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(((designermedusa))) sorry about the way you and your twin are being treated by your family.
(((stargazer))) sorry to hear about the loss of your uncle.

((((kel, yuefie, pixie, bunny, mornington, everyone)))) vibes just because.

kvetch: I showed up at school for 10 only to find that we didn't really have any class. It used to be 10-4 on Tuesdays. Instead it was one teacher showing up at 1pm to talk for twenty minutes and that was it. I'm annoyed because I could have been sleeping instead of at school with nothing to do!

also, still no word on my internship. I am feeling anxious and weird.
(((dm))) & (((twin DM))) i'm sorry for your loss. and i'm sorry your fam is being so frickin nasty. i feel so bad for you both.

(((stargazer))) i'm sorry to hear about your uncle. as time goes on, you'll remember your uncle more laughing and telling stories. the casket part will recede.

kelkello, are you an english teacher or an art teacher?

*bureaucrats-suddenly-growing-hearts vibes for bunny*

(((mornington))) i'm thrilled to pieces you're coming stateside! i hope the stars align and we can finally give each other a real-life hug!

that picture of grandpa and sashie? priceless!
as are the terrier pups. you all know my nephew 'buddy' is a boston terrier, right?

hugeass kvetch: i am obsessing over police tickets. i've got one (or two? could they possibly make it any more convoluted a process? argh!) last shots at the presales. this is one of my all-time favorite bands, i've dreamt of their reuniting for decades. and danny wants to go, it'd be the absolute perfect first concert to share. I HAVE TO GET TICKETS, DAMMIT! *weep*
(((star))) here's more hugs for you as you'll be needing them today too.

(((yuefie))) adorable pic and grandpa.

(((kelkello))) yay for nurturing creativity and imagination! I hope that will be me sometime soon.

(((pixie))) "and I'm not dead" cracked me up! boo hiss on people preventing you posting.

(((mornington))) yay for impending visit! I'm still not talking to you, I am seething with jealousy that you may be meeting mando.

(((candycane))) boo for having to get out of bed for no reason and internship vibes your way.

(((mando))) I enjoy The Police and Sting (whole lotta hunny) but not as excited about them reuniting as I was about Pink Floyd reuniting for Live 8. Will this be Danny's first concert or your first concert together? All parts crossed you get them. By the way, I'm seeing your man Dave this Saturday.

Speaking of first concerts, what was the first concert of kvetchies? Mine was Michael Jackson's Dangerous tour, which I think is a rocking first concert (I won tickets too making it even better).

kvetch: I went for an hour and a half brisk walk with kinkykatykins this morning and feeling a little sore.
anti-kvetch: aches and pains good if they mean I lose weight.

Bunnyb, call the Consumer Credit Counseling Service. They have UK branches and they will help.
Thanks to everyone for all your support. Bunny, thanks for the picture of the bostons. The funeral was today, and there was no arguing which was nice. There was too much religion, and talk of heretics and hell, but I knew it would be like that. I know Mom DM was glad to have me and Twin DM there.

yeufie, the picture of Sashie and your grandfather is so cute.


((star)) Sorry to hear about your uncle.

mando, do you have a picture of buddy, the boston terrier? I hope you get the concert tickets.

My first concert was Dar Williams, a folk artist.

Mandolyn, I'm an English teacher, but I like to integrate the other arts whenever possible. So many of my students don't respond to "regular" methods of educating. I find if I give them options with art, performance, and music, their real talents shine.
(((DM and twin DM...and mamma DM))) I'm glad you could be there for your mom and I'm glad the family behaved a bit better today.

P.S. and ETA: I find myself thinking about Half Nelson a lot since I saw really is so good, huh? Sort of quiet in such a good way. One thing that nailed it for me was a shot of the classroom during the test, and one girl is sucking her thumb; I can't tell you how many young, streetwise girls still do that...I see it in the hospital a lot. The filmmakers got little details like that which totally ring true.

Awww, Yuefie-gramps and Sashie!! And I forgot to *squee* over the kitten before!! I can't wait for more pictures...

((Stargazer)) Sorry for your loss.

~~~Parts crossed for Mando to get Police tickets~~~

I love hearing about people's first concerts...and first albums bought!

My first concert was Adam Ant, tickets for which I waited out all night and got first row!! And I caught a piece of sweaty, ripped up A.A. t-shirt...which I stored in Tupperware to keep moist. (ew...I know) First album bought was an Elvis Live one.

