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((Amilita & NOLA)) Just what you need, tornadoes.

Sidecar pretty much summed up the sitch here in Chicago. Today was my first day of my new job and it took ma 90 minutes to get to get there, about double what I'm guessing it will normally take.. It's absolutely horrible out there and they're afraid the slush is going to freeze and turn to ice by morning. Tomorrow I have to take my dog to the vet (see the dog thread), so I have to leave a little early. Hopefully, Le Boy will get home soon enough that he can pick up the dog and I'll meet him at the vet. Otherwise, I don't think I'm going to make it.

((Hugs to all)) Sorry I'm not posting individual hugs, but I've been up since 6am, after not falling asleep until 1. I really need to go to bed. You're all in my thoughts, though and I hope the weather is better, or will be better, wherever you are.

Bunny, what did you mean "twig my post"? Is that one of those wacky Scottish terms? tongue.gif
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYONE! may everyone's day consist of warm and fuzzies wub.gif

(((amilita))) glad you're ok, sweetie. I can't find anything about NOLA on BBC or CNN and that is simply shocking.

(((polly))) besides the weather, how was you first day? I've never thought of the origins of "twigged at" and "twigged" - it means figure out.

(((yuefie))) yay you're back too! (we're suckers, we really are). sending uber no pain and healing vibes for sashie and art. that is so lovely about art's note. aw shucks, I'm going to be gushy all day wub.gif.

(((sidecar))) cuddles will warm you up.

(((star))) you were quoted in this month's bustline! why is it the bad ones are good kissers?

I forgot (((faith))) and (((crassy))) and (((fina))) in my hugs yesterday and I hate missing anyone out.

So... quiet Valentine's Day for me, will be the first I haven't spent with the boy but we exchanged cards and gifts before I left. Oh, and for you Heroes fans: on Sun/Mon we watched all fourteen episodes so far and I'm hooked.

Oh yeah, Happy Valentine's Day! wub.gif

Yep, Bunny- still the only one.

I have to get in the shower. It's miserably early and I see that there's 6 more inches of snow on the cars outside. Wah!!! Can't I just start work again after it thaws? I heard they closed the University of Illinois @ Champaign for the first time yesterday in 78 years. Damn.

Well, fuck my snow brush, I'm bringing my broom outside.
oh wow i can write in red! happy v day to all busties!

Writing my head off over here.. when I'm not reading stuff I should have read a month ago. Oh well.

Bunnyb, I'm away from my mister as well. He has said for years he doesn't believe in the holiday... but I think he's a bit miffed I'm not there. sad.gif

Mornington, there's some NYC advice for you in the travel thread. I've heard good things about the Gershwin Hotel, myself (oh wait, you have a place to stay, don't you? wink.gif ) Raoul's in the Village/Soho is a gorgeous old-school French restaurant, fyi. Yum.

Happy valentine's day all!

Shows how dedicated you are, syb! Valentine's Day is a commercial excuse for us to be spoiled (although personally I like to spread the love) and the boy HATES it but he still sent me a dozen red roses biggrin.gif, I love my boy.

*waves at nickclick*

polly, eyes like a hawk, me.
Happy Valentines Day! Mr. Pixie left a rose in a Heart shaped balloon in my car this morning!

(((all kvetchies away from thie significant others)))

Welcome back to Bunny and Yuefie!

Glad the tornado missed you, Amilita! We had King Cake for breakfast this morning at work.

Yay that Art and Sashie are feeling better!

I don't know if there are any American Idol waters in here....but I found out last night that one of my best friends growing up may be on it this season! They showed her for a moment last night and she made it through to tonight. So watch for Melinda Doolittle! We used to sing together many moons ago.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I used to think it was a nice excuse to go out for a nice dinner, but Martini and I got engaged on Valentine's day five years ago, so now it has some meaning. That means I'm coming up on my five-year Bustaversary, since I came here looking for noncrazy brides.

