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It's the Vitamin b12 deficiency and the numbness it's causing; it's freaked me out somewhat. I eat well and yet I still have dietary problems, I also have digestive problems and then there's the depression ... all getting me down.

(((pixie))) ah, that's today.


feel better culturehandy!

happy house-hunting rose.

~~~no more assumptions concerning amilita~~~

Amilita, what sixela said. That crap still goes on in academia; I've had to take sole charge of organising events repeatedly because everyone else (but especially the dudes) pulls the clueless helplessness card. Some of these people are over 30 and still think passive handwringing is a workable solution. /rant

Suffice to say: I hear ya.

Bunnyb, is there any immune-boosting stuff you can take or eat (loads of garlice, chilis, ginger etc)? That might help eliminate any lurking health bugbears.

I keep waking in the middle of the night thinking about what to write in this chapter draft and then about a morass of stuff going on elsewhere in my life... and then get up in the morning feeling like I've been hit by a truck. Oy.


Luckily I have a kickass sandwich with loads of mayo for lunch. Gotta spoil yourself where you can...
apologies for being m.i.a. ... my concentration is fershite these days, i haven't even been up to lurking. danny's now suffering from a bout of cyclical vomiting (which can be triggered by a virus and/or excitement/anxiety - ie: the ER last week), and so far, the "magic pill" (reglan) isn't helping. i called the gastro yesterday, hopefully he'll get back to me today. his FL band trip is in 2 weeks. my pregnant sister is having major marriage difficulties. my mom is depressed because she lost her job and she's now obsessing herself sick over my sister. we haven't heard squat from the corgi foster mom, she hasn't contacted my references. i can't even look at the petfinder photo anymore. gah.

so yeah. life sort of sucks right now. and i don't want to be whiny and self-absorbed. even tho i'm doing that right now. hence the m.i.a-ing.

please know the love and concern and vibes are much appreciated. it's reciprocated tenfold, you're all always in my thoughts.

(((group hug)))
((((((((((((Mandi and Danny and MandiMom and MandiSis))))))))))))
Oh my lord, hon! You have soooooooo much on your shoulders right now. Poor Danny. And your poor sister. And your poor Mom. You must be feeling so overwhelmed.
~~~~~~ soothing hair-brushings for Mandi ~~~~~~


Bunny, it's amazing that a vitamin deficiency can do so much. If you can't get your levels up, will you have to start taking injections or something?

((((((( more vibes for Pixie )))))))
Dearest Kvetchies and other Busties,

I think for the time being, if any of you want to keep in touch with me (you'd better!), the best ways would be via my Bust email address or my LJ page. I've got too much going on and it's stressing me out beyond belief. I need to sort some shit out (which I may or may not detail further in LJ, I don't know) and that means spending less time on the interwebz.

Still, I check email just about every single day, and will check LJ most days. I just don't have the energy to be lurking in the Lounge especially when I have a gazillion other things that need my attention right now.

This is so not a flounce. I'm not leaving. You know how much the little Lounge means to me. Maybe it will end up being only a few days or a few weeks that I'm not posting in the Lounge, but I just don't want any of you thinking I fell off a cliff or that g0dforsaken new sky walk at the Grand Canyon (?!), ya heah?

wub.gif MWAH! wub.gif


p.s. Plus, I am WOEFULLY behind in my goal of reading 50 books this year. wink.gif Less blogs, more books!
(((((mandi & family))))) sending mucho vibage your way babe

((((tes & mamae)))))

(((((bunny))))) I've had vitamin b12 deficiency myself and had to get the shots a few times. Try a sublingual supplement, preferably liquid if you can locate it. It worked wonders for me.

((((raisin)))) just peek in and fly by when you can honey.

(((((pixie))))) extra hugs


Last night Nancy and I spent the entire night in the ER with Art. I got home about a half hour ago because I need to let Sashie out and then go drop off some papers for work. Anyway, he fell down face first yesterday and jostled the stomach tube (that the hospital chose not to remove before releasing him) loose. Last night it began hurting. When I removed the bandage I noticed that the stitches had come off and the tube was beginning to was slip out so we took him right in. It's a feeding tube so it's pretty much implanted in his stomach and should have been removed before he was released. But they left it because they were concerned about the possibility of him bleeding out due to being on blood thinners. The ER doc was attempting to remove it but was unsure and decided to wait until a more qualified doctor comes on duty. Nancy is still at the ER with Art waiting for them to remove the darned tube. Art is freaking out because he is afraid they are going to end up having to admit him again and is being rather difficult. And poor Nancy had to run across town this morning to work to open the bank since her assistant manager called out sick. It turns out two of her tellers also called out sick, so they are extremely short staffed. But she had to leave them to run back to the hospital and is stressing out big time. I'm quite sure neither one of us should be driving, thank god for vending machine coffee!

