetFlix, it was hilarious.
how did you get on, morn? yay for shopping on mama's card. bunnymama bought me bikinis on Saturday ... now I just have to work on not looking too much of a white, beached whale in them.

poor (((kitty))). "I pulled a doodlebug" - hee.

morn, I wondered for a mo why you were looking for my kitty! That becomes too confusing at times.

Interview went well (I think), far more relaxed and comfortable and confident about this one than last so fingers crossed.

((Bunny)) yay for the good interview- hope there's good news soon!

The dental assistant trainee was let go this morning. My cousin's in a bad mood because of it. Firing someone just isn't a fun thing to do, no matter how necessary. On Saturday, we sent the girl home because she didn't tell us until lunchtime that she was up all night puking. Office policy is that if you're throwing up, you don't come in for 48 hours. There's just too much risk to the staff, not to mention the patients. She said she downed a whole bottle of Pepto Bismol and it didn't help. The other assistant's jaw dropped- "well now you've overdosed on aspirin, honey. Are your ears ringing yet?"

((Sigh)) It's just sad that she's out in the world so unprepared, just lacking common sense and good judgment. Who knows what will become of her. But, she was here for 3-4 months, despite all the problems and was given more second chances and help than anyone else would have given her and she just couldn't help herself.

Good for you for rescuing that kitty, quantum.

((hugs to all))
(((mornington)))Hope the scan goes well! I just got call from Mr. pixie that I got a package from London today! Now I am eager for the end of the day!

Congrats on the good interview Bunny! That has got to be a relief!

Boo on people who mistreat poor kitties!

Kvetch: my online professor is an idiot! The man "lost" our discussions, he is constantly late getting assignments posted, and now he's basically rewriting the whole damn syllabus! We are 3 weeks into an 8 week course an have only finished week 1's work!
Pixie, that stinks. man, i'm so glad i'm done with classes. i *hated* the one online course i took at school. but, i didn't have to do much work for it. that was a cool thing.

polly, i think we saw it comin' on saturday. poor thing. i'm sure the firing was hard cause you knew the gal just didn't know any better.

bunnyb, i'm so glad you feel good about the interview. i'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

morn, bad doggie. but, so cute too. how you feeling?

qspice, i'm so glad you save the kittie. i don't understand how people can be mean to animals. that is just rude.

DM, how was 1408?? it looked interesting.

Hey Sybarite, Plat, and Plum!!

i have nothing to kvetch about. i actually have good news. i've scheduled a couple of interviews for research. i just need 7 more peeps. keep your fingers crossed. it would be so great if i can get all 10 done before i leave for the uk.


- I actually got a decent amount of work done at the office today, moreso than I did all last week.
- It was much less stressful without the trainee.
- My cousin's husband wasn't pissed at all when I gave him the list of issues from last week (when he and my cousin were on vacation) that I needed him to handle.
- I put new wiper blades on my car for the first time EVAH! I always needed help doing it, and whoever helped me would never show me how to do it, they just did it. I managed to figure it out and now I won't be all streaky in the rain!
- I found my debit card in my pants I wore on Friday!
- My cell phone *was* lurking in the bottom of my purse.
- BGP and family have decided not to move to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, in what would have been a misguided attempt to run a B&B.
*sticks head in*

yay ((((bunny))))

and yay ((((star))))

((((polly)))) what star said re the trainee and yay for anti-kvetches


i've been given a tentative all-clear, although i don't get the formal stuff for a couple of weeks
Kvetch: *gag* I just ate a few spoonfulls of cinnamon toast crunch that expired in january. Brand new box, too. I thought it tasted funky so i went to look at the box and sure enough...eeeeew! Luckily i had another brand new, unexpired box on hand. But still. I'm always so paranoid about eating expired shit. Now I'll be paranoid all day that i'm gonna get sick.
kvetch: it is so humid out. i *hate* humidity. i feel like rick james in a crack fit.
((bunny)) Glad the interview went well.

star, I didn’t like 1408, but I didn’t expect too because I don’t like ghost films. I’m guessing the ending is different in the book because it was very bland. Twin DM and Mr. DM liked it.

polly, yay for all the anti-kvetches.

mornington, glad the book appointment went well.

faerie, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is Mr. DM’s favorite cereal. I now feel compelled to check the expiration date on his box if he has any left.

((pixie)) Boo to bad professors.

