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rose, i'm so sad i'm not seeing any shows on dave's summer tour ... le sigh.

ooooo, another busticon over the pond! wish i could get some details, le pout. have fun, bunny!

color me in love with crassy's house too - especially that adorable, art-deco-themed bathroom! when i win the lottery and can finally decorate proper (unless i win big then fuckit, i'm MOVIN' ON UP!), i'm hiring you as my consultant. you have exquisite taste, doll!

btw, how's the s-i-l settling in thus far?

*sing hallelujah comeon get healthy vibes for rose & sidecar & crassy*
*jobbie vibes for sidecar*
*xtra-strength let-it-roll-off-your-back-they're-not-worth-it vibes for lively*
*good-news-from-the-doc vibes for mornington*

i don't wear my original wedding or engagement rings, which i was never completely enamoured of. i wear my gramma's antique engagement ring, which i love & sort of, um, stole from my dad, and the plain but sweet gold band the mr bought a few years ago on a whim. before the band, i just wore the engagement ring by itself, which was fodder for much amusement when i went out socializing sans hubby, hee. the mr doesn't wear his ring because, in his line of blue-collar work, he could easily lose a finger or something. he used to wear it on a chain around his neck, but hasn't in a while. i'm pretty sure he still loves me, though.

antikvetch: tech support came thru for danny's laptop. yes. DELL TECH SUPPORT. nicest woman in the world. guess we lucked out, or maybe they're actually turning their crappy rep around finally.

kvetch: he had to do a system-restore and lost a bunch of itunage.

antikvetch: LESSON LEARNED. zip drive land here we come.

and people, please, if you don't have anti-virus emergency restore disks, MAKE THEM NOW!

apologies for the voice-of-doom soapboxing.

black lace wacoal, satin panties of unknown color. (hey, it was waaaaay too long ago for me to remember!)
((((rose))))) aw, poor baby!
(((lively))) yes, you are fantastic!
((((((crassy)))))) thank you for posting those! I. love. your. house. I have a lot of the same colors in my place and am so jealous of your sewing area! Maybe I'd learn to sew if I had one that was so nice. Seriously, girl, you are a decor genius.

I take my rings off to go to bed and shower.

beige body by VS, black cotton VS bikinis. Pretty dull today, kids.
anti kvetch-we are going to an Indian Restraunt tonight! RV-same place you took me! If you are hanging around, what can I recommend to Mr. Picky? He loves lamb and doesn't mind some spice. I am going to have me some garlic naan!
anti kvetch-we are going to an Indian Restraunt tonight! RV-same place you took me! If you are hanging around, what can I recommend to Mr. Picky? He loves lamb and doesn't mind some spice. I am going to have me some garlic naan!
Sheff and I just went out for Indian last night! How funny! But the service at out Indian place here is nowhere near as good as our favorite Indian place in T-Town. Oh, how I miss that place! The family that runs that restaurant kicks some serious ass.

In fact, I recommend that you just ask your server for recommendations. I know they can help. Also, their menu does a pretty good job of describing the dishes. Note that anything in yogurt or cheese sauce will be fairly mild. The vindaloo is the hottest thing on the menu. It's delicious, but it will make your nose run! Sheff always likes to order a Mango Lassi - sort of mango milkshake - because it takes the edge off of anything that's too spicy. Plus, it's just plain yummy!

Love that garlic na'an! Now I'm hungry!

[Edited to change "Mando Lassi" to Mango Lassi". :-)
I am so drooling over your house, crassy! I can't wait for when we can move into a real house- I want a cozy old house just like that, not some new cookie-cutter thing. And where did you get that Mr. Burns doll? I want one!

((Pixie)) What about getting him a little box or something to keep in a safe place in the bathroom or on his dresser to put his ring in when he's taking a shower or sleeping or whatever. Like a manly jewelry box? I hate wearing any jewelry when I sleep, so my mom gave me her Waterford crystal ring holder, similar to this one. I keep it on my nightstand and put my ring on the post and my watch in the dish every night.

((everyone else))
*this post has been brought to you by a (very nice)australian riesling*

Yes, I'm drinking and posting. I'm blissed out here down the country, where I've retreated to write my ass off for a week. Except for, um, tonight, which I am taking off courtesy of said riesling.

((RV))feel better!

Crassy, I love your house, and I *love* the green tiles in the bathroom!

It's really lovely here;must retreat to family bolthole more often(it's not posh or anything, just at the other end of the country). I can hear birds chirping and everything. I'm actually looking forward to doing work in such surroundings albeit tomorrow.

Forgot to say: baby blue boyshorts and white brar.

(((crassy))) I love your house and I adore the bathroom sign
(((syb))) woo! for country retreats and riesling!
(((mando))) woo! for tech support! Although boo for loss of itunes.

aloo saag aloo saag aloo saag. saag paneer! ( Ilived in india as a child and hava a curry fixation).

I know I'm not a married lady (and according to my mother, even the lady is debatable) but I take my rings off to sleep in, but I leave the bangles on. I feel nekkid without them.

kvetch: the best gal pals and I were supposed to be going to see a tv show being filmed, but there were too many people so we couldn't get in.

antikvetch: we bought a couple of bottles of wine, and sat on a bench in St James' Park (we could see Buckingham Palace!) and got giggly instead. We must do that more often.

The doctor has put me on prozac. I'm going to give it a go; I know I need to go to therapy as well, but meds might help me calm down enough to look at therapy more rationally.

plain black plunge t-shirt bra, black net panties 'cos the pink ones were riding up a good inch above my jeans.

hope everyone has a good weekend ***love all round***
-2(bon jovi bon jovi bon jovi}
{{{{lively}}}} Baby, something has *got* to give for you! We're here for you.

(insert otherwise standard reading-and-vibing-if-not-commenting disclaimer here)

My rings go on only right before I leave the house, and come off as soon as I get home. GameBoy hasn't worn his as much lately because he gained some weight a while back and they've been snug, but it doesn't bother me; he keeps it in a safe place. Though I was more sensitive about it when we first got married.