(((Yuefie, Nancy, Art)))
((((((yuefie, art, nancy)))))))
((((((mando, danny, mandofam))))))
~~~~bunnyb's health~~~~
((((Mando, danny, mandoSis and mandoMum)))) It will get better, I promise.

((((Yuefie, Nancy, Art))))
((The Mando Family)) ~*~*gastro vibes for Danny, marriage vibes for MandoSis, occupy yourself with something else vibes for MandoMom, corgi vibes for Mando~*~*
((Yuefie, Art & Nancy)) ~*~*stomach tube vibes for Art (eek!), calm blue ocean vibes for Yuefie & Nancy~*~*
((bunny)) If you're eating well, is there another reason for a B12 deficiency, like whatever's supposed to absorb it isn't working? Feel better!
((amilita, syb, pixie, rose, designer, walkingbitch, mornington, raisin, culture, sidecar, six, anyone else I missed.))

Kvetch: Today has been one giant suck fest.

It started off with an argument with Le Boy- I did a laundry load of underwear at my parent's the other night because I was down to my last 2 pairs, but I didn't bring it in because it was raining. Today I had no underwear left, so I asked him nicely to get the basket since he was taking the dog out anyway. He kept putting me off to post an art submission to his website, and I kept saying, "I need to leave in 20 minutes....I need to leave in 15 minutes...I need to leave in 10 minutes..." Finally it got down to 5 and I said, "Fine, I'm just getting dressed" and I did and stormed out. We're supposed to go to dinner with his parents tonight and I emailed him restaurant suggestions when I got to work. The P.S. of the email said, "I'm not done being mad at you, I just want to eat well tonight." His excuse was that he didn't know I had to leave by 7:30...hello? I said I need to leave at 7:30 and I was counting down the minutes for him. WTF? I'm just tired of him putting me off for all this stupid shit. When I got to work, I just grabbed a pair of underwear from the basket and switched in the bathroom, so now I have worn undies in my purse. rolleyes.gif

At work, I have a file that's about 3 inches thick of stuff from just the past 2 1/2 days that I'm stuck on, plus my boss gave me this other big project to work on and stressed how urgent it is, but didn't give me a lot of info on how to finish it. I looked at it, it made no sense, the tears welled up....part of it's that I was hungry and I don't process things well when hungry. I ate and I'm better now, but my boss has GOT to give me some uninterrupted time this afternoon.

Just a fly by, sorry it's been this lately... sad.gif

~~~healing vibes for those in need~~~~


On a note, work is good today, the healing vibes helped today. And it's nice out. Better go do some work.

Later kvetchies!
(((mando, danny, mando-sis, mama_mando))) oh my, lots of virtual hair-brushing to soothe and cheer-leading to get you through. I'm team mando always.

(((yuefie, nancy, art))) eek, hope the tube is out now.

(((polly))) boys. enjoy your meal and don't pull the used undies out of your bag by accident!

(((raisin))) more books, less blogging is such a valid reason! something I should think of doing although I'm currently averaging five books a month so not bad.

(((mornington))) have a safe and wonderful trip tomorrow and have a blast! wishing you luck and enjoyment.

(((pixie))) how did today go?

Thanks for the health support; we don't know if it is a deficiency down to a problem breaking it down or something else and injections are planned if it hasn't improved in three months. I hate injections though so I'm eating tons of spinach (as well as other green veg and b12 providers) and taking supplements. Just call me Popeye.

literal fly-by, am in airport in salt lake city on wifi, soon to be winging my way home for 2 days with mr. hotbbuns before going home to africa.

it was SO hard to leave my sister pennwee and mamae. i'm constantly on the brink of tears.

health for bunny, cheers and vibes for mando and mando family, safe trip to mornington, hope all is well in the end for yeufie et all.....

love and vibes to each and every one else.....until i am someplace where my battery won't run out......

hugs and kisses and silly silly fishes.

((((((((mando, danny, mandosis, mandomama))))))) oh sweetheart. these things all happen at once.
((((((((yuefie and art)))))))))
((((((((tess and mamae and fam)))))))
(((((((star)))))) how're you today?

((((bun)))) fingers crossed you find a solution!
((((polly)))) urgh on the suckage.
(((((raisin))))) must... remember... to check LJ. pop in whenever you can, sweetest.
((((amilita)))) feh on that.
(((((rose, pixie, culture, syb, sidecar, walkingb, sassy, sixie, dm, anoushh, everyone)))))

i'm off to nyc tomorrow! I'm nervous and over-excited all at once. eeee!

