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yuefie, a black kitten who's all lovey--- be still my beating heart- i love him already!!

sassy i love seattle and portland-- have fun!!!

well, i'm leaving work now-- later than everyone else like always, but at least a bit early. if the fence doesn't take all weekend we're going to go to a minor league baseball game (can't afford to see the mets right now). then maybe a movie since we've had certificates since x-mas and a bbq on monday if i'm in the mood- i'm not upset at my friend anymore, he came over last night and we squashed it over a couple of beers.

lavender full coverage brar w/sheer black w/pink trim boyshorts. i look ca-yoot today.

have a nice weekend everyone! cool.gif
Aww, a new kittie, yuefie! Yay!

Have fun in Seattle/Portland, sassy. I can't wait to go there someday. It's probably at the top on my "Where I want to go in the U.S." list.

We're not doing too much this weekend. Hanging out with prophecy_grrl & guy tomorrow. Doing a BBQ thing with my
family on Monday. Don't know about Sunday.

I bought the paint we're going to use to cover the gray wall behind our new gray couch. It's purple!! Or "Gothic Amethyst", according to Behr Paint. When I came home, I pried the lid off and smeared some on the wall. It looks good. I can't wait until the floor is in and the couch is here.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!
yay for kittens! ((((yuefie)))) what's his name?

crassy, I think my head exploded from the cute. I love wrinkly dogs who have to grow into thier skin; mama-morn is pupsitting a blue shar-pei at the moment and he's adoooorable. good luck with the fence!

sassy, have fun in portland!

billy... I just realised you hadn't been around smile.gif

((((bunny, sidecar, polly, mando, dm, raisin, tes, plat, star, sixie, pixie, sonik, pink, everyone))))

I have no idea how my mcq today went. We'll see. I came home and slept, finished the last of my stargate dvds (yes, I am addicted to sci-fi) and I'm debating getting a the next couple of seasons... except I'm trying to focus on my revision instead of christopher judge's eyebrow. Bah. And the whole "I should not spend my limited resources on stuff that will be detrimental to my studies" thing.

Boy Wonder is coming to stay tomorrow, for the night. He's off to mama's on sunday morning, as he's on half-term and then exam leave. Dad is dropping him off... and then taking my bike to get checked out. I'm wondering if I could just get BW to go with dad, because I know nothing about bikes, and besides, I'd rather sleep in or walk indigo than resist the urge to cut my own fingers off just so I have something to stuff in my ears so I don't have to listen to my idiot father waffle on. But... he is paying for my bike pump, and I'm thinking of getting him to buy my groceries this week... damn the pressures of being mercenary. I wish I had BW's brass neck when it comes to saying "I need X, and you're going to pay" (ooh... maybe I could get BW to ask)

antikvetch: I have a cattle placement! Yay! And they might even pay me, which is nice. It's in july, so I have to get the forms in next week.

also, I finally got my appointment at the breast clinic.

underwear report: black knickers with white broderie anglaise frill. And no bra.
*drags self in sleepily with a heyooge YAWN*
It goes against every fiber in my being to wake up and drive at 3:30 AM, but I just did it. I had to drop my sis off at the airport by 4:30 and now I can't seem to fall back to sleep. Waaaaa.

