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QUOTE(bunnyb @ Mar 24 2007, 11:45 AM) *
q'spice, I'm using "add reply" on work-safe and "new reply" on pink skin; the skin is definitely making the difference for some reason. weird.

Well, I did say it *shouldn't* ... it looks like they didn't fully do the skin upgrade, and it totally biffed. I guess we're just more used to having to re-skin things that they are here -- we set up a test forum to get the skins all upgraded properly way before we upgrade the forum.
kvetch: my last "partial" day here and mr. hotbuns has been called into work. meh.

kvetch: i'm wallowing in it instead of going outside and enjoying the gorgeous day here.

kvetch: i miss the pink. and the leopard skin! this bluegrey sucks.

kvetch: i just want to go back to be and cover up my head and wish it all away. meeep.

anti-kvetch: it IS a beautiful day!

anti-kvetch: i am PACKED.

anti-kvetch: i have my kitties to cuddle with..

anti-kvetch: at least i can still post in purple.

~*~*~*~*~*~feel mo' better no more bender vibes for culture! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

YAYAYAYAYAY for bunny be mine! tapas with le boy's mum, lovely white pyjamas and
cute little silver sparkly cardis!!!

anti-kvetch: hotbuns just drove in!!! yayayayayay!!!

Hi Tes!!!! I'm feeling much better today, next time I go out, won't go as nuts! At least I stayed away from the Tequila on Friday!

((((((qspice, bunny, tes, six, star, crassy, polly, yuefie, RV, sidecar, syb, anoushh, amilita, candy, billy, pixie, DM, WB, mornington, anyone who I may have missed!))))))

I'm just relaxing, watching tankgirl on DVD, and haning out on the lounge. Think I may go nap, just because I can. It's one of those Sunday's! A lazy Sunday. Love. It.

((((((hugs for Tes))))))) What a busy trip you've had! But I'm thrilled you got to enjoy some quality time with Mr. HB. wink.gif
~~~~~~~ ->-- safe flight vibes for Tes ~~~~~~~ ->--

Speaking of traveling, I hope Mornigton is having a great time. Are the New York Busties going to meet up with her?

Six, I have decided not to tell my husband about your invitation to attend the big poker tournament. He would be sooooooo jealous!


Well, I think we decided not to get the white house in the trees. I did some research and some math and then we toured a home that costs the same as the white house + the cost of some of the necessary renovations. And wow! For the same amount of money, we could get a much newer, much bigger house with a better layout and a two car garage. Amazing! It's still very tough, but I think it makes more sense for us to let it go.
(((tes))) I don't know how you do it; I'm climbing the walls when I don't see the boy for three weeks, instead of two, let alone months, and especially at such a difficult time for you. ~*~*~*safe journey back to maputo~*~*~* here's hoping mimi the attack cat allows you much-deserved and needed cuddles.

kvetch: been packing for most of the day and still have so much to do.

anti-kvetch: in doing so I came across so many mementos of my relationship with the boy; I had four years of our life together lying out in front of me, a lot of good times and expressions of love.

my papa's younger sister (my great aunt) died last night of the big C; it's only him and his older sister (who lives in Alabama) left out of six children now. It hit him quite hard, although they weren't close they were brought up together in Ireland when their mother died and father and older siblings stayed in Chicago.

*attacks crassy with smooches* oh darling, where have you been hiding yourself? you know you are meeced around these parts wink.gif
((((tes))))) aww, sorry mr. hotbuns got called away sad.gif
~~~~safe travel~~~~ for all our traveling kvetchies
morn is in NY now? hope you're having fun with F, honey!
(((sidecar)))) how was the birfday?
(((((mandi & danny))))) how's everything, babe?
(((anoushh & not-bob))))
(((((pixie & msp and their micro's)))))
(((the plums & the tall's)))) we're due for some fly-by's, dont'cha think?
tequila is to-kill-ya ch. me and tequila haven't been pals for many, many years. *shudders*
(((bunny)))) yay for a good day with future mom-in-law, tapas, and new jammies. sorry for your family's loss tho'.
((((amilita)))) jus 'cause
((((star)))) sorry everything didn't quite work out
(((((polly, faith, fina, billy, dusty, dm, raisin-in-absentia, plat, rose, sixela, sassy, pink, flankerj, mavin, everyone)))))

My dinner for pops & his bro went well. Apparently it was the best meatloaf I've ever made, as they scarfed it down and raved about it. I used a can of V-8 as the liquid, maybe that was the difference? I also made this scalloped califlower that was decadently good. It was nice to see my dad but I was sad when he had to leave. I'm at my sisters, I bailed after dinner and clean up so I could have a little r&r and some damned peace and quiet. I am feeling pretty blue today. Eh, make that crabby. It sucks when you go out of your way for others and you end up feeling taken advantage of and unappreciated dry.gif . But then again, it's not like I wasn't warned a thousand times over. At least it's not for much longer. Wish I could be more specific here but I suppose I'd better not and keep that for my venting on LJ. Besides, I am sure you can all figure that one out... same ol' story rolleyes.gif
(((((((tesao)))))))) have a safe flight!
((((star)))) have you thought about just staying through july and spending one month with the 'rents? (or traveling or something?) that might make you happier.
((((((mandolyn))))))) thanks for the card, babe!

