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((((tes)))) Glad you're okay sweetpea. The Beatles is quite the first concert!

Speaking of music the line up for this year's T-in-the-Park (huge Scottish outdoor festival) is immense: Scissor Sisters, The Killers, Snow Patrol, The Kooks, The Fratellis, The View, Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse, Mika, Razorlight and Tori Amos are the highlights! Shame I don't do mud and camping (and that the tickets are sold out) but that is the ideal line up.

The boy is seeing his cousin for a few hours so I think I'll take the bunbun to see "Charlotte's Web". Seeing Dave tonight - SQUEE!

Good freaking morning to the kvetchies. Wish I could do some more individual vibes, but just too tired (reference kvetch). Have I said lately that you guys make this online community such a nice, safe place to be?

((Sidecar)) LOL, once you make solid contact with The Little White Ball ™, you will be hooked!!!

((mando, morning, rose et al)) Thanks for the vibage!! I'm a little nervous going to chip and putt today, but I'm sure I'll be fine.

((yuefie, bunny, star, polly, amilita, culture, c-cane and everyone!!!)))

A big shout-out to my girl Tes ((((((((((((tes))))))))))))). Will try to IM soon. Hang in, sweetie. Oh, Dr. B knows bupkes about golf. He is leaving it to me to "work back into playing". It's a good thing I know a lot about it and know I won't be ready to take a full swing for at least 6-8 more weeks. I do PROMISE, though. Good luck with the budget and work stuff. We'll taaaaawwwk before your trip, for sure.

Kvetch: decided to self medicate and ended up sleeping maybe an hour and a 1/2 last night. Grooooooaaaaaaannnnnnnn.
((((((tes))))) and ((((((mamae)))))) I'm sorry sweetheart. My brother has had a shunt due to hydrocephalus since he was two and there is always that fear of it getting clogged and not working any longer. Any time he has a headache or a seizure I start to panic a little 'cause the doctors had told us at any point that could happen and he has been *so* fortunate without so much as one shunt revision since the original one was put in. (I just knocked wood, for real!). ~~~~~comfort & strength for you and family~~~~~ ~~~~~wisdom for the doctors~~~~~ and some~~~~~miraculous healing for mamae~~~~~

and some extra ~~~~~budget gymnastics vibage~~~~~ for you. and for those poor people ~~~~~~no more cyclones, earthquake, flooding or any other disasters!~~~~~~

psssst, tes... methinks The Beatles as a first concert is something to brag about!

((((((((plat, rose, mandi, bunny, pink, sidecar, morn, polly, candy, nick, star, sy, faith, dm, raisin, dusty, billy, anoushh, amilita, pixie, msp, plummie, sonik, sixela, tg, raisin, fina, sassyg, qspice, culture, mavin, crassy, flanker, cultureh, pugs, fairie, anyone I missed)))))) hope you are all having a fantastic, relaxing or wild weekend, whatever it is you want smile.gif

All the rain is gone and it is gorgeously sunny and pretty warm even. It's days that like this that I realize how truly fortunate I am and why I continue to pay so friggin' much to live here blink.gif

((((tesao))))) so hard with your mamae and wishing the best for the people of mozambique. i'm glad you're okay. on a much more shallow note: where did you see the Beatles? Sooooo jealous! (and I bet I've heard of a few of your other bands; I listen to a lot of old stuff).

Other bands I wish I could've seen: The Clash, Television, Velvet Underground, the Ramones, Joy Division...

Polly, one of the few things that work about the half-assed smoking ban is that it bans smoking in most of the clubs, so Metro, Schubas, The Vic (that's my favorite too), Park West, the Riv, all those places are smoke-free now. That David Bowie show was awesome -- I thought his guitarist did a great job singing the Freddie Mercury parts of "Under Pressure." And she's been with him a long time: I just watched a clip from him singing at Glastonbury in 1996, and she was his guitarist then, too!

Actually, I just bought tickets to see the Arcade Fire in May! Woo!

(((Tesao, mamae and family))) I'm glad you'll be seeing her soon.

Fly-by... having a fab weekend as deadline was successfully reached, meaning I did sweet F all today, hooray! Hope everyone else is also having great weekends...