The kitty is too sweet but oh so needy. Poor PJ has hardly been able to get any sleep, heh. We haven't named him yet, just trying to let his personality help with the process. Altho' I think PJ will have the final say since the critter seems to have latched on to him - literally.
See, here her is sitting on his shoulder like a parrot. rolleyes.gif If PJ leaves the room and he can't see him all you hear is "mew, mew, mew!" It's pathetic really, but damn cute. He's found his daddy and that's that. Now PJ's cancelling his weekend plans to stay home with the little guy tongue.gif Poor Sashie though, she is unimpressed. She got all excited and was wagging her tail at first. She went up to him and they were nose to nose sniffing and then kitty's tail puffed out and he growled and hissed at her. Now she is moping around. I'm sure he will get used to her in a couple of weeks though.
I'm on auntie duty this weekend with all the parents out of town. My younger niece is camping until Sunday, so I have her from then 'til Tuesday. But I get to hang out with the elder teenage niece for the weekend, her parents are in Phoenix. She just got her drivers license, so I am going to suck it up and let her drive. Woooo blink.gif

~~~safe travel vibes for sassy and anyone else on the go~~~

((((kvetchies)))) hope everyone is having a happy and safe weekend.

*mwah's all around*

ETA: PJ has settled on Ziggy for his name. I think it suits him just fine and certainly better than all the other ones he was coming up with! So I took little Ziggy in to have his claws trimmed after he hooked them in to my arm real good. The groomers fawned all over him, passing him around and then didn't even charge me for the trim. Yup, that's how cute he is smile.gif

amilita kittahs makes me so glad!!!

And for you guys...Wally sleeps in his daddy's pants:

Hee. Our opening went well, and I've just been busy and...happy! Ya know when life's just going along and you don't have much to say about it? Yeah, that's been me lately, for the most part. Yay.

I hope everyone's weekend is fun or relaxing or both!! I've been lurking and vibing...just not in the writing mood. *mwah*

Shore is quiet 'round these parts...

Lovely to hear all is going well amilita!

I think Ziggy is a fine name for a kitten.

Mornington, hope your weekend with the BW and your dealings with your dad went well.

Speaking of sci-fi, I gorged myself on four DL'd episodes of Heroes last night. As I should have learned from Battlestar Galactica, the faster I watch them the quicker I run out of kick-ass episodes until 2008. And I've gone off Doctor Who (Christopher Eccleston is irreplaceable IMO), limiting my televisual options further.

Thanks all for ring-related congrats! I am still getting used to it, wearing it daily but not in the shower or to bed. The mister looks at me suspiciously whenever I take it off though!

My jetlag and mysterious chinese bug have finally left the building, leaving me with loads of catch-up work to do and deadlines to meet, which I dealt with this morning by getting a haircut. Ah well.

My mum comes to town next week for a visit. I am simulataneously looking forward to seeing her and anticipating a raft of potential upsets...
syb, glad you are feeling better. Coming back to work after a vacation is hard.

amilita, wally is so cute. Yay for the opening going well.

yuefie, ziggy is adorable.

mornington, yay for the cattle placement.

polly, Gothic Amethyst sounds like a nice paint color.

bunny, glad you are having a nice visit with the boy and family.

sassy, I hope you are enjoying Seattle/Oregon.

sidecar, I wanted to see Black Book, but it was playing at one theatre here and the seats are very uncomfortable especially for a film over two hours. I guess I’ll add it to my NetFlix. Glad the Arcade Fire show was good, but I can so relate to getting annoyed by some of the crowd.

crassy, lucy the pitbull is so cute. Sorry the mister’s salary was cut, that’s rough.

quantum, glad your job is well, but I can understand adjusting to the time is hard.

billy, I hope you found your phone.

mando, glad you had a nice mini-vacation and danny had a good time at his dance.

I’ve had a good weekend. Saturday I went to breakfast, then had a five hour nap, then dinner and The Dollyrots concert with Mr, DM, Twin DM and friends. Sunday was a theme park where The Bangles performed with Mr. DM, Twin DM and a friend. It was actually nice to hang out with some different people as I sometimes feel anti-social. Today I’m just hanging out being lazy.
Can any Chicago Busties help me out, I know there's a bunch? I am thinking of taking a short vacation to Chicago in July or August, and I need recs on where to stay. I've never been to Chicago so I have no idea what sections would be best for me, my main interests would be a part of the city where I could walk or take public trans. everywhere, and plenty of shops, restaraunts and live music. Any help would be appreciated.
Here is the spoiled rotteness that is Ziggy:
He sleeps all bundled up and is constantly laying on someone. Man, he is so spoiled already!
And I just had to share this picture of an adorable corgi named Prince Albert that we saw when Ziggy got his nails trimmed:

Hope everyone had a great weekend. *mwah*
I *did* find the phone. I was in another car for a couple of days and it had fallen by the seat. I just caught a glimpse of it as I was about to give up.

Speaking of cars... I bought another one recently. It was the spurned car that was hiding my phone, btw. Here's the new one:
QUOTE(billybonka @ May 28 2007, 05:35 PM) *
