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(((((Tes and mamae and family)))))

RV, I can understand completely why Sheff would be squicked out about going to a strip club with his boss (ew) but to be honest if this is an unusual opportunity to meet him I would suggest he go along but leave early. That way he shows willingness to be a team player but can also express his very honest dislike of strip clubs. By departing early, he will hopefully ensure he won't be asked again as it will be noted that he's not into strip clubs but that he was prepared to go once, for the sake of work bonding. Certainly I see no reason for you to go at all; I think being there together would exacerbate any discomfort either of you would be feeling.

If Sheff feels especially strongly about not supporting strip clubs in any way, then he shouldn't go at all. But if he can stand it for an hour or 90 minutes and it's important to him to meet with this boss then he should try and go... and leave before things get hairy. unsure.gif
My 2 cents.

Sidecar, any word back yet?

Happy friday to the rest of youse! I've had a fairly unproductive week but am writing up an intro today if it kills me. Then the mister and I are going for dinner at a new neighbourhood place, hooray! And I went shopping at Penney's (our Primark store for UK readers) and got a cute flowery top and black mini-mac. I need the frivolity of cute clothes right now.

*mismatched (must rectify this later...) mesh flowered knickers and black lace bra*
Just a quick flyby


Sorry, I really don't have anything to add right now. It's been pretty boring with me these last few days.

I hope everyone has a lovely Friday!

(((TESAO))) thinking of you, chica, and loving your BGP plat!

syb, I always need the frivolity of cute clothes.

mornington, I hope you aced your orals today!

psst, sidecar, did you mean martini? /the cryptic

rose, I think sheff should be straight up with them that it's not his thang; they'll surely respect him more for his honesty, directness and standing by his principles.

polly, today was yummy sushi pjs ep!

cute buster!

kvetch: work. I already feel stressed out by it.

anti-kvetch: I'll see my boy tonight biggrin.gif .

undies: sex-ay burgundy mesh with pale pink trim (and straps) and velvet ribbon padded bra with matching thong.

(((kvetchies))) have a great weekend!
OHMYGOD the Lounge is in molasses mode today. No undies report, as I've yet to get dressed! Will be back at a later time as I don't feel like wading through molasses right now.

Never in a million years would I go to a titty bar with COWORKERS. Blech! I don't care what industry it is, either. I just don't like to be friends with coworkers (it's been problematic in the past), and I'd only do something like that with friends (especially Jumbo's in LA, haha). Too close for comfort. I don't really believe in the "team mentality" BS, either (sorry, Syb, I still love you!) -- one can be committed to one's work without socializing outside of the workplace.

Over and out, I've got a bunch to do today. Mwah!
Oh raisin, I think 'team spirit' is a load of steaming bollocks ('scuse the french) which is probably why I'm not setting the corporate world afire. It sounds like it's a central concept for the dudes at sheff's workplace though; hence my suggestion.
someone wants to say hello:
IPB Image

Indigo has new pjs. He looks cute, but mostly unimpressed.

the oral went fine for six minutes, and then i switched examiners and it began blowing goats. but i did get to cuddle one of the dogs for the length of it.

((((((((tes)))))) been thinking of you


((((syb)))) yay for frivolity. especially clothes-based frivolity.

((((rose & sheff)))) I second what syb said. the idea just seems... weird to me.

((((plat)))) always so lovely to see you! and hurrah for going out on a limb with the pants!

((((mando)))) awww

((((dm)))) I saw a boston on my way back from college, he had the most adorable smile and I thought "dm would love him"

****speedy delivery**** for pixie's SIL

((((amilita)))) eep! but i understand the quandry. you have to take care of you at the same time.

((((sidecar, polly, bunny, yuefie, raisin, pixie, sassy, sixie, culture, faerie, crassy, dusty, anoushh, everyone))))

antikvetch: crufts! woo! I really should have gotten tickets again. But I'm glued to my tv instead... they had the most gorgeous labrador in the shortlist for best in group, he was so lovely. The flat-coated retriever who won the gundog group was beautiful too.

and can I sneak some get well soon vibes for F? He has the most dreadful cold, and hearing him hack down the phone is breaking my heart.

right, i have tidying to do... or napping. hmm....


oh, before I go:
IPB Image
she gets jealous of the hound...

pixiedust niece is finally here! It was a 22 hr labor and SIL almost had to have a c section, but they got her out with a vacuum thing instead at the last minute while they were setting up for the c section. She is soo cute, even if she does look just like her daddy! Now I am really excited to have my little one here to hold and cuddle!

rare undie report...I am wearing these little and green french cut things that DH gave me for Christmas. Thankfully they are stretchy and fit under my belly!

I'm so excited that it's Friday! I am ready for the weekend. We are going to do a little baby shopping on Sunday..whoo hoo!

Ahhh.. the cute pupper pictures!! I'll have to take some of my shih tzu after he has his yearly shave! He looks much like a mop right now, but once warm weather is here to stay I will shave him down.


(((bleeding kvetchies)))

((((((((the whole TesFamily, including TesSis, Mr. HB, Elle & all the rest))))))))
Those are actually super-duper high-octane vibes there, Tessie. I've just compacted them to travel size. smile.gif Much love to you and your family, hon.

((((((Plat)))))) How are you doing, sweetheart?

