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Oy, I'm fighting with the Mr. right now because I get frustrated whenever people need stuff from him like artist's statements or bios and they will suggest that he "just get Amilita to do it."

Now, in fact we are in business together with the gallery and in fact I do manager-type stuff with regard to his art career, but I get rather insulted when people outside of our relationship suggest I do this stuff. Bleh. And he thinks it's the same as someone suggesting he change a tire for me...and I suppose there are similarities...but it's also different.

And ya know, I work 12 hour night shifts tonight and tomorrow night, so it's not like I'm sitting around waiting to be handed documents to type up...I kind of have a life. And other responsibilites. Why does everyone leave stuff until the last minute?

Oh, and when I remind the Mr. that I work the next two nights, he's like "lots of people work and do lots of other stuff." Oy.

Vent! Vent! Vent! And I have to go to work an hour early to attend a meeting about how they are expanding the mother/baby unit, which is good...but what good are more rooms without more nurses?

(((everyone...especially Tes and Star)))


rv! leu gardens is just gaw-guss!!! i had my wedding pics taken there!

and uh, if you're driving, you'll be coming within about four miles from my house... ahem!! when is this visit planned??

hi everyone else! ((((kvetchies)))))

gah! i'm supposed to be working, but i am sooooo unmotivated!

*relurks, while humming along to fernando*
hello dusty and falljackets!!

sixelacat~fernando?? cute. you gave away your TV?? wow. do you make shadow puppets on your wall for entertainment?? you are really roughing it, huh.

rose~i love your new pic btw. adorable!!

Hey my busties. So, thanks to Star I'm back online. I will post a pic of new kitty. I got him last night. I couldn't wait a week (I planned to get him with my next pay check).

Mcgeek is really getting on my nerves. He was adorable with my new cat, but in the next breathe mentions his ex wife, and how that I shouldn't consider a local college b/c his ex wife goes there (I'm amazed, but tuition is about 25,000 a year!). Ugh.

Kvetch: My job. We had a bomb scare today. Seriously. My director was pissed that everyone left. They shut down the mass transit, and we're about 2 minutes from there. Also, had a crappy yearly review (although I haven't been there a year yet, so it wasn't really an annual review). My health was brought up again, and that really made me mad.

Anti-kvetch: Spoke at great length with my old college professor. He is reccomending me to a alternative prep program for teaching. It's about time I do this.

Anti-kvetch: Eddie's new show!

Here's a link to the new kitty. He's the first one. Thinking Miles for a name, but I need everyone's help!

((hugs to all))

PS Am I the only one super bummed out about Richard Jeni?
PS Am I the only one super bummed out about Richard Jeni?

Nope. My husband has worked with him many times, and said he was probably one of the more down to earth showbiz types that he has ever worked with.

I can remember him being on the tonight show when it was still Carson.
It is sad.
star, I’d say I’m a born shopper, but not a born spender. I am all about sales. Even if I am given money I hardly ever buy an expensive item. If I was on WNTW I’d probably hold the record for buying the most items for $5,000.

mornington, yay for a nice chat with F.

bunny, the restaurant the boy is taking to you sounds fun. A new outfit is a must.

((polly)) Sorry about the flat tire.

sixel, I wish there was an Ikea close to me, but I don’t think there is one in Florida.

pixie, yay for getting up in time, boo for forgetting your wallet.

sidecar, sleep is definitely important. I was completely lazy, and didn’t work out all weekend.

culture, your puppy sounds cute.

dusty, glad you are feeling better.

rose, I love your Mii avatar. Mr. DM has made about a dozen Mii’s including some celebrity ones. I love seeing the Mii’s walking around especially in this new game he got. I live close to Orlando, so if you have extra time on your trip let me know and we could have a meet up.

amilita, I’d be frustrated too with the “just get the wife to do it” comment.

sassy, your new kitty is so cute.

Mom DM called me at work today to tell me my second cousin was raped by four men last week. She didn’t have all the details, but it made me very angry. She said the police said she couldn’t press charges because she was invited to meet them or something. That makes no sense at all.
(((((((((dm's cousin)))))))) wtf? they can't press charges my arse.

(((((sassy)))) yay for kitten! he's adorable. I'm dreadful with names... but I like Miles. For some reason, I want to suggest Charles. boo on mcgeek and the job.

((((bunny)))) ooh! *makes note* wink.gif a new dress is a must! And I know this was in another thread, but yes, it is the cresent tube station!

((((sixe)))) yay for fernando!

