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hey kvetchies!

that's a tired hey. i haven't been sleeping well. had a dream of michael on thursday night that he was still alive. yeah, i'm still having a hard time accepting he is gone. and moving out of this apartment will be even harder for me because i will have strong connections to this place with him. i miss him. i've cried alot these last 2 days. hell, i've cried alot this past year.

i'm sorry if i won't be able to check in often these next 2 weeks. i need to get stuff done for the move. lots of phone calls to make. but, i will check in occassionally.

sassy, you are such the optimist! *insert sarcasm*

DM, rats. i forgot about your bday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

sidecar, the zit will heal. it is probably from stress with your job. you are still cute!

mornington, i'm SO glad you like the mix. cool. i love mixCDs.

yuefie, hey girlie!!

tes, you always make me happy!! you are a bundle of sunshine!!

rose, i can't wait til you get a place to call home.

mando's still gone huh...

hiya CH, pixie, and plat!!

ok. i'm pooped. and i'm excited the lounge is pink again.

Happy belated birthday, DM!

~~~~~ healing for Yuefie's daddy ~~~~~~ What happened? Is he still in the hospital?

~~~~ healing for Mr. Pixie ~~~~ Here's hoping it's just a hangover!

((((((((StarGazer)))))))) Take care, hon. We'll be here for you when you need us.

(When I typed the above line, I accidentally left off the "n" on "hon". What an unfortunate typo! Glad I spotted it before posting ohmy.gif )

Plat, at least you're better since December! smile.gif But yes, it must be incredibly frustrating to still be dealing with this crap. Do you feel up to seeing movies and plays yet? I imagine so since you can practice your chip shots & putting now. I ask because I've got an extra ticket to this thingy on April 28th (scroll down to the bottom of the page for more info). If you're interested (and I hope you are!) then let me know.

Mornington, will it be harder for you and F to find time to talk on the phone with him working the night shift? I'm imagining him getting out of work at 7am & calling you during your lunch time before he falls asleep for the day.

I didn't go to my 10 year high school reunion. The summer it took place I was battling suicidal depression in England while Sheff kept an eye on me & kept sharp objects out of my hands. And in the previous year I'd been fired from my job, broken up with my long-term boyfriend, and moved back in with my parents. So I certainly didn't have anything to brag about. But in a way it was great because when people asked, "Why isn't Mary here?" my best friend simply said, "Oh, Mary has been in England for a while & simply couldn't make it back to the states in time." Made me sound soooooo much better than I was. biggrin.gif

Sheff & I just got back from a lovely day with friends. Watched the F1 race, played cards, ate pizza & cherry pie, & talked about cats and how much we love them. Oh, how I want a fur baby of my very own!
Happy Belated Birthday, DM and Twin DM!!!

(((Yuefie's dad)))

Tonight, we went over to our friend's house to watch the Sopranos...he's out of town and we've got his doggie over at our house. I thought it was on at 9 so we missed it, but his house has fleas, so we had to leave anyway! We'll see if he wants us to set off a bomb while he and the pup are gone anyway. Ew. Doggie was mostly spending time downstairs because he scares the cats sometimes...I don't think he's allowed to come up at all now, or at least until we give him a bath or something. I know he gets Frontline or something, but it's not working well enough. Now the Mr. and I both have the phantom itches.

Oh, and speaking about the idiots on the road (as Yuefie was)...we were up 'til about 5:30 last night because of this:

He hit the stoplight past our house, then drove backwards past our car (denting it) and going right into the boarded up doors of the not-reopened Popeye's next door to us. I tell ya. It could've been worse, though, that's for sure. Our car is minimally damaged, and at least he didn't drive into our house!!!

The Mr. is clamoring for his turn on the computer, and he's got the TV on a Spanish-speaking channel, so I'm gonna trade machines with him. ~~~General vibes for now~~~

Rose- you are *on* for the 28th! Actually, that is a good week- I am off from work all week and will be able to save up some energy for the evening. Even a dinner beforehand! Drop me a call or email and we will plan. Looks like it is in Raleigh.

Morning, when I have a little time, I will work on the pics.

(((amilita))) ZOINKS!!!!!

((yeufie))) The neti pot really does help if you can tolerate it. I use it on top of a prescription spray. Chronic sinus/rhinitis just sucks. I have had it for 25 years, been the human pin cushion and have been told I have no allergies. I just don't believe it.

(((designer, morning, side, tes, designer, star, pixie, bunny and everyone!!!)))

