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************************fly by****************************

at work, getting ready to leave for weekend.

((((((((hugs for star, star roomie and roomie family)))))))

YAYAYAY for healthy babies, be they pixie boys or grrrls!!!!

yayayayayayayayay for internships -----

in boston and toronto!

((((((((bunnyb mine))))))) those beauzeaux who administer the driving test SUCK. BIG GREEN WIENIES. REALLY BIG ones. passionfruit is a natural calmant. try to find some passion juice. or chamomile tea. or!!!!! Bach's Rescue Remedy. Whole Foods should have that. wonderful stuff! even works on kitties gone wild!

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*! jump up and DANCE vibes for mando my heart *!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!

how DARE they all go off and leave you bored?? how DARE they???

(((((((plat))))))) glad that the dreaded hair wash is OVER.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ budget woes be over painlessly vibes ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~


*flings self over pile of adorably cute golden retriever puppies to jump on never was a cornflake girl*

kvetch: creepy dude who used to work here is sitting in cool colleague's office schmoozing. i hatehatehate even hearing his voice. okay, hate is too strong of an emotion to waste on the asshat. he doth VEX me, though!

anti-kvetch: i bought a CAR!!!! finally!! i will be able to do things without having to deal with asking for a ride or taking a cab.

kvetch: there was too much work this week to get everything done that i need to have done before i drive it (insurance, gear lock, title, bla bla bla)

anti-kvetch: next week i will be able to get it all done and maybe even go to my new club (joining the Maritime Club. maybe the Naval Club, too. want to buy small sail boat)

mamãe is worse. word from neicoid Aaaaaah (elle's sister) is that she recognizes my niece but can't remember her name and 5 minutes later forgets that she is there. she doesn't care about anything. she refuses to eat. she won't talk. she is obviously in pain all the time; her movements are as if she has rusted. she doesn't care about her cat. i am crying a lot. got my plane tix today. at least will have mr. hotbuns to look forward to at end of visit.

bubblegum pink bikinis with loads of hearts in chartreuse, turquoise (eta: ooooops! NOT turquoise, RED!!) and lavender, and bubblegum pink bra.

careful to all those in Easten Canada and States, it's a nightmare out there.

*is relieved that we are finally getting a break from the snow here, and it is someone else*
hey, rose, are you okay? i heard there were tornadoes in your neck of the woods.

it's a mess here, but it could be worse.


ick ick ick!

rose, plat, are you all right???

please let us know.

*****wrings hands anxiously*****
((((((((Stargazer & Roomie's family)))))))))) I'm thinking of you today, hon. Check in with us when you feel up to it.

CONGRATS again, Pixie!!!! So excited about the boy in the oven!!!

((((((((Tes & mamae))))))))

Not to worry! I'm perfectly fine. It got really windy here last night, but I think the worst of it was all in Alabama & Georgia ... faaaaaar away from us. Right now our skies are perfectly clear & we're expecting a high of 68F(!).

But I hear it's miserable up north. ~~~~~ vibes of warmth for the frozen Busties ~~~~~
((((((((star)))))))))) *super tight hugs*

