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WOOHOOO!!!! that's just grand, mando!!!! and i'm glad to see that they'd over-estimated the weight a bit. my little guy was estimated at almost 6lbs about three or four weeks ago, and they say he'll be about 8lbs or so. i'm hoping he's not terribly large!! i'm feeling great still, surprisingly, but can't wait to meet the little dude! i am 37 weeks as of this friday, so it shan't be long now!!

a full report will follow, i assure you!!

again, glad your sis and baby are doing well.

YAY FOR BABIES!! wub.gif

Congrats on neicelette!
I'm feeling pretty good. I'm just now starting to get uncomfortably big. Energy is definitely starting to lessen. Now I am just hoping the rest of the summer goes fast!
congrats mando!!
Woa! Lots of baby action around here!! Yay for new neice, mando!!!! Did they C-section your sis just because they thought the baby would be big?

Next comes Falljacket's babe then Pixie's!! Yay!! And my neice-or-nephew-in-law!!

I took care of a 15-year-old the other night who came in for fluid leakage...rule out rupture of membranes...and I just had a feelin' about her, so about after 10 minutes of questioning, going around and around in circles, she admitted to having sex the night before, but the slide from the vaginal swab was full of sperm, so I'd guess it was right before she came into the hospital. Ha.

And I'll never forget this middle-aged woman whose parents brought her in at 3 a.m. while her husband stayed at home with her other two kids...and it turns out she just had sperms leaking out of her, too! Ha. I would have liked to have been in the car on the way home..."Sorry, mom and dad that I got you up in the middle of the night just 'cuz I got some action!"

BWAHAHAHAHA! amilita, those are priceless gems!

ok, back to lurk mode...
laugh.gif OMG! Those are great Amilita! Crazy people! Do they think that just because they got knocked up that their partner would quit filling them full of baby juice?!!! I wish you could be a nurse at my delivery...that would be soo cool!
Tee hee ... "baby juice"! laugh.gif Gotta love thos wacky stories from the ER. My mom has got a million of 'em!

Welcome to the world, Mando-neice!

~*~*~ healing vibes & kisses foe Sidecar's hangnail ~*~*~ wink.gif

One of my favorite bloggers just had a baby. Soooooo damn cute. It's kinda making my ovaries ache a bit.

Kvetch: My insurance. As always. Grrr.
Amilita, people came into the ER for that? blink.gif Crazy. Funny stories.

kvetch: um, my mom's negativity can be so hard to deal with. plus, her tendency to keep treating me like a kid. i try not to act like a kid. and i'm grateful for my folks helping me out right now, but sometimes it can be trying. the reason why i hide out in the computer room. i can't wait to move. although, it is really that i just want to move out of my mom's home. that's all.
Well, labor and delivery is sorta like the ER for pregnant ladies over 20 weeks along...that's where I am. ER staff typically hates to deal with pregnant folks, and I don't blame 'em, cuz I don't wanna deal with people who can't breathe or who have chest pain!! They rushed one woman up so fast, and then it turned out she wasn't pregnant at all- just obese and crazy!

One woman came in and her complaint was a swollen vagina...and her labia were swollen! But we really couldn't do much for that. One woman knew she had the herpes virus (got tested because partner had it, I think) but she took an ambulance in when she got her first outbreak...we're like, "Yep, darlin', you sure do have herpes. Bye now." Hospital as primary care facility...don't get me started!!

Rose, I'd love to have coffee with your mom and make her tell me tons of stories!

And Pixie, I'd be overjoyed to take care of you or any preggo Bustie! One of my friends is trying to get knocked up and will deliver at my hospital- that'll be fun.

~*~*~*smooth remainder of pregnancy for falljackets and pixie~*~*~*~

kvetch: I am so tired of being depressed.

Congrats auntie mando!!

Sidecar, I actually keep a nail clippers in my desk at work for just that scenario.


Presenting a paper tomorrow. Eep.
Woohoo! Mando! Congrats, congrats, congrats!


There really are a lot of baby vibes flying around this thread. blink.gif I think my uterus is twitching.