Pixie, any news on the SIL?

~~~~~ soothing for Sidecar & Stargazer ~~~~~ I don't know about you two, but I feel sooooo crampy & miserable today.

((((Bunny)))) Just one more day of work & it's the weekend!

Hooray for frivilous clothing!

Polly, sorry to hear about your argument with Le Boy. unsure.gif But that certainly points out why this is such a bizarre situation.

I'm still not quite sure what we should do. Sheff has never been "in" with the boss at any of his other jobs, so it's a great sign that he's been invited to hang out. And we're afraid that if he says, "Thanks but no thanks," he'll never be invited out with them again & he'll be left on the outside. But on the other hand ... well, this really just isn't our kind of thing. Some people don't like roller coasters, some people don't like Ethiopian food, and we don't like strip clubs.

Hmmm. That's a good idea, actually. The guy who came up with this idea doesn't like spicy food. The other night when he was at our house I suggested that we should go out for Ethiopian sometime or maybe Indian & he refused. Maybe if he's willing to try some unusual food (which I seriously doubt), we can check out the club for an hour or so. And if he isn't, then we can stay home. Hmmm.

Cross-posted with Mornington & Pixie!

Welcome to the world, PixieNiece!!!!
~~~~~~ soothing for the new momma ~~~~~~~

Morn, sorry to hear about the oral. But Crufts!!! I soooooo wish I could watch it with you. I'm sure you all get to see plenty of breeds that we don't have in the dog shows here in the states.
~~~~~ healing for F ~~~~~
The cuteness of the furbabies is too overwhelming for words. Truly.

ETA: I can't believe I forgot to say this: last night my BestGalPal met Girlbomb!!!! They even sent me a pic of the two of them hanging out together. Yay!

Undies: White silky hip-hugging briefs with lace trim. They look sexier than they sound.
Oh, it wasn't much of a fight, I was just surprised he was so "suck it up" about it. He thought it was an issue where you didn't trust Sheff going, and I said, "no, no, no, no, I don't think that's an issue." But even after that, he didn't seem to get it. I was just surprised that for someone who is so disturbed by the idea of going to a strip club himself (for slightly different reasons, albeit) he'd take that stance. He works in a tech department at a high school with a bunch of middle-aged women, so I doubt the situation would come up as long as he works there. I think he tries to be as accepting as possible of other people's lifestyles (to a fault, sometimes.)
((((((tes and mamae))))))
yep, bunny, that's martini's real name. Whoops. Cat's out of the bag on that one.
(((rose))) Yeah, I'm crampy, too. I didn't mean to diminish your quandary earlier; I honestly was kinda gobsmacked that anyone would consider a strip club a proper post-work outing!

Work friends are tricky; I have a couple folks who I'm friends with where we occasionally have lunch or do things outside work. Half of Martini's coworkers are his best friends and even stood up for him in our wedding (he was, in fact, the best man for his film editor), and he's their boss now (which he wasn't always) so that can be kinda awkward sometimes.

black lace Wacoal minimizer, black boyshorts

many many many thanks to everyone for all of the wonderful kvetchie vibes. i've been lurking this evening....but i have been having a hard time staying focused.

please forgive me for not vibing each and every one of you the way that you deserve.

i'm exhausted. i need to to one more work thing tonight but i can't do it without someone in NYC sending me an email address. MEH.

leopard print underwire and matching leopard print thong.

big hugs, little kisses, and loads of silliest of all fishes......................

((((((tes, mamae & tes-family)))))


(((((crampy busties)))))

yay for new bundles of joy, cute, albeit frivilous purchases, and adorable animals.

boo on arguments, awkward situations, and loved ones being sick or hurting.


Art got his trach out yesterday, was able to walk a little bit and got to go outside for the first time in 2 1/12 months. Yay!

I just got a call from my good friend Vena in AZ to let me know she is flying in tomorrow. As happy as I am at the prospect of seeing her this weekend, given the circumstances I would rather not. Her brother Rick is in the hospital, rapidly deteriorating. He never disclosed to his family that he has AIDS but the cat is out of the bag now that his mental faculties are gone. His dementia is really bad, and they don't know how long it will be before he just dies with all the various infections and what not going on. The thing is he went out to see her for New Years and while he wouldn't say outright what was wrong, he told her he was dying and that in a few months he knew he would have no control over his treatment but that he did not want his suffering prolonged. Unfortunately he was too stubborn to put it on paper and the eldest sister has taken control and is doing just what he did not wish for. They are pumping him full of the drugs he refused all along and Vena feels terrible. Nobody will listen to her as she is the "baby" of the family. But he was closest to her emotionally. I know this is tearing her up. She is not a weepy or outwardly emotional person and she called me sobbing. I told her I will make myself available this weekend, that she can give me a call at any time she needs me. I feel so bad for the family, I know they don't want to let him go and I don't blame them for trying anything that might offer help but he was clear with her he didn't want this. It's just too bad he refused to write it down. After what happened with Art and now this, I am motivated to get off my ass and make myself an advance directive.

And man am I farking annoyed at myself right now. I somehow didn't sign my time card which means instead of getting paid today I got my time card back with a slip attached. I have to resubmit it and the way our payroll works, I will not get paid until next Friday. That is so beyond screwed for me. And I have no one to blame but myself for not paying closer attention! Ugh. dry.gif

Burgundy lace cheeky shorts, and matching bra.

Ok, I have in no way caught up, but wanted to say a couple of things.

((stargazer)) I can't say it any better than anyone else has, but I'm sorry about your friend. Don't forget to be kind to yourself.

Amilita, I'm jealous. Do you know that there are no longer any gay bars in my town? How sad is that?????

(Also thanks to you I have a new pair of these.)
You were the one who mentioned the dansko outlet. I promise not to blame you when I think of spending money I can ill afford at the moment.... wink.gif )

I hope Wally will be ok.

(((Yufie))) Just because.

Raisin, I'm glad you had such a good time on your trip!

Chronicle of a Death Foretold is a brilliant, brilliant book. I loved it. And I loved One Hundred Years of Solitude. I wanted to learn Spanish so I could read it in the original. (Didn't much care for Love in the Time of Cholera, though, in spite of how popular it is. Wonderful title, but not such a great book for me. And I"m still scarred by having read his short story "Innocent Erendira." Ouch.)

Sidecar, I was reading "Unbearable Lightness" when the movie came out. I loved the book and went to see the movie. I sat through it in spite of the fact that I realized if it had been on tv I would have turned it off. I paid full price, I was a poor student, and I was going to watch it, damn it. Now I think I'd value my time more but I was just desperately hoping it would get better. It didn't, of course.

I've heard lots of people say they couldn't get through Autumn of the Patriarch. I couldn't.

Mando, I thought of you the other day when I watched House (first tv I've watched in ages) and Dave was on--I kep tthinking "Hey, that guy looks familiar" but couldn't place him until the credits--Doh!
It's all about context, I guess. I just didn't expect him to turn up there.

Oops--boy's awake now. Got to go. (Story of my life these days.) Last night he was practicing his new trick--screeching--then laughing and laughing at himself or at me when I did it back. It was so funny.

continued love for ((((((tes & family)))))

(((((anoushh & not-bob))))) I love when babies laugh at themselves. No gay bars? A travesty I say tongue.gif

Where has sonik been hiding?

I guess it's no secret that I'm a worrier and when it's been too long since a kvetchie has posted, I start to wonder if they are okay. Why yes, I do wear my nuerosis like a badge rolleyes.gif

(((((pixie)))) yay for baby shopping

(((((plat)))) how are you feeling darlin'?

(((morn)))) Thank you for letting the jealous bun-bun say hi and for that most adorable picture of Indigo. He is so darned cute in his jammies smile.gif

((((((rose, polly, sidecar, raisin, mandi, bunny, ch, amilita, dusty, dm, star, syb, faith, plummie, pink, fina, billy, msp, candy, sassy, sixela, crassy, ap, luci, fairie, tg, mavin, sapphy, coela, flanker, doodle, fj, turbo, treehugger, the okayers, everyone))))))

I am feeling a bit blue and in a funk so what do I do when I feel that? Cook. Since I'm home already I'm making another batch of rose's delicious cheese bread. This time I am using some tintern (cheddar with chives & shallots) along with the reserve sharp cheddar. I think it should be as yummy as the carmelized onion english cheddar I used in the last batch. I'm also making a pot of chili tonight but it's for tomorrow, and lamb chops with a hoisin orange glaze for dinner tonight.

Yuefie, can I come to your place for dinner tonight? Everything you're making sounds so amazing!
(((((Art))))) I'm so glad he got to get off the trach and got to go outside. That is marvelous news.
I'm sorry your friend Vena is going through such a hard time, though. Her poor poor brother. I hope that once the family is all together they'll be more open to listening to her & following her brother's wishes.
((((((Vena's brother and the whole family)))))))