((((((tes))))))) I am sorry to hear about your news regarding (((((mamae))))

~~~feel better for polly & any other sickies~~~

Yay for micropixie!

And raisin's suntanned return wink.gif

(((((rose, amilita, sidecar, mandi, bunny, faith, mornington, fina, billy, syb, anoushh, plat, pink, sixela, sassy, msp, pixie, designerm, candycane, cultureh, nickc, coela, plummie, tallgirl, crassy, sapphy, mavin, walkingb, flanker, luci, ap, doodle, treehugger, lurkers, everyone)))))


((((((((((((stargazer))))))))))))) i am so sorry! i can't even imagine what you're dealing with. keep other people around you as much as you can. ((((((((((((((((((((((roomie and family))))))))))))))))))))))

(((((tes)))))) sorry to hear your news as well. good that you're going to see her soon.

i wish the best for all (((((((((((kvetchies)))))))))))) today and always.

((((((((((((((((((((((star)))))))))))))))))))))))) your strength and resilience amazes me; my heart goes out to you and your roommate's family.

(((((((((((((tes and mamae))))))))))))))) hang in there chica, I can't imagine what you're going through at the moment and yet you still manage to breeze in here and cheer us biggrin.gif.

~"~"~"~no more bad weather for busties~"~"~"~"~

~vitC~vitC~feel better polly~vitC~vitC~

*waves at falljackets* you're welcome to de-lurk here anytime sweetie.

are tes and I the only ones wearing undies? hmmm dry.gif. mine are white panties with curly red trim and red, black and pink ladybugs all over, they come with matching bra but I'm going bra-less today as not venturing out.

Bunny I'm wearing undies, alas I am at work. And amazingly, they are match-y match-y! Mine are not nearly as fun as yours though. I'm wearing a thong, bright green and stripped. I'd like to be braless, but working for social assistance + no undies = bad idea.

(((tes))) stay safe!

all the love in the universe for (((stargazer))) and (((tesao))). my heart is breaking for both of you. i wish there was something i could do.

falljacket delurkings make me very happy. how ya feelin', mamacita?

pixie, i'm so happy for your news - congrats! i hope you don't mind that i was vibing for healthy over gender. i know you were too. i'm just superstitious.

i've never seen so much rain in my life as i did this morning. today i wished i was driving an SUV, i've never seen my route to work so flooded. i'm afraid to go home and see what my basement looks like. eeep.

kvetch: i just got suckered into a girls night with coworker and superannoyingcantstandher new coworker (who have become BFF's now). fuck me.

i'm wearing undies. but i forgot to wear my sexy new ones. so i'm not sharing.
*toes ground*

aww, gee, thanks!

i'm feeling really good actually, thanks. i'm past the half-way mark and just looking forward to july so i can welcome this little jackaroo!

and i'm with mando, pixie - when i was in the tub the other day sending vibes to you (honest, i was!) i was just really hoping you'd have good news. i'm so glad your micropixie is doing well!!! but i'm glad you got yourself a penis too. i was hoping for one myself (though i really don't know why) and was happy when i saw the little appendage.

oh, and i'm wearing mrfj's blue plaid boxers and my new biege big girl bra (thanks to the wee one in the oven, i actually have boobage now! wheeeee!)

bye for now... i've got to ramble
*flings self into thread* Kvetchieeeeees! (((((massive boobie-squishin' hugs)))))

I have finally finished moving! It took almost 4 days instead of 1, and more drama than a high school girls' bathroom, but I'm DONE! WOOOOOO!

(((stargazer))) I'm so sorry, chica. *hands a mug of Kahlua-laced cocoa to go with Polly's minty brownies* (((extra-tight hugs)))

(((tes & mamae))) You'll be there to see her soon. *starts soothing hairbrushing* A small sailboat sounds so nice, just drifting along out on the ocean.....

Speaking of oceans, ((raisingirl)), how's the transition back from "island time"?

((pixiedust)) HOORAY for the boy micropixie! Wait, what's the masculine for that? micropixar?

And congrats to the FJs for creating a jackaroo! *waves at lurking Okayers*

(((mando))) I'll alibi you if you want to machete any co-workers. They probably deserved it, anyway! And just for you, I'm admitting to wearing tatty granny panties today. And they are
orange sherbet colored, even! I AM teh sexiness. rolleyes.gif

(((bestbunny))) It took me forEVER to pass the driving part of that test, too! For the exact same reason (heck, my first examiner screamed when I took a wrong turn, like I was kidnapping her. I'm still scarred. To this day I don't allow passengers with clipboards!). *shouts at examiners: STOP RATTLING OUR BUNNYB*

(((mornington))) glad you're over the plague! And I'm sooooo jealous over your first trip to NYC! And yay for free dinners and wine and visits from mama!

((yuefie)) So glad you had such a terrific visit from grandpa and Fran! They are the cutest things ever, and sound soooo sweet!

((sidecar)) You were right, greasy burger and Coke did cure the hangover! Have you heard about the job yet? ~~~~quietly powerful job vibes~~~~

(((all kvetchies and everyone I missed)))

kvetch: loading moving van in pouring rain and mud, the red tent, drama, the past 3 days in general

huuuuge anti-kvetch: all the tiny amenities in the new place, including being able to plug in my toothbrush actually in the bathroom, a dishwasher (pure luxury after years of handwashing), being super close to laundry room, dumpster, and parking! *does happy snoopy dance*

*big BIG smooches to everyone*
(((((((((((Tesao and Star)))))))))))))))))) I'm so sorry.

Yeah, the transition back from island time isn't so hot. I had the best birthday in a loooooong time (it was so beautiful and relaxing and just what I needed) but then I come back to shit at work so bad that I'm going to have to start exploring other options. I can't believe how quickly this has gone from dream to shit job, but I'm PISSED OFF about it. What's that cliche about one door opening, etc?

::waves to FJ:: Y'all come back now, ya hear?

Sorry I'm not up for individual vibing these days. I need a fuckin' drink.
((star, and roommate and family))



mando, your post about getting suckered into a girl’s night out made me laugh. I know it’s not funny that your coworker is annoying, but the way you said “fuck me” was hilarious. I hope you ended up having a good time.

sixel, glad that you like your new place.

I’m so glad it’s Friday. I went to Target and tried on a bathing suit, but unfortunately the top was to small, and alas there was no bigger size. I also tried on a top and a dress, but I didn’t like the fit of either. Twin DM and I watched Shut Up and Sing, and I really enjoyed it.

