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I love the house, rose! And coming from a girl trying unsuccessfully to buy a house myself, I must say that I am jeaous! ;-)

Mornington, I looked at the t-shirts and I really like them. I think they'd look even better with a cute tattoo. Save up for the tat first and then wear the cute shirt and show it off when it heals!

Mando, the corgi is adorable! Once you meet her, you'll know exactly what to call her.

Hello to everyone else! I'm sorry I haven't posted in twenty years or so, but work blocked the lounge and then i just got busy with everything else. Hopefully I'll be around a lot more.

I have a lot of kvetchs cause i'm making up for lost time!

Kvetch: I started having recuring (sp?) dreams that my grandmother who died of COPD is telling me not to smoke, so I'm trying. And it's extremely difficult. And I allowed myself one cigarette today and told myself that smoking another one was just not an option, and so far, I'm doing ok. I just physically feel awful. I have no idea if this is normal because the only friends I have that are smokers, are either still smokers or weren't really addicted in the first place. It's such a weird feeling, cause I FEEL like I wanna crawl out of my own skin. sad.gif

Kvetch: My roommates and I have decided to non renew our lease in a couple of months and we have briefly discussed the puppy and who gets him in the "divorce" and because one of my roommates fronted the money when we bought him, she gets him. Even though I gave her some money afterwards AND paid for his neuteuring. I wanted this dog for such a long time and it just felt like being punched in the stomach hearing that he wasn't mine and I wasn't getting him. It isn't fair.

Kvetch: I have a cold and just feel icky.

Kvetch: I'm having a horribly low self esteem day where i wonder how anyone could like me, especially my bf. But I'm thinking it's related to the lack of nicotine

Anti kvetch: I took some tylenol cold medicine that's starting to work it's power of drowsiness...

Rose, that house is gorgeous. More pics ASAP- I love living vicariously through other people's domestic joy- the shiny newness has worn off of mine (maybe it will come back when we out the new floors in, get the new couch, etc.)

So, I'm pretty sure I'm going to quit my job. I'll post the details in one of the job threads soon, but suffice to say, people are jumping like rats from a sinking ship and I think I'll be next. Two months doesn't seem like a long enough time to decide, but I don't think things will get better. I'll post soon.

Right now, I'm off to my mom's to eat tres leche cake (yes, stargazer! Homemade, though, not from Bombon).

((cstars)) Good luck with the puppy debacle. Just don't pull a King Solomon.

((Hugs to all))
OK, goodness. I know I'm going to do an inadequate job posting, but I'm just gonna jump in here...

Happy Belated Birthday, Pink!!! Sorry so late- hope the day was great!

Yay, Rose and Sheff!! Congratulations! Very cute house for very cute couple...lots of happy times to come in that there home.

(((Polly))) Sorry your work situation is so nutso.

(((CStars))) Quitting smoking is difficult and admirable.

DM, was it you who asked who I like on Shear Genius? I just watched the second episode, and I think I like Anthony, the guy who won the challenge this week...maybe just cuz he's freaking gorgeous. Dr. Boogie is sort of annoying but sort of hysterical. Tabitha is like a evil witch, but I kinda like her uber-confidence. Do you have any favorites?

(((Yuefie))) Didja get some chocolate?


Mornington, I love the image of you with your little bun bun in the garden. Aww.

And I wanna know where Syb is going on holiday, too. And sixe, I'm envious that you have a bunch of trips coming up.

(((Sidecar, Plat, Crassy, Tes, Mando, Kittenb, Anoushh, Faith, Fina, Raisin, Culture, everyone)))

I'm getting very, very sleepy. Had big fight with the Mr. tonight, it's sorted out for the most part.

Trying Wally on phenobarbitol for his weird tail-chasing behavior, which has not gone away. The valium has helped, but this is a new approach to see if it works better.
It's not even 11am and I have the strongest craving for pizza with mushrooms, sweetcorn, onion and green peppers. mmmm.

no undies as yet.

rose, that is such a beautiful house! It looks so idyllic and reminds me of Green Gables.

I had a fight with my mister last night too amilita, and it sucked. I'm glad to hear you guys have resolved things. We made it up too but the issue remains a thorny one.

Kvetch: I woke up at 4am head spinning post-fight, so didn't get a lot of sleep. *grouses*

Anti-kvetch: My work is going really, really well. It's one of those times where I really feel I'm meant to be doing what I'm doing.

Cstars, good for you for quitting: everyone I know who has quit successfully puts it down to simply making a decision and stikcing to it. You do have to be ready, I think, and be aware of why you smoke and what triggers your desire for a cigarette. (Note to self: follow your own advice...)

We are going to China for 2 weeks in May; the mister planned it all. It should be awesome. I have a lot of work to do first though!

*olive green transparent knickers and no brar because working from 'home'*
it's one thirty... and I've only been up for thirty minutes. I didn't sleep well during the night.

rose, that house is beautiful!

cstars, i hope you get everything sorted with the pup. will you still be able to see him if he goes with your roomie? and yay for quitting! yes, will-power is most important, especially when everyone else smokes.