sophie had a tiny dog hangover today, probably from all the excitement of her (our) friends coming over with rawhide and playing with her until 1 am last night. I had a great birthday weekend. Friday, we went to Brazzaz and it was awesome. I did not get the meat sweats (phew); yesterday I had a very nice birthday party at an Irish place and received super-nice gifts, mostly books. (Do my friends know me or what?) Then we came back here for cake and Champagne.

today, we went to the gym, went to the suburbs to shop for books and shoes (I got four cute pairs for $140!) and then to the grocery.

kvetch: one of our kitchen cabinets just came off! They're cheap (white plywood) and tonight I was looking at it and thought, "Huh, that looks like it'll fall," and Martini grabbed it, and it nearly came off! Luckily we were able to move all the plates, glasses, etc. off before Martini took it down. now we have to decide whether we put it back up or bite the bullet and redo. one we can afford more easily; that same one will probably also result in us having to do this again soonish. Ugh.

antikvetch: for the first time in awhile, i'm ready to go to work tomorrow. also, i'm having lunch with my new boss. fun!
Kvetch: Sooooooo sick to my stomach today. Hope I can vibe properly tomorrow. sad.gif

((((((((darling Kvetchies))))))))
Hey! Drive by cuz things are so busy!!! Had a great art opening Saturday night, with lots of good feedback and of the two artists is from NYC and came for the opening (she's our partner's good friend) so we've been having lots of fun all weekend running around with she and her husband.

Gotta work tonight and tomorrow night, so I'll catch up properly later in the week! (((everyone)))

ETA: Thanks for worrying about me, Stargazer! I wish I could say it's unwarranted, but truth be told, I'm sick of reading about murders in this city...some are close to us or friends' houses and it worries me, too. The Mr. wanted to get a gun after we had that guy in the alley...I had to think about it, and I don't think I'm comfortable with it. Did I tell you all that the Mr. found a woman in our backyard last week who said she was a stripper!? He said he almost sprayed her with the power washer.
((amilita)) Glad you had a successful opening.

((rose)) Feel better.

sidecar, happy belated birthday. I’m so glad yo hear you had a fun birthday weekend.

((yuefie)) Sorry you are not being appreciated, you have such a big heart.

((bunny and her dad))

((tes and family))

sixel, yay for a free trip to Vegas.

((star)) I know it’s hard to move back in with your parents, I’ve done it many times, but at least they are there for you.


I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I didn't do much, just relaxed.

i'm actually doing better about the whole moving situation. i think i was just sad and had to mourn the change i was gonna make. i love change, but the whole going through it process feels frustating and sad. it is for the best. i will save lots of money. i also need to just focus on finishing my research. in fact, i think i'm gonna quit my retail job at the end of april too. i was gonna transfer to a store near my 'rents home, but i thought that maybe i need to just leave tha too. i want to make things as easy for myself as possible this summer to prepare me for my move to the east coast.

(((bunnyb))) sorry to hear about your papa's loss.

sidecar, i'm glad you had a great bday weekend! sounds awesome!

hey, has mornington left to visit the boy in the states?? i'm curious. and nosey. i hope she is having fun. i miss seeing her around here.

amilita, a stripper in your backyard?!? n'awlins is one crazy place. i'm glad you are ok. i read too that alot of people were arming themselves down there. so upsetting.

yuefie, yeah for everything ok with the dinner!

i'm pooped. gonna take a quick nap and then jump on the elliptical.

*~*~*soothing tummy vibes for rose*~*~*

((((amilita))))) my heart goes out to you, sweetie. how scary and unsettling. I mean it when I say I really admire your strength. sending out ~~~~~~massive & continued safety vibes for you, the mr. and all of NOLA~~~~~~~
((((tes)))) hope your trip back to africa was safe and that you are holding up okay. *super tight hugs* and ~~~soothing~~~
((((rose)))) feel better, punkin.
((((morn))) can't wait to hear about your NY adventure
((((bunny & sixela)))) jus' cause
((((mandi)))) for being such a good friend. I just wish I had listened to ya!
((((polly, sidecar, stargazer, dm, crassy, dusty, billy, syb, sonik, faith, raisin, anoushh, pixie, msp, sassy, ch, candy, pink, flankerj, qspice, fina, plat, plummie, tg, mavin, sapphy, luci, doodle, ap, all kvetchies and the lurkers too))))

I woke up this morning with the left side of my bottom lip all swollen, looking like someone sucker punched me and gave me a fat lip. I couldn't find antyhing inside my lip that would be causing the swelling such as any sores or anything, just a zit beneath the skin that's about to emerge about a half inch below my lip. I read that most often swollen lips are a reaction to something you ate, but that is not usually only on one side. The last thing I ate yesterday was fruit salad I made (bananas, strawberries, blackberries, apples, honey and lemon juice) on Saturday. I've never had a reaction to any of these things before and had no rash. But, I've got an icky cold. Again. Really sore, scratchy throat, itchy, hacking cough and naaaasty post nasal drip. I've been taking all kinds of vitamins and supplements, but being all stressed out didn't help keep my defenses up. So bleh. I know, I was warned about trying to take this all on and as usual was too bullheaded to listen to reason. Oh and I know how and why I got sick. Get this: *Someone* (who has this cold already) was caught by PJ picking pieces of the fruit out of the bowl of fruit salad, with their hands. PJ forgot to warn me and didn't throw it out. I can't be mad at him, but I damn sure can be at the moron who spread the germs. Um, would'ja like to buy a clue, dumbass?! dry.gif So far Art hasn't come down with it, knock on wood.