Undies: turquoise bra and multi-color panties
((((tes and mamae))))
(((((cont. to stargazer, roomie & fam)))))))

good news: I got an email this morning asking me to provide two work samples; essentially, i was given two scenarios I would encounter, and I have to show how I would handle them by Tuesday. I think this is a good sign, so I'm crossing my fingers.

now I'm wearing a bathrobe, but before it was a beige underwire and pale pink boyshorts

ETA: Sixelacat, once you go dishwasher, you never go back.

Seriously, no one's posted in here since Friday? Where is everyone?

Well, I'm procrastinating on doing laundry, so I'll go ahead and post. I went to my cousin's birthday party yesterday. She's actually my dad's cousin, and even though she's nearly 20 years older than me, she and her siblings are pretty close to me and my sister. It was fun- she and her husband love to entertain, so their house is just an ideal party place.

Friday night we went out for sushi with one of Le Boy's friends. They went to see Zodiac after dinner, but I was still feeling sick, and figured I'd probably be hacking through the whole thing and I went home. Put on my PJ's, played my new video game and watched What Not to Wear. It was a good night.

~*~*~*continued vibes for Stargazer, roommate & roommate's family~*~*~*

((hugs to all))
I heart katamari.

I've been busy: yesterday, I went to the gym then I saw the new Harry Potter movie (really!; deets in Media Whores) and had some friends over for dinner. Today, I cleaned out my dresser and closet.

((((stargazer and roommate))))
wow, someone posted! thanks polly tongue.gif .

again, I am so jealous about you seeing preview of OoTP, sidecar, that just rocks. how was zodiac (rdj and jake in one movie - mmmm)?

also: thank you for what you said a couple of days ago about mando and I, that was very sweet to hear and the encouragement helps.

polly, also meant to say to you: I heart Buffy's sushi PJs!

speaking of buffy: my weekend has consisted of re-watching season 3 on dvd (about to start season 4) and reading; also took bunbun to see Charlotte's Web (obv not as good as book and Dakota Fanning not too annoying) and made a start on packing some of my books and dvds for my big move in April.

(((stargazer))) I've been thinking of you a lot this weekend, I hope you have your family and friends around you.

(((everyone else)))
sidecar, yay for the good work news.

polly and bunny, sounds like the both of you had a fun weekend.

I had a nice weekend, went on two 3 mile plus walks (two weeks in a row), saw Black Snack Moan and did a lot of shopping. I bought 2 Peaches cds, a Nellie McKay cd, two pairs of shoes, sheets and a bunch of clothes.

Here’s to a nice, prosperous week.

sorry i haven't been around. i was kinda too pooped to type or lurk in the lounge. i'm still tired. mostly my eyes, but just from crying so much.

on friday, he was taken off life support. i was able to be there with other friends, his parents, and older brother. tuesday and wednesday are the visitation and funeral.

i've been in contact with my friends. also, i've been keeping to myself. i feel crabby. probably just sad. there are times i'm sad, crying, hypertalkative, and then just silent. waves of emotions really.

his stuff is still here. it will be harder when it is gone. it will hit me even harder.

kvetch: former friends have been indifference towards me during this time. my roomie and former friends were part of a tight circle. but, people change. they were not really supportive of me. i made changes for myself and stoppped hanging out with 'em. but, you would think that seeing me at the hospital during this time they would check in to see how i am or include me putting together pics of him for the wake. but, no. i'm trying to not take this personally because it is for michael. but, my feelings are still hurt. it just reiterates how selfish they are. i feel like they will ignore any friendship i had with him because of the last year.

FJ, um, if i remember correctly from your pic...your boobage was quite decent before the baby. i'm sure they are fantastic now!!

six, oh yeah!! how did you know i love coffee with kaluha!!

polly, i'm more than happy to take those minty browines!

sidecar, double yeah! i'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get a promotion!

*~*~*sending out job promotion vibes*~*~*

*~*~*sending out healing vibes for tes's mama*~*~*


bunnyb, did you pass the test??

mornington, are you feeling better??

DM, shopping always makes me feel better.

kvetch2: uh, eating lots of sweets since everything happened. blink.gif

antikvetch: bought 2 bath bombs at lush yesterday. my mom has an awesome clawfoot tub. i'm going over tomorrow night. so, i plan on using 'em! biggrin.gif

((((polly, sidecar, FJ, mornington, bunnyb, mando, tes, PiP, sassygrrl, sixelacat, rose, pixie, DM, raisingrl, candy, dusty, fina, mavin, qspice, plat, faith, billy, and other kvetchies))))
((((stargazer)))) I'm so sorry for what you're going through. And I can't believe that the former friends are treating you that way, that's terrible. You'd think people would at least have some common decency and ask how you're doing.

But at least you can always come in here and know that we're all supportive of you.
((((((stargazer)))))) your mutual friends mostly stayed the same while you made changes. Sometimes people resent that, and frankly, they suck. ((((extra-tight hugs)))) You loved him, he knew that. I'm so very sorry you didn't have longer with him. (((((Kahlua-laced hugs))))) You post when you can, we all understand.

sidecar, I have run the dishwasher like 5 times in the past 2 days! (I have to wash all my dishes before I put them away, right? That's my excuse, anyway......) Hurray for the potential jobby-job news! ~~~~more understated fantastic job vibes~~~~~~~

Soooo quiet this weekend!

kvetch: a girl at work quit while I was moving, and they changed my schedule without telling me. bastards.

anti-kvetch: potential road-trip to Chicago for Ikea furnishings! *crosses fingers for end of the month time off, and extra-good evaluation raise*

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

um, six, if you are coming to chicago, then you know you will have to meet up with me!! or, else, i will stalk you at ikea armed with a swedish meatball!!
((((stargazer)))) I'm so sorry. Of course you feel all over the place; it's a shock. Try and be good to yourself and spend time with those who continue to be supportive.