(((syb))) fights suck. but china - woo! that sounds wonderful. Where are you going in china?

amilita, glad you got things sorted with the mr. and i'm crossing fingers for wally! I know i'm being nosy, but could you tell me what the vet said he has - if there's a set diagnosis? I'm thinking of doing one of my papers on behavioural issues... it's not going to be written for another year, but i need all the ideas i can get.

((((polly))) i'm sorry work sucks. but yay for cake!

sixe, I missed what you said about your bgp - fingers crossed for her!

((((yuefie)))) *proffers ice cream*

dm, i'm thinking of getting a bird - specifically, a hoepoe, they're my favourite bird. I'm just torn on where i'm going to put it. I'm thinking my calf, for some reason. It's got to be somewhere I can cover if needs be.

*puts ice on bunny's bump* is mandoo settled in?

((((mando, pink, anoushh, billy, tes, plat, star, sassy, everyone))))

sometimes i genuinely wish my course had papers and essays like everyone else. I need some sort of deadline and something specific to do to light a fire under my ass. I worked pretty well for a few days, but yesterday i lost it. and i have a headache today... grr.

pink and grey striped boyshorts, no bra as yet, because i just got up.

antikvetch: F. in general, and also we're pretty much settling what dates he's going to be over. squee! i'm trying to sort out summer - with Boy Wonder finishing school, and starting uni, doing my farm placements, seeing star, going to algiers, my birthday and trying to see F... madness. Oh yeah, and these damn exams.

ninjaedit: i took photos of the buns outside. Here
welcome back, bunny! *tight hug*

congrats, rose & shef! looks like you won the house lottery … that is one damn fine piece of real estate!

(((polly’s bgp’s sil))) poor thing, she needs TLC and understanding, not tough love. Her husband should call her doctor and have him intervene with the hospital.

(((polly))) sorry to hear the job’s blowing up on you. that sucks.

cstars … nice to see you in here! I’m sorry about the puppers, and that you’re feeling so low. Sending you much copage vibage, doll.

*seethelight vibes for sixel’s bgp*

*virtual deathbychocolate vibes for yuefie*

(((amilita))) & (((wally)))

(((sybarite))) here’s hoping your china trip makes it all better for you two. and i hope to read much detail afterward, because i’m all about the vicarious living.

mornington, ta for the bun pics … totally just made my morning!

heartfelt thanks for all the encouraging words. danny’s at a peer leadership group class trip at the park today, so i’m not worried. he really digs PLG days, and plans to be a mentor when he’s a senior. i bet they discuss school violence too, which is a good thing.

antikvetch: after nearly a week of rain and floods and general weather crappiness, today is a gorgeous sunny warm perfect spring bluesky day. hallelujah.

kvetch: forgot to call nutsogalpal for her birthday yesterday. i suck.

kvetch: stressing about the road trip to VA. thank god for little white pills.

antikvetch: excited about seeing my sister and the baby’s room tomorrow! we're staying with them tomorrow night.

antikvetch: GETTING OUR DOG ON SUNDAY!!! (danny’s adamant about samantha. I named maggie, so i’m going to let him win this one.)

