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Happy Birthday Amilita! may you have a wonderful day.

(((morn))) boo for nightmares; curl up with indigo, the bunnies, left-over easter chocolatey goodness and comfort movies.

yay for playing hooky, polly!

boo for sore tummies, star sad.gif.

yay for theme parks and log flumes, dm!

Today is the boy and my anniversary (4 years) and we're off shopping, then to see Blades of Glory and for dinner. The hot diamond charm bracelet I received for my birthday was a joint anniversary gift but the boy surprised me with Pan's Labyrinth on dvd. He goes back to Manchester tomorrow so I'm looking forward to another fun-filled day with him today.

log flumes are soooooooooooooooooo much fun! i get scared by roller coasters that go upside down, though. i know, i know, that's the point. but i would rather do scary stuff like jump out of a perfectly FINE airplane than go on a roller coaster. call me crazy….i probably am!

i wish for you love and peace and stillness and happiness and light!


*whisks BIG roll of cotton wool out from beneath her cloak*
*moves to mornington's feet*
*gently begins wrapping mornington in cotton wool*
*coos* there, there, darling

*croons* everything's all right, yes everything's fine….close your eyes, close your eyes, think of nothing but sleep.....

surely BW is even MORE useless than a chocolate teapot! you can always EAT a chocolate teapot…
i'm stomped at work, but i just wanted to pop in and say Happy Birthday to Amilita - biggrin.gif passes yummy peanut butter cake w/fudge icing around.

also, happy belated easter everyone, this is the 'lamb' cake i mentioned, isn't it the cutest?

oh, and this is what the mr. made it do!! isn't he bizarre? it eased the tension for the potatos taking 3 hours to cook though- i've got to get a new oven.
happy birthday amilita!!

sorry to be a bit awol; I started the new job yesterday. Things are going well, but I'm still getting used to my space (which is a bit more public than my previous one) and my duties, so I'll probably be in a little less than usual for awhile.

(((much love to everyone!))
HAPPY BIRFDAY AMILITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I have to go back to work now, as I'm working through lunch.

Happy Birthday Amilita!!!!
Happy Birthday Amilita!

And happy 4th anniversary to Bunny and her boy.
And congrats to sidecar on the new job!
And ~~~~super duper postive multi purpose vibes and love for all ((((kvetchies))))~~~~

I am off to pick up my car right now. For the third time in a week. *Le sigh*. The total so far has reached $585.47 for a new power steering pump, new front and rear breaks, a brake light wiring problem and I still have to take it back tomorrow to have the rack & pinion replaced. And lordy, I know that is not a cheap repair. There are two types of rack & pinion for my type of car (a volvo) and he said he one is much less than other. Keeping all my parts crossed it's the less expensive of the two! However the mechanic is a very nice guy and feels bad that I spent so much replacing the parts that were not really the problem, so he is going to cut me a deal on the labor end of it. Whew. Let's hope this thing runs good for a while, so I can recover financially. He did say that for the age of my car it has low mileage, is in excellent shape and has a super clean engine. Sometimes I think I should just get a newer car, until I look at my friends who spend a fortune on their cars that crumble in a fender bender and I look at my tank and how it's been hit several times and maybe shows a few dents, but not much else. I guess safety is most important to me!
Happy birthday amilita.

Happy anniversary to bunny and the boy.

polly, have fun at your concert.

mornington, I hope you and Indigo have a nice visit with your grandparents.

uuefie, I hope the car repair tomorrow is the least expensive one.

((tes, crassy, sidecar, rose, pixie, star, culture, mando))

*relurks, after sticking her finger in the frosting on that cupcake... mmmmm!*

okay. it is official. i miss mandomyheart. WHERE IS SHE??????

Oh my goodness, I almost missed it....


*throws glitter confetti*

Make a wish, Amilita!
Drive by to send very happy birthday wishes to Amilita.
I made a major fuck-up on my last day of my old job. Blech. I feel really awful. They've been nice about it but I cost them a couple thousand dollars and a bunch of work. Guess who's getting a care package tomorrow? 2.5 years and I didn't make a single big screwup.

polly, omg!! i love chris cornell!! he is so hawt. really. you lucky girl. take lots of pictures.

sidecar, i'm glad you are getting use to your new office digs.

yeah, mando hasn't been here much, huh?

raisin, those cupcakes look yummy!!

bunnyb, happy anniversary!!

yuefie, bummer on the car.

mornington, aunt flo can be such a pain sometimes.

where's rose?

tes, you make me smile!

ok. short on individual hugs. my only kvetch is that the board has been acting up on me. i click on threads and nothing shows. oh well. i need to shower cause the landlady is bringing someone to show the place.

oh wait, the weather here is shitty. rain/snow go away!!

