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Some roses for our lovely roseviolet.

still no laptop here, so again I am sending out generic vibes for all and lotsa love too ((((kvetchies)))))

Sorry it's a little belated- I didn't have my special birthday image at work and then Humanist and I went straight to a Cubs came after work (where we froze our asses off and watched the Cubbies lose! What a surprise!)

So tired. Going to bed now...

Oh, I was quoted in the BUSTline this week! Of course, it's not a deep insightful comment, it's the joke I made about chain emails. Faaaabulous. rolleyes.gif
hee, polly, I read your quote this morning and thought how insightful and out of context it was (it really comes across as if you were actually posting a chain letter).

colour me very jealous about mandopalooza '07.

nothing of interest here, move along please.

oh, although if you could spare me some be-able-to find-the-bloody-things vibes that would be swell. For my interview I need my birth certificate, my school higher English certificate and my degree certificates; I've just moved house and I know the boxes the degrees are in but the other things are probably lost forever and the replacements are expensive and will take longer to obtain than the time I have.

kvetch: the stress of having to find this stuff AND obtain a reference from a priest.
kvetch: this course is with the same uni I have completed two degrees with; you would think they would be able to identify me/confirm I have higher English when I have both Honours and Master's level English. Pfft.

raisin, until the painting is done and new carpets down there is no unpacking.

No bets are off! I WOULD BE THERE THIS TIME, MANDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have my word here. REALLY! Okay.

Mornington, would you please email or PM me the dates you're going to be Stateside when you know 'em?

I do know about Yesterday's News! That's good, too. I'll have to look for the Vitaverde stuff next time I'm at the store. Mr. WB mainly subsides on hay and greens, but I make exceptions once in a while. tongue.gif

Bunny, I hope you find the bloody documents soon. That's got to bite.

Every inch of my body is aching from atrophy. I'm off to a class now where I'll be aching tomorrow from overuse, and it will be a welcome ache, I tell you.

Yuefie, come back!

Ever get the feeling that this thread sometimes turns into blog central? It's kind of funny. I'll come back and post more bloggy things. That's not a promise, that's a threat!
((((bunny))))) eeep. and what do you need a reference from a priest for?

((((polly)))) laugh.gif

*snuggles up to mando and zoe*

raisin, it's just a vague idea atm - I need to sort out my farm placements and that first. it won't be until the end of august though.

You all are the BEST! Did you know that? I popped in here just to say hello and I was greeted by AAAAAAAALL of these birthday wishes! I'm going to start crying from the abundance of love. Seriously, y'all. [happy sniffles] Thanks to each and every one of you!

And Raisin, I also love it when this place feels kinda blog-y! I love hearing what's happening in people's lives. And the sharing of vibes that happens here just makes it so much sweeter. Love my Kvetchies!

