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Hello kvetchies!

Ohmygoodness! Amilita a weekend at the beach sounds like so much fun!!!!

Morning, I hope you feel better soon, be cranky all you want, it does make you feel better.

Star, how are you doing today?

Bunny, uhhhhh, I'm confused, obviuosly you have already proven you exist if you have your passport and drivers! What about, uhhh, I'd say social insurance number, but that's canadian. Aha, your social security number? Bizarre.

Pixie, that rawks that you are going back to school! ~*~*~*vibes to get into see doctor*~*~*~

(((tes))) it's good to see you here! how are you feeling?

So, my phone is working, but they just came out with an eligbility list for the job I am currently doing as casual. I don't think I made that list, so, here I am, been at the job for going on 5 years (started as a student, recently made casual) and HR is telling me that I'm not good enough to do the job I am already doing! They would rather pull someone from the outside and start anew when I have A LOT of experience here. But nooooo. Grrrr. I'm looking for something else, but with no luck.
I'm being self absorbed.

So how is everyone?

(((yuefie, pixie, anoushh, tes, sidecar, polly, plat, star, sassy, billy, sonik, faith, fina, missjoy, mando, mornington, bunny, syb, amilita, raisin, faerie, DM, RV, everyone)))
Tes darling, how ARE you?!?!?! I'm guessing that you are kicking Malaria in the tookus, seeing as you were able to write such an energetic post. Death to all mosquitoes! Blech! And yay for Elle coming to visit you this summer! I haven't spoken to her since, oh, December. I should drop her a line sometime.
I should also drop you a line, Tes.
And Plat.
And Pixie.
Oh lordy, I am such a craptacular friend! [hangs head in shame]

And Tes, you are not old as dirt. You are hot as hell. And the same definitely applies to Plat. That woman is smokin'!

ETA: We also do fizzy juice in our house. Sometimes when Sheff makes it, he mixes up all the juices in the house, which we call Mystery Juice! What exactly will it taste like? It's a mystery!

Pixie, WOW! Going back to school with a brand new baby in tow? Well, it can be done. My friend Rhiannon has been doing that this year.
~~~~~~~ soothing sanity vibes for Pixie ~~~~~~~

~!~!~!~!~ interview vibes for our BunBun ~!~!~!~!~ You'll be fabulous. No doubt about it. smile.gif


(((((Yuefie))))) Where are ya, babe?

Happy belated b-day to Mr. DM!

Mornington, I hope the dissection goes ... uh, smoothly? I don't think I've ever given anyone "good dissection vibes" before so I'm not quite sure what to hope for. wink.gif

Amilita, that girly weekend at the beach sounds fabulous!!! My girlfriends are thinking that next year we should all go on vacation together - maybe Vegas or a cruise. Personally, I'd be happy if they just came here & we could sit around & watch movies & eat ice cream together! laugh.gif

[kicks Sidecar's MIL in the arse]
I figure if she's such a pain in everyone else's ass, she might as well have some pain in her own. biggrin.gif

CH, I'm just going to repeat what I said in OkayLand: Stand up for yourself! Be classy about it, of course, but maybe they've taken you for granted for so long that they forgot what an EXCELLENT worker you are. Sometimes really great people fall through the cracks but we DON'T want this to happen to you. Don't be shy, hon. Toot your own horn! Do it for yourself and for all of those other people out there who've always been to shy to go for the things they deserve! (((((((CH))))))))

Kvetch: Mortgage company issues. We're checking with a few different companies & letting them compete a bit so we can get a better rate. And it's a good thing, too, because one company is already driving me crazy. Last week we discovered that they had some of info wrong on the preliminary paperwork. We told the officer what was wrong & how to fix it. But today when his little assistant girl sent me their estimate, I noticed that all of the mistakes were STILL there. Ugh. After the nightmarish hell I've dealt with over similar problems from our car insurance company this year, I now have ZERO tolerance for this kind of crap. So I'm seriously hoping that our credit union can give us the same rate or better because we NEED to use somebody else. My sanity requires it.

Okay. Must go back to dealing with house stuff & moving and all of that. The inspection will take place on Friday at 8am. Assuming all goes well with that, we will close on May 21st! That's right, kids. In about 3 weeks, Sheff and I will be sleeping under our own roof! How exciting is that?! I'm kinda freaked out about it, but also really excited. Last night I was up late just fantasizing about paint colors for various rooms. smile.gif
awww... wub.gif ((((kvetchies)))) I just want to hug you.

Dissection was ok, actually. I had one of those moments where I knew a fair bit (although i did get the eosophagus mixed up with the aorta... huh.gif ) and it was ok. We didn't do the dissection last year, they couldn't get enough piglets, but they did this year. It was fine, until one of my dissection partners disarticulated the hindlimb and fired formalin and synovial fluid all over my face. Lovely boy. I will have my revenge. I find the heart module really quite interesting - more so than the anatomy of the limbs from last term.

((((pixie)))) grr. Although ****back to school**** vibes. That's a big thing to take up. Can you do it part-time?

(((((culture))))) wtf?

((((bunny)))) *****interview vibes*****


((((tes)))) how are you? (and omg, someone else who does fizzy juice!) and you are NOT old. so nyah.

((((rose)))) ****mortgage vibes*****

right... i have to go get some food before i faint with hunger.
((((pixie)))) oh how frustrating. i know how annoyed i get when stuff gets cancelled and i'm not preggers! going back to school might be a lot of fun and something nice to have for yourself after baby no. 2 arrives; best of luck to you!

(((((billy))))) what everyone else said; i'm so sorry for your loss.

(((((faerietails)))))) OMG. That's so awful. Any chance of recovery?