beige lace wacoal, beige tummy control panties … cute pink & black dress, black comfy & chic blazer, sheer black hose, cute black pumps, really excellent hair day … feeling rather sexay today. wink.gif
congrats to rose! what a beautiful home.
(((polly's sil))))
~~~job vibes for polly~~~
happy belated pink!
yay for corgis!

welcome back, bunny...

yesterday we had a work event and scored a big article about it in the trib. I'm so thrilled. It was a fun event, too, so I'm glad it's had some positive results.

anyway. i need to get some work done. beige underwire, white boyshorts.
I feel like I haven't really kvetched in a here goes....Minipixie is driving me out of my mind! I feel a little better since I know what the root cause is...but being preggers it sure is hard to keep my patience! The exasshat is getting married in a couple of months. (he's Smokeboy's brother) so their dad just got remarried, and the asshat is moving his intended into Papa and Mimi's house...and! She has sudenly clutched onto one of Mimi(karen)'s teddybear and the darn thing has to go everywhere with her..even to school. And if you tell her no about anything she crumples into a heap on the floor and sobs like her heart is breaking forever! Ugh! Last night Rose and I were on the phone...and I don't exactly know what happened..she claims it was an accident...but she just smacked me upside the head so hard I almost dropped the phone! But the ex thinks "she is adjusting well"...umm..yeah.

Rose, since we didn't get to finish our conversation...the house is beautiful!

Mando, Congrats on getting to go pick up the Corgie this weekend!

Cstars, I'm sorry you don't get to keep your puppers.

Amilita, hope the phenobarnital helps Wally.

(((all Busty pets)))

(((Bunny , Mornington, sidecar, Pink, Polly, sassy, sybrite, and everyone else I missed)))

Well done on your work event sidecar! Sounds like excellent coverage. Hope you're enjoying the new job.

Mando, I fully intend to bore everyone with my impressions whilst there... if I can post from behind the great firewall of china.

*dutifully lights fire under mornington* Try and work for an hour at a time when you're not feeling it. I also find guilt a great, if unhealthy motivator.

It's nearly the weekend here and the sun is shining!
bunneeeee! *hands slice of fantastic pizza, calorie-free!*

*hands yuefie magic G&B bar-it turns into any flavour you like*

*wolf whistles at Mando*

rose, I like the house and love the lot, so many trees! Gorgeous!

(((mornington))) 'cause you made me google hoepoe birds, and I found this quote on wiki quite funny: "In his Little Black Bird Book, Bill Oddie facetiously claims that hoopoes are only ever seen on vicar's lawns." And Lord and Lady Fluff are too cute!

cstars, the only friend I know that's quit (she smoked over a pack/day for 10 years) swears drinking loads of water helped most. (((cstars)))

Boo on arguments, illnesses, and job asshattery.

But YAYAYAY for nice weather, new pups, happy visits with friends/family, and knowing what you're meant to be doing! WOOT!

'kay, gotta go fix something healthy to take to work. (((kvetchies)))
Syb, our fight is the's sorted out for now but essentially remains an issue. It's so weird to look at a long term relationship and identify what the big issues are and I guess will always be...I'm able to do that with the Mr. and I. Bleh. It can be kind of daunting at times...and I hate having the same fight over again. Seems so silly.

Mornington, I'm not sure if my vet has ever given me an actual diagnosis...she says what we're dealing with can either be like a seizure disorder or like compulsive behavior. But she always leaves open the possibility that it has a physical root. What I've found online myself is feline hyperesthesia, and I assume that's what she's been talking about...she may have even mentioned that diagnosis. It's so hard to figure out. Poor Wall-baby. Behavioral disorders would be an interesting paper topic. And maybe you'd have some new information for me!

Kvetch: The guy on the insurance card that was in the car that hit our car and rammed into the Popeye's is not calling the insurance company back. Big surprise. It's not much damage on our car; I'm not putting the claim on our coverage. I'm so frustrated with police for not pursuing the driver, and I'm picking that as my battle. I'm going to call them and maybe my city council person.
Oh rosie, I forgot to congratulate you and sheff on the new home! How wonderful for you both, sweetheart.

YAY for the ((((mando-family)))) getting to pick up Samantha this weekend!

~~~~super strength quitting vibage for cstars~~~~

((((pixie))))) ugh, poor you and poor mini-pixie. so many adjustments to me made, it surely isn't easy.

((((wally)))) I do hope it's something minor.


I saw the Ugliest Dog Contest on Animal Planet last night and it was just what the doctor ordered for my grumpiness. Well that, and a very fudgy, chewy, chocolaty, dense brownie my sis made. There was a pup that won second place named Victoria who was a very small greyhound who had been rescued by these people here in San Diego who run a greyhound rescue. She had hydrocephalus (water on the brain, which happens to be what my brother PJ suffered from as a toddler) and was in constant pain. I guess all of the various vets they consulted had said she needed to be put down and they were actually getting ready to administer the lethal shot when the doctor asked the people if they had considered trying an anti seizure med. So they put her on phenobarbitol and it did the trick. She is a spoiled, well cared for and very sweet girl. I was so glad that pup won at least second place. And yeah, I blubbered my way through her segment and got all teary when she won.
Kvetch: No time to catch up with Kvetchies properly.

Kvetch: My mother-in-law has found a way to drive me insane. The woman is 5000 miles away and she has still pulled this off. Talented woman, that. It's a long story, but basically the woman has no clue that Florida is actually quite far away from North Carolina.
In June we will have a big family reunion in Orlando & we decided that SheffMom should visit us while she is in the states. We figured she would fly into Orlando, spend time with the fam, & after the reunion she could travel back up to NC with us, and then fly out of Raleigh. But the woman ... ugh. The woman has bought round-trip tickets to Orlando. She will arrive in Orlando 5 whole days before the rest of the family, thinking that she'll just find a way to "pop up" to NC.
We're more than 600 miles away from Orlando. That ain't no "pop", kids. That's a looooong trip. But she's already booked the tickets! UGH! And have I mentioned that she hates to fly? So I know she won't want to get on another plane as soon as she arrives in Orlando.
I'm just so ticked. We have flights straight from London to Raleigh!! Why didn't she get on one of those flights?!?

Kvetch: Headache. I was fine until I heard this news. Grr.

ETA an additional Kvetch: My local State Farm office. GRRRRRR!!!! They fucked up AGAIN!!! They have somehow triple charged me for our car insurance this month. They're asking for nearly $500!!!!! INSANE!!!! I have had endless problems with this office & I'm sick of their incompetence. I actually called my old office in Oklahoma to get it straightened out. And God bless my old insurance office. Those people are so damn sweet and helpful. I wish the laws would allow me to keep my car insurance through them.

