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QUOTE(pollystyrene @ May 7 2007, 06:02 PM) *
I hate orange-flavored things (but I like OJ & oranges),

I am the exact same way.

{{{{yuefie and her guy}}}} that would be so scary!
(((bunnyb))) How "second" is your second choice? If you got on there, would you want to go?

((((yuefie))) and ((((((((best guy pal)))))))))!!! I flipped my car once (actually, I went airborne over two opposite lanes of highway, then landed on the passenger side and rolled) and that little shot of adrenaline kept me alert and not even sleepy for 48 hours straight. I'm glad he didn't get hurt, and maybe it's the midwest in me, but nobody stopped?!?! blink.gif

(((sassy))) Your former employers blow monkeys. You know the Epilepsy Foundation has a legal defense fund, right? Since you can't sue them for being congenital asshats, how about wrongful termination?
~~~~~get the job you deserve with people whose family trees branched vibes~~~~~

polly and kittenb, I am the same way with grapes. Love the fruit, despise grape-flavoured anything. Yeech.

okay, I'm posting this before my signal fades out again. Big smooches to everyone I've left out, especially YOU!

I didn't mean to take so long between posts. Anyway, good to see y'all in here.

(((((Sassy))))), that's horrible. I can't believe people still treat eachother so bad in the workplace (wel,, actually i can, sadly enough). Anyway, a big heap of poo on them, you're so much better off without all that negativity!

((((((Bunny))))), hang in there!

Sybarite is going/(went) to Hong Kong? That is so cool!!

(((((Yuefie)))))I am so glad your GuyPal is ok!! And yeah, people are so stupid sometimes.

Things are going well over here. My cat is not in heat anymore (fingers crossed), so i can get a decent kip at night. I have to get her to the vet, but time goes so fast that i remember to make an appointment when it's Friday evening. It's weird 'cause in a way time seems to move so fast, but at the same time, when i look back it's just that lots of things are happening in a relatively short period of time...i dunno if that makes sense.
Anyway, i have a workshop to attend this afternoon, so i'll be off.
Sonik!! Hi!!

(((Yuefie and friend)))

I'm off to a fetal monitoring thingy from 8-5:30. Yawn. See ya'll later.
Hello hello everyone.

Polly, that is so cool that your dad makes BBQ sauce. I also remember the Raymond episode you are talking about.

(((bunny))) I'm sorry things didn't go as well as planned.

((((((sassy))))))) I'm sorry to hear about work. Assholes.

Syb, I know you're gone already, but have fun!

Yuefie, how is your friend? ((((yuiefie and yuefie's friend))))

So, I have to say something about your all love of tums. So not weird, however, Dr. CH is in the house now, if you have heartburn or indigestion, you should avoid Tums or Rolaids, my father has acid reflux, and his specialist told him that Tums and rolaids can actually cause it. Maalox makes a tasty product though. That is all.

Management at the office I am are trying to get me term or permanent in a more sly way, because I didn't make an eligibility list for the job I am already doing. Bleh. Not much else is going on here.

(((yuefie, pixie, anoushh, tes, sidecar, polly, plat, star, sassy, billy, sonik, faith, fina, missjoy, mando, mornington, bunny, syb, amilita, raisin, faerie, DM, RV, great, everyone)))

I normally only take Tums when my stomach feel weird. My heartburn is a totally different thing. But I am happy to add that I have not needed my heartburn medicine in over a week! Woohoo! Seems that sugar really was my trigger food.

Good Morning all! Spring Flowers to everyone!

Yeah, I've heard that your body produces extra acid to digest the calcium in Tums/Rolaids....maybe some people are more sensitive to that than others? When my heartburn's really bad, it can take a few Tums before it starts working, but usually one does the trick for me.

I take Pepto Bismol or Maalox when my stomach gets icky.

Sixel, thanks for the web link. Well, they don't call my family fighting irish for nothing. I got a call very early from my mother saying that she had called my neurologist and three of her lawyer friends. We're going to try to fight this. I mean, I don't want the fucking job back, but it's just wrong to fire me the day after a seizure. And hell, I had good reviews. It's not like I wasn't a good employee! I'll let everyone know how it goes. Being they have already gotten a head start on me, I'll let them fight for me. I honestly want to focus on getting better--because my emotional state right now is not great. But, the upcoming Portland trip is making me happy happy! smile.gif

Anti-kvetch: new Gilmore Girls tonight!!

((all of you)))

That's great Sassy! I say as long as you're up to it, give 'em hell!

When are you going to Portland?

Tonight's the series finale of G.G., isn't it? Or is that next week?
yeah, i agree. Give 'em hell, Sassy!

I jst got back from the workshop (Personal Branding). It was very educational. And the people who joined were all very nice.

I'm still at the working place because i forgot my ipod. I use it for 'silent disco', you know, dance around with headphones on. It's part of my workout now. I'm finally walking in a normal way again. 2 weeks ago i fell off my bike on my knees, boy did that hurt. Fortunately it was nothing serious.

I'm off to home, make it an early night (i'm missing out on Holby City on BBC1 if i don't get going!).

((((Mucho love to all of you))))))
Sassy good for you! Don't take shit lying down and make them show you they can't walk all over you.

Sonik, I always do the dancing around with the ipod thing. I love it. Makes me feel good.

Drive-by just to say GOOD FOR YOU, SASSY!!!!! I am sooooo so proud of you for standing up for yourself.

((((((hugs for Bunny, too))))))))

Sorry I've been MIA, but the real estate madness is ... well, crazy! The mortgage companies are still fighting it out over who gets our money. We'll probably come to a final decision on this by the weekend. Fingers crossed!
~~~fly by~~~~ to say YAY sassy, get em girlie! That whole thing has been on my mind and irking me, I am glad you are going to fight it because it is just. plain. wrong. *hugs*