~!~!~!~ thing-finding vibes for Bunny ~!~!~!~

~~~~~~~ healing vibes for Yuefie's laptop ~~~~~~~~

Pixie, don't sweat it. wink.gif I was just in such a hurry! We'd just gotten into the car to leave Our New House (EEEEE!) and had to go meet up with Sheff, so I had to get moving.

Hey there, Miss Joy! Where have you been hiding yourself? Details!

Mandi, I got the pic! Little Zoe is SOOOOOOOO unbelieveably precious!!!! I'm absolutely speechless! Your family looks complete now. Beautiful.

Mandopalooza? Ya know ... I think I might really be able to make it this year .... Hmmmmm! [strokes chin mysteriously]

I don't have much time to check in, so forgive me for not sending out vibes to EVERYONE. You all knows I loves ya, though, right? Of course you do!

Both of my gal pals are here (we picked up the last one from the airport yesterday afternoon) and we're having SUCH a good time! Yesterday evening I took them by to see our new house (EEEEE!!!!) and they were simply in awe of the place. I am, too, of course. I started to cry a little while we were walking up to the front door. It's just so pretty! And I'm still so in awe of it that I forgot to take photos AGAIN! Oh well. The current owner insisted that we stay and have some lemonade with her, so we ended up hanging out & chatting for an hour. Very nice. Then we went out for Ethiopian food & stuffed ourselves silly! Then we came back home, played on the Wii, and ate the guglhuph we got from a local bakery.

Lord only knows what we're doing today! The French man who runs the pastisserie down the way is making a fruit tart for me this morning, so as soon as he calls we're going to pick that up and then maybe have a little picnic at a local historic home. Then maybe we'll drive out to the beach just for the hell of it. Or we'll go to museums. We haven't decided yet. biggrin.gif
I didn't realize it was your birthday, rose, so happy belated birthday and yay for spending time with girl friends!

raisingirl, everytime i see your avatar, i get SUPER excited cause Tori is my absolute favorite and she's coming out with a new album on May 1st. I'm psyched!

Hello to everyone else!

I think I'm going to officially call myself a non smoker now, only because I can go days without smoking, and when I did break down and have a cigarette, it tasted AWFUL and I had it put it out. So, I guess that's a good thing. I also seem to not have those horrible headaches anymore either. Yay!

Happy (belated) birthday Roseviolet!

I know I've been gone for a while. I got a job where I was on the computer all day at work (fundraising, don'cha know) where the pink leopard would not have been appropriate (and I was never sure if our IT department could spy on us) and then I would be sick of comps when I got home - plus a lack of internet access at home.

I moved from right downtown Toronto (overlooking the highway - walk to everything) to a small, small town outside Ottawa where you get stuck behind combines on the main road. blink.gif A bit of an adjustment.

Joyboy and I got married... pretty much a year ago next week! We've adopted a basset hound and spend our days amused by her/unamused by her housebreaking issues dry.gif

Now I am temporarily working from home and so, since I don't have co-workers to steal some gossip with, I thought of my busties!

Afternoon all, now that I actually have had time to catch up. I apologize for the lateness.

Morning, what freakin' adorable bunnies! Fark, so cute!

Bunny, yay on the house going so well, you'll find all the stuff you need for the interview.

Yuefie, that chocolate that tou had sounded so amazing. I'm a big fan of Lindt chocolate when I'm craving it.

RV, again congrats on the house, boo on the MIL (makes me glad I don't have one, hearing all the kvetchies gripe about them), I'm glad you had a good birfday.

Cstars, good for you on quitting smoking! you will succeed.

Polly, I'm sorry to hear about your job, I'm gld to hear that LeBoys mom is okay! When I read the bustline comment, I started laughing, because I remember the convesation we had.

Amilita, fights with mr's suck, I remember the bad one's I had with the ex, awful. As for car troubles, I have had everyhing. Last year I needed to get new breaks, new struts, and new coils on the front, that cost an arm and a leg. the year before I need the back done and new AC! Then I just got my entire exhaust replaced, which costs another $600.00! As for car accidents, two years ago, I was in three car accidents in three weeks! I hit someone, then I got hit by a taxi, then a woman backed into me. I feel your pain.

Syb, I'm so jealous of china!

Mando, yay on puppers! *puppy kisses from Emily for you and Zoe*

sidecar, good for you on the work event!

Pixie and minipixie, that makes me sad.

Sixel, hi!

Kitten, how are things going with the no sugar? I used to crave sugar bad, then i started eating a lot of berries, so it was a natural sugar! I'm happy to know you are getting back to feeling like yourself again. A mobile church??? How nightmarish!

Star, how's the move going?

DM, hurray for good weekends!

Raisin, feel better.

and hi to anoushh, faetietails, candycane_girl, tes, and missjoy.

Wow, what a long post,


So, work has been good, I'm at a good office until at least mid may. I still haven't heard from HR, bunch of wankers. I ditched le man, as he hardly had time, but that's okay, I'm not too into dating. Met boy 2, he's just a "friend". And yesterday I was diagnosed with Strep throat! My throat is all swollen and, ewwww, pus filled. Gross. On the bright side, the puppy is warming up to other dogs at the park and she is now actually chasing them!

That is all given this has been a really really long post!


I know there is probably somewhere more appropriate to post this but I know there so many fellow animal lovers in here who would love to help. Animal Rescue Site if you click on the purple box in the middle of the page it helps get food donated for the animals. And it's free! All ya gotta do is click on it.

((((mando-family & their newest member, Zoe)))) I too love the picture of you all.

((((rose)))) giant smooches for the laptop healing vibes. that was too cute.

((((bunny)))) giant smooches just 'cause

and you too ((((stargazer))))

(((raisin))) I'm here, my love. how are you?

polly, I laughed when I read your quote in BUSTline. I immediately figured you were making light of those lame ass chain emails, but it was still kinda funny taken out of context. but we are laughing with you, not at'cha babe!

((((morn)))) how's every little thing? F? The fur/fluff babies? The family?

congrats to cstars! and continued ~~~strength vibes~~~

(((((amilita, sidecar, tes, plat, pixie, plummie, tg, syb, dusty, msp, fina, faith, billy, ch, sixela, crassy, anoushh, dm, kittenb, faerie, pink, flanker, missjoy, candy, sassy, mavin, anyone I missed)))))

Please forgive the length of what I am about to post. There is a part of me that feels completely humiliated by it, but I've discovered that the only way for me to get over it and stop trying to take responsibility for it when it is not mine to take, is to share. A few weeks ago I heard from my good friends who still live in the same area as the ex asshat that they had a run in with him. Apparently he let himself in to their house, unannounced and unwelcome during the middle of the day, during the middle of the week. One of them just happened to be home and suddenly he was standing in their living room. My friend demanded to know what he was doing but was so freaked out he just listened to the lame tweeker excuse he came up with and just asked him to leave. Best guy pal and I both came to the conclusion that he was likely there casing the joint or trying to rob them. He and his wife immediately gave notice to their landlord and started house hunting. Thankfully they have found a place. The thought that this fuck-chop has still been out there, continuing to hold others emotionally hostage was really getting to me. But then karma intervened. It seems the ex asshat is currently incarcerated for burglary. Not to mention possession and probation violation. I had to see for myself and sure as shit I found him as an inmate of a San Diego County Jail. I guess his actual court date isn't even until June 5th and the arrest date was March 23rd which means he is getting to sit in that lovely little cell for quite a while sobering up. While I do not wish suffering on any person, I am having a hard time not gloating about this one seeing as it seemed like he virtually got away with a slap on the wrist for all the hell he put me through. There is this "email this inmate" option on the web page and I did resist sending a message. Many thoughts ran through my head such as simply sending "LMAO" but I decided I am better than stooping to that. But I have to admit that the thought was still entertaining! Like I said, taking delight in another's troubles is not a habit of mine. But this one being the subject of my nightmares and the boogey man in my closest for the past year, yeah, this one is hard not to take relief in. It's sad and frightening to see the reality of what crystal meth can do to a person. It just blows my mind that this monster was once the guy I wanted to marry. Anyway, I also wanted to share that news seeing as so many of you here were pivotal in my getting through that horrible time in my life. I never forget all the support I got here.