I *did* find the phone. I was in another car for a couple of days and it had fallen by the seat. I just caught a glimpse of it as I was about to give up.

Speaking of cars... I bought another one recently. It was the spurned car that was hiding my phone, btw. Here's the new one:

I'm glade for you.Your car is great I hope you'll have great moments with her tongue.gif
I will write something coherent after I've recovered from the combined adorability of ziggy and wally.

I haven't been in here forever but I am already suffering from cuteness overload!

kvetch: so called friend has been very bitchy lately and I don't know how to say anything about it without being bitchy right back. Every time I try to be assertive it just makes people angry at me!

happy vibes to everyone! (((yuefie, morn, tes, amilita, syb, dm, polly, sassy, sidecar, mandolyn)))

heeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooo? Is there anybody out there?

or, "Hello. Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone home?" /hums

kvetch: I feel crappy with runny nose and scratchy, painful throat.
kvetch: I have interview for teaching tomorrow and am unprepared.
kvetch: we are having new windows fitted today and it's cold. brrr.

~*~*~*~good luck at the boob clinic in the morn, morn~*~*~*~*

where's tes? I'm in need of a visit from the sunshine fairy.

(((everyone and their sex-ay cars and cute animals)))
***feel better*** ((((bunny))))

yay for billy's new car!

((((candy)))) I hear you on that.

((((syb)))) but... you can't work with your hair in your face?

((((amilita)))) yay for the show going well

((((dm)))) sounds like a really good weekend!

((((yuefie)))) ok, more photos! If you get a photo of ziggy and sashie, my head will explode from the cute.

((((tes, mando, pixie, plat, star, sassy, sixie, sidecar, polly, crassy, everyone))))

Talking of cute... Pete kissed me today. He never kisses me, so I'm over-excited. Even Dorris gave me a whiskery snuffle. I think we might *finally* be getting on.

I'm just revising. Or trying to.

My laptop died (I'm part of yuefie's club); I don't know if it's gone the way of the the dodo but it won't go on. It did go on at one point but froze again then died. Anyway, this is the laptop that has my presentation for teaching interview on it (no, I did not back it up using usb pen thingy) so I had mini freak out, which the boy talked me out of but then I flaked again and floods of tears and the end of the world yadayadayada until bunnymama gave me some perspective. So... I managed to reschedule my interview (somehow at this time of night) for three weeks hence and tomorrow I am going to a graduate fair to obtain some guidance and have a look at what else is on offer to an arts student with two degrees. Three weeks from now -if I decide that teaching is for me- I WILL be prepared and not freak out. I am also going to counselling tomorrow afternoon and doctor Friday to try to sort out my head. /big long story

(((the cuteness that is doris and pete and their bunnymama)))
((Bunny)) I hope you get your head sorted out. Sucks about the laptop. This must be the computer suicide week or something- LeBoy's external backup drive crashed the day before yesterday. He ordered another one right away, but hopefully his computer won't go wonky between now and when the new one arrives.

Aww, bunny kisses, sweet! My mom had a bunny that was just was just sort of an annoyance around the house....I know that sounds horrible, but he would stalk the cats and hump them. His previous owners never got him fixed (of course, they were morons who would give him cocaine, too, so there ya go!) and by the time we rescued him, the vet said he was too old and small (a Netherland Dwarf rabbit) to risk putting him under for the surgery. Anyway, he was annoying but cute, especially when he was affectionate (though, not so much to the cats.)

Damn, that's a sweet car, billy. It's my secret bourgeoisie fantasy to have a car like that. And to live on the North Shore area of Chicago. *For Shame!*

OMG, amilita and yuefie, I want to snorgle those kitties *bonks head on monitor trying to do so!*

On Sunday, we drove up to a furniture store just on the other side of the Wisconsin border and bought dining room chairs (LeBoy's parent's sold the ones we were borrowing from them on craigslist, so we had to give them back) and a rug to go in front of the new couch. We're going to drive back up there this weekend to pick it all up. The rug is absolutely gorgeous. We splurged a little on it- it's far from the most expensive ones they had, but it's more than the one we had previously liked. It's a Oriental-style, but the colors and pattern are very unique and non-traditional (read "non-fussy") from your average Oriental rug. I can't wait until it gets here and I'll probably unroll it and take pictures, even though I'll just have to roll it back up again since it will be a few weeks until we lay down the new floors and get the new couch.

Oh, DM, I'm not sure where to advise you to stay around here- if you know of some possibilities, I can tell you if it's a decent place, or a good neighborhood, but I don't know of any place off the top of my head. I can probably suggest some good places to go, and I'm sure sidecar would know of even more since she lives in the city. I have my favorite places to go, but I'm not there on a daily basis or anything. PM me if you have any budgetary restrictions, and I'm sure I can suggest some places. And when you're here, maybe we can have a Bustie get-together!

((hugs to all!))
