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((Sigh)) Emotionally exhausting day.

Once in awhile, the shelter I volunteer at will do "transports"- that's where other rescuers from the southern half of Illinois will go to the public shelters down there, where they euthanize animals if they don't get adopted soon enough (like, a week), take the "cream of the crop", the dogs that are most adoptable because of their age, appearance, and temperament and bring them three-quarters of the way up the state to a meet-up point and private, no-kill shelters from the northern half of the state divvy up the selection and bring the dogs back to their respective shelters.

This was the first time I'd done it and my mom came along. We drove the shelter's minivan about 2 hours outside of the city to a parking lot next to a gas station and there were 3 other vehicles there from other organizations and we got 4 of the 15 or so dogs that came from this rescuer from downstate. We had two coon hounds (like this one) another hound and a Golden Retriever. For some reason, the shelter only sent 3 large crates, and then a medium one and even being the smallest, there was no way that the Golden Retriever was going to get in there. So my mom had to ride the whole way home with the dog on his lap. He was really sweet (even though he smelled bad! Poor doggy!), but he was so strong and kept trying to squirm out of my mom's arms. My mom loves dogs, but just can't be the "pack leader" when it comes to them and she had a hard time managing that dog. It was frustrating but it ended up okay.

I came home and took a shower and got the myriad of canine bodily fluids off of me. Thank cod. I'm spoiled with a dog that doesn't drool, isn't a big licker and doesn't have much of a funky smell.

I swear, though. if my dog ever ended up in a shelter, he'd be the Paris Hilton of dogs laugh.gif I don't spoil him too much, he's just such a diva.
Rosev, while I was up at my mamma's house, we watched tons of house renovation/decoration shows...there was one lady with gorgeous views of trees outside and they were specifically trying to "bring the outside in." They painted the walls green. Sorta obvious, but it looked great. And I think the green could work with tan counters very easily...maybe even make them not dull or boring. That's my vote.
Rose, Oklahoma Wheat is the color of my kitchen!! It comes off very yellow, so if that's your main hall, you'd probably want something else.

(((polly)))) Even though it was exhausting, it's great that you and your mom did what you did today. My big mutt was in a no-kill shelter for three weeks, and when I'm not surprised about how long she was there, I'm relieved she wasn't at Animal Care and Control.

Today is my neighborhood's summer festival, which means lots of drunk people roaming the streets of Gayberry. It's hot too. I was thinking about going to the pet parade, but I think I might just stay inside with my air conditioner until I have my haircut.
that's great that you did that, polystyrene. i volunteered at a shelter for a few years (out in the western burbs, h1nsdale), and it was sad sometimes but i loved it.

that breakfast nook looks like it has lots of potential to be gorgeous! it's already gorgeous, really. smile.gif a moss green or sunny yellow seem like they'd really suit the room. i kind of like the idea of moss green.

i am in my robe (silk thrift-store find!), but i've been wearing men's boxer briefs a lot lately (women's are cut too skimpy!) and my fave comfyish-but-supportive-bra:
Just a fly by to say...look at my new Av!!! It's a 4D ultrasound of the micropixie!

AND.......Mr. Pixie got the second job he interviewed for!!!! It's only 3 miles from the house so we will be saving a bunch in gas, plus the pay scale includes a step for teachers who are more than half way through their masters program so he will get a decent raise! And's at Oliver. All in all we are fantasically happy that he got a job the first week of summer!

(((love to the Kvetchies)))
Yay for the Pixies!!!

There's definitely a lot you could do with that space, rose- I'll second amilita's and annelise's suggesstion of green!
sorry girls, somehow a PM turned into a post, and I'm not sure how, because I rarely post in this thread....

yay for the pixies! that's such good news!

rose, I'll third amilita's green suggestion; it'll go well with the yellow... and when you do change your countertops, you can always repaint.