Kvetch: the dreaded, energy sucking hair wash this morning.
Kvetch: Found out I have a new boss last Tuesday. Still have not heard from said boss.
Anti kvetch: Rose and I will be seeing opera!!!!!!!
happy birthday DM & Twin DM!!! yay for good birthdays (and outlet shopping)

((((yuefie's dad))))

((((star))))) acos

((((amilita)))) ohmy.gif and eep! fleas! (which reminds me, I must frontline everyone...)

((((mando, rose, pixie, bun, tes, plat, yuefie, culture, kitten, sidecar, polly, pink, syb, flanker, raisin, anoushh, sixie, sassy, billy, walkingb, everyone))))

rose, as i'm not in college until the end of the month, it makes it easier - he can call me when he finishes work and I can call him before he starts, both at sensible hours. Although the poor dear is already complaining that it's boring. And then he decided to tell me there was a ferocious storm, people were calling in because they had no power - and he was driving and he'd ring me if he crashed and died dry.gif . although he did announce that he'd like to use me as some sort of human hot water bottle *eye roll*

Right, I have to go shower and go pick up my prescription. I ran out of meds, and I've got a splitting headache from the withdrawal... and my doc is closed at the weekend.
Happy belated birthday to amilita & DM & twin DM!

(((plat))) give the dude a happy birthday head scritch for me!
(((mornington))) acos.

where's bunny?

(((rose))) you might be tickled to know car is househunting also. I think they put an offer in over the weekend. Anyways, I’ve been vibing you both fiercely. It’s an emotional rollercoaster, and oh so daunting, but worth the angst. the perfect house is out there for you, I promise.

(((Amilita))) yikes on that accident – so glad it wasn’t worse.

(((yuefiepapa))) I hope it’s nothing serious. And color me very relieved that your car is all better. A safe car is a good thing indeed.

Happy early birthday, polly! And kudos for volunteering. Methinks I’m going to have to step my toes into some animal rescuing also. I’ve met the most wonderful people during this adoption process. and for the powers above sending me this beautiful corgi, I feel the need to give back. (we’re donating to all of their organizations as we go, of course.)

Speaking of which, the home inspection was Saturday. And we passed with flying colors. So the plan is to drive down to VA on Saturday, stay over at my sister’s and then head north to fetch zoe on Sunday. I’m way nervous about the drive *massive understatement* even tho doug and danny are coming too. but that’s why god made little pills, right? Besides, I have to get used to it for when I visit my new little niece in a few months.

Danny and I are thinking Samantha instead of zoe. Samantha means “listener”. I mean, perfect … look at those ears! We also still like candy. Candy was my grandmother’s corgi’s name. she looks like a darcy to me. or a gracie. we’re waiting til we meet her, live, in person, of course. just 6 more days .... aieeeeeeeee!!! according the the foster mom, we've won the "corgi lottery" with this one. she's just the sweetest little girl in the universe! needless to say, i'm on cloud nine. i'm finally getting my corgi!!!

Thanks for still thinking about me and missing me, guys. It warms the cockles to know I’m still loved. I’m sort of at loose ends these days, hence the non-lurking/posting. I’m sure I’ll find my bustie groove again soon.

Big fat mwahs all around.
*gasp* so many birthdays for busties in April!!

Amilita HOLY BEJEEBUS DONT POST PICTURES LIKE THAT! I was scared that it hurt you! Then I read and saw I got all worked up over a little dent. It looks a lot worse than that.
Oh, and advantage works better than frontline, but if he uses it, you have to wait a month for the chemicals to be out of his system before you put advantage on the dog. I would just check to see if there is any flea shampoo at his house and yoink that to bathe the pup.

I am amazed at how the time flies. High school reunions, anniversaries, birthdays... its crazy.

Star, you know that you can call me any time. If I dont answer, text me. When you miss Michael so much that it seems like he's in the room with you, say Hi. Talk to him like you normally would. You'll find yourself easing into having him not there.

So, saturday, the Mr. picked me up from work and took me to the drinkup after his rugby game. His team (OPSU) played against the Seattle Quake which is a mostly gay team, so the drink up was at the gay bar R Place. I have to say, I love hanging out with gay men. It was fun, and I got felt up more than two teenagers in the back seat of a car.

I really cant wait for my birthday week. Its going to be a blast.

I start my birthday vacation tomorrow. I won't be back until next wednesday, I think...

Yay, mando- so glad it's all working out with your corgi!

