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~~~fly-by ranty kvetch~~~

I've been to the hospital and back FOUR times, and man with the price of gas and all (it was $3.01 here this morning!!) dry.gif There have just been so many delays with his release today. Ugh. And some people who SHOULD be helping aren't soooo, here we go! I am on my way up there AGAIN. Thanks for all the vibes and kind words. You all really get me through the madness, I swear it.

Bun, sorry I had the post locked and clicked in the wrong thing and since you joined the land of ElJay later you were omitted. The problem has been rectified.

Oh and geez louise, I apologize in advance cause my locked LJ posts are turning into epithet spewing diatribes lately. Grrr, some people are so selfish and stupid!


Having an annoying day!!! Ordered the postcards for our opening next weekend and paid for rush shipping but the delivery guy decided our building was abandoned and they got sent back to the printer!!! Argh. Now they have to reprint and resend them, so we won't have them until Tuesday.

Agravating, plus sort of insulting! For reals, our house/gallery is kinda's in the 'hood and all, but sheesh. I've got a call in to DHL to complain.

Tonight the Mr. has an opening at another gallery...gotta take a disco nap. Kinda nice to just be able to show up. I don't think it'll be big or anything, but it should be fun.

(((Yuefie))) ((everyone))

This website has been cracking me up's kittens and cats and some other kinds saying funny stuff...
um, where the hell is everyone?

bustie vibes work: I found the dress and, even better, bunnymama is buying it as birthday gift.

(((yuefie))), (((amilita))), (((raisin))), (((everyone)))
Amilita, that's one of my very favorite websites! I check it everyday. The "invisible" section is my favorite. smile.gif Sorry to hear about the problem with the postcards. You definitely need to talk to the supervisor at DHL about that.

((((((Yuefie)))))) Hope things are less frustrating for you today.

Bunny, hooray for finding the dress! And hooray for getting it as a present! As for the friend thing, I understand. I reeeeeeally miss my wacky ol' friends from T-town. Sometimes I feel reluctant to find new friends because I fell that it would be disloyal to my old ones. Does that make sense?

(((((Raisin))))) Hope you're feeling better!

((((((more love for Michael's mom))))))

(((((((Tes & her mamae & the whole family))))))))

It's gorgeous here today! sunny and warm and breezy.

Anybody have any plans for St. Patty's day?

Hi all, after a while of lurking I am back. Work was exhausting today, my last client of the day was a cocky bastard. Urg. Then I found out some people are saying that I am not good with client and they believed heresay, this after working next to me and seeing wha I am capable of. My friend stood up for me and set them straight. She just warned me that not everyone is as nice as they seem. I knew that already, but I am not impressed. New job time! On a plus side at work, I got a raving recommendation from someone who told a high ranking supervisor. I don't do my job for recognition, I do it becase I find it rewarding, and management recognizes my work. I, unlike others, don't get ahead by asskissing.

Sorry, had to get it off mychest!

(((michaels' mom, and syb's dad)))

(((polly, sidecar, yuefie, bunny raisin, amelita, tes, candy, RV, everyone)))

I hope everyone has a fab thursday evening. My evening is all about me.
Yay Bunny!! smile.gif

((yuefie)) ((raisin))) ((Michael's mom-- I still can't believe that shit!!)))

Kvetch: Super shitty day! I got pulled into my boss's office for what she said was not working. Now, keep in mind my yearly review was this Monday. And we had a bomb threat. Of course, she tells me this right before my morning break. Sure enuff it went around the world like wildfire that she mistreated me, she actually used the words " I'm not going to tell you to go home, just go back to work!!" Bloody fucking hell. I know she's just waiting for me to just tell her to kiss my ass, but I just didn't. I did however report his rude ass behavior to HR. It's just that everyone has their asses in an uproar b/c raises are coming up, and we're on a budget right now. Bleh. So, everyone is getting warnings and stupid shit. This is a call center peoples!!
Mcgeek got into a car accident. He's okay. His car is not. It was the passenger side. Got messed up by a tire. I'm just glad that no one was hurt.