We've been going and doing plenty, but it isn't that I don't have time to post; I'm just not much in a recap-my-life mode at the moment. Things are fairly level, work is still good, etc. - very little spectacular to tell, in either direction. Honestly, I've been kind of boring myself. :-)

It's cyclical, I'm sure. In a few months I'll probably be back posting every 15 minutes. Till then...I'm around and might pop up every once in a while...lurking at least 5 days a week...

Love y'all. Thanks tons for the mystery vibes - I'll let you know when I get an outcome.
Go Mornington. Saag paneer indeed.

I kind of stopped wearing my ring, because I had it resized up when I gained weight and I am reluctant to have it resized down. My dad gave it to me when I was sixteen. When I was nineteen, I took it off to wash my hands, and put it on the side of the basin. It apparently fell into the wastepaper basket, the basket was emptied into the garbage. My mom went ballistic on me when she found out it was missing and she was the one who insisted on looking in the garbage. She, I do believe, had her original engagement and wedding ring stolen when she took them off to wash her hands. Since then, I never ever take my rings off to wash my hands. I was going to suggest that maybe Mr. Pixie just isn't used to wearing a ring and so hasn't lost one that way, but he was married before, right?

On my way up to Mandi's on the train, I heard someone say that her sister had her hand slammed in the door and that the sister was told that if she hadn't been wearing a ring, she would have broken a finger. Which I thought was an interesting contrast to the usual warning that rings can be dangerous. Of course, I would rather break a finger than lose one.

Hee. Rose is talking hockey! Yes, Edmonton is not looking too good, and unless they get turned around on home ice, they could be in trouble. Mr. Dusty and I *touched* the Stanley Cup when we, er, went to the Hockey Hall of Fame coupla weeks ago on his birthday.
if i didn't take my rings off while i slept, showered, did dishes, anything potentially grimy or gros, i would totally get punched out by my friend dana the jeweller. she is very protective of all jewellery and gets really upset if her own standards of vigilance are not maintained. she once told me that if she ever saw me put lotion on with my rings still on my hand she wouldn't be my friend anymore.
she also holds some strong anti-platinum views but i won't go into that right now.

just popping in to say hello. i am recovereing from a moring spent in the elusive english sunshine and feel safest in our nice cool flat.

we got a new kitten a few weeks ago, his name is cousin oliver and he looks not too unlike amilita's wally. pictures can be seen on my livejournal.

been temping at a public library in london and am trying to find a proper 9-5 grown person's job.

the reactive arthritis is almost totally out of my system, bits of it are just hanging out in my hips and feet right now, but it is much better than it was a few months ago.

i am very jealous of all the fun had at casa de mando and wish i owned my own lear jet so i could have been there too.

hope everyone is relatively well and that the summer is treating you all kindly.
In Mr. Pixie's defense he does put it in a little dish so it was relatively safe on counter unless one of the cats decided to jump up and drink out of the sink. I was just not in the mood yesterday. I am very suprised so many people take off thier rings to sleep. I had never heard such a thing, and I tend to get rings a little snug because I have lost several and so I only take mine off for cleaning and when putting on lotion. And as for Mr. P being married before....he wasn't really married long enough to lose his first ring...just over 18 months. Sot gun wedding, and then caught ex wife in bed with someone else get the picture. Said ex now has 3 kids, 3 different dad's, and no one really expects marriage number two to last.

We have had a perfectly lovely day! We drove up to a city about 45 minuets away and ate at this little whole in the wall(RV, you will remember the place!) They make a hamburger by putting it on Texas toast, dumping fries all over it and smothering teh whole thing in gravy! It is the most artery clogging thing imaginable...but sooo delicious! Then we went to a museum for a few hours. Mornington, you will love this...a pygmy goat had gotten out of teh petting zoo fence and we had to chase it all over the place and put it back in. Once we got back in town, Mr.P decided we deserved some decadent ice cream from Cold Stone, and now we are preparing for our Indian cuisine and a night on the town. ( We were to tired to get dressed to go out to dinner last night)
Pixie, I know exactly which hole-in-the-wall you're talking about! What on earth did they call that sandwich, anyway? My mind is a blank.

So good to see you, Surly! Congrats on the kitten. Cousin Oliver is a fantastic name! Glad you caught a bit of sunshine. I hear it's rather warm over there this weekend. Makes me worry about what August might bring!

Dusty, I am only barely talkin' hockey. At this time, all I really know about hockey I learned while I was a figure skater ... and all I really learned was Do NOT Date Hockey Players! So I have a ton to learn. But I know the Oilers soundly beat the Hurricanes last night, so the playoffs must be getting interesting!

Our weekend has been fairly mild. We woke up early on Saturday to watch qualifying for the Formula 1 race in England. Then we watched the World Cup game between England & Paraguay (pardon me while I fly my flag o' St George over here). And then there was another World Cup game to watch and blahblahblah. My darling Sheff managed to get outside & mow the lawn (gotta love that man!) but I stayed inside & was just laaaaazyyyyy. Nice.

Anti-kvetch: By dear friend, The Ballerina is coming to visit us next weekend! And I'm going to visit her the following weekend! YAY!!!

Anti-kvetch: My parents will be here in just over a week! Double Yay!

Anti-kvetch: Sheff's mom is hoping to visit us in the fall! Triple yay!
Yay! Mr. Pixie loved the Indian food! He declared hat it will now be added to our curcuit of restraunts we frequent! And you are right Rv, the service there kicks ass! Mr. P was doubly impressed. And the hole in the wall sandwich is a "hot hamburger".

God, I almost feel bad now that I realize last nihgt was a playoff game. There are two couches in the club we like to karaoke at and when we got there last night it was inhabited by a bunch of people watching a hockey game...not being hockey fans ourselves, we kinda barged into their area. one the singing began the sound was turned off to their game and when it was over, they got up and barely made it across the room before grabbed the other couch and put it back in it's normal place.

Being lazy sounds so nice! Today we are going to the in laws to hear about their trip to the Virgin Islands and try to grab the rest of Mr. P's childhood things because his parents are adopting two teenagers this summer(yes, we think they are nuts!)and he won't have a room there anymore. Poor guy is taking it hard. Guess it hurts to cut that final apron string and no you can never move home again....