On the bright side, I received a notice in the mail that my employer is offering me medical coverage that will begin in May, instead of me having to wait until October. The coverage is changing to Kaiser Permanente, so I can't keep my doctor and the co-pays are a bit higher and the coverage overall is not as inclusive (vision & chiropractic are not included like my old plan, etc). But hey, beggars can't be choosers, right? My sis works for them, so hopefully she can help guide me in the right direction as far as finding a primary care physician goes. Okay, I am off to down a fat shot of the nightime medicine and sleeeeep zzzzzzz. Hopefully.
(((yuefie))) feel better chica and yay for health insurance!

I meece mornington too but she's back tomorrow, I think.

(((amilita))) the situation in NOLA seems to be going from bad to worse and that's scary.

(((stargazer))) you definitely need to do what's least stressful for you this summer.

(((rose))) hope your tummy is better.


Last night I went out for dinner to celebrate my birthday with kinkykatykins to a place called The Cheese Bar that's newly opened. It was lovely and amazingly I didn't have one of their all-day cheese plates but had lovely meal instead; I shall return for a cheese plate soon. I was supposed to meet another friend for cocktails afterwards but she couldn't make it along until later and I was too zonked to hang around.

I have so much packing still to do so better hop to it.

Have a nice day!
ok. wtF is up with the new formatting? so not in the mood.

happy almost birthday, bunny!
happy belated, sidecar!
welcome back, crassy!

kvetch: we did not get missy the corgi. i'm beyond sad. but her foster mama might have a purebred for us, she's on a mission to find us one now. but i'm heartbroken about missy.

kvetch: lots of crap going on, too much to go into. too much for me to even handle the internets, which is kind of a first for me. suffice to say, life is majorly sucking right now.

but this too shall pass.

thank goodness danny is feeling better. he's packing for his FL band trip. which is a whole 'nother anxiety issue, as you can well imagine.

hope a (((group hug))) and mega-generic vibes will do for now.
(((stargazer))) glad you're feelin' better

the mr. puts cheesewhiz in his meat loaf.

sixel, congrats on the raise!

bunny, i just think it has a greater distribution if i sneak it into the well-read area papers.

(((bunny))) did i miss your birthday? *smooches and fluffy cake*



rose, when you find the right house, you'll just 'know'. i looked at at least 50 houses before walking into my house and thinking 'this is it!'

(((bunny's papa & family)))

(((yeufie))) meeced you too! *give yeufie a big boob squishing hug* sorry you feel craptastic, i've had a cold for the last month that never goes away. it sucks.

(((rose))) hope you're feelin' better!

(((amilita))) ~*~*safety for your family, friends, and everyone else in nola*~*~*~

(((mandi))) sorry you didn't get missy, but the corgi you get will be perfect for you, i just know it. i thank gawd now i didn't get those 2 bulldogs i wanted cause zeke is perfect- and he opened new doors for me too since i'm now on the board at the humane society where we got him.

went to dinner at a neighbors which was nice until the guy forced us to listen to song after song he played on the organ. it wasn't bad music but we kept saying 'we have to go' and he kept saying 'one more song!' argh. mad.gif they loved the banana layer pudding desert i brought though.
(((mandi))) sorry about you not getting missy sad.gif I know the perfect corgi baby will come along, so don't despair.
I feel like hell. I coughed so much last night that my ribs ache now and it's difficult to breathe. And guess what? Art has it. I woke up to him sounding like he's coughing up a lung. He has a dr's appt at 1 today, I wonder if he will end up back in the hospital over this? I mean, he can so ill afford another attack on his system. Especially something that hits the respiratory system. Fuck. And public or not, I'm gonna bitch about the fact that it IS his girlfriends fault. She selfishly came over here sick, and has now gotten him sick as well. Brilliant.
((Mando, Yuefie, Amilita)) Y'all and anyone else who could benefit from some cute therapy needs to look at this. (Same thing posted in the You Tube thread) You'll melt and feel better about the world.

Man, that is horrible that Art's girlfriend would come over while she was sick. ((Art)) I hope he's okay!

Eek, crassy- forced organ music? blink.gif

((hugs to all)) Where's sonik?

Aw bless, that is the sweetest and cutest thing evah! thanks polly, I needed that.

(((mando))) for some reason it wasn't meant to be with missy but it still sucks.

(((yuefie))) and (((art))) clueless woman.

(((crassy))) nah, my birthday not until Saturday but I believe in week long celebrations wink.gif.
Polly, thank you so much for that. Precious! When the one otter reaches over & takes the other's paw again ...! So adorable!

((((((((Mandi)))))))) So sorry to hear that everything is going so badly. And to lose the dog, too. Well, I'm sure the right dog will come into your life someday.

--> --> --> eye daggers for Art's girlfriend --> --> -->

Bunny, you should definitely celebrate your birthday all week! We celebrate BirthWeeks in my family. smile.gif

Speaking of which, my BestGalPal is going to come here next month for my birthday!!!! EEEEE!!!! So exciting!

