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polly, don't feel bad! i once donated my car to a foundation that works with children and didn't have a religious name --i called to let them know i forgot to put the radio in the car and they had a big anti-choice message on their machine. i almost died!!! mad.gif i called them back to make sure they wouldn't be using the money from the car for any anti-choice stuff. it was a weird conversation, you could tell the woman didn't agree w/my beliefs but she assured me that it was for children-- 'already born children?' i asked. she sighed and said 'yes'. oh man, i swear i've always researched everything after that and gave my recent car donation to a no-kill animal shelter.
Um, okay.

What the hell happened to the Lounge?!

Just stopping in to say hi.

Hey Stargazer, do you still need an apartment later this summer? Send me an email (raisingirl at bust etc.) if you are. I don't know for sure, but I just might have an interesting lead for you.

All right, I'm gonna go back to not lurking, because I seriously don't think I can deal with the fugliness.

flyby ...


many mwahs, my friend!
happy birthday bunny, my fellow aries!
Happy Birthday Bunny!
Happy birthday to bunny. Yay for Aries.

((yuefie)) That illness sounds bad, hope the medicine is working.

((syb)) Healthy wishes for you.

((mr. crassy)) Good test results.

sidecar, how was the Neko Case/Matt Pond PA show? I adore Neko Case, but she always lets me down at concerts by acting strangely.

polly, that picture of the bunny eating a cookie is hilarious.

((crassy, ccgirl, raisin, mando))

Last night Mr. DM and I went to see The Namesake, and I was so bored by it. Today is all about exercise and eating.

Good weekend for all Busties.
Happy Birthday Bunny!
Happy birthday bunny!


Sorry this is so impersonal. Just checkin' in.

*scurries off to read archives*
((((kvetchies)))) hope everyone's safe & sound and having a great weekend.
Thanks dm, it felt pretty awful but the antibiotics seems to be kicking in. Except now I've got a bakery setting up shop. Damn yeastie! I'm getting ready for the arrival of the family members tomorrow morning. Oy. Tomorrow is also our dearly departed Gram's birthday, so we will be going from the airport to her grave to leave some flowers. My cousin has never been and my aunt hasn't been since the day we buried her, so I figure it should be pretty emotional for all. Art is leaving on Monday, and has been walking without his walker the past two days. And his girlfriend has been walking on eggshells, trying to make up for how pissed off I've been with her. She even brought over some juice and more tissues for me last night. I think I am going to try to explain to her just what has upset us all so much, so that maybe she can learn from this. Who knows, maybe she really is just clueless. I can hope!
Just dipping my toe in the Kvetvch Up lounge. Hello all! Happy Sunday.

Happy Birthday bunnyb! I'm late but it still counts, right?

Yuefie, if I understood your last post you have all my sympathies. I have had two sinus infections in the past 7 months. Both have led to long lasting yeasties. it just suck so hard that antibiotics do that. Or, as I keep whining to my best friend "It's not fair!" sad.gif
Hope you had a marvelous birthday, Bunny!!!! Can't wait to hear all the details.

(((((Yuefie))))))The good news is that Art is doing sooooo much better! Hooray!

Kvetch: Nasty tummy bug. It started yesterday, got a bit better, but it's back today. Bleeeeeh.

Anti-kvetch: Sheff drove us out to the beach yesterday just for the hell of it. Too cold to swim still, so we just watched the people. We saw dogs playing in the waves & even watched a kite surfer.

And tomorrow is our 2nd wedding anniversary! Yay! Bring on the Terrible Twos! wink.gif
Apologies for cross-posting, but this can't be missed: interspecies snorgling (safe for work).
dm, Neko Case was great. She was kinda goofy, but such a good performer that it made up for the funny antics. Her band was good, and she had Kelly Hogan and Nora O'Connor singing backup for her and the harmonies were really nice.

busy weekend entertaining Martini's old college pals at their annual reunion; I had so much fun with all of them, but am relieved to have a quiet night at home tonight.

((yuefie and kitten)) you know, i started using one of those neti pots (I was getting colds every other month) and now i never even get sniffles. It's weird, but effective.

happy anniversary rose!
Happy belated b-day to Bunny (and that birthday rabbit is adorable!)