Kvetch: My cable company sent back my bill... wtf?

Anti-kvetch-- Bread-bowls at Quizos and rainy weather...

Anti-kvetch: My daddy sent me a kick ass care package! I got a radio with an Ipod dock in it!! smile.gif

Okay, off to watch Smallville and drool over Lex.

PS Oh! Going to an really cool Irish pub up the street for St Patrick's Day. What about everyone else?
Just wanted to say good morning to the kvetchies!

That's all.
thanks for all the well-wishes for missy-the-fluffy-corgi. we won't know if we'll be getting her for a little while. there are other applicants. i've tried - and failed miserably - not to get my hopes up. i'll be crushed if we don't get her. so do keep those vibes coming, please.

the ides of march sucked bigtime for us. danny was knocked on the head yesterday in gym - not a hard blow, not even a knot or redness or anything - but when he went to history class, he sort of had a waking blackout. he says the next thing he knew the bell was ringing & class was over. so he lost half an hour. no other symptoms other than a real bad headache and some dizziness. he also doesn't remember walking home. he called me while i was on my way to therapy, crying and complaining that he just needed to lay down. i made a beeline home, of course. the memory loss freaked me out, so i called his doc and he said to go to the ER. Four hours later, the catscan was negative. (thank god!) they sent us home with tylenol but said we'd have to check him every 2 hrs, so i called bossman and told him i wouldn't be in today. danny's been okay, none of the scary symptoms they told us to watch for. (and you can guess how hard it was to get him to open his eyes wide so i could check his pupils at 2 am and 4 am and 6 am, etc.)

except the weird part is, he's developed a fever. he was really warm during the night, but i thought it was just because he was wearing too many layers and under the quilt. but now it's still somewhere between 99.9 and 100.5. so now i'm wondering if this whole thing was just him coming down with a virus. he's not sniffly or nauseous or anything. just the headache & some dizziness when he's not lying down, and now this fever. he did mention to more than one intern yesterday that his headache started at noon yesterday. but everyone was just focusing on the blow to the head, as were we.

the doc just called and said that yes, it could've been just a viral thing all along, but he's glad we had the catscan done just the same. i think he's a little pissed they didn't take blood tho. of course i'm petrified of meningitis. he says to just watch him carefully for any changes.

i never want to see my kid on a hospital gurney again. it's a worst nightmare, let me tell you.

sorry for the self-absorption.
i promise to check back when i'm able to focus a bit more.
love to all.
((((mando)))) & (((((danny))))) ****get that pupper!****

((((sassy))))) gah. stupid boss. go you for going to hr

((((yuefie)))) i read your lj... and .... grrr. you're amazing for coping.

((((amilita)))) whaa? that's just beyond stupid...


I feel i've been reading and vibing, but not posting much. it's terribly quiet here. Mama gets here in half an hour or so.

oh... Boy Wonder went to the doctor yesterday. He is depressed - and his family situation isn't helping; doc said something about going home and resting over easter, to which BW replied: "is this to my fathers, where i'm constantly in the way and my stepmother wishes me dead?". I don't think he's going on any meds, just a bit of therapy and hagen-daas ("eat more of what makes you feel happy" was the advice...) and exercise. Although he plays hockey at least twice a week, and is in the gym most other days... We'll see. Mama and i shall take care of him! And indigo, who loooves him. It's just worrying, though.
Hello kvetchies! Just wanted to stop by and say hey. I'm feeling better today than I have felt all week since the time change...I think that is because I went to sleep at 9 when I put minipixie to bed.

Hope everyone else is doing ok!


what, no-one stops by to report their undies? hmph. I am really becoming disheartened with this thread.

(((danny))) and (((mando))) whoa. big hugs and stay positive as he will be fine.

(((yuefie))) and (((art))) did a heart to heart take place?


(((boy wonder)))

(((star))) stay strong and have lots of ice cream.

where's fina-bombina?

