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~~~good luck bunny~~~ it took me a few tries, too.

thanks for the vibes, y'all! I feel like it went very well, and I am cautiously optimistic. I say cautiously because in the past, I've been very optimistic, and I'm kinda tired of getting my hopes dashed all the time.

*passes a greasy burger and a coke to sixelacat* those are my cures, anyway.

I'm hoping it's going to be third-time lucky for me too, culture (I failed again sad.gif ). For exactly the same reason as first time -I am fine on lessons but nerves are making me jumpy on test- and examiner was an asshat. Grrr. So incredibly gutted.


I found it was best when I switched locations.
Awwww ((((bunny))))) you'll get it honey.

*parts crossed for sidecar*

a cowgirl sockmoney sounds sooo cute polly!

*waves at coela*

~~~~tes & mamae~~~~

more squees for stargzer! (did I mention I'm jealous of how close you will be to mandi?!)

anyone remember when our tanned and relaxed raisingirl returns?

The San Diego hangover cure is the greasiest burrito you can find at your local taco shop. There used to be a place that featured a "Hangover Omelette" on the menu that had shredded beef, chorizo, tomatoes, jalapenos and loads of cheese. Apparently grease is the way to go!


More good news on Art. They moved him out of ICU today, so YAY! It's pouring here, I woke all sniffly from my relentless allergies and grandpa is leaving tomorrow, so boo on all that. Sashie's healed up well but every time I take her little shirt off she scratches herself raw. So the vet said she has continue wearing the shirts for a while longer. It's kind of embarassing, as I am sure the neighbors must think I am just some crazy lady who insists on dressing her dog up everyday huh.gif

Hey gt, my dawgie loves attention so she's waving back.

IPB Image

Actually she's too lazy to wave, but she sniffed in your general direction wink.gif

(((((bunny)))))) you'll get it.

*crawls into bed beside the superbly cute sashie*

yay for art!

((((sixe)))) orange juice?

((((tes & mamae)))))

((((polly)))) yay puppies!

****crossed parts for a boymicropixie****

((((sidecar, yuefie, mando, raisin, sassy, star, candy, culture, gt, pixie, plat, rose, amilita, anoushh, walkingb, nickclick, syb, fina, faith, everyone))))

so... I had strep throat. it was fun... I think i'm pretty much recovered; I took indigo for a walk today for the first time in a few days (he was soooo happy to go) and ExGoth and German are coming over for supper now ExGoth is recovered from her nose surgery. I still feel a bit achey and urgh though.

Antikvetch: mornmama is coming home on wednesday, although i won't see her until thursday. She's here all weekend. Yay!
(((bunny))) poo on whatevertheequivalentoftheDMVisoverthere! *shakes fist*

*all parts crossed for sidecar* if you don't get this one, there's going to have to be a universe ass-whoopin.

i'm lovin' all the good art news!
as well as the sashie pics. if that dog was mine, i'd spoil her more than you do, yuefie!

culturehandy, FYI: i'm the queen of anti-frizz haircare products.

(((tesao & mama))) thinking of you, sweetie.

polly, that's so sad about BGP's cousin's wife. hoping for the best.

*gentle hugs for ((sixelacat))* regular coca-cola, a multi-vitamin and wise potato chips and/or saltines if you're nauseous. if you're not nauseous, then an egga-mega.

*throat coat tea & honey vibes for mornington* strep blows.

plat, glad the putting went well (refraining from a pun including the phrase "swing of things"). wink.gif i think even I would enjoy a hockey game from the VIP seats. have fun!

whineyasskvetch: this place completely sucks when everyone's away on vacation. i'm beyond bored and this close to using my machete on Annoying Coworkers. thank christ it's only two weeks before Fun & Entertaining Coworkers start coming back, and 34 days til opening day. (altho i'll be sad to give up my jeans. god only knows how much of my "corporate wear" still fits. le sigh.)

there are very few things in the world that golden retriever puppies can't cure. smile.gif
Hi BUSTies, *waves*

Mando, what's some goodies? I haven't been having problems until recently, now I'm pissed. Could be the weather.

*waves good bye*
mandi babe, that dawg is s-p-o-i-l-e-d rotten! Fran & grandpa have been treating her like she is the queen of everything rolleyes.gif Oh and I'm with culturehandy, I wanna know what you use for frizz hell. I am always in search of new goodies to tame the madness that is the three different types of hair on my head. Yeah, it's straight at the roots (and falls flat at the top), frizzes on the surface and curls at the ends.

(((((bunny)))))) *more hugs* chin up sweetness, it will happen. nerves and jerky examiners never help out.

(((((morn))))) strep throat? yikes. ~~~~sore throat soothing & feel better~~~~ and glad yer mama is comin' home!

I know I am posting too much, but I've done all the work I was given and then some. I could be doing stuff around the house but Fran scolded me and said if I don't stay warm and snuggled this sniffle is gonna turn in to a full blown cold and then she'd have to whop me a good one. She made me tea before they left for their lunch date and said she'd better find me in the same spot when they return. laugh.gif I admit, I'm loving it!

polly, i'll take a sock monkey!!

*~*more job promotion vibes for sidecar*~*

*~*get well vibes for mornington*~*

six, greasy food works for me after a night of drinking.