(((Tesao and her mamae and other family)))

Not sure what's going on with Wally, still...I did not even bring up the seizure disorder thing with the vet, but she brought it up herself. Nothing was obviously wrong, but she did this and that and gave me some valium...for Wally. He's still hissing his tail sometimes. And the Mr. says it's definately a seizure disorder cuz Wally is just like him, heh. I guess we'll just see what happens.

Hope everyone's having a good weekend! We may go see a movie tonight, but there is a servere weather warning until tomorrow night, which could include more tornados...may just stay home with the kitties.

(((((((((Tesao's Mamae ))))))))))
Dear thing. I'm just so sorry you're having so many things put on your shoulders right now. I'm sending much light and love your way. Hope you feel it!
As for the weather, I have not seen a single thing in the news about the cyclone. So strange. You'd think something like that would be mentioned. Do you know what aid agencies are helping them?

((((((Plat)))))) I sooooo hope that you enjoy your first putting practice today! The weather is just perfect for it. smile.gif

((((((Wally)))))) Poor little kitten. Let us know if the Valium makes a difference, okay?

My first concert? It was probably some Christian group. Maybe Carmen or Amy Grant or something. My mother wrote Christian music & was even a member of a band that toured a tiny bit (I went on one of their tours with them for a couple of weeks). I loved the drummer in my mom's band because he gave me a copy of Shel Silverstein's ABZ Book. He was great. biggrin.gif But my first big, major non-local-band, non-Xian-group concert was probably Harry Connick Jr. (Does it count as a proper concert if you sit for the whole thing?).

Anti-kvetch: My tummy is better!
Anti-kvetch: The weather here has been gorgeous! The bulbs in our yard are blooming & everything. I posted a pic from our yard in Okayland if anyone is curious.

Now I'm just trying to decide what I want to do tonight. We canceled the dinner party because I wasn't feeling well, but I still think I might like to go out to a movie or something. Hmmmm .....

((((((((ALL of you!!!!!))))))))
*pops head in and waves hello to busties*

Hello all, Tes, glad to know all is well. I'm going to go and have an evil work out, have a good days kats!

*scurries off work out hell*
Tes! Tes! *jumps up and down* I always get happy when you post! smile.gif

*~*~*sending out good vibes for Tes & mama*~*~*

sidecar~that is so cool about the arcade fire. where are they playing??

(((plat))) argh. that sucks about the lack of sleep. get some good rest tonight!!

(((amilita & wally))) hopefully he gets better. be careful with the bad weather! sad.gif

(((rose))) yay, for feeling better!!

so, i think it is official that my roommate is not gonna come back home. his mom called to tell me he is back in the hospital, but this time with mennigitis (sp?). my mom, best gay, and i think something else is up. my roomie is gay and we wonder if all of these illnesses is the precursor of being HIV positive. it just doesn't seem to make sense how sick he is getting. my mom and best gay are both nurses so i trust their hunches. plus, i was thinking of the same thing too. i'm so worried about him. i wanted to start crying when i heard the news. hopefully, i can see him this week.

kvetch: this ice storm we are having. i'm being a bum, warm and cozy in sweats staying in.

(((sidecar, amilita, DM, plat, faith, fina, mavin, qspice, culture, candycane, tes, mornington, bunnyb, pixie, rose, PiP, sassygrrl, yuefie, raisingrl, and other kvetchies)))
((Stargazer)) That sucks about your roommate- has he been tested for HIV yet? Positive or not, having pneumonia and then meningitis is really bad. At least they probably caught the meningitis in time- that can be fatal really quickly if not treated, like that little girl here in Chicago who died of it on Christmas because the dr. in the ER on Christmas Eve told her mom she just had the flu and could go home. So sad. I hope you can see him this week.

I went to BGP's house last night and she made a HUGE French dinner- French cheeses and olives, a French salad with amazing homemade dressing, a cassoulet (it was duck legs and sausages with beans in a tomato cream sauce, baked with bread chunks on top), au gratin potatoes and TWO desserts- a chocolate custard and a ceour de creme (heart of cream)- imagine super smooth, rich, creamy cheesecake filling with a vanilla and lemon zest with a raspberry sauce. It had to be one of the richest meals I've ever eaten. I'm still sweating from it.