*mwah* all round.
((star)) Get the short term lease.

((bunny)) Good health.

((yuefie and art))


((tes and family))

((rose)) I hope the dream house works out for you and Sheff.


((mando and family))

((polly)) Work problems go away. I hope you enjoy your dinner tonight, and that the boy will get your undies next time.



((mornington)) Have a fun vacation.

((wb and sister))

Work was busy today. I’m looking forward to watching Lost tonight.

Thanks for the extra vibes guys! Today really wasn't as tramatic as it could have been, but it still involved spending 2 hours hashing out custody issues with the ex which never really got resolved...and we are supposed to continue hashing them out via email(being monitored by our parenting coodinator) so the stress and shite go on! *le sigh* The good news is that the PC seemed to understand my concerns and felt that they were valid issues....but he is waiting to see if the ex will voluntarily try to compromise without having to make any binding arbitration decisions. Can I just say, not holding my breath!

(((Mando and Tes)))

(((art and Yuefie)))

Raisin, we will meece you!

(((Rose, bunny, Mornington, Polly, sassy, faith, fina, DM, Culture, Sybrite, Sidecar..and anyone else I missed)))

Oh yeah..and I got to see a pic of the possible new house of Rose and Sheff...B_E_A_U_T_I_F_U_L!!
((walkingbitch)) that sucks- was this one of those crazy NYC rent-controlled dealies? That would definitely make it worse.


Well, my day improved- I went over stuff with the boss, felt better about everything. I just hit a peak of overwhelment (I declare that a real word!) there and almost lost it.

I wrote LeBoy an email about why I was pissed off this morning and about all the other stuff that's been bugging me, and after dinner we talked about the stuff. Even though I know this will only last a couple weeks, I'm going to suck it up while I can. I even got to buy a new purse, without getting guilt-tripped by him. It's cute- red leather, embossed with a paisley pattern and a short shoulder strap.

ETA: Sidecar, I thought of you and Martini yesterday when NPR did one of their "This I Believe" pieces with Bo Diddley- apparently he still tours and I thought, "Hmm, I wonder if he's on Martini's list of music icons to see before they die!"
I've been busy getting ready for (you guessed it) yet another job. The paperwork with this place never ends. I had a 14 form medical pre-screening and a huge ass background screening (#1) and the miscellaneous standard forms (interweb, patents, w2s, etc) done last week, and now I'm working on this 24ish page background screening form and it's just taking forever. Name every place you've lived in the last ten years *and* people who know you well at each of them (for the last 5 years anyway)? HA! Especially when you consider that a few of these places, I was there for weeks. Literally, less than three months.

But the position is everything I've always wanted (including a kick ass salary), except it's just for the summer. And the paperwork. So it's alll worth it in the end. Assuming the second background screening doesn't make them running for the hills when they discover I knit poorly (but frequently), buy perfume and jewelry (and a lot of it, when I have the $$) and am a basement dweller who lives in her parents' basement (despite rapidly approaching 30) and otherwise am the Baroness of Boring tongue.gif

QUOTE(amilita @ Mar 17 2007, 02:39 AM) *
There's a four cat pileup occuring!!
IPB Image
Oh cute! Sub a blotched orange tabby for the gray and white, and that's a site common in my house smile.gif

Tesao, my darlink, if Mr HB is going to work while you're there, let me know and I'll give you a ring. Or you can give me a ring (if you're not too busy with Plat or RoseV or Mr HB, that is). *smooches*

Rosie, that place sounds awesome smile.gif

Okay, so I've been sitting on something huge since Monday, waiting for a few details to be worked out, but I'm thrilled to tell you all that as of today, I have been promoted! I'll begin my new job, which is more communications-driven and in a really interesting division, on April 9.

I am so happy and excited. And kinda awed by how much work I have to do the next few weeks. But anyway, thank you all for the vibes! They totally worked. And I got the biggest raise I've ever gotten.
Congratulations, Sidecar!!!
Congrats sidecar!!! You totally deserve this. Well done.

Now you have to celebrate...
Yay Sidecar!!

**dances around in celebration**

another reason to eat, drink, and be merry in april!!

*~*~*sending out feel good vibes for yuefie*~*~*

((((((yuefie)))))) sorry for the setback with art. i hope things are getting better for you.

