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Ok, I don't even like corgis (sorry) but I think that's one cute dog!
hey!!! ohmy.gif i actually love camping, you can look lousy and blend in w/everyone else, campfire food is yummy, the stars are amazing at night, and it's a nice plug-out from the digital/ hectic world. as long as i have a warmish shower and flushing toilets i'm fine. i'm goin' camping this summer (in a tent w/the mr. and maybe zeke if he's good) and really looking forward to it.

~*~*~smooth moving vibes for bunny~*~*~ not to be confused w/ex-lax 'smooth move'

dm, no raise sucks, at least your boss knows you deserve it- but still!!

(((mornington))) poo on clueless father. and if you're in the city again let me know cause i would sooo drive from joisee for that!

mandi- ca-yoot pup!!! and such ears he's got! laugh.gif is that your kitty? i hope so cause look how cute they are together!?!

~*~*~no fights with sister & husband*~*~*
aw, mando, that dog is super-cute! Yay for dogs! And I'm glad Danny's having a good trip. (And we changed our dog's name. It was funny; we stood in the lobby of the shelter next to her going, "Spirit! Spirit!" to make sure she didn't respond and wasn't attached to it. Thank goodness she wasn't.)

Hey kittenb, I bet I preordered my Harry Potter at the very same place. Are you going to the party again? Because I totally am!

(((anoushh))) congrats on the job!
(((crassy))) glad the mister's heart is okay.
(((dm))) that's crap.

two more days! two more days! And I think I might actually finish all my work before I leave!
*sticks head back in*

I changed indigo's name. He was called Kiel Boss (or just Boss)... did he respond... did he buggery. So I tried Indigo, and he perked up. He was answering in a few days!

Do LDR work my fellow busties? Mcgeek and I are considering one if I move to Portland. I would like to move first, and check out the state, while he sells his house... I'm going to try to get out there in a year. Maybe less. 53 days till I'm there.

Sorry I've been MIA lately, but been trying to get better and get adjusted to all these stupid meds. Although I've been lurking. It seems a lot has been has been here it seems.

Preordering the HP book the book as well. smile.gif

Kvetch: Got into a huge fight with my mommy over my meds and my seizures (which are out of my control) last weekend. She was being a total bitch. And telling all her friends all my business, and I got really mad. They're coming up on Tuesday, but "not to see me..." WTF?

Anti-kvetch: Evil boss will be away until Tues!! I'm a happy girl...

((annoush)) yay for job.
((kitten)) feminist bookstores are so neat!

sidecar - I am getting mine at Women & Children First. And, yep, I will be at the party. Were you smarter than I was and remembered to get the 30% discount?
((mornington)) Hopefully your father gives you the money you need.

((kitten)) I hope you get all the stuff done that you need to get done. Yay for feminist bookstores.

tes, three invites for dinner, you are a popular lady.

mando, oh my god that corgi is so cute. I love the picture with the cat. When you get Zoe/whatever her new name will be you must post pictures all the time.

((sassy)) Sorry your mom was telling your business.

I didn’t ask for extra personal days because my director spoke with me today, and we decided I should speak with the vice president of our department and try to explain why I deserve more money. I’m all about confidence, so hopefully when I talk to him next week I will get a real raise.
i'm here Polly!! **waves**

sorry, i've been lurking the past couple of days. i have finally gotten some time to post today. i've been busy with trying to get rid of my furniture before i move. it almost like i'm having my own bargain basement days. i even suggested that six buy some of my furniture. it won't be swedish, but it will have a bit of mexican flair. well, that's not true. but, it was mexican owned at one point.

so, i got some stuff bought. oh, and you busties coming saturday can pretty much case my joint for some stuff you may want to buy. for real. i just want to take my bedroom, bathroom, and foyer stuff. that's all. oh, and my books and cds too. and tv. but, everything is pretty much up for grabs. that's how i want to move to boston too. very lightly.

i booked my flight today for the uk. so, bunnyb and mornington, you Busties better set some time aside for us to meet up for several pints. no joke. i'm gonna be there for 10 days. think i'm gonna see if my friend ryan will want to go to some other parts of town. or another city. i don't care. i just want to have fun before internship.

i've been pretty much plotting so many things my brain hurts. argh.

kvetch: i just want to be done with this apartment stuff. the older brother is being a pain in my ass. trying to tell me not to pay m's portion of the rent because they cannot make his family pay for it. but, um, i still live here and will be held responsible. so, yeah, i've gotta pay. oh well.

welcome kittenb!! so glad you are here. can't wait to see you on saturday!!