I am taking minipixie to get her hair cut tomorrow night! I can't wait. her hair is nearing her waist and it gets tangled durnign teh night and it is a mess to comb out in the mornings. I'll try to post pics as soon as I can.
Cousin Oliver! What a cute name...I've gotta go try to find the pictures. Glad you're feeling somewhat better, surly. ETA: Oh Mah Gah! He's so freaking adorable! I love when the black ones still have the tabby stripes! Awww!

Once I took my sister and brother-in-law to an Indian place and he loved it so was very cute. I wonder if they ever go back, though.

I wear my ring all the time, but I just wear the plain wedding band...the engagement ring has a little diamond that sits up very high and is kinda awkward. It's an heirloom, though, so I don't want to change it.

Crassy, I love the green tiles, too! I'd have bought that house just for the bathroom!

I've been having a great week in some ways...very busy with arts events, like this mayor's arts awards Friday and a benefit auction for an arts center tonight...and then with a performance art thing Friday and a dance concert last night and seeing Sarah Vowell this Tuesday.

But I've also been melencholy lately due to hurricane season and things not working right...this city's water system is totally messed up. There has been all this stuff about how much it's leaking out and how the low water pressure makes it hard to put out fires. And then there are lots of fires due to a combination of things like low population, lots of squatters, and weird electrical things. And we're about to lose federal funding for the water-dumping hellicoptors they need to help control the fires.

And then yesterday we lost water service for the afternoon...this was after I got up and the streets were all wet though everything else was dry and it was sunny. I suspect something busted. At least it was fixed when we got home last night.

And it was my dad's death anniversary last week and I wanted to commemorate it somehow but I was so busy I forgot the day and then just felt sad the day after.

*Sigh* And we're gonna look at more evacuation houses on Tuesday, but I get so emotionally wrapped up in the idea of having a safe haven...we really may find something better, but it's such a rollercoaster.

And I just talked to my mom about, among other things, my oldest nephew who is SO awesome but is having socialization issues. He's one of the kindest kids I know but he has a hard time with getting bullied sometimes and it breaks my heart. My sister-in-law is trying to get him into this group that helps with teaching social skills and stuff...oh, I just want him to be happy.

I think sometimes things can turn around for people at different not-so-great high school experience but great college experience or adulthood or whatever. And our painful experiences can shape us in good ways as much as happy experiences.'s hard.

I'm just not lighthearted, and I don't think I will be until fall.

I've been thinking about planning our one-year wedding anniversary party (ya know, because our wedding got Katrina-ed) and I just can't get into it. It'll still be hurricane season then...and I don't feel mentally capable of making any plan beyond getting through this summer/early fall. I guess I'll just do it when it's closer to the time.

Love to all.
i hate moving. that is all.

(but i've finally got most of my prints on the walls, so at least it doesn't feel quite as sterile in here)

after i finish hanging my pictures and take out at least one box of boxes, i'm gonna run to target to get a tension rod and yet another torch lamp. and if i meet my goals for the day (as paltry as they are: unpacking all the clothing, actually finishing the dishes in the kitchen, and doing the test drive to work so i have an idea of when i ought to leave tomorrow), i'm going to go out to a mexican joint for dinner! then again, i may go anyway :P
I had a nice weekend. Saturday was shopping and Sunday went to see A Prarie Home Companion.

((quantum)) Moving is so exhausting, good luck with it all.

amilita, sounds like you've been busy. I find being busy helps keep me from stressing because I don't have time to worry.

rose, yay for visits from family and friends.

I wear my wedding rings almost always, the only time I take them off is when I clean and when I go to the beach. Mr. DM takes his ring off to take a shower or swimming. My rings are a little loose, but I already had them sized down. I think I'm just not used to wearing rings, I never wore many before getting married.

((Busties have a great week))

((Good news))
heeeyoooge anti-kvetch: a fantabulous weekend in Las Vegas. No, I didn't win huge, but it was a wonderful weekend still. Sis and I did manage to win $40 which paid for our taxi while we were there, and then $20 twice. I took a tiny framed picture of my mama with me. She was a Vegas nut, and the picture was of her in front of her favorite slot maching, the Wheel Of Fortune with the red, white & blue 7's. So I found the same machine, waited for it to open, set her picture up on top of the machine and put in five bucks, got a spin, won $40 and cashed it out. I was happy with that :-) I'm not much of a gambler anyhow, I love my money too much and can always think of something I could have purchased with it ;) So the real reason we went was to go to the "Reggae In The Desert" festival to see teh uber hawtness of Michael Franti. I was right in front of the stage watching him bounce his sexy self around and good maude, that man makes me weak in the knees. I got to meet him afterwards and being the lame dork that I am, I got really nervous and didn't say anything. My sister posed for a picture while I stood there frozen like an idiot. Oh well, he is even more beautiful in person than I imagined. He jumped out in to the crowd and started hugging people when his set was over and stayed and hung out with everyone for a long time. They day was gorgeous, hot, but really beautiful out. I got a pretty henna tattoo on my back, some bracelets and just had an all around good time.

Things around here are alright. I have agreed to a sit down talk with the offender and the way I see it, if everything was said as it was presented to me, this person has to face me and admit it knowing as much as I do that they are lies. That is not going to be easy, so I do not envy that position. And if things were in fact twisted around or whatever the case may be, well then they still have some explaining to do. Either way, I know I didn't deserve the attack, so I am going to quit worrying about it. I realize this, people are always going to be hating ass shit talkers, only I can learn to let the shit roll right off my neck and not let it get to me so much. It's just sometimes easier said than done.