((((Stargazer, Amilita, Crassy, Pixie, Tes, DM, & the rest of the gang)))))

Kvetch: Sudden bad headache. I'm having more of these lately. I wonder if I should blame allergies or my brain spider. Hmmmm.
"thanks polly, I needed that." major ditto!

(((rose's hurty head)))
(((art & yuefie)))

i just realized today's tuesday and not wednesday. i'll be alright. huh.gif
Thanks polly!
((((rose))) feel better
Heh. Thanks for the eye daggers, rose. Yeah, she's pretty unbelieveable. She just stopped in for a few minutes, shortly after Nancy got back with Art from the dr. appt. Nancy read her the riot act for coming over sick, knowing how dangerous it could be for Art and for spreading it to me while I am trying to care for him. Her reply? "It's not my fault, it's Shane's. He brought it from school". Um, yeah. It's the three year old's fault, really tho'. Sweet jeebus, is she just brain dead or what? She came over here knowing she was sick and is now blaming her son?? Her stupidity is awesome. Anyway, they gave Art another antibiotic, another inhaler, and some sort of nasal spray to add to the repotoire. We are to keep an eye on his temp and take him to the ER if it spikes at all or if his breathing is distressed. I stayed home and slept while Nancy took him in. I woke up with no voice, PJ must be praising the lawd right about now rolleyes.gif . Nancy is so sweet, she brought me some soup, juice, super soft tissue, throat lozenges and a pretty purple bouquet. Art is leaving here to move in with her on Monday, the day after his bio-mom and sister arrive. I've learned my lesson, I'm not the statue of liberty so nobody needs to bring me their tired and poor. But seriously, I need to learn from this and realize that if I don't care for myself first, I'm no good to anyone else. And I damn sure can't take care of the world! Oh and I will not be getting the kitty after all. Two of the kitties didn't make it sad.gif . So I told her to go ahead and give our kitty to one of the other people who had their hearts set on one of the poor departed ones. Sorry to be selfish, but I don't want one of her sick kitties. I mean, I would take a kitty with special needs but I just have a bad feeling about taking one of these kittens. Hmm, I wonder why the kitties got so sick? Could it be the fact that Missy never had her shots? Sheesh. I guess my contempt is difficult to hide. Whatevs. Anyway, I promised PJ that we will keep an eye out on petfinder and the local shelters to rescue a dog friendly cat who needs a good home. Kittens can always find a home, but nobody wants the elderly or special needs ones. But we do smile.gif
awwwwww! ca-yoot clip! the 2nd grasp is indeed the cutest thing eva!

polly, yes indeed forced organ music. there were also promises of homemade perogies which didn't appear, the mr. calls it 'bait and switch'. the best part is that he said it was 'popular music'- which it wasn't. i was at least expecting '96 tears' or "house of the rising sun' but noooooo..... if nothing else it sure made for a funny story...

(((yuefie))) fuck sick people that can't at the very least warn someone and try to keep their hands off the fruit salad!!! especially when someone is already battling sickness!! i walk around w/sanitizer when i'm sick and try not to go to work or anywhere else while i'm 'contagious' and i avoided the woman who was suseptible to pneumonia like the plaque.

(((mandi))) this is for you!

the mr. is waiting to hear back about some tests concerning his heart, his dad had major heart issues and even a transplant, so please vibe for good results on this one, he's really depressed about it.
Crassy, my mister has similar issues. Vibing mucho for you and him.

In other news, today's word is 'meh'. Followed closely by 'whatever.'
~*~*~*~*~ healthy heart vibes for Crassy's boy ~*~*~*~*~
What's this about somebody denying you perogies?! That's a crime if ever I heard one. wink.gif

(((((((Yuefie))))))) I absolutely love your Statue of Liberty reference. Damn straight! Sorry to hear about the kittens. I love that you want to take in the elderly & special needs pets, because I feel the same way.


Bunny, do you have any birthweek-related plans for today?


Last night I talked to an old friend who works as a financial planner, so I told him about our situation with the house hunt and credit stuff and blah. He gave us lots of good things to think about. I'm seriously annoyed by the whole credit industry, though. I have always made a point of living within my means, but that means I don't have a lot on my credit report. I feel like I'm being penalized for being responsible. Grr. dry.gif

Anyway, Sheff and I are going to tour some houses tonight. There's one house in particular that is located in my Dream Neighborhood. I already know that I like the exterior. Now I just have to see if we like the inside, too! smile.gif

Hi kvetchies, just catching up, work and shit has been busy. Not been too pleasant to be around lately. I'll get over it soon enough.


*dragging ass in here for a short flyby* Just wanted to say hi. I haven't been sleeping well and I am just counting hours until I can go home and crash. Hope everyone else is doing ok.

((yuefie&Art)) a pox on the irresponsible girlfriend!

(((everyone else)))
(((yuefie and art))) irresponsible, clueless, germ-infested scuzz-bucket! I too loved the statue of liberty analogy.

~*~*~*mr crassy_mcnasty~*~*~*~

rose, that factoid about the credit history does suck and the same happened with my step-dad but their reasoning is that in order to provide you with credit they need to have proof that you can manage credit.
No birthday-week plans today I'm afraid as knee-deep in packing; looking forward to the weekend lots though.