(((polly))) i ordered the tres leche cake for saturday!! i could just eat that cake by itself. are you bringing the spectacular brownines??

(((sidecar))) how are the new duties doing?? did you start the new position yet??

(((raisingrl))) thanks so much for thinking about me in regards to your place. i know you will do what is best for you. i guess sometimes you need to take a risk. i'm going to a new city for an intern position. it is exciting. i will miss you not being in the area if you do move. sad.gif

(((mando))) very cute!! how are you doing??

(((bunnyb))) congrats on passing the test!!

(((DM))) good luck on talking with your boss!!

*~*sending DM strength vibes to get pay raise*~*

(((crassy))) acos

(((sybarite))) are you feeling better??

(((yuefie))) how 'bout you too??

(((tes))) welcome back!!! miss popular!

(((mornington))) you are so cute with F!

(((sassy))) what is with the aquarius women i know wanting to live in portland?? i think you should go.

(((anoushh))) congrats on the new job too!!

(((plat, qspice, fina, billy, candygirl, CH, mavin, PiP, and other kvetchies)))
Does that mean you're selling The Couch? Hmm, and here I am looking for a couch. cool.gif
yes, i am selling the couch. laugh.gif
We'll talk on Saturday!! *Mr. Burns, "Excellent"* wink.gif
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUSTY!!!! where are you, chica? i miss you!

*jealous of chi-town bustie get togethers*
(((sassy))) good to see you again. meeced you.
(((star))) i'm doing ok, thanks. hanging in. dealing. meeced you.
(((DM))) you go girl. all parts crossed.

thanks for the corgi love - especially YOU, annoush! tongue.gif

crassy, no, that's not our kitty with zoe. she's still at the foster mom's farm in VA. but it's a good sign, that she's sniffing and not trying to chew kitty's head off. i have high hopes that maggie and she will become great friends.

where's rosie? has she left us for okland for good? *sniffle*

i so miss my boy. *sniffle again* sad.gif

hazelnut latte keeces, up for grabs.
Good morning Kvetchies!

I just finished reading the archives!

(((Yuefie))), how are you feeling?

(((Bunny)), congrats on the drivers license!!!!! That is so rockin'!

(((Mando))), what an obscenely cute puppy! Awwwww!

(((sidecar,anoushh, tes, RV (hope you are feeling better too!), amilita, morning, Raisin, DM (fuck HR, I hate them all), sassy, star, everyone)))

I'm working out of a good office now, and things are going fairly smoothly. The little bumps which are to be expected.

It's a four day weekend, and this makes me happy!

I should probably go back to work now.

I survived camping...barely! unsure.gif I had to sleep in a room with 10 other women...6 of which were snoring to beat the band! And then people started getting up at 5:30 in the friggin morning and not being quiet about it!(after they came to bed after midnight!) We have to do this again in a month...I've already told them next time I am getting a hotel room in the nearest town! Mr. Pixie was a champ while I was gone though! He took care of the minipixie by himself for 2 days! He's never had to do that before.

Yay for Corgies!!! She's very pretty Mando!

Yay for haveing taxes done, Rose! I still find it amazed people are just now doing this since we did ours at the begining of February and the refund is already a distant memory! huh.gif

(((plat))) feel better! I hate overdoing it!

((((bunny, Mornington, Raisin, Sassy(and sometimes a LDR can work) Culture, Yuefie, Star , Polly)))
Mandi is going to make me cry! Thanks, hon! That pooch is adorable!