I did take pics, stargazer; I got one of those disposable cameras in case they confiscated them at the door (but they didn't); I have to finish the camera, and hopefully some of the pictures will turn out. I'll post them if they do. Ooo, damn, he's just as sexxy in real life, though.

It was kind of a short concert because they record it for the radio station's live concert show that's only an hour long, and the DJ interviews him right there, plus when you add in time for the commercial breaks they add, he only played about 7 or 8 songs. But it was worth skipping work for (I had to scrub the hand stamp off before work this morning!) He fled to his big black Escalade before I could get my picture signed. Oh well.

Prophecy's having the same problem with the boards- she PM'ed me to tell me she wasn't stalking me; she just has to go in through my profile to see any threads. Weird.

Sidecar, when you say "care package", do you mean they're making you fix the mistake, even though you're not there anymore? sad.gif Either way, that sucks.

Mandooooo, where are you? I hope the dog thing's working out!!!

Oh, man! It's so nice to come in here and see all of your birthday wishes! Wow. Thank you so much, Stargazer, Anoushh, Raisin, Doodlebug, Tes, Polly, Falljackets, DM, Yuefie, Pixie, Culture, Mornington, Sidecar, Crassy, Bunny...and I really hope I didn't forget anyone, because you're all so sweet.

I had a nice birthday...kinda mellow, which was how I wanted it. Am I getting so old that I don't go crazy over birthdays, or is it just my personality? All I wanted was a massage and a the burger, getting the massage tomorrow! I figure my lordy, lordy 40th is coming up in two years now, so I'm saving the big bash for then.

Off to the gym! Gotta get some stuff done on these days off! ((everyone))
Nah, they fixed it, but I felt bad about causing a big fiasco for them, so I think I'm going to drop off flowers, beer, and maybe some cookies or something tomorrow. They weren't upset at me, my old unit manager was surprisingly understanding, but I know that it caused some difficulty, and I felt bad about that.

((amilita)) Enjoy your massage! I find that as I get older, I wish my birthday were more of a national holiday. I love celebrating it so much that this year I dragged it out for well over a week of activities.
I saw someone asking about Rose....she's knee deep in housing stuff...they may have found, THE HOUSE! Anyway, she's taking a hiatus to work on that right now.
Oh, gotcha, sidecar.

Rose just checked in over in the Okayers thread.
Happy belated b-day, Amilita! And belated anniversary wishes to Bunny & The Boy, too! smile.gif

Like Pixie said, I've been busy with this house stuff. I have to get a lot of paperwork together for our pre-approval. And I thought we may have found The House, but then today I drove by 2 houses that went on the market in the same neighborhood & suddenly I'm torn. These other houses are smaller, but their lots are GORGEOUS! And they have new roofs & important things like that. So I'm not sure what we should do. Bah.
Happy (belated) birthday Amilita. I am with sidecar. I like to celebrate my b-days BIG. This year, though, I two friends getting married, one a few weeks before and one 4 days after my day. I think circumstances will make it a little smaller. dry.gif

Kvetch _ I just don't even know where to begin. It's like Mother Nature forgot to take Her happy pills, or something. I just can't stand it. Add to that, tax confusion, the fact that my hair color turned out far less even than it should (I think I have three seperate shades of red going on right now) and the fact that I have $9 to my name (well less than that, if the one small pending transaction kicks in before my pay check does) and I just want to go to bed!

Thank god tomorrow is payday. It is, right? sad.gif
I used to be all about my's really just been in the last couple years that I'm not hopped up about it so much. Although I am looking forward to my 40th and plan to make a giant deal out of it. And I will say that as a grown-up, I definately treat myself quite a bit to special gifties...this year, got those gold shoes and I'm trying to buy this drawing by a folk artist online (an owl on a pink background) AND today is my 1:45 minute massage!!! Woot! One hour body massage, 30 min foot reflexology and 15 min scalp massage. Then I'm going to get myself some sushi. Oh yeah.

(((kittenb))) Hope something goes very right very soon.

***All parts crossed for Rose and Sheff that they will get the house meant for them***

Aw, Sidecar, what a weird way to leave your old's telling, though, that no one was upset with you...they know you were a good worker and appreciated you and all that stuff!! Onward to your new awesome job!

(((Yuefie))) Hope your car is starting to behave! And hope you're enjoying the apartment to yourself.