The weather here sucks. Makes me regret getting my car washed earlier this week. We had an ice storm last night, which we're not especially prone to, so this was my first time driving in one. By the time we left BGP's house, the streets were mostly clear at least. It's just sloppy and there's more snow by me. We were afraid we wouldn't make it home last night, so we dropped the dog at my mom's and brought an overnight bag. We got home, but left the dog at my mom's...I have to go venture out to pick him up and then we have Le Boy's nephew's 1st birthday party this afternoon. Bleh. I just want to stay in my PJ's all day and wait for the Oscars to come on.

((Hugs to all))
(((tes and mamae)))

(((stargazer's roommate)))


polly, what's happening to that doctor? malpractice suit?

Dave was amazing (as was Tim Reynolds who was playing with him), funny, talented, yummy and did I say amazing? The boy -the tickets were a Christmas gift from me- was extremely impressed. He took me for tapas beforehand for dinner -despite not liking the cuisine- which was lovely of him, so lovely night all in. A great weekend but altogether too quick, the boy is gone now and I'm thinking of getting f***** up on a bottle of wine, or maybe not as only one bottle.

bunny, glad to hear you and the boy had a nice evening out together.

polly, those desserts sounds yummy.

((star’s roommate)) That sounds really scary. I wish the best for him.

rose, glad you are feeling better.


((tes and her mamae))

I can’t wait to watch The Oscars tonight.

I had a nice weekend which included, walking 3 miles plus on both Saturday and Sunday with Twin DM and Mom DM, going to see Reno 911 Miami (which I didn’t care for) and bra shopping. I hope everyone had a nice weekend.
oh DM, you've reminded me of my BIG kvetch: the Oscars aren't on terrestrial TV here so I don't get to see them sad.gif .
bunny, sorry you don't get the watch The Oscars. I usually get bored with it, but I want to watch Ellen hosting the show and am holding out for the .01% chance that Ryan Gosling will win for Half Nelson.
Parts of it can be boring but I love 'em; I'll just have to watch the highlights tomorrow although I'll know the winners by then...
I'm excited about the Oscars, too...we're doing what we did last year, which was go to a friend's house and bet on all the winners ($10 in the pool each)...they're all smart, funny gay boys except the Mr. and I, so we make fun of all the clothes 'n stuff. The Mr. just dozed on the couch last year, mostly. I just got back from buying a berry cake and some Camenbert cheese. Yay!

I'm worried about Wally, still...I know I haven't explained it all very well, but I just can't tell if we're dealing with something that'll go away on it's own or if it's a long term condition. I've just been giving him the Valium when he starts hissing his tail...she only gave me a few. I hate to think his personality will change...either due to the condition (whatever it is) or due to medication.

We saw The Number 23 last night, which was pretty stupid, but we knew it would be, so it was fine. Just wanted to go to the movies.


Oh, and I'd love Ryan Gosling to win, as well, but I loooove Forrest Whitaker, too, so I'll be glad if he wins.
You know, I'm hoping Eddie Murphy loses to Mark Wahlberg. I understand that sometimes actors make bad choices, but I don't think Murphy's performance was all that to begin with, and I dunno, there's something I don't respect about rewarding an obvious bottom-feeder, even if it's for a better performance than he normally gives.

Martini and his coworkers are liveblogging it for work, so we are having a party, although I'm kinda tired of hosting parties (very few of our friends invite us over for dinner much less throw parties) so we made pulled pork in the slow cooker, we bought some hummus, and I'm making guacamole and that's it. It's totally bitchy, but I told anyone who didn't want pork to bring something to share instead.


We had a nice weekend with our screenwriter friend. He had to call a somewhat famous director who he'll be working with while he was here, so it was fun to tease him about it. Then we watched The Wicker Man, which is so misogynist, stupid, and unbelievably hilarious. Spoiler alert: It ends with Nicolas Cage in a bear suit, punching women and shouting, "YOU BITCHES!" Really.
A little snow fun for everyone's Sunday.
I so want to be watching the Oscars and seeing all the pretty and not so pretty dresses *pouts*. It's pissing me off that the UK is missing out this year, especially considering we have so many nominees.