Oh, I know no one's laughing at me- I'd hope you'd all know me well enough to know I wasn't actually posting chain emails here. laugh.gif

I'm at BGP's house, hanging out with her dog- she's such a spazzy little beagle. She just runs in circles and whines and pisses off the cat. She finally calmed down and is snoozing on the couch.

Went out to dinner with my friend from work and her supervisor; they're the two people who are leaving, so it was a big bitch-fest about work. I can't wait to get out of there. Once they leave, there will be four of us to handle the grunt work and there wasn't enough with six, so this should be interesting. At least my boss knows I'm looking, so I just have to schedule my interviews strategically and she'll be okay with it. She's trying to get out, too. One of the four of us is the office princess, so this will not be fun. It's going to get ugly fast. She's on everyone's last nerve and as we find new jobs, we're going to have nothing to lose.

Where's the picture of the mandolyn family? I want it! Pretty please?

ETA: Oh yeah, yuefie, sorry about the continuing drama with the ex-asshat. I can't believe you can just email prisoners. But, "LMAO" would have been funny. Probably a good thing you didn't send it though.

ETA, again: Kvetch (minor): I'm trying to call back one of LeBoy's aunts who is invited to the party. She left me a weird voicemail last night while I was at the game; she said they could probably make it, but she wanted to get "an explanation of a few things first"....uh, it's a surprise party, you show up, yell "SURPRISE!" and eat cake....what more do you need to know? Her phone's busy, though.

Doh! I feel like an ass- she called me back and she must have just had a strange choice of words when she left me that message- they want to come, but she and her husband are going through a slew of health issues lately and take any day they possibly can to rest and get things done around the house. So they don't know if they'll make it or not.

kvetch: i think i have malaria.
can i please request get well vibes? we all know that bustie vibes are phenomenal.

going to crawl back into bed now; maybe more later when i wake up.....
(((tes))) OMG, you can recover from that, right? It's just really unpleasant until then? Ooo, feel better, honey!!
OMG, tes, malaria? *hugs*

RV! Happy belated birthday!
QUOTE(raisingirl @ Apr 24 2007, 07:14 AM) *

((((Stargazer)))) I haven't gone through a roommate and good friend dying, but I can really relate to being resistant to change and moving. It's so stressful, ugh. I've done it a lot (so has Quantum -- where is she now?!)

Quantum is in the middle what has got to be the poorest planned week ever. Ragtime, check. Immenent finals week and group project due, check (finals on 2/5, projects due 30/4). Big nasty hairy forum migration (complete with my other half passing out with three major components still not working - though I've whittled it down to 1.5), check. Pending big nasty hairy forum migration (part 2, hardware flavor), check. Scrambling to make sure that everything's set up with work (and if not, scrambling to find another internship), check. Scrambling to finish bedroom rennovations so when/if I move for my internship, I will have it all set up in the new bedroom and can enjoy it, check.

But yes, Quantum has moved 19 times in the last 9 years. It's actually more, because I didn't have to put down anything less than 7 weeks. #20 is coming up, in theory.

So, basically... same ol story: busy busy busy. So busy my PM responses are drafts that are written in 2 sentence chunks most of the time :/ So if I owe you a PM, it's slooooooooowllllllllllyy coming.

(Maybe I'll get lucky, though, and if my current internship falls through, the one I applied to last night will happen. That'd rock, because it's in RTP and I am soo qualified for it. If Tucson happens, I've decided that monthly spa days are going to be a requirement, starting with the Friday before I start work.)

~*~*~*~ bustie vibes to those that need 'em ~*~*~*~
(((tes))) I hope it's not malaria. My grandpa contracted it while working in Saudi Arabia decades ago and it recurs every time he has a bad case of flu.

morn, I need a priest's ref to work in Catholic schools (I don't want to limit my job prospects so keeping all avenues open).

q'spice, everyone should have monthly spa days!

(((yuefie))) hah! "LMAO" would have been wicked but better to rise above it and smirk privately in your state of major vindication.

culture, loving the long post!

Off to hunt some more for documents. Sigh.

((((((tes)))))) eep. malaria is downright unpleasant.

(((bun))) zee mind, it boggles. blink.gif

((((yuefie)))) you are a better person than me. I'd send it.

(((quantum))) ****moving vibes**** ****any other vibes****

(((culture))) yay for long posts!

((((mando, pixie, rose, syb, polly, kitten, sassy, star, sixie, pink, amilita, anoushh, plat, sidecar, sonik, missjoy, cstars, dm, raisin, candy, flanker, faith, fina, qspice, txplum, tg, everyone))))

*yawn* I'm getting so fucking lazy. I'm stheriously tempted to go back to bed.
omg, (((tesao)))! i just had to look up malaria. gah. nastyass-disease-begone vibes aplenty coming your way, youpoorthingyou.

(((yuefie))) i don't know how you're not sending that email. sucks ass being the bigger man all the time. but ultimately, it's good for the soul. i'm beyond glad the fucker's finally getting his. and thanks for the rescue site link. it's a good reminder for free mammograms, too.

19 times in 9 years?! whoa! *internship-of-choice vibes for q*

*destressing/findage vibage for bunny*

welcome back, missjoy ... happy almost anniversary!

congrats on the quitting, cstars ... good for you! i still consider myself a smoker, because i'll smoke when i'm drinking and/or with other smokers. but now it's been over a month since i've had one, and i don't miss them at all. i had a drag the other day, and it was gross. so i don't know. maybe i am done. (note: i quit for 18 yrs and stupidly started back up again in 1997. idiot.)

polly, pm me your email address and i'll send the picture.

raisin, i'm holding you to your word!

kitten, i wish i could do south beach. everyone i know who's done it has had good results.


kvetch: bullshit work politics. grrrr.
antikvetch: it's finally spring and flowers and trees are blossoming all around the clubhouse. which makes the bullshit work politics easier to take.
kvetch: i start working weekends this weekend. groan.
antikvetch: i'm head over heels in love with my dog!!!!!!! and except for a few housebreaking issues, she's criminally low-maintenance. i don't know what i did to deserve this miracle. /end gush.
~*~**~**~super strength get well vibes for Tes~*~****~*

I watched American Idol last night and while they were showing the clips from Africa I kept thinking about you being there.
I was literally up last night wondering if Mando got the dog.
She did--whoohoo!

Anti malaria vibes for tes, and my sympathy if it is malaria (as mornington says, you can never completely get rid of it once you get it.) Whatever is wrong, take care of yourself!

Yuefie, I don't think if it so much that you are wishing ill on the ex, but wishing he have appropriate consequences for behaviour he chose to engage it. That seems pretty damn reasonable to me.

Boy's up and I have to go to work. Bye!
Good afternoon!

Yuefie, I would also be feeling a little smug, after my ex had me arrested a tree fell on his brand new car and caused substantial damage. Ask me how bad I felt.

(((tes))) honey, I hope you feel better. ~~~~healing vibes~~~~

mando, I'm so excited that puppers is doing well in the new digs!

(((pixie, anoushh, bunny, polly, quantum, morning, mando, yuefie, morning, everyone)))

Le Sigh. I'm going to get some food now as it is lunch.
Thank you for the birthday wishes and I pass them along to those that share my birthday week.

I had a 6 day vacation that made work more unbearable unfortunately. Had a blast. My cousin came up for my birthday and we had a blast.

I smoked pot for the first time. That was interesting. Apparently me stoned is very similar to me sober, just a slight bit more thoughtful.

I'm tired and bored with my job. Yet again. Woe is freakin' me. Why cant I figure out what I want? I need... something.
I think I'll go to school.

No malaria is allowed, Tes. I forbid you to have it.

SQUEEEEE for the bunny cuteness!!!


*MWAH!* KEESES to the Rest of youz!

Yuefie, thanks for the link to the animal rescue thingy. I just came back from the pet store cause it was so close to the gym, I just COULDN'T walk by it, and seeing all those poor dogs in the cages behind the window made me all depressed. I'm glad I was able to do something nice for animals, as simple as it may be to sit on my ass and click a button.

Tes, LOTS AND LOTS of get well vibes for you. I hope you don't have malaria, and I hope you feel better soon!

Mando, that's super impressive that you got quit for 18 yrs! What made you start up again? Did you quit completely cold turkey the first time around?

I have no kvetchs, except that i feel bad for all the poor little animals in the pet store. Not ALL pet stores, just this specific one cause we got shamus there and I think the owner abuses them. Everytime the guy went in the cages to get out the dogs, they'd cower in the corner. And one of the poor things peed all over himself, he was so scared. It just kills me. I really wish I could do something. I hate feeling so small. sad.gif