((((((((BUSTies)))))))))) you are all the best! thanks for all the vibes and lovin' :-)
thanks DM! i'm actually down to just unpacking a few containers of clothes, and then the random stuff. i'd feel a TON better about it, but ... my job (the one i'm starting *today* eek!) is sending me on travel until next monday on wednesday. eek!

the cats are mostly behaving now. no more hiding under the bead 24/7, and they've mostly stopped howling for their old kitty roommates. fenris is running around and pouncing on stuff and playing, and phantom's currently curled up in the window.

it feels weird to be on eastern time. the nightly tv shows have really thrown me off as far as time goes - central and mountain show nightly teevee from 7-10, not 8-11.
(((amilita))) I'M anxious about hurricane-season, i can only imagine how scared you're feeling. they are already overhyping alberto, and it's only the first one for chrissakes. i have a feeling they're going to do this with every single tropical depression.

and if i didn't have the prayer cards from my grandmother's and father's funerals, i'd actually forget their death anniversaries. i'm sure that says something deeply psychological, and would be fodder for therapy were i so inclined. my grandfather's death anniversary is easy: my birthday. :-(

q, sorry i missed the details - where you you now? and congrats on the new jobbie!

lively, your weekend sounds like just what the doctor ordered. glad you had some well-deserved fun, sweets. hope that other crap gets resolved in a good way.

surly, thanks for dropping by and recapping. i have such a hard time keeping up in the land of LJ.

*continued whatever-you-want vibage for plummie*

(((mornington))) because you're a brave chica for taking the plunge and taking good care of you.

kvetch: even tho i had a nice relaxing saturday evening (we watched better off dead ... "i want my two dollars!" ... hee) & sunday, once more, i'm mourning the loss of a real weekend. but i'd best quit complaining, cuz i think this is the way my summer's going to be. they are so not hiring a weekend receptionist like they promised, grrr. the antikvetch will be the massive brownie pts i'm earning, the nice fat paychecks when i work 6 days, and/or having sundays and mondays off with the kidlet since this will be his first summer on true vacation (no daycamp) since he was 6 yrs old. but i am just so addicted to having weekends off, it's criminal. le sigh.
So good to see you, QSpice! I was thinking about you this weekend and wondering about the big move. Do you think you'll stay with this place for a while or will you be on the move again soon? It'd be nice if you could just stay in one place for a while.

Hooray for Lively's weekend in Vegas! I think it's super sweet that you won all of that money on your mom's favorite machine. I must admit that I share your same feelings about money & gambling. Makes me nervous!

DM, hope you liked Prairie ome Companion. I've heard good reviews so I'd like to see it.

((((((big hugs for Amilita))))))

I guess I need to get together a hurricane kit this year. I've never done this, so I really don't know where to start. Plus, I can't help but wonder if it's really necessary, seeing as I live a couple of hours in-land.

Mandi, I wish I could help you at work so you didn't feel so overwhelmed & overworked!

Pixie, how short are you going to cut Mini's hair? Please just do a litle trim. I loooooove her long soft hair!

Sheff and I got some fish last week - just three guppies to get us set up again. Well, what do you know, but one of the females was pregnant! So we have teeny tiny baby guppies swimming around! Here's hoping the older ones don't eat them. Eep!

Pixie, you'll appreciate this. I am developing a fixation with cook books. Lately whenever I go to the book store, I linger in the food section. Even when I wander to the magazines, I still hang out around the foodie mags! You know what this means, don't you Pixie. It means I am in danger of turning into our ex-mother-in-law! Gotta keeps this in check! I mean, there's nothing wrong with cooking, but I can NOT buy 200 cook books that I'll never use!
But that book from America's Test Kitchens looked really great ...

Kvetch: No cash. And no way to access it easily in this state. Grr. Gotta fix that.
((((amilita))))) that's a lot. thinking of you...

I saw Prairie Home Companion yesterday, too, and loved it.


So, I live in the money pit. There's the matter of our kitchen floor (we were supposed to have it replaced three weeks ago but the subfloor was in such bad shape, they are coming tomorrow to tear it out and replace it with plywood, then a subfloor, then tile). And then we bought some new lighting for our kitchen and dining room, and discovered while installing it that our wiring on one of our circuits is totally fucked up. Like sparks flying out when the circuit was turned off and shit. So we're having someone come in to fix it this afternoon. Later this summer, we have to have a new fan installed and a replacement window put in our bathroom. We're also having it redrywalled b/c our neighbor's tub and toilet leaked into our roof and walls, but she is paying for that, thankfully.

We thought our home improvements this summer would be minor, inexpensive things, and while these are things that need to be done, it just sucks that they're all happening at once and have balooned without us not really being able to anticipate (and thus save for) them. Good thing I paid our credit cards off earlier this year so we can deal with it.

Ah, homeownership! On the upside, our place will look pretty great when we're all done.
RV...Frankly, I am thinking of cutting minipixies hair similar to mine! It is so fine that it knots very easily when she is sleeping and it is an absolute horror to try and brush out in the mornings when we are rushing around to get ready. Plus, even Mr. Dust was wanting me to cut it short prior to the wedding and I dug in my heels and said not till summer.
As for your cookbook fixation, you realize the solution don't you? You work out a deal with Smokeboys family to buy her old ones. It's not like any of them are actually going to break them open and use them! I haven't gotten up the nerve to bring up any of her old things that I would like to have for minipixie.

Can I ask for some mysterious vibes too? I should be finding out something pretty important tomorrow.

((QSpice)) Mr. Pixie and I have lived in our house 8 months, and I don't know that I would truely say that we are completely unpacked! But we are doing pretty good. I have been through all the boxes at least once. My first two houses still had unpacked boxes when I moved on to the next house!

(((all busties in danger of hurricanes)))
((everyone in hurricane-affected areas)) sometimes I'm so glad I live in the midwest. I whine about the occasional 22" snowstorm, but I think I'd rather that than a hurricane.

Pixie, if you want to keep her long hair, would it be possible for you to braid her hair every night before she goes to bed- I've been doing that for years (even though my hair is much shorter than it used to be) and it's so much easier to deal with in the morning. ~*~*~mystery vibes~*~*~

((sidecar)) ugh, I'm not looking forward to the inevitable big emergency house expense I'll have at some point. So far, things have been minor and we have enough family and friends who are mechanically-inclined that we've been able to save on labor costs. Our project this summer will be putting in laminate flooring, paid for by our tax returns. I'm really loving living with someone and getting a double return. Next year we'll be buying either a new mattress or a new couch, whichever one I can tolerate less by then.