I start my new job tomorrow. I have a terrible sore throat.

Note to Tes--I didn't even know you'd been this way. I found myself thinking the other day "better check when Tes is due to be here" and it turns out you'd already been and gone! That gives you an idea of how chaotic life still is. Babies are hard work.
Glad your trip went well, though.
(((((((((love and many many keeeeeces wub.gif to all kvetchies!))))))))

kvetch: finding the lounge still NOT-pink & leopardskin-less!!!

anti-kvetch: all of the CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-ITE bunny pictures (bunnie cookie thieving!!!!)!!

anti-kvetch: otters holding hands! adorable!

anti-kvetch: fabu action-packed weekend. a friend from NC is here working and is staying with me. so good to have company, especially a good friend that i have known since 1983!!! we had a lovely dinner out on friday night, split a seafood platter for 2, with shrimp and green-lipped mussels and red snapper and lobster and calamari (both grilled and fried).

*HUGE* lip smacks!

saturday morning we got up at quarter to 5 to go over to a friend's house to watch the mozambicans implode a building that was partially built over 30 years ago before the portuguese lost the war. the portuguese were building this HUGE hotel, over 20 stories tall, and when they lost and were forced to leave, they poured concrete into the plumbing and the elevators so that it couldn't be finished. *boo hiss* so it was history in the making, it was blown up with dynamite at 7 am. we all watched that and then had a lovely breakfast.

then we went back to my apartment and i had my second "driving lesson" here. this time, i only tried to shift the door handle 3-4 times. my windshield was cleaner than ever, though, as i kept turning on the washers instead of the turn signal. drove all over the place, though. from my house to the office. from the office to some of my favorite places, we did some fun shopping at a cool house goods store (got new bright green fabric runners for my dining table and a neat mirrored bowl and some dried and painted red and orange and green "masala" fruits to go in the bowl -- which make maraca-like noises when you shake them.

drove to the beach, and down a really bumpy, dirt road chock full-of-holes filled with water and consequently loads of mud to see the fishing (Silly Fishes!!!) village (much grumbling by my friend who is teaching me how to drive, who had just gotten the car washed on friday).

lunch at a seafood resto on the beach, more yummy red snapper for me. plus maracuja mousse (passion fruit) for dessert.

then over to a co-worker's house for a housewarming party (she just moved to a new apartment).

saturday my visitor/friend got up early and went to do some bird-watching. i stayed home and slept late!!! YAYAYAYAY!!! (jet lag SUCKS) got up and had coffee and then read some (neil gaiman) and then slept some more until she got home. homemade chicken & veggie soup for lunch, then out for ice cream and espresso. back home to work on her questionnaire -- i helped her to "test" it to see how long it would take to administer (answer: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long!)

last night we went out to hear a spanish trio (piano, bass and percussion) play avante garde flamenco music. so dramatic, and erotic. all in all a really great weekend.

meems the african attack cat has been very, very sweet to me since i have returned. she was sleeping with my friend, PB, but moved to my bed the first night i was back. sooooooooooo nice.

so between that, and having my friend here, and having so much work to catch up on, i haven't had time to miss mr. hotbuns. this is a Good Thing.

annoushka: yes, my mamãe is now living in eugene. the world is a VERY small place, isn't it?

((((((rosie v's tummy)))))) feel mo' bettah, querida!!!

haaaaaaaaaaappy ANNIVERSARY, rose violet & sheffield steel!!!!!!

OH MY! sooooooooooooooooo cute!!! the interspecies snorgling!!!

HUZZAH!!!!! for NETI POTS!!!

~*~*~*~*~*~*sooooooooooooooooothing vibes for all that are ailing~*~*~*~*~*~*~

((((((((mandomyheart)))))))) how is danny's trip to FLORIDA going?

(((((((((more hugs ~~~~ACOS!!!~~~~~)))))))))) to amilita, dm, plat, yeufie, culture handy, kitten b, billybonka, syb, polly, raisin, candycane, crassy, doodle, EVERY bustie!!!!

Thanks so much for the bunny birthday love (and the cuteness that is the cookie thief bunny); I had a lovely time and the boy spoiled me as always. I'm only sad the weekend is over and that I'm home (although it won't be "home" for much longer".