GRRRRRR... I'm supposed to be cleaning and buying food for company, not dealing with all of this other crap!!!!!
((((mando)))) yay for pupper!

amilita, thank you! I knew i'd heard of hyperesthesia, but that's really interesting! (I'm such a geek)

((((rose)))) ***soothing vibes***
(((rose))) ugh. I'm so lucky with the mil (not that I'm trying to rub it in).

(((pixie and minipixie)))

(((amilita and wally)))

(((syb, amilita and their misters)))

China? *so* envious.

morn, the buns are too cute for words! you would think that mandoo had never lived anywhere else and is now intrigued by the great outdoors (he has ventured out onto front doorstep and the patio).

(((mando))) safe, relaxed trip to VA! I'm seeing the boy's sis in couple of weeks when the come over from BC and I can't wait to see her bump.

six, you reminded me of my pizza craving! drat, now I just have to get me some tomorrow wink.gif.

I received word in post today that I have reached the interview stages for my postgraduate teaching diploma! VERY happy and relieved. No date as yet, that will arrive shortly along with info on what to expect from interview.

undies: black girl shorts and torquoise bra.

Ugh, Rosev, that's frustrating. My m-i-l is sweet but can annoy me, so I tend to pass off dealing with her onto the Mr. (hint, hint) I mean, I deal with my family...that's the way it should be. Hope you guys can get it sorted...may be worth the money to pay for flight changes, eh? It is a little funny that one could think you could just 'pop' to different parts of the U.S...hell, you can't even 'pop' from one side of Texas to the other!

Mornington, I find it fascinating, too. All that kind of stuff, even as I have concern for little W or people I love. Guess that's why I'm a nurse. Hyperesthesia seems almost like one of those umbrella diagnoses, where so many different behaviors can fit under it, and where they really don't know what causes it, or why. I just hope the phenobarb helps.

Happy weekend, everyone!

Thanks for all the qutting vibes, everyone. I think I'm doing much better today. I continue to allow myself one a day until I don't need it at all. I'm gonna try to not have one at all tomorrow. We'll see how that goes.

Also, my roommate kinda offered me the dog today, for a short amount of time, until she would be able to find a place that allows animals. I was pysched about that. But I was also a little bummed cause I had psyched myself up to rescue another dog from a horrible pet store. <sigh>. Do you think that's wrong of me?

Mornington, your bunnies are adorable! And I think it's even cuter that you refer to them as your buns! I love bunnies, I'm just sad I never really owned any. sad.gif

Rose and Amilita, I'm sorry for your car insurance woes. I'm not saying this because I work for the company and I want you to switch, but Amica is an excellent company, so if you ever want to, definitely give them a call!

Yuefie, I almost watched the ugliest dog competition! I just always feel bad cause I hate calling anything ugly, especially dogs cause they're all cute to me. But I would have been right there with you, crying about the dog they almost put to sleep. Tell me about a person dying and I'll feel bad but as soon as it's an animal, i'm ready to sacrafice my own life.

Hello to everyone else, hope all is well!

RV my mum (lovely as she is) does things like that when travelling. She'll book something, thinking she knows best and then she finds she's miles outside her comfort zone, which makes me fret. Argh!! She hates to spend money but doesn't realise that a flight from the US to Europe with 3 stopovers is not. worth. it. Not if she has to spend hours in Heathrow, jetlagged, sleepless and spending UK currency on food and drink.

Rant much? blink.gif

Anyway, I feel your pain. Can she take a train from Orlando, perhaps?

Well done bunny!

To the lovely PrettyInPink!