Anyway, I'm a little bit tipsy (although nowhere near f**** up) so here's my predictions for the main ones (yes, they should go in reel life but this is kvetch, we should talk about anything):

best picture: the departed or little miss sunshine
best director: scorsese, scorsese, scorsese!
best actor: forest whitaker
best actress: it's gonna be helen mirren but I want penelope to win
best supporting actress: probably jennifer hudson but I'm rooting for abilgail breslin
best supproting actor: rooting for mark wahlberg but hoping it's anyone but eddie murphy
~~~~~~~~ much good health and healing for StarGazer's roommate ~~~~~~~~ I'm so sorry to hear about this. My very best wishes go out to him.

Polly, that dinner sounds amazing! Just reading about it made me drool a little. tongue.gif <-- me licking my chops

SideCar, is it my imagination or did someone post a pic of your livingroom on that blog? If so, I love the wall color. smile.gif And I certainly hope somebody brought some additional food for you. If you two keep hosting the parties, the least others can do is bring some snacks!

I don't think I can cope with the unintentional horror that is The Wicker Man. Last night Sheff suggested we see the new Nick Cage film that features him as a flaming skeleton on a motorcycle. It made me seriously concerned about the state of his mind.

((((Wally)))) Poor widdle kitt'n.

Bunny, sometimes it's better just to watch the out-takes. The real show is just tooooo loooooong. That isn't keeping me from watching it, of course. rolleyes.gif

I'm brining some chicken breasts. I think I'll cook them in a nice curry. It's been raining here all day and a hot curry sounds perfect.

ETA: Bunny, you are absolutely right! We can talk about all sorts of stuff in Kvetch!

Thanks for the C&H fix, Doodle. smile.gif
(((((((wally))))))) poor little guy

((((star)))) sorry to hear about you roommate. what a tough situation. ~~~~~health & healing vibes for star's roomie~~~~

~~~~continued vibes for tesao's mama~~~~

laugh.gif at polly's "I'm still sweating" remark! That meal sounded sinfully rich and decadent and must have been divine.

YAY for new bra's DM! I need to do that too. I broke two of them this past week, the wire popped right through.

Okay, don't throw rocks at me but truth be told, I'm beyond uninterested in actually watching the Oscars.

But I am supa jealous of bunny's evening with dave & tim!

Oh man rose, I saw a trailer for that movie last night, it's Ghost Rider right? Ugh, you couldn't pay me enough to sit through that crap. And The Wicker Man? A bear suit. Punching women. Shouting "you bitches!". Feh. Nick Cage's elevator hasn't been making it to the top floor for quite some time, but I'm afraid it's now stuck in the basement for good. I loved him in Wild At Heart, but I fear that he is a little too much that character IRL. It's no accident he married Lisa Marie. And the naming of his kid? The dude obviously can't separate his obsession with pop culture from reality.

This is the scene in my living room right now:

IPB Image

And Sashie is asleep with Fran on the love seat! It funny to listen to all the snores. But honestly, Sashie's winning for volume.

kvetch: I got a call from my cousin in OK today to tell me that she booked plane tix for her, her sister's 1 1/2 year old and her mom to come out here at the end of March. Now, they don't have anyone to stay with besides me and they didn't even ask if it was okay before booking. I mean, yes they are family and they know I would never turn them away (especially with the baby) but geez! They are the branch of family I dread hearing from because there is always some self inflicted drama they need rescuing from. I've done well these past couple of years breaking those strings so that I am not the one they call to be bailed out of those situations. You know, the whole tough love thing. But I get nervous that they are coming out because I feel like it's only a matter of time until they announce that they are packing up and moving back here. Oh, the horror of that thought! Unlike grandpa's, I am not at all thrilled about their visit dry.gif

I am so not fucked up and that disappoints me, maybe Tuesday night at Amy Winehouse gig I'll hit some Jack (Daniels), I feel the need for some drunkenness. Pity I don't have more alcohol at home sad.gif. I would get inebriated at Mika concert tomorrow but I have something on Tuesday I can't be intoxicated for.