mando, machete? have you been watching i heart huckabees?? then if you machete them, you will really be bored at work. plus, you gotta clean up the mess...

*~*pass drive test vibes for bunnyb*~*

yuefie, i adore that pic!! what a spoiled dog indeed!

culturehandy, argh. i hate frizzy hair too. my hairstylist actually used like 3 hair products on my hair (which i bought of course) and i don't have to worry about frizz! it is awesome.

kvetch: my lease is up in may. and instead of finding someone else to sign a short term lease...i think i'm gonna move back home with the 'rents. i'm trying to put it into perspective. i will save $$ for the next four months. my internship starts in sept. most leases in the area are geared towards the school year since mostly students live there. i don't want to move back home, but it is only temporarily. they only live 20 min away from the city. i just kinda like having my independence. my mom can be kinda clingy. it is nice to have that physical distance. BUT, maybe i will happen upon someone who wants to live here for the summer. yeah, right...

(((pixie, rose, raisingirl, polly, sixelacat, mando, yuefie, culture, candy, mornington, bunnyb, nick, sybarite, PiP, and other kvetchies)))
::pounces on Kvetchies::

I'm baaaaack! Wore almost nothing but bathing suits and sarongs for a good long time (but not long enough, alas)... it was beautiful and hot and now I'm tanned and rested and relaxed and a year older today. I had a fantastic time in the tropics and don't want to go back to my regular life tomorrow, not one bit. I'm still on island time. In my heart, I will always be on island time. I shed a few sappy tears when the plane took off. Le sigh!
Raisin!!!! I thought you died or something, then I remember the vacay thing!
Okay, so I do officially have an internship in Toronto! The agency called and confirmed it today. I'm so excited!!

Glad to see you're back raisin, it sounds like your vacation was awesome.

(((morn))) get well vibes

(((sixelacat))) hope the hangover isn't that bad. My cure is really bad food from burger king. and tons of water.

(((sidecar))) job promo vibes!

(((tes and tes's mom)))

yuefie, your dog is adorable! I have a few pics of my dog online, I may have to post them in here sometime.

((((everyone else who needs good vibes!))))
I always worry that people have died when they don't post for a while, it's the awful thing about online.

raisin, glad you had a blissed out beach holiday, I am so envious.

six, I swear by kfc or a bacon sandwich.

star, so excited about you planning a trip to the UK!

(((mornington))) feel better.

(((yuefie))) and (((mando))) a'cos

sidecar, all parts crossed you get the job.

amilita, how's wally?

be a boy, be a boy, be a boy micropixie!!!

thanks for the hugs; still feeling bit crappy (doesn't help that I have tummy bug). Amy Winehouse was good but not as good as I thought she would be.

(((raisin))) ... welcome back ... so glad you had a great time, you so deserved it.

and - if i read your little teency minor little mention in there correctly - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

I have a headache, but I wanted to say I hope everyone is having a good week. ((Busties))
**fly by*

My internet is FINALLY back up!!!


**dances out**

Nutella all around smile.gif
kvetchies, i have some terrible update news about my roommate. seems he has taken a turn for the worse. they tried to do surgery on the swelling of fluid on his brain. he is unresponsive and on life support. the doctors don't think he will make it. the family is talking tomorrow with doctors to see what else can be done. then, have a family meeting to discuss taking him off life support. it doesn't seem good.

i've known him since i was 19 yrs old. he's been part of my life for such a long time. it just doesn't seem real. and it is too hard to look at his room. i just need alot of hugs right now.
(((stargazer, roommate & family))) That's awful. I'm not sure what else to say except I hope whatever happens it's peaceful.

It's probably a long shot, but are you at risk for meningitis? I know you said he's been out of the house for awhile but just be careful!
(((((stargazer))))) I'm so sorry about your roommate. I wish there was something they could do.

I am so sorry ((((((stargazer)))))) *oodles of tight hugs*

*waves at sassygirl* good to see you back, how's the new digs?

((((stargazer, roommate and his family))) that is so, so, sad.

Belated happy birthday raisin! I'm sorry I missed it last night (you share your birthday with my step-dad T).

*waves at sassy* welcome back! we've meeced you.

hope your head is better today, dm.

happy birthday ((((((raisin))))))! yay for good holidays!

(((((star's roomie)))))


*flings self at (((((sassy)))))* yay! you're back! I missed you!
(((Stargazer's roommate and family)))

My head hurts because I mainlined a mess of white wine last night but it was mostly worth it. I am taking to heart all the hangover cures mentioned yesterday. Meanwhile my advisor who has been hounding me unnecessarily for weeks has rung *counts* 5 times today and left only one cryptic message, and he hasn't emailed me. I don't usually dodge calls but I know nothing can be this urgent--and he needs to know such tactics will not fucking work on me.

*Goes off in search of fizzy drinks and toast...*

Words cannot say how badly I feel.

Raisin happy birthday!
*belated birthday spankin's for raisin*