~~~job vibes to culturehandy and bunny~~~
((((star)))) moving sucks; glad you're all moved, though.

~~~mortgage for rose and sheff~~~ that's so the worst part. best of luck.

thanks for all the hugs. long-time kvetchers know my mil's long and storied history of being a totally welcoming, warm presence (/sarcasm). i don't understand why she acts like this--she doesn't even enjoy the time we spend with them because she's too busy laying guilt trips and criticizing everything. it always puts martini in a bad place, too, for days. i wish i knew how to fix this for him, but there's no fix for difficult people.

my allergies have been acting up so i'm not even feeling all that well physically. at least work is going well. tonight, i'm going to make a calzone for the first time. i just think maybe once some time goes by, i'll feel better. she's so poisionous, i just feel terrible for days after we visit.
((damn double post!))
I got a new job! I got a new job!

The interview this morning went okay. Pretty standard customer service job. Easy, casual work environment, but mind-dulling, soul-sucking work. I don't know what they thought of me yet. They weren't going to make their decision until Monday.

But....over the weekend at LeBoy's party, my cousin the dentist told me that they fired their receptionist, the one they passed me over for last fall when I was out of work and they wanted me to come work for them! So, after my interview this morning, I went to her office and talked to them, went over stuff, and all but accepted the position right then and there. I've pretty much made up my mind to accept the job, but I don't want to feel like I rushed into it, so I'm going to call them this evening.

I'm only giving one week's notice here. I know that's not proper work etiquette, and I had intended on giving two weeks. LeBoy said, "fuck 'em; you haven't been there long enough for them to deserve 2 weeks." My thought was that they're two people short right now, and I kinda liked my boss and didn't want to put her through that. Then my friend Debbie who works here (her last day is tomorrow) pointed out that if it were my boss who was quitting, she wouldn't do me the same favor, which is true. This place is becoming like Lord of the Flies- every man for himself, and take down anyone you can. It's really, really bad. So next Wednesday will be my last day, I'm taking Thursday and Friday off, then I'll start at the dentist's office on Monday the 14th.

I'm taking a slight pay cut to go there, but they are paying for all of my health insurance [and it's decent health insurance] with no deductible. For dental, they'll do all my work (and I go there anyway, since it's my cousin), I just pay lab fees. It's 10 miles closer to my house. It's 7am-4pm, Monday-Thursday. They're closed on Fridays, but work some Saturdays. I get to wear scrubs to work, so that eliminates any wardrobe choice (I think this is a good thing.)

Anyway, it seems like a great place to work; as I learn more and take on more responsibility, they'll pay me more, and there's monthly bonuses for the whole staff as productivity and profits go up.


So you dissected fetal pigs, mornington? We did those in 8th grade (that's about 13-14 years old for you UK'ers)...I'm sure we weren't as technical about it as veteranary students, though. Ha ha, funny (gross) story- one of the boys in my class was messing around with some part of the digestive tract and squeezed it a little too hard and the gunk that's in there, like the pig equivalent of meconium (whatever that's called) squirted right into his mouth. Ew.

Mmm, calzones....what time should I be over for dinner, sidecar tongue.gif

Rose, are you going directly through a mortgage company? Have you tried a mortgage broker? They work for lots of mortgage companies and find the best rate out there from all of them. That's what we did and we got a pretty decent rate. We're probably going to have to re-finance later this year because we did an ARM and I don't think rates are going to get better before it's up for adjustment. Oh, that last month before closing is wonderful and scary all at the same time. Fun stuff- paint and furniture arranging. Not fun- financial stuff. Good luck on the inspection. It's pretty painless.

Give 'em hell, culture!

Yay Tes! Glad you're feeling better! That highway collapse was in northern California and Yuefie's in southern CA, right? Still, what a mess- NPR said it could cost $6,000,000 per day in lost revenue (people can't get to work, trucks can't get through with cargo.) Eek!

Pixie, that sucks- tell them that if you ever have to cancel an appointment at the last minute they'd better not charge you for it!

Stargazer, are you actually moved yet?

Hmm, birthday at the beach sounds good, amilita. I've already been to the beach twice this year, but just for short visits and it usually takes until July or August for Lake Michigan to warm to a bearable temperature, so we didn't go swimming or anything.

Gah, they've had a couple of people come in for interviews here and when I see them in the waiting area I want to say, "You don't want to work here. Run now!"

Dammit, this thing posted before I wanted it to and now there's a double post.

Good luck with the birth certificate, bunny!

((Hugs to anyone I missed!!))
I'm in Dallas on the crappiest imaginable wireless connection. The betrayal of my old car is complete. It will soon have a For Sale sign in the window. I'm feeling a little sad about that, but quite pleased with the replacement. (I could post it in Say Cheese in place of me tongue.gif).

I flew to Austin this morning and picked it up, then drove in the freaking rain all the way to Dallas. My soul, I-35 from Austin is in bad need of repair. The rain stopped at the city limits, of course. I have a meeting here tomorrow that ends about 2pm, then I'll drive home (5.5 hours).

Hope everyone is well. Congrats on the new job, Polly. *Waves at Tes*

Good afternoon kvetchies,

my day is almost done, thank goodness. I called HR to see what's going on, no call back yet, I called him at 9:45 this morning. But, on the plus side, management will fix why I didn't get on the list (if that is indeed the case), but I'm not out of a job, but still....

(((Tes))), I say from okayland that you are better!

(((RV))), I can't believe that you take possession so soon! That is so wonderful!

(((Morning))), at least your dissection went okay.

(((sidecar))) evil MIL.

(((polly))) that is so fantastic about your new job! YAY!

(((billy))) that is the craps about your car.

Well, I should go back to work now and appear to be busy.

Thanks, for the vibes guys! I'm feeling better now. I did get to see my doctor today, and I got all my preadmit paperwork and the micropixie's birth certificate suddenly this is feeling very real! he did say he left the office around 3 yesterday...about an hour before they cancelled my appointment! mad.gif

Tes, the collapse was on one of the major highways around San fransico...evidently a tanker wrecked and caught on fire and caused it to collapse...I don't think anyone was serously injured, but it is wreaking havoc on commuters.

Rose...uggh! Dontcha just hate incompetance! Hope you find a good mortgage company soon!

Mornington...glad the pig went ok...when we did them in high school on of the guys in my class thought it would be funny to pull out the intestines and throw them up on the ceiling...the next day they started drying out and falling was so gross and all the girls were screaming!

I am feeling a little more relaxed about the school thing. I can handle one class I think. I already have an Associate degree in Business, but I am looking to switch to Human relations, so I am hoping it will just take a couple classes atteh community college and then next spring I cna transfer to the university. My boss will be out of the office during June and July because she is having kneee I could always do some of my classwork at work instead of surfing the web.
Star, did the move go well?

I need some job hunting vibes. Last week they almost terminated me. I considered quiting, but that would give my asshat of a supervisor too much pleasure. So, I'm just going to stick it out until they decide to fire me. Besides, I have a vacation at the end of the month! And as you all know, Portland is really the only thing on my mind. I can't focus on work when they don't seem to care much about me any more.So, needless to say, been in a bit of a funk lately. Eating much nutella...

Anti-kvetch: Mcgeek suprised me by taking me to see Ira Glass on Sunday night. That was a blast.
It was really great to hear him talk how he puts together the radio show...

((multi-purpose vibes)))

((((rosie)))) *mwah* I'm here, flying by since my laptop is still down. I am waiting for the prepaid postage box to arrive so I can send it in for repair. Man they are slow on sending it out though!

Oh I'm fine (((tes))), but how are you?? I've been sending a whole lotta vibage your way, babe.

polly is correct, the collapse is in the Bay Area (San Francisco/Oakland) and I am right east of San Diego waaaay south. Those poor people, I can only imagine the nightmare they are facing having been in traffic while visiting the area.

But thanks for the love anyway (((pixie)))

and congrats on the job ((((polly)))!

