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Okay, seriously, I have NOT spend the interim time in front of the computer, I SWEAR. I was eating lunch (soup) and then the phone rang and, well, you can imagine it from there.

Yeah, RV, the daffodils are beautiful. It must be nice to live in a real area where you know spring is around the corner. wink.gif

Mando, I wish you could spend more time with your sister as well.

Faith, fie on the family stress! Grr.

Bunny, at least you're easing back into work with three hours. That's less daunting than 7 hours or more, right? I'm sure the time will fly by.

Right, I'm off to enjoy the leisurely afternoon (BOOK READING!) after I make a v. necessary trip to the post office.

Oooh, perdy flowers, adorable pups and the always wonderful billy all making an appearance smile.gif

((((star))) how are you doing honey?

(((((tes & mamae))))

(((((faith)))) ~~~special family stress copage vibes~~~

((((pixie)))) how are you & micropixie doing sweetie?

((((anoushh & not-bob))))

((((raisin))) don't stress babe, enjoy your leisure time!

~~~~coping with too much on the plate~~~~ vibage for ((((billy))))

((((mandi)))) thanks for the heads up on Dave!

(((((boywonder))))) and (((morn)))) thanks for those pics, I love the ones of indigo smiling biggrin.gif

yeah bunny, where is amilita? and dusty? yoo hoo... mia kvetchies, where are yooooou?

((((((each and every one of YA)))))

*yawns* I am seriously draggin' ass today. I had one of those tossy-turny nights where you wake up feeling like you haven't slept a wink. I cannot WAIT to climb in to my bed.


I want to be at home. I feel strange. Ha!

Later kats.
((star)) I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.

yuefie, glad to hear some good news about Art.

rose, that’s a nice a photo of the flowers.

((sheff)) I hope the dentist went well.

((faith)) I hope things get better for you.

culture, yay for getting a good deal on clothes.

bunny, I hope work went well.


mornington, I had to look at the pics of indigo. When I see greyhound rescue at the pet stores I think of Indigo.

((billy)) Less stress for you,

Daffodils!!! I miss the midwest, where those and the crocuses mean spring is coming!

(((Star))) It's true that some people...most people...don't know how to be kind when someone they know is dealing with a death.

Yuefie, yay for Art!!...would be so nice of you to let him stay with you while recouping...would not be any less nice if you put out some ground rules regarding visitors.

Faith, hang in there...I feel ya.

Hope Sheff did OK at the dentist.

~~~anti-stress vibes for Billy~~~

((Boywonder)) and ((Mornington))

(((Tes and Mamae)))

(((And hugs for DM, Mando, Raisin, Rosev, Culture, Bunnyb, Anoushh and NotBob...everyone!)))

I've been hating work lately...bleh. Don't feel like talking about it now. I think that's why I haven't been posting much...getting me down.

One fun thing I did was see a drag show on was at a gay dive bar close to my house, and it was so entertaining!!! It was all performances of lip-synched songs, and though uneven, like I said, it was fun to watch...even if they didn't know all the lyrics or whatever. And some were performances were amazing. The ladies work for tips, so you get to give 'em bills and interact directly. So fun. I'll definately go again.

I had a reasonably productive day's been awhile since that happened!
*stumbles in sleepily, waves*

I've spent the night reading with my dog curled up next to me. Work has also been stressful for me lately, lots to do and not enough time to do it. It makes a gal exhausted.


i'm pretty tired. stressed. i dread tomorrow. the burial. he didn't look like himself. the hairstylist did an awful job. his mouth was in a weird position. i guess it is like my mom said...he just didn't look like himself. my neck is pretty tense.

i think i'm gonna cry something awful tomorrow.

(((stargazer)))~*~*~emotional strength vibes~*~*~ cry if you need's part of the process.

((yuefie)) so good to hear about Art's progress. It's wonderful that you'd welcome him into you home, but it's still your place, so it's important to set boundaries from the beginning.

I found out today that my dad looks at porn on the internet. I'm a little squigged out. I mean, I've always known he looked at porn- I found his Playboys when I was a little kid. And, I don't want to be a hypocrite about it- I'm not opposed to porn in theory. I own erotica. But it's a little creepy. He needs to learn to clear his history so I can live in ignorance about it.

