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Warning! Very ranty kvetch ahead!Warning!

Ok...must kvetch about FIL. As you know, currently Mr. P works for his dad who is a total and complete ass! The man is consumed with money and they are going through a slow period at work. So today i had sent Mr. P an e-mail circulating at my office about someone selling a laptop. We've been planning on getting one this summer anyway and it came with a bunch of extras. So he was on the phone talking to the guy selling it and trying to decide if we wanted it(the guy tried to up the price from what we read on the email) When Mr. P got off the phone his dad called him into the office and said, "I don't think you should be making any big purchases right now. If business doesn't pick up, I'm going to have to lay 3 people off." Now they are not hemmoraging money yet, and this is a normal slow period for thier business and Mr. P is quitting in August anyway, reguardless of whether or not he gets a teaching job. He said the same thing...I kid you not...when we were leaving for our honeymoon!!!! Trying to convince Mr. P that we shouldn't go (after had paid in full) Because he might not have a job when he gets back! It just p[isses me off to no end. There is no way he is going to lay Mr. P off, if he did then he would actually have to deal with customers, answer the phones, and run all the errands. The man LITERALLY sits in his office all day bitching at everyone else to do there work, but does NOTHING himself except pay the bills once a month. Most of the time, he sleeps. So you can see how ludicris the idea of him actually firing someone and having to take over their duties is.
I swear the man just does it because he knows it will cause Mr. P stress. I think he wants him to be so completely dependant on him and this job, and we just aren't. That is probably the reason his dad dislikes me so much. Since meeting me Mr. P has gone back to school, gotten his part time teaching job, bought a house, And I bring in decent money. We could lose $500-$1000 of our income each month and still pay all our bills.
He is just so freaked out by the fact that he isn't making a lot of money rigth now, he wanmts everyone else to be just as scared of being poor as he is.
Not happening here. I have been dirt poor, when my ex wouldn't support me and minipixie and we lived of charity from friends and family, I have declared bankruptcy and had my house foreclosed. I am not afraid of him taking away Mr. P's cushy little pissant job. He could find something making just about as much without much trouble. I swear the man is just evil!
And of course, he is so concerned with money that he is still paying all of the bills for and giving spending money(which she recently used for a boob job) to his adopted daughter who is a cop and makes more money than Mr. P./end rant
glad to hear that mandopalooza was a smash hit! i am so so jealous of y'all who got to meet up. i would dearly love to meet with some busties.

amilita, that is one pissed off lookin' kitty cat! and i hear ya on the straightening vs. cleaning. story of my life!

thanks to all for the healing vibes for my sunburn, it's all better now. if i can just manage to remember to put sunblock on me when i put it on the kids from now on...

little z's birthday is today, i spent the morning making oatmeal-raisin cookies for him for school. had a bunch left so, here, take some... *handing 'round cookies* i can't believe my little boy is 5 already! next up is Dai... he'll be 8 in october. scary.

even scarier is the thought that my 10 year reunion is coming up in less than 2 years... eep...

anyway! i'm still getting used to my hair being short. at least i've stopped hitting myself in the shoulder with the brush! i kept expecting there to be *more hair* and, well, smacking myself in the shoulder! duh...

still in mildly awkward housing sitch... living with my husband, but it's pretty much a "room-mate" type thing. nobody has any money yet to make any changes, and i can't find anywhere else to go anyway, b/c trying to find a 3-bedroom apartment that i can afford is, well, let's just say that they don't grow on trees... they've extended our deadline to september (when we have to be out of our current place), but i still have no idea where we are gonna go from here. i keep applying for jobs but haven't gotten any response from anybody... oy. i wish i was independantly wealthy... i'd do good with my money, i swear it! *crosses fingers, hopes the gods are listening*

i'm taking little d to the autism research center tomorrow. hopefully we can get some kind of definite diagnosis on exactly what his issues are, so that we can focus his therapy a bit better. also, if i get an actual diagnosis for him, we can apply for SSI for him, which might help ease the strain a bit. the mr gota bit of a raise (up to a whole whopping $9.15 an hour!) and they immediately cut our food stamps by $100! i am doing more baking than ever! it's $7 for a loaf of the *decent* wheat-free bread at the health food store, but $7 for a bag of alternate flour makes about 4 loaves... so... did i mention it's hot and we can't use the a/c???

whoa, sorry for the rant. i get going and i can't stop!