Ugh, it's so hot and humid here, too, star. I forget how in the summer it is so hard to feel motivated to do much at all...and the Mr. is coming upstairs for work breaks lots more than usual, too.

I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch...second favorite to Fruity Pebbles. I've never tasted rancid cereal...hmm...I did get a burger awhile back that was so bad I had to spit out that first bite. It's awful when it dawns upon you that the food in your mouth isn't right! ~shiver~

Yay for all your anti-kvetches, polly!

Yay for bunny's interview going well!

Poor kitty! Yay for quantum!

Yay for shopping, mornington!

DM, I like Extras, too. I've been watching Manor House on know those PBS shows? I missed this one, and it's so, so good. The whole servant/master relationship...interesting. And I'm fascinated by big, grand houses for some reason, so I love to see the labor it took to run one.

Rosev, I've been thinking good thoughts about Shef's job...I guess the only thing is to try not to worry too much. Easier said than done, of course, but you both are smart and you have each can deal with whatever comes along.
man, i've been kinda sad about leaving the midwest. i know it is only for a year. but, i feel like i'm hitting a groove recently, only to uproot myself. argh. i'm gonna miss having my family, friends, Chicago busties, and comforts of home around. i know i have to the end of august. but, i'm feelin' kinda sad today. sad.gif
Kvetch: Parentals are coming in 30 minutes. Yikes!! I'll try to check in whilst in the windstorm that is SC... so don't want to do this..would much rather be spending a weekend piled on the futon with Mcgeek watching Family Guy..but so it goes... right? I just hope my mother doesn't tear me apart. However, just to piss my mother off, I brought nothing but t-shirts and jeans (knowing damn well that she basically hates how I dress...and has for years.... )... Gotta get my kicks in somehow.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.



I wasn't accepted onto teaching course. Ah well, wasn't meant to be; I don't have a vocation and there is something out there that is a career I'll be fab at, there has to be. Still wanting to become a professional book critic - anyone have any advice?

Going to see boy tomorrow for long weekend so spirits will definitely be lifted.

((((((bunny)))))) there is something out there for you!

((((sassy)))) breathe. it'll be fine.

((((star)))) *hairbrushings*

((((faerie))) ewwww and pleh.

((((amilita)))) have you seen gosford park?

((((dm, mando, sixie, pixie, polly, yuefie, sidecar, anoushh, syb, qspice, plat, tes, txplum, everyone))))

mornmama and I went to ikea today; i bought indigo a dog bed and a soft toy (mr rat) he seems quite pleased, but after that was determined that everything that came out of the blue bag was his...

tomorrow we're off to BW's last day at school - they have a chapel service, which is yawn-worthy, and then a tea. My father is attending, but I have to be nice, he's buying my tickets to see F in august.

kvetch: i know it's petty, but i haven't spoken to F in a couple of days, and now his phone is off - with everything that's going on, I get pretty skittish if I don't get at least a text every day; I just like the security of knowing he still has five minutes for me. And I haven't had the chance to tell him that dad is buying my plane tickets so I'm going to be around on *these* dates. Which is annoying.
I just wanted to pop in and give a huuuuuge welcome back hug to txplumwine!!

(((star))) I'm sure you'll adjust to not being in Chicago. Coincidentally I was just listening to some report on NPR that said a lot of people were leaving places like Chicago, Detroit, Philly, etc, for other areas (specifically the Southwest)

(((sassy))) good luck with the rents!

everyone else: (((amilita, morn, faerietails, polly, syb, dm, quantumspice, pixie, rosev, sidecar, sixelacat)))

just one kvetch: the stupid weather keeps looking like it's gonna blow up into a storm so I've had a headache all day. Just like yesterday. I hate that I get headaches all the freakin time!
((((star))))) it's only a year! you might be surprised by how much you like it there, too. also, one of my friends went to boston for one year, and he said it made him appreciate chicago so much more. and we'll still be here when you come back (I, for example, have 26 years left on my mortgage...)


*waves to everyone* DC was exhausting. I worked from 7ish in the morning to 7ish at night for the most part. I didn't research anything before we left, hoping Martini would, and of course, he didn't, so we didn't have the greatest time. It was also expensive without being special (you know what I mean?), and the day before Martini left, he took our car in for a $30 oil change and our mechanic (who's legit) found $780 in repairs. Fun!