(((hugs to all))) where is pixie?
(((stargazer))) I hate funerals. The people always look so different from how they did when they were alive. All I hope you'll be okay tomorrow.
(((((((((Stargazer)))))))))) My thoughts will definitely be with you. check in with us as soon as you feel able. Also, if it doesn't make you comfortable to look at him again, then don't. Personally, I don't ever look at the body at open-casket funerals because it's just too painful. Focus on how he looked when he was happy. Remember the sound of his laughter. Remember the goofy things he did. Try to find some laughter amongt the tears. ((((((((((Stargazer & Michael's family))))))))))

Thanks for the vibes for Sheff & the dentist. I don't think I mentioned it in my last post, but he had to go in because his crown came off the other day. And getting it fixed is proving to be strange. First of all he went in to get it looked at this morning. The dentist said that the root canal that was under the crown looked really good. They then asked if he still had the old crown. Well, he had kept it, but it was at the house. So they sent him home & told him to come back in the afternoon & they'd put it back on. So he went back with the old crown a couple of hours later & just as they were going to reattach the crown, the dentist said that the remaining tooth was suffering a bit & needed more work. So after spending almost a whole day on this, Sheff was told that he would have to come back in a couple of weeks for additional work and at that time they're figure out if he can have another crown or if they'll have to completely remove the old tooth & do something different (an implant or a bridge or something). So I guess that's a long-ass way of saying that they did virtually nothing to Sheff's mouth today, but they've got a lot planned for his next appointment.


Hi there, Billy! So good to see you! I was thinking about you just the other day because (1) it's tax time so I'm sure you're super-busy and (2) it's almost F1 time! I am soooooo excited about this season. Can't wait to watch Kimmi in the Ferarri! And to top it off, there will be a race at Spa this year which is my faaaaavorite race track. How exciting! WEEEE!!! Can't wait!

Indigo is sooooo cute! I tell ya, I need to stop looking at the pictures of Bustie pets, lest my head explode from the cuteness.

Amilita, glad to hear you had fun at the drag show!

((((((hugs for Tes& her mamae, wherever they are))))))

((((((hugs to all of you))))))

Well, I am off to bed & my copy of Middlesex that I got at the library. G'night, all!
Take care, Stargazer. I hate funerals, but they are theraputic for me, too. I really needed to see my father in the casket; I was out of town when he died, so the last time I had seen him, he was in the airport dropping me off. I think I needed it for closure. I loved his hands, and I wanted to see them, especially. Such a personal matter. Do whatever you need to get through it all...I'll be sending good thoughts to you tomorrow.

Polly, that would freak me out a bit, too. I don't care about what people do in their sex life, generally, but I don't usually want unsolicited information. Especially about a family member. I think my poor mamma heard the Mr. and I back when we were refugees...but we waited until she went down the street to watch my neice...I didn't think she'd bring her right back. We tried to be discreet! But I felt a little bad.

Oy, what a pain about Sheff and the dentist, Rosev! It sounds like his tooth went from OK to needing so much that just because they took a closer look, or did I get it wrong?

Hi Sidecar! *waves back* Whatcha reading? I just finished While Oleander, which was better than I expected. I needed something easy cuz I had just finished A Tale of Two Cities. I think I may start on the Best American Short Stories of 2006 next...I used to buy it every year, then stopped. This is the first one I've bought in awhile. I should hang out in the book thread more...

Tonight I made chili mac and we're watching Punishment Park. Oh, and tomorrow I am expecting a return call from the vet to furthur discuss Wally and his spazmodic behavior, which is improved, but still spazzy. I just want to know what the next step should be.
(((((sheff)))) ugh, dental woes.

oh ((((polly)))), yikes on the TMI.

glad to see you amilita, you've been missed 'round here. sorry work is teh suckage right now.

((((star)))) ~~~sending out super strength coping vibes in your direction~~~

(((((dm, sidecar, ch, rose, pixie, bunny, morn, faith, fina, anoushh, dusty, plummie, mandi, syb, billy, candy, msp, crassy, tes, plat, sixela, sassy, raisin, luci, pink, flanker, everyone))))

so I had a nap and now I am wide awake. dang it. off to make myself a cuppa chamomile tea now.

Thanks, Yuefie, that's really nice to hear...I was lurking, just not in a posting mood for awhile. And look, I'm awake, too! My sleep is definately messed up from doing nights again.
Oh, I do hope eveything is okay with (((((wally)))))

Looks like my chamomile tea didn't work so well. Off to try to sleep. Again. *le sigh*

((((((((Stargazer)))))))) I'm thinking about you.