~~~~~job vibes for sassy~~~~~

(((billy))) I am sure I'm not the only one who would love to see a picture of you in front of the new car.

((((sidecar, amilita, bunny, mando, morn, anoushh, star, sassy, sixela, sonik, ch, faerie, plat, syb, dusty, fina, dm, faith, raisin, missjoy, msp, crassy, plummie, tallgirl, everybody))))
Just a flyby,

I heard from HR, but I didn't get onto the list, I'm not feeling so bad, I'll give you deets later, as there are prying eyes at work.

(((kvetchies))) thank you for your support on this matter.

I heart you all.
I gave my notice this morning. They're not happy. They've already taken away the few things I know how to do and put me in filing hell. I'll play their little slllloooooowwwwwllllyyy as possible [insert devil emoticon here].

Oh the next 5 days are going to suh-uh-uh-uck. Thank god I only gave them a week's notice. These are bridges I don't mind burning.

((Hugs to all))
((((polly)))) I had such a hard time leaving my last position, i totally sympathize.
/imagining a jingle in my head: "What makes a slow day fly by? Craigslist, Craigslist!" tongue.gif

I'm pretty much the office leper right now. Meh.
They let me go!!! The Spineless Wonder, aka the vice-president, came over around 4:45 and said "I know your heart's in another place. Why don't you just make today your last day?" Uh, ok. So I called and left my cousin a voicemail asking her if I could start this Monday rather then next Monday (she said she'd be thrilled, when she called back.) I called my friend Debbie, (whose last day was also today, but she left at 2:00) and she couldn't believe it; she's like, "they're such dickheads!" Yep, pretty much. Oh, I'm so happy.

Maybe someone knows this; I'm calling the Dept. of Labor to confirm/deny- if I gave my notice today saying I was going to work until next Wednesday, but they requested that I leave today, do I have the right to demand that they pay me through next Wednesday?