~~~headache soothing for syb & dm~~~

(((tes & mamae))))

((((star, roomie & family)))) so sad sad.gif


Off to spend my last day with Grandpa and tomorrow it's back to real life and real work. It has been nice, but I am sad it's coming to an end. I would gladly keep them here longer. Grandpa wants to cram a lot in to this last day, but I don't know how feasible that is as it's been raining non stop since last night and is still steadily pouring out. I guess it beats the mad snow where they live though!

((((((((Stargazer, the Roomie, and Roomie's family))))))))
I am so so sorry, dear. So very sorry.

Yuefie, it's so sweet to hear how much you enjoy your family.

((((Bunny)))) Sorry I didn't vibe you about the test earlier. What happened?

((((((((continued love & support for Tes & her Mamae))))))))

Plat honey, you are so right. We really need to get off of our asses & get together! What are you doing this weekend? Sheff has to work on Saturday so I'll be aaaaaall alone (unless you wanna hang out, of course!). Just don't push yourself too soon! Relaaaaax, darlink. wink.gif

Kvetch: Yesterday I got really really lost while driving around in a new area. I still feel exhausted just thinking about it.

Anti-kvetch: While on my unexpected detour, I saw a car with a license tag that says "HOLLAH!!" laugh.gif
(((((((stargazer, roommate, roomie family)))))))) my heart goes out to all of you.

happy belated to the beach-a-riffic raisin!