And feh on your unsupportive friends. I agree with sixela about them and about everything. You were a good friend and of course he knew that. Take care and come in when you can. (((SG)))

*tries to stifle ikea jeaousy of sixela*

Had a super-healthy day yesterday which made up for a chaotic and busy week. Went and had a sauna than swam like a demon in the club pool, working off all the ickiness that's built up (in head and body). Then had seared tuna for dinner and lots of green tea and evian.

After I collate some reading I am so going shopping. I want to look good on the outside while I continue to pull the inside together.

Not really much new with me I'm afraid. Other than the start of another work week. Crud.

Later kats!

thanks six and sybarite.

culture, um, you got a little love thang going on. wink.gif i think that counts for sumthin' new.

sybarite, i've been wanting to go to a sauna for some time. hooray for all of the healthy stuff you are doing!

six, still keeping my fingers crossed you can come up to ikea!

kvetch: sometimes, my mother can be very supportive. other times, she can come off rather cold in her need to explain the hell out of everything. i think she needs to learn how sometimes you just need to listen. not everything needs a retort. so i tell her how i feel left out by former friends regarding putting together a board of pics of him ans she replies, "well, you didn't tell J (his older brother) that you wanted to do one. i guess if you want to be involved you need to speak up." this statement made me feel like it was totally my fault for my lack of involvement. but, then, she tried to back track when i told her her omment hurt my feelings and she replied, "you were just trying to give them their privacy by not saying anything." i dread having to move back in with my folks for the next 4 months. my mother has a great way of making me to blame for things.
((((((star))))) what sixe said re former friends. boo on them; you take care of you.

I wish to stalk sixe with swedish meatballs.

yay for good stuff ((((syb))))


i have an exam tomorrow. i might get off my bum and do some revision. unsure.gif *dissappears in puff of smoke*
(((star))) I suppose you're right. I just didn't want to blab about here and in the okay thread.

(((mornington)))) good exam vibes for you.

I want to snack so badly right now.

*runs off to find food*
(((stargazer))) i'm so sorry for your loss, honey. and what everyone else has said. you'd think that m's death would bring everyone together and any awkwardness would be put on hold. then again, some people get more awkward and oblivious when there's a death. please don't let them get to you. they're not worth it. m knew you loved him to pieces. and maybe your mom just meant to be helpful. but she should've thought a little harder before speaking.

bunny, danny and i are on season 5 of buffy. is this your first time watching? i couldn't imagine loving it any more, but this second time around is pretty amazing. i even liked riley!

*ace-that-exam vibes for mornington*

sixel, so glad you're so happy in your new place. color me extremely jealous of your dishwasher love! that's one of my dearest dreams, owning a dishwasher. (well, having a non-antiquated kitchen with enough room for one is the first part of that dream.)

sybarite, i'm loving on your "I want to look good on the outside while I continue to pull the inside together" comment. mind if i steal it? cool.gif

"Seriously, no one's posted in here since Friday? Where is everyone?"

i think everyone's defected to the okay thread ... *snifflepout*

kvetch/antikvetch: my sista sent me preggo pictures. she looks ADORABLE! (she's due in june.) but i'm so so sad i don't get to see her in person til next month. i feel like i'm missing the whole thing. god only knows how awful it's going to be not being able to see the baby that often. *weep*

You have to move out of your place, stargazer? That's so sad! **trying to run the numbers in my head to see if I can snatch it up as a weekend city home biggrin.gif ** And move in with your parents? That's worse. I don't think I could move back in with my parents. Mainly because that house was too small my entire life, there's no way I could go back. If it was a big house and I could have my own space, I might be able to do it.

Funny, mando, I found Riley less annoying the second time around, too. Still a dumbass and not worthy of Buffy, but less annoying. We're on season 7 now on our second run-through.

((hugs to all))
(((star))) a pox on ex-friends, it's their loss, you hear? they will look back and regret it too as it's cruel.

(((mando))) omg hunny I luv ya (you know why). as for buffy: third/fourth time around for first few seasons but second time around for 6 and 7 (squee - can't wait! going to re-watch angel too, afterwards!) as for season 4: forgot how funny parts were -I watched fear itself this morning- and the initiative stuff annoys me but spike/harm , giles, xander/anya crack me up. I'm a HUGE buffy fan, definitely not a buffy virgin!

~*~*~*~ace that exam morn!~*~*~*~*

culture, some of us don't even lurk in okay so please don't feel bad about repeating stuff. Okay is busier and more frantic but kvetch is all about the love, even if we are depleted and neglected on the weekend.

Just been out for wine and snack (antipasti) with boy's mum and now it's some more buffy.


I know. Sometimes I just feel like I'm blah blah blahing away about something really great, when other people are going through serious cruddiness, like star. I just feel bad that way sometimes.

Then I get paranoid that some people, and I so totally don't mean the BUSTies, are thinking, fuck doesn't she ever shut up? I get funny like this sometimes.

*gets red faced*

And now for something completely different, I'm eating pistachois right now and they are yummy yummy!

Happy Monday Kvetchies! Okay, so that was totally forced. I am never that happy on Monday rolleyes.gif

It was rather quiet this weekend and I posted in other threads but not here so I am as guilty as the next kvetchie.

laugh.gif at star stalking sixela with a swedish meatball.

congrats on the new digs and especially the dishwasher sixela. I've lived with and without the dishwasher and I wholeheartedly prefer with!

(((((((star))))))) grief can bring out the ugliest side of human nature, but they sound like they were petty and ugly to begin with.

((((cultureh))))) mind if I call ya ch? we wanna hear the juicy stuff in here too, heh. so spill it sista!