*~*~*~*sending popeye strength for bunnyb*~*~*~*

(((polly))) i hope you are feeling better. another reason for us to go to the heartland on sunday after the baptism! food always cheers me up!

kvetch: no liquor and sugar for 3 weeks. i'm saving myself up for Easter weekend when we have tart's bon voyage party and i have easter brunch with momma. it will be a weekend of liquor and sweets. my ND has me on a spring detox.

kvetch2:i had to catch up on my sleep 'cause momma spent the night on tuesday. we shared my bed, which she continued to snore like crazy. i'm a terribly light sleeper. so, i got hardly any rest. but, i'm feeling better today!

antikvetch: with the exception of not working out yesterday because of lack of sleep, i've been doing 30. min. on the elliptical every day. i've been proud of myself.

(((amilita, sybarite, DM, qspice, tes, sassy, candy, CH, billy, mando, plat, raisin, polly, sidecar, anoushh, mornington, bunnyb, yuefie, pixie, walkingbitch, sixelacat, and other kvetchies)))
Congrats sidecar!!!
hey y'all. i've been on hiatus after i got pissed at bust for saying my 'username' didn't exist. but i'm back at least to check in. i've meeeced you!

i don't even have much going on to show for the time off but i did start an anti-war comic that i did 2 issues of so far.

congrats sidecar! (((((hugs all around)))'

& thanks for the postcard you sent me sybarite, it totally made my day! i'll be sending out to the postie list soon- i promise!

just a quick fly by!

Congrats sidecar!!

anti-kvetch: it's a beautiful day outside and life just seems good right now!

(((star, bunny, yuefie, CH, syb, polly, quantumspice, pixie, tes, everyone else cause I always forget people)))
Hey, Kvetchies! Looks like I've got a lot of catching up to do. smile.gif

(((((((((((Tes & Mr. HB & the whole family))))))))))) Tes, I hope you get to rest and relax a bit during your days back at home! I know you feel pressured to see 10 thousand different loved ones when you're here, so don't you worry one teeny tiny bit about making time for me, okay? I'll see you at Thanksgiving instead. biggrin.gif

((((((((((Yuefie)))))))))) You poor dear thing. I hope things are better now.

Congrats, Sidecar!!!!! What wonderful news! I know you've been waiting for this for a long long time & you sooooooo deserve it!

Raisin, sometimes you just gotta take some time to take care of yourself. Nothing at all wrong with that! Hope everything goes well & you get to check in with us soon!

Star, how far away does your mom live from you? Hope you get some better sleep tonight. And I hope you find a solution to your housing issues.
~zzzzz~ deep sleep vibes for Star ~zzzzz~

[waves at Billy] Hi there, hon! What did you think of the race last weekend? That wreck with Coulthard & Wutz was really something! I'm sad that Wurtz wasn't able to finish the race, though. But yay for the rookie on the podium! And yay for Kimi and Alonso keeping the season interesting!

Q, please tell me you don't have to move again for this job. You don't need to add another location to that looooong list!
~$~$~$~$~$~ jobby job vibes for Q ~$~$~$~$~$~

