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Hello on this almost Monday Afternoon all,

(((crassy))) good luck on the fundraiser

(((polly))) glad to hear that work is going well for you.

(((sassy))) here's to your health getting better, and those asshats at your former job getting a foot in ass.

(((pixie))) That's so great that the custody issues got dealt with, and hurray on the nice mom's day and nice gifts from Mister Pixie.

(((morning))) what a beyooootiful tattoo!

(((DM))) nothing worse than rude comments from creepy men.

(((michael's mom)))

(((star, sonik, sidecar, sixel, mando, bunny, tes, RV, qspice, amilita, everyone)))

I hope everyone had a nice momma's day, and a good weekend. Survive the Monday!

Oh my gosh, Sidecar, it's too late. I'm totally obsessed with watching over my auctions...I'm sure I'll get over it. I dunno if I'll ever become a big-time eBay-er, but I've come around to what Martini's a little extra for stuff I'd otherwise donate. And come to think of it, I have a ton of comics, only some of which I really want to hold onto. And I'll list some of my better vintage dress n' stuff...good tip about clothes not going over real well. I'm selling a pretty wide variety of stuff right now.

Where is everyone? I can't have scared people off with my smell.

*sniffs self* nope, pleasant and mostly often...
QUOTE(culturehandy @ May 15 2007, 10:52 AM) *
Where is everyone? I can't have scared people off with my smell.

*sniffs self* nope, pleasant and mostly often...

Hi culturehandy! I'm sure that you didn't scared anyone. I think that they will right something later. Until then I hope you will have a great day.
((((((((Michaels' family))))))))) Stargazer, I'm so sorry to hear that they're going through so much more pain. My thoughts will certainly be with all of them ... especially his mom.

They there, QSpice! You're moving again?!?! Holy crapulence! Hope the job is worth it! by the by, where did you eat in OKC? I used to live down there so I'm curious.

(((((((( all y'all!)))))))))))

I continue to be BUSYbusybusy! I probably won't be posting on Bust on a regular basis again until .... oh, maybe July! We'll be totally done with the move by June 1st, but then I have to unpack before the Mother In Law arrives in the middle of June. And then she and I will travel down to Florida for my parents' huge week-long anniversary party. So much to do, but it's all the good kind of busy, so that's good!

Anti-kvetch: All of the paperwork and everything for the loan is TOTALLY done! All of the inspections are done & there were no problems and everybody has completed all of the required paperwork. So on that end of things, all we have to do is show up on Monday & sign the paperwork! EEEE!!!

Kvetch: Must. Pack. Muuuuuuuust pack. Most things will be easy, but the kitchen is going to be a pain in the ass ... mostly because I can't pack it until the last minute.
((((dm)))) yay for a good time in miami!

((((rose)))) it's my favourite bird; we had them in our garden in india, and pretty much everywhere I've lived. I'm so glad you've got all the paperwork done!

((((star)))) & ((((michael's family)))))

((((pixie)))) yay for presents!

((((amilita, qspice, sidecar, mando, bun, yuefie, culture, sassy, sixie, tes, plat, polly, fina, sonik, everyone))))

kvetch/bitch: F's work have told him he can't take any holiday until july. I was really looking forward to seeing him before my exams, but now we have to wait another month. I got really upset, not because of him, but because I'm being pulled in all directions. Mama and BW might be staying for part of july, as BW is leaving school; and while I'm fairly certain they'll get on with F, my house can't hold four of us. And I'm supposed to be doing these stupid placements in july. which brings me to...

kvetch: why is it so fucking hard to find a pig farm to take me on as unpaid labour for two weeks. The first place will be closed, the second wouldn't take me because of "health and safety". How much health and safety do you need to shovel pigshit for two weeks? mad.gif

I slept dreadfully last night; hopefully I'll actually sleep more than an hour at once tonight. I skipped lectures, because by half six in the morning I was still awake and definitely zombie-like.

antikvetch: I treated myself to steak from m&s for dinner. It was stupidly expensive but oh-so-good.
(((stargazer))) & (((michael's family))) god, how sad.

(((mornington))) i hope this means you'll still be heading stateside in august? and i hope it's ok that "How much health and safety do you need to shovel pigshit for two weeks?" made me lol. laugh.gif love the tat!

rose, i'm so happy for you & shef ... your own home ... so exciting!