ETA: pixie, if i didn't say it already (and i have no idea if i did!) congrats on becoming mrs. pixie! and, i see that we x-posted so... wow. hope your mr's daddy chills out a bit. i hate how parents so often try to manipulate their kids with money...
((damona)) mine is next month! but i don't think i can afford to go to san diego and ireland and my class reunion, so i'm thinking i'm gonna skip the latter.
~~~~healing vibes for those in need~~~~ and (((special hugs)))) for the pasty busties. you are my people. i wear SPF 45, but I could use SPF 550 if someone would figure out how to make it.
Drive-by to say that I'm sick again. Tummy stuff and intestinal stuff. Started in the middle of the night last night. Uuuuugggghhhh ... Is it just me or does it seem like I'm sick about 30% of the time lately?

Happy birthday, Little Z!
((((Damona)))) and (((D))) Hope the appointment goes okay.

((((Pixie & Mr. P & the Minis))))
~~~~~ extra vibes for Mr. P, too! ~~~~

So glad to hear that Mandopalooza went so well! I'm still so disappointed that I couldn't make it. But we had a lovely meeting with the landlords & they seemed to like us a whole lot & kept saying how much they appreciate us taking good care of their home. So that's good. But not as good as Mandopalooza!

~~~~~ cool breezes for Lively ~~~~~
103?!?! Already?!?! Yikes!

Count me among th pasty Busties. My family and I buy a lot of Banana Boat SPF 50!

Ugh. So sick. And tired. But I really need to do some grocery shopping. And laundry. And yard work. Bleh.
*shaking finger at Rose* Its stress! You need to start taking care of yourself! I bet if you were to go find a day spa somewhere and get yourself a nice hour long massage, you would feel much better! You always get sick when you push yourself.

By the way, we did get the laptop for the price we were origionally told! Yay! Happy Father's Day to Mr. Pixie! It is coming with a wireless router and card. this is good because I used to have a wireless router that Mr. Dust left and it was zapped in a thunderstorm last month. The cheap router we bought to replace it doesn't seem to work well with our networking...WOW...It just occured to we have 4 computers!

By the way, today is my 6 month anniversary at my job! I am finally off the newbie probation and able to take my vacation and sick time. I have a review coming up on Wednsday. There is a salary freeze going on, but I can't help wishing that maybe I'll get a little raise...or maybe just become exempt salary instead of hourly. That would mean an extra week of vacation! At least I know teh review will be good. My boss hass been giving me all kinds of kudos since I cameback from my honeymoon.

They have been working on our phones all day today here and Fing them up royally. Mr. Dust and I used to own a business installing phone equiptment and I just have the biggest urge to tell the guy to hand over his tools and move out of my way!
Kvetch: we recently changed phone companies. We used to have this HOTT phone tech with a South African we have fat, balding, and middleaged with a plumbers crack. So unfair!
((((rosev)))) ***get well*** You've just moved, you're stressed out - it's probably making you more vunerable. *soothing vibes*

((((damona)))) ***job & house vibes*** hope little z's appointment goes well & you get the answers you need.

(((pixie))) ***job for mr p***

wally! *enhuggles* He does look pissed... (((amilita))) it's always good to do things just for you. I'm a straightener too.


(((lively))) I "tan" like that. I go a charming shade of lobster, and then look like i've got some extravagant tropical disease before going back to being a paler shade of white.


(((mando))) yay! for mandopalooza going good!

the weekend was ok... got to see daphne. It was scorching hot - 27degreesC (which, according to the internet, is eighty degreesF). Daphne doesn't like the heat. She grumped at me, and I ended up crying out of guilt for not seeing her until yesterday.

oh, and I got a new 'do. Which was nice.


eta: woo! mr p's lappy!
yay for mornington's new 'do! It rocks! also helps that I now know what you look like before meeting you next monday - no limo signs needed for us! also ... 27 degreess?! I am so looking forward to London! although I too burn and then go back to translucent white.

yay too for damona getting used to new 'do! happy birthday little z and good luck to little d (my lil sis is suspected as being on autistic spectrum but in 5 years they have been unable to provide definitive diagnosis so hopefully little d -and you- don't have to deal with that).

yay for mandopalooza!

and yay for laptops and wireless!

boo for unhappy bunnies and kittens and blisters the size of dimes.