Kvetch: not babies but weddings. Two of my dearest friends are getting married w/in a month of each other and one of them is feeling less "special" than the other. She is trying to let it go but it is bothering her anyway. *sigh* friends...
(((bunnyb))) have you talked to you doc about this?? i hope you start feeling better.

sybarite, good luck on your presentation!!

amilita, wow. people waste their time on little things like that. crazy. i mean, go to a gyno for herpes. and a swollen labia?? ouch.

and, unlike the others, my ovaries are thankful that all of you busties are doing the work of having kids. wink.gif

kvetch: um, trying to find research participants so i can finish collecting my data. dry.gif i want to be done.

antikvetch: i got a place outside of boston. yeah! now, i just need to get a car.

now, i'm off to lay out in the sun...not that i need to get any browner.

congrats mando-sis and bebe!

amilita, I lol'd.

((((star))))) parents always treat you like a kid, I think. it's unstoppable. yay for the place!

((((bunny)))) have you talked to your doc? *snuggles*

***good luck with the paper*** syb!

((((pixie, fj, kitten, tes, sixie, sassy, plat, billy, rose, sidecar, polly, dm, faith, everyone))))

major crisis today. indigo fell up the two steps (yes, I have a total of two steps in my house) from the kitchen to the hall today, because he slipped a little. He skinned his ankle (well, the equivalent of the top of a person's foot) and was crying and crying and crying. He's still limping a little now. Such drama! although he did bleed like crazy. He's better though.
(((indigo))) and (((morn)))

ace that paper syb!

(((kitten))) and (((star))) a'cos.

I'm surrounded by pregnant mamas just now too, a few in work and the boy's sis.

I'm feeling better but last night/this morning I was scarily down - I always am when PMSing, like clockwork (on pill), so much so that the boy knows when we're going to have a 45min phone call with tears on my side. It's kinda worrying: there's bad PMS and then there's hysterical.

One of my closest friends/work colleagues is leaving work tomorrow as going to Oz next week for a couple of months; I'll see her when she returns obviously but I'm goingt o miss her loads in work.

I know I always pop in and out of these threads - I try to decide if I'm a newbie because I never post or not because I've been here on and off for years.

Mornington - give Indigo a big hug. My dog has a red butt this morning that she keeps licking - ew. And I take her to the vet for everything - we've probably been about 7-8 times since I got her last November, so I think for the sake of my sanity and funds I might wait a few days to see how this plays out.

Kvetch - my new job. Booo. I loved my old job I was at for 3 years, but moved to live somewhere more cost-of-living and lifestyle friendly. Now I probably cry about once a week due to this job. It blows. I have more than 6 months left on the contract and already I'm scanning job ads.

Anti-Kvetch - being gone for a while so I can catch up on my fave threads, fashion crimes, cobs, etc.
kvetch: my hoo-ha hurts from getting my annual gyno exam. that crank is something awful. is it because they get not so great equipment? i remember back in the good old days when i had insurance and went to an never hurted. ouch.

antikvetch: the weather is beautiful and i'm meeting with the local busties to welcome mouse to our fine city!!

undie report: black bra and navy underwear.

hey, how is tes doing?? anyone know??


((((star)))) ooouch.


((((missjoy)))) boo on crappy jobs


I've found a car! cross fingers i can get her! she's a 1957 morris minor, and she's sooo cute.


Fly-by and hi to all the lovely kvetchies...

I have been lurking here and there. Still conserving energy, but doing much better. My tolerance/endurance is getting better and I have had some small attempts at hitting the Little White Ball ™. Still have to budget my energy and activities. The big goal is in one full day: 1) work full time 2) work out 3) go to the grocery store 4) do laundry and not be totally pooped the next day or two. I can do that, but I will pay for it in fatigue. Still!!! And 7 months out of surgery!!! Ack!!!

(((Hugs to all kvetchies))) Would love to vibe you all individually. I'm just pooped tonight, but wanted to check in.

Star wrote:
"hey, how is tes doing?? anyone know??"

I communicated with Tes last week- something nasty is going on at her workplace and I believe it is consuming her time. Her nieceoid is also supposed to visit soon, i think. I'm hoping we can catch up this weekend.