Haha, wow, I definitely feel you on the Birthday thing. I think after 25, birthdays go from a yearly thing to a one in five thing. Did the 25th then didn't do much until 30th and 35th.

Funny how that goes. I don't like going crazy about the day anymore but I do like to spoil myself a bit. Do the massage thing, get all dressed up and go to the nicest restaurant I can find with a friend or family member. I guess those are the breaks of being in the military. You're not always home for the holidays or birthdays, so you make the best of where you are. Not that I could complain about ringing in my 30th in Berlin, Germany, now that was a party!

Well, Happy Birthday to whoever you are! May there be plenty more on the way.
it's been quiet!

bunny says hello, everyone! she was supposed to get internet today, but it fell through and she should be back next week.

((((sidecar))))) what amilita said. you're awesome, they know that, and it was all sorted.

((((kitten)))) ***money vibes***

((((rose & sheff)))) *****house house house*****

((((((star)))))) wub.gif I'm listening now!


((((yuefie, bun, tes, plat, pixie, sassy, sixie, marinegal, culture, amilita, anoushh, raisin, msp, mavin, flanker, walkingb - where are they all? - crassy, dusty, fj, polly, everyone))))

I've never been that much into birthdays. They were always small family affairs because they fell in the school holidays (i went to boarding school). This year it's my 21st, which is usually a big deal over here, but to be honest I'm not interested in doing something big. We'll see.

I went up to the grandparents for a few days - it was ok, but i don't think i could have stayed much longer. Indigo got spoilt rotten.

todays pants are black mesh, with a sea-green t-shirt bra.

also, according to myspace... happy birthday flanker! i hope you're lurking!
Hey, gang! Happy Friday the 13th! Hope everyone is okay. Strange how we all got soooooo busy all around the same time, isn't it? I know it's kinda sad that this thread isn't as busy as usual, but it's also good to hear that so many darling Kvetchies are busy out there in the Real World. smile.gif

Amilita, that massage sounds amazing! I can't even imagine what one would do to my scalp that would require 15 minutes of time. blink.gif

(((((((KittenB))))))) Hope payday is making things better.

((((Yuefie)))) How are you doin', hon?

Morn, I think it's so cute that you take Indigo with you to visit your grandparents. Bless. smile.gif

[waves at MarineGal] Welcome!

((((((((((((((((((Kvetchies everywhere))))))))))))))))))))))

House hunting is driving me to madness. I found a house that just went on the market that I rather like. It's smaller than the mauve house we've been considering, but the lot for this other house is gorgeous! And it's already been totally updated inside & is even painted in colors I like. We could just move in & not do anything. So tempting ... and so difficult to choose!

I gotta take some paperwork to the mortgage broker. I hope she has good news for us. Fingers maaaaaajorly crossed!

(No undie report because I'm still in my robe! ohmy.gif )
*wave wave* hi!

((((love to you!))))
My birthdays have never been that big of a deal either. They always sucked ass when I was married to the ex because our anniversary was 1 month before and we always went on vacation and then we'd be broke when it came time for my birthday. Mr. Pixie has done what he could to make my last two birthdays as special as he could to make up for it though! Growing up my parents never went all out with the big expensive partied either. My god, these days a decent kids party cost around $300!! Eep!

So it's raining cats and dogs today and we have a chance of snow APRIL!!! blergh!

Hope everyone else is having a good Friday the 13th!
((((pixie)))) how are you feeling, darlin'?
(((amilita))) thanks for the well wishes.
and you too, our beloved (((rose)))
*waves hi to all kvetchies (& lurkers too)*
((((polly, sidecar, morn, bunny, mandi, raisin, star, sixela, sassy, ch, pink, anoushh, syb, dusty, billy, fina, crassy, faith, candy, plummie, plat, tes, kittenb, marine, doodle, luci, mavin, msp, flankerj, walkingb, everyone))))
~~~multi purpose vibes and hugs all around~~~
I'm at the library since my laptop is still down. But my car is working! And well! But it was another,*ahem*, $791 for the rack & pinion, plus $396 in other assorted repairs blink.gif . But I must say, it sure drives a heck of a lot better. I took it to a second mechanic for an estimate before I went ahead with everything, and he said the same thing the first guy had said. The car has a solid engine and is worth sinking the money in to. So I did. Whew! My poor savings account is like wha-wha-whaaaa??. But it sure feels good to be driving something I feel safe in.
It's so hard to decide how much dough to put into cars...the Mr. is actually getting a rebuilt engine put into his truck. It's like $3,600 for everything that needs to get done, but that's still a lot less than the $10,000 used model he was looking at...and the engine has a three-year warranty and the transmission is a good, solid one, so hopefully nothing else big will put the car out of comission.

I remember back in the day when I was bummed about expensive car repairs on my paid-off car and my mamma was telling me how you can't often be driving a car for's better to think of repair costs divided up over the months that you are getting use out of the car. Made lots of sense to me!

Aww, I'd spoil little Indigo, too, if he were my granddoggie.

My massage was good, but I think the lady was a bit new, ya know? I hate when everything they say sounds scripted or something...but she did have a pretty good touch. And it was luxurious, that's for sure...with the scalp stuff, she also did my face.

Rosev, I'm sending you guys mucho's definately stressful to be house shopping!! Obviously, I can't say which you should get, but I do say don't discount the smaller house just for being smaller! I think bigness in houses is overrated; I love cozy ones. And it's less space to fill up with stuff, which to me is good...I like how our living space makes us keep the possessions in check.