(((mando))) I have a postcard of a boston terrier that I'd love to put your name on; if you have no issues with that then PM me your details darlin'.


(((rose, culture, crassy, polly, pixie, mornington - is she back yet? faith, fina, dusty, sidecar, sixela, star, designermedusa, walkingbitch, flanker_j, sonik - yes, where is she? msp, mavin, everyone I've missed...)))

I'll try to check in tomorrow and maybe a little over weekend but I need to finish packing for moving house then off to Manchester Friday for my birthday, back home Monday, driving test Tuesday, moving Thursday so a bit busy and frantic!

(((art))) (((yuefie))) wise words about yourself, woman.
(((mr. mcnasty)))
(((mr. sybarite)))
(((bunny))) you're too good to me. smile.gif
(((crassy))) someone sent me that pic yesterday ... too funny!
(((rose))) we bought our house with icky credit. anything's possible.

thank god it's soprano night. i heart me some vintage soprano's episodes.
((((crassy & mr. crassy)))) ~~~super healthy heart vibage~~~ a pierogie bait and switch just sounds cruel ohmy.gif
((((syb)))) a meh kinda day deserves some *tight hugs* ~~~healthy heart vibage for mr. syb~~~
((((bunnyb)))) ~~~easy going smooth move vibage~~~
((((rose & sheff))) ~~~credit hassles be resolved!~~~
((((mandi-luv)))) just for being your wonderful self. I too heart me some vintage sopranos. I have mixed feelings about the upcoming epi's tho', I hate when things I get in to come to an end. I'm still boo hooing over six feet under.
((((pixie)))) ~~~sweet dreams zzzzzz~~~
yeah, still wondering where sonik has been hiding. we seem to have a lot of MIA kvetchies lately huh.gif
(((((polly, sidecar, sixela, ch, amilita, anoushh, dusty, billy, star, morn, candy, tes, plat, everyone))))

Art is feeling a little better this evening, yay for that. I still feel like creamed crap on toast, but was able to get a few solid hours of sleep and feel like the fever broke. Thank maude for Claritin-D and Phenergan cough syrup! PJ is the sweetest bro eva. He's been making me tea, screening my phone calls and get this, he even washed a load of laundry so I could have my favorite and most comfy jammies to wear again. He has been so patient and helpful, giving up his room and picking up the slack since I've been down. There is this new, very well touted italian joint that relocated and opened across from where we live that he is dying to try out, I am SO taking him there next week.

In other news... Sandra Lee's drunk ass and her tablescapes grate on me like nails down a chalk board dry.gif
If I won some money or something, I'd buy up all the Sopranos DVDs. *sigh* I just can't justify that kind of spending, though. I'd love to start from the beginning again...


(did I miss another birthday??? I hope not!)

Polly, I forget how much I love otters! Thank you for that video!

Yuefie, wow. Sorry this time has been so hard for can totally take this experience and make the rest of your life better for it. In the meantime, feel better.

Rosev, yeah, that totally sucks that by living within your means, you end up with a lower credit score. There is this nutty, really religious finantial advice guy on the thing I do like is that he encourages people to get totally out of debt (or stay out, of course), credit score be damned.

((Crassy and Mr. McNasty))

Had two OK nights at work...didn't sleep much today, then went to therapy and had a good visit...but pretty exhausting, all that deep stuff. We're really dealing with the meat of the PTSD feelings and all that. *whew* Now I'm watching guilty pleasure TV shows and drinking sugary oolong tea.

(((Syb, Pixie, Sidecar, Mando, Culture, every one of you)))
((((((Pixiedust)))))) Sorry you're feeling so tired.