and thanks for all the love for my bgp. he is fine, in fact he is coming down this way to hang out with me later today smile.gif

oh yeah, and giant boobie squishin hugs for all ((((kvetchies)))))
Sassy, I'm proud of you for fighting back.


So I just had a fantastic interview for a receptionist position for what looks like a very good company. I know I just started at my current job... but I cant handle a call center anymore. I feel a little bad, but I just cant work in a soul sucking job anymore. *shrug* I'm pretty sure I'll get the job. I'm stoked.

I'm sitting in an internet cafe and the guy next to me is old and looking at LOTS of porn. Its very amusing, a little gross, and very tempting to lean over and suggest he go to the private computer in the back.

I will keep you posted on the job...

Love you!
((((((sassy))))) that sounds like an excellent idea! yay you!

((((rose)))) ****mortgage vibes****

((((sonik)))) good to see you! and yay for good workshops

((((yuefie)))) how's your guypal? I hope he's ok!

((((pink)))) ewww. no-one needs to see that. I mean, ok, watch porn if you want, but please, in private. and ****job vibes****

((((sidecar, culture, polly, sixie, pixie, tes, plat, kitten, bun, star, billy, amilita, anoushh, syb, dm, everyone))))

mando mando where are you??

today I got formalin in my face again. And booked myself the appointment for my tattoo. I wasn't going to tell F, but I got so excited... I did. unsure.gif

BoyWonder was here for the weekend, it was actually quite nice to just hang out, watch films and veg. And cook for someone else. We trimmed the buns' nails as well, which they hate, and Indigo decided that it was just too exciting to stay in my room, and nosed the door open and tried to pick Pete up. Pete was not impressed, but Indigo didn't hurt him (and got smacked on the nose for his trouble). I'm still waiting for thier outdoor run. But at least thier grass is growing so they'll have something to eat.

kvetch: aunt flo has come to visit and i feel like death warmed up. I want a hug and ice-cream, and F appears to be at work already, so booooo. *hissy fit*

antikvetch: I know weird stuff about stuff... relevant to my course. This is at once a joyous thing (because, let's face it, I know fuck-all most of the time) and very very very weird. Ah well.