~~~~anti-malaria vibes for tes~~~~
((((mando))))) yay for zoe! Sophie backslid a bit on the housetraining when we got her, too. We trained her out of it. You can too. Glad to hear she's as delightful as she looks!
(((yuefie))) what anoushh said.

The weather today is rotten. It's supposed to be nice tomorrow, just when I'm off the outlaws for a weekend. Oh well.

anti-kvetch: Hanging out with Best Pal C for the first time in awhile.
Happy Birthday Sixela!!! I hope you're doing something that involves lots of Cosmopolitans.

polly, I had a dream that I was posting you a teapot blink.gif. I wonder if somewhere in my subconscious there was the nursery rhyme "polly put the kettle on".

kvetch: I have a really sore throat.

undies: white girl-shorts with hot pink trim and covered with small hot pink and baby pink hearts, pink bra.

happy birthday sixela!!! I hope you're having a wonderful day, muchos cosmopolitans, and love from the kittens.

(((bunny))) ***go away sore throat***

((((cstars)))) is there an animal rescue place you could report him to?

((((mando)))) most dogs have a few housetraining issues in a new home. You'll get her sorted!


((((yuefie, pixie, anoushh, sidecar, polly, plat, star, sassy, pink, billy, sonik, faith, fina, missjoy, everyone))))

kvetch: I got woken up by the upstairs neighbours doing something involving lots of banging and clattering and battering at the door. I know it's a weekday, but is there any need to make such a racket at nine in the morning?