(((dm))) thanks for the good wishes, zoe was quite the hit with the fam on sunday. even with nastyass, highly-allergic s-i-l. and m-i-l even offered to babysit her anytime.

brag: anyone who's seen spiderman 3, if you saw this scene, the band in the background is danny's high school band. unfortunately he wasn't part of last year's filming, but the kids were featured on the today show and performed at the premier a few weeks ago. tres exciting!

oh, and in the i-can't-believe-he's-so-grown-up realm, danny's been invited to the junior prom this weekend. as a friends-only date, but still. even tho they're good friends and she has a ldr boyfriend, she's 3 yrs older than him! but i'm simultaneously gushy-teary and obsessive-nervous about his first "official" date. we're talking tux, corsage, he wants me to style his hair ... ack!
((((stargazer)))) ((((michael's family)))))
~~~good closing vibes for rose and sheff~~~
Mornington, I cracked up at that line, too.

I hope Danny has a good time at the prom! That's probably a good way for him to go, too -- no crazy expectations, just a fun night with some friends.

My friend's wedding last weekend was super-awesome. We had a really good time, although I've had a rough time achieving equilibrium after a weekend of booze and Wisconsin-y fried food. I did get to the gym last night and brought oatmeal and blueberries for breakfast today, so that's something.
Sorry I haven't been around much, Kvetchies. I'm going through mucho shite right now and it's all a big hot mess I'd rather not talk about here since it's not as private as it used to be (pre-G00gle). It's been tough to spend a lot of extra time at the computer. Probably better for my health, but as silly as it might sound, I miss all of you. wub.gif I will rise from the ashes like a phoenix (cliche, but true).
((stargazer)) ((michael's family))

So, I finally heard from a lawyer, and I'm meeting with him tomorrow. Need some strength vibes, for I've never met with a lawyer before (okay we have some in the family, but that's different). Just super nervous. I don't even know what to where, for I don't have any good clothes any more.
Need some good busty vibes. My parents are being very nice, but also very bitchy about it. I just wish they would pick a emotion and stick with it.

Mornington, I love your tattoo! Now, I want another one!

Trying to job search as well...

Kvetch/Bitch: Trying to adjust to this new medication is hard.. my sleep schedule is all messed up. In a way, I'm glad I'm not working. I'm wouldn't be very productive. I'm hoping that it levels out by the end of the week.

Anti-kvetch: I'm seeing my best friend this weekend! smile.gif

((((mando)))) I was digging around in uni for placements, when I noticed one of the pig placements is F's local uni... I'm waiting for him to pick up the frickin' phone so I can run it by him, but hopefully I'll be in the states for august-september and for a bit longer.

That sounds the perfect way to go to the prom, btw. Plus, he gets to take the older chick for kudos smile.gif Just get pictures of him in his tux! BW came to my leavers' ball (we didn't have a prom at my school - and everyone's family can come to the leavers') when he was fifteen, and danced with aaaaall the girls. Well, some of them.


((((sassy)))) thinking of you! just wear something simple, smart trousers/jeans and a shirt/top or something. Smart but not too dressy.

I have an exam tomorrow. Animal Husbandry mcq. They've been twatting around with the set-up (again) because the lectures don't agree with the learning requirements (especially in the case of the new lecturer) so everyone's a bit pissed off. I'm just pissed they've brought one in - I didn't sit one last year. I probably ought to go study though...
I'm currently in Flagstaff for a mini-vacation of sorts -- my apartment wasn't ready (won't be til Friday). We went to Jerome and Sedona (tiny little touristy towns in *gorgeous* small roads) today, and we're going to the Grand Crayon tomorrow. And THEN I get the joyous experience of hauling my crap up a flight of stairs in 90+F.

Unrelated, on the happy side of things: I got my grades in for the term and I did very, very well. Glad my busy-ness was put to good use! (Because it sucks so hard when you work hard at school and you eek 'eh' grades.)

QUOTE(roseviolet @ May 15 2007, 10:49 AM) *
They there, QSpice! You're moving again?!?! Holy crapulence! Hope the job is worth it! by the by, where did you eat in OKC? I used to live down there so I'm curious.

This is the Tucson move (for that awesome job I talked about eons ago) smile.gif Considering the expense in hiring me (flew me down at the last minute, stayed at this posh resort where there was an open bar for us, all the background checks, fingerprinting, health screenings... not to mention my actual salary and double-ended relocation), I'm hoping that this is a prelude to a full time thing. Well, hoping now - I may feel differently come July. (It was 96/feels like 102 on Monday, sooo you can imagine what July is like. It's not quite as bad as the midwest because there's no humidity, but hot is still hot.)

(And I know you used to live down there, silly fishie, I went to your old apartment!) We went to the Inter Urban on the advice of the front desk clerk - I was overridden, and then I gloated when we came home because of how bad it was. And after a so-so meal the next time they overrode my suggestion, in Tucson, they've been following my suggestions ... which lead to us eating rattlesnake and buffalo at lunch today and great fish tacos for dinner tonight! biggrin.gif
morn, did you speak to F? What did he say? that would be so cool if you could arrange that; although what would happen with the bunnies and Indigo?

(((raisin))) I hope it all cools down for you (the steaming pile of shit). we meece you too wub.gif.