I've heard good reviews for PHC- is it worth it to see on a big screen (about $9 around here) or should I wait a few months for Netflix?

Had a good weekend- introduced a friend to sushi at our favorite sushi place on Friday. Our friend didn't get into the sushi (didn't like the seaweed taste- I suggested he try nigiri next time) but he did like his chicken teriyaki and it meant more sushi for my boyfriend and I! Woohoo!

Saturday, a friend came over and I got to use my new little grill for the first time. I made hot dogs and chicken breasts and it turned out pretty well.

Yesterday we had my boyfriend's nephew's Christening. I had to search high and low for a Christening card that wasn't over-the-top religious. I know that sounds ridiculous, but as someone who doesn't believe in Christianity, it's very awkward to give a card that's so sappy and religious. Hallmark makes all those "Simply Stated" cards for birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc., why not for Christenings?

I'm taking a mental health day from work today. I didn't sleep well (see the dream thread) and I just don't feel like going in.
Hee. That kid should hang out with the twin girls from the Shining. That'd learn him.

Mando, I love love love my weekends. I found it stupidly hard to get working yesterday despite my inflexible deadline and tranquil work environment. It just felt wrong to work on a sunday, because sunday for me=lazy day. So: I feel for you.

((((amilita)))) ... I do think wally and cousin oliver are (unbelievably cute) cosmic kitten twins.

Working away here. I haven't spoken to anyone in days, except for my grumpy bf. And I've been rewarding myself with Ben & Jerry's ice cream each evening (we don't have a working freezer at home, so it's a treat). When this is done, I will be fat and devoid of all social skills. But word count is growing... not that I should be looking.
This may be too much inconvenience for a Minipixie, but, as well as braiding, I never brush my hair, I only comb it in the shower when it has conditioner in. I thought it was worth saying because now I know how we could have avoided the horror that was the morning wire brush ritual when I was a kid.


(((All Kvetchies)))

To say that the Hurricanes got trounced on Saturday night might be overstating it a bit :-)

Toronto is *such* a hockey town, but it is also called the most multi-cultural city in the world, whatever that means, so everywhere you look these days there are flags of every nationality in honour of the soccer.
Thanks for all the suggestions guys, but really it is the fact that minipixie doesn't sit still for anything to be done to her hair that is making it necessary. Plus, her hair curled so cute as a baby. I am hoping once the length is off it will curl up again. My baby is definitely not a morning person. I usually have to prop her up rag doll fashion to work on her hair as she is trying to fall back to sleep. I was the same way about my hair...but I have less patience than my mother.

Sidecar, I totally agree about home ownership. Right now we are working through some minor remodeling type of projects. This weekend Mr. Pixie get sto start on a privacy fence! And my kitchen has this horrible yellow and orange fruit striped wall paper...I can not wait to tear that out! But once it is all done my house will be perfect for me! My ex and I started lots of remodeling projects at our old house, but never finished any of them so our house was in a continuous state of repair. We are taking our time and doing one thing at a time and it all seems to be coming together nicely.

(((pixie))) & (((minipixie))) yay! pygmy goats! Honestly... I want me one. ***mystery vibes***
(((txplum))) ***more mystery vibes***
(((surly))) yay for kittens!
(((rosev))) yay! for all your antikvetches. I love cookbooks too.
(((amilita))) I'm fretting over you, although I'm sure you'll be fine and will be sorted out.
(((lively))) yay! for reggae and winnings and good weekends.
(((mando))) boo! for lost weekends but yay! for danny on vacation!

who'd I miss? ((((everyone))))

It's rather warm here... the warmest yet (somewhere in the eighties, which is damned hot for here). And I can't open my window properly, so my room is airless and hot.

The weekend was good; bon jovi were sheer brilliance on saturday night. Although I'm sick of the football already... especially those little flags people insist on putting on thier flags. But provided I stay away from the radio and the tv I can avoid it.

Antikvetch: meeting up with Bunny for a lovely wander around and a chat.

kvetch: cramp. has just arrived. bleargh.

I'm off to buy ice-cream. and cheese. Because I want cheese and crackers for my dinner. mmm...

(((love to all)))
mornington..we want one too! My mom has a sort of farm..we'd like to get one and keep it there. This one was a baby! And he cried the whole time we were chasing him..and then the little bugger screamed like nothing I have ever heard when I finally got ahold of him! He was so worked up, I am almost surprised he didn't faint! I used to have a pet goat...he got his leg pinned against a tree where he was staked. He bawled for a while and right as I came around the corner to get him, he fainted dead away! Gosh, fainting goats give me the giggles....
awwww, you guys are so nice about the house! i'm in love with it from the moment i first saw it and even after slaving w/repairs for 2 years. you guys inspire me to keep goin! the green tiles & bathroom are my favorite too- i call them 'jade' when describing them because they vary in color. i made sure to re-grout the bathroom cause i don't want to lose one of them.

polly, the mr. burns was a gift to the mr. so when he got frustrated w/his boss he could punch it, i'll have to ask my friend where she got it.

i never take my wedding ring off ever, and now that i've gained some weight it hurts when i try to take it off so i just leave it on. the mr. does the same.

aww, i've gotta check out surl's new kitty!

(((amilita))) that stinks, you don't deserve that drama!

(((sidecar))) i know all about unexpected expenses in the form of house repairs. i kick myself for not learning more about plumbing from my dad!

my s-i-l is actually doing pretty well i think. she got a job pt and is asking for them to make her ft so we'll see. she also got her address changed, looked into a couple of banks to start a savings/checking acct. called the job training center near us and figured out the bus and train system. she found the route to work for today and even tried it out yesterday. she did her laundry, washed her sheets and towels and she pitched in on the sunday straightening up we try to do weekly and she went to see her boyfriend via the train on saturday night. she did so well we took her out to dinner. i hope things continue to go this way. as a reward to myself i got myself the cutest strawberry pj's that i'm going to make into short pj's tonight --i figured since i now can't walk around the house nekkid anymore i might as well look cute!
hang on pixie... goats faint?! mwah-ha-ha! I love goats for some reason, I think thier faces are more expressive than sheep - we have some at the uni farm and they're so funny (especially when they start trying to eat your clothes). But the pygmy goats have those shaggy coats and are so tiny.

yay! crassy and yay! for s.i.l. - good to know she's making progress and an effort. and that you're ok.

kvetch: my ben&jerrys is melted, and I think it was melted when I bought it - and our freezer is crap and doesn't freeze icecream well.
night ((((everybody)))
Thanks, everyone who is thinking of me. I'm down and I'll just warn you guys that I think I'm gonna need this place to vent. I can't do it so much with the people I'm with, because they are here, too, ya know? But I'm having a hard time, and I think it's gonna come and go during hurricane season. So thanks in advance.