The roads in the city were pretty clear (the main streets anyway) so my commute didn't take any longer than normal, which was a pleasant surprise. A not-pleasant surprise was when I went to go out my back gate and had to climb through a chest-deep snow drift to get there. It wasn't as cold as I thought it would be either.

*tiptoes quietly in to kvetch*

Wow, it sure is quiet around here. Lemme see if I can do something to remedy that...

wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif Happy Valentines Day My Darling Kvetchies! wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

*mwah!* ~~~~~~~~~Hugs 'n' smooches & tushy pinches all around~~~~~~~~~

*sashays back out of kvetch*

Happy Valentine's day everyone! ((((((kvetchies)))))) wub.gif
yes, no autographs please!! cool.gif dude, how stoked was i about being quoted in the bustline newsletter?!? much love and thanks for nickclick for letting me know of this news!! (((nickclick)))


today's post is gonna be short. i'm gonna put a mask on and read anne rice's sleeping beauty. my little treat to myself. i got a goregous gooey chocolate browine from work to go with my dinner of pizza. it's all about self-love tonight! and not the kind of self love all of you dirty minded busties are thinking of....

oh yeah, sassygrrl wanted me to send her love to all of yous!! she still does not have internet connection. boo.

(((mornington, sidecar, bunnyb, yuefie, pixie, sybarite, amilita, anoushh, PiP, rose, polly, candycane_girl, tes, mando, plat, and other kvetchies)))
*scans for signs of life*

*finds none*

it is quiet, isn't it?

Dead as dodo.
That's a good read, Stargazer! Mr. Pixie and I have been reading it out loud.

I hope all the rest of the Busties aren't posting because of the blizzard!