good luck sassy! stay calm and know you are in the right.

yay for danny! and his band - that is so exciting.

sidecar, oatmeal and blueberries sounds so good. I may have to have some with blackberries for breakfast.

(((michael's family)))

kvetch: I've been really tired and ill and bleeding for the last few days; working lots and was so amazingly thankful for a longer sleep this morning. Last night I was at a gig with boy's mum, kinkykatykins and Mr T (her boyf); beforehand the boy's mum and I went for tapas, which were yummy.

bunny, yay for sleep and tapas!!

mando, danny on a date and in a tux! sweet!

quantum, so envious about the Grand Canyon! Not so envious about hauling stuff up stairs...

sidecar, glad the wedding was fun!

big-time hugs for (((raisin and mornington and sassy and everyone who needs 'em)))

I need one cuz I have to go get some little cavities filled first ones! I know it won't be that bad, but I'm nervous...and the Mr. was gonna go with me but we have to receive this package today, so I have to go alone. Boo.

We had our tax appointment yesterday (filed for extention) with a new was good news, but someone smack me next time I make a bunch of appointments the week before an art opening. Ai!

So, met with the lawyer today. Basically, I don't have a case. I wish I did. But, in a way I guess it's for the best. I still wish that someone's head was on a spitfire. Yet, he told me that I should go after my dream job, which is always good advice. Very nice man. I'm still very sad though. Not so much that I don't have a case, but the fact that this bullshit company got away with treating me like shit. It would have been them against me. And they probably have more fuel. I'm proud of myself for taking it this far though.

In the meantime, I'm going to file for unemployment next week.

Also, started bleeding on the bus on the way home and bleed thru my best part of chinos. So, this hasn't been the best day. Boo.

Anti-kvetch: I did flirt with a very cute waitress at this really cute dinner intown and had this great bannana-nut pancakes for brunch as a pick me up. rolleyes.gif

((bunny, mando, quantum, sidecar,raisin, mornington, amilita, everybody))

cramps must go away now!! sad.gif
Saw this, thought of y'all, especially Mandi & Rose: Moki the Corgi

my event is this weekend, so far we've made $12,000, please please cross your fingers and vibe for me that it doesn't rain-- if it doesn't we'll make at least $5000 more! (by the way this is for social services for women & their families).

also, got bad news, the extreme makeover that was going to be done on the animal shelter, where i volunteer on the board for, got denied. this sucks- we needed it really bad but had to say no on the contract because they wanted us to euthanize some of our 'non-adoptable- ie: "pretty" animals -including all of our pit bulls and pit bull mixes. i'm pissed, but at least we stood our ground.

love y'all. sorry i can't respond here for another 4 days or so.
(((sassy))) sorry there is no case to me made but it will catch up to those responsible, someday...

(((crassy)))) sorry the makeover is not a go and that sucks about them wanting to euthanize the pitbulls and such. I grew up with pits, they are not the monsters they are made out to be. it's all in how they are raised. my brother and cousin stuck legos in my dog's ear and she didn't so much as growl at them. in fact the only thing the big lovey goofus ever barked at were cats. my ma used to joke that if someone were to burglarize our house she'd escort them in with a big sloppy kiss rolleyes.gif

(((mandi))) yay for the love you've found in zoe. and OMG, danny in a tux on a date blink.gif hee, style that hair mama!

(((raisin))) I haven't had time to catch in eljay land properly but I did skim through and I'm vibing for you babe.

anyone know how tes is feeling? and plat?

(((pixie, bunny, morn, sidecar, polly, star, rose, amilita, sixela, qspice, ch, faith, fina, billy, msp, dm, plummie, tg, everyone)))

so my laptop is kaput, unfixable. waaaaa. I know it could be a lot worse, I am just spolied and I miss it. hopefully I can get a few one in a couple months or maybe I can get my old desktop that in pieces put back together and up and running. so for now when I want to bust I have to stop at the library (which is where I am now) or deal with the dino-puter my sis has. at least the library is close by tho'!
My heart is about to explode from the cuteness, Crassy!!!!! Sososo damn cute. That would be my dream dog right there. Yup. Thanks so much for posting the link!

I'm confused about the make-over thing, though. Who was requesting that you euthanize the not-as-pretty animals? At any rate, I'm glad to hear you all stood your ground. Good for you!
~@~@~@~ clear skies & sunshine vibes for the social services fund raiser ~@~@~@~

(((((Sassy)))))) Sorry that the lawyer said you didn't have a case. sad.gif

RIP Yuefie's laptop. sad.gif Good to see you in here, hon!

QSpice, of course I remember that you visited me! smile.gif But that was in Tulsa. I thought you ate the bad food in OKC. Is that right? Anyway, hope you have fun at the Grand Canyon & best of luck moving your stuff!

Mornington, I hope it works out for you to come to the states to work with the piggies!

Danny is going to the junior prom! How adorably cute is that?!

(((((Raisin)))))) Hope you can come back to us soon & that everything works out for you.

((((((((Sidecar, Amilita, Bunny & her teethies, Pixie, Tes, Plat, & the whole gang)))))))))

Anti-kvetch: Sheff got a raise! Woot!
Anti-kvetch: We will officially be home owners on Monday! Double woot!
Kvetch: I have barely done any packing at all. I don't know where to start!
Anti-kvetch: The movers arrive one week from today, so at least I have a little more time.
