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Thanks everyone! I'm not sure when I start- they're going to call me back tomorrow. I won't get health insurance until April 1st. Boo. Oh well.

Oh, yeah, it's cold here, stargazer. It hurts just to be outside. I can feel the cold in my sinuses, all through my head, oh, it's awful. I used to think anything below 30 degrees was cold...I'd be grateful for 30 degrees now. I'd be out there in shorts! I feel bad for all of you who have to be in the city, walking around. I emailed a former co-worker today to tell him the good news and I said, "I don't know what's worse- being cooped up in the house because of the weather or next week when I'm going to be driving in it."

I'm up because I can't sleep. Don't know why. When I told my dad that I got the job, he suggested that I get up early as if I were going to work tomorrow and drive the route I'd be taking in rush hour to see how long it would take. I don't think that's going to happen.

I'm going on a hot dog food tour with a bunch of Chicago foodies on Saturday, going to 5 or 6 different places and trying their hot dogs. My parents are going, too. I feel bad because I forgot about it and made plans with my BGP, then had to back out of them.

Well, off to poke around until I feel sleepy.
Huh??? Anna Nicole Smith??? After this post i'm off to the intarnet..!

Congrats Polly!!!!! That is such good news!

I'm 'feiering'my friday afternoon, the whole day, to be honest. I had such a fun turned into crap assignment that i thought i should begin my weekend early with scotch whisky and a couple of Nicci French novels.

Wow, i'm not on bust and all sorts of things are happening?I hope y' all are allright!

Last week i attended a booklaunch party thrown by my agent. All kinds of interesting ppl attended, from nyc, to london, and germany. It's kind of weird to point out your work in a book and gain instant respect because they love your work.
I mailed with a girl who's also with my agency. I knew her from last year, she's an illustrator from Germany. I'll visit her in about a month. She's very sweet, and i'm looking forward to it. You know, meeting new people.
Which i am meeting more and more. I'm getting the hang of new years parties and talking to a bunch of strangers.

(((((i'm sorry not to name you all individually, but you are allloved just the same!!!))))))))
Happy Friday, all! Greetings from the land of blood & cramping. Bleeeeeeh. It's funny that just yesterday I mentioned that my moon time was coming, because it hit last night. I walked up to Sheff and said, "Your final birthday gift is the knowledge that we are not pregnant!"

And speaking of my darling husband, I most certainly showed him all the love and good wishes that had been sprinkled around the lounge for him! He was very touched. Aaaaaw. smile.gif

((((((Plat)))))) We definitely need to catch up! I hear there are some good Indian restaurants in your neck of the woods. We should investigate!