((((amilita)))) urgh. but yay for expansion (even without enough nurses, it's a start, yes?)


((((tes & mamae)))))


i have done nothing today. I feel guilty for it. mellow.gif

RV you are so right about her chewing on favourite shoes. Her thing when she wants attention is that she takes little peices of rawhyde bone, buries them in the house plants and then digs them out after. She is sleeping right next to me right now, snoring away. She's a darned cute sleeper.

Morning, don't feel guily about doing nothing! Everyone deserves days like that! I wish I could have a do nothing Monday! I'm very jealous.

DM, thanks *blushes* I'll post pics of her sometime. The black bandit.

Sassy, what an adorable kitty.

Later kvetchies!

Sassy, I like Magoo at the bottom of the page. He's cute with his googley eyes. blink.gif
WB, I honestly don't remember anything about Richard Jeni. I read some of the stories about him online, & it didn't jog my memory. But I'm very sorry to hear that the world has lost a genuinely nice person.

((((((((DM's second cousin)))))))) That is so awful. And the idea that she can't press charges is total shit. She needs to get a lawyer and fight that.

Amilita, you have TONS of sympathy coming from me! My mom has worked the night shift in the ER for ages. It is soooooooo much harder than working the same hours during the day. I say you should make the Mr. do his own work for a change. Grr.

Star, that pic is my Mii! Or at least it's the latest version of my Mii. I like to change it occasionally. This is the one my brother made for me while I was home at Xmas. smile.gif

Sassy, Miles is a great name. I like it.

FJ! Hiya, sweetie! So glad to hear that you approve of this location. I told Mom & she is relieved to know that one of my internet friends has seen the gardens first-hand & loved it.

We will be in the Orlando area during the last week of June. After that, we'll drive back north with my mother-in-law so that she can stay with us for a couple of weeks. So we've got a lot of family time scheduled for this summer. When I know more, I'll definitely let you all know!
Richard Jenni!! That's what my mom was talking about. I finally figured it out. Yesterday, she left a message saying she wanted to call me about something they heard about a comedianne on the news. I'm like, "okay." I didn't call back. Makes sense now. Duh. That is sad.

Sassy, well, we know McGeek is great for putting his foot in his mouth. But, I'm sure he is looking after you and not wanting you to get upset with the ex around. Yay for the kitten!!

DM, i'm really mad for your cousin. seriously. no fucking woman invites rape into her life. i hope justice is able to happen for her. my heart is just crushed for her.

(((((((((((((((((DM & DM's cousin)))))))))))))))))))))))

ok, kvetchies. i need to go workout. hugs and kisses!!

(((mornington, DM, dusty, bunnyb, mando, tes, sassy, candy, CH, rose, pixie, sybarite, PiP, and other lurking kvetchies)))
A sassy sighting! Woot! I like Miles for his name too. He is too cute! *head scritches for sassy's kitty*

PiP, I liked Magoo too! I was actually imagining how he'd get along with my kitties......

(((((((DM's cousin))))))) that is some serious bullshit. I don't care if she was on a fucking group date with all four men, rape is RAPE, goddamnit! Grrrrr......

On a better note, you DO have an Ikea coming close to you! One is opening up in Orlando this fall. Yeah, I spend a LOT of time on their website biggrin.gif .

I was surprised when I heard about Richard Jeni yesterday, I remember him on Carson, too. Very sad.

Dusty, you got Fernando's theme song just right! It's what I was thinking of when I named him. (for some reason I think of all dishwashers as male....I think I spent waaay too much time in the food service industry)

star, I could never be THAT tech-free! Between the laptop, cell, and PDA, I'm not even sure if I need to get a TV. I spend enough time watching Netflix on the laptop! And YouTube,, heck, I even found the first episode of The Riches online and watched it this afternoon (admittedly, the laptop is sitting on a TV tray, and I'm sitting in a fold-up camp chair). And there's a new TV phone at work that gets 8 channels of live TV.....