Hope everyone is well!!!!

Plat, I think that's a pretty full day not even including the past surgery! But a reasonable goal.


Mornington, sounds like a great car! ((Indigo))

Star, I think the person wielding the speculum matters more than the speculum itself, generally...though there are different sizes.


I'm watching "When the Levees Broke" and I'm doing OK with it. I remember back a year or so ago when I very much avoided anything about the storm...I think I'm getting close to ending therapy, so I'm trying to do things that seemed too overwhelming before.

Tomorrow after the gallery closes, we get to go up to some friends' camp by the river and have a campfire and then splash around on Sunday. Yay! Hope everyone is having a good weekend!
questions here

I just registered for this forum, but when I try to post a new topic, it tells me that that option is not available, do I need to post some replies before it would let me start an original topic or something?

The reason I ended up here is by following a reference from feminista blog ( where people were ripping on the recent article from this magazine about privileged women partaking in the sex industry in the underdeveloped countries from the perspective of women as active consumers. I just wanted to see what the original article actually said, does anybody have any links or any idea what I am talking about?

QUOTE(amilita @ Jun 15 2007, 11:40 PM) *
Plat, I think that's a pretty full day not even including the past surgery! But a reasonable goal.


Mornington, sounds like a great car! ((Indigo))

Star, I think the person wielding the speculum matters more than the speculum itself, generally...though there are different sizes.


I'm watching "When the Levees Broke" and I'm doing OK with it. I remember back a year or so ago when I very much avoided anything about the storm...I think I'm getting close to ending therapy, so I'm trying to do things that seemed too overwhelming before.

Tomorrow after the gallery closes, we get to go up to some friends' camp by the river and have a campfire and then splash around on Sunday. Yay! Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

MostUniqueName, Bust Magazine does not post its articles on-line. What you have found here is merely a discussion board that is owned by the magazine. However, we have lots of threads dedicated to feminist issues and a couple of threads dedicated to Bust magazine.

By the way, the reason why you could not create a new thread is because you are new here. We as a community are VERY dilligent about NOT starting new threads because this is an unmoderated board. If you ever want to discuss a topic and don't know where to discuss it, just ask about it in The Community Forum.
If, by some strange luck, there is not a thread that covers your topic, the Busties will discuss whether there is enough interest to create a new thread. But 99% of the time, there's already an existing thread that suits the topic just fine.

So! Anyway! Hi, gang! Hope you're all doing loverly.

So good to see Plat in here!!! I thought of you while driving through Hope Valley this morning, dear. I know you aren't feeling 100% yet, but you really are doing SOOOOO much better. And you look 1000 times better! wink.gif Just give it a bit more time, love. (((((((Plat))))))))


Star, I agree with Plat re: the speculum. I've had some docs who are sooooo good with them, but others that make me feel like a holiday turkey. Bleh.
~~~~~~ soothing for Star's crotch ~~~~~~

Mornington, I just looked up the Morris Minor to see what it looks like and OH MY GAWD!!!! So friggin' cute!!!! I hope you get it so that you can take lots of cute pictures of it & I can lust after it from afar. biggrin.gif
~~~~~~ soothing for Indigo ~~~~~~

(((((((Amilita))))))))) I hope you get to speak your therapist soon after you finish watching that. I finally saw it for the first time a few months ago and I just cried and cried. I can't imagine how difficult it might be for you to see all of that again after living through it. ((((((Amilita)))))))

((((((MissJoy))))))) So sorry to hear that you aren't feeling, well, joyful. I guess there's no chance you could get out of the contract early, is there?

Bunny, I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better. PMS can be such a bitch.

((((((((((((((((((((((ALL Y'ALL!))))))))))))))))))))