Missing the damned Oscars, saw some early-ish red carpet stuff: like dresses of Jodie Foster, Helen Mirren and J-Lo's. Top half of Cameron Diaz's dress nice but she can never seem to get it completely right, Forest Whitaker's wife looks amazing again, don't like Jeniffer Hudson's jacket thingy.

yuef, I'm jealous you have Oscars but not watching!!! Dave, Dave, Dave was amazing.

Suppose I should go to bed. No bloody online coverage of Oscars, I shoulda checked into hotel for night or sommat.
My parents just asked me, with a kind of wounded disbelief, "Why does everyone hate Celine Dion?"
laugh.gif Anoushh, that is hilarious! I must admit, as soon as her name was mentioned, I pressed the mute button. biggrin.gif
"Why does everyone hate Celine Dion?"

Ha ha! Hahahahahaha!

(yuefie, I have no interest in watching the Oscars either.)
Okay, I must admit that I am sitting here passively watching as that's what the grand'rents want to watch. I suppose I could be in the other room reading or doing something constructive. I did leave for a little bit but my grandpa was so excited that Jennifer Hudson won he started shrieking and I had to see what the fuss was about.

Oh and I got up and left when they announced Celine and heard my grandpa say "oh geez, what a snore" laugh.gif

ETA: Maaahhhty cracks me up. I need to see The Departed.

i just came in here to wave at the yue-pooch. i waved at mojo earlier. i am having a serious case of dog envy. *waves at the yue-pup*
So no surprises with the Oscars (except for Alan Arkin), I may not even watch the highlights. The dresses were fairly boring too; added to ones below I liked Reese Witherspoon's, Nicole Kidman's and Rachel Weisz's but that was it. Cameron Diaz's and Penelope Cruz's grew on me.

kvetch: woke up a few times during night with sore tummy and it's still feeling funny.

I just found out I got my internship position in Boston!! My top pick!! I can't believe it!! I'm still in disbelief...

**dances out**
*sticks head in*

yay stargazer! that's fantastic!
congrats stargazer! you really are a star.
Congrats, stargazer!! That is awesome news.

Yep, indeed, Rose that was my living room. Due to technical difficulties (our satellite went out right as the first of Martini's coworkers arrived) we ended up moving the party over to his coworker's girlfriend's house so we could watch it. That woman deserves the superhero cape.

I hated Cameron Diaz's dress, and while I loved Reese's dress, that woman needs to eat. Her chin looks weird. I was thrilled about Marty and The Departed. I loved that movie.

My interview's at 12:45 today. I'm feeling pretty confident, just need to get some work done and not think about it for the next three hours I guess.
Yay Stargazer! When do you leave? So sad you're going, but happy for your accomplishments and I know even moving away is better than North Chicago- ick!

"Why does everyone hate Celine Dion?" The answer's in the question. Even Enrico Morricone looked pissed when she came out. And I loved how she just stood on the stage in the background the whole time Enrico and Clint were talking. NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU CELINE! GET YOUR DIVA ASS OFF THE STAGE!

Ooo, almost missed sidecar's post ~*~*~*~interview vibes~*~*~*
(((stargazer))) *squee* you do know you'll only be a few hrs away from me, yes? *squee again*

much love & healthy vibage for your roomie, sweetpea.

rose, glad to see you feeling better.

(((yuefie))) people - even family - who don't ask first deserve to be lied to. ("sorry, that timeframe doesn't work for me.")

my oscar take is over in the gossip thread, if anyone's interested.

bunny, you saw DAVE and tim?!?!?! that's, like, my dream.

*super-strength-all-good interview vibes for sidecar*

antikvetch: good weekend. enjoyed the reno 911 movie and a nice afternoon with danny. LOVED meeting my newest little cousin, who happens to be seriously beautiful. talk about tugging at the old ovaries! watched half nelson (didn't like at it all, but ryan did a great job - and i may never snort a line again, lol!) and running with scissors (not as bad as i thought it would be). started reading cell by stephen king. which may not be a good thing, considering my anxiety issues. unsure.gif

i so needed a three-day weekend. i feel recharged.