Doing the shelter thing is not as bad as I had expected. I had volunteered once before at a shelter where a friend's girlfriend worked and this place is completely different. With the first place, you just showed up, they asked you what you wanted to do (cats or dogs) friend and I did the cats first and the cats were all in this little room off the horse stables and there were no cages, they were just all loose, so there was poop, pee and puke all over. Some of them had eye infections and were probably spreading it around to the others. It was really sad. Then we walked dogs and that was a mess- the dogs were totally wild. The place had a horrible smell. I know an animal smell is inevitable with that many, but this was just disgusting. They didn't find out anything about you before you were put in contact with the animals- you could be some psycho.

This place, you have to go through orientation before you can do anything; all the dogs go through obedience classes on site and you have to participate in 4 of those classes before you can even walk any dogs, so they know you're not a psycho and you're walking them using the same obedience method they are teaching them. Every surface is kept CLEAN, the cats are kept in cages until they've had all their shots and have been fixed. And it's no-kill (unless the animal is unadoptable for health reasons or severe behavior problems) so my mom and I don't have to smuggle any out under our coats.

I guess my attitude is that these animals were in far worse conditions before they came to the shelter and their lives will vastly improve when they find a wisely-chosen new home, and I'll try to do anything I can to make them happy in the transitional period.

Ooo, yuefie, somehow I missed tha part about your dad; hope everything's okay! unsure.gif
Hola Kvetchies! Just a fly-by to say hi (I really didn't mean for that to rhyme...) Stupid busy past week, but I'm off tomorrow and will vibe everyone properly then. In the meantime here's a furbaby pic (sorry it's kinda dark, but it shows off his "mad scientist" eyes)!

((((( virginia tech students and their families))))) Too horrible for words!
{{{stargazer}}} Please call if you need anything.

The Virginia Tech thing is freaky scary. Thoes poor people.

But the pet pictures are so cute! Cute corgis and cute kitties! And poly's shleter story made me want to go home and hug my cats, who would have been abandoned had we not found each other.

Last night, I played model for a friend with a digital camera and some type of Photoshop. We had fun and I'll be posting some pictures here, soon.
((Virginia Tech students and families)) How awful.

I'm having a crappy day at work. One of those days where nothing I do is right and the fact that the lack of comprehensive training after 2 months of working here has left me with gaping holes in my understanding of how stuff works around here is my fault apparently. It's getting very frustrating.

I did take a couple of big steps, today, though. We work with about a bazillion different insurance companies (we're an independant insurance agency) and every one of them has a different procedure of logging into their website. My office manager who assigns new user names and passwords has been sort of half-assed about providing me with those. She'll send me the confirmation from the company, saying that I've been assigned a username, but that doesn't include what the user name is and the office manager doesn't tell me in a separate email. Then when I need to go into that website, and don't have a username, she says she did send it to me and gives me a hard time about it, like I would just throw away an email with that information. So after getting one of these freak-out responses from her, I told her "I did a search for any email with that company's name in it- nothing came up. If you sent me an email, I didn't get it." So nyah.

Then I told my boss that I really don't understand the filing system around here and I need more training on it (why they would think that 5 minutes would be enough is beyond me.)

Very aggravating. I've eaten so hopefully my afternoon will be better.


((hugs to all))

Stargazer, this is for you! Hope you're having a good (better) day!!

P.S. That site's been reeeeaaaaallllyyyy slllloooowwww lately; it might take a minute!
Forgive me for my self-absorption, Kvetchies, but today has been SUCH a roller coaster ride. Oh my goodness.
First there's the awful, horrifying events at Virginia Tech.
Then my best friend called & told me that one of her brothers died over the weekend from a drug overdose.
And some unfortunate stuff happened at one of my old theaters back in T-town. I don't want to go into the details, but the theater may take a huge financial hit. And it's hard enough for theater companies to stay afloat as it is, so it's scary.

Anyway, it was a terribly bleak day. And we had to tour a house tonight. So as I drove into town I listened to happy, empowering music to try to lift my spirits. It wasn't working.
The house.
This house is ... wow! LOVE it! I think we found it, ladies! I think we may have found our house tonight! As BestGalPal would say, EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

When we got home I hugged Sheff & I just started to cry ... crying from all of the horrible news from earlier in the day & crying for joy that we may have finally found our home.
(((polly))) thanks so much for the pug picture!! biggrin.gif It made my day!

(((yuefie))) i hope everything is ok with your daddy. you don't need anymore people gettin' sick!

(((mornington))) go get those meds lady!

(((bunnyb))) acos

(((plat))) i'm so excited you are getting together with rose! sounds like fun.

(((rose))) acos plus, you are just cute!