Kvetch: I've been feeling oddly dizzy lately. You know how it feels when you're kinda drunk & the world kinda moves extra fast when you turn your head & you feel a little unsteady on your feet? I often feel that way but without the pleasurable buzz that comes from the drinky. So yes, I need to see a neurologist again. Bah. Hate that.
Anti-kvetch: I'm still pretty healthy! And we're going to be homeowners in just a few days! EEE!!!

((((sassy)))) I'm sorry you don't have a case. ***nomorecrampsnow***

((((rose)))) squee! (although boo on the dizziness)

((((yuefie)))) *smooches*

((((crassy)))) who the hell wanted you to euthanase the non-pretty rescues?! That's wrong. Besides, one person's ugly dog is another person's perfect dog.


so... F was very very very pleased with the idea. I've emailed the guy in charge, and I'll follow it up if i don't hear anything in a few days. I'm going to see F anyway - he wants me out there for his best friend's birthday, which is two days after mine - but it would be lovely if I could do both.

antikvetch: H is coming to visit in a few days. it'll be nice to catch up.

Right, I have college tomorrow. Night ((((((kvetchies)))))
rargh. double post
((mornignton)) That’s great that you found a uni placement close to F. Good luck.

((rose)) It sounds like much excitement for you and Sheff. Congrats.

((yuefie)) Boo to your laptop breaking. Maybe you can find a good deal on one.

((crassy)) Nice weather for your event.


((amilita)) Hope the dentist goes well.

((bunny)) Energy for you.




((mando)) Danny going to prom, he’s growing up.




((michael’s family))

Dad DM has been in pain this week due to a back and side injury. He was very happy that I called him to see how he is doing, and I’m hoping he gets better soon. Mom DM has an interview at a retail store tomorrow, and I really hope she gets the job.

i am dropping in and dusting off my userid to say hello to all my ladies and offer vibage to those in need
~*~*~*~*~*~(((much vibage)))~*~*~*~*~*~

holy crap, mandi, i can't believe danny is all growed up! i still think that it's D answering the phone when i call (um, yeah, *when* i call...sorry, i am so bad at that).

and belated birthday wishes to to one of my favorite mommy's boys!

xoxo d
um, where is everyone and their undies? *pouts*

(((the medusas)))
*fly-by* Greetings from Hong Kong! We have had the most amazing trip, been to mainland China as well as here--all just extraordinary. Great food, lovely people and so much that's utterly different, especially on what's called the mainland. We've been creative in our efforts to communicate with no shared language whatsoever. For fans of the cuteness, we got to see pandas and they are. so. adorable!

Back early next week *sigh* with lots and lots to do.

Hope all's well with everyone here! Enjoy your weekends!
Fly by - hope everyone is well. I'm still here and alive, just working full days, working out, and then crashing when I get home! Just too tired to sit at the computer during the week and of course, bust is a "banned" website at the orifice.

Rose, you must call me after you move in to your new house!!!!! Congrats!

((all kvetchies)))

In a nutshell: continuing to improve healthwise, but still have ups and downs. I'm hoping to be hitting the little white ball in a few months.

Hope to be able to poast more soon!
Pandas are possibly my favourite animals. On my myspace page I have a video of a panda kindergarten.


Have interview for second-choice (should never have been second-choice) teaching course a week on Thursday. I am strangely nonchalant about it; or perhaps not so strange if this is not what the heart wants.

kvetch: I bought a beautiful caramel coloured leather bag yesterday, real leather and divine. The shop assistant left the security tag on it so I can't use it until I go back and have it removed.

anti-kvetch: the bag.

kvetch: I was supposed to go garage-sale-ing with BGP and Mr. BGP today, but then I couldn't remember if I was supposed to volunteer with the animal shelter from 12-4. I called the shelter around 10am, they didn't have me scheduled, but would be more than happy if I showed up. They do have me scheduled for tomorrow, though. I called the BGP to see what was going on.....left a message.....waited......didn't hear from her until 1:00 and they got stuck doing a family thing today. By then it was too late to volunteer (it wasn't just going to the shelter, it was an event somewhere else) and even if I would go garage-sale-ing without her, the city-wide sales in the town LeBoy's parent's live in ends at 3:00 and it's too late to go out there. So my day is shot. And if I had known that sooner, I could have switched my volunteering day from tomorrow to today and been able to go out with the Chicago Busties tomorrow, but now I have to volunteer tomorrow and can't do that.

We're going out to dinner tonight with a friend who recently broke up with his girlfriend. Poor thing. I think he'll be okay, but they'd been together a looooong time, longer than LeBoy and I. It was pretty amicable and I can understand the situation from both sides- she wanted to get married, and for him to get a better job (probably so they'd be secure enough to have kids) and he didn't see the point of getting married (they already live together) and wants to focus on his art, rather than a "real" job.

Anti-kvetch: got the new mattress yesterday and I didn't wake up aching all over, which has been going on for months now.

