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~~~~~Vibes for Anoushh~~~

Hi Sapphy! Hi Faith!

Excellent dvd Dusty!

My dad is having a garage sale and wants to sell all my stuff. He was happy enough to store it in his basement for 8 years until he moved so I don't really see why he needs to get rid of it now but as I don't really remember what's in there I guess he can flog it. I told him my brownie badges are precious and he has to keep those.

Guess who's having a weekend away in the Highlands at a bunkhouse with a SAUNA with Bunny and Lys and Le Garcon?!!! And we're going to a forestry heritage theme park with those log chute waterslides. Fuckin' A! So. Much. Fun.

In less fun news I have developed insomnia and it completely sucks. I can get to sleep fine, but wake up between 2-5 am and cannot get back to sleep for several hours. Any suggestions not involving milk, warm or otherwise, before bed are welcome. I've only had it for two weeks and am in awe of the people I know who have had sleeping problems for years. I just cannot cope with waking up at 5 on a saturday morning for no reason.

sapphy, awesome news about mr. saph's freelance work!

oh my gawd, please someone recap the story of the burglar and the shirt!

~*~*~*annoush's scan*~*~*

(((sidecar))) (((amilita))) ridiculous fights suck ass! last night the mr. & I had a fight over which exit is best to get home from trader joes and i said "this whole route is a waste of time" to which he replied "this whole conversation is a waste of time" and we laughed all the way home.

kittenwar?!? where!?!

(((fina))) i find i sleep better when i've gone to the gym 2-3 hours before bedtime and read fiction for 20 mintues to get my mind at ease before getting into bed.
please commence appraisal vibage pretty please? she's actually stalking the house right now. i'm idiotically pretending i don't know she's here, to buy time for the mr to get home cuz he knows what to tell her, as far as the improvements we've made. color me clueless. i think our house is shit.

and i'm only just realizing, i know two appraisers i could've tried to get instead of a stranger. one of which worked it for us when we bought the house. i am a dumbass.