~~~internship vibes for Candycane~~~

Yay for caring teachers like Kelkello!!

~~~finantial vibes for Bunny~~~ And thanks for the pupper picutre.

Yay for Mornington's trip!!

((Tes and her mamma, faith, sonik, pixie, sybarite, polly, sidecar, sassy, plat, luci, anoushh, rosev and everyone))

Had a fun Mardi Gras yesterday...slept late, read in bed, then rode our bikes into the Quarter and saw lots of costumed people, and half nekkid people and drunk people. We got invited to someone's amazing French Quarter apartment...the building has not been very altered through the years, so going into the building was like going back in time. And she has this great 2nd floor corner balcony, and it's so fun to be able to people watch from up there. Then we came home and watched a Tennesee Williams movie and I made pancakes!!
thanks for the hugs!! i feel better today.

amilita~you don't know how cool i think it is that your first concert was adam ant. i love him. so hot. i love his music. stand and deliver is my fav by him.

my first concert was cindi lauper when "girls just wanna have fun" came out. i was 9 years old. gotta love the 80s.

(((DM))) good to hear you are doing well.

*~*~*sending out good internship vibes for candycane_girl*~*~*

kvetch: blah! i'm gonna need alot of good vibes 'cause i find out friday if i match with an internship site. i feel like a huge albatross is on my neck. i can't really focus on anything else. i just don't want a repeat of last year. i'm trying to remain positive.

antikvetch: feeling a little lonely and down since monday. my mom is coming over for dinner and to watch grey's with me. she might spend the night. i just realized it is the day before match day. i guess i wanted my mom for the comfort.

antikvetch2: making some mexican hot chocolate right now!

(((bunnyb, mornington, mando, tes, raisingrl, amilita, DM, sidecar, polly, and other kvetchies)))
{{{{star}}}} and {{{{dm / twin dm}}}} So sorry for your losses. Plenty of love, comfort, and time with good people/away from asshats for you all.

Mandolicious: (a.) fuck the diet, life's too short! (b.) The Yarn Harlot posted about that very elusive thing - Police tickets in Toronto - this week (she's trying to hook up her hubby). Parts crossed!

Yuef! Your grandpa and Sashie made me squee, they're so cute! So happy you're having a good time with them.

I don't remember precisely what my first concert was - I never went to very many - but my favorites were George Michael in 1992 (what a great show - he shook his ass for hours!), 10,000 Maniacs in 1993 (their last tour before Natalie left, and the only time I saw them...she ruled), and George Strait in 1994 (I worked at a magazine & got free tickets, was trying to get a guy friend's attention and failed, and wound up in 8th-row-center seats having a blast with my CoolCuz, then getting soaked through to the bone on the way to the car...and still having a blast). I distinctly remember having a few great concert experiences with TG, too. smile.gif

It would appear that I kicked my cold's ASS. As in, I'm barely sniffling today and it never got worse than a head cold since Friday (despite a migraine Monday and half of today). Guess that just proves that when I do what I know I works for me - eat lots of brothy soup, drink tons of herb tea, take vitamins, and sleep - I get better faster.

Kvetch: I can't find my Big Book 'o' Interchangeable Knitting Needles. I'm hoping it's just buried in a pile and that I didn't leave it at a restaurant somewhere.

Anti-kvetch: out of nowhere (and because she wanted to justify her shipping costs), Knitter A got me a small bottle of Demeter Between the Sheets. It's one of their cocktail fragrances (hee hee, cock!) and has a lovely fruity smell. Yay - one less thing I have to justify buying for myself!

Bedtime! *mwahs*
I still love Adam Ant, too, stargazer! Swoon. Although it's sad the psychiatric problems he's had...

OK, so Wally has been hissing and growling at his own tail tonight. It's kind of freaking me out...I hope he's not getting rabid or something!

And a cut-and-paste link to a local blogger's flickr account for Mardi Gras pictures! You see some great costumes, and I think they give a good feel for the street-party aspect of it all...

another local blogger's picture of a pretty cool nekkid costume:

and she has a picture of the balcony I was on...but with other folks on it:
((((((Kvetchies, each and every one of YOU))))))

Sorry for the lack of individual vibes. I suck. But I am reading and vibing for all of you.

I'm sooo tired, crampy and emotional tonight. Mean Red Gramma decided to descend upon me with a vengance. My cycle has been wonky for the past couple of months and I think my body is making up for lost time. I took Sashie to the vet first thing this morning to get her stitches out. She's a bad little doggie and has been scratching at it so they said to keep her little t-shirts on for another week or so. But everything healed up well, yay. I came back home, made us blueberry pancakes and home fries for breakfast and then we went to put flowers on grandma's grave. That was far more emotional than I anticipated. My sis and I go for all the holidays and gram's birthday, but being there with grandpa was harder. After that we went up to the hospital to visit Art. He was awake and very happy to see us. But it was bittersweet, he kept breaking down. I held his hand and wiped his tears away and tried to hold it together. He wrote down on his board that he is afraid that he will never get out of the hospital. He has been making progress, it's just very slow and now that he is awake and aware of how much time has passed I think some depression might be setting in. I asked his mom to talk to the doctors to see if they can keep an eye on that. We stayed for a couple of hours, but when we went to leave he got all teary and gripped my hand as tight as he could. I sobbed all the way to the elevator. Grandpa and Fran went to evening mass and I made them fish for dinner since it's Ash Wednesday and Frannie said NO meat for them. I need to go do the dishes now, but I really just want to curl up on the couch and knock out. But before I do that I gotta add my two cents on the first concert subject. I think the first actual concert I went to that I remember was when my Aunt got stuck babysitting me and took me to Hall & Oates. Either that or when the Beach Boys played after an afternoon Padres game my grandpa took me to. But my first real concert that I chose to go to was called MeXFest and was on the lawn of the Caliente Race Track in Tijuana. It was Hoodoo Gurus, Chris Isaak, The Fixx, Squeeze, The Bangles, and Oingo Boingo. Even though it was outdoors, I got extremely contact high. I remember when I stood up, almost tumbling in to the people sitting behind us and feeling really fuzzy headed. I was there for The Bangles of course, but really it was because I had a mad crush on Danny Elfman. I will try to get some more cute shots of kitties of the two giant hams (grampa & sashie). Sashie is currently asleep on the pillows I tossed on the couch for myself. Yeah, because the two beds of her own aren't enough!


~~~~~internship vibes for Stargazer~~~~

My first concert was Glass Tiger. They played my local (ice) hockey arena, terrible sound but a classic Canadian concert experience. The next one after that was Young MC, and after that Depeche Mode, who were fabulous and I have seen several times since and still lurve.

My first record might have been Quiet Riot- my dad bought it for me one xmas trying (successfully) to be cool, but it might have been the Victory album by the Jacksons. The first tape I ever bought myself was the Cars Greatest Hits, for my new walkman. I think the second tape I ever bought was the Footloose soundtrack.

I won the pancake racing the other night, not that I wanted to as having bought the prizes myself last year I knew how truly awful they are. Finaman was also on my team so we get possession of the Vase of Victory for 8 months this year, but we gave it to the other guy on our team for the first 4 months and hopefully he will forget to pass it on. Anyway the races were a riot, definitely the highlight of February.
Hee..Police tickets. I thought you were talking about speeding tickets, Mando..but apparently you're talking about the other police!