Incredibly busy still packing for move; have busy time ahead so I'll be around sporadically.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY rose and sheff! (my four year anniversary -albeit not wedding- of being with the boy is next week wub.gif)

mando, the postcard is packed away (hits hand against own forehead) so will post soon(ish).

happy anniversary rose & shef!!!

polly, that bunny cookie pic is adorable!!!

the mr. still hasn't gotten the results. ugh. * on pins and needles*

(((yuefie))) glad art is feeling better & at least the girlfriend knows she did something. hopefully she will learn like you said.

(((rose))) sorry you don't feel well, especially on your anniversary!

sidecar, what is a neti pots? not getting a cold every other week sounds sooooo good!


tes, it's so nice to have old friends nearby, sounds like so much fun!

kvetch: even though i invited them to my cute sunny house, the m-i-l wants us to come to the dreary dank and dingy large house (think miss havisham) where she and the mr's sister are basically babysitting an odd older woman and her husband. she said she can't leave. i really do not like going to that house and neither does the mr! i hope he decides not to since i left it to him.
Neti Pot:

It looks kind of silly, but it works. You fill it with warm water (you can add some salt or other stuff, it's optional) and lean over the sink, stick the spout in one nostril and the water should flow through your sinuses and come out the other side. Theoretically. On me, it hardly ever comes out the other side (maybe I have a deviated septum or something, I don't know) but it does flush out all the irritants, mucus, allergens, etc. and makes you feel a lot better. Some people use it everyday and swear by it, like if they have allergies or are prone to sinus infections. I only use it when I have a cold, or I've been working with a lot of dust (like when I helped my parents clean their garage yesterday- ick!) or if the air is really dry. I'm prone to bloody noses when it's too dry, so when I get one, I use the neti pot and it clears out all the blood and the clot and it stops immediately.

Happy Anniversary Rose & Shef!

Tes! I was getting worried! Glad to hear all is well for the most part.

Crassy, that picture's from

funny, I was just googling "neti pots"! Do they really work for allergies? Because a close friend suffers pretty badly this time of year, and it's hard for her to come over with my two giant allergen-producing furbabies. I'm trying to de-allergen them with washes and housecleaning, but if a neti pot would help her breathe better I'd get her one of those, too.

~~~~healthy vibes for crassy's mister~~~~~ (((crassy)))

(((yuefie))) glad the meds are kicking in (but BOO on bakery shops! the woman that invents no-bakery antibiotics will rule the world). And even after all that mess you still hold a hope that Art's gf is merely truly have the patience of a saint. I'd be looking for places to hide the body by now. ~~~~~calm blue ocean vibes~~~~~

(((mando))) a'cos

(((mornington))) sounds like you had a lovely trip stateside! How's the semester going?

(((bunnyb))) glad you had a good birthday! and since I just moved again myself and know how it is....
~~~~~~special everything get packed and moved smoothly and on schedule vibes~~~~~~

(((star))) I'm sending you some of those moving vibes, too!