(((kittenb))) um, you took some awesome photos. if you got kittenb as your friend on myspace, she is totally vamping it up and letting the girls out! laugh.gif

(((pink))) thanks for the text! yeah, i know i can call you. i need to remind myself to reach out when things get tough for me. it is ok to ask for help. i forget that sometimes. being an only child makes it tough for me to let others in and let them help me. but, i'm trying.

(((mando))) i was just gonna send the brigade for you!! don't leave us ever again!! come back and let us know how you are doing!! yeah for the corgi.

(((amilita))) you are another one who doesn't need anymore drama!! i'm glad you are ok.

(((six))) i can't wait for our playdate at ikea. i'm getting excited. maybe polly should meet up with us too. we can get overwhelmed with swedish furniture. and eat terrible suburban food. yeah!

(((pixie))) acos

eh, i couldn't stay away from the lounge long. even though i feel like crack on wheels. monday seemed to just be a shitty day for everyone. alot of my coworkers complained of not sleeping and being really hungry. it seemed like we all needed alot of comfort. i wonder if the planets are all out of alignment. seriously. especially after what happened in VA. that's terrible.

i'm hoping i get some sleep tonight. lots to do tomorrow.


ETA: wow, sumthin' is going down in the universe. what is up with that! that freaks me out rose. on a funnier note, i wish you would've written ho instead of hon. that made me laugh!
(((amilita)))) i'm glad you're okay
((((rose and rose bf))))
((((((virginia tech))))))) 32 lives. how does something like this happen? It makes me sick to my stomach. I can't even comprehend.

mando! cutest. dog. ever.
double-post to add happy belated to DM and Twin DM!
Popping in here re: Virginia Tech. I have no words. So much people gone.

I've been awfully absent from the Lounge as of late. Even now that i have more time to do so. Shame on me!

Belated happy birthday to Designermedusa and TwinDM!!

Yay for the pink Lounge! It was seriously missed.



((((Amilitia))), glad you're ok!

Mando, what a happy laughing dog!

Mad scientist eyes..heh!

Keeping fingers crossed for the house, (((((((((RoseV!!))))))))

I've been busy; i meet lots of new people and i am much less stressed than i was a couple of months ago..i met some interesting and highly inspirational people who changed my outlook on life.

Some time ago i took up drawing portraits of musicians as a way of broadening my portfolio. When i had finished a couple of drawings i thought it would be nice if i made portraits of people whose music have had a huge impact on me (and i would like to work with them!). I made two drawings of emcees i respect very much, and last week one of them was performing in Amsterdam. I went to the gig, carrying with me packages containing the drawings (which gave me 5 chances), a personal note and my business card.
After the show i gave it to him and he was surprised, i guess that is because he was expecting to have to sign something, instead of being given something. I think he recognised himself in the picture because he said 'wow!'. The drawings are much larger that what i'd given him (i'll send the large formats to the record label anyway), but i think it's good to do this kind of thing face to face. He' a very sympathetic guy, very down to earth. I was psyched i managed to do this and give it to him, because when planning this thing i was very nervous (read: scared shitless, very chuffed that i overcame the nervousness).

(((((((((Mornington, Plat, Prettyinpink, Pollystyrene, Sixelacat, Pixiedust, Sidecar, Mandolyn)))))


The VA tech thing astounded me, I am still in absolute shock. I can't believe it.

(((kvetchies)))) I'm going to catch up now. Take care.
Hola, Kvetchies!

I never know what to say when I'm not checking in on this thread on most days. Happy birthday to Polly and Prettynpink and belated wishes to DM and Twin DM as well.

I'm so glad the Lounge isn't blue anymore.
I think it's something about this week in April- what happened yesterday; the Oklahoma City bombing and the siege with the Branch Dividians in Waco, TX was on the 19th, Columbine was on the 20th (which is also Hitler's birthday and LeBoy's birthday- he's not happy about that, between Hitler and the pot reference.)

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I got flowers today and new computer speakers, which I desperately needed, and we're going out for a surprise dinner tonight. I think I know where we're going, but I'm not sure.

Belated Happy Birthday to DM & Twin DM!!!

Yay, sonik's back.

((hugs to all))
Yeah, yesterday was Patriots Day in Maine and Massachusetts.
i'm beyond distraught.
but now i'm seriously rattled.
and considering asking danny if he wants to stay home from school on friday.
something i didn't think i'd do in a million years. before yesterday.

someone talk some sense into me? please?
Happy birthday, Polly! I hope you find some joy today. My mother's birthday is also this week, so I understand how these tragedies can affect your big day. But you still deserve to be celebrated, sweetie. Enjoy your surprise dinner plans!

Hi, Sonik!! So good to see you in here. And I am so so proud of you for going out on a limb and giving that print to that musician. It's so wonderful to hear you sounding so inspired and happy!