~~~vibes for all~~~

Pixie, now I have the Prince song "Sometimes It Snows In April" in my head now. Ha.

Oh, and can I announce that my new guilty pleasure is the Bravo haircutting competition show Shear Genius. Sucker. That's me. Yes. I don't even have cable, but the premiere epi. is free on iTunes, and I feel a subscription coming on...
((((yuefie)))) what amilita said about the car. if it's good in all other respects, a grand in repairs that will last a while is far better than taking on a loan/payment plan for a new car.

((((rose))))) wait until you go in and see everything before you start worrying! the one thing i always heard about house hunting was that when you find the right place, and you walk in, you'll know. it's a bit like falling in love. and it was like that for us. we made a list of stuff that was a dealbreaker and stuff that wasn't -- our dealbreakers were a garage and central air. We could live without in-unit laundry or green space Well (i'll keep the long story of our house hunt short) we don't have a garage or central air, but we do have in-unit laundry and a yard. But as soon as we walked in and saw this place, we knew it was what we wanted. some places can look great on paper, but when you visit it, you'll feel differently.

((((mando))))) wherever you are!

new job is going well. i have a big zit on my nose but it's exactly at the bridge of my glasses, so i think i'll be wearing those until it goes away. i'd write more, but i have two big freelance projects due monday, so back to the grindstone for me.
a relatively quiet week on monday and tuesday turned into wall to wall management meetings for the rest of the week. serious, budget, money, priorities, where we need to cut management meetings. i had the headache that would not end.

everyone else in here seems to have had the same wall of work slam into them......

the thread is a ghost town!

*listens to the howling of the wind blow through the empty streets*


*large tumbleweed careens past*

(((((yeufie))))) everyone is spot on re the car, oh most luscious one.

*leans over and carefully removes sidecar's sexy librarian glasses*

*lightly kisses sidecar's nose*

zit, begone!!! begone, i say!!! out, out, damn zit!!!

i personally think that adults have gone way too wacko over children's birthday parties. why do kids need bouncing castles and ponies and clowns and themes and 300 dollar plus extravaganzas? i was happy with ice cream and cake and friends. come to think of it, i still am. seems like another way to be a conspicuous consumer to me.

maybe that is because i see kids starving on the streets on a daily basis.

whoops. tes is being a downer. sorry about that.

i'm happy that i make you happy, star! tongue.gif

muito thank you for the bunnybgood update, mornington! and may i just say how fetching those pants sounded???? i didn't post my undergarments on friday, but i DID dress for kvetch that day. so, in honor of dusty:

i was wearing gold lame underwire push-up bra and matching bikini.

i'm sort of down, having my moontime and missing my sweetie mr hotbuns. i may need a bunny pic or a mandomyheart sighting to cheer me up. i hope you are out there lurking, mandoline! with an adorable corgi running at your side! pictures!! people need to post pictures!! i need a squee fix.

If my kitties do anything cute tonight, I promise I'll take a picture and post it just for you, Tes. *mwah*

Now that I've been wearing glasses all the time (I gave up contacts a little more than a year ago) I get zits on the bridge of my nose here and there. Bleh. I wouldn't mind them cuz they are hidden, but they hurt. Bleh.
tes... I have bun pics!

part of the reason I started wearing contacts was I got zits on my nose from my glasses. I still get them occasionally - I wear glasses a lot more now i've found a pair I like - and they're a bugger 'cos they hurt.


((((yuefie)))) but you're safe! that's the main thing.