(((yuefie))) enjoy your last day with your visitors.

i've pretty much got nothing. my boss just announced she's leaving for vacay on april 20, so i sent her an email telling her i knew she was just taking off to get high. Tonight I'm getting together all my writeoffs and forms for taxes so I can make sure i'm not missing anything. fun, fun. Maybe I'll have a drink to help me through it.

~~~Masculine vibes for Pixie~~~

Glad you had such a fab time, Raisin!

Bunny, any danger you'd like to go to Rock Ness with me this year? Chemical Brothers AND Groove Armada are both playing and Finaman won't go because he can't take the 35,000 other people that will be there. Tix go on sale on Saturday...

Hope your driving test went ok.

Recovery vibes for Syb. I have no hangover cures, I just endure miserably. I don't recommend this strategy and yet I fall back on it all the time.

I just found the best job posting and it's in London. Of course. This comes just a few days after Finaman found a perfect job posting, also in the south of England. Unfortunately his sweet posting is with an Evil Big Company and although the pay would be amazing he would be pretty much cut off from academia later on so we are not pursuing these opportunities, but still. Argh.

Hey, you can all swoon with jealousy now: in a few weeks I'm going to Weedyseadragon's for an evening of cranium and exotic cheese, AND (only of interest who know her in LJ-land) M will be there!!!!
((((hugs and vibes to busties))))
fina, hunny, sorry but it's not really my type of music and I'm poor just now anyway (another driving test to pay for. sob). thanks anyway. when are you coming through to the dear green place? also, someone was asking for weedy in m.i.a. recently if you can pass on message. I heart cranium and cheese too, of course.

rose, the first third of driving test went impeccably and then I stalled twice at set of traffic lights (turning right) as was in third gear by mistake so it was all over. Examiner was a wanker, he was needlessly cruel. I know I can drive but it's the nerves on the day - can anyone recommend something for nerves?

continued love for star and roommate.

yuefie, boo for family leaving and unwanted family arriving (when is that?)

kvetch: not only do I have an upset tummy still but I have a sore throat and chest.
kvetch: I go back to work a week today.
anti-kvetch: I'm in bed already and going to read for couple of hours.

thank you so much everyone!!

i just got home a little while ago. i went after work to visit my roommate. it is surreal. i kept expecting him to start talking. he didn't look like himself because he had stubble. my roomie has always been clean shaven. i did wipe his face because i know he would hate to be shiny and oily. tomorrow i think i'm gonna shave him. i shaved old men at my old job at the hospital so i'm not nervous about it. i just want him to look the way i know he would want to. i'm also gonna bring his favorite blanket. a care bears blanket.

kvetch: the pm staff at the hospital were horrible. the woman at the front desk was rude and not accommodating. wouldn't let all 4 of us up there even though my roomie is dying. oh, and his nurse was so unsympathetic. when i was talking to her about wanting to shave him, she said something to the effect like he wouldn't notice anyway. she even made the same type of a comment to another visitor he had. trust me, i'm gonna talk to the nursing supervisor tomorrow. i wasn't in the mood to get into it tonight.

we did head off for dinner and some drinks. i'm so pooped. i'm gonna head back over there tomorrow to sit with him some more. i didn't feel comfortable leaving him tonight. i didn't want him to be alone. i would've spent the night. his parents/family are pretty simple folks--and i don't mean that in a belittling way. but, i just don't think they understand the complexity and craziness of the healthcare system. at least i know i can give him attention tomorrow.

sorry for the long post! i'm off to bed...

(((fina, sidecar, polly, candy, sybarite, rose, sassy, culture, bunnyb, mornington, mando, tes, pixie, PiP, yuefie, raisingirl, DM and other kvetchies)))
Stargazer, oh, that's so sad. You are a lovely soul for wanting to shave him and keep him looking as he would want. I'm so sorry the hospital staff were shitty.

Nae bother, Bunny, to be honest I can't afford to go either. There's a much cheaper folk festival in Ayrshire we'll go to instead, in May. Still not sure when I'm coming through to visit, March has filled up with plans already so I'm afraid it'll be April now! Will pass on the message to Weedy when I see her.