QUOTE(sixelacat @ May 8 2007, 01:27 AM) *
~~~~~get the job you deserve with people whose family trees branched vibes~~~~~

one of the many reasons I love six! as for my second choice being my second choice... it's probably the better of the two and Scotland's designated teaching college. My first choice was where I studied for both degrees so it was a sentimental choice.

I'm still quite confused about my near future life plan but I'm playing it by ear.

Tums (a lemon and a berry one) cured my heartburn today. Large latte on empty tummy plus train journey equals heartburn.

(((yuefie's friend))) how scary.

~*~*~*~get that job pink~*~*~*~* I read my very own... in another thread and loved it!

~*~*~*~KICK ASS vibes for sassy~*~*~*~

yay for a sonik sighting!

(((morn))) sending virtual ice cream spoonfuls your way.

Had a lovely weekend with the boy and cool reading time; the latter I will continue with as much as possible this week. The boy's sis (who is pregnant) and her hubby are visiting from Vancouver so seeing them tomorrow. Excited to see the bump, catch up and receive belated birthday gift. That's all folks - off to read some more.

'I feel like death warmed up'

Mornington, i'm so going to steal that!
I guess nature decided today was the day for bugs. Seriously, yesterday walking the dog there were no bugs - today... giant swarm of mosquitos around my head as I yell at the dog to pee faster so we don't stop moving for too long 'cause more bugs zero in on us!

I'm working from home today and I have my window open. I can hear the neighbourhood women out with their kids on the street. I find it a good thing that they have their kids outside playing, but then I have to hear them yell at their kids, but then it makes me happy I have no kids... eh, it's kind of amusing.
~~~kick some ass, sassy~~~
~~~job vibes for pink~~~
~~feel better mornington~~ I hardly bleed anymore but my cramps are outta this world; i feel you sister.
*waves to sonic*

Last night I went to see Georgia Rule, the new Lindsay Lohan movie, for reasons I can't remember now. It was really excruciatingly terrible. Imagine an afterschool special in the tone of a sitcom, without any irony. Oh good grief, it was bad.

This weekend, I'm off to an ex-boyfriend's wedding (the man I lost my virginity to, in fact). I'm so happy for him and it's going to be such a great time. I wish I was looking a little better (this is the perfect week for a cyst to show up on my jaw!) but it's not really about me. And I got myself a good man, so it's not like that. At least the dress I want to wear fits.

Speaking of my good man, Martini needs some mystery career vibes. I'll let you know why when there's more to say.

Where IS mandolyn? Zoe can't be taking up that much time! smile.gif
Sidecar, that movie seems odd. Apparently during filming Lindsay Lohan was talking about how she should win an Oscar for it - like it was a drama. But all the commercials make it look like a comedy/chick flick, which as we all know do not get Oscar nods.

And I saw a clip and Lindsay seems like her acting is worse than usual.

Is it bad that I work from home and can make coffee for free and yet did a coffee run to Tim Hortons because I had a craving and I'm missing my old work where we had a Timmy Ho's in the building?
hey everyone!

things are settling down here with the folks. i was initially irritated, but things are great now. i've let go of the resentment stuff. so, that is good. now, i have to just figure out what i'm gonna sell at the garage sale i'm having. plus, i can organize the stuff in my parents' basement.

*~*~*sending out vibes for rose's house*~*~*

*~*~*sending strength vibes to sassy during this time*~*~*

*~*~*mysterious job vibes for martini*~*~*

sidecar, you know what? i saw martini at borders about a couple of weeks ago. i was gonna run up to him and say hi, but i didn't want to scare him. don't ask me why i said that. but, it came to mind. how's the new job going for you??

polly, congrats on getting the new position!! i'm so glad it worked out for you!!

((((((((bunnyb)))))))) things will work out in the end. i should know about setbacks!! sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches. but, it can be a bitch gettin' beat all the time. hang in there.

(((six))) you get hugs because you were so clueless about a major tornado hitting your state. cute.

(((morn))) acos

kvetch: growing up is hard stuff. but, i've figured i need to be smarter about things. i probably won't be posting as much in the lounge. i will probably stick with kvetch, midwestern mamas thread, and some other threads. the safer threads. since i'm merging into my profession as a psychologist. i even went private with my myspace profile. i don't want to ruin my chances with my job. plus, who know who might be a current or future client. just talking out loud here. but, it is some things i've been thinking about. plus, all of you busties have been so helpful to me this past year. a tremendous amount of help and support. maybe i'm just being terribly cautious. who knows.

so, i'm going out on friday to this thing called looptopia in chicago. very cool. art exhibits and the such will be going on all throughout the downtown area for one whole night. i don't think i can stay up that late though. i'm a wuss.

(((pixie, PiP, sidecar, polly, morn, bunny, six, sassy, mando, tes, sonik, sybarite, plat, mavin, faith, raisin, fina, qspice, billy, CH, missjoy, and other kvetchies i might've missed)))
star, I’m glad things are working out with your parents.


((bunny)) I’m glad you had a nice weekend with the boy. Enjoy the visit from the boy's sis and hubby.

mornington, yay for booking an appointment for your tattoo.

((prettyinpink)) Get the job.

((yuefie and friend))

((rose and sheff))

sonik, I dance with my headphones on too.

((sassy)) Good for you. Focus on yourself so you can enjoy your trip to Portland.

Twin DM and I are off to Miami tomorrow for a long weekend. I hope everyone has a nice weekend.

((((star))))) i am very cautious about what i post on here about myself, particularly work. i mostly stick to kvetch anymore. Glad you're settling in okay.

Have a great trip, DM!

Antikvetch: I think I just did the last bit of work I needed to do on a super-intense project that I've been doing freelance. Huzzah!
It's almost the weekend again? wow and yay.

dm, have fun in miami!

~*~*~*mystery vibes for martini~*~*~*~

oh mandi, we need you today, oh mandi...

where's raisin too? maybe she's camping out with mandi and zoe.

(((star))) funny there should be discussion of privacy on two of the sites we frequent most... I'm lucky, I guess, being across the pond as this site and me would be obscure to find (I think).

I'm no further forward on career front although I will be visiting career's service soon so we'll see how that goes. Currently dealing with issues in my actual employment; it's becoming more and more difficult to take time off when I'm seeing the boy and that beyond sucks. It would be fine and non-headache inducing if they just changed my shift so that I didn't work Friday nights (the quietest night of the week) like I've been asking them to do for the past 10 months. Grrr. I can deal with the job without any issue until they start messing with the boy and I, then the claws are out.


Hello Kvetchies

(((Sassy))), any new developments with the work situation yet?

(((Pretty))), I hope you get the job

(((sidecar))) that sounds that a terrible movie!

DM have fun in Miami.

(((bunny))) I hope your work situation imrpoves soon.


I'm tired and I have crud to do at work, sorry to cut it so short.