~~~~~~ ->-- safe travel vibes for Tes ~~~~~~ ->--
((((((((((((Tes & mamae & the whole family )))))))))))))

Thanks for checking in, Anoushh! Give little NotBob a smooch from his Bustie Aunties. smile.gif

Sidecar, I imagine Martini's workplace probably has a similar feel to Sheff's. Seeing as they make video games, it tends to be a very casual, male-dominated environment.

Polly, you can let your boyfriend know that Sheff actually feels really uncomfortable about the prospect of watching strippers with his boss and co-workers. It's just kinda ... unprofessional. One of Sheff's worries is that he knows he'll feel uncomfortable & stressed in that situation & he's not sure how that will come out. He's afraid he will feel REALLY tempted to smoke (and he quit back in 2002). So. [shrug]
Rose, I'd think they were toying with a sexual harrassment/hostile work environment lawsuit at Sheff's workplace. So not only is it seriously not professional, but it is very, very stupid.

And whoohoo for a Faith sighting!

(((((((((((((((((tes & mama)))))))))))))))))))))))

don't worry about not posting tes. just peek in when you can or need to.

((((yuefie & friend)))) ugh. that sucks. makes me think of the situation with michael. sometimes you wonder why people don't let someone know they are sick. and there is still a stigma to hiv. i hope you feel better. and the food sounds fab!

my mind is kinda slow today. i lurked earlier, but i can only speak or type in little increments. not wanting to think much right now.

kvetch: my sleep pattern is really off. i'll sleep for a couple of hours. get up. back to sleep. and back again. i slept on the couch last night. i had a dream with michael in it. it seemed so real that it freaked me out. i woke up and felt sad. i wanted to fall back asleep to see him in my dream again.

kvetch2: this one has nothing to do with me. but, i was watching marathons of what not to wear today. now, i would have no problem spending $5000 on a shopping spree in NYC. i don't understand the people who feel guilty or do not buy clothes because of the price. um, it's not your money. why do you care?? maybe i'm just a cold blooded shopper.

underwear report: old lady hot pink undies sans bra.