Thank you all so much for the advice on paint colors. I'm going to make a final decision in July after the Cavalcade of Family is finally over. A wacky little part of me is thinking about putting a very pale pink on the walls in the kitchen. Or maybe a nice tealy-blue. You know that Tiffany box blue? That's kinda what I'm thinking about. Or a light green. Or .... oh, lord, I'm so confused!!! tongue.gif

Kvetch or Anti-kvetch?: My mum-in-law will arrive on Monday! Eep! And I've been lazy this week and have barely done any unpacking. Yes, I am The Crap. So I'm working this weekend to get the place looking a little more neat & homey (or "homely" for you Brits out there). My big problem, though, is that she cannot eat any form of dairy now. This is a recent development. She also won't eat tomatoes or other foods that she feels are too acidic. I have no clue what to feed this woman!!! I suggested that we go grocery shopping on her first day. I'm sure it will amuse her to see the enormous American grocery stores again.

The BBC world service is airing a story about Japanese men who get together every week just to cry. They watch sad movies together and things like that. It kinda reminds me of Fight Club, so it's freaking me out a bit. blink.gif
hey, thanx for the clarifications. does anybody know what is the article/issue of the magazine I am talking about though? I am interested in it (obviously) because it is related to something I am working on and provides an interesting perspective. I am not really going to stick around here as a poster, but nevertheless I hope all of you are having a great Saturday.

QUOTE(roseviolet @ Jun 16 2007, 03:13 PM) *
MostUniqueName, Bust Magazine does not post its articles on-line. What you have found here is merely a discussion board that is owned by the magazine. However, we have lots of threads dedicated to feminist issues and a couple of threads dedicated to Bust magazine.

By the way, the reason why you could not create a new thread is because you are new here. We as a community are VERY dilligent about NOT starting new threads because this is an unmoderated board. If you ever want to discuss a topic and don't know where to discuss it, just ask about it in The Community Forum.
If, by some strange luck, there is not a thread that covers your topic, the Busties will discuss whether there is enough interest to create a new thread. But 99% of the time, there's already an existing thread that suits the topic just fine.

congrats to mandosis on the arrival! yay for auntie mandi smile.gif

(((plat))) & (((tes))) I am so glad to hear an update, I was beginning to worry about both of ya!

(((amilita))) just 'cause I always find myself admiring your strength.

~~~soothing for stars nether regions~~~ I am so dreading my annual which is over due. oy.

((((bunny)))) I'm on the PMS train right now myself, ugh.

rose, it sounds like taking her grocery shopping would be the best idea. I mean, for your own sanity's sake!