((((rose)))) ugh, how annoying!

~~~more quitting and strength vibes for cstars~~~ I don't think it's horrible, I understand you wanting to rescue a dog. Couldn't you still rescue a dog? I mean just a little later on down the road since you would only temporarily have this dog while your roommate finds a pet friendly place, right?

yay bunny, keep us updated on the interview front so we keep vibing for ya smile.gif

hope everyones having a great weekend. and my bad, I forgot to report my skivvies yesteday, which were black lace cheeky style with matching bra.

Happy Sunday, ya'll. I realized yesterday that I am working about 9 days straight this week. I am looking forward to Thursday when I get to do nothing.
I have to say that is seems that mothers can never travel in ways that make sense to daughters. I wonder if it has something to do with them having to plan so many events "by committee," ie. family, that when they are making decisons for themselves, they always seem weird. When my mom visits me, I can barely get her pinned downed to a traveling date, let alone and actual ETA. It makes me nutty.
The bunny pictures are cute but for some reason they have always scared me as pets. I just feel like they would scratch worse than cats.
cstars - I don't see any reason why you couldn't get a dog of your own even while you were caring for your other dog. The more the merrier, right?
Anyway, being busy at work is a good thing for me as I am craving food. Any food. All food. I just can't stop thinking about food. Well, specifically the sugar and carbs that my doctor says I cannot have because my system is sick and needs detoxing. I am doing the South Beach diet. Everyone says the first two weeks are the hardest. Well, I am on the fourth day of no sugar and the second day of no carbs and all I can say is TWO WEEKS?! I'll be spending the next two weeks obsessing about food? Not to mention the fact that I really have to stick with this for far longer than two weeks. Otherwise, I might just fall back on my old habits and start getting sick again. *sigh*
I have been drinking so much tea these past few days and trying different diet sodas to find something to replace my beloved Coke. Diet Coke is just disgusting to me. Yesterday, though, I tried Diet Dr. Pepper and it is pretty okay. Of course, I have to be careful about replacing the toxic sugars with caffeine. I am drinking a ton of water (I normally do) and I put two spoonfuls of lemon juice in my morning water to help with the detox.
hey y'all! i am wiped. it's been a busy weekend: dinner and Andrew Bird on Friday; haircut and gym yesterday, plus a friend's birthday dinner and a trip to the suburban drive-in last night (we got home at 1 am); and today brunch, grocery shopping, and the library. Oh, and the weather's been nice so we went to the dog park twice. I just took a nap, I've been fairly exhausted. I should've done some freelance work today, but it's not much that I have to do and I wanted a work-free weekend for the first time in awhile, so dammit, I'm going to have one!

happy belated to pink!

(((((rv)))))) my mil insists on staying at a hotel 40 minutes north of my house that's just as expensive, if not more so, than places that are closer so she can be in proximity to a certain mall. oh, and they won't drive in the city, so we end up driving out to pick them up and back repeatedly. sigh. sweet or no, it's frustrating to have to deal with travel and family but they don't need to make it worse! and congrats on the house again!

~~~good luck bunny~~~ keep us posted!


thinking of mando getting her sweet pupper today!
hey all...

quick drive by...

i was out of town for a conference. the weather was gorgeous here in the midwest. i wasn't prepared for it clotheswise.

i probably won't be in the lounge much this week cause i need to haul ass to pack. i move back in with the 'rents on saturday. kinda bums me out. plus, i'm ending my time with the bookstore too. i'm throwing a little shindig for the kids i work with this thursdy. almost to bid adieu to my time there and living on the northside. i'm kinda sad. sad.gif

((star)) Good luck with the move, and have fun at your party.

sidecar, it sounds like you had a fun weekend.

((kitten)) Good luck on the diet. I tried to go two days without eating any sweets, and I couldn’t do it.

Happy belated birthday to pip.

cstars, what kind of dog is it that you have now? The one in your avatar looks a little like my parent’s dog.

bunny, yay for good interview news.

((rose)) I hope the traveling can be resolved for you mil. Your new house is beautiful.


((mando)) I hope the trip to pick up your doggie went well.

morning ton, the bun buns are so cute. I like your tattoo idea.

syb, yay for upcoming vacation to China.

amilita, it was me that asked about Shear Genius. My favorites are Tabitha and sort of Dr. Boogie. I loved the haircut he gave the mannequin in the first challenge. I haven’t decided which others I like yet, but I don’t care for the one that cries all the time. The guy that left this week did a horrible color, but the woman in the bottom two also did really bad. I’m surprised that I enjoy this show so much.

((polly)) I hope you are ok, and everything works out with your job.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Friday, Mr. DM, Twin DM and I went to the Improv to see Tracy Morgan. He was so raunchy and hilarious, and we were literally two feet from the stage and had the best seat in the place. Saturday we went to the Sarasota Film Festival and saw two films, High Falls with Maggie Gyllenhaal was shown as a work in progress and Waitress with Keri Russell. Today Mr. DM and I saw Fracture, and it was so disappointing. I also got a bikini today at Target for my trip to Miami next month. I wish everyone a nice Monday.
Kittenb, I think Coke Zero tastes more like regular coke than Diet Coke...of course, it still has all the chemicals and caffeine. I'm gonna do my caffeine detox after my shifts at work this week. No good having headache AND trying to stay awake all night.

(((stargazer))) I hated moving back in with my parents when I went to nursing school, but after my dad died, I was so glad I had that extra time with them...not that they didn't drive me crazy at times! I tried to keep in mind what a nice favor they were doing for me, letting me move back in when I needed it.

Yay for work-free weekends, sidecar!

Syb, it's funny that so many of our mammas do these odd travel things! My mom keeps saying stuff about driving down here and I know that would be a terrible, terrible thing (her bad knees, fatigue, getting lost, looking at directions whilst driving, etc.) but she still mentions it periodically even though I always say no way.

DM, oh, yeah...on Shear Genius I do hate the crying lady with dark hair and the chatty lady with glasses. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes first she seemed arrogant, but I think she has the talent to back up her uber-confidence.

It's been gorgeous weather here, too. Today we went around in our rowboat in this outer part of the lagoons/lakes in City Park...and right when we set off, we saw a big alligator submerging!!! We both froze, and almost called it off. But we did go on. And later we saw a mamma duck with 8 ducklings. I thought that seemed like a lot.