My inlaws are here for the weekend. Today they are going to an outlet mall. I don't know why one drives seven hours to go to another outlet mall, but at least I won't have to worry about entertaining them.
Sidecar, I know what you mean. Often when I'm travelling I don't mind spending a bit because so many things when you're abroad are unique, so I don't want worrying about money to get in the way of exploring new things/food/places etc. But when everything's just expensive and you're nearly forced to spend money just to eat or get around... that always makes me feel surly, like I'm being taken advantage of. Over-explaining anyone?

Anyway, I hear ya and I'm sorry to hear about the car and your visitors.

Bunnyb, if you are serious about becoming a book reviewer I would start off by pitching to local papers or magazines (The List would be good). If you have any contacts at all in local media I would pick their brains, but formally. Book a meeting with them and buy them lunch. I have other suggestions if you decide you want to pursue this... but I'll warn you: I have been a regular film reviewer (for a small outlet) and I can tell you, arts reviewing won't make you rich. You need to be flexible to freelance, but it's financially insecure, so a catch 22. Just my 2 cents.

Sorry to hear about the teaching course, though. You will decide on what it is you want to do, and time is still on your side. Have a good weekend!

((star)) It's actually good to leave a place when your experience there is positive: it makes it easier to come back. Honest.

((Mornington)) I hate hate hate it when boys don't call. I hear you. Hope everything is starting to look up for you, overall...

This is what happens when I write in kvetch instead of working on my chapter: wordy posts!

*Nice dark grey mesh knickers and mismatched ugly-ass 'invisible' beige bra (under thinnish shirt)*
thanks everyone for the support! you are better than an underwire bra anyday! (and i hate wearin' bras.)

anywho, yeah, i know i will be fine in chicago. i've been spoiled living here for 31 years. and i have ALOT to comeback home to. just living out of the city makes me appreciate it so much more already. i know the year away will make my heart grow even more. what's the sayin', "distance makes the heart grow fonder". yeah. i'm just an emotional person and i get terribly sappy whenever anyone leaves. so, yeah. i will be crying big time on my drive out east. and it will be ok.

(((sidecar))) did you get to see prophecy girl?? polly said she was goin' too. your in laws are *really* into malls. didn't they go to the mall the last time they were here?? i guess things will be good as long as your MIL doesn't cook, right? wink.gif and hey lady, make sure you are available so we can see you again next time!! we miss you at our get togethers. maybe we can bring a cardboard cut out of you.

(((sybarite))) it is hard to get goin' when writing. i usually get a good momentuum and then stop for a while. you can do it! how much more until you are done?

(((morn))) here's some news to cheer you up! i got my passport today!! yeah!! i will be in the uk in 1 month! awesome good times. and we shall take lots of pics!

(((candy))) argh. i hate bad weather.

(((sassy))) i hope you are surviving the 'rents.

ok. off to get organized. i'm using the motivation i had to pack up my friend to get myself situated.

undie report: nuthin'. still in my jammies.

((star)) I love adventures and new beginnings...and returning to places I love. I can understand how it's really emotional, though.

Heh...sidecar's inlaws are really into malls. That totally cracks me up, how you said that. And sidecar, I totally know what you mean about expensive but not Mr. doesn't see the importance of research for trips, either. We are going to drive to Colorado in the fall, and I think he thinks we can just go off the highway and have these great experiences...but really it'll just be crappy hotels and crappy campgrounds and crappy food. Maybe one great experience thrown in there. *sigh* I'll research it, I'm sure.

Bunny, I bet there are some online places for which you could start writing book reviews! That would be a very cool thing to do. I used to read the New York Times Book Review thingy just cuz I would feel so much smarter after I read much history and background information in those suckers. Awesome.

((Candy)) Bleh on headaches. I'm on the caffiene again, so gotta detox from that and plan a few days when I will have withdrawl headaches. I'm kinda liking the kick I get from it, lately, though. I'm ashamed to admit it!! I'm generally pretty indulgent, but this whole cycle leads me to migranes...

(((mornington, syb, everyone!!!)))

If anyone is so inclined, Harper's has a good article about New Orleans this month...I'm still sorta processing it, but I liked a lot of things in it.

A big murder case got dismissed today because the one witness they had that would come forward now will not one will, due to fear of retaliation. The murder victim was in a brass band here, taught in the public school system, and sounds like an all around great person and community leader. He was shot in the car in front of his family...someone was trying to shoot his stepson, apparantly. The justice system here...*sigh* There's really just not anything to say.