(((polly))) it's really great what you and your mum are doing

(((annelise, anoushh, bunny, yuefie, tes, syb, plat, sidecar, star, sassy, sixiela, mavin, pink, qspice, everyone)))

it's been a... odd few days. But... ze german is engaged to the emoboy, so there has been much debate. They are young, but german's already told him it's going to be a long engagement. She wants to graduate and be sure she's able to support herself before she gets married. It's still deleriously cute.

on the down side, exgoth split up with her boy, so there has been much tears. It was emoboy's birthday, so we all got tiddly in his parents' back garden, and then by the time exgoth's drama was sorted we'd missed the last train, so caught a few hours sleep on the sofa while we waited for the first train. We're picnicing in the park tomorrow if the weather is nice... or picnicing on my floor if it isn't.

And I got a placement for the summer - it's as a nurse/kennelmaid at a rescue and clinic in east london (the celia hammond animal trust), they seem really nice. They do lots of work with feral cats, and it looks like it's going to be really good. That means I'll be in london for star's visit, and then have plenty of time to visit F before uni starts again.

Now all I have to do is just pass these freaking exams...
woohoo! Pixiedust! Congrats.
And congrats to mornington on her summer placement.
I still haven't been called for an interview on this job I applied for last week. I know it's only been a week, but I am really impatient. *sigh*

I went to see Cirque Shanghai last night at Navy Pier. It was outstanding. I actually sqealed many times in shock and if I had been wearing pearls I would have been cluching them.
rose, that's not a breakfast nook...that's a big ass kitchen!! beautiful! i love the windows and all of the natural light that comes in. gorgeous.

polly, that sounds exhausting. i don't think i could volunteer at an animal shelter...i would want to take every doggie home. sad.gif

ok. i don't have much time to catch up. but, i hope everyone is well.

i got back from cali yesterday. the weather was gorgeous. lake arrowhead was so serene. it was hard to comeback.

major kvetch: traveling. i experienced SO many delays. and on the way back home, my connecting flight was cancelled. it didn't get cancelled til 1am. i was lucky to get a flight out of dallas at 6am. i ended up sleeping on a cot in dallas airport. i slept my entire saturday away. i feel much better today though!

((star)) Sorry about your travel delays, but I’m glad you had a nice time in Cali.

((kitten)) Good luck getting an interview.

mornington, yay for getting a placement.

mr. pixie, congrats on getting a better job.

rose, your porch/deck looks really big. Glad the home is a joy.

sidecar, yay for booking your vacation.

polly, yay for volunteering at the shelter. It would probably make me too depressed.

I got NetFlix again so I haven’t been online much due to watching so many dvds.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.
Ugh, star, that sucks. I think if I had to sleep on a cot, I'd cry. I need a comfy bed.

Kvetch: I went to Old Navy today to spend a gift card I got for my birthday. I wanted to get some cute tops because it seems like all I have are solid color 3/4-sleeve or long sleeve shirts and I'm getting very bored of them. They're fine to wear under my scrubs at work, but I'm tired of looking so blah when I go out. I found a couple of very cute shirts, one with a vintage-y floral print and one a solid purple-y color that were basically the same style- the empire waist, with the cross-over top, slightly belled short sleeves. It's a real break from my normal style, but when I tried them on, I remembered why I can't wear those shirts. I carry my belly weight high up, starting under my boobs, so shirts with the empire waist end up looking like maternity shirts on me. And I don't want to deal with the mutual embarrassment of some dimwit asking when I'm due ("Hmm, I don't know when I'm due, but I know you're due for a punch in the neck right about NOW!") It makes me sad because they're such cute shirts and I loved the color and the print. And because I'm in a fashion rut right now.

Speaking of fashion- did anyone see the What Not to Wear this week (maybe it was a re-run), with the bridal episode? I went to high school with one of the brides (and her fiance), the strawberry blond woman, Meghan. So funny!

Anti-kvetch: I went to the Buffy Sing-A-Long last night with Prophecy. It was so much fun. If you had asked me a couple years ago if I'd go to something like that, I'd have said you were crazy. I am so not a sci-fi/fantasy person, and I avoided Buffy like the plague, mainly because the people I knew who were into it were assholes (totally unrelated to them liking Buffy) and I didn't want to like anything they liked. Prophecy was the same way, but then someone whose judgment she trusted convinced her to start watching it and she got LeBoy and I addicted.

Hmm, DM, I had some NetFlix movies to return and I misplaced them. Crap. That was several weeks ago. I should just tell them they got lost in the mail. Poop.
Star, I hate how airlines get away with jerking people around like that.