We saw Hot Fuzz on Friday night and liked was made by the guys who made Shaun of the Dead. I'm sorry to hear Fracture wasn't so great...I may go see it anyway if I have time tomorrow. May just wait for DVD.

Good morning. I haven't had any real sugar sweets (cookies, ice cream, candy, etc.) since Wednesday night. Wow. I can't even think about that or I will run to the vending machine. Amilita, I was thinking about trying Coke Zero. I wonder what makes it different than Diet Coke? Last night I made pork chops with rosted califlower. For thoes who don't know me, that is a lot of cooking for me.

I really want to see Hot Fuzz. Shaun of the Dead killed me.

Sidecar, what mall is it that your mil is so in love with? How could she prefer that to Michigan Ave. shopping which I think is much more fun for tourists? Of course, I am really biased towards Michigan Ave. Most native Chicagoans avoid it at all costs, but I have worked on or near it almost the whole time I have lived in Chicago. It's like a second home. Not that I can afford to shop anywhere but Borders. rolleyes.gif
Kitten, if you don't like the taste of diet coke, what about diet pepsi? I'm not a big fan of diet coke either, but diet pepsi is much crisper! It sucks to not have sugar and stuff. I did atkins for a while and the first two weeks are awful. Once you're over that hump though, it's so much easier, trust me!

medusa, the dog I have now is a cairn terrier. Like Toto from the wizard of oz. (just as a side note, as I was typing that, I realized that I didn't hear the dog in a while, so I went into the kitchen to see what kind of mess he got himself into, but he was just lying in the sun like a cat. He doesn't even know he's being cute, I can't stand it!)

yuefie, I would think that having the dog would be temporary, but I don't know if my roommate would find a pet friendly place right away. It's ok, though. I will adopt another dog at another point.

Thanks everyone else for all the quitting vibes. I didn't have a cigarette at all yesterday which is the first time in a reallllly long time. I find that I go through phases where I'm really depressed at times and I don't really WANT a cigarette, I just want to have one cause I know I won't feel as depressed if I do. And then there are times when I feel really good, like better than I have in years. I don't know. It's such a weird thing, this nicotine. I started chewing gum a lot more too. I just feel bad too cause I end up taking out all my frustrations and depressed feelings on my bf, who doesn't deserve it. Poor thing. He bought me flowers the other day to make me feel better and instead of being all happy and giddy about it, like I normally would be, I was just like, "oh wow...thanks."

Anyway...random thought. Why is it that when I call the dog normally he doesn't come, but when I say, "OMG, SHAMUS! YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!", he comes running? Hmmm...
Kvetch: Mobile church set up on my corner for second morning. This is not going to work, as they have very loud stereo and two men with megaphones. Fine this morning, as I was getting up early anyway; not fine for days I need to sleep after work. I called the police non-emergency number already. We'll see what happens. Sometimes it sucks living on a busy city street, because it just doesn't occur to people that there might be homes around. Bleh.

And here's the other thing...if they are from in town, why aren't they at work (or school- I see some young 'uns down there) or if they're from out of town, why aren't they gutting houses or something?

ETA: OK, thread hog alert! But I have another kvetch...the starter in my car broke. At least the mechanic down the street reopened, and it's not terribly expensive. I just keep thinking I'll rush of to a matinee, but I can't. Hate being stuck without a car.

Hope everyone is having a better day than me!
Ugh, amilita, mobile church? Around here we get the random wacko who stands on a corner (usually a busy non-residential one) with some scripture on a poster and a bull horn and rambles- same thing?

So we found out that LeBoy's mom went through an ovarian cancer scare last week! When we went over for LeBoy's birthday on Friday, she said that Monday of last week, her gynecologist detected a fist-sized mass on her ovary from a pelvic, and immediately assumed it was cancer. So on Tuesday, she went in for an ultrasound and then had to wait until Thursday to get the results back. She saw another doctor in the practice for the results and he said there was absolutely nothing on her ovary and the blood test came back clear. The second doctor seemed to imply the first doctor wasn't the greatest doctor in the world and was glad she (the first doctor) was leaving the practice in a few months. Anyway, the whole week, she didn't tell LeBoy or his brother, she only told his sister and that's because she wasn't going to be able to watch her grandson and had to tell her why. Why would a doctor say "that mass that I can only feel, haven't seen or done any tests on yet, it must be cancer!" Why wouldn't they just say, "there's a mass here, it's probably nothing, but lets do some tests on it." She apologized for not getting us birthday presents yet, and LeBoy was like, "it's okay- you not having cancer is the best birthday present." It's probably a good thing she didn't tell him- he'd have been hiding under the covers all week.

I am getting my yearly exam tonight (just as a coincidence!) Oh joy.

I'm deep in planning LeBoy's surprise party- it's on Sunday. I still have about 10 people who haven't RSVP'ed yet, even though I asked them to by today. I'm going to wait until Wednesday and then start calling.

Dog-sitting for the BGP while she and her family are in Florida. The dog is the most hyper, whiny beagle ever. She's sweet, but annoying.