((((((((WB)))))))))) She lost it? You mean it got re-posessed or something? Jeez!

~~~~~~ soothing for Bunny & her vitamin problems ~~~~~~ How are things going at your job?

(((((((Pixie & the MiniPixie & everyone involved)))))))) You know, if he would just pick his daughter up on time in the morning, that would be a pretty major accomplishment. Maybe you should keep track of that, hmm?

((((((Polly)))))) Hope tomorrow treats you better.

((((((Sybarite, Mandi, Mornington, CH, DM, CCGirl, Crassy McNasty (hi there!) & everybody else))))))))

We toured the house this morning. It's not perfect, but it's very nice. I asked the realtor lots of questions & he's going to send me an e-mail with the details as soon as possible. If the convenants allow us to expand the master bathroom someday, then I think we'll take the next step. I took a few pics of it from the street which give a good idea of how many dozens of trees are on the lot. smile.gif

IPB Image

IPB Image
CRASSY! *tackles you for big, squishy hug* we've meeced you! I also have a postie for you written the last time you were on hiatus so when you eventually receive it be warned that it's completely out of context. That goes for other kvetchies too - pixie you also have one for your hiatus!

kvetch: I fell apart in therapy today.
anti-kvetch: I glued myself back together with temporary healing glue.

eta: rose, the house is gorgeous! work is going okay, thanks.
CONGRATULATIONS, SIDECAR!!! What Rosev deserve it!!!

Crassy!!! *jumps on the Bunny-Crassy pile*

Rose, what a lovely house! Love trees and privacy!


I gotta work tonight after about a week off...I'm scared! And I'm getting my blood drawn at 1:00 tomorrow to see if I can get the health insurance I want, so it has to be after a 12-hr. eating after 1:00 am. If we're super, super busy, sometimes I don't eat until 2 or 3...I'm just going to have to fit it in. And take a lot of tea in case I get hungry between 1-7 am, when I'm off work.

I just wanted to get it done and get the ball rolling on the insurance...otherwise I'd have to wait 'til next Friday.

The weather has been lovely, here, does help the mood!

Oh! And I just ordered my own birthday present...these shoes. I love 'em cuz they are sorta like those cheapo slippers you can buy in asian markets and stuff, ya know? But fancy! Good for summer! And ETA...I freakin' love Zappos! My shoes are gonna get here tomorrow!
Drive by b/c I have to do a ton of stuff before tomorrow b/c I have a job interview--whoohoo!

Not sure if I want the job or can handle it (I mean now, with the baby. I can totally do this job. I've some virtually the same thing before) but still--whoohoo! The job market here sucks and this is a very good employer.

And whoohoo for Crassy! I've been wondering about you. And something else, but I've forgotten already. Oh well. I have to get in the shower quick while I have the chance. Oh wait--whoohoo for Sidecar!

I got through to Talk of the Nation on NPR and got to say how much I loved my Smart car when they had a piece on it. The car reporter guy was annoying--kept making all these pronouncements about the car not being suitable for long drives, etc--totally not true--then turns out he's never even been in one. Moron.

But apparently I did not make a complete fool of myself, which I'm quite pleased about. And I so loved that car, so it was fun to be able to say so. I still miss it.

Good luck with interview anoushh!

kvetch: this fugly lounge. not a happy bunny; format options aren't properly loading for me meaning I can only post in green by copying the format from a previous post (I've put in on my notepad in controls though), lots of other teething problems, hope they are only teething ones. Grrrr.

undies: currently still in PJs but planning on wearing white pants with blue curly trim, blue flower pattern and keyhole with blue and white striped ribbon and matching bra.
*Waves madly at Crassy* Good to see you! But, um, sorry; I didn't send you a postcard... *scratches head* I feel bad now. Come back anyway and let us know what you've been up to.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIDECAR!! A seriously great week for you all around!

RV that house looks lovely, esp. with all those trees! I'd love a place like that if I ever decided to decamp from the city.

You rock Anoushh! I remember you writing letters to the guardian too. I'm sure you sounded great.

Amilita, I have some silver shoes like those, except with a strap.

I'm very happy it's Friday. I had a serious breakthrough on my thesis so I'm happy with progress achieved this week. I do have a meeting later today which will involve further feedback, so I won't relax completely until that's over. *crosses fingers*

Matching patterned bra and knickers. Hurrah!

Congrats on the job interview and radio appearance, anoushh!

Eek, 12 hour fast, amilita. I'd be a very grouchy person if I had to do a 12 hour fast. Cute shoes, too!

Crassy! Can we see this anti-war comic somewhere online?

That house is so cute, Rose. If the not-so-perfects are things you can live with or fix, and the price is right, I'd go for it. We ended up buying the first house we saw; we saw others in between because they took this one off the market while the divorcing couple squabbled over stuff, then we snatched it up when it came back up for sale. This one is far from perfect, and we've had to do dome work on it, but there was nothing that had to be done before we could move in and the price was good.

Thanks for the hugs after Wednesday- I felt better by the end of the day smile.gif
The board stuff works a bit better on the lo-fi version, bunny.

Good luck anoushh!

Hey, thanks everyone, on both counts! I found out about the job on Monday and my first thought was, "Wow, that's auspicious." I am 29 today, so I felt like that was a very good sign. I'm currently drinking coffee while watching the WGN Morning News (although the two wackier folks, the anchor and the weatherman, took the day off. Don't they know it's my birthday?). I'm getting a mani, pedi and minifacial in the late morning, then I dunno. Martini and I were going to go to the botanic gardens, but it seems a bit ugly out so we may go to the art institute instead. Later, we're going to one of those meats-on-swords restaurants.

(((rose))) What polly said. Our condo was probably the twentieth place we looked at -- we'd seen one other place we tried to buy, but it didn't work out, and then the first place we saw after that was this one. And as soon as we walked in, we knew it was home. We had to replace a kitchen floor, put in a garbage disposal, repaint the whole place, change most of the lighting fixtures...and we still have a few things to do (our bathroom is a disaster). But it's totally worth it. And that place? Looks beautiful.

No underwear yet; still in my pajamas. I'd originally planned to drink Champagne this morning, but I can't drink it alone at 7:45.