Mandi, your corgi looks so wonderful! I couldn't be happier for you. smile.gif
ETA: I can certainly understan your concern, sweetheart. But asking him to stay home will probably fighten him more than just allowing him to keep going to school as usual. Just take some deeeeeep breaths.

((((((((all the darling Ketchies))))))))

I've just been hit with a terrible migraine so I'm going to cu this short. I just wanted to tell you all that we are going to make an offer on the house tonight! So exciting!!!
I think we're all rattled! Nothing like this has happened before. So naturally, anyone with half a heart, who went to college, who has kids or loved ones that they have to leave--for hours or days or months, what have you--worries completely when they hear about these things. It's scary.

But ultimately, the fact that this is rare is a good sign. And also, this is one of those things that we can't control. I'd say Danny is far less likely to be hurt in a school shooting than he is to be in an airplane crash, another unlikely thing. But the fact is, this world can be a sad, scary, terrifying place. But when we let those terrible things that we can't control affect our daily lives ... then we're just affirming the sadness, the scariness and the terror. We all need to go on living, to do the things we always do, to enjoy what we can, to do what we can. Otherwise, all those remarkable kids, that brave professor (and Holocaust survivor) who blocked the gunman with his body so his students could escape, all of that's in vain.
Mando, what sidecar and RV said so eloquently. I really believe--as with any other public attack--that if at all possible you can't let your (very understandable) fear dictate your activities.

As my mister watches his child grow up he sees all kinds of potential for disastrous scenarios and sometimes suggests extreme protective measures: keeping her off the internet, not letting her ever go out alone, etc. He realises he's being excessive and won't actually implement them (and jokes about his over-protectiveness) but they are real fears he's grappling with. Without being a parent, I can try to understand that very tangible fear you may feel. But as sidecar said, these scenarios remain very rare. Being calm for him may help you to relax a bit too. (((mando))) Take it easy on yourself.
Ugh, it seems the world has gone mad. ((((VA tech families))))