boo for sickness (((rosev)))

bon jovi were fab and I forgot how sexaaaay mr bon jovi was! majorly enjoyed, as was the rest of my weekend and I managed to be productive too!

had great meeting with my tutor today who was very supportive of stuff happening lately which was lovely and v much appreciated. also came home tonight to email from english lit department to say they are financing my train tickets and uni related expenses to London! :-)

Ooooh ... love the hair, Mornington!
Rv..did you change phone numbers...or do I just have an old number programed into my phone? I was going to let you know that I got the card today! Now I am all kinds of excited because I can get the bathroom cabinet I have been wanting! Our bathrooms both just have these huge open spaces under the shelves or any place for small items. And no medicine cabinets!

Love the new do Mornington! Isn't it great how all of us decided to cut our hair around the same time?
Very cute hair Mornington! I have my appointment tomorrow!
Hey, will there be pictures from Mandopalozza?
If there are pictures from Mandopalooza I'd love to see them.

mornington, your haircut looks nice.

bunny, yay for a good meeting with the tutor.

((pixie)), I hope you either get a raise or the exempt salary.

((rose)) Feel better.

((damona)) Good luck with finding a job and new housing.

amilita, I love yard sales but I always end up buying stuff I don't need.

((lively)) It is so hot here already too. I used to live in a place that had a window unit air conditioner, those feel useless most of the time.

((sidecar)) Get that promotion, and I here you on a vacation. We're getting a mini-vacation in July, but that's probably it until December.

My weekend was kind of nice, but it seems like everyone was having stomach aches. Today is the first day my stomach has not hurt at all. I got a new pair of jeans on Saturday, yay for jeans that fit right.

((good news))

Dudes, I have not been able to access the lounge for days (okay, two). I finally figured out a back way in (okay, so I'm slow at these things) but wow, I really missed being able to pop in. Really, I don't have a problem, I can stop whenever I like. Honest.

Would love to see pix from mandopalooza but can understand if those involved have privacy issues, as I'm a bit paranoid like that myself. Great to hear such a fun time was had by all--and I had no idea so many were coming!

However, even before then I had it on good authority (our Aussie friend) that you were the hostess with the mostess Ms Mando. :-)

Mornington, your hair looks fab.

The weather here has been uncharacteristically warm and sunny, hooray! Nevermind that my new summer shoes are totally killing me. It feels like my heels have been attacked by wolves.

Lively, my mister who writes on health issues confirms anything above about 40 SPF is a waste. The advice seems to be to just keep applying it regularly and often.

Sidecar, keep me posted on your October trip!

Back to work for me... I have a major chapter deadline in about 10 days. I'm really into the work but nervous about not delivering, which suggests I should leave the lounge and get back to it!
Word on the street is that Mando feels forsaken and that Rose missed me a tiny bit :-) I can't have that, can I? Tax season sorta overwhelmed me and didn't stop on April 15th since I had some much to do before leaving town on May 1st. Thus, I've been a total stranger to Bust lately. Maybe I can reverse that trend.

I've been a busy busy boy. The month of May was spent in central Brazil doing some good for Rotary International. I don't know how much good we did, but I saw some awesome sights, met and lived with some great people (in 9 cities), ate great food, drank copious beer, caught pirahna, and generally sucked up Brazilian culture for a month. I also had a great team of 4 people from my area with me. Without a doubt, it was one of the coolest things I've ever done. It's good to be home, though!

We were pretty much out of touch with the world for the month. That wasn't such a bad thing. Some things I didn't miss:


The unending debate in my local paper about whether Natalie Maines (of the Dixie Chicks and from Lubbock) is going to hell for dissing GWB. Seriously.

Local paper letters to the editor about misguided liberals (like me) ruining all that is good and pure and going to hell.

Local paper letters to the editor about gays going to hell.

Do you see a trend? I hate it when I have to get news from such a worthless rag.

There's no way I can read three months worth of posts, so if I need to know anything, I trust that someone will tell me!

So.... here's a wave to all my old friends :-)

[tackles Billy & gives him a HUUUUUUUUGE hug]
Hi there! It's so good to see you again, Billy Boy! Sounds like you've been very busy doing marvelous things. Good for you! People like you give me hope :-) By the by, my only news is that I am no longer your neighbor to the north. Sheffles and I moved out east to NC. We're surrounded by tall trees! Bombarded by them! It's bizarre!