Good luck with the car, billy. And, sorry about your client. It's always shocking. A few years ago, a girl who I babysat for when she was little committed suicide. It was really weird. I hadn't seen her since she was about 8 (she was 17 or 18 when she killed herself), but I babysat for her and her sister a few times a week for about a year.

Damn computer keeps posting before I tell it to!

~$~$~$~job vibes for Sassy~$~$~$~

~*~*~*~school vibes for Pixie~*~*~*~ I think an internet course is a good idea- flexible time to do work, keeps you in an "adult mindset" with the new baby.

((hugs to all))
Wow, Polly! Glad you don't have to go back there anymore and that your new job is waiting for you with open arms! I sure don't know about those kind of labor laws, but will be interested to hear if you find out.

(((culture))) and (((sassy))) for jobby-job stuff

pixie, glad the micropix is doing well...when are you due? Fall?

(((Rosev))) I hate red tape and paperwork of all kinds!! It's gonna be so worth it, though.

Mornington, I think hearts are so much cooler than limbs! Once when I was...ahem....not in my right mind...I thought I could feel the four chambers of my heart, and the blood moving through them. It was super cool, I must say.

Sidecar, hey, I just is the new job going? I know it must take awhile to really get your bearings and know how it's gonna be...hope so far, it's going well.

~~~health vibes for Tes~~~

So, the Mr. went out to celebrate his friend's birthday, so I have the house to myself tonight! I almost never do, so yay!

*throws confetti all over thread*

It sounds like the new job is going to be SO much better than that last one, and good benefits too...a dentist office sounds like a much more soothing environment! You're going to ROCK!

*slips back through the okay-kvetch chunnel*
Thanks turbo! This is like the greatest balance of fun and professionalism. You start your new job on Monday, too, right?

Oh, I hate to admit this, but we're getting White Castle for dinner. To quote the Jim Gaffigan skit about Hot Pockets (specifically the breakfast Hot Pockets) "Well Good Morning! You're not going to work today!" I know how gross they are, but about once or twice a year I get a craving for them and it's all I can think about until I have them. At least i don't have to go to work tomorrow.

*follows turbo through the chunnel to announce over there, too*
congrats polly! I got fired for quitting once, too, but it was so little money (a week) that I didn't feel like looking into getting paid/unemployment for that period.

turbo, new job? Huh. I'll have to check out Okayland--congrats!

(((amilita))) thanks for asking! It is going great. I just like what I'm doing so much, and I feel like I'm contributing to my company in significant ways. Plus I rarely do the same thing two days in a row, and it's all very interesting. I know I usually get overly enthusiastic when I start a position (I was really into my old job for a long time, before my duties multiplied and my manager checked out) but I feel like this is a place where I can stay and make a difference for a long time.
Congrats for all of you that are having a new job! I hope that everything goes very well there. And Polly....I think that you should forget about that money because I don't think they will give it to you as long as you didn't work for them. But you can do what ever you know better.

way to go polly! I would definitely check out the pay.

My interview for teaching postgrad is this afternoon - wish me luck!

Sound like it all worked out beautifully polly! Good luck if you do decide to pursue the pay owed.

Amilita, I love love love having the house to myself, to an unseemly degree. Hope you enjoyed it!

Sidecar, glad to hear the new job is going so well!

Good luck today bunnyb!!

This week I have: completed another chapter draft and agreed on my next deadline. Paid off my credit card (YAY!!) and promptly reduced the limit so's I don't go that far into CC debt again. Gotten a bikini wax (um, OW) and cleaned out my closet (a task dating from, oh, January).

Still to do: buy stuff for China trip. Legitimate spending of money on books and clothes, hooray! We leave this sunday...
I checked with the Department of Labor- nope, they're only required to pay for what I worked. Oh well. It's too bad I'm not going to be there in a few weeks when Debbie files an EEOC (Equal Opportunity Employment Commission) claim against them for about 20 emails she got in the past 7 months she was there that were sent to all the employees by one of the partners and his son that included sexual language and obscene pictures. Yeah.

Well, I have a house to clean. Must resist the temptation to come in here every 10 minutes. Maybe I'll turn off the computer for good measure. laugh.gif Have a good day everyone!
Amilita, I am due August 16, but I will probably be induced a little early since I was induced with minipixie for high blood pressure and my doctor's office seems to like to do it that way which is fine with me because I had a great labor last time. Besides since second babies are generally bigger...and micropixie is measuring bigger than Minipixie did at this time, the earlier the better for me!

Congrats on the new job Polly! That's great that you get a few days rest between.

For those who remember how annoyed I was after my review a few months ago.....Another co worker who gets to sit in on management and budget meeetings tipped me off yesterday that it was not intended to piss me off and that if I just play the game right now some good things may be happening very soon. So cross fingers!

(((((Mornington, Bunny, Yuefie, Rose, Sidecar, Polly, Sybrite, Billy, Tes, Amilita, Cstars, and everyone else))))
Kvetch: Had a bad seizure this morning. I've had some recent bouts of insomnia due to some bad depression(work and otherwise) which may have caused it. Called my boss early this morning. She called me just now, and asked if I was in the hospital. Considering the seizure only lasted 30 seconds at 3:30 in the morning, I didn't see a need to call them. Now I'm fearing that they want hospital documentation at my job. bloody hell. Fuckers. "Was anyone there to witness it?" "No." I just don't know what to make of her calling me, and I can't afford a trip to the hopsital every time I have a seizure. Hell, I had a seizure one day at work. They know I have it!! It's just the aftermath of them that takes a while to get over (body aches, migranes, and such). I'm going to the doctor next week, and they know this. I know they can't fire me due to this, but it's just a pain in the ass. It's happened at every job I've every had, but I just have experienced much worse here.

Anti-kvetch: Mcgeek's bday is this weekend. smile.gif

Anti-kvetch: If I have any energy, I'm going to start job searching today.

Congrats on all new jobs to everyone!


(((polly))) this job situation keeps on getting better and better for you. That is so great! Maybe some of this will rub off on me. smile.gif

~*~*~*~*~*~interview vibes for bunny~*~*~*~*~*~ good luck! I know that you will wow them!