back to catch up later .... promise.
~$~$~$~$~ emergency appraisal vibes! ~$~$~$~$~
~~~~appraisal vibes~~~~
(((((appraisal vibes))))))))
profuse apologies for barging in and grubbing for vibes without reading earlier. it's been a hectic day. but my bad. i don't like doing that.

*sigh of relief* i think it went well. she was very nice and i do believe she knows her stuff. she's a realtor and has a listing up the street going for an UNGODLY amount of money. if that thing sells even close to what they're asking, our property value will go thru the roof. even if our house is the crappiest one on the block (which it is).

but thanks for the vibage, especially (((rose))) and (((amilita))) and (((dusty)))!

good god, am i jealous of the Great Scottish Sauna Expedition! i shall eagerly await gory details and photos.

(((fina))) if you're looking for pharmaceutical-based sleep advice, than i'm your man. actually, i bet your fun-filled, relaxing weekend away will break your insomnia rut. is it this coming weekend?

i want to vote for wally! did i miss the kittenwar link?

(((sybarite))) fie on m.i.a. pals! i'm happy to step up to the plate and shower you with affectionate emails. except i don't think i have your email address. please remedy!

*all-will-be-well vibes for (((anoushh & bebe)))*

sapphy, give sapphman a woot from me!

faith, color me jealous. i could use a weekend like that. i haven't let loose in way too long. and i've never really been to AC (only Trump Castle for a few hrs once, it's not even on the boardwalk), and i only live a few hrs away.

damona, i'm clueless with websites. i bet sapphy could give you some good advice - her site is rad. what about ebay?

antikvetch: tonight's the kidlet's spring band concert. the one i live for all year (especially since i was sick and meeced the xmas concert *sniffle*). i adore the jazz band, which they always save for last, their ties askew - and the girls don ties special - sleeves rolled up, all casual-looking. you can tell the kids feel Super Cool & Oh So Hip! watch i tear up & embarrass the kidlet again.

*off to google Bryan Blaylock ... yum*
(((mando))) glad the appraisal went well.
(((fina))) i sleep great when i have a glass of red wine in the evening.
(((syb and amilita and crassy))) thanks for the sympathy -- we don't fight hardly at all, but the last couple days we've been all bickery.
(((anoushh))) crossed parts for you.

ETA: (((sapphy)))) congrats to sapph-man! and did you see who's not retiring? i can't decide if that gets a "woo" or a "meh?"

i will have pug pictures, and not just any pug pictures: pug pictures with sophie, who is rather large. it is cute overload. the pug is staying with us this weekend, so i'm sure i won't get any sleep, but the cuteness factor will make up for it.
woo! for ((((mando's))) appraisal going well & good luck to the kidlet for tonight
(((fina))) I'm completely usless on cures but I hope you get some sleep - although a glass of something alcoholic sends me to sleep quickly too (hot toddy?)
(((sidecar))) I know the sympathy is late, but it's there
(((anoushh))) yay! for good news so far & I'll keep parts crossed
yay! for SapphMan (and boo! for knitting students not pitching up)
yay! for departing asshats (((crassy)))
(((faith, dusty, amilita, pixie, damona, txplum, tallgirl, dm, vesica, and everyone else)))

can i second the motion for the burglar/shirt story? and also the kittenwar linky?

Well, other than being in my pjs and ready for bed more because I haven't bothered to get dressed, not much is going on chez mornington (although chez daphne is a hive of eating, running, and mess-making).

I've been having an angst... basically the nice boy I *ahem* saw before I went lambing has gone awol/stopped talking to me. I don't know whether I sent mixed messages, the wrong messages, or what, but... argh! Feeling a little hacked off and well... flat.
Oh, sorry! Kitten War!

Unfortunately, you can't go to a certian loveable fur baby (ahem, Wally) and vote, you just have to start voting and see who comes up. But you can search his results through the kitten search on the left and see how he's far, it is:

won 29
lost 16
draw 10

ETA: I never knew how many people named their cat Loki until I started doing Kitten War obsessively.