DM, well, my friend went on i think and got a great rate at the palmer hilton downtown. um, north of the city there isn't really much. but, you can get anywhere with the el train. you can even meet up with us Busties. rolleyes.gif the sheraton is a nice place too. it is near navy pier with a nice view. you really can't go horribly wrong in chicago.

those cats are SOOOOOOO adorable. very cute.

sorry, i haven't been around much. busy settling in with my folks. i leave for california this sunday so i'm tryin' to get everything under control here. it seems never ending.

kvetch: sometimes i wonder if i should've kept my job for the summer to make extra money. i hate really on one source of income to make ends meet. i'm kinda nervous about my bills this summer and the transtion with internship. i don't know how they will pay us. i think it will be like a regular work week.

oh well.

hugs and well wishes to whoever needs 'em.
*peeks head in* hey y'all! remember me??

I have been trying to read a little here. I am so excited for the Shefs and homeownership! I can't believe Danny went to a prom. I am still reading. Heh.

Still a pharmacy tech, married to Ze Love. My dear Mavacado is now 2.5 years old (gods!) and is a chatterbox, super polite and adorable. She is potty training right now and loves Clifford the Big Red Dog and little people toys. She's also very excited to be becoming a big sister....


Had to come by and share. Be back some more, I pwomise!

ETA: I also wanted to share my anti-kvethc that last semester I went back to school (sort of) and took two classes online, Intro Psych (so lame and boring but then I took it in HS) and Physics (again, also took that in HS but I loved the class). I got Bs in both! Yay! I am proud bc dude I have been working and raising a child and yet still managed to study! So empowering!
I remember you mavin! Congrats on the bambino-to-be and on the great grades!

((Bunnyb)) Hope you feel better after today's appt. It's way better to postpone an interview and go in prepared.

Mornington, I also figured it was important to have cute hair because in my thesis-writing life I see so many people... except, no. Actually to be fair I have 2 conferences coming up so I'm pleased my hair is now in decent shape--I'm quite happy with it for once, it's layered now and much more fun.

Stresses include: worries about dad's health and other issues; neurotic worrying about mum's visit next week; trying to ignore the mister's plans for (our)life with his teenager daughter from august onwards and attempting to be calm and write well and finish (mostly) before end of July in light of the above. Argh!

On the other hand: I just applied for my dream job. I probably won't get it as it's quite competitive and no doubt they have someone already lined up... but I promise I would do everything possible to ace the interview if I got one, so fingers crossed!
Hello my lovelies! So exciting for adorable kitties, galleries, trips to Chicago, new cars, new kids, new rings, and all sorts of busty goodness. Things with me are generally good, but I miss youse all and hope to be back more regularly. ((((busties)))
Maybe I should post this in the "I DID IT!" thread, but it's not that great, but it's cool enough to share-

For the past three weeks or so, there's been a mystery # on our Caller ID that pops up every day or so, always calling while we're at work. We have an unlisted # and we're on the federal Do-Not-Call List (I'm sure that's just a placebo anyway, but whatever), so we don't get many telemarketer calls....occasionally they slip through, though. Once, I tried calling the number back and it went to someone's personal cell phone. They called last Saturday (usually they were calling during the week) and asked for "Leah". I told them there was no Leah here and they hung up. This morning, shortly after I got up (I have Fridays off), they called again. This time I was pissed off and ready for them. When they asked for Leah, I said, "There's no Leah here! There's never been a Leah here! She gave you the wrong number! Stop calling me!" Then I hear the "bweep, bweep, bweep" of the busy signal, so I knew they hung up on me.

The name comes up as "UFC" so I looked that up and got a lot of Ultimate Fighting Championship results- god, I hope that's not who's calling me! Then I added "collections" to the search and found the United Fidelity Corporation, a collection agency. And lo and behold, their area code matches the one that shows up on the Caller ID. So I called them and got a receptionist or whoever and said "I don't know who I need to talk to about this, but your company has been calling me for the past three weeks, every day, trying to reach someone named Leah. There's no Leah here, there's never been a Leah here and I don't think Leah even had this number before us [I know this because for the first year or so, we'd get calls for someone with a Middle Eastern name....gee, if it's been a year and he didn't tell you his new number, I think he's trying to get rid of you!] and I'm sure you get this from people who owe you money all the time, but I assure you this is the wrong number and I want the calls to stop!" She was very polite and confirmed that the number I was calling from was the number they'd been calling and said it's been removed from their system now and I shouldn't get anymore calls.

Well thank cod.

Kvetch- I think I have a low-grade yeast infection. Ick.