~~~exam acing vibage for morn~~~ so when exactly is your visit to NY with f? *ahem* and where are those heartwarming pix of the regal & handsome indigo, fuzzy wuzzy petey and floppy eared doris? *taps foot*

((((mandi)))) I am wishing for you to have have more time with your sis.

(((((bunny))))) just 'cause

where's crassy? I meece her.

(((((amilita, rose, anoushh, pixie, sidecar, plummie, syb, polly, dusty, billy, raisin, dm, msp, faith, fina, sassygrl, tes, plat, pink, flanker, candycane, mavin, tg, qspice, luci, ap, fj, doodle, everyone)))))

I just got some good news about Art. The doc said his lung function has improved so much that they are seeing if they can remove the trach soon, possibly tomorrow! He's been standing up on his own, but still too weak to walk. But, at first he was only able to stand for ten seconds at a time and yesterday he stood up for thirty seconds, took a step forward, one back and then stood for another thrity seconds. This is very good news, and the physical therapist said he is making a lot of progress quickly.

He asked me to come up to see him tonight, he wants to talk to me. I get the feeling he wants to know if he can come here with me when he is released from the hospital, instead of to his mom's. He has mentioned how he feels more at home here than anywhere besides his own place, which is not an option at this point. His girlfriend/fiance is planning on moving back in with her mom to save up so they can get a new place in a couple of months. So I don't have a problem with him coming here. The only thing that makes me apprehensive is that I will never have any peace with her and her son around every single day, which is certainly how it will be. Her mom lives about two miles from me. I guess we will need to lay some ground rules and a time frame. But truth be told, I am so not good at that type of stuff with family and I get the feeling that for the most part the established "rules" would be largely ignored. But then again, knowing myself none of this will really matter as much as Art being happy and comfortable. Sorry I am talking of this out like a crazy person, but it helps my nuerotic self!