mornington, do NOT feel guilty! You know how muscles are actually building in the rest periods between lifting weights? I'm convinced our brains do the same. It's a scientific fact, you MUST be lazy some days! tongue.gif

where's bunny? and mandolicious?

~~~~continued tesFam vibes~~~~~

((((kvetchies, lurkers, and YOU)))))
Yeah, DM, that sounds like BS. She should call RAINN (1-800-656-HOPE) and see if there's a rape crisis center in her area that can help her out.

(("Hi!" and hugs to all)) Just dropping in- have to go to bed....f-ing jury duty....what a great week!
sixela, I'm here! *waves* oh, and myspace ref here: that's the meaning of your handle!

*waves as fj, walkingbitch, prettynpink, dusty and sassy too* glad for the sightings!

wb, suicide is always sad.

sass, I like Miles or Milo. I loved Magoo and the others; I can't see cats for adoption without wanting to save them all. Save the cat, save the world.

morn, doing nothing was more or less my day yesterday; today I need to work my biatch ass off.

(((dm's cousin))) NO WAY is that the case; the only way they can't press charges is if there is absolutely no evidence.

hopes dm is still near Orlando when I go to Florida next summer (SQUEE! you have no idea how excited I am about next summer's hols).

I didn't buy anything in Ikea this visit as just pricing but we had rockin' swedish meatballs and returning on the easter weekend to buy some billy bookcases and possibly a desk and chair.

um, what's a mii? I'm guessing it has something to do with the wii?

polly, jury duty is the suckage; twice I have been called and twice I've been chosen.

I'm thinking of buying this dress for my birthday, you can't see in pic but it has little silver and clear jewels over it.

kvetch: my laptop wouldn't turn on this morning.
anti-kvetch: it has now.

(((everyone, especially tes and family)))
Morning Kvetchies!!

Hey Bunny, Polly, and Six!!

I'm still not managing much sleep. Argh.

kvetch: horniness and being single. i know what you will all say. self luvin'. well, my right hand is a cheap date and getting tired.

antikvetch: i managed 30 min. on the elliptical this morning. a miracle i tell you.

i feel all ergodynamic with all of this ikea furniture talk.

**moonwalks out**
DM, that's horrible about your second cousin. One of our patients last night was a girl who was kidnapped with 3 other girls, raped and then shot. She is 14. Such horrible things in the world sometimes.
Bunny, a mii is the character you create for yourself to play the games on a wii. Mine looks just like me! Rose, did you just take a picture of the screen or is there a way you can upload your mii to use in other places? And that dress is lovely!

Hugs to all- at least the weather is nice....if I get out early, maybe I'll drive downtown and hang out by the lake!
ooh, bunny, that dress is gorgeous!

((((amilita)))) that is just horrible! (((patients)))

hehe, star. I know that feeling all too well.

((((sixie)))) this is my theory of laziness.

I want to go to ikea; I just like wandering around and choosing what I'd have in my house if I had unlimited space and cash. My current object of desire is a red and white candy striped chaise longue... rolleyes.gif

I've been working out some embroidery patterns. all hail craftster... wink.gif

DM, I agree with Polly. Contact RAINN & tell them the situation.
(((((((((((DM's second cousin)))))))))))))

Amilita, what a horrific story! Are you okay? I know that dealing with these tough cases can be very difficult.
((((((((((rape victims))))))))))

Polly, I just took a pic of my TV screen. I wish I could eliminate the grey stripes, though. I might have to work on that a bit more. I also think the face shape is a bit off. Hmmmm. I'm hoping that in the future Nintendo will offer even more options for Mii's. For instance, I would love my Mii to have purple hair! And it'd be great if Sheff's Mii had his characteristic dimples in his cheeks & chin.

Bunny, that dress i so pretty! I love the pattern of the fabric.

Morn, what are you embroidering? What does the pattern look like?

~zzz~ good sleep vibes for Star ~zzz~ Good for you for working out!

On that page that shows Sassy's new kitty, there is also a kitty with a lazy eye &, oh my goodness, he is tugging at my heart soooo much! I hope he gets a good home.

(((((((((Tes & family)))))))))

Gotta take care of the laundry!
(((tesao & mama & fam)))

(((DM's cousin))) god, how horrible. that poor baby.

(((amilita))) is (((the girl))) going to be ok?

sometimes i wonder how i find the audacity to wallow in my menial day-to-day sadnesses & preoccupations with such abject horror happening out in the world.. i know it's all relative, but still.

*restful sleepy vibes for stargazer* i'm glad you're getting some of m's stuff. strength vibes to you a-plenty, chica.

save the cat, save the world. that's a t-shirt waiting to happen. heh.

and darn you to heck bunny for turning me on to yet another apparel site! i've bought three dresses online in the past 5 days ... and march is a lean month for us, financially. argh.

(((plat))) just cuz.

richard jeni's a big steaming pile of me was on a few weeks ago. i could watch that over and over again. he was brilliant. poor man.

sixelacat, what'd you think of the riches? oh so twisted, yes? right up my alley, hee.

culture, you have a border collie? that's my second fave breed! we have a new puppy at the club, to help aging hughey chase the geese. her name is paige, she's 14 months, and very timid and hyper, but oh so adorable! she and hughey are currently working out their hierachy. hughey's being the mean growley alpha-male, like the patriarch collie in babe. paige just lays down & obeys, she knows the rules. you know border collies are very territorial and protective of their masters, right? they also must be kept busy.

welcome back, sassy! miles is a perfect name. and rose? magoo's stolen my heart too!

speaking of heartstealing, can i ask for some mandi-gets-what-she-wants mysterio vibes? nothing bad. possibly something very good. but i don't want to jinx it. altho i wonder if i just have. unsure.gif

kvetch: feeling very blue and shaky and out of sorts, despite my new sassy blondey blonde 'do. hoping a walk later will help. hoping the meds kick in. hoping for a christmas miracle over here.

Wake up it's a wonderful morning, we're off on a wonderful day.... (that is so stuck in my head right now.....)

Hi, bun! Lovely dress! (and yeah, I was one dyslexic kitty as a child, that's actually at the top of many grade school papers. Took forever for the folks to convince me that wasn't my name....)

((((amilita)))) that poor girl. I was chatting with a nursing student just the other night, who had a patient who was all beat up and told her it was because he had raped a girl, and her brother had come after him and beaten him half to death. She went and got another student to be in the room with her, as she didn't want to be alone with him after that. Reason #567 why I don't have the chachas to do what you do, one patient would break my heart, and the other I'd want to break his neck. Seriously, what you do is amazing.

(((star))) time to take your left hand out for a drink....and major kudos for working out in the morning! Esp. after not sleeping. Go you!

(((mornington))) I went through some magazines once and decorated my old tiny one-bedroom flat in my head with actual designer cost $20,000. And that is why I heart Ikea!

*stifles jealousy of Polly's maybe trip to the lake*

roseviolet, your Mii would ROCK purple hair! Ah, the siren song of gaming systems......*shakes head* must. furnish. apt. first. arrgh!

Eeek! I need to do laundry too, else I will have to show up to work dressed as Lady Godiva!

(((kvetchies)))) ~~~~~tes and family~~~~

eta: x-posted with MANDO! HIya, gorgeous! *waves* I really really really liked The Riches. Really! He has honed his dramatic acting chops quite a bit since his last serious film, and I thought the premise was quite good. Lotsa potential there......