(((sassy))) hope you're feeling better! ~~~~calm brain vibes~~~~

(((tes))) awww, mimi meeeced you! glad the driving lessons are going well, and did you say PASSION FRUIT MOUSSE?! *swoon*

~~~~~general health vibes for sore throats, tummy bugs, and other bothersome ailments~~~~~~~

kvetch: did not go into work this morning like I meant to, and really don't want to now. Someday "day off" will mean I don't have to go to work, right?

antikvetch: my furbabies are sleeping facing each other with their paws on each other's nose in an unconscious attempt to stop the other from snoring.....soooo cute!

antikvetch: some friends are going to meet me in Vegas when I go on that poker trip! YAY! I'm going to try and see if one of them can't take my seat at the poker tournament (I asked, and it's the World Series of Poker, and I guess the buy-in is kind of expensive so now I really don't want the seat to go to waste)

LOVE the picture there pollystyrene.

I have used a neti pot, or a jury-rigged version of one, in the past. Here is a great story from the first time I used one. I didn't have health insurence so I was down to natural remedies and the like for a sinus infection. I was using a neti pot and it helped with the pain and the congestion. When I went to work, I was still using it. Someone came into my office and asked me to get them something. I bent over and all of this water came out of my nose. It was so gross and funny. Freaked out my coworker. Apparently, my sinuses were so congested that some of the water had pooled or something. After it all gushed out, I started to feel some relief.

I have to say that when I have used them in the past, I have started to get irritated skin after a few days. Just keep an eye on that and they work great.

ETA: The last time I saw my gyne she prescribed me more medication for the yeasties than I needed for this one. She said it I take a pill (Fluconazole, I think) on the first and last day of my antibiotic regimine, I should avoid the additional infection. As the pills only cost about $3 each, it is worth having a few on hand.
Thank you all so much for the well-wishes for our anniversary! Unfortunately, I am in baaaaaaad shape today. My period started & I am in AAAAAAAGONY. I 'm trying to muster up the energy to make a bundt cake for us & ugh. It'll be worth it, though. And my parents sent us flowers for our anniversary! Isn't that sweet? Yay smile.gif

Must take more drugs ...
[crawls back under rock]
That is basically me, every morning, except my neti pot is grey. I put in salt, and use it once a day. Sometimes when I bend over within the first hour of using mine, I'll get a little bit of stuff running out of my nose, but it makes a big difference for me. I have allergies, and drugs always made me either sleepy (antihistamines) or hyper (decongestants). Mine haven't given me any trouble for awhile now (I think they often triggered sinus infections).

((((rose))) feel better
Happy Anniversary, Rose and Sheff!!! Hope you start feeling better, Rose.

Just a drive by before I go to work...gosh, I feel so busy lately and like I'm neglecting so many things (tasks, friends, etc.) Bleh. And it seems like whenever I look to the week ahead, I have so many plans...I like to have a night with no plans here and there. Working at night doesn't help that at all. But next week is my birthday, and I work this Sunday and then not for the rest of next week!!!

Off I go to get ready for work!!! (((everyone)))
happy anniversary rose & sheff!! (((((feel better rose)))))

yay for good birthdays ((((bunny))))

and ((((tes)))) sightings with driving lessons!

((((polly, amilita, sidecar, syb, faith, kitten, mando, culture, sassy, star, sixie, faerie, crassy, dusty, sonik, pixie, yuefie, raisin, billy, candy, doodle, ap, anoushh, dm, everyone))))

sixe, i still have until the end of april off! it's holidaylicious round here! but... good news! i passed my end-of-term exams that i took a few weeks ago.

there was much panic today - i couldn't get hold of F all weekend, and kept getting a "blocked number" message. it turns out his phone was stolen, and i got myself in a tizzy over nothing.

antikvetch: the bunnies are exploring thier new toy - a bunny house. i made it myself, out of a cardboard box. i love it when furbabies play.

((((kvetchies)))) bed for me! goodnight loves!
Started new job. It will be very good, I think (see Hip Mama thread.)

Now if the boy will just learn to sleep....

We are booking tickets for the UK for July. Wish us luck with getting a halfway decent fare (I know it's a terrible time, but we want to go to the Tolpuddle Festival. Lots of our friends from all over will be there, too.)
Eta--Tes, actually in Eugene? That's amazing.

And I missed you? Damn.
*zooms in*


(((rose))) feel better

anoushh, yay for new job!


(((morn))) I fReAk if I can't reach the boy (see my last letter in letters thread written a couple of weeks ago.)

(((sixela))) a'cos


back to packing.