I bought my dress!

thank maude it's the weekend.

undies: fuschia pink shiny t-shirt bra with non-matching burgundy girl shorts; I clash desperately but who gives a ****?

heh, bun, i forgot it was friday!

black and white stripey boyshorts and matching bra.

hurrah for all-you-can-eat chinese, the weekend, and pixie getting sleep!
pink with blue band, with writing that says paradise on the ass. hee.


I'm tired, I think it is fitting time for a nap.
Okay, so I was lurking for a while and I've been gone for the past two days so just wanted to say Happy Friday to everyone!

undies report: lime green with a cute flower on them.

IPB Image

We did early St. Patrick's Day at my parent's house and I think I ate half my weight in corned beef. It was soooo good. Slow braised in Guinness. We had so much food- the corned beef, two kinds of salmon (it was a big fillet, so I cut it in half), mashed potatoes, carrots, cabbage and soda bread. It was definitely an American Irish dinner, but it was still yummy. I had a Magner's and we watched Waking Ned Devine and I fell asleep during it. After I woke up we watched some Fawlty Towers because the guy from Waking Ned Devine is in one of the episodes. We might do something with Le Boy's brother & SIL tonight, but it depends- his brother was on the east coast for a business trip and got snowed in, so he's flying back at 8am.

Now I'm tired again and I'm going to bed!

There's a four cat pileup occuring!!

IPB Image

Yum, polly! I was thinking about going to the St. Patrick's Day parade, but I forgot we have gallery's OK, though, cuz we're hanging a new show, and that's always fun.

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Polly sounds like you had good times.

Amelita, what an adorable bunch of kitties!

If you could put the black and white one in dog form, you'd have a damn close version on my puppers.

I must go to some dog fur destroying now.




IPB Image

I have no plans other than packing for move.

I'm going to watch the river get dyed green and the parade on TV because it's cold! Tonight we're taking some Irish cheeses over to a friend's place, and then we'll probably order in. I love St. Patrick's Day, but I hate all the moronic drunks in this city.
Oh my goodness, Amilita! That's sooo adorable. It's kinda strange seeing Wally as a full-grown cat. smile.gif

I've been battling headaches lately. Had a bad one all day yesterday. Have another one today. Bah.
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

I don't really have any plans for today (at least not yet), but I'm sure I'll have a drink, just for fun.

oh my god! wally's growed up! he's still adorable, but i still think of him as a kitten. The others look so beautifully sleepy too!

happy st paddys!

there are plenty of moronic drunks in guiness hats around. we're having an evening in...
(((mornington))) & (((bunny))) heartfelt thanks for the hugs and concern for danny. he's better. the whole thing might've just been a nasty virus. i sort of feel silly now for taking him to the ER, but, you know, blow to the head, memory loss ... wtF did i know?

(((boy wonder)))

amilita, the kitty coalition is just too adorable!

kvetch: we've cancelled our friends coming over tonite. danny's not up to it. i'm emotionally exhausted and not up to hosting. as much as i was looking foward to getting my drink on and as much as i miss our little get-together group, my heart's just not in it. yesterday's snow/ice storm & digging out this morning didn't help.

i'll probably down a guinness later. or two.

Éireann go Brách and all that jazz.
((((mando)))) F told me about the snow... eek! good to know danny's better!

huge, massive, giagantic, enormous kvetch: my ceiling is leaking water from upstairs' bathroom/kitchen/whatever. through the light fitting into my kitchen. it's eleven o'clock on a saturday night and my estate agent allowed him upstairs to fix it last time. This is the third time it's leaked, and the first two he fixed it. not this time!
Mando I'm so glad Danny boy is OK. I didn't see the post til a few mins ago. Big huggin babe.
((mando)) Glad Danny's okay. I don't think you freaked out- he hit his head, he had some weird stuff going on; I'm not a parent and I can't imagine doing anything else but going to the ER. If there was a virus or something contributing to what's happening now, then that's a separate issue....look at it this way- (and I hope you don't take this the wrong way!) he got hurt, he survived, you survived, it's all okay now, the world didn't end.