Congrats to the Pixies! That will be great for you.

((polly)) That is really frustrating.

Hey, kitten, I think I saw you yesterday around 5 or 6 just outside Midsommarfest! I couldn't remember your real name and I wasn't sure, and I didn't want to be like "Kittenb!!" If it was you, girl, you are looking great.

I've been watching a lot of movies too, although we netflixed the Da Vinci Code, despite my utter hatred of the book, thinking it might be funny-bad. It was dull bad and we gave up after 40 minutes. Yesterday, we tried to go to our neighborhood's summer festival, and while we did see this awesome all-girl cover band called Cat Fight, it was crowded and unpleasant. After a half hour, we tried to buy drinks in a pineapple but they were out of pineapples, so we left and went to Fiesta Mexicana instead. Then we came back and hung out with our neighbors. I drank too much, but it was nothing some ibuprofen and potatoes couldn't fix this morning. Then I finally saw Spider-Man 3. What a snore.

Now I'm just waiting for the Sopranos finale. Sob. It's been a fun weekend.
polly, yeah, i have the same trouble with baby doll dresses. boo.

kittenb, i meant to wish you luck on the potential job.

sidecar, um, i'm so excited for the sopranos season finale.

antikvetch: mouse coming to our fine city! yeah!
Hola, kvetchies! Sorry I've been so MIA, first my poor laptop was busted (by me and not the kitties this time, even though it broke in pretty much the same place. Hey, maybe bunnyb, yuefie, and I could get matching satin jackets for our Dead Laptops club!). I was lucky a friend of mine could fix it, even if it took a couple weeks.

BUT, I did just get back from Las Vegas, which was loads of fun! Of course, I'm not much of a gambler, but the weather was just gorgeous (I so heart the desert climate) and we did cruise on over to the Hoover Dam. I tried suggesting the Natural History Museum, too, but I was outvoted by the Romans (my when-in-Rome, all must gamble travel mates). I know, I'm a geek. rolleyes.gif

OH, we did drive to L.A. and were on the Price is Right, which was weirdly interesting. I didn't get to "come on down" or anything, but seeing the studio and how the whole game show thing works was pretty cool. I hadn't seen the show since I was like, 8 or something, and the set was much more colorful than I remembered (or maybe we had a crappy TV back then!). Oh, and the kids who won stuff were genuinely nice, so I was rather pleased for them. I guess it was the next-to-last show ever, so people had been sleeping out on the sidewalk and stuff for days trying to get in. And Bob Barker was actually kind of funny: someone in the audience was asking him if he remembered meeting them a couple of years ago, and he obviously didn't, so he just looked kind of blank for a minute then smiled and said, "Well, you know, I drink....".

Okay, I'm gonna go try and catch up with the archives for a bit......

Sidecar - It was definetly me looking great at Midsommer Fest. I am sure of it. tongue.gif I was there at that time, so it really might have been me. I got these great denim pants, I guess they are pedal pushers as they end at the knee, at Lane Bryant and I wish I could wear them all the time, everywhere.

Polly - it made me laugh that you & Prophecy avoided Buffy b/c the people you knew who watched it were idiots. I did the same thing for a very long time. The person who made me avoid BtVS is the same person who caused my aversion to the Chicago Reader.

Not having cable anymore has made me love Netflix all the better. And my friend has a membership at the Hollywood Video across my street that is just like Netflix. So I have started renting some stuff under his membership. I watched the first two hours of Big Love and really liked it. Last night I watched the first episode of Rome and I am not feeling it so much. It seems kind of stuffy despite all of the nudity and violence.
i have some discs of rome but can't bring myself to watch it--i get people confused on tv shows enough, and i've heard that it's really easy to confuse characters when they're all wearing togas. i've heard it's good though.

it took me forever to watch buffy because it just seemed like a ridiculous thing--then a former bf got me into it and i loved it of course.

polystyrene, that really sucks about the empire waist things--ugh. there is so little variation in styles, it seems, and all too often it seems that the stuff that's in style doesn't fit me right/comfortably, so i end up wearing really basic stuff when i really want more interesting clothes! grrrrr. i was talking to my roommate about it, because she has awesome clothes, but most of her favorite stuff was bought like five years ago.