~~~~~world give mandolyn what she wants vibes~~~~~
~*~*~*~*~ mystery vibes for Mandi ~*~*~*~*~

Sixel, you must have had cable as a kid!

The Richies was too dark for Sheff. The acting was great, but the characters are such horrible people that he doesn't want to watch it gain. [shrug]
*~*~*sending strength vibes for mando*~*~*

(((((((mando)))))))))) and big hugs to help with the shakiness!

a cat with a lazy eye? awesome! someone better adopt that animal. stat!

ok. i need a nap before i take my friend's dog for a walk...along the lake. **rubbin' it in six's face**

yes, i only live blocks away from the lake.

**electric slides out**
*tackles dusty, runs by and gooses plummie on the tush, and covers bunny in keeces. looks around and says: "anyone else want some of this?" tongue.gif * Can ya tell I'm in a feisty mood?

~~~mysterio get-it-girl vibage for mandi~~~

((((((amilita))))))) ugh, I can't even begin to imagine how you cope with those situations. you are a superhero in my book, and I am sending out ~~~~super duper copage vibes for you~~~~

and for ((((((dm-cousin))))))) that is horrific and cannot be right, something CAN be done.

((((((tes & family))))))

and ((((star)))) who is quite the stunner, btw.

yay for new sassy kitty! Miles is cute.

my new kitty is coming in about two weeks and it's a girl, so we gotta come up with a name for her too. IPB Image

speaking of which... hey six, my niece is also a sixela smile.gif


So last night I got this message on MySpace from some random person (or so I thought) that said "call me". I usually just delete such things, but decided to open and it lo and behold, it was an estranged family member. It's my cousin Rob, whom I was closest to growing up (we were born six months apart so he was more like a brother when we were youngin's) but lost touch with a couple of years ago after he and his family stayed with me temporarily. We'll just leave it at living with other grown folks is never easy. Anyway, this gets me back in to touch with my aunt and all my other cousins in New Hampshire that I've been out of the loop with for the past few years. And Rob and his wife have a new son! Well not so new, he's a year and a half now and judging from the pic, a little heartbreaker already. Of course it's already been established that I have to head out thataway some day, hopefully sooner rather than later. Naturally I've already been perusing airfare. And Art's trach is out, he is up and walking some and may be out of the hospital later THIS WEEK! Oh yeah baby, BUSTie vibes are some strong, wonderful magick!

Good Tuesday afternoon!


Shit, I've missed out on a lot.

How is everyone?

The weather here is lovely, I hope it's the same where the kvetchies are too!

Oh star being horny and single was a killer. I'm the type who is uber picky when I sleep with someone, so it was a huge challenge for me to find a fuck. I went through a lot of batteries.

That is all. Only a little bit left on lunch, at least there are only 3 more hours left in the work day, then HOME TIME!!!! YAY!

((((dm's cousin)))))
~~~mystery vibes for mando~~~