It *snowed* here last night! Things are really stressful at work. My brother got married in Thailand to someone none of us has met, for the first time, at age 51.

(((Stargazer))), you're not going to be on the hook for M's rent?

How is (((Yuefie)))?

Has (((Mornington))) been to NY yet?

Humph. Its a four-day weekend for *you*, Ms. Culturehandy, we get three where I work.
Phew! Thank cod you survived Pixie! That's insane.

Happy birthday dusty!

More corgi love for Mando- when do you have the home visit? Good luck!
Happy birthday, Dusty!!!! That's wild news about your brother. Did he tell you ahead of time or just call you & say, "Guess what! I got married!"

Welcome home, Pixie! Good to see you (and Mr. Pixie!) survived okay.

Mandi, I am BEYOND thrilled for you and your new puppers! I just knew that the perfect corgi was waiting out there for you. smile.gif

And not to worry ... I haven't abandoned my Kvetchies for Okayland. But I've kept most of my real estate rantings over there & I didn't want to drag it into this thread, too. I may be obsessed with house hunting right now, but I don't want to flood the whole site with it!

~$~$~$~ well-deserved raise vibes for DM ~$~$~$~

(((((((Stargazer))))))) I'm so excited about your trip to the UK! Have you been there before?

Sassy, which Portland - Oregon or Maine? I can tell you that long-distance relationships can work. I think there are two keys. One, schedule trips to see one another, preferably every 2 to 3 months. Not knowing when you'll see one another again can be VERY stressful, so scheduling these visits is important. Second, CommunicationCommunicationCommunication! Try to talk on the phone at least 4 days a week. It'll keep you connected.

Eep! I lost track of time! Gotta go see the tax man.

smile.gif happy birthday (((dusty!!!))) biggrin.gif

did you guys at least know your brother was dating/engaged/ etc?

zeke had his name all his life as far as i know, and he came when i called and plus he looks like a 'zeke' so we kept it.

(((sassy))) i've never had a ldr that worked for too long sadly, but i also think there were good reasons in both cases. the first, we had changed too much over the 2 years we were apart, and the 2nd he was an a-hole and thought ldr meant cheating was ok.

*~*~*get that raise dm*~*~*

(((star))) that sucks about the rent but you gotta do what you gotta do.

(((mandi))) when is danny gettin' home? i got zeke cause he was so good with the cats at the shelter and he is nothing but sweet to our enzo- even though enzo is not always sweet to him. they sniff every day and they snuggle when we're not around for a while to give them attention (i busted them on a sick day!)

(((pixie ))) that sounds craptacular! but yay for mr. pixie doin' such a good job!

yesterday i made the cutest bunny shaped cake with white icing and jelly beans eyes, nose, whiskers, mouth and teeth. it was adorable and i was going to bring it in to work but i forgot to mention it to the mr. and when i got up this morning (he gets up before me) a complete ear was missing!!! oh, well i guess i'll keep the cake.

count me in as jealous of the chi-town get-together!
Happy birthday ((((dusty)))) yes, i went, and now i'm back. i'm trying to reign the puke-inducing cutesyness in wink.gif

((((star)))) i'm putting you in my diary

(((rose)))) ***house vibes***

(((sassy)))) rose has excellent advice. I think they can work (I would, though)

((((pixie)))) eep! and yay for mr pixie!

((((mando)))) aww. danny's home tomorrow, yes? I don't like latte, but i do like keeces... *sidles*

((((crassy)))) aww, bunny cake! photos? even earless...

((((dm)))) ***raise vibes***

((((bunny, yuefie, raisin, polly, sidecar, anoushh, amilita, culture, kitten, tes, plat, everyone))))

i've been shopping! woo! i have the *perfect* summer shoes, which is nice. Although i have a cold, which isn't - despite the fact that it's t-shirt warm here.