On the news they were showing all the horrifyingly cold temperatures in Chicago & Wisconsin and such. It was amazing to see all the snow that has fallen in New York, too: 6 feet of snow & more on the way! Yowza!
~~~~~~~~ waves of warmth for all of the cold Busties ~~~~~~~~

~*~*~*~*~ healing vibes for Doodle ~*~*~*~*~
Thanks for the up-date, Jenn. It is truly appreciated.

Alcohol & a good book. Sounds like a great idea, Sonik.

Polly, that hotdog tour sounds fun! Congrats again on the job.

Stargazer, thanks for the update on Sassy. I hope she likes living in her new place & that the move has caused her very little stress. I worry about the Sassy one sometimes, what with her recent health problems.

Sidecar, hope you enjoy your haircut!

Sheff has invited friends from work to come over tomorrow night. This means I must gos hspping today for soda & snacks & such. We're making Shepherd's Pie but I'm not sure about dessert. We have leftover fruitcake from last night, but I feel like I should have a little something on the side for people who don't like that sort of thing. If I had a little more energy I'd whip up a trifle (also known as Babies On Spikes in our house. Hee wink.gif ), but maybe I'll go for brownies instead. Hmmm.

Bleh. Feeling crampy. It may be time for a cup of tea.

(((((((darling Kvetchies))))))
happy belated & congrats on the new jobbie, q! *flings more sparkly confetti*

so so happy to hear good news about doodle, thanks (((turbo))). i've been worryin'.

congrats, polly! i'm so so happy for you!

sonik's becoming famous ... that's beyond cool! pretty soon i'll be able to say, hey, ya know that famous artist? well, my friend and i kidnapped her once and she slept on my couch!

(((stargazer))) iffen you defy me, i shall have to spank your ass. (can you tell i've been lurking in certain threads these days? hee.) please tell sassy we meece her.

(((plat))) if i could, i'm come over and wash your hair. i'd being my expensive shampoo/conditioner that tames the most unruliest of hair. and i'd give you a luscious head massage. and then i'd style it for you too. but, you know, i'm all about the wigs. (ask raisin!) my fave's a pink bob, just like the one scarlett donned in lost in translation. it looks MUCH CUTER on me.

(((sidecar))) just cuz.
*anticrampy vibes for rose* mmmm .... brownies ... *homer drool*

kvetch: grueling - but good - therapy session yesterday. gah.

antivketch: it's the mr's birthday, and we've got fun restaurant plans for tonite - and we got him surprise knicks tickets! - and then fun live band plans for tomorrow night. (not that he ever plans anything fun for my birthday, but, whateva.)

kvetch: i'm already stressing the inevitable noise & crowd issues. *jitters* but we're going to have safeguards, plan B's, escape routes, etc. in place.

white lacy wacoal and *drumroll please* nudey-mauvey-cottony-lacey-stretchy NEW PANTIES!
just for you guys!
Congrats on getting the job (((polly)))!

(((mandolyn))) I've found that sometimes the most gruelling therapy sessions make me feel the best after.

(((plat: I hope your hair washing went well, sidecar, stargazer, tesao, yuefie)))

((((kvetchies to everyone))))

kvetch: my mom started experiencing some intense stomach pains yesterday. Since she works in a hospital she was seen right away, sent to ER and now she's in a normal room but they're doing lots of tests and apparently she has stones in her bile duct and she'll have to get surgery on Wednesday. Oh, and also she was feeling much worse today compared to when I saw her yesterday.

And of course they schedule surgery for Wednesday, which coincides oh so inconveniently with my dad leaving for India on Tuesday.

kvetch: internships are coming up and it seems like everyone is moving along quite nicely while I haven't gotten any word on any possible placements. Meanwhile my best friend is going for a job interview at an agency which will mean automatic graduation for him. I'm happy for him but seriously, when are they going to place me somewhere?!
Yay for Polly!


Yay for good therapy sessions and new panties!


I'm wearing pjs, no underwear.

That Gwen Stefani song is going to get on my last nerve in about five minutes.
(((Mando))) The grueling therapy sessions can be pretty cathartic sometimes, I think...and I try to be extra nice to myself after.

cramps-be-gone for Rosev...yay for Sonik's well deserved success and respect!...hope Candycane's mom's surgery goes well...congrats again, Polly...Plat, I didn't think I'd ever meet someone who hates shampooing thier hair as much as me! I just hate it cuz I think it's boring. (((all of you)))

Kvetch: Man sleeping on stoop of closed business right next to our house last night. Called cops twice; cops twice said a few words to the guy and left him there. The Mr. ran up to the second cop and he told us that unless it's our property, it's not vagrancy. Mind you, all we want is for them to ask them to move along...

This whole thing kept us up until about 2:30/3:00, partly cuz we were both so angry, and then when we woke up today at almost 10:00, he was still there, wrapped up in a sheet! On our busy, busy street! So I called my city council representative and they called the police station, and some National Guard guys came out and woke him up and made him leave.

Sheesh. It's like, in a city FULL of abandoned/closed properties, they are telling me only the property owners themselves can call in for vagrancy or tresspassing? I've still got a call in to talk to the Police Sgt. We've had no problems the other two times we called for the same thing. I have some conflicted feelings about even calling, but I need to feel safe. Or feel as safe as possible.

Anti-kvetch: Going home today for visit to celebrate mamma's 70th birthday! And feeling a lot cold seems to almost be gone.

Must take a bath, do errands and pack to leave! Sorry no time to vibe more people...but you know I loves ya.
me me me me moment...

F just sent me flowers. squee! and double squee!. i'm actually crying. i've never been sent flowers before.

(((((kvetchies))))) more later. plain white today.

for polly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and oh my codfish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*eyes bug out*

mandomyheart is wearing SUCH fetching new undies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dusty, dahhhhhhhhling, need i tell you how ROWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWR you sound???? without ANY under clothing ATALLL?

((((((((candy cane mom and dad)))))))) how HORRID. i didn't even know that you could GET stones in your bile duct. UAU!!!

~*~*~*~*~smoooooth blue sea surgery vibes for cc mom~*~*~*~*~

greeeeeen eyed monster popping up whilst reading about sonik being kidnapped and stargazer being spanked by mando

candy cane girl: it took my neiceoid elle a while to hear about her internships, too. it all worked out PERFECT in the end. in brasil, we say: in the end, it will all work out. if it hasn't worked out yet, it is because you haven't reached the end yet!!!

((((((((((((rosiev and plat)))))))))))))


that is all i have to say about THAT.

polly, ditto re the hot dog tour!! that sounds absolutely DECADENT!

*sniffing stargazer*

YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you DO smell FAB!!! unfrozen pipes ROCK.

kvetch: it is friday, and i STILL haven't managed to get the photos that i need in order to open a bank account in dollars AND to join the CLUBE MARITIMO, where i will have access to a gym and a pool and a nice restaurant and and and. how stupid is it that i am waiting on fotos to get that accomplished???

kvetch: it is REALLY expensive to join the gym near my flat.

anti-kvetch: the gym near my flat is REALLLLLY NEAR my flat. which means i might actually go to it!!!

kvetch: i am horny. and mr. hotbuns is half way around the world.

anti-kvetch: i am touching people's lives. no one will remember my name, but i am making a difference in the world. i live for that.

anti-kvetch: i am getting VERY nice email. rolleyes.gif nice bedtime reading. tongue.gif

mando: pink bob?????

dayum. we neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed fotos!!!! like, um, yesterday!!

brief report: light purple second skin satin brar. chartreuse bikinis with purple and teal and


light blue and dark green and lavender circles of varying sizes

hugs and kisses and silly fishes!!!
mornington, what KIND of flowers? details please!

tesao, you're so over-the-top. hee.
holy cross posts!!!

on both sides, even!

((((((amilita)))))) i can not fathom just how impossibly difficult and mind-boggling it must be for you and everyone else who has found the courage to return to NOLA and attempt to have a normal pre-Katrina life. you are my hero. big HUGS to you. you have so much courage.


mornington!!!! i second mandomyheart's post! DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETAILS, please?

why YESH, that would be MOI. EU. IO. YO. heeee!


Great news abounds in here today!!

(((mornington))) Eeeee and squeee!! So happy for you sweetie.

Congrats polly!!

Mando, based on the odd photo I've seen, I can picture you in that pink bob.

That was a seriously tes-tastic post: mine looks so boring now... wink.gif

((CC girl and mom)) fingers crossed you get a good internship soon!

'K gotta go and cook dinner for the mister on account of I'll be away for V-Day. sad.gif

I'll have sporadic access only for the next week but will try and pop in. Until then, be good everyone and have a great weekend!

(Matching!! pink knickers and brar)
~~~~~~~ many vibes for CC's mom ~~~~~~~
And while I'm at it ...
~!~!~!~!~ internship vibes for CC ~!~!~!~!~