*zooms out*
((((((rosiev)))))) hope you feel better soonest, dear one! and that your anni(due)versary was a good one! i don't think that i will ever to be able to look at a bundt cake in *quite* the same way after seeing My Big Fat Greek Wedding!

anoussh: yep. eugene. smaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall world. i had THE BEST chocolate there. it was cabernet sauvignon flavored. OH MY MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. can't remember the name of the shop but i am sure you know which one i am talking about. and, YAY!!! for the new job!!!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* sleeeeeeepy vibes for notbob ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*! get those results QUICK LIKE A BUNNYB for the mcnastys !*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

(((((((yeufie and art and art's clueless girl)))))) more love for the patient as a saint yeuf here!!! i, too, would probably be looking for somewhere to hide her body by this point!

muito thank you, polly! things are as good as they can be, given the circumstances. mamãe remember both my name AND my sister's name before i left to go and see mr. hotbuns and then fly back to afrique. that was a Very Good Thing.

cuteoverload, hmmm?

*makes note on her hand*

sounds like just the thing for when i'm as blue as this frickin'frackin' lounge. do not LIKE it!

kvetch: i'ma missin' me some PINK leopard print!

let me join in on the neti pot love. i swear it saved my life when i had tonsilitis in january. i must have a deviated septum as well, though, because it NEVER comes out my other nostril. just drips back out the same narine after a bit. sort of like kittenb's hilarious story! did you ever tell them what was up, kitten? hee! any way. the warm salty water feels icky in my nose, but it sure does the trick! (hmmm -- could a deviated septum be part of the reason that i snore? anyone know? it is so bloody embarrasing to snore!!)

apparently sixela's kitties understand that aaaaaall too well! heeee! sixela, so sweet of you to be as happy as i was that meemoushka meeeced me!!! she is such a silly girl! so funny when she bites my calf because i'm not paying enough attention to her! World Series of POKER? uau! you must be really GOOD!!! (can i admit that i have no idea whatsoever how to play poker????)

amilita, right there with you, sister! it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice to go home last night and have nothing to do! my friend who is visiting went out to dinner with another friend, but i begged off to stay at home and have din din with meems the african attack kitty and then go to bed EARLY. i adore evenings like that. mimi and i cuddled in bed while i read, and i actually fell asleep with the light on!

(((((mandomyheart)))))) also, a'cos.

*peeeeeenches!!!* for tes' ass plummy wine's ass (and a fine one it is, too!)

speaking of asses, here are some special vibes just for mr. bonka:

*~*don't work that nice ass of yours off! we like it! esp on fridays when it is covered with boxer briefs *~*

*pulls mornington to her ample chest and gives her boobah-squishin' hugs*
oh! that would have totally upset me, too, mornington! blocked number messages are most paranoia inducing!

Pic-Tures! Pic-Tures!! Pic-Tures!!! of cute furbabies playing in hand made bunny house!!! Must....have.....pic..... tures!

early early hippo birdie two ewes! for amilita, just in case i miss the actual day. and late late hippo birdie two ewes for bunny!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ smooth moving!!!! for star ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

hugs and kisses and silly mackerel!


bunnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! SQUEEE!!!

Happy Birthday, Bunny (and congrats on passing, vroom vroom)!!!!!!!!

And Happy Anniversary to the Violet-Sheffields!!!!!!

I am really bummed that the Lounge is broken. I don't like it one bit and it makes me not want to post or read.

But I'm also bummed out for other reasons -- everything is in flux and I don't know WTF I'm doing with this Thing Called Life. Well, that's kind of an exaggeration, but I'm contemplating a move to a new city for a better job. It's really tough weighing the pros and cons of picking up and moving to a new city.


I just want to be at a point where I can make a decision. It's the not-knowing that's killing me. AHHHHH!

Tesao, it's good to see you around again.
You know, I've always used the worksafe, and it's fairly operational. Sorry for those of you who really love leopard print.

Congrats to bunny!
the work safe mode is, indeed, fairly operational. it is just so blue!


raisin? africa, she is beckoning........
It's not just the blueness, it's the different features! AHHHH. I'm lame, but this lady loves her pink leopard spots.

Tesao, I know, I know! Shit. It's like this paradox of choice -- give me too many and I get all confuzzled. Not that I've been offered the chance of Africa (not yet), but still...