i had the cable guy come a week or two ago and he convinced me to take a cable box and a promotional deal for a few months--he said i'd have free hbo. but when i checked to make sure i'd be able to watch the sopranos, hbo wasn't there. so all i have is crappy movie channels and the most intimidating remote control ever. gah.
Gah, I haven't been in here forever cause I was just really busy. Last week I had a lot of kvetchs, I had started a shitty job that I hate. But now, I have no kvetchs cause i found a new job that doesn't suck!

anti-kvetchs: new job is really easy, good paying and gives me a lot of spare time (also it doesn't require me to get up at 5am). Anyhoo, it's just two months till I move out of this crappy city and into my new place in Toronto!! I can't wait! I'm so excited to be going to university even though I'll probably be a few years older than most of the students. I don't care though.

polly, I hear you on the empire waists. They always make me look preggo and I hate them.

rose, your kitchen looks amazing, I'm a sucker for yellow shades but just imagine how nice a buttery colour would look in there. Either that or maybe a nice shade of green.

pixie, I can't get over that ultrasound pic! It's amazing how you can see so much now, congrats to you and your family.

kvetchies to everyone!
~~~quickie fly-by~~~

((((kvetchies)))) ~~~multi-purpose vibes for all~~~

I'm at the library on a lunch break. Someone sitting near me reeks to high heaven of the putrid stench of alcohol so much it's coming out of their pores. Seriously, it's making my eyes water and also making me want to gag! So I am breathing through my mouth only. Feh. Ziggy is as cute as can be and is just fixated on Sashie. He wants to play with her so bad that when she walks by him he swats at her rear end and tries to catch a ride on her sometimes tongue.gif . She, on the other hand, is not so enamoured of him. But she tolerates his antics well. Oh and he has decided he likes her dog food so much that we had to buy her an elevated food dish holder he can quite reach. The Sopranos finale sucketh much asseth. 8 Years and that's what Chase thought it deserved? Bleh. I coulda been watching something else that didn't insult me. I did manage to catch up on the first two seasons of Weeds and the first of Big Love over the weekend while I nursed a terrible case of seafood gone wrong. Horribly wrong

Hope everyone is well!
I was kind of disappointed with the Sopranos ending as well. Also, why do they concentrate so much on AJ? He's a loser, I wish they would have focused more on Meadow.

Your pets sound cute btw, I've always wished we could have a companion for my dog but I think he would just get jealous if there was another dog around. I can't wait for the premiere of Big Love tonight!
Yes, that Soprano's ending was pretty terrible! I've only been watching the last 2 years since Mr. Pixie and I got together...He keeps swearing to me that it used to be a good show!
((((polly)))) i feel your pain on the empire-line tops. they make me look pregnant as well as small-boobed. it seems that it's nothing but empire-lines these days, and I just don't get the appeal.

((((star)))) boo on the cot and delays. although yay for cali and serenity

((((kitten)))) I found rome difficult to get into at first. it's very involved, but after a few episodes I loved it. I must steal BW's copy...

((((candy)))) yay for the new job and uni!

((((sixie)))) *waves* boo on the broken lappy. it must be laptop-suicide season.

((((yuefie)))) most commercial dog foods won't do ziggy any harm, but they don't have a particular amino acid in them that cat's can't synthesise. Although I imagine it peeves poor sashie no end... But yay for her tolerating him. That's a big step. Give her a big smooch from me and indigo.

((((pixie, sidecar, bun, rose, mando, tes, syb, plat, pink, annelise, sassy, dm, everyone))))

my latest dvd addiction is stargate. I'm waiting for emoboy to burn heroes onto dvd for me, and then mama and I are going to watch it. She's here on saturday, it'll be good.

kvetch: I'm worried about F, he's getting pulled in every which way. I lj'd about it if you want to read, but basically, everyone calls him when they have a problem - whether it's his friend with a baby who needs someone to babysit while she goes to college, or his parents/friends calling him to referee a fight. He's too good to say no, and it's causing him a lot of stress. I keep telling him he can't carry everyone's problems if he's not going to be selfish and take time to look after himself. He came home from work this morning, sorted an argument between his parents and another couple, leaving him only two hours sleep - which he achieved with the help of whiskey - before going back to work for his eleven-hour overnight shift. Gah. I know people like to have others to talk to, but why is it always him they call?

((((kvetchies)))) I'm off to bed. or to watch more stargate. I'm not sure.
***fly by****

Kvetch: Feeling rather depressed lately. The job market in really bad here. I'm not sure if I got unemployment. Parents are being weird. I'm just trying to get out of my funk.I'm sick of not having having a job. Even a part time job would work at this point. I just can't do sales, and that seems to be all I'm getting. Even being around Mcgeek isn't really helping. Trying to get on South Beach Diet this week b/c I have gained weight due to depression funk... sorry this has been a bleh kvetch.

My lastest dvd addiction is freaks and geeks.

Anti-kvetch: Lyle Lovett is coming to town on Friday!! smile.gif Hopefully he will rock,

((multi-purpose vibes)))

PS About Sopranos, WTF? And don't get me started about that piece of shit show John from Cinancini?? If this is there new season, I am so going to cancel!!!
Am I the only person in here who watched the Tony Awards?
Beuller? wink.gif
I know it's silly for me to watch a show that is all about handing out awards to productions that I have never seen, but I like seeing the musical numbers from the nominees & seeing what's happening in American theatre, so it's all good in my book.

Pixie, I think I forgot to say this earlier, so CONGRATS to Mr. Pixie!!!!! What fabulous news! He's going to be so much safer & happier and all sorts of things. HOORAY!!!!!