Two funny, yet annoying stories from yesterday: I was cleaning up the house so the delivery guys could get the mattress through (it was a big mess) and the dog was being his usual annoying self (he's OBSESSED with me and I can't move without him following my every step) so I got him to sit on the recliner for most of it while I cleaned up the living room. When I got done with that and went to go into the bedroom to move the laundry out of the way, I was trying to get the dog to come with me, since he needs constant supervision. He wouldn't budge and I had to carry him into the bedroom. I stripped the old mattress and was trying to get him to sit there while I handled the laundry. As soon as I turned around, he was standing on the mattress, peeing. ARGH! No wonder he didn't want to come in the bedroom. At least he waited until I didn't have to sleep on it anymore! I got some paper towels and a spray bottle with diluted bleach, and blotted, sprayed, blotted, sprayed, blotted, sprayed, blotted, sprayed. I think it will be okay. We're not sure what we're going to do with the mattress- it's still in decent shape, it's just not good enough for someone with my back problems to sleep on every night. Someday we'll have a real house with a real guest room, or if a family member wants it, they can have it. We just have to put it somewhere until then.

Story # 2: After the peeing incident, and after the mattress was delivered, I was about to get in the shower when LeBoy's mom called. She said, "something happened in your neighborhood, some guy killed someone in the woods and is out on the loose and I can't get a hold of [LeBoy's brother, who lives with his family about a half-mile from us] and I'm worried about them- could you drive over there and see if everything's okay?" So, there's a psycho killer on the loose and you want me to leave the safety of my house to go check on your son? Thanks! ((Sigh)) I called my mom as I was leaving the house and said, "I'm on a [LeBoy's mom] Paranoia Mission" We laughed about it and she said, "Why don't you give me his brother's phone number so I can call him and tell him I haven't heard from you and I'm worried, and could he go check on you?" laugh.gif I love my mother! Anyway, they weren't home, MIL eventually got them on their cell phones and the killing in the woods was an isolated fight or something- not just some weirdo killing people randomly. Not sure if he's been caught yet, though! unsure.gif

That's annoying about the bag, bunny. Good luck with the interviews!

((hugs to all)) Sure has been quiet around here. Sidecar, if you see this, the Bustie gathering tomorrow is at the Fireside (new venue!) at 2:00. I can't make it. sad.gif

Where's yuefie been?
Thanks for the update polly! I might be skipping tomorrow--Martini and I have been trying to see this movie (Black Book) for weeks and just haven't been able to squeeze it in, plus today was Condo Work Day, so I've been cleaning, planting flowers and herbs and painting since 11 am and wouldn't mind some quiet Sidecar time (and I have overdue library books...) But we'll see -- I love the Fireside, so if I'm feeling up for it tomorrow, maybe I'll head over. BTW, I am absolutely filthy. I should probably go straight to the shower rather than Bust. Oh well.

I'm off to clean up and see the Arcade Fire. Have a good night everyone!

good luck bunny!
*runs screaming through kvetchland, upsetting the tumbleweed and the dust*

wheeeere is everyone?

((((sidecar)))) ooooh... arcade fire? was it good?
*waves to syb*
((((dm & family))))
((((tes, yuefie, rose, dina, mando, bun, star, sassy, raisin, crassy, sixie, amilita, anoushh, culture, kitten, cstars, qspice, pixie, everyone))))

I've been ill all weekend. At first I thought it was just a hangover from friday night, but I had a fever yesterday and my head still hurts. I'm skipping morning lectures, making sure I'm ok and all that. F is ill too, he's off to the doctors later - I think he's got the same thing my mum had when working in a call centre, where talking on the phone lots makes it really easy to get throat infections. I had a weep/grump at him, for his complete inability to pick up the phone. He quite often ignores his phone when it rings, or leaves it behind, because it annoys him, but then I get upset when he doesn't ring after going "I'll ring in an hour or so" and I ring him, worried he's crashed his car/passed out drunk/got into a fight/sleeping with one of the girls who keep hitting on him and he doesn't pick up. I tried to explain that I don't mind him not calling, just as long as I know he's not going to call - am I being wholly unreasonable?
Mornington, I had the exact same problem with my mister when he travelled. If I knew I wasn't going to hear from him via phone I was cool--but when he said he'd try and I wasn't sure when/if I'd hear from him... oy. I used to marvel that one small plastic instrument could cause me so much angst.

So: no, you're not being unreasonable.

We're back and I'm hoping I've slept away my jet lag. Our sunday began at about 4am when the sun rose somewhere over the Gobi Desert and into the plane... basically we got back and tried our hardest to stay awake until the sun set. That was my only task for yesterday.

Awesome, awesome trip. We also got my engagement ring (the mister and I are hoping to redefine 'long engagement' smile.gif ) and it's lovely. I was never the girl who dreamt about diamonds, but once we established its provenance (i.e.not a conflict diamond) we went for a gorgeous solitaire in a simple setting. It feels both fantastic and strange to be sporting a diamond, I have to say.

/me me me derailment.

OMG a dina sighting! Last time she was here I think I was posting under a different name...

(((DM family)))

(((bunnyb))) Good luck with the interview. Try not to worry; you will get the job you want.

Sidecar, I was dying to see Black Book but tbh it wasn't as fab as I thought it would be. Interesting swerve for the director though.

Happy Monday all!
Kvetch:Allergies are kicking my butt!
Bigger kvetch: I'm allergic to benedryl, so I can't take anything since I'm pg.

Congratulations to Rose and Sheff for becoming home owners today! Yay!!!!

(((mornington, Bunny, dina,sybarite, sassy, sidecar, polly, tes, amilita, yuefie, and everyone else))))
~~~another library fly by~~~