Gotta love it when Tes gets colorful! biggrin.gif

Mandi, I've worn a wig like that before and we were so surprised by how good I looked in it. My friends actually gasped from the gloriousness of it! So I can easily imagine why you love it. There's just something magical about pink bob wigs.

Speaking of pink, PrettyNPink and I have been talking today and we agree that a game of tag would be AWESOME! Just thought you all should know that. Plus, the new job is going just fine. wink.gif

Damn, my cramps have suddenly gotten sooooooo much worse! Lord almighty! And here I thought I was going to make it to Trader Joe's today. Ugh! I am almost out of girly supplies so I have to go shopping anyway. But with the help of my dear friend, Advil, I think I can handle it. And I'm wearing my new Fluevogs, so at least I look fabulous.

Undies: Tan minimizer (Can't remember the maker. Maybe Wacoal) and cute dark blue panties with red embroidered flowers on the hip.

Specifically, a game of tag on the streets of seattle would be AWESOME. I'd like to see how many people we could get to play. Like Freeze Tag! SWEEEET.

the new job is easier than I expect. I like it.

The only problem is that I'm getting vertigo issues and I dont know why. I'm only on the 7th floor, and I'm getting vertigo on ground level as well. Its somewhat irritating, because right now, it feels like I'm on a boat and its just rocking ever so slightly. I dont know whats going on. Luckily, I dont have to go to a doctor about it cause I already know that they wont know whats going on either. yay. dry.gif

YAY for new jobs!
YAY for birthdays!
YAY for everyday being Polish Donut day!
YAY for new underwear!
YAY for Pink Bobs and Not-Bobs!
YAY for overthetop Tes!

BOOO on Aunt Flow. Bitch.
BOOO on Moms and Doodle being in the hospital and BOOO on sick in general.

Which brings to mind, BFG's mom is in the hospital. She cant keep any food down, doesnt have insurance, doctors dont know whats wrong, decided to tell her nothing is wrong with her, though she cant FREAKING EAT. BASTIDS. anyway, vibes for her to get well please? stupid doctors.

Giant tag game sounds great! My friend and I were planning a big scavanger hunt in the French Quarter once (never happened, long story)...there were going to be two teams, and each would have to collect certian items from businesses, photos where you'd have to talk a stranger into doing something, figure out riddles about historical sites...and of course, you'd have to stop and get drinks all along the way! Maybe someday...

I'll probably won't be Bustin' from my mammas, so everyone have a great weekend!!! See ya next week. Mwah!
i'd play giant tag!

((((((tes)))))) i adore you, you know that. your ott-ness makes me smile. and i hear you on the hornyness.
((((mando)))) and her sexeh new panties.
((((candy)))) & (((((candymum))))
((((amilita)))) i can totally understand the desire to be safe. have fun!
((((doodle)))) thanks jenn!
((((anoushh & notbob, bunny, yuefie, pixie, pink, syb, sonik, fina, faith, sassy, sixe, polly, rose, dusty, plat, star, dm everyone))))

they were gerberas. my favourite flowers (yes, he did ask, but i wasn't expecting a bunch to appear the next freaking day). i teared up... and he's adorable. oh, and further good news... F got the promotion he'd been trying for at work. I'm ridiculously pleased for him.