(((mandi))) I know how hard it is to not completely panic 'cause I am just a worrier by nature. And knowing that you are a fierce mama bear, I can see how scary this would have to be for you. ~~~~calming & soothing vibes for you and super safety vibes for danny~~~~ Oh and that corgi is just way too cute! I like gracie.

~~~safety vibes for all~~~

((((rose)))) tight hugs

Happy Birthday Polly!

Plat, my sis, who's allergies are even worse than mine, just had allergy testing done last week. They told her that she had no reaction to any of the allergens. Puhleeze! She can't even sit on a couch where cat's have been without dosing up first. I don't know how much I trust those tests, yet I am still going as soon as my insurance kicks on May 1st.

*waves at sonik* hiya stranger!

((((rose, mandi, pixie, sidecar, polly, amilita, raisin, pink, anoushh, crassy, fina, dusty, faith, mornington, bunny, tes, plat, dm, stargazer, sixela, syb, billy, flankerj, mavin, msp, plummie, tg, everyone))))

Thanks for all the concern for my pops. I didn't mean to drop it with no explantion like that! He is doing well. This hospital stay turned out to be a very good thing. His seizure med levels were all wonky and the doctors at this hospital kept him for observation for a few days so they could monitor and level them out. And they took him off one of the older ones that has never really worked and replaced it with something newer that has already made marked difference. He's clearly more lucid than he has been in ages, in fact we had an hour long converation last night. So yay!
Ooo, yuefie, you know how to make a birthday even happier!
Gotta get ready for work, but wanted to say:

Happy Birthday, Polly!!!

And yay Sonik!!! That's so cool that you took such initiative! Your awesome talent warrents that kind of action.

(((corgi love)))

(((general kvetchie love)))

off to make the money so I can keep the Mr. in the manner to which he's become accustomed... tongue.gif
happy birthday polly!
of course you're right. thank you, (((sidecar, sybarite & rose))). i just needed to hear the voice of reason.

(((yuefie))) thanks for always understanding so well.

danny put me right himself. he says he feels safe in school, they have precautions in place (um, yeah ... precautions like hiding under their chairs) ... huh.gif

what gets me is that some schools are overreacting and arresting first-graders for threatening teachers & classmates, meanwhile, obviously unbalanced people - people joked about this kid snapping - go unquestioned. how did our priorities get so fucking skewed? i know i know, hindsight is 20-20. i just can't help but think all those lives could've been saved somehow. it's not right. it's not fair.

sorry to bring scariness & woe in here. especially on polly's birthday. my bad.

*all parts crossed for the shefs*
*drooling over The Cornell*
*wishing there was something decent on cable tonite to get lost in*
Happy birthday polly. I hope your day was special.

((yuefie’s dad))

((rose and sheff)) Get the house.


sonic, that’s very cool about the drawings.

((star)) Hope you get some sleep.

sixel, your cat is so cute.

Well, my birthday dinner was not the place I had expected, but I think LeBoy and I both wish we had gone there. We ended up with mediocre, expensive sushi.

We have a place that we go to at least once a month that is both inexpensive and really good. We've never gotten sick off it (you have to make a point of saying that whenever you say, "I know a place where you can get cheap sushi!") and we always feel satisfied but not uncomfortable when we leave. The owner kinda knows us and gives us free sushi every now and then- it's a good place.

LeBoy wanted to branch out try some other sushi places and he saw that this place had good reviews. It wasn't bad, there were just some aspects we didn't like and we just both feel sluggish and bloated now for some reason and spending $100 (before tip) on sushi when we usually spend about $30 at the other place just doesn't feel so good either.

Sigh. The worst part is that we're both too tired for birthday portions. Off to bed. I'll be 27 officially in 53 minutes. Hopefully I'll be asleep by then. dry.gif

ETA: I don't want to give the impression that I've got something to complain about. Except for the disappointing dinner, it was a good day. I got Monkey Portraits from my parents, so that's nice. A check from my grandparents- gonna get my manicure & pedicure with that. Dinner with my BGP tomorrow at an Italian place that I have a feeling will be better than the place tonight.

G'night all!
Happy Birthday, Polly! Love the Monkey book! Too bad about the sushi, but at least you tried a new place and know not to go back!

I'm too tired to post much now, so I'll just leave some house vibes for Rose before I go to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Happy Birthday Polly! late, i know, but my interwebs is being grumpy and wouldn't let me post yesterday

((((mando)))) danny will be safe in school. a lot of it seems like over-reaction to me in the aftermath (calling the police because they saw a tranny?!) and yes, priorities are skewed. And the corgi is adorable! I like Gracie too.

((((sixie)))) your cat is adorable! I want a kitty now.

****house vibes**** for ((((rose and sheff))))

((((yuefie, sidecar, bun, pixie, star, kitten, tes, plat, billy, sonik, dm, sassy, everyone))))

urgh, i am revising. One of my old schoolfriends has just broken up with her boy of nearly five years... just before her third-year uni exams. I didn't know him that well, but it's hard on her. I'm trying to think of ways to cheer her up, but about this time of year she gets even more stressed (which makes me stressed, because she makes me feel guilty for not working by telling me how lazy i am) so beyond lunch and shopping i can't think of much. Gah.

And I'm having one of those days where I miss F more than... anything.

Hello everyone!

I am on my way to work, so I can't read anything to catch up with people, but hope everyone is well!

Btw, is anyone having issues with getting their screen names to work?
I was supposed to go to dinner with BGP tonight, but her SIL is having issues. She had a baby about 6 months ago and has been struggling with post-partum depression. She let it go for awhile, hoping it would go away by itself, but it's just gotten worse. Yesterday, she went to her doctor, the one that she's gone to for years and he prescribed an anti-depressant that is [supposedly] safe for breast-feeding. Her doctor advised her to find a therapist through her hospital.

So she went to the hospital after the doctor's appointment and after talking to her for just 10 minutes, the secretary, who had no medical training, determined that she was a danger to herself and the baby and called security. They took the baby and escorted her to the psych ward where they stripped her of all her belongings (including her sweatshirt because it had a drawstring) and put her in a locked room. Her husband had to come "bail her out" and was able to convince them that she was not an immediate danger to herself and took her and their son home.

The hospital wants her to check in to an in-patient program and pump her full of drugs that she can't breastfeed with. She and her husband are trying to convince them to let her just take the meds her doctor prescribed and do a day program. It's just awful. I'm sure they have to be a lot more careful after cases like Andrea Yates, but this seems like overkill.

So, BGP offered to take the baby for a couple of days until SIL can figure out what she's going to do, and to help her recover a little. The SIL is not my favorite person in the world, but she's had a bad time with hospitals in her life- her mom died of colon cancer when she was 13 (the rumor among our friends was that the SIL's family intentionally gave her an overdose of morphine, and SIL was the one to deliver it, unknowingly at the time) and the birth of her son was really rough (she wanted to do a home birth, but that didn't go well and she ended up in the hospital), so she's not fond of mainstream medicine. I don't think that being treated like a criminal by the hospital is going to make things better.
(((polly))) that is VERY not right. The freakin' secretary diagnosing a patient?!?! Gah. Here's hoping they get sorted, and you and BGP can go out to unwind and celebrate your birthday properly!

cstars! *waves*

(((mornington))) All the cheer up methods I know involve drinks and bitching. ~~~~~super-concentration revising vibes~~~~~

(((mando))) ~~~~general coping vibes~~~~ You are raising such a SMART and AMAZING kid! Just look at him and remember YOU did that! Go Mando! (and I like Sam(antha) for your adorable corgi, with Gracie a close second)

~~~~~bunny get your internets up and running~~~~~ we meeeece you!