((((kvetchies)))) hmm. dinner time...
wow, I've been a bit busy for the last few days so I just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone. The first week of my internship is over.

kvetch: so far I've just been doing filing. Lots and lots of filing. But I'm sure things will get a bit more exciting.

kvetchies to everyone!

(((sidecar, mando, star, polly, amilita, anoussh, crassy, bunny, pixie, raisin, tes, sassy, ch, dm, yuefie, everyone)))
(((candy))) so glad the internship is going ok. at least you are being eased into work. things will get going though. from what i've learned, you kinda have to show your interest to get invited into things. you can do it!!

(((mornington))) i'm in your diary! yeah!

(((rose))) i forgot to mention that i was totally thinking of you went aunt flo visited this month. we got it again around the same time. i've never been to london before. or, outside the country for that matter. i will be stupidly happy when i go. i will be there from aug. 2-aug. 13. i even asked a pen pal from ireland to meet up with me. i keep telling people i'm the international friendster!

(((dusty))) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! and yes, i had to pay M's portion of the rent for the last 2 months.

(((polly))) my couch is calling your name....

(((CH))) good to know your work situation is easing up.

(((crassy))) that's a funny story about your cat cake. cute. oh, and i love your avatar picture. always makes me smile!

(((pixie))) you are amazing. i don't know how you survived camping while pregnant. that is an accomplishment in itself!

(((mando))) lots and lots of hugs while danny is away!

kvetch: being too tired to read lately. i'm gonna try tonight if i can.

antikvetch: i booked a trip to california for a conference. it is in june. i'm pretty excited. it is suppose to be in lake arrowhead. should be cool. my mom was cute. she just said to make sure i leave room to finish my dissertation like i had planned. part of me still wants to take a driving trip too. why kansas, i don't know?? but, six is out there too. that's a good enough reason for me!

(((tes, DM, PiP, Sassy, bunnyb, tes, sidecar, kittenb, sybarite, and other kvetchies)))
Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY dusty! that's crazy about your brother.

(((mando))) I'll take those hazelnut latte keeces. LOVE the puppy!

(((star))) the boy and I have holidays those two weeks and are intending somewhere last minute in the sun but we may not go for the full two weeks so hopefully we can work something out; I would be so disappointed if I missed your visit sad.gif.

feel better (((plat))) and (((mornington)))

(((sassy))) I have a far shorter distance LDR than most here but regular planned visits back and forth and a lot of phone/email contact is definitely the key (I like sending snail mail too; little postcards to say I'm missing him). Less time together equals appreciating one another more, enjoying each others company more (read less arguments) and great, great sex.

This is another fly-by as I am loaded with the boy's flu and feeling crappy. The move went well, mandoo is doing great and the only kvetches I have are that 1. the parentals rolled and taped up my large bedroom rug but then forgot it and 2. I moved most of my boxes and bags into my bedroom before being told that they had changed their minds about the bedroom they wanted so I had to lug it out and into new one. anti-kvetch definitely being that I now have the bigger bedroom. another anti-kvetch: whilst moving one of the lindt bunnies I'd bought for easter baskets I'm making up broke so I had to eat it.

undies: dusky pink bra and frilly black knickers with dusky pink hearts.

happy belated dusty!
*flyby before I go to MY LAST DAY OF WORK!*
Happy belated birthday Dusty!

undies report: white cotton ones with polka dots. No bra cause I just woke up.

kvetch: the snow. Seriously, what the hell? It's April, it should be raining, not snowing!!

thanks star. I've tried to show a lot of interest and was basically told that everything is a little bit slow right now but that the filing was a great help to everyone. Seriously, I had about 5 people walk by and thank me yesterday because they saw me re-organizing all the files.

(((kvetchies to everyone!)))
A quiet day in Kvetch. Perhaps a few were able to take the day off....

Undies report: the usual!

I'm late on Dusty, too. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Sidecar, best wishes on the transition.

Have a great weekend, my friends.
'lo billy!

((((candy))) glad to hear the internship's going well.

((((bunny)))) feel better!