hey busties!!! sorry i've been mia- i didn't fall off the face of the earth i'm just organizing this huge fundraiser for work on may 19th. then i'm also organizing another event in my spare (what spare?) time for the humane society. that's less stress though so i'll hopefully be back here- to some capacity- after the 19th. wish me luck. love y'all!!! *smooches*
hey crassy! hi sidecar! hi Bunnyb!

yeah, i think one of my kvetchs about the lounge is that it is not private. i mean, what's the point of having a username and password if "anyone" can lurk the boards without being a member. dry.gif definitely one of the flaws of this board.

kvetch: my parents dogs are being total brats!! constantly whining. especially when i'm around now. i was spoiled by my friend's dog, which is the best dog ever!

DM, i was thinking how cute your new haircut is!

sidecar, yeah for finished projects!

bunnyb, have you found out if you will be around when i'm in the uk?? i had a myspace friend suggest i go to edinburgh, scotland. he is in belfast. i could always go to paris while in london. but, i would like to explore that city with a boyfriend. and i will be with a male friend, but it is not the same. you know.

kisses and hugs to who needs 'em. man, i just sounded like a cheap floosie!

Hi Crassy!! *waves* Best of luck with your fundraiser and the event for the humane society!

I have nohing to tell. Except that i'm drinking wine. Well, i emptied a bottle. Time to head to bed.

I made it through my first week of work. Yep, I get Fridays off. I'll probably have to work some Saturdays but it's nice to have a day off during the week for things like doctor's appointments and going to the bank.

The new job is good. I really enjoy the place, working with my cousin. She's in the back most of the time seeing patients. The woman who held the position prior to the last two crappy employees they had has been training me and she's getting really irritating, though. Besides the two of us at the front desk, the office manager (my cousin's husband) also sits up there and there's just too many chefs in the kitchen. When I do something wrong, or even start to do something wrong, they both pounce on me before I've even noticed I'm about to do something's just annoying. Plus they have a tendency to whisper to me when I'm on the phone; like if I'm talking to a patient, she will whisper questions to ask them, which means I can't hear the caller and it's a lot more rude to keep asking the caller to repeat themselves than it is to put them on hold for a moment to find out what else I need to ask them. Grr. I have a headset and I think I'm going to bring an ear plug to put in the other ear to block out the noise while I'm on the phone.

And because the lady who's training me worked there for so long and is friends with my cousin and husband (she quit to do the bookkeeping for her husband's business full time), they are used to each other and have everything down to a T (to a persnickety level), so any interruption from that and they get pissy. Whatever. Yesterday, she wasn't there and I had a pretty decent, low blood pressure day, so I'm pretty confident in myself already. She'll only be there for a couple more days next week, then I'm on my own.

What's everyone doing for Mom's Day? We're doing brunch with my parents and grandparents, then dinner with LeBoy's family. I got my mom a blankie (she's a nap enthusiast), a book and a candle.
i'm glad the job is going well Polly!! I was thinking about you. My granddad is gonna take the sofa I think You Aries like your comfort. He is hooked.

My mom wants to go see Spiderman 3 at the IMAX and then eat at the Weber Grill. I got her a candle and a card even though she told me not to get her anything. I had to get her a little something.
Yay for Grandpa Gazer and the comfy couch! Indeed, pretty thing I buy, I buy for comfort. Looks are a close second (especially shoes wink.gif )

I'm probably going to call my mom from the road; I sent a card and a subscription to Cooking Light. MIL is getting a pair of pink Crocs (long story).

have a great weekend everyone!
I'm sending my mom some flowers. They may be a little late, but luckily my parents know with what just happened last week. Maybe a nice spring mix. My dad told me no roses.

We've put in some calls to some lawyers but no response yet. I did see an old co-worker, yesterday and it was very hard not to say anything to about it. They all knew that my supervisor hated me, but I worked with a bunch of gossip hounds. I just said that I was bummed about it (which I still am), and I was looking for another job.

Heh! My doctor actually made a Spiderman reference yesterday. I laughed. They're going to increase one of the meds to see if it helps any. I still think having a seizure a month is a lot, but apparantly I'm on a low dosage on one med. Yet, I really like this new doctor. He doesn't try to talk above me, like a lot of neurologists have tried in the past.

I think Mcgeek and I are also going to go see Spiderman 3 in IMAX as well this weekend. Maybe Waitress as well (yeah we're both huge Nathan Fillons fans).

Polly, that's awesome about the new job!!


Everyone have a great weekend!

Hello lovely Kvetchies! I am having an absolutly wonderful day!

Big Gigantic Antikvetch!: Some of you knew I have been having a bunch of custody issues with my exhusband because he worked from home and watched my daughter while I worked, and I wanted Mr. Pixie to be able to watch her during the summer when she's supposed to be with me since he's a school teacher and will be home. Well, just as it was getting ugly, the ex had to change jobs and no longer gets to work from home, so the issue has almost completely resolved itself overnight! Literally! I just found out yesterday that he was losing his job and he started a new temp job this morning. So YAY! I feel like a giant weight has been lifted from me!

(((sassy))) Good luck with the job search! We are also planning on going to see Spiderman this weekend!

Polly, I am seriously envious that you get Fridays off! When our office is through with it's merger(about a year away) we might be going to Fridays off or at least half days. I can.not.wait!

Seriously jealous of Sonik and her empty wine bottle too! Mr. Pixie was looking through our honeymoon pictures last night and said, "I miss drinking with you so much!" tongue.gif

I am officially in the third Trimester now! I can't believe this little booger will be here in 3 months! My stomach was doing the wave last night!

Undie report: Red Bra and gigantic striped panties to cover by big stomach!

((((Bunny, Mornington, Yuefie, Rose, Stargazer, Amilita, Sidecar, Crassy, culture, Tes, and everyone else!!!))))
crappity crap. How long can it take for one transaction to post to your bank account? I mean, is there some kind of time limit for debit cards, like with paper checks? I just checked my bank account online and a transaction posted yesterday from a gas station in the town from which I moved. And haven't been back to in two months. It's a station I used to frequent, so I don't know if it's mine and taking an extraordinarily long time to post, or if something else is going on.

polly, the new job sounds sooo much better than the old one! I'm sure you'll be an old hand at it in no time.

sassy, I'm so glad you're pursuing action against your old job! Bastards should NOT be allowed to get away with that shit. Have fun at the Imax!

DM, Miami is AWESOME! You have a safe trip now.

star, yeah yeah yeah. So it was an F5 that did take out a whole town. I usually know about those, I swear! rolleyes.gif At least your comfy couch found a good home! [/obvious conversation changing] tongue.gif

sidecar, pink Crocs?!?! ~~~~~mystery vibes for martini~~~~~

Oooo, a vino-drinking sonik AND a crassy sighting! Whoo hooo! *waves to both*

(((bunnyb))) for getting that mandi song stuck in my head aaaallll day!

mornington, *smacks on bum* a'cos