I'm debating going into oxford street today - I wanted to go to the new primark. But half the street (the half with borders, and topshop) is closed because new look burnt down, apparently. Part of me wants to go and gawp *eye roll*

white stripey boyshorts, and no bra because i'm not dressed yet.
Happy birthday sixela!

standard black, I have to do laundry.

(((bunny))) sore throat go away! If you get a cough and it persists, get thee to a dr, dtrep is going around, at least here it is, and the last thing you want are ous filled glands...

(((cstars))) what about the animal rights people...I'm at a loss for thier abbreviation.

Side car, did you have a good time with friend?

I'm beat today, went out last night, must scurry off to work.

((((yuefie, pixie, anoushh, tes, sidecar, polly, plat, star, sassy, pink, billy, sonik, faith, fina, missjoy, candycane, mando, morning, everyone))))
Good day, Busties. Yeah, I'm alive. Tax season is over and I'm still kicking. This morning started with a horrible phone call. A long-time (20+ years) client who lives in Dallas killed himself yesterday. That's all I know at this point. I'm having difficulty believing it.

I'm trying to buy a car. "Thinking seriously" about buying a car may be more accurate. I feel like I've betrayed my Lexus and things will never be the same. I've been driving it for 10 years, but it feels like time for another one. My car relationships last longer than many marriages. The car I covet is in Austin, creating logistical problems. My friend/client's memorial service will be in Dallas Wednesday or Thursday and I have a meeting in Dallas on Wednesday anyway. So, I don't know what's going to happen. If I buy it, I may end up flying to Austin, then driving from Austin to Dallas and on to Lubbock. That's 700-800 miles.

Grey boxer briefs, naturally.

((Billyb)) Sorry to hear about your client. Good luck with the car buying... you have a lexus?!

Did some stonking work just now. Looking forward to rewarding my hardworking brain cells with white wine later, as it is summery outside!

Happy birfday sixela!! Friday birthdays are the best.

Yay for the zoe-love mando!!

Gotta go... frilly aqua knickers with ribbons accidentally peeking over my jeans! No brar... working from home.
just popping in to tell sixelacat...


...back to packing.
Sixela , I hope you

~~~mega strength anti malaria vibes for ((((tes))))~~~ I do hope you are okay sweetheart. *frets*

((((billy)))) sorry to hear about your long time client/friend, news like that is always hard to grasp or swallow. Good luck with working out the logistics with the car purchase. My sister and I just had a conversation about how getting a new car can feel like a betrayal when you are attached to the one you have. She wouldn't have a problem getting rid of hers, but I can't seem to part with mine. She keeps saying to me "it's just metal, it doesn't actually have feelings". It's not like I don't realize that, but I have the strong feelings about it.

~~~packing and moving vibes for star & qspice~~~

((((bunny)))) ~~~sore throat be gone!~~~

(((mandi))) ~~~easy transition and house training for zoe~~~ Sashie peed in my bedroom for the first time early this morning and I stepped right in it!

(((sidecar))) hope you have a blast with your best pal.

(((anoushh)))) how is not-bob? and yourself, lady?

((((cstars)))) I feel you on the hating to feel so helpless in those types of situations. I won't even go in to those puppy mill mall type pet stores because I know I will work myself in to a frenzy and then stand there and loudly announce how disgusting I think the place is.

(((morn, syb, ch, sonik, faith, fina, pixie, rose, plat, candy, pink, missjoy, flanker, msp, plummie, crassy, polly, dm, kittenb, sassy, everyone)))

undie report: navy blue and lavender striped hipsters, lavender bra.

Happy Birthday, Sixe!!

Geez, I can't believe it's the weekend already!

~*~*~Big, big health vibes for Tes~*~*~

((Billy)) that kind of news is so shocking.

CStars, that's really sad about the bad pet store. Sometimes the SPCA can give you advice about what to do.

I went to the dentist today and I have 3 small cavities!!! WAH. I've never had any before, and it's this weird little point of pointless pride I have to let go. Ah well.

It's Jazz Fest this weekend and next, but I don't think I'm going to any of it this year. But tomorrow night, we're supposed to go to a park for an orchestral concert...pic-a-nic time!

Have a good weekend, everyone!

CStars, definitely report that to your local humane society or something. That sounds really bad.

Work is getting suckier by the day. The first of the two people who are leaving left today. The other leaves Wednesday. The other account rep, who works for the horrible bitchy woman, got promoted to another position effective today (I think she demanded it this morning after her nasty boss ripped into her and it was the last time she was going to take it.) Anyway, now I'm the only account rep and I told my boss that under no circumstances, in any capacity will I take orders from or do any work for that woman. She is by far the worst co-worker I've had to deal with and I've had a lot of weirdos. If it means I have to quit before I find another job, I may do that. They've got temps coming in Monday, but I don't know how they'll help. I've been there for over 2 months and they've trained me enough to get through the average day, let alone be competent for the full scope of my job.

I have an interview set up for Tuesday, doing customer service at a dental supply company. Downside- dental supplies and customer service= probably boring. Upside- 15 minutes from my house. No details on pay, hours, benefits, etc. My staffing agency set it up, so I'll get the details next week.
Happy Birthday, Sixela!

Just a fly-by... I started to whore myself out and started adding a few of you as my friends on my Bustie list, so feel free to whore yourself back. What do we do with these lists?