GAWD, dentists!

I don't know, I'm feeling like a broken record in Kvetch, always complaining about work. It's not so much that I couldn't fall asleep, but that I woke up early all stressed out about it.
(((stargazer))) cry all you need to. Open caskets are rarely (it at all - morn, help me out?) done here and I've never seen a dead body.

(((polly))) I feel ya. I fReAkEd when I found out my parentals sometimes get high.

(((amilita))) boo on work. As for your mama hearing you and the mr: the boy's mama once walked in on the boy and I during the act because his sis was on the phone for him. I still cringe and it was years ago.

(((designermedusa))) thanks for asking, it's tonight I go back.

(((sidecar))) yes, what are you reading?

amilita, you should definitely join us in the reading thread and, rose, let me know what you think of Middlesex as I wasn't impressed.

(((sheff and tooth)))

(((mando))) a'cos.

(((six))) I have an Ikea in my city and can't wait to go Easter weekend (not the best timing) for my new bookcases. Swedish meatballs with gravy and lingenberry (?) will be had and enjoyed.

yes, where's pixie? *frets*

(((raisingirl))) kvetch about what you need to kvetch about, love, we're listening.

Last night we went for Cantonese buffet (not my cuisine of choice but the selection and quality was great) for
T's dad's birthday; I haven't seen some of his family for years (I've been away doing my own thing) but I'm glad I went as we'll be moving closer to them and they'll be a feature in my life.

This morning I had my eyebrows shaped, dropped by my grandparents for tea and a treacle scone and now I'm undecided whether to read (Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Chronicle of a Death Foretold) or pack some of my books away for move; although I only have a couple of hours until I leave for work *pouts*. Hmmm, dilemmas. The fun part about packing books is that I am constantly coming across books that I want to read next.

((((star)))) cry all you need to sweetie.

((((raisin)))) complaining about work is FUN! At least I find it therapeutic to bitch about work and use the word fuck repeatedly!

((((bunny, yuefie, amilita, rv, candy, polly, everyone)))))

(((stargazer))) i hope the love and togetherness gets you thru today. we're all sending you warmth and strength, luv.


(((bunny))) congrats on your upcoming auntie-hood! when is the boy's sis due?
and are you back at work, hon? how are you feeling?

ta for the love & understanding for me and sis and mini-me. i talked to her 3x in the past two days ... we're planning her baby shower now ... i feel a little better. it's not like she lives on the other side of the world.

i did plant the seed that she & mini-me should come home & live with mom (who just lost her job, poor thing) during her maternity leave. hee.

sorry that's all i can offer individually. i hope to be back later for a proper catch-up.
hazelnut latte breath keeces for all.

I'm here...I've been lurking, I just haven't had much to add. Micropixie has suddely decidednow that he big enough to make noticable movements, that when mommy lays down to sleep is a good time to do sommersault sand such! I swear I haven't had a good nights sleep in like 4 days and I am just so drained I didn't want to post and bring everyone down with my whineing.
Addditionally, my SIL who is pregnant had been walking around dialted to 3 cm for almost 2 weeks now, so we are on pins and needles waiting for her to finally have the baby. I think they decided to induce Friday if she doesn't have her by then. Mr. Pixie's other sister is pregnant too...which is a one big hot mess with the family right now. We found out she is pregnant and unemployed all in one day!

(((star))) I'm sorry about your roommate. That has to be hard to deal with.

(((Rose, Mornington, Bunnyb, polly, mando, billy, fina, pnp, faith, sidecar, raisin, culture, and everyone I missed)))

We did have some excitement last night though. Mr. Pixie's female leopard gecko laid eggs! We have 2, but are unsure if the second is actually a male or not. Anyway, they are supposed to be too young for this, so we were not prepared. It looks like she crushed the eggs overnight. But we are going because we read once they start laying eggs it will happen once amonth for the "breeding season" however long that is.
((((((Stargazer & M's family))))))

((((Bunny)))) I know that going back to work can be scary, but I hope in time you find strength in returning to a regular routine. Please get plenty of sleep & take care of yourself!

~zzz~ good-night's-sleep for Pixie ~zzz~ Poor thing! Goodness, it sounds like there are a LOT of babies-to-be in your family right now. Straighten something out for me: Mr. P's pregnant sister. Is this the one with the deadbeat boyfriend who made her daddy pay for her boob job?