~~~feel better vibes for msjoy and all others who need them~~~

~~~feel better vibes and boo boo keeces for indigo's hurty paw~~~

And 'cause morn asked, I thought I should share a little display of cuteness :

*head explodes* laugh.gif
*head explodes from yuefie's cuteness and the cuteness of mornington's car*

I've always wanted an old car (typed "old cat" at first laugh.gif )- I'm more mechanically-inclined than LeBoy, but I don't know a lot about cars. I know they need a lot of upkeep- do you know stuff about cars, mornington, or do you have someone to help you? I either want a little European sportscar (like an MG or an old Alfa Romeo) or a big, gas-guzzling American muscle car. It's so cheesy, but I'm totally turned on by them....this morning on the way to work, I saw a woman driving an electric blue muscle car in mint condition and it just looked so cool.

((hugs to all))
((((plat)))) good to see you!

(((amilita))) have fun!

polly, these cars aren't especially hard to take care of, they're pretty durable - and simple. and I have a friend, who shall henceforth be known as the OldToyBoy (he's mama's ex toyboy, but has become a family friend) who will help me out and is teaching me to drive. Also, mama knows a fair bit about these cars, as she used to drive one when she learnt. But I know what you mean about old cars, there's something... special about them. They always make me smile when I see them.

also, over here, "classic" cars that are still fairly common can be quite cheap to run; they have specialist insurance which is different, and because they're so old, you don't pay road tax. You just have to be careful with rust.
rose, my crotch thanks you for the well wishes. wink.gif i'm just chalking it up to that planned parenthood doesn't have the best speculums. but, hey it's free.

yuefie, such cuteness!!

mornington, congrats on the car. will you be driving me around in it in aug. then?? smile.gif

plat, thank so much about tes. i was thinking of her since i haven't seen her post in here for some time. and i'm glad you are doing well too!!

rose, eh, you just moved. i'm sure they will be understanding about the boxes still.

polly, yeah, i would think leboy would be more skilled in gaming stuff than car. that's cute though.

i decided to stay home today. i was a little bummed the sun wasn't out as much as i wanted it to be. but, it was still nice and warm. i'm gonna wake up and do yoga in the park near tomorrow. this should be cool

Porn Star
pollystyrene congratulation for the car. I know that you are very happy because I was the same when I got my car. I hope you'll have a great time.
Um, I didn't get a car. Mornington did. blink.gif
Is it a Morris Minor that Giles has in the first few seasons of Buffy before he breaks the door off when he's a demon?
Hi all! I had a busy weekend with lots of family and a 10-hour road trip in one day. Yesterday, there was laundry and relaxing because I won't have a free weekend for awhile! I leave Friday for my company's conference in DC, will be there until late on Wednesday, then my inlaws arrive on Thursday for a long (and I mean LOOONG) weekend. At least we talked them out of Taste of Chicago!

congrats on the car, morn! I am not much for driving, but I think it's a worthwhile skill to have.

(((bunny))) i hope you're feeling better

belated congrats to the mandosis! So glad to hear everyone's healthy and happy.

kvetch: I hurt my knee while weightlifting last week, and I thought it'd be all better by now. It's still sore. I feel dumb.
I think it might be bunny, but I know fuck all about cars so I could be wrong.

It's funny that I come in here to a conversation about girly bits and gynes. I was just on the phone w/mine to find out that they have switched insurance plans on me. I can still take them and the changes that I have to make will benefit me in the long run but the thought that I could not see my gyne almost put me in tears. After this year I am very attached to that office.
Right now my stomach is really cramping. I haven't had a period sense December b/c of medication and my surgery so I am wondering if my uterus is finally beginning to function again. I cannot remember when an annual exam did not cause some pain. And the problem is that knowing it is going to hurt just makes me tense up and then it hurts more. If the freaking docs would let us insert the speculum, it would not hurt. You can insert your own if you go to the Chicago Women's Health Center.

You wanted to know all of this, right?

Anyway, w/the exception of Friday night, my weekend was kind of a lost cause. I was mopey all Saturday night. I did see the new Nancy Drew movie. Cute and silly. And on Sunday I cleaned my living room while watching the BBC's Pride & Prejudice. Yum, Colin Firth...

I want to post cuteness of my own but I have no idea how to add a pic to a post. Any help?
kitten, I've never heard of inserting it yourself. It is interesting to hear, as a Canadian, the differences in insurance plans, etc since our is all medicare. However, just because it is all paid for by the government doesn't mean it is all the same quality.

I have whatever it is that you get tested for when you get the exam - pre cancerous cells of the cervix or some such thing. So I had to go to a hospital to get a biopsy done (ow) and then get a small area burned off (extra ow).

The first hospital I went to for the biopsy and the burning was awful! You are so nervous and then they seperate you from the person you came with and make you sit in a room by yourself for the longest time (getting more and more scared). The final straw came when I was in for the burning off surgery. I was told to come in for 1:00 and I got there before that and sat and sat and sat with a bunch of other women. Finally one woman went up to ask if she would be seen soon ( I think we were all there for the same surgery). The receptionist told her that the doctor books all the women for 1:00 but then gets there himself for 2:00 so everyone is waiting for him and he can do it quickly! But if you don't come early you have to wait even longer because the time you come in is the order you are put on the list. I ended up not going in until about 3:30, but not after sitting in a room in a gown by myself for about 45 minutes separated from my mom who came with me. Then, when I went into the room to have the proceedure, there was blood on the floor from the person before me. And the (male) doctor hardly said two words to me.