I just wanted to say hello. Been busy. I'll catch up in a bit.

Happy birthday Sidecar


I'm going to zip off and read the archives.

Happiest of birthdays to you, Sidecar! Sounds like you're celebrating in style. smile.gif Meat on swords restaurants? Never heard of those before, but it sounds fun!

Sybarite, congrats on your break-through!!! What a relief! ~*~*~*~* good feedback vibes ~*~*~*~*~*

Bunny, I know what you mean about the renovations around here, but I don't think they're done quite yet. At least, I hope not! blink.gif

~$~$~$~$~ jobby vibes for Anoushh ~$~$~$~$~
That's so cool that you were on TOTN! I'm going to go through the archives this morning & listen to that episode.

Confession: I would be listening to it right now, but I've gotten distracted by an episode on mortgage lending. Because, ya know, my entire brain has been totally taken over by all things involving real estate. Ugh.

Thanks for the compliments on the house, everyone! And thanks for the reassurances, too. The place needs a little painting inside, but that doesn't bother me at all. My big concerns are the roof and the bathrooms. We believe the roof is 21 years old & we saw evidence of water damage during our tour (stains on the ceilings in both bathrooms). I fear that the insurance company will refuse to cover a house with a roof that old, so it will probably need to be replaced immediately. And the bathrooms are TINY! Itsy bitsy teensy. No drawers, no shelves, and the space under the sink is very cramped in both. There's barely enough space to keep your toothpaste on the counter! If we get the house, I will definitely want to overhaul the bathrooms (and probably have some work done on the kitchen, too). That takes additional money, though, so it's really scary. I need to know that we are up to the job if we take this place.

But I love the trees and the birds and the whole setting is gorgeous. And miraculously, it is in town! That's right, kids. This house is about 5 minutes away from a major shopping area with a movie theater & everything, yet it's still super quiet & makes you feel like you're out in the countryside. Talk about location! [sigh]

By the by, I realized that this is the 4th house we've toured in one week. This has been such a whirlwind for me that I lost track. Oof.

Tip for the week: Check your credit report for mistakes! I found a big BIG (HUGE!) mistake on mine, but I was able to clear it up yesterday afternoon. The company is even going to provide me with a letter to present to lenders just to say, "Sorry! Our bad! She actually doesn't owe us a single cent." [wipes sweat from brow]

No undie report yet. I'm still in my robe.
Mmmm, meat on swords. Served by Latin men in gaucho pants. What more does a girl need? wink.gif

Rose, this is probably the best (ergo, most expensive) Churrascaria in Chicago. It's expensive, but so worth it for a special occasion.
Congrats & happy birthday, Sidecar! (What a great b'day present tongue.gif)

QUOTE(roseviolet @ Mar 22 2007, 03:29 PM) *

Q, please tell me you don't have to move again for this job. You don't need to add another location to that looooong list!
~$~$~$~$~$~ jobby job vibes for Q ~$~$~$~$~$~

It does, but this time ... I dunno ... it's different. I had actually planned on turning down any internship that required me to move, but the fit (and pay) was just too right to say no. Like, it's what I want to do, with a company whose values and ethics match mine, in an industry that I like, in an area I wouldn't mind living, for an excellent salary/benefits... and I'm told that the center I'll be working with basically wants to hire me full time when I graduate, assuming the summer goes well.

And for the moving ... they already found me a furnished, short-term apartment for my internship at a reasonable rate, and are shipping anything I want there & back, and giving me mileage AND a housing stipend to cover the cost of housing. And when I move there to work f/t, they'll do whatever level of moving I want (shipping stuff, hiring movers, hiring packers, the whole 9 yards). So it's not really a "real" move - it's all stuff that fits in my car. Though my parents are coming down with me because they've decided that it's the perfect time of year to go to the Grand Canyon and it's "only a little out of the way then".

BTW, that house looks adorable! I'd be concerned about the water damage and roof, too - that can be expensive to repair (especiall if the water damage has been ignored and it starts to mold). Though, if the only water damage was in the bathrooms, it could just be an issue of insufficient fanning in the bathroom or a wonky shower head or weird piping issues, you know?

QUOTE(bunnyb @ Mar 23 2007, 04:57 AM) *

kvetch: this fugly lounge. not a happy bunny; format options aren't properly loading for me meaning I can only post in green by copying the format from a previous post (I've put in on my notepad in controls though), lots of other teething problems, hope they are only teething ones. Grrrr.
Check your board & browser options. Are you using the standard or rich text editor? (The RTE gives a WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get - view, the standard shows all the coding.) You neeed javascript enabled, and for most things, you need to type, highlight, then apply the formatting... (I formatted this with the menu rather than just type it out myself like I usually do.)

Oh, and do you use a Mac? Konqueror and Safari really haven't developmentally caught up to the standards like Firefox/mozilla and even IE have, and I know my forum members that use Macs really bitch about how certain things just.don' for them. Though, when we were testing things out for 2.2, several of my mods *have* Macs, and didn't seem to have issues.


and a HUMONGO you GO GRRRRL friend, you DESERVE that new position and the best raise EVAH!

meat on swords resto sounds suspiciously brasilian to me........a churrascaria, by any chance??? go HUNGRY!

rosiev, querida, that house is sooooooooo perfect! what a great lot, surrounding, location, birds, trees, yayayayay!!! where is it exactly? ch? cb? d? WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!

anousshka! you are on TOTN???? how cool is that? (at least as cool as you!) i'm really sorry that i never got it together to get in touch with you so that we could have met for coffee...... sad.gif maybe next time???


*tackles crassy, grabs bunny, rolls around on floor with them, giggling hysterically*

*hugging and kissing wildly*

sybarite, i'm sure that what you feel now is mostly RELIEF. glad to hear it, baby cakes. *big hug*

*waves at culture handy* sure that i will see you in the archives, darling!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~jobby job vibes for those that need them~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