Anti-kvetch- humanist and I had a great time with stargazer last night at a book reading of "How Sassy Changed My Life". It seems like a great book and made me all nostalgic about my Sassy days. The first issue I got was the Kurt and Courtney issue (quite prophetic!) and unfortunately, it was the only issue I didn't cut up to decorate my assignment notebook in high school with. Yes, I was young an STUPID and cut them to shreds. I think I'm going to start buying the issues off eBay. *Sigh*
good for you polly!!

i had alot of fun too last night! omg, that burger was awesome last night. i really inhaled it. i still wish they had ice cream for my pie though. dry.gif

((((((sybarite))))))) hang in there. sounds like you are going through alot.

ok. i will be gone for the next week. i head to sunny california for the next week for a conference. i hope everyone is doing well and i will check in when i get back.

undie report: mulicolored underware and blue bra.

Happy Friday everyone!

Star! Wait a sec, what part of Sunny Cali are you visiting??

*waves at faith and then tackles her with a smooch*

*turns and looks at mavin, ready to pounce* when is your next little one due?

congrats on the new car billy!

(((syb))) just 'cause

polly, good for you getting to the bottom of those calls. I've been battling something similar and have gotten NOWHERE so far. But see, your story gave me hope wink.gif

You know, it's been a while since we had a tes sighting and last I knew she was not well. Has anyone heard from her? or Plat? I suppose I should check eljaylandia as well, I've been lax on that since my laptop bit the dust.

which reminds me, (((bunny))) for having to join to dead laptop club. it's teh suckage, babe.

(((morn))) I wish I could get one of ziggy and sashie together but she avoids him like the plague. she seriously will look the other way if he is anywhere near her and he still stalks her from time to time. today I went crazy and bought him all sorts of toys that he can chase and attack, and even a little tunnel that crackles. spoiled as can be, that one. here is sleeping on my niece:

((((amilita, sidecar, polly, star, crassy, rose, pixie, bunny, morn, fina, faith, syb, dm, sixela, sassy, candy, culture, raisin, mando, plummie, tg, mavin, tes, plat, everyone))))

requisite Friday undie report: blue & white hibiscus flowered hipsters and blue cotton bra.

(((syb)))) welcome back!
good for you, polly!

sorry i've been MIA. Our conference is coming up fast (three more weeks) so we've got a lot of stuff to do, plus our crazy admin's last day was yesterday. She decided that I was replacing her, so she kept insisting I had to be "trained" on what she does and interrupting me from my actual work, which was doubly annoying because while I will take over a few of her duties until we hire a new person, we're getting a temp, who will do the menial tasks. Further, she's technologically challenged, so some things she does (like using hard copy printouts to track things) we will not be doing once she's gone. So I just really didn't want to see a computer when I got home.

bunnyb, I hope you're getting the guidance you're looking for re: your teaching decisions.

congrats, mavin!
omigod, ziggy is PRECIOUS!!!

and many many congrats to the mavin fam!!!

i'm not going to apologize for being m.i.a. anymore. i feel redundant.
but i just haven't been up to posting. not due to anything bad. busy at work. busy loving my dog *happiest of sighs*. taking a bit of an internets break, thas all. in fact, i'm feeling better than i have in ages, knock wood.

except for the past few days. got a call wednesday from Dear College Guypal ... that his wife had passed away two weeks ago. a sudden massive heart attack. she had just turned 45. we went to her memorial at her beloved mountain retreat yesterday, and it was very nice though bittersweet, and completely "her" - very few tears, lots of laughing, people in jeans & tie-die shirts & sneakers - but i'm riddled with remorse that i'd let our friendship & families drift apart the past few years. if there was one person i should've kept in touch with, it was her. on the plus side, i intend to write a note to Dear Guypal and apologize for leaving so abruptly (combo of no food in my stomach, dehydration & possible panic attack, thanks to my oblivious mr leaving me alone in a tiny crowded hot house directly after i told him i wasn't feeling well argh) and make sure we attempt some get-togethers in the future. i think our sons would click just as nicely as the four of us did, back in our wild and crazy college & pro-football-obsession days.

god. i still can't believe she's gone.

but, not to leave on a sad note ... lil' sis had her first false labor pains on friday, and she's due this saturday! the time draweth nigh .... i so can't wait to meet my new little niece!!!

circle of life indeed. le sigh.

i love you all, and hope to find my kvetch groove soon ... mwahs all around.
OMG I have the cutest new hair style. Posted in Say Cheese!

Irishboy is being a twat lately, so I've been busy whipping him into shape.

I have kittens now....

Where is everyone????
so, I'm not missing much, am I? tongue.gif

you know I meece you.

pink, love the hair! and the little pink tanktop.

where is preggers pixie? and tes and plat? *frets*

morn, I'll myspace message you.


eta: I bought paint: deep aubergine and bliss (pale, pale lilac) for my new bedroom and I have a carpet the colour of Eeyore.
Ooolala! PIP has some groovey new hair!

It seems that everyone is doing the "I'm so sorry that I haven't been in in awhile" two-step. Well, I'll join in. I just have been really busy and not near a computer but for minutes at a time. Basically enough time to check email and the Buffy quote game.

So anyway, I'll try to catch up.