Polly, I feel for ya. I have unexpectedly found my brother's porn stash before. Eck.

As for Sheff's tooth, it sounds like they thought the tooth was okay, but on further inspection, there was some additional decay that needs to be tended to. Why they didn't notice this decay earlier in the day is a mystery, but it's not like I know anything about dentistry in the first place!

Got to talk to The Ex (SmokeBoy) yesterday. Sounds like he needs to find a new place to live in about a month. He's been living with his dad and brother for a while, but they're both getting married (his dad will be amrried by the end of March!), so SmokeBoy is moving out. Two of his oldest friends have agreed to get a place with him, but the very thought of these guys all under one roof sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Just imagine 3 guys, all in their mid-30s, with enormous Star Wars collections & very colorful, theatrical personalities. Sounds like a sitcom!

Mmmmm ... hazelnut latte ... that sounds so yummy, Mandi.

The best news of the last 24 hours: we don't have to move this spring! The owner of this house will not be moving back this year & she'd like us to stay. So yay!!!
I think I'd rather find my siblings porn stash than, say, my parents. Um. No.

(((pixie))) Good to know that things are...uhhhh...surviving? ~z~z~sleepy vibes~z~z~

i agree on the fantastic sounding hazelnut latte. Now I want a latte! yummers!


Yay RV! That's great that you don't have to move!
For Clarification: tongue.gif Yes, that would be the sis...only now, she has been forced to resign from the PD because of an "inappropriate relationship" with a known drug at this point...the family is wondering exactly who the babydaddy is. I'm actually kind of glad she doesn't like Mr. Pixie and I cause we can kind of stay out of this family soap opera.

And can I say, Interesting that Smokeboy is moving within the month. Good to know. wink.gif

Mmm..hazelnut latte! Man, that sounds good. I have been craving coffee like crazy lately! I guess I'll have to go buy some coffee ice cream tonight to get my fix.
I've been craving coffee like crazy lately, too! Just had some AND some chocolate covered beans after lunch with a friend...and she showed me Angelina and Brad's house in the Quarter when we drove by. They had their little posse hanging outside...bodygaurds and all that. And then I bought a bunch of Lush stuff! Yay!

((Mando and sis))

((Pixie)) Glad you can be a little removed from all the drama.

Yikes, Bunny, on the boy's mamma walking in on you guys! Hee. It's definately healthy to just try to forget some things, eh? Her and you!

And I looove G.G. Marquez...100 Years of Solitude is one of my all time favorite books. Come to think of it, though, I haven't read much more by him...tried Autumn of the Patriarch, but I would get sidetracked by counting how many pages one sentence would go was cracking me up, and I couldn't focus on the story.

Rosev, I'd totally watch a show about 3 funny Star Wars collecting guys. But I'm weird like that. I'm a reality show sucka...I've gotten hooked on Top Design just by seeing it once at work and then downloading an episode off iTunes. Oy.

Off to get something done...not sure what.
How funny: I had a grande hazelnut latte to get me through work! non-fat too.

(((mando))) the butterbean is due Sept 20th and now that you've mentioned a baby shower I'm hatching a plan to throw her one in May when she visits again...

(((amilita))) I would def like to erase that one from my memory! did you read that doxy was speaking to Brad in the restaurant he works in (over in celeb encounters)? So cool. Really enjoying the current Marquez novel but now I'm going to have to check the sentence thing out!

(((rose))) smokeboy's father is remarrying already? also, I thought you wanted to move so you could have a furry friend?

(((pixie))) pregnancies all around - including the geckos!

work was okaaaay. except for the fact that I have very few holidays remaining for year meaning that seeing the boy is going to be even more difficult. suckage, trying not to be upset and freak and boy is positive energy reassuring me we will work something out.

Kvetch: Work is driving me bonkers! I wanted to make up some work this week, so I wouldn't have to use my PTO time (I've changed my May trip instead of heading to UK I'm heading back to Seattle/Portland). My supervisor rudely told me I couldn't.

Kvetch: The two cats I wanted to adopt I can't. Both of them have disabilities, and I wanted to adopt them regardless. The woman said she wanted them to go to a home where they knew how to deal with disabilities.