~*~*~*~*~ more healthy heart vibes for Mr. McNasty ~*~*~*~*~

I haven't had HBO in eons. So I've never seen an episode of The Sopranos. Or even Six Feet Under. My life is incomplete. sad.gif

~~~~~ continued healing for Yuefie & Art ~~~~~
Yuefie, Sandra Lee drives me insane. Sometimes I accidentally flip over to her show and I get transfixed. The other day she made this ice cream dessert that was supposed to look like a baked potato. She had shaped the ice cream into a potato shape & moulded this trough on the top. Then she sprinkled the ice cream with cocoa powder so it would look like the potato skin. Top it with squares of lemon icing (to look like butter!) and bits of pistachios that she had dyed extra dark green (chives!) and voila! A horrifyingly unappealing dessert!

Sidecar, when does your new job start? Or new position or whatever you want to call it?

Thanks for the sympathy on the credit score, everyone. I know it could be worse, but it still doesn't seem fair. I think we may have extra problems because Sheff has virtually no credit history whatsoever in this country. There's just one item on his report (my car) & we got that less than a year ago. In England, of course, he bought a house & took out loans & all kinds of crap, but that doesn't show up on his credit report here. [heavy sigh]

Talked to Smokeboy today (AKA The Ex). The man is doing stand-up comedy again. He told me some of his material and it was just miserable. All stoner jokes and drinking jokes. The man is in his mid-30s, so it comes off as extra pathetic. Sadly, it just reaffirmed why I'm so much better off without him. rolleyes.gif The good news is that his dad is getting married this Saturday! Pretty exciting stuff.

In other news, we went out with our not-quite-official realtor tonight & toured 4 houses. We kinda liked 2 of them, but there's one more for us to tour this week that seems promising. No garage, but there's a lovely wooded lot and it already has a fenced back garden! So if we got a dog within a year or so, we wouldn't have to deal with that extra expense of building a fence. Here's hoping it looks nice on the inside!
Erm, the lounge is still all screwed up? I thought they'd fix it by now!

This is a drive by because the pc I'm on is sloooooooooooow, but I have to vent.

Today I went and protested the Ringling circus, which is the baddest of the bad of circuses, only the city and the arena (owned by the city) did a great job of shutting us down. We were threatened with arrest twice and they kept trying to tell us to get lost. Apparently, all of the surrounding land is city-owned, as are the major roads running by the arena. We were threatened with arrest for "tresspassing" on private property (i.e. public roads and non-arena land). They actually had the nerve to tell us to go protest in the next city, about a half-mile away! So basically, the city shut down our rights to freedom to speech and peaceful assemby. I'm pissed. And I'm contacting the ACLU tomorrow to see if they even have the power to do that (I highly doubt it). Because I don't mind getting arrested for the cause, so long as I know I can sue their asses in return for violating the bill of rights. GRR!!

((((((to everyone who needs them))))))))))
Get 'em faerie! They had a story on NPR yesterday about the elephants walking through NYC and I had to turn it off. So aggravating!
psst to yuefie - you asked, so i posted the recipe for the super yummy beef short ribs braised with porter and rosemary with a maple glaze. seriously delicious, and next week, i'm going to try out the glaze on chicken! and sandra lee is insane.

rosey, i really don't think you'll have problems. lime is like that too - only living within his means, minimal credit card action (he tended to pay it off within 3 months), paid for his car in cash (which he's now driving to death). and he got a loan without problems. they actually gave him a pretty decent interest rate. (actually, he got TWO loans without problems, since he sold the first one to move here in december)


lesseee.... short update!

#1) phone interview for a "back up job" (in case something goes wrong with the background check that's about to be started). paranoia much? it's in minneapolis, which makes me happy.

#2) my friend val is trying to convince me to go to paris with her to see the pumpkins in may. it's hard to resist. it is, after all, paris in late spring. but with the job sitch not nailed down, it's hard for me to do it. (and it'd be delaying my start date by two MORE weeks, which costs me an extra 2k). pretty much the only way i can go is if i end up with the backup job, and they let me start at the beginning of may, and they pay within such and such of my other position. sad panda face.

#3) no hw this week, so it's all about the forum and working on my forum is driving me nuts right now. i'm working on setting up a wiki, and it's just not going well. and i have to hack the new and improved report center to work for us the way we want it to.


ETA: WTF is up with the lounge today? X2...
Thanks everyone for the hugs and well wishes. You all really made me feel better!

(((Amilita))) Therapy can be exhausting but that's how you know you're getting somewhere, if that's not too cheesy to say. Following a session with good tea and TV sounds good too though!

I have contracted a charming tummy bug which, oddly, I can't trace back to eating anything funky. I am working from home today because, seriously, it's in everyone's best interest. *draws veil*

I am trying to write a proposal which I usually enjoy but it's not happening today. I keep brainstorming but not pulling anything together. /whining

ETA: WTF is up with the lounge today? Bloody boards eating half my post.
(((amilita))) it sounds like you are going through some really tough stuff. take care of yourself. i'm really proud of you for doing all of this work on yourself.

(((sybarite))) i hope you feel better soon!

(((yuefie))) sames goes to you!

(((bunnyb))) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

(((rose))) good luck on the house hunting!!

i've read through the thread but i'm forgetting alot. sorry.

i have a friend in from out of town. just hanging out. i think i'm gonna take him to the art inst. and the shedd aquarium today. i know the art inst. is free today. it will be nice to walk around. but, i wish the weather was nice and sunny like before.

i had a friend's mother pass away this week. she had been battling with cancer for a long time. kinda sad. so, i have another funeral to go to.

kvetch: i'm anxious about getting a room in boston, but it is TOO early. oh well. i've put out some feelers, but most of 'em want people now. guess i will have to wait.

(((mando, pixie, rose, mornington, polly, sidecar, sybarite, DM, crassy, plat, faerie, PiP, bunnyb, yuefie, amilita, CH, Candy, Sassy, six, tes, and other kvetchies)))
*toddles in*

((((syb)))) feel better!
((((mando)))) i am so so so sorry i didn't get the chance to see you
((((crassy)))) ****healthy heart mr mcnasty****
((((rose & sheff)))) boo on the credit. that blows goats. but good luck on the house-hunting
((((yuefie)))) yay for more good news about art!
((((bun)))) ***smooth move***
((((qspice, walkingb, sidecar, anoushh, polly, sixie, candy, faerie, pixie, plat, flanker, tes, sassy, pixie, sonik, dm, billy, dusty, everyone I forgot))))

well... we didn't quite make it into nyc. we just hung out instead, which was lovely. I'll do an lj/myspace on everything. But needless to say... *big dopey grin*. i miss him insanely already, and we're already talking about visiting and him transferring over here eventually. it was wonderful.

but i missed everyone! ((((kvetchies))))
thanks for the vibes for the mr. please keep them coming, we find out tomorrow the results of the tests.

rose, when i married the mr. he had no credit history at all since he worked very hard to pay everything in cash- boy did that take a while to overcome, so i feel your pain. it's like they punish the responsible! we did get a house though, the one we loved, so it was worth the hassle in the end. i really don't understand why credit in england wouldn't transfer over- with our international society you'd think we'd be a little more ahead than that!

(((bunny))) wow, you've got a lot going on ~*~*~successful everything vibes*~*~*

(((yuefie))) feel better! pj is so sweet. makes me wish my brothers lived closer.

(((amilita))) sybarite is right (rite?) it means you're getting through issues. it's hard though. ((((more hugs for you))))

(((faerietails))) that sucks. but you've got the cutest avatar ever!!!

(((sybarite))) feel better!!

i have never seen one episode of the sopranos either. i just can't justify paying for hbo. i love that six feet under is on regular cable now, now i see what the hype was about! i'm guessing the same thing will happen now that the same is happening to the sopranos.

yesterday i went to a meeting starting at 6pm that the governor was supposed to be at. it was supposed to take 30 min. to get there, so i gave myself 45. 2 hours later i arrived!!! i was so embarrassed to get there 1 hr.late, but decided i didn't go all that way to turn around. actually they were very nice, even though the gov. sent an aide, at least i got to network a bit.
*tackles mornington* Girl, I have Meeeced you!!!!!!!!

I do feel your pain Rose...Since the bankruptcy, I'm in about the same boat. Slate is wiped clean, but it is hard to restart everything. Necessary evil in my case...but it is really nice to get in the habit of paying cash for everything for the last 3 years. I'll never been as dependant on credit cards again!

So I am halfway through my pregnancy today!!!! Man it is going so fast! I had another doctor appointment today we confirmed again that it is a little boy. And so far he is perfect and healthy and bound to be athletic given how active he is!

Happy early bday Bunny!

*follows pixie to tackle morn and smother her with keeces* so glad you're home safely and that you had a blast!
(((pixie))) congrats on your halfway point. it does seem like it's gone by quickly!~~~continued sleepy vibes~~~
I second the early birthday wishes for (((bunb))) and ~~~hassle free moving~~~
~~~continued super strength health vibage for mr. crassy~~~~
((((tes & mamae))))
qspice, thanks for posting that recipe!
I am heading to urgent care 'cause this cold has moved in to my chest big time. I thought I was feeling better and did a bunch of running around and suddenly this afternoon I've found myself short of breath and light headed. And now my chest aches in my back on the left side and my ribs are all hurty from all the coughing. Meh. Nancy scolded me for being so stubborn and not going in yesterday or the day before when she first suggested it. I admit I sorta liked that tho', it makes me think of my mama.
Kvetch: Damn seizures. I've had 3 in a week. They switched me to an add on drug called Topamax which is called Dopamax. Which means I had a bad one on Sunday, and caused me to miss work on Monday, and then work today as well.