Rosev, I wonder how prepared for hurricane season you need to be. Some locals will know, I'm sure. Wouldn't hurt to at have a nice supply of flashlights and batteries, at least.

When I wasn't sure if we could come home, I was trying to think of where else I wanted to live and I thought of my midwest home...and then I thought of tornados and the huge fault line up there. And of the northwest...and the fault lines there. Everywhere that sounds somewhat interesting to me there is danger.

On the one hand, there are places without particular seasons during which you must have a constant level of anxiety. On the other hand, you have warning for a hurricane...not so for an earthquake. It's depressing to think about all this stuff. Bleh.

On the anti-kvetch side:
* at a silent auction to benefit an arts institution, I put in the minimum bid for a small 3-pc set of airplane-themed paintings and won them! My first silent auction.
* I started painting my interior walls. Just covering the stains now, but I've started!
* We ~finally~ close on the land we are selling this Friday! If you remember, we accepted the offer on my birthday, April 10. The money will sit and wait to pay taxes (people in this region have an automatic extention 'til Aug), but at least we will have it ready to go for that purpose...and then I think we need to take a nice vacation in the late fall!
* We are going to look for another evacuation station tomorrow...I think I have my head on straight to do it. Not gonna panic or get attached to anything.
* My friend gave me two big pieces of silk icy lavander and one yellow/orange. Another friend hooked me up with 3 very fancy picture frames...big wall-sized ones. Art deco-ish.

So, some things are great.

Crassy, so glad sis-in-law is doing so well! Hope she keeps it up.

~~~work-get-done vibes for sybarite~~~

~~~house-be-good vibes for sidecar~~~ It IS always something with houses. Sorry it's coming all at once for you guys.

Yay for polly's mental health day!

Boo for mornington's melted ice cream! Although I like ice cream soup- yum!

Rosev, I LOVE cookbooks, but I have so many recipies in the ones I already own that I haven't tried to make. It's fun to look up stuff on and that is free!

Mando, it's hard to work 6 days a week! I don't even think 2 days a week off is enough. It can certianly be worth it, but feel free to kvetch about it. What is Danny gonna do this summer? My nephews have apparantly been watching TV nonstop so far. :-)

Love to everyone I missed! I'm really grateful for this thread and for all of youse.
((amilita)) I feel you anxiety about hurricanes. I've been through a few of them, but none that have been devasting to my specific area.

Right now we have tropical storm Alberto coming right for us, and it may become a hurricane. I'm scared to go to work tomorrow because the building I work in is in a flood zone. They are saying the storm surge is going to be 4-6 feet, and that would flood the roads where it would make it almost impossible to drive on the roads. If my company doesn't give us the day off, I may just not go in. But part of me knows I can't just not go to work everytime there's a storm. I already had much anxiety today over this, and I don't know if I can handle another day of it. I know there are bad weather things everywhere, but this is one reason Mr. DM and I want to get out of Florida.

I'm sorry I can't concentrate to Bust properly. ((Busties))

((Good news))
(((designerm))) (((Florida)))
yay for great weekends, new homes & projects, mental health days, yummy indian food, good concerts and BUSTie meet-ups!

boo-hiss to bad freezers, hurricanes, family & work related drama, stressful work overload, bad dreams, & illness!

((((Amilita, DM and any other BUSTies in hurricane territory)))))

We are always here for you to vent.

((((mornington & bunnyb))) you are both such sweeties :-)