Billy, I know what you mean about cars. The car I drive has been in the family for ~17 years and in my posession for the last few. I've grown attached to it and I get sad when I really have to consider it will be time to get a new one. With the recent flooding rains we had, I ended up with a small lake inside my car. Not a pretty (or good-smelling) sight. Still hoping the little clunker will last through the summer so I can at least drive it with the top down. Sorry I'm not commenting much on the suicide; what else can one say to that except "I'm sorry"? It never seems like enough.

I overslept this morning in a big way I wasn't supposed to. I was supposed to be somewhere really important this morning, and it's not something I can reschedule. I just have to cut my losses. Maybe it's a sign. My doctor gave me some drugs because I'm not doing so well in the health department (confidential to Amilita: I think you can guess what I'm talking about here, shh). Health has shown small signs of improving, so that's good. Going back next week to follow up for something more longer-term, but might have to make some big decisions, and soon. Gulp.

(((Raisin))) Sorry things are so rough!

(((Polly))) Good luck at the job interview next week.

I feel like I'm fighting off a cold...and our plans for symphony in the park seem to have fallen through. Ah well, I'll enjoy the Brie and strawberries at home!

The mobile church was back today...what it is is a pickup truck with GIANT speakers rigged up in the back and two guys with megaphones. Mucho music and yellin'. And people drive by and honk...the church members pass out flyers. And I got one...the owners of the church have a TV show, apparantly. I will be calling them Monday to discuss their policy ignoring noise ordinances. And I work tomorrow night, so if they come Monday morning again, I think I will flip out. I may blast AC/DC out the window at them.

Hope everyone's off having fun or relaxation or whatever you need.
Happy belated birthday to Sixela! Hope it was a good one.

I have soooooo much catching up to do in here. I hope you all will forgive me, but I'm just going to lay out a Vibe Smorgasbord (sp?) for now dole out more specific vibes later.
~!~*~$~smile.gif~((((( All-You-Can-Eat Vibe Buffet for the Kvetchies )))))~!~*~$~smile.gif~

I went to the opera thingy with Plat today! One of her friends came along too. The showing was sold out, but amazingly enough, we found a guy who had an extra ticket & he offered to sell it to us! Hooray! The only down side was that it was actually 3 opera, so the show was four hours loooooong. Plat couldn't stick around for the whole thing, but we still definitely had a great time. We determined that the moral we have learned from most operas is that it's just safer to own a cat. Example: Stressed out because you're husband killed your lover? Probably should have just gotten a cat. tongue.gif
Yes, did have a great time with the delightful RoseV. Unfortunately, my core muscles gave out after 3 hours, and I missed what probably was the best of the 3 operas... the cat reference came from the first opera. There was a woman gushing how wonderful her cat was, how much better he was than her husband. I was loving it. If only the woman in the love triangle had listened to her, her lover would not have been choked with a noose. :-)

But the anti kvetch was that I made it 3 hours mostly sitting. That is a good thing! The kvetch- I came home to chill and rest and discovered I had no freaking food in the house. So I had to go and get some.

Tes is feeling a little better, by the way. She is actually hungry! I am going to try to chat with her today.

(((six, yuefie, morning, bunny, billy, anoush, star, culture, and all you lovely kvetchies that I missed))))
Happy Sunday, all. Happy Birthday, Sixelacat. Was it yesterday or Friday?

I want to thank whomever recommended Coke Zero. It truly was the answer to a prayer. It tastes so much better than Diet Coke and when I add a slice of lime, it tastes almost exactly like regular Coke. So, whoever you were, I love you! biggrin.gif

While I love my kitties, I am not sure how much consolation they would be if my husband killed my love. What opera were you all watching?

I had a great Saturday. I hope that everyone is enjoying the great weather that Chicago is. Yesterday, I went to the gym in sunny breezy spring weather. Afterwards, I found almost the exact desk that I had been picturing for my living room. It is sunny yellow, with one drawer and a pull out keybord tray. It has a small hutch and everything. Only $40 at a thrift store and I bargined them down to $30. I have never bargined for anything in my life! Once I got it home, I cleaned it and set it up. My living room has a pretty yellow and blue them with hints of gold and purple. It wasn't really intentional, but when I moved to that place two years ago, I felt like it was my first grown up apartment. Then I found very cheap gold and blue pillows, a blue sofe, yellow window shears, and old gold brocade sofa, and now the desk. It is such a woman's space that as much as I would like to be in a relationship, I don't know that I would want a man living there and getting it all "guy'ed" up, you know?

All my living room needs, really now is a laptop computer so that I can get the internet at home and talk to you ladies every day!
I hope all the Busties had a nice weekend.

Happy belated birthday to sixel.

kitten, the desk sounds cute, and such a good deal.

Yay for rose and play having a nice time at the opera.

((amilita)) and ((bunny) I hope you both feel better.

((raisin)) Sorry you missed an important appointment. I hope it works out.

((polly)) Good luck at the interview.

((billy)) Sorry to hear about your friend.

sidecar, I hope you enjoyed the time with your friend.

cstars, I know what you mean about pet stores, it’s incredibly sad to go into them. So many animals that need a home. Also, congrats on quitting smoking, that is a very great thing.

prettyinpink, glad you enjoyed your birthday and time off.

((tes)) Good health.