This was my favorite dog from the shelter this weekend. So sweet, and never barked or nipped, which is unusual for a chihuahua.

We missed you on Sunday sidecar and stargazer!! Star, did you ever find a home for your couch?

There was something else I was going to post, but I can't remember what....

((hugs to all))
oh yeah, it was this week, wasn't it? Duh. I will put it on my Google calendar for May. That was so fun last time.

(((polly))) My dad had a malignant melanoma on his back, and he had it removed a few weeks ago. But now he has to go to an oncologist to make sure they got all of it. The lab that tested the growth that was removed waited three weeks to tell him the results. So annoying! I'm glad LeBoy's mom is cancer-free though!
polly, no, i still haven't sold the couch. dry.gif

kvetch: i SO don't want to move. but, it is more about avoiding change. it is inevitable. i've been so emotional and tense. plus, leaving the apartment will be another letting go of m. sad. i will still have my memories though. but, i'm terribly worried about things going well for saturday. sad.gif

zoe is home safe and sound, and is the most perfectly-behaved, low-maintenance dog under the sun. not to mention heartwrenchingly adorable. the only issues we have are getting used to one another's schedules, pee- and poo-wise. and switching closed-off rooms/floors for maggie. (zoe is very cat-friendly. maggie is decidedly NOT dog-friendly.)

and yes, it's zoe. she knows her name too well. it suits her.

i can't believe she found us. i can't believe she's ours. my cup runneth over. *massive understatement*

*corgi-hair hugs for all*

(((((mando))))) didyagether? how is she? can we see pictures yet?

((((amilita)))) mobile church?!?

((((polly)))) aww, cute - and i don't usually like those little things. and yay for le boy's mum!

((((cstar)))) maybe it's the tone? Pete the bun doesn't actually answer, but he listens when I call "peteykins" in a certain tone. and, you could always get a housebunny instead of a dog. They're brilliant pets, and you can - if you take the time - train them to do tricks and whatnot. But then i'm biased wink.gif

((((kitten)))) wishing you strength on the no-sugar thing!

((((dm)))) yay shopping! and miami - ooh! (miami from the uk sounds terribly glamourous...)

((((sidecar)))) how was andrew bird? I'm just getting into him after I got a few mixes from busties...

((((bun)))) congratulations!

((((yuefie, mando, pixie, rose, sassy, sixie, syb, culture, anoushh, pink, everyone))))

Today I got my act together and went over to crouch hill to get some litter for the buns (i'm going to try it again, and the petshop there is the nearest place that sells non-clumping litter). I bought a couple of books from the oxfam second-hand bookstore - including a 1972 edition of "an american's guide to britain" which cracked me up, and I'm going to give to F. I nearly bought a copy of Marie Stopes' married love, which is one of the first sex-ed books ever published (the abortion/women's health clinics over here are run by the Marie Stopes foundation...). And I found lots of gorgeous boutique shops, including a secondhand designer place that had chanel pumps i drooled over.

I don't know if this qualifies as a kvetch, but... one of my old schoolfriends - let's call her PdP - was dumped by her bf of five years over easter, and she's been panicing over her exams. I said she should call me if she needed a chat, so she did. He's been ignoring her - and avoiding her - which isn't helping. She's never been dumped before - this was her first relationship - and she's finding it hard. But... the reasons her bf gave for them breaking up were similar to the reasons I kindof withdrew from our friendship - she tends to take her stress out on others, she is really blunt to the point of rudeness, and can be cruel, even though she doesn't mean to be horrible, and at the time, I couldn't cope with the negativity. And I don't know what to say, because I find myself thinking "well... that's reasonable, and ok, it was a bit sudden, but... I can see where he's coming from". And I feel bad for thinking that. And - and this is the worst bit - she was really quite unpleasant to me last year, between my breakup with N1 and starting to deal with my depression and that... and now she's going through a similar thing, and I have to bite my tongue not to go "now you know what it feels like".

antikvetch: the above has made me realise... I've been here over a year. And I fuckin' love you guys.


edit: x-post! yay for Zoe!!!! and ((((mando)))) who will be as brilliant a mama to her pupper as she is to danny.
aaaaaand! wowee zowee! a house! best.bday.present.EVAH!!!
Happy Birthday Roseviolet! *sprinkles confetti* hope you're having a lovely time with the girls.

mando, zoe is too cute! the pic you emailed is cuteness and happiness personified.

morn, that's such a tricky situation; he does need to learn from this, however, as otherwise it will keep happening.
I have a copy of Married Love but it's one of the many I haven't managed to read yet; it was supposed to be a set text for my Master's but then the syllabus changed slightly but I'd already bought it.

(((polly's boy's mum)))

(((star))) a'cos


My interview is next Thursday and kinkykatykin's is at same time! It's a 3hr session with briefing, discussion (read group interview) and then individual interview.