I think the most expensive thing we ever had at a party when I was a kid was a pinata (is that how you spell it?). My mama always used to make a big cake - she used to make cakes semi-professionally when we were kids in india as there were gangs of us... I remember she made a cuckoo clock, and a dinosaur that stood up, and a tie-fighter from star wars and a thunderbird two... they were gorgeous. And then a fucking hawk nicked my piece of cake out my hand... bastard.

Part of the reason I don't want a bit 'do for my 21st is because they're so stupidly expensive, and I don't want to ask my mama for that kind of money. Cake and friends is the way forward. Possibly party games... with pass-the-parcel done with newspaper instead of wrapping paper.

it's far to warm here. I'm going to get the iron out and keep making this skirt - it's putting the damn pleats in I hate.
First of all, (((((generic vibes for all the kvetchies))))). I am maximizing my sitting time! Morning, love the bunnies! I hope everyone is doing ok. I miss posting more.

How about a gross-out post. This might be the kind of talk we medical professionals have over lunch. Or, Tes and I might have on a lazy winter afternoon. It is part kvetch, and part on-topic.

((side))) Sorry about the zit. Ok, has anyone ever had a mirror zit? You know, the ones that are big, and they hurt, and when you squeeze it, it erupts like Mt. Vesuvius all over the mirror, but the actual "ejaculation" feels really good, kind of like a sneeze or a mini O??????? Haven't had one of those in a while, but I had a friend when I was a teen who used to measure the distance of said eruption.

Ok, and Tes and I were IM'ing yesterday and got into this discussion about the Neti Pot. If you don't know what a Neti Pot is, it is an ancient ayurvedic practice of cleansing your nasal passages. In other words, you fill this little pot that looks like Alladin's lamp with saline, you pour the saline solution in one nostril, it comes out the other nostril, and you reverse-snort the snot into your sink afterwards. Repeat on other side. It turns out that Tes has Neti Pot Envy. Her saline solution only will go in one nostril and come out the same nostril. However, mine flows semi freely from left-to-right, and really freely from right-to-left. It does help a bit during pollen season, but the secret is in the head tilt. We postulate that she has a deviated septum.

kvetch: still having core muscle endurance problems, so I am not back to my normal life yet.
kvetch: shitty and rainy here today
anti-kvetch: My wonderful maine coon had his 6th birthday yesterday!
I love my neti pot. I like it as much as I like green and black's chocolate. It's great at keeping me not sick.

Yeah, my zit is not one of those ones that can be popped. I don't have it too badly, but occasionally (around certain points in my monthly cycle) I get cystic acne. I haven't had a cyst in awhile, so naturally it's somewhere painful. Ugh.

Kid's birthday parties cost $300? Oy. But, you know, parties are expensive. Our new year's party, between the food and liquor, usually runs us about $250-300. Next year I'm determined not to spend so much.

mornington, I can't believe you're only 20. Wow.

((((plat)))))) I hope you start feeling better soon. It's getting to be golf season!
Yay, the lounge is pink again the lounge is pink again!

So happy there was a Riches marathon this weekend! (no me, be happy that Eddie was on FX for 6 hours... no??)

Kvetch: Work... immature woman. Evil supervisor. Just need to get out of the job. Same old shit. I finally did have enough courage to report my boss. When I told my supervisor what I had done on a report, I got called on it for it. Umm? Anyways, not that reporting my boss to her boss has helped much. She said I had an attitude problem, and then screamed at me. ??

Kvetch: Mcgeek. I'm wondering if we'll make it to May. We better. We have a vacation to plan! He tells me that's worried, but he won't say about what.

Kvetch: My family came up on Tuesday and was weird talking about my sister. My mother totally insulted my apartment.

Anti-kvetch: A great girlie weekend to myself.. lots of chocolate and Golden Girls dvds.

((all of you)))

Such adorable bunnies! My head is swimming from the cuteness. Look at that fluff! I just want to bury my face in it! Soooooo cute. Thanks for sharing the pics, Morn.

And speaking of adorable fluff, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to The Dude! Plat, he seems very wise for his 6 years. And very sweet and fluffy and so beautiful. You gotta post more pics of him on here. He's definitely one of the most beautiful cats on the planet.

Can you tell that I'm going through furry pet withdrawl here? This was kicked into high gear on Friday when we toured a house that was home to the two sweetest cats ever. One was a marmelade cat & the other was a tuxedo kitten and they were sooo friendly & cuddly. I just wanted to sit down on the couch & pet them & scratch their little chins for a while, but I controled my urges. Just a few pets & strokes while I was investgating the kitchen cabinets. That's all. I can stop anytime I want!!! wink.gif

Back to topics that aren't so fluffy ...