Mandolyn - I am so sorry to hear about your friend. It is weird when we lose touch w/people. It would be great if your children could be friends.

Yuefie - such a cute kitten!!!!!

Stargazer/polly - A Chicago get together and I didn't know about it?! Dammit, I need to check the MMama's board more. Of course I may have been out of town. I was in Springfield for a few days.

I am doing well. Still on the South Beach diet. Not sure how much weight I lost b/c the Springfield trip included french fries and alcohol. biggrin.gif And some ice cream. And I regret none of it. I just sent my resume in for a fantastic job that I really really want at a local university. Everyone keep their fingers crossed for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey my busties! Just got back into GA late LATE Friday night.. I loved Seattle/Oregon. Then again, who doesn't?? It was a great trip. Once I get my pics back, I'll post some pics in Say Cheese thread. Still on west coast time... rolleyes.gif

Although, I really hate Georgia now. Yet, I think I may have convinced Mcgeek to move there!(Portland I think...)

((vibes to all those who need them))
(((((mando))))) *smooches* I'm sorry to hear about your friend - but it would be wonderful if her sons and danny could become friends. and ***safe delivery*** for (((mandosis & bebe)))

((((pink)))) rawr wink.gif . and yay kittens!

((((sassy)))) yay for a good time!

((((yuefie)))) awww... *melt*

((((kitten, star, sixie, sidecar, syb, polly, dm, billy, tes, plat, everyone)))))

nothin' new. revise, hunt for pig farm, repeat ad infinitiem. I think I'm going to end up doing my placement over the easter, when I don't really want to. It's getting silly.

falling out with G - asked him to get me tickets for a band, he got me him +1... and it was a club night, not a gig - so I didn't go as didn't feel entirely comfortable with it. especially as of montreal are one of F's favourites.

going back to have the boobs scanned... they're not sure, so want to check.
Kisses back atcha yuefie!!!

(((mando))) sorry for the sadness but yay for the niece!!

Mornington - hope all is well with the boobies

sidecar - that's so annoying. I hate it when people "train" me in things I already know, I feel like a diva but it's really more impatience.

Things are still buzzing at work, the new boy is fun but I am having itchy feet.
Hey Bunny, I'm here! I've been lurking, just not posting. Everyday is just a "get through the day" type of effort.
So here's my report....I went to the ob/gyn on Friday.....Little T is already head down and in the birth position...This is like WAY early for him to be in that position. I've also been having a few contractions almost everyday, so not sure if my due date is off or if he's just determined to be early, but it doesn't look like he's going to patient about waiting until August. Anyway, I go back Saturday for a long 4D ultrasound which should give us some good pics of what he actually looks like! so Yay!

Kvetch: home ownership! First Saturday, we noticed a big wet spot in our kitchen which has now ruined our carpet. We weren't sure what was causing it, but after speaking to someone yesterday, we decided it is the air conditioning condensing line. Blah! It should be pretty easy to needs to be declogged, and we think a friend of Mr. P's dad can do it for next to nothing.
Then yesterday, Mr. P checked his bank account and the mortgage company had taken an extra $400 out!!! They seem to have some problem with our escrow and are trying to tell us we suddenly owe them $3000. Lots of stress and phone calls yesterday finally resulted in the mortgage company admitting that something didn't make sense so they are "reviewing" it. In the meantime, we are out $400!!

antikvetch: I started a class in Human Resources yesterday. I'm scared to death of an 8-1 page term paper I have to write before July 30, but otherwise, it looks like it will be fairly simple and it should put me in a good spot for a promotion soon.

I hope Tes is ok!

(((Tes, Plat, Rose, Bunny, Yuefie, Mornington, Sassy, Pip, sidcar, faith, fina, Mavin,kitten, mando, and everyone else)))
Wow, a 4-D ultrasound. I didn't realize that they could do that. Fingers crossed that you get a baby patient enought to let you finish your term paper!!!!!

Hello all! Just a quick fly-by. Now I must go to the gym.
Ok..back for some vibage! Since Mr. Pixie survived the school district from hell, he's now job hunting again. He just found out that he has an interview tomorrow with one of the best school districts in the state! Their high school was on Newsweeks like top 500 high schools in the nation article a few weeks back! He's interviewing at thier middle school, but that's actually better for us because it's right off the turnpike and it wouldn't take him much longer to get to work than if he worked in the school district we live in. Plus it pays better than any other district in the area. So busty vibes tomorrow at 10:45 CST would be appreciated!
((((pixie)))) sending you some bebe soothing vibage, hopefully he will hold his leetle horses! and I hope everything else straightens out quickly, ugh.

(((mandi)))) I am so sorry to hear about your friend sweetie, thats very sad. that would be great if the boys hit it off. did'ja see the pic of teh adorable corgi I posted a little ways back? he was a total sweetie pie named prince albert tongue.gif

(((morn)))) ~~~healthy boobage vibes~~~

((((multi-purpose vibes for all))))