Prior to a couple of years ago, there were two things I had major anxiety issues about- getting in a car accident (as in being the driver when one happened, whether I caused it or not) and getting fired from a job. Those were two of the scariest things I could imagine.

In the summer of 2005 I rear-ended someone and I made it through it. No one was seriously hurt (except the car). That's not to say I'll never get in one again or won't get seriously hurt in one, but I've lived through it and I'm okay.

When I worked at the insurance company from 9/01-8/06, I was in a constant state of paranoia about getting fired, mostly because the place treated its employees like crap and you never knew what they thought of you. I left that job to go to a new place and three months later, they fired me out of the blue. It sucked, it was humiliating, it made me mad, I had to deal with filing for unemployment benefits and finding another job, but I didn't have to move into a cardboard box and I didn't get depressed and kill myself. Who knows, I may get fired again at some point in my life, but it's happened once and I made it through and I think that makes it easier for the next time.

I know it's a lot harder and more complicated when it's your kid we're talking about, but I hope you can come away from this with a little less anxiety than you had before (but still retain your endearing "momma bear" protectiveness!)
IPB Image
Aww, cute bears!

Oo, Mornington, that sucks...sidecar, didn't that happen to you?
mando, i'm glad danny's ok.

been lurking about.

poor sleep. not over this grief thing i guess.

in good news, i have been working out. yeah for me. and i meet up with the chicago busties today!!

now, if i could work on that sleep thing...

(((bunnyb, mornington, yuefie, six, sassy, raisingirl, candy, tes, mando, walkingbitch, DM, dusty, billy, faith, sybarite, PiP, fina, mavin, plat, qspice, CH, amilita, anoushh, sidecar, polly, and other kvetchies)))
((((mando))))) I've been in lurk mode and rarely at that (friend in town; freelance assignment) and wanted to pop in and say I'm glad Danny's okay -- you didn't overreact at all; he got hit in the head and blacked out, and you did what you were supposed to do, what anyone would have done.

(((mornington))) ugh. yeah, something similar happened to me. the unit above me was leaking into my bathroom, and she finally had a dude in to fix it. She still needs to replace our drywall, as there's plenty of water damage, and we just need to make her schedule it. But she was convinced for awhile it had been fixed when it clearly had not, so I was quite relieved when she called a plumber.

we are cat-sitting for a friend. the cat is sweet, adorable, and so friendly, and our dog just keeps chasing him!

This morning there is what looks like a lone tailight on our street along with other car-related debris and the acrid smell of smoke around the corner. People party hard for Paddy's Day here, apparently...

We stayed in too although we were out in the afternoon to witness some of the madness.

Ongoing for (((mando))). You don't mess around with a blow to the head. I think you did the right thing. Hope Danny feels better soon!

Good Sunday morning,

I can't believe that it is Sunday already. sad.gif


I don't have much to say this morning.

Just good vibes for all the kvetchies.
Happy Sunday, gang! I am happy because I do NOT have a headache this morning! Woo hoo! It's been almost a week since I woke up without a headache. Not sure if the problem has been the tme change or a tense jaw or my brain spider or what.

Anyway, sorry if my posts haven't been as loving as usual this week! I feel that I totally overlooked some people who need serious lovinz.

~zzzz~ sweet sleep vibes for the sweet Star ~zzzz~ I'm really proud of you for getting out there and exercising right now. It's important to remember to take care of yourself while you're grieving. (((Star)))

((((((( never-ending love for Mandi ))))))) Sweetheart, you definitely did the right thing. Absolutely positively did everything exactly as you should. My mother (who has been an ER nurse since the beginning of time) would have instructed you to do all of the things you have done, so no worries. You are an excellent momma! I hope Danny is right as rain soon.
~*~*~*~*~ puppy vibes for Mandi, too ~*~*~*~*~

[waves at WB] Good to see you in here!