((mando)) Sorry work is being crap, but yay for your doggie.

((yuefie, star, syb, culture, mornington, annoush, pixie))

Mr. DM and I saw two films this weekend, Year of the Dog (good, but very depressing) and Hot Fuzz (kind of fun). That was about it, just had a relaxing weekend.
kvetch: staying up all night to work on my thesis, then finding out that the file mysteriously got corrupted while it was open on my screen. excuse my while i go scream.

i'm not totally screwed, just really inconvenienced, which i really can't afford at this point. *sigh*
happy belated to sixelacat.

I had a long, horrible weekend visiting the inlaws. It's always a bad sign when you come back from a three-day weekend wanting another three days off.

It's not so bad for me, as MIL basically ignores me (we are still introduced as "this is my son, Martini, and his wife," rather than "this is my son and our daughter-in-law"; I know it's semantic, but trust me, with this woman, it's an important distinction). But the way she talks to Martini ... ugh, dealing with the psychological fallout when we return is so difficult. To anyone else we are successful young professionals with good jobs, a nice home with a good resale value (difficult to achieve in house prices these days) in a good neighborhood, with a lot of friends, very little debt, and we're happy. To his mother, we're two deadbeats who live in a ghetto because we have a mortgage and live in a city. That doesn't even get into the half of what made this weekend so bad, but take that as the starting point. Next time, I really am taking the flask. And it will be awhile until next time.

I need a nap. And coffee.

((((busties)))) that's all i'm up for now, i'm afraid. more later, and far less self-absorption, for sure.
Good Monday all,

Man, I have to write stuff down in here in order to keep up.

(((raisin))) hope you feel better, or as better as you can.

Polly, good luck on the interview. ~*~*~*interview vibes*~*~*~*

Tes! How are you feeling?


(((sidecar))) that is so horrible of the MIL! What is it with MIL's? You think that she wouldn't be happy that you and the mr are happy and successful.

I really don't have much to add today, I'm feeling better, but my phone at work isn't working, so I can't check my messages, and deal with clients, but without it, I have nothing to do. Oh well.

(((yuefie, pixie, anoushh, te, sidecar, polly, plat, star, sassy, billy, sonik, faith, fina, missjoy, mando, mornington, bunny, syb, amilita, raisin, faerie, DM, RV, everyone)))
sidecar - blech! That sounds awful! You and your poor Mr. Maybe you should have just brought your flask to work. Can you nap under your desk like everyone else I know?

fairetales - That sucks! I hope it doesn't set you back too far.

{{{{{good health, happy job, and healthy pet vibes to all who are here!}}}}} smile.gif
Wow! It looks as if I post a ton, but really it's just been on the slow side around ~*~*~super all-purpose vibes~*~*~ for everyone!

Glad you're feeling better, culture!

Sidecar, that sucks...some people can have such mean little hearts. And then they go and have kids, sheesh.

Faerie, that also sucks...I hate when stuff like that happens. Hate re-doing stuff.

DM, I love how you and the Mr. are such cinephiles! You go see multiple movies in one day, right? Love that.

Kittenb, yay for good thrifty finds! And you're welcome for the Coke Zero tip! wink.gif

Also yay for Rosev and Plat going to the opera! Four hours is A LOT of it! Glad to hear Tes is improving!

I'm off to work again tonight. I'm having fantasies of a girly beach weekend but I doubt my friends will be able to do it...I don't have so many girlfriends in town anymore is one thing. But how fun would that be? My coworker showed me the place she stayed on the gulf shore and these private cottages are within a walk to the beach, some have little private pools, nice kitchens to whip up yummy stuff. *sigh* I think that may be what I want to do for my 40th birthday.

Hope everyone is well!!!
((((sidecar)))) urgh.


((((billy)))) i'm sorry about your friend/client

((((dm, tes, bunny, amilita, mando, yuefie, pixie, rose, plat, kitten, culture, polly, pink, star, sixie, sassy, raisin, everyone))))

why is going back to uni such a shock to the system? I have a dissection tomorrow and I am *not* looking forward to it. We're on the cardiovascular system, neonatal thorax of the sheep or pig. uuuurgh.

Sorry, feeling a bit glum and grumpy, will return with less me-me-me...

((faerie)) Sorry about your thesis.

((sidecar)) Sorry to hear your weekend was bad.

((culture)) Hope your phone is working now.

((amilita)) Yeah Mr. DM and I love film, and sometimes we do see two films in one day. We kind of have different tastes in films, but we mostly find a common ground. A girly beach weekend sounds fun, it would be something to look forward to.

((mornington)) Hope uni is ok, and I know it’s hard to go back after having time off.

Today is Mr. DM’s birthday, I got him a video game and cuff links. We had fast food for dinner, and then had some cookie cake. Not healthy, but it was tasty.

**drags self into lounge**

hello. very tired. once i get some proper sleep. i will update everyone and read through the archies. the move is over. i hate moving. argh.

i hope everyone is well.

and tons of vibes to whoever needes em!!!


**drags self out**
(((star))) I know how you feel; moving is exhausting.

(((faerietails))) eek.

(((sidecar))) ouch.