~~~~~ peace & quiet for F ~~~~~ Mornington, maybe you should remind him that he doesn't have to answer the phone just because it's ringing. My bestgalpal taught me that & it helps a lot.

Billy, are you out there? Did you watch the F1 race this weekend? Because hot-holy-hell that was a good race!

Polly, most of the time I don't have a problem with empire waist tops, but lately they seem to be using a lot of gathering on that seam that goes under the bust. BLECH! Gathered seams make EVERYONE look pregnant!

Thanks again for the compliments on the kitchen! I was going to take a photo today from the corner of the kitchen so that you could see the whole space, but it was rainy so it was daaaaark in there ... which is annoying because all that dark blue makes the place dark enough on its own! I think I just need to go ahead and prime the walls. Maybe once we have a clean slate it will be easier to decide on a color. I'm still totally undecided. Bah.

Anti-kvetch: I have a new girly friend! We hung out together on Saturday. So far I don't think she is quite Busty material, so she will probably never rank among my best friends (all of my closest girl friends are very Bust-y in spirit). But she's still really cool and she's also new in town, so we can explore the area together. So that's nice.

ETA: ~$~$~$~ job vibes for Sassy ~$~$~$~

Eddie Izzard was on the Tony awards last night. Yay. smile.gif
Rose, it was indeed a good race. There was really more racing yesterday than the last few races. Can you believe what Hamilton is doing? Alonso must be seething over Hamilton's success and his own inability to keep up in the points. I read/heard earlier that Alonso doesn't consider it his responsibility to be a teacher to Hamilton. Looks unnecessary, doesn't it?

Get some more pictures of the house! Congratulations on moving in. I wondered earlier what you would do if you found out the Speed Channel wasn't available. Would that have been a deal-killer? smile.gif
I really liked the Sopranos finale.

Don't hate me.
Shit, I missed the Tonys!
Billy, I lurves me some Lewis Hamilton! He's fab in so many ways. About a month or so ago I decided to name my laptop after him. wink.gif The very bestest part of the whole race, though was when Sato passed Alonso! Now, I loves me some Alonso, too, but that was just such a fabulous move! We laughed for about a minute straight at the sheer brilliance/ridiculousness of it all! laugh.gif

And yes, people, I named my laptop. I have named a few of my electrical appliances. For instance, the GPS is named Sally. It's what ya do when you don't have pets yet. I'm trying to come up with names for my washer & drier, but I haven't thought of anything yet. If I watched Grey's Anatomy, I might call the washer McSteamy, but there isn't a good companion name for the drier, so that's out. Oh well!