(((mandi)))) cause I just love me some mandi

(((anoushh))) how are you feeling? so glad you are back home!

~~~mystery vibes for plummie & pixie~~~

((((crassy, sidecar, rosev, dusty, sybarite, polly, qspice, surly & anyone I'm missing))))

Quick drive-by before going to bed:

(((all Busties)))

~North "man of few words" pole~
(((Amilita & DM)))

Mornington, fainting goats have myotonia, it makes them stiffen or fall over when startled. I think it's a recessive gene combination that started in Tennessee back in the day. It doesn't seem to hurt them at all and there was a funny video doing the rounds. Dear god, there is even an International Fainting Goat Association.

In amazing stroke of luck news a woman I work with has just put in a new kitchen, designed around a huge side-by-side fridge/freezer, and she gave me her old fridge that still works fine for just 20 pounds so replacing our dead fridge/freezer has been almost painless. I was afraid our flat was about to turn into the money pit but not quite yet.

Love your house as well, Crassy. It looks SO CUTE from the outside! Swoon. Hope your SIL continues in the current vein.

I'm on holiday this week and LOVING it. The Edinburgh marathon was ok, it was really hot and I got really nervous from standing around waiting to start (we did it as a relay but I was the last 5 miles) plus my section had all the hills so I went slower than I was hoping but it was good enough. The results haven't been posted yet but I think our team did it in about 4 hrs which is pretty good for a bunch of slackers. The really cool thing is that a Scottish woman won the women's race after the Kenyan who was leading dropped out with heat exhaution (cool that a Scot won it, I mean, although of course I feel bad for the Kenyan). The first few men to finish were all Kenyans. I saw them at about mile 3 and then again at 21 miles (my changeover point) and they were just barrelling along.

I think the best relay team were the Sikhs in the City, the five of them have a combined age of 400 including the oldest marathoner in the world, a 95-year-old guy!! Very inspiring.

Yesterday I failed spectactularly in my mission to not spend a lot of money this week by buying two pairs of really cool shoes, one of them at least was with leftover birthday money so I can sort of justify it.

On Thursday boy and I are heading down to York for a few days to visit a friend, everyone says it is really lovely so it should be good fun.

I drew Argentina and Holland in my work World Cup pool so I am suddenly a bit more keen to watch the games! I have at least a hope of winning... Dusty, they are showing the Stanley Cup Playoffs here live but of course they're on in the middle of the night. Finaman has been going to bed early and getting up from 1-4 am to watch the games but I just don't love it that much.

Right, I am off to the beach across the river to see the seals, I've already missed the low tide but hopefully they'll still be hanging out there. Friends of ours who live further down the river than we do saw 6 dolphins last week!
I alway knew our lecturer was keeping the fun stuff back *makes note of this* (honestly fina, how do you know this?)

yay! for beaches and seals and freezers and silent auctions and painting and silk
((((dm))) thinking of you too! ***goaway alberto***

I'm procrastinating. Does it show?

*mwah* to all.
The first time I saw fainting goats it was on National Geographic. They had a whole mountainside of goats and someone fired a shot into the air and the entire herd dropped!

Thanks for the vibes. I found out what I needed to just wasn't the answer I wanted.

Minipixie's haircut went well and she looks adorable! I had it cut like mine, but at shoulder length so it can still be pulled up into a small ponytail. It is trying to flip out at the ends. I am going to see if I can find some of that curling shampoo for kids and see if it brings back her baby curls.


Fainting goats!

OMG. We had a visit from some out-of-towners at work. Without going into too much detail, they pay a third party for the visit but we don't get any money. Someone left her notebook with us, so I called her and dropped it off *at her hotel* so that she would have it for Friday because noone would be in the office on Friday. Ummm, did she call to thank me after she got it?
I think I'd drop too if I heard a gunshot.

Fina, York is a great city to visit. I really enjoyed it both times I went.

I've been thinking of everyone in hurricane prone areas, especially Amilita (considering what you went through last year.) I will keep everything firmly crossed that things are ok.

As for how it is to be home, it's stressful, of course. We're living with my parents, in their house, and they are huge hoarders, essentially. (It's slighlty more complicated than that, but it gives you the idea.) We feel like we are constantl y fighting for space. They made some space in "our" room, but you'd think they would have "got" it--like at least given us one room that was cleared out. THey have the rest of a four bedroom house with large living room, dining room, and family room, for god's sake. And the 2nd room which we were told would be "ours" is FULL of stuff, including a ton of scary civil war stuff. Excuse me, but there is no way I can even get throught he door with a baby, let alone sit in there and breastfeed an infant with swords and uniforms and soldiers' pictures staring down at me.

My father is so defensive I can't even talk to him about it, and my mother isn't much better. Worse, she tends to poo-poo my concerns whenever I bring it up (which I did well before we were here, and I was told not to worry.)

Anyway, they are away for right now, and will be back in about a week. When they get back we are going to propose paying rent for the back two rooms. They can use that money to rent a storage unit if they want to store stuff for now. (They could afford it anyway, but that's not the point.)
If they don't want to do this, then we need to, somehow, find another place to live. (I don't know how we'd do this as we have no income, but we'd have to do it somehow.)

I'm so stressed about money as we are both unemployed and before the mister can get a job he needs to get his CDL here. I don't know what kind of job I can get being half way through a pregnancy, but I'm looking. We need some income.

None of this is a suprise to me. (Ok, the amount of stuff in both those rooms, especially after they made such fuss about what a huge amount of work they'd done to get it ready for us and how much they took out was a bit of a surprise.) I knew it wouldn't be an easy transisition to come back home, and it's going to be while before we get things in some semblance of order and move toward the life want. But unless we waited for YEARS there was no way to move back here except this way. That wouldn't have been good.

I also don't think they realize that I cannot do what my mother did physically during her pregnancies. When she was pregnant with me she was 26. In 3 days I'm 40 years old. It's not the same.
I don't need to be spending this much of my time and physical energy trying to make a bit of inhabitable space.

So this is a hard time, though I'm glad to be back, glad the kitties made it safely, and glad to see my dog. I just keep reminding myself that this is a process, and we've done some of the hard part , and there's some more hard stuff ahead, but at least we aren't at the very beginning of it and are moving closer to our goals, even if it's slower than I want it to be.

On an anti-kvetch note, my nausea seems to finally be gone. (I do have a ravenous appetite all of a sudden, but that's another story.) Also some very good friends live around the corner, and I keep running into people I know and like around town, which is nice. Also the library here is great.
And there is a great taqueria just up the road that is (as they are) very cheap.

ETA another anti-kvetch:
From the Independent (UK newspaper)
Today's forecast: hot, with rising levels of smog, asthma and hay fever
By Jeremy Laurance and Michael McCarthy
Published: 13 June 2006

Soaring temperatures have prompted a rash of medical alerts, amid fears that smog will choke British cities this summer. As the country recorded its hottest June 12 for 80 years.....

So at least we're not dealing with that. I hate hot weather.
More than you needed to know about fainting goats:
and about another animal that also suffers from myopathy, the Rottnest Quokka:
But surely you already knew that.