Pixie, maybe you still have my old home number. I'll text my cell number to ya. And YAY that you got the card! Now I can't help but remember that wallpaper in your upstairs bathroom. Tee hee! :-)

Syb, how were you trying to access the Lounge? Were you trying to go to the Bust main page first? I haven't had a problem getting in, but I'm wondering if that's because I always use the link I have in my Favorites (it goes directly to the main page of the Lounge, skipping the Bust main page altogether).

DM, glad to hear you're feeling better. Hooray for jeans that fit!

My stomach is finally doing a bit better today. I have managed to eat two slices of toast and keep them in my tum-tum. So I'm thinking I might be able to handle getting dressed and doing a bit of shopping.

Pseudo-Kvetch: I realized that my parents will be here in less than two weeks and I don't have a clue what we're going to do together! Eep! So I need to check out the local visitors center, too,& get some ideas.
Pixie, I gotta tell you that it is soooo bizarre to live in a town where we actually have a visitors center. At home we've always asked visitors "Why on earth did you come here?!?" :-)
Yay for Mando and all the Busties I saw/met on Saturday!

Yay for The Return of Billy! And Yay for misguided liberals!

Rose, now you must understand that the move to Carolina was Meant To Be, since you have gone from a state without an NHL hockey team to a town that is in the Stanley Cup Playoffs and up on the first game.
Drive by to say we arrived safely--and so did kitties. Phew!! More when I can. Best wishes to all kvetchies.
Hiya Billy! Finaman and I got engaged, and the right side of my face has been paralyzed for a month (Bell's Palsy). So that's my news!

Oh and I am running 1/5th of the Edinburgh Marathon on Sunday and am really excited! There will be 100,000 spectators cheering us on and I've been training lots and think I'm in pretty good shape for it. Cha cha cha!

Hurrah for haircuts and cleaning binges and Mandifests and misguided liberals and Anoushh & Mr Anoushh & kitties arriving safely.

Boo on our fridge/freezer which has just died. We may have revived it, although too late to save most of our food of course. There is a fellow coming by on Thursday to take a look at it.
Oh Bambina, do you think there's a connection between the engagement and the paralysis? You should look into that :-) I wish you well for Sunday's run. At least one from the U.S. will be cheering you on, too.

wow, what a weekend. it seems like everything that could go wrong did. well, almost anything. my mom is really hard to please i guess. this sounds mean but i don't think i'll be inviting her again soon, it was expensive and her negativity tends to bring me down. but now i'll have a new houseguest--the mr's sister is coming to our house tonight. and already my oh so loved m-i-l is calling us cause we didn't go an hour and half to pick her up (i thought we were going to but the mr. said she can start being self-sufficient early, so she's coming on the train). i'm am totally s-t-r-e-s-s-e-d!!! but i'm hoping it won't be as bad as i think.

hope mandopalooza went well, i'm so sad i couldn't go --esp. cause i'm only an hour away and i wasn't having a good time at all that day!

love y'all! will try to catch up later....
heh heh. Billy, you're funny.

Crassy, I'm thinking good thoughts for you.

Yay, anoushh! Glad your travels were safe.

Designerm and rosev, keep feeling better!

We found out today we did not get the evacuation cottage. I'm sorta bummed, even though our partner firmly believes you get the house you're meant to get. At least the winning bid was like 9 grand more than ours, so it's not as if we lost it by a measly few hundred bucks. We will keep looking.

Love to all!

Ugh on freezer,yay on marathon.

Yay for Anoushh arriving safely with kitties!

You are a hero, Crassy.

Did I mention that one of the cats peed on my bed the night before we left for New York? Fortunately, I had today off because I was washing the cat pee sheets, the sheets the cat sitter used, and the sheets that we put on the bed for one night after we stripped the cat pee sheets. Plus, of course, the down duvet.

New York was great fun. Apart from the fabulous Mandopalooza, we spent six hours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The guards dragged us away moments after we found Washington Crossing the Delaware. We also walked down to Ground Zero (hawkers selling souvenir booklets), Battery Park and the Staten Island Ferry.
((dusty)), so glad you had a nice trip to NYC. I love, love, love NYC. I always tried to avoid Ground Zero, but on one trip we came up from the subway and we were right there. It made me feel weird because people were posing and smiling while taking photos. That just seemed weird to smile in a photo where something horrible happened. Anyways NYC is so much fun.