Good luck sidecar!! I'll be thinking of you at 12.45 CST...

Congrats stargazer!!
good luck with the interview sidecar!

Yaaaaaaaaay stargazer, good for you.

I have to confess I don't watch the Oscars, in fact I kind of can't stand them.

I suppose I should go back to working now, but it's quiet, for now.

Le sigh.

GO STARGAZER!!!!! (what, no cabbage patch dance? tongue.gif )

~~~~~interview vibes for Sidecar~~~~~~

Celine Dion, pffft. All I care to know about the Oscars I'll read on Fug later.

kvetch: my very very close friend's boyfriend is in a cult. An actual friggin' cult! That he was raised in. And she thinks I am over-reacting, because "his dedication is half-assed at best". Um, how half-assed is it to store a huuuge duffel bag of cassettes of "Father's" teachings at your girlfriend's house 'cause you're there a lot?! This can't be just me, this is bad, yes?

anti-kvetch: I am moving tomorrow into exactly the awesome apartment I wanted! (and she lives in the same complex a building over, which is good because I now feel the need to keep a VERY close eye on her)


yay stargazer! boston is a fun city, based on the 2X i've been there of course. be sure to visit salem, and kick ass at your internship! when do you go?

good luck sidecar!

mando, sounds like a great movie-watching weekend. i need that too, especially for 3 days. it's snowed a bit last nite and today is such a bleah monday here in my neigborhood.

sixelacat, enjoy the new apt! get plenty of sleep in your new place after your move tomorrow.
~~~~moving energy vibes~~~~
Congrats Stargazer!

Sixel...that does sound like a very weird situation. I would be concerned too!

I did not watch the all my flog me now. I'm getting pretty fed up with television lately. All my favorite showes are being preempted for other things, or not shown for a week or two at a time. House is on a 3 week hiatus for American Idol, which I am faithfully watching this time since my friend melinda is on it...but I'd rather see Hugh Laurie! And ER is off until sometime in April?!!!! I'm guessing Deperate Housewives was prempted by the Oscars, but it still has only been on every other week at best this season!

((((bunny, Yuefie, Mornington, Rose, Mado, Pip, and everyone else))))

Oh yeah...I get to find out the sex of the micropixie on Thursday....everyone cross your fingers and think boy!
~~~~good luck sidecar!~~~~

YAY for stargazer!

and for sixela's new digs! ooh six, glad you'll be able to keep an eye for your friend. creepy about the cult. *shudder*

~~~all parts crossed for a 'lil boy micro-pixie~~~~~


I got some good news about Art today. Jen called to tell me that when she went in to see him last night she said "Hi honey" and he was able to cover the trach up and said "Hi babe" back to her! That means he can communicate which will help him be less frustrated. Gramps and I are heading up there right now, then I am taking him to very Jewish delicatessen for lunch. He said the closest place to him is quite a drive, very over priced and not good at all. This place is decent, but someday I am going to New Yawk for the real deal!

Congrats, Star!!! That's fabulous! Good for you. smile.gif

~$$~$$~$$~ Sidecar ~$$~$$~$$~ Sorry these are a bit late!

~boy~boy~boy~~~ baby boy vibes for Pixie ~~~boy~boy~boy~

Yuefie, thanks for the update on Art! Soooo glad to hear that he is communicating again. That must make him feel tons better!

Sixel, it certainly does seem a bit odd. I mean, if he's not very involved, then my must he hold onto these tapes? And why must he be able to access them while at his girlfriend's place? Do you know the name of the cult? At any rate, I home you enjoy your new place!

Where is Sassy? I thought she was supposed to have an internet connection by now.

HOORAY for Mandi's happy weekend! That is soooo wonderful, sweets. You really deserved that (not that I need to tell you!).

Plat, how are you feeling, love? Did you do a bit of putting practice this weekend? How are you feeling?