Kvetch: Our car insurance company. They're trying to anally rape us again. It's so wrong. If they're going to fuck me over so much, shouldn't they be paying me? Uuuuugh. Sheff will call them tomorrow. Here's hoping he can straighten some things out.

Sassy, sorry you missed the show! I don't know if any of the show itself is on YouTube yet. But there are some neat Tony-related clips on the website for the American Theatre Wing.
And you can see clips from every nominated show here.
Psst, sidecar- last minute Bustie get-together this Friday in honor of mouse coming into town- check out the Midwestern Mamas thread. We're still working out the details!
Kvetch: exasshat! He is being especially asshatish lately because I told him to stop calling my cell phone so much while I am at work! :roll eyes: We are supposed to be using email as our major form of communicating so that our Parenting Coordinator can keep track of what is going on and lately he's been refusing to email and calling me instead. So I called him on it and now he's being really bitchy about needing a number where he can call me while I am at work since he's not allowed to call my cell phone. He's calling about stuff that can definitely wait until I get off work, or that I could just as easily answer by email and not have to talk to him. blink.gif I'm at WORK, asshat! Go get a job and leave me alone!

Kvetch: I think one of my wisdom teeth has finally decided to come in! Of course being 7 montsh pg, there is nothing I can do about it.

Antikvetch: My boss went in for knee surgery today...not that I want her to be in pain, but that means she's on leave until I have the baby and so I am in charge of the department and am gogin to get to take on a lot more responsibility for a while which is good since we will be restructing next Spring and my current position will probably be modified considerably. If I can take on more responsibility, they might even make me salaried!

~*~*~*soothing vibes for F~*~**~*~ I agree with Rose, you don't have to answer the the exasshat is going to find out!

I'm jealous of the Bustie get togethers!

Sassy, hope the diet helps. I've been told higher protien diets can be helpful when you are depressed, just don't restrict carbs too much since they are "feel good" foods.

((((Yuefie, Mornington, Bunny, Mando, Rose, Billy, Sidecar, and everyone else))))
Sidecar, the more I analyze it and think of what they could have done instead, the more I like it. I just hope that they really weren't trying to leave it open for a movie. I don't want a Sopranos movie! It's the same with Sex and the City, they supposedly are making a movie of it. And they wrapped that up!

When were the Tonys on? I am a bit curious about broadway shows and all that fun stuff. I want to go see one at some point in my life. It seems like a lot of fun.
Okay, maybe I'll give Rome another try. Right now I just want to watch Big Love & The Lost Room.

Pixie-that really sucks. Wisdom teeth AND and exasshat? Too much pain to deal w/when you can't take pain killers.

I have to make myself remember that we are getting together on Friday.
sidecar, i liked the sopranos finale too.

pixie, sorry about the frustrations with the exasshat. it sounds like he is still trying to take out alot of his emotional baggage on you. what a shame. oh, and i love your new pic. cute baby! how much longer now??

rose, your home looks beautiful. i'm sorry i didn't watch the tonys. my mom did a little bit. and hooray for new friends. i love meeting new people.

morn, well, F just needs to stop being the doormat for everyone. just stop answering the phone. it is pretty easy, but it will be emotionally tough on him because he may feel guilty he is letting people down. he will get through this.

kvetch: keep your fingers crossed i get my passport in time for my trip to the uk in august. i'm going today to do the paperwork. i'm gonna pay the fee to have done faster. isn't it funny how spending more $$ will make the turnover rate quicker. at least in theory.

sassy, hang in there.

ooooo, trip to the uk! i hope the passport stuff works out.

sassy, i LOVE freaks and geeks. undeclared, the second series that judd apatow did, is also good, but not quite the same caliber.

a friend is coming over and bringing lunch, which is just so much awesome, because i don't get to see her often and also because they're delicious sandwiches.
6-9 weeks on the micropixie! I am getting anxious! I can't wait to have my body back to normal and have a sweet little baby to cuddle and take care of.
My favorite cousin is getting married September 8th...I'm assuming she's not going to ask me to be a bridesmaid, which I'm somewhat disappointed by, since she has no sisters, no cousins on her mom's side and she and I were always closest to each other over all of my, oh, 30 other first cousins (no shitting; Irish Catholic family....ya'think?) But anyway, she hasn't asked me to do it yet, so I'll assume she's not going to and be happy that I won't have to do all that crappy bridesmaid stuff.