I've had kind of a crap day. I didn't make it to the gym again (I had better, sexier things to do this morning) but now I feel like crap. The salad I made for lunch was disappointing. I'm all broken out. I haven't heard anything about the job I interviewed for, but that's typical (still, it doesn't do much for my confidence). I am going to a gig tonight (TV on the Radio) but was out last night too, and would almost rather chill at home with my dog tonight.

I'm just kinda feeling bleh about myself, in all aspects. I'm sure a good night of sleep would help, as that's something I haven't had in awhile. Maybe tomorrow night.
*smothers yuefie with kisses*

~*~*~*~mystery vibes for mando~*~*~*~ am I too late?

(((amilita))) and (((the girl))) that's so horrible sad.gif . what everyone else said: you are a hero, a superhero (I'm loving Heroes just now), to do what you do after what you went through takes great strength of character and a huge heart.

(((sidecar))) you rock too!

thanks for the dress love, I'm going to try to pick it up tomorrow before work (a little shopping will help the bad medicine down). I'm having blood tests in the morning to see if I have a vitamin deficiency.


no, it's not too late, bun.
and i hate being cryptic. so i'll fess up.

we're putting in an application to adopt this adorable critter. but she's in VA and we have to go thru the process and all that. i have no idea how much it costs to ship a dog, and i don't think we'll be able to drive down and get her. but all parts crossed that the planets align, because - of course - i've already gotten my hopes up.

isn't she precious?!?!?!
Mando, she is so adorable! Awwww!


((((sidecar)))) I hope you feel better soon hun.

*tackles yuefie* I'm so in the mood! Ha, catch me if you can! the kittie is soooooo cute!


I'm feeling a little down today. I'm not too sure why. I just want to pull the blankets over my head and sleep. I woldn't mind if le man was with me. I think it has to do with the fact that he's away this weekend. sad.gif

And I still haven't heard back from the interview I had. For the job I am already doing.

*deep depressed, pathetic sigh*

Magoo will be Miles middle name. Strangely enough, I was between him and Magoo at the shelter. You know I wanted to take them both. Now, I want to work on a "save the cat, save the world" t-shirt...

Mcgeek is still being an ass. But, we found a deal going to Seattle today for about $79 in May. I'm hoping that he's trying to be a good boyfriend, and working on that.

yuefie love the kitty, and mando what an cutie! Yay for new pets!!

I really liked Riches, but I think everyone figured that one out...

Today was a crap day. Had really bad PMS, and got into a weird fight with my dad.

((sidecar)) ((sixel))

In with everyone about the IKEA love. My bedroom and table come from there. I'm so happy that they finally have one in GA! Probably be buying from them again shortly. They rock for decorating small spaces.

~~~interview vibes for culturehandy~~~

I need some job hunting vibes. Two of my closet co-workers got the can last week for no good reason. Both of them had been with the company for 6-8 years. Shows you how they value their employees there. Considering going back into teaching.

Apologizes for the long post.
OMG mandi, that pupper is SOOOOOO friggin cute! All my parts are triple crossed for ya ~~~~~get that adorable dawgie mando-family~~~~~~

*smothers bunny with keeces right back*

*smacks ch on the butt and says, "catch me!"*