I don't feel well. I'm sneezing all the time, sore throat, coughing, and my ears pop open each time i yawn. Bleh. And i think i will be in my office for a long time, since i hav to upload 15 hi res images, which all take about 30 mins. to upload. I shouldn't kvetch, really, since the uploading is because i have been nominated to have my work published in Luerzer's archive; 200 best illustrators worldwide. So i'm pretty thrilled and hope to make it to the book!

Mornington, how cool is it to go to NYC! Give the kvetchies a hug from me, if you have the occasion! You'll have a blast!

I already posted this in the art busties thread, but last week i went to a lecture about networking. And it was quite an eye opener. It was about decentralized networks of people, and new ways of organizing, not sitting on your ideas, being close mouthed, but just sharing, and working together. In this vein, an 'organization' called nieuwe garde (new 'generation'? not quite, but i don't really know how to translate) is all about bringing creatives toghether. Not just to drink and talk and network like officially network, with business cards and lots of talk. But to work together on projects (working 8 hours overtime for a good cause; making a magazine in jut 1 hour) so people really get to know eachother; each other's strengths and talents.
I signed up and volunteered to be active in the whole set-up of this particular organization.

I also met up with a woman who is active in a net work that partly overlaps this 'nieuwe garde' and we talked for 3 hours straight. It seems like there are people in my town after all who would also like to change the existing sturctures! The town i live in is not my hometown, i live here for 7 years, but i find it hard to make friends, because everyone is sitting on their own little island. However, we will change that!!

i was on at 9:58, best buy presale started at 10:00 am, i'm sitting there refresh refresh refresh ... and all of a sudden i was in ... it asked me for my special code ... took forever to find the tickets, ON THE FLOOR, GIANT STADIUM, SECOND SECTION BACK 13th ROW!!! i can't believe these seats! i think it's exactly where i sat for my first DAVE concert. my boys are gonna be like, RIGHT THERE!!!

it's 10:15. i bet the presale tix are sold out already.
the only bad part is, i could only get 2. but somehow i don't think danny is going to be devastated.
i told the mr, this is my birthday present for like the next three years. (these were not cheap!) the show is 5 days before my birthday!!! which will definitely take the sting out of turning 47 ... hee ... couldn't resist!

bustie vibes are pure magjick.

all those who vibed me, line up. i'm giving out footrubs, neck massages, hairbrushings and hell, sexual favors if you're so inclined! MWAH!!!!
WooHoo Mando! Those seats sound aMAzing! Very cool. When my car got broken into a couple of years ago, I was more upset over the theives stealing my favorite Sting CD than them stealing my CD player! I am feeling you on the Gordon love.....

Sonik, that sounds like the best way to network EVER! Much, much more useful than just chatting and exchanging business cards. And your enthusiasm is so palpable, I'M getting excited about it! I'm going to call some folks I know that could really use this idea.....

Fina, that pancake racing sounded like a blast! Glad you had fun, even if you did end up with your own prizes!

yuefie, that pic of Sashie/Gramps.....*faints from the cuteness* I'm helping Mornington steal them both! I'm so glad Art is healing, however slowly it may feel to him. Hospitals are just depressing places, I'm sure it helps him a lot when you visit, he is lucky to have such a caring cuz!

((((DM and twinDM))))

amilita, that balcony is so cool! Glad you had a good time. Chicken (my own crazy kitty) did the tail chasing growly thing once, turns out he had a pain in his tail (once I got him chill enough to take a look, he had a small cut on it, probably from rough housing with his brother). Maybe it's something like that?

(((tesao))) Hope you and your mom are doing okay! Oh, and Miss Nancy was the host of Romper Room...she used to look into a hand mirror with the mirror part out and "look" at the kids at home like she could see them.....'kay, that just sounds weird, but it was great fun at age 2!

((((bunnyb, mornington, rosev, pixie, stargazer, txplum, all Kvetchies Great and Small (guess what I've been reading), lurkers, Okayers, Busties in general)))))

My very first concert was Bon Jovi/Cinderella, which was cool b/c I'd won tix from the radio, and embarrassing because the only way I could go was with my dad, who insisted on wearing overalls. Not cool, but at least I can laugh about it now! Oh, and my first cassette was Culture Club, which I would put in my Walkman and sing along to incessantly......

six, you had to mention Culture Club, didn't you? /hums Karma Chameleon (I heart that song). My first album bought was possibly Bon Jovi's Crossroad, it's the first I recall anyway.

mando - YAY YAY YAY! so pleased for you chica, you'll be so close! I love Sting - him and Robert Downey Jnr duetting "Every Breath You Take" in Ally McBeal is everything I could dream for. So ... sexual favours you say?

sonik, feel better and yay for networking and for your nomination! vibing you entry into book.

fina, yay for winning the pancake race! I envy you your cool group of friends, maybe once I'm a grown up I'll have a similar group to have game nights with.

(((star))) all parts crossed you get your internship and that Grey's Anatomy is an uplifting episode tonight.

amilita, that balcony and building are amazingly beautiful. The blogs pics were great, I especially liked the man in towel shaving (you really have to hope that it is a costume and he's not been thrown out or something).

(((yuefie))) just be your wonderful self with art and that's the support he needs to recover.

*waves at txplumwine*

anoushh, thanks for the info and for delurking.

where's plat?

kvetch: my legs and feet still hurt from the walking I did yesterday.

anti-kvetch: Had my first face to face counselling session today and it was really good. I saw my counseller walk past before my session and I was hoping it would be him as he looked caring and a good listener and I was correct, y'know when you just pick up positive vibes from someone? he seemed to have a sense of me straight away and says I should care for myself more. All in all, very promising.

(((designermedusa, dusty, sidecar, syb, sassy, mornington, rose, pixie, tes, faith, raisin, kelkello, faerietails, candycane, tallgirl, walkinbitch, mavin, msp, everyone I've missed)))
(((dm))) glad you made it thru ok. I shall look for buddy pics, but I think they went into the lost-photos black hole when my ‘puter crashed in november. *sniff*

kelkello, I heart English teachers - I was blessed with many good ones. My son, however is tussling with his second tough one. I fear he’s going to start hating English, period.