Sigh is right!

Now I want a Bundt cake, some chocolate-vanilla marble swirl kind of thing.

OH! And congrats to Sidecar and Anoushh on the work fronts. I should read more of the archives.
[tosses confetti]
That's just fabulous!

And congrats to Anoushh on the new job! Headed to the UK, are you? Does that mean that Mr. A has his greencard?

Thank you all sooooo so much for the anniversary vibes. You all are the best. [blush!] wub.gif

I am feeling happier today because the taxes are DONE! DoneDoneDone! With the move & all, they were kinda complicated this year, so I paid for someone local to do them. I struggled with that for a while, but I decided that I could either (1) pay for someone else to do the taxes or (2) pay a therapist to scrape my sanity off of the floor after doing the taxes on my own. So I went for Option 1. wink.gif

You all may want to send some love out to Pixiedust today. Her employer is sending the whole office to a retreat at a campground for 2 days of bonding & treehugging. So she's halfway through her pregnancy & the babe is pressing on her sciatic nerve so she's been in some pain & even dealing with swollen feet. And now she's got to go camping. Ugh. I told her to fake some cramps so she could go home early!
Forced camping with coworkers for 2 days? That's bad enough when you're not pregnant. Poor, poor Pixie- are they camping far from home? If not, maybe she can get a doctor's note so she can at least go home overnight and sleep in her own bed? Sciatic pain is horrible. I get it when my back is acting up and it changes the way I walk, which throws my hips off and causes the sciatic to hurt. What kind of place does she work where their team building is that severe? When i've had to do that crap, it's just a couple hours in the woods throwing a ball back and forth. All we needed was some macaroni and glitter and it's summer camp smile.gif

Yay bunny!

((raisingirl)) I think we're all in that "now what?" boat. Chicago does have some nice Busties..... tongue.gif

((hugs to all))
tes - the nose story wouldn't have been so funny if it had been any other coworker. This was a woman who happened to look down on our entire department. It was just so perfect. I tried to explain it to her but she didn't understand.

Zoom Zoom BunnyB! Woohoo!

All my love to Pixiedust. I would be so miserable in her shoes.

God I have to do taxes at some point, don't I? Ick.

Well, first I am off to the gym. Bye all!
*buries head in tes' boobs*

yaaaaaay bunny! that's fantastic!

****pixie**** eep! sciatica is not fun so she should be able to go home at least!

((((raisin)))) acos you need a hug

congratumelations anoushh! that's fantastic. is mr anoushh staying with not-bob?


has anyone seen ((((plat))))? how is she?

((((kitten, mando, rose, sixie, polly, syb, sassy, star, culture, sidecar, yuefie, flanker, msp, mavin, walkingb, txplum, tg, sonik, everyone))))

kvetch: my card got rejected in waterstones (bookshop) even though i had the funds. grr. I'll go back tomorrow. although i had already bought books and cds in fopp... unsure.gif

antikvetch: G calling me psychotic for having already discussed the long-distance thing with F made me laugh. We've already agreed that if we can't bear being apart for long (which is likely, at the moment) that he'll move over here - he can transfer his job. It's weird, but at least i know we're both mad. and we'll be mad together. somebody shoot me, i'm becoming disgustingly gooey. isn't it great? I miss F's kittens, which is odd. But cats are such... joy.

mama and boy wonder are back tomorrow - they've been up at the grandparents. BW is feeling very down at the moment, because our father is being a twat. It's getting to the stage where neither of us want to talk to him, and if he's not careful, he won't be involved in our lives at all. Which is sad, but BW and I can't do anything until his stupid wife starts realising how much damage it does to him and thier relationship.

right. rant over.

Where's stargazer? She hasn't been around in the past few days. I don't think she's been in the Okayer's thread, either.
woohoo bunny!!! that's awesome.

i knew that pic looked familiar, i love cuteoverload, and too.

thanks so much for all the vibes! we finally got the test back and the mr. has an enlarged aorta probably due to his daily jogging, but there were no clogs at all and everything else looks normal. biggrin.gif thank gawd, i was sweatin' bullets over here!!!

ok, i gotta say, that pic makes me scared of the 'neti pot' - funny story though kitten.

(((rose))) that sucks!!! what a day to be sick!

(((amilita))) i know what you mean about being tired of having so many plans/ things to do. i want 1 weekend where i can just lie around and do nothing- 1 solid weekend. maybe i should 'plan' one, does that sound weird?

*~*~*good fare for anouhh*~*~* and congrats on the job.


(((pixie))) camping during pregnancy sounds like slave labor to me!