I came home to find the bullet holes in my walls patched, and the delivery truck from the furniture store waiting for me.

Who has a new bedroom set? Me!
Yay Otter! If I didn't express this before...holy shit, I'm glad you're OK!

Mandi, I adore you. Get your sweet arse down to TX at the right time, and I will personally escort you to see him live and in 3-D HoooMahGAWDHe'sHotIcolor. (What do you have planned for Memorial Day weekend? :-) )

I am still at work but will shecky in later.
Ah. Alcohol and sleeping. You say you have no problem *getting* to sleep, Fina, but you wake up and can't get back? If you drink before you go to bed, eventually you can wake up in the wee small hours because you are thirsty. Drink can put you to sleep, but ultimately it is too dehydrating to keep you asleep.

"Who put that bullet hole in Peggy's kitchen wall?" Oops, sorry. Bruce Cockburn. Yay for Antiotter!
Happy Belated Birthday and house congratulations to RoseV!
~~Vibe-o-rama~~ for Mandi's appraisal turning out spectacularly!
So, so, so glad to hear you're safe, Antiotter - and with new furniture to boot!
~*~Wedding countdown calm vibes for PixieDust!~*~
~$~Money vibes for Lively & everybody else who needs 'em!~$~
Glad to hear the picture-taking house visit went well, Amilita!
~~Everything get better soon vibes for kick-ass mama Damona!~~
~~Happy test vibes for Anoushh!~~
~~You're getting sleepy vibes for Fina!~~
~~No more fighting, just fun making up vibes for Sidecar!~~

To back up the story of the lovely PlumWine: She and I have been swooning over the beautiful hunk o' man that is Bryan Blaylock for years. None of those pictures do him justice, because none of them show him in full, middle of May in Texas, tan, shirtless, glistening with sweat, muscled glory. Nor do they capture the true joy he gets out of performing or out of the music he helps create. When you mix all of that together, seeing him on the stage (particularly at Faire, but in other venues as well) is intoxicating. So yes, darling Mandi, get yourself down here and we'll make sure you get an eyefull... and I'll even throw in some one-on-one TallBean time. Tempting, no?

House update: As of my last post on Monday, we were waiting and hoping that the information the seller's realtor intended to present to the appraiser would give him reason to raise his final number. She was supposed to talk to him by the end of the day Monday, so we were hoping to hear something back by today. Radar called the appriaser this afternoon, and was told that the appriaser was not considering raising his number - because the seller's realtor hadn't sent him anything. He hadn't heard from her. So our realtor called the seller's realtor to get an explanation. Her reason? She didn't know what paperwork to send the appriaser, so she just didn't do anything. So now we know for sure - no longer just suspect - that this lady's a true real estate professional. So our realtor decided to light a fire under her - he told her that if by the end of business tomorrow she hasn't contacted the appraiser to make a good faith effort to get him to raise his number, we're filing the paperwork to get our earnest money returned and the whole deal is off. It's only half a bluff. We still want the house - very much so - and if they're willing to sell it to us at the appraised value (the highest amount our mortgage company will let us pay for it) then we'll gladly buy it. But if they won't sell it to us for that price, then we simply can't get it. And while they haven't explicitly said that they won't sell it to us for the appraised value if it doesn't get raised, the fact that their realtor is dragging her heels so much does not bode well. In fact, it makes me question whether her lack of professionalism in this one area means that she hasn't even told the homeowners that the appraisal came in low. And if that's the case - well, it's gonna be a rude awakening to them when they get the form saying we want our money back and they have to start over. Especially seeing as how they're building a new house for themselves and will need to be out of this one and out from under this mortgage to be able to get into the new one.