(((stargazer))) sending you continual loop superfierce good-news internship vibes.

(((plummie))) glad you’re feeling betta. Jealous of your george michael moment.

(((sixelacat))) nice to see you in here, I’ve meeced you! I’m laughing at your dad in overalls at bon jovi. biggrin.gif Danny’s already embarrassed just thinking about going to his first concert with his dad, cuz the mr dances to everything like it’s the greatful dead. *cringe*

Amilita, I have half nelson at home and plan on watching it tomorrow night. Glad to hear your good review. Thanks for the pics, they are fabulous! That balcony does look like the exact perfect spot.

I had no idea that danny elfman used to front Oingo Boingo. Color me stupid. He’s danny’s favorite composer, thanks to tim burton.

(((art))) (((yuefie))) (((sashie))) I hope you all feel better soon. i know art's depressed, but i'm so heartened to hear he's awake and alert and progressing.

Fina, you just reminded me, I need to buy the new depeche mode best of cd. I so love precious. Congrats on winning the pancake race! (i am having trouble with the visual, tho.)

(((sonik))) I hope you feel better soon, too. And yay for meeting fascinating and like-minded people!

Bunny, I shall eagerly await details of your DAVE show! i hope I get to see him this year. but actually, I think I just blew my wad, concert-cash-wise. I’m jealous that you won tix to see Michael. Back when he was semi-sane, too.

I could write a book about my concerts.

First: james taylor, at a small, local, intimate venue that no longer exists.

Best: ack. Can’t choose. the U2 joshua tree tour; third row pink floyd momentary lapse of reason tour (david gilmour was smirking at me and my sister dancing throughout, everyone around us were duds, and he threw me his guitar pick, which I still have); the stones bridges to babylon tour, excellent show, i never have to see them again; my first DAVE concert at giants stadium, 13th row, on a completely perfect starry-skied June night; DAVE at continental arena, 13th row behind-the-stage, with beloved cousin, which was taped and became the listener supported CD & was the best setlist eva; sting at the beacon, first row mezzanine (he kept looking up at me, I know it!); sting at an outside amphitheater, third row seats (he was singing to me, I know it!) .

Yeah. Best? Totally.can’t.choose.
i wonder how many concerts i've been to, total? it's gotta be an obscene number.

I have a distinct feeling that aug 5th, 2007 is gonna be up there too. biggrin.gif
I’m so stoked!

mandi, the concert whore
yay mando!!! woo for tickets. the police are teh brilliant, I'm monstrously jealous.

((((dm & twindm)))))

*flings self at (((((sixe)))))*

((((sonik)))) that sounds like a brilliant idea.

yay for pancake races ((((fina))))

((((yuefie)))) bleh on cramps. and more kittie photos!

((((star, sassy, plat, tes, raisin, anoushh, bunny, amilita, kel, candy, everyone))))

my first proper gig was Bon Jovi's One Wild Night tour (in milton keynes - satan's layby) when I was fifteen because I refuse to count my school outings to see The Yale Alley Cats - first when I was nine, in romania, and then when I was eleven they came to my prep school. They were good, actually - male voice choir singing all sorts; I've loved "under the boardwalk" ever since. The first record I bought was Bellatrix - Jedi Wannabe, on Fierce Panda, which according to G makes me too indie for words. pfft. After that, Kirsty MacColl and the Spice Girls.

kvetch: i too am bleh and crampy. aunt flo came to visit yesterday, but the nasty aches didn't start until today. I skipped college and curled myself round a hot water bottle. Girlies 1 & 2 want me to come out tonight (i have tickets and it's going to be good) but I've also got a nasty cough that came out of nowhere. Oh, and F's phone has died so I haven't spoken to him for a few days which is very very very annoying, especially as i'm doing the whole tired and emotional thing.

antikvetch: my new handbag and carry-on bag arrived from accessorize. I do heart a good handbag.

edit: colour me jealous, mando. pink fucking floyd?! I'd kill. biggrin.gif
mandolyn -

Sorry I don't know what kind of music you like and I'm late so I don't have time to read back and find out but I did see that you are a concert whore. If you ever get a chance to see The Australian Pink Floyd Show aka Aussie Floyd I'd highly recommend it. They are one of the best Pink Floyd cover bands I've ever seen. They were actually invited by David Gilmore (lead singer and guitarist for Pink Floyd) to play at his birthday party at his mansion. They are wonderful.

Pink Floyd AND U2? *colour me greener* The Joshua Tree tour, no less, that's like seeing Madonna's Blonde Ambition tour only y'know different. I'm very proud that I saw Jacko pre Wacko.
((((dm and twin dm and momdm)))) ugh, that sounds awful. I hope all of you are doing okay.

My first concert was in 1995, I went to see Live and Weezer and some awful band named Fantima Mansions for $12 at First Avenue, which is where much of Purple Rain was shot. I, too, am a concert whore (I have no idea how many I've seen; last year I kept track on my blog and I saw 21 shows, including three festivals).

I have some regrets: I really, really wish I'd seen Pulp. They hardly ever toured America, and they were playing in Chicago when I was at college in Madison (about three hours away) on a weeknight, and I didn't feel like driving that far, because I figured they'd conquer the US with This Is Hardcore and I'd see them again (they were playing in London when I was there, too, but I forget why I didn't want to go.) Har har. They broke up before that could happen.