Syb, your trip is coming up soon! That is fab about paying down debt, too!


I don't really have much to add here.

(((yuefie, pixie, anoushh, tes, sidecar, polly, plat, star, sassy, billy, sonik, faith, fina, missjoy, mando, mornington, bunny, syb, amilita, raisin, faerie, DM, RV, jenn, great, everyone)))

Good luck, bunny!!

((sassy)) I just gotta are you able to time your seizures? The Mr. has grand mal ones, and he didn't even realize he had two in one night, hours apart. He does get the weird feelings just prior, so he knows one is coming on, but he doesn't think he could mark the time or anything. What kind of seizures do you have? I agree that you shouldn't be expected to run off to the hospital every time you have a seizure, but do you make your Dr. aware of how often you're having them? I suppose there are just some people who have a lot of difficulty getting control of them; in that respect the Mr. seems to be pretty lucky.

Yay, sidecar...glad the new job is so good.

Syb, it's so hard to get time to myself in the house seeing as the Mr. works from home. I did enjoy my solitary time last night! Yay for you paying off cc! And for upcoming China trip!!! Hope you take pictures you will share with us when you get back.

Pixie, geez, mid-Aug! So soon. And the earlier the're certianly not the only one! This week at work, we kept having women like, 32 and 36 weeks coming in saying they aren't gonna leave without delivering. They were out the door. No babies on vents just cuz your back hurts, sorry! I know you're gonna do it all kosher-like with your scheduled induction...

I just found out that we are going to NYC in early/mid Aug...a friend from here has some kind of MCing gig at something big-ish (you can tell I don't really know the details) and we're gonna go for that. Woot! I already decided that my next trip there will include at least one play and lots of museum time. And then I'm trying to get my out-west friends to do Thanksgiving in the snowy mountians of a swanky cabin. With an outdoor hot tub- oh yeah. And I'm still itching for that beach weekend.

Oh, I gotta brag on the Mr. a little...he sold a sculpture to the guy who plays the dad on That 70s Show! He wasn't in our gallery, it was out of the French Quarter gallery that has some of his stuff...and the Mr. rode over and met him and his wife...wife sounds really cool...from what the Mr. told me, it sounds as if she's working on health insurance reform or something similar. It's dorky, but I got a kick out of a famous person buying the Mr.'s work...and I like that show, mostly for the parents' characters.
Sassy, I don't get it- are they trying to cover their ass in case you were to have a seizure at work and hurt yourself (like if you fell) or are they pissed that you have some recovery time afterwards (I assume you take a day or two off for that) and want proof that the seizure happened? Either way, what a nasty way to treat someone with a problem that's out of their control. ~*~*~feel better~*~*~

Well, I have no food in the house and I want someone to keep me company while I clean (and keep the dog entertained so he's not following me around all day) so I'm going over to pick up my mom, make some scallops with pasta and veggies at her house, then coming back here.

Also, my ulterior motive is that humanist and I are starting to get concerned that my mom is becoming depressed (she's on meds, but those just keep her at a certain level of balance; they don't just make you okay all the time, as anyone who's been on them knows) and is developing an internet addiction. She's always been interested in the genealogy of our family, but lately she's just obsessed with it; she refers to long-dead people who she never knew by first name. There's more to it, but my dad's out of town this weekend (anyone here in Cincinnati? He's demo-ing his BBQ sauce in a few grocery stores there this weekend!) and humanist is at her weekend home in the city (i.e. her boyfriend's) so if I don't intervene, my mom will be in front of the computer, researching old census reports and stuff in the dark for the next 3 days. No kidding. It's getting a little weird and we're going to talk to my dad about it when he gets home.

Ha, that's so cool about the That 70's Show dad buying the Mr.'s work amilita! And yay for trips!
my interview didn't go wonderfully well sad.gif.

polly, your dad has a BBQ sauce?


yay for nyc trip amilita!

syb, have a fantabulous time!

off to see the boy tomorrow for long weekend - can't wait!

Yeah, I need about a day of a recovery time. I'm going to get my doctor to write another letter to see if that helps. And just continue to look for another job. Oh! I have an emergency contact list, which I thought was just to be used for work related emergencies that happened "on the job."
I called my supervisor early this morning to tell her what happened. I took an ativan to knock out any other future seizures, but those knock you on your arse... anyways, I was asleep. Well, she called about 11:30 to check on me.... I get an email later from Mcgeek telling me that she called him first asking him where I was. "Ms. Whitehead, I'm thinking she's probably sleeping. She did have a seizure." Mcgeek hates her. Here's the kicker--Mcgeek is #5 on my contact list--and none of my other contacts were called. WTF? I just don't trust my boss, and they all the sudden fake concern. The sad thing, I'm still going to get shit for it tomorrow morning b/c I'm used all my PTO up. They want proof the seizure happened. Epilepsy sucks. At least, the Dr. and I are seeing eachother next week to discuss some new meds. This is the first Dr. that I've liked in decades.

Amilitia, to answer your question I have grand mals.. but I used to have auras(warnings), but lately I don't know when they're coming. Last night one woke me from my sleep. Sometimes they're related to my period, and sometimes they're not (debating about maybe getting on the Pill to stop the ones related to my hormones... don't know.. I'd say 60% of the ones I have are closely related to my period).

Anti-kvetch: New Grey's Anatomy tonight! smile.gif
I'm so glad you have a Dr. you like, sassy, and I hope your visit goes well. I just googled a bit of info about seizures and menstrual cycles; I didn't know about that connection. I hope you'll forgive me when I ask a lot of questions...I'm really interested in the experience of epilepsy because of the Mr., but he only likes to talk about it so much...he starts to get self-conscious after awhile.

I'm still so curious about how you were able to time your seizure or even note the time it happened...the Mr. can't do anything even close to that. When he has them in his sleep, he goes straight from sleep to seizure, with no awake/aware time in between. And after, he can do things like (usually) getting to the toilet to puke but he's more confused than not for awhile...and then he just conks out, pretty much. How is it for you? If this one came without warning, how do you know how long it lasted?

