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Yeah, those were gruesome. Doesn't change my opinion on abortions, just the assholes who do shit like that (not that I had a high opinion of them mean what I know.) I can't believe he had the stones to post them in the pregnancy thread. That's fucking sick. (((all the prego Busties who had to witness that. And everyone else who's squigged out)))

Dinner was lovely. We ate too much. I had mushroom crusted pork chops that were delicious. Le Boy had prime rib that was so good. Le Boy had two glasses of wine and was a little slurry by the end of dinner. We paid with gift cards and I had to explain to him like 3 times how they left a balance on the third one (we had three cards in $50 denominations....he was very confused.) I had a chocolate-banana martini (choconana- my favorite flavor combination!)

I'm up too early. My body hasn't gotten used to the going to sleep early, but apparently I can no longer sleep past 7:00. Grr.

Happy Birthday to Queirdo Tesaoooooooooooooo!

Hugs and kisses and silliest of fishes!
Oo, I remembered that I have pictures to post:

Better late than never, I have a Christmas-related picture, but it needs some explanation. I've been looking for a tree-topper for awhile. I wasn't sure what I wanted, but I knew most of what they make these days is f-ing hideous, so I was avoiding most of the modern stuff. A few days before Christmas, I was at my parents house, one of the many visits I've made to go through my stuff in my old room. I came across a puppet that I made (with my mom's help) when I was in second grade. We had to do monthly book reports, but it wasn't just a written report, it was a project. We had to do a diorama, a mobile, design a new bookcover, and one month we had to make a puppet.

I chose to use a book called The Tale of Meshka the Kvetch, about an old Jewish woman who kvetches about everything in an exaggerated manner ("Oy, my son does nothing all day, he's a bump on a log." "Oy, my feet hurt so much, they're like melons.") One day all of her exaggerations start coming true- her son turns into a bumpy log, her feet turn into melons (hence the illustration on the cover). Only her rabbi can figure out what's going on and she learns to appreciate her son (he's actually a student and spends his time studying) and the fact that she's still mobile.

So I found my old puppet and realized she'd make a perfect tree topper, sort of a Festivus tree-topper smile.gif Her feet have some stuffing sticking out because one of my pet rats chewed her a little. My little kvetchie mascot!

Also, I recently finished my first sock monkey. Obviously, she's a cowgirl. Not sure why I decided to go the cowgirl route- it's not like my motif or anything. I haven't named her yet- I was thinking Dolly, as a tribute to Ms. Parton, and since she's a doll. Any other suggestions? I can't wait to take her to the Sock Monkey Festival next month!

Here's some pictures of the snow, from earlier this week, taken from my balcony doors- here's the snow on my table- most of that height was caused by drifting snow, we didn't actually get 4 feet, only about 1 foot. Here's the snow hanging over my roof.

It was on it's way to melting, the roads were 98% snow free, but now it's snowing again; flurries, but just enough to accumulate. dry.gif
Just to warn you guys, he or she has been posting the abortion pics in other threads too.

kvetch: idiots like this that think they can change my mind on abortion. If I ever feel that I need one, then I'll get it. Showing pictures of it isn't gonna gross me out and make me feel bad.
they're everywhere. they're also not abortion pics but photographs of foetuses from extreme miscarriages, that, IMO, makes it even more sickening. there are many women on these boards who have suffered miscarriages and those who have loved ones who have gone through that ordeal. he's not even on point; he can be as anti-abortion as he likes, we're feminists and many of us are pro-choice, but he is attacking us as women.

(((((yuefie))))))) thank you so much for the picture of cuteness!! i was very upset with the pics the damn troll is posting around here. mad.gif

kvetch: i'm annoyed, pissed off like everyone else about that damn troll. also, the other troll posting those damn links. don't they have anything better to do with their time!!

see you tomorrow polly!!

(((((bunnyb, mornington, mando, rose, PiP, sybarite, raisingrl, polly, sidecar, amilita, tes, pixie, candycane_girl, anoushh, and other kvetchies)))))
kvetch: friend who got his internship is just "too busy" to do his one final assignment that we were supposed to do as partners! Gah! Seriously, he should have made some time. I'm just really fucking pissed off right now, and also a bit disappointed.

Also, I didn't realize those were miscarriage pics. That's just disgusting that the troll would feel the need to post that.