((((((star)))))))) i'm so sorry for your loss, and sorry for the ways others have acted. sometimes death brings out the worst in people.
maybe i should stalk sixelacat with one of those $1 hot dogs at ikea?? i am a girl on a budget. rolleyes.gif

YAY FOR ART!! good news! *breaks out in the charlie brown dance*

how many of you knew there was a charlie brown dance?? i guess you have never done the cha cha slide then. there is also a dance called the smurf. the roger rabbit. the running man.

mando, we haven't defected!! i got enough love to spread around. and to you!! ((((mando))))

culture, blab away about le boy. he sounds totally cool. nothing wrong with being happy. during this time, i wish i had a boy and i envy those who have someone right now. i just feel like i need lots of hugs during this time. i feel pretty fragile. but, i can be sad and still enjoy someone's happiness. i think it is called maturity. so spread the sunshine!!

*~*sending out more job promotion vibes for sidecar*~*

((((((((tes & mama))))))))))

*~*pass exam vibes for mornington*~*

thanks again for all of the support!! you busties really make me feel good!! smile.gif

((((((((Stargazer)))))))))) I'm sorry I can only give you virtual hugs. I hope the hearts of these old friends will soften this week.

Hooray for Art!!!!! Oh, what wonderful new, Yuefie!!! As for his after-care, I'm sure you'll come up with something that makes you all feel good. Just see what he and his doctors have to say.

Culture, I know what you mean about the babbling! Sheff can be soooo quiet sometimes that if I'm not careful, I'll do all the talking! And when I catch myself doing that, I always wonder how he has refrained from telling me to shut-the-fuck-up! laugh.gif

Bunny, it's so cute that you like to hang out with the boy's mother. I bet she really appreciates it.

((((Mandi)))) That was so sweet of your sis to send you those pics!

~*~*~*~* test-taking vibes for Mornington ~*~*~*~*

Plat, I hope you had a good weekend. We unexpectedly had friends over this weekend, which certainly kept me busy in the kitchen. The up side: cheddar bread! Yummmmmm!

How are you feeling, Pixie? Still bouncing around with joy about the boy bun growin' in your oven?

I have been super busy today, just running all over the place. But I got a ton done! And since the bulbs are blooming like crazy in our yard, I took some pics. So for those of you who are still stuck in the cold and muck, here's a reminder that Spring is right around the corner. smile.gif

IPB Image
Hee, I'm being stalked with meat products! What would Freud say......hell, he'd probably just do another bump of coke and blame it all on my mother.

Raise your hand if you've ever done the running man in a prom dress. *sheepishly raises hand* Ahem.

yuefie, I'm so pleased to hear Art is doing so much better so quickly! WOOHOO! ~~~~~continued health vibies for Art~~~~~~~~ And, hey, Art staying with you might ward off the invasion of the other relatives that had booked their trip then told you after? Definitely would still lay down some "house rules", even though they'll fall by the wayside (I'm the same way with my little bro, but at least if we pretend there are rules he makes some slight effort to follow them, for a while). ~~~~~~~~peace, patience, sanity vibes for yuefie so she'll be able to continue to be her loving self~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~super mental absorption vibes~~~~~~ for the studious Mornington (you studied today, RIGHT?)

((((mando)))) I've been covetous of dishwashers for ten years now, I know of what you speak! I'm so in love with this one I'm thinking of naming it. ~~~~~~~superspecial time/space vibes so Mandi gets to see her sista as much as she wants~~~~~~~~ Does she have a computer? Maybe you guys could get matching web cams. I don't think they're too expensive, as my dad gave one to each of his four siblings for Christmas one year, so everybody could see his grand-babies. Maybe?

(((((stargazer))))) I will def. be up to Chicago for Ikea, it may be as late as April ('kay, I guess that's just a month, but I wanna go now! /end whine). Of course we must meet up! I may even try to make it a weekend, maybe I could crash a Heartland get together....... ~~(~~(~~(~~extra-tight hug vibes of comfort~~)~~)~~)~~

And in turn, *tries to stifle jealousy of syb's super healthy day* Mmmm, seared tuna.......

(((((bunnyb))))) a'cos

CH, chatter away, we like hearing from you! And I need deets about the boy, how's it going?