Stargazer, I'm so sorry to hear about your roomie and the bad hospital staff. When you feel that you're up to it you should definitely talk to the nursing supervisor. Insufficient or no palliative care is still - sadly - quite common, but most hospitals are at least trying to progress. But that nurse sounds truly mean, not just uneducated.
(((star))) just peeked in a saw your bad news. hope you are doing well today. you are a great friend! you continue to take care of you just as you did, don't worry about rude nurses.
(((stargazer))) I’m so so sorry. I don’t even know what to say, other than I’m thinking of you and roomie and keeping you in my heart. You are a good friend indeed. And he knows this. Meningitis is such a scary thing. You aren’t at risk, are you?

*sending out a wave of love for tesao and mama*

(((Bunny))) all I can suggest for nerves is a good night’s sleep and a morning appt, so you get it out of the way early … and maybe a cuppa soothing-nerve (ie: kava) tea. but then you might have to pee. There also is always the pharmaceutical route.

I’m always a-yearnin’ whenever I hear of any bustie gatherings, even tho I’m clueless about mysterio “m”. Fina, any chance we can get some pics of the cheesy cranium get-together? please tell weedy i was asking for her.

(((sybarite))) hope today’s better for you.
(((Mornington))) just acos.

Nice to see some new faces in here … welcome coela & nickclick!

And welcome back, (((sassygrrl)))! You were meeced muchly.

(((yuefie))) cuz I know how hard it is to say goodbye to grandpa.

Kvetch: I think I somehow missed something, and beloved cousin is coming back from FL in june. He’s coming back in two weeks for three gigs, and then heading back, and I don’t think I’ll be able to see him then. I’m more than a little heartsick about this.

Kvetch: I’m so tired of trying to figure out if my ups and downs are normal or hormonal or if I’m truly depressed or if the meds are working or not, and I’m truly tired of trying to figure out how to fucking cope 24/7. i want to be in someone else's body ... life ... just for a day. preferably someone who's got their shit together. heh.

Antikvetch: I’m so glad it’s march. You have no idea.
And that daylight savings time starts two weeks earlier this year.
These are two huge pluses.
(((((star))))) & (((((roomie))))) i hope you do get to shave him today. boo on that nurse. you're a great friend.

((((mando)))) *snuggles* F and I are trying to work out what days we're gonna be where; hopefully we'll work something out.

(((((((Stargazer)))))))) ((((((((Roomie and family))))))))
I'm so sorry. Maybe you'll have a better response from the nursing staff if his family makes the request. Talk to them about it and see. And definitely take Coela's excellent advice.

((((Bunny)))) What is it about driving examiners that make them such assholes?!?! It seems to be true all over, too. My only advice for nerves is more experience. Just drive and drive and drive until it feels natural. Then on test day, use the same car with which you've done your practice driving. And take deep breaths, think positive thoughts, and smile.

+++boy+++boy+++ Baby boy vibes for Pixie! +++boy+++boy+++

((((((continueing love for Tes, Mamae, & fam))))))

((((Fina & Finaman))))
((((Yuefie & Grandpa & the whole fam))))
((((((((ALL of you))))))))

Hooray for March! This morning is overcast, but I hear birds singing outside! Such an amazing sound to hear after so long. And happily Sheff does not have to work late tonight, so I think I'll make something special for him for dinner. He's been working so hard lately.
(((((((star))))))) what everyone else has said. you are a wonderful friend and I am so sorry you are going through something so shocking and devastating sad.gif *extra tight hugs*


Thanks for the extra lovies. So, I was only choked up a little until I noticed that Fran was crying. And then watching Grandpa hug Sashie. Twice. Yeah, that melted me in to a pool of weepiness. I really enjoyed having them here and hopefully they will be out again soon, but I am guessing that I might be going out to see them even sooner! I am off to do a real day's work now. And later on, I am going to take a looong nap in my bed. *mwah*

((((star)))) how thoughtful you are. what a bitch that nurse was. also, I'm not criticising them, but why were his family not at his bedside? he'll be glad you were.

(((yuefie))) I hate goodbyes.

pixie, do you know yet? *squee*

(((mando))) and (((rose))) thank you for the advice. I'll be practicing more but the frustrating this is that besides test conditions driving does feel natural.

fina, I'll see you in April!