((((star)))) if you've got time, go for it!

((((sidecar)))) woo!

((((tes, yuefie, mando, plat, polly, pixie, rose, dusty, crassy, sassy, sixie, kitten, flanker, everyone))))

today indigo had a bath, and now he smells jonson baby-sweet. and he's all soft... and the buns had a pedicure and groom, and everyone is relatively unscathed. and i miss F

underpants... black t-shirt bra, black shorts with lace trim.
Hi all:
thanks tes, for updating the kvetchies. I have been doing some 2x/week lurking. My nemesis has been sitting at the computer during the week at work. It's odd how sitting makes my abs tremble from weakness more than anything else. And, since I can't bust at work, I usually just have energy to lurk and read a bit over the weekend or sometimes in the morning before work.

Thanks all for vibage. I need it. I am getting rather frustrated with not having my life back yet. Today has been 5 months since my operation, and although I know spinal cord stuff can take a while, I am rather impatient. (tes is saying "nooooo, really?").

The good news is that I do have some nice bursts of energy, but the trick is gauging how many of them I can have in a day, several days in a row, and just how much intensity to have in the bursts. Some days are pretty good. Then, I have weeks like this week where sitting up for an hour is exhausting. I took yesterday and today off and have been lounging a bit, walking, watching TV on the recliner. Minimal sitting.

Love to all the kvetchies, and vibage to all of you, no matter what is going on. Must get off the task chair now and back to the freaking recliner. I'm trying to be good.

I'll be back sometime soon, I hope. But I am lurking.

kvetch: weather is COOOOOLD again. Bleah
anti kvetch: driving to Pinehurst tomorrow for a full, yes full, spa day. Staying overnight with a friend and getting pampered with a nice dinner and home cooked breakfast. Yeah!!
(((((((((Plat)))))))))) Dear thing. I hope the spa leaves you feeling refreshed & invigorated!

Hi, Billy! Excited about the F1 race this weekend? I stayed up tonight to watch the practice, but a friend of ours is TiVo-ing the rest of the coverage. We may watchi it at his house so we don't have to stay up until 4am!

Dusty, I was thinking about you tonight! Sheff and I went to a Hurricanes hockey game with a friend. These guys have fallen sooooo hard. I couldn't believe these guys won the Stanley Cup last year! Resting on their laurels perhaps? We still managed to have a good time, though, so that's good. smile.gif

Sheff & I are strongly considering a certain house. We haven't made an offer yet or anything, but we're gathering information & thinking seriously about what we are willing to do. Pretty exciting stuff!
Thanks to all the vibage on the LDR... busty vibage is the bust in the world... I'm hoping the boy loves Portland (yes, it's Oregon) as much as I do. It may be sooner than I think. My job is really getting on my last nerve.

Kvetch: What is up with my parents lately? My sister's birthday is on Easter. Now this is the sister that we I don't talk to, so there is some bad blood. I thought I would try to be an adult, and bring it out to air... wrong.... I get my arse chewed on... and worse off, they're coming to see me on Tuesday... and I can't bring Mcgeek!! FUCK!!!!! Luckily, I am having an emergency therapy session on Monday night... which means I had a horrible bout of insomnia last night.

Anti-kvetch: Finally showing off the apartment to someone other than Mcgeek and my best friend. My old girlfriend Mandy is coming by finally tomorrow to see it, which means I had to clean this morning. Yet, it will be nice to show it off! smile.gif

Undie report: Boring red ones.

((all my kvetchies))

(((bunnyb))) i hope i am able to meet up with you when i'm in the uk. sad.gif

(((mornington))) i can't to meet indigo when i come over there!! so excited. biggrin.gif

(((rose))) what is the house?? i want to know!! *jumps up and down*

(((((plat)))))) so glad you are checkin' in. and don't worry about checkin' up. just post when you can. i've been wonderin' if you are ok. glad to see you are back at work.