Anyway. I think I'll leave the rest of the gory details about this evening's thermonuclear meltdown for my LJ. Let's just say that a) I think I need my meds adjusted and b) I'm sure glad Radar really really loves me. Hugs & Love to all!!! *mwah!*
(((tallgirl and radar))) My mister fielded similar incompetence when he bought his place. So frustrating. Hope your tactics work and the waiting period flies by.

((morington)) Stupid boys.

Mando, you're my hero as always. One of these days we have to meet up for a long evening of shared vices! :-)

So this morning it was our turn to fight. It was one of those fights which blow up out of nowhere and led to slammed doors and no pre-work reconciliation. It'll be okay I think (and IMO things needed to be said--but I would say that) but it left an icky taste in my mouth. Stupid boys, mark II.

So jealous of scenic scottish sauna fun!! Four years I lived in Bonny Ecosse and *cough* never actually made it to the Highlands. I know a great seafood place on Lough Fine tho'.

Fina, I too find I sleep better if I've exercised that day, but not too close to bedtime. Time in the fresh air helps too, as my gran used to say.
hehe, *cough, mumble, mumble* twenty-five years I've lived in Scotland (bein Scottish and all) and I've never made it North ! I love Loch Fyne salmon, and mussels from thereabouts and Stornoway black pudding... it's almost as if I have travelled around my own country, albeit only in the palate!

Looking foward to it lots, I need a break after all the uni stress.

Re: stupid boys - the boy and I have been so busy and stressed that we've been arguing over nothing (negative comments made by friend last weekend did not help) but less time together = appreciating one another more. He's collecting me from train station on Sunday night and we're going out for dinner before going back to his so should be lovely and much-needed. I've really missed him.

*~*~*~*house/apraisal, job, money, not being shot at again vibes~*~*~*~*

(((((((((Tallgirl &radar)))))))))


Belated happy birthday Rose!!!!!

Boy, what a start of my day! I took the day off from work, so i can finish some things i have to finish.
My cellphone is also my watch, so at night i keep it next to my bed. When i get out of bed in the morning i automatically get the cellphone and put it in my pajama pocket. I decided to wash some clothes, so in the process i took off my pajamas to put them in the washing machine as well. As the machine was running for a bit, i realised i couldn't find my cellphone!! When i opened the washing machine a gulp of water came out. So i closed it again and turned it off. For some reason i couldn't get the door unlocked!
At last i was able to pull the door open and i rummaged throught the wet cellphone.
I then realised that when i got out of bed, i had grabbed my bra and shirt, leaving the cellphone on the bed...phew!

When i found my cellphone, i saw that P had called. He was supposed to pick up my business cards, since it was on his route anyway. So i called him back. He said that he probably shouldn't have paid the business cards, since they were all wrong...JOKE!
He had me jumping there! Especially with the washing machine deb√Ęcle!

Anyway the cards turned out great! I even sent the company an email, thanking them for their service. Tomorrow there's a reunion at the art school i attended, so i'll be sure to take a stack with me.

P has a presentation at his school tonight; about modernism and post-modernism (Andy Warhol vs. Takashi Murakami). I just reviewed it and added some comments, rewriting and adding things. I love writing about art and culture. It works exactly as when i'm drawing, things flow out, even before you thought them up.

Anyway, i have to go back to work..

Bunny, even I've been further north than where we're going!

Um, don't think there will be any sauna pics guys. Call it a hunch.

I didn't know you had lived here, Syb!

FWIW my sleeping difficulties are independent of alcohol intake. I have had crap sleeps over the last two weeks with no alcohol, a wee bit, and rather a lot. I also had crap sleeps on my last weekend away, both days when I could have slept til 10 but woke at 5. I do exercise a lot too and usually in the evenings. I think my body is just testing me or something. Maybe I need to start melatonin or something else Mandi can suggest.