I have a performance review this morning...if anyone is around to vibe, I'll take all I can get....there is nothing I dread more than reviews!
Sorry gals, I chose to spend last night offline with my sweetie.
~~~review vibes for pixie~~~

Hey gang! Hope you all had a good V-Day. I've had some sort of stomach bug, so I've spent a lot of time off-line resting.
In all honesty I forgot yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Last year Mr. Pug didn’t get me anything for Valentine’s Day. NOT EVEN A CARD! So naturally I just expected the same this year, which is why I was surprised when he walked in the door after work and handed me The Secretary on DVD that I’ve been asking for, gave me a kiss and said, “Happy Valentine’s Day baby”. I said, “Oh, shit! It is Valentine’s Day isn’t it.” He just laughed. I didn’t get him anything but we celebrate Valentine’s Day for me and Steak and BJ day (Preston & Steve fans out there know what I’m talking about) for him.
glad everyone had a good valentine's day (or whatnot, LMP!)

mine has been postponed until tonite due to bad weather... some japanese food, a fireplace, and trying out the newly purchased thigh-highs and garter.

(((rosev))) feel better soon!

pixie, how was your review this morning?
My review was neither good nor bad. My boss did tell me she will probably be quitting in the next year with the realignment that is she wants me to go back to school and work on getting some credit towards Human Resources so I move into that part of her position when she leaves. ( Her current position will be split up between 2-3 people, and 1 of the splits may incorporate my current position)

Anyway,I'm having a very blah day.

Hope everyone else is warm and safe.
Mr. Dusty bought me dinner and a show and all sorts of goodies and now I feel guilty. I even feel bad for feeling bad. V-Day is more or less our first-date-iversary.

I suddenly realized on V-Day that when my brother gets married next month I will be one of three left of our fourteen cousins who has never married. I came over all spinsterish all of a sudden.

Where's Mandi?
i got a phone call at three in the morning going "i am so sorry, it's madness here... did i wake you up? i know it's valentines today but can we move it to tomorrow?" biggrin.gif silly boy usually grasps the time difference quite well... and then i got a gooey message this afternoon.

hope everyone had a good day! I miss mando. and tes. where is tes? *weep*

((((rose)))) feel better!
yay for art and sashie!
wink.gif syb. fankoo.

((((dusty, bunny, nickclick, lmp, yuefie, pixie, rose, billy, sidecar, polly, sassy, star, syb, fina, faith, sixie, crassy, mando, tes, plat, amilta, anoushh & notbob, pink, raisin, candy, doodle, sonik, qspice, msp, flanker, mavin, tg, txplum, luci, treehugger... everyone))))

i think the boy's interview went well. i could have cheerfully murdered him on tuesday, but he seems to have taken my shouting to heart and is now behaving himself. thank maude. He even cleaned the kitchen after being told just three times. today.

sorting out the plane tickets is a bit fraught... it seems because of his new job, F can't take all the days I'll be there off, so I'll be left to my own devices for a bit. I might try and make it into NY on my own, go to MOMA and that (he doesn't like modern art much) or do some shopping. this is me, i can't resist shopping and i;ve never been to new york before. the exhange rate! But basically, trying to get a flight to arrive at the time I want to arrive at without paying through the nose... gah. damn you and your eighty billion flights to new york every day. I'm so used to "you can fly tuesday, or saturday. or monday if you sit in paris for four hours" actually having a choice is too confusing.

oooh, shopping yesterday with The Girlies... we discovered shopping for underwear/sex toys on valentines day wasn't our brightest ideas. But i did get some patterns in a sale, and a new bra.

right, i have stuff to make.... and lectures to go to tomorrow morning. boo.

The exchange rate is very exciting just now (for us) and good news is it will likely stay that way in lead up to election so I'm already planning on what to shop for in Florida 2008! Squee.

So where the heck is everyone today? time with irl loved ones was yest so why y'all (yes, I said y'all, little scottish gal me) not online today? *pouts* why does everyone post lots and send lots of PMs when there's shit going down but not on the days one is bored? huh?

Had coffee with friend I haven't seen for ages (who I was having some problems with, as result) today, which was lovely and boy's sis over from Vancouver for week so catching up with her next week and family dinner (minus boy) with her on Sat night. Watched Veronica Mars in bed and now off to read.

Hello, my sweets.

I've had two days of hell this week. It's like the last two days have been a horrible game of how bad can things get before I go on vacay? I don't want to go into detail about it right now, but I did have a meltdown crying-out-of-frustration to poor Ma Raisin about it all. I feel 1% better. Okay, maybe 5%. Vacation will make it all better.