ETA: Yes, mornington, I love Gosford Park...I've got coming to me so I can see it again after having seen Manor House, though!
My MIL in particular is really into malls. They are staying out by old orchard and we are starting later than we'd planned today because there were some mixing bowls on sale at Crate & Barrel and they don't want to miss the price drop, so they can't leave to come into the city until they go to old orchard. She's one of those people who thinks vacation is for eating at the same restaurants and shopping at the same stores but in exciting new locales. We're taking them to Greektown tonight and there's already a lot of gnashing over whether they'll find something to eat.

I did see Prophecy Girl! I used to see her a lot more when we worked on the same floor, but I'm in a different section of the building now that I've been promoted.

((((syb))))) you nailed what I was trying to say; thanks for being my eloquency translater!
(((stargazer))) seriously, the last couple bustie get-togethers have been so badly timed for me in terms of stuff going on. This month is rough, too. Next weekend I have nothing going on (finally) but the weekend after, my brother and his friends are flying in for the Pitchfork festival, then another quiet weekend (for reading Harry Potter!), then vacation, then Lollapalooza. This is the busiest summer I've ever had.

BTW, Chicagobusties, I stopped by Women and Children First last night, and they told me the whole neighborhood is getting in on their Harry Potter party action. The stores are going to stay open late, there will be a scavenger hunt, and the bars are having drink specials. I seriously live in the best neighborhood.
((bunny)) I hope you're not near the airport, and if you are, I hope you and yours are all okay!! (Here's info, for anyone who's confused.)

what is it with the last few days and people trying to blow things up?

gah. F has him and her staying with him, and it's driving him up the wall. A (him) has been raised by the tv, and like any three-year-old is into everything, but requires constant stimulation and supervision. And he's not potty-trained at all. Surely by that stage, some steps should have been made? Poor F, and his poor cats (they're peeing all over the place, they've never had kids around, and mila is a skittery thing anyway). But in good news (sort of) he's found somewhere private that will get the results in 72hours, so he can start putting the legal wheels in motion, as it were. But I'm not holding any hopes that he'll be seeing me before I fly out in august.

((((sidecar)))) urgh. how bizarre. hope you have a good evening!

((((amilita, syb, polly, pixie, rose, mando, tes, plat, star, sixie, sassy, qspice, candy, faerie, everyone))))

today I went shopping with mama, who goes back tomorrow, with the boy wonder. going to watch the dr who finale and then have dinner, very exciting!

Thanks polly, very sweet of you to check in. I'm not at home, spending weekend with boy, but heard news on car radio then checked bbc website once back at his. I was not expecting them to say Glasgow on the news... goes to show that nowhere is safe nowadays. It could have been carnage and schools closed yesterday so airport would have been packed with families... The UK has been scary the last few days - welcome to power, Mr Brown.

Thanks for the advice syb and amilita. I'm going to take things slowly for a while and write whilst I look at other possibilities.

(((F and the kitties)))
Eeek! (((GB Busties))) What is it about July that brings out the nutters with the car-bombs?!

bunny, glad you weren't near that! And sorry that career wasn't meant for you. Have you ever taken one of those interest survey things that gives you a list of jobs based on what you like? I find them interesting, just because they always have some jobs listed that I never would have thought of otherwise (like film editor....I don't even know what the criterion for that one would be!). Most all college career counseling centers have one, and if it doesn't prove to be useful it's at least somewhat entertaining!

morn, no potty training at 3?!?! That is a bit....odd. Do they make diapers for kids that big? ((((F and F's kitties))))

I've got nothing interesting going on, just working a lot of overtime. In fact, I should be heading off to work now, but a tiny voice in my head is whining "I don't waaaannnnaaaaa". Silly inner brat.

kisses to all the MIA/busy kvetchies, lurkers, and YOU!
(((busties on the isles)))) how scary. bunny, i'm glad you weren't affected.

inlaws visit was no good, but at least it's over.

(((morn and f))))
amilita, I looked at Manor House on NetFlix, and I might check it out after I watch all the other tv shows I’ve got in our queue. Extras season two comes out July 10.

((sassy)) Hope your time visiting your family is better than expected.

((bunny)) Sorry to hear about the teaching course. If you are passionate about the book critic thing then go for it, there’s not many people that can say they truly enjoy their job.

((mornington and f))

(candycane)) Hope your head feels better.

((star)) Just know that Chicago will always be your home in your heart, and it will always be there whenever you choose to return.