Boy Wonder is here for half term - he has a university interview on wednesday so fingers crossed as he really wants this one - oh my cod i can't believe my baby brother is going to university in eight months

He also wants to go to bed, so I'm being thrown out of my living room. (((((kvetchies))))) i hope your weekend is warm, filled with pink wigs, healthyness, non-ickyness, and all good things!
yay flowers!

um, i'm a bit drunk.

black boyshorts, beige underwire. v. boring.
Drunk? Already? Woo hoo! biggrin.gif

Mornington, gerberas are such happy flowers! F sounds like a real keeper. Best of luck to the Boy Wonder!

~~oooo~~oooo~~ safe road trip vibes for Amilita ~~oooo~~oooo~~

PNP, maybe you've developed a problem with your inner ear that can be treated. That's usually what causes vertigo, right? What does the Mr. think? As for your BFG's mom, that sounds sooooo much like something my aunt had a few years ago! I don't know if she ever got a diagnosis, but I'll be sure to ask my mom about it. My aunt lost a lot of weight and had to go to the hospital a few times, but she did get through it.
~~~~~~~ soothing for PNP and her BFG's mom ~~~~~~~

Kvetch: Why must the first day of my period be so painful? Bleh. Me thinks Sidecar is on to something. Perhaps a rum & coke is in my future. Mmmmm....
Yay for new jobs!

And flowers from beaux hommes!

RV, my periods are getting worse as I'm getting older. It really bites and (said in best Bill Clinton impression...) ah feel your pain.

Yup, Plat, I can vouch that Mando IS all about the wigs! I keep meaning to ask Heven whatever happened with those Halloween pictures. A PINK BOB! That sounds so luscious. Happy Bday to Mr. Mando!

I think I need a standing ovation, because now I have TWO bathing suits/tankini thingies that fit me and don't make me OR the baby Jesus cry when I look in the mirror. Huzzah! Now I just need a couple more items of clothing that DON'T have polyester in them, just in case I ever decide to leave the beach. I have the cutest black dress with a cutout in the back, but it's polyester and I think with low evening temperatures in the 70s, it's still going to be too hot for that dress. Yeah, feel sorry for me. tongue.gif

I'm so pissed off that there are no Muji stores in North America. The tiny collection at the MOMA stores in NY don't count, because they don't have what I want. Grrr! Why didn't I think of placing an order with Muji sooner than this morning? I mean, not that I am keen on paying £7.95 for shipping, and not that it's going to arrive in time if I DO place the order today, but their little travel containers are sooooooo wee and adorable and exactly the sizes I need! They come in 30ml and 50ml sizes, EXACTLY THE SIZES I WANT! I can bring little amounts of all sorts of potions. Everything is so fucking supersized in the US, even the "little" travel-sized empty bottles at the drugstore -- why do I need 3 freaking OUNCES of face wash for a week, exactly? I DON'T! And now the fucking TSA is limiting the amount of liquids we can carry on board anyway. There's precious space in my coddamn quart-sized bag I have to put all of my beauty products in, and I don't want to waste it with a half-filled American travel-sized bottle. The Japanese are on to something with these tiny little travel items, I'm telling you. Grump grump.

Anyway, I do think it's time now to put on the weekly mud masque, and I'm going to write out some Valentines and put them in the post this weekend. I can't wait for the dance classes I'm taking today and tomorrow. Sidecar, have you been to your Hot Bod(y?) classes lately?
thanks for the mom vibes everyone. The hospital didn't let her come home last night cause she was throwing up everything they gave her to eat, and it was only clear stuff like jello and broth. I felt bad when I saw her, she was so tired and weak. Anyway, I'll be visiting again today, I hope she's doing better.

raisingirl, congrats on looking awesome in your bathing suits! I need to drag my ass to the gym but this stress with my mom is making me just want to stay inside and eat. A lot!

rose, I always find that not only is the first day of my period bad but I also get cramps the day before it starts! And the second day is always the worst for cramps, for me anyway.

is it really gonna get worse as I get older? I'm only 22!
(((((((tes))))))))) i love bright colored posts! made me happy. biggrin.gif

((((((mando))))) everyone wants to set me straight with a spankin'. heh. you only have to tell me once. i'm a good girl at heart. congrats on the therapy session. i hope it is helping.

(((((sidecar)))) yeah for being drunk on a friday night. i don't drink much anymore, but it doesn't take much nowadays.

((((((polly))))) another hug for the job!

((((((mornington))))))) yay for F!! yay for you getting flowers!! he sounds like a sweet boy.

((((bunnyb)))) acos

(((PiP)))) your posts are always cute. i'm glad you're coming around more.

(((((((((rose))))))))))) Aunt Flo is a busy bitch. I started late last night. My cramps are killing me this morning too. I think we are on the same cycle. Damn. I should've know she was coming when I almost finished off a pint of ice cream yesterday.

*~*~*~*cramps be gone for rose*~*~*~*


McGeek got her flowers. What's with all of the boys sending flowers?? Us Busties must have some great fellas. Hopefully, she will be back on soon. Her health has been doing good too.

((((raisingirl))) it always feels good to get some great outfits. i iwsh i could go shopping.

kvetch: woke up a little blue. eh. cramps don't help either.

antikvetch: even though it is ass cold, the sun is out. i've got a whole bunch of new mags to read and i'm making it a comfy saturday for myself.

(((((sybarite, sonik, fina, mavin, qspice, plat, amilita, anoushh, faith, dusty, designermedusa, and other kvetchies)))))
Dammit, my entire post just disappeared before I could hit "post"!

I was drunk off one drink. We went out for sushi at a favorite place, and the owner poured our drinks himself, and he poured strong. It was good, though, and fun!

I got up this morning to watch Barack Obama's speech, which made me very happy. I think we're going to go grocery shopping and maybe out to dinner with some friends, but there's going to be a lot of hunkering down inside. It's still frickin' cold here!

((((candycanegirl and mom))))
~~~BFG's mom~~~