~~~~~internet vibes for yuefie~~~~~

I'm assuming mando and zoe are still on their honeymoon. cool.gif

(((everyone I missed))))

oh, and: no undies, I'm still in my (right sexy) nightgown. Must go rectify that!

eta: x-post with pixie! *waves* hurray for the custody being worked out!
sidecar, those croc shoes are a crazy trend. i don't understand it. blink.gif i'm sure she will love 'em as much as she loves making her fruit salad or whatever she makes that repels you. laugh.gif where are you going that you will be in a car?? yes, i'm being nosey!!

polly, oh yeah for being off on fridays. you know, if you ever want to do something on a friday, then lemme know. my couch misses you!

pixie, oh good! very glad things have worked out for you. i can't wait for your bundle of joy to come out too!!

six, you can change the subject! wink.gif i just think you are cute. dude, there has got to be some other kind of motor transportation to get you up to the windy city. screw ikea. just come up to visit. yeah, i can be demanding sometimes dry.gif

what is up with everyone seeing spiderman 3 this weekend??

sassy, good that you are letting your folks fight for you. i just think it is terrible what they did to you. sad.gif

where's rose? Mando? Tes? Bunnyb? Morn? unsure.gif

antikvetch: so, i'm going to looptopia this evening. i probably won't be able to stay up too late 'cause tomorrow we are celebrating mother's day. kittenb is gonna join me. should be lots of fun!!