((amilita)) Sorry about the cottage.

((crassy)) Sorry your mom is so critical.

((fina)) Boo to having to throw out food.

((anoushh)) Glad to know you all arrived safely.

((rose)) Continue to feel better.

((billy)) Your local paper would drive me insane. Florida is bad enough, I can't imagine Texas (it is Texas right)?

((syb)) Meet the work deadline.

Not really anything to say about today, just a normal work day.


((Good News))
dusty, so glad you had a great trip. I love New York, too...the Mr. (who is from Lawng Island) and I have an idea that we would like to go for a month or longer and sublet something and primarily go to museums.

I haven't brought it up cuz it's nowhere near a done deal, but there is gonna be a huge show of NOLA artists in Brooklyn and the Mr. is gonna would be fun to come there to see the whole show. It's from end of Aug.- early Oct., which is all hurricane season. I don't know how we'd work that out with the cats...and the opening is right around the anniversary of the hurricane, and I don't know if I will need to be here to do some commemoration or what. I suspect so.

Kvetch: I have two arts council events this week and I don't fit into any cute clothes. Bleh.

Other kvetch: 4 out of 8 teaspoons are gone. The Mr. insists that although this is something that seems like he did, he did not do it.

Love to all.

Oh, and ETA: I think I love my's a little past my shoulders and still layered. I got about 4" off, at least, I'd guess. She blow-dried it straight yesterday, so I'll see what it looks like with no attention, my usual M.O.
Popping in to say ...
Welcome home, Anoushh!!!
Sorry for the fly-by (I have been skimming and want to comment on bustie-cons and fun hair and more) but I had to kvetch because my meds are all messed up and my doctor is totally unresponsive, unreachable and gets me mixed up with another patient when I call. And while I will find a new doctor, I need this one to ride me through this storm first. She means well but she has no idea how frustrating it is have her flake on me when I am in crisis (not crisis in any scary, self-destructive sense of the word, just crisis in a high-anxiety, low functioning in my job/personal relationships sense). I am so angry at her. Argh.
((faith))) once upon a time, my doctor once refused to come see me in the ER (chest pains, thought it was serious, it's wasn't). she was there visiting another patient, i heard her voice, asked the resident to tell her i was there. and she just came up with a lame-o excuse and left. which made me cry. some doctors are just plain clueless, borderline heartless.

(((billy))) so so good to see you again! let's try to do a proper catch up soon, eh?

(((crassy))) you're a good soul, and you're doing a wonderful thing.

amilita in NY = mandi's fantasy!

glad to hear annoush is back home, for good!

i have never been to ground zero. i'm not sure i could ... deal. i have a hard time just looking at the damaged skyline. and i hate that they're building anew. especially since they're still finding remnants of victims.

pictures from mandopalooza soon, but private. promise.

antikvetch: our loan closing went swimmingly this morning! despite the mr being rather silly, embarrassing and/or rude, but what else is new? and guess what? nastyass bitchy ms bitchystein lawyer's admin asst that made me cry? she and i are buds now. we're going to go there to have our wills done. heh. go figure.

kvetch: all this money? most of it will be gone next week. and the rest we can only use for the roof/home improvements. good. but oh so painful nonetheless.
(((mando))) congrats on the loan closing!
((((billy!)))) glad to see you too! and please keep fighting the good fight down in tx.
(((anoushh))) hurray for safe arrival (with the kitties, too)

I went to ground zero in November 2001. I didn't mean to, but we were staying with a friend who lived in lower Manhattan, and we were looking for an open deli at midnight, and we turned a corner and there we were. It was ... really hard. And sobering. But I'm glad we went.

((amilita)) sorry about the cottage.
Hi all.
Well, I had my review. As expected, no mention of a raise, but it was fun just to go out to a nice restraunt in the middle of the day and take long lunch.

Mr. Pixie got his certification interview over with and will have his license in hand before the end of the month. He also found out that because they have to leave job openings open so long for current teachers looking for a change, most school districts won't begin hiring new teachers until mid July.He also might have a chance at an Assistantship at the college he goes to.

Congrats Mando! I'm glad things are going smoother!

Anoushh, glad to see you , the kitties, and the bean made it safely1 I did not envy you the long flight while pg!