((((((Plat)))))) Holy maud, hon. Hasn't it been almost 6 months since the surgery? What do the docs have to say? It can't just be the steroids at this point, can it? Do you think maybe you just have days when you push yourself a little too hard & it takes you a week to recover? What have you been able to do? Can you still practice your putting? And how was your all-day trip to the spa?

I am a-feared of the Neti Pot. I don't think it would work for me. It is well known amongst my friends that I have never snorted anything out of my nose from laughter before ... something that they find odd and unusual. At times they have intentionally said funny things while I was sipping a beverage purely in the hopes that said beverage might reemerge from my nostrils. Nope. Never happened. So I'm convinced the my nasal passages are small, dainty, protective things tha will not allow fluid to pass.

~~~~~ healing for Sidecar's zit ~~~~~ Cystic acne is absolutely the worst. There's this weight to them. And they feel like they have roots or something. Blerg. Do you usually get them on your face or just on your back or something?

I have only had one of those squeezy, erupting zits in all of my life. Luckily, it was not on my face. But WOW. That eruption was really something! This week my face erupted in a slightly different way. I had 3 zits on my face at once - two on my cheek and one on the tip of my nose! Don't you hate those? Luckily they're healing up okay, but I was reminded of how embarassing it is to be a teenager. So glad those days are behind me.

~*~*~*~*~ Mr. Fix-It vibes for Yuefie's car & laptop ~*~*~*~*~ So glad to hear you feel safer now, sweetheart. I know it's painful to spend that kind of money, so just think of it as taking care of you. You deserve to be safe. So it's all good. smile.gif

Mornington, don't feel pressured to spend a lot of cash on a party. I've found that the best parties are all about who you invite. Money doesn't really matter that much.

Polly, isn't your birthday coming up? I was thinking that your biethday is about a week before mine.

So Pixie, did it snow? My pal V down in Dallas called yesterday to say ther were some horrific storms down there. Enormous hail, tornados, the works. She's just fine, but one of her friends got hit in the head by an enormous piece of hail. I think she said it was bigger than an orange!

[waves at PnP] Hey, sweets! Come back! I miss you. smile.gif

Amilita, I've never had a massage so I'm unfamiliar with this "script" of which you speak. Are there certain oh-so-soothing things that they have to say in an oh-so-soothing voice?

((((((( more love for KittenB ))))))) Check in with us soon, okay?
(((((Sassy, too)))))))
(((((And Mandi))))))
(((((((Bunny, wherever she is)))))))) Hope the move is going well. Ugh. I hate moving. Can't believe I may be doing it again soon!

[sits on Kvetch Kouch with a fluffy red blanket that I crocheted myself & beckons Tes over for a snuggle] Oh babe. I know it's hard sometimes, but what you are doing is soooo worthwhile. And I know in time you will look back and be so grateful that you took this chance. Chin up, love.

So the house stuff. It's funny how you make priorities and then your priorities start to shift, isn't it? Originally we wanted a 2 car garage. Had to have the garage. But we found that the houses in our price range in the area of town we like don't normally come with any garage at all! So then we had to decide whether a garage was worth living in a less-nice area that was farther away from work & stuff. We decided we could sacrifice a garage for now. And that is just one of the decisions we've made.

We toured the smaller blue house. Sadly, I think we've had to strike it from the list. It's a truly adorable house, but the layout was a bit wonky in places and the bathrooms were really cramped with no way to expand them in the future. BUT!!! But but but! I found a for-sale-by-owner house that we're going to tour on Monday. I have high hopes for this place. It just looks gorgeous on the outside. And the flier included the floorplan which looks promising. The bathrooms are still a bit small, but they have the 3 necessary components that make Sheff happy.
1. Both bathrooms have a window.
2. Both bathrooms have a tub (not just stuck with a shower in the master).
3. There is a way to expand the master bath if we wish to do so in the future.

Big anti-kvetch: The Lounge is pink again! Hooray!!! I feel so much more comfortable now with the place looking like its old self. smile.gif

Another big anti-kvetch: BestGalPal is going to be here in les than a week! This is so exciting. I don't even know what all we're going to do while she's visiting. Gotta figure that out!

So, I fell up the stairs at work. Got carpet burn, a stubbed toe and a bruise on my hip, but I'm okay. 'cept that I fell UP the stairs...

I meeeeeeeece you all. I am just so tired with this commuting and my schedule being so crazy... My start times this week were 10:30, 10:30, 6:30, 8, and 6:30. Its just too fucked up for me. I need sleep and a lot of it, and this schedule does not give me that. I told my boss that I'm going to look for another job if this didnt change soon.