Oh yeah, and to top things off, cherished family member is having cancer surgery tomorrow.

Fuck everything.

Anyway, Mornington, when on earth are you coming to NY? PM me if you so desire; I'm DYING to know and I'm very happy for you.

I think the water's boiling for pasta now, so off I go. Might post more later, as I'm snowed/iced in.
I'm finally feeling a bit better! Only took me, what, 3 days? Four? I've lost track.

Pixie, glad to hear that the review wasn't bad. Seems to me that lots of managers try to throw at least something negative in a review just to discourage you from asking for a bigger raise. Bastards. wink.gif

Mornington, isn't the exchange rate in your favor right now? Last I heard, the British Pound was worth just under US$2! You can use that as a great excuse to go shopping in NYC.

((((((continued love for Art))))))
((((((Raisin's family member)))))) Fuck you, cancer. Please. Just fuck yourself instead of fucking our loved ones. We'd appreciate it.

Mandi? Where are you? Did you watch the dog show? Which pupper was your favorite?

[reads NickClick's post & gets distracted for a bit] Mrowr!

It's so sweet to hear of so many of you getting flowers and such from your loved ones. Sheff and I chose to exchange nothing at all for Valentine's Day this year. Well, nothin' but good lovin', that is! Much better than a box of chocolates, I tells ya.
*cocking eyebrow*...Ya'll is Scottish? On this side of the pond, it's Oklahoman...and I'm both. didn't have any peanut butter did you? Turns out we had a jar of the possibly infected did my mom who had a bout of tummy troubles last week right after minipixie did (who is a peanut butter fiend!) Strangly, I had some Monday night and it didn't seem to have any ill effects on me...thank goodness!

Yay for Mornington and her new boy!

Kvetch: despite my bankruptcy over a year ago, I got a collection notice in the mail was not a pleasant conversation as I ripped the collection agency a new one! Now I have to fax them my bankruptcy paperwork...(we are talking like 50 pages here) because they "claim" they never recieved their copy.Grrr!

Big antikvetch: we get our tax refund tomorrow!

Pixie, we don't have any of the affected peanut butter, thank goodness. How on earth does salmonella get into peanut butter in the first place?! Sorry to hear about the problem with the collection agency.

I need to find someone who will do our taxes. I'm not sure how to handle it since we moved. Do we have to file in both states or what? Ach!
Quick answer? Yes. Each state will want tax for their share of the income.
Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or if I may be of assistance.
((((raisin)))) *tight hug*

((((pixie)))) sorry your day was blah

(((mornington)))) squee for your NY adventure. great exchange rate = shopping and more shopping!

((((bunny)))) I'm sure everyones just recovering from the stress of all the drama & carnage.

((((tallgirl)))) for being a tax info-goddess.

(((((mandi))))) where are youuuuu?


My grandpa is coming tomorrow. He decided he was coming out sooner rather than later but forgot to tell me blink.gif . I got a call from Jen yesterday that grandpa had left a message for her saying he would see her Friday. She was sure he meant this Friday, though I was under the assumption we had left it at him coming out next Friday. Anyway, I already made plans to be out of town for the weekend, plans that I cannot back out of because everythings paid for and non refundable. I feel bad but grampa insisted it's fine. He laughed and said "Lynnie, my darlin', my favorite granddaughter, I am sorry the plan changed and I forgot to tell you. I thought I did, but it's okay. Don't you worry yourself about anything. You go and have a good time and Mark and I will hang out. We'll be fine, we can cook, I've got a car and we'll have a great time. Besides, we're staying so long you're gonna be sick of us!". Hee, not likely. He said they might even stay two weeks or longer!

Big hugs for Raisin.

We are busy, busy, busy. The boy has tons of energy and isn't much of a sleeper. But he's cute, cute, cute, and has more personality each day. Still, I dream of someday having time for myself again. And sleep. I long for sleep.

Yufie that is too bad about your grandpa! Sounds like my family with the "I was sure we told you..."

Rose, that reminds me--I need to get going on our taxes. It's extra complicated for us as we have US and UK income, both of which we have to report to the US. Honestly.

I think the trip from UK to NYC is a great idea. I'm sure you can get great deals on fares this time of year and the exchange rate is SO good for sterling to the USD.
Hey ya'll! When I was up visiting my family, I was surprised at how often I say ya'll...and it makes me remember how in grade school we used to make fun of this girl from the south who said it. Listen to me now!