My period was rough this month. I hadn't had one in awhile (my bc keeps them light to nonexistent) but there were a lot of cramps, although the bleeding itself was light. I'm 28 and I didn't really have periods from 23 to 26, so I don't know about them getting worse as you get older, but I'm sure feeling that way right now!


Hey, I think i'm synchronized with you, roseviolet, and stargazer. I started spotting yesterday and finally started in full swing overnight. Ugh. Auntie Flo's been sort of...confused and irregular and MEAN, oh so mean, since my tubal, for some reason.

Or.....I'm gonna be 39 in a couple weeks...and the thought flits through my mind every now and then that it's really the very early symptoms of perimenopause.


Flo's been here since last Saturday. When she first came, I was surprised, but like, yeah, sure, I can put you up for a few days. But now that it's been a week, I'm totally thinking, "Take a hike lady."
Dudes, Flo has been shadowing me since *last* Saturday, when I was in Austin! And she hasn't quite left yet, though she's packing today. Three bleedouts of double protection is not my idea of a fun week.

But on a more pleasant note, HI! I have missed my ladies (and Billy) and am HAPPY for new jobs and birthdays and sorry for any woes. I've read a few days back, but will probably not get all caught up.

Life is normal except that work is actually a bit slow (read: normal workflow) for a few days. Austin was fabulous and gave me tons of Me Time to enjoy. I am Log Cabining a blanket for a silent auction at work. I have engaged in a lot of harmless, shameless, requited flirting with a coworker boy lately. I miss TallGirl and her TallKid (both of whom I got to chat with on the phone this week). My adorable husband is snoring on the bed behind me.

See? All normal. smile.gif

Much love and vibes to you folks, and keep your heads up, yo.
IPB Image

Aaaaaaw ... how cute that so many of us are in the red tent together! Makes me feel a teensy bit better, although I still feel like cursing, "Fuck you, Flo!!!!!!"

Uuuuuuugh. Sooooooo crampy. Lots o' bleeding. I have so much I need to do (company will be here in 4 hours), but I bleed so much more when I'm active, so I keep having to sit down for breaks. Bleeeeeh. And for some reason, last night I felt compelled to watch movies that make me cry: The Muppets Take Manhattan and then Philadelphia. Granted, each film inspires its own kind of tears, but still. I was a weepy weepy Rose.

Uuuuuuuugh. At least it's Sassy's birthday, so that's worth celebrating! Woot!!!!

omgz, txplumwine, i haven't seen you in forever!

anyhoo, I am drunk. It's been a stressful week. I am now home and....I am still drunk. omg. I think i had....7-8 drinks?

p.s. My typing is pretty god for a drunk girl.

tes'ass plummy wine!!!!!!!!!!!!

*tackles plum,rolls around on floor with her, covering her with keeeeeeeeeeeeces*

candy cane, you are adorably drunken. *hic* 7-8 drinks of WHAT? may we ask?????

the other bit of important news that i have is that DOOOOOOOODLE is at home!!! still not great, but at home! don't want to post her post in here, but feel free to pop over to okayland and read it!!!!

hugs and kisses and silly anago!!
happy birthday (((sassy))) where ever you are! *big fat smooch*

(((plummie))) so nice to see you.

(((tesao))) just cuz.