I've seen some great stuff though (I'm a devoted indie rocker, though, so it's mostly smallish stuff): Kraftwerk at a small theater in 2005, Cheap Trick and Guided by Voices on the former's 30th anniversary tour, the Flaming Lips and Beck the weekend before I got married, The Killers back when they wanted to be Morrissey, Pixies on reunion, Kanye West at Lollapalooza, under the stars with 50,000 people in Grant Park, with the skyline stretched out next to us...I've made up for lost time I guess.

~~~~internship vibes for stargazer~~~
(((the yuefies))))
((((sonik)))) I kinda want to start a similar networking group. My industry is related to yours, and I think we all get caught up in competing for work without realizing how much better things would go if we collaborated on stuff and worked together.

So! I have an interview for a promotion next week, to a really cool job. My supervisor is being really supportive about it, too, so I'm hoping this one works out. I'm sure I'll pop in again before the weekend's up--my screenwriter friend from NYC is coming to visit, so I'll probably be busy. Love you all!

double-post to add: U2 on Joshua Tree must've been amazing! I saw them on the one with the big lemon (I know) but I must say, they were still pretty great. I'd like to see them again.
I'd kill to see U2. Made me think of one of my favourite Qs: if you were able to travel back in time and go to any concert, what would it be?

I'm going to three concerts in the coming five days (Dave, Mika and Amy Winehouse) and already been to a gig this month so I think that makes me a whore too.

~*~*~*~get that job sidecar!~*~*~*~

I need to go for a bubble bath to soothe my aching muscles.
Yay on police tix mando! I didn't know you were a leo too btw. I too am super jealous that you saw U2 when they were good *ducks thrown objects* and Pink Floyd.

My first awesome concert was New Order, in a gorgeous art deco theatre. They remain one of my favourite bands so I am so happy I got to see them back in the day. Other standouts: Prince, the Diamonds and Pearls tour, where I first realised that the man was a sexual giant even if tiny IRL. David Bowie in 1990: another one where I didn't think he was sexy until I saw him on stage. Depeche Mode, opened by Sugarcubes. I saw the Pixies on their reunion tour too which was amazing. Kim Deal looked so happy. Neneh Cherry at the Nelson Mandela concert in London when he got out of jail. He spoke at it and the crowd went bananas.

I hadn't thought about those for a while--I used to be hip before I turned into a hermit!

My first actual concert was *cough* Rick Springfield... but I was really really young...

I am back in the land of regular internet access with a deadline tomorrow and a mostly written chapter I can't stand to look at any more. Note to self: 24 more hours...

I'm sure you'll ace the interview sidecar!

((((DM and twin DM))))
I saw David Bowie and Macy Gray in 2003, when he started playing his old songs again. Amazing. He closed with "Ziggy Stardust," and it was awesome.
You heard Nelson Mandela speak syb? /squeaking.

In honour of mando (and his sexiness - other than Prince) I am listening to The Very Best of Sting and The Police.

*sashays out singing "I'm an alien, I'm a legal alien."*
amilita, cuz I gotta get ready for work...but thanks, sixe, for telling me about your kitty. I started reading on the internets last night, and aside from phsyical problems that can make a kitty attack its tail, there is also a disorder that is sorta either like epilepsy or OCD, so of course I've been worrying that is what was wrong with him. (even though it's rare)

I was going to just keep an eye on him, but he started doing it a bit today...not anything like last night. Last night it was like he was just a little growling and hissing. But I made an appointment for the vet tomorrow morning, so now I'm worried that they are going to want to run every test in the book. I can't see anything wrong with him, but maybe he has an anal gland bugging him or something. Hope it's that simple, so he can get cured and I won't have to spend a million dollars! Poor Wally.

"I used to be hip before I turned into a hermit." Ha. Me, too, sybarite.
(((((stargazer)))) & ((((dm, twin-dm & family))))

~~~get that job sidecar~~~

(((((wally & amilita))))) hope everything is okay!

((((anoushh & not-bob))))

((((((MSP & Pixie)))))

((((morn)))) more kitty pics coming up soon. But wouldn't some new Indigo, Petey Boy and Doris Floppyears photos be great too?

*smacks plummie on the tush and runs*

I sure hope raisin is enjoying her tropical getaway smile.gif

And that tesao is safe with all the wonky weather she's getting. ((((tes & mamae))))

And yeah, where is plat hiding?

SQUEE for mando getting tix!!! I was vibing really hard for ya darlin', I know how much you wanted those. You know, when I first heard about them announcing the reunion tour I thought of you and meant to ask if you had heard yet.

I am so super crampy today, it farking unbelievable. I didn't go to work at all and am SO thankful that I was able to pull that off without getting in to trouble. I could barely move this morning the cramps were so bad. I was in the fetal position 'til almost 9 am. And ugh, I woke this morning in a little red pool. Thank maude it was just on the sheet and not my poor couch. Right now the grand'rents are at lunch with some friends of theirs who live half the year here and half in Michigan. And the ibuprofen and half a vicodin I took are finally easing the cramps a bit.

Hee syb, my very first cassette tape was Rick Springfield's "Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet" laugh.gif And on the concert front, I find myself jealous of so many of you! New Order, David Bowie, Prince and Pink Floyd?! Ohhh, I'd give anything to have seen Pink Floyd or Prince back in the day. I saw Roger Waters a few years back, he sang like shit as always but the show was still pretty cool. I admire Roger for his talent, which IMHO is *not* his singing. Mandi, color me jealous of your David Gilmour encounter! I've always fancied Dave Gilmour myself, he was such a hottie with that long hair he was rocking in the 70's. And I would be remiss in not mentioning the mad genius of the original PF, dearly departed Syd. As far as Prince goes, I've sworn that I will see that man some day, come hell or high water. I've been crushing in his Royal Purpleness since I was a pre-teen. I guess I'm a little of a concert whore myself. I've gone to shows just to go, not even liking the artist or band. Lemme see... I've seen Tom Petty, Beck, Dave Matthews several times. Also The Flaming Lips, Depeche Mode, The Cure, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Pixies, INXS, a few Grateful Dead shows when I was a kiddo ('cause my step-uncle was Jerry's massage therapist for a bit), Gov't Mule, Widespread Panic, Michael Franti, Ziggy Marley, Gregory Isaacs, Steele Pulse, Israel Vibration, Toots & The Maytals, Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crow, Susan Tedeschi, Ani DiFranco, Rufus Wainright, Garbage, Alanis Morrisette (I took my best friend as a surprise), Social Distortion, Rage Against The Machine, and those are just the ones off the top of my head. I've seen a lot of shows but the one performer I would give anything to have been able to see live is Bob Marley.