(((mornington, bunnyb, mando, six, candy, DM, amilita, anoushh, faith, plat, tes, sybarite, PiP, sassy, rose, yuefie, polly, sidecar, pixie, and other kvetchies)))
Just a fly by,


I'll read the archives when I have the chance. I just wanted to say that I hope everyone is doing well tonight. Surviving I hope. Have a fantastic evening everyone.

I am also exhausted, physically and emotionally. Work really takes a toll.

sister culture handy, i feel your work pain and exhaustion.

i need more sleep. i stayed up working until around 11 last night. woke up early because:

um, i bought a car. it is a mitsubishi "jeep" sort of thing. 4x4. 5 speed manual. very pretty, tricked out to the max, medium green. throughout all of the recent craziness, with our director and desk officer here from new york, i have been getting it registered in my name, getting crazy expensive insurance, changing all of the locks, changing the alarm system getting a system that if you don't know the "secret place" to turn it off, the car will drive down the road for a few kilometers and then freeze up. can't go anywhere. oh, forgot the lock for the gear shift. cars get stolen daily here, there are at least 3 people at work who have told me about their stolen cars.

ok, so i bought a car. i haven't driven it yet. it is right side driver. that means that you drive on the left. which is the opposite of how i have driven for.....35 years? aaaaaaaaaargh. and the people drive like maniacs here. worse than rome. worse than rio.

i am going out today for the first time to drive it. one of the guys from work is going out with me. i'm nervous. i want to call and postpone. but i NEED and WANT to be able to drive here. it will change my life dramatically. think of the independence!

but i'm tired and cranky and anxious about mamae and i haven't packed and i have more work i need to do and, frankly, i'm scared. you have NO idea how hard that is to admit.

many, many, many thanks for all of your continued vibes. and particularly those who included tes-sis pennwe and mr. hb and elle. it has been rough on all of us, but i think it has been worst on sis pennwe because she's the one "in charge" so she's been bearing the brunt of the weight. she's upset and freaked, too. it will be good to have each other to lean on, keep each other going and cry with. i'm sure that we will cry. frell, i've cried at least an inlet or a bay by now. i'm not denying that pennwe would be even worse if she were NOT the one in charge, she has that same control gene that all of the women in our family have (not sure about nieceoid ahhh).

anousshka, i believe i'm going to be in your neck of the woods. if you would like to swap phone numbers, maybe we can have a meet up. pm me if you are interested. who knows? maybe i could gaze raptuously at not-bob, and my sister could become your new vet.

big hugs to every one of you, even the lurkers (i know that you are out there!)

eta: cross posted in okay land and probably my live journal. (in a locked entry)
((((tes, tes sis pennwe, mr h.b., elle, tes mamae))))


(((vena, brother and family)))

(((yuefie))) a'cos. That cheese and onion bread sounds delicious.

anoushh, I was flying by just to tell mando and yuefie about Dave in House (he played a Savant and accomplished pianist)! I watched it last night and thought "must tell them!" Finished Chronicle of a Life Foretold the other night and LOVED it, now reading Memoirs of My Melancholy Whores. I adored "Innocent Erendira", it is such a fabulous, beautiful and haunting short story.

The boy came into work early last night to collect me, which was a lovely surprise and great to see him there again (was just like old times - especially when we left to pick up Domino's pizza on way home). We had relaxed night eating pizza and watching House (with Hugh AND Dave) then American Idol with his parents and some wine (loving Melinda, pixie!) Today we're off for coffee at his cousin's then to ikea for storage boxes for my books and swedish meatballs (I blame you, six!) then to cinema and dinner.

((((tes, sis, hb, elle, mamae, and family))))
(((yuefie's friend)))
*waves to notbob*

you know, RV, it's weird; while Martini works in a male-dominated environment, they're mostly sensitive, artistic thinkers (and a few are depressive), so in some ways, the problems they run into are less testosterony than they are about their feelings. I work in a mostly female environment (up until a year ago, my entire department was women) and our workplace was much less touchy-feely. There's something kinda admirable about that. It just puts Martini in a weird position because he is in charge, so he has to be disciplinary sometimes and he's the one who gives out the raises (although the money guys are the final say) so sometimes when dealing with close friends, being diplomatic can be a challenge.

But he seems to do okay.

This morning, we got up and went to the dog park and then the library. I think i'm gonna have to skip Bustie Book Club this month as the library was all out of Children of Men. Instead I got a Roy Orbison biography for myself and Martini got a couple books about soul music (he didn't have the right kind of ID to get his library card, so he moped around before asking me to check out some books. It was cute.) I also picked up Raffi's autobiography as research for something I'm writing and I am hoping it won't suck too much. After this, I'm going to read the most mindless fiction I can find. Too many facts! Need to read for fun!

bunny, have a great time at ikea! I only go once every other year, but I always enjoy having some swedish meatballs. I also like the chairs that appear to be having sex with each other (it's a demo of how they don't break).

later gators!
(((tes))) Work is just so great.

(((sidecar, bunny, star, rv, anoushh, yuefie, everyone))))

Although at work I had an interview and someone who interviewed after me has had her references checked already, I haven't. No biggie, because I have been given the opportunity by our investigators to write up a recommendation for prosecution! They want me to have the experience. One of the investogators said to me, "There is nothing for me to do with the file, because you have done it already!" He and the head of investigations have given me a big congratulations on catching someone who has been intentionally defrauding the department!

I took Emily the bandit to the dog park yesterday and she loved it, I'll try and take her again today. She's so darned cute, has this stuffed duck that makes, oh wait made, duck sounds, and she killed it, and was happily carrying the duck around the house by its neck. Ha.