(((sassy))) i'm glad things are working out for you with the LDR. and boo on the family situation.

antikvetch: i talked to PiP on the phone on thursday night. she is so awesome! and the bustie get together to bid our Tart a bon voyage to her new home. she will be missed!! lots of food and wine--at least for me!!

(((polly, sidecar, yuefie, raisingirl, candy, CH, dusty, DM, pixie, PiP, tes, mando, billy, amilita, anoushh, six, and other kvetchies)))
I don't really have much to add. Things are busy (school, birthdays, funerals, repainting, blah blah blah), but that's become the status quo. Silly grad school and it's "work"!! Ah well, it'll be over for a few months at the end of the month.
QUOTE(crassy_mcnasty @ Apr 4 2007, 03:49 PM) *
hey!!! ohmy.gif i actually love camping, you can look lousy and blend in w/everyone else, campfire food is yummy, the stars are amazing at night, and it's a nice plug-out from the digital/ hectic world. as long as i have a warmish shower and flushing toilets i'm fine. i'm goin' camping this summer (in a tent w/the mr. and maybe zeke if he's good) and really looking forward to it.

Me too biggrin.gif Though, I haven't tried it knocked up, so ... that would be different.

I way prefer the kind of camping that happens in a tent to that which happens in a cabin, though.
kvetch - I forgot to put on deoderant this morning. How does that get forgotten? And I cannot find my makeup bag. I have a small bag that carries all of my essential stuff since I come to work so early some mornings. Well, it is either buried on my desk (don't think so) or buried in my apartment (I thought I looked!) Where is it?

anti-kvetch - got to see the Chicago bustied yesterday! Had a great time, ya'll!


mmmm, lots of lovely chocolate to eat and Peter Pan to watch (the Disney version). Still feeling a little crappy but allowing it to affect my time with the boy; we went to our main museum and art galleries yesterday and tonight we're off to see The Barenaked Ladies.

Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

I'm so going to hell, and I apologize in advance to anyone I offended! wink.gif

Hee, hee, hee, bunny!

We're going to my parent's first, but not for Easter; my dad's birthday is tomorrow, and my mom got him a waffle maker, so she's giving it to him early and we're doing brunch there. Then it's off to Le Boy's parent's for dinner, for which I made divala's Daffodil Cake- yum!

Ukranian Easter Eggs!