(((mornington))) awesome for the time off though, and the house you made sounds cute, but not at cute as snuggling fur-babies.

speaking of furbabies, i had to put zeke on 'punishment', i let him out this morning and the he would not come when i called him back. i looked and he wasn't in the yard (i only have it 3/4 fenced in), i had to run down the street with wet hair, in heels & no jacket calling to get him and he still wouldn't come. he did "sit" when i asked him to, so i had to run to where he was sitting (5 doors down!!!) and coax him to come home with me. it worked but i once we were home i sent him up to his kennel with no after-breakfast treat. i felt bad but he did stay upstairs in his kennel at least until i left for work.

i use the 'work safe' too, so i didn't notice the issue.
(((pixie))) oh the poor, poor thing. camping under any circumstance is unacceptable. kumbaya my fuckin' ass.

yes, where is plat? we fret. tes?

(((raisin))) soothing hairbrushing your way.

kittenb, loving seeing your posts here! about time you waded into kvetch waters.

morn, hmph - how dare they prevent the book-buying? absolutely no consideration for a gal in need, tut-tut.

kvetch: mandoo is reacting badly to the chaos and bit me a few times tonight.

anti-kvetch: he will be fine, I'm sure of it.

anti-kvetch: still on fluffy cloud 9 after passing driving test.

I think this may be my last post for a few days with the move and the lack of internet access and the boy visiting so know that I love you and will meece you all. I'll check in when I can at boy's over weekend; if not before then have a lovely easter (I'm the easter bunny, didn't ya know?)

bunny, yay for passing your driving test!

crassy, glad Mr. crassy got good news.

mornington, forgive me if you’ve already mentioned this, but is F an American? I know how hard long distance can be, but it can work.

anoushh, yay for starting a new job and getting to visit the UK soon.

rose, glad you are feeling better.


((raisin)) I know it’s hard to move to a new city, but you have to do what you feel is right.

((tes)) ((amilita))

Today I had my review at work, and I exceeded expectations like I have for seven years now. The bad thing is I got a small bonus, but no raise. I'm kind of pissed, and my boss wanted to give me her raise for the year, but HR said no. I wouldn't have accepted that anyways, but I work hard and I deserve a decent raise. I'm going to ask for some extra paid personal days because I figure it can't hurt.
yay for good news ((((crassy))))

*****smooth move***** ((((bunny and mandoo))))

((((dm)))) yay for good reviews. although boo on the crappy raise.

dm - F is american; i think going into the relationship knowing it'll be long-distance for a while helps.

kvetch: my damn father. he's supposed to give me a certain amount of money each month, to help with my rent (because BW lives with me, I need a bedroom and a living room, instead of just a studio, which would be cheaper). He's not been paying the full amount. How many times do i have to tell him that my rent is not covered by my student loan... and if i want to eat, he has to cough up occasionally. particularly as he gives me no extra help when BW comes to stay. This is why my card was rejected. I've just bitten into my savings to make sure my rent's covered. I can't wait until the 23rd, when the rest of my loan comes through.

ola, kvetchies!!!

plat is fine. well, maybe not FINE, but all right. she overdid it last weekend (no big surprise there!) even though she didn't mean to and was *trying* to be good. she had an important meeting yesterday, so she went out on the weekend to buy a new suit for it -- and spent WAY too much time on her feet trying on blouses that would match with the little stripes in it. she also did too much; in addition to the shopping, she went out to brekkies first, and then went to the driving range and actually SWUNG a golf club, and then she had the dreaded WASHING OF HAIR, which always tires her out.

she admits that she overdid things. she says that she is tired of feeling weak and tired. i know she has been lurking, though; she said that she read my post about the driving lessions.....and that she has not posted in waaaaay too long!

i think she needs some peppy feel stronger soon vibeage!

i'm worrying about my driving is a strange situation and i hope that it is ok. i have a friend from the states visiting (she is working here for 2 weeks) and she cautioned me about it. too weird to post here publically, but i think that i will post about it on my live journal, because i would really like some other opinions.

<3 <3<3 loving warm hope you don't have to camp and bond for too long, darling! vibes for pixie <3<3<3


for DONE taxes!!! you rock, rosiev!!! hope you are feeling more chipper!

for joy that is cute kitties!!!

for good news on the health front for mr. crassy!!!!

for exceptional reviews!

for summer camp with glitter!! (don't know about the macaroni, though. that sounds a little odd)