(((pixie))) boo on your allergies! and the stress.

congrats to rose and sheff!

and to syb, your ring sounds gorgeous. glad your trip was fab.

((((bunny, morn, star, sidecar, polly, mandi, sixela, dm, sassy, raisin, plat, tes, billy, fina, faith, dina, crassy, amilita, ch, sonik, everyone))))

(((kvetchies)))) multipurpose vibage for all.

I drank WAY too many mai tai's at a luau style beach party on Saturday and I am still draggin' ass today. I'm too old for drinking in the sun I tell's ya. But sis and I had a blast and got to catch up with some friends we haven't seen in a few years. They reunited their band just for the party and it was like the good ol' days. It was free flowing mai tai's, reggae music and the setting sun on the water, I feel mentally rejuvinated but physically beat. You'd think I'd learn from this right? Probably not though rolleyes.gif

So I am pricing laptops and trying to figure out a strategy. If I hadn't just put a couple, grand in to my car repairs I would'nt be so apprehensive to make a large purchase. Who knows though. Maybe with windows vista being the *new* thing, I can find a decent deal on a laptop that has the ol' atiquated XP tongue.gif

Hope everyone is well. *mwah*
Drive by just to say, yes, we are home owners!!!!! WEEEEEEE!!!!! Now we just gotta move into the darn thing. smile.gif

Must make dinner & watch Heroes. I'll probably be a regular again in a week or so. Mkay bye!
Yay for rose and sheff, the new home owners

((yuefie)) I hope you find an affordable laptop. Glad you had a nice Saturday drinking mai tai’s and spending time with friends.

((pixie)) I hope the allergies get better.

syb, yay for a nice trip and a beautiful engagement ring.

((mornington)) I used to get really annoyed if Mr. DM would be late calling or chatting with me when he was in Canada, but he understood it was only because I cared so much.

sidecar, how was Arcade Fire?

polly the mattress story was hilarious.

((bunny)) Successful interview.


Dad DM found out he had inflammation and a problem with a disc in his back. He is on the mend, but I’m hoping he slows his work outs some. I had a nice weekend, shopping and a nice meal on Saturday and Sunday we went to see 28 Weeks Later.

woohoo congrats to rose & shef!

[(((bunny))) you should indeed never be 2nd choice!


(((mornington))) ugh,hope you feel better. and what is it w/boys and their phones!?!? mr. mcnasty will randomly do that and then be ok for a while and then not answer again.

(((pixie))) the allergies this year are really bad too. you poor thing! it would suck not to take anything my right eye has been watering for like a week straight, i would die if i couldn't take something for my sinus headache.

sybarite, that trip sounds divine! and yay for the ring!

super kvetch: the mr's workplace isn't doing well and they just cut everyone's salary by 5%- and we were barely making ends meet! and the even worse i have a strong suspicion they'll never put the salary back up the 5% --that's how they do. i encouraged him to clean up his resume- we'll see if that happens. i love love love our house but i'm seriously thinking of moving to another part of the country- where i can frikkin' afford to live.

well, it rained, hard at times on saturday, but we still did ok. after expenses we didn't hit the goal of making $15k but we weren't too far off.

he didn't say par se that he only wanted 'pretty dogs' but he did say that pit bulls and pit bull mixes fell under the category as "unfriendly, vicious, aggressive or difficult to adopt" so they shouldn't take up shelter space!!! then he claimed he wasn't discriminating against a breed, but "acknowledging when an animal is not adoptable". bastid. the sucky thing is now we don't get our desperately needed makeover based on one guys decision who seems to hate pit bulls. and for the record, pit bulls are a very popular breed in these parts- i see at least 1 or 2 being walked on my way to work every morning. also, statistically (according to the american temperament test society), out of 542 american pit bull terriers, 456 passed the temperament test- that's 84% passing rate. that's actually a higher number than beagles and golden retrievers!
Seriously guys: neti pot. It changed my life. I don't particularly enjoy running a half cup of warm water with a half teaspoon of salt through my nostrils each morning, but I don't miss how bad allergy drugs made me feel (benadryl made me feel high and not in a good way). Or the sniffles and sneezing either! $10 at Walgreens.

((Crassy)) I get so upset about antibreed folks. My dog is half Rottweiler (we think), which was the pit bull of the 80s. And she's sweet, gentle, and great with kids. Yes, certain breeds are more susceptible to certain behaviors, but that's why they need to be spayed/neutered, exercised heavily, and only given to owners who are willing to invest the time and energy they require. The meanest dog in our neighborhood is a beagle, which everyone in our building calls the Evil Beagle.

Congrats to Rose and Sheff!

Welcome back, syb! I can't wait to hear more about the trip.