P.S. Polly, that pic is too funny!
Hee, those pictures are funny. No offense here polly, just a laugh. That chocolate bunny one cracks me up, bunny tongue.gif .
And mando, congrats on the adorable pupper!
*waves at kittenb* nice to see you in here. did your log happen to see some new shoes? wink.gif
~~~~super duper strength multi-purpose vibes for all~~~~
My laptop crapped out on me, so my lounge access is intermittent. Hope everyone is doing well. I'm feeling much better, but the nagging cough is still hanging on. My home is empty and quiet, which is so, so nice. I had a surprisingly nice visit with the family from Oklahoma, and things ended not so well with Art. One would think that a person who just came back from the edge would be appreciative of all the care and help given, but alas he was not. So good riddance to ingrates and a toast to me learning my farking lesson this time around!
((((each and every one of YOU)))))

I’ve been thinking of how to craft a response that doesn’t seem to put me in the camp of the religious wingnuts that post on Bust. If you believe that the fundies are way out of line for posting pictures of fetuses, then you must consider the so-called cartoon will be equally offensive to anyone with religious leanings (which includes me, btw). Easter is the holiest of days in the Christian tradition. I find the cartoon to be incredibly in poor taste.
I dunno, Billy...I can appreciate that you find the cartoon distasteful, but I do not think you can rightfully compare it to fundies posting pictures of fetuses.

For one, Polly is a known and loved Bustie...the folks who post the graphic pictures come around here are invading our space just to stir up trouble or whatever...and my point in pointing that out is that we can definately give Polly the benefit of the doubt that she is just sharing something she thought was funny with others she thought would like it. And most people who have commented have enjoyed her post.

Also, I think the content of the two do not really bear comparison...your religious sensibilities have been offended, OK...but anti-abortion propaganda has a direct line of threat to our physical well-being as women, our rights in different countries, etc.

I hope that makes sense...I don't have time to really craft what I'm trying to say. I think it's cool to speak up and say you were offended by the post, but I didn't agree with your comparison, Billy.

Happy Easter! I'm off to work later...but then I'm off all this week!!! Woot! I'll be postin' like a M-F.
happy easter/chocolate egg day!

(((polly)))) laugh.gif

(((bun)))) laugh.gif have fun at barenaked ladies!

(((yuefie))) boo on no interwebs!

(((billy)))) I don't think polly was intending to be offensive or stir up trouble. Although i'm sorry you were offended.

i've been munching on easter eggs. and i managed to speak to F at his parents (poor baby's being carted around on the caflic circuit - including shrines to his particular name saint - and his parents are super-religious). It's the first time since he had his phone stolen and it was such a relief. Plus, i got to hear him say "I'm on the phone to my girlfriend" which was nice. I'm such a fool.

it's been superbly sunny here; we;'ve been walking indigo lots and took photos. Mama's going back to algeria tomorrow; she's tidying and packing.


it took me a sec to understand why people would refer to jesus as a zombie. blink.gif now, i get it. rolleyes.gif

went out to brunch with some friends. had some great bloody marys. then, off to the folks for dinner. i love having days where i'm basically just eating and sleeping. makes me feel like a cat.

i'm off to go home now. still at the folks. quickie hugs here. much love to everyone!

I could very easily live the life of a cat, if cats could read.

Zombie Jesus isn't completely to my taste but that's the indoctrinated Catholic in me ... or maybe it's just that my GSOH isn't so great at times; I wasn't offended though and I must remember to show the boy later as he'll frackin love it.

BNL were fab as always (this was my third time seeing them, the boy's sixth or seventh) and a good time was had (albeit a wheezy time). At the beginning of the concert I discovered escaped easter egg on my top blink.gif. Tomorrow is our anniversary and I'm not sure how we'll spend today; it's bliss just to be able to hang with the boy.

(((yuefie))) once I leave the boy's on Wednesday I'll be completely without the interwebs, I don't know for how long.


eta: WHAT is divala's daffodil cake? and, more importantly, can I have some?
Billy, I sincerely apologize if you were offended. Like amilita said (so eloquently, thank you!), I think the comparison to the aborted fetus pictures was a bit much, but your feelings are your feelings, no matter how you choose to express them, and I'm sorry if they were hurt.

Moving on, Divala's Daffodil Cake is white cake in a 9 x 13 pan, then you mix a package of instant vanilla pudding (mix with about 1 cup to a 1/2 cup less milk than the directions say, so that it's nice and thick) with 4 oz. of softened cream cheese and that's the first layer of frosting on the cake. Then I spread a 20 oz can of crushed pineapple, drained well, over the pudding layer. Then I whipped a half pint of whipping cream and spread that over the pineapple (I probably should have gotten a little more than a half pint- I had to spread it a little thin. Next time I'll use 3/4 pint or so). Next, you sprinkle chopped walnuts over the whipped cream and also some shredded coconut (coconut's optional). It was pretty good. I don't know if the pudding layer was really necessary- I could tell the texture was there, but I didn't really taste it. I think it could be left out and just do pineapple-whipped cream-nuts-coconut. Everyone liked it though.