Amilita, maybe there is a better cottage waiting for you down the road. I just love the idea of a "cottage."

hey y'all, how's it goin??

amilita, it's too bad you didn't get that cottage, but maybe there's a better one waiting around the corner!

anoushh, glad you made it back all in one piece. how are you feeling luv?

*~*~*~good luck vibes for the pixies~*~*~*~

yay for mando's loan!

(((((((((((much love and vibes for you-whom-i-did-not-individually-name)))))))))))))

sooo.... yesterday we took little d to the autism reasearch center. no definite diagnosis was forthcoming BUT they gave us the name of a child psychologist who CAN give us a diagnosis. now i just have to actually get ahold of this woman and pray that i can get him in there before his next appt at the center in a month. *sigh* but we did get him started on some probiotics to hopefully get some of his gut problems worked out and i had to take him today for blood draws to check his "toxicity levels" (heavy metals, certain viruses, etc) nothing like having to hold onto a screaming and hysterical 3 year old while somebody sticks a needle in him. fun fun i tell ya. i still feel guilty. and, because he's so little, we have to go back next week and get the second half done. and that's not even counting the blood allergy tests we have to do too... my poor kid is gonna hate me by the time we get all the bloodwork done.

i'm so tired. i keep just stopping and staring at the screen and trying to remember where i was going with a sentance. yikes.
I was like locked out for two days. heh. glad to see I wasn't the only one, but GRRR.

It was so fun meeting so many of you at mandopalooza... and yes I did and do love my lil limo driver assistant sign holder. He even kept jumping around me with an open umbrella so I wouldn't get wet. Held it for me as I got in the car and then shut my door, jumped out and did it again as I was getting out. Umm can I borrow him with all this rain mando?
So sweet.
(((damona))) & (((little d))) I know how you feel... we used to have to get the nurses in to hold my brother down when he was that age. Can you distract him by singing or anything? (I still say the alphabet when I go for jabs, it does help).
(((faith))) gah
(((amilita))) maybe the cottage wasn't meant to be. you'll find something, so do not fret, and it will be the one you're supposed to find.
(((crassy))) stay strong
(((billy))) your paper would drive me insane, I can barely cope with the daily mail here
(((lively))) who says such nice things
(((everyone I've missed)))

yay! mr pixie's licence, loans and getting on with previously-horrid people, sign-holding assistants, haircuts, art shows, museums, mandopalooza, marathons, annoush & kitties arriving safely, bon jovi, new jeans, and all good things.

thank you everyone who said nice things about the 'do - I wasn't sure about it at first... it's faded a little as well. Ah well.

Not a lot happening here... I've started looking for another therapist, as the one I have is uni-affiliated and can only see me for so long. He's gotten better, and he is being helpful - I know he wants me to see the therapists down in south london, but my gut said no, and I'm going with my gut. I'm still waiting for the doctor to make a decision - appoinment on friday.

Daphne appears to have cheered up; she let me pick her up on several occasions and ate the food I brought her. Which is nice.

Right... I've spent the evening watching dvds and making little fimo models and beads. Time to get some sleep... night all!
((mornington)) Yay for Daphne cheering up.

((damona)) Even as an adult I still hate having blood drawn. I feel sorry for your little one having to give so much blood.

((pixie)) Yay for a nice lunch out of the office, and Mr. Pixie's soon to be received license.

((mando)) Yay for a mostly stress free loan closing.

((faith)) Your doctor sounds very frustrating, especially getting you mixed up with another patient.

((amilita)) Yay for loving your haircut, and good luck to the Mr. for the Brooklyn art show.

I was annoyed with coworkers today, this always happens when I am stressing about non-work related stuff. I promised Mr. DM I wouldn't stress myself into the ER again, so I must stop.

((Good News))

No time to explain - luck, please?


ever-so-cryptic but heartfelt luck for (((plummie))) and everyone she knows.

(((damona & lil d))) poor lil dood. but it's all for the greater cause. that's what you need to focus on. easier said than done, i know.

mornington, you're freakin' ADORABLE! tis so nice to have a lovely face to put with your lovely words!

w-bitch, thanks for the danny-praise. he really can be quite the little gentleman.

kvetch#1: it's bossman's birthday. i wanted to get him something nice, but somehow i got talked into going in on a tie. i am so not a tie-giver. le blergh.