~~~ No more stupid fight vibes, or at least win the stupid fights if they have to happen~~~
~~~ House vibes for Rose, Mandi, Damona and TG- who am I leaving out? Sorry!~~~
Oops, sorry, didn't mean to suggest you were drinking yourself to sleep, Fina, but was responding to suggestions that it might help you sleep.

I bet Sonik's business cards are way cool.
Sidecar, the cuteness alone will probably keep you awake! And yes, I did see who is not retiring, and of course thought of you. I can understand your mixed feelings. But at least it's better than him playing for someone else (I was kinda skeeved out when I read he was even considering such a thing).

~*~*~*vibes for Anoushh and the bun in her oven*~*~*~

~*~*~*excellent appraisal vibes for Casa de Mandi*~*~*~

*~*~*~sleep vibes for Fina~*~*~*

~*~*~*anti-fighting vibes for all who need them*~*~*~ What's up with all the fighting?

HA! I had nearly forgotten about the burglar/toplessness incident. For those who missed it, in a nutshell, there was a rash of thefts in our neighborhood a while back and SapphMan witnessed the bad guy taking something from the neighbor's house, at which point he (under the delusion that he was Batman or something) wanted to chase after said thief. I thought this was a bad idea, so I distracted him by taking my top off. It gave him something else to focus his super powers on. :-)

Whoops! I was about to give an undie report but then I realized it's not Friday yet.
Dusty, yet ANOTHER reason why I adore you - that's one of my favorite BC songs. Actually the whole album, but that song in particular.

Fina and Bunnyb and Lys (if you're here somewhere), where in the Highlands are you going? I love it there. If I ever became independently wealthy I think I'd move there.

xxxooo to everyone else.
fina, melatonin did work for me, once upon a time. that might be a good route for you. nowadays i'm all about the xanax. but then, most of you know that i'm sure.

amilita, thanks for the linkie, but i can't play kittenwar. i feel too bad for the losers. i must be PMSing.

color me pouty because:
1) scottish mayhem do not perform in the northeast US.
2) lovely offers from my gals, but no way i can get my ass to TX anytime soon.

*all parts crossed for the tallfam's housing sitch*
*non-angst vibage for mornington*

now i remember about the topless burglary incident *guffaw*!

(((sybarite))) i've been jonesin to meet you for years, babe.

so glad you didn't wash your cell, sonik ... i was getting panicky just reading!

*make-love-not-war vibes for the taking*

kvetch: the kidlet's concert was stellar. however, he was chewing gum the entire time. i have no idea how the hell you play a wind instrument whilst chewing gum, and while part of me was duly impressed at his prowess, the other part went ballistic. (fyi: we've had gum issues ever since an unfortunate incident involving crusty discards found under his bed. um, yeah. major ewwww. and i've only just relented and let him resume chewing this past week. i even gave him gum in his easter basket.) i made sure i complimented his performance, but i also read him the riot act about how disrespectful it was to his band leader, his bandmates, how idiotic he looked, etc etc.

railing against the chewing of gum. i am officially OLD. i dunno, d'ya think i overreacted? maybe i shouldn't punish him? (no gum period, and two days without his beloved madden 2005. which is gonna hurt.)
I must say, i was also pretty impressed when i read that Mando. Chewing gum and playing an instrument? Pretty impressive.
And you're not old!

And i forgot to say how cute Wally is !!!!!!!!

I used to do some poweryoga twice a week, in the evening. I stopped because it made me very tired. Maybe it's a suggestion, Fina.

Dusty, i'm very content with my cards! I had one before, but i'm embarrased to hand out cards with a hotmail address. It deosn't even work anymore and it was difficult to put it in, because the address was so long. P already took some to hand out at school.

I knew Sapphire was can do nothing wrong in my book now that i heard of this story!

topless burglary..hee! Maybe it could actually work.

Hmmm...was it the oscars that I was so grossed out by Carlos Santana chewing gum, ugh, in closeup while he played? And Mr. Dusty told me that guitar players often chew gum to (let me think here) I think it was to stop them breathing heavily in tune to the music. Don't know how that would translate to playing a wind instrument, hee.

mandi, woohoo for a good appraisal! and glad danny did well even though gum was involved.

sidecar, i'd lurve to see pics of spohie and lil puggie!


(((tallgirl & radar))) argh! sounds like the realtor is on crack or something! *crossing parts that asking price will match the appraisal*



yay for sonik's new cards!

sapphy that's an awesome story!

oh gawd, kittenwar is addictive isn't it!?! too late.... oh, and sukimonster looks exactly like my enzo when he was a bebe. awwww!

when i was in high school algebra, i had to chew gum to help me concentrate. i guess it got ingrained cause now everytime i go to do figures i crave gum.
[pokes head in]
Sorry I haven't been posting much. There honestly isn't a whole lot to report. Luckily, things are going well. We move into the house next week! Woo hoo! Thanks so much for all of the vibes. And my brother got his final grade in Calculus II and he made an A! And we haven't gotten very lost on the roads lately. So it's all good!

~*~*~*~*~ sparkly vibes of health for Anoushh & the contents of her oven ~*~*~*~*~ Is it too soon to coin a nickname?

~$~$~$~ more appraisal vibes for Mandi ~$~$~$~

zzzzzz deep sleep for Fina zzzzzz