((((((((((( continued love for Tes & her Mamae ))))))))))

I just finished watching Who Killed The Electric Car and am feeling slightly depressed. Those EV1s were soooooo cute! And I barely drive at all, so I could have really appreciated owning one of those little babies! Seems so strange that GM would not allow anyone to keep the car & continue using it. So very odd.
That's what I'm thinking, Rosev. The cult is a spin-off from the Nation of Islam called the United Nation of Islam. Here's an article about them from a couple years back, and their own website, which isn't terribly informative itself, but mostly links to their message board. They are also listed on a cult awareness site called When she told me about it (they've been dating for months, and he's just now bringing it up), she presented it as kind of a kooky spin-off religion, but mostly harmless. After reading all this stuff on the web, I am kind of freaking out because it really is an actual "come live in our commune and give us all your worldly possessions because this guy is Allah on earth, and btw the world will end in a race war in 2010 anyway, the angels who took Father/Allah up in their spaceship to tell him he's god said so...."

Yeah, I'm freaking out a bit. Must go pack boxes and stop googling this stuff.
Hello, I've been gone for so long that "catch up" doesn't really apply anymore. I used to be called isotopia, but something ate my account a long, long time ago. So if anyone remembers me - hi!

If you don't, then I'm just going to take the opportunity to wish Fuego_Lento a very happy birthday! And a big hug for tesao.
welcome coela!!

thanks everyone!!

mando~i'll really be a couple of hours away?? awesome. you know we will have to meet up then. it is as good as done. very excited!! yay for having a good weekend!

polly~i'm sad to move too. i thought about how i'm gonna miss the chicago busties ALOT. i don't know when i'm leaving. but, you know, we are gonna do somethin'. how's the sewing project or whatever craft you were working on going?? sorry, i forgot what it was.

*~*~*~*sending out job promotion vibes for sidecar*~*~*~*

sidecar~hopefully my good fortune will rub off and you will get that promotion!! how did the oscar party go for you??

rose~sassy didn't get it this weekend. she said hopefully next weekend. she called me this evening, but i was at work. i will let her know you are asking for her.

sixelacat~no cabbage patch. i was listening to the pixies when i posted this morn. not really cabbage patching music! i think you need to comeback up to chicago. at least before i move!

yuefie~that's great about art! keep posting the sweetness of your animals! they make me happy!

i have so much i have to take care of. really. it is amazing. i DON'T want to move back home with my folks. first, i need to find out when my program starts. august? september? i need to find an apartment. buy a car. finish my research. wow. i will be busy. plus, i want to plan a trip to the uk as a treat to myself before internship starts. i have a friend who lives there. AND i would get to meet mornington and bunnyb!!

i think i'm gonna call my roommates parents tomorrow. i really want to visit him. thanks for all of the vibeage for him.

ok. i'm tired. i started exercising today. 30 min on the elliptical. i'm pooped. plus, i worked today. argh. but, in a good way. i need the money.

(((nick, tes, pixie, raisingirl, rose, sixelacat, bunnyb, mornington, yuefie, sidecar, culture, candycane_girl, coela, sybarite, amilita, anoushh, PiP, sassygrrl, mando!, faith, fina, mavin, plat, qspice, billy and other kvetchies)))
*flying by*

congrats on the internship stargazer! When does yours start? Mine starts in April and it's going to be in Toronto. I can't wait!

antikvetch: I'm going to see Scissor Sisters in Detroit! I can't wait!

((((star, amilita, yuefie, sixelacat, rose, pixie (((baby boy vibes))), nickclick, culturehandy, sybarite, everyone!)))
Stargazer, I recently finished my cowgirl sock monkey and over the weekend I finished homemade Yummy Sushi Pajamas (Buffy fans will get the reference) for Prophecy_Grrl's birthday. I gave them to her on Saturday, but they need a couple of alterations since I didn't know her exact measurements. I don't know what my next project will be. Possibly more sock monkeys. But not until I can get more sock monkey socks at the Sock Monkey Festival in Rockford in a couple of weeks.