Ooo, it's late- gotta leave for work.
Good morning all. I have a work To-Do list the lenght of my arm today, which is kind of weird. The tough part of my job is that I have so much downtime when the phone isn't ringing that sometimes it is hard to stay motivated. But today I must. And I have errands to run.

I did Easter dinner at a friend's house last night. And we watched Clue and played the Star Wars Lego game for Playstation 2. I am getting really hooked on this silly little game.

"How do you know what kind of photos they are if you are such a laydeee?"
where is everyone today? i know that it is late here in maputolandia, but it's still lunchtime for some of you!

i was going to try to ignore this, but, now that it has been mentioned: perhaps the zombie jesus could be more aptly compared to the islamic cartoons that were published in (whatever nordic country it was--denmark) than with trolls who are posting photos of 'aborted' fetuses. i say that because of the shock value of those horribly graphic photos. in a trial, those photos would not be allowed in a courtroom for a jury to see because they would be deemed "prejudicial". in religious terms, however, billy is quite right: anyone who believes that jesus christ is the savior would find that distasteful. i've often wondered why there is so much fuss made of a "birthday" (christmas) when it isn't the birth of jesus that made him important, rather that he rose from the dead... which is the point of celebrating easter.

i personally am more along the lines of the south park creators, and am willing to pretty much poke fun at everything (i thought that the zombie jesus was funny)...but can certainly see why billy was upset.

that said, i don't think that we should have to censor ourselves, and feel that it was posted in a playful manner and not meant to upset anyone. quite different from the trolls that post the other things. likewise, billy bonka was very respectful in his post. one of the things that i just love about the busties is the ability to look at issues without resorting to knee jerk responses.

and that is all i have to say about that.

my easter was passed VERY quietly. i went to mass early in the day (QUITE early). it was a gloomy, cold, rainy day. the city was shrouded in mist, and i felt as if i was inside a cloud cocoon. i wanted nothing more than to cuddle with mimi the african attack cat and read my book. (american gods by neil gaiman -- topical!) oh, and i made banana pecan bread. it was a cozy, if lonely, day. i miss my family most on holidays, when i would normally spend time with them, and since i am alone here, i spend them alone (although i have friends, none are close enough for this sort of family time).

so i had a quiet weekend filled with nostalgia.
*pokes head in*

Just a fly by, things have been a bit much on my end.

Hope everyone is doing well today!

Happy (belated) easter all!


I hope everyone had nice weekend, and Monday. Friday night we went to see Darrell Hammond, I've never seen him so I don't know if he was drunk or if it was just his personality but I laughed so much. Saturday I did laundry and went for an early b-day dinner with the folks. Sunday we went to Busch Gardens (theme park with animals and roller coasters). Dad DM and I rode the log flume, and then our clothes were wet all day. Mr. DM rode a roller coaster, but it made me too nervous so I declined.

it is quiet in here??

is everyone hungover from a sugar filled weekend??

kvetch: i think what i ate this weekend caught up with me cause i had a tummy ache last night and did not sleep well. i think i'm heading to bed early. screw working out. i'm sleepy!

antikvetch: i had a fun day at work goofing off with my coworkers.

(((DM, polly, tes, bunnyb, CH, and other lurking kvetchies)))
I am playing hooky from work tomorrow because my friend won tickets to a small, exclusive, private performance of Chris Cornell, of Soundgarden and Audioslave fame, at a teensy little bar in the city. I have this picture in an 8x10 and I'm going to get it signed.

Oh my. Except for Johnny Depp, no one gets me turned on like Chris Cornell. Oh, yeah, and Le Boy tongue.gif

((hugs to all))

((((polly)))) mm, chris cornell.

((((star)))) **get some sleep**

((((tes)))) *snuggles*

((((dm)))) hurrah for log flumes! and great weekends!

((((kitten, culture, bun, yuefie, mando, plat, raisin, rose, pixie, anoushh, sixie, sassy, billy, flanker, prettyinpink, walkingb, everyone)))))

kvetch: the nhs. appointment lines open at half eight. I don't get through until nine ("please hold. you are in queue position...26") and I *just* got an appointment.

I'm off to the grandparents tomorrow, on the train. With Indigo (my grandparents only want to see him). Aunt flo came to visit properly today, so I feel like death warmed up. Yay cramps! dry.gif . I was supposed to go today, but I feel shitty and it would mean rushing around to get to the station. BW doesn't know the way, so he's about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

right. shower. dressing. uuuurgh. I wish to be wrapped in cotton wool and cuddled. I don't think the nightmare last night helped.
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