So today I went and got a pattern for a dress for the wedding:

I really like the one on the right side, with the brown velvet trim. But when I was at the store, they had some nice light colored linen-cotton blends that were embroidered. I really liked them, but then, what do I do for trim? Hmmm.....and, relating back to my earlier kvetch about empire waists, I'm thinking that if I made that waistband area wide enough and not too gathered, I won't get the pregnant effect. I hope.

I want to learn to sew! Cute dress, polly. I'm going to LaCrosse, Wis. and back for a family party all on Saturday with Martini, my parents, and my brother, so I need to rest up -- I'm sorry I'll miss the get together, but thanks for the heads up!

9 weeks to the micropixie! Sorry about the ex-asshat.

kitten, I really lowered my expectations for Rome: it's kinda like The OC but with Caesar as a major character. So once I thought of it as a soap opera and not an epis saga, I really started to enjoy it more. I watched John From Cincinatti last night, which might be one of the worst hours of television I've ever witnessed.

My workday was insane. At least it is over. My conference is in just a week! Eek.
Okay, after rewatching Sopranos finale I don't hate it nearly as much. Now, please don't get me started on that piece of shit John from Cincinatti. I kept expecting it to get better, and it just kept getting worse.

Got some great cds in the mail-- Rufus wainwright and moody blues and the movie kicking and screaming.(hell anything with eric stoltz).. yay for packages... rolleyes.gif

Bleh PMS.


*fly by vibe request*

somehow my poor aching, ready-to-burst-at-the-seams sista has gone from carrying a 7 lb bebe to maybe a 9 lb-er within the past 2 weeks. (i firmly suspect someone miscalculated or mismeasured somewhere.) they weren't going to let her go a week past her due date anyway, so she's going in for a c-section in a few hours. (ever the beauty whore, she's too funny, she's got rollers in her hair and is putting waterproof mascara on as we speak, teehee!) she sounds fine, fairly calm, ready to see her little girl! so if i can get some healthy, happy delivery vibes for my new niece at around 12:30 - 2:30 EST, that would be lovely!

thank you mwahs!
~*~*~*vibes for Mando sister in case I forget later~*~*~* Yay for new babies!
*!*!*!*!*mando-sis and bebe*!*!*!*!*!*
~*~*~*good vibes for Mando sis!!*~*~*~ little nieces are the best.
Vibes for mando-sistah and bebe-to-be. And nice to see you (((mando)))
delurking to give big ~*~*~*~*~ healthy delivery vibes (((((((to mando's sis and her new babe))))))))))~*~*~*~*~*~
~*~***~***~*~*~Healthy vibes for mom and baby~*~*~***~*~*~*~***~

It's funny about the empire waists! Being pregnant, it's funny to see so many people going around dressing like they are. I haven't gained much weight and started out wide enough that I really don't have that big of a pooch so sometimes I just look like a heavy girl in an empire waist. The other girl I work with was super skinny before pregnancy, so now it looks like she has a watermelon attached to her stomach. It's definitely hard to believe she's due after me!
~*~*~*~*~*~smooth delivery vibes for MandoSis and daughter~*~*~*~*~*~*~

I hope you get to meet your new niece soon!
~~~safe delivery vibes~~~

lamest kvetch ever: I have a hangnail and it sucks. I know, starving children and all that. Still.
they bumped her for an emergency c-section. all parts crossed for that mama and baby too, but i'm on PINS & NEEDLES! i had to leave work, i'm so jumpy!

heartfelt thanks for all the good wishes. i'll be bok.
~~~~safe baby vibes~~~
she's here!!!!

born at 3:53 pm
8 lbs, 8 oz
blonde hair, blue eyes, just like her purdy mama
dad says "she's gorgeous"
mama is doing fine, still in recovery room

my first "blood" niecelette! i can't wait to meet her!

thank you times a thousand for the bustie vibes. i was so worried.

pixie and fj, how are you two feeling?

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