A pox on leaky ceilings! What a nightmare, Morn. The idea of water leaking through a light fixture sounds terribly dangerous.

Polly, thank you for that post. I kept nodding the whole time I was reading it. I am sometimes gripped by anxiety, too. It can be so bad that I've had trouble leaving the house at times. It's kinda silly because I can easily stand in front of 500 people & perform for them without even breaking a sweat, but there are also times when just driving down to the store for milk feels too overwhelming. Anxiety is such a strange, complicated issue, isn't it? It's all about anticipation. And for me, the anticipation is often so much worse than the actual event. Not always, but often.

((((((Plat)))))) How are you doing, hon?

((((((((((continued love for Tes, her mamae, & the family))))))))))

I need to cut this a tad short. Sheff and I are going to an open house before spending the afternoon with friends. Yes, we're touring homes. Don't know if we'll be buying one anytime soon, but we decided that it's a good idea to know some more about what's available in our market right now. If we truly fall in love with a place, though ... well, we'll just see!
thanks rose!! i think those vibes are working because i'm feeling sooooo tired right now. double yeah for no migraines!

well, i went with another night of not sleeping much. i think my body knew another change was coming over today. michael's family moved out his stuff today. but, what hurt the most was that former friends, once again, ignored me and did not say hi or acknowledge my existence. i was so upset. i was frazzled. i got off at the wrong stop on my way to see the chicago busties. i felt so distraught. i was just so overwhelmed. with the final move of michael's things. just the finality of it all. but, the more i thought of it, how those former friends acted towards me, the more pissed off i got. i don't use the word hate, but later in the evening i told my best gay that i hate those people and i wanted to punch them in the balls. good riddance. i think how they acted towards me and my family proves the lack of human decency and depth of character they possess. argh.

antikvetch: hanging out with the chicago busties. i'm so glad i got to see sidecar, polly, and turbojenn right after this all went down. i felt much better to be around people who support me. as well as talk and visit with friends.

(((star))) how can people be so callous? I've had my fair share of messy ends to friendships but I have faith that when death occurred both sides would be magnanimous; in fact, I know I was to one ex-friend who lost her mother. Whatever caused you no longer being friends pales in comparison to losing a mutual friend. Why can they not see that?

(((everyone else)))

kvetch: menstrual cramps

kvetch: vitamin b12 deficiency (result from my blood-tests last week) and if change in diet doesn't boost levels over next three months then I need to be given regular injections - eek.

anti-kvetch: I'm seeing the boy in 11 days and it's my birthday in 12 (I have no imminent anti-kvetches).
How is everyone on this Monday? Things sure are quiet around here!

(((star))) how cruel.

at work, and my back is still being a bitch.

That is all for now.

Later gators!

(((stargazer))) those people sound horrible. You have every right to be uspet about how they treated you.

(((mando))) you did the right thing taking Danny to the hospital. I hope he's doing okay.

(((morn))) I hope that leak gets fixed for good.

kvetch: there is snow everywhere. Just 5 days ago it was like, 20 degrees and now it's cold and snowy.

kvetch: my stupid group members want to meet today and I don't want to leave my house. And also, one of them is ridiculously stupid and seemed to think I could show up for 11am even though I've said repeatedly that I have an online class from 10-12. gah!

anti-kvetch: I'm going to attempt to make chicken enchiladas tonight!

Hello Candy, CH, and Bunny!!

Thanks for all of the support everyone!!

My friend and I are going to use sage to cleanse his room of bad karrma and make it all good for the next occupant. I just all of the sickness and negativity out of this house. I think I will be able to rest better.

I did have a goodnight's sleep. I just need a couple more days of it to feel normal

Candy, I always hated group projects. You are at the mercy of other people. I rather just do my own thing.

*~*~*sending out soothing tummy vibes for bunny*~*~*

Bunny, I'm so happy you'll be with the boy soon. And for your birthday!!