~~*~*~*~*~*~*~ good health vibes for those that feel sickly ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

~~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~everything you need for every bustie~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

black satin and lace bikini; sexy loooooow-cut decolleté push-up black lace bra that just barely does a cover up job but provides amazing cleavage.

i know i keep saying that i will come back in and post properly, but i have more *ahem* pressing matters to attend to at the moment......

hugs and kisses and silly silly peixe de pedra!!
*rolls around gleefully with tesao*

hmm, pressing matters you say? wink.gif

q'spice, not on mac and using firefox (also tried IE7) and with the pink martini skin the options in reply box don't load and are unusable whereas using work-safe mode (thanks sidecar!) things work perfectly. I miss the pink (hence the honorary font colour). Oh, and that job sounds perfect!

sidecar, have a fab day and enjoy your pampering!

syb, yay for breakthroughs!
That's weird, because I'm using Firefox ( on windows (XP) with no problems! It's probably a random setting on your browser that's screwing things up, then, or an extension that's farting on things. I'm also using the default skin, not Pink Martini, but the skins really shouldn't be screwing things up - the skins are done completely separately from this... Are you using "Quick Reply" or "Add Reply"?
Rose, if you decide to proceed, make sure you get a home inspection done (on this house or any house you decided to proceed with.) Too bad you're in NC- the one who did my inspection was really good. They can tell you the extent of the damage, if there's mold or if it's just superficial and just needs to have new drywall.

I always assumed having a home inspection was common sense, but there are soooo many people who don't get them done and regret it later. They only cost a couple hundred dollars, which in the grand scheme of things isn't very much and can save you from making a huge mistake or at least prepare you for any issues the house has. You get that done after you make your offer and put the earnest money down.
Just a fly by to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIDECAR! And also congrats, you deserve it babe!


And ehm, I don't likey the roadkill71 thingie at the top of the lounge. I meece the pink leopard.

Art's ok, the tube is still there though which is frustrating. He has an appt. on the 6th for removal but that just seems like a long ways off to me. Tomorrow my uncle is bringing my dad over so we can celebrate their birthdays (the 4th & the 20th) which means I have to make a huge meatloaf. Bleh. I do not revel in making giant loaves of meat, but it's what they both love and have requested rolleyes.gif
Mmm, loaves of meat- second best after meat on swords.

I don't know where else to post this, but it made me laugh so I'll share it with you:

'Humor In Uniform' Submissions At All-Time Low

Sadly, it took me a minute before I realized it was an Onion article. rolleyes.gif
happy birthday sidecar!!! what a perfect time for a new exciting job. time to cel-a-brate!! p.s. how is sophie?

*waves* awww, y'all make me feel so welcome here! ((hugs)))

lotsa love for (((bunny))) i got your x-mas sparkle bunny card too-- it was adorable and earned a spot on my mantle w/only the cutest/coolest of cards!

that's a nice house rose- & the trees would save you on air conditioning- it's how i save, my house never gets too warm even in the rooms w/no a.c. i had to (& still have to do a lot on my house but i love it soooo much it's a joy to change things to the way i like it!) i got my place inspected and i requested the home-seller to fix some things that were wrong as a condition of me buying it, and it worked, they gave us the money off so we could do it ourselves. just wait, in a week you'll be addicted to hgtv & diy network (if you're not already!)

(((amilita))) meeced you too! cute shoes!

annoush-- awesome, getting on npr rocks!

sybarite d'oh!! i meant the card was from lysistrata- don't know why i mixed you up!

polly, i don't have the comic online- yet, right now i'm just copying it and secretly slipping it into newspapers. plus i'm putting it at train stops, bus stops, etc.

(((tes))) hee hee!

i've never been to a churrascaria even though there are like 20 in the town next to mine.

super comfy lavender boyshorts and a mint green lace bra-- i'm feelin' spring!

kvetch: gotta see the psycho m-i-l this weekend but it's for my niece's 8th b-day (she's sweet even if her dad is an a-hole at least her step mom seems decent so far) and then going to a rock show for my friends band.

hey crassy! *waves*

(((tes))) these pressing matters wouldn't happen to involve mr. hotbuns, now would it?? wink.gif

qspice, nice to see you poking your head back in here too!

yuefie, i love meatloaf. one of my fav comfort foods in the fall. especially with mashed potatoes.

rose, good luck with the house hunting!

amilita, i'm worried for you in n'awlins. i saw something online how people are arming themselves down there. please be careful.

anoushh, good luck with the interview!!

*~*sending out job vibes*~*

so many postings. i feel like i'm forgetting people. sorry if i am.

well, the vibes worked, but with a catch. so, my landlady was willing to extend the lease to the end of july and not august (like i needed). only because she will be out of town labor day weekend. that sucks. so, i'm gonna move back in with the rents. i'm terribly bummed. really. but, i guess i will save money in the long run. rats. now, i have to pack and contact a storage company.

undie report: grey low cut with multi colored stripes and grey bra.

(((pixie, bunnyb, mornington, amilita, rose, anoushh, polly, sidecar, PiP, Sassy, sybarite, qspice, plat, crassy, billy, mando, DM, CH, Six, and other kvetchies))))

(((star))) that's too bad about the lease. Could you stay there until the end of July and then move in with the 'rents, or is that too expensive? When do you have to move?

rose, that house is purty! I love the landscaping, for me, the less lawn the better!

(((yuefie))) glad to hear Art is doing better. And the only fun part of making meatloaf is putting weird fillers in...I was always partial to using Cheerios, myself.

hi crassy!

(((tes))) hmmm, "pressing matters" that what the kids are calling it these days?

qspice, yay for awesome summer positions! That sounds like my dream move, having someone else do the shifting!

syb, congrats on the breakthrough! It must feel great at least having the home stretch in sight!

(((bunny))) just 'cause. (oh, myspace o/t, your friend Kate sent me a message, she is hilarious!)

polly, that article made me laugh! I remember reading umpteen billion Reader's Digests at my grandparents' house growing up.