kvetch#2: i purposely wrote myself a note to call dear since-grammar-school friend for her birthday yesterday. and promptly forgot as soon as i put the note in my purse. i sucketh.

kvetch #3: danny's beloved, 4-month old laptop suddenly went kaput last night. guess who never extended the software warranty coverage? oy.
Luck for (((Plummie)))



Jealous of Walkingbitch for meeting Danny but I guess arriving early to help out has its rewards...

(((Damona and fam)))
More luck for ((txplum))

Mando, with the PC, hopefully it's something easily fixable. As a compleat computer moron, I've posted in the Computer thread in Media Whores before... maybe they can help?

(((damona and little d)))

I am posting from the Den of Procrastination. I decided to work from home this week, thinking it would be nice and quiet. However, and there is no other way to say this, I never knew how many scumbags are around here during the day. Bratty bitchy teenage girls, yobbish teenage boys and the usual crowd of alcoholics I usually only see at weekends. Not to mention the car alarms, set off by aforementioned yobs. Policy documents are boring enough as it is without such distractions. Thank cod I am decamping down the country tomorrow, the better to deal with my deadline.

yay annoush is home!


amilita, so sorry about the cottage! *crossing parts you'll get another* i would love love love y'all to come to nyc! glad your new 'do came out nice. (and mornigton your's looks cute!) i gotta get on the horn and get my hair cut. i also have a spa certificate since x-mas that i need to use.

i took the path train to the WTC the other day cause it was close to where we needed to be. it's the first time i've been since 9/11 (i've been avoiding it too) it was really sad.

(((damona & little d)))

cute story about danny walking bitch!

glad daphne seems to be feeling happier!


*~*~*~luck for plummie*~*~*

(((danny, mandi, & beloved laptop)))

(((sybarite))) sounds like you're living in my old apt. building!

kvetch: i am breaking out in hives or something and one of them is near my left eye and i'm having a little trouble seeing. i've also had flu-like symptoms for like 2-3 months and haven't had my period for 2 months (yet i'm not pregnant, i checked twice now). this morning i had an upset stomach too. and then after my shower i found a bumpy mole type thing on my hip. argh. i hate going to the dr. but i think it's about time. still i'll probably procrastinate till next week.


brief summary: no work, new thigh-high socks, no money after today, cooked dinner for mum.

doctor tomorrow, hopefully I'll get a decision as to antidepressants or not.


Sorry to be a selfish kvetchie, but I am having a craptastic day and could use some hugs and ~clear my head and figure this out~ vibes :-(

I was alerted to some very hurtful things that were said about me by someone I thought I was really close to. And I have confirned that they were indeed said by this person. I just don't undestand this type of passive aggression, and man my feelings are hurt. I know the person in question is deeply depressed and struggling with their own self esteem issues, but this was a particularly nasty and low attack. And some of it was blatant lies, by someone who is supposed to be like family to me. I just don't get it, I really don't. I am taking off for the weekend, I need to clear my head. I hope where I'm going has internet connection, cause BUSTie lovin' is the best and kvetchette vibage is the cure all, I tell ya.

(((feel better Crassy)))


*sigh* I got to meet Jim Loney tonight, and hear him talk about his experience in Iraq as a hostage. Verklempt much?
`~~~~get well crassy~~~~
(((syb)))) i never am productive when i work out at home.

still coughy, but i'm feeling better. this weekend, i have an ikea outing planned and i might buy some herbs for my back porch. i can't wait.

still no word on the job...oy. the waiting is the hardest part.

ETA: luck to plummie! (((darlin')))) i was just thinking about you today.

(((livey))) darlin' I feel your pain
(((crassy))) I suffer from hives too :-(
(((mornington))) good luck with doc and see you soon!
(((txplumwine))) mystery good luck!
(((sidecar))) get those job vibes!
(((mama mando)))

Off to London shortly! Won't be BUSTing much. Am going to be soaking up the sun and shopping and reading and visiting fun places/going to theatre/tribute to Angela Carter, spending time with aunt and uncle (and the boy until tomorrow night) and basically having well-deserved break. Oh and meeting a couple of lovely BUSTies too :-)

black bra, black pants.

Love ya!
(((Lively))) I hope the weekend is head-clearing and restorative.