((all busties))

Off to eat Girl Scout cookies (mmm..thin mints) and watch SATC.

PS Will have a new Myspace page up eventually...

amilita, the drag show sounds like fun. I hope work gets better.


rose, yay for not having to move.

bunny, glad to hear work was fine. Too bad about the holiday time.

((sassy)) Sorry work is being stressful.


I’ve fallen asleep early the past two nights. I think I’ve been tired from working out so much.

(((Sassy))) What kind of disabilites did the cats have? Couldn't they have just taught you how to tend to the cats? So strange!

DM, what kind of workout are you doing?

Bunny, I'm sure you & The Boy will be able to work something out. Congrats on getting through your first day back!

And in answer to your questions, I'm hoping we can get a house (and a fluffy pet!) next year. I just have to be patient. And as for SmokeBoy's dad, yup! He's getting married! It seems kinda soon (SmokeBoy's mom passed away almost 17 months ago) but the lady in question is a real sweetheart & I'm glad that he found someone that the family likes so much.

Speaking of SmokeBoy, I decided to help out him & the other two guys, so I spent an hour combing the internet for places for them to live that aren't too frightening. Amazingly enough, all the guys were together at the library at the moment I sent the e-mail, so they were able to go straight out and look at the places I found! What amazing timing!

So Amilita, if they decide to film their adventures & put 'em on YouTube, I'll be sure to let you know. wink.gif

Time to make dinner!
*waves* sorry i couldn't pop in until now!


((polly)) ew. i saw my dad's playboys as a kid too, but some things you just want to pretend not to now about. i know it's terribly unfeminist of me, but i've always been secretly relieved that Martini is not into porn.

((((bunny)))) yay for a good first day back!

(((raisin))) I've been having work-related sleep trouble as well; it's not that I'm unhappy, just that it's always stressful, and I don't see things improving in that sense.

Funny work story: we have a vacancy in my department, and this morning, one of my favorite coworkers, who I haven't seen in awhile, calls me in a panic. When I answered my phone (we have caller ID), she was like, "Oh good you still work here!" She was worried I'd left. It was really funny.

What I'm reading: right now, I'm reading Positively 4th Street, which is about Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, her sister Mimi, and Mimi's husband Richard. By extension, it's about the beginnings of the folk scene. I just finished Ramblin' Man, which was a very long, somewhat academic but fascinating biography of Woody Guthrie. I think I'll probably pick up some fiction after this (P4S is due back to the library Saturday anyway).

100 Years of Solitude is one of my favorite books ever, too, but I found that Love in the Time of Cholera bored me, and I never finished it. The first time I read 100 Years of Solitude, I read All the King's Men and The Unbearable Lightness of Being around the same time, and I had to not read books for a week afterwards, because everything I had read was so good that everything else was paling in comparison.
why am i thirsty with an urge to watch porn??

a hazelnut latte with one of polly's mint brownies would be awesome right now.

i think just viewing my folks as sexual beings is what weird me out about them. yeah, i don't want to know about their lives on the down low. of course, when i was a kid, i did walk into the apartment to hear my folks having sex. needless to say, i walked right back out.

thanks so much for all of the vibes, hugs, and condolescences. my eyes are very tired right now. i did alot of crying today. still feeling a little stressed in my neck, but i think it's cuz i haven't slept much in the past 1 1/2 week. i should definitely get a massage.

i'll probably write more tomorrow.

pixie, good to hear you are doing ok. gecos are interesting. feeding them those worms makes me feel like i was on fear factor when i house sat for one. gross.

rose, that is so nice of you to help out smokeboy.

ok. i'm sleepy. back tomorrow.

(((sassy, bunnyb, mornington, mando, rose, pixie, yuefie, amilita, anoushh, candy, fina, billy, mavin, faith, qspice, plat, tes, sidecar, DM, six, and other kvetchies)))
oooh...good to hear All the Kings Men is so good...that's one I have in possession, waiting to be read.

Oh, the other thing I've been craving is milk! I never drink milk, but I want it all the time lately. I guess it could be all the girl scout cookies. biggrin.gif

Since it's after midnight I just wanted to wish everyone a happy International Women's Day!

(((stargazer))) hope you're feeling better

(((sassy))) sorry to hear about the cats

(((tes and her ma)))

(((kvetchies and happy vibes to everyone: amilita, sidecar, rose, bunny, dm, culturehandy, yuefie, anyone I forgot)))

On the subject of family and porn..I was 10 when I found my brother's collection of Hustler, Penthouse, Playboy, etc.