Hope everyone has a great Saturday.
funny, i don't even watch House, but i was watching it with my folks (who love the show) and i thought of the busties who love dave in here.

sidecar, i don't remember that chair at ikea! i have to check it out next time. even if you can't read the book, i hope you can still come to the next bustie get together.

CH, congrats! um, what do you do again??

ok. i'm pooped. gonna take a nap to run the elliptical and clean house.

((((((((((((tes & mama)))))))))))))))

(((yuefie, bunnyb, mornington, sidecar, polly, CH, raisin, sassy, and other kvetchies)))
Fly-by xxxs and ooos to everyone...

IPB Image

It was this hippie cover, wasn't it?! (I bought one of these new in, like, 1989/1990. Go figure.)
(((tes))) Yay for new cars! We bought a Jeep Liberty Yesterday too! (yes, Rose, I finally gave in)

The episode of House that had Dave on it was very good!

Anyway, it's been a very quiet weekend here..probably because most of it was spend in a dealership. NOW i am just waiting for my baby sale to start.
laugh.gif Well, Pixie, you knew you'd get it before summer, anyway. biggrin.gif


((((((Stargazer))))))) Just 'cause. I watched that marathon too, Star. And I would loooooove to spend $5000 of somebody else's money on myself! But honestly, I'd rather have the haircut & make-up done before buying all of those clothes. But that's just me.

Bunny, isn't Melinda FABulous?!?!? Oh my gawd. If she doesn't win, then I shall eat my own hat. Or I'll buy a hat I don't like too much & eat it. wink.gif

Sidecar, that's a really interesting comparison. I love examples that go against stereotypes. smile.gif
Sheff has always felt more comfortable around women than men, but he's always worked in a very male-dominated environment. At one of his old jobs, some guys actually displayed photos of scantily clad women on their walls! Luckily that doesn't happen anymore, but you can see why it's kinda been hard for him to fit in with The Guys in the past. That's why it's nice that he's starting to make male friends at this new place. I really like them, too (this whole strip club thing is a very new wrinkle).

Maybe we're just boring people. Just last night we were talking about how nice it'd be to go out for a real cream tea & I thought, "Goodness, we're not very edgy at all, are we!"

Did I tell you all that Sheff got me a Garmin GPS system? Well, he did! It was meant to be my birthday present, but I reeeeeeally didn't want to wait until late April. We tried it out yesterday. LOVE it. It has given me so much more confidence on the road.
Rosev, haven't you heard? Boring is the new edgy! I sorta feel out of it here because I don't wanna drink all the time, or go to bars much...I'd rather go to dinner or watch a movie. It's been better the last year...I think my friends are changing their preferences and I'm meeting new friends through the Mr. It was funny when one friend told me that I'm her "brunch and serious talking friend" or something like that...oh well...what can I say? That is my favorite thing.

I love What Not To Wear! It would be hard for me to find enough clothes to buy in a short period of time...I'd want to sock some of it away for later. Not that I'm the greatest dresser or anything, but I love to see how some people hold on to certian things...actual items of clothing or just a look that's outdated or unflattering.

Someone on another board saved up and went to NYC and got her hair cut by Nick as a reward for herself...she said he was nice and her cut was great.


(((Tes and family)))

Raisin, I totally have that hippie cover!! Ha. I bought it used back in '89 or so. Geez, it's like the Captian and Tennille go to the rainforest of love!

Last night we got Chinese food and then went to our friend's and sat around a campfire. She's in the Lower 9 where you can do that kind of thing still.

Lots of people got shot guy was killed while driving his car through an intersection that's on my route home from the grocery store. Like most killings here, it was targeted...the guy had an extensive criminal past...but there's always getting caught in the crossfire.

I don't think I was posting in Kvetch back when my friend and I got in front of a car chase...these people were shooting at each other and the SUV behind us bumped us out of the way, we spun out and hit a telephone pole right by my legs...I was the passenger. We were both very lucky and very unlucky. So yeah, this city has tried to kill me twice!


Dunno what I'm going to do today, but I think I'll go make some coffee. I've been watching Marie Antionette all weekend...I have some problems with it, but it's such eye candy. And it has some great moments. And music.
Aww, I was going to say boring is the new edgy!

Must be true--we've both said it now.

Anyway, YIKES! Amilita, that's scary.

I think WNTW is ok, but it's not a patch on the UK one. I LOOOOVVVEEE Trinny and Susannah, in spite of the fact they are posh tories.

They do the three way mirror in underwear. If one of the women says something like "but my stomach is so fat!" Susannah will pull up her top, pull her belly out of her control top hose and grab it an say "That's fat--you're not fat." It's a riot, as is the opening where they tear each others' inappropriate clothes off. I love it that they always find something nice to say about each of the womens bodies--and they always sound like they mean it, and that conviction helps the women believe it of themselves.

So the US one is just boring in comparison. But I have often dreamed of having a chunk of someone else's money to spend on clothes. I used to talk about this with a co-worker back in the UK, and she kept saying I didn't dress badly enough to get on the show. I told her I'd be willing to totally frump it up for a while if it got me on the show. (Then I'd realize I could never appear in my underwear on tv, not b/c of modesty, but b/c of my clients. Who wants to see their therapist in her underwear? And if you do, that's another problem....

So that would be the end of my fantasy.)