~~~smooches and tushie slaps all around Kvetch~~~

I had a complete meltdown this afternoon. I wrote all the dirty details out on LJ because I am not comfortable posting the nitty gritty here, it being so public and all. I just had a HUGE thing dropped in my lap and I felt all panicky. I am a little better about it now, but geez, I was really freaking out there for a bit. Sorry to be so cryptic. Okay, so the good news is, Art is being released from the hospital. But part of what panicked me is that it's tomorrow. And he has to come to my place because he can't get up the stairs at his mom's or where his girlfriend lives. Though we had talked about it briefly, I had been under the impression that he was going to a rehab facility first, and that is not the case. His medical insurance does not cover that, so they are basically shoving him out the door now that he can walk a little. And it irked me that I was not kept informed and just got a call out of the blue demanding that I be there first thing tomorow morning so that I can learn what I need to know about caring for him like I have no life or prior commitments. That's just shitty. But he is my family and someones got to step up to the plate. I talked at length with his mom and feel a little better. Also I am not as freaked because the lady I spoke with turned out to not have all of her facts straight. But it is still a huge undertaking. I've commited myself to a couple of weeks, but I can't do it long term and I just had to set some boundaries, as hard as that is for me to do.

((sassy)) Job opportunities for you.

((mando)) I hope you get the adorable corgi.

((sidecar)) I hope you get some sleep.

((amilita)) and ((the young patient)) Why are there such horrible people that would harm someone for no reason. It just makes me disgusted. I don’t think I could handle your job, you are a strong woman.

bunny, I don’t plan on moving anytime soon so I should still be living near Orlando when you visit next year. I’d love to meet you. I like that dress you posted.