My other BGP told me today that her cousin's wife, who we went to high school with, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis over the weekend. I feel so bad for her- she's got two little kids. BGP said she's had numbness on one side of her body, off and on, for a couple of years, but the test for MS is kind of invasive, and she's been pregnant, so they didn't want to do it, so she's let it go. She was out somewhere, felt the numbness and collapsed in the parking lot. The took her to the ER, did an MRI and found it. I know you can live a decent life with it if you treat it, but who knows how progressed it is. I've heard that once you've gotten that bad, you don't have much of a chance of it going into remission.

Six, I'd love to give you good news about people in cults, but I can't- I had a friend who dated a guy who had a substance abuse problem. He got a DUI and tried to turn his life around, and basically replaced the drugs with religions. He had a "religion of the week" for awhile, then he got into some weird Christian thing (Jesus wouldn't have approved of this group, let me tell ya!) and talked my friend into joining up with him. They ran off to the cult headquarters in Oregon, got married within a couple of weeks and were pregnant within a couple of months. She came back here when the baby was about 6 months old, stayed for about 4 months, then decided "they didn't listen to what God wanted them to do when they moved back here" and moved away. I moved out of my parent's house a couple of months before she left and sent her my new address, but I never heard from her again.

I'm still really upset about it, because we were great friends for years and she was just the most open-minded, free-spirited, tolerant person I knew (she would have fit in perfectly here), but she was a little naive (when she told Le Boy and I they were moving to Oregon, I asked, "Is this a cult?" and she said, "Why do people keep asking me that?" blink.gif ) When she and her husband came back to visit us, before moving back, they were like robots, and just started preaching at us, telling us God would punish non-believers and Jews were going to hell and it was our fault the world was so f-ed up....yeah, it was Hanukkah and my menorah was sitting right there. I had to walk out of the room and sob in my bathroom, more because of what she'd become than what she'd said.

Wow, I'm a bucket of sunshine tonight. I'll stop before it spreads.

Happy thought- my boss's golden retriever had puppies today- five of them. She sent me a picture on my cell phone, but I don't know if/how I'd be able to upload it here. Here's another picture, so let's imagine them looking like this in a few weeks:
IPB Image
Hi all:

((Polly))), what adorable puppies! I hope they cheered you up a bit. I'm sorry about your friend with MS. I don't know what is going on lately, but it seems more people are either dying or getting diagnosed with bad things. Two of the gals who work for me- their husbands were diagnosed with MS (bad, progressive) and Hodgkins lymphoma. Another co-worker's husband just died from a sudden brain aneurysm at 49. Weird energy right now.

(((Yuefie))) Good news about Art! Yay!

(((sidecar))) Major interview vibes.

(((Star))) Wahoooo! Big congrats (throws virtual confetti around frivolously)

(((Mando))) LOL, Reno 911. Did you like it? Speaking of so-stupid-that-it's-hilarious sitcoms, anybody ever see the Canadian series Trailer Park Boys?

(((Rose V))) Hiya gal!!! Ok, we're both being just plain lazy. One of us needs to pick up the phone! Yes, I putted and chipped for an hour on Saturday. You wouldn't think that was tiring, but repeated squatting down, a few weird neck positions and sensations, and I was on the recliner for the rest of the day! Recovered well, though. I'm working full-time and exercising daily. At the moment, that is my life- I use the evenings to rest. And, there are a few longer days coming this week. Budget. Blech.

((tes))) Hang in girl.


kvetch: 2 words- HAIR WASH.

anti kvetch: I have so much more energy now after the dreaded hair wash!

kvetch: have to work a long day to schmooze some doctors tonight.

anti kvetch: get to see a professional hockey game since the company has a VIP box.
*zooms in*

Re-taking my driving test today - wish me luck!

*zooms out*
Uuurrgghh. Hangover. *weakly waves to kvetchies* G'mornin'....

~~~~~DanicaPatrick vibes for bunnyb~~~~~

~~~~~allpurposeshinyvibes for them what needs 'em~~~~~~~

(((Polly)))) those puppies are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(((bunny)))) good luck on your road test, it took my three times to get mine! Don't worry about a thing.

((((sixel)))) Hangovers are no fun, *passes some water and tylenol*

I'm kind of annoyed, my hair is frizzy and it's bothering me.

Later kats!
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