But back in the US, I am poor (unemployed), post pregnancy, and with very few clothes. I could do with a makeover.
*desperately needs to know how to do a "kilroy was here" smiley*

*sprinkles hugs and kisses throughout before skittering off to do work on a gorgeous sunny Sunday spring afternoon*
((star)) I hope you are feeling better. I love WTNW, and could spend the $5000 in a few hours. I always wonder why the people on that show have such a hard time spending free money, but I am a born shopper.

rose, yay for a very helpful and fun early birthday present.

((tes and family)) How did the driving go?

((culture)) Good luck for a successful interview. What kind of dog do you have?

Yuefie, you are always making yummy meals. I wish I enjoyed cooking.

I guess Mr. DM and I are boring too because we don’t enjoy going out and getting smashed, actually we hardly every drink. I’m not saying people shouldn’t drink, but it’s not my cup of tea. A perfect weekend for us would be going out to eat, seeing a film and seeing live music.

Last night we went to see The New Pornographers, the concert was really fun, and it’s the first time the band has ever performed in Florida.
kvetch: i had a bad dream and now i'm up.

the weather here was beautiful yeserday. it is 'pose to be evener nice today. but, i need to get alot of work done. i REALLY need to straighten up my upstairs. talked with michael's mom and she is coming over sunday to pick up some of his things. she said i could take whatever cds and dvds of his i would want. it seems a little weird. but, maybe i could look through some of his stuff today. i think i might pack some stuff for her.

rose, my fav part of WNTW is the hair and makeup part too!!

DM, born shopper or born spender?? maybe there isn't a difference. i can overspend on groceries. i've gotten better though.

raisin, thanks for the hippie pic!!

amilita, omg!! i'm boring too!! and i'm quite proud of it. we should start a group. we would be the coolest, non threatening people around! oh, and i'm sorry for all of the violence. i was getting tense just reading about all of the shootings. please take care of yourself.

pixie, yeah for the new ride!

anoushh, i like the uk version of WNTW too. i just love makeover shows in general

hi plum!!

ok. i might go eat some breakfast now.

trinny & suzanna have stopped doing WNTW over here, and I prefer the new hosts. They're less... posh, and they've started doing themes ("mother of the bride", "breast cancer survivors") which makes it more interesting. I'd still love a chunk of money to fritter on clothes; I'd buy a few more "expensive" pieces to balance out all the cheapness. I too am a born spender - overspending on groceries is sooooo easy.

I suspect myself of being boring. I'd rather have a few drinks in with friends that go out, a lot of the time. And I like cross-stitch and tea over clubbing.


((((dm)))) *turns green* I looove the new pornographers.

((((rose)))) I want a real cream tea now. Cream teas are the bestest.

((((anoushh & notbob)))))

((((raisin)))) I had a wierd dream where I found that cover in a second-hand book shop last night... blink.gif

((((tes and mamae))))

(((((bunny, yuefie, mando, culture, pixie, txplum, amilita, sidecar, sassy, sixie, faith, fina, syb, billy, everyone)))))

I tidied up this weekend; major housework moment. I have a terrible habit of hoarding the magazines from the guardian at the weekend (i blame mornmama) and I collected them up to take to the recycling. Then I remembered that some idiot set the recycling bins outside the supermarket on fire. I'm going to have to check if the green bin outside my house takes paper as well as glass. I also put Indigo's blanket through the wash and blitzed my room.

antikvetch: finding a cheque amongst all the crap littering my house.

I've only just got up; spend ages on the phone to F last night talking about all sorts of nonsense. He was telling me all about his plans of what we're going to do and where we're going to go; he's such a sweetheart smile.gif . And it's not long now...

((((kvetchies)))) I ought to go do.... something.
Geez, it's like the Captian and Tennille go to the rainforest of love! BWAHAHAHA! That just made my morning, Amilita. LOVE WILL KEEP US TOGETHER! Ahhh ha ha, childhood memories!

I loooooooooooove Trinny and Susannah.
I've never watched WNTW although I know who Trinny and Susannah are (I remember them being grossly inappropriate on Parkinson) and knew they had a new programme.

I found -out of dreamland- the copy on ebay but I already have two copies of 100 Hundred Years of Solitude (and three of Lolita).

I am both a born shopper and a born over-spender. I deserve a shopping spree, besides food shopping I haven't been shopping for ages and suffering withdrawal ... besides, I need something new to wear for my birthday (boy taking me to swanky restaurant that presents retro food with a twist and the most delectable dessert cocktails).

morn, is that a pic of mornington crescent tube station? hee.

Crappity, crappity, crap- a flat tire is not how I wanted to start today. Thank cod for Triple-A. I have to go clean out my trunk so the guy can even get to the spare. Well, better today than tomorrow when I have jury duty. I know my boss is not going to be happy to get the message that I'm coming in late, especially since I have to leave early to drop Tana off at the vet before they close for his procedures tomorrow. And I won't be there tomorrow because of the jury duty.

I'm going to have it replaced at Costco, and they don't open until 10, so I'll have about an hour between when the guy gets here (supposedly) and when Costco opens. Maybe I'll run over to Target and get the stuff I was too lazy to leave the house for yesterday.

((stargazer)) what a miserable thing to have to do.

Count me in on the boring. I was in bed by 10:30 on Saturday.
Sidecar, I got a (no doubt inaccurate) visual of your two offices after that post: yours, bright with plants and smartly dressed women walking around purposefully, pausing only to rapidly exchange essential info enroute to important meetings..... and Martini's, also open plan but with men in ironically cool t-shirts and the odd boy-cardigan, chatting at length about anything from personal romantic crises to obscure band concert setlists.

This is what happens when I spend too long here and not enough time working!