I knew something was wrong with those pictures...they looked photoshopped on a few. Miscarriage pictures...what a sick assclown. There's one similar to this going around on myspace. My boyfriend's daughter keeps posting one with this sick little "diary of a fetus" that gets aborted at six months. I had to finally tell her that abortions at six months are so incredibly rare and that the facts of that "diary" were all wrong. She keeps saying she knows, but she keeps posting it everytime someone sends it to her with a message like "If you don't repost in 30 seconds you will go to hell" or something ridiculous like that. Thank god I'm not 12 again.
Yeah, I totally got after my sister and her boyfriend for posting the myspace abortion bulletins. I had to explain that those pictures were of stillborns and miscarriages, so my sister doesn't post them anymore, but her boyfriend still does. dry.gif
Hey y'all...I'll just stand over here to the side so I don't share my cold cooties. dry.gif


Happy, happy belated b-day to Tesao! Sorry I missed it, dearest, and thank you for the you-pile after my last post. biggrin.gif

{{{{mandi}}}} {{{{candycane}}}} {{{{anybody I missed who said hi}}}} Much lovins to y'all too!

So I was talking to TG earlier and she asked if I'd seen *her* last post. I hadn't! And what she told me was true: now I want to go up there IMMEDIATELY! just does my heart good that the Coolest Two-Year-Old Ever misses me by name!

In other news, this has been the Weirdest Week Ever, which was capped off by Friday being the Weirdest Night ever. Everything is OK with's all just been very surreal outside my house. (Inside my house is still pretty normal, thank the gods. Well...except that we just watched Monty German...spoken by the Pythons.)

Still, here again, GameBoy is gently snoring on the bed with the Boy Cat curled up at the foot. So, you know, normal as ever. And I'm really glad this week is over.
I haven’t been posting much lately, but I have been reading the posts and keeping everyone in my thoughts.

Mr. DM got a job, and we got an apartment! We moved last weekend, and spent most of the weekend unpacking boxes and putting furniture together. It’s very nice having our own place again.

I’m glad we have the ignore feature.

Happy belated birthday to tesao.

fairietails, I love your signature with the Bustie fundie.

polly, I love the creative tree topper and the sock monkey.

bunny, what film did you see at the festival?

yuefie, that kitty is so cute. It makes me want to get one.

((Busties)) Because you all have the biggest hearts, and are not afraid to speak your minds.
Polly, thank so much for those pics! I absolutely adore the Meshka puppet. I think she should be the official Kvetch mascot! Perfect! And that cowgirl sock monkey is pretty fab, too. Hope your cousin enjoyed the Thai food.

As for Yuefie's kitten ... That is some serious cute goin' on there! I can so easily imagine it making those little baby kittne "meep" noises! eeee!

HOORAY for DM & Mr. DM!!!! What wonderful news! So glad to hear that things are turning around for you. smile.gif

And hooray for CCgirl's mom!!!

We have done a whole lot of nothing this weekend. My dear husband is sick with a cold-like thing and now I'm starting to show similar symptoms. But we're out of orange juice and soup and crackers! So I need to go shopping. Bleeeeeeh. There are far worse fates in the world, but still. Bleeeeeeh.
~vitC~vitC~vitC~feel better sheff and rose~vitC~vitC~vitC~ (rose, been meaning to ask you: does sheff sound anything like Sean Bean?)

yay for new apartment and the mr's new job dm! he must feel so much better and less stressed; I'm glad that things are going well for the designermedusas. The film was Cashback and I've posted about it in Reel Life.

kvetch lady treetopper is cool!

I had a good dinner out with the boy's family although his aunt through marriage is grieving the death of her mother 6 weeks ago and as she was sitting beside me, some of the night was hardgoing.

I drank a lot of wine and overslept so I missed a creative writing class with a Scottish writer I was going to but sometimes a day in jammies doing a Grey's Anatomy marathon is needed.

Thanks for the vibes for my mom everyone. She's been doing pretty well, I've been giving her lots of soup and plain foods and she's just taking it easy. It's nice just to have her back at home.

I'm still frustrated over my current homework situation but I just have to get through it today and then I'll survive.

((((txplumwine, luci, bunny, yuefie, tes, everyone!)))) it's sunday so we should all just relax and take it easy.
That movie looks interesting, bunny. I hope it gets released sometime over here. **checked imdb- rumor is that maybe sometime this summer.

My cousin loved the Thai food. A few months ago, in Bust, they did a travel article about Omaha and they mentioned a great Thai place in town, so now she's looking forward to going there. We also went antiquing rather than museum-ing. That was better, I think. She's been to a bunch of museums with my parents, and even though she wanted to go to those, I think she wanted to do something else.