(((cc's mamasan)))

(((raisin))) many thanks for the birthday wishes for the mr.

kvetch: great birthday dinner for the mr fri night. but our live-band-with-friends plans for last night had to be canceled, since he came home from work feeling like shit. i was more than crushed, since i'd really really been looking forward to it. and now, as of last night, it looks like fun plans that were in place for next weekend - that i was looking foward to with all my heart - might not be happening either. nevermind that the next month at work is going to SUCK HORRIBLY - everyone's going on vacation. except me. so, yeah. i've been sleeping/napping for about 21 hrs now. hugeass pity party, thy name is mandi.

antikvetch: a green and black's ... with my name on it.
tes, i love your big posts!!

candycane_girl, i mean to mention that i'm sorry for not having an internship position yet. i totally can relate to your frustrations. i'm hoping something will come through for you!!

*~*sending out good internship vibes for candycane_girl*~*

*~*healing vibes for all of us menses Busties*~*

mando, that sucks about the fall through of your plans. maybe you can think of something else to do??

antikvetch: had a great day with my best gay. went out to brunch, had mimosas, then went to a bakery where we had delcious brownies with ice cream, and now i'm home. good times.

((((mando, tes, plum, candycane_girl, rose, polly, sidecar, pixie, bunnyb, mornington, raisingirl, yuefie, and other kvetchies))))
((((mando)))) that sucks about your plans.
((((candy)))) yay for drinkies!
((((rose)))) I hope you're feeling better today
((((txplum)))) yay for flirting but boo on aunt flow
((((sidecar, treehugger, star, yuefie. bunny, pixie, anoushh, amilita, sassy, sixie, tes, rose, polly, raisin, syb, pink, sonik, fina, plat, mavin, walkingb, tg, billy, dm, dusty, crassy, doodle, turbo, everyone))))

kvech: my laptop is acting up, so i'm typing on Boy Wonder's laptop... and it feels weird.

antikvetch: girlies 1 & 2 came round for supper and a film las night. was good to just hang out and giggle. they teased me lots.

antikvetch of giiiiiigantic proportions: long talk/flirt with (drunken) F last night. because of his promotion, he can't take any holiday for so long... so I'm going to visit him at the end of term. If anyone has any suggestions as to where to go in new york, i'd love to hear them. He's entirely sweet when drunk - and he managed to seem relatively sober for most of it. Relatively. biggrin.gif there were many protestations of affection and promises to clean his flat and kittens. i'm not entirely sure which lottery i entered to get him, but... i like my prize.

(((((kvetchies)))) much love to all

Ohh, I know lots of places in New York. Def. my favorite place to go for a quick holiday (for me, anyway; it's a $100, 1.5-hour flight and I have a a couple places to stay in Manhattan even!); honestly, it's a quite romantic city and given the exchange rate, it won't seem too expensive to you. I'll PM you when your trip gets closer.

I took a Benadryl to stop my nose from running and have spent the last hour and a half trying to stay awake. Honestly, I feel kinda high! The worst part is my nose hasn't stopped running!

((((mando)))) it sucks when plans fall through like that. and being the only person around during vacation is the suck.

*tackles txplumwine, channels inner Southerner* "Y'all come back now, y'hear?"
Mornington is crossing the pond?!!!! Man, I wish I lived closer to New York.

Plans falling through suck!

It's minipixie's b-day is today!!! My baby is 5! and now I am trying to wrap my head around the fact that I am about to start all over with a new baby!

(((((Mornington, Sassy, Rose, Sidecar, mandi, Tes, Plummie, The lurking kvetchies...and everyone else)))))
Happiest of birthdays to the darling MiniPixie!!!! Her Auntie M is wishing her the very best today & everyday. smile.gif

Hooray for Mornington coming stateside! I'm sure the NY Busties would love to get together with you whole you're in town. That is, if you can peel yourself off of F for a couple hours. wink.gif

(((Mandi))) Sorry I forgot to wish your Mr. a happy b-day earlier. And sorry to hear that some of your plans fell through. But I know what will make you feel better: The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show! It starts tonight! Hooray! Can't wait to see the corgis tomorrow. They are the best!

Which reminds me. This weekend I found out that our new NC friends are uber cool. Not only do they like board games, Invader Zim and baked goods, but they love corgis, too! It's nice to know people who get excited over the same things I do. smile.gif

Kvetch: Sickly. Sniffles & headache & bleh.

Anti-kvetch: Dog show! Yay!
ROSE KICKS ASS! I had lunch today with her BGP who gave me a little present from Rose. Yes indeedy I have a Sex Bomb from Lush. I heart Rose! Thank you dear! (((hugs)))

Went out to lunch with RVBGP and had Piroshky and Borsht finished with mini cheesecakes from my new nemisis, the Confectional. EEEEEVIL but soooo yummy.

I'm learning about OSI Models and TCP/IP stuff and I'm trying not to fall asleep.