for having kittenb here in kvetchlândia!!! and for her telling neti pot stories and having water shoot out of her nose at the snootie nose-in-the-air colleague!! (still too funny, kitten!)

for bunny b mine saying "kumbaya my fucking ass"!

for cuddly morningtons squished against my boobage!


for crappy assed raises!

for long distance relationships! they SUCK! (although they CAN work, mornington, querida! just look at me and mr. hotbuns!)

for bad zeke not minding and having to be punished (you did the right thing, though, ms. crassy yappy pants!)

for rejected cards leading to no books!!! and fathers acting like twats (and step-mums who may be the root of all evil)

for having to muddle through BUNNY-LESS!!! for the next several days. sad.gif

kvetch: not having any invites to do things for weeks, and getting THREE invitations for dinner TONIGHT. all for the same night. it isn't fair!

anti-kvetch: having three different sets of people think of me when making dinner party plans. what a blessing. nothing to complain about here.
I feel so welcomed here!

I have only two big kvetches today. First, I totally overbooked myself and am working both jobs today for ridiculous hours. And they say you can't be in two places at once. Second, I have promised myself that my taxes will be done before I fall asleep tonight! I hate doing taxes.

But, in the good news catagory, I ordered a Keeper yesterday, along with the new Harry Potter book. I ordered both at this great indy/feminist bookstore. The HP book costs more there than it does on Amazon or Borders, but I look at it as kind of a donation. I was only a little saddened that the store was out-of-stock on the Keepers. They just started selling them a month or so ago. And then I got into this very funny conversation with my older sister. Turns out she has been using Luna pads and even making her own for years. I had no idea.
congrats bunny ... i'm so happy that you passed your test!
*de-stress vibes for mandookitty*

happy belated anniversary, rose & shef!

*strength vibes for plat*

(((mornington))) i'm so sorry we didn't even get to chat while you were here. life sort of ... blew up on me ... these past two weeks. *massive understatement*

(((raisin))) try not to stress so, darlin. you'll figure out what's best. i have faith in you.

(((dm))) definitely go for the extra paid days. It’s the least they can do. How nice that your boss wanted to give you her raise. That’s pretty damn generous.

crassy, very delighted to hear the mr’s heart is tiptop!

(((pixie))) i’m not a camper, so you’ve got all my sympathies.

(((tesao))) nice to see you back in here. I’m glad mama’s settled. You must be relieved that she’s close to your sister now too.

annoush, congrats on the new job … Details please?

Antikvetch/kvetch: danny’s FL trip is going well, thanks for asking, tesao. He actually enjoyed the flight (his first time flying). But he was tired and cranky when he called last night, and was mr complainypants (epcot was boring, his roommates are grating on his nerves, his feet hurt yada yada yada – he’s definitely his mother’s son). And he said he missed me and then he said he loved me. Which broke my heart. *sniff* Friday midnight can’t come soon enough for me.

Antikvetch/kvetch: lil' sister’s coming up late Thursday, and her baby shower’s on Saturday. Mom and I went shopping for cute pink things last night (sexist and antifeminist I know). I’m so excited to see her – haven’t seen her since September! – but I’m worried that her mr is going to pick fights with her and ruin the weekend. as usual. i'm so not up for any family dramarama.

Antikvetch: we’re probably getting a 2 yr old purebred corgi in three weeks! We just have to pass the home inspection. by all reports, she’s a healthy, loving little girl that just needs a little discipline on the leash. I’m delighted of course, but nervous … our lives are going to be turned upside down! you doggie mamas are going to have to hold my hand thru this!

this is zoe (i don't think we're keeping that name) ...
Corgis are so cute. Good luck!
*flings self at ((((((mando))))))* there will be a next time, i promise you that! and yayyayyayyayyayyayyay! for the pupper! you'll be fine. and hurrah for danny's trip going well.


((((tes)))) I'm keeping you and mr hotbuns firmly in mind! I think it'll be a case of "let's see what happens after he visits". We'll see wink.gif . But i'm taking it as a good sign that he's willing to talk about there being an "us"

((((kitten)))) yay for feminist bookstores! I wish there were more over here.
thank you, (((kitten))).
(((mornington))) you're too good to me.

ok. more gushing ... but these were just sent to me, and i MUST SHARE!
heh. and you guys think i'm braggy about my kid?! just wait!

oh, MY!

*eyes explode from the corgi cuteness*
*head asplodes with teh cute*

oooooh. now i AM coming to visit! tongue.gif
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