~~~~~~ domestic peace and harmony for all ~~~~~~

~~~~~~ extra vibes of peace and sanity for PixieDust ~~~~~~

Sonik, what a stressful morning! I nearly hyperventilated over your phone. Thank goodness it didn't end up in the washing machine afterall!

It's funny to hear you all talk about the time you've spent in Scotland. Sheff actually has family up there, yet I'm certain I've spent more time in Scotland than he has!

Kvetch: I'm in the mood for Bakewell tarts. I'm in the wrong country for such cravings. Sigh!
I knew it, Dusty thinks I'm a lush!

Sapphy, you're famous- you're quoted in the latest Bustline.

Kittenwar makes me feel really bad for the losers too. Although the losingest cats are all pretty weird-lookin', I'm not surprised they're not doing too well.

You could make some Bakewell muffins, Rose- basic muffin mix with a jam pocket and melted white chocolate on top. Seriously effing good.
~*~*~*~*~calm the wedding jitters vibes for pixiedust~*~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~*~housing vibes for tallgirl~*~*~*~*~

mando, i'm glad to hear the kiddo's concert went well, but i'm trying to figure out how one can chew gum and play a wind instrument at the same time. hell, i can barely chew gum and walk at the same time!

~*~*~*~*~*~*moving vibes for rose and anyone else who is shifting around~*~*~*~*~*~*~

sonik! i'm so glad you didn't wash your phone after all! it sounds like i something i might do...

(((((otter))))) i think i forgot to asdd my voice to the chorus of "oh, i'm so glad you're ok!"

sapphy, that was some quick thinking for distraction!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~sleepy vibes for fina~*~*~*~*~*~

well, we had my little d's swim lesson this morning. he is doing so well! she's actually getting him to put his face in the water a bit. but, he was more interested in what i was doing sitting by the side than in what he was supposed to be doing in the pool. usually, i'm in there with him, but today, i'm not feeling too well, so i decided that it would just be simpler to sit and watch. that part didn't go over so well with little d though!

it's chilly in here and my fingers are cold so it's hard to type. but i've got on my pretty, new, green, long-sleeve shirt so all's well.
Mandilicious, the boys used to be a fixture at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, but alas, their old warden...erm, "band mate" and his new minions kept that gig over the Mayhem. I hear tell they'll be at the Great Lakes Medieval Faire in July, though.

{{{{TG}}}} I was wondering why you hadn't called me. What a clusterfuck. I am so sorry.

{{{{love to all}}}}
*tiptoeing in* Knock on wood, everything is going fine again, wedding wise. My boss gave me Friday off with pay so I have been busting my touche to get everything done by this afternoon.

My ex decided to switch nights with me so that my mom can keep minipixie tomorrow night so that I won't have to see his mug on my wedding day.

We picked up Mr. Pixie's tux today at lunch! OMG there is something about a man in a sharp suit that makes me want to undress them! We also made a mix cd last night to play during the reception. It is just so cool because this wedding will have all the elements my first wedding was missing, and we managed to make it so totally different. Even the style of the tuxes. Our family is starting to slowly trickle in. Mr. P found out his nasty sister doesn't really have it in for me, but she thinks that his mom "favors" us over her so that is why she is boycotting the wedding. Of course, she fails to see that the fact that she refuses to come to family functions is the reason we spend more time with her mom.

My dress and ring should be ready to be picked up tomorrow. I just need to finish putting together some of the little decorations. Mr. P's step grandma is holding on, so we no longer have to worry about half the family leaving for Iowa.

I know I am just kind of stringing thoiughts together here. I am just so happy that it will all be over in a couple days! I even bought something new last night that Mr. P hasn't seen for Saturday night!
I do a "draw" a lot on Kitten War, because I can't decide and I don't want any of the kitties to be sad. But sometimes I see a clear winner; like, it is called KITTEN War, so I usually vote for a kitten over a cat.

damona, I love little swimmin' kids! And I love parents who get their kids into swimming...I always feel bad for grown-ups who don't know how.

I had a good time watching the friend of a friend's baby this morning...he was only one month old, and he did a little eating, a little crying, a little sleeping, a little smiling, a little pooping. I got a little of everything!

The Mr. said he was glad he could send me off to babysit "knowing his nuts were all fixed" so that I wouldn't come home with baby lust. As much as I love babies, I'm really content with a short time being around them. Kittens, on the other hand...Wally is even getting so much bigger, the other day I was wishing for another teeny, tiny one.

Jazz Fest is this weekend, and I can already see an increase of people walking around. Nice, friendly people, too.

fina, one of my friends swears by Melatonin. What do you do when you wake up? I've read stuff that you should get up and out of bed to read, then go back to the bed if you think you may go back to sleep...this is from those advice-givers who say the bed should only be for sleeping and sex. No TV or reading or anything else...I've never known anyone who tried that tactic, however.

Saph, I love the topless burgler story...I feel like it's familiar from way back when.

Sonik, I bet your cards are cool. Do you have an illustration on them?

mando, so funny about the gum. My nephew was chewing gum at my wedding, and in the pictures of his whole family, he shoved it between his bottom lip and teeth. I was staring at the photo, trying to figure out what was wrong with him, and is he developing in some weird way that is making him less attractive somehow...and then my mom told me about the gum. Dang.

I'm not a big gum fan, probably because of patient's family members who would crack and/or smack their gum while I'm trapped in the hospital room.