(((all yallz~!))

happy birthday minipixie!!

mornmama had a mini-fit on hearing the news, but she's taking a few weeks off... and will look after indigo and the bunships for a few days.

get better sidecar! and rose!

just doing a flyby cause I'm late for a movie!!

happy birthday to minipixie!!

kvetch: my best friend in class got his internship and he's starting monday! wtf, the internships are supposed to start in April, not right now. Also, I'm jealous because I still haven't even gotten any word yet on my elusive internship. Gah!!

Must. Share. Cuteness.

TallKid at lunch yesterday: "Where's my Plumwine?"
Me: "Where's Auntie Plumwine?"
TallKid: "Yeah, where'd she go?"
Me: "She's at her house in Houston. She lives 5 hours away from here, that's a long way. Do you want to see her?"
TallKid: "Yeah."
Me: "Do you want to go visit her, or do you want her to come and visit you here?"
TallKid: "Want her to come visit up here."
Me: "Ok hon, I'll tell her."

And there you have it. 2 1/2 years old, highly articulate, cute as the day is long, and missing Auntie Plumwine.
aww, that's so cute! I love it when little kids can have a coherent conversation. I'm just mentioning that because one of my cousins used to just mumble and ramble until the age of 5. No one had any idea what he was saying.
*toddles in*

i hate having breaks. i never actually *do* anything.

tg... that is beyond cute.

((((candy)))) ***crossed fingers for internship***

so... i went to the doctor today for the regular check-up. staying on the prozac, changing to a mini-pill... and going to the boob clinic to get my "nodules" checked out. unsure.gif

I really must find a pig placement for my ahems (like internships, except only two weeks long and on a farm). fuuuuuck. there are so few pig farms left in this country it's no longer funny.

(((((mando, raisin, pixie, star, sassy yuefie, bunny, candy, tg, txplum, tes, plat, billy, syb, fina, funnybird, pink, rose, sidecar, sixie, polly, dm, treehugger, anoushh, amilita, sonik, mavin, everyone))))

Grumpily swimming into thread because of morning mucus attack. Bleah.

(((all kvetchies with periods))) I still remember the agony. Good news- all the parts were yanked 5 years ago. There are many advantages to that- no cramps, pain, fibroids, endo, cancer scares, expense on pads/tampons,
"accidents", feeling like total bloated shit. The disadvantages are the hormone hell and the changes in body shape, mood, menopausal symptoms, and risk of osteoporosis. But I'll take the disadvantages any day.

((mando)) sorry about the cancelled plans, dear. Hope something new springs up for you this week to look forward to. And that it happens!

((sidecar)) can relate to your "drowning." I have been the human pin cushion for several times in my life and all the docs tell me I don't have allergies. So why the fuck do I fucking drown and sneeze all fucking year???????? My med of choice was nasonex, which worked pretty well, but since my surgery, I've been unable to take it. Interestingly enough, Benadryl gives me a huge buzz- opposite from the drowsiness. Hope you are feeling better soon.

((morning)) healthy boobage vibes

((Tes))) Work vibes. And oh, I saw the pictures of the shrimp on your lj. ZOUNDS.

((((pixie, rose, star, syb, plum, candy, bunny, pink, sonik, all kvetchies everywhere))))

Kvetch: Ok, had my first setback in 3 weeks. Fuck. Was laid up on Sunday and yesterday at work was a chore. Probably did too much exercise on Saturday- my core muscles were so weak I had trouble sitting up and was mildly short of breath. Shit.

Anti kvetch: Feeling a little better today physically. Hard to find an anti-kvetch. Just feeling plain grumpy. sad.gif

((((((((Plat)))))))) Poor thing. Hope you get some good rest today.

Pink, I'm SOOOOO glad you got to hang out with my BGP! Hope you enjoy that bath bomb with a nice bottle of wine. smile.gif

Hey Morn, there are plenty of pig farms in Rose&PlatLand! Maybe they can ship you over for a wee bit o' international study. That would be fab!

~!~!~!~ intership vibes for CC ~!~!~!~

TG, That is frickin' adorable. TallKid is certainly a smarty!

Vibe request: At this very moment, Smokeboy is having surgery on his arm. All of those bits of metal that were implanted to stabalize his wrist in December will be removed & he'll finally see how much movement he has regained/lost. Fingers crossed that all goes well!
why hello there! so, is it just me or has it been a little quiet in here without me? wink.gif

(((plat))) take. it. easy. that's an order.

(((mornington))) squee and double squee! for the flowers and then for nyc (and colour me very jealous about that - new york is my #1 future travel destination). when does term finish? in a few weeks? so, this easter, instead of fondling sheep, you'll be fondling F? tongue.gif

~*~*~*~ace that uni interview tomorrow~*~*~*~ vibes for the boy wonder.

belated happy birthdays to mr_mandolyn, minipixie and sassy!!!