((((((everyBUSTie, especially YOU))))))))

eta: crosspost with Rosev! *waves* Those are beautiful (and one of my favorite flowers)! Yay for spring!
Hi my best beloveds, I have been kind of stressy and flaky. First things first:

Stargazer, I know you've heard it all from these wonderful Kvetchies but I wanted to add my voice to the chorus -- you are an amazing friend and have been and it sucks that this had to happen (for you, michael, everyone who loves him) but I see so much grace in you. As for the shitty friends -- I am sending them a virtual boot up the ass, and I think if they don't know how to behave at times like these, then thank Maude you're not associating with them. Anyway, I am holding you in the Light and all the ones you love.

(((Tesao and her mamae))))

Mando - you will be a part of the baby's life because that's the kind of auntie you are. I feel that you will finagle them into coming to see you and vice versa. I am glad your sister is glowing smile.gif

Rose, now I want cheesebread. Mmmm. Cheesebread. And swedish meatballs from IKEA. Why are you people trying to make me so hungry?

Count me in as one of the chatterboxes. When I am nervous it gets worse, but also I am just always running in every direction in my mind, and it spills out my mouth. I try really hard not to talk too much at work, that's how bad it is!

Sidecar, I cannot even go get the details of you and the HP movie because I am so terribly jealous. But I am begrudgingly happy for you smile.gif

Yuefie, you have the biggest and most generous heart.

It's so reassuring to see that Buffy is still relevant. That's how I found Bust back in the day -- I googled something random and it brought me to the Buffy thread. This was like in the second season or something. I am so old now.

The reasons I have been AWOL: serious stress wtih my family, deriving from the pressure of my brother's engagement party and upcoming wedding, and the lack of respect for my privacy/autonomy, etc. The usual. I am doing better about behaving more like a grown-up, which given that I am 30 in three months, is about time. Work is stressful for different ways than it used to be, I am not quite busy enough and thus procrastinate. Plus, I am still dating the mathematician, still having a wonderful time, still seriously doubting our long-term potential. Lots of confusing stuff. And I am having weird medication issues that have led to weight loss ,which apparently is a little less fun than I always hoped.

But lots of love for each of you, no matter how long I am gone.
yuefie, quite alright if ya call me CH! (((yuefie)))

(((kvetchies))))) thanks *blushes*

I am jealous of ze flowers rose! All that is in front of my house is snow. And a whole lot of it!

(((star))) Hope you are doing alright today!


(((sixel)))) oh I have dishwasher envy! Le Sigh.

(((mando))) just because.

Update. I was frakin' late for work this morn, which sucked! Grrrr. My own fault, I think?

Talked to the boy last night, we are hoping to get together today! He's only a short drive away (and I do mean short, like 7 minutes). I told him that someone from the past called me and wanted to hook up. I feel I should be honest. He thought it was my ex from hell, nope, it was just an ex-y type guy. An ex fling. That intself pissed me off, as I think this guy (not the man) is a wanker.

I miss the man. sad.gif I'm going to stay with hin on Saturday night. Good CH will be out today, and not jump him when I see him. Which is the case. Fuck him for being such a cutie.

Went shopping yesterday, got a good deal on clothes! Worked out too, feeling pretty darned good.

How is everyone this tuesday?

*enters, looks around, "heeeelllloooooo?" curls up beside daffodils with book and waits for someone to disturb solitude*

faith, I'm always excited when I see you have posted smile.gif . ~*~*~*no more stress for you~*~*~*~*

morn, how did your exam go? is this one of many? think of where you'll be in a fortnight and that's bound to cheer you.

yay for art's progress! six is right too - will this not deter the visit of unwelcome house-guests?

(((stargazer))) in some ways moving back with your parents may make grieving easier for you as you won't be surrounded daily by a noticeable absence and you can focus solely on the absence within.

rose, the boy's mum is a great and we help one another out; it's harder for her in way because both her son and daughter are away.

speaking of the boy's sis: mando, I know exactly how you feel about impending yet distant aunthood; the boy's sis is twelve weeks pregnant today (I've known since early Jan but couldn't tell anyone until first trimester over) and, as she's in Vancouver, the pitter patter of tiny feet is barely audible.

reminds me that msp is same number of weeks - has anyone heard from her?

yuefie, I too miss crassy and fret about her. where's amilita too?

kvetch: back to work tomorrow after five and a half months of freedom.

anti-kvetch: it's only for three hours.


eta: x-posted with CH *waves*
*waves at bunny*
*creeps up behind bunny*


the exam is all over. it was only half an hour long, barely worth getting worked up for. I have no idea how it went, it felt like I was guessing a lot of them. *shrug* I have an oral exam on friday morning I'm more concerned over, mostly 'cos I just find them stressful.

(((((star)))))) acos

((((faith)))) boo on family stresses, yay for the mathematician! Don't worry about the long-term nonsense, enjoy it for the present.