I found a vintage camel-colored cashmere coat, that's a little below knee length. It's marked at $95, but the owner said she'd give it to me for $65 since the winter clothes season is almost over. I asked her to hold it for the rest of the day, but we didn't make it back before they closed. My only issue is that it doesn't exactly fit. It's great in the shoulders, I can pull my arms across my chest easily, but it doesn't quite button (my mom did notice that the buttons were placed excessively far from the edge, though.) So, it's a beautiful coat, it's very close to fitting me (and some day it will)...I could wear it on days when it's not super cold. Plus, there's a sentimental issue because it's from a department store that my grandfather worked at here in Chicago that's no longer around.

The antique store opens in about 45 minutes, so I'm trying to decide if I want to run over there before I leave for the Chicago Busties gathering this afternoon. Oh, I hate potential buyer's remorse, but I'm afraid I'll regret it if I don't buy it. I've been looking for a camel-colored long coat, too. And $65 for cashmere? It's soooo soft. unsure.gif

I'm trying to turn Meshka into my avatar. I'm doing the same tricks that have worked in the past, but it's still giving me a hard time. Poop.

Yay DM & Mr. DM!!

Yay for sickies getting healthy and boo for healthies getting sick.

ETA: Okay, my mom says I should get it, and she's the most cautious buyer I know. smile.gif
Polly, that coat sounds so lovely. If I were you. I'd probably go back and look it over again ... just to check out those buttons and inspect the fabric and the seams. Sounds mighty tempting, but it's no good if you'll never wear it.

Bunny, Sheff's accent is hard to place. Even people from England can be slightly confused by it because you can't tie it down to just one county. Sheff was born in Staffordshire, lived in California for a year while fairly young, and then back to Staffordshire & then up north to Yorkshire for university (where he lived for about 15 years). A rather odd mix of influences! I think his accent is pretty standard - very easy to understand by Americans - with a touch of softness to it. When he wants, he can put on his Stafforshire accent, but it's nearly impossible for me to understand him when he does!

ETA: I asked Sheff & says that he has a Staffordshire accent, but not a Staffy Cher accent. There's a big difference. wink.gif
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. you are all so wonderful! thank you for all of the lovely birthday wishes!! i confess that i have been so busy that it has been next to impossible to get into the lounge, and then when i finally did i was so annoyed by the idiota posting those frelling pics that i have seen one brazillion times that i just couldn't stand it, even though thanks to rose and girl trouble i put the asshat on IGNORE.

assholes DO VEX me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am baking banana bread in my weirdo south african oven which (polly? or chacha heels, or one of the other barefoot in the kitchen bitches) told me is a convection oven and which i have not figured out yet. it smells GREAT in here. let's just cross various body parts that it comes out right. and not weird and not completely cooked on the bottom.

i can't believe i am boring you all with things like the "crumb" on my banana bread!!!

i'm too out of it to vibe individually. much love to all of you, you know that i will be back and do it properly SOONEST.

my mamae is much, much worse. the assisted living facility where she is won't let her stay. she has 45 days to find somewhere else. it isn't their fault, they just aren't meant to give the amount of care that she needs now, which is nursing care 24/7. my sister is going to fly to her, and i am going to meet her there, and we are going to fly together with mamae to my sister's state, oregon. then i am coming back to africa.

i'm trying not to think about any of this, because it makes me hyperventilate and get THISCLOSE to a panic attack.

kvetch: i was skyping with plat and the stoooooopid communications here went kerblooey and kicked me out and now i can't get back in (although i can bust. go figure)

anti-kvetch: i can bust.

anti-kvetch: the aforementioned banana bread

anti-kvetch: i got to talk to mr. hotbuns before the skype communication network went all blooey.

BIG hugs and little kisses and silly silly silly fishes!!!
Polly, I hope you bought that coat. And I love your tree topper!

Many congrats and happy vibes to the DMs for the new place and the fella's new job!

Hope your bread works out Tes. I hate putting effort into baking something only for my very weird oven to fuck it up. I am starting to suspect that the settings on my oven are actually opposite to what the little symbols are meant to be. It has ruined both a banana bread and a carrot cake on me so I don't really trust it anymore. I used to be a really good baker too. Sucks.

Have had a great weekend offline, two friends visiting, wine tasting, lovely sunny beach adventures, great food, and even a bit of bocce in the park. Fantastic! Then everyone left this afternoon and I got a few hours to finish reading my current book, very satisfying!

We painted the hallway last weekend and it looks really good. Still haven't decided on a colour for the living room- we got tempted by a dark red but I'm now thinking gold might work better. Hoping to do some of it next weekend but must get a test pot first... Am trying to get Finaman to think laterally on this as he was being so restrictive with the colour options that I threw the paint chips at him.