After that I went to another hospital where the woman was very nice, actually booked appointments for an actual time and was very nice. But is it any wonder I've been procrastinating on my next exam!

Wow, that was longer than expected. I came in to bitch about work - but there you go!

Huh. I don't think I'd want to insert my own speculum. To each their own, I doesn't cause me anxiety to begin with, and I like to just be still and concentrate on relaxing. And I imagine that after most lay people insert it, the person doing the exam would have to adjust the depth and angle anyway in order to view the cervix...that's not always easy to do, depending on the position.

Speaking of all this, I just made my first gyno appointment since before the hurricane!! Eep. Bad Amilita. I finally figured out what new Dr. I wanted to go to and all that. And I have a regular checkup scheduled, too...with my new insurance, I do get to keep my old primary care guy.

Missjoy, that first experience sounds awful!!! I think that Dr. should be reported to someone...for the appointment thing and the blood on the floor thing. Ew.

Woo, Sidecar, you're busy!

Yuefie, so cute! I wish I had pictures of my friend's dog frolicing in the river. He loves to swim so much.

I got a few things done today, but not much. I don't care! Hope everyone's having a good Monday!!
bit of a flyby...

((((amilita, missjoy, yuefie, sidecar, bunny, mando, tes, plat, pixie, star, sixie, sassy, syb, faith, kitten, polly, billy, everyone))))

haven't got the car yet!

exaaaaaaams. i have one today and another tomorrow, i sat one yesterday too. wish me luck!

Le sigh - today the boss informs me that, you know, my 8 hours doesn't include a paid lunch - so, you know, I guess I don't get lunch, or I take one and then have to stay later.


It's like they try to think of ways to demotivate.

Good/Strange discovery this morning - the Petro Canada gas station I popped into to buy a coffee sells Bust Magazine.
Kvetch/Rant: I go out to check mail, and get letter from Dept/Labor. Rip the sucker open, hoping it's great news... and I got denied unemployment. I really don't know how the hell this happened. But it did. And, I thought I'd be able to be at least pay some bills with it for the next month. FUCK!!!

Kvetch:All this happened before morning cup of coffee...

Okay I hope everyone's Tuesdays are better than mine....

Oh, and I did I tell you I have to spend 4 days with annoying family next week?? I think that's just takes the cake... it is Dad's bday. I couldn't get out of it.

End of rant...

Sassygirl, I really don't know how you can be denied unemployment when you were fired! You should def. consult your local labor board. That is crap.

*waves to everyone* I'm bogged down with pre-trip preparations. I'll pop in and out the next couple days. Hope you all have great weeks/weekends!
Sassy, sorry about the unemployment. Can you appeal it?

All this talk of girl docs.....reminds me that the time of internal exams at every visit are looming quickly.

Nothing much going on here. I have been swamped at work because my boss is out on Medical leave and several things that were supposed to be taken care of before she left...weren't. So now I am dividing my time between the office and her house.
Micropixie is getting big and I'm getting really uncomfortable. I'm trying not to whine too much because there is still 6-8 weeks left and I know it will probably get worse before it's over.

I wonder how MSP's baby is coming along......

((((bunny, Amilita, Mornington, Yuefie, Rose, Tes, plat, Pip, sidecar, and everyone else))))

if anyone would like to see how my life has just come crashing down about my ears, please see my LJ. or pm me and i'll copy it to you.


and no, i haven't failed my exams. yet.
(((morn))) hang in there, chica.

I'm sporadically lurking but been tough couple of weeks. The depression comes in waves, some stuff has kicked off in work (my boss -the one I've had a few problems with- abruptly left and I had a big fall out with a close work colleague friend) and my interview for teaching postgrad is on Monday so throwing myself into preparing for that.

Hey, gang. Good lord, it looks like the shit has hit the fan for the Kvetchies. sad.gif


~*~*~*~*~ interview vibes for Bunny ~*~*~*~*~ Sorry to hear that things have been so fraught at work lately.

Sassy, try to appeal. Is there an advocate you can speak to? Because your particular situationwas ... well, it was total crap, honestly. If they're arguing that you were fired for misconduct, then it's true that you can be denied unemployment. But look into it!

MissJoy, are you saying that you've gotten paid lunch breaks at jobs in the past? Because I certainly haven't, but it would've been lovely! smile.gif

Sidecar, good luck with the outlaws. Bleh.

My Mum-in-law has been in town since Monday night, so I've been busy with her. And we all leave for Florida is a few days. So yup ... still super busy here! Jult will be much different I think.

Kvetch: My period started today.
Anti-kvetch: This means the worst of it will be over by the time we're in Florida! Thank god!!!!

Must run!
[blows kisses & dashes away]
Yeah, I think I was just spoiled in the past. At my last job I was paid 7.5 hours a day and I would take a one hour lunch as part of an 8 hour day - so it kind of included a 30 min unpaid break and then - I guess our two 15 minute paid breaks we're entitled to added on to the end of the lunch. Also, my boss was pretty flex so long as we got our work done. Especially since it's a non-profit and she realized that we weren't getting some other benefits.

Well, I already went to a lawyer. I'm going to try to appeal. It just doesn't make any sense to me. Part of me just wants to give up. I'm just so fucking depressed. And the last thing I want to do is see my family next week. Normally, this would be a good thing. Depression has hit me very hard. I'll try to appeal this, and control to job search.

((all my love))

Please send me some strength to deal with demented family next week. Mcgeek isn't going to be there. And I'm nervous as hell. Busty vibes tend to work wonders it seems.

((multi-purpose vibes to everybody)))

(((mornington))) take care of yourself, hon. I know it's near impossible, but try not to dwell on things you can't fix from afar. ((((extra-tight hugs))))

(((bunnyb))) sometimes rollercoasters are the suck. ~*~*~*~*~super-strength interview vibes~*~*~*~*~

(((sassy))) I'm thinking we get some monkeys, give them guns, and let them loose in the Dept. of Labor offices.
~z~z~z~zen-like shield of sanity between you and the demented fam~z~z~z~