Well, so more detailed description of family really enjoyed her 70th birthday party, and it was a nice, small-but-big-enough crowd. And my sis-in-law organized a gift of a bracelet with all the kids, kids-in-law and grandkids birthstones. Mom liked it, and like my sis-in-law said, you can really look at it and see a full life, ya know? And everyone gets along, we all have our problems, but no one is a total mess or anything. Life is good. But her birthday did make me think of mortality and losing her someday...ew.

Visits with the kids went less frustrated with the Mr. and his dealings with my nephews/neice...part of it is not his fault, as he's never really been around kids, but part of it is him being kid-like himself sometimes. Grr.

Valentine's Day is the Mr's birthday, but we cancelled dinner reservations cuz we felt like staying home. It was nice and low-key. Then tonight, I skipped a Mardi Gras parade I never miss! It was Muses, with the all-female krewes...but it's so cold, and I just wasn't in the mood. Ah well. Next year!

((Anoushh and not-Bob)) It sure is fun to watch their personalities emerge, eh?

Yuefie, your gramps sounds very cool...hope you get to spend enough time with him. It's quality that's important, though, at least sort of, right?

((Raisin and family member)) ~~~soothing vibes and healthy vibes~~~

Yay! For Mornington's NY trip!

Glad you're feeling better, Rosev.

((Dusty, Bunny, Faith, Sidecar, Pixie, Stargazer, Tallgirl, Polly, Syb, Sonik, Mando, Tes, Plat, everyone!!!))

And stay warm, all you cold climate busties!

Oh, and I brought back all these collectible things of my aunt's...the one who recently died...I told my mom I'd eBay them for her. So I gotta learn how! I buy, but I've never sold. It can't be that hard, right?
amilita, my mister sells stuff on eBay lots; he can probably give you some tips.

The bestest and I went out tonight, rescheduled from Tuesday, to celebrate her finishing the GRE. We went vintage shopping (and I scored an awesome dress for $8 one size down that fit perfectly!) and went to the Belgian place for beer and frites. Now, I'm on vacay until Tuesday; on Saturday, Martini and I are going to the middle of Indiana to see Jerry Lee Lewis (still alive!) and enjoy a rented cabin all to ourselves. Tomorrow, I'm going to the eye doc and doing some freelane work.

I would kill for the exchange rate that you Britbusties have right now. I can't imagine going over to England; I was bitter about it being 1.5:1 when I was in London in the late '90s!

(((yuefie)))) your grandpa sounds sweet

today was my best work friend's last day. i'm so happy for her for her new job but so sad that she left. on the plus side, i'm getting her office, which is bigger and has better bookshelves than mine.
pix, "y'all" is definitely not Scottish; I was drawing attention the the irony of me using the term.

(((raisin))) when do you go to the Bahamas? *lusts after a beach holiday*

(((yuefie))) your grandpa sounds wonderful and enjoy L.A.! Be good for him and PJ to spend some time together and also good for Sashie to get away.

(((amilita))) reminders of our loved ones' mortality sucks.

*"*"*"*no more blizzard and cold weather for BUSTies"*"*"*"*

sidecar, yay for more bookshelves! every cloud has a silver lining. The friend I met yest is leaving our work in June to travel through Oz before starting teaching course and I'll miss her lots.

I would buy a few things just now with the exchange rate being so great but I would be screwed on import tax.

Can I ask for some writing vibes please? I am trying to finish my personal statement for teaching application and lacking the motivation/have writer's block.

Meeting kinkykatykins later and going to see a film that's part of the Glasgow film festival; before that, my day consists of reading and hopefully some writing of personal statement.

undies: hot pink tshirt bra, girl shorts with all-over pink hearts.

Mornin' youse guys!

((Yuefie and Amilita)) Warm family stories/wishes. My cockles (from the "heart", not the mollusk biggrin.gif ) are just plain toasty right now reading your posts! And making me appreciate my family, as dysfunctional as it is.

((bunny))) Writing vibes aplenty

((Rose)) glad you are feeling better!

(((TES))) Today. You know what I mean. Read your email! biggrin.gif

((((Side, anoush, raisin, pixie, pink, morning, star, mando and all you beautiful Kvetchites!))))

kvetch: early meeting today. Hair wash. Fuck.

Anti-kvetch: It's the weekend. Soon. Setback is abating

Drum roll please...... FLESH COLORED COTTON BIKINI UNDIES and BRA!!! Hooray for diversity!
Plat, it's so good to hear you sounding so cheerful! We definitely need to hang out soon. I need some girl time. smile.gif

Anoushh, you sound so happy, too! It must be so fun to play with little NotBob. Sorry you're tired, but glad you're enjoying motherhood!

(((Sidecar))) Just wanted to send you some hugs since today may be difficult for you.

~~abc~~abc~~ writing vibes for BunnyBaby ~~abc~~abc~~ When is the statement due?

Amilita, that party sounds wonderful! I hope she appreciated it.
~~~ waves of warmth towards NOLA so that they can fully enjoy Mardi Gras ~~~