undie report: freeballin'. actually, i need to get my lazy arse in the shower... tongue.gif


ETA: oh, i'm gonna post a short convo i had with my mama in the okayers thread. it is cute. i blogged about it on myspace. if you are on should check it out...
Hmm, star, I might take you up on that- I'm thinking of doing the shelter thing every other Friday, since I can only do that 12-4, so that's a big chunk of the middle of the day gone, and I'm sure some Friday's I'll have other stuff to do. Today, I did some office work there, then fed and played with kittens and played with the cats. I had to clean up the cage of a cat with some yucky intestinal issues. Yum!

Ha, ha, I loved that convo with your mom, Star! Prophecy_grrl's inlaws (MIL specifically) are big fans of that show, but she and prophecy_guy can't stand it. They've told this to his mom, but everytime they see her, she asks, "Did you watch Dancing With the Stars this week?!?!" "No, mom, we've never watched that show. We never will watch that show." It's even funnier if you know his mom. She just doesn't let stuff drop.

Eek, crocs. I can see their practicality, for gardening or other outdoor stuff, but they are just too freaking ugly to be worn for other reasons. My mom wears them and I just roll my eyes.

Yay, Pixie for getting out of the ex watching minipixie this summer. I know how much anxiety that would have caused. Yes, I am loving this Fridays off thing. Besides the shelter, I met LeBoy for lunch. He works at a high school and we went to a BBQ place across the street from the school today. He's worked there 5 years and until today, never knew the kids had open campus for lunch. The place was full of kids, who he strongly dislikes (he's not a teacher or anything, so he can avoid them as much as possible), and we learned that from now on, we'll go after 1:00 when everyone's back in class.

I'd have your bank look into that, six- can you go back to when you think you might have last gone there and see if they charged you around that time? I think once you mention the word "fraud" to a bank, they'll start looking into it. Even if you have no record of it, the gas station should be able to prove that the charge is from whatever day.

((hugs to all))
((((sixie)))) tongue.gif

((((star)))) I loved what your mum said! (and what is this looptopia you speak of?)

((((pixie)))) oooh... not long now! and yay for the issues being sorted. It's good to hear you sounding so happy!

((((sassy)))) hurrah for nice doctors!

((((polly)))) glad the new job is good. No doubt they'll settle down once they see how capable you are.

((((sidecar)))) ooh, where are you going?

yay for wine ((((sonik))))

*waves to ((((crassy)))))* good luck with the fundraiser!

((((dm)))) have fun in miami!

((((mando, yuefie, bun, tes, plat, billy, pink, syb, missjoy, dusty, kitten, culture, everyone))))

Where is everyone? It seems really quiet recently. mellow.gif

Kvetch: something has gotten up indigo's butt. He's being so... peculiar. He woke me up in the early hours of this morning, but didn't want to go out - and then ten minutes later he did. And then later today he cried and cried until I chased the buns into thier cage (which I hate doing, because I have to scruff Pete - he hunkers down and refuses to move). When I let him in the room, he pee'd on the shopping bag I was keeping the buns stuff in. mad.gif

Antikvetch: I got my tattoo! I'll post pictures when the bruises have gone down - at the moment it's still all red; I look like I've been attacked by a steak tenderizer. But it's really rather beautiful; and the guy who did it did a wonderful job. I lov eet. I felt a bit faint partway through, but after a few minutes rest I was fine; I think it was just the sitting still combined with the adrenaline. And trying not to giggle, because despite stinging, the vibration of the needle actually tickled... which was just plain weird.

Right, I'm going to attempt to get hold of F again (silly boy isn't picking up his phone). I should know on sunday when he's going to be here - hopefully the end of the month. We had a lovely gooey chat yesterday, but I miss him dreadfully. I got all emotional on him the other night, feeling blue and far away, but it's all better now.