The Arcade Fire, the band, was really incredible--intense, theatric, really fun. The show itself? Oh boy. Everyone but us was wasted, talking inappropriately, screaming 'WOOOO' over the band. It's all over in the El Jay (editrix26) and I hate to sound like a huge snob, but all the yo-dudes in backwards baseball caps and Trixies (what we call young girl yuppies who live in a snotty neighborhood here) made it overwhelming and hard to get into the actual show.
congrats & heartfelt woots to the shefs!

welcome back & lotsa congrats to sybarite!

crassy, nice to see you back, too! i'm so proud of your shelter fundraising. and i personally know two adorable, sweetiepie pitbulls. sucks much ass about the mr's job crapola.

*inexpensive but dependable laptop vibes for yuefie, cuz i need her online more*

(((mornington))) boys can be quite dim about phoning. it's in their genes. hope you're feeling better, sweets.

"So, there's a psycho killer on the loose and you want me to leave the safety of my house to go check on your son? Thanks!" jesus christ in a camry, and i thought I was a neurotic mom!

antikvetch: danny looked damn fine in his tux and smoothed down VERY LONG hair. and come to find out, he and his date were recruited to chaperone her autistic sister and boyfriend at the prom, and they did a fine job and had fun. i so heart my son for being such a good friend (his friend - the "older woman" - has had a very rough year & is firmly ensconced in the Misfit Brigade) and being incredibly nonjudgemental and patient with the sister and her beau ... and for not giving a flying fuck what the "cool" kids think and what the merciless high school rumor mill is no doubt grinding out. he's such a good boy.

antikvetch: i had a lovely two day mini-vacation. yesterday especially. i feel tres rejuvenated. even the asinine 7th grade work drama can't bring me down.

antikvetch: i'm finally getting my handmedown ipod in order. it's only taken me 6 months.

funny aside: the foolhardy powers-that-be are having OBSCENELY fugly & EXPENSIVE greenery planted in the clubhouse circle. we were running around all day quoting monty python and the holy grail ..."we want ..... a SHRUBBERY!!!" *cue music of doom* ... bwah!

mwahs all around.
QUOTE(mandolyn @ May 22 2007, 08:12 PM) *

"So, there's a psycho killer on the loose and you want me to leave the safety of my house to go check on your son? Thanks!" jesus christ in a camry, and i thought I was a neurotic mom!

Yeeeaahhh, LeBoy's brother is, oh, 33 years old and she still freaks out. She's sent him over to check on us before when LeBoy doesn't call her back soon enough (like a couple of days, not a couple of hours or anything.) rolleyes.gif

That's so sweet about Danny, Mando! You've done such a good job with him!
((((mando)))) yay for danny! that's a really lovely thing to have done, he's such a sweetheart.

((((syb)))) yay for a good time and congrats on the ring!

((((rose & sheff)))) woooooo!

((((crassy)))) that just sucks! i know some sweet pits. They make wonderful pets when people take the time to train them, they just have an unfortunate reputation because of the minority of assholes who teach them to be nasty - and because, at least round here, "nice" white middle-class families don't have pits; the kids who wear baggy trousers and bling have them. I half-want a pit, I think they're sweet-faced and so happy. I love rotties too - the sweetest dogs I've ever met have been a rottie, a pit, a boxer, and an english bull-terrier. The nastiest was a pomeranian, which look all cute and fluffy.

((((yuefie)))) yay for mai tai's and fun!

((((sidecar)))) urgh, I *hate* gigs like that, full of the latest trend-jumpers. Actually, it's a large part of why I don't go to big gigs (that and not being able to afford the tickets). But yay for the arcade fire themselves!

***get well dadDM***

((((dm, star, bunny, sassy, sixie, tes, plat, culture, polly, sonik, pixie, raisin, billy, everyone))))

actually, where is billy?

Today was my last day of lectures for this year *sniff*. Well, actually, tomorrow is, but I'm not going in as I can't understand a word the lecturer says, and it's pointless. I'm going to revise instead, as I have an exam on friday.

Girlie1 wants me to go to the ball with her, but I don't really have the money to buy a dress and a ticket (I'm trying to be good with finances). I feel a little bad for not going, but I never even considered it. I'm sure it'll be good, but I'm just... not interested in putting on a dress and drinking until i fall over in the mud. If I want to fall over, I'll do it in clothes I can get dirty and shoes I can get muddy!

kvetch: freaking farm placements. I'm now waiting for two places to get back to me. I'm going to try my next couple of options... *sigh* This is such a pain in the arse.

*grumps out of thread*
yay rose and sheff!

yay for danny! mandi, did you have a little cry?

syb, congratulations on the ring and the fab holiday.

(((daddy medusa)))

*waves at crassy*

(((yuefie))) I meece you

(((polly and sidecar))) for keeping the home fires burning

where's amilita?

(((pixie))) boo for allergies

(((morn))) all the luck in the world for your exams. You will ace them this year.


kvetch: Sooooo tired. Been working 12 hours shifts last couple of days and the body isn't used to that. I can now relax though as I'm off until Tuesday.

major anti-kvetch: the boy is here (I'm seeing him tomorrow onwards until Tuesday) biggrin.gif. The Vancouverites are here too so we have a busy, long weekend ahead.
I'm seriously touched that Mornington wondered where I am (or have been)! I can usually be missing weeks at a time before someone notices smile.gif I've been reading and lurking, but haven't had much to say.