I get them on face once in awhile, usually my chin. Sometimes on my back, but rarely. I don't get them that often, but when I do .... ouch!

(((rose))) Honestly, I was very skeptical of the neti pot, but I haven't caught the sniffles since I started using it in January, which is a long time for me.

((((sassy)))) you gotta get out of that job.
Good morning Kvetchies!

Howis everyone?

I feel like a prat, I haven't been in here lately.

(((sidecar, pretty, RV, sassy, plat, morning, amilita, tesm yeufie, pixie, marinegal, kittenb, polly, star, anoushh, raisin, doodle, FJ, DM, crassy, everyone)))

I hope everyone has a great day!
Yep, Rose, my birthday is Tuesday. The big two-seven. The rock star death age. The one-more-year-until-my-10-year-high-school-reunion. Crap. Maybe that's why so many rock stars managed to die one way or another at 27- they just didn't want to go to their reunion. tongue.gif I don't even know if I'd go to my h.s. reunion. There's a part of me that wants to see how disappointing everyone else's life has turned out (hopefully moreso than mine!) but I don't want to pay some ridiculous price to go to some trendy bar in Wrigleyville to do it.

Anyway, LeBoy has some surprise outing planned for me on Tuesday. I know I'm getting flowers (he had to ask for my new work address so he could have them delivered), but other than that, I don't know.

Yesterday my mom and I volunteered at an animal shelter. Well, not actually at the shelter, but on the weekends a local mall lets them bring animals into a vacant storefront and people can come in and see some of the animals they have, so we were at the mall doing that. We had 3 dogs and 4 cats. One of the cats wasn't supposed to be there, actually- a new owner had been approved for him (yay!) and the guy had to come pick him up there. Two of the dogs were a pair of sisters and they were just the sweetest things. Seriously, those pictures do not do them justice. The white one is blind and the spotted one is like her seeing eye dog. They are so soft, so gentle. They have so much fun together. If I could, I'd take them home in a second. I really hope they find a place soon. We're doing it again next weekend, too. Makes me think of mando. I hope she's snuggling with her new corgi (or at least close to doing so!)

Today we're going to Le Boy's nephew's 5th birthday party. It shouldn't be too bad. I'm going to finish off that disposable camera that I took to the Chris Cornell concert, so I can get those developed.

((hugs to all))
((((plat)))) happy birthday kitty! is he your picture there? He's gorgeous! more photos, please smile.gif

((((rose)))) you can bury your head in pete's fluff any time you like. The effect is currently achieved by walking through the door in my house. He's moulting.

((((sassy)))) boo on work and families. although yay for eddie!

((((sidecar)))) what? biggrin.gif

((((pink)))) urgh commuting.

((((polly)))) they're gorgeous! I've always wondered what it's be like to take on a blind dog...

F starts doing the night-shift this week. It's actually an major antikvetch, as it makes it easier for him to take days off (because he only works sun night through to thurs morning) and therefore easier to come see me! woo! Although I did - not realising he was starting today - wake him up, as he's trying to switch to being up all night.

right, back to the skirt-making.
Nope no snow...we did a have alittle hail...but it's like almost 70 today. I am getting so tired of the weather not deciding if it's spring or not!

Mr. Pixie is sick today. We are hoping it's just a stomach bug, but the ex told me Tuesday that his GF had been exposed to menegitis which in turn means all of us might have been exposed through minipixie. Yay! *grumble* Trying not to freak out. ( I personally think it might be a hang over cause we went to dinner with the in laws last night and both his parents got tipsy, and he had a couple drinks as well....The bar tender must have been generous last night!)

So Rose, have you given up on the one house? Or just waiting to see if you like something else better?

Polly, I went to my reunion 2 summers ago...God, has it been that long already! Eep! Honestly, it was just like being back in high school! All the popular kids hung out in tables in the center of the room while those of us who had actually done something with our lives chatted along the sidelines. What was scarey was finding out how many of my classmates had passed on by 28!

I too have been struck by the cuddly cutness bug. I found an absolutely adorable himalayan cat for sale on Craigslist..his name is Cardigan. I really wish Mr. Pixie would let me get him but then a few months my hands will be full of baby.

Mine was last summer. there were only two other people who didn't live in the area I'm from. I went hoping to see some people I'd lost touch with, but of course, those people weren't there. I was glad to reconnect with the people I did, but it was a lot of effort for minimal return. I did enjoy drinking $2 beer, though. God bless Wisconsin.