As for my parents, I once saw an old Google search on our family computer about menopause and painful sex. All I could think was ewwwww. Isn't there a way to clear your Google history?

anyway, goodnight!
Ewwwwww, now I'm all grossed out by the thought of all of your parents having sex and watching porn.

I continue to live in denial that my parents have a sex life at all. ::shudder::

I found Playboys when I was a kid, too. I wish I could erase certain things from my memory.

One of my biggest literary confessions is that I never finished Love in the Time of Cholera (oh, the shame!), but I wanted to impress some friends in high school who were also into Marquez, so I carried the book around for a solid month. I never got much past the beginning. The writing was beautiful (so was the cover of the paperback) and to this day I can still remember that first line: It was inevitable, the scent of bitter almonds always reminded him of the fate of unrequited love.

Sidecar, some of my work stress is due to unhappiness, I think. It's hard to tell (or maybe I'm in huuuuuge denial about how bad it really is). Blerg.
I loved 100 Years of Solitude and read it repeatedly when I was in uni... and haven't re-read it again since. Maybe it's time for another go. The ending still makes me shudder though.

Raisin, I have my mom's copy of 100 Years... it's all 70s and funky. Bizarrely, I saw the same edition once on 90210. Go figure.

My parents divorced when I was young and more than once my sister and I overheard stuff, with their repsective new partners. Ew ew ew ew. However, I don't think either of them were into pornography; they were too 70s right on for that.

I am not as busy as I should be, been fielding a bunch of emotional stuff. All is broadly good though.
Oh my goodness, if we think our parents having sex is gross, if some of us have kids what are they going to think when we have sex. Okay, I know we aren't having sex with each other (it could happen) oh you know what I mean. CH you are rambling now. laugh.gif

Hope everyone is doing well today.

Quick flyby....The good SIL is in labor right now...any vibes that could be spared today for a safe speedy delivery would be appreciated!
Good morning!!

that's awesome news pixie!!

*~*sending safe delivery for pixie's SIL*~*

kvetch: alittle sleepy. i think i'll take a nap before getting ready for the day. didn't sleep much, but i do feel rested.

i do feel better today. i still miss michael terribly. but, i think i'm more at peace with his passing. i did alot of talking with a good friend and my mom yesterday. made me feel good. plus, the sun is shining here!! it is still cold, but the weather is going to warm up. Yeah!!

(((star))) i've been thinking of you & (((m's family))) nonstop, baby. tight hugs.

*all good things vibes for pixiesil & bebe*

i'm so sad about those poor disabled kitties. *sniff*

rose, i'm happy for you that you're staying put, but i'm sad you won't be getting your own critter til next year. i'd suggest volunteering at a shelter, but i know you're too much like me. you'd cry nonstop and want to adopt them all.

count me in on the 100 years of solitude adoration. when the mr and i were courting in college, i'd keep running over to where he was studying in the library to read him passages aloud. i sobbed when i finished it, i didn't want to say goodbye to the characters. i tried to read it again a few years ago, and couldn't. it was just too sad ... knowing. i'm so glad they never tried to make it a movie.

kvetch/antikvetch: i'm filled with glee that this week is nearly over. the auditors are here and coworker comptroller is in superbitchfromhell mode. oy.

is anyone here an auditor? just curious. what a grueling job!
Martini gave me a nice copy of 100 Years as a gift, with a very sweet inscription, when I graduated college, which I loaned to my mom, and it has now sat in the same place on her nightstand for the ensuing six years. I think I might ask for it back now.