I don't even feel qualified to vibe anyone individual because I am so out of the loop -- I am so sorry. I have been in a mixed up place, not all bad but lots of strange changes. I have not yet decided if I am leaving my job but that decision may come soon. I miss you all and love you each and everyone. lovelovelove

thanks for the vibes!! keep 'em coming until tomorrow morning!!

I find out 10am est time if I matched with an internship program via email. So, personal, I know. But, as soon as I find out, I will post in here.

another quick note: good to see peeps are posting in here. I thought we lost some people 'cause things were quiet.



**flies out**
Hey, Kvetchies. Forgive me for not vibing individually. I've been siiiiiiiick.

(((((((( big love to Kvetchies & thier pets & friends and families ))))))))))
quick fly-by to all the lovely kvetchies-

wish I could vibe all of you individually, but i am in budget hell at work. Between that, exercise, and a minimal social life at the moment, I am crashing pretty early. So all of you, feel well, get jobs/internships, and figure out all the craziness in your lives.

Oh, my first concert: Jesse Colin Young. Ok, who remembers him and the group he was in before he went solo? Mando and Tes, i bet you might!

Just an anti-kvetch: I continue to do better!!!! For those of you who don't know, i am a pretty serious golfer, and i have been given the go by my doc to chip and putt! No real golf until April or May, though, but this is very good news. I may only be able to practice for only 10 minutes, but hey!!! 7 weeks ago, i couldn't walk to my mailbox!

Oh, undies- never mind. The usual.

Just to say Youngbloods! "C'mon people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together try and love one another riiiight now....."

oh, and black lacy Wacoal, sans pants



I find out Monday where I am going. Who cares at this point?? I'm just glad I got a position. I've already celebrated dancing to Interpol's "PDA", the Raveonettes's "Chain Gang of Love," and the Rolling Stones, "Brown Sugar." Anyone up for drinking at 8:30am to celebrate with me?!?

Underwear report: Nuthin. I'm in my jammies right now.

Speaking of U2, I once had a dream that I pushed Bono out of a little boat, drowning him and I stole his sunglasses. It was a good dream.

I've been so sick too. I was home most of the day yesterday. Blech. I'm better today though. not 100%, but about 60%... which is better than 30% yesterday. I can breathe... sorta...

Be back later to do a real post.
congratulations, stargazer ... you must be incredibly relieved! i'm so happy for you!

(((plat))) congrats on the golf green light ... that must feel like such a great boost!

*feel better vibes for rose & pip & wally & faith*

antikvetch: i have the day off. and it's a danny & mommy day.

kvetch: he wants to go see the new reno 911 movie. i'm not a movie-goer in the first place, especially on the first day. i'm already nervous about the crowds. i just hope we can at least get aisle seats, so i can escape if i have to. i haven't been able to do much with him lately, i figure this is the least i can do.

i can't believe what a fucking huge wuss i've become. sad.gif

no undies ... just my old tattered pink chenille robe.

yay (((((star)))))!! that's such good news!

and yay for golf ((((plat))))

((((amilita & wally))))



((((yuefie)))) i am teh jealous.

((((mando)))) you're not a wuss. crowds are horrid.


forgive my shiteness, i have some form of plague... *hack hack cough splutter* Last night I ended up taking the heavy-duty painkillers left over from last summer just to stop my back hurting. I'm going back to bed.

in my pink and white knickers.

(((stargazer))) guess what! I got an internship position too! Finally! I don't know where it is exactly but my prof told me that it IS in Toronto (that was my first choice) and it's going to be related to account services, so that's awesome. Now I just have to find a place to live for a month!

I still have a few kvetchs though.

1. was supposed to meet with my fuck buddy today but can't cause he suddenly got company
2. I have absolutley no one to go to the Scissor Sisters concert with. The one friend who likes them is broke. :/

(((amilita, mornington, tes, plat, mandolyn, prettynpink, sixelacat, rose, bunny))) happy Friday vibes to everyone!