((sidecar)) Sorry your weekend was full of ungrateful in-laws.

((syb, yuefie, rose, pixie, plat, polly, sixel, mando, tes, crassy))

Saturday, Mr. DM, Twin DM and I went shopping and got some clothes and stuff. I watched a Turkish film from NetFlix called Climate, Mr. DM and I had a nice Italian meal out. Then Sunday I saw Evening in the theatre, yawn. Twin DM and I watched the documentary called F*ck, and it was pretty funny. It was a nice weekend, and it’s a short week for me with having Wednesday off for July 4. I hope everyone had a nice weekend.
(((GB busties))) it’s all so frickin terrifying, isn’t it? I don’t even know what to say, other than I’m relieved to see everyone ok in here.

(((mornington & F & kitties))) wait, they’re staying with F? gah! Thanks be that you’ll all soon know the truth, at least.

(((bunny))) I’m sorry bout the course. But you’d make a superb book critic. That’s like one of my dream jobs. go for it.

(((plummie & GB))) glad to hear he braved that nasty bout. All parts crossed new doc will be A++.

(((stargazer))) you are a brave soul, m’dear. You’ve made such strides, I just know you’ll adjust to your new temporary home just fine. (and, y’know, you’re going to get to finally meet moi … so keep that in mind, hee!)

(((amilita))) that sucks so bad about that poor victim and his family. senseless murder ... no hope of some form of closure ... i can't even imagine the pain.

(((sassy))) hope your weekend was better than expected.

(((rose & shef))) all parts crossed things work out well for youze.

huge hugs for sybarite, dm, sidecar, sixlacat, polly, candy, faerie, pixie ... everyone ...

antikvetch: mamasan is finally home, after staying with sis & new niece for two weeks. (made me realize how much i still need my mommy. even at my advanced age.) all signs point to niecelette being as perfect a baby as her cousin danny. (who graduated 9th grade with flying colors, btw.)

kvetch: my sis and niecelette live too damn far away. *sniff*

antikvetch: danny and i are going back down for five days in three weeks. the mr is driving us down, but only staying overnight. (no family vackay this year. too many $$$ expenses coming up.)

kvetch: danny and i are FLYING BACK. *shudder* he loved flying to FL and back, has promised to take good care of me, knows what to do if i suffer a panic attack (IF?!), keeps telling me it's only a one-hr flight ... yeah. i plan on being heavily sedated.

kvetch: feeling isolated, lonely ... no one but myself to blame.

antikvetch: i think it's time to start peeking out of the old hermit cave.
((((Mando)))) Lovely to see you! Cheers for checking in... your upcoming trip sounds fab! (Try not to worry too much about flying. The mister hates it too, but honestly, as they say, you're safer in the air than in a car.)

(((morn))) Gah indeed. Glad to hear wheels are in motion though. I just watched the last two episodes of Dr Who last night. A revelation or two blew me away more than the main plotline TBH.

DesignerM, I really liked Climates. If you did too, you should check out Uzak by the same director.

Work to do, happy Monday all...
Hello all! It's really been awhile since I posted in here, hasn't it? Sorry. I did something I rarely do, though and read all the archives from my last posting, three pages ago.
Roseviolet - I hope things are working out a little better for you and Shef. At least that you have gotten some clarity.
{{{mornington}}} I know it's late but I am glad that you seem to be doing a little better (?). I once babysat for three y/o sisters who were not potty trained. My mom said that they would learn it when they wanted to and sure enough one day they learned it.
sidecar - the thing about your mom and the malls makes me laugh b/c that is what I fear becoming. I can see the signs already. I have such boring eating habits.
Good morning to everyone else too!

Last week was okay for me. Torrential rains drove my into Target where I bought the new haircolor I am now sporting (see profile pic.) My hair is the closest to my natural color that it has been in a decade. And I got contacts. I am still getting used to them. My eyes tend to be dry anyway and the contacts just make that worse. So, I am getting used to them. On Saturday, I started giving my cats Rescue Remedy. My vet recommeded it to help my cats calm the hell down and stop the bad peeing habits. We have been struggling with this for a year now. I really hope it works.
(((gb busties))) Sorry I have been hiding under a rock since I don't usually catch the news on the weekends!

((((Mornington))))Hope the situation with F improves quickly.

Kvetch: micropixie has snuggled down into my pelvis and it made it really hard to move or walk or anything this weekend. I can't wait to see my chiropractor this evening!