~*~*~*~non-sickness vibes for kvetchies (and okayer), kvetchies' mums, kvetchie's BGF's mums~*~*~*~

a lush sex bomb for the luscious sex bomb PnP? how cute!

as cute as tallkid! that is so, so sweet.

raisin, when do you leave for your wonderful, blissful and hot hot hot trip? I LOVE those muji pots! lord_farqhar sent me to muji in London for 8x stack of fives to use for his make up (he's a make-up artist).

polly, CONGRATULATIONS!!! also, am I still the only one to twig at your post?

I'd say that aunt flo's visits become more difficult once you become older and I'm only 25.

yay for meeting new people sonik! your book launch parties is the life I want and hopefully they will be my own.

(((mando))) a'cos. you still wanting to talk, sweetpea?

now that I'm back, I want yuefie back!

~*~*~*productivity vibes for sybarite~*~*~*~

I had a fabulous long weekend with my boy and the space from the lounge I needed (apologies helped).

(((pixie, tes, rose, sixelacat, star, candy, sidecar, amilita, anoushh&not_bob, dusty, billy, txplumwine, tallgirl, treehugger, doodle, msp, mavin, q'spice, everyone I'm missing...)))
We're in the middle of the worst blizzard I've seen since I moved here. But being The City That Works, we couldn't possibly be sent home. Ugh. I'm not off work 'til 5:45 (got here late) and I sincerely hope it doesn't take me hours to get home.


amilita, I hope you had a good visit to your mom's, and that you're still there! I just read about the tornado in NOLA; like you guys need any other weather issues.

happy belated to the minipixie.

Wow...I was just reading the details about the NOLA tornado! I almost think it's worse than the Hurricane...those people have already been through so much, and then just when some were begining to get their lives back....(((((amilita and NOLA)))))
((((((nola))))) eep.

((((plat)))) take it easy!
((((rose)))) don't tempt me. biggrin.gif
eek, I just looked out side and it's not pretty where I am. Lots of snow and it's incredibly windy.

I hope the NOLA tornado isn't as bad as it sounds.

thanks for the internship vibes everyone. I talked to one of my teachers today and she said that it's a long process because they don't want to place us at just any old ad agency so that made me feel a bit better.

(((sidecar and plat))) I can totally relate to the allergy thing. I have crazy year round allergies that only go away when I visit places far from where I live (which is why I can't wait to get out of this stupid city)

quick mom update: she's doing okay, today the took out the stones that were in her bile duct. Tomorrow will be the removal of her gallbladder and then I think we'll be bringing her home on Friday.

((((rose, mornington, sidecar, plat, tes, bunny, everyone!))))
Well, I spoke too soon: they sent us home at 3:30. I had to wait for three trains and trudge through knee-deep drifts to get here, but now I'm home and we're making some tea.


(((((amilita))))) ~~~safe & sound~~~


(((((plat))))) ~~~wellness vibes aplenty~~~

(((((sidecar)))) ~~~allergies be gone!~~~

~~~continued wellness vibes for (((doodlebug)))~~~

(((((pixie & msp)))))

((((anoushh & not-bob)))) how's the little fella doin? and mama?

((((mandi))) & ((((tesao)))) & ((((rosev))))) just 'cause

((((morn)))) you'll be stateside but waaay over there. drats! but I'm stoked you get to snuggle with the hottie F. you should have posted flower pics!

((((bunny)))) aww shucks wub.gif

((((tallkid)))) for being as cute as a button and sharp as a tack. and ((((tallgirl)))) she knows why wink.gif

and a big smack on sweet (((((plummie's)))) behind.

belated b-day wishes for ((((sassygrl)))) how's the new place coming along?

and some of those for sheff, minipixie, and mr. mando as well.

and heeyooge CONGRATS to ((((polly))))!

(((((qspice, sonik, dusty, syb, dm, raisin, pink, faith, stargazer, sixela, fina, billy, crassy, flanker, mavin, sapphy, luci, treehugger, everyone)))))

Sashie is feeling much better since I stopped doping her up with the pain medication they prescribed which is basically doggie Moriphine. It was making her miserable but I was too dense to catch on right away that it was the medicine and not actual pain that causing her to carry on so much. Poor thing was whining even in her sleep, but seemed okay once the stuff wore off. Too bad it took me until yesterday to put it together. She's a happy girl now, sleeping a lot still but much more herself. Grandpa is not here yet. He is feeling under the weather so we decided it's best for him to continue to rest up and make the drive out here next week as scheduled. Art is making small bits of progress each day, little baby steps. His fevers have been less frequent and his lung function continues to improve. Last night he wrote down on a dry erase board "I love u Jen", which of course had her in tears. Thanks again for the all the vibes.

Hey! Just got back from family visit...thanks to all you guys who were thinking of us with the tornados. Luckily, our house and all the kitties are fine. I thought I traded tornados for hurricanes when I moved here! No fair to have both. Will catch up more soon!
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