Mornington, you're going to do great on the exams!

Rose & Sheff, the joys of home ownership! I hope you're moved in soon.

Yeufie, good luck on finding XP. Everyone seems to be making a dash to Vista. We just bought two desktops for the office and had to look hard for XP. Tried, true & solid XP suits me just fine.

I think I've lost my cell phone. Apparently it's not turned on, either. Bleh.

Hugs to ((everyone)).
My new job kicks ass... but going from the grad school schedule of having to be up by noon two days a week to having to be at *work* at 7am and then having to work 9 hours + lunch has been rough. It'll get better, it always dones, but I've been super tired upon returning from work.
There's an really great article on Arcade Fire in the new RS with a yummy cover photo of Johnny Depp sidecar....

Going to Portland on Friday!!! Yet, my nerves are a little wrecked. Between booking the kennels (for Mcgeeks pets and Miles the wonder kitty ) and doing some last minute shopping and all..anyways, I always get a little freaked out. Also, it's the first trip without my family. And I basically planned this trip by myself basically.

Anti-kvetch: I'm heading to Portland!!! smile.gif smile.gif

Also filed for unemployment which took for fuckingever..but it should help...

Anti-kvetch: Got a very cute bra at VS of all places. usually their bras suck ass...

((multi-purpose vibes to all))
sidecar, i think sophie looks like she's got some rottie in her- she's adorable (especially w/that big ribbon around her neck)--aww!

mornington, amen on everything you said!! and how could this little gal be bad? (check out the little feeties in pic 2!!!) the guy that wanted them all put down was from california- i know they have anti-pit legislation there. the thing is we live in an urban area- and they are popular here- and they do get adopted and we do double-check all references for any so-called 'fighting' breed. but it's still a real shame we didn't get the makeover based on the fact that we try to adopt all dogs. ugh.

mandi, danny is the sweetest!! you did a fabulous job!


quantum, glad you like the job even if the hours with school are killer.

(((sassy))) oregon or maine? both are nice, have fun!!!

i'm going to put up a fence this weekend, so that will be fun, but i'm also going to just try to rest and take it easy, i'm upset w/my friend who is having a party (loong story but basically he expects me to go to every show his band does and won't even respond when i invite him to something) so i probably won't go, but i haven't rsvp'd either way- i figure i can just go if i feel like it- it's not like he rsvps... that's probably petty but i'm tired of always having to do the work on getting together
Hey billy, I noticed you were missing too but morn beat me to the punch wink.gif Yeah, xp suits me fine as well. I'm not one for the cutting edge, tried and true is my bag.

((((bun)))) I meece you too sweets.

and of course (((mandi)))) danny is such a sweetie pie. gee, I wonder where he gets that from? tongue.gif

okay, I miss all of ya, dangit. not having a computer at home sucks, but not as much as it would if I had no net access at all. so I figure I will find a new laptop, eventually. all good things in all good time, right?

so where is amilita? and plummie?

and tes? anyone heard how she is doing?

Exciting news: we got a kitty! Oh lordy, he is a bundle of love. we haven't named him yet, he is solid black and 8 weeks old. Our neighbors rescued a pregnant cat and were having a tough time finding homes for them. PJ fell in love with this one and has been working on me for the past week. I kept saying NO 'cause he's a youngster but when our neighbor Nick handed him to me I melted. he laid right on my chest, curled up and went to sleep. I had no chance of resisting! so on my way home I am going to pick up supplies for him and hopefully his and Sashie's introduction will go okay. please keep your parts crossed!

I want to love on each and every one of you but I must run so just know that I am vibing for and thinking of all of you individually.


I promise to not be an annoying tourist. For some reason that's all I've run into the last couple days this week. The new World of Coke Musuem has opened here, and it's been freaking crazy in GA. I've almost wanted to boycott and started to drink Diet Pepsi. Anyway, they built it near the huge aquarium... just reminds me of the Lewis Black skit "Let's built a huge fucking thing..."

Yay for adorable puppies and kitties... melt my heart more!!
So is everyone on Memorial Day weekend already? smile.gif

Not much to report here. Work has been busy. We saw Black Book last night and I liked it a lot. Tomorrow, we're cleaning out my grandmother's basement and on Sunday, my parents are staying over before flying back to FLA. I hope the weather holds.

Green target bra, blue boyshorts.
Off to Seattle/Oregon in about 4 hours... smile.gif Yay!

Undies: Blue bra and panties--matching for once..

yay for Oregon and new kitties!

crassy, good luck with the fence.

Having good time with boy and his family although busy. Tonight we're having a party with boy's dad's long lost family (they've been out of contact for 35 years and in last couple of months have been meeting up); tonight is first time the boy and I will meet them.

undies: black frilly knickers with dusky pink hearts and dusky pink bra

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