Eeek, amilita, FLEAS! My mom's dogs were indoor/outdoor, and brought them into the house, where they infected my visiting kitties! They'd never had fleas before, either, and were just half-mad trying to figure out what was torturing them. This site was helpful in getting them out of the house for good (getting them off the pets is one thing, out of the house is a whole other ballgame).

~~~~~~~~~more house vibes for Rosev~~~~~~~~ I think perhaps the owners are hoping for some sort of bidding competition, and maybe using your bid to see if the other couple will offer more. Prats. (((roseviolet)))

PiP, what, no butt wiggles? tongue.gif Good to see you in here!

(((yuefie))) Glad your pops is doing alright! And HUZZAH for health insurance kickin' in soon! WOOT!

sonik, gold stars and cookies to you for putting yourself out there! biggrin.gif I'd have been petrified too, especially with someone I admired! YOU ROCK!

kvetch: work is just being....stupid. I'm spending wayyyy to much of my time dodging gossip and HR bullpucky. Thank goodness I've not actually been present/witness for any of the "incidents". Just stick to your freakin' jobs, people!

anti-kvetch: vacation trips coming up every few weeks through June! And I'll still have more paid time off to use after! Wheee!

vibe request: my BGP is going to have a serious talk with her loser-cult boy. Vibes for her to see how he actually is (borderline abusive), not what she thinks he might be maybe someday with the right help (she's got marge simpson blinders on for this fool, and they need to go!)

(((sybarite, sidecar, tesao, raisingirl, ch, kittenb, plat, annoush, crassy, billy, faith, fina, plummie, tallg, flanker-happy belated!, sassy, everybody I'm forgetting)))
Please forgive me for not vibing everyone appropriately, but I have great news! Sheff and I got a house! Our very first house together!!!!! Oh my gawd, this is so damn exciting!!! When our realtor called to tell us that our offer had been accepted, I broke down crying.
We have a house.
We have a house!!!!!!
YAY ROSE & SHEFF!!! You MUST post pics ASAP!! I told you it would happen! I'm so happy for you!

One correction to my story about BGP's SIL- the baby wasn't with her, so that's good. Here's her thread about it on their site. BGP disclosed to me that she (the SIL) was gang raped as a teenager, so this was even more traumatic for her. It is just like something out of a movie.

Anyway, we were able to go out to dinner, to an Italian place that was much better than the sushi place.
That is just horrific Polly. That poor woman. I cannot believe that's even legal. I'm glad she has support behind her. That story reminds me of a scene from a sci-fi novel, Woman on the Edge of Time.

On a much lighter note, yay for Italian food! It's one of my favourite cuisines, when it's done well.

Mando, I don't know why but I see the corgi as a Candy, myself.

Congrats RV and Sheff!!! That is awesome news.

Sixela, my favourite cheeriing up strategies are drinking and bitching too... I keep thinking I'll turn to yoga instead and get Zen, but nope, I still prefer comfort in boisterous form.

Saying that, I've been having a healthy week. I'm currently writing towards a deadline but am supplementing it with plenty of long walks, some tae bo at home and salads for dinner. The mister and I are going on vacay in a few weeks; while only a small part of the trip involves swimwear I want to be in reasonable shape by then...
Good Morning all,

(((mando))) while it's a little late, I can't blame you for being worried. Sixela is so right about your parenting.

Polly, that is so horrible, that whole situation. I would be outraged if a secretary diagnosed me or anyone I care about. On a different note, what a great book, I love monkey's and apes so much. They are great.

RV and Shef, so thrilled about the house!

Yuefie, I'm glad your dad is doing better.

Not much new here, just work. I'll try and stay more caught up.

(((raisin, sonik, polly, mando, RV, sidecar, syb, yuefie, amilita, star, DM, morning,cstars)))

polly, that is fucked up! ((((bgp's sil)))) thank cod she had support and it was sorted out. I hope she gets some real help.

yay! ((((rose and sheff)))) count me in on the pics please!

((((sixie)))) well, the drinking and bitching I can do! Except I'm trying to give up the drink because I've put on weight from drinking too much with ExGoth and German.

((((cstars)))) where have you been? How's the pupper?

((((syb)))) ***get that deadline***