Pancake racing is Tuesday!!

::ears perk up:: PANCAKE RACING?! Fina, get back in here and tell me what this is about! Does it have to do with Shrove Tuesday?

Fuck convection ovens and fie on technology. What's wrong with old-fashioned ovens? Mess it all up so my friends Tesao and Fina can't make a good banana bread!

(((((Tesao))))) I'm so sorry that your mamae's situation is not good.

Congrats to the DMs!

I'm listening to big band music ...I'd like to get you on a slow boat to China... and just ate a gruyere toast and a pear. I TOTALLY SHOULD FINISH MY PACKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Idiota, c'est moi. I was out all day today running around for this and that. I should do as much as I can tonight and get it over and done with. What the frell am I waiting for? I'm going to be on the beach in just a couple of days! OH MY GAWD! Still undecided about how many books and rolls of film to bring... I think if I budget one of each a day, I should be all set. wink.gif

Feel better, Sheff!

Yuefie, are you back yet from your weekend away? And Mando, ahem, how was YOUR weekend?!
I did buy the coat. I tried it on again and if I suck in before I button it, it fits and it doesn't look like a sausage casing. The woman who was there yesterday (the boss, apparently) wasn't there, but the woman who was there still gave me the discount and she had the *cutest* long-haired chihuahua. While I was standing there writing my check (and not paying attention to him) he stood up on his back legs and started rapidly pawing on my leg- so cute! I think my next dog might be a chihuahua, or a chihuahua mix. I'd want one that's a little more substantial, not one of those anorexic-looking ones.

On a sidenote, at the antique store they were selling pretty, vintage buttons that they had glued magnets on, so you can use them on your fridge or wherever. My great-grandmother was a seamstress and my mom inherited all of her buttons, and there's some really pretty, rhinestone ones. I bought some magnets at the craft store and I'm going to see which ones my mom would let me have. I doubt we'll ever put them on any clothing, so how is it better for them to be hidden in a box somewhere?

Sorry to hear about your mom, tes. I hope it's better for her in Oregon. Did your bread turn out good? I've heard bananas in Africa taste a lot better than the ones here- is that true?

I hope you figure out a paint color, fina. Le Boy and I are usually on the same page about colors, but he's a lot less adventurous than I am. One of his friends, who's an artist, told us after we painted, "Thank god you guys picked real colors- no beige or off-white that other people do in their houses." Our living room/dining room and full bath are a light gray (the dining room has a chair rail with the next shade darker on the bottom), our kitchen, bedroom and 1/2 bath are a cafe latte brown and our office is the really bold color- a dark Grecian blue, that just makes me happy. I have curtains that I haven't put up in here that are bright orange with sock monkeys on them (yeah, I'm a monkey freak.)

The Chicago Bustie gathering was lots of fun- tart and the tartlet didn't make it (the tartlet had nap issues) so it was me and Stargazer and Turbo....sometimes it's better with a smaller group, though; you have a more intimate conversation and you don't feel like you're ignoring people at the other end of the table. We started a book club, and we decided our first book will be Children of Men, that the movie is based on. Any Chicago Busties out there lurking, you're welcome to join us! We'll talk about it at next month's gathering.
((((((((((Tes' mamae))))))))))
I'm so sorry, honey. My thoughts are definitely with you. And I hope that Mr. HB can find a way to meet up with you while you're here.

Hooray for Polly's new coat! And that Bustie meet-up sounds great. I wish I lived near you so I could join the book club.

Pack, Raisin! Pack like the wind!!!

Pixie? Are you out there? How are you doing?

Sheff still feels poorly (raw throat, headache, etc). I'm kinda sickly, but not as bad as my sweetie. He says he feels feverish. The good news is that he has President's Day off, so he won't have to miss work tomorrow. Fingers crossed that he feels better by Tuesday.
(((tesao & mama))) i'm so sorry she's not doing better, darlin. i'll be thinking all good thoughts for the transition.

((candy))) glad your mom's home and on the mend.