Oh, I walked in on my parents as a kid. Worst thing ever. No wonder I was a late bloomer.

~~~~safe delivery vibes for pixie's SIL~~~

kvetch: cramps from hell
antikvetch: hey, no babies!

Amilita, All the King's Men is probably my very favorite book, I think it's certainly the best American novel. I read it every other year, and as much as I love it, I always forget just how good it is until I'm reading it again.

raisin, my work problems are essentially big workload + nonprofit=overworked and underpaid. also, lately, mismanaged. all of which adds up to no fun. i think that's part of why i want to move on to something else in the company so badly.
I can barely remember 100 Years (except it's beauty) as it was years ago that I read it so it may have to be re-read once I've read all of his other work this month (so far, so good). I'm really enjoying myself.

sidecar, I've received a few books as gifts with sweet inscriptions from the boy and they are the most romantic and loving thing I have ever read and received.

Is anyone else having problems with the lounge? it's taking ages to load a page for me and I'm not having any problems with other sites. Very frustrating as it's the site I most frequent (can you tell?)

(((star))) I'm glad you are having a bright -in all senses- day.



~*~*~*safe delivery for pixie's s-i-l~*~*~*~ love, love, love that you called her "the good SIL" laugh.gif .

Today has consisted of a little Buffy (The New Man - the one where Giles turns into demon), reading, counselling and now I'm going to make a curry and read more and watch some more Buffy: a prefectly symmetrical day (well, on either side of the counselling and curry).

for DM, this is my nephew, buddy.
he's a lot cuter in person. i meece him. sad.gif

IPB Image
Ooo, cute doggie, mando!

I'm not having problems with the lounge, but rose said in the okay thread that it ate a big post of hers.

I love that episode, bunny! Esp. when he's in the car with Spike. Hi-larious.
i was having problems with the lounge earlier. mad.gif

thanks for all of the tight hugs mando!! (((mando))) and here's another warm thought...i'll be moving only hours away from you! wee!! thanks for the adorable pic!

good news...kinda. i was talking with mom yesterday how i want to get a pug, but how their little dog is so jealous he starts fights. she said we would be able to keep it upstairs away from the other dogs. so, who knows. maybe this summer. i just want my own bundle of cuteness.

(((bunnyb))) acos.

(((sidecar))) i started my period too!! makes me wonder if rose did too. you know our charing cycle pattern. when do you find out about the job promotion??

*~*~*soothing, cramps be gone vibes for sidecar*~*~*

now, i want to read 100 Years of Solitude. but, first, i need to finish the busties book club read.


off to check on my corn on the cob i'm cooking.
~~~labor and delivery vibes for Pixie's SIL~~~

Aww, Mando, I love little Buddy! He's pretty cute in that picture, he must be unbelievable in person!

We live on a busy street across from a gas station that sells alcohol, so it's commonplace for drunk people to be out there yelling at each other or just whooping it up...but last night these two guys started fistfighting...not super hardcore, but like the fistfight of the drunk person...stop, start, stop, kick, start, stop, etc. But pretty much when they first started, I called 911.

Now, is it totally a sign of where I live that I was even wondering if I should call at all? Or call the nonemergency number? *sigh* I feel like the police-callingest person lately. But those kinds of things can escalate pretty quickly...

So, these two National Guardsmen in their tan military vehicle came squealing into the gas station, and were there a long time talking and all that...eventually, cops came and took one guy away...henestly, I was glad the NG showed up considering the cops wouldn't even make the guy sleeping next to our house move along last time we called something in.

Then today I read in the paper that a guy was shot and killed last night by a NG guy because the person they were checking on pulled a gun (BB, it turns out, aparantly) on sounds justified, but it's still unsettling. Scary. Sad.

I dunno...It's just so complicated...don't like being part of the system or whatever...want to feel safe...realize I live in the 'hood, so wonder what my expectations should even be...BLEH! Sometimes I can't imagine leaving, sometimes I can't imagine staying...

Gotta work tonight. Double bleh.
((amilita)) oof, that is a complicated're thankful that the NG is there, but it's scary that stuff escalates to the point of shooting someone, no matter who was in the wrong there.

I know, star-- I feel bad, I've only read the first couple chapters of the book! I have been blessed with jury duty on Tuesday (that was a sarcastic "blessed") so I'm hoping to get a lot of reading done....I wonder if I can bring my iPod and completely isolate myself from the weirdos around me...ugh, 26th & California, the nastiest of the nasty courts, too.

~*~*~belated peaceful birth vives for pixies SIL~*~*~*
yeah, it is complicated polly...even more so now that I'm reading that the guy who pulled the BB gun has a serious mental health history. Everyone knows mental health services for the poor are crappy, but in New Orleans, they are completely decimated right now. It leaves the law enforcement people in a horrible situation, as well...
Hey, gang! This morning I wrote the loooooongest post in here, but it got eaten. That hasn't happened to me in ages. I'm glad things are working better now!