~~~all-purpose house vibes~~~ and ~~~peace, love and understanding vibes~~~ for all!
kittenwar (and cats in sinks) is the biggest distraction I could ever find. I love it... and I'm one of the ones who seems to vote for the stupid-looking cat. Maybe I miss our dumb-cat more than I thought. His name was Spesh (yes, as in "special needs cat") and he used to run into the table instead of jumping on it.

yay! for wedding prep going well (((pixie))). Hope all goes well
yay! for swimming littles (((damona))).
yay for good things (((rosev))) and woo! for your brother
(((mando))) no, you didn't overreact. but I'm glad the concert went well
sapphy, you're a genius!
no-stress for (((bunny))) & a good time with your boy
(((fina, crassy, amilita - & wally - txplum, tallgirl, sonik, dusty, vesica, lively and everyone else)))

well... the boy decided to tell me that he didn't think we had much in common (this he knows after one drunken night and a gig) so we shouldn't see each other again. Bah, his loss. And, tbh, I wasn't sure we did have that much in common... /rambles on

anyhow, I've gotten back from seeing Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins... wow. really really good... and... she is soooo tiny. I never thought of her as small but...big voice. They played some new songs too, and kept to her material too.

and when I got back... Daphne was actually pleased to see me! She wasn't fussed when I went, but she's been pottering around my room & jumping on the bed. Yay! my bunny-baby loves me again!

although minor kvetch: hecklers. surely you're there to enjoy the show, yes?

****much love & vibes to all****
Thursday evening Driveby:

Mandi, speaking with the authority of a Trumpet Goddess, I tell you truthfully: Chewing gum while playing can damage the instrument. Together with the considerable normal spit generated when playing, the sugars and acids will flow through the horn and settle into the valves and slides, causing deterioration and eventually visible corrosion. He's not just disrespecting the band director and his bandmates, he's disrespecting the horn - and to me (and any other serious musician) that's just as unforgivable if not more so.

If I don't post again before then, have a great weekend, everybody! (((YOU)))

tallgirl, i am in awe. thank you for that!
and i PM'd you, please check your email!
E-mailed you back, love! :-)
That's awesome, tallgirl!

Yes, indeed...all that, and she's a Trumpet Goddess too. Is she fabulous or WHAT? {{{{TG}}}}
Mornington, who heckles a crooning jenny lewis?? And boys: double feh. You don't want someone that unoriginal anyway.

Mando, fwiw I think you were dead on (as they say in Norn Iron, otherwise known as N.Ireland) with the gum strictness, even before I read TG's confirmation of same. And you are not old, although on chewing gum issues you may be singapore. :-)

No-one wants to disrespect the horn. Hee. Filthy mind alert. I can't believe no-one called that yet.

Pixie, I lovelovelove my mister in a suit. We were friends first, until I saw him in a tux. Did more for me than a month of winning and dining. Good luck with lastminute wedding prep!

Fina, I went to (I think) bunnyb's uni.

It's sunny, I got work done this week and I'm about to book my london trip. WOOHOO!!!

Mismatched pink satin knickers w/ black trim and white brar. Oh well.

you did, sybarite :-) you mentioned king tut's to me once in academia_nuts. Then again, my dear ol' green place has 3 unis but I think you went to mine - the one with the city name?

Leaving for train station soon to go meet up with Fina then travelling up to the bunkhouse to meet up with everyone - can't wait to meet Fina and Lys!

Just popped in to wish everyone a lovely weekend especially Pixiedust!

undies: white cotton bra and thong. eta: um, actually just noticed that I'm wearing different bottoms! Pale pink frostfrench lowrise, nice ass pants with floozie x ass (these are so comfy I have them if several different colours).

(((pixie & mr. pixie)))

(((mornington))) bunny love is way better than a stupid boy!

hee hee, disrepectin' the horn!

color me jealous about the bunny, fina & lys meeting!

well, i added my little guy (when he was little) to kitten war: but he hasn't won any yet :-(

cotten striped boyshorts and a boring but comfortable nude minimizer.
OK so my joy in kitten war is trying to pick the underdog (ahem, undercat), and make the stats turn out even. Soooooooo procrastinating and must get back to work.
Hee, TG called me a bit ago to ask what it was she said that was so awesome. I said, "Well, you *are* the trumpet goddess." She said, "I did kind of put on a white robe and gold wings, huh?" Hee!

I have a headache. Is the week over yet dammit?

Brand-new undies with coral, peach and white little stripes, and coral waist and leg bands; cream brar. And my hair looks fabulous today.