Yuefie, your grandpa sounds like a hoot! Hope you have a great time this weekend.
((((continued love for Art))))

There's a girl on the news right now who has had the hiccups for three weeks. Can you imagine? The poor thing. She seems to be in fairly good spirits, though.

Anti-kvetch: No tummy problems this morning! Hooray! So I'll actually be able to get out and do things. Plus, I'm going to meet up with Sheff for lunch, which should be nice.

Undies: Black velvet bra (mrowr!) and Hello Kitty panties with pink and black trim.
*offering tray of pink-frosted cupcakes around*

(((plat))) i'm sorry about your setback, darlin. sending you much much healthy vibage.

mornington, i must needs know more about this nyc trip!!!! details in a PM perhaps?

(((raisin))) sending all-good healthy vibage for your family member. sorry your week's been crap. just keep thinking, next week at this time ....

*free-flow & super-eloquent writing vibes for bunny*

sidecar, i'm lovin' all your plans, and congrats on that one-size-down! sorry about the workfriend leaving, but that new office sounds like quite the consolation prize. i'd kill for my own office.

yuefie, where are you going this weekend? where ever it is, you so deserve time away, for yourself. you've been thru the ringer.

rose, i was quite ecstatic that the corgis made it as far as they did - and that pembroke is my DREAM corgi! - but danny and i were completely rooting for either the shepard or james. altho that little mutt dog (not the funny-looking cosby dog) kind of stole my heart too. he was so messy and happy looking. but yay for james, and yay for finally a non-ugly dog winning!

sorry i haven't been around. i promise to catch up proper later today or this weekend. bossman's going on vacation and he's had me hopping this week. he's leaving me in charge of a bunch of stuff while he's gone. eeek!

i hope everyone's doing well. if i haven't mentioned you, please consider yourself vibed and hugged.

brand spanking new black lace-trimmed panties, black lace wacoal.
oh yeah tesao, it's your b-day? happy birthday (((tesao))) !!!

mando, fun graphic! and good luck at work..... bleah....

rosev, glad you're feeling better, and enjoy your lunch!

hi bunnyb, here's s'more ~~~vibes~~~, and i'll send some via myspace as well.

mornington, yay shopping in NYC! i'll post some suggestions in the NYC busties thread.

i love the undie descripts! i'm dark red bra and black panties, both microfiber/lace and both from target.

speaking of undies... ate some great dinner for yesterday's vday part II but we fell asleep in front of the fireplace before the lingerie fashion show. so tonite, part II of vday part II. ...ahh to be young and stay awake past midnite....
Rose...this might be a case where filing seperatly though married may be a good idea since you worked only in OK, and Sheff worked only in NC. It has been too long since I had to deal with that...but I do remember when J worked in KS we had to file in both states.

I am so glad it is Friday! I don't think I have ever wanted it to be the weekend so badly!

Happy B-day Tes!!!!

(((Rose, Plat, Amilita, Tes, Mando, sidecar, yuefie, bunny, mornington,))))))
Rose, a good accountant should be able to run both numbers -- filing together or filing separately -- and tell you which is better for you. My accountant is eight kinds of awesome and she's always helpful on that front. (And thanks for the hugs.)

I'm still in my bathrobe. La la la.

(((love to all)))


Happy birthday, tesao!
I totally just threw up in my mouth a little. Dont know why. It was just Blurp! heres a little vomit for you. Gee thanks, body.

I look absolutely adorable today, I must say. Trying out that silly bangs/pompador thing, and it works for me. I'm diggin' it, with my liquid green eyeliner cat eye look. yeah. Adorable.

Tonight is the Great Guiness Toast. I will be toasting more than just that, because

Today is the birthday of one of the greatest women I have the pleasure of knowing!
Here's to you!

Mando, how do you get your panties to spank you??? I would like this feature!

undies: cute red patterned panties and black bra.

Happy birthday to the glorious, luscious, brilliant Tes!!!!!! Here's hoping that the coming year brings you great joy & peace & fulfillment. You sooooooo deserve it!