kvetch: spoiled ass LOSERS who get away with crime with a mere slap on the wrist 'cause mummy & daddy have enough dough to hire a decent lawyer to get them off. and I am not *only* referring to the walking crotch Paris Hilton. I heard thru the grapevine that the ex asshat's court appearance went rather well for him. feh. I guess he was released to this program having to do with prop 36 wherein non violent offenders with drug problems are diverted to a state sponsored rehab facility. non violent MY ASS! so he did a total of 69 days locked up and now he gets to go home for a day then report to rehab. don't get me wrong, I realize it's not as if he is just free to go back to his same ol', same ol'. But tell that to my dear friends who freaking moved from the house they lived in for the past six years just so he would'nt know where they lived anymore. I mean I am glad he didn't completely get away with it. It just makes me sick that he somehow gets to skate through the system 'cause his parents have the cash to put up for it.

Hey, all! I just got back from a weeklong visit with my family sans the Mr. which was fun, but tiring. I swear, just being around kids so much wears me out, but I sure love my nephews and neice and gotta remind them that I'm their fun, understanding, nice Aunt Amilita a couple times a year!!

Oh, so now it's back to regular life...watching lots of cable TV shows about house selling and flipping at my mamma's house have given me some renewed enthusiasm to begin the big projects that I need to around here. So shamefull that our bedroom ceiling still has water stains from the hurricane almost 2 years ago! I guess Rosev is diving into all that stuff about now, eh?

I gotta work tomorrow night, so tonight I can stay up late watching movies! (((Hugs and luv for all you kvetchies and Ziggy!!)))

Hey all. Just a quick check in. Work is busy and I am having an allergy attack. And my step-sister...she is killing me! I just don't know what to do................ blink.gif
Love my job, but for some reason, it exhausts me. Or maybe I'm not getting enough sleep. Either way, half of the time, I come home from work and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep right away. Tonight was the first time I've eaten dinner since Sunday.

Wednesday was not such a great day, though... my computer's hard drive crashed right after I finished doing a MAJOR task off my check list, and I mean it physically crashed and the computer wouldn't recognize it anymore ... so instead of verifying that everything was ok, I spent my afternoon waiting for IT to bring me a new drive, and then re-setting up 95% of the stuff. I think I got the main file redone correctly while I was running the various installation scripts, but I won't know til I get Visual Studio reinstalled. Boo!

So, my roommate and I indulged ourselves in retail therapy after work. Not just 10 or 15 minutes worth, oh no, we shopped for nearly five hours (aka, until the stores closed for the day!). It was goooooood. And now I own a brand new TV.
not a kvetching, but i didn't see a general feminism discussion thread. did anyone see jessica valenti (full frontal feminism, on the colbert report the other night?

i love the daily show/colbert report, but the ad demographic bugs the crap out of me (massively sexist beer ads and axe stuff and all that infuriating bs). it's really great to see colbert having ariel levy, gloria steinem, jane fonda, and now jessica valenti.
Thanks annelise. I miss my nightly news hour w/Jon and Stephen.
I just watched Monday's daily show. I can' stay up late enough anymore so I watch Jon and Stephen a few days later. I love it whenever he has Jane Fonda on Colbert Report. The episode where he baked a pie with Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda was priceless, plus the way the latter kept kissing him ... so funny.

*waves* I've been busy busy busy at work. Our big yearly conference is in DC in two weeks! There is just so much to do. But I am doing well. I got some good news from a close friend recently that's making me very happy. And Martini and I had a quiet weekend last week with no plans, which we hadn't had in awhile. This weekend is shaping up similarly, then we'll have a few very busy weekends. (And we booked our vacay in NoCal in July; we're going to a wedding so we're going out a few days early to go to Monterey/Big Sur and staying a few days late to enjoy San Francisco). I'm so glad it's coming up soon. After the last couple months, I need a break.

(((mornington, yuefie, pixiedust, faith, qspice, et. al.)

BTW, ladies with big chests -- elysistrata turned me on to Lane Bryant's bras, and they are lifechanging. The girls haven't ever looked this good.
Hey, gang! Hope all is going well for everyone. Life is still a tad overwhelming 'round here. The important things are unpacked, though, so that's good. Now I'm just agonizing over the details .... like what color we should paint the kitchen & breakfast nook. Right now it's this dark, navy blue & the area feels really dark because of that ... and that's really really wrong because there are oodles of windows in our breakfast nook. It even as a skylight, for heaven's sake, yet this awful blue still makes the place feel dark. Hmph. But what should I paint it now? We have oodles and oodles of trees out there, so I want something that compliments the trees and our wood cabinets. Decisions, decisions.

So yeah. Anyway. Busy bee. And kinda obsessed with feathering my nest. Plus, the Mum-in-law will be here soon & then we gotta go to Florida during the last week of the month, so I'm still pretty distracted.

Anelise, I watched that the other night and LOVED it! I especially loved that she gave Steve a "Feminist chicks dig me" t-shirt. laugh.gif