I'm looking up stuff I thought I'd sell on eBay, and nothing is going for much money. *sigh* It's hard to decide if it's even worth it to sell stuff if I'm only making $2 or $3 in the end...I suppose it adds up. I'm totally looking all over my house, wondering if I should eBay this or that. I'm really going through closets and dressers, etc.

(((bunny))) Sorry it didn't go so well...hope you have a wonderful weekend to help make up for it.

It was really bizarre. I was up (b/c I'v been having bad insomnia lately), but then I started puking all night. But, I didn't get post-elictial (crying and feeling really depressed) until 6 am or so. That's when I called my boyfriend and then my work..Apparantly, I get very child-like during this stage. Sorry, I'm thread hogging everybody...

You know, it may have lasted longer than 30 seconds... It could have lasted a minute. Again, I live by myself. It's probably not the wisest thing to do at this point, but my seizures are getting further and further apart (which are in a good thing) , and hell my parents are in another state.

Kvetch: Parents. I called them for some much needed emotional support(virtual hugs as it were) and got nothing. They actually sided with my boss!! I can understand her being concerned, but I just don't understand why she would call Mcgeek at work when she has my cellphone(even if it was off). Unless she really thought I was lying? My mother has turned into a super uber bitch lately. Then again, they were drinking...

Off to job search just in case...

Bunny, sorry it didn't go well.. sad.gif
QUOTE(bunnyb @ May 3 2007, 03:50 PM) *
my interview didn't go wonderfully well sad.gif.

polly, your dad has a BBQ sauce?

Sorry your interview didn't go well, bunny. Hope it turns out better than you're expecting.

Yep, he does. It's called Roadhouse BBQ Sauce. He came up with the recipe about 25 years ago, started the company about 15 years ago, has it bottled and it's sold all over. It doesn't make a lot of money for him or anything, but he enjoys doing it. LeBoy and I are working on a website for him. If he ever sends me the text for it, we'll have it done. During the late spring through Labor Day (that's early September for the non-US'ers), he travels around the Midwest to Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin (and in Chicago-area stores some weekends) and does demos (where he hands out samples) at grocery stores.

Wow, Sassy, that sounds so scary. I know you've talked about it in here before, but for someone who's never been through it, it sounds awful. Sorry your parents are being obnoxious and not supporting you.

Reminds me of yesterday when I called LeBoy on the way home from work to tell him that they let me go and to tell him about the law where they had to pay me through next week (which turned out to be false.) We ended up getting in this big argument about how he thought it was petty of me to even try doing it and it was just going to come across as being vindictive. I was so upset by it, not because he thought I was being stupid for going after them, but because he never stands up for me. By the end of the call I was so frustrated, I was holding back tears and I had to tell him I couldn't talk about it anymore and I hung up. I sobbed the whole way home (I was only about 5 minutes away) and then when I got inside I told him why it bothered me. He's got this thing where he uses money to appease people.

For instance, a few years ago, when he was still living at his parent's, his mom got a bug up her ass about how he needed to have a bedding set. She picked out this kind of ugly, scratchy floral comforter/bedskirt/pillow sham set that cost $400!!! I politely told her we had agreed on another set, one with the same components that was just $125 (nice simple cotton quilt with muted colors) and she said, "oh that's nice" like she really meant it. Then during the week, when I wasn't there, she twisted his arm into going to Bed Bath & Beyond and buying the $400 set, saying she'd only make him pay for half. And he just went along with it, even though he and I agreed on the one we wanted. Oh, I was so pissed. I said that when we moved out, I was going to cut up the comforter and make it into a dog bed. I think she forgot about him paying for half and we took the comforter when we left. It's just sitting in a bag in our closet. I think we've used it once, just when it was REALLY cold out.

Then I reminded him of that episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond" where the wife, Debra, brings snacks to their kid's t-ball game that aren't on the "approved snack list" and the parent in charge gets pissed at her and Ray doesn't take her side; he wants everyone to like him, so at the next game, he brings ALL of the items that are on the approved snack list, behind Debra's back, which, of course, makes things much worse.

Yeah, that's pretty much what LeBoy is like at times and when we talked about it last night he admitted it. I'm not sure what will happen in the future, but I felt better.
(((polly))) that's so cool about your dad. As for LeBoy: sometimes it is so difficult to discuss the big issues in the relationship but I find that it is always worth it.

(((sassy))) did you enjoy GA? were there two new eps? I'll need to watch them over weekend.

(((amilita))) a'cos. Also, every little bit helps with the ebay items; I'm thinking of doing same.

The interview wasn't BAD, it just wasn't what I expected. I was disappointed by my performance in the group discussion stage. Besides, there are only 2-3 places left on course and 7 applicants yesterday (including my friend kinkykatykins) so I'm not building my hopes up. If I don't receive an offer my application will move onto my other choice of teacher training school (syb: Jordanhill) but it's getting late in the day. If I'm not accepted to either then I'm not sure what to do with my life; I have two English degrees and a great knowledge of and love for my subject but teaching and PhD aside, I don't know which field I could easily enter.

undies: black sheer and white lace sex-ay balcony bra with matching hipsters.

Have a wonderful weekend kvetchies, I know I will.

Kvetch: FUCK ME! I go into my supervisor's office wanting to explain myself and explain the fact that I'm not having these seizures on purpose. I was also going to try to get one of my contacts from Epilpesy Foundation of Georgia come speak b/c they're such morons at this company. ... She calls me and tells me we "have to talk." Well that never sounds good. I go in. Her boss is there. I got fired for not following "policies " What the fuck ever. I know it's about the seizures. I took all my reivews with me. The funniest thing was that I apparantly had written up (I had forgotten this--that my supervisor had tried to get another co-worker to spy on me last fall). Well, she found out when she was going thru this file. So, she finally found out what I really thought of her. It doesn't really matter. I'm a little sad. I mean the good news: I kept a job for over a year (most epileptics don't hold on to jobs long b/c we do have to take off work so much. I really should find a at home job or something), and I did a good job at it (whether they think so or not), and it gave me the ability to afford a great apartment... so I'm pretty stoked about that. Also, I can find a better job paying more money with no horrible boss. This time off will give me time to focus on more job searching... and getting my health in order. God, my boss was so damn phony walking me to the door saying all this shit about "sorry it didn't work out" and my inner diologue was saying "okay bitch you wanted to fire me all along..."