Thank you to everyone for the vibes for my cousin. It just makes me sick how many disgusting people there are in the world. Mom DM did say my aunt wants to press charges so I’m pretty sure they are going to fight it. Right now I just hope she gets tested for STD’s and pregnancy, and gets the support she needs.
Oh Mandi, she's WONDERFUL!!! Oh my goodness! I soooooo hope you get her. You would be such a good doggie momma!
~~~~~~ oodle of corgi-love vibes for Mandilicious ~~~~~~

((((((((Yuefie)))))))) You poor thing! That's an enormous load to take on on such short notice. I hope everything works out for you. The bottom line is that Art is doing better and that is very good news.

~$~$~$~$~ job vibes for Sidecar, CH, and Sassy ~$~$~$~$~

((((((((Stargazer, Sidecar, Bunny, Mornington, Pixie, DM, Amilita, & eeeeverybody))))))))

So, does anybody in here know anything about job recruiters? If you find out about a job opening from an independent job recruiter, are you obligated by law to use that recruiter if you choose to persue the job? Or can you apply for the job on your own? I ask because Sheff still has his CV on and a recruiter sent him an e-mail about a job in San Francisco. And Sheff is interested, but we'd rather not go through the recruiter. The company is publicly advertising for the job, so it isn't like this is some secret. So. What to do?
(((Yuefie and Art)))

(((DM and cousin)))

(((Amilita and girl)))

I have a lingering image from something one of the war resisters said in a talk the other night, an image that will be stuck in my mind. What people do to each other.

Heh. It probably wouldn't be difficult to persuade Mr. Dusty to drive down to VA to pick up that pooch for the Mandos.

My cat Smokey is Buster Magoo some days.

My sewing class didn't go so badly tonight, even though I cut out the material wrong at lunchtime and had to figure out a way to buy more fabric and wash and dry and cut it before class. I guess my drawstring bag is now officially handwash and hang to dry. I have a better understanding now of why cheap clothes need to be washed more carefully than expensive ones.
~*~*~more cousin vibes~*~*~* for DM!!

Phew! No jury duty. My group got called up to a trial, then they interviewed us in groups of 14 people. They need 14 people for the jury and they picked 10 people from the first set of 14. Then my set went in and they picked the other 4 people from my group, but I wasn't one of them- woohoo! It was a murder trial, too. It would have lasted until next Tuesday.

We got Tana back from the vet's office, clean-toothed and growth-less. They did another kind of urine test to test for the particular kidney disease Basenji's are prone to, but it came up negative. Which is good, but it doesn't give us a medical cause for his peeing in the kennel thing. unsure.gif Which means it's behavioral, at least seasonally. I'm going to call the vet tomorrow to talk about where to go from here (I was still at the courthouse when he needed to be picked up, so LeBoy got him and didn't ask the right questions!)

That doggie is soooo cute, mando- could you maybe drive halfway and meet someone? I suppose that might be a lot to impose upon a shelter, though.

((yuefie)) I'm sure anything you can do for Art will be appreciated, and don't feel like you're not doing enough!!!

((sassy, culture, bunny, stargazer, sidecar, mornington, rose, six, amilita, pixie and anyone else I missed)))
((((((((yuefie))))))))) good for setting boundaries! thanks for the compliment. i'm really bad at 'em. of course, i want to say...the pic you saw was old, my skin was better than, yada yada yada. but, i will just say thanks. smile.gif

*~*~*sending out strength vibes for yuefie*~*~*

*~*~*sending out job vibes for sidecar, sassy, & CH*~*~*

sassy, if you go to seattle, then you can meet PrettyInPink! are you lurking out there PiP??

mando, what cuteness! and i include you in that statement too. i'm not just talkin' about the kitty!

my chin is sore. i fall down and go boom. i'm a klutz i tell ya. even walking a dog is dangerous for me. argh.

kvetch: michael's mom's job is giving her pretty much no bereavement days. i'm really mad for her. but, she is not one to cause a fuss. i hate it when good people are taken advantage of.

i'm off to bed kvetchies........

((((sassy, sidecar, polly, CH, candy, amilita, anoushh, dusty, DM, yuefie, bunnyb, mornington, raisingirl, faith, plat, tes, mando, pixie, PiP, rose, billy, sixelacat, and other kvetchies))))
*tsk* that's terrible about Michael's mom not getting bereavement days. At my old job, if it was a child that died, I think you were automatically given a week off, and I'm sure if you weren't excessively taking days off before that, they'd probably give you more time, no questions asked.
((((((DM cousin)))))) I am so glad that someone is going to fight for her. Poor, poor thing. Nobody should ever be told a rape is something they "asked for". FUCK that noise.

That is plain wrong, poor ((((michaels mom)))). Heartless corporate shitheads.

star, baby, you are gorgeous. I don't care about what your skin looks like now, or if your hair is different, or blah, blah, blah. You are a hottie, so nyah tongue.gif

Polly, I lurve your cowgirl sockmonkey! And your perdy red hair smile.gif

I love getting a peek at my fellow BUSTies. And you know what I've noticed? We sure are a beautiful bunch.

(((((((all you mahvelous and gorgeous creatures))))))))

I had a nice time visiting with my friend Vena tonight. Her brother is still hanging on, so thier family is pretty much at the wait and see stage. She has to get back home to her family and job though. I know I should be asleep now or at least enjoying the cup of tea I was promised myself. I rearranged everything I have to do tomorrow so that I can go to the hospital at 8:00 to observe and then I guess I am bringing him home with me. I don't want to seem like I am doing this begrudgingly, 'cause I'm not. I was just caught off guard, I had no idea it was going to be so soon and the way it was presented was not cool at all. I love my cousin very much and am flattered that he feels more at home here with me than anywhere, and most of all I am glad he is well enough to be released from the hospital. It was pretty touch and go and quite scary there for a while. So I am counting my blessings, putting my big girl chonies on and stepping up to the plate like I said I would. Boundaries are a good thing and setting them doesn't make me a meanie. Logically I know this, but I still get those nagging doubts. Like saying no means I'm being selfish or callous, which is not necessarily true. I just have to remember that!


yuefie, aw thanks. *blushes*

kvetch: sore. but, working out is good, right? must keep it up.

i'm off to work and then eating with my best gay tonight.


*sticks head in*

mando, she's adorable! ***crosses parts***
i second the movement that star is hott. with two "t"s.


i'm hungover after a night with exgoth and german. at least we restricted ourselves to three bottles of wine, although we did eat an entire chocolate cheesecake between us.

*smooches all and dissappears*
Yuefie, I read you on LJ and IMO you are absolutely right to set those boundaries. Other people need to step up too. Good for you for being there for Art now though; I'm sure he appreciates it.

((((DM's cousin)))) I agree with everyone saying she should look into pressing charges. What kind of person can say 'don't press charges' to a rape victim?!

(((amilita))) You do good work lady.

Stargazer, that is absolutely appalling michael's mom doesn't get time off. Just inhuman.

I saw my dad today. He has a health concern but is just being so positive and it looks like he can start treatment this spring so he may well be right as rain by the summertime. He rocks; it's good to see him in good spirits.

Additionally work is starting to go really well and I'm getting ego-boosting good feedback that I'm trying to ignore so I can get on with the writing required.

*mwah* to all!
(((Yuefie))) Its a huge responsibility, and you should get the help and acknowledgement you need to do take it on.

(((Michael'smom))) That's criminal.
(((((((((((Michael's mom)))))))))))) That is wrong. Horrifically wrong. How can a company be so cold?!

(((((((((Yuefie))))))))) Oh honey, we know you & we know that your heart is in the right place. It's so wonderfully generous for you to offer to help Art. Sending much strength & serenity to you!

(((((((((Tes & mamae & the whole TesFamily)))))))))

~~~~~~ healthy vibes for Sybarite's dad ~~~~~~

Morn, how big was that cheesecake?! Wowza!