(((raisin))) stop stressing. it'll all get done.

polly, wise purchase. i had a coat that sounds exactly like yours, also bought at a vintage store. i don't know what i did with that coat, i can't imagine i got rid of it. maybe it's at my mom's somewhere? i loved it dearly. and i'm not a sock monkey person, but that dolly is damn cute!

dm, color me also happy to hear all your good news!

kvetch: color me jealous of the chicago bustie meet-up.

antikvetch: i had a mini-bustie/LJer meet-up of my own last night ... with car and chat! we had a completely wonderful time, i heart those two ladies dearly. we did miss the others who couldn't make it, but we had such a lovely girly, gossipy, catch-up evening. definitely what the doctor ordered, for all three of us.

perfect "moments" like last night reaffirm my faith in my intuition about people. especially since my self-esteem has recently taken a severe dive in that department.

bunny, i have a new addiction, thanks to you: goat cheese and orange marmalade! it was a great hit last night. i just had some on sour dough baguette slices for dinner. mmmmmm. it's going to wreak havoc on the diet, though!
(((((tesao and tesaomama)))))
((((((((more love for Tes & mamae))))))

Mandi, I am soooooooo jealous! Car andChatNoir[/i]? You lucky duck! I really miss those two ladies. I'm glad you got to enjoy their company. Sounds like it was just what the doctor ordered. smile.gif

So Sheff has a bad cough. And I have a bad headache. I'm trying to figure out what I can do to help us both & allow us to get some sleep. NyQuil doesn't cut it for us. Sheff refuses to take the stuff & I am the only person I know who can take NyQuil and still be awake hours later. rolleyes.gif Thank goodness neither of us have to be anywhere tomorrow!
(((((tes))))) & ((((tes' mamae))))) i remember the oven we had in south africa was weird like that. i hated that oven with a passion.
((((rose)))) & ((((sheff)))) feel better!
((((dm))))) yay! that's such good news!
((((candy)))) & ((((candymom))))
((((mando)))) acos
((((polly)))) yay for the coat! have you looked at pomeranians or a german spitz? they're more substantial and entirely adorable
((((raisin)))) I am jealous. now go pack and come back with faaaabulous stories!
((((fina)))) i forgot about that! mm, paaancakes.
((((yuefie, bunny, pixie, plat, mavin, walkingb, billy, star, sassy, syb, faith, sixie, everyone))))

kvetch: forgetting to transfer money out of my savings onto my card after getting a new one. just when i'd found the perfect bag. or two.

antikvetch: finally managed to find a bustier that fits/doesn't make me look peculiar (i have curves, damn it! what these things are designed for) to wear to the rocky horror picture show party tonight.woo!

right. must... sort out stuff. gah. monday.
(((tes and mamae)))

oooh fina, I knew that was coming up but thought it may be next Tuesday. Pancakes and honey mmm.

almost as good as goats cheese and orange marmalade - it's delectable isn't it, mando? I waaaant tapas.

LOVE the rocky horror picture show. the other week when I was modelling for lord_farqhar, his boyf was modelling as Frank-n-Furter.

yay for vintage coats! I bought a beautiful grey vintage coat from Portobello Road years ago but it no longer fits sad.gif.

yay for BUSTie meet ups and BUSTie book groups! I'm very jealous.

yay for trips to the bahamas!!!

boo on everything not nice.

anti-kvetch: my boy. he's everything I could ask for and is so incredibly supportive.
Yes Raisin, we get together with a bunch of friends for a pancake supper tomorrow night, not that any of us are Catholic or otherwise plan to observe Lent. Then afterwards we make a few special racing pancakes- more like thick North American pancakes than the usual European crepes- and go out to the darkest local park, light up the racecourse with glowsticks, and race in teams, everyone wearing a headlamp, flipping your pancake all the way. We have really awful prizes for fastest team, slowest team, and best flipping skillz.

It's completely insane, and I love it.

I'm a maple syrup girl all the way though.

RHPC is so awesome. I think I've reached saturation though, I've seen in dozens of times. Back in the day I made a Rifraff outfit- the space alien one when he and Magenta come back in victory at the end- but it would never fit me now. Have fun Mornington!

Meant to say earlier: sorry about your mum, Tes. Hope everything goes ok.
Rose, have you tried NyQuil Cough? I don't know if you're coughing or not, but I too am immune to the effects of regular NyQuil, but for some reason the NyQuil cough will knock me out and keep me out. ((Hope you can find something that works)) Any chance you can get something prescription strength from a doctor?

Tomorrow's panczki day! Woohoo!
oooh, pancakes! I can't wait for tomorrow!

(((((tes and tes's mom)))))) I hope that you're both okay.

Thanks for all the mom vibes once again. She's doing pretty good, yesterday was her birthday and I made cupcakes!