That's the copy of 100 Years... I have, Raisin, and I too laughed my ass off at the Captain and Tennille reference. Good way to start a Monday morning!

*waves wildly at txplummie*

Bunny, is that restaurant in the green place or in Manchester? Sounds delish...

I slept the sleep of the righteous last night, after cleaning the house top to bottom and then putting in time at my health club, including sauna. I feel all refreshed.
syb, it's in Manchester although it used to be in the green place (there's three UK-wide) ... it was in the hotel where I spent New Year.
Ooooh, a sauna sounds lovely right now *jealous*

I strive for boring, it's easier on the digestion. Plus, maybe I wouldn't wake up on a Monday morning feeling so much like Keith Richards' little sister....

For all those craving a cream tea.....
IPB Image

kvetch: baby brother (the WonderTwin) is being an arse

antikvetch: setting date for Ikea roadtrip! (not that I'm obsessed or anything....) Now I'll just have to make due with my two sticks of furniture for a month....

~~~~~~~tes & fam~~~~~~~

~~~~~all BUSTies~~~~~
(((((Star))))) It's sweet that Michael's mom is letting you have some of his things, but I know it must be difficult just to look at it from afar.

((((((Polly))))))) You poor thing! What a terrible way to start the morning. I hope the AAA person gets there soon.

Aaaaw ... Captian and Tennille! Brings back memories. [wipes slightly ironic tear from eye]

Boring is the new edgy! LOVE it! Because it is so so true. My friends and I would much rather hang out at home or at a bookstore than go out to clubs. Our favorite "bar" in Tulsa is actually a restaurant that stays open a bit late. And we prefer films or plays to concerts. Honestly I'm not that fond of concerts because I always always end up next to that drunken asshole who insists on flailing all over the place & bumping into everyone. I must have a Drunken Asshole maget imbedded in my body somewhere. When I had to tolerate one of those jerks at an Elvis Costello concert, I just thought, "Enough already."

Mmmmm ... cream tea ...

My super duper happy happy news is that my BestGalPal is going to come here for a visit! She's going to fly allll the way across the country just to celebrate my birthday with me. Is that great or what?!
pixiedust is a Monday all right! (((polly))) This morning is sucking ass already!

I actually got my lazy, pregnant arse out of bed in plenty of time to get minipixie to my mothers, go get gas, and get to work on time......however, as I got to the gas station, I realized my wallet was on teh couch next to my purse and I had forgotten to pick it up. I did not have enough gas to get to work and back, so I had to go home, ...I probably still could have made it to work on time, however the first gas station I came to near my house is this little mom and pop place....was out of regular unleaded!!! WTF!!! So I had to go another mile out of my way to a different gas station.

(((amilita))) I can't even imagine what it must be like living with all that kind of stuff going on. I'm glad you weren't hurt in the accident!

Yay for the new GPS, Rose! I'd like to get Mr. Pixie one. He is "directionally challenged"!

I loooove WNTW! I could spend the whole $5000 in one day, I am sure!

Is anyone going to watch the new show, "The Riches" tonight? Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver are the main characters, so it looks like it ought to be good!
Pixie, we got the Garmin StreetPilot c320. Sheff found it on-line somewhere for a bit more than $200 (He wouldn't tell me exactly how much it cost because it is a present, but he wanted me to know he didn't break the bank). And it has made SUCH a difference. Back at home in OK, the streets are laid out in that lovely grid system, but here the roads are like a big bowl of spaghetti, so it's really intimidating. I have gotten lost a few times here (Plat, I actually got a bit lost when I left your house & it's scarred me a bit) but now I know that no matter where I am, I will always be able to get home. HOORAY!!!

And I forgot that The Richies is starting tonight. I love Eddie Izzard, of course, so we'll definitely have to check that out.

Sixel, how far away is your closest Ikea? I think ours is 4 hours away. Would it be silly to drive that far just to walk around? I don't need any furniture, but I love Ikea! biggrin.gif

Maybe I should start dressing terribly on purpose so that someone will nominate me for WNTW. Then I can get a vacation in NYC, tons of new clothes, and a great haircut! Too bad about the cameras, though. wink.gif
My office is not too different from that, although we have individual offices and all wear jeans for the most part, but Martini's office? Is exactly like that. That was kind of amazing.

Nice weekend, but I'm very tired today. I had trouble sleeping again and daylight savings time has done a number on me. I meant to go to the gym this morning, but it didn't happen. They say sleep is important for weight loss, too, right?

(((amilita))) i can't imagine either.

I think I'm on the edgy part of boring. Our friends do spend a lot of time just chilling in each other's apartments, going to movies, or going to restaurants (usually one that has a bar with a good reputation attached) but I do stay out late quite a lot, usually to a late movie and then a bar/cafe or going to rock concerts (I go to concerts about two-three times a month; this year it's been less, but I'm seeing one show this week and two the last week of March.)

I could totally spend $5000 in a day, no guilt, no worries.

Hee, it was just a guess, honest!

I have read that enough sleep is very important to weight loss as it means you eat better (not making choices from tiredness) and your body metabolises the food better. So you're all set.

Mmm, clotted cream. That stuff shouldn't even exist it's so rich... but I'm glad it does.

I have been boring for a while now. Part of it is being immersed in the thesis and part of it is the mister and I egging each other on in our hermit-ness, watching BSG all weekend long instead of going out. Lately though I've decided to make an effort to get out more. I think too much introspection can be unhealthy, at least for me these days. Also my city has decent places and events going on.