~!~!~!~!~ more puppers vibes for Mandi ~!~!~!~!~

I tortured myself last night and spent some time on Petfinder. And whaddayaknow, I found a dog that stole my heart away. Uuuuuuuugh. So unfair!!!
Oh, she's so cute, Rose. Sounds like such a nice dog. I don't even want to look on Petfinder- my mom and I are probably going to start volunteering at a no-kill shelter near my house and that's going to be hard enough!
((((yuefie)))) good for you for setting boundaries. Family is important --- but that doesn't mean they get to take advantage of you. I'm glad Art's better.

(((sybarite))) glad to hear your dad's feeling good and that work is going well.

~~~get that doggie, mando~~~ It is super cute. Also, I strongly advocate getting a slightly older "young" dog, like the one you're looking at. You still get plenty of puppy cuteness and energy, without, uh, housetraining difficulties.

((((((michael's mom)))))) that's so gross. bereavement leave is another place where the US time off policies are crap. like she should be back at work, after dealing with this. yeah, that's going to be good for her psyche, not to mention her ability to do her work well or be productive. bleh.

I stayed out too late last night (I got home at ten to midnight; not that big of deal normally but definitely for a working stiff on a Tuesday!) but the show was quite good, so I'm glad I went. I'm feeling the effects though as I've already dribbled coffee onto my shirt (right between my boobs). Twice. Good thing I work in a shopping district.

((((tes, mamae, and family)))

(((michael's mom))) hasn't she been through enough? that's horrible.

(((syb's dad))) I hope his positivity lasts and everything works out well.

(((yuefie))) you have a heart of gold, chica, and wear it on your sleeve.

~*~*~*misty come to mama mando~*~*~*~

dm, yay! I would love to meet you too. also, west coast busties: whenever the boy and I go to visit his sis in Vancouver (don't get your hopes up, it won't be anytime soon and maybe not even until the winter olympics in 2010) we'll be making a trek of it and travelling down to Seattle and Las Vegas (yuefie, I'm looking at you for latter!)

sidecar, surely working in the shopping district isn't always a good thing? wink.gif

syb, yay for ego-boostage!

morn, sounds like my kind of girls' night!

polly, yay for no murder trial!

could I ask for some dress vibes please? I want that dress for my birthday and the two of the shops I visited today didn't have it in my size and neither does online; I haven't exhausted other shops and I could try to order it in or locate it in manchester but some positive vibes that I can find it somewhere would be appreciated. I did, however, buy grey shoes to wear with the dress (check out the show thread, I've posted the brown version).

(((rose, dusty, star, sixela, amilita, sassy. pixie, anoushh, fina, faith, culture, tes, plat, everyone I'm missing...)))

WTF, no bereavement leave for a PARENT who has to bury her CHILD?! That's so wrong. She should get at least a week off, the poor woman.

Yuefie, I need to read your LJ when I have more energy, but I'm thinking about you.

That dress was adorable, Bunny, and it belongs on you.

I went out this morning to do some errands and came back home only to feel like ass. This whole not sleeping enough is catching up with my immune system. If I'm not around here much, it's because I'm attempting to conserve energy (or attempting to waste more time on LJ, take your pick).

~~~dress vibes~~~

yeah, working where I do, between the good (and expensive) restaurants and all the shops was problematic at first. but, i've been working in this neighborhood for four years now, so I've gotten used to it and realized my own limitations. It is hard to see something cute in a window though, and tell myself no, but after a few years, I've become accustomed to it.

Off work now to a QUIET night at home. Phew.
sidecar, you're a stronger woman than I.

(((raisin))) feel better.

yuefie, have you deleted your eljay post? I can't find it blink.gif .

I forgot to kvetch earlier: blood tests HURT. I *hate* having blood taken as I have deep veins and end up like a stuffing bursting out pin cushion.

eta: when friends are lacklustre regarding meeting up/celebrating bunny-birthday/pjs and wine room-warming when I move house... It makes me realise that I only have a few close friends and none who I socialise with regularly. It makes me miss my best friend -the boy- even more. It also makes me wish that I could have girly nites out and in with BUSTies.
Nah, I'm just a girl with a mortgage who owes bazillions to the government for student loans. It helps put things in perspective! smile.gif

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