kvetch: I went shopping today and couldn't find one thing I liked (or that I liked but that was in my size) and that is incredibly unfair. I bought food instead (a catch 22).

kvetch/anti-kvetch: I had my second counselling session today and it was hardgoing but I know it's going to be worth it. I'm trying to make sense of who I am and why I need others or things to validate me, amongst other things.

anti-kvetch: worked out with my manager an easy-going phased return to work so for the first four weeks I will be working a lot less than I'm contracted (yet still being paid for my contracted hours) to ease me back in gently.

(((star)))) that is amazing of you. Fuck the nurse, well not literally.

(((Bunny))), I think that counselling is the best thing a person can do for themselves. I did counselling b/c I had issues with reassurance and I would take things super personally. Worked wonders.
Just a flyby to say Bustie vibes work!!!!

Micropixie is a boy!!!!!!!
Woooooo-hoooooooo! let's all knit blue booties. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
((((star)))) that is so sweet of you, and so kind. you're going to be a great therapist someday.

((((yuefie))) I'm glad you had such a nice visit.

hooray for boy micropixie!


props to both of you for what you're each doing.

kvetch: it's slushy and gross here.

antikvetch: live taping of This American Life tonight! And Mexican food. (Little less excited about the latter sadly; the junk in my trunk has expanded as of late despite steady exercise).

(((stargazer))) I hate it when hospital staff are rude like that. My family went through so much crap last year when my grandfather was in the hospital, half the time they never even told us what was going on. I think it's definitely a good idea to talk to the supervisor about that nurse.

congratulations pixie!!

(((yuefie, sidecar, bunny, mandy, culturehandy, tes and her mama, everyone else)))
yaaaaay pixie!

((((star & roomie))))
((((tes & mamae))))
((((bunny, yuefie, raisin, mando, fina, syb, sassy, sixe, candy, amilita, anoushh, sidecar, culture, nickc, ap, doodle, rose, walkingb, billy, everyone)))))

hurrah for free dinners and wine. i now feel like i'm going to explode.

kvetch: F is incommunicado and this is annoying. not that i actually have anything to say, i'm just a brat who sulks when she doesn't get her way...

antikvetch: mama is here.
hurray for mircopixie!

(((pixie, bunny,candycane, mornington, sidecar, yuefie, rose, everyone)))

I'm hungry, need food


*scampers to find food*

((star’s roommate))

((bunny)) Sorry about your driving test. I don’t drive a stick shift, so I can only imagine how hard it is.


yuefie, I’m glad you had a nice visit with your family.

pixie, yay for a boy.

This week I was tired all day Monday, and then had migraine headaches three days in a row. I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday.
(((Star))) So sorry about your roomie and the crappy care. Take it from this hospital administrator, not only talk to the nursing supervisor, but put your complaints in writing and make sure the hospital CEO gets a copy. You wouldn't believe how that starts a serious chain reaction.

(((mando))) hurray for March! Maybe the extra daylight will help?

(((bunny))) You're gonna make it next time. I just know it.

((morning)) lack of communication sucks.

((rose)) sent you a PM.


Too tired to kvetch tonight- we are expecting some serious storms tonight. Hope I can get some sleep!!
yeah for pixie!! it is great to hear good news!!

sorry i can't catch up with the thread right now. i just got home.

visited with my roomie twice today. 2nd time i went with my mom. i'm glad i went. they almost took him off life support tonight, but didn't have an attending doctor to sign the order. so, it will be done in the morning. if he makes through the night. his blood pressure was terribly low. my mom thinks he will not have long after he is taken off life support. so, i'm heading back up there in the morning.

when i thought they were gonna take him off tonight, i just started bawlin.' terribly. i just didn't want to hear what he was saying. i just wanted it to be a bad dream. it didn't seem real. i'm still having a hard time accepting the end. i just want him home. i want to hear his voice. i want to watch TV with him again. there are alot of little things i want to do with him again.


i hope everyone is ok where all of this horrendous weather is occurring. please be safe.

((stargazer)) I'm so sorry. Virtual hugs and minty brownies are being sent your way. And if you need anything in real life, please let me know.

((Hugs to all)) Not too close, I have a cold.
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