~~~safe travel and good times vibes for Mornington's first trip to NY~~~

((((amilita, annoush, pixie, PiP, sassy, plat, billy, mando, dm, ch, and anykvetchie I missed))))

minor kvetch: I was ten minutes late to everywhere today. I think my internal clock sprung a spring.

anti-kvetch: Boss informed me today I got the 3rd largest raise in the office for our annual review (right behind the two members of management). Woo-hoo!

Weird thing today. My dad calls me (we're not close) and asks me if I want to go to Las Vegas with him. It seems he won two seats to the National Poker Tournament, his best poker buddy can't go, and neither can my two brothers (who actuallyplay poker. I mean, I've played poker with friends, but never in local tournaments or public places, so I don't actually want to go to play or anything (which he said was fine, he didn't really expect I'd want to play even though I could). So I guess it's like a free trip to Vegas, but with my dad. Who I only talk to every few months or so. I don't know. It's all just kind of....weird. I have to give him an answer tomorrow, I'm just not sure. *ponders some more*
q'spice, I'm using "add reply" on work-safe and "new reply" on pink skin; the skin is definitely making the difference for some reason. weird.

(((sixela))) hee, I take it the message was about the "read" meat? kinkykatykins is definitely one of the funniest people I know.

(((star))) when will you be moving back with the parents?

(((crassy))) you're sneaking the comic into papers? cooool.

I've had such a lovely day with the boy's mum; we went for tapas and shopping and she bought me beautiful white pyjamas from the white company for my birthday smile.gif. I also found a cute little silver sparkly cardi to wear over dress on way to restaurant and matching clutch bag.

Today was the first day I felt it was truly Spring and looked forward to Summer. It was so sunny and cool and the city-centre was full of men with kilts and a notorious leftist politician was doing a party political broadcast (non-TV) on one of the busiest shopping thoroughfares whilst the men in kilts were singing "flower of Scotland". When I came home there was the smell of freshly cut grass and is it wrong that I'm impatient for it to become warm enough to wear my birkenstock gizehs?

Hey, just a fly by


sorry it's not personalized, I'm emotionally and physically exhausted, and hungover, went on a bender last night.

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