*pays special attention to mornington and gives her a go study kick up the arse*

my interview is on Thursday and I'm stressing a little. Couldn't find my birth certificate so going to registrar today for copy so I can prove that I exist and that I am who I say I am (because my passport and driving license can't do that. grrr.)
Hi all! I've decided I need a little Bustie love. This place always makes me feel better when I am in a black mood. I feel like one big ball of stress and hormones! Mostly I am irritated because I was supposed to have a doctor appt yesterday that had already been rescheduled once, but as i was pulling into the parking lot I got a call that my doctor had to go to the hospital rigth then to deliver a baby and that no other doctors were available to see now I have to give up my lunch hour today to go to this appt. It really stinks because Mr. pixie was able to go with me yesterday, but not today.

Any the weather has been very stormy since last night...I swear it's the black cloud hanging over me...It just spread to cover all of Tulsa!

Anyway, I also wanted to send out some love to Yuefie. I imagine the highway collapse is probably making her commute hell.

Happy Belated birthday to Sixela!

Fairetails, I'm sorry about your paper! that would suck!

I'm trying to decide how insane I am...but I have decided to go back to school. I''m going to start out slow and just take one online class this summer. (This should be fun in the last trimestser of pregnancy.) But Mr. Pixie wants me to finish my Bachlors and my job is restructuring next summer, so I really need to get some classes under my belt that will help me move into a better position when that happens because I think my current position is going to go away.

Anyway, just want to send out love to all my Bustie friends!
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall righty then!!

let me see what i can remember. don't hold your collective breath, when you get as old as dirt, your memory starts to go. ask plat! hee!

mandomyheart, the puppers is SO CUTE!!! if i was there i would be squeeeeeeing all over the place. i recently saw "The Queen" and every time the corgis came bounding out i was EEEEEE!!! mando!!! EEEEE!!!

glad that the weather is so much better and things are easier at work because of it.

polly, how did the interview go today??

faerie, that sucks the BIG GREEN WIENIE about your thesis file!! hope that you were able to recover it!

FLASHING GREEN ENVY EYES at plat and rosie v! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, although i love me my kittie boos, i can't help but think that my mr. hotbuns will be there after they are gone. he has been so cute, he is upset that he couldn't be here to take care of me, and bring me bubbly juice!! (bubbly H2O mixed with fruit juice, about 2/3 H2O to 1/3 juice)

mostly, though, i am just sorry that i couldn't be there to go WITH them! was it in the big city? or my graduate uni city? or plat's graduate uni city?

whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiich, leads me to the idea of a girls week at the beach! amilita, that DOES sound like fun! it is something that plat and i have done, just us two....and my nieceoid elle will be here in june and that is one of the things we are going to do, spend a long weekend at the beach. hope that you get some of your friends to do it for your birthday!!! (and, i think it is marvy to see you name and know that you have posted!!! you just keep right on popping in here, it inspires me)


~*~*~*~*~* peachy keeno jobby job vibes!!!~*~*~*~*~*~

aaaaaand? your passport doesn't prove that you were born???? huh? um, if i remember correctly, you have to send a registered copy of your birth certificate in order to GET your passport???

sixelacat, sorry i meeeeeeeeeeeeeced your birthday suit day! i hope that it was at least half as wonderful as YOU are!!!

((((((((bill bonka))))))) querido, what a horrible, unexpected thing to happen, for everyone involved. i hope that you are well, meu amigo. i owe you an email, i will do my best. know that i am thinking of you!

stargazer, doll-ling, my heart goes out to you. i have literally lost count of how many times i have moved in my life, but it is easily in the dozens. plural. and i hated every move. every last one. they don't get any easier, even when someone else is doing the packing and the hauling. get some rest! and then pop back in and say HEI!!

happy birthday to mr DM!! tasty sometimes trumps healthy, designer m! when you say cookie cake, do you mean one of those humongo cookies? or a cake made with cookies? i have a recipe for the latter, a flower pot cake which is sort of cool and sort of weird and sort of gross but tasty (sort of like the litter box cake) what kinds of movies do you find that you two agree on seeing together?

((((((culture handy)))))) is that phone of yours working yet?? how frustrating!! thanks for asking about me, it was sweet!

rosiev, what is the status of your house closing? when do you get to *shudder* move???? oh, and -- i know i should have this, but if you send me your email addy, i can send you some LONG overdue photos from thanksgiving! are you and mr. steel going to be able to make it again this year? did i tell you that light and bikeboy are preggers again? i think that we might have more than one new baby this year!!! how cool is that?

(~)(~) (*)(*) ( ' )( ' ) @@ (^)(^) bustie love for pixie!!! ( * ) ( * )
@@ (>)(>) (~)(~) (o)(o)

going back to school sounds insane, i know (just ask ms. mornington!!!) but it sounds like a good plan. you can do it!!! we will be your cheerleading squad!!!!

speaking of ms. mornington~~~how was the dissection??? i hate to say this, but that sounds so cool! was it a pig or a sheep??

*rubs mornington's arse where bunny b kicked it - for mornington's own good!*

what is this about a highway collapse??? that sounds scary! is yeufie all right? yeuf??? you ok?

my brain hurts. what else???


c[_] c[_] c[_] coffee for sidecar!

hearing about your mil makes me grind my teeth! grrr. does she even use your name?? or just, this is my dearly beloved son Martini and his um, wife?

(((((((anousshka and notbob))))))

(((((((everyone else i missed))))))) i'm really sorry if i did, me desculpem! trust me, it is my bad!!!
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