Antikvetch: Mr. Pixie's parents took us shopping for the stuff on our baby registry this weekend so we are pretty much all set. He's not due until midAugust but crossing all parts that he will be born a little early.

((((Kitten, sybarite, amilita, mando,DM, Sidecar, and lurking busties))))
Hey, gang! Haven't read the archives. Just popping in to say that we got home from Florida last night. We had an okay time. Could have been better if we hadn't been with so many people! Plus, the heat was too much for some of our group and a few people got quite sick. But the big party for my parents' 40th anniversary was nice and I really enjoyed spending time with so many family members. We had an especially good time hanging out with my cousin's 13 year old daughter (She is so much fun! And she loves Sheff to bits. smile.gif ). Sheff & I think we'll have to go back to Disney World sometime in, say, November or February when it's cooler so we can see all the things we missed. biggrin.gif

By the way, my parents' actual anniversary was yesterday (the day most of our group had to leave) so we sent a special delivery to their room at the Disney resort where they're staying. They got special buttons to wear that say "Happy Anniversary!" with Mickey & Minnie on them. And a bottle of champagne & fruits and even two champagne flutes with Mickey Mouse silhouettes on the glass. They LOVED it! Yay. smile.gif

On a more serious note, my mother-in-law flies back to London tomorrow. I imagine the airport will be a nightmare, but we're confident that she'll be okay. Scary stuff, though.

Must wash clothes! Must buy groceries!

[blows kisses & runs away]
Got to read a teensy bit of the archives. I still have some catching up to do. But I wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for all of the support. I'm feeling a bit better about the buy-out of Sheff's company. I'm still a bit hesitant, but Sheff and some of our friends who work there feel pretty secure. So fingers crossed!

((((((((((hugs & support for Bunny))))))))

(((((((Mornington)))))) ((((((((F))))))))

Sidecar, glad to see you survived your time with the out-laws. How long before you have to deal with them again?

~~~~~~ soothing for Pixiedust ~~~~~~~ I can't believe your little boy will be here so soon!

Hi, Mandi! So good to see you. I'm sure the flight will be absolutely fine. You'll have the vibes of beloved Busties to keep you aloft! smile.gif
~~~~~~~~ ->-- safe flight vibes for Mandi & Danny ~~~~~~~~ ->--

Cute hair, KittenB!

((((((((((All y'all))))))))))

Here's a cute pic of me & Sheff in the Magic Kingdom. We were posing for just a regular pic, but Sheff turned to me & said, "Snog!" and promply planted a big smackeroo on me. biggrin.gif

Thanks! I love the picture.
((mando)) It’s good to hear from you. Your flight will be fine, but I understand your hesitation because Mom DM and Twin DM hate to fly.

syb, thanks for the film recommendation. I’ll see if NetFlix has that film.

kitten, hope the Rescue Remedy works.

pixie, yay for getting gifts for the baby.

rose, glad to hear your family had a nice trip.

Mr. DM went to see Transformers tonight, so I enjoyed a dinner of fried chicken, cheese slices and sugar cookies. I’m off to watch The Illusionist on dvd as I never saw it in the theatre.

rose!! cute pic!

DM, oh, i want to see Transformers. It looks cool. Your dinner sounded yummy.

Pixie, so cool about the baby moving lower. Mid-August, huh? A Leo baby.

((((Mando)))) i totally forgot you will be nearby. that makes me happy. smile.gif

hello sidecar, polly, six, kitten, and sybarite and anyone else lurking!

no kvetches today. just sleepy after yoga and working out.

gonna head off to the shower
Rosev, I love the picture! We're going to Disneyland in March '08 when the Mr. has an art show's so far away, but I'm so excited! Glad you had a good trip, and glad to have you back here!

((Mando)) I like flying less and less as I get older...but it's the anxiety that's the big thing for you, eh? Medications can be so nice!! It'll be OK.

Kitten, do let us know how the rescue remedy works...that could be good for Wally with the tail-spazzing or me, when I'm spazzing.

(((Mornington))) (((Bunny))) (((DM))) (((Pixie and micropix, who probably doesn't feel so micro sitting there in your pelvis, eh? laugh.gif )))

Hello, DM, Stargazer, Syb, everyone!!

Not much new over here...I keep forgetting that Wed. is the fourth! No big plans for us...what about you other U.S. Kvetchies?

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