~~~~all-purpose smorgasbord of vibes for them what needs 'em~~~~~

I'm all lurkery lately, too. Major upheaval at work the day after I get back from vacay. Just out-of-nowhere bullshit, and now my favorite I-moved-here-to-continue-working-for-him boss is gone. Apparently they were worried I'd just walk out, too, and nobody would even look me in the eye for days.

So much shit. Just how big is this fan, anyway?
((((sassy)))) what sixela said about monkeys. ****family-copage vibes****



thanks for the hugs everyone, I've calmed down. I can't post about it here, but it's a pretty big thing, and if what could happen happens, it'll be out in the open soon enough. I think it's going to be ok though.

The exams went ok, i have one more left, but it's not for a couple of weeks yet. nothing much going on - mama is visiting a friend, so it's just me and the furballs.

((((amilita, rose, pixie, missjoy, star, mando, billy, polly, sidecar, syb, pink, dm, yuefie, everyone))))
((((morn))))) it's still a shock and hard to take. you and f are in my thoughts

I bought a bright, jewel-y purple polo shirt today at h&m and I can't even tell you how happy it's making me. I haven't worn a polo shirt in years!

Off to DC in about 15 hotel is super-sweet, incidentally, and I'm totally stoked to sleep in a nice big bed for a few days. And I'm getting to meet all sorts of people I've worked with via email and phone. I haven't posted in here much about it, but in the spring, I got saddled with this large, difficult project -- a book to edit and project manage for a division without an executive director, and the manuscript needed some significant rewrites and had a few big problems. So I didn't get it to actually copyedit until my last day at my old position, and the senior associate executive director (who was technically supervising the project) insisted that I take the book with me and finish its editing and production as an extra service (freelance) project as a condition of my hire. So I had to edit and proofread it, and the two authors were really responsive to the many, many changes I made them complete, and they were fine with the ways I rewrote things for them. There was some doubt that it would get completed when we started it back in March, but it'll be for sale at our conference this weekend.

In the end, this ended up being a book I'm very proud of -- I think it reads well and it looks great (the designer for it is super talented) and the authors even thanked me by name in the acknowledgments! So the reason I'm saying all this is that we made plans today and I'm going to be having lunch with them at the conference, plus I got a special invitation to the awards tea where they're announcing the book. So it's just nice to have it kinda come full circle; I'm really proud of this project and excited to meet the people who made it so gratifying.

have a great weekend everyone!
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