still wearing my pyjamas from last night so i have no bra but bright pink panties.
congrats to stargazer!
yay for golfing, plat! (I went golfing a few years ago, and loved it. I bought a bag and inherited some clubs, and once the weather improves, I think I'm going to take lessons)
~~~anti-plague vibes for rose and mornington~~~

Pretty quiet for me -- I had a nice walk with the dog this morning. It's warmer, which is nice, but not as warm as yesterday. Definitely looking forward to the weekend...

blue body by victoria bra, black boyshorts

CONGRATS star and candy! woo-hoo!

~vitC~vitC~vitC~ feel better mornington, pink and rose~vitC~vitC~vitC~

The boy is here, the boy is here!

undies: purple mesh with pale pink lace and purple velvet trim bra and matching thong.

squee, squee, squee stargazer! and candycane too smile.gif

and bunny, yay for the boy's visit! enjoy that snuggle time, love bug wink.gif

((((morn & rose)))) poor things, ~~~~plague be gone!~~~~

and feel better (((pink)))

mandi, you are not a wuss. got that?

sidecar, ahhh peace and quiet and doggie time sounds lovely.

when I tried to take sashie out for a walk this morning it was hailing like mad. the "big" storm (I laugh at that, san diego considers anything other than sunny skies a major weather event) decided to hit my area harder than most. but now it's kinda sunny and sashie can't be bothered to wake up and go outside


It's quarter past noon and I'm in my jammies. the cramps are still here, but not as strong as yesterday. but man oh man do I ever feel bloated. I feel so fortunate that my boss is allowing me to do work from home so I don't get behind or in trouble and I can hang out with grandpa & fran lots. speaking of which, grandpa went to visit an old friend, so fran and I have had some good bonding time. I adore her, she is *good* for my grandpa and I have no doubt in my mind that she is the reason he is still here with us. sis & niece are coming by later, mom's bff cathy is stopping in, and maybe my girlfriend monica and lily too so I am making a feast. I have a pancetta & spinach strata ready to bake, I'm roasting up some lemon thyme chicken, potatoes and zuchinni, a nice big salad, and I've got a raspberry almond crostada for dessert. mmmm, did I say I'm bloated? Big wonder why!

undies: burgundy cotton hipsters, but still braless much to either the delight or the chagrin of the delivery guy who knocked on my door a few minutes ago. couldn't tell laugh.gif
biggrin.gif alright starg and candyc !!! biggrin.gif

sad.gif no more sickies rosev, mornington and prettyinp. sad.gif

mando, crowds make me angry too, but reno 911 looks so funny. either way, enjoy the day.

yuelfie, no more cramps, and that dinner sounds friggin good. have fun fam time!

it's friday! off soon for some lebanese food tonite, japanese food tomorrow, and chinese NY parade sunday, and of course the oscars in my PJs with my bestest friends.

beige t-shirt bra and brown bikinis. wow i am boring.
Many congrats to Stargazer & CCGirl!!!! What wonderful news!

Yuefie, all of that food sounds sooooo amazing. Can I come over?

Plat, so good to hear that things are getting better. Enjoy your putting practice!

((((Mandi & Bunny & Mornington & PNP & Pixie & Sidecar & Sixel & Nick & eeeeeeever'body))))

My tummy isn't much better today. Need sleep. And fluids. We were going to have friends over tomorrow night, but I canceled it. So you know I'm in poor shape. sad.gif But maybe I can stay up for the Oscars on Sunday.
Hey nickclick and rose, c'mon over smile.gif I made some chicken soup last night that would be gentle on your tummy rose. And as far as the rest of the food goes, I'm making enough for an army. Oh and rose, I forgot to add that I made the cheddar cheese bread you posted the recipe for and it was a smash! I am so enjoying cooking for them, and boy are they loving eating it all.

Yay Stargazer!! I hope you end up somewhere good- what were the possibilities again- San Antonio, Boston...?

Sorry I haven't been around much- I've been working on a sewing project at my parent's house the past 3 nights (my mom has a sewing machine) and by the time I get home it's time for bed.

I'll catch up tonight or tomorrow...(((Hugs to all)))
yuefie, what is a crostada?

I'm making jambalaya for dinner!
MMM jambalaya.

I've decided to have diabetes knock on my door and make a chocolate milkshake, with chocolate ice cream and chocolate milk. I can just feel my blood sugar going up! Yummers.
thanks so much everyone for all of the love!! everytime i think about it...i get all excited!! wee!!

*~*~*~*soothing vibes for rose & mornington & PiP*~*~*~*

*~*~*hoping everything is ok with pixie*~*~*

((((mando)))) you are not a loser! no self-deprecating remarks around me sista! mad.gif you are doing better. you are awesome! don't forget that! dry.gif

(((bunnyb))) acos

(((yuefie))) acos

(((polly))) how's the job going?? the options for me are Boston, San Antonio, and North Chicago. My mom has a feeling I'm going to Boston. I had a dream I was catching a flight to San Antonio. But, there is a deep lurking feeling I'm staying here. I guess it is up in the air, huh. It was good to see you at the Heartland Sunday. I had to take a nap afterwards. Too much sugar. mellow.gif

*~*sending out job promotion vibes for sidecar*~*

(((((((candycane_girl))))))) it is the day of accomplishments! congrats! doesn't it feel good!!

(((nick))) thanks so much!! i love weekends based around food. you are having your own international cuisine weekend!!

where's tes??

reading everyone's underwear of choice today made me think how i really like boy cut underwear...oh, and those hipster ones. my fav for boys are boxer shorts. very hot. cool.gif

where's billy?? he usually checks in on friday.

i just found out today that pancake day was this week. i had a hard time understanding about all of the pancake talk in here. but, in my defense, i was preoccupied this week. i really need to start watching the news. i don't really watch tv.

ok. my tummy is very full. i didn 't eat lunch today and went crazy at dinner. argh.

(((plat, sybarite, sidecar, fina, qspice, mavin, faith, rose, PiP, mornington, amilita, DM, dusty, raisingirl, billy, tes, pixie, and YOU--other kvetchies)))
Oh, duh, North Chicago. I totally blanked on that one. Well, the upside of N.C. is that you'd get to stay here...unlike Tart, who's abandoning us tongue.gif Each of those places has its positives and negatives; I just hope you're happy and have a good learning environment wherever you end up.

Le Boy's parents loaned us a large chunk of money tonight so that we don't end up in a cardboard box, after the escrow account conundrum. Thank cod. I still owe my parents about $500 from the car accident I had a year and a half ago. Hopefully, we'll be able to figure out a repayment plan for both sets of 'rents. I hate being in debt for stupid stuff. House, car, student loans, etc. are fine, you're expected to owe $ on those. It's parents and other places that I hate owing money to. At least they don't charge interest.

Ok, all caught up- ((Rose)) I hope you feel better. I hate stomach things. Stomach things and tonsil things are the worst for me.

Amilita- I love those pictures, especially the "guy locked out of his hotel room"- that'd be a great Halloween costume. I don't know if you listen to This American Life, but this week, they had a woman from NOLA on, talking about the "Katrina Bus Tours", and where she'd take people to give them the real story of what happened there. I missed the end of it, but it was really good. Around next Thursday or Friday, you'll be able to download it for free.