((((yuefie)))) yay for art! that's brilliant news. I'm sure you'll work something out.

((((rose)))) yay for daffs!

((((culture))) yay for the boy!

(((((mando, crassy, msp, billy, tes & mamae, syb, fina, sixe, pink, dusty, ap, mavin, walkingb, tg, txplum, doodle, exeryone))))

I'm feeling distinctly lazy today, despite sleeping for about twelve hours last night and having a nap when i got back from uni earlier. mm, naaaaps. Mama went back to algiers yesterday, although she's back in ten days.

BoyWonder appears to be having some problems; he's going to see a school counsellor. He's tired, angry at everything, uninterested... all the things I feel when I get depressed. I don't think getting rejected from the uni he really wanted helped (his tutor wrote him what we suspect was a horrible reference - they have a personality clash - and has refused to show BW so he's totally unprepared), nor is having to act for part of his drama a-level (he's a backstage boy). He's getting incredibly impatient with the idiots he goes to school with... particularly one girl who is both as thick as shit and a crony of our stepsister (who is the same age as BW). Sample conversation - P "I'm not priveledged, I'm working-class"... to which BW said "P, you have a pony and your father drives a new jaguar. since when was that working-class?" No wonder the girl makes his teeth ache. BW is becoming quite political.

kvetch: internet is acting up.

for yuefie: photos

*shakes fist at mornington for scaring her*

forgives her for adorableness of the bunbuns and indigo.

remind me: is BoyWonder applying for theatrical studies? did he get his second choice?

*waves again at CH*
bun, he's applying for theater management. He got his third choice... but we don't know if he'll take it or see if something else comes up in clearing (politics, maybe). We'll see, I think it'll depend on how he does in the summer.
I know it will feel like the end of the world to him now but it really isn't. He could perhaps go to same institution through clearing and take theatrical management as an elective and get into it that way or transfer once he has proven himself academically capable (the proof of which his tutor isn't providing for him now). I know so many people who ended up majoring in something they didn't initially apply for and a subject they later took up, it is possible to gain entry into a subject not your course/degree title (through clearing or ucas); as a vet med student it will be different for you but in arts and social sciences/sciences it is very common.
it's not a matter of academic ability - he could get the grades they ask for just by turning up to the exam (CCD or something... he should be ABB at least) but competition and career. We've got a friend who wants to do theater management, but she did history - and can't get a job. Most of these places are theater schools, so it's a bit different.

We'll see how it goes. I think the knowledge that his reference was so poor is what really bites. He's an arrogant, argumentative little so-and-so sometimes, but even his greatest critics won't deny his ability and intelligence, except for Figgy. Figgy has never liked BW - since he found out that mama used to work for Figgy's dad when she was starting out at the fco. I don't like him either; he was snotty to me when I went to BW parent-teacher evening with him instead of mama (who couldn't) or dad (who wouldn't).
Ooh, daffodils!

I have the day off and I'm at a loss for what to do for, oh, the next five hours. Do I make it productive or leisurely?

My face is bright red after doing a clay mask. Since I ain't going out like that, I'm going to sit around for the next several minutes and Kvetch up with you Kvetchies while I wait for the redness to subside.
raisin, definitely leisurely! pick up a good book and intermittently fan yourself with it too acclimatise.

morn, if I were the BoyWonder I would be fuming; it's his life that figgy is playing with by being petty. grrr, teachers. I won't be one of that kind.
I'm glad so many of you appreciate the daffodils!

((((BoyWonder)))) My heart goes out to him. The competition is stiff, but it isn't impossible. Also, I totally sympathize with him reguarding the idiots. Unfortunately, the theatre department can sometimes attract the most annoying sorts of people. But there are good people in theatre if you look! I met all of my closest friends because of theatre.

Raisin, I vote with Bunny! Relax with a good book. Eat something luscious. Remember what it was like to be on vacation!

Sheff is at the dentist right now having a crown replaced. He really really hates dentists, so I'm hoping this new one is good, The receptionist at this office is fantastic, so I'm feeling optimistic.
Oi, Busties (and for Tes, a special Tudo Bem)

*admits to looking at the pictures posted just for Yuefie* (and enjoying Indigo from afar).

Good Christ things are hectic here. I've got things on my plate (not work related) that are stressing me out and taking my time. But I asked for it, so no more complaining.

Rose, in another 11 days 8 hours and 58 minutes, you'll be enjoying some F1, won't you?

I'm not posting, but I'm sure 'nuf lurking. Good to see all of you.

Back to it.

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