Pete and I are taking up sitting in the front garden together in the sun. Pete wears his harness quite happily once you get it on (he doesn't like being picked up much) and was sitting by the gate watching the world go by yesterday while I chatted with the neighbours. I've decided to get the buns an outdoor run, which I can move indoors once winter comes, to give them more space to potter about. I've also bought toys for them.

I have t-shirt lust for these. And I'm supposed to be saving for a tattoo unsure.gif
So I see we got the pink back... is this a mixture of the new lounge and the old one?

So, yeah, I'm back and off to read the archives.

eta: HAPPY BIRTHDAY prettynpink! Belated many happy returns to polly, DM and twin DM and flanker_j!

(((polly's BGP's SIL))) that poor woman.

CONGRATS rose and sheff!

CONGRATS mando! I like Darcy and Gracie, especially Gracie.

morn, you're saving for a tat?! where and of what? bunny runs great; we've bought new one for Pebbles.

so many cute bunnies and puppers and kitties!

six, I loved your house vibes! meeced ya too darlin'.

(((yuefie's dad)))

(((Virginia Tech families))) we've discussed little else in work over the last couple of nights.

(((star))) it's cliche but true: it will become easier. I liked pnp's advice; it helps to think that the other side is only a veil away and they can easily hear you.

syb, where are you going on holiday?

*makes note to check out kitten's vampy photos*

(((amilita))) that crash could have been so much worse - it looks horrific as is.

*smothers tes with keeces* a'cos.

(((everyone))) I meeced kvetch so much and am glad to be back. Also happy, happy, happy to see the pink.

The new house is coming together with most of the big work done (newly fitted central heating; new kitchen; removal of one wall, building of another; new bathrooms; new electrics...) and now it's only the decoration left to do (and the unpacking and organising of bunny's bundles and bundles of books). A little bit chaotic still but feeling like home. Mandoo adjusted wonderfully and has set up home on my bed 99.9% of the time.

kvetch: this week has been long; I had to work Monday (my night off) as had training.
anti-kvetch: I was paid double-time for the training and it will make my job more interesting.
anti-kvetch: I had a full body polish (exfoliation and moisturise) today, which was blissful.
anti-kvetch: I'm meeting fina for tapas on Monday! I'm looking forward to seeing her again.
*throws self at bunny*

five minutes into friday and you're baaaaack! woo!
*throws self back at morn* bumps heads. OW!

Internet was installed today; I took into account any delays by predicting Friday but yay! it all went well biggrin.gif.

Meant to say: cheering up should definitely involve pizza, ice cream and dvds ... it does in my world, anyway.
*smooches both morn & bun on the forehead boo-boo's*

((((everyone)))) ~~~~mega happy, healthy, & safe vibes~~~~

I am super PMSy Crabby McCranky Pants today so I will keep it short and sweet. I need chocolate. Pronto.
bunny, glad to hear everything is well with you and the house.

mornington, what kind of tattoo do you want to get?

syb, yay for a health week.

Congrats to rose and sheff on getting their first house.

((sixel’s bgp)

((polly’s bgp’s sil)) That sounds really terrible. I hope she is ok.

yuefie, get some chocolate.
Welcome back, Honey Bunny!!!! So good to see you!

~~~~~~ soothing for Yuefie ~~~~~~~

Sixel, I LOVED the "House" vibes. Tee hee. smile.gif
~*~*~*~ blinder-removal vibes for Sixels BGP ~*~*~*~ Fingers crossed that she escapes from CultBoy. Eep.

(((((((Polly's BGP's SIL)))))))) What a nightmare. I hope everything turns out okay for them.

Mandi, will you be picking up your puppers this weekend? (And I'm with Bunny; Gracie is a fabulous name for a corgi).

Morn, what's this about a tattoo? Do tell!

Hi, DM!

((((((((((all the darling Kvetchies, wherever you are))))))))))))

I have sooooooo much to do. BestGalPal will be here in less than 40 hours & I still have to clean out the guest room & do laundry & drop off some recycling & buy groceries & ... ugh. And once she gets here we'll be super busy, so I won't be around much for the next week or so. But before I go, I wanted to post a pic of our new house!

It's hard to tell in the pic, but the left side actually bumps forward about 10 feet compared to the rest of the house. It helps the house look different from a lot of cookie-cutter houses out there. Isn't it cute? smile.gif
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