**rubs culture's back**

CH, I hope your back feel better. Yoga seems to help me.

Eep..Rosie, your pm box says full! I was trying to send you a link to this article about they guy you and Smokeboy knew that was beaten to death a few years ago...Murder trial set to begin I thought you might want to see it! And clean out your box!!!

(((star))) Those people suck!

((( cold busties)))

(((everyone else)))

ETA: after posting this breaking news came across that the guy pleaded out...he ONLY gets 10 years!pleading out That is just sick! Big old Kvetch!
Thanks for all the back vibes!!! My back is doing much better this pm, I'l take it easy tonight still.


How was everyone's day?
Thanks so much or posting that info, Pixie. I really appreciate it. I know his 15 year sentance seems short, but when you consider that the DA was going to set him free in 2004, I can't help but feel better about the situation.

I've been super busy & I'm really exhausted right now. Must take a nap.

(((((((((((love for all))))))))))))))


((mando and danny)) I hope Danny is better.

((mornington)) I hope the leak got fixed.

I wish a fast, productive week for all.

where is everyone?? huh.gif Been kinda slow in here...

kvetch: um, i woke up with tension in my shoulders this morning. i was talking to my mom about giving michael's parents the total of what he owes me $$ wise. I realized I'm screwed for the last month of being here. I have to pay the rent and bills by myself. I was scared to look at my bank account and its ok. I just need to hustle at work and get back to part time hours. I'm gonna talk to my boss tomorrow.

Please send me vibes that my landlady will let me do a short term lease. I really don't want to move back home with my folks. I love 'em. But, I love my space. Oh, and I have a friend who is possibly willing to move in with me. So, I need lots of apartment vibes.

Busties vibeage work!

I'm off to work out...I need to get rid of this tension...

I've been busy lately, too...getting ready for our opening Saturday.

Yesterday was one of those days where everything went just a little wrong...had to ship package expensively by air so it would get there in time instead of cheaper ground; finally got our promo postcards and we somehow didn't catch that the designer didn't put our address on there, so we had to rubber-stamp 'em all; and most depressing was that the awesome new health care plan I found for the Mr. and I won't accept him because he has to be seizure-free for two years, and it's been just one since his last. I'm bummed because I thought he was doing so well...and he is, just not good enough to get health care, apparantly.

So, nothing huge, just bleh.

And I gotta go to my shrink in a little bit...and I want some coffee ~~~general vibes~~~ will have to do! You know I loves you guys!

Oh, and yeah! Wally has grown up so fast! He's the best cat...I wish he didn't have to have this seizure thing or whatever it is, but despite it, he's a super awesome cat.

And ETA for another oh, yeah! I'm getting more of the "can't amilita just type up your stuff?" This time it was a...I was hoping the women would kinda take the lead and get us all organized...which isn't that just a way of saying, "I was hoping that would magically happen?" Invisible work, I tells ya.
~~~~vibes for star~~~~~

Is it Friday?

I heard from le man smile.gif

I want the day to be over,

~~~general vibes for all~~~

*super-quick flyby free association*

Busy, work, tired all.the.time. (better NOT be sick, else I will pee on contagious co-worker's foot!)

~~~~~~~multi-purpose vibes~~~~~~~

((((star)))) ~~~~lease and money vibes~~~~~

~~~~sleepy lullabies for those who need them~~~~~

~~~tes and fam~~~

oh, and amilita, translated, they are really saying "Gosh, I really miss my mommy".

~~~~lease and money vibes~~~~

I've been busy--dinner after work last night, work's been crazy. It's a four-day week for me though, and Friday can't come soon enough!

*~*~*~lease and money vibes~*~*~*~ for star

~vitC~vitC~don't be ill sixela!~vitC~vitC~

(((amilita))) and all (((busy busties)))

(((rose))) no more headaches.

(((mornington))) no more leak. Your trip to the US is so close!