My period started last night, too! And I immediately wondered if Stargazer & some of my other Kvetchies were bleeding, also. laugh.gif

((((((Stargazer)))))) You sound a lot better today, sweetie. It's good to see.

((((((Amilita)))))) Honey, there is nothing wrong with wanting your neighborhood to be a safer place. Nothing at all.

(((((((Pixie's SIL))))))

Mandi, that pic is so cute! The Lounge is chock full of pics of adorable pets lately. Part of me loves it, but part of me is sooooo jealous! As for the shelter, I think you nailed it; I would want to take every single one of them home with me, so it'd just be torture.

Mmmmm ... curry. Bunny, you may have just convinced me to make curry for dinner. smile.gif

After all that praise, I think I should go to the library & check out 100 Years of Solitude.

Over in OkayLand I posted about a weird problem Sheff is having. Basically, he's been invited to go to a strip club with his boss & a couple of other co-workers. Sheff's first annual review is next month & it's great that he's been invited to hang out with his boss outside of work, but strip clubs aren't his cup of tea. Maybe we'll just ask if the gang would rather go bowling sometime instead.
Rose, he should tell them that because he's British, he's also repressed, and they'll just have to accept his cultural differences and he'll have to stay home and think about England. (Totally kidding about Brits being repressed!)

I also thought this morning, Hm, I wonder if RV and stargazer have their periods. Great minds think alike!

((mando)) I am overwhelmed with the adorableness of that dog. Did I mention that Sophie played with a corgi at the dog park last week? I didn't see it but Keith said it was super-cute.

Star, no word yet on the job; things tend to move slow here, so while I'm crossing my fingers, I'm trying not to worry too much about not hearing anything since I turned my samples in.

You know, maybe I'll pick up Children of Men at the library on Saturday and try to breeze through it in time to chat with the Chicagobusties at book club. That's next week, right?

Quick fly by- in budget hell, long days, no stamina, and sinus hell. Setback week. Bleah.

Please send major vibage for my gal Tes. She is in a bad way. Lots of work problems and she is getting ready to take the long trip back to the states to transport her very ill mom to a new home. And all the crap that goes along with that. ((((Tes))) hunnee, sorry I was in an all day meeting and didn't answer your email sooner.

((mando, star, rose, yuefie, amilita, polly, bunny, side and all you lovely kvetchies)))

Early undie report: blue, yes blue cotton bikinis. Out on a limb for me.

Yep, the Chicago Busties Book Club and monthly meet-up will be the 18th around 2:00 at The Heartland Cafe.

**waiting for Le Boy's professional male opinion before I comment on the situation, rose.**

ETA: nevermind- his opinion sucked. Which surprised me- he's not into strip clubs either. He's been to one, for his older brother's bachelor party and didn't know they were going there until they were in the limo on the way. He's a germaphobe, so he was horrified by it from that angle and he's not particularly interested in porn (sounds like the same with martini, sidecar), particularly not right-in-front-of-you porn. He said if it could be really important to Sheff's job future, and if you being there would make things more positive for that, you should both go. I was flabbergasted at that answer, and told him that he ever thought of asking me to go to a strip club with him for job purposes, he'd better find another place to live before he does. WTF?

Anyway, I think the advice given in the Okay thread was pretty good....I understand if Sheff's not okay with outright lying. Going to dinner or whatever beforehand, then getting an "emergency call" from you would only solve problems in the short run, though. If he were to act like he was interested in going, they'd just ask hm again next time, and you're just going to have to keep coming up with excuses. I do like the idea of telling them that he's got a hottie at home that makes strip clubs unnecessary, though tongue.gif

Mmm, I made really good egg salad for dinner and now I'm debating whether I should eat the rest. I made it with 5 eggs and probably ate around 3 of them....would two more really be so bad?

I'm making my delicious Mexican chocolate cake tonight. Tomorrow is BGP's birthday.
rose, for exercise I am going to the gym at work twice a day (total time about 45 minutes). I’m doing mainly the treadmill and stair climber and some weights. I’m just trying to tone up because my tummy has gotten a bit flabby. As far as the strip club, that’s just wrong that Sheff’s boss would invite him to a strip club. Are there women that work for the company?

((pixie’s sister-in-law))


Are all Busties big readers, I have to say I can’t concentrate on books that often.

mando, your nephew Buddy is so cute! Thanks for posting a photo of him. I’ll have to show Twin DM because she is obsessed with bostons as well.

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