Sidecar, were you at the David Bowie/Macy Gray concert at the Rosemont Theater? I was there! That was an amazing show- Le Boy and I still rave about it, how at the age of 60 (well, 57/58 or so, that was a couple years ago) he can still put on a show that kicks the crap out of many younger artists. And the sing-along to Suffragette City, where the band went silent to "Wham, bam, thank you ma'am"...priceless.

My first concert was the Violent Femmes, with the Smoking Popes opening. It was about 1994 or 1995. It was fun. I/we used to go to a lot of concerts, but in the past couple of years, we've cut way back. Ticket prices are ridiculous, and it's a pain in the ass to get the tickets, I hate cigarette smoke, I'm not into crowds, I don't like to stand, bands I like play at places with shitty sound.....I reserve my concert-going to people I really *need* to see live- PJ Harvey, The White, there's a few more recent bands I would go see live, but haven't had the chance. Plus, people at concerts just suck- the last White Stripes show I was at, I was in the second row of the balcony and there was a girl across the aisle who didn't want to stand through the whole show. There was an obnoxious drunken frat boy in front of her who kept standing up, and after asking him politely to sit down a couple of times, she got pissed off and, I swear, I thought she was going to push him over the balcony. It was ugly, but I hate to stand through the whole thing, too.

I've been to several Ani DiFranco concerts, but the last one was really disappointing and I think I fell asleep. She had played 2 or 3 shows at a bigger venue in Chicago, then played one last night at a small venue, one of my favorite places (The Vic), but I think she was worn out or something and it was one of the most boring concerts I've ever been to. I felt bad because it was Humanist's first Ani concert, and I'd really talked up how great she was live, and then it sucked. Well, anyway, Mando, I'm glad you got your tickets- I am decidedly not a Police fan but Le Boy is and is debating whether or not he'll try to get tickets- has there been a Chicago show announced? He's been saying for *years* that if they ever got back together, he'd go, and pay any amount of money, but now can't decide. Funny how you can make grand statements like that before you have a mortgage and car payments.

Well, I should go to bed...have to get up to finish the sewing ((stargazer, culture, yuefie, pixie, sidecar, bunny, mornington, plat, tes, candycane, PnP, six, faith, fina, syb, LMP, sonik, tx, raisin, DM, anoushh, billy, faerie, anyone else I missed)))
I agree, where is the heck is billy? we missed out on his boxer report, dangit!

I do hope tes is okay with those cyclones hitting mozambique. I know she is maputo and I haven't read anything about them having any devastation. ~~~~~~~~~safe & sound vibes for tes~~~~~~~~~

polly, you reminded me of my own Violent Femmes experience which ended with me in the ER, with a concussion. It was an outdoor show in downtown San Diego, where the streets were blocked off. some dude decided to dive in to the crowd off the top of a port-a-potty and landed on the back of my head with his steel toed boot. He knocked me out but he also got the shit kicked out of him by the surrounding crowd. my friends and some very nice people around got me out of the crowd, over to a bench in front of an Old Spaghetti Factory where they went in and got a bag of ice to put on my head. I remember the song they were playing was Add It Up.

nick, a crostada is yummy tongue.gif

dinner was great but I made waaay too much food. guess I won't be cooking tomorrow! we are planning on heading out to the beach area and then over the bridge to Coronado tomorrow if the weather permits. they are planning on leaving Tuesday afternoon but PJ and I are conspiring to keep them here longer smile.gif

hi, everyone. i'm fine.....the cyclone turned north and hit the province of sofala, where i was a few weeks ago at an operations research workshop. if any of you remember the earthquake about a year ago, the epicenter was in just about the same place as the cyclone hit, near the city of beira.

people up there are in pretty bad shape. hundreds of thousands of people have lost their homes, their crops, and have nothing. the zambezi river was already can imagine how a cyclone on top of that made everything worse.

i've been working with budgets, too......and it hasn't been pretty. we have been calling it budget gymnastics.

my mamae is in very bad shape. without going into too many details, she has hydrocephalus, which was corrected over a decade ago with a shunt, but now apparently the shunt is clogged and has basically quit functioning. she had a mild heart attack followed by a mini stroke and when they did a ct scan they found that her cerebral ventricles were quite enlarged and that is causing her to have serious dementia. the facility where she has been living says that they don't have the nursing capacity to have her continue living there. i'm meeting my sister the pennwe there and she, mae, myself and the stalwart ragdoll cat bagulho de braganca are all going on a "grand adventure" on a plane to oregon, where she will be about 15 minutes from my sister.

between that and work i've been pretty overwhelmed. i've had a LOT on my mind. none of us thinks that mamae will see 2008. i don't even know that she will see easter. i'm very scared.

too out of it for individual vibes, please forgive me. YAYAYAY for stargazer and candycane!!!

double YAYAYAYAYAY for POLICE tix! i have had a passionate crush on sting for DECADES. ask plat. count me as one of those who WOULD pay anything to see the police in concert!

concerts. my first concert was the beatles. yes. i am OLD. after that, a bunch of people no one would know.

yeufie, so nice that you are enjoying your visit, that you are bonding with your granfather's reason for living, and that they are enjoying all of that yummmmmmmy food!

HUZZAH! for plat! (although i remain skeptical. chipping? um. how much does dr. b know about golf? how about just putting? PROMISE that if you feel ANY discomfort at all that you will STOP. immediately! PROMISE)

everyone please forgive me for not doing individual shout outs, my brain is mush. my moontime is making me unhappy, i have a HUGE zit that will not come to a head but just sits there bright red and SORE, in the smile crease that i have between my mouth and my cheek, my DONOR is frelling CALLING me on a saturday, we have big potatoes coming from the US office (people i really like, but this visit is stressing the rest of the office out and it will mean a lot more work for us next week......) bla bla bla bla. i am tired and freaked out.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ softsoothingsea breeze vibes for every bustie ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

~@$%~$%^&~#@$ crampage and pain GO AWAY vibes for those that need them! ~@@#$%@!#$&^~!

undie report: sheer mesh bra with black tattoo effect around top and bottom of breasts, with demi cups and loads of push up and commando (!)

friday report for billy bonka (guessing): heather grey boxer briefs.
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