Night (((((kvetchies)))))

oh... pink boyshorts, black bra. Nothing exciting goin' on.
hello my lovlies ... thanks for missing me. sorry i've been so m.i.a. ... combination of working madcrazy extra hours (today is day 7 without a day off, ack) and fitting into new routines with maggie and zoe, who are slowly but surely becoming used to one another, praisegod. the outlaws want us to bring her down with us tomorrow, but i'm a bit nervous, even tho she's so good with people. she's my babygirl. i'm quite overprotective. (naw ... really?)

we watched the queen last night, and everytime we saw the corgis we'd say cute, but our corgi's cuter .... heh.

i feel so bad, i can't even do a proper catch-up today. everyone's in bitchface panic mode because the mother's day reservations are much lower than last year. i'm grabbing every call before the first ring.

massive kvetch: our new server sounds like a fucking LEAR JET taking off. and our computer geek is clueless. meanwhile, i found possible programming solutions online in less than 3 minutes, but on-the-rag office manager refuses to listen. the obnoxious, pervasive noise is not helping everyone's foul mood. 'specially mine. grrrr.

other massive kvetch: i need to bleed. i'm only spotting. double grrrrr.

i hope everyone's ok. specially tes.
big tight hugs for everyone. mwah.
SQUEE - a Mando sighting!

morn, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your tattoo!

*waves at crassy*

star, the boy and I will be booking last minute and ideally it will be a fortnight in the sun but as soon as I know, you will. If possible he and I will go for ten days and I'll see you at the tail-end of your trip in London. As for Edinburgh: well, I am biased but Glasgow is more beautiful than the capital and the time you are visiting will be chaos in Edinburgh with tourists for the festival and tattoo (although so much to see and do for the ultimate experience; the book festival also have a few big names appearing ever year). Saying that, you could do both as Glasgow is an hour away from Edinburgh although I wish I would be there to show you the sights (the same goes for any Scotland visiting kvetchies).

I saw Spiderman 3 this time last weekend. It was loooong.

I'm here but PMSing and tired from work (I worked a twelve hour shift yesterday for extra money for summer holiday). This weekend I am enjoying simple bunny time reading, watching dvds and catching up online. Alfred Hitchcock's Rebecca is on in a little while and I think I'll watch that with some B&J; I own the dvd as it's one of my favourites (as is the book) but it's been a while and that sounds like a great Saturday to me.

belated undies: raspberry girl shorts and non-matching purple bra.

(((((mando)))))) yay for zoe! And don't worry about introducing her to people - in fact, it's usually the case of the more people she meets, the better!

((((bun)))) fankoo m'dear!

tes, how are you?

So, yah, my tattoo. It's very red still - the red will fade to grey over the next few weeks. I'm already thinking about getting another...

Poor F isn't able to see his mum on mother's day, and they had a bit of an argument. Never mind that she's got three other sons visiting, and he lives the furthest away and is working. I can understand her being upset - apparently it's a really big thing to her - but F was so hurt that she reacted so badly. And I'm upset because I can't do a damn thing.

kvetch: it's raining. I've got the buns' outdoor run all set up, but because it's wet and cold i can't put them in it. They're getting annoyed with being in thier cage. And Indigo is antsy because he wants to go for a walk, but he doesn't like the rain. I threw him out this morning, and he started crying the moment he wanted to come back in (when he usually waits for a while)
hey y'all! happy mother's day to all the bustie mamas.

I was in Madison, where I went to college, for the weekend. An old boyfriend who is now a very close friend got married, so we went up for that and took an extra day so we could spend some time there. It's the city where Martini and I met, so we're quite fond of it. We went to our favorite restaurants, did some shopping, and bought a lot of cheese at the farmer's market. I'm glad to be home, though!

Martini bought his mom crocs because she decided she had to have them because everyone else does. Whatever. But she asked him to download some coupon off the Internet for her, and he couldn't find it, so she was all, "Well, I guess I'll just go without because I can't afford them without the coupon." They're $20 or something like that, so she can totally afford it. So he just bought them for Mother's Day.

The B&B we stayed at had a very sweet 3-year-old corgi in residence. I thought of Mandolyn. Now I want a corgi.
mornington, I love the tattoo. It’s great that it turned out how you wanted it.

((F)) Sorry to hear F and his mom had an argument about Mother’s day. A few years ago I was visiting Mr. DM in Canada on Mother’s day, and Mom DM guilt tripped me about it for years.

((mando)) Hope the server at work gets fixed, I can see how it would be annoying. Yay for the cuteness of your corgi, and I hope the trip to your family goes well with her.

polly, glad the new job is working out good. The first week is the hardest.

star, have fun a looptopia. What kind of dogs do your parents have?

((sixel)) Hope the bank thing is right.

pixie, yay for no custody issue for the summer.

((bunny)) Good luck with work.

sidecar, martini's mom sounds like my mom sometimes. Glad you and martini had a nice trip together.