Kvetch: Work. Had a BS meeting not about my illness or being out but about performance. I then realized that they are hirng 5 new people on Monday. 5 people that will be there for 2 weeks if that. This has happen 5-6 times at this craptastic company due to their horrible management. My supervisor is the worst in the world. It was not about collection (we're basically an call center, but my supervisor runs around like it's the friggin stock market), and we had it about enrolling the client. Well, we enroll the client at the beginning of the month. I would have brought this up, but I was too floored to even speak. dry.gif Then I get called later on in the day for cussing (not at a client) on the floor (I guess my company thinks they're on the set of Wall Street or something). I keep forgetting that My boss actually said "If you need you vent, come vent to me." Yes, you and I have the best relationship in the world!
The sad thing is, I'm going to get shit for being out two days tomorrow. My last job would have been take all the time you need. I also know that it's about the budget and raises.

I hope everyone is okay, and I'm sorry this is such a pissy kvetch. sad.gif

((sassy)), ((yuefie)), ((syb)) Get better soon.

((pixie)) Yay for it being halfway through.

mornington, glad you and the boy had a nice time together.

((star)) I hope you had a nice relaxing day with your friend. Sorry to hear about your friends mom.

rose, when you and sheff go to get a mortgage you can ask them to run his credit from England. It’s not standard practice, but most places can run it if you ask.

Happy early birthday bunny.

Tomorrow is Friday, and I couldn't be happier.
Awww ((((sassy)))) sorry things are so craptacular. ~~~~seizures away!~~~~ and a pox on your assy supervisor.

thanks DM, you sweet thang, you *hugs*

I feel like I am jumping out of my own skin due to the breathing treatment(s) they ended up giving me. Ugh, the stuff works but it sure does speed up your heart rate. This is why I know I would have never enjoyed experimenting with drugs such as cocaine or meth, my system is obviously far too sensitive. Not that I ever wanted to, just sayin'. So anyhoo, when I got to urgent care the lobby was mobbed with sick people and screaming children. They took one look at me struggling for breath and they hooked me up to an O2 saturation monitor and promptly ordered me to the ER. Fabuloso. When I arrived there they took me back immediately for triage and a breathing treatment, but then sent me back to the lobby to hang out with the batshit loony dude with the huge plate of french fries he kept foisting upon the rest of us. This guy had NO concept of personal space either. 2 1/2 hours later they took me back and the rest was a breeze. The hottie doctor was in with me before my actual RN even made it, I shit you not! And my RN was the nicest guy, so sweet I wanted to hug him. And the xray tech and respiratory therapist were all so kind. I don't think I've ever had such exceptional care in an ER setting before. Doc says I have severe bronchitis and the beginnings of pneumonia. He prescribed some super strength antibiotics, an inhaler and some sort of narcotic cough syrup. I mentioned that I've been caring for someone who had severe pnuemonia and continues to battle infections and he said that the chances of it being a bacterial infection related to Art is relatively high. Eeek. I've been wearing gloves and such. And honestly, I still want to blame the clueless moron he so adores for the filthy paws in the fruit incident dry.gif . I feel so much better since the breathing treatments, the shot of antibiotic they gave me, and the cough syrup but now I'm all amped and can't sleep. Sorry for being so darned verbose, ya'll!