Random side note: I just saw an ad on TV for the ol' Salad Shooter that was so popular in the '80s, but now they're calling it the "Prep Express". Puh-LEEEZ! rolleyes.gif
I wear mostly Lane Bryant/Cachique bras. Now that I am loosing weight they fit better, but I haven't noticed a huge difference in the size so I'll keep wearing them I guess.
Weightloss to date: 35 pounds since 2006. Woohoo!

I am trying to plan a friend's bachlorette party the same weekend as another friend's bridal shower. Am I insane?
<i>I especially loved that she gave Steve a "Feminist chicks dig me" t-shirt.</i>

i loved that too. i always watch the daily show/colbert report reruns, because i'm really spaced out in the evenings, and can't really appreciate them that late! it's great that there's clips of just about everything on comedy central now, i can check out the stuff i miss. without the ridiculous commercials. i REALLY hate the commercials on during those shows.

sidecar, did you see the colbert interview of jane fonda alone? she totally rattled him, which is always entertaining to see.

i HATE looking for bras. it's this eternal quest that never seems to come to anything especially useful. someone linked to this on the big breast support group thread, and i really like this site:, which linked me to reading about different cuts and fits and such at least give me an idea of what to obsess over more specifically.
Hey rose....what about an airy sage green color? Or maybe a cherrful pale yellow?

Well, Mr. Pixie didn't get the job he applied for..he was "over qualified" , but they did say they would bump his name up to the high school to see if they still had an English positions open. He also has another interview tomorrow at another middle school not far from our house. But this time, they picked his resume out of the district list..he didn't actually apply for this school, so we're hoping they won't think he's too qualified. blink.gif It would be really nice if a full time college position opened up as befitting his educational background, but it ain't happening at this point so yes, he really does want to work in middle schoolk or high school.

I have nothing much else to add since my girls aren't quite big enough for Lane Bryant bras.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!
Pale buttery yellow would be great with the wood and the trees!

My girls and I quite like the LB bras. Only ones they'll wear.

I'm loving my new tv... my roommate loves it so much that she's going to buy one like it in a few weeks! Bwuahaha!
definitely a buttercup yellow (with white trim?) rose! it will be so bright and homely.

yay for quiet weekends sidecar!

kitten, you're definitely crazy! but then, so am I.

In Manchester and waiting for boy to return from archery lesson (I brought him green tights) with pizza. It's beautiful weather here so I'm looking forward to a lovely weekend. Popped into funky arthouse cinema/pub/bookstore outside train station when I arrived and in their giftshop I bought a great card for a friend - it's a cut out Simone de Beauvoir with quotable stickers; they also have a Jane Austen one I'm going to pick up for another friend.

undies: torquoise bra with cream lace trim and bow with matching pants.


My kitchen is a bright buttercup yellow with white trim, white cabinets (I just don't have the $$ to upgrade to wood) and china blue knobs. It's very cute. I third the suggeston!

We're going out for dinner soon. Martini and I both had long, busy days. Sorry to hear Mr. Pixie missed out; maybe it just means something better is out there for him.

Pink Cacique balconette bra, beige boyshorts.
Pixie, sorry to hear your hubby didn't get that job. After working with those hoodlums at his last school, I would think he'd be plenty qualified to work with hormonal, suburban teens! tongue.gif Hope the interview with the other school went well. One of my old theatre buddies just got a job teaching English at Haskell (she's been an English teacher for about a decade now). Maybe Mr. Pixie will be working with her(?) smile.gif

QSpice, glad to hear you're enjoying the TV! I loooove our flat screen. I nearly wept when we brought it home. I love fancy technology!

Thanks for the ideas, everyone. I really loved the kitchen in our last place (white cabinets & appliances, buttery yellow walls, black speckly laminate countertops). I hope that in time I can renovate this kitchen to look like that, but that isn't going to happen for a loooooong time. smile.gif I think I'm only hesitant to paint it yellow because I want to paint the living room and hallway a buttery-creamy-beige color called "Oklahoma Wheat" from Benjamin Moore. But I don't want the whole downstairs to be yellow! Plus, my countertops are kinda creamy-tan. I hate them, but I can't replace them yet. So. I think I might have a lot of trouble finding a shade of yellow that (1) I like and that doesn't clash with (2) the countertops and (3) the wall color in the adjacent hallway. Hmmm.
Here's a pic of the breakfast nook just to give you an idea of what I'm working with here.

Decisions, decisions. I'm seriously thinking of asking the people at one of my favorite decorating blogs for help.

Anti-kvetch: Saturday morning I'm meeting up with a girl I met over the internet. She lives just a couple miles away from our new place & her husband is in the same industry as Sheff. Fingers crossed that we hit it off and become fast friends!

Friday undies: White cotton thong with multicolored polkadots.
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