The work IS OVAH! FINALLY!!!!!! I didn't sleep from Monday 10 am to Wednesday midnight except for a 3 hr. nap! Pah! Then 15 hours of sleep. Then portions, and walk on the beach and a BBQ and portions and the pub! AND NOW HIGHLANDS WITH FINA AND BUNNY AND LE GARCON!!!!

OK, I am manic, still.

And I am also bakin' fresh banana bread to take with me. And tonight we are having polenta and haggis for dinner! Och ay, ragazze!

Love and vibes to allllllll! Kiss kiss kiss!!

Undies? About to strip 'em off so I can shower and be fresh and clean for BUSTies...and SAUNA!!!!

/flies away.
lys, i just PM'd you! please check your email?!!
er, hi, not sure how to post a new topic, but just read this article on how porn is pretty much the norm for police officers in the UK:
Pretty comforting stuff, huh? anyway, wondered what you thought...
Hi, Elaine! Love your name. :-) You should definitely post that link in the feminist outrage thread. That's where we usually discuss such topics.

Sooo envious of the Bustie meet-up in Scotland. Sounds so perfect! And Lys, it's sounds like the perfect way to end such a stressful week. Woo hoo!

Mandi, I forgot to mention this earlier, but I want to back up everything TallGirl had to say about the gum chewing. And how is he supposed to achieve good tone with a glob of gum in his mouth? As a person who played flute and piccolo at school for 7 years, I can't imagine playing with gum in my mouth.

I'm sure she's too busy to check in today, but I wanted to send out some ~*~*~*~ happy anti-stress vibes for our bride, Pixie ~*~*~*~

Hooray for Amilita's baby time! Those newborns are something else, aren't they?

(((((((( ever'body ))))))))

Kvetch: Well, I broke down and cried today. It's time for me to admit that I'm already having a difficult time with the move. Sometimes when I get stressed out I kinda freeze up & I become too scared to even go out the front door. That has definitely been my situation as of late. That's really bad because it means that our initial deposit and rent payment on the house was almost late. Sheff called to remind me about the things I need to do today and I just broke down crying. He wasn't being mean or getting on to me. Truly. I guess I just snapped. Being in such a strange place and not having a car is definitely taking its toll.

Anti-kvetch: I mailed the things I need to mail. The lady will get her money on time ... barely. But at least she'll get it. Plus, my husband is a very understanding & supportive & loving guy.
Welcome, elaine! Looks like an interesting article, but you may get more response about it in the "What the F@$%..." thread here in the F-Word. In this thread we tend to talk more generally about what's going on in our lives.

Thanks for not starting a whole new thread! There is a thread to introduce yourself in As The World Turns...stick around, familiarize yourself with the site, and all that! BUST is a great site!

I posted a few new pictures in Here, Kitty, Kitty! of Wally re-creating the pose in the Mr.'s hand, to see how much bigger he's gotten. And two of my other kitties looking all cute.

Have fun, fina, lys, and bunny! I'm envious, too.

Tonight is the gallery party...I'm not expecting a lot, so I'm not feeling nervous. If we get a big crowd and make some sales, I'll be really pleasantly surprised. Not that I don't think we'll do well during Jazz Fest, I'm just not sure tonight is the night.

Have a good weekend, everyone!
(((Rose))) do you have a doctor/therapist in your new home? We don't want you going all agoraphobic on us...
Cross-post with rosev, who had a better thread suggestion for elaine's article!

Aww, ((((rosev)))) It's good to get all that stuff's hard to move. Very big deal. I hope you feel least it'll be the weekend soon, and you and Shef can spend time together.
Thanks so much for caring, Dusty & Amilita. The wonderful thing about Bust (Kvetch especially) is that I can actually talk about this sort of thing here.

In answer to Dusty's question, nope. No doctor. No therapist. No insurance, either, but that will change in a month or so. And you know, I had a feeling I'd get like this, so I don't know if it's a self-fulfilling prophesy or what. I even joked with friends that maybe I should get back on Prozac before the move just to prevent me from going downhill! Oh well. I know I'm a bit scared of leaving our current place because I'm afraid of getting lost (which happened to me about a week ago) but I also know that there's more to it than that.
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