((sassy, tes, rose, sonic, crassy, yuefie, pip, culture))

Twin DM and I got back from Miami Beach today. Overall the trip was really fun, we shopped, ate at some nice restaurants, went to a local concert, went to a comedy show, got sun at the beach and the pool and walked miles and miles. We saw so many cute dogs, which always makes both of us happy. The only thing I didn’t like about Miami Beach is the machismo attitude of many of the men. I swear we got about 10 comments a day from nasty men, and we were dressed very casual and not flashy at all. It just bothered me after awhile because I knew it wouldn’t help to tell to shut the f up. There are also many wildfires burning in Florida right now, and we had a detour on the way to Miami Beach and then really bad smoke on the way back. We did enjoy the trip for the most part.

For mother’s day we all went to my parent’s house and cooked on the grill. There were no arguments so that was nice.

Mornington, I LOVE your tattoo! That is amazingly beautiful! Does the bird represent something special to you?

Pixie, I'm glad to hear the custody issue got straightened out.

((((((Bunny, Mandi, DM, Stargazer, Sidecar, Polly, Sixel, DM, Sassy, Sonic, Yuefie (how is your friend?), CH, PnP, and everyone else!)))))))

I've been super duper busy lately. We close on the house one week from tomorrow! Amazing! But we still have oodles to do. The house still has to be appraised, which is scary. We're pretty sure that the appraisal value will be really close to the amount we're paying for it, so we're oping there won't be a problem. If things continue to go as planned, we will move our furniture into the new house on the 24th! Wee!
Yah hoo, 2/3 through the travel to my move smile.gif I was in the greater Pixieland (OKC) last night and had the *worst* food I have eaten in a long time. One more day for driving to get to AZ, whew!
Hi, all! I've been MIA cuz I've been obsessed with trying to list all the stuff I have to sell on eBay...some of it from my late aunt on behalf of my mom, and that's a little labor intensive cuz it's collectible stuff I'm not at all familiar with, so I must try to research before listing. AND we're getting ready for our opening next weekend. Whew!

Sidecar, isn't it Martini who sells a lot on eBay? Does he make a lot off of it? In a way, it seems like a lot of work for small amounts of money...but I guess if you keep relisting stuff, you only pay the one fee, eh? Does he have any not-obvious special tips for me? ETA: Actually, I thought of a specific question...who does he usually ship with? Small stuff is usually cheapest with USPS, right?

Happy mamma's day to all the mammas!!! Love the tattoo, mornington! Yay for the house, rosev! Yay for trips and no fighting and movies!!! Love to all!
Amilita - depending on the weight, with this latest hike in USPS prices, UPS isn't that much more compared to priority - and they've got far superior tracking/etc (requiring signatures, constantly updated tracking, automatic insurance for the first $100). Regarding relisting - it's only one fee if it doesn't sell AFAIK... but it's been about a year since I sold on eBay, that may have changed.
kvetch: please send vibes my friend michael's family's way. i called to wish her a happy mother's day knowing it would be kinda hard for her with michael gone. she told me his cousin (who had ovarian cancer) is not doing well and starting hospice. i just felt real bad for their family. they don't need another death so soon. plus, i cried yesterday when she told me how she went to bisit michael's gravesite with his nephew and he was all excited to place his flower and he said, "uncle mike, i miss you so much." yup, i was sad. sad.gif

i will properly individually vibe everyone later. off to visit granny....

"Greater Pixieland" amused me Q! Sorry the food was bad! If you are ever in the Tulsa let me know..I'll take you someplace good.

(((michaels's mom)))

Mornington..beautiful bird! I'm jealous! I want to get my tat soooooo bad! But I can't even think of it until after the baby is born. I'm not sure if they will even do it while I am nursing.

My mother's day was pretty great! Mr. Pixie got me a beautiful ring, flowers and a card. We went to eat at a new restraunt, and it was good. We also went shopping for the new little one which made me really happy! The ex also really surprised me by having minipixie give me one of Karen's Mother's Day bears! I'm not sure if me or Rose had given it to her...but I bawled pretty badly for a while. I can't even type it without getting tears in my eyes. I couldn't help remembering how fun it was being pregnant with minipixie and having her take me shopping all the time.

Anyway, Happy Monday to all the Busties!

Amilita, he usually uses USPS Priority Mail. His other basic tips are use Paypal (it's easier), keep it available only to US/Canada unless you're willing to wait forever for things to ship or deal with difficult postage calculations (it turned out to be a bigger pain in the ass than he expected, so he limits it to US & Canada), and remember to start with your prices very low -- most things bid up in the last ten minutes, so if he watches, say, a 6-day listing super carefully, he just makes himself crazy.

Also, clothes are never big sellers (I'm not sure what you're selling specifically), and you do only get charged the fee once.

He doesn't make tons of money, he usually sells books or comics, but it's enough that it's worth it to him. His take is that he'd just give it to Goodwill or it would take up space in our basement, so if he's making a little money off it, it's worth the time.
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