I had tapas yesterday with fina and went for a little wedding dress shopping! It was exciting for me although stressful for fina as she couldn't find anything remotely like what she wanted.

anti-kvetch: mandoo is curled up UNDER the duvet just now and it's making me giggle.
happy birthday rose!!!! i hope you have a wonderful day and all the happiness you deserve in the coming year
Morning all!

I guess I should have known to come (re)introduce myself here! The most popular place in the lounge!

Some of you may remember I was here yeeeeeears ago. Well, I'm back, at least for a while. I got married and moved to a new city, adopted a dog and was job searching. I've been working from home for a couple of months and before I got back into a real office I thought - hmmm... perfect time to Bust for a bit!

Happy birthday, RV! I hope it's a good one for you. You have a new house for your birthday -- my goodness, what on earth is going to top that present?! I saw the picture of the house, it is so adorable! I hope Sheff makes a cake for you or something. wink.gif

Welcome back, Miss Joy!

Hi Bunny, how's the unpacking going?

Mornington, do you have Carefresh bedding over the pond? It's expensive and a little cumbersome to carry on the tube (I've carried it on the bus in a gigantic tote bag), but the buns and I highly recommend it. It's soft, non-toxic, and good for his bitty heels so he doesn't get sore hocks. MY BUNNY IS NOW 11 YEARS OLD! Awww.

Zoe is sooooo adorable. I can't wait to meet her in person, whenever that will be. Not that I'm hinting at all for a Mandopal00za 2007 or anything!

((((Stargazer)))) I haven't gone through a roommate and good friend dying, but I can really relate to being resistant to change and moving. It's so stressful, ugh. I've done it a lot (so has Quantum -- where is she now?!) and you'd think I'd be a pro at it by now, but I still get all nervous and weird about moving and the ensuing upheaval. Sorry I haven't called you, it's been so busy at work!

Not a whole lot new over here, just trying not to worry myself sick about possible interviews, etc. (of which there are none)... not sure if I really want to move to a new city or go back to Paris (default answer) or what. Tesao, I still haven't heard about Africa. At this point, it might be something I do in 2008, not 2007. Everything seems so far away and out of reach, ugh! I don't know what the fuck I want anymore -- or I know what I want, but I'm too chicken to admit it. I'm working on it. Well, I have some boring house-y chores to do before heading off to work (are they still considered chores when we are full-grown adults? Because housework still seems like a motherfuckin' chore, I'll tell you that), so I guess I should get started on that and then catch up on some of the other threads.

I need coffee! But first I need to pop out and get some milk.

ETA: What is this new friends function we have? I HAVE NO FRIENDS?! ::sobbing:: haha!
raisin, I'm using yesterdays' news at the moment - i haven't seen carefresh over here, but this is one of the recommended alternatives. and it seems to be going down ok. I'm ordering one of those litter trays with a wire floor, so a certain bun doesn't sit in her soiled litter all the time (where does she get off on that?). I can't believe Mr Wonderbunny's 11! Give him a big smooch and extra hay from me. Incidentally, the buns have become addicted to the vitaverde apple & dandelion stuff, if you can get it.

and if you're not going to hint for mandopalooza 07, i am. at the end of august... *innocent look* tongue.gif

i really ought to go do something.

Sorry for the fly by, just came back from the doctor, not fun...have to catch up at work now.

happy birthday roseviolet!
Happy Birthday RV!
Welcome back missjoy.

Stargazer (such a pretty name, BTW, I've always thought that) you will be missed in Chicago. I know that, at first, you are only moving across the state line, but it will be different. After all, you will probably never get another chance to drag me out of a convience store. And even if you did, I would recognize you this time so it wouldn't be as funny. rolleyes.gif Thank you for offering up your house for our last two Bustie celebrations. I hope you have some great pictures of that lovely place. Which makes me ask, why did we never do pictures at Christmas or at our last get together? Well, when we get together before you leave Chicago, we will get a picture so you can see us all when you are feeling lonely. I know that it is hard to move and that you are still healing from such a great loss earlier this year. It is hard to add change on top of change and that is what you have to do. But I am so excited for the changes that you are going into! You are going to have such a great time in Boston!!! And of course, we will still be here to hear how things are going.

I am on my fourth day of the South Beach Diet. Yesterday was hard! I was so sleepy and stupid. Today I feel much more like myself. Thank the goddess!
Happy Birthday RoseV!
Happy birthday RoseViolet!! Hope you have a lovely day.
Happy birthday rose!!!
Happy Birthday Rosev!!
just flying by to say Happy Birthday Rosev!

It's been waaaaay too long since I've been here, I'll catch up later!
Ok..Rose..I could smack you now! I knew BGP was going to be in town for your bday , but you rushed me off the phone so fast tonight I didn't even get to say Hapy Birthday, silly!
tons of love for birthday girl (((rose))) ... i'm sure she's having a blast with the galpals!

mandopalooza '07, hmmmm? perhaps i could be enticed. but only if i could plan it around miss mornington's schedule. wink.gif and if raisin can't make this one, all bets are off. tongue.gif
Happy birthday rose.

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