Rose, have you tried Buckley's? It's supposed to be good. I've only taken Nyquil once and it worked wonders so I don't really know what else to suggest.


anti-kvetch: I skipped class today, slept in and I'm finally starting to feel de-stressed.
kvetch: worst cramps ever and I think I might be getting the flu, too.
(((tes and mamae)))
(((Rose and sheff))) I like Tylenol's cold and cough nighttime fluid myself.

I went to southern Indiana for the weekend; we rented a cabin and saw a very old Jerry Lee Lewis at a casino. Martini won $50 on the slot machine, and we spent the rest of the weekend chillin' in the cabin -- no cable, cell service, or Internet. It was wonderful! We read books and watched DVDs, and the place had a hot tub, so we went in it to watch the sunset. Now we're both back and a bit grumbly about heading back to work tomorrow. All the same, it was really nice to be away for a weekend, without any distractions.
Sidecar, that sounds so lovely!!

Yesterday, we rode our bikes across town to our friend's house which is inaccessable by car during the parades and she made strawberry crepes and we sat and talked until we were hungry again and then ate Mexican leftovers. And then rode home. Fun. No actual Mardi Gras activities, but it felt like a holiday.

I'm just not into the festivities this year. Dunno why. Tomorrow morning is the Krewe of St. Anne parade, which is a somewhat loose neighborhood's like a costumed crowd which gathers and moves towards the Quarter...a street party. It's got bigger and better costumes than Halloween. I go every year, but I'm not sure about tomorrow. Feels kind of good to just see what happens. I did not get a costume together as I had planned.

Have a fun Shrove Tuesday, Fina! Wasn't it last year that I found out about it from you? I had moved here thinking everyone ate pancakes on Fat Tuesday, and I got the funniest looks when I'd bring it one knows about all that here...they just do it like they do it and that's it!

But I find that with people here...lots of streets are one way each side with a grassy area in between called the neutral ground. For a couple years, I'd call it the common ground, and people wouldn't just correct me, but they'd look at me like I was talking about aliens. Or like when I'd try to talk about directions in terms of North-South-East-West...I'd get the crazy looks!! It's all lakeside or riverside/uptown or downtown 'round here.

Boy, those strawberry crepes were so freaking good yesterday...I may have to make some tomorrow, but maybe with lemon curd or something.

Rose, hope you and Sheff get some sleep tonight! My Mr. won't ever take medicine, even after he's had a seizure and is all achey, he won't take any that how Sheff is? I sure love Robitussin DM. I sure love all my pharmacudicals, which is funny considering what a cruncy granola girl I used to be!! I'd like to get back to that a bit, acutally.

Last night we watched Half Nelson, with Ryan Gosling. So good. The girl in that should have been nominated for an Academy Award as well.

Tes, I'm thinking of you and your mom.

And I'm thinking good thoughts for all you lovely ladies!! And Billy!

The spot that I spent a shitload of time shoveling my car free from (and an extra amount of time ensuring that my car wouldn't get stuck again in) has been taken by some asshole. I leave for 20 freaking minutes and they take the spot.

I live in the suburbs. Not the city. There's plenty of space to stake your claim.

And the undercarriage is all screwed up because of dealing with the ice, so now when I tried to park in another spot, it scraped the shit out of my car. Motherf*ckers.

I have to work tomorrow at 8 and with my luck I'll be stuck again. And get to scrape my car another time.

I hope those people die.
Faerie, I feel your pain. The snow plow blocks in my driveway with a huge drift of snow everytime it snows here. I dig it out, it snows again, it's blocked again. It's enough to make me beat the living crap out of some random city worker with snow shovel.
flying by to say I looooove all of you (((((((kvetchies))))))

I am sitting here enjoying the sound of the snores from sashie & granpda who are asleep in the recliner next to me. Grandpa's belly is full of the mexican food he's been dreaming about biggrin.gif

((((((tes & mamae))))) *extra tight hugs*

I will post more of the kitty cuteness as soon as I get more pics. Haven't picked a name out yet, I think it's a girl.

bunny babe, thanks for the warning.

rolleyes.gif and a special shout to our resident fundie troll STEVE KATZNER, keep raising the $$ for the cause buddy boy!