Ant-kvetch: GA was good. For some reason, I thought it was the season finale, b/c it was two hours long.
((((sassy))))) bitches. Good riddance to that job, they didn't appreciate you.

((((bunny)))) it will work out.

back later. I'm going for a nap...

((Sassy)) That sucks. I'm sorry they're such asshats. Like you're the only person out there who suffers from this. Interesting about how this tends to happen with epileptics. I'm sure you just want to cut your losses, but is there any legal action you can take? I'm sure it's a fine line- good reviews vs. absenteeism. Take advantage of the opportunity, though, like you said, to recuperate and regroup.

More house cleaning today. My mom cleaned basically my entire kitchen when she came over yesterday! The front half of my house looks so much better. Not perfect, I still have to vacuum and go through some papers. Today I'm going to focus on doing laundry. I'm also going to drop a set of dishes off at the charity resale shop down the street. My old best friend's mom gave me this set of dishes many years ago and I never used them- they're decent bone china, but they're not microwaveable and not my style. I'm sure I'll come home from the resale shop with something, but at least the dishes will be gone.


ETA: I forgot- I even got to plant my seeds yesterday! I got these little starter trays- flimsy plastic things so you can start the seeds inside and then move them outside to a real garden/pot when they're bigger. I planted mint, basil, chives and zinnias. I have tomato seeds, too, but I need to buy another tray for those. I should have started them inside a month ago, but didn't get to it. Maybe they'll grow better inside and catch up to where they should be by the time I move them out on the balcony.
Hey kvetchies! My interwebs has been acting up, I haven't been able to get online for over a week. *massive Bust withdrawal* Okay, it's still kind of hinky, so I'm just going to say THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes, you guys are too sweet! I'm going to catch up with the archives before my wifi signal goes away again (okay, not exactly my wifi signal....). I'll be back tonight *crosses fingers* to vibe everybody properly....
(((Sassy))) You are much better off out of there. Bitches indeed.

(((Bunnyb))) try not to stress about the big picture; a teaching job will come through for you.

My week was mental, busy and stressful and not helped by some ongoing insomnia. Ugh.

But! Off to Hong Kong tomorrow! So. excited.

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!
(((((sassy)))))) that's terrible. screw them.
have a great trip, syb! ~~~safe travel vibes~~~
(((((bunnyb)))))) I'm a firm believer that when things don't happen job-wise, it's because something better is out there. you'll get the right teaching job.

I went and saw Air last night; good gig -- they started off a bit dull but reached a pretty thrilling crescendo to the end. I drank a little more heavily than I do when going to shows, which was fun. I didn't even feel too bad today. We went out to see The Lives of Others several months after everyone else with a good friend of ours, then had pizza and Free Comic Book Day. also, I bought some shoes. It's been nice.

yesterday, I wore a dull bra but my hot pink AC/DC boy-brief style knickers that say "Those About to Rock We Salute You" on the butt.
((sassy)) I wish for you the best of health and a job that will appreciate you.

sidecar, sounds like you’ve had a fun weekend so far.

syb, have fun on your trip.

polly, yay for house cleaning. I need to do that today.

((bunny)) You will get a teaching position.

amilita, yay for your upcoming NYC trip and the Mr. selling a sculpture to a famous person.

((pixie)) Get that raise.

I got good news at work this week, it seems my meeting with the VP payed off. smile.gif This weekend has been kind of boring, I had a garage sale yesterday and I might get my hair cut today.
Porn Star
I think that everyone wishes to have a nice job. I know I certainly do want that to happen. I'm glade that everyone is satisfied with her job and I wish you all the best in everything. wink.gif
I didn't get onto course sad.gif although kinkykatykins did so that's something. I'm not too upset as I was expecting it and now the application is passed to my second choice ... but maybe it's not meant to be at all and I should go do something else with my life.

I'm still with the boy as today's a holiday here; I'm glad I'm with him.

where's mandi?

{{{{{bunnyb}}}}} I am so sorry about that! I have no good advice as I have been where you are. Well, one buit of advice: trust your instincts. If you want to stick things out and keep trying, go for it! We support you!
{{{{{sassy}}}}} I am so irritated for you! Your ex-boss sounds horrible. Does she know anything about epilepsy? It's not like you plan the damn seziers ahead of time. What a bitch.
{{{polly}}} Sounds like you are having fun with your downtime. I m going to talk to my boss tomorrow about getting some time off. I swear I need it to clean my apartment. It is gross right now.
{{{sybarite}}} Have fun in Hong Kong!
{{{Good morning to all Kvetchers!}}}

My weekend was okay. I was grumpy for most of it b/c of a meeting I had to go to on Friday but I think that is gone. I had a baby shower and saw Spiderman 3 on Saturday. And then I worked and went to the gym on Sunday. Still doing South Beach, still seeing weight loss. I had a massive sugar/chocolate craving yesterday. I was ready to start eating my powdered baking chocolate straight from the can. Instead I had a cup of soy milk. It is plain and low-fat but now that my sugar intake is so low, that stuff tastes like vanilla pudding.
I know that Friday is officially underwear day, but I have to mention that I bought these Hanes hipster panties that I just love. They fit almost like boy cut panties, but I never really find thoes comfortable. These I think are cute as hell!
((((((bunny))))))) I say keep going! and there is always next year, you don't have to rush (or maybe a course starting in the new year?) If it's what you want to do, go for it. You'll do it.

*waves goodbye to syb* have fuuuun!
(((bunny)))) what everyone else said; I'm sorry for the disappointment and wishing you guidance in whatever you decide.

my stomach is upset. nothing like berry flavored tums to help with that!
I love berry flavored Tums. They almost make an upset stomach worth it.
And I thought I was the only weirdo who likes berry flavored tums tongue.gif

((((bunny)))) sorry sweetie