I've received my reference for my teaching application and sent it off so please vibe me that I'm given interview for course!

kvetch: I'm freaked out about my mounting health issues.
anti-kvetch: need to get on top of them.

(((bunny))) ~~~vibes for bunny~~~









How is everyone? I think I'm getting sick. Fark. First the back, now a sore throat. Crudlies.
(((((mando & danny))))) oy, I do hope everything is okay.

((((star)))))~~~lease and money vibes~~~

(((((bunny))))) don't let the health issues get you down. I know, easier said than done.

(((((ch))))) feel better.

~~~all (((((sickies))))) feel better~~~

(((((amilita)))) & ((((sixela))))) and all other busy kvetchies


I've been too busy to even think about posting properly. I will be back soon, just wanted to check in and say that things going well here. It's super hard and I am really tired, but progress is being made. Art walked a few steps today without his walker. YAY!

Sounds like all of the Kvetchies are tired and over-worked lately. Think we've all got some kind of spring fever?

((((((((Art)))))))) Hooray for walking! It's amazing how far he has progressed. I'm sure he truly appreciates everything you're doing for him, Yuefie. You are a WONDERFUL person!

~!~!~!~ short-term lease vibes for Stargazer ~!~!~!~

~~~~ healing for CH ~~~~

~$~$~$~$~ interview vibes for BunnyB ~$~$~$~$~$~
What health issues are concerning you, hon?

(((((Amilita & Wally))))) Just say, "I am your wife. Not your secretary." wink.gif Seriously, he needs to stop assuming you'll do these things. We all know what happens when you assume, right? Right.

Just so you know, Pixie will be having a rough day on Wednesday, so send her some vibes if you can spare them.

((((((((vibes for Tes & her mamae & family, wherever they are)))))))))

I went out house hunting today. Have I mentioned that I love my new GPS? I do. Truly madly deeply. Having a GPS has eliminated so much stress from my life. It is a relief to know that I am never truly lost. It has been an especially great help when it comes to hunting for houses! I look up houses on-line, write down the addresses, & while I'm out I just type the addresses into my GPS & it takes me straight to the destination! And if I want to know what restaurants or stores are nearby, I just check the GPS. Fabulous!

Anyway, I drove around for hours today just looking at houses. I crossed a few off of my list, which is helpful. In the end, I showed about 6 houses to Sheff after he got out of work. Of those, we're focusing our energy on 2. And of the 2, there is one in particular that we really like. At least, we like the looks of it from the outside! The lot is gorgeous: half an acre, covered in enormous pine trees. It even has a little stream winding its way through the front. Sheff said it looks like something out of his dreams. As for the house ... well, we've only seen pics on-line, so I'm eager to get in there & see what we think. I think it will need some work, but I also think we can afford it. The amazing thing is this house is in a great part of town. Great shopping & dining very close by, & a couple miles away from Sheff's job, etc. But it's tucked back in this quiet neighborhood so it feels like you're out in the woods. Fabulous!

Anyway, I am off to bed. Time to dream happy real estate dreams.
I knew ya'll would understand about my annoyance over people's assumptions about what womanly things (insert eyeroll here) I should be doing...I do wish the Mr. understood a bit more, I must say.

GPS!!! How smart you were to get that, Rosev! So glad it's making your life better. Real estate shopping can be so addictive, eh? Remember, all my wise friends say you get the house you're meant to have, so don't be discouraged if it takes awhile to find and buy one...or if you lose one you were mentally attached to in the whole process.

And, yeah, I was wondering what was going on with your health, too, Bunny. Of course you don't have to say if you don't want. I'm sending you ~~~health vibes~~~ and ~~~interview vibes~~~

(((Yuefie))) I hope this experience is rewarding for you...I wish Art all the best, too. It's hard work being a caretaker, and you're getting mucho good karma, I'm sure. You're a good exceptional friend.

(((Culture, Sidecar, Sixe, Stargazer, DM, Mornington, Mando and Danny, Pixie, Tes, Candycane, everyone)))
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