Anoushh, that sounds really tricky. Best of luck to you three. And hoping that some money will fall out of the sky for you.

I'm really excited about visiting York now, we never go anywhere interesting in England. Our friend there has a cider test for me, woo! I am confident I can pass it!

The fainting quokka looks awesome. If 'k's were more common in Scrabble I would attempt to memorize that animal as it could be really helpful.

Mornington, I think either my mum or my brother sent me the link to the fainting goats video awhile ago. When they came up in here I searched again for the video clip and got sucked into the website for the International Fainting Goat Association. I do love the interweb for exactly things like this.

Sadly I missed the seals but watched high tide come in and lay on the beach in the sun reading my book in complete solitude so it was still a lovely afternoon.

OH! And I discovered last night that friends of ours are having their wedding ceilidh at the place we thought might be suitable... it is a mere 75 pounds to hire the place for a night!!! Yes please. And that includes cleanup and a late licence. So I think we are going to seriously consider this plan.
(((annoush))) i moved back in with the rents at age 33 with a husband & baby in tow. it was the hardest 4 yrs of my life. and the best, since i got to spend precious time with my dad. there has to be a LOT of give and take and compromise. try to look on the bright side, sweetie. many people have parents who would never take them in (ie: my outlaws). the built-in babysitting is going to be a godsend too, you'll see!

kvetch: it seems like every.single.woman i know is waiting on their period. is the bleeding planet in retrograde or something? sheesh. today i just want to go home and crawl under the covers and cry my fool ass off. and i have no good reason why, except that my cycle is wonky. and i'm old. and fat. and i have a dead-end job with no clout. and i hate my wardrobe. and my coworkers. and my hair looks like ass today. and my underpants are too tight. and .... and .... and .....
((MANDO))I'd give you my period if I could honey!
It started just like clockwork this morning even though I was kinds hoping it wouldn't.

Living with 'rents as an adult can be hard. I had to move in with my mom briefly when Mr. Dust and I were splitting up. I was lucky that I was able to maintain some semblance of privacy by staying in their travel trailer. It was very small, but it was just big enough for minipixie and I. I had to have some space just to myself to work through all the issues in my life at the time without being preached at.

It's seems like the tropical storm is not going to be a big deal where I live. We only got rain, a lot of wind and really dark skies. I didn't go to work because I was worried about flooding. It has been a nice relaxing day.

I moved in and out of my parent's house many times in my late teens and early 20's. I moved out for good when I was 25. It's nice to know I always have a place to go, but my parents drive me insane sometimes. They argue often, and my mom always has to have the tv up full blast. That said my parents would do anything in the world for me.

((mando)) You made me laugh with "my hair looks like ass" line. Hope the period comes soon.

((annoush)) It sounds stressul at your parent's place, but maybe they will move some things once you talk to them again. My father is defesive and stuck in his ways too, so I understand somewhat. Good luck that the hubby gets his CDL soon.

((dusty)) Your good deed with the notebook will bring some good things I'm sure. too bad the person didn't call to say thanks.

((fina)) Yay for an affordable fridge.

((mornington)) Boo for melted Ben and Jerry's, that's why I don't buy it because it melts so fast. I do love the Chunky Monkey flavor though.

((crassy)) It's good to hear that your s-i-l is doing well.

For those that asked about A Prarie Home Companion, I'd say it was good but it could be a wait for dvd film. I laughed, but not that much.

((Busties rock))

((Good news))
i love goats too, especially the ones with the long ears. my dad raised goats as a kid so he'd always get excited when we went to a fair that had them.

(((amilita))) i don't think there are many places that aren't in danger of something happening. and just from my little experience with flooding when the firefighters had to take me out of my car, i don't even like puddles now and i get really nervous if i hear a report on the news about flooding in the area, so i can just imagine how you must feel! we are totally here for you to vent as needed.

(((dm & florida)))

fina reminded me, the mr. ran a 5K on sunday and came in 2nd in his age group! he even got a medal. i'm proud, even if i can't understand why someone would run without being chased.

aww! minipixies haircut sounds so cute!

(((anoushh))) my mom is the same way w/clutter and it's hard for us just to spend 4 days visiting. i hope you can work something out with them! do you think they'd be pissed if you moved a few things around while they were gone (or is there room for that)? this sounds so mean but i throw my mom's most useless stuff away sometimes w/out her knowing (like a hot plate that's missing it's cord!) -- and she never ever asked about it so i'm assuming she didn't/doesn't know. i'm working on convincing my mom to sell some of her stuff on e-bay. i keep pointing out things that would sell for a good price & i think she seems to be thinking about it.

i've never heard of a quokka before, it's kinda a cute critter.

mandi, after 3 months (part of which i thought i was 'with child') i got my flow today. and it's mighty uncomfortable w/bloting, cramps etc-- 3 months worth! and of course today is the day i have to work until 9pm. and i ruined my new and cute white w/ pink poodles undies. ugh!
Good News! Mr. Pixie called me and he has an interview Monday at my Alma Mater...actually me and RV's Alma Mater. Whoo Hoo! The interview is with my 6th grade Science teacher who is now the principle! I am uber excited! The school is just a few miles from our house so it would save us a lot of gas! And it would put him in the same school system as Minipixie.
*I* think it is a sign that we start acting like women in a greek tragedy roaming the countryside, ripping people's heads off. Maybe starting with the postal person who saw fit to stick a book in my mailbox, (the book was twice the width of the mailbox - it took me ten minutes to pry it out). Count me in on the waiting, heh.

The ninth richest man in the world died yesterday and its holding up my dinner. And I'm hungry. And its Indian.
hey busties, this is probably going to be a totally self-centered post, with the following exception:

((((annoush)))) i feel for ya. i know exactly what you are talking about. when the mr and i lived with my mom when my oldest was a baby, we were supposed to have the bedroom, one bath and this little room downstairs for our "sitting room". well... we had most of the bedroom (except for the boxes stacked in the corner) the bath and about 3 square feet of the sitting room! we were also paying rent for this! my mom is a great person, just that she cannot part with anything! my basement at the house we rent from them now is full of her stuff.

which leads me to my big ole huge kvetch today... we looked at a fantastic apartment on saturday. 4 bedroom upper with attic. $700 a month (yes, you did read that right.) just amazing. did we get it?? NO! of course not... they want us out of our place by september and we cannot find anything. nothing. i'd even settle for a crappy lil 2 bedroom at this point, but we can't even get that b/c we have too many people and the legal limit is 2 ppl per bedroom. or so i've been told. but i was so so so disappointed. i wanted this place so bad. it's a huge old house (1840's!) that was converted to flats in the '20's. hardwood floors, the whole thing. just gorgeous. and she turned us down b/c our "income level doesn't make her feel comfortable that we can pay the rent". first off, i would of course pay the rent first and everything else comes second. secondly, if she doesn't think that we can pay $700 a month, how does she think that we will be able to find another place???? which, i realize, is not her concern, it's mine. but still. i actually cried after i got off the phone with her i was so upset. i was really really hoping for this place. *big sigh* ok, i'll stop whining now... thanks for being there busties!
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