IPB Image

no problems yuefie. who knows whether LL will show up today and delete his latest two profiles? eta: OMG I assumed that the new jesus profile was him (the irony escaped me for moment) but NO, it's a BUSTie clogging up threads again. We're big girls, we know how to use the ignore function and we will help those posters out who don't but do we really need to post offensive crap and FEED the goddamn troll whilst we're doing it?

kvetch: banks. this would be the same bank who pays my wages and then takes them all back from me. I'm trying to get myself out of student debt and failing because they are drowning me in charges and not helping me one little bit but making my life fucking unbearable. banks encourage debt and they don't want to help any of us out of it because that doesn't make them money. I am so upset and angry, I am trying to make something of myself and they are making it increasingly difficult, they are nothing more than glorified highway robbers. I wanted to take a payment break from my loan to get myself back on track and they won't let me because my bank account was overdrawn but that is WHY I needed the break and funds to get myself out of the struggle I've been having recently; it's a vicious circle and noone is going to bail me out but myself, but I'm at a loss as how to do that.


(((all))) I'm too worked up to vibe individually but thinking of you all.
((rose and sheff)) Hope you two feel better soon.

bunny, I checked out your post in the film thread, it looks like an interesting film. Sorry the bank is being a hassle.

polly, yay for getting the coat.

((tes and her family))

fina, glad you had a nice relaxing weekend.

raisin, have fun on your vacation.

mando, yay for your mini-Bustie meet up. I will meet a Bustie someday.

mornington, yay for finding the perfect bustier.

((candycane and her mom))


sidecar, yay for seeing Jerry Lee Lewis. How old is he now?

amilita, I agree the girl from Half Nelson should have gotten an Oscar nomination. I hardly ever buy dvds, but I bought Half nelson I love it so much.


yuefie, that drawing is hilarious.

My grandfather died on Sunday, and it’s been so much drama these past few days. I’ve mentioned before the way I feel about my grandfather because of the things he has done in his life. I told my mother I would go to the funeral to support her, and since then she’s been really rude to me and especially Twin DM. I know she just lost her father, but she doesn’t respect our wishes at all. I won’t go into the whole story, but Twin DM went to visit my grandfather’s trailer yesterday, and all the pictures of me, Twin DM and Mom and Dad DM had been removed. There were pictures of all other family members except us. We suspect my aunt took the pictures down because there are issues with her and Mom DM. Twin DM was very upset, and then she had to spend the whole day with my mom’s family, and they are racist, and make comments very loudly out in public. Mom DM knows that their intolerance really bothers us, and she didn’t say anything. Then Mom DM made some comment about how Twin DM needed a man. Twin DM is a lesbian, but my parents don’t know this. Anyways it was a really hard day for Twin DM yesterday because she was trying to support my mother, but ended up having to get upset. Sorry for the long post I just needed to get all that out.

(((designermedusa))) and (((twin DM))) that's ... horrible, grief does horrible things to people sad.gif.

In honour of your avatar, to make you smile and to make me smile as I have a new-found love for Boston Terriers (almost as much as pugs):

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((DM)) and ((TwinDM)) Families can be so brutal.

Yeufie, my quivering man-heinie is smiling smile.gif

Happy Tuesday, gang!

This discussion of pancakes is making me sing the "Strawberry Pancakes" song in my head.

I saw that the LoungeLady is logged in. Fingers crossed that she's hard at work cleaning up the crap from the weekend.

(((((((( DM, Twin DM, & MommaDM )))))))) Sorry you're having to deal with this crap right now. Just hang on for the next few days & then it will all be over.

Bunny, thanks for the puppy pic! Adorable! Sorry to hear about the bank problems. As a person who has worked in a bank, I can tell you that it is soooooo hard. There are certain to be some people in that bank who sympathize and want to help. I worked for quite some time near the loan department & I noticed a few things that might help.
1. Go to the bank and talk to your loan officer in person. (Call ahead to make an appointment.)
2. Don't give the officer a sob story. Instead, have a proactive attitude. Let them know that you want to make things right. This really can make a difference. If your account has a good history, point that out to them. Some banks are willing to waive penalties for the first overdraft if the customer has a good history.
3. I don't know of any banks that will allow you to simply stop making payments for a month or two, but they may agree to let you make a much lower payment than usual for a short period of time. And yes, they may tack some pay deferment fee on there. But if it's still lower than your usual payment and helps you get your head above water right now, it might be worth it.
That's all I've got right now. Hope it helps. ((((Bunny))))

Sidecar, what a lovely weekend! Glad to hear you two enjoyed some time alone.