(((crassy))) I agree you should get to a dr, just because I find not knowing what's wrong with me as distressing as actually ailing. Hope you feel much better soon!

Have fun in London bunnyb! Wish we could have met up while you were there. Maybe next time.

Happy friday all! Still hot here, hooray!
This has been an annoying morning! The ex told me last night that he would be out of town next week...usually no big deal, my mom ewatches minipixie when he is gone. BUT she is leaving for vacation next week too! To make matters worse, she isn't sure when...She may be here through Tuesday or she may leave Sunday. SO I asked the ex this morning if his brother (smokeboy)was off any days next week and could possibly keep her so that i don't have to put her in a drop in day care. Instead the ex tells me I can take her to his bosses house which is across the river and on the other side of downtown...ummm...NO! I know the people, but the way he aired our dirty laundry when we were getting divorced, NO WAY! One of my moms friends could probably watch her, but I would still want to pay her something which is why I brought up the subject with the ex because technically he has to pay half of all daycare costs.GRR....

And can just ask all the married ladies out there, do you or your husband take off your ring when you take a shower? I don't. I only take it off to clean it and when I am putting on lotion. Well, Mr. Pixie always takes his off which makes me very nervous because Mr. Dust lost a ring once doing that. He always reassures me that he ALWAYS puts it rigth back on before going to work. So this morning, I am not in a good mood, brushing my teeth, he's leaving out the door...and there his ring is sitting on the counter beside the sink! I am sure I amused all the contruction workers across the street(who started work this morning at 6 freaking 30!)yelling him as he pulling out of the drive way to come back and put his ring on.

Antikvetch: I went to Target last night and go tthe cutest little cabinet to go in my bathroom. It had 3 drawers and 6 little knick knack shelves. After Mr. P got it assembled it took me less than 5 minutes to have it filled! I have a drawer if Bath and body works stuff, a drawer of lotions and powders to put on after baths, and a drawer of wound care stuff. Then I put candles and cute display bath stuff in the shelves. the best thing is that Target has some matching compartmentalized baskets that I can use to organize my under the sink cabinet which is what I was needing. Yeah for bath bliss!

*~*~*get the job sidecar*~*~

*~*~*safe trip and a lot of fun for bunny*~*~*


black with embroidery in gold undies with ablack minimizer.

and even though i posted this already in the house of the gods thread, here are some photos of my house for anyone who's interested: rodid=&.done=
Hey, kids. Guess I'm sickly again. And I've had some symptoms today that are worrying me. The good news? We got the packet on our health insurance in yesterday's mail. Guess it's time for me to find a new doctor. Eep!

The other good news is that I have exercised for 2 & 1/2 hours this week, despite feeling sickly. So I'm not entirely bed-ridden :-)

Mandi, I saw an ad on TV today for a DAVE concert. It made me think of you. Aaaaawww!

Dusty, what do you think of the play-offs so far? Think the Canadians might do better on their home turf? Because the Hurricanes seem to be kicking a lot of tail

((((Lively)))) Hope you can check in, hon. Please remember that we think you're fantastic!

~!~!~!~!~ luck for Plummie ~!~!~!~!~

~$~$~$~$~ jobby job vibes for Sidecar ~$~$~$~$~

BunnyB, I envy you! Today I keep thinking about how much I'd like to visit my family in London. Then maybe pop down to Brighton to visit my favorite spots in The Lanes. Le sigh ...

Crassy, I lovelovelove the tiles in your bathroom!!! So cool! The rest of the place is great too, of course, but I'm captivated by those tiles.

Pixie, I'm so glad that all worked out so well! Hooray!

As for the wedding ring thing ... My jeweler suggests that you do not wear your ring to bed, in the shower, while doing the dishes, etc. This is especially important for rings with jewels because even the friction of the sheets on your bed can slowly wear down the prongs that hold on the stone. Do I remember to take my jeweler's advice? Ummmm ... usually not! I almost always wear my rings. But that's really out of laziness! And when I do remove my rings, I often forget to put them back on. I say you should take it easy on Mr. P. He's trying to take good care of his beloved wedding ring. But since you've been married for less than two months, he can certainly be forgiven for forgetting to put it back on occasionally.

Undies: cotton thong with green pears all over & green trim. Plus a white halter-style camisole.

Ugh. Need rest. Smooches to all of you!
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