Back to that thar grindstone...
Damn, I've missed a lot. Stupid crappy time change, part of the lack of sleep also had to do with spending the night with le man. smile.gif

How's all the kvetchies today?

I'm at work, things are quiet, I have appointments to see this afternoon.

The puppers is a border collie, she's not a pure bred, so she's a little mutt, mainly dominated by the border collie. Let me tell you, the dog chases her tail, and doesn't get that it's attached to her. I mean she'll do it for a good 30 seconds, and be really into it, then she'll stop and to counter act the dizziness, she'll go in the opposite direction. It's rather amusing, but then her fur gets everywhere! Which is disasterous in a a house with hardwood laminate. Oh well, I like vaccuuming.

Now I want some baking or pastries, or something wonderfully wonderful like that!

I must go now. Probably should accomplish something. Maybe.
you are all making me laugh with your posts!!

i did go back to sleep this morning. but, i'm all messed up with the time change. and i'm already messed up to begin with!!

six, 2 sticks for furniture?? you are not in your own movie of castaway are you?? do you have a volleyball named wilson as your friend?? lemme know when you are coming up because i'm obsessed with visiting you. isn't it nice to be on friendly terms with your stalker!!

speaking of obsessed...

i don't quite feel the way you Busties do about Eddie Izzard, but I shall text Sassygrrl to let her know. Also, to tell her to get her butt online. She got a kitten btw.

i have the most kick ass guacamole leftover. I bough some lime flavored tortilla chips (my fav) & i think i'm gonna eat some even though i just had breakfast.
No volleyball, but I did decide to name the dishwasher Fernando biggrin.gif .

rose, it is absolutely acceptable to drive 4 hours to walk around Ikea! Totally legit daytrip, as they have a restaurant. The nearest one to me is 8-9 hours away in Chicago, so it takes a bit more planning.

I am hoping Fox puts The Riches online, as I gave my TV away when I moved *crosses all parts and lays TV dinner on altar of TV gods*

(((((Monday morning Kvetchies)))))
(((Stargazer and Michael))) so sorry.

(((Amilita))) Yikes!

It does seem soon for Smokeboy's father to be remarrying, but I guess sometimes it is a sign of a happy first marriage.

Sorry I haven't been around. I was sick for a week and then back into the usual round of stuff but I don't feel 100%.

Speaking of being lost, I wanted to call Mr. Dusty on Saturday from my cell and say "Where am I?" just for the fun of it, because how the hell would he know, but the other part of me was stubborn enough to want to find my own way back to his place.

Can you wash the plates, Fernando? I remember long ago another party night like this
In the kitchen Fernando
You were swishing to yourself and softly starting another cycle

Sorry, couldn't resist...
laugh.gif Dusty, that is fabulous! I'm going to be singing ABBA in my head all day now.

... and this is good because I had The Mii Song in my head before. That's the song that the Nintendo Wii plays while you're on the Mii Channel & I tell ya, that song gets into my head like nothing else. Sometimes Sheff or I will randomly start singing it for no particular reason.
Fernando is a fabulous name for an appliance. I'll have to keep that in mind for the future. We've named our GPS Sally. smile.gif

~~~~~~ healing for Dusty ~~~~~~~

Hey Sixel, while you're visiting the alter of the TV gods, coul you ask when Project Runway is coming back? Inquiring minds, etc.

Sassy has a kitteh?!?!? Piccies! Must see piccies of the baby kitty!!!

CH, border collies are so cute, but they have oodles of energy! Better to get it out by chasing your tail than chewing on your owners favorite shoes, right?

So, anybody remember me mentioning that my family will be celebrating my parents' 40th anniversary in Florida this year? Anybody remember that? Well, Mom has been planning it some more and found a truly beautiful place for the big anniversary party. We will be at the Leu Gardens outside of Orlando. Very pretty! I'm so glad she finally found a place that makes her happy. It's been quite an ordeal.

Me hungry. Must eat.
Ah, Rose..the grid system ....Mr. Pixie gets turned around really easily and doesn't know which way to go along the grid system....and then of course there is the whole matter of highways!...I was really worried at first that he did a little too much weed in college until I rode with his mom one day and realized that he inherited it honestly!

Yay for new puppies and kitties!

I'll admit, I've been living under a rock, and I have never really seen Eddie Izzard's act...I've just heard so much about him here on Bust that i kind of want to watch the show to see what it is everyone loves about him.

As for smokeboy's father remarrying too fast, I kind of disagree with Rose on this one. It has been a year and a half(even if it does just seem like yesterday), and the men in that family really need a stable woman's presence in their family. Also, I think Karen would have wanted him to remarry and be happy. I know when Mr. Dust(Smokeboy's brother) and I were married we talked about if something ever happened to either of us, we wanted the other to remarry as soon as they were ready.

Yay ABBA! There s a rumor that there will be an ABBA theme week on American Idol! Squee!I hadn't thought of naming the dishwasher, but Mr. Pixie is so happy it is working again, maybe I should let him do the honors.
Pixie, thre is a big BIG difference between Eddie-the-actor & Eddie-the-comedian. I've seen him in films and such before & haven't always liked it. But his stand-up act is priceless! You can find some of his act on YouTube if you're interested. Great stuff!

As for SmokeBoy's dad, I think the woman he's marrying is very nice & I always thought he'd remarry someday. I guess it just feels as though Karen hasn't been gone for very long, so it feels strange for me. I miss Karen. sad.gif

Must run to grocery store!
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