Mornington, when you said "bustier" I read it as "Buster" & was wondering which male Bustie you were talking about! laugh.gif

(((((Amilita))))) Hope you start to feel more festive soon. By the by, I have a couple of friends who work in mental health who are thinking about moving down to NOLA.

~~~~~ soothing for Kelkello ~~~~~ Flu and cramps and snow? That sucks!

Fairie, you should leave a note that says "I did not break my back shoveling this spot so that your fat ass could park in it. Show a little consideration." I fantasize about leaving notes like that. I never do it, though.

I took Sheff to the doctor yesterday. Did I tell you all that? He doesn't have strep, which is good. Probably just a cold or somthing. He's staying home from work today to rest. As for myself, I'm feeling just fine today! Yay! Maybe I should make some pancakes for us. smile.gif
Thanks rose. A payment "holiday" of 3 months (typically) is something that most banks offer here, that's why I am so annoyed that they are refusing that option. I will be speaking to my bank.
Oh my gawd! Free pancakes!!!
Free pancakes???? That's enough (almost) to make me forget I have a raging case of flu. Mmmm...pancakes.
Mmm... pancakes *homer drool*

Awww shucks billy, glad I could make your man-heine smile laugh.gif

(((((DM)))))) sorry sweetie, family issues and grief can be an especially harsh combo.

((((bunny)))) boo on bank issues dry.gif


Grandpa's Italian fireball sweetie Fran has a heeyooge pot of sauce simmering on the stove and my place smells sooo good. But I am still full from my weekend of gluttony, and from the giant breakfast we had this morning. I swear, there is no more room and if I don't stop I'm gonna bust out of my jeans! I guess I can worry about that after they're gone, right? I'm happy because I get to spend lots of time with them this week because I only have to work tomorrow, Thursday and part of Friday. Here is a shot of grandpa and Sashie in that recliner:

IPB Image

Just a quick fly by....I've been lurking and vibing, but I'm taking care of some personal things that I don't care to post about. I love everyone, and I'm not dead.
(((((dm and twindm and mumdm))))) gah. families. just hang in there, grief does nasty things and i hope it works out. we're here for you.

(((((bunny)))) omg puppies. and: tongue.gif

((((yuefie)))) i want to steal sashie. and your grandpa.

((((rose)))) strawberry pancakes, don't make me wait for them... that scares me. badger badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom yay for feeling better and sheff not having strep! ((((get better sheff))))

((((billy and his man-heinie, syb, polly, sidecar, sassy, star, candy & candymum, kel, walkingb, tes & tesmamae, plat, mavin, sixie, maaaaaaaando, pixie, pugs, amilita, anoushh & notbob, raisin, luci, doodle, ap... everyone!))))

this week is RAG week... basically uni-sponsored/sanctioned parties. I have already consumed my weekly units of alcomohol... and it's tuesday. two days to go (tomorrow off).

antikvetch: i haaaave tickets to nyc. i am going.

kvetch: been feeling blue and unmotivated this week. Payne (yes, that is her name, she's our functional anatomy lecturer) made me cry yesterday for no reason - i even got the question right - and i just couldn't deal with college today. i went to the ball and drank too much instead, although until Girly 1 called, i wasn't going to bother.
(((designermedusa & twin DM & DM family))) sorry to hear of your loss.

(((mornington))) that is so awesome of coming to NY. F is a cutie!

(((pixie))) i hope you are doing well.

(((bunnyb))) acos

(((yuefie))) that's for those adorable pics!! i really need 'em.

(((rose))) please make me some pancakes! smile.gif

kvetch: my uncle died last thursday. his services were yesterday. i was pretty sad. he was my grandfather's brother. it is just so weird to see him in the casket. not the way i want to remember him. i kept thinking of him laughing and telling stories. makes me sad to think of it. my grandfather is the only one left. him and my great uncle. i was too bummed yesterday to be home alone so i went for a walk. i still was upset because i couldn't sleep well last night. pretty restless. did alot of emotional eating this weekend. i slept alot today to make up for the lack of sleep. i just felt like i needed alot of hugs yesterday. too sad to even post.

antikvetch: i walked to my workplace and one of my worker friends was going on break. he treated me to dinner. what a great guy! gay men sure do take good care of me.

oh, and sassygrrl said she should be getting the 'net this weekend.

(((sidecar, polly, faerietails, candycane_girl, sybarite, PiP, mando, tes, raisingrl, billy, fina, and other kvetchies)))
I just had to pop in here and thank Rose...I had my free pancakes tonight! Minipixie even ate a whole one by herself!
(((stargazer))) sorry for the loss of your uncle. ((((more hugs))))

(((((everyone)))))) we all need hugs, don't we?

kvetch: testing is killing education and making me hate my job sometimes

anti-kvetch: despite the best efforts of the administration to thwart every creative thought my students have, they handed in the most amazing, creative, imaginative poetry projects today. The assignment was to artistically represent a favorite poem. The results were astounding, and they are only in 8th grade.
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