PNP, I got the postcard from you! I absolutely laughed out loud as I read it. It reminded me that I had forgotten to tell Sheff the hilarious tale of how we met! Just thinking of it makes me giggle. By the by, you sound goooooorgeous today! Mrowr!

Pixie, we'll see which works out best for us, but I imagine we'll try to file jointly just to keep US Immigration happy. We've gotten the impression that the more things we do jointly, the happier we make the immigration officers. And when they're happy, we're happy! biggrin.gif

[wolf-whistles at Mando] Those are some sexay pantays, babay! wink.gif Weren't those crogis fabulous?! Sheff really really liked the Pembroke, too. And just to fuel my desire to own a corgi, I found out that the local corgi owners get together at least once a year for a big corgi picnic! Dozens of corgis, performing in little agility tests and even herding demonstrations. The idea is so cute it's about to make my head explode. Must become a Corgi Momma! Must!

I have had suuuuuuch a nice day. I met Sheff for lunch and then went to all of my very favorite food shops. I went to the big gourmet grocery (where I randomly got in a conversation with a lady from Florida about lemon curd & Nutella). Then I went to our beloved co-op for my favorite bread and Green & Blacks (which was ON SALE!!!!! Half off!!!). Then I stopped by the dairy for milk & some other basics. I almost stopped by the french pastry shop, but I'm using a wee bit of self-control. It's bad enough that I have that big, fresh loaf of Wonderful Bread in the house!

And yes ... it really is called Wonderful Bread. It's that good.
happy birthday tes!!!! *smooches*

*smooches again for good measure*
Happy Birthday, Tes!!! Mwah!
Happy Birthday to my favorite hot tamale, Tesao!
And many, many returns. *hugs & keeces*

I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of grandpa, and need to go pack for my weekend away instead of procrastinating like I do so often. Somebody spank me!

(((((kvetchies))))) hope everyone has a great weekend smile.gif

Here is the little bundle of cuteness that will be coming to live with us next month: IPB Image

undie report: light blue w/ pink hearts hipsters that have a little cupcake on the front and say "Sweetie", light blue cotton push up bra.

OMG, that is one CUTE kitten!! smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif

Happy birthday wishes from me, too, Tes.
IPB Image TES!!!

How's your mom doing, Tes?

Sorry I haven't been around much lately. This job is kicking the crap out of me. I like it, but I have to get up early because of the commute and my internal clock hasn't adjusted. And of course, I know I won't have the discipline to go to bed at a good time over the weekend, and next week won't be any easier.

We're celebrating Valentine's Day tonight. Le Boy got me The 40-Year Old Virgin and Dig!. Good gifts. I haven't exactly gotten him anything, except a card and some chocolate. I'm still searching for a fragrance for him, so when that happens, that will be his present. We're going to a swanky restaurant in a little while. I don't want to get dressed up. I think I can just wear jeans.

Such a cute kitten, yuefie- I want to snorgle it!! Rose, you reminded me that I taped the dog show! I'd totally forgotten! I'll watch it when we get home from dinner.

I don't remember if I mentioned it here or not, but my 17-year-old cousin is in town; she's from Omaha. We had dinner with her and my parents last night and tomorrow we're taking her out for Thai food- she's a Thai food virgin. She wants to go to some second-hand stores, so we'll do that, maybe hit this museum and then the Baha'i Temple (isn't it gorgeous?)

Happy Birthday Tes!

antikvetch: my mom's home from the hospital!

undies.....slightly ripped orange ones blink.gif
kvetch: having to see dead babies. BASTARD. I am so upset. so, if you don't want to be subjected to this: add euphrates to your ignore list before stumbling upon any of his evil.

yay for your mom being home, candycane!

polly, hope you had a lovely dinner!

yuefie, the kitten is so, so, cute! what are you calling him/her? have a great weekend!

EVERYONE have a great weekend!

last night kinkykatykins and I went to a film festival screening (with writer/director and some of cast) of cool British film. Today I think we're taking the bunbun to see Charlotte's Web and I'm going out for dinner with the boy's family tonight.

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