((((((yuefie))))))) eep! and a pox on all jens

(((((sassy))))) get better soon and boo on your boss

(((Yuefie))) Glad you got diagnosed and given some meds. I don't usually take antibiotics but you can best believe I took them when I had bronchitis: hopefully they'll take down the infection asap. Feel better! And fwiw I too blame the silly bint with her fruit-handling ways.

Not to get all conspiracy-tastic but I think a contaminated bottle of water brought on my tummy bug. Very nice. Made it to a meeting anyway earlier today and am now trying to finish proposal. This has definitely been a less productive week than last week but I have some good leads on future funding which it is worth following up on, so in the end I haven't totally wasted my time.

*waves at mornington* Hope you enjoyed your time stateside and yay! for good times and vibes between you and the man. Welcome back!

(((stargazer))) Just because.

Totally mismatched frilly blue silk knickers and black patterned bra that pushes up the girls.
*tosses confetti and pink cupcakes to everyone* happy birthday bunny!!! biggrin.gif

(((sassy))) ugh, that sounds terrible, and the work too. what a bastid your boss sounds like.

(((yuefie))) i hate doctors but sometimes you just gotta go, like sybarite i also didn't question the antibiotics when i had bronchitis! good thing that the dr. was hot and rn was nice though, that's sadly rare these days.

happy half-pregnancy pixie!!!


(((sybarite))) glad you're feelin' better.

i'm hopin' to hear the mr's test results today. i'm crossing my fingers that they'll be ok, things have been so stressful at work for him lately (he's trying to bust some guys who've been stealing $52,000+ of equipment), plus his car is on the fritz, we're having some financial issues, and now this. i just want it all to be over. it is nice out though. i'm feeling kinda 'springy' finally. i'm hoping to get some cleaning of my house done this weekend, i hate to do it but it desperately needs it.

the undies today: mint green lace minimizer and light green and hot pink flowered lace trimmed boyshorts- definitely spring like.
I haven't been in here for a while, this has been a crazy week. I drove up to Toronto on Monday, had an all day conference on Tuesday, came back Wednesday and then had our final presentations for my semester long project yesterday. It's pretty crazy, everyone's starting their internships so yesterday was full of goodbyes.

anti-kvetch: I'm leaving for toronto today and my internship starts monday. I'm gonna be at a television company!!

(((yuefie))) I'm glad you got diagnosed and are feeling better.

(((sassy))) sorry to hear about your crappy boss and the seizures

(((pixie))) it's so great that your pregnancy's going so well!

kvetchies to everyone (((crassy, mornington, bunny, sybarite, dm, rose, mando, polly, sidecar, anoussh, sixelacat, anyone I forgot)))

undies report: plain nude bra and white cotton panties with a pink flower on the hip.
Had to share-

There's a sucker born every minute and I'm one of them.

I'm sitting at my desk and this woman and a little girl about 10 years old come around, selling chocolate. They went to my co-worker's desk first and I overheard the conversation; I thought she was the daughter of someone from our sister company who shares the suite with us (but we hardly see anyone from over there, so I don't really know many of them) co-worker didn't have cash and didn't want chocolate, but she said you could make a donation with a check, too. My co-worker found a $5 bill and gave her that. Then she came to my desk, looked like a nice enough kid, so I wrote a check for $5.00, made out to her school, "Fairhaven".

Then she goes to the next co-worker, who doesn't recognize the mother and asks a couple of questions. Turns out the mom doesn't work here, they live in Chesterton, Indiana and they just drive up to Chicago a few times a year to sell chocolate and take donations to the school; yeah, they just walk into random offices and walk around.

I looked up this school. Crap. And I *just* watched Jesus Camp.

Well, I'm sure they'll be praying for my mortal soul because of my Where the Wild Things Are checks. Too bad I didn't get those Planned Parenthood checks. it was only $5, so it's not worth paying the stop check fee.

(((Hugs to all)) Back to work!

(((yuefie))) scary! i'm glad you got some treatment.

quick flyby. this week has been out of control busy: i've had plans nearly every night (a screening of Hot Fuzz attended by its stars and director, two shows [Explosions in the Sky and Neko Case with Matt Pond PA], and work has been out of control. i will not be getting into the details on the internets (perhaps over in LJ if you're on my flist; perhaps not) but let's just say that there is a bright shining beacon called april 9 and it's one of the few things that's been keeping me going when i'm here. this weekend, martini's college pals are in town for their annual reunion; i'm looking forward to collapsing on monday night.

((((everyone))) i'm sure i'll be back with some regularity next week...
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