~~~~safe travel vibes for syb~~~~

tesao, how are you feeling hon?

((((sassy)))) ugh, it's so many shades of wrong. a huge pox on your former bosses ass and that entire company too!

*smooch* on sixela, I'm still without the net at home too. boo on hinky net connections and wonky computers!

um yeah, where in the heck is mandi at?


My best guy pal had a frightening experience on Friday. He drives a big truck from San Diego up to San Francisco once a week to deliver organic produce to all sorts of places in between. Well, the truck's brakes malfuntioned as he was driving through the high elevation area of highway 5 past Los Angeles known as the grapevine. It flipped on it's side and slid down the highway and wound up resting up against the center divide, thankfully on the passenger side. He was belted in so he unfastened it and hoisted himself out the window and climbed up the side to jump down to the ground. He said that only one person stopped to even see if he was okay, and a few people drove by shouting things like "woohoo" at him. The mind reels at the idiocy of people. He is okay, minor scratches and bruises and a bit shaken up. It obviously could have been a lot worse. Of course he played it down when he called me but I could hear the shakiness in his voice. That must have been one hell of an adrenaline rush. I freaked out enough for the both of us though, I shouted at him "YOU are not allowed to leave ME here, got it?".

I like the berry Tums too- the berry flavor is good and they're the only fruit-flavored ones that don't have orange. There's an orange on the label, but I'm thinking the orange is mixed in with the berry. I hate orange-flavored things (but I like OJ & oranges), so anytime i don't have to pick them out is a good thing.

Work was good. Very tired. I've been up since 5:30. Tomorrow i get to sleep in until 6...oooooo! rolleyes.gif
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