" happy birthday kitty! is he your picture there? He's gorgeous! more photos, please"

Would love to post more pictures of "The Dude" (yes, that's him), but not quite sure how to do it. I have a few jpeg files of him on my home computer. Cut/paste does not work. How do you do it, morning?

Rose- I am not anything close to as weak as when I last saw you! It's all just isolated to my core muscles now and it's more an endurance thing. I have bursts of really normal energy, like being able to walk on a treadmill for 35 minutes at 3.7 mph. I can sit for a few hours, chip and putt for an hour, do an arm/leg workout for 1/2 hour, lift Dude (17 pounds of him)... but it is combining things, in other words, having a normal day that gets me. It is next to impossible for me to work 8 hours, work out, go to the grocery store in the same day without lying down for 2, 1/2 hour stints. And then, the next day or so, my core muscles just shake when I sit up for an hour or so. It is just weak and has a weird sensation to it. It will be 6 months in about 2 1/2 weeks. Yes, I am very frustrated. I will go back to the doc in a few weeks and bitch and moan. If it is still residual spinal cord stuff, I will have to be patient. Otherwise, I am going to demand a thoracic and cervical MRI just to rule out any other problems.

The spa was wonderful- great hot stone massage and facial.
((the pixie family)) Healthy vibes.

polly, good for you and your mom for volunteering for the animals.

((rose and sheff)) Happy house hunting.

((sassy)) It sounds like you need to get another job.

((plat, tes, sidecar, plat, mando, bunny,pip))

mornington, the bunnies are adorable.

amilita, do you have any favorites on Shear Genius? I actually set the DVR to tape it, and it cut off the last five minutes so I’ve had to tape it again to see who it out. The only thing is it’s on when Medium and Lost is on, and I can only tape and watch two things at once so I’ll have to take it when it repeats each week. Ahhhh, am I a tv-aholic?

Last Thursday was mine and Twin DM’s birthday. We all went to dinner, and opened presents. I got a new mp3 player from Mr. DM and a Peaches shirt and a wallet from Twin DM. On my birthday I had my meeting with the VP of our department regarding my lack of raise even though I received exceeds expectations on my review, and I was not thrilled. I felt like he was being a corporate drone, but my director said she thinks I have a chance of getting him to reconsider and give me a raise, so I hope my talking with him made a difference. Yesterday, Mr. DM and I went outlet shopping with Twin DM and a friend, and we had so much fun. I got a Puma bag, and two cds from Virgin Megastore, The Pierces and Feist.

Here’s to a good week.
plat, you need to upload your photos onto somewhere like, and then they provide you with the url and codes to insert the picture.
((((DM)))) a belated but very happy birthday for you and twin dm!
((((Sassy)))) I agree, sounds like you need a different job.
Oh polly, I would love to do that too. The only that keeps me from it is how overly emotional I get with displaced pets. I volunteered once and couldn't sleep for a few days feeling so sad for all the animals there. I know, I'm lame.
((((pixie & fam)))) ~~~super strength health & anti-meningitis vibage~~~
((((plat)))) the facial sounds wonderful and you most certainly deserve it. ~~~~strength & health vibes a plenty~~~~
Ugh, I feel you on the zit sidecar. I battle acne worse now than I did as a teen, and the cystic variety are the absolute worst. I get horrible giant zits on the sides of my nose often and the hurt like hell! I've got a new one emerging today as a matter of fact...
amilita, I'm sure I've mentioned how much I adore his royal purpleness before and I really love "Sometimes It Snows In April". and thanks for the suggestion of thinking of the car repairs as broken up over months, that definetely helps! laugh.gif at granddoggie, that's what my dad calls Sashie.
Where in the heck is mando? I want to hear about the new puppers.
((((morn)))) F sure is a cutie, and I love that pic of you two together. And teh bun pics are blindingly cute!
((((rose)))) I too fear the neti pot because of my inability to use a simple nasal spray. But I used one (nasal spray) when I was last sick and it wasn't so bad. With my terrible allergies and chronic sinus issues, I think I am going to have to give the neti pot a try.
(((((tes))))) super tight hugs, just 'cause.
((((pink, sixela, anoushh, raisin, crassy, bunny, ch, billy, faith, fina, kittenb, marinegal, plummie, tallgirl, flankerj, mavin, everyone))))
I am SOOOO happy to see the pink lounge back!
So yeah, the money spent on the car was certainly a worthwhile investment. My dad wound up in the hospital over the weekend, so I needed to be able to safely make the drive up there to see him. And really, it's great to feel secure driving. That is, aside from the idiots on the road with ya!

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